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Lance Bass

James Lance Bass (born May 4, 1979), is an American pop singer, dancer, actor, film and television producer, and author.

Michael Turchin Joey Fatone Chris Kirkpatrick Fuller House Ricky Martin Justin Timberlake Meredith Vieira Anderson Cooper Aaron Carter Joey McIntyre Kellie Pickler Justin Bieber Mandy Moore Celebrity Family Feud Lisa Vanderpump

I just remembered that earlier today Jordan stopped me and asked "hey do you remember where you were when lance bass came out?"
Lance Bass is from NSYNC. Only know because of my daughter..
Lance Bass is from that boy band. Not sure which one.
I have no idea who Lance Bass is Lol
Sad but true. Lance Bass lost so many fans when he came out. People are so weird as if sexuality defines music
I feel like MTV knew that I needed a show like this and lance bass as one of the hosts
why does lance bass doing yoga keep popping up on my Instagram feed
My mother called Chuck Bass "Lance Bass" and I officially feel like I've failed as a daughter.
My 70 year old father is proud of getting 4 out of 5 *NSYNC bobbleheads at a yard sale. No Lance Bass. He's not hom…
"You've got to have a sense of humor to keep your sanity.". ~ Lance Bass
The only real celebrity I see here is Lance Bass. When will they quit calling people on reality shows 'celebrities'?
Lance Bass isn't the only NSYNC member about to invade
Meagan said she talks to me too much bc she woke up the other day and randomly said "Lance Bass.."
If I had a dollar for everytime my name was compared to Lance Bass from *NSYNC
I don't recall them being an issue so much as, say, Rachael Leigh Cook, George Newburn, Lance Bass, and Mandy Moore.
Any of my other journo friends get the PR email with this photo of Lance Bass from N*Sync cradling a dog for Nation…
Michael Turchin and Lance Bass attend the 25th ESPYS at the Microsoft Theater on July 12, 2017…
If Chris Kirkpatrick & Lance Bass started a duo, it would have been Superfruit
Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass are my generation's Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.
The most challenging part of it was Lance Bass voicing him
can someone tell me the psychology behind why I'm such a fan of lance bass
If u search "lance bass talks about one direction" u will find several videos on YouTube..
Aaliyah and Lance Bass pose for a pic with a fan!
Lance would start it, Hunk would pick up the bass, Pidge would disinvow any knowledge of them.…
Maybe you should use Google Dot Com and type "Lance Bass" instead.
Please, can you tell me who is Lance Bass?
Lance Bass talking about one of the boys being *** This one is old but still relevant.
I guess is the Lance Bass of the Lutheran Comfort Dogs
I was into Lance Bass while everyone else was still into existentialism.
"I think everyone dreams of that nice romantic wedding.". ~ Lance Bass
...stopped working with us after we endorsed Hillary. *** …
Shocked & upset that no one else remembers that Lance Bass was going to go to space in the early 2000s. Did you people even go to school?
Just saw an ad for Lance Bass and Joey Fatone's episode of Pyramid and it was then I really saw myself— an old man in the clothes of a teen.
I find myself every so often thinking about why Lance Bass never went into space.
Yeah Vice City is my fav in that series. Man I thought this was a McDonald's drive thru- Lance Bass
they are finally making on ABC for you!
"'Battle of the Network Stars' to feature Mischa Barton, Lance Bass"
Makin boy bands this summer call me lance bass
This seemed like a good time to reunite Kenny, Evan, and Tonya.or maybe not. And why d…
Lance laying down bass and vocal tracks on the first four tunes of our forthcoming CD.
I may have had a little something to do with this… I'm just saying. Stay tuned! https:…
Sometimes I think the world is against me and then Lance Bass blocks me and I think "God does exist. You made me weather that messy storm."
So Barry Manilow Loves the *** ... and so does Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper, Jonathan Knight, Lance Bass ,Neil Pat…
me: my first two childhood celebrity crushes were Ricky Martin & Lance Bass. sarah: I think you have a type... and your type is *** men. 😭😭
Bobby Flay, Michael Voltaggio, and Lance Bass are on my TV right now. Why do I love basic white boys SO much.…
...the dark entity rose from *** himself and consumed Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. Also that dude with the tats from Backstreet Boys.
