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Lady Mary

The Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (15 May 1689 – 21 August 1762) was an English aristocrat and writer. Montagu is today chiefly remembered for her letters, particularly her letters from Turkey, as wife to the British ambassador, which have been described by Billie Melman as “the very first example of a secular work by a woman about the Muslim Orient”.

Lady Edith Downton Abbey Lord Grantham Michelle Dockery Matthew Goode Lady Grantham Matthew Crawley Downtown Abbey Lady Sybil

More than Lady Mary, Mr. Carson, Mrs. Hughes...even Matthew, I sorely miss the wit of the Dowager Countess of Grantham!
As a reminder, Downton Abbey really embraced the Christmas episode and may we all slay it like Lady Mary.
Lady Mary breaks out in a new role. Watch Michelle Dockery as Letty in Nov. 15 on
Lady Mary may have inherited her wealth, but Letty has her own way of getting it. Michelle Dockery stars as Letty in
- Mom, why is my cousin called Joanne? . - Because her mother loved Lady Gaga. . - What about me?. - Enough questions, Afte…
Got Mary Berry round for a cheese and gin night. She arrived with a whole wheel of Stilton and about a gallon of Tanqueray 10…
I'm forming my own transition team to make the presidential change smoother. Jim Beam. White Lady. Mary Jane. See you in 4 ye…
His Grace is vomiting beef wellington with Lady Mary .
Why did the Lady Mary sink 65 miles off the coast of Cape May on March 24th 2009? Pulitzer Prize winning reporter...
how come Mary Berry & Nick Grimshaw get tickets, must be luckier in the draw than my good lady, BEEB's a bit of a closed shop!
Our Lady of Seattle, pray for us! This statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was the first im…
Some lady called in at work saying ludacris and his wife Mary j blige turned into spiders and trying to kill her so she couldnt pay her bill
Mary Eliza with a great run and slots a pass to Maggie with the score. 3-0 Lady jags.
Caitriona did a short Q&A this morning in honor of selling more of her "I'm An Unusual Lady" shirts. Here's the... http…
Lady Gaga, Pink, Sia and More Encourage Fans to Join Effort to Deny Donald Trump the - The Hollywood Reporter
My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma, and The Music Man all are set within ten years of each other.
1 day and 10 hrs left. I'll answer 20 questions for the next 20 T's bought. 🙀🙀🙀
26 hours left! Be an like and support . 3000 is possible!! 💕.
*I'm a master in bed, that's why he keeps beating up his wife for me – 22-yr-old lady (See her Sexy Photos)
Dear when Hat-wearing men approach a lady, please tip hat, to show respect. you too Poppins
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: "Praise be to Jesus." . Our Lady is smiling. . "I have come to congratulate you and your country
THIS Company has nothing to do with me nor does any money go to DON'T BUY FROM THEM. Only ht…
His Grace is buying apple pie with Lady Mary .
Michelle Dockery just passed her driving test...or was it Lady Mary?
JP from MIC talks to Binky like Richard Carlisle talked to Lady Mary on Downton Abbey.
Lady Mary had about 100 more IQ points than Elizabeth
Basically this is what Lady Mary would wear to transition into fall if Downtown Abbey were…
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Lady Edith, hope u have had an amazing holiday & u have a fantastic weekend love Lady Mary xxx
That really looks like Lady Mary & Lady Edith from Downton Abbey. I'm not making that up, either.
FIDM Museum: Lady Mary & Lady Edith invite you to the Downton Abbey Scone Bakeof...
Um, Gary Hobson just walked on stage with Lady Mary & what is even happening.
What it meant when Lady Mary bobbed her hair on (via
If I were Lady Mary, would you be my Matthew Crawley?
I still need to visit Highclere castle, I want to be Lady Mary for a day
From broke to flush. Looks good to me 👍 29 Lady + 30 Lilies + 8…
Peace of our Lady Virgin Mary with all of you
The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss scene except it's me, alone, eating a Hot Pocket over my sink
Satire should , like a polished razor keen, wound with a touch that’s scarely felt or seen. –LADY MARY WORTLEY MONTAGU
Trying to trace relatives of Edith Mary Corderoy - 1842 to 1938 - writing a book about her - she was a remarkable lady
I love Harriet Vane with the burning passion of a thousand suns. I also like Lord Peter. And Lady Mary.
