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Lady Sybil

Samuel Sam Vimes is a fictional policeman from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

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I'm on the stand for both days, but gin samples are always welcome. Check out the gin kit as well
there's a bar called Grafene opening in town??
lady before us there all her life.we named it Sybil's Cottage
Work based on the tale of Lady Sybil and the Milkwhite doe by P Ramsden
Ginny gin gin... A room of 65 tonight!
Quickie catch up with the gorgeous at talking gin (&
Oh and I hope have a fantastic time with at 😘😘😘
Work email has died. Seeing that as a sign!
Oh. The boss thinks I'm off today. That's confusing...
Come have a celebratory pint with us tonight presentation evening for Pub of the Month for June https:…
Thought the week couldn't get any weirder? There's been an earthquake. In Cheetham Hill.
If you're complaining that the Human Rights Act covers humans you don't like, then you are the reason we need the Human R…
Idea for a new social network: "LinkedGin" - the place to endorse colleagues for their gin drinking skills.
I'm rather fond of today's blog post. Not just because it features gin, but because rather fits with the current blog colours!
Lady Sybil Stardust suddenly has a slight spring in her step again.
Aww :o( I need to be in the day job on the Monday as I'm working all weekend in Leeds.
This. This so much. Stop punishing it, stop hating it. It loves you. Love it back.
*whimper* Wish I weren't going to be working my butt off up north 😮
Brew time. Must get on top of the to do list - day off to work elsewhere tomorrow!
Brilliant discussion with Ivan Saldana from yesterday. I get to meet the best people!
Great food this evening. Oysters and lamb esp good. Also founding of
Got to be worth a try. Running out of ideas!
oooh that sounds interesting I'll wait and see what you think
Totally. Might try out the Live colour mango. See what that comes out like
as you say, the only alternative is to go another colour, but I'm loathe to go safe brown. And getting the hairdresser to do
Totally. I've tried a couple of others, but they make it look pink. Feria is the only one that works for me. But can't get it
olia doesn't work on me its patchy. Haven't used prodigy, but feria also isn't the greatest. *** doesn't it?
I find it fades to a pinky colour in about 4 weeks. But it's better for my hair than any of the others
Exactly. Means more breadcrumbed ones for you and more none fettled for me! Winner! :)
Olia ruins my hair, Prodigy goes patchy as *** Feria is the only one I like :o(
Exactly. It's great, and leaves my hair in good condition, but 1 week later and it's barely ginger, 2 and it's almost blonde
Update your maps at Navteq
I use that but it really fades. Well the red shades anyway. And I don't want to dye brown :(
Might actually have to contemplate a new colour...
hmm not sure I can accommodate breadcrumbs. It just might be a step too far for me!
Struggling to get hold of my hairdye now. Had to switch to Vidal Sassoon, but the colour fades so fast...
I'd agree, but include breadcrumbed as a nice option too...
wore mine, and gave out three yesterday. Let me know if I can help
Looks like its wine/gin then! Got a room chiller to install this morning, I'm off. Enjoy your day.
Last tablet taken. Now to see how long it takes for the nausea to sod off.
ah, if I didn't have a lunch date with the hubby I would!
Weekend of gin, then on Tuesday next week. Going to be a boozy few days!
obvs. Just like I will with the rhubarb and ginger gin.
you would find somewhere to put if when it was finished though 😜 🍷 I'd wager 😀
rhubarb wine is the best use 4 it, its lovely dry crisp, & floral. Once u try u would make it 😉
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Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
ah well. I'd jam with it, or make more gin, but I think hubby would have a fit
You're like the late Lady see the good in both Lady Mary and Lady Edith! :D ^^
I love when Lady Cora sees Lady Sybil baking that cake in the kitchen.
I really had the "hots" for Lady Cora,Lady Mary and Lady Sybil(my fave).Could have done a HipHop Jazz mix with them r!
As if Lady Cora would say "That's the last one off our hands" when Lady Sybil died in childbirth. Come on Julian!!
This world is almost too much to bear at times. But knowing there's a movie where Colin Ferrell bones Lady Sybil to death is a small comfort
yeah... It was our second bottle. Don't drink much at home
We're excited to be opening a second site at read more here -
Tonight will be Mac n cheese and what's left of the malbec.
