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Lake Perris

Lake Perris is an artificial lake completed in 1973. It is the southern terminus of the California State Water Project situated in a mountain-rimmed valley between Moreno Valley, and city of Perris in what is now the Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

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I'll take you on a long drive by lake perris 😍😍💦
I liked a video Camping at Lake Perris- Cinematic Vlog - Lisa and Button (Ft. Angelis and Nina)
Depends entirely on the lake. Lake Perris in Southern California is notoriously nasty or at least it was when I was a kid. 💩
Didn't you tell me you was going to Lake Perris, California ?
🚨!!!LAST DAY SPECIAL PRICING!!! 🚨. The Unicorns wants YOU to join us at One Love Fest this October at Lake Perris...
I might go to at Lake Perris Recreation Area in Perris, CA - Oct 21
The Jettribe "Best of the West" Rd 7 & 8 Lake Perris Season Finals came to a close this past weekend in Lake...
From daygo to lake Elsinore to perris to diamond bar to Cerritos back to diamond bar and back to perris
I added a video to a playlist Stuck in the Mud at Lake Perris!
My brother told me to take him to lake Perris for some party and we are still home I HAVE PLANS TODAY HURRY THE *** UP
This whole time I was putting lake "Paris" when it's "Perris " I'm a db 🙂😂😂😂
Out here in Lake Perris. Look for our camera crew. ijsba
The last round of the Jettribe Best of the West Series has begun in Lake Perris.
Good luck to those out in Lake Perris competing in Jettribe Best of the West Round 7&8. We will…
Ready for Jettribe USA Jettribe Best of the West - Lake Perris Finals here we go!!!
Not going to the house going straight to Lake Perris on Sunday
If you see smoke near the Lake Perris area, this is why
And then me & Greg find out you've been living at Lake Perris in a storage container lol
When you ran to lake perris all the time in xc, and want to stop, then look forward to soccer, but they're running to lake perris .-.
Filtered, yet surprisingly close to real life. @ Lake Perris
*** Duck it lmao I think imma shower I'll be back because she ended up the lake perris Smh your costume you look a…
One of the motos in Lake Perris, just showing how good he still is. You are one…
Sonny de la Torre, one of the finest pan-fish anglers in the Inland Empire and a legend at Lake Perris, will be...
I'm betting he really meant the south section of Lake Perris, in which case. . . ew!
I want to get married on the little island in the middle of Lake Perris
why tf is Chris Pratt at lake perris?!
Our lil miss walking the shore of Lake Perris with her best friend, after a fun field trip at…
The Fall Nationals 2016 Lake Perris Bmx ! We want to say how proud we are of all our amazing and talented...
lake perris because that track is always fun! And Vegas 2, only because of the results I had! 😂
with ・・・. Loved racing the Falls Nationals at Lake Perris this...
Almost everyone that didnt win sunday in lake perris: "i didnt try because it was raining." Yeah bs.
with ・・・. Fall Nationals this past weekend in Lake Perris! Happy with my result...
Lake Perris in Moreno Valley, California 😍😍 . Definitely recommend coming here at night!!
To go jet skiing in lake perris or to go boating and tubing at the Colorado River. Hmm🇺🇸
Lake Perris today was fun w my family ❤
OR lake perris, even tho its dirty af
*** lucky!! Lol and we are thinking either lake Elsinore or Perris, or SD
If you haven't been to lake perris, you guys are missing out !
perris/lake Elsinore but I work in riverside 🤔 you're 45 minutes away lol
Pretty bummed I didn't get to go to lake Perris today :(
I thought I was finally getting tan until I realized it was just layers of dirt on me. Thanks, Lake Perris. I'll miss ya'.
I have no idea. I think I'm going camping with my dad at lake Perris to ride jet skis.
it's 5:36 am and I'm in Lake Perris
Demolition Derby night with my boys bartwayne dhough2002 skydive_r @ Lake Perris…
I need a poppin dj for a gig in lake perris tomorrow night late notice but if you have an opening pls hmu there will be a Banda lol
doubt it my dad is gonna let me drink remember lake Havasu and Laughlin 😂 total flop
I hear ya. Went to the beach today. Is Lake Perris still a swimming whole?
Who wants to go to lake Perris today!!
Catch me and catching these fish at lake Perris tomorrow 👌💯
Nitro Ramp session tomorrow at lake perris come ride!
would anyone like to go running in the dirt/sand at lake Perris?
