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Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive (colloquially referred to as LSD or the Outer Drive or The Drive) is a mostly freeway-standard expressway running parallel with and alongside the shoreline of Lake Michigan through Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Today on That lone 🚥 on that slows the commutes of hundreds of thousands of drivers every day:…
Chicago condo on Lake Shore Drive listed for $843,500. Take a look inside:
Photos: Protesters block traffic on Lake Shore Drive in support of homeless rights in Uptown:. http…
I added a video to a playlist Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
I love seeing Chicago lights downtown at night driving down lake shore drive 😍
"And its 4 o'clock in the morning and all of the people have gone away. Just you and your mind and Lake Shore Drive, tomorrow is another day"
I don't think they mean Lake Shore Drive
do you know the Lake Shore Drive/LSD 70s song by Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah? It is SO profound (!)
Lake Shore Drive is everything Pacific Coast Highway could've been had they done it right 😍 such a beautiful street
in 1954, Lake Shore Drive closed to allow the U-505 to cross. It took another week for the sub to reach MSI.
Demonstrators block part of Lake Shore Drive in protest against homelessness, police say
Uptown Tent City held Lake Shore Drive for over half hour demanding permanent housing
As the three blocking Lake Shore Drive for Uptown Tent City are arrested, crowd sings "this land is your land"
who live at Wilson and Lawrence Avenue Lake Shore Drive viaducts, threatened with eviction by the City...
earlier today activists shut down Lake Shore Drive to demand homeless housing ahead of Sept 18 eviction from Lawrence and Wil…
Saw a real live beaver running SB in the NB lane of Lake Shore Drive near Chicago Ave during rush hour today. Nothing so sad.
Homeless, activists shut down part of Lake Shore Drive protesting city notice Uptown viaducts will be cleared out. http…
LAKE SHORE DRIVE CLOSED We've got reports of homeless people protesting on LSD. SB LSD is closed at Montrose. http…
Sorry to hear about this at the Chicago Tri. Hopefully some safety measures are implemented.
The male cyclist suffered shoulder and head injuries, and the woman suffered head, neck and shoulder injuries.…
UPDATE: Lake Shore Blvd W Toronto still jammed. Will add 22m to your drive
UPDATE: Lake Shore Blvd W near Ontario Dr still jammed. Will add 21m to your drive
From an incident at 3700 N. Lake Shore Drive this morning.
A driver ignored traffic cones on Lake Shore Drive and struck two bicyclists participating in the Chicago Triathlon.
Life group meets tonight at 5:30 at the Byrd house, 4427 Tropical Drive (Eastern Shore of Deerpoint Lake, off CR...
Lowkey i just wanna cruise on lake shore drive and feel the breeze, but do i feel like driving NO
I want to go for a run down lake shore drive
The future of Lake Shore Drive? Stunning new beaches and 70 new park acres via
The same people who drive on Lake Shore Drive during a blizzard…
When you come home to find a bunch of cyclists on Lake Shore Drive.
Watch for closures along Lake Shore Drive (both directions) until about 12noon.
The 2017 is underway with already on iconic Lake Shore Drive.
Bumping Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta, man I forgot how much drugs these people were on in the 70s lol.
Chicago: My kind of town on the shore of a Great Lake properly called a Sea ... Condo on Lake Shore Drive: $1.7M
Home of the day: Lake Shore Drive condo, listed for $1.7M, with hardwood floors, crown molding and views for days…
Rip down Lake Shore Drive in a Huracan. puts guests in the driver's seat
I miss the old Lake Shore Drive 'S' Curve by the Chicago River & Lake Point Tower.
LSD isn't for the drug but lake shore drive.🙄
Violet wanted to play with this coyote at Lake Shore Drive
I added a video to a playlist 3. Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah - Lake Shore Drive
Oops... more tree removal on Seminole, West of East Lake Shore Drive today. Thanks for cleaning that up guys! 🌳 W…
I added a video to a playlist 441 Lake Shore Drive - Auburn, Maine (Branded)
Looks like the ocean to me, but it's Lake Superior. Beautiful drive today along the North Shore!
Right 😂 that's that I'm finna drive past yo exit on lake shore and yo *** cappin
Rollin on down to Lake Shore Drive, Friday night troublebound!
