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Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona (most of it, along with Rainbow Bridge, is in Utah).

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I miss this place more n more everyday, Lake Powell, I will be back for you soon🌞
Took this today from the lake Powell public access pier in Inlet Beach...
Love the Tech G4 Check out the steady footage in this funny video taken at lake powell..
GUYS i just got invited to spend the weekend in lake Powell with sponsored Dixie wake boarders- is this evn real life
Lake Powell, video made with G4 2017-10-10 12:45:04
Experienced Lake Powell, Horse Shoe Bend, and Rainbow Bridge National Monument over the weekend. Amazing places.
I added a video to a playlist Centurion Boats Ri237 - Epic Summer Time on Lake Powell
I think I met him when he was houseboating on Lake Powell in 2000 & I was living in a canoe on it. I think he was drunk & vocally right-wing
Lake Powell / Glen Canyon Articles: Recent news and info about the Lake Powell / Glen Canyon area. | Page 4
Before the rain comes. Rockformation at Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona, USA (Khun Hans)
Don't forget HOGSLOP for the Great Lakes! Huron, Ontario, Great Salt Lake, Okeechobee, and Powell
You can use the if you swim out to it! A very unique found in Lake Powell in Arizona.…
A New Way of Staying in Lake Powell (at least for me!)
Jane and Kids cliff jumping at Lake Powell
I got my laminated picture of lake Powell again for last month
One of my fav's from Lake Powell, Utah [OC] 4032x3024 from Pangea4evR via Paisajes Increibles.
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Look at my 2003 Cavalier-300,000 miles! This car has been from Niagra Falls&Lake Powell to Myrtle Beach so m…
Project MUSE - Hoover Dam: The Photographs of Ben Glaha, and: Glen Canyon Dammed: Inventing Lake Powell and the ...
2/ ...dredge the San Juan River from state line to Lake Powell, stirring up more nastiness than it would remove?!?
The Milky Way over the red cliffs of Lake Powell, Utah - [6016x4016]
After Zion, we made our way to Lake Powell where we spent the night. We also visited the Glen…
This baby now floats the waters of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - Do you 💕Lake Powell? We do!
Adventuring in a desert filled of water!! 🌵💦 Fact: Lake Powell was formed after Glen Canyon Dam
I shot this picture on the shores of Lake Powell, Arizona. @ Lake Powell
I've traveled out of the country tons but I haven't been to Lake Powell so someone please take me this summer:)
Lake Powell reservoir on the Colorado River Visit rent a cozy historic adobe home in town,
Storm clouds light up at inside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area north of Lake Powell in southern
"I was hoping to find my limit in 80 miles (at Lake Powell) and didn't find it. So my inner voice is saying,...
Can't get enough of these images of Lake Powell from the
The Solo Swims of the Year are Sarah Thomas' 80-mile swim in Lake Powell, and Howard James' English Channel swim...
Same- my mom was and scattered her around Lake Powell but also put some in the ground, bought the plot next to her.
Lake Powell with my cousins was the best ever, good memories;)
Arizona, US. M. Dolderer of Germany flies over the Horseshoe Bend of Lake Powell from Indianapolis to Las Vegas -…
Arizona, US. Matthias Dolderer of Germany flies over the Horseshoe Bend near Lake Powell.
Police searching for 18-month-old child presumed drowned in Lake Powell: The Utah Department of Public Safety...
Wow. Had lots of great times at Lake Powell. This is tragic.
Lakewood mom who died saving son kept him above water until rescue
Tide pool, Lake Powell or alien world? @ Crystal Cove State Park
There are approximately 20 lakes on the Navajo Nation, not including Lake Powell. Some are easier to reach than...
Lakewood mom dies saving toddler who fell from houseboat at Lake Powell - The Denver Channel
Please honor this Mom and put her life ending story for the love of her child out there:
Lake Powell, video made with G4 2016-08-27 17:16:35
This Colorado mom sacrificed her life saving her 2-year-old son from drowning
Yet another killer trip with great people! @ Lake Powell, Utah
Mom dies saving son from drowning in Lake Powell
Lake Powell 8,9,10,11 who wants to go??