Trying to go to Lake Perris in a couple of weeks but one of my friends isn't down 😩
. Perris Lake children time to take away their allowance
My cousin is going to New York for her 8th grade trip with her friends and school wth. We went to lake perris 😂
I miss my girls already 😩😩 next time we're going to lake Perris..drinks, food, summer nights & favs❤️
idk man... aight party at Lake Perris xD
Im down to go to Lake Perris and face blunt after blunt on the way there
Laura Milone recent race report: "I had a great time last weekend Competing in the the Lake Perris Open round of...
Will this be the year we bring back camping at lake Perris during the Summer? 🤔
When it was the first time I had gone to Perris Lake with my boyfriend's family. 👫 .
We went on a late night adventure to Lake perris 😂🐾
this heat makes Lake Perris sound good :(
Perris Lake just sounds dirty ... Ain't no Perris lake bih!!
LMAO they need to do something and put yo *** on a *** sea doo! Take the celly away too ain't no service Lake lmao
Go to Perris Lake during the summer watch how many black families you see up there TURNT UP on a sea doo
Skydiving at Lake Perris – Fun with friends at Bomb Shelter for food and celebrations -
It was great to here from Laura Milone regarding the Lake Perris race. . "I had a great time last weekend...
Love coming home 'cause I always get to wack some toads while I'm here @ Lake Perris State Park
It's beginning to look a lot like summer ☀️ @ Lake Perris State…
haven't been there in a while so I wouldn't know, but Lake Perris is still being considered lmao
Set up and ready to open the Cinco de Mayo bully and bike show at Lake Perris Fairgrounds!!…
last weekend .and right across the street from lake Perris ..
Desolate and void of humans. A nice relaxing escape from the city. 🌾🌾🌾@ Perris Lake…
Randomly drove the RV to Lake Perris for a beautiful getaway... 🌾🌾🌾@ Perris Lake…
Kid knows how to strike a pose @ Lake Perris, CA Lake Perris state park
Mark your calendars! American Bully World Series April 23rd at Lake Perris! 3 shows and a lot more.
My parents are really trying to make me go to lake perris rn 😭😭
I just wish I had enough room here to tell everyone about all of the awesome things happening @ Perris Lake HS.
el_burrows and his buddy looks like they KILLED it at Lake Perris, CA. Nice work guys! Thanks for…
Perris Lake was one of my favorite years of high school.
Looks like fun! Was it your first time visiting Lake Perris?
El comal has the best pupusas but i hate that i have to drive to lake Elsinore to have them. Like can they deliver or open one in perris.
About this weekend. We did it right. . iamjoelrush iatewhat @ Lake Perris
2nd weekend in Lake Perris w my 2nd family ❤️❤️
I'm camping this weekend with my JROTC unit at Lake Perris c:
video recording a live two song set in Lake Perris tonight. Let's see how this goes
Catch me at lake perris riding the jetskis lol
Come through to Lake Perris for community service hours 😂
Those long *** bike rides to lake perris with my brother his homies and mine
Los Angeles. Perris is pretty much my home DZ though I fly Lake Elsinore and Oceanside fairly frequently.
Who likes fair food? We do! Get your fill at the So Cal Fair 10/3 through 10/11 at Lake Perris Fairgrounds! -
& along with Lake Perris (earthen dam) will also have Metrolink service to LA
I wanna go on a bike ride around perris lake this weekend.
The So Cal Fair kicks off this weekend at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds! Carnival rides, food, music & more! -
Rsvp your seat,doors open at 4pm, 18700 Lake Perris Dr., Perris, Ca. The public is invited!
the blood moon. photo by: strock. source: More info: blood moon from behind perris lake.lots...
Lake elsinore...lake perris..lake Mathews. Hope we can find a perfect spot . If anyone knows of any property...
Lake Perris ⛵️ - California. We celebrated my sister's 16th birthday at this lake; great…
apply in January-March at Lake Perris, they'll be hiring around April but I've been there for 3 years so they'll hire me asap
Who do i know on here that lives in the lake perris area..?. I need info on land costs..rental prices.. and school info..
