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Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court is based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established as a high court on March 21, 1919. The Lahore High Court has jurisdiction over Punjab.

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Lahore High Court orders the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to conduct next year's exams in .
Lahore High Court directed Federal Public Service Commission to ensure holding of CSS exam 2018 in Urdu language.
Justice Atir Mahmood of the Lahore High Court has ordered the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to ensure...
Two of traffic violation cameras, installed on Lahore High Court Chowk have detected 17,000 violations in just 40 days. yes 17000.
How much is changed just look into the past. A view of Mall road, facing the Lahore High Court from the Cathedral, l…
A petition is submitted to Lahore High Court to ban media speeches of Hashmi
Lahore High Court pursues statistics on felled trees
Lahore High Court stops execution of schizophrenic prisoner
No doubt Pakistan is what it is today. Don't forget Chief Justice of Lahore HIgh Court was defence lawyer of Mumtaz…
Lahore Canal Road Expansion challenged in High court: via
I added a video to a playlist Lahore Canal Road Expansion challenged in High court
1/3 Controversial law in Pakistan related to challenged at Court.
LHC CJ reiterates to serve justice in land scam case: LAHORE (Dunya News) -Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice
Lahore High Court declares 2% additional tax on textile industry as illegal, watch more on JAAG
Lahore High Court withdraws order of appointment of 7 VCs .
Lahore High Court temporarily stays execution of mentally ill man
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Lahore High court. — feeling thoughtful at Lahore High Court
21-Dec, 2016 - Mehfil e Milad will be held at Javed Auditorium LHCBA. Lahore High Court (In Sha ALLAH).
Lahore High Court stops issuance of funds to MPAs, says funds be issued to projects
1st Peshawar High Court not Lahore High Court. well done boys
Lies and lies . We have Ph.D in it. This is what happened with Maryam in Lahore High Court .
Plea for judicial probe: . Through a constitutional petition, Lahore High Court has been urged to appoint a judicial commission to pro...
Breaking : Petition filed in Lahore High Court by A K Dogar against PTI Chief plans seize of Islamabad on Oct 30
Just in: Petition filed in Lahore High Court, against Imran Khan's plans to shut down Islamabad on Oct 30
Court hears case against appointment of Pemra chairman: . LAHORE: Lahore High Court on Thursday summoned recor...
Chairman not appointed according to rules and regulations & doesn't have required academic degree.
Delay in govt action against Altaf irks court: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Wednesday took exc... khan
I added a video to a playlist What if Lahore High court ordered to send Reference to Nab against
Lahore High Court Ruling: Packaged Milk Safe for Consumption: After a petition was filed with Lahore High Cou...
Here is why should be paying attention to Lahore High Court's new Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah. .
Sitting in bar room, Lahore High Court. Lawyers are discussing the decision of Chairman PTI.
LHC upholds conviction in vigil attack case : LAHORE. A division bench of the Lahore High Court on Tuesday upheld conviction and sente...
Shah’s Revolution: meet the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court by
COURT CASE UPDATE:. In the Lahore High Court today in Pakistan Telecom Lines Staff Union etc vs FOP etc...
Lahore high court new Abbpara tent office? as Choudhary approaching LHC gives a clear direction.
Petition seeking disqualification of PM admitted by Lahore High Court for initial hearing, to be held on Oct 6
LHC CJ warns of contempt case if pensioners not paid: LAHORE. The Lahore High Court Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Monday expr...
Notification in admission case suspended: The Lahore High Court Monday suspended a notification of Punjab Higher Education Department...
This shows that Pak prefers slavery to China & Saudis rather than to UK.
Mob of lawyers that attacked Pemra office was led by President and Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association
After imprisoned for 8 years in death cell in a fake case, I'm acquitted by Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench,in appeal 351/2009.
I m Adv khawaja Haris Akmal having my legal office near Lahore high court. I want to meet you plz kindly
Was tired of watching dull,ineffective, unable and biased chiefs. Well done Syed Mansoor Ali shah CJ Lahore high court.
