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Lady Luck

Lady Luck is a fictional, American comic-strip and comic book crime fighter and adventuress created and designed in 1940 by Will Eisner with artist Chuck Mazoujian (1917-2011).

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Here we go 🎣🎣🎣🎣 Today is my first session of the European championships and I can't wait for this moment. I have a tough day ahead of me as the Brown trout lake that i am fishing today is ridiculously hard. Only 7 fish were caught on this lake by all the teams put together during the official practice, with no angler that caught, catching more than one fish. Probably going to be the hardest session I have ever fished and I am really going to need a bit of Lady Luck on my side to catch a fish. Figures crossed I can get off to a good start. Come on TEAM ENGLAND.
Here's a video tour of the fantastic Atomic Sound Studio in Brooklyn where I recorded vocals for Lady Luck,...
the time is drawing near. Lady Luck tonight at Thunder Valley Bar & Grill. be there!! Otherwise, we'll...
Gig come in for tonight with Lady Luck in Grantham
Ah…..Alastair Cook just needed five runs to make his come back from a weird lean patch a more memorable one but, the most important thing is that the England captain is among the runs and it would not have happened had Lady Luck not favored him – Jadeja dropped Cook when he was on just ten! Though it might sound pretty stupid to talk about the importance of luck in life but you can’t deny the impact of ‘slice of luck’ in every aspect of life! Surely, hard work is a necessary to impress the Lady Luck! But still not everyone can impress her. Gary Ballance had been brilliant and more resolute and he made it sure that the day belonged to England. Of course, the Indians can’t expect to fetch wickets on this track with such a bowling display – too straight, on the length more and not back of a length and more width outside off! The dense grass on the track didn’t matter much and this track is not like Lord’s where the grass spread more. This track is a bit harder and on this track, back of a l ...
Chillin by the pier in for some relax time before we go with Lady Luck to the
Been kissed by Lady Luck, the stars are all lined up
Sunny at Pocono, JWT earns a Top 5 finish, I'd put my money on California Chrome tomorrow. Lady Luck is feeling good so far this June
Lady Luck nominated for 2 awards at the Portsmouth International Film Festival!
Just a reminder: our Modern Marvels/Hyundai spot starts airing tomorrow, featuring my band's song, "Lady Luck!" It's animated!!! It will run on History Channel, H2, and for 3 weeks!!! So proud to have been a part of this project and excited to see it come to life!! Keep an eye out. Petals of Spain Modern Marvels
Dear Lady Luck, please smile on me this beautiful thursday morning. ☺
says: | [Smack] needs to get [Lady Luck] on one of his upcoming 'URL' cards!! ..
Hey!. Please go wish good luck on her new job!. This lady holds a special place in my heart!. Plus this... ✒️
Relationships require two things for sure. Trust and passion. W/o them, there's no relationship
my time to shine will come soon... It has to right?! Lol I'm pretty sure my luck will turn at some point xx
I'm glad I have mold and brought up a strong, responsible, and confident young lady . Good luck baby girl, I will miss you. 😘
good luck & the lady braves in their DX playoff game today. dont think, just play & play hard!
Awesome new review of The Jesus Diet! Thank you Lady Luck!
Good luck to my lovely lady ga on her last exam
Come out & watch the Lady Bulldogs Softball game at Carlisle vs James Buchanan at 5:45. Good luck girls
Good Luck to the Lady Kahok Soccer Team vs Belleville East today in the Regionals! Game time is set for 3:30 at Belleville West. Go Kahoks!
So many games today! Good luck to the girls teams tonight: Power, Magic, United, Lady Panthers.
seniors, this lunch lady is going to miss you!! Best of luck to each and every one of you!!!
a beautiful ring for a beautiful lady. Good luck to you and vito
The lady on is a great inspiration and what a great attitude. Don't worry because you can't change it. Good luck to her x
HI how are you You are a very pretty Lady I love a career woman.Good luck in finding your love.
np, lady:) Good luck! Mojo is very elusive. Gotta act on it while you can
Good morning. Hope you all have a great day:)
Good luck with your quest. Come on skinflints!!! Help a lady in the name of research. Xx
lady luck is by your side today I guess not mine ;) well I hope you have all the fun time while dating gurl don't forget me
District Game Day! Good luck to my favorite team, Lady Chiefs! Bring home a win! 💛⚽️
Happy birthday to my lovely lady good luck on your test 💕 love ya
Pike Lady Red Devils Track-it's that time-go get that Sect. Championship! Good luck tonight! Run fast, jump high, jump far and hurry back!
Good luck Lady Hawks Softball team as they will play Green Co in the 18th District Championship Game, 6:00 at Green Co American Legion Park
It's seem that d lady luck is with today. how many times does he get chance?
a nice lady in India has persuaded your computers to accept my address, with luck it should work now.
Lady Luck must have smiled on me because I've been on a winning streak of one auction after another!
Good luck to the Lady Rockets softball team 🚀
"Johnny Bravo's through being sissy slapped by Lady Luck." - one of the boys is watching Johnny bravo and this is a line that stuck out omg
will be hoping for a favourable draw in next season's Champions League group stage, and will need lady luck...
Let me introduce you to this adorable lady beside me, who is trying to make me a model. Wish me luck 💄
sorry, had to crash and burn. Give me a little nudge with the giveaway, lady luck owes me one!
The old lady here has such a beautiful personality she can't stop wishing me luck on my exam she says she knows in her heart I'll do well☺️💕
"Good luck today I'll be thinking about you!" Thanks lady..we will have to chat about it all. Ken/work/etc xoxo
424. Lady Luck please help me today
Good luck to our Lady Warriors Softball team as they take on Cleveland HS in round 3 of the state playoffs today at 6 pm in Clayton!
Good luck DLSU LADY SPIKERS for your PNG game tomorrow ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ All the love from Dyowsa :*
The lady who just delivered a parcel said I looked smart and wished me good luck on my exam, what a cutie
ha, I'm an old lady now! I'm sleeping by 9:30! Anyway, sorry we missed you,Good luck! Come visit.
Lady Luck is not on my side anymore... This takealot competition is hard
I feel a figurative huge spiked metallic solid cube weight giving me mental frustration for months was lifted off my shoulder thanks to an underwhelming yet profound discovery I made about my expectations recently. I would love to phone call anyone curious to hear the tale :) My new California personal phone line is (619)-777-6479 (Lady luck is on my side!). I say this with jest as I make my own luck with my positive mental attitude :) Oh and yesterday during a book discussion group, I broke my first wooden plank with my bare hand. I was so cautiously considering the odds of damaging my hands permanently forcing me to change my career but then I realize it as a pattern of my own fear trying to stop me from personally growing into finding my individual purpose in life.
9.9 SPI ! yes it is for spring semester.First year grade sheet reads total 12 AA & 2 AB. Thanks everyone for your direct/indirect support. Dedicated to my lady luck..get well soon...
Fishing Report 19 May 2014 We have broken three figures for the first time this season with 108 fish reported to Fishdee for the week ending 17 May. We had bent rods from the bottom river at Ardoe and Murtle all the way up to Mar Lodge giving us a reasonable spread of catches. We had 16 fish up to Invery, 43 between Lower Blackhall and Aboyne Water and 49 between Aboyne Castle and Mar Lodge. In the context of this season it is very pleasing to have finally crossed the 100 fish threshold. I hope we can repeat it this week and keep the catches on an upward trajectory. Some water would not go a amiss! As fishers, I think we are all happy to hear of a first fish. I received an email from a delighted Edward Humphrey of Dinnet Estate advising me of a first fish for his girlfriend Amanda Kavanagh. "A mixed week for the rods fishing Dinnet /Dee Castle last week. We started with five on Monday including fresh fish out of Logie for ex-chairman of the Fishery Board Ian Scott, while I landed a very strong 9lb fish i ...
