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Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the fourth largest lake (by surface area) of the five Great Lakes in North America, and the tenth largest globally.

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Expect lots of sun with highs in the mid 80s. For boaters, Lake Erie will see light winds with waves 1 foot or le…
An iceberg holding twice as much water as Lake Erie has broken off from Antarctica.
Freshwater jellyfish invade Lake Erie and experts say there’s no way to stop them
Researchers say this algae bloom underscores the need to reduce nutrient flows from farms & sewage treatment plants. htt…
NOAA, partners predict significant summer for western
Scientists expect 'significant' algae bloom on Lake Erie
Last night a cluster of thunderstorms produced lightning over Lake Erie, making for a beautiful scene.
I'm not sure I really care about this, but... :)
Researchers predict significant and near record harmful algal bloom in western Lake Erie this summer.
Lake Erie faces a major algae bloom this year. Could a innovation be transformative?
An iceberg 160 times the size of Manhattan, weighing 1.12 trillion tons, w twice volume of Lake Erie has broken off Ant…
This week I was able to boat on Lake Erie, the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River…
The Locos not playing Lake Erie and Irish Hills is ridiculous. Good teams.good crow…
I have to note that I've paddled up Georgian Bay, down Lake Huron, down the River/Lake St Clair, down the Detroit River and along Lake Erie.
And went for another, longer walk, to learn that everything is super inaccessible. And the weir is so full with a very high Lake Erie.
The sunny shores of Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair are calling, will you answer the call?…
Check out this streetscape on the main street of the city of St. Thomas, Ontario, just across Lake Erie (about the…
Royal Canadian Air Force is assisting the U.S Coast Guard in a search over Lake Erie -
Chronic nutrient loading from Lake Erie affecting water quality and nuisance algae on the St. Catharines shores of…
Murder on Lake Erie? Man charged in wife’s disappearance on Great Lakes fishing boat
A wanna be roll cloud coming in off Lake Erie in Conneaut Ohio
4/6 examined Fort Niagara, and the line of fortifications along the Niagara River, I will afterwards embark on Lake Erie, and
The Bessemer & Lake Erie, owned by Canadian National, runs from Conneaut, OH to North Bessemar (near Pittsburgh).
The is investigating after a vehicle was reportedly driven off of a cliff into Lake Erie in Elgin Count…
Cuyahoga Co medical examiner: DNA testing on remains found in Lake Erie in Lake Co--too early to tell if tied to Dec. plane crash
Matt Clark in the pitch now for the monarchs. Lake Erie down 4-0 to Muskegon.
Cleveland Municipal Stadium, 1957 - View of the waterfront and shore line of Lake Erie. Home to Indians for better par…
1 hour South of Lake Erie and and west of PA. I am 45 minutes from Cleveland and 2 hours from Pittsburg.
Good question. I live at about 90 degrees between 2 nuclear reactors. One near Lake Erie and one East in Pa.
Too bad these talents will be wasted on the Cleveland Browns, suppose they could reprise this on old Lake Erie
Storms over Lake Erie putting on a pleasant light show as small cell pushes east of Stoney Creek.
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sun halos. beautifully eerie on Lake Erie 😇
Bottom 7: Evan Rogers blasts a two-run homer over the right field wall to bring the Grizzlies within one! Lake Erie leads 3-2
280 gigatons of ice/year is more than half the volume of Lake Erie! PER YEAR! Also about 100,000,000…
And Lake Ontario still has some serious health advisories on fish consumption, much more than Lake Erie
In 1813, Oliver Hazard Perry dispatched this to Major General Harrison before battling the British in Lake Erie.…
Plane makes emergency landing in Aurora; video shows woman throw dog into Lake Erie: News Links
Gr8 there's mine district 9 strip of sand on Lake Erie not fair
Yes but right on Lake Erie so most of Wisconsin would be further north.
The Erie Canal does not actually connect to Lake Erie.
Western Reserve through Firelands, just get the whole Lake Erie region of Ohio somewhere safe
It is so important to that we keep Lake Erie clean. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is working:
On June 22, 1969, Cuyahoga River, Southern shores of Lake Erie caught on fire. Another reason to march
if you have visited the Lake Erie islands – Kelleys Island, Middle Bass Island, and/or South Bass Island!
GVSU scores five more run in the top of the eighth inning to take a 14-7 lead over Lake Erie.
