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Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court is based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established as a high court on March 21, 1919. The Lahore High Court has jurisdiction over Punjab.

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Lahore High Court ordered Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2 submit its reply on petition challenging US act of announcing Bounty on Hafiz Saeed
Jang Multimedia Karachi via High Court is absolutely RIGHT; PTI has rendered Pak Gov't out of control :(
Lahore High Court,Punjab Bar Council And Lhr Traders Have nothing to do with PTI Anarchism Call... .
16 venues in including Bhatta chowk, Liberty market, Akbar chowk, Thokar Niaz Beg,&high court chowk for blocking
More: also plans to block Harbanspura, Wahdat Road, Muzang Chungi and in front of Lahore High Court, on Dec 15
Lahore shut-down: LHC orders police to come up with security plan: LAHORE: Lahore High Court…
LAHORE: Pakistan Railways (PR) has decided to go to the Supreme Court to challenge a Lahore High Court’s (LHC)...
My article on injustice: Should I be blamed for the murder of the girl outside Lahore high court? (via
We can expect some non sense decision from Lahore High Court sorry Sherif Court .
Renowned Writer of History of Anjmin Talba Islam Brother Moin Nori Visted Lahore High Court and met Ashraf Asmi...
PML-N now counting. on. Lahore High Court. to. Rescue her . from. Dec. 15 Shutdown. /. /. .
Lahore High Court Has Expressed Displeasure Over Clever and Useless Agitations of Imran Khan and Regime's Incompetency in Tackling Him
Lahore High Court says PTI has mentally disturbed the entire nation. . Don't know why the statement sounds funny...
PTI has mentally disturbed entire nation: Lahore High Court.
& their protests have disturbed the entire nation, complains Lahore High Court
has put the entire nation in trouble & mental stress: Lahore High Court.
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Good governance of Showbaz exposed by "Lahore High Court"
The *** judges of Lahore High Court dismissed Asia Bibi appeal, no Asma Jahangir or Akram Sheikh came to say they will close the court.
sad news.Today was funeral ceremony of FORMER CHIEF JUSTICE LAHORE HIGH COURT RAASHID AZIZ KHAN at new muslim...
Lahore high court suspended the recovery of the federal debt servicing surcharge on on billspaisa/unit
according to lahore high court GB is not part of Pakistan
u seem to have lost ur cutting edge after ur trial by Lahore High Court. Have u?
phone talking in the Cori door of Lahore High Court.may show ur indulgence .
PEMRA is being managed by CCPO and his post is challeneged in LAHORE HIGH COURT no action by kangroo courts ??? So no one can ban GEO SHAME
You have been booted out from your illegal assignment which was given by your imbecile father by the Lahore High Court.Get lost
Mubashir Luqman and Malik Salman Ary Apologized Lahore High Court as no evidence provided
Shout out to Feryal Ali Gauhar for heading to Lahore High Court to file petition against Noora league for causing...
Lahore High Court also ordered Mubasher Lucman to change the name of his show.
Followng Imran Khan, Mubashir Lucman, Sabir Shakir & Arif Hamed Bhatti also tendered apology to Lahore High Court on Contempt of Court case!
Govt. submitted declaration in Lahore High Court that no one will be allowed to violate the law on 30th Nov.
84 judges promoted: LAHORE THE administration committee (AC) of the Lahore High Court in its m...
Lahore High Court RWP Bench declares Ephedrine is not narcotics
Will be talking abt surveillance technologies, the right to & Int Law in Lahore High Court Bar tomorrow
Establishment backed owner of right wing tv channel Salman Iqbal & Hate anchor offer unconditional apology to Lahore High court
Ary Chief Salman Iqbal,hate anchor Lucman & other journalists of beg in front of Lahore high court & offer unconditional apology.
Hear the renowned Justice Nasira Iqbal, retired judge of Lahore High Court, talk about Floods 2014!. 1st...
I believe someone has done so in the Lahore High Court already:
Another victory for and media as a whole. Great decision by Lahore high court.
A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif demanding examination of the tax record of 12 names that Judicial Commission approved for the judges of Lahore High Court and Peshawer High Court. Word has it the majority of the would-be judges has questionable tax record. Information in this respect has been annexed with the letter addressed to the PM. According to constitutional scheme of things, only Chief Justice of Pakistan has discretion to pick names of the potential nominees that are considered by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan headed by him. The list is then sent to the Parliamentary Committee for the Appointment of Judges of Superior Court for consideration within 14-day. The Committee approved eight names finalized for Lahore High Court but couldn't build consensus over four names for Peshawar High Court, though it didn't have requisite majority (3/4th) to reject them. Now, President of Pakistan will notify them as judge on the ADVICE of Prime Minister. Let's see whether the tax re ...
In the Hall of Honor, 12 new names have entered with their formal approval from President as judge of Peshawar High Court and Lahore High Court. Let's begin with PHC that got four new judges. 1) Justice Younis Thaheem. Have a look at five-year tax record of this newly-appointed judge. Paid only once and that's Rs. 1000. No wealth statement. Assets also has to be declared in wealth statement that is mandatory with tax return. 2) Justice Haider Ali Khan: His tax in five-year ranges between Rs. 257 to Rs. 22,350. Wealth statement was filed not once in 5-year. 3) Justice Ghazanfar Khan: His 5-year tax ranges between Rs 5,220 to Rs 29,020. Wealth statement filed one-time in five-year. 4) Justice Qalandar Khan: He was Chairman Services Tribunal of KP so tax deduction from salary BUT wealth statement only once in five-year.
Lahore High Court has disposed off Chairperson Prime Minister Loan Scheme Case. In his remarks, Justice Mansoor...
Tomorrow on 7 November 2014, hearing of Writ Petition of Imran Khan PTI chief will be held in Lahore High Court...