Would not tolerate any innocent person in prison: CJ LHC Such Tv
Want to improve justice system in the Punjab. CJ of Lahore High Court. Bloody *** where is plan and road map.
Anti-Bhutto Lahore High Court judge, Maulvi Mushtaq, sentenced SZAB to hang just cause he was not made CJ
This article discusses the outcome of the Royal Palm case, as it unraveled in the Lahore High Court. It includes...
The Vision Thing: It’s rare for gents to get to appointed Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court on merit alo...
Royal Palm Club’s admin allowed temporarily to manage its services: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday g...
LHC stays demotion of 29 more police officials: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday stayed demotion of 29...
In the name of railway grabbing the public property has been exposed by Lahore high court.
Lahore high court today restored management of royal palm club
Dear all, as you may know that the Lahore High Court has ordered Royal Palm Golf and Country Club to resume its...
It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Lahore High Court has made a decision and issued an order in...
New Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah is a dynamic person committed to serve Pakistan! Salute to u Sir!
what is lhc the results from google mainly say large hadron collider and Lahore high court so I'm sorry
Sitting in Lahore high court. Witnessing justice system of Pak. Very tricky. Very scary. Very expensive. How does a poor ma…
Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah is the sort of person that Pakistani institutions need as their head. Reformers.
Lahore high court long ago observed :-
y CJ Supreme Court is not doing anything y CJ Lahore high court raise ths issue.
Lahore high court announced its eid vocation schedule
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Eid vacations at Lahore High Court and lower courts as well
we've done well since '13. Things r changing, look at CJ Lahore High court. We're definitely on the right path inshallah
Much needed corrective measures by new Chief Justice of Lahore High Court
I stand with you Respected Sir Chief Justice of Lahore High court Mansoor Ali Shah .
If all institutional reforms are done with full zeal and spirit than will be an exemplary province.
First speech of the Chief Justice Lahore High Court has gone viral
NOTICE BOARD:. Lahore High Court announced Eid ul Fitar Holidays from 5.07.16 to 9.07.16 in all Courts Punjab Pronince.
GeoNews Collectors posted in last 20 years to face action: LAHORE: Lahore High Court on Friday directed the B...
Why all of a sudden new judicial activism? Lahore High court CJ talking like Iftikhar chaudhry. I hope curiosity doesnt kill the cat 😊
Reopening of Bhagat singh's case at Lahore High Court ! This is quite intriguing !
Lahore High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan have clearly stated that there is no ban on JUD, whatsoever. -2
Lahore High Court observed that conversion from Islam leads to death penalty
Orange Line project files are secret, Federal govt tells Lahore High Court, watch more on JAAG
LHC orders to verify degrees of 2800 students of COMSATS University: LAHORE – Lahore High Court (LHC) Judge Ju...
Protest outside Lahore High court to demand from Govt. help http…
The incumbent Chief Justice of the High Court of Lahore is Mr. Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan.
High court hears plea seeking against crime dramatizations in TV shows
is it illegitimate to demand to convicted criminal by Lahore high court decision?
PEA NEWS:. Most Important News about Educators. PEA Punjab is going to Lahore High Court on next Monday.
in 2002 Lahore High court observed:-
This is lahore high court. Namaz e junaza for qadri. Its now or never. People must know the truth
Shahid Afridi given legal notice by Lahore High Court for praising India: via
Please come at 10 30 outside Lahore High Court to show solidarity against all such acts of terror and be united in this war.
Honourable Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, Judge of Lahore High Court, will be speaker at Afkaar-e-Taaza...
Barriers around MQI secretariat had been erected on the orders of the Lahore High Court 4 years ago.
his party. Presently, broadcasting of Altaf Hussain’s speeches in Pakistan is not allowed by Lahore High Court. Due to which
PM Nawaz Sharif has advised the President to confirm 4 judges of Lahore High Court.
thinking about doing something different at Lahore High Court
Former CJ of Lahore High Court was Qadris lawyer, can any poor of this country afford him a lawyer
Yaar, Lahore High Court. Haseen tareen buildings hain. When I first came from Islamabad, I was stunned.