** Winner of the 2016 KGC Lady Captain's Prize **. Congratulations to Mary Lyons!. Mary Lyons receiving her prize...
Pleased to learn Lady Mary Wilson still writes the odd poem at 100 and visits the Scilly Isles
Birthday shoutout to one of the most exquisite lady from the source,God bless your new age...from Egbe omo ife. # Mary Olatundun Eludini
NEW - How Not to Become a Little Old Lady by Mary McHugh
I am not allowed to complain about my freaking lady parts exploding for bloody mary if I won't take a painkiller?
this lady that work for Mary Kay walked up 2 me today & told me I have a beautiful face & would love 2 give me a facial 4 free (no *** 😭
His favorite band was George Michael's WHAM! And he loved that show where the lady had the puppet Lamb just like Mary's. ***
Good morning! Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! Hail Mary!
",, Printer Friendly Page . Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be to Jesus." ,,"
"Lady Mary Crawley played by So and So,"? LOL - really?! :-)
So blessed to call this lady Mrs. Adcock and Aunt Mary😌
Today 1553: Lady Jane Grey deposed by Mary Tudor. Mary initially spares Jane, 16, but soon executes her.
ENOUGH teasing Melania, she may not be a "traditional" first lady but she still eats jewelry just like you and I
bring yourself to LA; i have some badass lady friends who would be SO SUPER down (ahem,
Congrats to Lady Cat Alumni Ashleigh Wolf for playing volleyball at Mary Hardin- Baylor University . .
19 July 1553 Lady Jane Grey was replaced by Mary 1 as Queen of England after reigning for only nine days.
My Dear SIR PAUL I love you... Your Sweet Heart and Wife LADY LOURDES MARY Sánchez McCrtney. Come home. I go to PRI.
Today in 1553 Lady Jane Grey is replaced by Mary I of England as Queen of England after only 9 days on the throne. ht…
that's what I thought too :) would have rathered Adrian would have been with Lady Mary, not the race car driver
O Mary, my Mother and my Lady, I offer you my soul, my body, my life and my death and all that will come after it. St.…
Lady Mary, just because you're Catholic doesn't mean you can give cats?
Lady Mary (Gloria Swanson) attempting to read in Male and Female (Cecil B. DeMille, 1919)
.1927. Wonder if Lady Mary and Lord Grantham were at home when this was taken?
well that's good though Lady Mary made arrangements with the family at Hamilton house that I may stay here when they have guests--
Can't stop thinking about how seamlessly Sophie Turner has transformed Sansa from an Edith to a Lady Mary & I am HERE. FOR. IT.
Phil Jackson meeting with Frank Vogel is like Lady Mary spending a weekend with Lord Gillingham.
That's a full two years BEFORE Lady Mary met Matthew Crawley at Downton Abbey, for some perspective.
Move over, Mary Crawley. There’s a real-life Lady Mary in Hollywood, Lady Mary Charteris, daughter of Catherine Guinness and James Charteri…
Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley were the cutest incest tho
He said on Downton Abbey Lady Edith was "more dikey" than Lady Mary.
How that's a spectacular wedding venue, the Grand Ballroom at Fit for Lady Mary.
have a wonderful week Lady Edith love Lady Mary xx
There's an endorsement I'll take. Plus, Sarah's great! I mean, Lady Mary, sorry ;)
What's with all of these men throwing themselves at Lady Mary's feet?! And why is the world so cruel to Edith?
How come Lady Edith doesn't have a lady's maid and Lady Mary does?
A bold red for Lady Mary, and gorgeous embroidered green to suit Edith.
SPORTS: Through eight games, Galang has amassed a total of 90 points, behind Mary Joy Baron's 94. | via
New lady Mary Jane free today from 10 am 32 Dd natural stunner
*Lady Mary departs with her writer for Mon eve dance class, a bit sad, since it will be their last for a long while, due …
*Lady Mary sees Carson's disapproving gaze out of the corner of her eye, but chooses to ignore it,&breezes past him, head…
*Lady Mary watches w/Snow White & her writer, then the final episode of
One of the things I loved about last night's episode of was seeing that emotional connection between Lady Mary and Carson.
