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Lance Armstrong

Lance Edward Armstrong (born Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after having survived testicular cancer.

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She must still be dealing with the abuse from Lance Armstrong
6 sixes in a over. Fought back cancer. Lance Armstrong. Won 3 World cups for us. . Lucky 2 meet Sir
Think I just saw Lance Armstrong in Sproul Plaza. Couldn’t tell though, he was biking too fast.
You were taking 🍆from Lance Armstrong while he was doping. Dope on your hands?
It's neccesary to refer to examine to propose Lance Armstrong's nickname, Le Boss Big
is going to save the world 🌎 get used to it he has all the Lance Armstrong's in politics at his throat tricking you...
It's been 14 years! But hey Lance Armstrong made sure my voice would be buried forever he did a great job !
Not going to say anything mean because that Lance Armstrong dude is punishment enough
Sorry Don. You're WAY down the list of people to use for fact-checking, sandwiched betwee…
Oh yes, this pillar of morality who is a certified *** who slept with cheater Lance Armstrong while m…
Did you get blood on your hands when you helped lance Armstrong shut up roids?
Sheryl Crow was blowing Lance Armstrong at the height of his scam to defraud millions of people around t…
Laying in bed & you briefly panic because you think 1 of your balls went all Lance Armstrong on you, then you find it in yo…
It's still so funny Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test
I didn’t realize Lance Armstrong and Joe Paterno were black athletes. Weird.
January 2013 Lance Armstrong admits to taking Performance enhancing drugs, here's a rare picture of him when he was 15.…
Two Spaniards in Lidl trying to pay with a FIVE HUNDRED EURO NOTE. Staff tested it more than they tested Lance Armstrong
Guardian says its time to allow the cheat and vengeful human trash use his remaining luxuries like villa in aspen.
If it is an issue that weighs heavily on you then start an awareness campaign. Tom Green & Lance Armstrong…
How do I get one of the Lance Armstrong thingies where they replace my blood with blood that has the will to go on?
The doping witch hunt against Lance Armstrong is like focusing child protection on a strange hobo in a mac, instead of s…
Had the pleasure to join for a on Season 4 premiere airs this Sunday October 1
The case for forgiving rich white men, part MMXVII. Extra points for casting govt as the real villain.
Harsher words than she had for Joe Paterno or Lance Armstrong. Seems like…
Like when she defended JoePa and Lance Armstrong?!
The Guardian: it's time to leave Lance Armstrong alone
Whatever your opinion on Lance Armstrong, liking his podcast is not a sin | Barry Glendenning…
Speaking of dope, should we mention Lance Armstrong?
It's time for the government to get off Lance Armstrong's back - interesting viewpoint
Tom Brady is the Lance Armstrong of the NFL
The man who took down Lance Armstrong is leading the witch hunt for Jim Gavin’s head via
What do I have in common with Lance Armstrong, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Andre Agassi, Steffi…
Lance Armstrong sounds off on USC erasing loss to Texas in 2006 National Championship game. via
Where do you begin with this stupidity?. Lance Armstrong?. Ben Johnson?. Melbourne Storm?. Spartans?. Elgin City?. Cheati…
Lance Armstrong is a pretty good interviewer. Het has a weekly podcast. In this episode he talks with an actress: .
Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk. . Hard to remember back to my youth lol
Floyd Mayweather is a fighter. His whole being is fighting. Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt etc. are all consumed
Still don't know why that fight was on TV. Would you pay $100 to watch Lance Armstrong play a game of pickup with Michael Jordan? Exactly.
In related news-despite a good start off the blocks, Lance Armstrong lost a 200 fly to Michael Phelps.
.asks FEMA failure, Michael Brown what Trump should do re: It was like asking Lance Armstrong how to manage a doping scandal
How Alex Gibney twisted the Lance Armstrong story - by the journalist who broke it More:
She could buy Ben Johnson & Lance Armstrong's medals and claim them if the SFA ran athletics!😂
I hope they do, I hope she gets the same disdain as Lance Armstrong, Tyson *** As…
Was water off a ducks back to Lance Armstrong mate.
I remember a Lance Armstrong using the same defence. Where is he now?
Ben Johnson won his gold on the track and Lance Armstrong won his 7 TdF's on the road. There's a pattern emerging h…
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Well banned athletes probably are pretty good at gaming lol Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong lol it would be a who's who
You feel sorry for Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson too?