My piece for about Pakistan's blasphemy laws and the AAsia Bibi verdict
Hideous story about a woman (who happens to be a mother of 5) sentenced to death in for alleged blasphemy.
Not sure it is yet. However, u can check with Lahore High court .
MT Now this seems like a good initiative! "High Court Help Line .
Hardly Mainstream? : Lahore HC (High Court) confirmed death for blasphemy for a Christian lady just last week.
May we request Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into the tax record before notifying 12 judges finalized for Lahore/Peshawar High Court.
LHC seeks help on matters of army officers: LAHORE: A Lahore High Court full bench on Friday sought assistance...
DTN Pakistan: Reply sought in expressway case: LAHORE. A full bench of the Lahore High Court Friday sought repl...
Death penalty affirmed in Pakistan blasphemy case: The Lahore High Court has rejected the appeal of 
Pakistan upholds death sentence for Asia Bibi, Christian convicted of blasphemy for speaking up about her faith
no last year PMLn supprt Hamid khan group in Lahore high court bar n he was won..
Exclusive: Asia Bibi, sentenced to death for blasphemy in has decided to take her case to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Last week Lahore High Court rejected her appeal and upheld the death sentence. (More on Glory TV - tonight at 8pm UK time)
Lahore High Court. ..bakri against killers of minorities but Sher for Sher. . …
Good survey article by Asia Bibi's Death Sentence in Pakistan Upheld by Lahore High Court
Last Thursday, Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy in Pakistan, had her death sentence confirmed by the Lahore High Court. Since the court's decision, many human rights and Christian groups have spoken out on behalf of Bibi, demanding for her immediate release. Bibi was convicted of…
Just in: Lahore High Court summons Attorney General for consultations on petition seeking to register Treason case against Imran,
Pemra bans TV anchor and his programme: ISLAMABAD: In compliance with an order of the Lahore High Court (LHC), the…
once again banned by Lahore High Court i mean Sharief Courts. so it's proved once again he speaks truth.
Website of Lahore High Court defaced by Indian hackers in reaction to statements of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Kashmir.
Controversial slogan 'Go Nawaz Go' challenged in high court
Ban on viral slogan sought: LAHORE: A Writ Petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court seeking a ban on t...
LHC to hear case against PMs foreign tours after Eid: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday overruled registrar…
LHC issues stay order on luxury tax: LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has issued injunction or stay order regardi...
“GO NAWAZ GO”: Freedom of speech or hate speech?: A petition filed before the Lahore High Court today to direc...
when Lahore High Court didn't find him guilty but Gullu Butt declares himself guilty & seeks forgiveness.
Go Nawaz Go slogan challenged in Lahore High Court. If court rules against PIT then we would be forced to change the slogan to
Go Nawaz Go’ slogan, which is getting increasingly popular both at home and abroad, has now been challenged in the Lahore High Court.
How idiotic: Slogan 'Go Nawaz Go' has been challenged in Lahore High Court - petitioner wants court to ban it citing thr…
The High Court which acquitted even after video proof will acquit the barbaric of the brutal murders too
Watch video of Gullu Butt after being released from jail on the orders of Lahore High Court (LHC).
Remarkable achievement by ILF. Lahore High Court has accepted w/p filed by ILF Punjab today and released 551 detained workers of PTI throughout Punjab. Compensation to the detained workers and imposition of fine and penalties on the officials of Govt has also been sought which will be decided by the court very soon. As of today no pti worker is left behind the bars now. Ailya Hina advocate. ILF PUNJAB. Syeda Saloni Bokhari Pti President Women Wing Punjab survying the devastation the flash floods caused on the Korang river near Islamabad. A residential area for the white colored population if the twin cities, who needed some help to get them through this tough period. Accompanying Saloni are Farah Agha VP North Women Wing Punjab, Seemi Ezdi Coordinator IDPs and Welfare Committee PTI with Nighat Saeed who us also in the IDPs Welfare Committee PTI with Fauzia Several homes were left devastated Distributing rations. More pictures to add
Lahore High Court ordered to release Gullu Butt as soon as possible
Proverbial character of Pakistan especially of politics, Gullu Butt has been released on the orders of the Lahore High Court.
"Lahore High Court releases Gullu Butt". Only if Gullu Butt were PPP member, would have been suo motu by now.
LAHORE: Gullu Butt released from jail on the order of Lahore High Court, he was taken out of jail through VIP...
Respected and Honorable Mr. Gullu Butt has been asked to release by Lahore High Court. MashAllah insaaf aam hai iss mulk main, court did not accept video evidence against Mr. Gullu Butt
Lahore High Court on Friday ordered the release of declaring his detention as unconstitutional.
Lahore High Court ordered to release Main Player famous to Participate against Lahore Jalsa.
I think I should start doing same to cars in my locality as Lahore High Court orders inmediare release of Gullo Butt http:…
Gullu Butts detention termed illegal by Judge Qasim Khan of Lahore High Court! And no,Im not kidding,ths is how flawed our …
Surprised that Gullu Butt has been released by Lahore High Court? You need to know then LHC Judges are nothing but educate…
LHC orders immediate release of Gullu Butt: LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) declared the arrest of Gullu Butt ...
Lahore High Court declares detention of arrest of Gullu Butt as illegal, orders immediate release, hence terms smashing 100…
Off Floods, Lion & the Monkey:- Once upon a time a Lion was going on vacations; Monkeys demanded that since they have never been the King of the Jungle this time around their Chief Monkey should be the king. So Lion agreed and a Monkey was made King for a day. Only a few hours had passed when a herd of sheep approached the "Monkey King" crying and protesting that a wolf has taken one of their young and King need to do something. Monkey King said, "Don't worry" and then immediately went across thick Jungle jumping across trees while shouting warnings to the Wolf. Nothing happened; Sheep returned crying and telling that Wolf has already gone far off; on this Monkey again shouted threats to Wolf and starting jumping across trees, however soon sheep returned crying and wailing that wolf is now sitting at river edge and eating the young sheep. On this Monkey King said: "Tusee dekhya kay mein koshish tay bohat kiti see" - You have seen that I tried my level best. Pakistani politics of flood management is built ...