Respectable Human Rights Activist, journalist ,Yousaf Badarbvisted my chamber at Lahore High Court, today.
Lahore court sentences brothers to death over 'honour' killing An improvement for the rightist Lahore High Court.
Contempt of court Lahore High Court where is your Suomoto action.
Notice to govt in LG Act case: LAHORE. Justice Shahid Waheed of the Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued notice to the federal and Punj...
8/18 of the people of Pakistan, he said appealing to the Lahore High Court to reconsider its order as it violated
Appeal to Lahore High Court fulfill the justice & Lift ban on the speech of Altaf Hussain.
PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will address to Lahore High Court Bar Association on 11th January .
Decision of High Court Lahore, Bahawalpur Bench,Bahawalpur in connection with writ petition…
special thanks to Shumaila Kamal for the Post...
Dramatic love marriage decision at Lahore High Court: A newly married couple runs to save life at Lahore High ...
Pakistan court clears Mohammad Aamir for national side: Lahore—The Lahore High Court has rejected a petition c...
LHC issues notice to Kanju, others on appeal against acquittal: LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on ...
Somebody with too much free time has in the Lahore High Court challenged Mohammad Amir's inclusion in the fitness camp …
Crazy scenes at Lahore High Court - A newly wed couple fleeing for their life - My Pakistan - Aaj Pakistan
that is really a gud gesture from High court of Lahore
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Lahore high court clears Mohammad Amir's return to Pakistan team: You didn't choose any of the Sport!. Lahore ...
Lahore high court clears Mohammad Amir’s return to Pakistan team
Lahore High Court orders to re-open murder case and calls on and other suspects.
Lahore High Court summons all convicts involved in Zain murder case
Lahore High Court admits petition about Zain Murder case for regular hearing
May I know? about ur petition in high court regarding the LG polls in
Appeal against life sentence of blasphemy victim filed in Lahore High Court -
Lahore High Court dismisses a petition seeking change in Christian Marriage Act - See more at:
Rana Sufyan Arshad Law Associates Lahore got primitive victory in a case at Lahore High Court.
LHC allows media to report unofficial results of LB-polls: Islamabad: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday has gr...
Supreme Court lifts ban on Media coverage of Chief which was issued by Lahore High Court months back.
Oath taking ceremony at LHC — feeling happy at Lahore High Court
Salman Taseer's killer was defended by > 30 Lawyers incl a former CJ of Lahore High Court.
Dr. Javed Iqbal – a former Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court – passed away today. His death is indeed a...
u missed d role played by Shanawaz Bhutto, Lahore high court & father of Mehmood Qaaori - we only sing British stooges n PK
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has reached a new low by defending Altaf husains case in lahore high court
Union of husband and wife in irregular marriage cannot be regarded as un-Islamic or against Shariah, says a ruling of the Lahore High Court.
A good decision by Lahore High Court. . "Irregular marriages are not against Shariah"
Traitor aunty is defending Altaf Husain in Lahore high court...shame on her...budhapay main bhi ghaddari
LHC CJ urges lawyers to play role in dispensation of speedy justice: LAHORE: Lahore High Court...
said by not Hafiz Sayeed but division bench of the Lahore High Court.
Lahore High Court to consider review order for media blackout of if his lawyers submits an undertaking by him that he 1/2
Lahore High Court seeks affidavit, that Altaf Hussain won't speak against the state
Court asks politicians not to make false promises with the poor: LAHORE The Lahore High Court ...
MQM lawyers asked to submit undertaking: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court hinted on Friday at reviewing its order...
is this because of the Lahore High Court ban on your speech being transmitted?
He does not deserve to be on the Supreme Court. He resigned as the Judge of the Lahore High Court. He was a Junior Justicethere
Case against Altaf Hussain's speech ban in Lahore High Court today. Guess who was Altaf Hussain's Lawyer??. None other than Atma Jahangir.
Lord Carnwath is telling us about an order of the Lahore High Court setting up a climate change commission. Amazing!
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Had productive meeting on issue of my house robbery with Secretary High Court Bar, he assured full support.
