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Lady Sybil

Samuel "Sam" Vimes is a fictional policeman from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

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yeah! Have to do the behind the scenes bit too you know!
Ah. Cat sitting off this year it seems. Was rather looking forward to it.
loads you can do somewhere with set of steps and a bench - I use bridge water hall steps!
You will do it when you are ready. You need motivation?
oh I keep meaning to look at the timetable Thursday is officially my swimming night but if ther
Right. Shutting the window, locking the door and it's HOME TIME...
Via Video of Lord Sharkey's speech and latest details of successful vote:
I was just thinking the same thing. My dinner of salad now sounds distinctly lacking...
Bit of softness, but a good bit of structure too. Rubbery chew is lovely; pefect with thick sauces.
chris has been a busy bee with Tequila/whiskey/gin Heavy recipes
Downton is replacing Lady Sybil with who cares I miss Sybil.
will replace Lady Sybil with who cares bring back Sybil.
For the Newcomer Daisy Lewis comes on board 2 end Tom's grief over Lady Sybil in new series Mirror Online
Top 10 Drama Moments - 10. Lady Sybil death in Downton Abbey (2012)It was goodbye to one of the hit drama's...
Whether it's Colin Firth diving into a lake, Broadchurch's killer being unmasked or Lady Sybil's untimely end in Downton Abbey, British TV has more than its fair share of memorable dramatic moments...
Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil :'( I swear these British shows are only trying to kill me..
I'd also like to see play Lady Sybil's ghost. Are you listening, Julian Fellowes!???
Obsessed with Downton Abbey now - Almost fully caught up (started Season 3 this week) and just bawled my eyes out over Lady Sybil. Thanks a lot to all the fb'ers who are constantly chatting about it! Ill blame my puffy eyes on you!!!
it was! Had to go to Halifax for it though :-)
Congrats to and on another brilliant night in Margarine on form as ever
with Storm Troopers? Think nerds in the audience just came
Woot! Wishing you a good time seems superfluous ;-)
Off to with a big box of chocolates.!
wow that's along time :) Yes I did notice there were a few community groups etc, have joined them all!
Gorilla, can you shout that we're at Chorlton and Sheffield today, ta! Come get In…
Lol - been in 12 years or so - to be fair we're only just coming together as a community
You mean like this bourbon based pretty thing from bourbonblog?
Oh nice one! Nice to see a friendly face, been here a year or so and don't really know many ppl in the area.
I love them! I suspect I'll need a clear credit card for when I do visit.
I'll swap you for some broken custard creams ;)
got some fantastic whites and some Dr J's gin
Off home loaded up with chocolates for tonight. Suspect I may be a popular lady.
I know. I could live there if Jane would let me.
yeah i figured that would be the case, it seems that 10-12 stone ranges from 10 - 14 dress size, so I can live with that :)
This day in 1996: the IRA detonated a huge bomb in central Manchester. There was extensive damage but no fatalities.
Think tonight might involve the dusky pink 80s does 40s dress with 40s style sandals... Best of all, it doesn't crease :-)
If any of you are around Manchester today, drop into to say hello and try your very first Changos burrito
Hmm. Then his companion was mean no to share...!
I think the 'birds best' is in this year! Well it is by me! (No really!) lol x
Happy Follow+RT by midnight to enter to win today's 1L bottle of (T&Cs apply:
I'm sure you"ll find a way of celebrating both events :-) x
Love the idea of wigs - Long, short, blond, brunette, what do I feel like today?
I'm having and doing exactly the same thing ! Enjoy the rest of your day ;0)
So much wine open to taste this weekend! Including the wonderful Chateau Musar 2005. BBQ wine tastings today 12pm & 3pm
Got a few... But my hair is long enough to mean it works in curls. But not today...
Let's not. Think it's going to be a pin it up job, just got to get them out first...
Shop now at
See that look in Charlie's profile photo?! : ))
OK I'll see you about 11.30 just give me a bell when you're on the tram and I'll walk down.
Coffee after please? Not sure how I'm going to fix this... except brush it out and pin it up!
no probs. I'm busy 10.45 to 11.30. Do you want a quick meet before or a coffee after?
