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Lamont Peterson

Lamont Peterson (born January 24, 1984) is an American professional boxer.

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Lol right is a sucka. Dude lost to Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, Canelo & Breidis Pres…
Lamont Peterson outboxed you hence he won on points!
Amir please please PLEASE shut up. You got banged out by Prescott and Danny Garcia. You got beat by L…
Errol Spence to defend title against Lamont Peterson in January on Showtime
Hey Oscar Who do you like in the Earl spence jr vs Lamont Peterson fight?
I give Lamont Peterson his props because he gave up his title just to try and take Errol Spence's. can big Lamont get that "W" baby?
Errol Spence Jr and lamont peterson EsNews Boxing via
Lamont Peterson already beat him once yeah I think he's over hyped
True Lamont Peterson should be interesting at least I hope
..against gritty Lamont Peterson in January. 'This is the fight I've…
Errol Spence Jr. on Lamont Peterson, the National Anthem and unifying at 147: by
Errol Spence Jr will face veteran Lamont Peterson in IBF title fight via
Lamont Peterson is legit, too bad he's inactive. Didn't fight at all in 2016 and only once in 2017...
147 titlist to make 1st defense vs. My story:
Just heard an interview with Chris Van Heerden who says he is a consideration for Lamont Peterson next opponent
DC strong as champ Lamont Peterson and former IBF champ and DC's own Winky Wright now Florida…
Danny Garcia: I did enough to beat Thurman NO he did Not! Garcia Lost. Rematch Mauricio Herrera and Lamont Peterson
for a moment I was scared they will pull a Mauricio Herrera or Lamont Peterson scorecard with that Split D.
Dang then I guess Mauricio Herrera and Lamont Peterson shoulda been retired for years by now.
Mauricio Herrera and Lamont Peterson feel the same way. Danny needs to take the "L". He lost. No doubt
Thurman avenged Lamont Peterson and Mauricio Herrera when they got robbed when they fought Garcia, glad that cherry picker finally lost 🍵🐸
he also lost to Lamont Peterson and Mauricio Herrera
Danny Garcia taking his first loss, but he had some controversial wins over Lamont Peterson & Mauricio Herrera.
Mauricio Herrera and Lamont Peterson beat that man
D.C.'s Lamont Peterson is now the new WBA World Welterweight Champion by defeating last night.
D.C.’s Lamont Peterson beats David Avanesyan for WBA welterweight title, makes case to face winner.
Lamont Peterson. The JR Smith of boxing: so much potential but just can't seem to get to the next level.
Apollo Creed gave Rocky his shorts, John Stockton gave Lamont Peterson his.
Lamont Peterson on with some old school John Stockton shorts.
Lamont Peterson gonna get knocked the *** out leaning back like Fat Joe on those *** ropes. *** smh
LOL of course. VADA is corrupt, except when they popped Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto, etc. See a pattern here? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Cotto, Peterson in talks for December showdown
I wanna see REJ fight Lamont Peterson. That would be a great fight!!!
Miguel Cotto vs Lamont Peterson could be coming in December. thoughts? I'm curious about what…
Miguel Cotto vs Lamont Peterson almost set for HBO PPV in December. Rigondeaux supposedly will (hopefully) fight a champion at 122 lbs
ESPN Deportes saying Miguel Cotto will fight Lamont Peterson on December 3.
Miguel Cotto, Lamont Peterson in talks for Dec. 3 fight 
Jacobs takes aim at Mora; Lamont Peterson looks ahead in Round 2 of PBC Jabs: In the second ...
PBC Jabs Episode 2!! We hear from Lamont Peterson on Miguel Cotto fight. 👀
Rumor has it that Miguel Cotto will face Lamont Peterson on Dec 3rd at Madison Square Garden with Guillermo Rigondeaux as the co-feature
If Peterson is gonna be on PPV, I don't even wanna know when. Roc Nation Sports should pay for its mistakes, not us
Now it could be Lamont Peterson for Miguel Cotto via
Is Lamont Peterson going to fight Cotto in December
Lamont Peterson isn't good enough for a PPV vs Cotto but James Kirkland is. Y'all start getting silly when it's past your be…
Per source, and in talks for Dec. 3 fight.
Miguel Cotto vs. Lamont Peterson in the works for December 3rd -
Even though Peterson's people won't confirm/deny, it looks like we will be getting a Miguel Cotto vs Lamont Peterson PPV.…
Miguel Cotto and Lamont Peterson far along in talks - The Ring
Miguel Cotto versus Lamont Peterson in play for December - Boxing News Online
I'd like to see Errol Spence in vs a Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto, Paulie Malignaggi or Brandon Rios before challenging for a title
Khan can't smoke Lamont Peterson, Eubank would be a living nightmare for Khan
Felix Diaz bounces back from Lamont Peterson defeat to take on Sammy Vazquez:
- BTW, has Lamont Peterson been given his next fight or is he on the full blown Danny Jacobs plan?
I liked a video from Lamont Peterson Boxing Training | Muscle Madness
Lamont Peterson? I can deal with it. Peterson is on par with Swift, so we can use the fight to measure where Kell is at IMO
how about if DSG fought Lamont Peterson or Mauricio Herrera? not really making a point just want to drop some average hate.
I'll throw in Jesus soto karass, Alfredo Angulo, Lamont Peterson... I could keep going... Lol
I did once get the D. C. shenanigans in my favor when 10-1 dog Lamont Peterson got nod over Khan in dubious decision.
