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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and the only one located entirely within the United States.

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Mounds of ice and snow pushed in by Lake Michigan's waves - Telegraph. Jan 2015
Watched a beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan this morning. Must be time for
View along the shore of Lake Michigan from the solarium in the South Shore Cultural Center in late autumn.
1847 Steamer PHOENIX lost on Lake Michigan after engine room fire 200 lives lost
Yes, the self-righteousness and aggrandizing publication definitely meant to make clear their…
On July 14, 1936 temperatures around Lake Michigan were well over 110 degrees. Weather this hot is completely incomprehe…
News: Emanuel blasts EPA, US Steel on pollution; plans to to sue company
US Steel spilled more toxic chromium into a Lake Michigan tributary, asked Indiana officials to keep it secret.
4/ As Illinois Attorney General, I’ll protect Lake Michigan and take action against companies like U.S. Steel when the…
You’ll PROTECT Lake Michigan yet you can’t PROTECT inner city kids/WORKING…
Chicago intends to sue U.S. Steel for violating the Clean Water Act following a pair of toxic spills into Lake Michigan…
Franklin residents and surrounding towns get drinking water from Lake Michigan instead of groundwater.
Ready for two days of Lake Michigan on the Fox River in Green Bay.
Chicago plans to sue US Steel for toxic metal leak into Lake Michigan - International Business Times, UK Edition
Enjoyed spending time with the students of Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan on Monday. Thank you for leading by example!…
City of Chicago will sue U.S. Steel over spill of toxic metal into Lake Michigan
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Brett Eldredge has a Lake Michigan shirt on in his snap story and it makes me happy 😍
The City of Chicago is planning to sue U.S. Steel after chromium, a toxic metal, leaked from its factory in NW Indiana into La…
Michigan's Lake Charlevoix has probably the clearest winter ice in the world
I'm waiting on buffed up 2 Omgness I love the movement you in need to remixed great lake ruler…
There’s a lake they call it Michigan, I think I’m really fitting in the city is my perfect cup of ~TEA~
1/ Today we learned that U.S. Steel dumped 56.9 pounds of toxic Chromium into Lake Michigan and tried to hide it. It’s…
Tomorrow, the City of Chicago will file a Notice of Intent to file suit against US Steel for illegally dumping chromium…
It’s a city that’s exciting it’s a city that’s inviting it’s a city for a woman just like me. There’s a lake they c…
1/ Yesterday in Skokie we talked about polluters who are poisoning Lake Michigan, like U.S. Steel, who dumped 56.9 pou…
EDITORIAL: Toxic leak into Lake Michigan should not have been a secret: Chicago Sun Times
If we dedicate some rooms at a nearby motel to the Gideons, will you come to Lake Michigan and drin…
Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan. Seriously! How can the buildings remain perpendicular on a spherical horizon?…
Manitowoc County is going to implode and float out into Lake Michigan
Astronaut shares amazing photo of Lake Michigan, northern lights from outer space
Grand Haven sits on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan - its pier is seen here following a January storm.
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Sleeping Bear Dunes along Lake Michigan has naturally elevated dunes and a narrow lakeshore. .
Our OK duck hunt is wrapping up. Off to Lake Michigan for a diver hunt! Subscribe so you dont miss a thing!
Time for your yearly reminder that the EPA's description of Lake Michigan is actually horrifying
I'm willing to let them build it as a floating stadium on Lake Michigan for Northwestern Football.…
Sunset - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, on the big Lake Michigan. The Other Home.
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore hugs 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan and has much to offer. .
The bus driver just stopped on the side of Lake Michigan to run into Speedway...
but if someone wants to remind me I'll dig up references of Pu concentration in Lake Michigan
Time for some math. A B744 dumps fuel for 35 minutes. How much money did they just pour into Lake Michigan?
2020: the year “Cali can fall into the Pacific” becomes “I hope Michigan falls into Lake Michigan.”
TravelTuesday...CHICAGO LAKEFRONT SERIES. Stretching some 18-miles along the Lake Michigan's…
Heart shaped lake over Michigan's Upper Peninsula [2000x1500] and Science
"They say Lake Michigan is 100 feet moist. Sometimes you just gotta admit when something is an ocean."