I could be in the hospital or dead this morning. God kept me from harm. Fog was thick enough to cut with a knife or a motorcycle. I could only see tail lights of the car in front of me. I was going through my morning thanks giving for another day of life and praying for loved ones. We were traveling at 75 mph on I-59 at 3:30 this morning. Tail lights ahead become brake lights and I know it's a warning , I slow down, on full alert, then a huge chunk of a discarded recap from a big rig shoots out from under the back of the car flying up and blocking the brake lights for a split second. I just know from the blocking of the brake lights in front of me that there must be some debris and I swerve to miss half a tire in the road, then the car spits the other half out . I do and "S" move to miss both pieces. The car pulls off the road. I continue on . THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! You see, it wasn't the amazing agility of my Victory Vision motorcycle . It wasn't my incredible riding skills, . ...
I'm going to bed. That was the worst award show of 'em all! Half of the performers weren't there (including Michael Jackson). You know it's bad when you got to call Michael Jackson from the afterlife to come out to save your award show. Paula Patton please take Robin Thicke back!! He promises the Lines won't be crossed or blurred again. Justin Timberlake should win an award for acceptance speeches. Jennifer Lopez should've thanked Lady Luck for her career. She was in Vegas though so that's appropriate . Goodnight and say a prayer before bed or Lorde will haunt your dreams...
it's been 16 years since a back to back Stanley Cup champ. Lady Luck seems on Chicago's side.
Performance Masters Tony Kart/ Vortex team had a fantastic outing at Swartkops Rnd 4 Regional championship 10 May. Jason Smith had blistering pace all day, just Lady Luck just wasn't on his side. Luke Hill show that his time is coming, mixed with top 4 in Junior Max and mid pack in Junior Rok. His best positioning to date. Thank you Jannie Habig for the DD2 Kart for Keagan Masters. Keagan is getting to grips with the DD2 as he mixed with the top 6 at times setting the fastest times. H3 he lead for a couple of laps until his seat broke and lost speed. My GP125 was on fire, with the weight of my kart and huge grip on the circuit which made it physically demanding. We had lots of overtaking and jostling for positions managed a 3rd H3. Great result for the Team.
Charlie can paint a picture, but can he draw the right cards for love? Searching for Lady Luck by
Can Charlie revive his art career in tough economic times? Searching for Lady Luck by
Charlie needs some luck, and every time Rose appears good things happen. Searching for Lady Luck by
THE INTREPID FOX’s view from the bar: present and future…”dead man’s hand” (30/4/14) “In 1883, Sitting Bull was a guest of honour at the opening ceremonies for the Northern Pacific Railroad. When it was his turn to speak, he said in the Lakota language, ‘I hate all white people. You are thieves and liars. You have taken away our land and made us outcasts.’ A quick-thinking interpreter told the crowd the chief was happy to be there and that he looked forward to peace and prosperity with the white people. Sitting Bull received a standing ovation.” On August 2nd 1876, in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, the notorious gunslinger and gambler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok was shot in the back of the head whilst playing poker. The killer was one Jack McCall, a player who had suffered big losses at the table the previous day. Of his Colt 45’s loaded chambers, the cartridge that killed Hickok was the only one that would fire. Lady Luck was not smiling down on him that day… The hand of cards held ...
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Good afternoon Ladies and Gents. It's just been confirmed that Tony Pulis has finished moving the coaches in front of either end at Selhurst Park! CITY: HART, ZABALETA, KOMPANY, DEMICHELIS, KOLAROV, MILNER, GARCIA, TOURE, NASRI, DZEKO, AGUERO. SUBS: PANTILIMON, LESCOTT, RICHARDS, CLICHY, FERNANDINHO, JOVETIC, NEGREDO. Two years ago, Lady Luck began to smile favourably on City. Can she do the same again?
Unul din comentariile lui David contine un poem de Hermann Hesse: Happiness If luck you chase, you have not grown enough for happiness to stay, not even if you get your way. If, what you lost, you still bemoan, and grasp at tasks, and dash and dart, you have not known true peace of heart. But if no wishes are your own, and you don't try to win the game, and Lady Luck is just a name, then tides of life won't reach your breast and all your strife and all your soul will rest.
Got 4 Clint Black tickets tonight at Lady Luck casino if anybody wants them
I just realized tonight is Clint Black at Lady Luck and I never got my tickets in the mail!!
Kennedy grateful to Lady Luck: Barnsley defender Tom Kennedy admitted his crucial goal in Tuesday's win 2-1 at...
Checkout the trailer for my film Lady Luck screening in Dallas on May 3rd, 5p at the Texas Theater. Tickets only $10!. http…
As much as I can't stand her. I really want my grandma to get here! Hopefully we can hit up the casino tonight! Lady Luck is in the air🎲🎰
Lady Luck casino is going to make their quota for the month with all of the Lebs on the mountain tonight
Strictly Baz - showing now at the Lyric - perfect before a night of Lady Luck with a Casino Royale hottie :)
For those of you who don't know, I am a dummy and took my new 2012 Mercedes C250 to Jiffy Lube!! Needless to say they F***ed my car. Tonight I'm working on what to say at the small claims court hearing next Friday, only to actually realize what a pain in the butt the ordeal has been. 5 trips to Alfano Motorcars, 2 trips to STAR Auto, 155 days and $2800 later my car got fixed!!! I hope Lady Luck has something in store for me because I know I will need it to get some of this money back from The Giant Corporation who knows they can run over the "little guys" all they want!!! Wish me luck 😉
Start your trip off with a little $1 Blackjack - we just saw Lady Luck roaming through the casino!
Chelsea may have Lady Luck, but they don't have Harry Kane.
Lady Luck deserts fraudsters: … and marked “Galaxy”, at a casino in the Cotai area. Judiciary … a...
Ladies and Gentleman the premiere of "Lady Luck" is here Saturday April 26, 2014 at the Texas Theatre. Come...
Good luck to the lady bobcats tonight 🔴🔵
Well, good thing Lady Luck's on our side.
Gutted 1-1 beat on pens we missed one 4 mins to go we were the better team Lady Luck deserted us
"Luck be a lady tonight. Luck be a lady tonight. Luck if youve been a lady to begin with. Luck be a lady tonight" 🍀🍀
Will Lady Luck smile at him in his search for these majestic creatures?. Find out today on 9:30 AM on GMA-7 right after AHA!
A lady walks up to a man wearing a Wisconsin shirt today in church and says "Good luck today, Go Buckeyes!" Yeah ... That's the wrong team😂😂
Awww I didn't realise u was doing it again... Wer?? Is Oliver for the Easter project at Wakefield?? Eek!! Good luck lady 😘💜
Check this out if you haven't yet: Ironik - Lady Luck Freestyle (Net Video): via
This lady bug will bring me luck I hope :)
something United have lacked all season! (Yes we have been poor, but Lady Luck not smiling either)
"Lady Luck" is still up from free download with this link, but only until Monday night!
Also good luck to the lady Lions soccer team at their tournament today!
nice ay ☺️ I'm trying to find them huaraches that lady had on earlier ... No luck so far 😔😢 x
Lovely demo today - the young lady with us is entering Young GBBO - good luck Anna!
great game ladies Good luck tomorrow Lady Raiders !
Good luck because a lady bug just hopped on my ring☺🍀🐞
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Lady Luck brings added income today. Lady friend takes it away tonight.
I've had Luck Be A Lady in my head the whole day today
Feel for Enzo never seems to have Lady Luck on his side...
Good luck S/O to Maryland Twisters Lady T's IO5 this weekend at RTB! Bring home the 💰💰💰!
Ray Hudson on the Real Betis own goal: . "Lady Luck...just turned her big fat cellulite-laden backside on them here."
Cruise thanks Lady Luck for lifetime achievement award
Chelsea got beat and arsenal drew with man city? Dam could this actually be Liverpool's season cause it seems that Lady Luck is shining on them :D .YNWA.
Wow, Boeing seems to be on the outs with Lady Luck right about now! . “Plane loses wing panel during flight
Brad Keselowski wins Sprint Race & Nationwide in Vegas.guess Lady Luck was on his side!. Listen to CHOM here:...