Ex: Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson in 2012. Khan got robbed something terrible
Not as bad as Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson but still pretty bad. These outside dudes can't get a fair shake in DC.
Is it gonna be one of those "Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson" kind OF decisions in the Nations Capitol?.
Such a hyped fighter just like lamont peterson
Lamont Peterson working the pads with his trainer Barry Hunter. Follow us for…
if is clever he will fight and avenge his lose to lamont Peterson and then fight Danny Garcia.
UK fighters get a fair shake in US except Khan vs Canelo and Lamont Peterson
agree to an extent. for example agreeing to fight Lamont Peterson in DC was a very dumb decision IMO
4 years ago a man in a black hat may have tampered with score cards in the Khan v Lamont Peterson fight.
Charles Manyuchi now ranked 4th in the Welterweight after Amir Khan (GB). Lamont Peterson (US) and Andre Berto (US)
Congratulations to Charles Manyuchi now ranked 4th best welterweight in the world by the WBC after Amir Khan, Lamont Peterson & Andre Berto!
Any word on Lamont Peterson next fight?
Khan still has Lamont Peterson, Swift Garcia problems. Brook is too powerful for Khan IMO. Porter is relentless.
When are we hearing news about next fight? Lamont peterson or?
What has that got to do with it? 😂. Khan lost to Lamont Peterson. Irrelevant.
Danny Garcia and Canelo Alvarez stopped Khan n Lamont Peterson would of 2 if he had Power
Canelo got a lot of credit for KO of Khan, would GGG be given the same had he Ko'd say somebody like Lamont Peterson
Amir Khan should fight Lamont Peterson in his next fight. Put that to bed, then fight Garcia and then troll Brook by fighting Frankie Gavin.
I wish Peterson would stop talking about how great he thinks he is and just play. Hasn't even gone to a SB.
Beaten by Lamont Peterson, too. He deserved to win, but should've done it convincingly
He fought Amir Khan, Lucas Matthysse & Lamont Peterson but idk hes been protected I think he either fights Floyd or Berto next
Khan still has Lamont Peterson and Swift Garcia problems, no way is he ready for Floyd, absolutely not.
Khan should take on lamont Peterson in a comeback fight and revenge the loss !
.You'd be a great fighter if you only had a chin...Im surprised Lamont Peterson didnt knock you out...
Actually Lamont Peterson lost the belt cos he failed a drugs test
WBC best belt - 1 Danny Garcia - Khan has fought him 2 .Khan 3. Lamont Peterson - Khan has fought him
. Lamont Peterson. Danny Garcia. Canelo. Spot on 👏. Can't put Prescott in that, as he was an unknown n look what still happened
I wanna see Andre Berto vs Lamont Peterson that's a quality welterweight match up & ez 2 make so why not
i wouldnt mind watching him bust up lamont Peterson again he was robbed on that fight
Khan thought he belonged at the world class level. A guy that got chased down by Julio Diaz and lost to Lamont Peterson. gets you Ktfo
every weight class only has 2 LEGIT fighters what is he supposed to do? He's fought Garcia Lamont Peterson canelo
That Lamont Peterson fight def had some home cookin.
I thought Amir Khan beat Lamont Peterson. I scored it for Khan.
Amir Khan really has no business in there with Canelo tonight. He's living off his name value from before the Lamont Peterson fight.
My 2 yr old nephew is at Lamont Peterson's house with his father watching the fight and I'm at home doing nothing on a Saturday🤔
People like to constantly talk about Khan's chin. It's not granite but he took HARD punishment from Lamont Peterson and Chino Maidana. 🙄
This is the same guy who lost to Lamont Peterson. Remember what Canelo did to Lamont Peterson?!
For my fight I got sparring with Canelo, Austin Trout, Lamont Peterson and Demetrius Hopkins. Great set of people if u ask me
Canelo 2-1 against first ballot hall of famers. Khan couldnt beat Danny Garcia, lamont peterson @ 140. if you have Khan.How Sway!!???
ask Lamont Peterson he was out of his tree on steroids when he beat Khan, allegedly!
Opinion: Errol Spence should face Lamont Peterson & maybe Adrien Broner before getting a title shot at 147lbs.
Pretty good fighter though. Gotta see him bang with someone like Robert Guerrero or Lamont Peterson first
I'm confused by the 21% of people that voted for Lamont Peterson
Lamont Peterson, Josesito Lopez, or even Victor Ortiz are better matchups for you... just being real !
Barry Hunter - the coach of the world champion junior welterweight champion Lamont Peterson on Vasyl Lomachenko.
'Mistake' > 'cheat' = non-starter excuse. Drug addicts lie. Lamont Peterson said same when he was injecting pellets into his hip
who you think Lamont Peterson should fight next?
Since when is Lamont Peterson a welterweight?
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TBT Peterson vs. Holt...Lamont's post fight reaction from the ring. King Pete back at it soon!!
I've been looking for a boxing gym in the D.C area just to realize that Lamont Peterson & Adrien Broner train out @ Head Bangerz. Smh.
Andre Berto turned down the WBC eliminator match with Lamont Peterson, He wants a rematch with Victor Ortiz instead
So said turned down a Lamont Peterson fight! *** Berto that woulda been a War! Smh. Living off that Floyd payday?