Up, showered, dressed and meeting shortly!
I know when I'm out the loop. How you getting your card to dad ?
This sort of classiness is effort... :o)
7 for 7.30pm fizzy & 7 Valpolicella with 2 course supper. Numbers are strictly limited! :-)
Manchester .celebrate with and , cocktails and a G&T you lucky people
Not only is it it's also my baby sister's birthday. So happy birthday kiddo xx
A couple nights ago I had a dream that Tom Branson and Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey were helping me find my missing earplugs. I realized I should tell Lady Sybil to wait to have kids, but just before I got a chance I woke up. I could have changed everything, you guys. (Casey).
Wow, so Lady Sybil's (Downton Abbey) death had me bawling for a good 20 minutes. I mean outright crying in a fetal position as I held onto Layla. *** you Masterpiece Theatre!
Totes a half and half when it comes to Lady Mary and Lady Sybil. Nay to the Lady Edith... Sorry
It occurs to me that Downton Abbey is really Jane Austen's last novel Persuasion, but with the sympatheticness of the characters all topsy-turvy. Lord Grantham is Sir Walter Elliot (but responsible), Matthew Crawley is William Elliot (but good), Lady Mary is Elizabeth (but sympathetic), Lady Edith is Anne (but unsympathetic), and Lady Sybil is Mary (but smart and nice). Tom Branson is Charles Musgrove (but socially unsuitable). Sir Gilbert develops from Captain Wentworth (but ineffectual and ultimately unsuccessful). This all fits.
"Grandma, you are a romantic." "People called me many things, but never that." Lady Sybil and Cousin Violet - Downton Abbey
Hehehe... We've been watching Downton Abbey and whenever Gwen says something... "You know nothing, Lady Sybil!" "You know nothing, Anna!"
In love with the fantastic fashion of the Downton Abbey sisters? Fashion stylist Donny Galella shares his high street picks so you can steal Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil's glamourous style!
Lady Sybil dead, Matthew Crawley dead, can Mary be next?
Leech's earnest Tom Branson is seen professing love to his dear Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown-Findlay) not once but twice in the Robert Downey Jr. superhero adventure, which officially opens on Friday.
Lady Mary and Lady Sybil are so hot and then Edith is like the accident of the family
I know I'm late to the party, but first my beautiful Lady Sybil and now Matthew? Couldn't they have taken Edith instead?
Luckily, Lady Edith has a much better doctor than Lady Sybil did. Zack [pic]:
They are!! There's a recipe online somwhere. And they're doing chocolate orange ones at the moment too
I'LL BE ANNOUNCING OUR NEW LOCATION NEXT WEEK!! It's cute!! Can you guess?? In Manchester.. it's not this year :)
love it. So cool. Thats gonna be 1 lucky person. :-).
Well no, when I reach 2000, there'll be a giveaway on the blog... 120+ to go... :o)
Looking forward to my 2000 follower giveaway. getting closer :o)
Anyone thinking about skipping their lower body stuff this week best think again...
ohh well done you!! So pleased you did it. How do you feel? Sending electronic hugs and kisses xx
Awesome thankyou :o) can spend the rest of the evening knitting instead! xx
219335_One-Stop Publishing: free print & ebook publishing
You're welcome. You're passionate about food - I think anyone who feels the same understands x
that would be great. Is there an email I can send it to? It's just to make sure it reads ok and doesn't waffle too much x
I can have a read through if you'd like? X
For any that missed it. Here's my first ever blog from my website. The birth of the bistro.
Both new bakes for me. Could be disastrous, or fabulous.
“All your cakes sound amazing, can't wait to try them on Tues!
Me too. Waiting for Tuesday. No carbs til then.
Oh dear. Oh btw, did himself mention cocoa nibs at all? x
Good thinking! Weekend at a hen do, missing male company.
this is not good for the diet ladies! Margarita drizzle sounds too good to resist x
Nice work ladies. Can my margarita drizzle cake & Mayan chocolate cupcakes join in?