We can't WAIT for our debut gig on the 1st March at The Prince Albert! We're going to be opening the show at 8.30pm, followed by the incredible Lady Luck and the Late Night Players who will bring the funkalicious house down! Headlining the evening is Dojo whose incredible music and showmanship are taking reggae from the underground to the mainstream for the first time in a generation! ♥♬ It's gonna be a FANTASTIC evening, so if you're free, please come on down!
Have you gotten your tickets for The Texas Party yet?!?! Come party with me as Lady Luck! (And Kenny Powers!!) March 6th!
At Mohegan Sun for the weekend with gorgeous Lady Luck on my arm 😍😁 @ Mohegan Sun High Rollers Lounge
1960 "Lady Luck" by Lloyd Price entered the Billboard R&B Chart in 1960; it peaked at the No. 3 position during it's 12 week stay on the chart
Don't even have to watch to know we are a complete mess..just need to rely on good old Lady Luck..Arsenal & Chelsea have done it for years 😊
Join us today in Lady Luck from 1pm - 2.30pm for a chance to share in a guaranteed $300 cash PLUS a chance to win the $3,000 jackpot! Also, there's live music by Rock Soul Brothers bringing all the Beach Boys classics and 90's hits. Great way to end the weekend!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Lady Luck departed the Gus Bus when she saw Chief Osceola riding Renegade & watched as he speared the Gus Bus tire and heard a BOOM!!!
Lady Luck isn't on my side copy of The Black Parade just was signed by Frank Iero :/
HAPPY New Year! We hope to see you all at tonight's New Year's Eve swing dance with Lady Luck and the Suicide Kings in the Spanish Ballroom. Starts at 8pm with a beginner swing lesson!
Heading out to Baltimore to play at the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom for NYE with Lady Luck and the Suicide Kings. Would like to wish everybody a very happy and safe New Year celebration. Very much looking forward to all the potential that 2014 holds. Lets make this a great year!
This WILL BE AN AWESOME TIME with Lady Luck and the Suicide Kings from New York. Here is a clip from 31 Dec 2009 with Arnold Taylor doing the jam to their great music. See you there! :-)
ole Lady Luck shined down on the pats today. Heard a "welcome to New England loosah" after the kick fell short.
Tonight on is Lady Luck in Atlantic City and its not putting a smile on face!
-for some. *quietly* And, I'm pretty sure Bomb still wants to murder me...
-meet. Honestly. It's a pleasure to meet and speak with someone who doesn't judge me for my past. It's almost involuntary-
*mumbling under her breath* Yeah and with a hunk like you, I don't mind. *speaking louder, she responds* And I'm glad we did-
Our varsity gotta tournament today . Good Luck Lady's
*looks over at you and smiles* Change can be a good thing Jinx. We met for a reason and maybe I'm supposed to help you change.
*steps in with you and adjusts the bag on my shoulder so my hand can reach my lightsaber quickly* I once felt that way too. >
-what is good. I'm not used to good things or good people. So, I suppose it could be considered a welcome change...*she-
*as she stepped into the lift, she realized what you meant, and she slumped. 'Smooth, Ameris.'* I guess I've lost sight of-
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Honestly she's amazing. People need to give her a chance and not judge her so poorly. It breaks my heart. :(
to lock up* You should try to see the good Jinx *my comment about my life obviously not being understood and now I feel supid*
Gamers Edge wants to say Thank You to all our Followers and Customers Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck on the giveaway! htt…
I think you are and I have killed before myself. *frowns slightly as I walk out of the apartment* You're welcome. *waits for >
-smaller bag, with the parts and carried them out of the apartment, locking the apartment behind you* Mine's alright, I guess
And I'm such a lovely person to meet, an arsonist and a killer. *she snorted and inclined her head* Thanks. *she grabbed the-
You are lady luck you just need to find the right gambler! 😘
Yes it does. *smiles and pats your hand gently* Thanks. *grins back* And I would have never got to meet you Jinx. *takes the >
Good luck to the Lady Tigers tomorrow! 🏀👍
-lonesome. *she pulled away and heaved the back over her shoulder* It's a rough life but we live it.
-glad Master Qui-Gon found you. *she cracks a wide grin* Or I'd have to carry all this weaponry back to the Temple all by my-
*she nodded and stood, placing a hand on his arm in some form of comfort* The Force does work in mysterious ways. And I'm-
“Seriously more in love with they were to cute at the X-Factor absolutely love them 💘”
I'm thankful every single day he did or...*finishes packing and turns to you* we wouldn't be having this conversation.
of the Force that he found me that day half beat to death lying in the gutter. *takes in a deep breath calming my emotions* >
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Yeah I do. *nods* My life at the point when he found me was *** Orphaned and homeless, but as he told me it was the will >
"creation? Well you're certainly creating a connection between you and me". "lady luck? Well, how's my chances of getting lucky with you?"
*** and back then. Another commonality between us. *she chuckled and zipped up her bag, stuffed full of weaponry*
*she watches you pack and speak, interested in your story, a smile creeping on her lips* So you know what it's like to goto-
and trained me. So 13 years I've been a Jedi and a Knight for the last 2. *didn't mind you asking*
Since I was 10. *keeps packing as we talk* Master Jinn found me down here beat up and took me in. He took me as his Padawan >
You can call me Baz if you like, everybody else does. *kind of likes you calling me Sebastian though, but doesn't say it* >
So, Sebastian...*she attempts to think of a good question* How long have you been a Jedi? *she thinks to herself 'oh nice one
Impressive. *nods and grabs a bag* I can do that. *smiles brightly, my own cheeks a little red as I start packing the parts*
Lady Luck is very fickle. Rely on your abilities rather than a stroke of luck.
Why never know lady luck might be on your side
-gather up those loose parts for me? Just pick a bag. Heh. *she smiled brightly at him, the color on her cheeks bright*
Naboo Special Ops. But, nah. I just practiced a ton with it. It was almost impossible. Uhm. Yeah. You can. Can you start to-
so you must be really good with weapons. *smiles back* Can I help you? *watches you packing*
A soldier huh? *tries not to stare, but fails miserably* Never really heard of a non Force user being able to use a saber >
We gonna split that $305.50 ? “Tonight's winnings. Call me Lady Luck
-Anyway, I need to gather a few rifles and essentials. *she grabs a bag and begins to stuff guns, swords and ammo in it*
talented as a Jedi. I took Naya's form and kinda...copied it. *she notices your small smile,and she blushes under your gaze*-
I am a woman of all trades. Used to be a soldier. So, yeah. Weapons are my forte...Uh. I'm ok with a saber, not near as-
Here to win some shopping money and digest! Come on Lady Luck!
😂 “I was talking to the work pants.. U hear meh?!”
haven't sensed any Force ability in you* You know how to use a saber? *my gaze turns to you and finally sees you fully >
I'm thankful for so many wonderful things today. The first on my list is my fans!!!
*notices you avoided my question, but doesn't push* You like weapons I'm guessing? A lightsaber? *finds this a bit odd as I >
I didn't see myself.. They don't show much audience.. :/
Love this! Found it on Lovely Lady's BoutiqueGood luck and happiness come to those who wear a hamsa,
I can barely walk 2km. Good luck lady.
It's just everything I've collected. There's a lightsaber here somewhere, and I'm attempting to make another. Hence the-
I swear what ever lady that can hold my attention n keep it gonna b luck if she can get me lol. She will b spoiled n loved
May I ask why you wanted to get rid of your old life? *walks in behind you and glances around seeing it all* You planning a >
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For some odd reason Luck Be A Lady is stuck in my head :P
opens the door and steps inside the dingy apartment, stock piled with guns weapons and loose parts* Home sweet home.