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Great view of Lake Powell, Arizona..don't you think so?
Mother drowns holding toddler son above water until he is rescued from lake in Utah
heading back from Lake Powell, finally get service and this is the news I get. Good thing we drafted us a Winner this year.
Mother drowns holding her two-year-old above water long enough to be rescued
Heartbreaking. Colorado mom tried to save her toddler from drowning:
Amazing video from Joe Sena, of Parker, Arizona, of a waterfall at Lake Powell on Friday after heavy rain
A little overcast at Lake Powell today @ Lake Powell, Wahweap
Lake Powell is the prettiest place on earth😍
Nocturnal rainbow! David Rankin shot this over the Grand Staircase Monument by Lake Powell. A rainbow at night...
Lake Powell is the best place in the world
I love Southern Utah! Like Zions, St George, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell. It's so beautiful down there (:
Who wants to take an awesome vacation to Lake Powell next week?? HUGE deal! . My brother can't go. Here are a...
you should come to Lake Powell sometime Doug! It's beautiful and loads of fun
14 transformers for the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell in
I've only seen one once in the wild. It was at Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell
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Passing Wahweep and all the Lake Powell memories are flooding back from when me and went in middle school
Hm...youth conference & girls camp or Lake Powell...hmm...decisions decisions... Lake Powell it is!! 😊
If it wasn't for my new tattoo, then I could be at lake Powell for a week, but of course, I get it the day before I get invited 😅😅
Been at Lake Powell for 5 seconds and my pillow and sweatshirts already fell in the water but it's fine I'm fine
hmu if you wanna head to Lake Powell in the morning to stay on a houseboat until wednesday!
Fishing Lake Powell for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass is so fun! Here are some clips of the best baits to use,...
my highly intoxicated father just decided we were going to Lake Powell on Sunday so fav to come. 😂🚤.
my neck of the woods I grew up the hill from Lake merrit and went to school by the grand lake theater as a kid
Inner peace is sitting here by Lake Merritt in Oakland, California and listening to a collection of Sly and The Family Stone songs.
I go to Lake Powell the month of June so hard to get up vlogs there
UT leaders should invest in current neglected infrastructure rather than a Lake Powell Pipeline.
if anyone needs a friend to go to lake powell with them this summer I'm your girl😏
love lake Merritt...took my son to story book land when I was out there a few years ago. Cool area of town..
anotha camping update: we changed our minds and decided to go to lake Powell lol
Wishin I were at Lake Powell right about now
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch on Quick Gorgeous landscape near Lake Powell UT no talking scope
Text me or snap me on this drive to Lake powell
I never understood why people loved lake Powell so much... But I've only been here a day and i love it so much😭❤️
When your family goes to Lake Powell for the weekend and doesn't invite you. 😑
❤️ to plan a Lake Powell trip this summer! 🙌🏽
%lawsuit :im trying to get to lake powell utah,arizona from hollywood california, is there aNy bus ?lines
%LAWSUIT IM TRYIN to get to lake powell from hollywood california,is there any greyhound busses or ?equalivilant
I wish Jake was already off work, can't wait to start the weekend in lake Powell!
shalluscycle / The night we slept in a section of Lake Powell that had dried up, lovely view to start the day
Could draining Lake Powell be the answer to Lake Mead's plight?
Could you imagine a weekend without
When life gives you days, use half & take a - Proverb
FILL IN THE BLANK-Being at Lake Powell makes me feel _. .
So this summer will consist of lake Powell & camping so like to join ❤️
Lovely birds-eye view of shimmering meandering into fingers of Lake Powell
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Only 2 weeks till Lake Powell. I can make it.
I'm happy to say only time I went to lake Powell was a couple weekend and it was a blast. I wasn't a couple but still had a good time
Im kinda surprised I haven't seen someone I know yet. But then I remember people still go to lake Powell this weekend with 200 other ppl
Lake Powell, Utah - Great place to explore, rent a houseboat and have fun.