I'll go Full Lance Bass n'snycophant when I order something on Amazon through your website today!
Lance Bass talks gift ideas on Coast Live
My obsession with Lance Bass isn't even slightly okay bc 1. nsync isn't even a thing anymore and 2. he had sex with my…
I thought nobody knew who Lance Bass was until like 1997.
The most shocking part is Kanye going with the Lance Bass 1998 hairdo.
WOW, Lance Bass is such a Scorpio! I heard they dearly stirred a statuette...
Do you know is hot stuff: Did the DNC just cut to audience member Lance Bass?
finally i can date lance bass (may 4th) like my 8 year old self dreamed. wait he's still 13 years older than me isn't he. SHI-
I thought the dude behind in line at H&M was today. Of course I also look like Lance Bass so it may have been a mirror.
so did you get a photo with Lance Bass when you realized it was him? Lol
you prob earned it!! I only get blocked by real celebrities though like Ciara, Lance Bass, K Michelle
NASABALLS DELUXE. 🚀🏀🔥. you can bet Lance Bass' size 8.5 moon boots that this customized…
Mom: Well done we're in sync. Me: No Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and the other guy are N*Sync. Dad: Chris Kirkpatrick
DJ couldn't have been voted most likely to marry Lance Bass as *NSYNC didn't start getting famous here until 1998
I'm such a relationship guy. I really am.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
WOW, Lance Bass is such a Cancer! I heard they awkwardly strapped a window...
Lance Bass shares his workout playlist and how he stays healthy
you questioned that but not the fact that DJ crushed on Lance Bass before he existed in pop culture?
Just watched a venue full of women having to make 😳 choice between autograph from Lance Bass or Joey McIntyre. The struggle! 😝
Second time i got to meet Lance Bass!
Okay so, DJ and Kimmy graduated in 1995, yet DJ was voted "Most likely to marry Lance Bass"?? N'Sync wasn't even...
So I have been informed it IS Lance Bass lol
the scene where he breaks up lance bass *** wedding to do choreo I'm screaming
I think Lance Bass is here. Or his evil twin lol
Lance Bass and Aaron Carter fans did a great job promoting them. Always love their spirit and happiness.
how was DJ most likely to hook up with Lance Bass when NSync wasn't even a thing until 1998 & they graduated in 1995?
it's the same with boybands . Remember that freak Lou pearlman that managed bsb, britney. Lance bass hinted about it
And why would DJ be voted most likely to marry Lance Bass in '95? I don't believe NSYNC released anything in the US till '98...
Very few people have the guts to come up to you and say, 'Hey, are you...
Somebody might get criticized for doing some movie that totally *** t...
Fuller House continuity issue. DJ wouldn't have been voted "Most Like to Marry Lance Bass" in spring 1995. NSYNC debuted Oct. 1995. 👎
Britney backstage with Lance Bass and his husband.
Britney Spears reunited with Lance Bass last night at
There's a Lance Bass joke in Fuller House that was probably originally about Jonathan Knight. DJ graduated before *NSYNC was a thing.
Still half convinced I saw Lance Bass in Marks and Spencer earlier.
really? I love him but him SOLO is not happening, Its like Lance Bass from Nsync going solo,
VIDEO: Lance Bass at the Not For Sale x Z Shoes Benefit at Estrella in West Hollywood
Looking forward for Lance Bass and Curtis Stone new food series My Kitchen Rules on Fox.
Lance Bass talking about NSYNC and Justin Bieber. Always enjoy watching Lance interview
I added a video to a playlist EXCLUSIVE: Lance Bass on NSYNC Casting in Britney Spears Biopic: They
I couldn’t make it past the lance bass thing. I failed.
I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happ...
Odd that DJ would win high school most likely to marry Lance Bass when she graduated in 95 and Nsync wasn't relevant until 97
Fuller House, nobody knew who Lance Bass was in 95.
Um 1 quick thing, if DJ was class of 95 she wouldn't have been voted "Most Likely to marry Lance Bass." *NSYNC was a few years later
Lance Bass and Aaron Carter fans are doing great jobs promoting them.
Fuller House just said DJ was voted most likely to marry Lance Bass in high school...
My friend Lance Bass and I feel the same way
Class of 1995? Voted most likely to marry Lance Bass? INCONSISTENCIES! Shenanigans!