Oh What A Great Time We Had . Church Picnic today at Perris Lake 109° but that didn't stop this Lil…
I had 0 idea that One Tribe was at Lake Perris lmao not even 20 minutes away
Will jamming on the Drum foe the Perris lake museum
My mom said at lake perris there is a surprise for me ***
When ur hungover af and all u wanna do is listen to The Smiths and take naps but u gotta drive to Lake Perris
Found out we going to lake perris i guess this week saturday is family time
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I could be at Lake Perris right now, but instead I'm stuck packing and then work😒😩
Not going to have any service in Lake perris 😢
Dam i wanna go swimming somewhere.. Or the beach,lake.. Ill probably just go to perris lake..
Meet some grind time students from Perris Lake High. . These guys are committed to graduate and…
I liked a video Giant 21lb Striper caught at Lake Perris on NEW Musky Innovations Seducer
One Tribe - Sept. 26th - Lake Perris. DM us to get your General Admission tickets for only $87…
September 25 + 26: One Tribe Fest at Lake Perris, CA. . Who's joining us? For more ticket info, email:...
beach didn't work out so I had to settle for *** *** lake perris (:
So much fun at Lake Perris yesterday!! Went camping with my main! xo.himekaa
[ c a m p i n g ] Came up to Lake Perris with mom & spent a night with my cousin from San Francisco.…
Good morning! Just little while ago. Woke up to walk by the beach here @ Perris Lake 💭✨
Driving to lake perris and i got some dank
Lake Perris tomorrow with my boyfriends family.
Lake Perris all day and I got 2 bowls of sum fire dam can't wait to get on the jetskies and go fast af lol
having my bday party at lake Perris tomorrow .. it should be fun 😌
Don't forget the Fair is coming up October 3-11 @ the Lake Perris Fairgrounds.
typo - this is Lake Perris, not, well, you'll see.
Ty's favorite spot to hang out! Lake Perris. He absolutely loves running up and down the sand and into…
Check out great photos of the tire fish habitat at Lake Perris.
man I'm so sad I can't see him at Lake Perris 😔😭
Large object seen over Perris Lake, CA (USA) on Jan 25th:"heard this loud buzzing, swishing sound coming from the...
Started on the MVCC side and ended at the Lake Perris side.
Tomorrowland hosted by OneTribe in Lake Perris,California.Huge Rave event Sept 25
so what's up with lake perris in September you going to be there?
I spent all day shooting...then went to Perris lake was kinda awesome😌👌
I added a video to a playlist Perris Lake Trout Stocking 1/9/15
I added a video to a playlist TJ01: Lake Perris Trout Fishing (GoPro Footage)
Watch this years Breeders' Cup at Lake Perris Sports Pavilion. The 2014 Breeder's Cup is a 13-race festival to be...
Me: I want to go to the beach 😭. Mom: I'll drop you off at Lake Perris . 😐
Had so much fun on my bike last night, cant wait to head back up to lake Perris on Saturday to ride! 😍🚲
Last night at the party, I saw paloma, heritage, elsinore, Vista, perris lake, and college people😂
The So Cal Fair is over but that doesn't mean that the Lake Perris Fairgrounds are dark. There's things happening...
Lake Perris w. da fam to ride seadoos an shi 😄🙌 Brody needs to hurry up lol
Cali camping life. Had a sweet spot at Perris lake for a few nights.
PERRIS, CA - LOST DOGS: Dog Monkey: Fence fell down in backyard to a field leading to Canyon Lake. One is...
lol perris lake can afford a trip to disneyland but cant afford the new chromebooks LMAO I DONT GET IT
come on what the *** is in Perris? The lake is probably dry so snakes? You prefer snakes over us?
If I were to throw a party for my bday out here in Lake Perris I wonder who would show up? 😁
4 years 3 Months sobriety today... I thank God everyday for getting me through this and I continue my walk with him everyday Testimony Hi, my name is Brandi Marchegiano and I am a recovering alcoholic. In February of 2010, I hit rock bottom and started rehabilitation through the Word of God at U-Turn for Christ in Lake Perris, CA. U-Turn for Christ is a drug and alcohol restoration facility founded by Pastor Gerry Brown of Calvary Chapel and his wife, Peggy. I gave up a great job that I had been at for 5 yrs, working in medical records at a big Hospital and became a cocktail waitress/bartender for the next 4-5 yrs after that. My addiction didn’t start until about 2 yrs after working in this kind of environment. I’ve always just drank socially, like anyone else with friends and co-workers. During these 4 yrs, I was also in a very unhealthy relationship with someone who worked in the same environment as me. Just before I hit bottom, my alcohol consumption was at least 2 to 3 pints a day of cheap v ...