Making the case for eliminating the Glen Canyon Dam to send Lake Powell's water downstream to Lake Mead:
I'm not. I'm going to Lake Powell w/ Tays. 😈
by Perks of early morning practice at mom's house. Now Lake Powell bound!
As the Colorado River turns south to Glen Canyon and Hoover dams (and Lake Powell and Lake Mead reservoirs) ... (1/3)
Posed for some pics in Lake Powell and I can't wait to post them 🙈🌸
Lake Powell isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but this article has an idea reagarding the future of the Colorado R.
Prolonged drought has caused water levels in Utah’s Lake Powell to drop dramatically.
A2 Take a visit to Camp Helen State Park to see Lake Powell - a rare
Sure, if it drains Lake Powell quicker so we can run Glen Canyon again.
Boating may be the best way to see Utah's Glen Canyon National Recreation Area & Lake Powell https:/…
Throwback to '72 and '73 with our film camera. Right to left; Salt Point '72, Grand Canyon (south rim) '73, Lake Powell '73.
It looks like Glen Canyon/Lake Powell with Navajo Mountain in the background which would be Southern Utah
Going from Denver to the Black Canyon of Gunnision, to Lake Powell, to Zion National Park, to Bryce Canyon, to Capitol Reef National Park
Time to plan a kayak trip to Lone Rock Beach at the beautiful Lake Powell! . Thanks…
Lake Powell is out of frame, Glen Canyon is in it. River towards the left is San Juan River.
The CWCB directors just approved the grant for the Colo. River "risk study," which will study how to keep enough water in Lake Powell.
Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah & Ariz
3:01am: Road trippin to Lake Powell, Utah with tanglewood512 radricoguts and Phil…
SUPers, check out this story about paddling Lake Powell in Glen Canyon NRA.
Monsoon rains fall off the cliffs at Glen Canyon Dam @ Lake Powell.
My encounter with Ty at Lake Powell: About 8 years ago, I was hiking back to the boat from Rainbow Bridge. I ...
My encounter with Ty at Lake Powell (cougardog)
Southern Utah residents travel to SLC to voice opposition to Lake Powell pipeline: SALT LAKE CI...
Fav if come to Lake Havasu or Lake Powell with me for spring break!
Looking for a great opportunity to volunteer in a national park that includes five days out on Lake Powell, this...
An area of Lake Powell that would be underwater if the lake was full. Page, Arizona
on lake Powell playing poker with my friends on a houseboat. I said, "I've dreamed this moment and this is what DeJaVu feels like."
Sent to I love seeing landmarks I knew from space - up close from Earth too...Lake Powell!
lol yes. A cat fish, bought it in lake powell. They love it
check out how the dam at S end of Lake Powell looks. Page, AZ. We! It's a carnival ride!
LIFE AT LAKE RIDGE ACADEMY: Thank you to Amanda Powell for coming in and sharing her musical expertise and...
Wow! Made my granite countertop shine like Lake Powell water on calm day! RT
I've been to Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and L.A. :) It was a absolutely stunning road trip.
I just want to go to Brian Head or Lake Powell.
UTAH explores 140 mi pipeline from Lake Powell to St. George
Lake Powell created by the Glen Canyon Dam. We may be controlling nature in some ways but in the end, mother nature…
love emerald mile but noticed u referenced vol of Lake Powell as 9Tgal on pg217 and 9Bgal on pg221
A4 Lake Powell is one of the few coastal dune lakes in the world!
Burke’s Body Found: Remains of beloved Jackson resident Billy Burke were recovered this morning in Lake Powell.…
Search continues for Jackson man missing in Lake Powell - Cops & Courts - JHN&G Mobile via
Search for missing Lake Powell cliff diver enters third day: National Park Service and Cocino (Ariz.) County S...