Do you have a lake front property to sell? From Apple Valley to the shores of Lake Erie & Islands. Contract 9 days…
Sunny skies today allowed for a good look at snow cover just inland from the Lake Erie shore and in the Laurel High…
It was so good to see Coach Lofdahl again and visit Lake Erie college. Thanks for a great day!
Excited to announce I will be continuing my education and wrestling career at Lake Erie college!
. Drew its time for some Walleye or Lake Erie perch. And, some pierogies. Sit back, eat and watch Price is Right!
More Perch will be coming out of Lake Erie this year, which could mean good news for local restaurant owners…
That bothers me in Ohio too. We're on Lake Erie. Perch and walleye should be on every menu!
Good fishing is promised this summer on Lake Erie.
Back to the days of swill water. Lake Erie has been known for walleye, perch, and smallmouth bass. Not for much longer.
Taste Belgian ales, Lake Erie perch, maple syrup & wine from to Dunnville
Great tips for perch fishing on Lake Erie!
any chance of some wonderful Lake Erie perch being served??
Seneca County farmers see value in Lake Erie programs wants to cut
Oo. The amusement park on the shores of Lake Erie looks very, well, eerie today. (Photo: Cedar Point--Sandu…
Thanks to Office for attending the Press Conference this morning in Lorain!. A great champion for Lake Erie!!!
Draft action plan for addressing algal blooms in Lake Erie htt…
Great Lakes cleanup program that may be on Trump chopping block has funded work to slow Lake Erie's toxic algae:
can be damaging, but it can also produce beauty. My shots of Lake Erie at Outer Harbor breakwall with 70 mph wi…
Lake Erie- For those who think that 30 knot winds and monster waves exist only offshore. The Great Lakes demand res…
The Heroic Age of Diving: America's Underwater Pioneers and the Great Wrecks of Lake Erie
Doesn't remember Lake Erie with dead fish or Cuyahoga river burning? Memory problems?
A boat launch at Lake Erie in Northeastern Ohio. Photo by
Lake Erie palm tree on a beautiful winter day! @ Port Colborne, Ontario
Mural of upbound vessel heading towards Port Colborne and Lake Erie
Good morning from Mohave lake. Blowing like Lake Erie today.
Didn't Lake Erie catch fire as some point as well?
Having lived in Cleveland/Erie for my first 25 years, I can say that living on a Great Lake counts as coastal.
Yeah, forecast might make this game get crazy. And wait is that Eric Staal's big Bauer helmet from Carolina in Lake Erie…
Protecting Lake Erie is a bipartisan priority shared by fellow Great Lakes advocates &
Now that these carp have made it into Lake Erie, we need the EPA more than ever! Funny as *** tho
I love that clip!. These carp have sadly made it into Lake Erie now. Dismantle EPA? BAD IDEA!
Update your maps at Navteq
your vote to confirm Pruitt makes me question your commitment to protect Lake Erie.
Coming up at 6: motel murder, underwater power line to be buried beneath Lake Erie, march against opioid crisis, fan fury & food fraud
In the next 10 years, the city of Buffalo will soon sink into Lake Erie
I was swimming half the time on the team but during off season I ran to Lake Erie, dunkrik, and back! Now I cant even walk up stairs
The Cuyahoga River which flows into Lake Erie caught fire in 1969, due to the dumping of sewage & industrial chemicals into t…
Better hurry before at the lets the Koch brothers light Lake Erie on fire.
Now you pretend to care about the environment. You do know the deregulation you voted for affects Lake Erie…
Wow. What an afternoon out on lake Erie. caught a shark, stingray and and a swordfish. Crazy man.
Today's Lake Moment by of the playing "sewer ball."…
We started out at 30°, 10° above average and peaked at 59°, 24° above average. Lake Erie is up to 34°, too. Snowfall is 28" below norm too.
blessed to receive my 2nd offer from Lake Erie College
Toledo, Detroit and Lake Erie from outside space. Cool stuff via
Three million Ohioans depend on Lake Erie for their drinking water, and hundreds of thousands of Ohioans depend on the l…
.is headlining the Lake Erie Folk Festival, happening Feb. 25 at
Dave Spangler is one of Ohio's best advocates for Lake Erie, where he's captained boats for 20+ yrs. He & I know Pruit…
Strong environmental laws like the helped clean up its act. That's a fact.
Lake Erie is beautiful. Maybe you could hold a town hall near the lake.
. For starters, figure out why EPA failed Flint Michigan. Why is Lake Erie polluted?
I remember swimming in Lake Erie as a child. Looks like back to destroying it again. Pruitt. Why?
your vote to confirm Pruitt confirms you don't really care about protecting Lake Erie. Hypocrite.