It really doesn't rain in Southern California. So, I asked my sister where's LA's water supply come from, she says, I don't know, LOL. So I did the research. State Water Project State Water Project In 1960, California voters approved financing for construction of the initial features of the State Water Project (SWP). The project includes some 22 dams and reservoirs, a Delta pumping plant, a 444-mile-long aqueduct that carries water from the Delta through the San Joaquin Valley to Southern California. The project begins at Oroville Dam on the Feather River and ends at Lake Perris near Riverside. At the Tehachapi Mountains, giant pumps lift the water from the California Aqueduct some 2,000 feet over the mountains and into Southern California. The SWP provides irrigation water to farms in the San Joaquin Valley, and is a major source of supply for cities in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and other parts of Southern California. In addition, the SWP serves cities in Napa and Solano counties ...
Diamond Bar High School is excited about their Mountain Bike Team! First race going off this weekend in Lake Perris! Come out and cheer for the Monrovia High School Mountain Bike Club
5.) _From Nothin' to Somethin' September 24. 1996, was the day I was born to my momma, as God's Gift. She never had a boy and was filled with so much joy, praising God and all the Angels, even though I came up spoiled. Kaiser Permanente off of Magnolia and Polk, and that night, I was taken back home with my folks. To Perris California just South of The Riv, we weren't poor neither rich, but right in the mid. I thank God just for blessing the kid, his brother, sisters, Grandma and both of his parents. I look back on the days of my youth, trying to hold back the tears. It hasn't been the same, in so many years, and it's the truth. Going everywhere, from Big Bear to Cabazon, to Idyllwild where we would stop and chill for a while, just me and my parents because I was their love-child. The Valley to the Beach down in S.D., Lake Perris with Jet-Ski's. Soaking up all the Sun and fun, in Cali. Then all of a sudden it all changed, no longer did it stay the same, but I wish a bit of it could remain. -God gives, and ...
lake Perris , but lord knows I just wanna stay in bed
I really don't want to go to Lake Perris.
yea (x tomorrow at lake Perris imma be the only one who's not in tha water -.-
Breast Cancer Awareness
jetskiing with the girls was fun today ! ❤ @ Lake Perris State Recreation…
I went to lake perris, caught a hornet, went swimming, ate mexican food, went swimming again, swallowed water·gag·, and left.
Key Club lake Perris thing was fun. I had so much spirit now.
Just got home from lake perris had so much fun with the family & my tias family
bouta tu at lake perris wit my pills xD
Lake Perris is 5 minutes away from home, but I've never been there...
Lake Perris from the dam today... Bit of forest fire haze as a backdrop over San Jacinto
Out here at lake Perris bouta get on these young jet skies 🌊✌
Mum I'm hungry pls get me food. I mean it's the least you can do since im forced to go to lake perris to watch Robby race
dude lets go to lake Perris or something! That would be so chill!
Chillin with the nephews and my pops @ Lake Perris
u guys should come down to lake perris today its in Moreno Valley
if you guys aren't doing anything today u guys should come to lake perris I think its in Moreno Valley
My sleepy *** is gonna kick it with my family at Lake Perris today, style.
I wanted to go to Lake Perris with cousins but her friends are wierd and they come on to strong .
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On my way to lake perris sitting next to a *** guy 😁😁
Lake perris bound and starbucks in hand w/ noigtyron. meeting up with my fam. Stayed behind so that he…
Up here at Lake Perris bout to start this camoing weekend off right
I wanna leave to lake perris already!!!:(
sad story. Hey if I need a replacement ZooGue case I can swing by and pick it up! I'm by Lake Perris! Keep it up!!
yeah 😭 next Thursday we're gonna go to johns incredible pizza instead of lake perris thou 😊
then you gotta take me to the shooting range & lake perris.. Aww emmita were gonna have many dates lol
Lake perris resident but a long beach representative!!
My sister just left to Lake Perris and I already miss her 💔
Lake perris for a quick boating trip gunna try out that wake board again
Only in lake perris you'll see an 10 year old boy smoking a joint at the park.