Enjoying the Rain — feeling awesome at Lahore High Court
done marvelous job in Lahore High Court. CONGRATULATIONS to All.
Lahore high court men Asma Jahangir k zabardast dalael Altaf bhai will be cleared.
PFA’s Ayesha Mumtaz to launch crackdown in capital Islamabad. Lahore High Court
SC restores ECP’s code of conduct for by-elections: ISLAMABAD: Declaring the Lahore High Court...
Any coercive order by Lahore High Court against any politician outside Punjab doesn't augur well for the federation. Wish people understand.
Lahore High Court banned the live telecast of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief speeches on TV channels.
what a corrupt and bay ghairat judicial system..Lahore High court denying custody of kids to mother and giving them to grandfather..
Emotional scenes @ Lahore High Court -- Court orders to hand over kids to grand father:
Lahore High Court Bar was also party in that case in its official capacity.
Bc lahore high court Ka Judge . Handover 5 kids to grand father instead of mother. Father is in Jail for more than 3 years
What the F**knd decision by lahore high court :@ 5 child's handover to grandfather not to mother :/ why !!!
Lahore High Court awards children to their father in a separated family trial despite one father being in Jail in...
: Today’s Big Release. Banned in on Hafiz Saeed’s by Lahore High Court judge
CJ high court Lahore has been adviced by CEC not to be given extension to three TJs who gave decission against pmlnre justice?
Bollywood movie PHANTOM. Lahore High Court banned it in Pakistan.
I am not an follower but Lahore toh unka hi area hai sary judge and high court un k hai
Celebration Ceremony of by PTI Legal Task Force was arranged in Lahore High court today.
High Court seeks PC1 of built by but kept non functional by
Lahore High Court bans Indian Film "PHANTOM" over Hafiz Saeed complaint of being anti Pakistan movie
Good decision by Lahore High court bans Indian movie a classic propaganda movie advocating terrorism in Pakistan …
– Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday has declared the verdict of district election commission regarding...
True! But Lahore High court is seriously messed up. Looks more like Jamia Haqqania.
Lahore High Court dismiss petition against physical remand of 5 accused in scandal
Yep. Election Commission and Lahore High Court are the concerned authorities. They can intervene & get him security
We welcome Lahore High Court directive to let Aasia Bibi's family see her in prison
Bollywood spreading hate by Anti Pakistan movie Phantom. Banned in Pakistan by Lahore High court.
Who administered the oath of M.A. Jinnah? . '. '. '. '. '. Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Justice Abdur. Rasheed
Mumtaz gets bail in Salman Taseer attack case: Pakistan, Lahore News : A Lahore High Court division bench on W...
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| Lahore High Court to hear Ayyan's plea today | Pakistan Today - Pakistan Today
What is the factual & latest position on Lahore High court orders of stopping Private schools from collection of...
Law and order: Lahore High Court orders release of Sipah-i-Muhammad leader on interim bail | etribune,LifeStyle
Just in: Lahore High Court admits plea filed by model Ayyan Ali, 2 judge bench to hear her bail application
Lahore high court accepts bail plea of Model for hearing.
my learned Advocate friends from Lahore District Bar, Punjab Bar, Lahore High Court Bar & all seniors who guided me all way through.
DTN Pakistan: Notices in judicial commission case: LAHORE. A Lahore High Court division bench Monday issued not...
Lahore High Court has declared 800 acre land of Hamza Shehbaz Sugar Mill as Illegal. .
Lahore High Court issues contempt of court notice to Faisal Saleh Hayat, watch updates on JAAG now
Do you know you can find out the status of your case at the Lahore high court by calling 1134? case tracking system
Couple lynching case: LHC dismisses bail pleas of four accused: LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on ...
Lahore High Court has rejected supermodel Ayyan Ali’s bail plea in the money-laundering case.
Qadri, who assassinated Gov. Salmaan Taseer, is represented by ex-Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif.
158 Modification Posts of Additional District and Session Judges Announcede in Lahore High Court. Last Date to Apply 8 june. >Rasheed Naeem
158 posts of Additional District and Sessions Judges are Announced by Lahore High Court.!!!...