Alas, Southwest only flies to MDW. Plus there's that awesome hanging topographical sculpture of Lake Michigan's lakebed.
it better not be that Lake Michigan Guy
Beautiful lake superior in Michigan, if you haven't been to my home state look what your missing…
Today we are at Lake Michigan doing our journal work.
I worked my *** off and I live next to LAKE MICHIGAN now, I smile and laugh everyday even at the littlest stuff
Our SBD Dauntless is really on loan while the one we rescued from Lake Michigan is in Restoration.
Body found in lake Michigan near Montrose beach
A body was found in Lake Michigan near Montrose Beach on Tuesday afternoon, police said
Hah! Been on one of those - sadly we were over Lake Michigan initially. Luckily we ma…
After a long, but happily uneventful, drive, we are home. Wish they would just build a bridge across Lake Michigan really? 🤣
Nothing like a dip in Lake Michigan in October!
Plant palm trees on Lake Michigan before it gets cold, I gotta feel the wind chill again before I get old.
The Lerners have enough 🤑 to airlift a climate controlled, hermetically sealed cruise ship & drop it in Lake Michigan. htt…
Some great memories from Lake Michigan with ❤
Drinks & Dancing on Lake Michigan Booze Cruise. More info for tix
We have a statue of Leif Ericson in Juneau Park overlooking Lake Michigan. Just sayin...
--To make a bunch of reports to the White Council." He pulls off onto a dirt road leading off towards the lake. Lake Michigan--
sad to leave this time perfect Indian Summer days on Lake Michigan
Coffee-in-hand, we reflect on our final weekend on Lake Michigan - fine day of paddling at Sleeping Bear Dunes in G…
Out here at Higgins lake in Michigan camping, & these showers look like I'm in the movie Saw! Makes me miss my big new s…
Sharing.10 hours of ambient noise of waves crashing on Lake Michigan during sunset. Have a great day!
Sad I'm missing Solange tonight but hiking dunes & swimming all weekend in Lake Michigan was worth it. Summer '17 has been so full of love.
Indiana Conservation Officers confirming a kayaker is missing in Lake Michigan after the kayak was capsized near P…
A man died on Sunday afternoon while tubing on Lake Michigan with his family.
Baby do you remember when. fireworks at lake Michigan ?
Man dies after falling into Lake Michigan north of Benton Harbor:
Berrien Co. Sheriff's Dept. says 66 y/o IL man dies on Lake Michigan today while being pulled in a tube.…
Man dies after falling into Lake Michigan in Berrien County.
First time going to the lake this year and its almost October 😅 gotta love Michigan weather
Soaking up that last bit of summer weather with good friends, good food, and good 'ole Lake Michigan ☀️😎
Chicago (IL) Sun-Times: Police: Man dies after being found in Lake Michigan on North Side
I got a sunburn today. On the beach. And in the lake. In Michigan. It's fall.
Pennsylvania parlay falls on a warm afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan. Crazy thing: all three games were de…
Taken from Michigan side of Lake Michigan a few weeks ago
We'll be having 812 this week in Lake Michigan at 7pm! There will be free food and games so make sure to stop by!
Yeah Lang, they call that stuff on this side of Lake Michigan.
A cheers to the bond between beer and Lake Michigan via onmilwaukee
Shipwreck sanctuary plan surfaces for Lake Michigan
It's finally fall ya'll! Enjoy this frenzy of color at Lake of the Clouds! 🍂 📸: Instagrammer michigan_intents
Police save dog that fell on Lake Michigan | A1# via
From Muskegon to Milwaukee, across Lake Michigan, I had the absolute best birthday ever
About to cruise out onto lake Michigan!
Man dies after being found floating in Lake Michigan
A sub zero sunrise on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. USA.
Ok, but seriously, I went camping this weekend. I quite like Lake Michigan.…
one time i called Lake Michigan Michigan Ocean
East versus west: An expert weighs in on which Lake Michigan coast is king: "In Wisconsin, you get those bitter,……
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Persistent south winds will continue to produce high waves, especially along Lake Michigan north of Sturgeon Bay to…
Water for all! Lake Michigan water will now be provided to residents of the Highland Hills under the new agreement…
Sat Sept 30, more than 1,000 sturgeon will be released into Lake Michigan - Milwaukee Sturgeon Fest
Some Chicago Area au pairs and CC Gila went on a boat ride on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River last weekend!...