Sure. You could call it that. *the lift brings the two to the 3rd floor, and Jinx steps off, walking to a door marked 3A; she
*follows you inside* So it was like a fresh start then? Yes they tend to do that sometimes. *nods my head*
"Every man just wants a lady who is loyal, loving, nuturing, and supportive." I've had better luck finding four leaf clovers
-needed to be free, and that was the only way to achieve it. Things got out of hand... *she sighs but stays calm*
*she walks into the apartment building, having now arrived, marching to the lift in there* My home, my life. I-
Luck let a gentleman see Just how nice a dame you can be I know the way you've treated other guys you've been with Luck be a lady with me.
To my main man & his good lady Dude & Dudess!!! Good luck guys!! Wow, you said it was going to be BIG!!and BIG it is!
Lady Luck – A Lesson For Men? Executive Producer on the character of Lady Luck. http:…
MONTI - LICIOUS OCT 18, 2013 Let's begin with a correction, The D was formerly known as Fitzgerald's and the soon to open Downtown Grand replaces the shuttered Lady Luck. These hotel/casinos are two of the downtown Las Vegas major new attractions. This has been a very eventful week with Marsha Ratner and filmmakers Thomas Gallagher and David Gorder shooting three days of the film on the life and times of Tiny Tim and Monti Rock. Both Tim and Monti were part of the novelty acts in the '60s and '70s. TV talk shows thrived on these acts. Drugs and alcohol were instrumental in keeping them from real stardom, though yours truly was a favorite with Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and so on. I was quickly forgotten for two or three years, as Tiny Tim and his ukelele tiptoed through the tulips and got married to Miss Vicky on the Tonight Show. For some reason, Tim and I were always compared to each other and that irked me. Though we both were outrageous, I went on to have a career in disco and concerts ...
Good evening, everybody, and welcome back to trivia. Tonight’s theme: Lucking Out. 1. What word for a good luck charm originally indicated a small bag, often made of flannel, used in African-American folk traditions to ward off jinxes, and is ultimately derived from West African magic beliefs? 2. The ironically named Lucky Eddie, Hägar the Horrible’s first mate and best friend, is a skinny, chinless, trusting, less-than-astute weakling clad in a red, long-sleeved, floor-length tunic, and wearing what on his head, which he always keeps on because he is afraid of squirrels? 3. What character in movie fan fiction owns a personal luxury yacht called the Lady Luck, which he obtained from an Orthellin royal mistress after the Battle of Endor? 4. Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been hosting “Wheel of Fortune” for so long that most people don’t remember that they weren’t the originals. Name the original host, who left in 1981, and the original letter turner, who departed the following year. 5. The Eig ...
THE bad news: flu bug hits Petron. The good news: the Blaze Boosters have all the time in the world to rest and recover. Lady Luck seems to be finally smiling on Petron, a star-studded team that has underachieved for much of the season while being buffeted by one bad break after another. One case in point: star player Arwind Santos suffered from tonsillitis and had to skip practice for two days. The viral infection soon spread, affecting June Mar Fajardo, Jason Deustchman, and import Elijah Millsap. Fortunately, time is on the side of Petron which is in the middle of a 10-day break while waiting for the start of the PBA Governors Cup quarterfinals where it will be the top seed. The long break, in fact, got even longer when the playoff between Barangay Ginebra and Talk 'N Text was moved a day back to Tuesday due to the floods in Metro Manila, pushing back the start of the playoffs to Wednesday and Petron's quarterfinal outing to Thursday. “Nagkaroon ng ganung sakit `yung mga players namin. Si Arwind ang ...
There's so much on the Lady Luck wish list for this next season! What would you like to see?
My 18 year old daughter has incredible luck!! She borrowed my car to go to work today and it got broken into. They stole her suitcase and purse :( While we are checking out the damage to the car (a broken window) we get a call saying her stuff was dumped by a tree in front of an apartment building. I guess thieves have no need for uggs, a flat iron, clothes, makeup bag, etc... but to a young girl it's your whole life! So I do what every other loving & supportive parent would do... I take that luck to buy some lotto tickets. Come on Lady Luck! Don't fail me... I mean us now LOL
Little Giant Ladders
BHS BAND FUNDRAISER AT THE ROADHOUSE JULY 6: Scotch Doubles Pool tournament @ The Basile Roadhouse on Highway 190. Sign up at noon and tournament starting at 2. The winner splits the pot. At 9:00 pm DJ Lady Luck will be playing with a $3.00 cover charge. Bar-b-Que burgers will be sold beginning at 2:00 pm for $3.00 each. All proceeds go to BHS Band's Sugar Bowl trip fund. 2
Sunday, June 30 Marine Wildlife Safari 11AM Lady Luck was sure on our side this morning! The Discovery Marine Safaris office crew got a call this morning from the Harbour Master letting us know that there were 3 Orca whales right in front of the wharf! Captain Joel, was very excited to see them; it was his first trip out this season! The Tenacious III maneuvered slowly out of the harbor and turned right; amazingly, the 3 Transient Orcas were spotted immediately by the guests, near We/Wei/Kai reserve on Quadra Island. The Orcas were identified by our naturalist Sherri as two females and a calf travelling north. Captain Joel maneuvered the Tenacious III parallel into position 400 meters, the required legal distance, from the whales and slowed to 3 knots. All of the guests, and the crew, were very excited to see the whales so close to the wharf! After following the slow-moving whales for a while, Captain Joel turned the Tenacious III around and left the whales in search of some very large mammals on the near ...
A day from the archive of dreams. I absolutely must publicly announce the following: Jeff and Jon, I absolutely ADORE you. Not to mention the rest of my band, Matt and David, some of the most intelligent, extraordinarily talented, funny, kind, and one-of-a-kind people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Call me Lady Luck, I deserve it. :)
Dulce - City of Secrets By Cherry Hinkle Like many small western desert towns, the dusty streets are far from seething with activities during the week. Weekends are different for the country stores and taverns. The businesses are packed with local cheerful patrons. They are anxious to catching up with the news of cutting-edge ranching methods, or the hottest gossip. These people are hard working desert ranchers; their families and ranch hands drive their small trucks and pick-ups into town in search for a well-deserved diversion. They are looking for a bit of innocent fun, maybe a game of pool, a few beers. Occasionally, they check out the newest films at the theater or take a chance with Lady Luck by local game of Bingo. Like most small western towns, about the only changes are the faces, personalities or the name of the citizens. That pleasant scene changes from innocent to sinister when you enter the Native American community Dulce, New Mexico. The exact cause for the difference in hard to pinpoint. Co ...
What a great trip! Got a call before I left Alaska today from NM Game and Fish wanting to know if I wanted an antelope tag. Well, DUH! Waiting to get the info and tag but I'm hunting at the end of August between Raton and Clayton. Lady Luck is definitely looking after me lately! :)
Need ideas for a really good book. The last two I have tried (Frankenstein and Lady Luck) have bored me halfway though.
Last Chance! Amazing Father's Day Offer Save up to $120 on NOOK® HD Tablets until 6/16 only! Bring "Waltzing with Lady Luck" home from your local Barnes and Noble on the Nook reading tablet. The store will download it instantly! The perfect gift for Dad combines the best in reading with over 700,000 Android™ apps & games.
Don't like to speak too soon but Lady Luck is on our side so it seems :-))) keep it under your hats Wayne Chinnock, Tessa Marriott and Roger Marriott!
Loads of notes from y'all who were tracking me during the race...thx for the means a lot. Yup. DNF. Gave it everything I had and it just wasn't enough today. After the 3rd round of vomiting on the bike, I decided to call it a day. Obviously I'm really disappointed, but at least I crossed the finish line here a couple years ago, so don't have to walk away w unfinished business. Lady Luck was just not on my side today...but I know that she'll be back the next time! Thx again for all the good vibes...I definitely felt them.