[News Update] Asia Bibi's appeal hearing against the death sentence in High Court (LHC) has been postponed for the seventh time till October 16. The Court has given last chance to lawyers of the both side for final arguments.
Government Dayal Singh College, Lahore is a college for graduate and post graduate students affiliated to the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Sardar Dyal Singh belonged to the Shergil or Gill clan of Sardars of Majitha village between Lahore and Amritsar, near Wahga Border. He is known as the “Founder of The Tribune” and one who bequeathed his largely self-earned assets including buildings in Lahore and land in Amritsar, Lahore and Gurdaspur districts worth about Rs.30 lakh in 1898 to two trusts which established Dyal Singh College and Dyal Singh Public Library in Lahore. The college was run by an educational trust, consisted of Dayal Singh College, Dayal Singh Library, Dayal Singh Majithia Hall and Dayal Singh Mansions located at The Mall Lahore, adjacent to Lahore High Court.
Lahore High Court has introduced finger print verification for it's Bar Elections '15
Pleasant weather over here. — at Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench Rawalpindi
DTN Pakistan: Reply sought from govt, NAB in Ittefaq case: LAHORE. A “referee judge” of the Lahore High Court o...
Lahore High Court again postpones hearing, the Christian woman jailed more than 4 years without trial in rotten
not illegal Lahore High Court has cleared blockades around TUQ house. Police ne hi lagwaye they under high court orders lol
A case is being heard right now for Ittefaq Foundry to return the loans they had taken and never returned. Lahore High Court…
Asia Bibi appeal hearing before Lahore High Court adjourned yet again this time to 16 Oct after lawyer for her husband didn't show up.
Asia Bibi's appeal hearing against her death sentence in Lahore High Court was postponed for the seventh time.
Asia Bibi UPDATE: . After her appearance in court today, Lahore High Court Judge, Anwar Ul Haq, postponed her...
A division bench of the Lahore High Court on Monday dismissed an intra-court appeal of (ICA) challenging the...
Application filed in Lahore high court against Nawaz Shareef lying in the parliament Is there any hope for Justice?
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's qualification challenged at Lahore High Court . He speaked lie on the floor of Parliament so he is no more a ' Sadiq n Ameen ' under article 62 & 63
I strongly condemn the allegation of Imran Khan against President Lahore High Court Bar Association Mr Shafqat Mahmood Chohan. We lawyers of Pakistan are united, Hence, strike all over Pakistan on Monday.
A petition has filled to implement article no. 62 & 63 on so-called PM Nawaz Sharif in High Court.
Insaf Lawyers Forum has filed a petition in Lahore High Court to disqualify Nawaz Sharif for lying!
Lahore High Court Bar Association to observe anti-Imran strike on Monday over baseless allegations
LHC moved to disqualify PM Nawaz: LAHORE: A petition was filed in the Lahore High Court on Saturday seek...
BREAKING: Petition filed in Lahore High Court seeking disqualification of PM on Article 63/63 for lying on floor of…
Nawaz Sharifs ministry challenged in Lahore High Court on account of lying to Army - 30th…
Lahore high court declears That PM cannot continue according to article 62 and 63. .should step down
's qualification challenged in High Court
ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique on Thursday said the government has decided to register First Information Report (FIR) against all accused in Model Town tragedy in accordance with the orders of the session court.On Tuesday, the Lahore High Court (LHC) upheld a session...
"Lahore High Court dismiss Federal Ministers appeals against Sessions court" judgment no way but to file FIR against Sharif…
please visit Lahore High Court and check with the clerk who is the judge now days i am sure you will find your answers
why nawaz resignation is uncontituional . question to ur self if ur true pakistani. the rest are contituional.. for nawaz only. becoz he killed 14ppl . becoz he rigged election. becoz he is corrupt... becoz his family involve in huge business. becoz he is making good money ... Pakistan is going to poorty... becoz he didn't do anything past 30 years in govt . how v expect from him anymore... Nawaz and his brother is the hitler of Pakistan that's y they must resign. if he was in other country he is been sent to life prism he is the killer of innocent people... also financial killer. all Pakistan money he put in his own business... that's y he is not resigning. INSHALLAH when he resign Pakistan become a independent country. so plz I request every single pakistani to understand this courrupt leader... and throm him away. shame on Supreme Court lahore high court of pakistan coz they make constituional all the above for nawaz family only
because Khawaja Imtiaz CJ LHC is on leave, and Ex Lawyer of PMLN is MANZOOR MALIK is acting Chief Justice Lahore High Court.
Govt challenged Session court decision of Model Town Case in Lahore High Court.
The lawyer of Nawaz family is now the Cheif Justice of High Court Lahore. And the matter of fact is, they are challenging Session court. WOW
Still looking for the verification of newly appointed acting CJ of Lahore High Court, who had served Shareef's as a lawyer in 1999.
Manzoor Malik- The acting CJ Lahore High Court is the same person who was Nawaz Sharif's counsel in Plane Hijacking case.
stated in his speech today regarding Lahore High Court is 100% true. 1/2
TUQ raising very relevant questions on the role of acting CJ lahore high court who was Nawaz sharief's lawyer during plane hi…
exposed how Sharifs control Lahore High Court so they don't register FIR against them but their final hour is…
PTI workers go berserk when they arrived at Lahore High Court accompanying their party head Imran Khan. ~ARY News.
A petition has been filed in Lahore High Court against civil disobedience movement call by PTI Chairman Imran Khan
Lahore High Court declares and marches to as unconstitutional and illegal.