Yesterday I camped on my own island off Lake Powell. I kayaked my gear over. Set up shop. And then…
Follow where your feet take you 💛 @ Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona
Biological data for water in Lake Powell and from Glen Canyon Dam releases,…
Jet skiing out of a stormy but awesome today @ Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona
Worse views to wake up too... @ Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona
sorry, but image 4 isn't the Hoover Dam. That's Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell on the AZ/UT border.
The slapstick incident occurred on Bullfrog Marina, Lake Powell, Utah and featured Jason Clark, who later took to YouTube to upload the
Just got back from Bear Lake over the weekend, next weekend Lake Powell, and St. George the weekend after that. 🙏😊😊
Wanna go to Lake Powell or St George before it gets to cold🌻☀️
this paper looked at bank losses from Lake Powell using mass balance method
hughes_jeremiah: Great weekend with the ones I love! @ Lake Powell via amazon
Latest on spill, likely to be undetectable in supply. 0.071% of Lake Powell volume. http:…
The Animas River feeds into the San Juan River which feeds Lake Powell!
ADEQ Update on Animas River spill: "water quality conditions ...upstream of Lake Powell are generally consistent with pre-spill conditions."
For the many Coloradans who have floated the San Juan arm of Lake Powell, time to learn more about the river: featured in NBC s Science of Love
The EPA fills Animas River and Lake Powell with heavy metal waste, asks the Navajo Nation not to sue. Seriously?
River in Colorado reopens as toxic plume reaches Lake Powell - WLS
River in Colorado turned yellow by toxic mine spill reopens; plume reaches Lake Powell in Utah
Toxic plume reaches Lake Powell, river open in Colorado
Upper Colorado River Basin states buy ag and municipal water to shore up Lake Powell storage | Summit County
patty_bray: EileenLeft . Our savior River, the Colorado,is full of mine waste now.They said Lake Powell will dilute the poison.Im not testin…
uhavemooface1: I liked a YouTube video from cutehair101 LAKE POWELL SPECIAL 2015 via amaz…
I liked a video from LAKE POWELL SPECIAL 2015
Officials said they expected it to reach the Utah border on Monday and Lake Powell, in Arizona, late Wednesday.
Lake Powell is the most gorgeous place on earth
Mine spill results in Lake Powell alert: via
Here's what I've booked: BOS, Yellowstone, SFO. Here's what I'm working on Lake Powell, Aspen, and...
Did you guys forget that Lake Powell is in the way?
the toxic waste heading towards lake Powell
Lake Powell is actually the happiest place on earth
Hk only miss Utah Bc cafe rio and lake Powell
The EPA has poisoned Lake Powell with high amount of heavy metals arsenic and lead. Fishing might be done for ever.
Lake Powell never fails to make me happy
Lake Powell will forever have my heart💓
Plume from EPA mine spill likely headed for Lake Powell; visitors to be warned starting Monday
Lake Powell this weekend was one for the books☀️
the Animas River flows to Lake Powell, a huge reservoir. Exacerbate water shortage in…
Doesn't sound very Eco-friendly to me. But I'm not an Obama appointed "scientist"
I want a whole week of him at Lake Powell
I can now cross cliff jumping at Lake Powell off my bucket list✔️ @ Lake…
something about blue sky and red rock☀️ @ Lake Powell, AZ
SternardDiego: lake powell with brayden is gonna be dope🌊 via amazon
Officials urge caution in San Juan arm of Lake Powell after contamination
we'll go (after the olympics) We go every year to Lake Powell and jet ski the canyons.
Flaming Gorge is like Lake Powell, except Flaming Gorge is more Utah"esc" and Lake Powell is more Arizona"esc" anyway my Vacay was beautiful
Flaming Gorge... it's like Lake Powell, but with pine trees!
everyone's idea of "vacation" is Lake Powell or St George. Oops, sorry, "St Geezy".
Happiness day 13... To spend the night in Green River, Utah means only one thing. Lake Powell in the…
love you Ellie! 😉 I hope you have a great last day of school and then off to Lake Powell! Woo!!!