How will that work out now that YOU made it easier to dump coal sludge into Lake Erie and its tributaries?
How could climate change affect Lake Erie? Scientists talk about it at summit
Most of the rain still out over Lake Erie moving Northeast
Some New Driftwood Pieces from the shores of Lake Erie.Ont . Was a gorgeous Sunday .https:/…
Are we gonna have a good wifi one day at lake erie??? Is it too much to ask?
awh! You replied (: I'm from & live in Erie. Do you know where that is or have ever been to? It's nice living near lake Erie!
Thank you Senator Portman for your help on protecting Lake Erie. (Opinion)
Help us keep Lake Erie Alive. Sign the Lake Erie Alive declaration today!
50 yrs ago, walking along Lake Erie shore listening to my dad rant about how polluted it was. It wasn't safe to…
Let's demolish the EPA and Make Lake Erie a Toxic Waste Dump again, eh? Do you remember?
Pruitt is NOT a friend of Lake Erie, but you thought he'd be good for EPA? Party over people, again.
Rhode Island won the race for the first offshore wind farm in the United States. Is Lake Erie soon to follow?
Akron Beacon Journal editorial board calls for regulating farmers to save Lake Erie.
we got basketball a racist baseball team and we had the Lake Erie monsters for hockey idk if they still here
Good idea for schools up & down Lake Erie- talk about agal blooms & those near Grand Lake St. Mary's that's so toxi…
Ohio lawmakers say Lake Erie to be important topic in new session v
Or so they say. We have a fantastic Art Museum, a lovely waterfront on Lake Erie, and quite the nightlife.
We see sunshine, Lake Erie & a ferry ride in your future. How about a spontaneous trip to today?
I'm glad Guyer is back! The next 3-5 Summers should be a lot of fun on the banks of Lake Erie!
Search suspended for plane that crashed in Lake Erie
Remains of at least three of six aboard jet recovered in Lake Erie | The Columbus Dispatch via
In 2004, the Chargers clinched the AFC West on the frozen shores of Lake Erie. .
Quite the gaps in the snowfall totals from city to city along the shores of Lake Erie!
Divers to search for signal coming from missing plane; family of victims releases statement
6 people are missing after a small plane loses contact over Lake Erie.
(The Star):Possible human remains found from missing plane in : The remains..
A private plane went down in Lake Erie this week. Divers are going down in single digit temperatures looking for wreckage.
Divers in Lake Erie find cockpit recorder of plane that disappeared with six aboard
Possible human remains found from missing plane in Lake Erie
Check out with a discussion about the latest update in the search for a missing plane in Lake Erie
Lake-effect snow warning for Erie County in effect
Lake Erie plane crash: Divers recovered the cockpit voice recorder, pieces of debris and possible human remains
BREAKING: Crews searching Lake Erie find what they believe may be human remains on seat from plane that disappeared a week ago.
Human remains from missing plane uncovered?
Crews in Lake Erie find what may be human remains from plane
Divers find voice recorder and possible human remains from airplane that disappeared over Lake Erie, officials say.
The Latest: Crews find missing plane's recorder in Lake Erie off Cleveland shores (from
Plenty of slush along the shores of Lake Erie. Lake temp currently 33F.
Search crews spent the day scouring the shores of Lake Erie looking for debris from missing plane ||
Search crews scour Lake Erie shores for debris from missing jet
Huron River empties into Lake Erie at Pointe Mouillee, largest public waterfowl hunting ground at Great Lakes
Eastern shores of Lake Erie in January is moderately better than Chicago, I think.
How to protect your home from hail and 60mph winds along the shores of Lake Erie
Our system was in pieces but starting to look mature now. Primary over S-C shore of Lake Erie. Secondary off the DE…
"Erie Gails" - Order 553 - photographed on the north shores of Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada.…
Debris believed to be from small plane crash in Lake Erie found on shores of Cleveland's lakefront.…
Fine on shores of Lake Erie today. Bald Eagles, Merlin, Peregrine, Long-tailed Ducks, many Goldeneyes.
Five boats and a helicopter were looking for the plane that disappeared over Lake Erie near Cleveland’s shores t...