I heard. That had to be painful. 😔. Lake Shore Drive was more congested than usual. I think a lot o…
I love people from my city 😭 SHE WAS GON PULL UP ON HIM ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE
Lake Shore Drive condo with Lake Michigan views lists for $3M
Lake Shore Drive condo with water views lists for $3 million
Let's be realistic. I don't think he could get it much past Lake Shore Drive, Brett.
Three people were in custody after a police chase and car crash near Lake Shore Drive:
Jamila Woods new video is a feel good ode to Lake Shore Drive
Soon as she said Lake Shore Drive in the audio, I knew how the rest of this would go. 😂 I love my people.
Every bus stop all the way to Lake Shore Drive had tons of people waiting at them, and no buses to get them
SB Lake Shore Drive is still crawling at 9:45. Bad morning!
I saw this when I got off of the brown line and walked down to Sheridan to catch the 134. I am still on lake shore…
There was a boat accident yesterday that had N Lake Shore Drive at a complete standstill. Welcome to Chicago. (Hope…
Police response to report of shots fired leads to 6-mile chase that ends in crash on Lake Shore Drive near Kenwood
This would be the perfect time to head down lake shore drive to catch the sunrise. I got work tho...
I don't respond to texts unless I'm tearing down Lake Shore Drive
Tons of police activity around 47th and Lake Shore Drive. Dozens of police cars. What's going on?
PURSUIT on Lake Shore Drive, the occupants are wanted for possible shots fired at 79/Lafayette
12 years ago today, he drove me around Lake Shore Drive and promised me the world would know his name.
23 years ago today, my dad drove my mom around Lake Shore Drive and promised her that the city of Chicago would know his name.
I love riding down lake shore drive.
Transportation planners are moving have revealed eye-catching concepts for the future of Lake Shore Drive
"There is a road id like to tell you about that lives in my hometown" "Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah on
So my dad is blasting I'm in love wit a stripper with the windows down on lake shore drive 🙄😂
Something is going on on Lake Shore Drive.police and ambulances everywhere...🙏🏽🙏🏽
Can't go wrong with facing an backwood riding down lake shore drive
Give me some wine, a blunt, and a late night drive down lake shore 😩
A look at the ambitious plan to bury Lake Shore Drive via
Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtracks are great fun to cook and clean to. Seriously great tunes. Lake Shore Drive is a super song.
PDNA Throwback Thursday - 1892. Before Grant Park & Lake Shore Drive. Shot from what would today be near Roosevelt...
47/Lake Shore Drive: he's threatening to jump off the bridge.
PAM BAKER would love to show you the at 11171 W Lake Shore Drive ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Cleared: Construction on Both directions from Algerine Street to Lake Shore Drive
Looking for a Great Home? Attend the upcoming open house this Saturday 7/22 from ...
When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it's called hospitality.…
Chicago, you're beautiful. See you soon Buffalo/Niagara. (Selfie in Mies van der Rohe's 860-880 Lake Shore Drive).…
There ain't no finer place to be than running Lake Shore Drive. And there's no peace of mind or place you see than r…
See a virtual tour of my listing on 2640 Lake Shore Drive 2607
ugh I love driving down lake shore drive
Lake Shore Drive’s last upgrade was pre-WWII. A new plan gives parts of the drive a real wow factor:…
Z5, PURSUIT on Lake Shore Drive near 31st st
See a virtual tour of our listing on 2245 Lake Shore Drive
Lake Shore Drive, Riverwalk show the importance of urban edges
So here's what's up with that blue and white tree on Lake Shore Drive
Take in the city at your own speed, from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. Visit the new
Dog in car involved in crash on Lake Shore Drive flees, jumps in lake. Cops rescue the pooch near Ohio Street Beach.
currently on repeat:. -Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. -Southern Nights by Glen Campbell. -Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Hayness Jeremiah
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Downtown Chicago was looking pretty today @ Lake Shore Drive
"Lake Shore Drive" is one of my favorite Chicago songs, but it isn't well-known outside of this area (hence my surprise).
Finally saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy today and was very pleasantly surprised that "Lake Shore Drive" is on the soundtrack.
Transportation Alert: . Lake Shore Drive Closed from 5am-11am tomorrow . Once a year, people on two wheels own...
Bike the Drive tomorrow at Lake Shore Dr between 57th st & Bryn Mawr starting at 5:30am. Expect additional traffic in the area.
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a visible police trap on E Lake Shore Dr, Manistique on - Drive Social.