New blog post... Starting over, once again
Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, and unnamed succulent no. 1.
Just watched this week's where Penny wears the glasses at the end. :-)
After initial count-ups and sums it looks like we've made over £2000 for Harrogate Samaritans which is fantastic (with more to come) :-)
A neighbour asked what we're growing in our garden this year. Juniper, orris (iris fiorentina), angelica, licorice... Basically, gin.
there were very few left! None of the regular ones at all...
Oohhh nice, should have told you to bring me 1. or 10.
Exactly! Got myself a chocolate orange fat rascal for Tuesday when I can have carbs again :-)
fabulous. Lots of vintage, lots of tea, lots of Yorkshire :-)
Lots of fun had in Harrogate - chocolate orange fat rascals from stashed for Tuesday and fab purchased made from
yay! I want to find where I can buy it from :)
it was El Tesoro, Verdejo - Spain (there's a pic on my profile) Tangy and delicious, full of passionfruit flavours
its round the corner past the Blues club can't remember the name its like an emporium with many little shops
let me know how gets on if you can please? On way to Harrogate xx
There's a vintage watch store its very tempting
I know. And chocolate orange fat rascals :-)
I've no doubt we'll find stuff for you anyway. :-)
I know. And heading to a Fair, so tons of vintage fun to be had :-)
ohh no - on my way to Harrogate. Will have to listen on catch up :-)
You can't go to Betty's on Low Carb *** There's an antique place round the corner check it out Heaven
thank you. You listening to Cerys on 6Music? It's all about the WI.
Heading to in Harrogate for tea this afternoon - sadly I'm on no carbs. This will mean buying a fat rascal for Tuesday though...
On a train with to :-) lots of bargains to be had we hope!
I'm a friend of and noticed you're running. Sending you lots of good wishes.
it'll be fantastic. I'm hugely jealous xx
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Dr. Seuss good luck
thanks, the sun is shining and I feel fine! So excited! :)
Nearly time Smash the crap out of it and there's a big fat glass of wine at the end with your name on it... xxx
OK - you can do this. It's just a long jog is all. Find yourself some company and it's easy. If I can do it. :-)
Mom and I with Lady Sybil and Lady Mary at "What is a weekend?"
Photo: the-garden-of-delights: Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Sybil and Laura...
"So Matthew Crawley? He's, like, gone." "Crawley?" "Crawley" *** it. What's going on with Lady Sybil?"
"So Matthew Crawley is like gone gone? Man. Well, what about Lady Sybil?"
"So Matthew Crawley, he's like gone." "Crawley? What's going on with Lady Sybil?" :(
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"Matthew Crawley's gone? Dammit. What's going on with Lady Sybil?" Favorite part of tonight's Mindy Project.
Thrilling crossover surprise last night as Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil put in an appearance on
I was expecting a Walking Dead Downton Abbey crossover with Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley zombie cameo.
I'm finally watching season 3 of Downton Abbey. I cried like a baby when Lady Sybil died. For real.
Crying my eyes out watching Season 3 Downton Abbey & the loss of Lady Sybil, so so sad.
I'd love to think I'm a Lady Sybil but I'm probably more of a Lady Edith :(
There are 3 other actors on the fence -- will Matthew Crawley, Lady Sybil and O'Brien all die, too?
Even on a second viewing Lady Sybil's death is gut wrenching. Dame Maggie Smith broke my heart with only a look.
Ohh will do. Sadly not one near me though :o(
and if the is a near you, or you get the chance to order some, I strongly suggest giving the la Pompadour a try
La pompadour, Castlemaure, 08, Corbieres. Slutty! Big, rounded and very slutty! Wonderful! (again)
Only one day left to bid for tickets to our GBM/Comic Relief fundraiser this Friday pls spread the word!
Conference in penrith, kicking off tonight...
it was -6 in Penrith this morning... going to be cold at least!
according to Downton Abbey, absolutely! Where is Lady Sybil? And *** is this music?
oh dear. I did warn you, you'd catch my cold... :o(
exactly... oh well. How are you feeling this morning?