I got another stupid tan at lake perris yesterday -.-
we waterski at Lake Perris during the day but we go back to CCF at night
we can see the fire's smoke from Lake Perris. it's only 10% contained..
came out to lake perris to c my Grand Pa n they took him to the Hospital but my Grandpa a Fighter n wont go out without a fight
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Couldn't make it out to the Beach with the Fam but had a great time in Lake Perris with the girls...
Lake Perris on Sunday... Who's going? Lets get organized! ;p
MOUNTAIN BIKING: Hemet wins Lake Perris race: The unique setting at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area was ...
Bald Eagles in Southern California: volunteers are needed in Southern California to do regional counts of Bald Eagles at Lake Hemet, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, Lake Silverwood and Lake Perris on Saturday mornings, at 8am January 12th, February 9th and March 9th.
Weather is perfect for the double pointer double header!! Apple Valley/ Lake Perris - do it!!!
Looks like Grand Prix BMX in Lake Perris will be racing tonight for all those who want to get one last race in...
Quick fact: In addition to the name Moreno which is founder Frank Brown's last name in Spanish, it appears in other communities as well. When Moreno Valley was just the Alessandro Tract in 1890, there was a Brown Street laid on the western end. Part of this map overlaps into what it today Mead Valley where a Brown Street survives off the Ramona Expressway today. Also south of Moreno Valley, the township of Nuevo was founded by this man and a Brown Avenue named for him exists for him off of Hansen Avenue. To the northwest of here in what is now the San Jacinto Wildlife Area exists the remote dirt road of Brownlands Avenue which was named for a failed township F.E. Brown tried to established in 1913 on top of the dry lake bed for Mystic Lake. When it flooded without warning his plans were ruined, but the name on the dirt road remained. In the city of Redlands which he founded in 1883, the name Judson and Brown Elementary has been given to a fairly new school there. Edward Judson was his business partner her ...
Checkpoints in Murrieta Lake Elsinore & Perris . Be on the swivel they out tonight!
Made it to lake perris in 45 minutes! I win once again traffic gods
Found this old picture of Sea-Dooing around Lake Perris in California. That was a great day! What was I thin
It's bee up for a few days on the WON site but I'll post the official schedule here: Jan 13 Perris [Sunday] Feb 09 Diamond Valley Lake [DVL] [Saturday] Mar 09 Perris [Saturday] Mar 23 DVL [Saturday] Apr 13 Perris [Saturday] May 25 DVL [Saturday] Jun 08 Silverwood [Saturday] As an added incentive I will be taking $5 out of my pocket for every boat entered for a side pot that will be included as part of your basic tournament entry. This is how it will work. I will require my staff boat to be the first boat in before weigh in. At that time I will blindly reach in their live well, pull out one fish and weigh it. To win this special jack pot you will have to match exactly the weight of the fish I pulled from the staff boat live well. In order to keep this process as fast as possible to ensure the fish fish are out of the water for the least amount of time, you can only weigh one fish. We will not wiegh more than one fish per team for this pot so choose wisely. The same will hold true for Big Fish. The team who ...
So I'm going to race this weekend, like its the last of the 2012 bmx season! I'm racing Orange Y, Friday and the hitting up TWO, YES I said TWO, double pointers on Saturday! One at Apple Valley and the other at Mike Redman's Grand Prix (Lake Perris) Then on Sunday hitting up a sk8 park to shred it up! I will make sure my mom, the Photographer, takes plenty of pictures! Wish me luck!!! BMX 4 LIFE
She show is a Freak I see why he wrote a suicide aim away message & threatened to drove his explorer into lake perris
I told him about the hiking trail leading to the view of lake perris&he really wants us to go hike.I HAVENT HIKED SINCE SUMMER.
Lake Elsinore woman, 53, pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter less than a week after a DUI crash that killed a teen
Looking to rent a house nataliagold is renting hers in lake perris! Contact her today
Firme hip hop station here in Lake Perris.
Going to Lake Perris, CA hopefully this weekend (:
I fell at practice Tryna jump the fence to Perris lake . I just layed there . Lmfao Smh
Mountain Bike Triathlon 4-13-2013. At Lake Perris. Should be fun.. I think I will do the Mountain bike tri, instead of the traditional sprint triathlon. Anyone want to join me?
Enjoy the weekly FishCast. Talking about all things fishing, from tackle to reports its all here. Just remember, its not politics, just fishing.
Jeff Taggart and I are hitting Perris in a bit.wish us luck because we will need it!