Lahore High Court does not have any territorial jurisdiction in Islamabad..
Lahore High Court stops PTI from Proceeding with Unconstitutional Long March in Islamabad.: via
Breaking News: Lahore High Court orders Government to remove containers from all over Punjab (which were put to block Azadi March) as soon as possible. Azadi March is on and we are determined to reach Islamabad in record numbers!
Will IK now take his revolutionary crowd to Lahore High Court for a dharna before it?
Lahore High court has ordered that PTI & PAT are not allowed to do "Long March" and "Inqilaab March"... Federal Government has decided to implement this order through police,ranger and in the end Pak Army...!
Lahore high court orders to stop Azadi March
Unconstitutional as Lahore High Court demands immediate removal of containers however continue
Lahore High Court orders removal of containers across Punjab
Lahore High Court will examine Qadri’s speech
Reflections on azadi / inqilab marches I had been trying to remain detached (at times by denial) from this mass hysteria created for the past few weeks especially by the politicians and media around the marches and the possible threat it poses to the survival of the government or that matter democracy. But today, I feel I need to write. I will welcome altenate views of those who have taken the pains of reading this artcle, I have taken the liberty of writing on the eve of 14th August independence day. I know that many of my friends and family (similar to the polarization within the nation) will oppose my viewpoint or some may agree. I don’t care. I am using this opportunity to express myself. I am not a die-hard supporter of PTI, PML (N) & nor do I consider the current PPP as the party representing ideals and philosophy of ZA Bhutto. I fully support Imran Khan’s proposals for electoral reforms as well as Maulana Tahir ul Qadri’s suggestions of bringing true democracy in the country. However what pa ...
Even after High Court orders to remove all containers from across Punjab, govt is adding more!
Lahore High Court stops PTI from proceeding with undemocratic long march
Lahore High Court is famous for giving controversial verdicts & always comes to rescue PML-N guys
Sheer violation of honourable lahore high court's order regarding removing of containers by punjab government is highly condemnable.
Has Lahore High Court given a 'Honourable Exit' to our PTI friends? cc
old video. Lahore High Court has already declared this video as "doctored".
Lahore high court bans long march or Azadi March so let see who obeys it Or the state have to do they have to do to safegaurd life of normal citizen of pakistan
Lahore High Court appears to be getting involved in politics.. like mediator? Am I alone or others also think so?
Lahore high court orders for the removal of containers. PMLN ignore this order. Clear disregard of democracy.
Lahore High Court order to stop azadi and inqlab March
Care you satisfy with our judicial system? There are pending cases in the jurisdiction of Lahore high court and it's subordinate courts. Instead of entertaining these cases, judiciary involved in rigging elections favourtsm and so called missing persons matters. (Khud ap he kr lijye apni adaaon py ghaur Jo hm kuch kahen gy to shikayet *** gi)
LHC decision on long marches to be upheld: Nisar: ISLAMABAD: Appreciating the decision of Lahore High Court (L...
Lahore High Court says democratic protests are unconstitutional.. .what the Nawaz Sharif does that even mean??
asked govt to remove containers & end as per Lahore High Court ruling. Lets see how 'democratic' govt responds.
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri asks Punjab govt to remove containers from around Model Town and elsewhere in the province as per lah…
Rana Mashood video scandal taking bribe will be declared illegal and unconstitutional by Lahore High Court. Because taking bribe is legal.
Lahore High Courts declared the containers in Model Town as illegal and unconstitutional, PK in contempt of court!
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I never understood why Lahore High Court always comes to rescue PML-N's guys.
Javed Hashmi agrees to participate in Azadi March after Lahore high court bans all protest rallies in Islamabad on indepe…
In my openion Lahore high court is a paid court of Nawaz sh. u cant expect justice from Gullo court
: Lahore High Court does not admit Video Evidence as was in GuluBut case
"This video was proved tampered by Lahore High Court: Rana" --- Agr thora zor lgaaty tou LHC us video m IK ki involvement bi declare krdeti!
Lahore high court decision has proved There is no democracy in governance. There is no rule of justice
Lahore High Court declares the Lahore Siege illegal but Government continues its tyranny on civilians ht…
bt dt video was doctored n was already pass through Lahore High Court , again wrong journalism
Lahore High Court, where Gullu Butt is more constitutional than !
Geo TV reporting on Lahore High Court decision about long march not fair and honest.
Btw how Lahore High Court can pass a decision on an event which is going to take place at Islamabad ?. Islamabad has its own high court.
Now who know why PMLN MNAs run to Sharif oops I mean Lahore High Court to get stay orders to stop NADRA verification
Lahore High Court says no unconstitutional march to Islamabad but Imran Khan & Tahir-ul-Qadri bent on going ahead with protest tomorrow.
How can Lahore High Court pass a judgment on events that are to be taken within Federal territory?
Lahore High Court gave a balanced verdict? Allowed March but denied sit in ? What about jurisdiction of over Federal Area
The court of justice (Lahore High Court) has become court of equity by-passing the laws and principles of justice
"Azadi March" has been challenged in Lahore High Court! PML N has used alternative to force now
Lahore High Court stops Punjab Police to arrest PTI Workers & also orders to return siezed motorcycles to its owners
A judge of the Lahore High Court on Thursday asked the chief justice to constitute a larger bench to hear petitions against the Azadi March
On my way to Rawalpindi to appear in the Writ Petition fixed in the Single bench of Mr. Jutice Mazahar Ali Aqbar Naqvi of Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench on 04-08-14. — traveling to Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
These innocent PTI workers wreak havoc in Lahore High Court, beat up n fired upon on their own fellows in Raheem Yar Khan jalsa
Another person sentenced to death for blasphemy in Paskistan. The fight for freedom of thought continues.