Dangerous waves, rip currents lead officials to post red flag warnings on Lake Michigan. has more.
Graham Wolf walking out to Lake Michigan at North Beach, Racine, WI
Sadly, there was a drowning that took place near our dog beach very early this morning. The police currently have...
That should keep the Asian carp out of Lake Michigan.
Body of man found hours after he disappeared in Lake Michigan on North Side – Chicago Tribune
2 big reasons to stand up for Lake Michigan Ecology Unit--Evidence and Trade…
Upper atmosphere winds have brought a haze and smokey smell across Lake Michigan to Kenosha County, WI
A1: Late Summer is wonderful in on the Lake. Vintage Inns, quiet Walks, Grape harvest.
Dangerous swim conditions through Friday for IL and IN Lake Michigan beaches. INWX
An amazing day in an amazing place with amazing people ♡ en Chicago Lake Michigan
Check out this of the week! 1429 Glass Lake Cir, Oxford, MI 48371
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The end of Summer is just starting on the Lake Michigan Coast...
Body of man found hours after he disappeared while swimming in Lake Michigan
Reeling in some morning rays on Lake Michigan! 🎣☀️ . 📸: Instagram fan jack_387
Lake Erie is bordered by the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and the province of Ontario.
The flooding in Houston is estimated to be the size of Lake Michigan.
Check out that band of clouds over Lake Michigan. More signs of changing seasons with the lake effect clouds.
Happy courtesy of Wayne F. Miller's Father and Son at Lake Michigan, 1947
Copper Colored Rocks of the wild Lake Superior // Copper Harbor, Michigan [OC][2048x1489]
Lake Michigan surf is real!! great ride and bridget17 awesome pic! To join…
Hope you feel the same way when Lake Michigan overflows and floods your mommy's basement, .
4 state agencies say there's gaps in protective coating of Line 5 oil pipelines in Lake Michigan, want repairs within 30…
Green infrastructure project intended to protect Lake Superior waters
📷 philkoch: “Journey’s End” Sunrise on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Horizons by...
Had to talk to Lake Michigan this morning 😤
Teams still looking to locate a swimmer who went missing in Lake Michigan early this a.m.
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This was winter, you can see some ice on Lake Michigan.
That's just Lake Michigan. The inland lakes would be swollen and it would look like Texas here too.
The company that operates twin oil pipelines in the waterway linking Lake Huron and Lake Michigan said Wednesday...
EDITORIAL: Head off potentially devastating series of events for and
Kenosha County sheriff's officials say human remains found along the shores of Lake Michigan last December have...
Racine County Sheriff release identity of man found dead in Lake Michigan near Sam Meyers Park
View of Lake Michigan from our room at Congress Plaza Hotel
Lake Shore Drive condo with Lake Michigan views lists for $3M
Since 1995, roughly enough water has melted off Greenland's ice sheet to fill Lake Michigan.
PulmCC for great Indiana city on shores of Lake Michigan close to Chicago Location : All the exci…
Aug 11, 1853: trustees buy 380 acres of farmland along Lake Michigan's shore--soon to be site of NU…
Will storms weaken as they cross Lake Michigan?
I don't remember a nuclear plant on NJ beaches. I remember the green glow on Lake Michigan.
The invasive species have been caught mere miles from Lake Michigan. Scientists fear if they invade the lake,...
EDITORIAL: If the Asian carp make it into Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes, entire industries will be destroyed.
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Canoeist under the light of the rising full Sturgeon Moon on Lake Michigan in tonight.
After 30 years, lake levels back up in Lake Michigan basin. investigating erosion & exposed mid-late…
Must buy this, today. I am impressed that it's a spray not a mouse version!! Lake Michigan beach bound
Thinking of going to stand in Lake Michigan permanently & intercept Asian carp w/ my hands. Faster/more effective than any government action
W spent our last day in Chicago at the Navy Pier.Watched the traffic on Lake Michigan,listened to music,rode the Fe…
"My daughter today on Lake Michigan. Ice fishing⛄️ no studs?
it feels like pristine beaches of Lake Michigan
Wauconda board to discuss street closures, Lake Michigan water
Yet teams signing people like Jay Cutler who can't throw a ball accurately into Lake Michigan.
