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Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is bounded on the north and southwest by the Canadian province of Ontario, and on the south by the American state of New York.

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We'll have localized flooding here and there. But I don't see what the fuss is all about. I'm about 15…
rising Lake levels continue to cause havoc to ppl living on Lake Ontario. Virtually all of Edgewater Dr…
Lake Ontario dangerous waters on Edgemere Dr.Roads are closed.
Cuts to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative could spell trouble for Lake Ontario.
View of the French Castle with the Niagara River behind and Lake Ontario to the north (right) taken from the top fl…
Photos of an 'Ice House' After a Winter Storm at Lake Ontario
Jan 1st into the icy waters of Lake Ontario for a great cause!. Habitat for Humanity GTA Polar Bear Dip
HeyPatrick if you took Hyman to the Wolfe Island Ferry Dock he couldn't shoot it into Lake Ontario
Summer will wait on Lake Ontario in Olcott Beach, NY.
Nice view of Lake Ontario and the Toronto ferry terminal from our room :)
Owen Sound, Grey Bruce has snow. On the south side of Lake Ontario, they have ICE.
Draft action plan for addressing algal blooms in Lake Erie htt…
\'Ice house\' on Lake Ontario is frozen solid after 5 days of chilling wind (video) . I Love Florida! .
Fire and Ice: Sunrise/sunset last few days at Lake Ontario has been spectacular with "ice wall"
Video shows a home along Lake Ontario covered in ice after heavy wind and frigid weather moves across the country: https:…
This house on the shore of Lake Ontario is frozen solid
Update your maps at Navteq
Wow, didn't expect THIS reaction! has no retaining wall on Lake Ontario (just rocks), neighbors do
At the western end of Lake Ontario, winds are howling and snow is coming down fast.
Not looking good for us homecare workers tomorrow
Winter weather leaves home on Lake Ontario shore encased in ice:
Brrr! You've heard of defrosting a car, but what about a house?
Lake Ontario 'Ice House' neighbor: I've never seen it like this (video) . Ice entombment!
Lake effect snow band tracking SW off LK snow tracking NE over LK Don't see that everyday!
Rochester, along Lake Ontario. Not sure why they call it "upstate"
frigid temperatures left ​New Yorker 's house on Lake Ontario completely covered in ice (Johns house?)
Five days of frigid temperatures and strong winds completely cake home in ice on Lake Ontario in upstate New York,
Neat to see squalls off Lake Ontario for a change! Intense band!!
Up to 35 cm of snow is underway for parts of southern Ontario. Details and timing here: https:/…
Might take a little more than a shovel to get out of this one. .
windstorm, snowstorm... bet there's a tsunami on Lake Ontario next
Deep Freeze: It has been an epic last few days in and on Lake Ontario
2pm - Updated storm total snowfall forecast from 8pm this evening to 8pm Wed. Highest totals south of Lake Ontario
Here we have a nice visual of the high winds coming off of Lake Ontario in the Niagara region. This is a wind visua…
House in Webster, NY completely covered in ice thanks to high winds, freezing temps and proximity to Lake Ontario.
Home near Lake Ontario becomes encased in ice
Snowing fairly well in Oakville, seeder feeder lake enhancement off L. Ontario is helping to boost snowfall here
Bad will soon get worse on Lake Ontario. A foot of snow is on the way for parts of
Have you seen the Lake Ontario Full story here:
"Ice House" is real, folks. 5 days of wind whipped Lake Ontario in WNY will do that
This house on Lake Ontario is frozen solid
UPI - New York state 'ice house' covered in ice by Lake Ontario winds
House on Lake Ontario in New York encased in ice (video)
Frigid & fantastic at sunset/Lake Ontario tonight in West Webster, NY
it's a nice city! Right on Lake Ontario. The CN tower is cool and the hockey hall of fame is there
Hamilton temperature 3C with a 15 knot wind off Lake Ontario. Meanwhile, Buffalo sits at 21C with a southwest flow!