New Year's Cottage walk on the shores of Lake Erie
Search resumes for small plane that went missing with 6 aboard over Lake Erie near Cleveland's shores.…
Original sailboat "Tranquility Bay", oil canvas 9x12" inspired by the peaceful shores of the Lake Erie, Ohio. https…
Lake Erie plane crash: Search begins for passenger remains
A Cleveland dive team is searching for a small plane carrying 6 people who went missing over Lake Erie:…
Columbus Dispatch - Divers search Lake Erie for missing plane
Search resumes on Lake Erie for missing plane and six passengers
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Recovery efforts resume in Lake Erie off Cleveland shores for missing plane with 6 aboard (from
CLEVELAND - Recovery efforts have resumed for a small plane that carried six people and disappeared over Lake Erie
⚡ Search suspended for plane that lost signal over Lake Erie.
Nice way to start celebrating, with ma bride, with on shores of Lake Erie. Quite…
U.S. dive team to begin recovery effort after small plane with 6 on board disappeared over Lake Erie near Cleveland's shores.
Officials don't expect to find survivors of plane that went missing over Lake Erie while carrying 3 adults, 3 children.
Pilot of disappeared Cessna over Lake Erie was John Fleming, CEO of Superior Beverage in Columbus. Worked with him in the p…
Out on the Lake Erie Islands, yes. So far haven't run into it at SE Mich sites (fingers crossed!)
⚡️ “Search is on for a plane that lost signal over Lake Erie”.
Search suspended for Fleming family and 2 others missing in Cessna plane over Lake Erie, Ohio.
go back to Lake Erie monsters ps the name Cleveland USA course."please go back to Lake Erie monsters."
Coast Guard suspends search for missing plane with 6 onboard
R: Search for plane that went missing over Lake Erie to be called off if no new developments soon
not from either city and have only lived in Columbus, I always say if you put Columbus on Lake Erie, it'd be perfect for me.
Officials believe 6 people may have been onboard small commuter plane that vanished over Lake Erie htt… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Driving home and seeing the Coast Guard helicopters searching for plane wreckage in Lake Erie is equally comforting and scary
Neighbors, co-workers send condolences after plane goes missing over Lake Erie
radar about 25 seconds later after dropping 1,000 feet and traveling 289 miles per hour. Coast Guard notified to search Lake Erie at 11:30pm
Nice local story out of West Virginia on our new head football coach written by :
Updated: Search suspended for plane, piloted by beverage exec, that vanished over Lake Erie with 6 aboard
Crews search for missing plane in Lake Erie near Cleveland
Latest from on the Lake Erie plane search -- more coming up on
John and Sue Fleming and their sons Jack and Andrew, who went missing in a plane over Lake Erie last night.
Sad news. The is suspending search for missing plane, vanished over Lake Erie with 6 people on board including ch…
Night of Lost and Found is inspired by the Lake Erie, where the tide washes your worries away and fills you with harmony and…
Weather not helping the search for a downed plane in Lake Erie. 12-15' waves and Lt snow.
Plane flying to Ohio State University from Cavaliers game disappears over Lake Erie.
Minneapolis trends now: Pan Pan, Lake Erie, beercat, 2017in3words and HackedByJohnson.
Coast Guard suspends search for missing small plane in Lake Erie.
UPDATED: Coast Guard and Canadian aircraft searching for 6 people after plane goes missing over Lake Erie.
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This search for the Cessna in Lake Erie really shows what a challenge finding MH370 is. I mean, this flight was less than a minute.
A plane really went missing in Lake Erie last night 😳
Friends and neighbors are devastated at what could be a tragedy for the family in a missing plane over Lake Erie -…
Business exec was pilot of plane that vanished with 6 aboard
Columbus-bound plane with 6 passengers disappears over Lake Erie near Cleveland
6 missing after small plane loses contact over Lake Erie
Ohio executive, his family, neighbor and neighbor's daughter were aboard plane that vanished over Lake Erie.
Plane carrying six people returning from a Cavaliers game disappears over Lake Erie.
The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search efforts as of 7:30 p.m. on the shores of Lake Erie
A great day in Erieau, ON taking advantage of light on the shores of Lake Erie
Prayers up for the missing Citation jet in Lake Erie, off the shores of Cleveland. Search and rescue active. 3 adults, 3 chil…
Coast Guard searching for plane that vanished over Lake Erie
BREAKING NEWS: The Coast Guard confirms they are searching Lake Erie for a plane missing after takeoff from Burke Lakefront A…
No debris found yet as Coast Guard continues to search Lake Erie after small plane disappears from radar.
Coast Guard: Crews searching Lake Erie for 6 people aboard a small plane that disappeared after taking off from Burke Lake…
Little Giant Ladders
Crews search for missing plane in Lake Erie
LIVE: Aerials from on SD 1 over Lake Erie as the Coast Guard searches for a small plane that disappeared Thursday night.