What I really want to do right now: go see Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Horseshoe bend, Antelope Canyon and other famous So. Utah views.
"When you ball so hard but your parents make you come home from Lake Powell"- 📷:…
A look at Glen Canyon before it was submerged by Lake Powell. This shot by longtime Arizona Highways…
Indatree: Made it to the lake.. ✌🏼️😊 @ Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell, UT via amazon
we are kinda new to this but we can do hard things 🐌💛💀 @ Lake Powell - San Juan River
Nothing like catching a view of Navajo Mountain from Lake Powell. Located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, this...
. ❤️ this 👆🏼I've never spent my summers at Lake Powell house boating around, wish I knew it b4 it was dammed.
TBT to when Tom Donkin and I jumped into the dark abyss at Lake Powell (with SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen...
SLC extends time of Flash Flood Watch for Castle Country, Central and Southwest Mountains, Glen Canyon Recreation Area/Lake Powell, San Raf…
Worth the watch ~ My son David's interview on The Weather Channel yesterday. Lake Powell area, Grand Staircase...
Center of pic, beyond grassy area, is Glen Canyon Dam. It is just inside Arizona, forming Lake Powell.
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Dude I feel your pain. Josh was in Lake Powell all last week w no service. It *** 💔
Turquoise waters and numerous side canyons make Lake Powell a must-see spot for serious and recreational boaters.
Short film about Glen Canyon before the dam. Tragic. The history lost beneath the surface of Lake Powell.
Great piece on Glen Canyon & Lake Powell with the historical background and the author's hope for a dam-free...
Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT | Lake Powell, AZ ...two of the most beautiful places on earth.
Swam in Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona (Colorado River) Yes that small dot in the center of water is me!...
Beautiful photos of nature at Camp Helen State Park from Lake Powell folks.
Join us in Arizona's Lake Powell and Glen Canyon this September for an trip with David Orr! Details:
Glen Canyon Dam; The only thing holding back Lake Powell from emptying into the Colorado River.
christianewalbu: Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell via amazon
With inflows to Lake Powell projected to be about 50% of normal, we could see a lot more of Glen Canyon emerge...
This is Lake Powell, Utah, photographed by Preston Rowlette. Lake Powell is located in Glen Canyon…
you neglected to mention with Mel Gibson, Jody Foster and James Garner! Lots of Lake Powell scenes!
Todays stunning picture of the day! Lake Powell in Southern Utah, 4 hours North East of Las Vegas by Mike Low
Took my boyfriend to Lake Powell for his birthday weekend and baked him a chocolate cake when we got back
Now I want to take my boat on a little road trip next summer. Lake Powell for sure and then maybe bass lake and Lake Tahoe as well?
Vegas in September, and October for a bachelorette party. Jason Aldean, Brett Eldredge, Allan Jackson, Kid Rock and Lake Powell.
and enjoy aerial views of magnificent Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge and Monument Valley.
Zion, Lake Powell, Monument Valley. Wow. A beauty of a morning to fly into LAS.
"Leave Vegas for Lake Powell and the Zion National Park ... *adds to itinerary*
Thinking about buying at Lake Powell? Now is a Great Time!
Locally dense fog continues in the Cache Valley, the Tooele Valley, near Bear Lake and near Lake Powell.
Utah Rafting Colorado River Rafting » 2 Day Trip on an unforgettable Colorado River rafting adventure just south of the eclectic town of Moab, Utah. High-speed, custom rafts now allow you to journey through the Colorado River’s legendary 100-mile Cataract Canyon in just 2 days–perfect for those with busy schedules yearning for a quick, but refreshing dose of adventure. From surreal scenery to thrilling whitewater, Cataract Canyon is rated as one of the best rafting trips in America. Travel through the heart of Canyonlands National Park on the Colorado River, where postcard-perfect vistas will dazzle you around every bend in the river. Step back in time as you explore ancient Native American habitations and learn of their cultures. Discover the thrill of nearly 30 world-class Colorado River whitewater rapids. Once you reach Lake Powell, you'll return to Moab, by ground shuttle. Join us for 2 spectacular days in the great outdoors and reconnect with your sense of adventure.