Gonna pull a Lamont Peterson and go watch this weekend .
I rather see Amir Khan fight Lamont Peterson again.but he wanna test his limits with Canelo then oh well
I think Lamont Peterson would be a great fight for Bud. Tough, can box and pushed Gárcia all the way. .
Two rumors for Andre Berto right now are Victor Ortiz or LaMont Peterson, Ortiz seems to be front runner
Lamont Peterson v Terence Crawford is a great fight
A Terrence Crawford vs Lamont Peterson bout would be excellent & significant in my view.
Is it true that Andre Berto an Lamont Peterson are fighting each other soon?
Lamont Peterson vs Andre Berto ... Another dope matchup been real as of late
Heard about the possible Andre Berto vs Lamont Peterson bout to happen early April. Solid Scrap!
Picking Dierry Jean to beat Lamont Peterson, pretty easily too. I'd pick Jean over Lucas Matthysse, too.
Headphones still on while i watch the Danny/Lamont Peterson re-run ..
accurate, however Lamont Peterson (and Jessie Vargas (up to welterweight, which amount to Postol ranked 5th.
says he is open to fight Peterson, Garcia and Thurman while he waits a showdown with Manny Pacquiao.
"Matthysse is not top dog beating Postol because Lamont Peterson (KO in 3 by Mathysse) is still in 140 pounds" brilliant
Patrick Harris on fighting at lightweight and training around Lamont Peterson and other great boxers
He should be fighting Tim Bradley or my mans Lamont Peterson over Berto. But Manny (cont)
Amir Khan wants Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman or Lamont Peterson while waiting for Manny Pacquiao: Pacquiao will...
Lamont Peterson killing the pads at Headbangers DC
his head gets bigger by the day. Morphing in to lamont Peterson
no you didn't beat Lamont Peterson plz stop saying that
These are my two choices on your next fight Lamont Peterson or Mauricio Herrera. . Then fight Danny "Swift" Garcia!
this day 2014 - Lamont Peterson KO'd Edgar Santana in 10 rds to retain a World Jr. Welterweight title.
Khan says he's been rejected by Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson for rematches
Styles make fights. This will be an exciting fight at 147. Lamont Peterson vs Devon Alexander. u guys faced off in amateurs?
I saw a "fan" call Lamont Peterson "Lamar Patterson" this evening ... Thanks I hope you're proud of yourselves ... smh
It a while to make it happen but Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson fight Saturday. My blog:
That Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson fight gonna be lit I hope I'll be able to watch it
NBC bringing back the big boys for boxing as Al Michaels and Sugar Ray Leonard will be doing commentary! From The New York Times has announced details of the upcoming Haymon Boxing series on NBC and NBC Sports. The series will commence March 7. The NBC network will televise eleven shows, with nine additional shows on NBCSN. Haymon Boxing is purchasing the time on the networks. Among the fighters as headed to NBC as listed by the Times are Adrien Broner, John Molina, Robert Guerrero, Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson. Al Michaels and Sugar Ray Leonard are named as part of the broadcast crew.
Lucas Matthysse calls out Danny Garcia: Post fight interview after defeating Lamont Peterson!
In other news: . Adrian Broner vs. Lamont Peterson is gonna be a good fight.
De La Hoya says that he is only in talks but is really working towards a Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson in Atlantic City.
Las Cruces junior middleweight Austin Trout training with Lamont Peterson for his next fight, which is Dec. 11.
unlike the the corrupt IBF, they let Lamont Peterson hold on to the belt till this day! Smh Lamont PEDerson
Luis Ortiz tested positive for steroids and was stripped of his WBA belt! Good reminds me of WBA stripping Lamont Peterson for PED"s as well
And yeah, for some reason I still want to see Lamont Peterson vs Danny Swift Group-on at 140 before they both move up
IBF jr welterweight champion Lamont Peterson is a 25 to 1 pick (-2500) to defeat Edgar Santana (+1400), and in... http:…
he doesn't have a Victor Ortiz, Lamont Peterson, Devon Alexander "I used to live in car, dead broke, with no shoes" story
he sure does need to fight Lamont Peterson and give Herrera a rematch because he lost that fight
Remember when Lamont Peterson KO'd Amir Khan and he just went to sleep in the corner like allahuma bismika amutu wa ahya.
Adrien Broner vs Lamont Peterson in October: playing around to comedians eddie fighting martin Lawrence but porter
All I know is that Lamont Peterson wants Danny Garcia, c'mon, lets cut that crap and do that one. Good grief
Danny Garcia gets a pass for not facing Postol? Lamont Peterson the fight to make, claims Theophane: via
Lamont Peterson cheated , 2Ls due flaws in training camps
do a better job fact checking next time!! Lamont Peterson has and is still the current IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion.
[Sports World News]After multiple postponements of a purse bid for a bout between WBC and WBA junior ...
Lamont Peterson: "The fans want me to fight Danny Garcia, so I want it" -
Boxers calling out Garcia and one is calling out Lamont Peterson or Keith Thurman..just saying
Proud of those young men. Hot as it is over here, I'd still rock my JRW jacket if I could lol. Lamont Peterson Kevone Smith
What's Up Danny Lamont Peterson said he would fight you I think you Ko him in 5 ! Is that gonna happen ? Or a fight u want ?