Traffic Alert - Lake Shore Drive will be closed from 5am-11am tomorrow morning for For those pedalin…
Bike the Drive tomorrow. And we mean Lake Shore Drive! Grab your bike out of our bike storage and hit the road -
This traffic just will not let me be great!!! @ Lake Shore Drive
Year later, woman's family still grapples with Lake Shore Drive murder
Year later, woman’s family still grapples with Lake Shore Drive murder
Summer road trips are even better with the top down and the wind in your hair.
Heads up. If you normally visit us via Lake Shore Drive, please have an alternative route in mind tomorrow...
Driver eluded police before South Lake Shore Drive crash that seriously injured 4
We are looking for a buyer on 2245 Lake Shore Drive
1960s Chicagoans grumbling about the freewayification of Lake Shore Drive
If Bike the Drive is on Sunday May 28th, why was the 47th Street entrance to Lake Shore Drive closed today May 27th?
I'm on the bus, we didn't get on lake shore drive it turned we on 63rd 😐 and Cornell
I miss having a car just to drive on lake shore drive in the early morning and late at night wow
On Sunday our soars down Lake Shore Drive! They're halfway to their fundraising goal. See their progress:
A Sunday morning soundtrack of birds chirping and the white noise created by the dull hum of cars on Lake Shore Drive is so very pleasant
The other end is in Chicago off of Lake Shore Drive, but nobody ever takes it East! THAT would be something, eh? Cheers.
When you on the 2 bus on Lake Shore Drive and it's a rainy afternoon in October:
Who is responsible for Lake Shore Drive, the premier dr in Chg? It is in need of resurfacing & is used by more than locals.
Did you know Chicago has an underwater wild reef just off Lake Shore Drive?
the skyway then getting over to take Lake Shore Drive up from the south is just spectacular
Nelson Algren and Saul Bellow, the alleys, Lake Shore Drive in early autumn, the views from the top of the Sears Tower and John Hancock
Then I got a old lady driving me. I was hoping for some young hood *** that like racing down lake shore drive for fun...
reports the former headquarters at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive sells for 110 million dollars.
So y'all killing people on Lake Shore Drive now? Aw ok. Bet . And y'all wonder why people be quick to get out the city
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
UPDATE: Woman fatally struck by SUV late Saturday on Lake Shore Drive identified as 18-year-old Emily Smith.
Someone in a grey Lexus got killed on lake shore drive
Police: Southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive blocked from Belmont to Chicago Aves following fatal shooting.
Every detail of 850 Lake Shore Drive (tagged) builds from the preservation of the Lake Shore Athletic Club.…
BREAKING: Lake Shore Drive shut down from Hollywood to Fullerton during murder investigation. &
Shooting NORTH on Lake Shore Drive maybe now white people/1% will care that the violence is at their back door
We are sure this guy is trolling for high end hookers somewhere on Lake Shore Drive
A 25yo man suffered multiple gsws while driving south on LSD near Fullerton. He was pronounced at Masonic, CPD said. http…
Apply the pressure Shena! Listen to Lake Shore Drive Flows by Shena Couture on
Lake Shore Drive, He said he re-located 60 but more keep coming, I said whar are we going to do about the speed camera one block away
Why can't Chicagoans shoot people in alleys like normal people?
One moment you're cruising down Lake Shore Drive, and the next moment you're tying up traffic. Score it! Chicago 1, Philly 0.
Driver shot to on Lake Shore Drive at - Feb 15 @ 10:07 AM ET
It won't be cheap but it will be a great way to clean up a dangerous section of road.
Man Shot to Death on Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park -
Update your maps at Navteq
All lanes on Lake Shore Drive reopen following fatal shooting. . Driver shot to death on LSD at Fullerton:
Lake Shore Drive shooting comes on the day of Rauner's budget address, where he is expected to discuss shootings on Chicago-area expressways
Man shot and killed on Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park. is on the scene, now on NBC 5 News
6 dead, at least 6 wounded in city shootings in 18 hours - One guy was just driving on Lake Shore Drive
Man Shot to on Lake Shore Drive in - Feb 15 @ 9:29 AM ET
From the overnight incident on Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton.
Shooting on Lake Shore Drive of 25 yr old and on South Side of 2 yr old. Where are:. Sharpton. Waters. Cummings. BLM. Jackson. Aga…
And then early this morning, a man was shot to death while driving on Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park.