Lance bass, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, and more react to the death of disgraced ... -
omg Lance Bass is on a cooking show with Cat Cora, my favorite Iron Chef of all?
Was fangirling big over Lance Bass. Then fangirling big over Aaron Carter. Good looking pop stars.
I'll trade you Lance Bass for either Ryan Reynolds or Drake. Deal?
Ah. Here I thought AJ or Harry Styles or Lance Bass or Danny Wood or someone from the Monkees just died.
.and unite in support of Orlando nightclub shooting victims:
‘N Sync’s Lance Bass was in town last night with Austin Pride
Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass & more react to the death of former manager Lou Pearlman
Interesting to see how they all responded.
Lance Bass hosts the onePulse Foundation's Benefit for Vict... via
Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass and more are having mixed emotions following Lou Pearlman's death
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My cousin Caligula played Pokemon Go and ended up at a bisexual orgy with Lance Bass and Mayor Rahm Emanuel!
Kellie Pickler and Nsync's Lance Bass meets Family Feud.I just realized how dirty this show could get
I see Reince 'Lance Bass' Preibus & family is on Celebrity Family Feud.. Oh wait, it is Lance Bass!
Lance Bass to host new *** dating competition show, Finding Prince Charming
Did we ever address the fact that Lance Bass and Derek Jeter are the same person?
Newsroom | USCA : Lance Bass to host Bachelor-like *** dating series - Senior VP for Original Programming at the…
I like the Lance Bass look! That was my goal but Guy works too
Lance Bass hosts new dating show Finding Prince Charming - like The Bachelor for *** men!.
Speaking of Lance Bass. This picture exists...before he came out. . . Honey.
Why everyone hate Lance Bass. What he do besides having eyes that freak me out.
Oh my. I'm not championing a Lance Bass dating show. I'm taking a stand against people who sneer and embarrass those who meet there.
She doesn't know it yet, but my wife will soon have a new favorite show
Sorry, you're not gonna get the moral high ground while championing a Lance Bass dating show
Of course Lance Bass is going to host the *** version of the Bachelor
Yeah, I'm sure this won't turn into some kind of orgy :/
*** dating show coming to Logo this fall: Lance Bass will host new competition series.         
Lance Bass to Host First All *** Dating Show: Lance Bass has signed on to host the first all *** dating show,...
Lance Bass will host the first dating show with an all *** cast
Does Lance Bass ever come to your mind and you just have the urge to go find him and hug? No? Just me. Okay nevermind.
honestly idek his name the only people I know from Nsync are Justin and Lance Bass rip
Starting to wrap up these bass projects. New frets on the Musicmaster & '69 Jazz. Had the fill…
thanks for sharing Lance Bass, have a great Thursday :) (Want this? It's FREE!
Life update: I'm watching a movie starring Lance Bass and Joey Fat one.
I would like to see the Heat go after KD (obvi), Crawford, Conley, Bazemore, Affalo, Bass, Terrence Jones, and Lance Stevenson 🔥
Lance Bass reveals what life was like on the road with *NSYNC:
- the weasley twins are very Into the words "IT'S LANCE BASS!" exactly 86 times
90's/00's Lance Bass is my aesthetic goals.
lance bass is on my team... Err in my house, whatever
A Hypothetical - allanhamill1979: Lance Bass: I want to be a cosmonaut. NASA: …well you can’t… Lance Bass:...
i'm in shock y'all they said lance bass wasn't closeted and were SERIOUS DKHDVSVGS
read this wow Britney wanted to be with him forever
Being... treated... to the Meredith Viera show while waiting for a car repair. They just finished with political analysis wit…
Lance Bass (1979-). *** singer, dancer, entertainer, actor, film producer, tv producer, author and *** rights activist that came out in +
Lance Bass & Michael Turchin at the opening of Le Jardin June 2015.
Lance Bass has hit rock bottom, folks 🙈
Let's say you make it to NYC, 1 - get in line waaay before 3 pm, 2 - Make 20 glittery signs that say things like "MARRY ME LANCE BASS"
Lance Bass goes to the tampon opening and John RHONY goes to the envelope opening
It's like the fat version of lance bass.
The *** community is very fickle. And I know because I'm part of it and I s...
.is going to compete on Celebrity Family Feud. She will compete against Paula Deen, Lance Bass, and more!