I would love to see Adrien Broner vs Lamont Peterson even thou I think ab would beat Peterson 8-4
Zimmerman "I think he's the most skilled big. Can shoot it from deep and has great touch from mid range." -Lamont Peterson
"He's the closest thing I've seen to TyrekeEvans at the high school level" Lamont Peterson Tyreke trainer
nope. Gonna fight Lamont Peterson at 144 & the vacant title or interim will be put up for grabs.
What’s Next for Danny Garcia, Viktor Postal, Lamont Peterson, or the Welterweight Division?: WBA/WBC Light Wel...
lamont peterson and Danny Garcia's last fights. And what are his goals right now. Thank you very much!
Presuming Danny Garcia beats Lamont Peterson and then vacates the belts to move up to 147
So, Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson and Daniel Jacobs sold as many tix in NYC as Fernando Guerrero sold in rural Eastern Shore, Maryland.
Lamont Peterson should move up. I think he would be much stronger at 147
Danny Garcia says he's unsure about facing Lamont Peterson, who has struggled with guys Garcia's beat (Matthysse, Khan).
Lamont and Anthony Peterson stop by STL (VIDEO) -
Danny Garcia should do a walk out with the Jabbawockeez when he purges on Lamont Peterson hah.
Danny Garcia said fighting lamont peterson does nothing for his career !!! No comment
Pic of me and berry hunter Lamont Peterson trainer at the head bangers gym in Washington dc
i wanna see Danny Garcia fight Lamont Peterson
I would love to see Figueroa vs Lamont Peterson at 140
I think Lamont Peterson's trainer would be nice for AB too
Danny Garcia should fight the winner of the brook porter fight ,the loser fight Lamont Peterson
Omar Figueroa vs Lamont Peterson would be a WAR.
theres alot of people he can fight. I think hes fight lamont peterson next tho they were talkin about it
Lamont Peterson retains IBF junior welterweight title with TKO of Edgar Santana in 10th round -via SportsCenter
Maan I don't understand how Lamont Peterson Can Call himself the IBF Champ. Danny Should had the belt last yer
I still have garcia beating lamont peterson if and when they ever fight
Danny Garcia said if Lamont Peterson wants to get it he can get it to well alls I'm gonna say is that LP ain't no ringer like the lil guy he just beat I think Al Haiman will pass on LP for the moment.
Either Peterson literally has zero power or Santana is tough. Good performance by Lamont, but he should have got him out of there earlier.
New York Daily NewsDanny Garcia: Lamont Peterson won&want the fight after what I did to Sal
Re-watch this Showtime feature on Lamont Peterson - a study in perseverance, humility and achievement. Even by boxing's standards, Peterson's backstory, and ...
Rod Salka shouldn't have been in the ring last night with Danny Garcia total mismatch, but Danny Garcia v Lamont peterson next would be good
Lamont Peterson dominates Santana and retains his belt
Lamont Peterson stops Edgar Santana in 10 rounds to setup unification fight with Danny Garcia -
Lamont Peterson won convincingly. Should have KO him in the 5th round. Got stopped by the doctor in…
dominates and retains his belt Post Fight Interv:
Lamont Peterson had far too much for Edgar Santana, stopping him in the tenth round in a hopelessly one-sided fight.
Barry Hunter and Mike Stafford talk about Lamont Peterson's performance against Edgar Santana.
“Garcia will beat Lamont Peterson b... Handedly” it'll Be A Good Fight .. Danny Ah KO Him Tho
Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson impress in Brooklyn - SkySports
Questionable match making in Brooklyn but Danny Garcia v Lamont Peterson would be a cracking fight.
Hamilton Collection
Lamont Peterson happy with win over Santana, hopes to get Danny Garcia next
I want to see Danny against Lamont Peterson. I think that would be a *** of a fight. What u think
Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson impress in Brooklyn and Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs completes his fairytale.
I thought Lamont Peterson fought well, but he needs better opposition, too.
I'm taking Lamont Peterson over Danny Garcia if it happens...
Would love 2 see Danny Jacobs vs Peter Quillin and Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson next. This is why I subscribe 2 Showtime
My story on Garcia and Peterson winning on the
Garcia-Peterson gathers steam after each wins via
Danny Garcia, Peterson and Daniel Jacobs take care of business
Lamont Peterson hopeful he'll face Danny Garcia after Saturday's fights via Thomas Tolkien
“Lamont Peterson is fighting Josesito Lopez's leftovers” our leftovers as well!
(ctn) Devon Alexander, Andre Berto, Ruslan, Maidana, Lamont Peterson are all far more interesting fights than Chris Algeiri or however it sp
Lamont Peterson if wins would like Danny Garcia next via
I liked a video from Danny Garcia is fighting Who? Lamont Peterson is fighting who?
Lamont Peterson vs Zab Judah.ugh really? weak!
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Lamont Peterson will defend his IBF 140lb world title vs. Zab Judah on Aug.9 at Barclays Center, on undercard of Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook
I think he beats Danny Garcia. Maybe Lamont Peterson? Zab Judah? Both are looking for fights.
Im told that bout Zab Judah and Lamont Peterson have turned down offer to face Mauricio Herrera...