:o) Luckily I'm in work now, so he's nowhere near me.
lol - I'll try and get a shot later... now I need brekkie and to book another coach.
Good morning - after horrid server issues we're back - so get onto this before it closes!
I would LOVE you to take a pic of your boots . That sounded weirder than intended
Wasn't in a bullying manner, more teasing. I do these things without seeing it as other people would sometimes.
I've seen that this week. I don't get it. I just do not understand it at all
that's just stupid. And so what if u were? Even tho you weren't? Are there some boot nazis out there?
hmm. Don't like bullies. :-(. Sounds nice but snuggly. Don't stress out and get there safely.
he's a lot bigger than me. Think I'll just sit here quietly.
no Monday. Anyway, doesn't matter, I have argyle tights on and knee boots. And a purple dress. And then a bunch of layers
is this from yesterday? I saw that pic, what a load of old crap.
you know me, I can be a bit naive. Even I know this.
it was thought that I was showing the boots deliberately. I was trying to show my dress. I was on the bus & wearing a big coat
A man on the bus, sitting across from me just growled.
Normally I wake up with a tune in my head. This morning I woke up with Bart Simpson. As you do...
Just bought a homeless guy a cup of coffee, Do something nice for someone today
coffee for my wake up juice. After that tea wins...
Dreamt I was Lady Mary & Sybil was still alive (FATE) but I resented her because she was free. Then I fake fainted & no one cared. Analyze.
Rewatching finale of Season 3 again because I need a good cry tonight.. why Lady Sybil? why M...
RIP Sybil Christopher. She was a lovely lady each time I got to meet her & was much more than Richard Burton's ex.
RIP Lady Sybil. I know I'm behind, and am being told to stop now. But can't.
Once again, Lady Sybil is ahead of the times. Next thing you know, I'll be wearing harem pants.…
Did you miss our latest Afternoon Tea Review of Manchester? Read it here:
Whenever you're sad, Or feeling quite glum, Cheer yourself up, By drinking some rum. Pretty much sums it up!
Massive thanks to for the fantastic pics with the at showroom... :o) xx
I'm 26, incredibly passionate about food & wanting my own restaurant. I'm looking for like minded people to help me..who's interested??
If you see a spider just grab a glass & a book. Fill the glass with wine, down it, then use the book as shelter until you find a new house.
I'd love to see it in a positive light, but one will be completely irrelevant.
“Seriously, two full complete posts lost. Pictures, everything.”just think- the chance to do it all again!
I've no doubt it would help heaps... Just completely flummoxed.
Yeah. He reminds me of an ex... which is a shame because the ex is lovely...
Agreed. would feel incredibly dirty afterwards.
I had victoria sponge. I needed it.
let's make it happen...I'm cool with ALL my neighbours-:)
I'll be ok. Just had to ping people and tell them what's happened...
well I think a new hosting company is on the cards...
*shrugs* I can email, but the first post will be pointless, because the reason for it will be so close. Seriously annoyed.
You are going to have to drink gin. Have followed your stressful day & you need a break!
it happens. Its how you recover that matters. So they say
I will. I normally save extra copies, but got lazy...
use Google docs. Never experience this again
Will do. Looks like I'll be down on 17th for wine related fun.
I may be visiting London that weekend.
I will take a look tomorrow, a weekend would be good
Te-Mata Cape Crest Sauvignon Blanc 2011 "All Sauvignon Blanc better with some oak"
And finally the blog is back up. *sigh* This week really hasn't gone to plan...
No one hits the bull's eye with the first arrow-Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey
With Downton Abbey killing off two of my favorite characters — Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley — is it possible their surviving spouses could find love with one another? — Emma, New Orleans
Naomi wants to watch 'Downton Abbey' (again). I want to watch 'The Walking Dead'. But how about 'The Downton Dead'? Lady Sybil; Matthew Crawley; Lavinia Swire; William, and all the other minor characters who have died could come back as walkers! : )
(Downton Abbey explains everything Part One): Thrilling and exciting, but ill-advised and forbidden: Toland = Lord Grantham; and Ford Mustang = Jane. (and Kelly better not = Lady Sybil, at least not for another 20 years..!!)