A2: Well, link building is against Googles WM guidelines. Technically building links to manipulate Google SERP is ALL blackhat…
I'm just as bad. Been debating about doing a thread or something on it...
thought of you yesterday as I walked through Rothiemurchus Forest squidging fresh juniper berries for the gin aroma!
Right, I need to do glamorous things like buy cat food...
Yeah, we have a massive beef joint potroasted, but slow cooker couldn't cope
3.5l is a good middle size, I just know a 6.5l will hold good size meat joint too.
What will hold a lot will hold a little?
If I'm going to create a bake from a cocktail recipe, I'd best actually make the cocktail to try it, right.?
Booze sampling tonight, as well as cooking and plotting boozy baking. Then all the sleep. Again.
What's better than the smell of in your home.that's easy
Who else lets you sample all of your Christmas drinks before you buy them?!
It's with Evan Williams Bourbon in the basement tomorrow night - free drinks for the cheering squad. See…
If dapper laughs is a feminist, I'm godzilla.
Two more signatures and we're prepped for audit. Typically pinning the prof down is proving rather difficult...
maybe? This is the definitive 13 times that it happened though.
That happens more often than 13 times though doesn't it?
Surely editors can find a new tack? We have 4 or 5 publications all duplicating at the minute.
no, they're really boring and often pointless. But they are just opinions and based on nothing more than a whim
Am I the only one getting bored with them? They're so subjective...
I was about to post a top ten of top tens. Should I not?
These top tens of whatever posts will end eventually right?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It just reminds me of the Simpsons when everyone forces Lisa to smile even though shes sad
Collaborative Blog? I have sooo many suggestions based on real stories.hehe
Maybe we need to set something up...
I've just started Furiously Happy and that I love.! The idea of being angrily happy despite everything...
Vapid is the perfect word. I love a bit of trash, but this is bleurgh.
Yeah...its very vapid, trashy, "look at me" *** that serves no purpose or solutions for people genuinely needing help..
Oh. There's loving yourself, and being so up your own *** you can see daylight...
We should just have a general 'don't be a *** guide...
Comment about in Comparing it to trad. wiretaps is insane - if your phone is tapped, PAST conversations aren't i…
Been looking forward to this all day...
Absolutely! I'm trying to let my legs out more too...
There are 10 botanicals in Maidstone Gin. Ones to note include marshmallow root, meadowsweet, cardamom and fresh orange
The Best from the Great Drams Network is out! Stories via
It's ok cupcake, I'll keep it quiet...
despite my well known love for everything bacon, my usual weekday breakfast is simply muesli. But that's a secret. Shhh.
And that's the 5th time the containment alarm has gone off. Maybe I should open a window...
while I wouldn't mind if you swiped Lady Sybil & Grandmama (as they're basically Peter Wimsey's mum & Violet Crawley) >>
Jessica Brown-Findlay (Lady Sybil) of Downton Abbey decided to try acting after an injury ended her professional ballet career.
Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton's Lady Sybil) and Lia Williams among star cast for production of Oresteia fr…
Grey and wet here in Bedfordshire. Morning!
Morning! Off to spin class, last class before the break (massive weights session planned tomorrow)
Did I ever tell you about the time THAT doctor told me I was TOO FAT TO RUN??
DL one of the first for me, after growing up with Queen, The Who etc. Then Extreme, GnR, NIN, Slipknot etc etc
I couldn't help it. Lady Sybil's death kept me crying as a little baby. Thanks for the feels.
Watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey and I'm in tears. Curse you Julian Fellowes. Why did it have to be Lady Sybil?!?! 😩😭😤
were one of the first for me, and Hysteria is as good an album as anybody's ever made. Never seen VH either!
Def Leppard were the first rock band I got into followed by extreme & van Halen seen both but never Leppard
I've never seen Lep live (though I have several concert DVDs), exciting! Seen 'snake many times, excellently.
I actually love you so much right now I could stroke your beard!
The way that pictures cropped when viewing on mobile looks questionable as to where those wine bottles are going featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sex counts as a great workout, during 30 minutes of active sex, you burn about 200 calories!
Uhuh. And given our respective diaries. Sometime in November?
I very rarely want to go to the cinema... but for Mr Rickman I can make an exception...
yes, I think the voice has a lot to do with it!