Amir Khan vs Luis Collazo Amir wins by… by PakistanAlbum Former world champion Khan was fighting at the full welterweight limit for the first time and clinched the WBC Silver and WBA International titles with the win. “Styles make fights and I really believe I have the style to trouble Floyd Mayweather,” Khan told Showtime in his post-fight interview. “Collazo has been beaten but it was always a really close fight (against Shane) Mosley and (Andre) Berto.” He added: “One thing about me training with Virgil Hunter. He taught me some things and I put them together tonight.” Accomplished Khan improved his record to 29-3 and, after a shaky win over Julio Diaz and losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, put in his most accomplished performance for three years. The 27-year-old used his significant reach advantage to keep Collazo at bay early on and momentarily stunned the New Yorker with a straight right in the second round. Collazo attempted to cut off the ring but was caught out off-balance ...
Nothing too big this week but some depressing news for boxing fans to go with this take unfortunately... Sergei "Krusher" Kovalev(WBO Light Heavyweight Champion) vs Cedric Agnew - This is basically a stay-busy for Kovalev, even though Agnew is an undefeated prospect, he has beaten very few fighters of note except for Yusef Mack, who he beat by wide decision. From what little I've seen of Agnew, he reminds me of a Light Heavyweight version of Lamont Peterson, solid inside and outside fighting ability, similar high guard, but not much punching power to keep Kovalev off of him. I just see Kovalev walking him down, throwing most of the punches, and probably getting Agnew out of there by the mid-rounds. Not much is known about Agnew, so he could surprise, especially if Kovalev underestimates him, but I doubt it. The somewhat related bad news is that fellow power puncher and WBC Light Heavyweight champion Adonis "Superman" Stevenson has now signed with Showtime, which makes a mouth-watering unification match .. ...
Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson stylistically would make an exciting fight
Make or Break: Khan vs *** (Bill Bradshaw FFC) Negotiations are underway for a May 3rd bout between Amir Khan and Adrien Broner as chief support on the Mayweather vs Maidana bill. Should it happen, it will be make or break for both men. Broner (27-1-0 22KOs) seemed destined for greatness until that image was pulverized by Marcos 'El Chino' Maidana in a defense of his WBA Welterweight Title last December. The fight made for car-crash viewing and, if Broner had a weakness hidden away in a box back home, Maidana found it and weaved it into a brutal beating of the man aptly nicknamed 'The Problem'. One defeat is rarely a cornerstone in a fighters career but a savage battering can be hard to recover from. Khan, on the other hand, would be coming to this fight with a record of 28-3-0 with 19 KOs. One of his losses, the Lamont Peterson fight, was an injustice in my opinion but his one round KO defeat to Bredis Prescott and the 4th round KO at the hands of Danny Garcia were devastating to the rising career of t . ...
Khan names opponent list for next fight: Malignaggi, Broner, Porter & Peterson By Scott Gilfoid: Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO’s) is now actively looking to line up his Plan B opponent after being bypassed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his May 3rd fight. Khan is interested in fighting one of these names for his next fight in April or May: Paulie Malignaggi, Lamont Peterson, Shawn Porter or Adrien Broner, according to BoxNation. Peterson and Malignaggi are retread opponents for Khan, as he stopped Malignaggi in the 11th round in 2010. Khan was beaten by Peterson by a 12 round decision in 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Khan were to fight Malignaggi next fight, because that would be a safe fight for Khan to keep him winning until Mayweather gives him a shot. With the news yesterday from Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer that Mayweather still is interested in fighting Khan, but not for May, it would make sense for Khan to take a soft touch like Malignaggi for his next fight instead of someone tha ...
losing to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia will not attract many boxing fans to pay $69.00..Maidana beating Adrian Broner will
Also if Shawn Porter dosent want the Keith Thurman fight, he can unify his title and fight Lamont Peterson.
By Chris Williams: Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO's) believes that Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0, 26 KO's) will lose for the first time if he chooses to give him the fight on May 3rd. Khan won't try and slug with Mayweather like he did in the past in his losses to Breidis Prescott, Lamont Peterson and Danny Ga...
Four fighters who represent the elite of Canadian pro boxing have one thing in common — all of them were born in Haiti, and moved with their families as young children to Montreal, where they took up boxing and were developed into world class fighters. Adonis Stevenson is the reigning WBC light heavyweight champion a title previously held by Jean Pascal. Dierry Jean who faced Lamont Peterson for the IBF light welterweight title on Jan. 25 in Washington, D.C. lost in unanimous decision after a 12 round all out brawl, and Birmane Stiverne is waiting for a date and site to be announced for his clash with Chris Arreola for the WBC heavyweight title recently vacated by Vitali Klitschko. And let’s not forget Joachim Alcine who became the first Haitian-born boxer to win a title from one of the four big sanctioning bodies when he took the WBA light middleweight belt with a victory over Travis Simms in 2007.
World Junior Welterweight Champion Danny Garcia set to face Mauricio Herrera March 15th in Puerto Rico. Yes, the same Herrera who lost back to back fights to Karim Mayfield and Mike Alvarado in 2012. Obviously, Garcia deserves a soft title defense after turning back challenges from Zab Judah and Lucas Matthysse last year so enjoy the fight and let's hope Swift has bigger plans for the rest of the year. IBF champ Lamont Peterson just won big in DC and beyond a Matthysse rematch or a "GBP vs Top Rank" showdown against WBO champ Ruslan Provodnikov, that's Garcia's most deserving challenger at junior welterweight.