Who Killed This Woman? The mysterious murder and possible honor killing outside the High Court in Lahore via
it's not a good sign; NTS is negated by Lahore high court, low quality management.
Official summoned for help in tariff case: LAHORE The Lahore High Court has sought personal ap...
Nepra summoned to tell court about tariff: LAHORE: Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah of the Lahore High Court has directed the...Dawn News
Another person who is behind the attacks on is Badr-e-Alam Advocate High Court. 1 Atif Plaza Turner Road Lahore.
police is powerless, they were watching when two men were killing a lady in front of high court lahore. Don't say!
Supreme Court has annulled Lahore High Court's decision on Hajj quota case.
Bad news for those students who want to get admission in MS/M.Phil and who already enrolled in MS/M.Phil degree without passing GAT test nts. LAHORE HIGH COURT extendr date for NTS GAT to conduct university admission till september 30. Regards, Tehseen
Pakistan: Lahore High Court sentences blasphemy convict with history of mental illness to death
Supreme Court overturns High Court verdict in Haj Quota case
Islamabad: SC set aside the Lahore High Court verdict in case, restores
Supreme Court overturns Lahore High Court verdict in Haj Quota case, restores Haj Policy 2014
Judicial Canabalism: Supreme Court voids Lahore High Court verdict in Haj Quota case
Lahore High Court sentences blasphemy convict to death via
In the meanwhile in Pakistan: "(News) High Court sentences blasphemy convict to death
(News) High Court sentences blasphemy convict to death
Lahore High Court sentences blasphemy convict to death
Dear pray for woman who is selling her 3 kids in front of Lahore High Court now
Assalam o alikum. for latest hajj news, Lahore high court orders and judgments, Supreme Court latest news,. please...
What abt Lahore High Court that declared DrQadri as most corrupt.
Barriers around secretariat of MQI had been erected on the orders of the Lahore High Court 4 years ago
Drinking Coke and Pepsi lead to beat the girl to death in front of Lahore High Court, Pakistan?!
.pakistan Couple was Brutally Beaten by Girl’s Family at Lahore High Court
Soon a nut will file a case in the Lahore High Court against Humaima Malik for besmirching Pakistan's good name
I also visit Lahore High Court and met at kiyani hall with Muhammad Ashraf aasmi sb, rana shaheen and other lawyers.
Petition Filed case with Pakistan High Court - link
KARACHI: After the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday cleared a group of athletes to particip...
Pakistan to send 62-member team to Commonwealth Games after Lahore high court order
Govt challenges LHC decision over Hajj quota in SC: ISLAMABAD: The government has challenged Lahore High Court (LHC) verdict to...Abb Takk
Restoration of Geo channels on April 19 slot: Did Pemra act in light of SC orders, asks Lahore High Court
DTN Pakistan: Contempt notice to lawyer: LAHORE JUSTICE Ayesha A. Malik of the Lahore High Court on Thursday i...
LHC recommends larger bench to hear plea over Model Town tribunal: LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) has recommended constitution of a...Ary
Lahore High Court allows 62 players to take part in Commonwealth Games
case: restrained from concluding A Lahore High Court division bench on Tuesday...
PAKISTAN: Lahore High Court inspect code of conduct for politicians who display wild animals as electoral symbols
Lahore High Court sets up commission to oversee wildlife affairs in province -- suggests no animal be given as election symbol in future
Prof.being greeted warmly by lawyers at Lahore High Court for a conference
Lahore High Court (LHC) lays down criteria to hear cases in summer ... -
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Chief Justice of Lahore high court please take notice of Imran Khan Incitement of violence on national media. .
Lahore High Court Bar Association Met Dr.Qadri in his have been taken by My Cell Camera.Meeting was very impressive.
If police r behaving like gangsters removing barriers,that were ordered by Lahore High Court,at 2am in the morning, wht u expect?
why they doing such stupid things like this shame on Lahore high court
Only reply i could found plz read it.
Just in: Ex-Minister Rana Sanaullah arrives at Lahore High Court to appear before judicial commission
Dr Qadri provided the proof that the High Court Lahore gave the orders to put up security barriers at MQI Secretariat.
: The document of Lahore High court about feces.
I didn't see that u give any fatwah against this dramahigh court)
Supreme Court has sought the record of Lahore High Court orders under which Farzana appeared before the court.
certofied by lahore high court.I m old student of minhaj school & my name is stil written there in position now :(
Govt warned in judicial allowance case: LAHORE The Lahore High Court on Tuesday warned the Pun...
This woman argued for an hour or so before a Divisional bench of the Lahore High Court today, her arguments were full of crap.
. # If see the history of this Molvi the qualities we find which describe by Lahore high court.
oh the high court. lahore court. In a country whr SC is controversial.besides the stry hs bn exposd
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What Lahore High Court said about him.liar (Jhoota), attention seeker, ambitious 2 gain power by hook/crook...hero of
Sir apparently he was declared mentally unstable by the Lahore High Court in 1999! Not hard to believe!
ASSALAM O ALIKUM. With reference to the hearing of quota case in Lahore High Court tomorrow 24-06-2014 which is...
Lahore High Court in one of its proceedings against Qadri in 90s remarked "Dr.Qadri Khud Garz, Jhootay aur Shohrat kay bhookay insaan hain."
Ik left lahore high court due 2 disturbence by folowers Qadri shuld leave plane if he has any guts of a leader
After the tribunal's findings of Lahore high court, Nawaz Sharif promises legal action over Lahore tragedy
Ex-parte proceedings if politicians fail to appear: LHC: LAHORE  - The Lahore High Court on Friday said ex-parte...