*** Downton Abbey - had to come on-line to see why they let Lady Sybil die - it was so sad - I love that show and I could not stop crying. I am get too obsessed - i need to get myself a life !!!
Tonight while watching Downton Abbey, I've become v v sad. Not because of Lady Sybil, but because Status Quo have sold their souls to Coles.
Even though we all knew it was coming - sad to see Lady Sybil gone... Yes, we are a bit behind the rest of the world with Downton Abbey!
Lady Sybil was on an episode of Black Mirror. She played a character which started out like Lady Sybil and ended up more like Lady Mary.
First it was Lady Sybil, then Matthew Crawley, now O'Brien has left the show for next season! :( :( :(
While I work at getting back on my feet (no pun intended) Mom and I have spent the entire past week watching Downton Abbey from the beginning. Last night we got to Season 3 where Lady Sybil has the baby. Today I am in total shock and I'm having Johnny sort through my closet for all of my black. OMG! Why didn't somebody warn me?
Uggh it shoudlve been Lady Edith not Lady Sybil
Very nice of the lovely+very sweet Lady Sybil/aka Jessica Brown-Findlay to chat to Closer about upcoming epic drama Labyrinth,on at Easter
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Downton Abbey is losing another member of the family. Fans of the smash hit costume drama have barely recovered from the untimely demises of Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) in season 3, when now comes word that Siobhan Finneran, who has played the scheming maid…
think the green one on the left is mine! So proud
Woah. I don't do jagerbombs, but I like the way does them.
JT? He's lovely he was in when I was too x
only via our Olly Muirs lookalike. We'll head to the bar in a bit before home x
Downton Abbey fans were rocked by the deaths of Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley after actors Jessica Brown Findlay and Dan Stevens asked to leave the uber-popular show, and now another actor has asked to exit Downton: Siobhan Finneran, who plays O'Brien!
yes. I can go late, but taking live things for cooking
Just agreed to organise birthday. This is going to be messy. Roll on October.
stubbly, medium build, early 30s although I have probably completely insulted him now! Clooney-ish!
ask Mike for the tea pot cocktail, tell him I sent you ;) x
And we need food with Where are we going?
Have grown to love the Grantham family so much. Tom alone in Downton I wish Lady Sybil was there with him. =(
610 Jigsaw pieces. Be proud this is awesome
Has anyone locked in Baby Sybil and Lady Mary's baby? They might be tempted to depart too?
love them! Personal favourite so far is Franz FerdiBurger!
hi honey, the blog I guess? The uni would be awkward - I have no power spend wise really.
No Matthew, Lady Sybil or O'Brien in Season 4?!?... I don't know you better bring it for S4.
it's awful. Had to stand all the way and feet are killing me from trekking round penrith
Trying to get to to see and Stuck on a tram instead. :o(
Im gonna say yes, but you know I've not checked anything!
These were so, so good. Find them at too... Today is chocolatey goodness...
Cool, we were there in October. Stayed at Plockton - beautiful!
Ohh no but it's on the list now. Think I'm off to Skye this year.
It's called Storm or something like that. Like regular but with all key notes boosted, like it needs it!
are we going to have to try this? I'm not sure I can do it without giggling.
lmao - but you're more wriggly than a bar. My trainer reckons I'll be able to squat with 60 kg soon...
I want bruises from kettlebells... Starting 2nite!
not a clue yet. Just got it through this afternoon. Kind of blown away really. L, will fill you in tonight x
Bloody *** ! Amazing! That's almost my weight. LOL. You can dead lift me :D
yeah, don't put me on opposing team to K. She's faster than me...
hi, what are your weekend opening hours? Wanted to stop by today, but will be the wrong side of the city...
In other news, I have bruises from kettlebells yesterday and can dead lift 50kg.
Finally on my way home. Been a long day. And the awesomeness that popped into my mailbox just made it unbelievable. In a good way.
and once my Mara stuff is done. Maybe.