Farewell Downton Collaboration - Lady Mary dress inpiration ... made it to Daily Top 3!
Lady Mary tells Mr. Carson that if he truly cared 4 her he'd chop off his balls + prepare ball fricassee + eat it til he explodes so he does
A very happy birthday to our lovely lady Mary and happy International women's day to all
"Don't be spiky, Granny." . -Lady Mary . (watching again, coping with my grief..)
If I have one more Mary Kay lady try selling me makeup again I'm jumping off a cliff.
"I wonder if Lady Mary wears socks to bed?" Was my first thought after finishing Downton Abbey. 😳
"Haven’t you heard? I don’t have a heart. Everyone knows that." We're not sure we agree, Lady Mary.
PP's Richmond dwellers will be tipping their hats to Mary Rogers as we pass this brilliant green lady.
Our team meetings are so inspirational. Mary is the best!!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
yes and by Lady they mean Mary mother of Jesus! And Sheikh Maqsood had Aleppo's largest Armenian/Christian cemet…
now no peoples know i am Mary , public think i just normal lady/woman , they don't know Burger King man is husband stories ,
Lady Edith goes on a murderous rampage then straps Lady Mary into a car & Thelma and Louise into the great abyss?
I love how generous Lady Mary is with Anna.
Comparing Hillary Clinton to Lady Grantham - and other ways is like by
"Ah. Your waters have broken." Lady Mary is always so calm, cool and collected.
You guys are up to the finale already!? Does Lady Mary get together with her beau? :)
I've recently said goodbye to Jon Draper, and now Lady Mary. It's been tough
A walking lady instead of a walking mannon pedestrian lights. I like. Mary Rogers to get the green light : VicRoads
"Continue to Pray the Rosary every day." - Our Lady of Fatima
Kylie just told me that if you say "Bloody Mary" 3 times into a mirror then some lady comes and kills you? Is that real?!?…
Toodles, Lady Mary! Downton Abbey Concludes with Lots of Tea and Sympathy -
Lady Mary off her high horse is something I could have dealt with all along.
The Lady in the Van (2015) – Review - Maggie Smith plays Mary Shepherd an erratic, old lady who lives in a...
Starting the final season. Unlike most I’m perfectly happy seeing Lady Edith get shafted and Lady Mary drinking her tears.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
--Lady Mary’s black dresses would work, but for real mood enhancement, how about one of Mrs. Patmore’s cakes?
I have to admit, it's harder for me to dislike Lady Mary since she helped Anna. I'm so conflicted!
RESILIENCE. Never say die, never give up, keep after it, until you get it. Mary for you, Ateneo Lady Eagles! 💪💙
Full recaps from Lady Lions Softball's first two days of action in sunny Florida. Day one vs. St. Mary of the Woods: htt…
"Mary and Paul are looking for crisp, well risen choux pastry rings" boa sorte pra eles xD
what? How is Bates worse than Barrow? Or Lady Mary if you're just going with basic decency!
*laughed as she stood so that Honora could slip the pearls over her head* Do you know if Lady Mary has taken breakfast in bed~
There was less Lady-Mary-getting-murdered in the Downton Abbey finale than I would have preferred
This is a cute shot of Lady Mary but Henry (Matthew Goode) is barely visible and he's GORGEOUS.
I will be hosting a Mother's Day Tea Party on Saturday, April 30th from 12-230pm at . Lady Mary's Royal Tea House...
Finally watching last week's episode of Downton Abbey, Lady Edith FINALLY called out Lady Mary! Dang!
"With Edith I just...say things!...and then they can't be unsaid." Sisterhood as described by Lady Mary. 😂👌🏼
really pleased u enjoyed Skegness Lady Edith have a lovely night love u Lady Mary xx
Lady Edith is more kind and gracious than Lady Mary deserves.
Lady Mary & Lady Edith have always been rather vicious to each other. Look back on 6 seasons of Crawley sister feud:
Lady Mary is really going all in for this episode. . “Below the belt even for you”. When you lose Lord Grantham.