Massive congratulations to the Comets U9 Reds who won the 2013 Letchworth Summer tournament today! The U9 Blacks competed in their qualification rounds against Stevenage Borough Harriers, Mill Hill Lions, Stotfold Juniors B and Letchworth Blacks. However unfortunately the boys just could not find their form today and despite Lady Luck deserting them (4 own goals in the first matches) and some great goalkeeping from George, it was an impossible challenge to overcome. The lads did their best and remained positive but were forced to bow out in the qualification stages. Team: George, Alfie, Julian(2), Will, Jamie, Harrison, Joe The Reds came up against Stotfold Juniors A, Pin Green Juniors, King George Cobras and Letchworth Whites in their qualification stages and finished top of their group with some aplomb...winning all 4 of their matches with goals from Ben, Charlie and Tom. Credit also to Anochie and Daniel who defended resiliently and only conceded a single goal in all matches. The quarter finals had the ...
Hipnotic Bellydance Competition judges! Sherena Workshop! Heather Sherena Hendrix, Bahaia, And Stacey Lizette! Last day to register for Competition is July 5th! :) Lady Luck!
Fan Question: (No Bashing) My grandson who is almost 5 started being so naughty, he has a terrible temper and uses bad words. His mother and I have tried everything from soap in mouth, making a shirt that says "I say bad words", time-out, grounding to his room, not letting him play with his buddy but nothing seems to work. He slugs and hits when he is mad. We are both so frustrated and not sure what to do and why he started this. Any suggestions? RP by ~Lady Luck~
Fan-bloody-tastic, lying in bed watching 24 and out of nowhere the TV falls off of the unit, hits of the wall and lands on the floor! Result smashed TV screen, DVD lost somewhere inside and a wee fecking hole in the bedroom wall! Good one! Anyone know anyone who can fix it that would be grand! Lady Luck please stop here!!! xx
Fan rant / question: I have a rant I seen a girl say she put her son in a cold shower for pooping his pants.. I'm disgusted that some one could really do that... What do you ladies think??? RP by ~Lady Luck~
As part of my Mother's Day gift, from my wonderful daughter *** I am off to the casino tomorrow with her, her sister and step-mom, and some of their friends. Come on Lady Luck -- I need more chocolate !!!
Due to response and to not confuse anyone... Prices are now placed on each one. You can claim a year or what you may want but as a whole I will give a small discount as will also throw in a custom case to display them all. 1996 cryptkeepr doll in coffin w/letter-$525 1998 sheet face resin plaque-$460 1999 science kit complete with letter-$475 2000 jack in the box complete with letter-$395 2001 chainsaw toy with letter 2002 pocket watch-$265 2002 prototype watch and hand in box with letter-$460 2002 Sindy lollipop- not used or made due to event changes-$450 2003 film case complete w/ all pieces-$390 2004 straight jacket complete w/file/letter-$445 2006 large size globe w/letter-$200 2006 small size signed by creator of the gift with letter-$250 2007 jack carnival toy doll w/letter-$425 2007 jack carnival toy doll prototype w/Coa and original hand pencil design drawing-$480 2008 Bloody Mary jewelry box complete -$540 2009 movie popcorn box complete-$335 2010 brand iron complete-$260 2011 Lady Luck hand wit ...
Starting my Memorial Day off with an Emma Stone gangsta movie after winning a couple hundred at Lady Luck in Blackhawk.
So for those of you whom may have had a bad day this should make u laugh! So tonight will working on a key prop for the up and coming epic *** pride party Lady Luck decided to give me a nice FU! After investing some 20+ hrs into my greater then life high heel shoe there was some sort of chemical reaction causing the whole thing to burst into flames. Yes my 6'x8' high heel caught on fire filling the whole basement and 1st floor with thick smoke & setting off the fire alarms. Thanks to my quick thinking I kick the back door open dragging the heel out onto the back lawn and hosing it down. Now picture that scene lol. So it's back to square one while doing five or more loads of wash because everything now smells like melted burnt plastic! I'm just great full I did not burn the house down...
Fan Rant : (No bashing) I felt quite upset that the toddler group I've been going to for 3 year's, made an announcement this week that they are against *** marriage and their church is running a petition about this. I've always felt they are a friendly community based set up and enjoyed taking my daughter there. This kind of narrow minded culture is the cause of bullying and distress for some. I'm not *** but if my daughter meets friends who are, or have *** parents that's good with me. Decent people are decent people, can't we just accept that!? RP by ~Lady Luck~ What are your views on this remembering to play nice I just want opinions and everybodies counts .
Are you feeling lucky? Want to start your summer vacation trying to hit the "big one?" How about a trip up to BlackHawk? My wife is planning a fundraising trip up the hill on Saturday, June 8 to help raise money for her high school reunion. This trip isn't just for those who went to high school with is for anyone who wants to go. If you would like to join a really fun bunch of people on June 8 for a trip up the hill to help a good cause...please consider going. It costs $20, but you receive that and more from the casino when we get there. If you are interested, please email Lori at lrpeck1638The only requirements: You have to be 21 or over and ready for a great time!! Are you ready for some fun…? Saturday, June 8th we are sponsoring a FUN BUS to Lady Luck Casino Black Hawk. Leaving Northfield Stapleton promptly 5 p.m. returning to same location around 11 p.m. Lady Luck offers a fun-filled and exciting environment with over 500 slots, 9+ table games and a Poker Lounge. We encourage every player ...
Lady Luck was too much for the Bruins Thursday.
"If anyone has an in with Lady Luck, could they ask her to blow Pieter Weening a kiss." - Assistant DS Julian Dean
Well it looks like we may have another chance! Play the lady power ball on saturday she the look that l have come with my abstract art image! Lady Luck power ball.a true winner !
So who's up and who's not around the world... It's 9.20 pm here in Melbourne, Australia and i finally just got my 2 little sick twins to sleep... tell me what your all up to and where abouts your from and what time is it there? ~Lady Luck~
Cadenza Favourite Has cooked up a Super Hot remix of Jamie Woon's Lady Luck for 2013!
Find Pickwick online at: "Lady Luck" appears on the album Can't Talk Medicine, available on iTunes and Directed by: T...
Dennis Taylor, you have got it right. Barry Hawkins must be wondering what he did to upset our fickle friend, Lady Luck.
LAS VEGANS: I didn't know that the Lady Luck is going to reopen (or already has) as The Downtown Grand:
I just listened to your "Soccer" take on Lady Luck: Jim Rome interview on YouTube and laughed so hard...that was great man
That's it from me at Herne Bay apart to warn anyone headed to Canterbury tonight that the Derby Girls are headed to the Lady Luck afterparty
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
- We hope pretty soon! Watch out for more contests soon! Lady Luck may smile on you next time! :-)
Maybe on my 18th I'll buy my first scratch ticket and Lady Luck will come my way and I'll be rich???
The tigers are dominating but parra aren't getting anything from Lady Luck. Still plenty of time for this one to turn
Enjoying my randomly comped 2-night stay... at Ameristar Casino Black Hawk. Ok it wasn't random :D Sweet talked the front desk guy and he used to work at Lady Luck :D CHEERS
Off to the Cheltenham fesrival for 4 days, taking Lady Luck with me.
Painting The Town Red The true infamous story of 'Painting The Town Red' PAINTING THE TOWN RED BY PETER MORRISS     Painting The Town Red…   Owes its place in the English language to a mad prank which took place in Melton Mowbray in the early hours of Thursday morning 6th April 1837. During this week a great amount of excitement was to be seen in the town, owing to the Croxton Park Races. Many visitors of rank and fashion had come to stay and meet friends who resided in the metropolis of fox hunting during the winter months. The Marquis of Waterford with a large party attended the races and was billeted in Melton.     PAINTING THE TOWN RED Thursday morning 6th April 1837 three o’ clock.   It was at the Grantham toll gate where they screwed up the shutters and the toll gate door, Shouted for the “Gate!” the start of the nights furore; The keeper reached down for a loaded gun, Uttered a curse! when the powder to prime, found there was none. Lady Luck had smiled at the Marquis and his par ...
Well...didn't have "Lady Luck" on our side tonight :-( As far as The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati goes, Dave and I both really didn't care for it . The lay out is confusing, they really didn't utilize the space they have, and as far as the customer service is concerned, MANY of the employees we talked to had POOR/NASTY attitudes .Our FIRST & LAST impression was HORRIBLE .next time we go gambling, our money is going back to Hollywood Casino .