We had some great holiday events this weekend: Monterey's Christmas in the Adobes, Columbia State Historic Park's Miner's Christmas, and the Boat Parade at Lake Perris State Recreation Area. We'd love to have you share your photos from those events! Let's see 'em!
ayeee Perris lake goon squad what's good playboy
Fun night with friends at the Lake Perris boat parade
Really really really wish i would've had a ride to go to lake perris..):
Made it to the top of the mountain!!! (@ Lake Perris State Recreation Area,) [pic]:
what time are you leaving to Lake Perris?
headin out to Lake Perris for amateur comp, should be some wicked whips!
The annual ‘Lights on the Lake’ event begins at 5 p.m. at Lake Perris
Heading to lake perris, California to drive some sprint cars and hang out with new friends! Gonna be awesome!!!
DOUBLE /DOUBLE /DOUBLE All local tracks have the last Doubles get your points before Dec 15, 2012. Bellflower Dec 8 signups 11:30-1:30 Dec 9 Cactus BMX 11-1 DEC 15 Perris BMX / Keanry Moto BMX check the hotlines for updates
Looks like I will be hitting the Lake tomorrow afternoon with Anthony out Lake Perris. I hope we put a hurt on them girls!!
We had very good presentations at Raincross HS today. Extending a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to high schools that have participated so far...Ramona, Vista del Lago, Patriot, and Perris Lake. Thanks guys...
Good presentation at Perris Lake HS, spreading the words...
A woman found Dixie and Banjo at a gas station out by Lake Perris. She checked with a vet and they are not micro chipped. They were flea-infested when she found them but have since been bathed, vaccinated and spayed and neutered. They are a little skinny but otherwise appear healthy.Both dogs are loving and friendly.The dogs are being kept in the backyard of a vacant home. Please contact aalocpetsif you can rescue or adopt Dixie and Banjo.
Urgent ! All adults (18 & over) attending the 2013 family reunion, please deposit $20 into our reunion fund at Bank of America. Or you can give the $ to Elaine, Ruben, or Tracy . To deposit for you. Inbox for account & routing This $ is for our camping reservation at lake perris ( as voted). Unfortunately the reservation cost is $550.00 & has to be paid by November 5th! We can do it! Let's go Saurez/Martinez Family! Camping dates are May 24-26th.
On my way to the studio at Lake Perris to feature on the homie from Oakland new track big up to the home boy Lil Mouse. MCA in the day and the STUDIO at night get ready for my MAJOR release of my album "ADDICTED 2 STRUGLE" by: "NUMA" & NEW SINGLES
Me and my cousin used to steal hats from people at lake perris lmao
6000 Girl Scouts under the stars at Lake Perris for Camporee. So many fun activities and a critical mass of GS sisterhood!
came to Perris Lake HS to drop off some books for my cousin and some girl wanted to know if i was the new student x)
We had an interesting and busy week. Mia ( CH Willowcroft Maria of Ticklewood ) our little red mini girl is a star and had a photo shoot Thursday and then we entered RKC show for Sat. only because of work schedules. Had a great time Sat being with our friends.also had some nice wins. Flower ( Mis Tee's Flower In The Sun ) our 15mo old Long Hair girl was WB,BOW and best Bred By and then went onto the group to get a group 4. Actually behaving and stacking beautifully on the table.that was amazing in it's self. Mia was BOS and really did not enjoy walking in Lake Perris's grass.oh well life is tough when your a show dog and a star. Back to the work/school schedule tomorrow.
Chillen at lake perris with my broz. Gonna Be LA Bound by tonight tho
Just got back from camping with my girlscout troop at lake perris super fun all of my swaps are so cool
Well it was a good weekend at Lake Perris this weekend Both Liberty and Reagan got reserves on Saturday and Sunday liberty got reserve and Reagan got Best of Winners. So Reagan is now pointed out and needs just 1 more major for his Championship.
Yo Lake Perris, T2 gotta close shop early tonight. Rollin out in 10 min. But there's plenty 'o food and fun left at the Fairgrounds til 9pm.
Ok,pictures are at Lake Perris. I hate auto correct!
These pictures are from our Friday night hike up the mountain by my house overlooking lake Perris ! With Liz and Lorraine !
The music is playing, Food Trucks are cooking, beer is flowing! Harvest Festival at Lake Perris Fairgrounds til 9pm.