Is this the future of Lake Shore Drive?
Driver shot to death on Lake Shore Drive-Chicago at Fullerton.
.man in his 20s killed while driving on Lake Shore Drive around 3:45A. S/B lanes closed from Belmont to Chicago.
I get on Lake Shore Drive, just to see that it's literally been rebuilt to lead directly into Lake Michigan!
Michigan has it's draw. Ann Arbor commercials are compelling Lake Shore Drive. Wind Chill factor is Real. Cold to the bone is Real
MVA (Round Lake Heights) Round Lake FD enroute to an MVA at Lake Shore Drive and Fairfield Road
I liked a video from Duke Da Beast - Lake Shore Drive [Prod. + D…
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NEW LISTING!. 6100 Lake Shore Drive ▶️ LINK IN PROFILE. Get away from the hustle and bustle …
Na yo. Hov gotta scoop Barack in the Maybach from the "Otis" video and just peel off down Lake Shore Drive
Looking west from what is approximately now Lake Shore Drive and Pearson St, 1893, Chicago.
Chicago's Lake Shore Drive has been SHUTDOWN by demonstrators
What is this mysterious shack just off Lake Shore Drive?
Protest all you want on Jan 20. Just stay off Lake Shore Drive. Or any major road for that matter.
Waiting for the left turn arrow to turn off Lake Shore Drive onto Roosevelt Road like
Too nice of a day not to take Lake Shore Drive to work 🌞
Chicagoans: if you asked yourself "how could a 15 year old girl get shot on Lake Shore Drive?" this is your answer.
The Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River will be closed in both directions from 10pm to 2am tonight for maintenance.
Lake Shore Drive bridge to close for inspection Thursday night
Dreaming booking a city break again soon... ✈️ @ Lake Shore Drive Bike…
Turning east down Monroe now. I think they're trying to get to Lake Shore Drive. We'll see if the police let them through.
Just ran into former mayor, Richard Daley on Lake Shore Drive. He was in his workout togs, walking home. He looks fantastic.
UPDATE: Man killed in Lake Shore Drive crash on North Side identified as 26-year-old Mihir Damani.
A man is dead after crashing into a tree off Lake Shore Drive Sunday morning: police.
Horrible Lake Shore Drive crash kills one man in with photos by
An early morning crash on Lake Shore Drive has left one person dead.
From an overnight crash at 3200 N. Lake Shore Drive.
Man killed in crash on Lake Shore Drive: A man was killed after he lost contr...
Man killed in crash on Lake Shore Drive...
Man killed in crash on Lake Shore Drive:
Sketch of the views Mies van der Rohe was imagining for Lake Shore Drive Apartments...
Police: Person killed in Lake Shore Drive crash: A person was killed in a single-vehicle crash early Sunday on Lake…
Major accidents rolling to Belmont and Lake Shore Drive for "very serious" collision.
Right! (Though I doubt anyone is complaining on Lake Shore Drive)
This song could deadass be in a horror film
We ready We ready We ready for y'all Let's go Cubs over looking lake shore drive Lake Michigan eerie
City of Chicago is shutting down exits off of Lake Shore Drive close to Wrigley.
There's more smiling on LSD tonight than all of the '60s & 70's combined. ' course i meant Lake Shore Drive ;)-
LIVE on Join me for a drive down lake shore drive in Chicago after Cubs win pennant
amen. So glad for Lake Shore Drive tonight.
We'll be flying the W on Lake Shore Drive during the World Series!
Police are currently investigating a motorcycle accident on West Lake Shore Drive south of Taylor Ave.
Join us tonight for a satellite at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, 1200 S Lake Shore Drive, from 6:…
Card fans headed to Wrigley a parking hint. Lake Shore Drive to Belmont. Turn right. Go about 400 yards. Park anywhere you want.
We are looking for a buyer on 2612 Lake Shore Drive
Uber driver & passengers robbed in Lake Shore Drive carjacking. Police searching for suspects...
driver carjacked while picking up the two passengers. Full Story:
Uber driver, passengers robbed at gunpoint in Lake Shore Drive carjacking:
Don't like Florida much but I'd kill to live on Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa. Looks just like Lake Shore drive in Chicago. . Nostalgia.