Thursday night will be an amazing show at the Lady Luck casino karaoke talent show finals. $2000 prize pool will be given to the top 5 performers. Finalists are Dewey Gardner, Linda Ellefson, Tim Hanson, Michele Fassbinder, Leigh Morgan Vorwald, Jason Moris, Rick Gramlich, Kayla Koether, Ted Dressler, Melanie Schroeder, Audrey Blake. Suzanne Shaw, Jeremy Snell, April Tesar, Oscar Ellefon, and Amber Bushnell. Come see the show!
Headed to Mohegan Sun (first time) tomorrow with Betty Burbank and Bev.hoping Lady Luck brings me cash equivalent to two college tuitions!
Furman pride at cup adventure Lady Luck failed to shine on Oldham on Tuesday night, but their captain Dean Furman was proud of the Latics' memorable FA Cup run. With the League One strugglers 1-0 down to Everton in the fifth-round replay at Goodison Park, Jose Baxter hit the post against his former... ~SportsMan
"Katrina Kaif is the Hema Malini of the current generation"- Subhash K Jha . L.K that’s my name for Lucky Katrina, who is exempted from the rigors of recession and no-show. She is the Hema Malini of the current generation. Call her Lady Luck, Katrina continues to rock the box office as though there’s no tomorrow. Just compare her box office performance with all her contemporaries without naming them (I don’t want the temperamental divas coming down me like a ton of bricks) and you’ll see what I mean. Whatever this sparkling girl touches turns into gold. Fading superstars with falling fortunes and receding hairlines pleaded to get lucky Malini into their projects. Though she had less than cordial experiences with Manoj Kumar and Rajesh Khanna in her earlier films, she agreed to star in their purported comeback films ‘Premnagar’ and ‘Sanyasi’, respectively. I’d like to think the films clicked because of Hema Malini’s positive attitude to life. She never holds grudges, and neither does Ka ...
poolroom blues I never knowed it was only a game oh somebody told me so sure winning was the all just the same as Being but by some diffrent name so I got me big stick a Lady Luck abd wth that Diving Rod I feeld I struck oil and gold rubies and diamonds in the rough such a rising star didn't I know was the sun didn't I know then? oh I come up into them late 50s wild war in my heart veneered by my easy smile the stance prance sensual dance to beguile any one of you coaxed over the stile penniless penniless to pen. come a day I was so lone on that path the old fagan or huslter in the kiddie class they calling me master of done wrong oh didn't like that as all my age had taken to work and family so blessed me a mouse banished by them men- whether I had knowed it er not at the time they took to God's field but me to my own mind and what had done made a me but silly mistakes petty crimes all making me helpless helpless helpless with NOTHING FINE by my hand to recommend ner ransom the likes of me poolroom blue ...
Filming my new movie "Lady Luck" at White Rock Lake and passed this. I guess some people really don't…
Well I guess Lady Luck was shining on me last weekend, I finally hit a jackpot at Hollywood Casino. Won on slot machine, Haywire Deluxe. First time to ever play it. Then I hit on another one right after it. It sure felt good leaving with a wad of cash in my pocket for a change.
Fan vent/question: I was wondering how do deal with baby fever. I am ready for another baby but my fiancé isn't ready. I know he wants another one but he just isn't ready to have another yet. I have tried to talk to him about it but it always turns into a huge fight because I end up getting upset because the way he makes things sound is that he doesn't want another for like another 4 years (our son is 13 months old). I have tried different ways to go about talking to him about it but every time it always turns into a fight. I don't know what to do. I have tried watching other peoples kids to keep my mind off it and it only made things worse on my part. I see everyone having babies and it makes me want one more. ~Lady Luck~
Make sure you take Lady Luck for a ride to Fremont Street tonight. Better odds downtown than the strip!
Fan Question So iv been thinking we got this complaint from the condo company about our dog not from our landlord when we talked to the condo company they said the landlord was fully aware of the situation and that we should call him right away.he never mentioned it to us, Monday we called his cell just rang , Tuesday we called his cell was off and his house phone just rang Wednesday same thing as the previous day Thursday both phones rang, no answer we've left messages and text messages, what are the chances he's involved in this fake complaint ? ~Lady Luck~
Winning the lottery may seem like a pipe dream, but with this savings-stacked deal, feel as though you hit the jackpot. Travelzoo subscribers can visit the Valley Forge Casino Resort and "court Lady Luck at 600 slot machines and 50 tables," according to, for $99 per night for tr...
Happy Valentines to me. Lets hope Lady Luck is in the house!!!
Free comedy shows tonight at Lady Luck casino! 1st free show starts 2nd show startsAntoine Blackman from B.e.t's comic view, Hbo's def comedy jam, master p's hood allstars and he is currently on your with the great Eddie griffin! Where else can u see tv talent for free??? Carpe
Today is the last day for 25% off all Bettie Page Dresses!! We have ONE of these gorgeous Lady Luck dresses left...
At Galaxy's Billiards!! Playoff time!! With Luis Valdez Francisco Rodriguez and nine other team mates!!! Lets see if Lady Luck is with us today. No matter will try our best.
Won $50 on a scratchy. This is why they call me Lady Luck :) my total in the past 5 months I have won atleast closet to $700 :)
Wish we were going to see Jeff Foxworthy with our friends! Have a great time and I hope Lady Luck is on your side!
Jump on the bandwagon, kids: Free download of new single feat. Sharon Van Etten, "Lady Luck"
Short-Go Results in the Battle of the Borders: -Spencer Wright: No score on Chuckulator from Sutton Rodeo -Jesse Wright: No score on Slash of Lunatic from Burch -Tyrell Smith: 82.5 on Powder River Rodeo's Miss Congeniality -Jade Blackwell: No score on War and Peace from Mosbrucker -Brady Nicholes: 72 on Midnight Fantasy from Burns -Louie Brunson: No score on Biff from --C5 -Ryan Elshere: 75 on Lady Luck from Two Good -Cort Sheer: 85.5 on Stroker Ace from Vold/King/Wageen -Jake Wright: No score on F Bomb from Outlaw Buckers -Sterling Crawley: 81.5 on Mud Pie from Wyokoski And the CHAMPION of Battle of the Borders on two head: Cort Sheer with a 165 total score.
Las Vegas — On a night when the WWE Universe surrenders itself to the whims of Lady Luck and the mercy of the Las Vegas Strip, CM Punk entered Raw under a shroud of irony: It was on a Raw Roulette two summers ago when Punk first dropped the infamous “pipe bomb” that led to his ascent as “Best in the World” and a 434-day reign with the WWE Championship. And on a Raw Roulette that would have been Day 435, Punk arrived in Sin City absent his precious title for the first Raw since November 2011. And boy, was he mad. The Straight Edge Superstar’s fury knew no bounds when he took hold of the microphone for his first post-title homily, railing against The Shield for their supposed interference in his title match at the Royal Rumble, Mr. McMahon for restarting the contest after Punk had pinned The Rock and toward The Great One himself for celebrating what Punk deemed to be a tainted victory. Punk called for the heads of The Shield, demeaned the WWE Universe as “cheap, no-good swindlers” and demand ...
Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW takes place from Las Vegas, Nevada at the Thomas & Mack Center and will feature a RAW Roulette theme. A “roulette” wheel will be used to RAW to determine various stipulations for tonight’s matches. RAW will feature fallout from lat night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, including The Rock defeating CM Punk for the WWE Championship. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will also conduct a performance review on Paul Heyman, with Heyman’s job on the line.’s 5-point preview is focusing on the following: * Spin The Wheel: What will Lady Luck have in store for the WWE Superstars? * All Tied Up: Big Show reacts to Ricardo Rodriguez duct taping his feet at the Royal Rumble. * All’s Fair in Love and War: After Kane & Daniel Bryan eliminated each other at the Royal Rumble, will they suffer an anger replapse? * He’s Back, Babay: Will Chris Jericho continue his feud with Dolph Ziggler? * Severe Punishment: How will Vince McMahon punish Paul Heyman for The Shield interfering in ...