Hmm. Or the knee boots and britches in Sense and Sensibility. Or just his voice. Generally.
I have a bit of a thing for Alan Rickman. Especially with angel wings in Dogma.
yeah, I'm really looking forward to that one.
Been before for a friend's 30th and it was amazing!
Preparing his sensational cocktail for the launch
That picture of me in my new dress can count as today's selfie, right?
Fabulous night with and at Can't wait for the real thing!!!
I had to do a slightly embarrassing sprint in heels, but made it with 2 mins to spare, hurrah!
I'm going to on Sat. So excited I think I might pop..!
yes. Best I just take it away and give it a new home.
Oh my. Its Alan Rickman. I need to see this.
Pals can you help us pick a charity for a monetary donation from our giftboxes?
Going home with a bottle of gin. How on earth did that happen...?
is doing the work you want to be known for. 9pm GMT.
After gin sampling session and meeting in boss lady is off to the launch
Hmmm Do you realise and I are going to be in you tonight for
The Lady Sybil Hat has a lovely stitch that is perfect for girls of all ages. Available in my pattern shops. :)...
This weather would pair well with our beef chilli in its edible nacho bowl. Best eaten indoors.
Luckily I ALWAYS break my glasses so they're only reading ones. No point getting prescription ones as break them so often!
just before the wind flipped my skirt! Dress primark, cardigan coast_stores, tights dug out of…
If you do, tell him he still owes me a fiver.
Right, best head off. Gin meeting to go to!
Let me see. Would I like to speak to Richard E Grant... *ponders*
brill £15 squids sounds great will organise family into action!
Hey this is the wineathlon The week after
Any spin coaches out there looking for work? Contact for opportunities!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Not argument here. I'm slightly in love with her hairdo too...
Thank you. Seemed to go down well. Didn't even make it half way round the room before it was finished. :)
Lady Sybil and Tom Branson will forever be the OTP
// but I am so attached to Branson and Lady Edith (she and I are a lot alike!), and I was to Lady Sybil too.
Jessica Brown-Findlay, who plays Lady Sybil in trained as a dancer but switched to acting after an ankle injury.
On a travel blog trip for a couple of days, not a clue as to where we're staying/what we're doing yet!
Thanks lady for leaving the tissue your fella demanded from me (with no thank you) to mop up your 2 year old. I didn't need it back.
:o) Loads of writing to do, lots of cuddles with hubby needed and some planning for Lille to be done...
Not surprised with all your gallivanting.
Ten minutes to something exciting on that oval racy thing.
Cinnamon buns and sausage rolls for a late lunch when I get in and see hubby. Shattered. Laziness awaits...
Just out of interest, were all the other bloggers London based?
They're not auto- we do them individually. They're not suitable for everyone who follows us.
Where? I always thought those light treatments on normal skin would do more damage than good.
too hot to eat, so I'm taking them home to Manchester!
(and buy one to take back to Manchester for the husband.
at London Bridge. Nearest one is 1/2 hour tube or 1/2 hour walk. And on the way. Think I'll earn it
there's one in St Pancras I think, if you're goig back on the euston train its only a small walk
MANCHESTER PRIDE: Are looking for motivated skilled professionals to join their busy team in central Manchester... http:/…
In London this morning... working out a route back for my train home via the nearest bakery!!
We can print off the ads, write all over them and place them around places... Esp for detox stuff...
The decorations are starting to go up and the excitement is bubbling for ..
and the Sexhibition account did it on signup...
Yes there is a hair supplement that make me so mad. At 32 I thought I was too old to have long thick hair. Gr
Right, enough. Breakfast calls. And I can figure out how to write this awkward email...
But what am I going to annotate with science and leave for other passengers now?
ohhh. Just realised my train journey should time itself nicely with a big chunk of show...
Great to hear other people struggle to get out the door too, even super-fit tri-athletes: Helen Jenkins:
Morning! Brain decided I was awake, so I'm using all the info the ladies have given me about ready for next month!
I struggle with dates. Really don't like them. But loving chia!
all good thanks. Getting back into routine after the chaos of Christmas! On a health kick so all about 'healthy cakes' now.x
Jenson is a lovely boy and yes, only 3 legs which doesn't cause him a jot of bother! 😊
Good thank you darling. How are you and the little ones? xx
ooh thank you! So many recipes to try out with the good stuff. Can't wait! Hope you're well my love?x
Agreed. Drives me crazy - esp brands who won't interact at all
Oh dear. Awkward email to send tomorrow. *sigh*. I can't work with a company that allegedly discriminate against the disabled.