[Addictions teens deal with] I desire to buy a camera and start photographing aga @ Lake Perris Fairgrounds
T2 password du jour at Lake Perris Fairgrounds, good for $1 off any 2 sammies: Goldenkey Ski Hotel.
New Fall cookie flavors are here! Personally, the pumpkin is unstoppable. T2 gots 'em today at Lake Perris Fairgrounds
Perris/IE Food Truck Fans! We're ready for you @ Harvest Festival at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds!
Ee! Look who just pulled up behind T2 at Lake Perris Fairgrounds! ¡Que riquisimo!
Yeah at the dogshow at Lake Perris today. "Bailey" tri puppy male. Remy Martin ex Catherine was Reserve winners dog 6/9 puppy class. Second time into the ring. 2nd place at the National, then in a very nice winners class for a major entry today. Linday Cheek his owner.
What up Lake Perris! T2 is at your Fairgrounds w/Food Trucks and good times galore til 9pm. 18700 Lake Perris Dr.
Good job Cooper he looked great out there today at the dog show at lake perris.2nd place... Reserve winners!
$2.50 presale tickets still available for today's Harvest Festival at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds! 2pm-9pm Join...
Well everyone, if your wondering why you haven't seen any posts from Toni Lopez this weekend, she is at the Girl Scouts Camporee in Lake Perris. It's the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary and there are thousands of girls attending. I know she will have a great time as she always does, but I miss her so much!
I may have bitten off more than I can chew with volunteering for the Girl Scout camporee at lake perris. Im exhausted.
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Busy day today... 2 soccer games (Bears and Zachs) then off to wash, dry and groom Magnum for the show tomorrow at lake Perris.
I'm awake, but I don't want anypawdy to know. @ Lake Perris State Recreation Area,
Girl Scouts to celebrate 100th anniversary in style at Lake Perris
Up SUPER early, this morning ... today Cooper is back in the showring! 9am ring time in Lake Perris!
This weekend is going to have lots of events at Lake Perris with The Girls Scouts of Los Angeles at Lake Perris and the Kennel Club of Riverside Dog Show. Better be on your bike to travel around.
Off wrk now and its nice out here... lil hot but good...gonna get ready to head out to Lake Perris, shld be nice!
Looks like beers, 2 tractors and brain storming at lake perris bmx tomorrow at 10 am. Show support, bring us more beers at noon.
View from the bike trail. With @ Lake Perris State Recreation Area,
So I'm packing to get ready for girlscout camporee at lake Perris...i hear it is suppose to be 12 mph winds :)
Well dad has confirmed, Thanksgiving night we will be in Lake Perris for the Turkey Night midget race. We are such a race family, no BMX in Oklahoma so we will enjoy some dirt motorsports! Cant wait!!
Morning everyone! Its Friday, so we made it thru another week and now to play...yes!! Hope they let us out of work pls. Going to Lake Perris with grl scouts...its a yearly event with all other troops from all over the place...HUGE event- should be great. Gotta get ready now so have a great day and be safe!
Tomorrow I am off to Lake Perris to camp with 6,000 plus Girl Scouts at the Girl Scout's of Greater Los Angeles' centennial Camporee. Celebrating 100 years of building girls with courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place! This is the good stuff and the best part of my job. See you Sunday night!
Sat, 10/27 - Join us at the Harvest Festival at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds from 2pm-9pm! Food Trucks and so...
Just used iOS 6 maps turn by turn directions to drive from LA to Lake Perris. Worked perfectly. Zero Issues.
So excited to have the MeSoHungry Truck joining us the Harvest Festival this Sat, 10/27 at the Lake Perris...
The countdown continues! Only 3 days until the Harvest Festival at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds on Sat, 10/27 from...
Drove all the way from perris to lake Elsinore ;o
The 2012-2013 American Bass Tournament starts November 3 at Silverwood. Looking for a dedicated partner. If you're down to fish let me know, only if you're serious. The IE region only consists of Silverwood and Lake Perris. This is the link to the schedule. Every pro has start somewhere. Lets crack the code, do what you love and get paid doing it.
Halloween party at Lake Perris Village 10/31 from 5 - 7 pm. Come enjoy and have fun!
Come meet us this Saturday, Oct 27th, for the Food Truck Show held at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds. See you there!!!