There's been more snow at Lake Powell this season than in Salt Lake City.
Beautiful canyon desert + beautiful beaches = Lake Powell. Photo taken from my kayak camping trip in 2013.
Throwing it back to the prettiest canyon lake in the world. in Lake Powell, UT.
I'm going to Antelope Canyon & the Lake Powell area in a week. Any trails I s
Lake Powell 💁 we could jump into a canyon or off of a bridge 🙆
How to move 48 houseboats on Lake Powell...
A day on Lake Powell is a Fab way to spend the day..thank you Aman friends @ Lake Powell, Glen Canyon…
Hamilton Collection
from Kanab to Grand Canyon we drove over Glen Canyon Dam and near Lake Powell even more beautiful than picture
Like go to St George. Or to Zions national park/Arches, or to Lake Powell, or surrounding states.
Wayne Gustaveson, Lake Powell striper guru at is a cool dude
Veronica K. had her dreams come true when she SUPed in Lake Powell. Share ur pics:
Heading out today to start towards Lake Powell for the Dynamic Nude Workshop with Stephanie Smith :) . I should...
About 15 years ago I took a small crew with me on a Houseboat trip in Lake Powell with a rowdy bunch of Vietnam...
More Brice canyon..the next two Red Canyon and the last is lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam. The water lever was 18 ft higher then last year.
New listing! Incredible panoramic lake and mountain views await you from this one-of-a-kind property water skiing Lake Powell for a week.
I was underwhelmed with EDEN LAKE. It had promise, but just didn't work for me. I have a feeling Night will be better.
Tbt to lake Powell with is this babe😍
Girls be like: Omg Fall is my favorite time of the year. Me: Uh.didn't u just say summer is Ur favorite? Remember lake Powell? The beach? No?
Here's my Fall sky pic, over Lake Powell, Utah at 40,000'
My husband needs to lose just as much weight as I do, but he hasn't been trying & he makes it hard for me to stay on track. He's constantly brining junk food in the house & won't work out with me. And he likes to park it in front of the tv from the moment he gets home until he goes to bed. Drives me nuts! We are both really competitive so this morning I bet him that if we both lose 50 lbs by our birthdays in 6 months that we will take a weeklong houseboat trip to Lake Powell in Southern Utah! He took the bait!
By the looks of it I'd say Charlton Heston and crew landed near Lake Powell
The search is on Sunday morning for a missing swimmer in Lake Powell.
Showin OG River Ratz pride out in Lake Powell! Can't wait to be in Parker next weekend…
Lake Powell and Mead, not promotable - ruined Colorado River and local ecosystems.
Steven Michael shooting the sunset at Lake Powell by Dustin LeFevre
Oh yes lots of lakes in Yootah. Flaming Gorge and Lake Powell best but thousands of little Mtn lakes.
Off to Hawaii!! In past 40 days Ive enjoyed the beaches of Lake Powell, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz, Orange County & now Hawaii
arrested on bribery charges Published July 15, Two former Utah attorneys general were arrested Tuesday on multiple bribery charges, following a two-year investigation in which each allegedly accepted money and gifts from businessmen under investigation. The politicians -- John Swallow, 51, and Mark Shurtleff, 56 -- were arrested at their homes Tuesday morning. Both men have denied all the allegations. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said each man is accused of accepting at least $50,000 in cash or campaign contributions from people who faced or were about to face scrutiny from the attorney general's office. They used a luxury jet and personal property belonging to a businessman in trouble with regulators, authorities said. Swallow also used the businessman's million-dollar houseboat on Lake Powell, according to officials. And both stayed at a high-end Newport Beach resort where they enjoyed meals, golf, clothing and massages paid for by another businessman who had been charged ...
Lake Powell/ Glen Canyon NRA - thunderstorms and high winds nearly everyday, especially in the late afternoon.