Additional District and Sessions Judges Posts Announced 158 Posts in Lahore High Court - study the following link...
Breaking News : . Lahore High Court gives permission to Mubashir Luqman to do his Talk Show Khara Such. .
LHC declares ‘signal-free corridor’ project illegal: LAHORE: A full bench of Lahore High Court on Friday decla...
Lahore High Court orders to immediately stop work at Signal Free Corridor, due to absence of district govt
Petition for acceptance of PTI resignations rejected by LHC: LAHORE: (Dunya News) – Lahore High Court (LHC) has on…
DTN Pakistan: LHC dismisses plea against closing markets at 8 pm: Lahore: Lahore High Court (LHC) today has di...
US warns Pak over Lakhvi's release. Days after Lahore High Court dismissed the detention order of Zaki-ur-Rehman...
Unacceptable decision - The decision of the Lahore High Court to release Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Zaki ur Rehman ...
It is outrageous that the mastermind of terrorist attack in has been released by Lahore High Court bcos…
Hats off to you, My Lords of the Lahore High Court!
Jail Road Lahore Signal Free Corridor's case is being heard in the Lahore High Court.
MEA expresses concern over Lahore High Court's decision to release Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi - newkerala news
Signal-free corridor: Court asks LDA how would project streamline traffic. LAHORE: A full bench of Lahore High...
free, disappoint . : A day after the Lahore High Court ordered his release,...
The justice is killed by Pakistan as the high court of Lahore has relieved Lakhvi on the bail today. High court...
26/11 Mastermind to be freed by order of Lahore HC |
Response to a question on the recent Lahore high Court order setting aside the detention of Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi.
Pakistan’s betrayal: The Lahore High Court has suspended the Punjab government's order to detai...
Pakistan's terror betrayal: 26/11 plotter Lakhvi walks out of jail
attacks accused Lakhvi released from jail. visit more detail:
Pakistan Frees Suspected Mumbai Attacks Mastermind on Bail: On Thursday the Lahore High Court ordered his rele...
26/11 Mumbai Attack master mind Zaki-ur-Lakhvi is released today.Lahore High Court dession is extremely unfortunate.
Ministry of Humor MinistryofHumor :. Lahore High Court orders release of Zaki-ur-Lakvi. . Looks like only have freedom of exp…
Release of Zaki Ur Rehman shows that courts of Pakistan are Independent. I appreciate to Lahore High Court for this act.
Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi released from jail on bail by Lahore High Court...
Rawalpindi:. Lahore High Court orders immediate release of zaki ul Rahman lakhvi, the main accused in Mumbai attack case.
Lahore high court orders Lakhvi’s release, India fumes What will you do now
Zaki Rehman lakhwi set free from adyala jail after the verdict of Lahore high court Lahore
Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi has been freed from jail: Islamabad Police, after the Lahore High Court ordered his release on April 9
Lakhvi and six other suspects have been charged in Pakistan but their cases have made no progress in five years. .
India fumes over Lakhvi’s release: . The Lahore High Court on Thursday dismissed the Punjab government's deten...
Lahore High Court dismiss detention orders of Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, ordered his immediate release.suspected for 26…
Lahore High Court orders Lakhvi's release 'nd then they say we are victim's of terrorism ' .
Tauqir Ghumman reports on the latest steps in 26/11 killer Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi’s inevitable march out of jail |
Thank Goodness: High Court shoots down hare-brained idea of elevated expressway in Lahore. Would have meant destruction of 1000s of trees.
High Court declares fine of Rs. 70lac on as defunct, for details watch now on
LHC declares PCB's fine of Rs. 70lac on Shoaib Akhtar as defunct: LAHORE (Dunya News) – Lahore High Court on Thursda...
Lahore High Court Lahore (Recruitment Test for the post of Civil Judges *** Magistrates (BS-17)) [ List of Can...
court admits petition seeking registration of case against Moin for visiting casino in Newzealand. Shame on Lahore high court.