Lance Armstrong was also a Tour De France winner, and Ben Johnson is an Olympic 100m gokd medallist
Hire Jobe Watson, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones and Ben Johnson. All legends of sport
it still irks me Captain Acne Carl Lewis still walks around like he was a clean runner. Ben Johnson was the Lance Armstrong of his ere/sport
Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong should commentate for in Tokyo. He will be a great analysis.
Lance Armstrong was an amazing cyclist. Ben Johnson an elite athlete.
OJ Simpson. Adam Johnson. Justin Gatlin. Lance Armstrong. It's crazy we've all been alive to witness these sporting greats
"Level playing field" starting to sound exactly like Lance Armstrong now Brad
You think he's a cheat but they'd cover it up? Lance Armstrong style?
. Quoting Paterno is pretty stupid . Who's next , Lance Armstrong on competition or Bill Cosby on family values ?
supporting agenda is up there w/Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius, & MLB steroids
"Lance Armstrong: 'A man with no platform is a lost man'"Former cyclist Lance Armstrong talks to CNN about his dai…
"Lance Armstrong is beautiful because of a concussional, coffee-wide inaugural protest and she had to pay a maximum sentence for pilots"
Does Lance Armstrong really have anything to say about the Tour de France? It's like inviting divorcees to the same party.
Lance Armstrong back at Tour de France – as a commentator
For the commute home: the Podcast Ep 20 Matthews is "Greening" & should we listen to Lance?…
Unsure how I feel about the podcast with Lance Armstrong, I just don't trust the guy
Holy crap Lance Armstrong in Tour de Pharmacy...I can't
It was signed by lance armstrong too...
Floyd Landis: Lance Armstrong was a jerk and bully. Great video that talks about the true
Lance Armstrong gives his perspective on this year's Tour de France, through a daily podcast called "Stages":
It's neccesary to what it means to understand Lance Armstrong's nickname, Le Boss Big
First a hero, then a pariah, now Lance Armstrong might be the best commentator on the Tour de France
Those were the Lance Armstrong tours. I trained staying on his wheel, but I wasn't juicing though.…
President Carter had brain mets from melanoma. Lance Armstrong had brain metastasis from testicular canc…
Small potatoes compared to the millions they gave Lance Armstrong's US Postal cycling team when the…
And yet, very strangely, he fell for the Lance Armstrong Kool-Aid, hook, line, sinker.
I don’t want to believe that Lance Armstrong cheated to win the Tour de France, but I’d bet my left nut that he did.
Jennifer is like the Lance Armstrong of being actually funny in real life
And blood from non-emancipated and exhausted cyclists helps them win the Tour de France. We literally…
Lance Armstrong had brain cancer surgery and went on to win 7 tour de france cycling races.
Is "hero" Lance Armstrong still in the American video in Epcot? Use some money and re-edit
Feds don't want Lance Armstrong to say 'everybody was doing it' via
When someone we believe in gets caught cheating, it can be difficult to admit. I was onc…
We should study Lance Armstrong's cancer cure and whether his blood transfer doping system had something to do with his cure. Just saying.
Tomorrow is the most important day of the Tour de France. Tomorrow will be war.
Look who's back talking about the Tour de France
world grapples with Lance Armstrong's return to the public eye
The Podcast Ep 20 Matthews is "Greening" and should we listen to Lance Armstrong?…
Lance Armstrong clearly had no problem finding a vein!
In the we asked "Should we be listening to Lance Armstrong?" What do you guys think?
Listening to my first podcast. Lance Armstrong and Jonny Craig. Pretty interesting.
How did someone actually manage to get Jonny Craig and Lance Armstrong in the same room to discuss life
Jonny Craig appearing on Lance Armstrong's podcast seems so random. Might have to give it a listen though.
Sully: Lance Armstrong went to the moon right? . Me: no that was Neil Armstrong . Sully: oh yeah Louis Armstrong road the bike . Me: no
Basically,the ads between the tdf are for Beer, Cars & Cancer. I don't know what that means, but there is a Lance Armstrong thang somewhere
Lance Armstrong. Ben Johnson . Glasgow Rangers. . Which is the odd one out?
Nothing's more beautiful than the celebrity fursonas on Arthur like Matt Damon, Lance Armstrong, Magliozzi brothers…
only three cyclists from the usa in this year's TdF. Thanks to Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong...