Hey everyone. How was everyone's last week and weekend? I went to my first ever press conference for 2014 which is Saul "EL CANELO" Alvarez vs Alfredo " El Perro" Angulo Pagina Oficial. I interviewed both fighters and both interviews are up now. Second, I want to congratulate Mikey Garcia on his unanimous decision victory against Juan Carlos Burgos this past Saturday. Also, I want to congratulate Lamont Peterson in retaining his IBF light welterweight against Dierry Jean (this past Saturday). Next stop for Mikey Garcia, I would love for him to fight Yuriorkis Gamboa. Please Top Rank Boxing and 50 Cent make Garcia vs Gamboa fight happened next. The fans, the media and me would love to see that fight. We got Super Bowl week which is the Seattle Seahawks vs the Denver Broncos playing this upcoming weekend. I hope y'all got this news from this past Saturday that Manny Pacquiao will fight Timothy Bradley on April 12, 2014 in a rematch for Bradley's WBO welterweight title. The rematch will be at the MGM Grand a ...
Lamont Peterson and Jermell Charlo were the winners last night in Washington, DC, with Peterson defending his IBF junior welterweight belt, and Charlo moving closer to a possible title shot at 154.
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Showtime kicked off its 2014 schedule of Saturday telecasts from our nation’s capital with a doubleheader show as Jermell Charlo and hometown boy Lamont Peterson both scored impressive wins in their fights and answered several questions along the… [ 292 more words. ]
Peterson retains IBF jr welterweight belt IBF jr welterweight champion Lamont Peterson returned from his non-title KO loss to Lucas Matthysse to win a twelve round unanimous decision and successfully defend his belt against mandatory challenger Dierry Jean on Saturday night at the DC Armory in Washington, DC. After four close rounds, Peterson won rounds five to seven. Jean then rallied and took rounds eight and nine. Peterson had more left late and won by scores of 115-113, 116-112, 118-111. Unbeaten jr middleweight Jermell Charlo (23-0, 11 KOs) scored a one-sided ten round unanimous fan favorite Gabriel Rosado (21-7, 13 KOs). The cut-prone Rosado was hampered by a nasty cut over the left eye in round five from a headbutt. Scores were 97-93, 99-91, 100-90. Three-time Olympian bantamweight Rau’shee Warren (10-0, 3 KOs) outboxed German Meraz (46-28-1, 25 KOs) over eight mostly dull rounds. Warren woke up in the last round and put Meraz on the deck to punctuate a 80-72, 80-71, 80-71 win. Lightweight Robert ...
In the co-featured bout of last nights Lamont Peterson vs. Dierry Jean championship bout, rugged Philadelphia fighter Gabriel Rosado (21-8, 13 KOs) took on undefeated up-and-comer, Jermell Charlo (23-0, 11 KOs) for the WBC Continental Americas Super Welterweight Title.
Lamont Peterson still holds his IBF title after his win over Khan! Yet Carl Froch is forced to rematch against Groves 😮.
Energetic, aggressive performance by Lamont Peterson who wins a competitive, unanimous decision over Dierry Jean. Jean had some good moments they weren't just enough of them. On the undercard, Jermell Charlo won a wide decision over Gabe Rosado. Charlo looked really sharp.
This fight was Bangin congrats Lamont Peterson great compact you looked real good I know DC is proud. Next I wanna see Adrian Broner make a good comeback!!!
Gabriel Rosado got his tarp kicked again and Lamont Peterson is now fighting here in DC.
Much as I like Lamont Peterson as a fighter, but I can't go against my country man Dierry Jean. So my pick for tonight is Dierry Jean, Gabriel Rosado and Mickey Garcia. Them Haitians fighters are coming up in the boxing world.Im up next ya'll
Lamont Peterson slim you're at home, punish this Canadian African booty scratcher
this weekend, excited to watch Mikey Garcia...Lamont Peterson...and Gabriel Rosado.get that W.
Here is a simple case for Khan. He beat Marcos Maidana and dropped him. No matter what people may say he did that. He also beat the crap out of Andrey Kotelnik who probably beat Devon Alexander and did beat Marcos Maidana. Khan also stopped Zab Judah and Paulie Malignaggi in their hometowns. Then he was victim to the one of the worst screw jobs ever vs. Lamont Peterson. What happened in DC was not Lamont fault's, the kid is a real fighter and he fought his heart out. But here is the scenario, A person who was celebrating with Peterson after the fight is seen going to a judge’s table and telling the judge to correct some scoring. Wow. The referee missed a knockdown against Lamont and the referee corruptly took a point from Amir in the last round for pushing. The point literally cost him his title. No one talks about this because Khan is not really well liked by the media, but fair is fair. I probably would have lost my mind if he was my fighter. I am not lobbying for Amir to get the fight, I’m just ans ...
If Pacquiao re-sign it's a dumb move ... If Pacquiao re-signs with Arum, he doesn’t get the mega-fight against Mayweather. So that’s a loss of $50 million at least for Pacquiao. Pacquiao doesn’t get Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Amir Khan, Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, Shawn Porter, Devon Alexander, Lamont Peterson, and Adrien Broner. But if he says with Arum, Pacquiao get fights against Arum’s Top Rank stable fighters like Brandon Rios, Ruslan Provodnikov, Terence Crawford, Timothy Bradley, Mike Alvarado and Mikey Garcia. Is it worth it for Pacquiao to fight those guys for the next 2-3 years or is it worth it for him to be free to fight Mayweather, Canelo, Khan and Danny Garcia.