High Court orders to return Rs. 7 million , collected from in fine
Lahore High Court orders PCB to return Rs. 7 million , collected from Shoaib Akhtar in fine
Lahore High Court orders PCB to reimburse Rs. 7 million, EXTORTED from cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in the name of 'fine'
Its official then! Lahore High Court is full of extremists! What did was merely visit a he did not rape or kill anyone
Expressway Plan has been declared as illegal by Lahore High Court
Lahore High Court: Punjab govt is apparently protecting the officials involved in Model Town incident
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Lahore High Court to the Court of Justice to misrepresent Justice Farrukh Irfan Multan, Khanewal | Khanewal ePaper
The Lahore High Court has dismissed the Petition against PCB. PCB lawyer submitted that "petition was filed to get cheap media publicity".
Alleged suspect sentenced to 24 hangings acquitted for lack of evidence: LAHORE (Dunya News) – Lahore High Court (LH...
Lahore High court sentences two terrorist facilitators (Omer Farooq and Mohsin alias Bugti) to life imprisonment
LHC sentences two terrorist facilitators to life imprisonment: LAHORE: A two-member bench of the Lahore High Court…
What game is Lahore High Court is playing.. Freeing all the criminals.. 24 times black warrants was released for him..
Division Bench of Lahore High Court has started contempt case today against Journalist Mian Muhammad Azhar Amin...
Next date of Hearing 19-03-2015, Case in Lahore High Court, LDCs & UDCs RTO, Faisalabad are filed the Writ...
Petition to confiscate assets of tainted cricketers not admissible, says Lahore ... - Daily…
Anyone remember Lahore High Court absolving two terrorists,seems to me they are causing all this mayhem with their counterparts
PPP is not NGO its Bhutto party why zardari declare Lahore high court PPP ngo
Accused flees court from Lahore High Court after bail r
Happy to hear that Lahore High Court has rejected the application of ineligibility of Imran Khan .
Lahore High Court accepts plea for case hearing on PTI resignations. .
[Sport] LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday said that the petition seeking confiscation of assets of cricketers
Lahore High Court Rejects the application to occupy Salman ,Asif, Aamir Assets -
Lahore High Court rejects petition seeking to seize assets of cricketers Asif, Salman Butt and Amir
Sexual harassment: ‘Why no progress on inquiry?’: LAHORE: Lahore High Court expressed…
Lahore High Court releases two prisoners facing death penalty due to lack of evidence
First time visiting inside Lahore High Court! It sounds more like a Fish Market But all fish wearing Black!
JOBS & OTHER ADS IN PAKISTAN: lahore high court...
My point of view of pending cases at High Court of Lahore. court chart (09-Feb) p2 - via
Need volunteers to work on 27-28th of Feb 2015 for Lahore High Court Bar Elections, paid of course. If you're interested please let me know.
My boss has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner for this years Lahore High Court Bar Association election.
+ U cant proof or bring any evidence against Hafiz Saeed in Lahore High Court. Ready to go for UNO
Press Release: Supreme Court of Pakistan on January 07, 2015 dismissed appeal of NAB against Mahr Riaz Fatyana Sial on honourable Acquittal from Lahore High Court in 2005, for recruitment of poor people as Education Minister in 1994. There was hearing. Supreme Court announced in their decision that Mahr Riaz Fatyana Sial did not receive any financial or personal gain or benefit from recruitment as minister. There was no any charge of corruption against him. He served as an honest man.
2-3 years ago in Brig Ali Kha's court martial case,. appeal was made to Lahore High Court. or maybe just one odd exception.
LHC disposes of plea against black warrants of death row terrorist: LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench...
Lahore High Court ordered Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2 submit its reply on petition challenging US act of announcing Bounty on Hafiz Saeed
Jang Multimedia Karachi via High Court is absolutely RIGHT; PTI has rendered Pak Gov't out of control :(
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Lahore High Court,Punjab Bar Council And Lhr Traders Have nothing to do with PTI Anarchism Call... .