I have the in London on the Sunday so will keep a low profile. Thx
50% from Lady Sybil kitty Houndton Tabby print sales will be donated to my local cat shelter
Jess and I will synchronise diaries on Monday :o)
what time are you guys open til today? I may need to squeeze in a visit...
Big for an expert crafter and one of our best customers
Madness. Running around train platforms at Preston while they switch trains around. Joy.
She should have looked more like this:
Didn't anyone question why Lady Sybil's complexion was so much bronzer than her ghostly pale sisters? Anyone?
I, too, am Lady Sybil Crawley (yikes!) and a fan of the Ice Warriors, and generally just following around.
That's right, I'm Lady Sybil Crawley. Which character are you? via
Can Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey make in world football hurt a little less?
OH.MY.GOD i just had a Downton Abbey marathon today to catch up with Season 3 and i am so upset now, not only did they kill off my FAVORITE character Lady Sybil, BUT they also killed off the most amazingly sweet man, Mathew Crawley but it was the same day his son was born!!! Talk about Cry fest 2013!! :( UGH
If you haven't seen Downton Abbey's season 3 finale, then stop reading now...otherwise, please humor me. Am I in denial in believing that Matthew isn't really dead? I mean he didn't have the death palor that Lady Sybil did, and I just think that the writers and producers cannot be so cruel as to put us through that much emotional change in ONE SEASON. Please...someone tell me they agree with me? He. Isn't. Dead. I refuse to accept it until season four begins. Which is too long. Why do you put me through these things Downton? WHY?!
Downton Abbey SPOILER ALERT: I think Branson has got the hots for Lady Sybil.
I finally got around to watching the season finale of Downton Abbey. As I type this through a veil of tears, I am absolutely stunned that Matthew is dead. Such a cruel blow, when I've barely recovered from the death of Lady Sybil. Exactly how much are the Crawley's expected to bear? I can't wait for season 4.
Lady Sybil's dead. I think this is the most heartbreaking episode of Downton Abbey yet.
Ok - so I was a little late to the party, but I'm here and all caught up, and now I have a few bones to pick with this series:Does anyone chew scenery quite like Iain Glen?What ever became of Sir Richard Carlisle's dire threats to expose Mary's dangerous liaison? He just oiled off meekly when she threw him over for Cousin Matthew? I'm supposed to believe this *** kind of out-patient operation did Miss Contrary Mary actually have? What was her little "problem"?That whole Bates/prison scheme thing left me completely befogged. Why did his cellie hate him so? What did the turnkey have against him? How did they get to Mrs. Bartlett so completely and convincingly? And why? I think Bates is guilty, guilty, guilty.One short day trip up to London and Lord G was able to (1) see the Home Secretary; and (2) get him to negotiate an agreement with Ireland to leave Lady Sybil and Tom alone? I'm supposed to believe this?Does anyone else also think that Elizabeth McGovern's face always looks a tad smudged and out of shape ...
Catching up on Downton Abbey. Crying my eyes out. I will miss you Lady Sybil
And could a few famous people actually die this year please? I was waiting for them to start including characters who had been bumped off on TV shows..."In Memoriam...Matthew Crawley...Lady Sybil...the bad guy every week from Elementary..."
Most of the viewers of “Downton Abbey” who saw Lady Sybil die in childbirth Sunday night were left with a long list of questions accompanying their shock and grief.What did she die of? Was the...
Catching up on 3rd season of Downton Abbey ... Lady Sybil is no more. Yeh, I'll admit it hurts.
EVERYONE DOES IN Downton Abbey. Lady Sybil, that blue eyed *** Matthew Crawley. It's all a lie. Bury me under the Louis sto.
In NYC: arriving at Penn Station, still on train waiting to get off between rows of seats, I look round and in front of me is a man with a largish laptop. He's holding it up to watch something. I peek. I see Miss Obrien at her usual end of the table, next to her Shirley Maclaine's maid, other side Mrs Hughes ... I go to lunch and open New Yorker, first joke I come to: lady visiting prison on phone reporting to husband "the bad news is Lady Sybil died but Bates is home ,"
Another season of "Downton Abbey " has swiftly gone by and those of us who are fans deserve a break. The tragic death of one character -- Lady Sybil -- was hard enough to take, but when the final episode concluded with the upright Matthew Crawley dying in a car wreck reminiscent of the opening sc...
Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley both killed off because actors contracts were up and they didn't want to continue being on the show...why!!! That's selfish.
I also just finished Season 1 of Downton Abbey and am completely hooked! I LOVE Anna and Mr. Bates and Lady Sybil!
Burning one candle for each of the lost souls of Downton Abbey: (spoiler alert) Mr. Pamuk, William, Cora's unborn baby, those Titanic relatives, Livinia, Lady Sybil, Thomas' blind-would-be-lover, Ethel's dead beat baby daddy, Cousin Matthew, and Lady Edith...oh wait, that last one was wishful thinking.
First you kill off Lady Sybil, now you kill Matthew Crawley. What are you trying to do to me 'Downton Abbey' writers ?
Wow, was I disappointed with the way season three of Downton Abbey ended! How could they kill Matthew! I read that the actor Dan Stevens wanted out of his contract, but what a terrible story line! I hated that they killed Lady Sybil, but now Matthew! I'm afraid this story is quickly turning into melodrama. Who else loves this show and was shocked last night?
Just when we're still recovering from Lady Sybil's death, Downton Abbey has to devestate us again! Talk about the Monday morning blues...
Lord Grantham's nickname for Lady Sybil and Branson's daughter.
So in this season we lost: Lady Sybil, Matthew, Ethel, Mrs. Crawley's old cook. And I think that's it.
FYI Dame Maggie plays the Dowager Countess Grantham or Violet Crawley not Dowager Countess, Lady Sybil. via
The Oregonian today had a great satire of Downton Abbey-with Lord Grantham's dog getting impregnated by the mutt in the village, Mrs. Crawley opening her home to 30 prostitutes, a great conversation between Matthew and Mary ending with a slap, and Anna telling Bates that Lady Sybil is dead,buried, reanimated as a zombie and now stalking the village!!!
Catching up on Downtown Abbey. Just watched Lady Sybil die from eclampsia. I think it is what my grandmother died from. She was like 43. my mom was married already but it was more than 10 years before I was born.Not too many years later (still before I was born) my grandfather died. My other grandfather had been gone long before that.not having grandparents always made me want to be one.
Baby Sybil for Lady Sybil is the worst trade since Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson.
Wife & I just finished Season 1 of Downton Abbey. Q: How does Matthew Crawley not pursue Lady Sybil? Smart, idealistic & hottest sister!
Holding a memorial service in the snow with English muffins and English Breakfast tea tomorrow for Lady Sybil. Singing Queen.
We have been catching up with Downton Abbey this week and OMG! Lady Sybil!
A goodbye song 4 Lady Sybil would be so sad it would finish me! Want Branson 2 leave the baby w/Matthew & Mary.
Friday Fun Q: When you were 18-21, which Crawley would you have identified with most - Lady Mary, Lady Edith or Lady Sybil?
Lady Sybil died after giving birth. And after Lady Mary gave birth, Matthew died.. Babies are a curse in Downton Abbey.
Already on Season 3 of Downton Abbey - knowing what happens to Lady Sybil soon makes me want to cryyy :-(
I am so obsessed with Downton Abbey ... But the story isn't a new one, it's Fiddler on The Roof ... Tevye = is his lordship with his 3 marriage aged daughters and he and the mishpocha are engaged in matchmaking ... Lady Sybil = Chava who married the unsuitable chauffeur rather than the goy Fiyedke (and she like Hodel had to go "far from the home she loves") ... The Lady and Lord of the manor were married in an arranged marriage and decided they were in love well after their nuptials . the list goes on and on . Does anyone else see this??!! With all the prejudice in this world, I think this just proves how much we are really all the same!
Tom Branson (played by Allen Leech) was initially the family chauffeur, employed midway through Series 1. He aspires to a career in politics, and is a socialist Irish nationalist and republican. It becomes clear that he is political and very determined, much like Lady Sybil. Once in conversation wit...