Asian carp found in Chicago canal, just 9 miles from Lake Michigan shores via
Water spout out over Lake Michigan just now.
Mind boggling, but brief, sunrise over Lake Michigan today.
For Great Lakes watchers, Army Corps does not rec closing Brandon Road Lock to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan https:…
starting a petition to make the speed limit 70 on Lake Michigan Drive
Water spout in southern Lake Michigan seen from
Waterspout in Lake Michigan seen from the loop.
The Victorian-style home has a whopping 18,262 square feet, 20 acres and lake access via
Will global warming raise water levels in Lake Michigan?
Is this a water spout out on Lake Michigan?
Lake Michigan is an unhappy gal today. 😔
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers releases its findings for best way to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan -…
Northwestern's athletic campus being built up on the Lake Michigan shoreline (📷 by
Inaccurate. No way Northwestern gets to claim all of Lake Michigan!
Learn about fascinating careers of women lighthouse keepers on Lake Michigan!
Some photos of the lake Michigan look out off M-22.
The report focuses on crucial site in Illinois that could prevent invasive Asian carp from reaching Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan. That guy found submerged hump. Pulling up 50in+ fish lately in WI
the classic Lake Michigan Circle Tour tees are going like hotcakes.
Drive the evil that is Islam into lake Michigan and let them drown
Shore Club Chicago is hiring! The upscale dining spot along Lake Michigan is looking for host/hostesses,...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Happy National Lighthouse Day! The Kenosha Area is home to 2 lighthouses in our Lake Michigan Harbor Town.…
After getting at Lake Michigan,I went home to fish the Grand River. I had to redeem myself. I got one in a few…
I got her wetter than the Great Lake of Michigan she say she cool w being friends with sexual benefits
Michigan has more than 150 lighthouses, 3,200 miles of coastline and 138 ABA members to show you the Great Lake Sta…
There's a lake they call Lake Michigan! I think I'm really fitting in. This city is my perfect cup of tea. . Chicago! Chicago!
There is over 8 millions gallons of dangerous sludge - including coal ash sludge discharged everyday into Lake Michigan.
Hiding her upper limits of both lead and mercury contamination to her brain due to excessive e…
It was me I took them all and threw them in Lake Michigan
I'm going west to Lake Michigan next weekend. Just for the heck of it!
Incredible sunset and beautiful girls, Lake Michigan makes for some awesome High School Senior photos
It's one state south of Lake Michigan.
Scott Walker just agreed to let FOXCONN EXPLOIT Lake Michigan via removing Great…
I grew up fishing Lake Michigan in the Pere Marquette and Manistee Rivers. Also spent time on Lake Hu…
Joanna, you swam in Lake Michigan-which today was very definition of 'cool, clear water' like in the song...
Happy Sunday! Reading about Lake Michigan today. At summer camp, we would sing about the Lake of Shining Waters. T……
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It's a summer day. Kids are swimming in Lake Michigan. But there are no lifeguards until 11 am in Chicago.
You can have mine I just got a call from the bike shop my bike is junk I need a new one so I can go around Lake Michigan r
No wind on Lake Michigan means boats barely moving in Chicago-to-Mackinac race
Water clean after chemical spill at Lake Michigan tributary
Tiny Quagga Mussels Have a Big Impact. Tiny quagga mussels have a big impact on Lake Michigan . . .
AWESOME VIDEO of the over Lake Michigan up north!
A missing painting... and a body in Lake Michigan. ➡
I surprised my fiancé with a trip to Lake Michigan. Check out the vlog on my YouTube channel Kyla Vlogs!
Which of the Great Lakes in the U.S. does not share a border with Canada?. Lake Michigan is the only one of the...
It was late on a stormy night bumping around at 15,000 ft over Lake Michigan when the turbo prop hit a pocket of turbulance.
Artist who survived gunfire and near-drowning in Lake Michigan to host solo exhibit at McCord Gallery in Palos Park
I'm that James! You bet, it was worth the drive over from Lake Michigan. S…
High time your bilge pump malfuntions in the middle of Lake Michigan...
Happy Beautiful day along Lake Michigan for the World's Largest One Day Fish Fry. Check it out.
