Lady Godiva & Alex Day

Godiva (god gift ), often referred to as Lady Godiva, was an 11th century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. Alex Richard George Day (born 8 April 1989) is a musician and YouTuber from Essex, England. He has performed and recorded solo and as a member of the bands Chameleon Circuit and the now dissolved Sons of Admirals. 1.3/5

Lady Godiva Alex Day Lady Day Lana Parrilla Lady Gaga Alex Song

I favourited a video from Alex Day - Lady Godiva
I feel sorry for Alex Day when he recorded and emailed all the the personalised greetings for the Lady Godiva sales.
This is actually a link to Alex Day's fantastically goofy music video "Lady Godiva." If you need a little British...
Lady Godiva is a song by Alex Day lol
I call for Alex Day, Lady Godiva remix feat. Lady Gaga and Eminem
I favorited a video from Lady Godiva - Alex Day
This time Alex Day was the answer, the song was 'Lady Godiva'... reminds me of when I met him, AHHH! :')
omfg you know when Alex Day did the personal video thing for Lady Godiva? I literally just got mine, ah omg slightly hysterical ah
oh right! Are you in Alex Day's video for Lady Godiva:p?!x
I'm pretty sure Alex just one day contacted her asking if she wanted to be Lady Godiva and thats it really xD
Lady Godiva ~ still galloping around my head ~ can't seem to get enough of Alex Day (a)
You know Alex Day's Lady Godiva? Well try singing the chorus with the words Lana Parrilla instead. Fits perfectly :P
every remix of Lady Godiva because i can't seem to find the first version - Alex Day
Lady Godiva by Alex Day on repeat. I recommend you listen to this. It's fab.
i would ride my pet llama around my backyard singing Alex Day's "Lady Godiva" at the top of my lungs. then eat some pancakes
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Lady Godiva by Alex Day
Omfg. Lady Godiva ~ Alex Day. I keep talking about it but SEERY! You should listen to it!! :D
Hi there friends! I couldn't stay away from a piano today lol. In the spirit of VEDA's Music Monday, I decided to cover Alex Day's ( ...
is listening to Alex Day (Lady Godiva Song) and choosing what to do in the afternoon. ;) Fun Times... :)
Have you checked out my remix of Alex Day's Lady Godiva?
Sometimes a pop song with a great hook is as pleasing as a Bach chorale: can't stop humming Alex Day's Lady Godiva -
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