A Citation with six on board goes missing over Lake Erie:
Coast Guard searching for plane over Lake Erie
Pair of Coast Guard choppers searching Lake Erie for missing plane
U.S. Coast Guard crews search Lake Erie for plane carrying 6 people that disappeared overnight shortly after takeoff
Detroit trends now: New Years, Lake Erie, Coast Guard, Detroit and 2017in3words.
Private plane vanishes over Lake Erie while heading to Ohio State University with six people on board
Live from SkyFox: Coast Guard searches for missing plane on Lake Erie
No airplane debris found but Coast Guard believes there could be survivors in Lake Erie plane disappearance.
Search & rescue teams continue to search for small plane missing after departing airport on shores of Lake Erie:
the River is 24 nautical miles long and flows from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie?
A search around the shores of Lake Erie after a small plane disappeared. .
Monster Truck Tour 2017 - Getting ready for the Lake Erie Speedway
its going 36 and lake effected snow up twelve inches of snow along the lake in ErIE,,PA..Winter here again
Nanticoke power station (Lake Erie) taking seasonal shipments with more en route in St. Lawrence
Ugh . People still callin me Lake Erie . This is never gonna go away
‘Bout an hour out of Buffalo. Near Lake Erie.
Michaela just asked me if Washington, DC was close to Lake Erie. I'm weak af💀😂
Katie and I did it for the first time ever this summer on Lake Erie! She was determined & did great- w…
A little spray off of Lake Erie impacting places south of Syracuse tonight. Overall light wintry weather through to…
Lake-effect snow watch issued for southern Erie, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties
Wow! Photos from shows the true nature of this Great Lake when no one’s around https…
“It was kind of eerie in a way to have the river alive like that.” Algae blooms hit the Ohio River, too:
LAKE FORECAST | Here's a look at your Lake Erie forecast for tomorrow.
go to Lake Erie and go up to Canada. I think you know a place in Maryland that I don't cuz Maryland ain't pretty
True about the oceans but our Lake Erie has a considerable dead zone which is heartbreaking
While photographing the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower I had this really nice storm form over Lake Erie…
Viciously Sparkling - Sometimes My jaw drops open & I am just in awe at the power of this lake.
MDU visits a new facility for 2017. Lake Erie Speedway is a 3/8 mile paved banked oval in Erie County, PA. We...
No ice showing on Lake Erie on the live cameras from on the website:
'20 C is registered for the Lake Erie Warhawks Scout Day on 1/22 >>>
"On Human Freedom” will be offered at Lake Erie College every spring semester starting in 2018
Are Lake Erie Monster 1/6th barrels available for sale to the general public when in season?
BREAKING: water spout over Lake Erie shoreline with snow falling visible from I-90 looking N from exit 60!!!
.has issued a Lake Effect Snow Watch from Thurs. evening to Friday evening for Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and far South…
A look at the lake-effect snow over Lake Erie from earlier today. I had a great view of it from Morgan's Point
Junkanoo Brothers - the lake erie song on Summer Wind Radio!
The garbage can adventure at my house continues. I have spent entirely too much time chasing this *** garbage can. Lake Erie wind GET!!
Hillsdale Free Will Baptist, Fontbonne, Masters College, Johnson and Wales, Moravian, & Lake Erie all have College basketball games tonight.
Timelapse footage shows lake effect snow rolling off of Lake Erie, covering Buffalo, NY in a cloud of white.
Visualizing restoration around Lake Erie's Western Basin just got easier with 2 new map viewers
So it's still 1-0 for the Monsters. They're called the monsters b/c ppl used to believe there was a monster in Lake Erie.
Look on the bright side, if Cleveland hosts the Olympics, they won't need a torch, they can just light up Lake Erie.
of possible interest; Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario at Niagara Falls.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Before 1,500 swimmers take to Lake Erie for the Polar Plunge, local leaders gathered to clean it up on Friday.
Falcon punch him in the neck and 8trigram 64 palm that azz to Lake Erie and back ✌🏽️
Obviously it’s also super creepy because according to AP, you can leave from Rochester and you’re going along Lake Erie to Orleans County.
Mich. puts ailing Lake Erie in position for stronger protections, enforcement measures and funding
As a "Sea" Scout on Lake Erie, I have floated on many devices but nothing that would be classified as RIFF RAFT!