Gaasyendietha or the Meteor dragon is said to have formed Lake Ontario. Choose from 53 products using this image a…
Looking forward to the salmon fishing too.Monsters compared to Lake Ontario & edible unlike Lake Ontario.
HS basketball player rescues man trapped on Lake Ontario - misses team bus - gets benched on arrival for not calling - hard to do under ice!
📷 Lure Overload?          Chasing Trout and Salmon on Lake Ontario can be a daunting task and as...
So now you and can pledge to swim in Lake Ontario every day for a year?
📷 cryptid-wendigo: Igopogo is a creature that is said to reside in Lake Simcoe in Southern Ontario.
Portions of this were shot along Lake Superior in -
A couple of more sunrises to share with you, over Lake Ontario...
Today, the Bighearted Jeaney-Stork, thought to inhabit Lake Ontario, went extinct.
Record challenged by fish caught in Lake Simcoe | Orillia Packet and Times
Lake Ontario is a beast right now at Sodus Point
Photos of bare chested hockey bros ice fishing on Lake Ontario:
I joked about the weather and the crossing of the lake (mine being Ontario) to Canada. I take it all back. See last RT. Lost his fingers.
my family has a cottage in Ontario and it's our tradition to spend the summer there and we have a huge 4th party on the lake
Where to launch, stay, eat and play on Ontario's Lake Nipissing
is Lake Ontario calling you back home? I say the reading says you got to go to Torcon, right beside Water.
great restaurant and great view of Lake Ontario
Hopefully some class rubbed off, otherwise we're left paddling around Lake Ontario without a paddle.
Aand we have yet another example of why I love Canadians. Next time I'm near Lake Ontario, I'll wave.
The yearly amount of plastic in Lake Ontario equates to 28 Olympic-sized pools full of plastic bottles.
20 minutes away from London Ontario via the lake & we already have the ferry dock built for the car ferry to start up; it's nev…
More Lake Ontario Views in New Phase at Waterview Condos - We have been closely following the construction of t...
lake Ontario he had the song ready for them by morning
I need to take a 🏍 ride to Lake Ontario & stick my toe in so I can cross that last Great Lake off my list.
"Lake Ontario ice coverage is 2.3 percent, compared to 0.4 percent in 2016 and 33.4 percent in 2015" -
Just be thankful you don't live here in the western NY, Lake Ontario lake effect snow belt. Vit D is only a rumor here. :P
Not a care in the world. As long as they are together at sunrise on Lake Ontario near
Sunrise through the ice ..over Lake Toronto. Thanks to
A day like no other watching the setting sun over frigid Lake Ontario, Canada.
Ajax woman charged after allegedly trying to drown 3-year-old son in Lake Ontario
Upstate NY ice angler saved after ice breaks free on Lake Ontario bay (video)
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And bumping country music during watch in the middle of Lake Ontario
Sharing some past sunrises over Lake Ontario . Seen from Toronto .
extermination of the buffalo in Cree and Blackfoot territories & extinction of salmon in Lake Ontario—these were unnecessary & devastating
Roses are red. Lake Ontario can be smelly. I think you are as cool . As Councillor Kelly . Happy Almost !
Beautiful - gravity waves over PA, clouds streaming from Lake Ontario, and dry air wrapping into center of nor'easter…
Lake Ontario shoreline is next to Spencer Smith Park the perfect place to start or finish
Winter storm watch up for the eastern Lake Ontario region Sunday into Monday. 6 to 12 inches of snow possible.
Diet and relative weight in migratory walleye (Sander vitreus) of the Bay of Quinte and eastern Lake Ontario, 1992…
Monday morning from the shores of Lake Ontario.
Thank you can we store the Statue of Liberty in Lake Ontario for the next 4 years (hopefully less)?