8 days of being drunk, swimming, eating amazing food, dancing, wearing no make up, reading John Green, killing it at beer pong. Lake Powell.
The Rainbow Bridge trail maintenance is complete! And just in time as the rising waters of Lake Powell are only days away from inundating the low section of trail, a result of last year's flash flooding. Thanks go out to Aramark and NPS maintenance employees for taking on the task of keeping Rainbow Bridge open and accessible all summer long.
V4N1 Jay Wild on the little canyon slots of Lake Powell. Amazing place to see the great formations and red rock...
Lake Powell in Glen canyon. Too bad it's man-made. Crystal clear water, great kayaking
this scene is from GORGE filmed on location at Lake Powell and The Grand Canyon in the great state of Utah
Spending the night at Green River, Utah. The river is really high. Tomorrow will be at Lake Powell. Here's the...
NEW in news: Lake Powell rising a foot every day | Deseret News via
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Don't forget! Tomorrow fishing licenses will not be required for people fishing on all Utah waters! Our favorite spots to fish in Utah are: + Strawberry Reservoir + Provo River + Green River + Logan River + Lake Powell + Fish Lake + Boulder Mountain + Pineview Reservoir Read more about these locations here:
Just upstream from Moab, Utah there is a wonderful stretch of river warmly known by the locals as "The Daily." In cooperation with the Moab Adventure Center we are pleased to provide guided tours with our Western River Guides down this really fun stretch of water. This water continues on downstream to form Cataract Canyon after the Colorado River joins with the Green River, which after Cataract Canyon rapids, then drains into Lake Powell which water then flows into the Grand Canyon. So, if you need a warm up trip before hitting the Grand Canyon or Cataract Canyon, visit the Moab Adventure Center for a day of fun on the Colorado River. The full day trip includes a wonderful lunch at the Red Cliffs Lodge. journey begins with a beautiful drive up the river corridor where you’ll launch your raft onto one of the most popular stretches of the Colorado River. You’ll experience such rapids as Onion Creek, Cloudburst, Ida Gulch, and the famous Whites Rapid. You’ll also have plenty of time to relax and swim, ...
Before I leave I really want to go to Lake Powell and Pine View at least once. 😔
It must be spring runoff season. Lake Powell water level rises 3+ feet in 4 days, tho Lake Mead still on the decline http:/…
I have this urge that is way too strong, to just get in a car and drive to Lake Powell or San Francisco (yes those specific places)
Loading up the Harley! Arizona bound for a Saturday broadcast and then 3 Countries, 5 States and 7 National Parks as we HEAD NORTH on Hwy 89! Kartchner Caverns, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks before our broadcast from Waterton Peace Park in Canada!
Happy Birthday, My Twin Sista Lisa Roussalis Dodds We were conceived together, our first existence, sharing our moms womb. We took our first breath within 2 minutes of each other. We shared a room, often times, sleeping in the same bed for that comforting closeness. We dressed alike, for way too long I might add. Thanks mom ( Darellene Roussalis) :) We shared toys, ( cabbage patch kids and Barbies) clothes, and jewelry. We had karate matches and leg wrestled. We made up totally awesome dances and loved to perform them at family functions. We went on amazing vacations ( Lake Powell ) and danced to " America" by Niel Diamond on top of housboats. Can't forget cliff jumping into those nasty carp swimming below us ( Ew!) Won't forget our trips to Disney World and the awesome times we had riding Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. ( Unfortunately Its a Small World is still burned in my brain ) I loved how we spent our summers with the Bella Vista Crew ( Joshua .. ...
It's safe to say that Lake Powell was a success.