Downton farewell quotes: "She's a bit of a bully, your Lady Mary" ~ John Bates to Anna
I know when that it can only mean...Lady Violet has some hot gossip about Lady Mary and Mr. Pamuk. …
Lady Mary and Dame Violet Crawley should have moderated this
Oh dear.Wasn't expecting to go from perfect as Lady Mary has ever looked at race to Ridley Alien dinner effect with Robert
Yes! For me it's sometimes Julie Andrews's voice...sometimes Lady Mary's from Downton Abbey... :D
On Sunday's Lady Mary borrowed some clothes for flirting:
Lady Mary has great taste in clothes
Taking care of Anna is Lady Mary's attempt to be more like Sybil. But it's also who she is at heart.
How would you describe the differences between the styles of Lady Mary and Lady Edith?
You're like the late Lady see the good in both Lady Mary and Lady Edith! :D ^^
Lady Mary with the killer eye - roll at Lady Edith. Also, love the phrase : 'Don't be such a ninny'.
Behind the scenes of Lady Mary's and Lady Edith's roaring '20s looks on the last season of
Fashionista_com: Lady Mary and Lady Edith went hat-to-hat in last night's DowntonAbbey:
I hope isnt about lady mary cuz in not fan of hers...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Yeah and also everyone’s mad about some lady named Mary Sue?
Hi! New year new beginning, so sorry for what happened between me and your sister, she was a great lady
All A tournament set as Lady Bombers open on Tuesday Jan 19th at 4:30 against Fulton Co. Boys on Wednesday Jan 20 at 6:00 against St. Mary
Dream 2 play with a sexsual tonight
Mary Jo's labor of love...114 jars of grape jelly just today! An amazing lady & still in kitchen tonight.
First trailer for Good Behavior... Coming to TNT this summer, starring a very un-lady-Mary-like Michelle Dockery
The lady Hawks will face mount st Mary's tomorrow at 6 @ Ohara
I will not watch Lady Mary behave in such a depraved, impetuous manner. Surely there's a period drama she could do.
Eh you belong living in the Edwardian Era where men prefer ignorant chamber maids and fear the Lady Mary's
She tugs her pigtails in amusement. "Ya don't like Mary Lady? I s'pose I can call ya jus' Mary, until I think up a good >
Hey lady. It's 11am. Stop forcing bloody Mary's down everyone's throats. Mamma don't want it.
Or, in fact, Rik Mayall's swashbuckling egotist Lord Flashheart paying court to Lady Mary.
Barb, thanks for uploading this pic of this beautiful & talented lady!! Our girl Mary Beth!!! I love the colors!! :)
Am beginning to understand where Lady Mary gets her fashion inspiration of late.
St. Mary's 7/8th grade girls basketball enjoying CYO Night cheering on the Lady Terps with the TURTLE!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Saint Mary's CYO Girls Basketball cheering on the Lady Terps WITH the TURTLE
Velvet & embroil shoes 1660. Worn by Lady Mary Stanhope of Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire. Northampton Museums
Lady Mary, fresh and out of jail. I like it! Shoutout and fan
Lady Mary James teams up with Canadian rap royalty Saukrates for the release…
At the half the Lady Lions trail the St. Mary's Rattler's 32-24
with Cousin Mary Jane at Eastern Market Corporation kickoff for season for Lady Jane...
. Looks interesting. Michelle's character in this movie is so different from Lady Mary. Michelle looks so good as a blond btw.
Some lady just said at my job "have you ever thought about being a face model. I work for mary-K...blahblahblah" like *** lmao
A statue of Our Lady of the title for theVirgin Mary from which the name Lola is…
How Fashion Evolves for Lady Mary, Edith, and More in the Final Season:
My dreams have come true! I got to meet Lady Mary and Lord and Lady Grantham this past week
"I'd rather be alone than with the wrong man." --Lady Mary
"My girlfriend is the classiest lady in the streets and the wildest lady in the sheets" - Mount St. Mary's University
📷 mcavoys: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney attend the premiere screening of FX’s ‘American Horror Story:...
This year's biggest newsstand success is undoubtedly this pre-spring issue of
But stay the heck away from her lady of BAMF Mary McDonnell, new boss at TNT. I'm watching you.