Surf's up this morning on Lake Ontario in WNY (Webster)
Frigid start do the day in WNY. 14 degrees at sunrise on Lake Ontario in Webster, NY
The line would have followed the Lake Ontario shore from the Don River to Highland Creek, a mile west of today's GO Rouge Hill station. 3/6
Fished with Paul Castellano of on Lake Ontario was unbelievable good!!. Now I…
of possible interest; Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario at Niagara Falls.
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Explorers find shipwreck of a rare sailing vessel from 1872 in deep water off Lake Ontario's New York shore.
Did you know? Lake Ontario is Growing body of evidence on instagram. Thx
How about that lake effect snow machine?! Lots of snow in and southeast of Lake Ontario today! Up to 37" so fa…
Lake Ontario has been relentless dropping all this in Rochester, some reports say over 10 inches in Monroe County.
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." @ Lake Ontario, Kingston
Thanks to selfie skills of Lori Ann we captured beauty of Lake Ontario morning. Glorious.
Toronto actually has one of these - a travelator under Lake Ontario linking to Billy Bishop Airport
the dog now around the waterfront PUC Providence care Lake Ontario park latest sightings
the wife and I, yeah. Up in Niagara county near Lake Ontario.
The Niagara River and Lake Ontario in the Distance, from Queenston Heights, Ontario
Great view top grandstand looking north. Lake Ontario responsible 70% of Syracuse sn…
"All of our drinking water in Toronto comes from Lake Ontario. And where does our sewage go?" — at 11 p.m.…
I don't mind hanging out with kookie at Lake Ontario 😋-Vi
Sunset last night from the southern shores of Lake Ontario at Porter on the Lake during 'Summerfest.'. Pic by Aj...
200-year-old vessel found in Lake Ontario confirmed second-oldest shipwreck in Great Lakes htt…
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At 70 years old, this swimmer could become the oldest man to cross Lake Ontario
Seven swans a swimming on Lake Ontario in Lakeview. If you include mom and dad. 9 in total.
OTD in 1999: F2 tornado w 35km path from Valens Corners in west central Hamilton to Burlington lifting at Lake Ontario. No injuries.
Trout Fishing on Lake Ontario 2016: Brian & Eric Kirby hit the waters of Lake Ontario to go fishing with Silv...
Millard Fillmore was born on a salt lick in the middle of Lake Ontario.
Authorities identify body found in Lake Ontario.
A body recovered Tuesday in Lake Ontario has been identified as the Canadian man who disappeared in the Niagara...
Snowy Owl in the setting sun. along the shores of Lake Ontario.
Beautiful night in peaceful, tolerant Canada on Lake Ontario looking across at a country struggling w/ progress.
Frenchman's Bay Marina , simply an amazing place with a breathtaking view of Lake Ontario. Located in Pickering...
The middle of Lake Ontario is not a place to cheap out on safety equipment. Puts the lives of 1st responders at risk
It's a perfect day outside for a bike ride along Lake Ontario waterfront. .
Fish Forecast: Fishing still as hot as the weather on Lake Ontario: Capt. Dan Evans of Lone Wolf Charters in ...
Downstream from the falls, Old Fort Niagara, & Lake Ontario in the background. You can see Toronto if you look hard!
CFB will be flare training over Lake Ontario, south of west of tonight from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.
After taking all day thru Welland Canal & across Lake Ontario, only have 4 hours in Erie. Since a Monday, Susan B Anthony House closed. :-(
H3CZ! I went on another fishing trip with the fam and caught a 37 Inch King Salmon on Lake Ontario
Jim caught his first fish with us and Vito on Lake Ontario this morning! A huge "king" salmon. 🇨🇦 󾆽. City of...
why wouldn't it be? My argument would be that we're called the great lakes state, not all but Lake Ontario
I'll be hitting Lake Ontario for some while derby fishing with 💕🎣
If you can't identify the common loon by it's call did you even grow up on Lake Ontario ?¿
Sunrise over the Genesee River and Lake Ontario from WxBug cam in the Charlotte Lighthouse.
Calling it a with 164 species in Cayuga County. Migrants on Lake Ontario made the day.