"Yeah, well, Lance Bass is reading our votes." - Belarus, 2016.
Curiously, the correct answer to this question is Lance Bass
This seems like a job he could have sent Lance Bass to do
He is Justin Bieber, shaun Mendes and Lance Bass all at once
He was the first person I ever loved and Lance Bass was the second person I ever loved so
How. Did this. Get through?? Is it because he looks like Lance Bass because obvs that's a big plus.
This is great buzzfeed but look at lance bass and his hand
Can't sleep so I'm watching "On the Line" with Lance Bass and adding Snapchat filters
I got N'Sync dancing on my neck. And these Cubans cost a mf'ing check. Got boy bands like I'm Lance Bass
Just got reminded that Lance Bass showed up to my birthday why didn't we take pictures of this
Lance Bass would go to the opening of a tampon.
If Lance Bass wants it, we must make it come true. Also Bc I'm pretty sure I know how s1 will end & we'll need a s2.
(Favorite KH thing: Sephiroth is voiced by Lance Bass.)
See, Lance Bass even knows how great it is. PLEASE pick it up, please?Or please use your ABC pull, pls
You guys I'm still just randomly laughing about that Lance Bass tampon comment 😂
What said about the thirstiness of Lance Bass was maybe my favorite thing ever said on this show 😂😂😂
wait...did she just call Lance Bass a tampon
"Lance Bass will go to the opening of a tampon."
"Lance Bass goes to the opening of a tampon." My cackling was OFFENSIVE.
Yeah Lance bass aint going anywhere near a tampon
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Lance bass goes to the opening of a tampon. 😂😂😂
WORLD DOG DAY hosted by Lisa Vanderpump and Lance Bass on the 22nd May West Hollywood Park
Fox in the US has ordered a series of 'My Kitchen Rules'
Had a dream that I ran into Lance Bass and JC Chasez and they wanted to take a selfie with me 😂😂
Lance Bass brings green thumb to MS but says state leaders are backwards.
How did we not know Lance Bass was *** He looks just like Ellen Degeneres
You need to see Lance Bass and Joey Fatone sing Backstreet Boys at karaoke
This week's guests on will be Holly Robinson Peete, Jamie Kennedy, Shanola Hampton & Lance Bass!
Why isn't Lance Bass in this? Was he too busy on The Meredith Viera Show?
Mandy Moore for Aeris and Lance Bass as Sephiroth in FF7R. Stand by your stunt casting, Square. STAND BY IT.
Harry is the Lance Bass of 1D. he is going to come out one day. Louis won't but Haz defo will
At Sony Studios and seen Kellie Pickler and Lance Bass. Kellie is the cutest thing ever 😂😂😂
Lance Bass is in town this weekend...
Andrew and Jacob are in Hawaii. Wills in LA Nathan and lance are going to bass pro. Who tf am I gonna hangout with?!??
the hot criminals manager looks like David Beckham absorbed Lance Bass in the womb
You know what pisses me off? That Lance Bass acted like a Bxxch when I bailed out on his wedding. Yes I'm not over it
I guess Guy Fieri is going for the "angsty Lance Bass from 1999" look?
"Back in 2006, Perez Hilton outed both Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris." wow
Lance Bass making out with Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven is straight giggles.
as Leslie Knope would say, we must be Lance Bass and Joey Fatone because we are so NYSNC ;)
Who wants to watch Hulk Hogan's sex tape,Ricky Martin and Lance Bass?
Hear how Lance Bass got me n2 the awesomeness of in the new Positive Psych of Pop Music Podcast @
You know once you get in the business you know what you're getting into.
I just met Lance Bass. Nice guy, but smaller than I expected.
Googled it. It's where Lance Bass is from. Now I get it.
It doesn't matter what color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc., everyone should have the same freedoms & liberties. Lance Bass
Says the guy with the Lance Bass special.
Last week Lance Bass told me that he is finally going to space. He’s going to be on Virgin’s space thing.
We ❤️ Lance Bass & Michael Turchin! They are so good to their fans, and in turn we give the love right back! 💋
In Mississippi, you don't admit that you're *** It's just an awkward thing...