I'm too dim to figure out how to do an auto DM anyway - so yeah boo hiss they're rubbish! ;)
if you want to say thanks for following or something just say it!! Don't make it generic! It's like not accounts
It's frustrating because an account for someone I work for does it and so does a lady I met tonight.
that's the only thing I can't stand its an instant unfollow
Panicking my cat Teddy has gone missing in firswood chorlton stretford please rt
Hmm... and one literally has my name on it. (did you also know my mum's nickname for me was pudding?)
I have to admit, I find the site a little confusing!
I always sleep on the same side of the bed. Unless hubby and I are away, when we swap.
I checked in at Mercure London Bridge on
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I know I'm 3 years behind everyone with but I can't believe Lady Sybil has died. She was my favourite 😥😥😥
good plan darling. If you need a cuddle, let me know x
Day whatever of Downton Abbey, I've lost count. Lady Sybil has just died (sorry if I ruined that for you Elizabeth Drake), and Lord Grantham is definitely Lord of stupid decisions. From losing the family fortune and now the doctor. He's a lovely man, but has a room temperature I.Q.
Seeing and Jessica Findlay Brown in "The Manners of Downton Abbey" makes me missed Matthew and Lady Sybil... 😟
Gosh, the Downton dog on its final days is almost as sad as Lady Sybil's death.
Oh man, there's more Downton for me to not watch because Cousin Matthew and Lady Sybil were my favorites
I just finished watching the sad death of Lady Sybil on Downtown Abbey!
I just finished watching Lady Sybil have her baby on Downtown Abbey. Such joy!
there are no pictures of Lady Sybil on the Downtown Abbey instagram. what's the point
I confess - I have started the Aurifil BOM over again, using Downton Abbey fabrics. The fruits and Veggies were not working very well, as the scraps I have kept getting smaller. Think I will make a string-something with what's left. Below please see -starting in the upper left - The dowager Countess (alias Maggie Smith), Lady Mary in the navy, Lady Edith in the floral, and Lady Sybil (deceased) in the green.
hypertensive disorders in pregnancy is scary stuff. Lady Sybil died of Eclampsia in season 3 of Downton Abbey. I love that show.
HD Jamaica Inn starring Lady Sybil from DA and Nathan from Misfits yay!
Jessica Brown Findlay stars in Jamaica Inn – or is it Les Miserables? (Picture: BBC) At first glance, it looks as though Lady Sybil has been whisked away from Downton Abbey and dropped into a TV production of Les Miserables – but that would be… [ 197 more words. ]
No, this is not Lady Sybil in Les Miserables – it’s Jessica Brown Findlay working up a sweat in Jamaica Inn
Am about to talk to Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey in a should I curtsy?!
So very recently, I finally caught the Downton Abbey fever and managed to watch two & 1/2 seasons in less than a week. But after finishing season 3 episode 5 last night, I have to take a break from it for a few days due to emotional exhaustion. Tom & Lady Sybil was the stuff of romance. I thought I was done with OB after nursing school. Eclampsia,,, I just can't deal with you anymore?!
Jessica Brown-Findlay talks about her role as Emelia in "Albatross" and about Lady Sybil in "Downton Abbey".
It’s the weekend before Stitches and I’m busy packing up kits for the Kira K Designs booth (One of my favorite kits to put together is my Belle Epoque Shawl using Canon Hand Dyes yarn with colors inspired by the characters of Downtown Abbey. Here is the full collection. The top row is the ladies, from left to right: Lavinia Swire, Lady Sybil, Lady Edith, Lady Mary, Dowager Countess, and Isobel Crawley Bottom row is the gents: Mr. Carson, Matthew Crawley, Tom Branson, Sir Richard Carlisle, Mr. Bates, and Lord Grantham I put these together based on colors rather than characters, so some combinations, like Lady Mary & the Dowager Countess or Lord Grantham & Mr. Bates, make sense, while others like Tom Branson & Sir Richard Carlisle or Lady Sybil & Lavinia Swire, are a little funny. If anyone has suggestions on color combinations, let me know!