Another stunner. Sunset from historic Youngstown, NY and the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Pic by re-enactor...
Source: "Rocks, Ice and Lake Ontario. Humber Bay Park, Toronto." by josullivan.59 on Flickr.
Mist rises from Lake Ontario in front of the Toronto skyline; Mark Blinch
My backyard is the mighty Niagara River and the southern shores of Lake Ontario. It is where history is framed...
“The street’s name is linked to its start and end points at Lake Huron and Lake Ontario.”
'Polar Bears' Brave the Lake. Lake Ontario was an icy 38F yesterday; but members of the Polar Bear Club of Hamilton
The day began cold in ended like THIS tonight on Lake Ontario https:/… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lake Ontario is a Great Lake in the same way that Cooper Manning is a Manning brother
☀️These never get old☀️ @ Sunset on the Shore of Lake Ontario
by eloraguy Lake Ontario at outlet of Corbett Creek Marsh in Whitby. Near the Waterfront Trail.
Corbett Creek Marsh - Cool little section along Lake Ontario on in Oshawa next to Intrepid Park.
This photo of Lake Ontario was taken in Sackets Harbor NY. Love the waves rolling in
I grew up in Oneida. Full fetch of an unfrozen Lake Ontario coupled with prevailing northwesterly winds meant we got nailed.
Chris Hadfield ISS: Hamilton, at the tip of Lake Ontario. Steel town, with the Niagara…
Biologists, anglers talk state of Lake Ontario fishing
my grandparents apartment overlooks lake ontario and on clear days you can see rochester and THAT TRIPS ME OUT
The Stratus vineyard is a mature fifty-three acre estate moderated by the effects of two bodies of water: the Niagara River and Lake Ontario
Between the cities of Hamilton and Niagara Falls, and along the South shores of Lake Ontario runs the Niagara Peninsula.
Showers over Lake Ontario moving in. still dry with sunshine for now
Located on Shores of Picton Bay (off Lake Ontario) in the heart of Prince Edward County, Picton is a unique and beautiful historical town.
Grimsby is the personification of a small town, nestled between beautiful Lake Ontario and the majestic Niagara Escarpment
NOLT A charming historical town set by the Niagara River and Lake Ontario
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Minnesota's goalie is from Kingston, Ontario, just across Lake Ontario from Watertown region
There’s apparently a Wittertainee floating in Lake Ontario!
A burnt wood spherical sculpture has arrived on the shores of Lake Ontario
Mouth of the lower Niagara into Lake Ontario. AD
.searches for snowy owls along the banks of Lake Ontario
is doing a show in Ontario a possibility this year ?
First day of spring!!! And it's 20 degrees on Lake Ontario in
Are you thinking of selling in Niagara-on-the-Lake or area |
No snow this year of which to speak. Weird. Lake Ontario moderates Temps here. Buffalo gets lake effect snow. Not us.
Well good MORNING to you lake ontario! You sound just like the sea. What a shame I have no dog…
Here we've got Lake Ontario, the Erie Canal, and the Genessee River. Plus Lake Erie is close too. I can't imagine having less
"Backward" Lake Ontario lake effect snowband heading east to west coming ashore just south of Toronto, Ont. Canada
This AP story makes Toronto sound like an island paradise, "surrounded by Lake Ontario." … https…
Alas, i lost my two best Lake Ontario pieces -- one larger than a goose egg -- in a 2006 burglary 😿
Image of a group of people standing on a large yacht on Lake Ontario. One man stands up pointing towards the bow.
Lake Ontario? Was just asking, the only other place I know in Toronto would be Rogers Centre. I am not from there so...
Sunset stroll along Lake Ontario. (@ Harbour Square Park in Toronto, on)
Body pulled from Lake Ontario identified as Toronto police officer
Body of Toronto police officer recovered from Lake Ontario near Polson Pier
Hey, I'm a polar bear – swam twice with the club in Lake Ontario. Praise liquor.
Beautiful is nestled along the shores of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario.