A little under an hour and a half before the Lady Lions take on the St Mary's Lady Rattler's in San Antonio!!!
Lady in the Water was kinda sorta OK, but holy Mary Suresh with the writer character there. Don't get me started on though.
*Lady Mary prepares to head out to a cafe with her writer, then off to hip hop class.;)*
The st. Mary's gym is rocking as the Lady Hilltoppers host in city rival Elizabeth HS. Hilltoppers lead 26-15 after 1 quarter.
Lady Mary has gone bad! See Michelle Dockery in the new promo for
i think we should ask all the presidential candidates how they would have handled Lady Mary's blackmailer.
This lady--Mary Darby Robinson--was astonishing. Accomplished poet, novelist, actress. And her personal life was lit
When was the last snowfall in ? Sidewalk still not plowed on Queen Mary N. Elderly lady almost fell.
So, this Mary Kay lady asked me to be a face model for her today and this is how it turned out.…
A collage of Lady with Very Large Shoes and friend. 👯🎀
Lady Lions are back in action tonight at home against Sandwich. 6:45 tip off!
Mary Balogh, with very nice things to say about Kathleen Kimmel's A LADY'S GUIDE TO RUIN, delightful new romance
The last words of poet Lady Mary Wortley Montagu were ‘It’s all been very interesting.’
Daniel Maclise 1806-1870- Madeline after Prayer . The name Madeline, of course, relates to our Lady Mary...
NO. WAY. That's the first time I've ever seen Lady Mary's bare feet.
I really had the "hots" for Lady Cora,Lady Mary and Lady Sybil(my fave).Could have done a HipHop Jazz mix with them r!
Maybe Jennifer Lawrence would be a better Lady Mary than Julianna Margulies. When back from exile in 1760= Maggie Smith.
Lady Mary has travelled back in time from Downtown Abbey to be the wife of Prince Hiddleston's antagonist.
Whether you favorite character is Thomas or Lady Mary you need to come to our screening this weekend!
Is it a compliment when someone compares you to Lady Mary from Downtown Abbey? I don't watch it 🙈
Downton Abbey's Lady Mary brought back sad memories for Janet Street-Porter ...
Can't believe Lady Mary "Crawley" is a Talbot now! I admired your role as a peace maker all the way 😉 what a gentleman you are!!
Be my Matthew Crawley and I'll be your Lady Mary.
next you'll be telling me you can't see a bit of Lady Mary in Theresa Villiers.
Lady Mary finally tied the knot last night on 💍🎊 Find out about her hubby
so now Lady Mary married another Matthew. Matthew Goode. LOL.
when i started Downton Abbey six years ago did i ever dream Lady Mary would ever end up with my bae Matthew Goode? no i did not ;___;
Lady Mary "Can't you find me a Duke?" Me too please Dowager Duchess. Preferably a Marquis
"Probably my ‘threebies’ – Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, Brendan Coyle, who plays..
Lady Mary is such a strong character but she's so horrid to Edith lmao
with 2 episodes of DA left imma need 1. Rogers and Lady Mary to get engaged 2. Edith to tell Mary Marigold is hers
These were the outfits worn by Lady Mary, Sybil and Edith at the Downton garden party before the war in series1
Sometimes I’m a Lady Mary and sometimes I’m a Lady Edith, but deep down we all know I’m actually Daisy.
I hope ends with Lady Edith punching Lady Mary in the face and walking out. Like the end of This Life.
Lady Grantham knitting. Lady Mary in the bath.
so you were Lady Mary and Lady Edith in a former life. Interesting.
Just discovered that Dan and Phil are actually Lady Mary and Lady Edith. Will never get over this.
Lady Mary and Edith should be on the apprentice with speeches like those lol!
Is it just me that thinks that hot racing driver Henry is far too good for Lady Mary? So glad Edith has new boyfriend
I think when Lady Mary finds out about Annabelle she'll love Lady Edith.. .. She's a softy underneath..
Lord Grantham nearly died last week and this week Lady Mary nearly had to dress herself.