Awesome seeing David Irizarry, Brook Bailey and Jeremy Tyler reppin FoundationTattoo strong in Miami at the convention. FTP is doing it big! Next, Lady Luck in Reno! I'll be there with the crew this time. Also, in September, you'll see a few of us holding it down in Pittsburg's STEEL CITY convention! This is how a real tattoo shop does thangs!
From the desk of Showtime. Subject: How I became a derby announcer. Hello all! I've been asked by a few people over the years about how it all happened. Well I blame my mother. Seriously! Back in the days when Myspace was all the rage, my mother(who lives hundreds of miles away) created a page and asked/suggested I do the same so we could keep more in touch. Long story a little shorter the page got created. After a while curiosity got the best of me. I started looking around and seeing not only what the whole social media thing was about (consider it was basically in it's infancy) but who was in the myspace world. Again a brief fast forward. I 'friended' a person whose cover pic was similar to a style of artist I like. On her page (oh btw her name was Lady Luck) there was a reference to the Tallahassee RollerGirls. After the obligatory head turn and 'there's roller derby in Tallahassee?' statement. I friended a few other skaters. A short time later they sent out a call for volunteers. I offered my assist ...
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Well another night down. Didn't qualify to badly. Starting out of seven in the feature. However a rooted steering rack two laps into the feature made the race a handful to finish. In the end we finished a fair way back at around twelfth. Not the result we were pushing for but Lady Luck has a way of puttin her nose into things. But shot happens. Back to the drawing board and off to Hobart hopefully in search of a better result.
Old school neon. That is what use to be the Lady Luck in the background @ Fremont Street Experience
I wish Larry Munson was calling this game. I would love to hear "Ol'Lady Luck is still alive in the Georgia Dome"!!!
Sober at Noizy, sober at Lady Luck and tonight sober at Blitz and Lab22, surely I deserve a medal!
17 Keys To Success - By Jim Rogers Jim Rogers' Keys to Success (taken from the titles and sub headings of each chapter of the new book, "A Gift To My Children"): 1. Do not let others do your thinking for you 2. Focus on what you like 3. Good habits for life & investing 4. Common sense? Not so common 5. Attention to details is what separates success from failure 6. Let the world be a part of your perspective 7. Learn philosophy & learn to think 8. Learn history 9. Learn languages (make sure Mandarin is one of them) 10. Understand your weaknesses & acknowledge your mistakes 11. Recognize change & embrace it 12. Look to the future 13. “Lady Luck smiles on those who continue their efforts” 14. Remember that nothing is really new 15. Know when not to do anything 16. Pay attention to what everybody else neglects 17. If anybody laughs at your idea view it as a sign of potential success
This Day in CVH/DLR History 1977 Van Halen plays the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA. Randy California and The Motels are the opening acts. 1987 David Lee Roth plays the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, NJ. 1991 David Lee Roth releases A Little Ain't Enough. David Lee Roth's third full-length solo album after his departure from Van Halen. It began its 19-week run on the charts on 2/02/91 (U.S.) and 1/26/91 (U.K.). It reached its highest chart position on 2/16/91 at U.S. and 1/26/91 at U.K. Tracks: • A Lil' Ain't Enough • Shoot It • Lady Luck • Hammerhead Shark • Tell the Truth • Baby's on Fire • 40 Below • Sensible Shoes • Last Call • The Dogtown Shuffle • It's Showtime! • Drop in the Bucket. Rumors surrounded the auditions for the album. People wondered who would be the next in a line of guitar heroes to play for Dave. Jason Becker, one of the little-known guitarists in Cacophony (Marty Friedman, later of Megadeth, was the other), sent in a demo tape that included "Hot ...
FINAL WHISTLE VERDICT: GOOD RESPONSE Rafael Benitez was overjoyed at yet another resounding victory on the road, as we won by four goals for the second straight away game. Two own goals and a penalty, added to by an excellent Eden Hazard strike, combined with a penalty miss from Stoke showed that Lady Luck played her part in our hosts' first home defeat in 11 months, but Benitez preferred to praise the work of his team as we climbed into third place. 'It was a difficult game, especially in the first half,' he acknowledged. 'We knew it would be, Tony Pulis is doing a great job and we knew it would be physical and intense, but we were ready for that. 'The goal changed the game because they had to go forward and left space, which meant little by little we could control the game. My players showed great character and quality. 'We were trying to explain to some of the players what they could find here, a physical game against a team with a clear idea of how they want to play. We watched clips, saw what we had ...
Lady Luck is with the Hawks tonight. Sometimes when you miss a shot so bad, it hits the backboard and goes in lol. It's gonna be an interesting season in the Big 12.
Qualifications for the 4th Annual Nastia Liukin Cup begin this weekend!! Lady Luck was honored with 3 spots this...
When most people head to court, they hope for Lady Luck to be on their side. Well, Lindsay Lohan'...
Hopefully our bad luck for 2013 has been and gone, first my tv, now my clutch on my car has gone, and last but not least my microwave has broken!!! Lady Luck better be on her way to us!
Lady Luck is now on call in Anne Arundel County around the clock. One of the first tangible changes to casino gambling in Maryland after the November passage of Question 6 took effect Thursday when the Maryland Liv...
101 Really Short Stories: Chapter 8 The Luckiest Man While fishing for Largemouth Bass on a scenic little lake in Texas, Tony Rand caught a beautiful bass that he judged would be perfect for dinner. Inside that fish, when opened up for cleaning, he discovered a Zippo cigarette lighter with the inscription.T.R. USMC 1994. The very same cigarette lighter that had dropped from his pocket into the water 5 years ago while fishing from almost this exact same spot. Convinced that he must be the luckiest man in the world, Tony Rand stopped on his way home and bought $50 in presidential scratch off tickets and won $500 when he managed to scratch off 3 identical faces of George Washington. With luck such as this the only logical step was a trip to Las Vegas. Tony Rand took his entire savings.a total of $1836.00.borrowed another $1000 from his brother, and rolled into sin city confident his future was as bright as any marquee on the strip. For the better part of three days Lady Luck was his mistress.she wined him an ...
Podcast: Ad Astral Episode: Jackpot An immense moon has become home to a Pan-Galactic gathering of gamblers, banished from their home worlds but now free to pursue their incurable addiction. A new arrival appears to have more than his fair share of assistance from Lady Luck. Written and narrated b...
A little secret something from Louis Vuitton this holiday season to charm a smile from Lady Luck.
My latest short film, Lady Luck, is finally up on the internet:
Jane was a first time contestant on the $100,000 quiz show, where you have to answer questions to win the cash prize. Lady Luck had smiled in her favor, as Jane had a gained substantial lead over her opponents. She even managed to win the game but, unfortunately, time had run out before the show's host could ask her the big question. Needless to say, Jane agreed to return the following day. Jane was nervous and fidgety as her husband drove them home. "I've just gotta win tomorrow. I wish I knew what the answers are. You know I'm not going to sleep at all tonight. I will probably look like garbage tomorrow." "Relax, honey," her husband, Roger, reassured her. "It will all be OK." Ten minutes after they arrived home, Roger grabbed the car keys and started heading out the door. "Where are you going?" Jane asked. "I have a little errand to run. I should be back soon" he replied. Jane waited impatiently for Roger's return. After an agonizing 3 hour absence, Roger returned, sporting a very wide and wicked grin. ...
Flat tire on the coldest day of the year thus far... YESSS! Lady Luck is on my side. Not really.
You survived the End of the World, so get lucky again with Luv Shak this Saturday night, Dec 22. We’re gonna dance with Lady Luck at the Hollywood Casino in downtown Aurora, all night long! Get your high rollin’ self down to the BOAT and be ready to PARTY! We’ll be rockin’ holiday tunes and lots of your favorite hits Saturday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am.