The next BTE award 2013 is for Knockout of the year. Who are you going with, and as always please add any you feel it should be. 1.) Lucas Matthysse's K.O of Lamont Peterson (3rd Round) 2.) Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham 3.) Adonis " Superman " Stevenson's 1st Round chin spinner against Chad Dawson. 4.) Carl Froch's K.O of Saint George Groves in a spectacular bout. 5.) Sergey Kovalevs early destruction of Welshman Nathan Cleverly.
USA has most pro boxing champs in 2013 Despite dropping from 13 to 11 total world champions, the USA leads the pack at the close of 2013. Japan currently has 8 world champions, up two from last year, moving into second place. Mexico was hit the hard in 2013, going from 13 champions to 7 champions in the span of 12 months and dropping from a tie for most, to number three on the list. (There is a Japan vs. Mexico world title fight on December 31, so those numbers should change by 1). Russia was in fourth place with 4 world champs, while Argentina, Cuba, Germany, the Philippines and the UK were tied for fifth with 3 champions each. Note: This list doesn’t include interim champions or WBA “regular” champions if there is a WBA “super” champion in the same division. Current world champions by Country: USA: 11 (Bernard Hopkins, Andre Ward, Peter Quillin, Floyd Mayweather, Demetrius Andrade, Timothy Bradley, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, Adrien Broner, Mikey Garcia) Japan: 8 (Takashi Miur ...
Beltway Boxers in World and National Rankings! At least once a year, BATB takes a look at how the major governing bodies and their affiliates rank our boxers. Whether you buy into the rankings fully or not, this does give some idea of where the boxers of the area might be heading in 2014. We have the rankings from the big four (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO) as well as two of the four regional rankings (USBA and NABO). World Rankings WBC Heavyweight – Seth Mitchell Cruiserweight – Venroy July ; Alex Guerrero Light Heavyweight – Thomas Williams, Jr. Super Middleweight – Phil Jackson Benson Middleweight – Tony Jeter Fernando Guerrero Welterweight – Dusty Hernandez Harrison Junior Welterweight – Emmanuel Taylor Anthony Peterson Featherweight – Gary Russell, Jr. WBA Featherweight – Gary Russell, Jr. IBF Heavyweight – Tony Thompson Light Heavyweight – Thomas Williams, Jr. Junior Welterweight -- Lamont Peterson, Champion; Emmanuel Taylor Featherweight – Gary Russell, Jr. WBO Featherweight – .. ...
A couple of boxers who got got knocked down or KO in the worse way: Andre Berto, Austin Trout, Lamont Peterson, and Adrian Broner. What a spectacular year in boxing!
Amir Khan 'shook up but unhurt' after car crash Former world champion Amir Khan was left shaken but uninjured following a car crash in San Francisco, California. Khan, who missed training as a result, said he was parked in a car which was hit by another car, and had initially reported neck pain. "He was a little shook up, but he's unharmed," Khan's camp told BBC Sport. Khan's recent fights Julio Diaz - won Carlos Molina - won Danny Garcia - lost Lamont Peterson - lost Zab Judah - won Paul McCloskey - won The ex-WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion is training in the United States with Virgil Hunter, although the Briton may not fight again in 2013. "No sparring or gym today," Khan later told his followers on social media, "Virgil told me to rest." Khan, 26, has won his last two fights - including defeating Mexican Julio Diaz in Sheffield in April - but lost both his world titles to Lamont Peterson in 2011 and suffered a knockout against Danny Garcia in Las Vegas 18 months ago. He subsequently parted way ...
He’s hanging out with James Kirkland and Lamont Peterson.
Mayweather would most likely beat Bradley, it would not be a pretty or an exciting fight either. But then again, Bradley was not supposed to beat Junior Witter, Kendall Holt, Lamont Peterson, Devin Alexander, Manny Pacquiao or Juan Manuel Marquez either, but he got the W in all those fights, who knows, maybe he can find a way to win against Money as well. However, I can see him fighting the winner of Pacquaio-Rios before fighting Mayweather.
I liked a video from LAMONT PETERSON v Lucas Matthysse POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE /
Everyone keeps mentioning Garcia's left hook. Ask Lamont Peterson how effective it is to trade hooks with Matthysse.
Me and Lamont Peterson at the Barclays center...Brooklyn, NY
TVA Sports reported that negotiation are going well for Lamont Peterson-Dierry Jean matchup. Promoters have until Sept 22nd to agree
If you ain't see what Lucas Mattysse did to Lamont Peterson I advise you to google that
Can see that happening. Bookmakers got odds all wrong on Danny Garcia, shadow of Lamont Peterson Lucas Matthyse ko'd last fight
Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto are sad right now.
Danny Garcia got squabs but Matthysse is gonna bum rush him like he did Lamont Peterson.
Breaking Down the Big One: Mayweather v Alvarez full fight video/analysis of Lucas Matthysse v Lamont Peterson
Dierry Jean told me last week that he believes his fight with Lamont Peterson, if/when signed, will head to Las Vegas.
Lucas Matthyse hit Lamont Peterson with a left hook that would heal race relations in America.
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Previous to Matthysse; Victor Ortiz, Amir Khan, and Tim Bradley all dropped Lamont Peterson under 3 rounds.