One thing I never understood about Lance Armstrong. Why put your body through that torture inc figh…
VICESports: In search of Lance Armstrong's staunchest supporters:
In search of Lance Armstrong's staunchest supporters:
What song is Lance Armstrong listening to right about now? via /r/Jokes
On Lance Armstrong's podcast, it was revealed that he once answered the q "what are y…
It's important to refer to Lance Armstrong's nickname, Le Boss Big Tex.
Kings of cycling lance armstrong just fell off his bike!
After years of turmoil and revelations, who still considers themselves a Lance Armstrong fan?…
Brian Cookson: I don't want Lance Armstrong's endorsement. - More at dougreport . com
I'm as single as Lance . Armstrong's left nut
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I have written "In Search of Lance Armstrong's Staunchest Supporters" for
Excellent debut for on the continuing cult of Lance Armstrong:.
Two movies titled 'The Program' both good. One about college football one about Lance Armstrong
Pres' ultimate downfall will be his ham fisted arrogance. That or cholesterol levels that make 1990s Marlon Brando loo…
Cookson: I don't want Lance Armstrong's endorsement. interviews the UCI president as election looms…
Brian Cookson: I don't want Lance Armstrong's endorsement -
Well it worked for Lance Armstrong for a long time!
Digger unmasked. After years of speculation Digger Forum is identified as disgraced Lance Armstrong.
Life after Lance: why America may not need a new US Tour de France champion
"Winning is about heart, not just legs. It's got to be in the. right place." - Lance Armstrong
Just randomly thinking of how scummy Lance Armstrong is.
Its totally up there with the best cloak and dagger stuff. Stop At Nothing the Lance Armstrong docu…
Dodgy stuff is the most interesting part of any sport. I read so many books and watched documentari…
Yes it does but why was Lance Armstrong the only one to be stripped of his titles?
And he was Lance Armstrong partner in 2000 at le Tour de France
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Floyd Landis whistleblower suit targets more than Lance Armstrong - The Washington Post
Lance Armstrong has a compelling legal battle gearing up with the U.S. government and former teammate Floyd Landis.
Lance Armstrong battle with Floyd Landis, US government heats up ahead of US$100M fraud trial | SPIN.PH via
I went around the block with my bike for the first time in years and now I understand why Lance Armstrong took performance…
Lance Armstrong wants USADA report, Andreu and LeMond forbidden from trial
I have learned from Richard Nixon, Lance Armstrong, and now Donald Trump, that use the term "witch hunt" it means they're guilty.
Only difference is they Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong cheated & admitted to…
Most insincere person i have ever heard Joe have on his pod. Lance Armstrong was far more believable and likeable
Alexandria cyclist, Tracy Martin, leaves Lance Armstrong in his dust - KALB News (press release)
Interesting that Sally Jenkins calls for Tom Brady’s honesty on concussions but had no problem with Lance Armstrong (
Lance Armstrong is lying and has all of his balls: conspiracy thread
I see your ball conspiracy and raise you one: Lance Armstrong had an extra ball attached and actually has 3
Kristin Armstrong, 3 times Olympic Gold Medalist in Cycling for USA, isn't married to or related to Lance Armstrong, phew..
Roger Cossack was go to legal advice for over a decade. Felt like he was on everyday for Ray Rice, Lance Armstrong, Arod, etc..
Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist and more importantly, cancer survivor, has said if you ever get a second chance for something
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a Cyberman lookalike Ronan Keating has bowled his pair of shoes Lance Armstrong!
Lance Armstrong won his 7 yellow jerseys on a bike John. But he w…
John: I watched a documentary about Lance Armstrong. Kayleigh: Him who went to the moon?. Welcome back
Only downside to nice weather is having to dodge every Lance Armstrong riding in the middle of the road
Alexandria, LA native and LAXC racer Tracy Martin beats Lance Armstrong (yes that Lance) today out at the Austin...
Lance Armstrong is a pretty good interview and Howard Stern is a great interviewer:
Lance Armstrong aged 15 on his first racing bike...
The Herald Sun are on the verge of breaking an explosive story of Lance Armstrong systematically doping during Tour de Fr…
Ventoux, the story of Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani on Mont Ventoux in the 2000 Tour de France:…
This Wednesday, Hawk Day, can't wait to see what failed semi pro athletes are coming to enlighten hawk nation, Lance Armstrong? Mike Vick???
Lawrence, I believe that like they did with Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones, Trump should be STRIPPED & HRC POTUS!
Those who win by Cheating, like Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, come Down Hard and Disgracefully, never to recover!