Good morning dolls!! Thank u all for playing in the 200 contest/giveaway!! We will do another at 500!!-names were written and drawn from my 6yr old this morn- 1st Angie Marburger 2nd Lady Luck 3rd Emily valentine. Thank u again dolls you all will get a card from me! If I don't have ur address pm me please!!
keepin it real dirty d!RT check out the Kenny Loggins song, Lady Luck
Good luck to and on the opening of their new venture in today... xx
Goodmorning my lovely likers. Can't belive how much warmer it is today. I actually woke up hot last night ... Only 1 like away from the first 100 likes. Remember if we get to 300 likes by midnight New Years eve I will give one lucky lady free lashes worth £40 like the page then share the link pinned to top of the page GOOD LUCK xx
Lady luck wasn't by my side today when I went to the A&F store. :( Wherefore art thou hot shirtless male models??
ok ok I'm still working on it.. An lady antebellum too 👍👍... Good luck on rest y'all finals
This album will be available from 20/11/12 at 6.00pm AEST. These items are limited, therefore first in first served! Payment is required within 48 hours. Any payment not completed within this time will unfortunately be cancelled. Please allow a 2 week turn-around time from payment to delivery. Unregistered postage is $7.95 or $10.95 for registered post, please state your preferred postage.
Important: I'm a friend of the main admin who created this page, my friend created it simply to help others, she is disabled and uses a wheelchair to get around, she has gone through so much and continues to but is an inspiration to so many for all she does, this page was created in the purpose to continue to help others, she's a completely selfless person ALWAYS giving! She's been interviewed by multiple stations here locally in which I can share with you by message if any doubt, all she does is give give give, she's incredible and has a heart of gold, while she faces her own challenges, she still put others before herself, and wanted to simply collect cards to put into a large box to send off to school, to give these kids/staff some hope and put a smile on their face letting them know were all thinking about them. Please no negative comments, she got blocked for 30 days her account for sending out to many messages to people, so the rest of us admins are here to help! Her goal is to collect 1,000 cards, ...
the best of British luck to you, lovely lady ;)
I with to inform you this is not. Good luck finding your lady friend
'Like' if you agree that guns should only be registered and held by the Police/FBI
Update: still in the 300 block of Western. About a half hour ago a family came out of the house that they have surrounded. Don't know if the suspect of the police shootings is in the house. Helicopter flying overhead.
Well if I can get through the next 7 days I can get through anything. Just another Manic Monday .60 orders between me & Christmas holidays .Rolling pins at the ready Lady B is going in xx
Also babes, wish me luck. I'm getting that gardisil shot later today so wish me luck lady! xD
Sarah: Any suggestions on how to get my 5month old to sleep more than 2 hours at a time at night? She keeps waking herself up and will not go to sleep without a feed or being rocked back to sleep, then up again in 2 hours, very exhausting Message 1: Help!! I'm 34 weeks pregnant all day I have been having tightenings an my belly goes rock hard with lots of pressure like I'm going to burst been happening 5 times every hour worried not to sure if its Braxton hicks Message 2: Is it too late for my 4 month old to start new habits. Such as sleeping on her own at night??? Message 3: Hi there I just found out Im pregnant (finally after 3.5years trying) I went to the drs today n did a urine sample and it came back with a bit of blood in my urine. Has anyone else had this before? I don't know how to be thinking. The Dr didn't explain it to me.
1) Congrats graduate!! 2) Good luck on your first day tomorrow! 3) Go to bed, young lady.
My due date has arrived! Who else is due this week and how r u feeling about it? Maz x
names please. Im nineteen. But ive been dating this guy for two years, on and off. mostly on. A few months ago he said he was tired of hurting me , so pretty much , it was over. Over these months , he has said and done some really hurtful things to me.. but he always seems to just come back and make me laugh and make it better. recently he came into town , we have been hanging out. I dont want to bring up anything about our past , with thoughts that it might hurt my feelings, but i am so confused on where we stand. I love him. Seriously. and he says loves me, but i also know hes been with other females , and is talking to others. Im so confused about where we stand and what he wants from me.I feel like im here for him, holding him down, while hes out there doing whatever. will he ever come back ? this is where home is, and i think he knows that, ill never do him wrong. . what should i do ?
fan qs I need help. I have been with this bf for 1 year and 1/2. We knew each other since we were teenager. I moved here and started dating him only over a year. I have a 5 months old daughter with him. His past was a mess, he has 3 other kids with his ex. He is alcoholic and has a criminal background. I thought he would change and be better after have a kid with him but nothing change. He beat me so many times after he got drunk because he thinks that I am disrespect to him. I told him leave us because the house I rent is under my name, but he won't leave. He broke everything in house when he is mad. He broke the landlord's stuffs too. My landlord is not in town, they moved to different state. So I'm responsible for everything in the house. I called police 3 times but nothing change, and he gets more angrier and crazier. I have no family or relatives around. This is his town, he has family and friends here. I don't want to lose my good job, drop out of school (I'm currently pursing my Bachelor degree in ...
I think God has sent Lady luck with me today. Everytime I reach somewhere for a meeting thinking I'm late the other person is late too.
Kringle seems to be going back to Cambrian. We are looking to set up a "trap" for tomorrow, with the Cambrian door propped open with lots of yummy treats in front of it with 1-2 people parked, cars off watching. Is anyone willing to do a 1-2 hour time frame tomorrow? If you are, please let me know. Thank you everyone for your continued hard work!
oh now your pushing your luck young lady... Ha see what I done there
luck was not a lady tonight. More like a cheap ***
You're welcome fair lady. Good luck with whatever it is.
It is now HOOK UP time,inbox the admin the kind of a girl or a guy u would like to be hooked up with en also for those whom i av hooked up b4,y cant u be thankful?? Ur keeping quiet after getting ur dream partner...Aaya lets gooo
Life is a journey embellished with chance encounters and charming coincidences. Louis Vuitton offers to send along a lucky talisman, a little secret something that will charm a smile from Lady Luck this holiday season.
Have Sage and Mace is such a blessing. They have been so entertaining and loving today. I wish I could have those video camera eyes and post all our moments for you. Mace is such a character and his little purr box starts quickly and loudly. Sage is more reserved but so sweet and smart. I love these kitties and I am so thankful I have them in my home!
Dear lady luck. Please be on my side. Thanks. (Flipping a coin for who gets to go home first)
Lady luck is def with me for this december. Really feel blessed. I need to give away good karma in return. Anyone wants a treat?
still nothing.still not giving up, though. Come on lady luck, please!!
Barf on a squirrel and then thank Grandma R.I.P. and Lady Luck. Barf on a flying saucer if it's real and made you lose 12 hours of Seinfeld.
People always tell me I'm First Lady material,with my luck I'll end up married to the next Santa and have to be first lady of the North Pole
I'm going to do this every job I apply for from now on... ATTENTION BARRICK GOLD HR DEPT. Thanks for your generic rejection email I received today... It's nice to be informed that my application will not proceed any further solely based on what's written on paper... Thank you for not ringing myself or any of my referees to find out anything about me or my work ethic... Also like to thank you for not giving a reason so I can improve my chances next time... Yours sincerely Annoyed...
Movie night with my lady, great way to cap off the weekend. Also got my first day of employment tomorrow. Wish me luck folks. Peace
"Lady luck never smiles, So lend your love to me, awhile, Do with me what you will Break the spell take your fill"
please, wish me good luck, I need it, this is hard week, hard day.
Petra has just finished her short motherhood stint and is now looking for her forever home! She is an absolutely stunning girl, her green eyes a...
For tonight's auction thread, I am doing Archangel Raphael Healing readings. So if you placed a bid today, and would like a healing reading With the loving Archangel Raphael, comment you name below along with the item you would like to win, AND please share a warm Christmas memory with us. :) If you received a reading last night please wait for others to go first Good luck and happy bidding! Only 9 hours left!
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