Matthysse - "(Garcia) is not a very good boxer"- But we will see who wins this Saturday
Did any journalist bring up the Lamont Peterson case to Hendricks? He initiated VADA in a championship fight & tested positive.
Lamont Peterson was one of my favourite fighters at LW. One of the most technical fighters around. And got taken APART by Lucas. Wow.
Can you explain why you haven't stripped Lamont Peterson of the title? It should be on the line in Garcia - Matthyse
The Lamont Peterson knockout looked so badass
Matthysse is a beast but isn't his most note able win against Lamont Peterson?
the Lamont Peterson deal wasn't that bad. Alot of rounds were very close.
Tim Bradley is not Canelo. Tim Bradley is barely Lamont Peterson
definitely gotta go with him or Mathysse, he grazed Lamont Peterson and knocked him out
I thought I could fight Mayweather...but then I lost to Lamont Peterson.
awesome man, ivy done interviews with guys like Lamont Peterson and Tyson Fury
Lamont Peterson owes every drop of his success to an absurd gift draw vs Ortiz and literally handed points v Khan
he wouldn't have KO'D Peterson knocking out Khan and morales isn't the same as KOing Lamont Peterson
Look at who has beaten Lamont Peterson, Tim Bradley & Lucas. Look over Lucas's resume 1+ time. And while your at it, look at Danny's too.
he's fighting Brandon Rios. I think maybe Lamont Peterson or sugar Shane mosley
I just saw the Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Matthysse. Matthysse just knocks people out. Wow
By Steve Bridge ~ Boxing fans love to sit around and talk about what might have been. Would Tyson have beaten Ali? How would Floyd Mayweather stack up against Sugar Ray Leonard? Fight fans are forever picking out fantasy matchups and pitting the best fighters from different eras together to try and dream up who would win and why. It usually makes for interesting conversation and a heated debate.    We recently saw Lucas Matthysse put on an impressive performance against Lamont Peterson; The Machine beat his man down in just three rounds, raising some serious eyebrows. Matthysse is considered one of the hardest hitters in boxing and a rising star at junior welterweight. How would Matthysse stack up against the legend known as J.C. Superstar, an all-time great junior welterweight? In 1991-1992, Julio Cesar Chavez was himself an undefeated machine, grinding opponents down on his way to a record of 82-0 with 69 stoppages. Chavez was considered nearly unbeatable at that time and fans watched his fights to s ...
Danny Garcia vs Lucas Mattysse & Zab Judah vs Lamont Peterson possible fights for this year to happen
Amir Khan has said he would love to fight Lucas Matthysse after watching the Argentinian floor Lamont Peterson in Atlantic City.
Lucas Matthysse's power prevailed again Saturday in Atlantic City, N.J., but rather than a right hand, it was a series of left hooks that claimed Lamont Peterson as Matthysse's latest TKO victim.
By Ivan G. Goldman We’re already hearing that Lamont Peterson is as good as finished. Knocked out by Lucas Matthysse in round three, he is, some fans and analysts tell us, toast. Not so fast. ...
Forgot to give Lamont Peterson a mention last night when he got KO'd. He got battered like a dog! He shouldn't even be in boxing.
Lucas Matthysse TKO3 Lamont Peterson - Peterson down from a left hook in the 2nd and down again in the 3rd from a brutal left hook. One more knockdown and Steve Smoger waved it off. Pound for pound performance for the Argentinian Machine!
Lucas Matthysee just walked through Lamont Peterson. Danny Garcia will be lucky to last five rounds.
Who watchin the homie Lamont Peterson fight tonite !?
Check out my preview for tonight's Fight of the Year slugfest between Lamont Peterson and Lucas Matthysse!!
On Saturday, May 18th, Lamont Peterson takes on Lucas Matthysse in a 12-round welterweight match no boxing fan should miss! Also, catch Devon Alexander vs. L...
Interesting fight tmrw night. You got Lamont Peterson a slick quick very good but not great boxer vs. Lucas Matthysse a power punching brawler. Its interesting because these guys can position them self in the Floyd Mayweather "lottery" with a win.we'll see what happens I guess.
Garcia should be fighting the winner of Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Matthysse
I think he gets the winner of that Lucas Matthysse vs Lamont Peterson fight that is going to be a war
Ryan: Garcia picks Lamont Peterson to defeat Lucas Matthysse in their upcoming fight
great fight, i got garcia winning, i think if Lucas Matthysse beats Lamont Peterson then Danny Swift Garcia will lose
Amir Khan says he'd stop Lamont Peterson or Danny Garcia easily. Yeah, not with that glass jaw he's got he wont.
Area boxers Lamont Peterson, Seth Mitchell schedule bouts for May and June: The Interna...
Fortunately Robert Guerrero and Lamont Peterson didn't get busted for weed or else a $900,000 fine would be imminent.
Who tested positive for HCG was not Lamont Peterson it was Kendall Holt, his promoter Gary Shaw confirmed
Lamont Peterson to fight Lucas Matthysse at on May 18 in Atlantic City
HBO done with Golden Boy Promotions: Dan Rafael has the latest on Lamont Peterson's next fight and HBO's deci...
Ok Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, Zab Judah, Lucas Matthysse or Amir Khan who will be the last man standing!? 140 mini tournament.
Danny Garcia & Lamont Peterson beat him, Zab Judah looked good vs the overrated Vernon Paris & Matthysse would break Khan in half
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