Researchers predict significant and near record harmful algal bloom in western Lake Erie this summer.
Congrats on another win! I wonder if IM Racine should be scheduled later in year b/c of cold Lake Michigan
Island Lake Recreation Area needs your help to pull invasive spotted knapweed!.
Last nights backlit sunset over Green Bay on Lake Michigan.
Started my run at Clarke Lake and ended up running along the shore line of Lake Michigan. Man I've missed Door County!
From walleye to lake trout, the fishing's pretty good in Michigan
Lake Erie faces a major algae bloom this year. Could a innovation be transformative?
Friendly Confines is glad to be safely docked at the island after a robust 58 hours on Lake Michigan. Crew and ski…
"And if everyone jumped into Lake Michigan in January, you would too?". C'Mon man, that excuse didn't even fly in t…
Enjoy your Monday! It's a beautiful day here along Lake Michigan! :^)
Are the eels in the EEL lamprey? If so, kiss the salmon good bye ala Lake Michigan experience
In Michigan history: A tunnel explosion so huge "it looked like an H bomb hit":
Coast Guard aids 4 at Lake Michigan boat race
Seeing the sun rise over Lake Michigan is a treat for me; I'm usually working, or sleeping at this time of day. https:/…
Why do harmful blooms keep happening on via
Congratulations Michigan pro-staffer Mark Modrak on his 4th place finish in the 2nd Michigan Division BFL on Lake...
This otherwordly view is not a city in the clouds: it's Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan taken from a airplane.
Love drinking Lake Michigan, not so sure about swimming in it!
The day I never have to drive on Lake Michigan Dr again will be the best day
I had a dream they were a whole bunch of giraffes playing so happy, splashing, running, having so much in Lake
Its about time somethings being done for Flint Michigan
Tried to capture some of the Northern Lights last night in Chicago looking out towards Lake Michigan. Long shot that didn'…
Column: Imagine if vast expanse of Lake Michigan turned into land tomorrow. City wouldn't look, or feel, the same.…
Exploring Chicago this afternoon. Boat tour on Lake Michigan and through downtown on the Chicago River. Michigan...
4 hour boat ride on Lake Michigan. (@ River City Marina in Chicago, IL)
Lake Michigan shoreline looking north from Bender Park in Oak Creek
'New urgency' as Asian carp found near Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan to get its first maritime highway. It will connect Muskegon to Milwaukee. via
Lake Michigan is so clear right now have an exclusive sneak peek of the girl-powered final performance
A boat is taking on water in front of Muskegon State Park on Lake Michigan. A US Coast Guard boat is 5 minutes away from the boat.
Search on Lake Michigan in Muskegon over -
The last thing I did in Chicago. A dip in Lake Michigan. @ North Avenue Beach
Some good news from Muskegon. Rescuers find no evidence to believe a person is missing on Lake Michigan.
Search for swimmer in Lake Michigan at Muskegon:
Emergency crews looking for swimmer in Lake Michigan at Muskegon:
Chicago police officer arrives just in the nick of time to rescue a dog that fell into Lake Michigan in Chicago.
Yep! Great day! Lake Michigan, Muskegon Lake, Bear lake! Happy Fathers Day big guy! Just what you ordered!
Ludington shatters sand angel world record at Lake Michigan beach
Rookie cop rescues dog from Lake Michigan: 'I heard the splash ... and grabbed him'
officers rescue stray dog that jumped in Lake Michigan, ran loose on Lakefront Trail alongside LSD near Erie. https…
I am sure Pat could make a trip to Grand Rapids. He would enjoy the Lake Michigan summers!
I really want to road trip up to Lake Michigan for like a weekend like we used to do in college
The temperature of Lake Michigan in June is colder than all the ice baths I took in college.
View of Lake Michigan from the 103rd floor of Willis Tower.
Approaching O'Hare, the Chicago skyline shadow reflects off Lake Michigan, under the clouds. wOw ! Photo by Mark He…
Lake Michigan washes up liquid sunshine onto the shore. 📸: at West Grand Traverse Bay
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Lmao my lady friend was helping a turtle cross the road when it peed out all of Lake Michigan on her
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Green Bay participant Carole Koski getting it done on Lake Michigan. Great fish,…
There is a triangle over Lake Michigan that has more disappearances than the Bermuda Triangle.