9:30pm Some weak lake effect snow off of Lake Ontario will bring a coating of snow to areas north of
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Lake Ontario: British warship HMS Ontario found intact (The Telegraph, 6-14-08)
freeze Lake Ontario.if Phaneuf misses the net,he'll be in Hamilton before ya know it
The city's most scenic rink: outdoor rink is set against the shoreline of Lake Ontario ►
Why this catchment tho?: North to Lawrence & 401, west to Humber, south to Lake Ontario, east to Spadina/Bathurst
Lake Ontario tributary brown trout with my guide/son Corey. When he was 3 or 4, I took him and his brother here...
Pilot project stashes power in balloons deep down in Lake Ontario.
I guess technically it's a bay, but northeastern Lake Ontario.
The American Red Cross is having a blood drive on 11/12 from noon-6pm in the Lake Ontario room. Stop by to give blood.
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I went up the escarpment this evening to get a view of the fog rolling in off of Lake Ontario over Grimsby.
The Oswego Canal from Lake Ontario to the Erie Canal opened in 1828 and the Welland Canal between Lakes Ontario and Erie opened in 1829. 3/6
G'day from Toronto, which apparently sits on the banks of the Indian Ocean...or is it Lake Ontario?!
Now playing : by Lake Ontario by Wadada Leo Smith at - Buy it
Rain (snow?) storm over Lake Ontario off Rosetta McClain hawkwatch in Scarborough
Full Harvest Moon rising over Lake Ontario this evening. Courtesy
"Lake Ontario. Let's go there and chill," Jungkook. you had no idea what "June" in English was but you know all of that?!
Nasty looking afternoon on Lake Ontario. Pouring rain now at Oak Orchard Light with stiff winds off the water.
Lawyer swims across Lake Ontario to raise money for "Crossing for a Cause"
Body found in Lake Ontario near mouth of Niagara River: Niagara Regional Police are seeking the assistance of ...
guy and Peter on Lake Ontario. Perfect story. Very funny.
A proposal has been made to designate the southern shoreline of Lake Ontario in 4 NY counties, including Wayne...
Does anyone know if parking is free in and around Lake Ontario park, king St west, for today's limestone city car classic?
Best we can do at sunset near Webster on Lake Ontario...
Sun going behind Lake Ontario clouds near Webster, NY...always like when shares a sunset photo..
This morning's sunrise on Lake Ontario in Webster, NY via
Michael McIssac is swimming across Lake Ontario to raise money for melanoma research. McIssac expected to arrive at Marilyn Bell Park soon
Lake Ontario is our new featured place
. Paul Bernardo & Carla Homolka were proven guilty of polluting Lake Ontario with dead bodies;they should've been executed
Oak Ridges moraine by PiFiZone ... Yacht is sailing on Lake Ontario
A wild shot through a viewfinder at Krull Park in Olcott, NY looking across Lake Ontario to the…
Lakeside Park, a 25-acre waterfront destination, joined with the Waterfront Trail, with public access to Lake Ontario
The beautiful blue sky and blue water of Lake Ontario at Chimney Bluffs State Park in New York.
If we're going to build a tunnel under Lake Ontario why stop til we sneak up behind Buffalo?
The new pedestrian tunnel at Billy Bishop Airport opens this aft. It's 260 metres long and runs under Lake Ontario.
The tunnel under Lake Ontario to the Billy Bishop Airport is now open—after a long fight.
Apply now to work for Toronto Montessori Institute as Montessori - Casa Teacher in
it's an all natural limestone terrain along the shorees of Lake Ontario it's actually off the beaten path in a wildlife area
Part of me wants to sleep for 14 hours but the other part wants to go explore. Sooo it's off to Lake Ontario shore 😊
Gen accidentally took this while playing with her GoPro @ Jack Lake, Apsley, Ontario
Lake Michigan: check. Lake Huron: check. Hoping for Superior before summer is over! (And Ontario when I finally visit NY with Carol.)