Foreign Assets case :- Lahore High Court to take action against those who have not submitted their replies
Who in the Court or in High Court is going to be free of n influence? Hardly anyone. judicial inquiries nothing but jo
Barriers outside & house were put up upon orders of High Court. did not even request barriers
Lahore High Court to begin one-sided proceedings against Nawaz, Shehbaz, Bilawal & 41 others in a case related to Foriegn Assets.
Foreign assets: Action against politicians who failed to submit reply: LAHORE (Web Desk) – Lahore High Court on Frid...
LAHORE: At least seven people including a woman were killed and 80 injured during as Minhajul Quran workers and police clashed here on Tuesday. According to hospital sources those killed have not been identified yet. In the early hours of Tuesday, Minhajul Quran workers pelted police with stones and chanted slogans against the government as law enforces tried to remove blockades placed outside the secretariat of the organization and residence of Dr Tahirul Qadri. Heavy contingent of police baton charged the protesters and resorted to aerial firing and tear gas to disperse the angry workers. The police said that the hurdles were being removed as people were facing difficulties in their movement. However, a spokesman for the Minhajul Quran said that the organization had sought the Lahore High Court orders to close the roads near the secretariat. Denouncing the police action, Dr Tahirul Qadri said that the government could not stop the revolution through vendetta in the darkness of the night. Punjab Law Mini ...
(founder Dr. said the barriers which are being removed from his residence, were installed at the behest of Lahore High Court (LHC).
Breaking: Lahore High Court orders the Ban of Mubashir Luqman on Doing Shows Due to His Remarks against Judiciary
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Pakistan and State Failure: Waiting For Justice Ahmed Rashid 03/06/2014 Can Pakistan's future be decided by more military-civilian wrestling or is joint action against extremism possible? Ahmed Rashid is a journalist and the author of five books on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia. His latest book is "Pakistan on the Brink, the future of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West". The security situation in Pakistan has deteriorated without much reaction from the government, argues Rashid [EPA] Here is a shortlist of recent horror stories from Pakistan, for which there is no government accountability or action and little public protest out of fear generated by an ever-widening range of Islamic extremists, who carry out acts of terror with impunity. On May 27, a young woman who had married on her free will was stoned to death by her father and brothers near the Lahore High Court on a road that is one of the busiest in the city. Farzana Parveen, 25, was pregnant and on her way to court to contest an abduction ...
Farzana's honour killing by sangsar on main door of Lahore High Court on busy Mall road in presence of many police officials is a big question on good governance of the government. United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, United States foreign affairs ( State Dept) and Govt of UK expressed serious concern. International media highlighted it. Few years back, two innocent boys was killed in same manner in front of 15 police officials in Sialkot. 11 persons were killed by sangsar in Diamar, Karakoram Highway, when police was present there.This's constitutional, legal, ethical and professional responsibility of police officials to protect human life. But they were failed. This defamed face of our administration, specially police. Police officials present at site should be removed from job and be arrested on charge of criminal negligence and non professional attitude. Big bosses of Police should step down.Govt should improve moral commitment, capacity and credibility of the police.
akistan Peoples Party Social Media Punjab with the collaboration of the Pakistan Peoples Party Human Rights Wing Punjab will hold a candlelight vigil to raise voice for justice to Farzana Bibi, a Pakistani woman killed by her relatives outside Lahore High Court for marrying against their wishes. Please come to Lahore Press Club this Friday 30th May at 5:00 pm, please join us, show your support and solidarity.
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken notice of a woman being stoned to death outside the Lahore High Court (LHC).  The prime minister has directed Chief Minist ...
I wonder no body tried to stop or resist against those beasts stoning innocent lady in the area of Lahore High Court. Curs…
or intervene. Lahore High Court is a busy place. Nobody saw a group of 20 people attacking someone?
Farzana Bibi was stoned by her relatives outside Lahore High Court in Pakistan, because she married a man on her...
Woman stoned to death outside Lahore High Court
Welcome to the Stone Age! : Woman stoned to death outside Lahore High Court
PREGNANT WOMAN STONED TO DEATH BY OWN FAMILY A three-months pregnant Pakistani woman was beaten to death with bricks by members of her own family Tuesday for marrying the man of her choice, police said. Farzana Iqbal, 25, was attacked outside the Lahore High Court by more than two dozen people including her brother and father, senior investigator Rana Akhtar told AFP. She had been due in court to defend her new husband against allegations, made by her family, that he had kidnapped her and forced her to marry him. MORE ON THIS:
A woman was killed by her brothers on Tuesday outside the Lahore High Court (LHC) over a free will marriage. Her brothers pelted bricks on her, leaving her with serious head injuries which lead to her death. The deceased had come to the high court from Faisalabad to attend a hearing of a case. The s…
LAHORE: A girl who was identified as Farzana, murdered by her brothers in front of the main gate of Lahore High Court, Aaj News reports.
LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on Wednesday issued a show cause notice to a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) assistant director for arresting an accused who had approached the court for bail.
Chairman Imran Khan's Press Statement (May 21, 2014) Chairman Imran Khan today welcomed the Lahore High Court decision on foreign assets of politicians and others. He stated categorically that although he earned abroad for 18 years he shifted his assets back to Pakistan and they are all in his name – not in any family members' name. His statement of assets and taxes paid are all in public domain, displayed on the PTI website and he challenged other political leaders to do the same.
One must tell federal minsters that PTI workers have not attacked Lahore High Court but they attacked Supreme Court
Former Fast Bowler and member of ICL Shahid Nazir spoke to and confirmed that he along with many other cricketers will file a suit against Moin Khan in Lahore High Court. Shahid Said that Moin Khan was intermediary between cricketers and to ICL Moin also received 15% commission, however; still Moin has not paid the promised dues. Shahid accused that Moin transferred amount of ten million rupees into his account as Tax Returns but did not pay to the Cricketers. According to Shahid, Moin khan has accepted that the amount of Tax Return is in his bank account.