Electronic Device Insurance
They don't learn, do they? . Sharapova . Lance Armstrong. Tiger Woods (too much testerone) . ANC (corruption drug). Myself (tjatjara
Abingdon Theatre Company was happy to welcome Meredith Vieira and Lance Bass to A ROOM OF MY OWN.
I'm a family guy, so I would love to have a family; I would love to find th...
Pretty sure lance bass was on my flight 😂😂😂
Looks like Ted Cruz is going to Mississippi Monday. Fun fact: He'll campaign in Lance Bass's hometown
Thanks to Megan Colarossi and Lance Bass for having us at the today! You two…
Fun fact for grammar nerds: Do you know what I have in common with Lance Bass? Are names are both aptronyms!
Lance Bass said in a radio interview, he & some people from the Second II None Tour locked Britney and Justin in a room for about 3 hours.
That time I was on Dirty Pop with Lance Bass talkin' all things with the gorgeous Khloe...
They both sucked like Lance Bass at Anderson Cooper's house!
I forgot that I'm pretty sure Ashley Parker Angel was in Hairspray when I saw it. Or was it Lance Bass? I'll have to do more research.
send lance bass to space. It's all he's ever wanted. He deserves to be Happy
I just found out Lance Bass is *** so I'm about, like, a decade behind
Shoutout to Lance Bass of NSYNC. Thanks for carrying the load, Lance.
I'm at peace with my family, my friends, myself and God so there's really nothin...
Lance Bass Opens up About the 20th Anniversary of 'N'SYNC' | People Now
please leave the group chat if you don't know who Lance Bass is
Hey man, I was watching the Meredith Viera Show & Lance Bass was on. When he first came out of the closet I was actually a lil..
I got boy bandz on me like Im Lance Bass -
Funny, Lance Bass always struck me as more of a bottom.
Lance Thomas is steadily climbing the "Lance Power Rankings." Only looking up at Lance Bass, now.
15 years ago, when my friend found out my birthday is May 4, she replied, "That's Lance Bass' birthday!"
Lance Bass is an astronaut mate. Think on.
Was wondering whatever happened to Lance Bass's ex. Just googled him. Might be the same age as but deffo botoxed to the max.
okay but I was definitely thinking of Lance Bass from Nsync
Lisa, 55, was with friends including Lance Bass at her restaurant, Pump, in West Hollywood when she received an abusive text message from
got boy bandz like I'm lance bass supreme lil mama come away
I got boy bandz like I'm lance bass.
All the LOVE. This post is too gorgeous.
if lance bass isn't Sephiroth in Remake im gonna scream
I got boy bandz like I'm Lance Bass 😂
i got boy bandz like I'm lance bass
ICYMI: Congrats to for celebrating their 1st anniversary https…
The five people alive or dead I'd most like to have dinner with are Lisa Vanderpump, Lance Bass and three dogs of their choosing.
Looks like Christmas came early! Thank you Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick for the shoutouts about our new music...
" . Brian Stann: Martin Kampmann is so tough!. Joe Rogan: Martin Kampmann comes from behind more often than Lance Bass!
he looks like the lovechild of Lance Bass and Wayne Newton. Shesh!
Joey Fatone is playing the sidekick. I guess you can say him and Lance Bass are "*NSync" is this movie.
Now we get a *** country guy that looks like Lance Bass singin. This cowboy game can't get any worse...
Everytime someone mentions beautiful celebrities, why do they keep showing Fred Durst? Lance Bass sure, but Durst?
Watching Meredith ... Lolol remember when Lance Bass claimed he was a straight acting *** ? Ki the f^gg0try
My favorite member of five directions of summer is probably lance bass, but nick carter is a close second.
Lance Bass just proved why he's always been our secret fave member of *NSYNC (Soz, JT) 🙈
"So how many points do we lose for Lance Bass" -
to this day i am still convinced howie d in bsb is *** . i called it for lance bass of nsync…so i am pretty confident LOL
Meet Black Singles 300x250
That guy looks like lance bass, it's about to get real.
When invites you to work with him, you say yes:
I liked a video from MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Sea Bass (ft. LANCE BASS!)
I love this. Well done Lance Bass. Well done.
I even bought Adele's *** album, before I found out it broke NSYNC's record. She's that good.
How I just now started following Lance Bass on Insta is beyond me.