A fisherman was surprised to find more than just fish in Lake Ontario.
Pup was so happy to swim in Lake Ontario today.
Home for the next week and it really doesn't bother me @ Sand Lake, Elgin, Ontario
Another banner Lake Ontario day. Numerous bites and most time limits if the fish stay stuck. Jose and Andy...
Moon, Venus and Jupiter setting over Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario last Saturday night. Photo: Kyle John
Waves for Tonight and Saturday - Western Lake Ontario: Waves less than one half metre building to one half met...
Forecast for Tonight and Saturday - Western Lake Ontario: Wind southwest 10 knots increasing to southwest 15 n...
Lake Ontario selfie on thepress trip
Reeling in a big one on Rainy Lake, Ontario!
caught this on clear lake today in Ontario!
I saw my first Monarch Butterfly of the season at Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie in Ontario.
Went for a ten mile or so ride around the shores of Lake Ontario this evening. Beauty eh?
Piping Plovers have returned to a beach on Lake Ontario for the first time in over 30 years http…
My teens picked up 1,000 cigarette butts at Lake Ontario. Strangers thanked them, and gave them water
Going on a boat ride with my Baby ... Lake Ontario-- Beautiful 🚢⚓️
Summer reading for your SORROW LAKE DI Ellie March investigates a murder in ru…
Family rents a cottage here in Ontario that we go to. Right Lake Huron, bonfires, unplugged for a week, is lovely :)
I can already smell the darts @ Big Bob Lake, Minden Hills, Ontario
Niagara- on- the- lake. One of the most charming small towns in Ontario.
petition to remove lake ontario from the Great Lakes
Hudson is not a lake it's a city in Ohio... The H lake is Huron. Prob Ontario if Erie is near you
$200 dollar glasses were lost today, and are sitting at the bottom of Lake Ontario
Scoping out the 3 eyed fish in Lake Ontario. (Photo credit:
Reduced proficiency and lack of egress training contributed to 2014 fatal ... - Canada NewsWire (PR)
Sure, I can email editors at 4:30pm on a Friday. Or I can just put my message in a bottle and chuck it into Lake Ontario. Same diff.
Niagara Wine Trail here we come! Lake Ontario Winery will be in Lewiston for the event Saturday and Sunday 11-7pm and 11:30 - 6pm!
I put a baby shark in Lake Ontario about 7 years ago
Epic shot of the Canadian north country up here in Northwest Ontario!. Thanks to My Red Lake for sharing.
.& host Mini with kids on Lake Ontario--> 👭👬
Swimming in Lake Ontario is banned between sunrise and sunset to maintain respectability in York(1812)h…
6.3 knots on genoa alone. Great day on Lake Ontario.
A repeating theme this week: cumulus in the hills, & lake shadows supplying sun leeside of Erie & Ontario.
Ooh, we have a late-breaking exhibitor, Tuga SUP from Ontario, joining us to demo boards and take board orders at...
Electrofishing on Lake Ontario with the crew of the Night Heron. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
but wouldn't all of those stops in Lake Ontario flood? ;)
Does anyone understand how good it feels to see Lake Ontario and a Fajita Grill again ?!
My friend was once playing night hockey on Lake Ontario and accidentally wound up in front of the Kingston Pen surrounde…
Just finishing a great overnight stay at a cottage overlooking Lake Ontario at Nokara Farms in St. Catharines.
Feed maple syrup to a beaver in a canoe on Lake Ontario while apologizing in French, eh.
Sunset at Charles Daley Park on the shores of Lake Ontario in the Town of Lincoln, Ontario…
you moved north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario ?
Stood on the shore of Lake Ontario today. Think I prefer Lake Erie.
Change of flag for overlooking inlet of Presqu'ile Bay, Lake Ontario. Lion Rampant back soon!
thank you HBRU Volunteers for patrolling Lake Ontario and the Bay keeping boaters safe. TRAIN ONE. SAVE MANY!
Body found in Lake Ontario by kayakers.