JUSTICE FOR ALL AND IMPUNITY FOR NONE: ITS PORTRAIL BY THE MEDIA By: JUSTICE (R) SYED SHABBAR RAZA RIZVI Justice for allmer Judge Lahore High Court Lahore It has been sincerely and bona fidely felt that some recent judgments of the Supreme Court of Pakistan caused injustice to the Justices, who took oath under P.C.O. and impunity to all military and civil authorities who actually imposed or acted on the Proclamation of emergency, P.C.O. Order No. l of 2007 in the country on 3rd November, 2007. This fact has also not been portrayed truly by the media, unfortunately. According to the Supreme Court it passed a restraining order on 3rd November 2007, after the issuance of Proclamation of emergency which directed to:-- (i) Government of Pakistan i.e. the President and Prime Minister to restrain from undertaking any such action, which was contrary to the independence of the judiciary; (ii) Chief of the Army Staff (then President of Pakistan also), all Corps Commanders, General Staff Officers and all other conce ...
plz ask Ansar Abbasi did he resigned when he reported a false story about assassination of CJ Lahore High Court?
Education EDO summoned in teacher’s promotion case PAKPATTAN: The Lahore High Court has summoned the Education executive district officer with record regarding promotion of a teacher. In a petition, Samia Sajid d/o Niaz Ahmad Sajid said that Hafsa Iqbal d/o Muhammad Iqbal had been appointed as a teacher in Bahawalnagar district on March 20, 2007. She said that she gave application for promotion as a SSE teacher in BPS-16 in Pakpattan district, but the Education EDO promoted Hafsa Iqbal, who was behind her in the promotion list. To this, the LHC ordered the Education EDO to appear within three weeks with relevant record.
file this application alongwith copies of these documents to edo and comissioner To, The Secretary health Civil Secretariat Subject: Rejoining after termination from PPSC M.O as ordered by Lahore High Court and Health dept. Sir, With due respect it is stated that I was selected as a PPSC MO via order no and dated .i worked for 2 months in BHU and then after clearing FCPS 1, I had to join Mayo hospital Lahore for my training of FCPS. Due to absence from my posting place my services were terminated via order no . Now as per court orders and Department of health I am giving my joining again in health dept. District Gujranwala. My further services will be liable to further decision of Court and as the final policy of agreement between the Health dept. and Young Doctors Association. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours truly, Dr Dated 21-04-2014
Election Results of Lahore East & West Zones Lahore April 18, 2014: The Election of East, West & North Zone held on 29th November 2013 are announced today at PCB headquarter Gaddafi Stadium Lahore by Mr. Ahmad Shahzad Farooq Rana, Election Commissioner PCB after the disposal of Writ Petition by Honorbale Lahore High Court Lahore. The results were announced in the presence of the contesting candidates. Return candidates of East & West Zone are notified and announced officially, whereas, the result of North Zone is not announced officially and its return candidates would be notified after the determination of status of Shahdara Cricket Club, North Zone Lahore. Following are notified office bearers of respective Zones:- East Zone a. Mr. Sharaiz Abdullah Khan - President b. Mr. Ahmad Ayaz Khan - Secretary c. Mr. Ghulam Abbas - Treasurer West Zone a. Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed - President b. Mr. Mansoor Hayat Khan - Secretary c. Mr. Muhammad Aslam - Treasurer
ISLAMABAD: Two separate applications have sought exemption for the country’s two top spymasters from appearing in person in the court proceedings of a missing person case on April 7. The Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench had on March 19 issued summons for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General (DG) Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam and Military Intelligence (MI) DG Maj-Gen Sarfraz Sattar along with the chief of the Intelligence Bureau and the Punjab inspector general during the hearing of the case of Khan Badshah’s enforced disappearance. Later, on March 27, the bench directed the defence secretary to ensure the spy chiefs appeared in court. On Thursday, two serving officers from the ISI and MI submitted separate applications along with affidavits before the LHC Rawalpindi bench, requesting the court to recall its summons against their bosses. LHC judge Justice Ibadur Rehman Lodhi will take up the applications for hearing today (Friday). Additional Attorney General Tariq Khokhar will argue on behalf ...
LHC takes notice of assault on woman: LAHORE The Lahore High Court Complaint Cell on Saturday ...
PU VC’s wife to head Law College.!!! Punjab University Law College Associate Professor Dr Shazia Qureshi has been appointed principal of the college on a regular basis. Dr Qureshi, also the wife of PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, was selected as associate professor by the university's Selection Board on April 12, said a PU spokesman. He said Dr Qureshi is the first woman principal of the college in its 146-year history. Dr Shazia did her LLM from Cambridge University and obtained a PhD from the UK's Lancaster University. The law college principal's seat was never filled on a regular basis since former principal Dr Dil Muhammad Malik retired in September 2007. VC Prof Kamran had contracted a second marriage with Dr Qureshi in March 2009 and sources alleged he had kept the principal's post purposely vacant. The college's four assistant professors said the PU had advertised the associate professor's post thrice in 2008, 2011 and 2013. As the VC announced holding of the Selection Board on the bas ...
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 SC orders by-poll on three seats in Punjab ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court ordered the Election Commission on Monday to hold by-elections within two months in three constituencies of Punjab. They are NA-123, Lahore; PP-82, Jhang; and PP-284, Bahawalnagar. The three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhmmad Chaudhry, Justice Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmed and Justice Ghulam Rabbani issued the order on a petition filed by Syed Manzoor Gillani. The Punjab Chief Secretary and a candidate had approached the Lahore High Court, seeking postponement of elections in the three constituencies and NA-55, Rawalpindi, citing law and order in the province. A single-judge bench of the LHC had delayed by-polls in these constituencies, citing the volatile situation in Swat valley and upheld the stance of the provincial government that the ECP could not issue a notification for re-scheduling the by-polls in the province without hearing the provincial government’s viewpoint. Disposing of the petiti ...