Real talk: Lance Bass' was cute. But the fangirl in me definitely said: "we've been demanding a recount for 15 years." 😂💁🏾
My grass looks like Lance Bass with these frosty tips
Lance Bass: I was inappropriately touched by a pedophile as a teen
I don't get Byron Scott playing lance jr and bass over black
the *** Nick did better than Lance Bass&Joey McIntyre&little bro than they did on their seasons. loud&proud about that 😂
That's sweet! What's Lance Bass been up to these days?
since Lance Bass actually was on BBlivechat that week. Lance Bass is a BB superfan btw so it'll be cool to have him on the show for once
aww Becky rted NSYNC. I'll 4ever wonder if Lance Bass was supposed to do a takeover in week 4 but declined bc the band was named Whackstreet
that's a shame, Lance Bass is cool and doesn't need to take steroids to be a winner 👍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Congrats to for breaking N*SYNC's world record! See what Lance Bass had to say about it! -
Had a great time at the Meredith Vieira show!! I was in the same room as Lance Bass...childhood…
Saw the Meredith Vieira show today! Breathed the same air as Lance Bass and got a free gift! 👍🏼🍾🎤
Lance Bass opens up about Lamar Odom: Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Calvin Klein Kris Jenne... via
Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Calvin Klein Kris Jenner and Lance Bass at a Calvin Klein Jeans’ celebration at the...
Fun Fact: Matt has once participated in a threesome with Chaz Bono, and Lance Bass.
"Alec Baldwin, Lance Bass, Rachel Dratch, Phil Donahue, Renée Fleming and Pat Cleveland" motliest crew of all time.
Watching Hand of God. Ron Perlman has delusions God is speaking to him through his comatose son to kill folks. Also, Lance Bass apparently.
Saw Lance Bass and Nick Cannon in one day. Oh and Hilary Duff was at work. What's my life again?
and you're wrong your special guest star would be Lance Bass.
My professor went to high school with Lance Bass and partied with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears ***
Starring in the best GIF on the Internet today: Hear him on 😍
looks like the plastic Lance Bass from the 'It's Gonna Be Me' video circa 2000. (
Walk into work break room and see Lance Bass on Merrdith...hi Lance o_o..don't know who he is? Used to be my favorite member of Nsync XD
Nick Carter will dance two individual dances on week 2 like boy band rival Lance Bass on S7 who did it on WK1 Lance's scores: (22,21)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A great way to celebrate Trying the Candy Bar
Yeah, JT is probablytoo big but I think Lance Bass could pull it off..and a girl can dream right, lol!
Everyone’s fave county clerk 'calls in' to the show (1.05 mark). Turns out she likes Lance Bass and PSB!
Lance Bass said he had "babies on the brain" after running into Justin Timberlake, his former *NSYNC band mate,...
Am I the only know that thinks looks like a lost relative of Lance Bass during his 'N SYNC days.
I like Lance Bass. Hosts dirty pop on the OutQ in the evenings on XM
my childhood dreams have come true. Best dance of the night.
Hope Nick Carter steps it up because Lance Bass from did awesome in his season of :)
JayRock ft Lance Skiiiwalker "Telegram" prod by J.LBS! My bro quanquizzle killed the bass and my bro…
It's 2015 I should be married to Lance Bass or Ricky Martin by now
・・・. Lance Bass & the Dirty Pop crew are pumped about today's 1st show on Radio Andy! Tune in everyday…
.just asked me who I think is cuter him or my use to be favorite n*sync member (Lance Bass)? Why is that even a question.
Lance Bass wants to start a family with husband Michael Turchin
Another fun day on the Amanecer Yacht with among others Joe Francis, Lance Bass, Michael Turchin, Jay Levitt, Jay S…
SPOTTED! Lance Bass and Michael Turchin with AIDS Walk Wisconsin. Where have you seen Lance & Michael? Post your...
Chris Kirkpatrick & Lance Bass at EA Sports National 2002 Madden Challenge at Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club
The fact that Lance Bass was at Monday's Dark tonight makes me really upset. If I met him, I would only have JC left & I'd have met all 5. 😭
Coachella Valley designers wow at Vegas fashion show
Remember when Lance Bass was trying to go to space?
Well explain Elton John then...while ur at it explain Lance Bass & Mark Feehily as well...God these people are dumb!
Cashier asked me my favorite backstreet boy and I said, "Lance Bass".
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