Mountain Law: Wheels of justice continue to spin for Lance Armstrong in fraud case
Lance Armstrong isn't riding away from any topic these days. 7 shocking confessions from his Howard Stern intervie…
that's what years of lying for Lance Armstrong will do.
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Salazar and Silva acted as Pacemakers for Lance Armstrong in 2006 New York Marathon Didn't know Celebs had them too?
Lance Armstrong threateningly denied ever using PED until one day it was finally proven he had and then he folded his tent…
one man's winner is another man's Lance Armstrong!
In Sunday Times Alberto Salazar to Lance Armstrong,"Lance call me asap! We have tested it and it’s amazing”
What we learned about Alberto Salazar, drug infusions & an email to Lance Armstrong in the latest Sunday Times
EXCLUSIVE: Mo Farah's coach boasted to Lance Armstrong about “incredible” effects of L-carnitine
Lance Armstrong has asked a federal judge for another year before going to trial in a $100 million civil fraud case.
For MitchM-. Vanessa Williams. US Little League. Marion Jones . Lance Armstrong. Not all winners are winners and don't you forget it little man.
16599 Seven Deadly Sins / David Walsh the Sunday times journalist who knew Lance Armstrong was dirty and doggedly fought to prove it
"One Nut Gone" is also the title of a group memoir from Lance Armstrong, John Kruk, and Louie Aguiar
Sometimes I confuse Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong. at this point they're the same guy who rides a bike on the moon.It's…
Saw Lance Armstrong was in the news and I'm happy to report its not because he's joining the Trump administration.
call me Lance Armstrong for the cycles I'm gonna take 👀
Lance Armstrong faces his biggest uphill ride in a fresh USD 100m lawsuit in which hes sued for false claims that indu…
give lance Armstrong some peace the guy is not the only one who did it he got caught period too much obsesión against him let him alone
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You're stupid if you think what Lance Armstrong did was wrong he was the best and would have been if he and everyone else didn't do drugs
Cyclist Lance Armstrong fails in attempt to stop $100m government lawsuit
Lance Armstrong was sponsored by US Postal Service. He cheated so awfully that now no one sends letters.
Lance Armstrong handed defeat by federal judge
A federal judge has ruled the U.S. Government's lawsuit seeking $100m in damages from former cyclist Lance Armstrong can…
Lance Armstrong to race again with US Postal team-mates Lance Armstrong ♥♥
Lance Armstrong handed defeat: a $100 million fraud case can go to trial
Govt pushes on with $100M lawsuit against Lance Armstrong. This ain't 2012. Most of his wealth long gone.
(Nelson laugh) You're about to get what you deserve, Lance.
US lawsuit seeking $100 million from Lance Armstrong heads to trial
Dear Lance Armstrong - You were sponsored by US Postal Service and cheated so bad that now no one sends letters.
Lance Armstrong to head to court in US suit
Lance Armstrong handed defeat by federal judge via
.loses huge ruling. Serious implication for all dopers.
Federal judge refuses to block the government's $100 million lawsuit against Lance Armstrong in 2010 case.
Democrats endorsed by Lance Armstrong, taking Al Gore for a bike ride
Lance Armstrong and Team Sky deny ever using hidden bike motors to cheat (via
Rob Parker went off on the Patriots in a bizarre rant about cults, Lance Armstrong and the Boston Tea Party.…
Lance Armstrong wears LiveStrong braceltes. When Chuck Norris gets finished with him his bracelets should read DeadWeak.
I fully expect Tom Brady to be involved in some Peter Thiel meets Lance Armstrong teenage blood doping scandal. HOW DOES HE STAY YOUNG??
Big Sam back in football at Palace - pleased to see that. A lot dodgier people in football & sport - FIFA, Lance Armstrong, athletes etc etc
"If you ever get a second chance in life go all the way" Lance Armstrong
The way 2016 has been going I thought Lance Armstrong was going to win that
Lance Armstrong is in NZ. Has anyone asked him what he thinks of New Zealand and if he has heard of the All Blacks?
I liked a video Bill Burr - The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong
. Hird back hey 🤔 .perhaps we get Lance Armstrong's doctor to call 😩
Give it a rest, Robbo. Lance Armstrong never tested positive and had seven Tour de France titles taken from him. https…
. it like Lance Armstrong and Barry Bond ,,never test positive ,,you got my point
That choreography for a cycling task was as about as clear as Lance Armstrong urine sample
Had a great Halloween with . And yes that is history's greatest power couple Neil and Lance Armstrong
Did Hillary meet with Lance Armstrong or something.
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