LAHORE: Aitchison College Principal Shamim Saifullah Khan has preferred resigning from his office than allowing 70 teachers and a number of other employees he had sacked in June last year to rejoin the college. Mr Khan submitted his resignation to Governor/BoG Chairman who accepted it. Mr Khan had terminated the services of 70 senior teachers and several employees - allegedly without assigning any reason or following any procedure. The aggrieved staff had approached the Lahore High Court which directed the BoG in January this year to resolve their grievances. The BoG had asked the principal to reinstate the sacked staff. The principal withdrew his earlier orders but sent all of them on a four-month forced leave. As the college had also started paying salaries to the reinstated staff, the BoG asked the principal to bring them back to their jobs. However, Mr Khan did not comply with the orders. He, instead, opted to resign. Sources said Mr Khan had recruited new teachers, most of whom had recently did their ...
News: chief justice lahore high court
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Lahore was selected as the seat of learning and justice by the British for some reason though the Veceroy lived in Dlehi the capital of India.There must be valid reasons for selecting Lahore, a replica capital built by the Moghals.Consequently Lahore High Court had the jurisdiction to decide matters arising in Delhi city, forcing famous lawyers to migrate to Lahore including Sir Rattigan who wrote books on Sikh customary laws and built a palace on Rattigan Road close to Data Darbar.It also resulted in setting up of Central Model school, Govt College and Aitchisen and Forman Christian Colleges as well as Unversity of Punjab called 'the University of the Punjab
LHC takes notice of killing of 2 criminals: LAHORE The Lahore High Court’s complaint cell on Friday...
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Lahore High Court has declared the application to celebrate Pakistan day on 27th Ramazan instead of 14th august as maintainable.
Judges r relic of Backwardistan “plea against ban on 500 yr old Baisakhi fest dismissed by the High Court.
SC turning into Lahore High Court. Sharifs just buy the kharam khors off
LHC quashes contempt of court plea against PM: LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday dismissed a contempt ...
Surprise: Lahore High Court says can not take action against PM for contempt of court under article 248 (exemption)
why can't I access this site? and btw who decides what to bloack?
Lahore High Court Bar Association strongly condemn on the so called bill "Protection of Pakistan Bill". Shafqat...
Bring our people back! - Pakistan Today: Pakistan TodayBring our people back!Pakistan TodayLahore High Court (...
Pakistan Today Bring our people back! Pakistan Today Lahore High Court (LHC) has sought report from foreign ministry till May 2, 2014 on...
Freedom of Speech/Expression and Right to Information; Arguments before Lahore High Court by
Lahore High Court Bar Association rejects the Defence of Pakistan bill, says the bill represses basic human rights,legislature must drop it.
Lahore High Court Bar Association passes a resolution against Pakistan Protection Ordinance and urges parliament to reject it.
Tell your stance on eating human flesh, High Court seeks reply via
Lahore High Court's YouTube-ban hearing likely in mid-May after the Ministry of IT submits its recommendations.
Thoroughfare to CM's house The News International The Lahore High Court on Wednesday directed Lahore police to issue stickers and cards...
Dont tell lies,Courts never did,here is FACT
Notices for April 30 meeting to be chaired by IT Minister issued. As directed by the Lahore High Court, meeting is on the …
On this day in 1892 The General Electric Company was organized, in 1919 British troops killed 400 Indians at Amritsar, India, in 1945 during World War II, British and Canadian troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, in 1952 the first B-52 prototype was tested in the air, in 1956 General Motors announced that the first free piston automobile had been developed, in 1998 Pol Pot died at the age of 73. The leader of the Khmer Rouge regime thereby evaded prosecution for the deaths of 2 million Cambodians, and in 1999 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, a panel of two Lahore High Court judges convicted former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, of corruption. Leonardo da Vinci was born today in 1452, Charles Peale in 171, and Bessie Smith in 1894.
Congratulations to my friend , brother & famous Lawyer Mukhdoom Waseem Qureshi on Wining his High Level Case in Lahore High Court & Reinstate the seat of Provincial Assembly PP 259 of a Great Success, Warm Congratulations Sir :)
Filmistan: Here and there By Waseem Altaf Pakistan’s film industry shares a common culture with Indian film world. However, as Bollywood (inclusive of regional films) occupies a center stage on the international film scene, Lollywood is history; Bollywood was the largest producer of films in the world by 2011, the total number of censor board certificates issued for celluloid, video and digital films during 2011 was 13526. On the other hand the total number of films released in Pakistan in 2011 was just 7.Indian films are screened in more than 90 countries of the world whereas Pakistani films have almost no access to international market. While there are dozens of cinema houses in Delhi, Islamabad has just one cinepax with 4 screens. At present most of our film studios are in ruins and a sizable number of cinema houses lay demolished. Today Indian films are tough contenders for International film awards and Bollywood stars are known celebrities all over the world, while our film artistes who could not f ...
Clearing agents not responsible for filing fake GD: Appellate Tribunal. KARACHI: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has ordered that the imposed penalty of Rs 1.5 million not to be paid by the M/s Pak-N-Move (clearing agent) as on the report of intentionally filed fake good declaration however; the importer used the expired income tax certificate to avoid duty and taxes. It is to inform that the clearing agents are licensed for limited functions and the show cause notice by the customs authorities is act of abuse of power because it is surprising that in the instant case no specific charge has been leveled against the agent in the show cause notice. According to details received by, “the M/s Raheel-ul-Ahrar Educational Welfare Foundation, Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir has electronically filed good declaration by declaring goods as ceramic wall tiles quantity 12720 SQM at total invoice value of $19334 for payment of applicable duty and taxes and sought clearance therein and in order to check the ap ...
Lahore high court judges are very nice,friendly and polite
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