Make this 1-bedroom apartment your new home and enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Michigan daily! - $900/mo…
Three Geminis and a Capricorn walk into the Lake Michigan... @ North Avenue Beach
First time on Lake Michigan didn't disappoint @ Port Washington, Wisconsin
I went skinny dipping with a group in college in Lake Michigan, cops got called.. one was the dad I babysat for.. they never called me again
That ball's got a chance ... to land in Lake Michigan.
U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam is blocking deep cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Protecting Lake Michigan...
Planning your summer to Door County, You can Lake Michigan caves with https:/…
That's why Mayor Daley used to hold private meetings on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan.…
Gorgeous day on Lake Michigan! Perfect day for a walk along the lake and to let go of the little…
UPDATE: Girl ‘extremely critical’ after being pulled from Lake Michigan on North Side
Chicago Fire Department divers searching for possible drowning victims in Lake Michigan/Rogers Park.
Divers pull young girl from Lake Michigan off Rogers Park
How to spend a day in on the shores of Lake Michigan!
Rescue crews, divers search for child in Lake Michigan: Fire officials
WATCH LIVE NOW: Chicago Fire Dept. update on girl pulled from Lake Michigan -
Look closely at the shore- A "Seiche" has been occurring on southern Lake Michigan this AM.. http…
Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan from an Airplane
suppressing news again when and Lake Michigan are trending higher than
I wanna go to a nice as beach not no Lake Michigan 🙅
US National Weather Service Chicago Illinois. Today will be very warm all the way to the Lake Michigan shore and...
Rescuers trying to revive female who drown in Rogers Park/Lake Michigan this morning…
Divers are searching for a young girl in Lake Michigan off Montrose Beach
MLIVE:Vintage campers to gather at state park on Lake Michigan shoreline
Divers have pulled a girl, about 12 or 13, from Lake Michigan.
Teenagers floating away on a tiny iceberg on Lake Michigan after the ice broke free
As summer nears, experts warn about dangers of Lake Michigan
Crews find girl pulled under water in Lake Michigan
Chicago reflected on Lake Michigan from an airplane
Child pulled from from Lake Michigan on North Side
Crews find girl missing in waters of Lake Michigan
Series tower, buckingham fountain, eat deep dish pizza, go to the bean, Lake Michigan
RIGHT NOW:. Water rescue crews are in Lake Michigan looking for a man in Muskegon County.
Muskegon County Sheriff's Dive Team is searching for a man who went missing on Lake Michigan.
One time I was on top of a lighthouse at Lake Michigan and a bald eagle swooped right past my face in touching distance
Challenge your coworkers to a 5K run along Lake Michigan or a 2 mile walk through vibrant Third Ward.
I can't wait to live in Chicago so I can walk my *** into Lake Michigan and never be seen again
Study indicates invasive fish could live in Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan this AM at North Ave Beach. Wind gusts over 40 mph.
Best music and craft beer festival on Lake Michigan
GAME DAY!! Baseball is at Lake Michigan today, 2pm start! Keep those bats hot!
Last year 98 people drowned in the Great Lakes, including 46 in Lake Michigan.
U.S. Steel completed its restart of the Midwest Plant in Portage a week after the spill into Lake Michigan.
A spill near Lake Michigan has EPA looking into the chemical hex-6 again. Here’s our report on its dangers:
Safety: About two miles of Portage, IN, Lake Michigan beach front is closed off after a toxic chemical spill.
Representation of the change in perspective 2 hrs can make, the Navy Pier from atop Hancock Tower & Lake Michigan f…
The pipes would land in the middle of Lake Michigan. He has really poor aim.
Trump pushing to scrap program developing national limits on cancer-causing metal spilled into Lake Michigan.
EPA: Testing has found no toxic chemicals in Lake Michigan following a pipe failure at a U.S. Steel plant in Indian…
EPA: US Steel leaks chemical into Lake Michigan tributary
I take Lake Michigan and sunsets for granted
Trump's budget would scuttle efforts to rein in cancer-causing pollutant that today spilled in Lake Michigan
That chemical you might remember from Erin Brockovich? Lake Michigan is getting shut down because of it.
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