"Lady Mary in the bath!" . The horror of the ulcer last week has given Lord Grantham a sense of humour! 😂
Lady Mary in the bath or Lady Grantham knitting...decisions decisions,
This man is 89 and the lady is 87. Mary’s song! GOALS. Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock
I've heard of this lady. She's a descent of Mary, Quite a pedigree, I'd say.
Blessed to be named after you classy lady. Fly easy Mary Kate Danaher.. RIP
We bid farewell to a true lady and a great friend. Mary Kate's legacy will live forever at Castletown Train Station.
Gosh 2 years ago I had never heard of Mary Berry and the lady who runs Talk Talk. The latter far more important IMO. Some words I understand
"You'll laugh at me, but I've hardly ever been in a public house." No, we quite believe it Lady Mary.
This guy freaking out next to Lady Gaga is all of us
Jesus. What a dummy. Will surf the net to prove. Standby panting athiests. Btw. Pretty sure that Mary Magdalene lady was his girlfriend or
This would look lovely on Lady Mary.
I'm just gonna sew myself up like that lady from American Mary
"I invented Lady Gaga, I curated my life to be an expression of my pain" -
this Lady named Mary Kong trying too legalize preteen model websites,the golden age in the commercial industry,,, :) :) :)
What can you take the time to be thankful for?
Holy Mary!!. See how this lady wentOut Completely with noting to Friends party in lagos, After drinking too much,...
Handsome, multi-talented male characters are adored!. Lady characters with the same traits are branded Mary-Sues and hat…
And you could sing too, Mary Kate Danaher... RIP lovely, talented lady.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Need a lady who enjoys Mary Jane's presence as much as I do
"If you don't want to Mary the fed ex guy. or a jahovas witness, then lady you better go outside!"😂
Mary Kate Danaher, you will be missed. Rest in peace, lovely lady.
A Lady's Walks in the South of France in 1863. by Mary Eyre
I encourage y'all to get into Being Mary Jane!! That show is just great!!! Perfect acting cast and perfect lady leading…
"I don't know a lot. But I know we need a lady in the office." . Well said, Mary.
Lady Mary getting married to who? Trailer for final 'Downton Abbey' season via
What time is Downton Abbey on TV on Sunday and is it love for Lady Mary?
This is my 2 boys (Murphy & Bailey) along Lady Mary's Walk in . A great walk and a great B&B!!
Lady Mary has had a turbulent couple of years at Relive her finest, and sometimes scandalous, moments:
Told my mum that she's the Mrs Bates to me, Lady Mary. Retorted + said I'm bumhole mouth Daisy. Downgraded her to Mrs Patmore.
The Essential Rose, Ingres and Lady Mary, and the Ottoman Riviera. Three back issues of blissful…
Lady Mary got both Lord Grantham and Mr Carson wrapped around her fingers lol... she's their baby girl..
Well that was that. I wish Lady Edith would finally tell Lady Mary about Marigold.
fans, what does Lady Mary think the story is with Edith/Marigold if she doesn't know everything about the Drews?
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The shade thrown between Lady Mary and Lady Edith is like NO OTHER
Does Lady Edith know that Lord G knows she's Marigold's mother? Lady Mary being quite dim really. X
time for the chop. Poor Lady Edith. Although poor Lady Mary having to walk back
I wish Edith would just tell Lady Mary the truth. I imagine Mary would raise her eyebrow but have secret admiartion for Edith
Daisy: 'It's funny to see Lady Mary in there with the pigs!' Lady Edith Somewhere in London: *Giggles for no reason*
"Do you want to go and see Lady Mary showing off her pigs?".
shopping with Lady Mary ma'am. That could be a comedy spin-off, I feel!
Lady Edith should just tell Lady Mary about Marigold. She can't be judgemental
How to write series:. 1. She can't have a baby. 2. Lady Mary will sort it - Yay. 3. Luncheon. 4. Maggie Smith one-liner. 5. Tea
I seriously hope Lady Mary won't use Marigold as a weapon against Edith in the end
Spoiler alert (DA): Lady Mary isn't very bright. If Robert can guess Marigold is Edith's daughter, it means it's not that hard!
Lady Mary is self-absorbed, insensitive trash. She goes out of her way to make things difficult for Edith.