I just remembered reading about this guy falling over board. Don't think he's been found yet.
Looking forward to the Great Ontario Salmon Derby starting soon right on the lake!
Two boaters fined for harassing moose swimming in northern Ontario lake
My boy and I connecting with our roots. Paddling a canoe on the canals of Toronto Island on Lake Ontario.
Body found in Lake Ontario by kayakers
Beautiful sunset tonight over Lake Ontario. The lake is just beyond the trees.
another banner sunset off Lake Ontario
Was prepared to be surprised by it being in Ontario. Rocks are mostly Devonian around these parts. (Around Lake Ontario)
The Monroe Co. Sheriffs Office says the body discovers in Lake Ontario is a man's body. No word on how long the it had been in the water.
Yeah that's what I meant, the place near Lake Ontario.
Slow fishing this evening on Lake Ontario but we had a good time. Great feeling to be back on the water. 7# steelhead
Yesterday, Trevor paddled from wharf by United Church Collins Bay to Rideau Acres. Lake Ontario was again a challenge
Lake Ontario will always have the perfect view 🌞
Missing Boater on Lake Huron: The Ontario Provincial Police are on scene of a missing boater…
Seecha being the statue of liberty by our beloved lake Ontario 🌠
Monroe County Sheriff's Office identified body recovered Friday in Lake Ontario as a male. It's being investigated as an unattended death.
Deputies: Body found in Lake Ontario - 13WHAM ABC Rochester NY - Top Stories:
Fish biologists from the USFWS Alpena FWCO and Ontario Ministry of Organic Sources holding a lake sturgeon capture...
Authorities investigate the discovery of a body in Lake Ontario. It was spotted near 600 Lake Road in Webster.
I throw my dart on the ground & Nikki goes "OMG you shouldn't litter" and then she puts out her dart by putting it in Lake Ontario HAHHA ILY
Kayakers discover body in Lake Ontario: The Sheriff's office is investigating a body found on Lake Ontari...
Ontario invests in Affordable Housing for with the grand opening of Norton Lake Residences
The stadium is right by Lake Ontario 30 years since Dave Winfield a Yankee at the time killed a seagull with a baseball at game
Another pic from last night on Lake Rosseau in Ontario
Extended Forecast - Western Lake Ontario: Sunday: Wind northeast 35 knots diminishing to. northeast 25 in the ...
Webster, NY. Reports of a trash bag found floating along the shore of Lake Ontario in the Webster area has...
BREAKING: A body has been found in Lake Ontario; reports say the body was found around 5:30 p.m. east of Irondequoit Bay.
Approve? Ontario Power Generation's ludicrous plan to dump waste by Lake Huron
Deputies: Body found by kayakers in Lake Ontario
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In more breaking news, deputies say a body has been found in Lake Ontario east of Irondequoit Bay. We're told the...
Sheriff's deputies confirm that a body has been found in Lake Ontario. Authorities are still on scene investigating. …
(P)these darn trans lake Ontario flights are so boring...too short to watch a movie,too short to eat a meal...
.Toronto was held at the decommissioned Hearn Generation Station on the shore of Lake Ontario.
Toronto police searching Lake Ontario for the body of Londoner Keith White: The Toronto police marine unit is…
Need a Father's Day gift? Consider an evening cruise on Lake Ontario with the Empire Sandy! Tickets here --->
hey we thought having an expressway in the Don Valley worked so well we're gonna put one in Lake Ontario too. GARDINER PROBLEM SOLVED
Storm cell over Lake Ontario. Heads up for northern Orleans county!
Special Marine Warning over Lake Ontario for this strong cell. Should move onshore west of by 8pm
Special Marine Warning for Lake Ontario from the Lower Niagara River to Rochester and the Lower Niagara River...
up for the waters of SW Lake Ontario. Storms moving E @ 45. May make it onshore in W NY.
Lake Ontario *Special Marine Warning* Boaters seek safe harbor now. A line of thunderstorms is moving east at 45kts.
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