Uber driver carjacked on Lake Shore Drive overnight with passengers in the car
maybe if i actually got my ice cream and walk down lake shore drive like I've been begging for forever but no 🙄🙍🏼
I'm on lake shore drive this Saturday🤘🏽
Starting off our trip to Miami/Bahamas with this view of the sunset along Lake Shore Drive ✈️☀️👫
Long boarding on lake shore drive will probably never get old to me.
driving down Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago playing music with a bunch of synths is awesome.
sunsets are prob my fav part about Celina @ Lake Shore Drive
Dognapping: Man says his beagle-retriever mix was snatched at Belmont and Lake Shore Drive.
That time I pulled over on Lake Shore Drive right after being done with work for the day to…
Day 1 of the APHUG Conference done, this presenter is pretty good! Here's a morning pic off of Lake Shore Drive 😎
Easy drive from Placerville we made it to The Landing Resort and Spa right on the S Shore of Lake Tahoe. Perfect!
So a killed a human the other day, & today a man stole a truck🤔
What is happening on lake shore drive??
For those who didn't know this was another lynching of a black man last year, there has been a few now. Also the...
Lake Shore Drive is a mess right now.
Are we sure Lake Shore Drive hasn't been shut down by Pokemon Go players?
I was born on Wellington Avenue and my family that remains lives in the Lake Shore Drive are...
demonstrators now at standstill at Michigan and Randolph, an entrance to Lake Shore Drive...
The newly reopened pedestrian bridge over Lake Shore Drive.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
We had a car thief on Lake Shore Drive this a.m. Must be the 7/11 theme. All hopped up on sugar
Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays. .
There are headlines and then there are headlines. Also, I TOTALLY drove by this on the way to work this morning!...
did you steal a truck, crash it on Lake Shore Drive and then jump in the lake? This wasn't you was it?
We are looking for a buyer on 3100 Lake Shore Drive
Trip to/from Lake Shore Drive through Edgewater just got tougher. Ridge Avenue is closed.
Chicago PD doesn't know if they should block Lake Shore Drive or focus on Michigan Ave. This protest is brilliant.
it's at Oakwood Beach around 39th and Lake Shore Drive! I went last year. It was pretty scenic. Great lineup this year!
To regain your inner kickass self, start this at 3:34 as you drive up from Lower Wacker to Lake Shore Drive.
Mother of girl slain on Lake Shore Drive: We planned to move out of Chicago - Chicago Tribune
Chicago girl shot dead on city's Lake Shore Drive as Memorial Day weekend starts Gang (animal culture) related.
Two shot, teen girl killed in early morning Lake Shore Drive shooting near Fullerton:
They're shooting up Lake Shore Drive & Lower Wacker, the very heart of downtown Chicago. .
Fantastic piece on research by the Shedd in Lake Michigan just off Lake Shore Drive!
Getting blisters after walking all around Michigan St & Lake Shore Drive yesterday🙄
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The jewel of the Midwest.. Chicago, Lake Shore Drive and our beautiful Lake Michigan... Thank you,
I worked at South works right off Lake Shore Drive it would be nice to work in the Mills again
no it's south of Lake Shore Drive, east of the underpass to the beach and the pergola where Oak street becomes Lake Shore East
I think I like Lake Shore Drive more than the actual Chicago skyline. Need more data.
.Sadly, we did have one serious crash after a rider mistakenly rode on Lake Shore Drive. -JG
Spring is here! River as seen while cruising down Lake Shore Drive. This city is stunning.
Here's what the new 41st Street bridge over Lake Shore Drive will look like
What the new 41st Street Bridge over Lake Shore Drive will look like
Man found dead, hanging from tree off Lake Shore Drive: 'Nobody seemed to notice'
For them Chicagoans: Did you know that Lake Michigan was as far as Pulaski and 63rd, until man pushed it back and created Lake Shore Drive?
31/LSD: a call of a woman walking on Lake Shore Drive. .
Shared-economy problems: This Uber driver truly thinks Lake Shore Drive is one lane. This is the Oregon Trail. I have dysentery.
Ever wonder about that beautiful pink building at the north end of Lake Shore Drive?
Stop by to see this property this Sunday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm at 2624 Lake Shore Drive.
Shoutout to Lake Shore Drive traffic for allowing me to do my makeup 😊
The opens at 9 a.m.! Expect some delays along Lake Shore Drive near McCormick Place (coupled with the usual rush hour traffic.)
Next time you go blunt cruising on Lake Shore Drive, give this song a listen. .