Unprepared for more years of drought, basin states work to preserve Lake Powell. Image via Shutterstock Water managers in the Upper Colorado River Basin want to keep more water in Lake Powell during droughts to preserve hydropower generation and ensure water supplies downstream. Click image to enlar…
thirty minutes west of Moab, Utah you'll board our customized high-speed rafts that will carry you on this two-day, hundred-mile Colorado River voyage in comfort. Our experienced professional guides will fill your head with stories and facts about ancient Native American civilizations and local folklore, as you take in the majestic, pristine panoramic views. With a maximum group size of fourteen, you'll soon begin to feel like you've become a part of this remarkable canyon, which will give you your right of passage to drop into a series of nearly thirty whitewater rapids that make Cataract Canyon legendary. Your journey will end on the scenic still waters of Lake Powell, where you'll be transported by ground shuttle back to Moab. Experience Canyonlands National Park as few ever will. Every twist and turn around the awe-inspiring goose-necks bends will take you on a journey of discovery you'll never forget. These will be two spectacular days you'll hold precious for the rest of your life, so come join us.
Another balcony, another view :-) We're at Lake Powell in Arizona enroute to the Grand Canyon.
Hiking along the old Colorado River channel by Lake Powell & Glen Canyon
I did Monument Valley tour today thanks to Kandi Woodward and her future inheritance then went to Medicine Hat to Goosenecks State Park, then on the Moki Dugway UT.261 to 95 West to Hite down on Lake Powell when there is water in the lake. Then back to Bluff, UT. where my base is until Sat. when I move to Moab, UT. I will post pictures of Monument Valley later I have to prune them down I took 347 pictures in there alone.
Wayne Gustaveson manages Lake Powell fisheries and he maintains an excellent website packed with information...
Bear Lake on May 31st; Lake Powell on June 13th-16th; River Rafting on June 26th-29th. . I'm so ready for this summer.
I need a little Lake Powell in my life right now. 🌅
Hiked out to horseshoe bend. AMAZING. @ Lake Powell, Page, Arizona, USA
Had the most amazing weekend at Lake Powell! Too many great memories
Update: The man rescued from a Lake Powell cliff face is in the ICU and is expected to live
Injured climber rescued from Lake Powell cliff face
Report on rescue at Lake Powell. or Kane County Emergency Service's FB page
Just booked a hotel to spend a little vacation time with Hector and Rebekah Evelyn Jimenez in May! Can't wait to relax a few minutes at the pools in Las Vegas, show Jannik and Kian the musical fountains, let Jannik get super excited about seeing real white tigers, and MOST OF ALL I get to see Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell,... My dream finally comes true! Any suggestions which other National Park is a must-see?
Love this, need a map collage of Bozeman, MT, Winona, MN and Lake Powell! But I will settle for Winona.
Any San Diego friends who jet skii in the Pacific Ocean? My hubby & I have a lot of experience launching our jet skiis at Lake Powell and Lake Mead, but we've never hauled them to SoCal and put them in the ocean? Boat? Nothing huge.
“Determined to go to Lake Powell this summer. 🌞🌊 It's my goal.” 😏
Lake Powell Becomes a Luxury Yachting Destination: SAN DIEGO (MainStreet) — Lake Powell has long been known as a...
Lake Powell, USA. Sent by Holiday Nomad. This picture is participating in our weekly
if Austin is here June 8th...he's supposed to be on the houseboat in lake Powell 😜
Lake Powell makes Huffington Posts 20 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World! Coming it at # 7 on the lis
Lake Powell makes the cut for one of the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world!
Rednecks travel blogger goes to lake powell.
I want to fish at lake Powell in Paige AZ
I want to get back up to Lake Powell before I graduate so bad
Lake Powell! The presence of Arch Angel Michael is so STRONG since we left Vegas I think I got His energy on video :)
A Look Back: Great photos from John Wesley Powell's expeditions in today
Ron Colby of Page, Arizona started the fishing year at Lake Powell off right by catching a 13.3-pound striper on...
Filling Lake Mead at the expense of Lake Powell has all kinds of benefits via @
The decades old tradition of house boating at Lake Powell may soon be eclipsed by the introduction of luxury yachts.
Submit your favorite 2013 Vacation Photos for a chance to win a trip aboard Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas 75...
2013 Lake Powell Real Estate Market Overview, Big Water to Paria UT: 2013 was a steady year real estate on the... http:/…
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