Trying to squeeze camping at Lake Perris, CERO's Oct Mtg, Son of MONSTERPALOOZA & Dia De Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever all this weekend.
i think I left mine ta perris lake:( . But yeah next time ill use yours:D
holy smokes! The Los Angeles basin Girl Scout camporee, that Brianna is working on this weekend, has 6000 girls signed up and 1000 volunteers! Lake Perris Recreational Fairgrounds will be rock-in! So proud of her and her new job.
Only 4 more days! Sat, 10/27 at the So Cal Fairgrounds at Lake Perris. 2pm-9pm $2.50 presale tickets now on...
The link is live for presale tickets for the Harvest Festival at the So Cal Fairgrounds in Lake Perris!
a bass'n buddy a mine in California sent me this email last night: he fishes from a float tube, btw! Fished yesterday. I didn't get in the water until 9:30 so my day ran much later than usual. I guess I was going to try for the afternoon bite. I caught 4, biggest being 3.2# before I decided I'd fish up and down a submerged road bed that usually produces this time of year and all throughout the winter. I was going to fish as deep as 30' in to as shallow as 10', then back and forth a couple if times before getting out of the water. I got to about 20' when I got a bite on a dark pumpkin w/blk flake Yamamoto duel tail hula grub.I set my spinning rod down in my lap and then reeled up slack on my bait caster and then set the hook. The fish felt pretty heavy on the hookset and as I set the hook my spinning rod fell in the water! As I watched it sink out of sight I reached way down into the water and grabbed it before it was gone. As I did, I went over! The tube fell back over upright so I didn't lose eve ...
...and wake up on the island in Lake Perris
We did warm-ups, jogged to Lake Perris, did five 800M & jogged back. Dx
Camping at Lake Perris with the Family: What fun activities do you have planned for the weekend?
Omfg ! So im headed to LAKE PERRIS to organize everything for tomorrow and ITS 107 degrees ..Ay DIOS MIO
Who wants to go to lake perris Sunday?
At perris lake I would share my Internet connection so everyone could have wifi lmao
"Fished Lake Perris today and caught this fish on a Gary Yamamoto Ika fished around brush piles and rocks" -...
Is lake perris in perris or Moreno Valley?
after world finals. Which one will be in Castaic. I will be going to Lake Perris and Pro weekend at WF to support.
Hey guys after talking with my brother I will not be racing Lake Perris next weekend nor world finals. I'm going to focus
I love in Perris but i go to Lake Elsinore like mostly every week :DDD
I miss this moment..went boating at Lake Perris and Ling Beach CA last May 2012 =)
I know two. One by Santa Maria and another by perris or lake Elsinore. Just Google it lol it's not that hard to find
dude. If we.go to lake perris ill tell u lol
Had the best time with my cousin and our kids at Agua Caliente then at Lake Perris on the jet ski's. What a great way to end my summer
Hopefully we do go to lake perris this weekend with this hot weather kien no se anima. Tio pepper n petra let me know if its a for sure :)
Lake Perris, CA 1991, just got done riding jet skis, that's why the high top fade is jacked up!
After taking a little bit of online school i'm thinking about going to Perris Lake awhile
I learned in government that lake Elsinore is the cleanest lake out of perris and canyon lake
I hope we really do go to Lake Perris this weekend.
first time at Lake Perris junior year with 🌊
I spent every weekend on our family boat either in Laughlin or Perris Lake.
Fan and racers don't forget the Tour Finals are happening at Lake Perris's on August 25th. Hope to see you all there!
I went to Paloma until the end of first semester my senior year then paloma kicked ne out so i graduated at perris lake
Great tips and the latest windsurfing news from Maui! Learn to improve your windsurfing game with clinics and private lessons. Watch and learn! Find some great deals on new and used windsurfing equipment.
well i did move to Lake perris than i move to LA
There's an upside to living by RCC..there's an amazing hiking route to see Lake Perris (:
Good river broncs paddle club meeting tonight. Thank you to everyone that attended. I think we have great fall schedule that everyone digs. I'm loving some of the ideas for decorating boats for the Lake Perris Light Parade.
Great day at lake perris with all but one of my grandchildren. It was Hot,when we left at 4:00 it was 109.
If I know you, I've probably "rescued" you from drowning at Lake Perris. At least on paperwork, so just go with it if someone ever calls lol
It looks like I'll be playing at the Southern California Fair at Lake Perris in October. I'll let you know the dates and times.
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