The episode following a Big Event is always tricky. Last week on “Downton Abbey,” the characters, actors and viewers were put through the emotional wringer when Lady Sybil died from complications with childbirth. This week, we thought the show put forth an episode that was just as strong (if not str...
Downton Abbey Deep Thoughts: Methinks 'twas a wee bit of foreshadowing as Lady Mary and Lord Matthew snuggle in bed, pledging their undying love for one another as they realize in their grief for Lady Sybil that life cannot be taken for granted. Meanwhile, the family struggles to comfort Tom the Chauffer as he insists Baby Sybil will be baptized Catholic (gasp!) - are the halls of Downton Abbey to be thus polluted?!? When Lord Grantham crashes a ladies' luncheon, an angry and rebellious Lady Cora remains seated and insists on being served by the *** who can't cook. There's some American spunk, Lady Cora! Notably, the Dowager remains seated as well, leaving Lord Grantham's manhood notably, er, diminished. Lord Grantham takes another blow to his manhood when Mr. Vanilla (Lord Matthew) dares to suggest that Downton is mismanaged. O'Brien's beady little eyes and horns resurface as she delights in stirring the omelet and stokes the fires of Tom's ire for the new footman... will his lust be ever unrequite ...
Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched your DVR’d episode of last Sunday’s Downton Abbey, you might skip this post for now and come back after you’ve watched it. We were all shocked when the most beloved of the Crawley sisters, Lady Sybil, died following childbirth.
Is this a candlelight vigil for Lady Sybil?
i can't believe they're still gonna play the game after what hapened to to Lady Sybil last week.
Do I lose my man card if I channel surf between Super Bowl and Downton Abby Sunday night? Yeah, that's what I thought.Still trying to cope with Lady Sybil dying in last week's episode. Shocker.
I wonder if ever watches Downton Abbey and remembers what she was doing back then, being just younger than Lady Sybil.
Excited to live out my Downton Abbey dreams for 2 hours at the Alexander Ramsey House History Happy Hour tonight! Not sure I can pass off my entire REI-furnished outfit as "historically accurate" but I'm pretty sure if Lady Sybil was presented with the option of wearing Sorels and Polarfleece on a day like today, she'd go for it.
I am liking Lady Edith more lately, Lady Mary is so miserable, & poor Lady Sybil so ...;(
that's nothing I'm going to write a book about Julian Fellowes and have him murdered by wait for it wait for it ...Lady Sybil
Oops, I'd been thinking Lady Sybil and Susan from Narnia were played by the same actress. Jessica Brown Findlay =! Anna Popplewell.
OK so its been a couple days, but Downton Abbey, I'm just not over what happened to Lady Sybil! I have loved her ever since season one when she wore those Princess Jasmine pants... and I'm still sad over this last episode. It's just not okay... not okay at all...
Millions of Downton Abbey viewers in mourning after Lady Sybil's death
Okay, I just watched the latest episode...the first one I've ever watched. Why is a noblewoman, Lady Sybil, married to the chauffeur? And who was that in jail? Why was a former servant living as a prostitute, and what happened to her baby? Is Downton in financial trouble? The rest I could follow. See? No spoilers.
I'm crying for Lady Sybil and Tom. Curse you Sir Philip and Lord Grantham, you ***
Lady Sybil and I were supposed to get married. How could this happen?
Farewell, Lady Sybil. I loved you more than any girl who actually exists in real life.
My wife just told me I'm "not allowed to fart while Lady Sybil is dying."
Downton Abbey fans, Poor Lady Sybil’s toxemic death has been the subject of many conversations since Sunday’s episode. Tell us, midwives, what is the best way to handle/prevent preeclampsia? Was there anything you wish the doctors in the background would have done to help Lady Sybil?
BTW, can you believe that Lady Sybil died on Lord Grantham ain't having a good go lately...
Is anyone else upset about what happened to Downton Abbey's Lady Sybil?
RIP Lady Sybil. Brave of Julian Fellowes to write that storyline for Lord Grantham. ***
OMG. Lady Sybil dies in childbirth and Matthew is bringing business practices to the Abbey. Downton continues to surprise and delight.
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