I'm not sure that I would have left a successful show like Downton Abbey for a flop like Winter's Tale, after all, Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) managed to find time to stay and have a role in Monuments Men and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is doing the same with Non Stop. Let's hope Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown-Findlay) doesn't come to regret that decision
Downtown back season 4. THERE’S a dark cloud over Downton Abbey as season four dawns. It’s six months since a season three which left viewers reeling with the shock death of Lady Mary’s (Michelle Dockery) beloved Matthew (Dan Stevens), *** the heels of her sister. Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Finlay) dying in childbirth. Behind the pall of loss a widow and widower left as single parents struggle with the grief, trying to find a new path and purpose..
I love how Lady Mary and Lady Sybil are starring in movies being released soon. Of course Lady Edith doesn't have one of her own
Eva Marie Saint is the only reason to see the new film WINTER'S TALE. And maybe seeing Lady Sybil alive again.
I took Zimbio's 'Downton Abbey' quiz and I'm Lady Sybil! Who are you?
Tom and I went to see A Winter's Tale last night. Sweet movie! If you are one of those folks who cannot suspend belief and get into the fantasy, you won't like it. If you have been morning the loss of Lady Sybil on Downton's Abbey, you will see where she went as she is the romantic lead in this movie. The movie is a bit clumsy but we enjoyed it. It has a great cast, word is the director called in a number of favors. Collen Farrel, Russel Crow, Will Smith, Jennifer Connely, William Hurt and, the wonderful to see, Eva Marie Saint. Go to the matinee.
WINTERS TALE w/ Russel Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell opens Friday Feb 14th (Valentines Day) with a special preview Thursday night at 10 pm. "Irish immigrant Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is a mechanic forced to become a thief. When his gang, led by obsessed demon Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe), is about to capture and kill him, he's saved by a flying white horse who becomes his guardian. But it is the love of Beverly Penn ('Downton Abbey's' Lady Sybil, Jessica Brown Findlay), a young woman dying of consumption in an estate he is trying to rob, who may unlock the human 'miracle' Soames is intent in stopping in "Winter's Tale." Based on a 1983 book.
I fear Lady Sybil will fall victim to David Caruso Syndrome.
To All Downton Abbey fans - There are some movies that are coming out that feature some of our favorite actors/actress from Downton Abbey! They sure are popular! The Earl of Grantham (aka Hugh Bonneville) will be in The Monuments Men - Release Date February 7th. Lady Sybil (aka Jessica Brown Findlay) will be in A New York Winter's Tale - Release Date February 21st. Lady Mary (aka Michelle Dockery) will be in Non-Stop - Release Date February 2014 Looks like February will be a good month to go to the movies!!!
Lady Sybil is costarring with Colin Farrell in his new movie coming out 2/14. Sorry, I would've quit Downton Abbey too.
So...Winter's Tale--it's Lady Sybil & Colin Farrell time traveling from Dublin to New York with magic knives and microfiche? Right?
Is Winter's Tale only worth seeing because Lady Sybil is in it? Yes, please. Well, and Colin Farrell and his natural accent.
Good to see Lady Sybil made a full recovery from dying and is doing well with Colin Farrell
I’ll be first in line for Winter’s tale because of Colin Farrell, love, Lady Sybil, and Akiva Goldsman shut up shut up shut up
Nightingale Wood is to Cold Comfort Farm what Lady Edith is to Lady Sybil. Yeah, they're sisters.
Lady Sybil is going to be in a movie with Colin Ferrell. It's gonna be a must see!
Who's the best from Lady Edith, Lady Sybil or Isobel Crawley? And why?
Who would you want on your team from Lady Edith, Lady Sybil or Isobel Crawley? Why?
Just read an article about Downton Abbey in the Parade magazine this morning. Apparently the reason they killed off Lady Sybil and Matthew is because the actors didn't want to do a 4th season. I'm almost sorry for the way I've been bad mouthing them for all this time. Mea Culpa!