If I had a penny for every time Lady Mary has rolled her eyes at Lady Edith...😂
Lady Mary, Edith, and Rose decide they are over the whole thing and open up a club. Cora MC's the show.
Say hello, wave goodbye: Downton Abbey returns for its last series with Lady Mary being blackmail...
You are wrong it's The Dowager, Mrs Crawley and Lady Mary.
The tennis equivalent of Lady Edith reaching out to take Lady Mary's hand on Christmas Eve.
Binge watching some tv shows lately. New faves. Agent Peggy Carter and Lady Mary. Hayley Atwell and Michelle Dockery. 😍
Colours that are associated with Lady Mary.
Lady Mary would be lovely in either. Also Tea…
Lady Mary would be lovely in either. Also Teal from yesterday.
. I would love to be Lady Mary because of all her handsome suitors. Loved Matthew(Dan Stevens) & Matthew Goode playing Henry T.
I'm a simple girl, I just want Lady Mary & Cousin Matthew to get overtaken by passion in the drawing room one afternoon.
I *think* Lady Mary may be developing feelings for Cousin Matthew
Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary reunited and there’s visual evidence
SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Back from the dead, Dan makes Lady Mary smile The pair were at Richmond Theatre, in South-W…
Downton Abbey's Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew reunited last night, and there's photographic evidence!
In the final episode of Downton Abbey, Lady Mary enters the caves underneath the estate and finds Lord Grantham's Batman suit. Credits roll.
*Lady Mary returns home & after depositing her things & checking on , watching him play a bit, dresses for dinner.*
*Lady Mary calls for the car, kisses & goodbye, looks longingly at the bed, then heads out the door ~
St. Mary the Virgin's Church in Bampton where Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley got married in Downton…
*Lady Mary returns home & has Anna help her dress for dinner, then checks on & the kitten.*
*Lady Mary leaves the new kitten with & the governess, as she heads out with her writer to dance class.*
*Lady Mary lets & that she has made arrangements to keep the kitten she & writer rescued today.*
*Lady Mary & return from their moonlight stroll.*
*Lady Mary decides to take a stroll with & enjoy the full/blue moon together.*
*grumbles on the surface, but inwardly smiles, as Lady Mary & play with the 2 kittens she has agreed to foster.*
It was beautiful but I wish they'd allowed Michelle Dockery to narrate in her own lovely voice, rather than Lady Mary's.
Lady Edith, aka Laura Carmichael, talks with & dishes on Lady Mary. ^^
*Lady Mary returns home, collapses on a settee in pain & exhaustion. Lady Edith is highly disappointed that her mouth still works though!*
Edith, when she's telling everyone about Lady Mary's special times with Mr. Pamuk
in 1536, the King's council bully the Lady Mary into accepting her illegitimacy;.
most likely to end with Dowager Countess's death or Lady Mary's marriage I would like to see Mary re-marry, but...
AgentBertram My secondment onto the set of Downton Abbey was an eye opener! Lady Mary thinks shes the real thing!
*Lady Mary/writer has a new tarot deck. Her friend, Princess Snow approves!!*
"Granny you are quite dewey eyed, I never think of you as sentimental." -Lady Mary
"There are no men left in England for Lady Mary to scowl at or have sex with." on end
*Lady Mary/& dance around the house while the family is out.*
*Lady Mary returns home from her writer's theater class,& goes to relax in her room.*
*Lady Mary departs with her writer for theater class.*
"do that thing to me again, you know, the way you love me forever" *says to Lady Mary.*
This is all I see now when I look at Lady Mary during the steeplechase.
Mix Redfoo with One Direction and Lady Gaga and you get Ian Erix! You gotta see its kinda AWESOME
Mom making her bracket 🏀: "I chose Maryland because it has Mary in it and I chose Louisville because I like the sound of Louisville slugger"
Thank you Lord, Thank you Mama Mary for this season77🙏 LADY EAGLE ended this season as a…
*Lady Mary returns home from dance class with her writer,& goes to her room to change clothes.*
They just let the Mary Kay lady have her way with precious face 😕
This lady in my class dresses like Mary Poppins and smells like old play doh..
I hate when I'm in line waiting to tan and the lady in front of me says she wants the stand up! ugh!
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