I miss summer and biking on Lake shore Drive
Other Chicago geography local color: Lake Shore Drive, The Cave, Edens lake cook to the split, Kennedy airport to the junction
To all my Chicago peeps gas is 1.69 right off of Lake Shore Drive on 71st and Jeffrey just a heads up
Lake Shore Drive SB there's a crash on the right shoulder at 18th dr.
If I threw myself into oncoming traffic on lake shore drive during rush hour it would be less painful than this week ahead 🙃
I wanna go on a lake shore drive again. 😍😢💨
Put yo feelings to the slide while we ride down Lake Shore Drive 🎧
24-year-old woman ejected, seriously hurt in 4-car crash on Lake Shore Drive on South Side
You will fall in love with the new Malibu! Those cruises on Lake Shore Drive will be legendary! Want to test one out? ^SG
Oh if only every Monday morning drive looked like this... @ Lake Shore…
Woman hurt in Lake Shore Drive crash on South Side.. Related Articles:
Check out how we revitalized this Chicago high rise with our DSM System.
All I want is lake shore drive passing of Cars on my phone. I could fall asleep to that sound in 3.4 seconds
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
After two attempts to get onto Lake Shore Drive, constant u-turns out of McCormick Place, and a…
The scariest thing would be to get in a car accident on Lake Shore Drive and end up in the lake right now.
riding down lake shore drive blasting this? I think so.
I think I spur of the moment planned my vacation for July last night. I want to drive up to the north shore of Lake Superior and take pics.
Deepspice, the allucinating sound by 351 Lake Shore Drive..available in all web stores (must see the video)
Elmwood Park man dies after car crash on Lake Shore Drive.. Related Articles:
Just drove up and down Lake Shore Drive to give TLOP my first listen. Didn't do the live stream or SNL first. "FML" is an e…
Blizzard of 2011 that hit downtown Chicago and closed historic Lake Shore Drive.
Overnight lane closures on Lake Shore Drive begin Sunday.
Rush hour traffic briefly halted on Lake Shore Drive by protest.
Awe inspiring panoramic views of Chicago skyline! Luxury living on Lake Shore Drive directly across from Museum...
Free fried chicken on Roosevelt one mile east of Lake Shore Drive.
Why you might want to steer clear of Lake Shore Drive this week. via
Apparently my mother and father used to ride down Lake Shore Drive w/o helmets. I'm lucky to be alive.
imagine walking Astro down lake shore drive. Also I can walk him, when needed ( just not during cubs games).
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lane closures scheduled on Lake Shore Drive for S-Curve resurfacing
Repaving to jam North Lake Shore Drive once more starting Sunday evening
"Lake Shore Drive to close overnight next week for resurfacing
Chicago DUI Roadblocks tonight and tomorrow – 020th District (Lincoln) and 009th DISTRICT (Dering)
Give me a car. @ 2:00am . on lake shore drive. a chance mixtape. some good weed . a hunny bun. and the man I love . I'll be just fine.
Nothing like driving 80 on lake shore drive while listening to "The Morning" by
Blasting up and down Lake Shore Drive cause its the closest I'll get to him tonight 😭
Hope there is no traffic on lake shore drive
Accident on North Lake Shore Drive in the road at North Ave
Repaving to jam North Lake Shore Drive again starting Sunday night: Roadway resurfacing work requiring more la...
More discission on possible 5-6 story parking garage at 18th on the west side of Lake Shore Drive. Park District...
Central Avenue from Lake Shore Drive to Second Street has been reopened to traffic in city of Dunkirk.
Construction slows NB Lake Shore Drive from Roosevelt Rd. to Chicago and SB from North Ave. to Chicago Ave. Repaving project starts Oct. 19.
Lincoln Park or up and down Lake Shore Drive north of Chicago Ave.
Our delivery area is North Avenue to 22nd Street and between Ashland Avenue and Lake Shore Drive.
Here we go again: CDOT crews are closing the 2 right lanes of SB Lake Shore Drive from North Ave to Chicago Ave.
Want to know what's up with those lane closure signs on Lake Shore Drive around North Ave.? I'll have the answer coming up!
Lake Shore Drive resurfacing from Grand to North to begin Monday: A resurfacing project on part of…
NB and SB delays on Lake Shore Drive due to construction Chicago Ave. to North Ave.
I just wanna play this song while in a car with a girl going down Lake Shore Drive while the sun is setting
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