The countdown to Downton Abbey is on. January 5th the 4th season premiers, but tonight, RVA's own The Byrd Theatre & Foundation is hosting a sneak peek. For our most avid fans we found a list so you can brush up on your Downton trivia: 1. Each episode of Downton costs a whopping £1 million to produce. Worth every penny, in our opinion. 2. Downton Abbey is full of rare antiques, such as Napoleon's actual mahogany desk in the music room - don't touch it. 3. Jessica Brown-Findlay (Lady Sybil) is trained as a ballet dancer and only took up acting when an ankle injury meant she could no longer dance. Not bad for a back-up career plan. 4. Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) read 145 books while on the Downton set due to his position as a judge on the Man Booker prize panel. 5. Matt Milne (Footman Alfred) is almost a giant at 6ft 4, and Martha Levinson's little lady's maid Miss Reed (played by Lucille Sharp) has to stand on a box so they can both fit in the same shot. 6. The parts of Lord Grantham, John Bates and th ...
Matthew Crawley's death on Downton Abbey did not shock me, I was saddened, but Lady Sybil's death shocked, saddened, and enraged me. I have to admit she was of the three, the sister that I had a crush on. . was Debra Morgan's death because you thought she was healed. What fictional deaths shocked you this year.
A BRAINSTORM! Tonight I was at my in-laws celebrating an early Christmas, and as I overheard two conversations at dinner, I had this brilliant idea; at one end of the table, couple of people were talking about Duck Dynasty--one of the most talked about shows on television--and at the other end of the table people were talking about "Downton Abbey"--'the' most talked about show on television, and that's when it hit me: "Duck Abbey"...or "Downton Dynasty"...or "Duckton Abbey."'s just a working title at this point anyway. At any rate, the premise of the show would be that one of Lord Grantham's daughters marries a member of the Robertson family, probably Lady Sybil since she seems most open to marrying outside of the blue bloods. I mean if singularly that such an incredible success, imagine what they could do combined.
It will be a night to remember. What character will inspire your attire for the evening of January 24th...Violet, Cora, Robert, Lady Rosamund, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Lady Sybil, Isobel Crawley?
A "Downton" Weekend in Georgia. Calling on all Downton Abbey Fans.a chance to meet Allen Leech who plays the character of Tom Branson. The Sea Island resort in Georgia is celebrating the January 5 debut of the fourth season of the British series "Downton Abbey" with a weekend inspired by the show and hosted by Allen Leeach, who plays the character of Tom Branson, the outspoken former family chauffeur and widower of Lady Sybil. From January 17 - 19, Mr. Leech will lead three events over the course of 3 days: a "Downton Abbey" pub quiz on Friday evening, a question and answer session on Saturday followed by a 5-course dinner paired with wine and an episode screening on Sunday followed by an early 20th century-themed ball. It promises to be a fun weekend.
I stopped watching Downton Abbey because my favorite characters died, Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawly :(
Downton Abbey fans...the murder and removal of the Russian Tsar and imperial court takes place at the end of WWI . Remember what a shock this was to Lady Sybil . I've always admired Russian Imperial life. What a tragedy.
can we PLEASE talk about Lady Sybil & Matthew Crawley's death? Need their reactions
. Lady Sybil, Downton Abbey. Also, Mufasa's death was hard too.
Damnit people. I like Lord Grantham too. He's a nice guy. Decent. But he's also a *** and I hold him responsible for Lady Sybil.
It never gets easier to watch the episode of Downton Abbey where Lady Sybil gives birth and... Right in the feels. Ow.
Have named my chickens Lady Sybil, Lady Edith, Lady Mary and Mrs Bates. Chook house is called D…
Ok i'm going to stop my Lady Sybil spam now but you have to agree that Jessica Brown-Findlay is so perfect
I wouldn't say that Lady Sybil is crazy... but she is very definitely a dragon lady. Not the scary kind, though.
Jessica Brown Findlay who played Lady Sybil chose to leave though:/ and why did Dan Stevens wreck him?
Rewatching Downton Abbey season 3, and I'm on the Lady Sybil episode. 💔😰
I'd rather be Lady Sybil and dead than be Lady Edith
Whoever wrote up Downton story in today's Times is not a fan of show: says allen leech is filming his first scenes since Lady Sybil died
So much drama in my life right now, bro! The chauffeur of Downton Abbey & Lady Sybil have confessed their love to Lord Grantham & the famz!
Jessica Brown Findlay is bloody perfect as Lady Sybil. Only on episode 1 of season 2 and I want to cry with her!