Lived in Monroe for 23 years. It's All true! It's the Lake Erie effect
Last night was amazing. Went to Lake Erie and swam, ate the best chocolate cake in Cleveland, and saved a pigeon. Wow.
I wrote up a nice summary for the Windsor Star on what's happening with Lake Erie and harmful algal blooms. Take a…
to 1813: During the Commodore Oliver H. Perry leads his fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie.
Today in 1825, the opened in upstate New York, connecting Lake Erie & the Hudson River & making the…
1825: U.S. - the Erie Canal opened in upstate New York connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River.
Thursday, I watched the sun come up over Lake Erie, today over the Tennessee River. Found new…
Canada hasn't received that severe of an *** kicking by a group of men from Lake Erie since Oliver Hazard Perry in 1813
hey man we have an extra ticket to the Lake Erie monsters game tonight, you wanna go?
Cleveland (Lake Erie) Monsters will have banned raising ceremony tonight at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland again Rockford
All purpose parts banner
Cavs and Indians. Stipe of MMA. Lake Erie monsters. City of winners this year sorry
Carsack predicts: G7 of Cubs-CLE World Series will be a classic; most dramatic battle on Lake Erie since Oliver Hazard Perry.
Yep. South of Buffalo, near Lake Erie. Small town. Looks like 18 Bostons in the U.S.. Ohio has 5.
ahem don't forget the 2 that started the title run Stipe Miocic and Lake Erie (now Cleveland) Monsters
and. Marlies > Lake Erie monsters .. Even though they win the Calder cup lol
don't forget the Lake Erie monsters too 😎
Really looking forward to getting back out on Lake Erie this weekend, it's been too long 😔 ! Just a flashback Friday…
lmaooo u mad 2. U should like the Indians cavs Lake Erie monsters. They all champs. Yea Val Lake Erie monsters IHL
do you credit the Monsters to Lake Erie?
CLEVELAND - The federal agency that maintains shipping channels along Lake Erie has reached an agreement with Ohio's
A cargo vessel travels through the St. Lawrence Seaway in Port Colborne to Lake Erie. Tks for sharing Jennifer Cope…
*channels inner Mary Poppins to float away from responsibilities with the Lake Erie wind* ☂️
Uncle Sam wants your opinion on Lake Erie project- open house 4-7 at Lakewood Park
Waterspout watch remains in place for Lake Erie, conditions are favourable for the development of waterspouts...
Night-time waterspouts likely occurring over southern Lake Michigan and western Lake Erie right now! More…
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Newcomer Justin Falk, a Calder Cup winner last year in Lake Erie, is up next in the media room.
Lake Erie is gonna have a long drive home
@ Michael_D_Ball: Who says you have to visit the ocean for an island vacation. Put-In-Bay, Lake Erie
Lake Erie brings another home in the fifth. Wild Things trail 5-0 as and Ricky Rodriguez go to the plate in six.
Against backdrop fo a Lake Erie retreat; Thomas Berry calls the failure of the church to assume its religious respo
I don't know whatever happened to Chief Wahoo, but the old stadium is at the bottom of Lake Erie! R-I-P!
are those mayfly hatches, on the Ontario-side of Lake Erie? Very interesting!
Lake St Clair, which feeds into Lake Erie, and a short ways from Huron, sooo everywhere?
NEVER in favor of not using city name for PRO sports. People don’t know Lake Erie. Used to be a Mohawk Valley team, not Utica? Lol
Way to go Lake Erie! Do NOT be used or marginalized by well-meaning Penn Staters. Their mission is something bigger
Crescent moon shines down over Lake Erie after sundown.
Crescent moon over Lake Erie after sundown. @ Lakefront Lodge
Brothers of Theta Chi Epsilon Eta chapter at Lake Erie this weekend
Last night's sunset over Lake Erie, from Edgewater Park in Cleveland. The actual Sun was a beautiful shade of...
is collaborating to invite the public to explore the natural wonders of Lake Erie and the Detroit River.
Going to be a beach day! My son wants to go fishing in Lake Erie and I want to tan and have a fire. Some kite flying may have to happen too.
I live near Lake Erie and we occasionally get cold air funnels. What is the difference between them and waterspouts?
Indiana Legends (Pt 3): "Mad" Anthony Wayne. During this assignment, he built Fort Wayne to oversee the frontier waterways to Lake Erie.
Halfway across beautiful Lake Erie behind you is another country. We have borders here too!
.Halfway across Lake Erie is another country taking in tens of thousands of human beings.
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