16 venues in including Bhatta chowk, Liberty market, Akbar chowk, Thokar Niaz Beg,&high court chowk for blocking
More: also plans to block Harbanspura, Wahdat Road, Muzang Chungi and in front of Lahore High Court, on Dec 15
Lahore shut-down: LHC orders police to come up with security plan: LAHORE: Lahore High Court…
My article on injustice: Should I be blamed for the murder of the girl outside Lahore high court? (via
We can expect some non sense decision from Lahore High Court sorry Sherif Court .
Renowned Writer of History of Anjmin Talba Islam Brother Moin Nori Visted Lahore High Court and met Ashraf Asmi...
PML-N now counting. on. Lahore High Court. to. Rescue her . from. Dec. 15 Shutdown. /. /. .
Lahore High Court Has Expressed Displeasure Over Clever and Useless Agitations of Imran Khan and Regime's Incompetency in Tackling Him
Lahore High Court says PTI has mentally disturbed the entire nation. . Don't know why the statement sounds funny...
PTI has mentally disturbed entire nation: Lahore High Court.
& their protests have disturbed the entire nation, complains Lahore High Court
has put the entire nation in trouble & mental stress: Lahore High Court.
Good governance of Showbaz exposed by "Lahore High Court"
The *** judges of Lahore High Court dismissed Asia Bibi appeal, no Asma Jahangir or Akram Sheikh came to say they will close the court.
sad news.Today was funeral ceremony of FORMER Chief Justice LAHORE HIGH COURT RAASHID AZIZ KHAN at new muslim...
Lahore high court suspended the recovery of the federal debt servicing surcharge on on billspaisa/unit
according to lahore high court GB is not part of Pakistan
u seem to have lost ur cutting edge after ur trial by Lahore High Court. Have u?
phone talking in the Cori door of Lahore High Court.may show ur indulgence .
PEMRA is being managed by CCPO and his post is challeneged in LAHORE HIGH COURT no action by kangroo courts ??? So no one can ban GEO SHAME
You have been booted out from your illegal assignment which was given by your imbecile father by the Lahore High Court.Get lost
Mubashir Luqman and Malik Salman Ary Apologized Lahore High Court as no evidence provided
Shout out to Feryal Ali Gauhar for heading to Lahore High Court to file petition against Noora league for causing...
Lahore High Court also ordered Mubasher Lucman to change the name of his show.
Followng Imran Khan, Mubashir Lucman, Sabir Shakir & Arif Hamed Bhatti also tendered apology to Lahore High Court on Contempt of Court case!
Govt. submitted declaration in Lahore High Court that no one will be allowed to violate the law on 30th Nov.
84 judges promoted: LAHORE THE administration committee (AC) of the Lahore High Court in its m...
Lahore High Court RWP Bench declares Ephedrine is not narcotics
Will be talking abt surveillance technologies, the right to & Int Law in Lahore High Court Bar tomorrow
Establishment backed owner of right wing tv channel Salman Iqbal & Hate anchor offer unconditional apology to Lahore High court
Ary Chief Salman Iqbal,hate anchor Lucman & other journalists of beg in front of Lahore high court & offer unconditional apology.
Hear the renowned Justice Nasira Iqbal, retired judge of Lahore High Court, talk about Floods 2014!. 1st...
I believe someone has done so in the Lahore High Court already:
Another victory for and media as a whole. Great decision by Lahore high court.
A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif demanding examination of the tax record of 12 names that Judicial Commission approved for the judges of Lahore High Court and Peshawer High Court. Word has it the majority of the would-be judges has questionable tax record. Information in this respect has been annexed with the letter addressed to the PM. According to constitutional scheme of things, only Chief Justice of Pakistan has discretion to pick names of the potential nominees that are considered by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan headed by him. The list is then sent to the Parliamentary Committee for the Appointment of Judges of Superior Court for consideration within 14-day. The Committee approved eight names finalized for Lahore High Court but couldn't build consensus over four names for Peshawar High Court, though it didn't have requisite majority (3/4th) to reject them. Now, President of Pakistan will notify them as judge on the ADVICE of Prime Minister. Let's see whether the tax re ...
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