Once it's dry maybe. It's still in a towel conditioning like ***
lmao, not saying a word sweets, not saying a word. Seeing Mr P on Wednesday, so darent. :o)
Right, am now currently more blonde than redhead. Not sure this suits me at all. Thankfully not permanent!
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Some do. As I say, I've some spare, just the wrong side of Manchester. And only in a towel.
As a northern lady, I kind of feel duty bound to accept said nickname...
have a great weekend fellow gin lovers! Xxxx
on it!! Knitting once my hair is sorted...
Aw. My cousin's found out she's having a little girl. Going to have to knit some booties.
:o( Got some, just a little far away x
Not likely. It's Espa. Love their stuff, just rarely can afford it!
See how it goes, hopefully the prize means people won't be too upset about extra moves around the site
I shall wait for next week for that one then. So you left the poor gent the worse for wear, where?
well, it was like this, actually it's still a little vague , last time I saw him was about 1am and he was.
grr I think this is a Wordpress issue :(
The pretty full widget isn't working, but the link works fine.
I think it works if you click on the link for the giveaway... has entered... thanks babe x
not showing honey. And given how much I love I'm going to be al over that.
It's got 30 minutes to process... I can drink something else in that time I think. :o)
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lol. Til I wake up in the morning at least.
And there is no way in *** I'm telling the profs that. There are some things a girl does not need to see...
If you just drink more, you won't notice your hair. :-)
You're doing it wrong. You need to keep drinking and eventually you won't care what your hair looks like! :-)
He got away with that somehow. It's the office look of 2014.
One beer down, one daiquiri. Time to sort my hair out before I drink any more...
It's comin up, it's comin up... It's there. DJ attending to your neglected lugholes from 8pm. F…
There's also another one, called Rainy City. Worth checking out when you get here :o)
no!!! Oh my! I will be moving to Manc in about 8-12 months so I will look into that!!! Thanks ;-)
:o) Everyone I've met in the scene is lovely, generous and enthusiastic. Just as and :o)
After the streaky dyeing disaster, I'm now trying some remover... wish me luck!
I'll be mixing up myself shortly. :o)
No worries Charlie. On way home now with more cocktail supplies
yeah! Have to do the behind the scenes bit too you know!
Ah. Cat sitting off this year it seems. Was rather looking forward to it.
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loads you can do somewhere with set of steps and a bench - I use bridge water hall steps!
You will do it when you are ready. You need motivation?
oh I keep meaning to look at the timetable Thursday is officially my swimming night but if ther
Right. Shutting the window, locking the door and it's HOME TIME...
Via Video of Lord Sharkey's speech and latest details of successful vote:
I was just thinking the same thing. My dinner of salad now sounds distinctly lacking...
Bit of softness, but a good bit of structure too. Rubbery chew is lovely; pefect with thick sauces.
chris has been a busy bee with Tequila/whiskey/gin Heavy recipes
Downton is replacing Lady Sybil with who cares I miss Sybil.
will replace Lady Sybil with who cares bring back Sybil.
For the Newcomer Daisy Lewis comes on board 2 end Tom's grief over Lady Sybil in new series Mirror Online
Whether it's Colin Firth diving into a lake, Broadchurch's killer being unmasked or Lady Sybil's untimely end in Downton Abbey, British TV has more than its fair share of memorable dramatic moments...
Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil :'( I swear these British shows are only trying to kill me..
I'd also like to see play Lady Sybil's ghost. Are you listening, Julian Fellowes!???
it was! Had to go to Halifax for it though :-)
Congrats to and on another brilliant night in Margarine on form as ever
with Storm Troopers? Think nerds in the audience just came
Woot! Wishing you a good time seems superfluous ;-)
Off to with a big box of chocolates.!
wow that's along time :) Yes I did notice there were a few community groups etc, have joined them all!
Gorilla, can you shout that we're at Chorlton and Sheffield today, ta! Come get In…
Lol - been in 12 years or so - to be fair we're only just coming together as a community
You mean like this bourbon based pretty thing from bourbonblog?
Oh nice one! Nice to see a friendly face, been here a year or so and don't really know many ppl in the area.
I love them! I suspect I'll need a clear credit card for when I do visit.
I'll swap you for some broken custard creams ;)
got some fantastic whites and some Dr J's gin
Off home loaded up with chocolates for tonight. Suspect I may be a popular lady.
I know. I could live there if Jane would let me.
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