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Lady Bird

Claudia Alta Lady Bird Taylor Johnson (December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007) was First Lady of the United States (1963-69) during the presidency of her husband Lyndon B.

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Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet: See the 'Lady Bird' star's style
New 'Lady Bird' behind the scenes picture with Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf and Greta Gerwig
Most OK movie of the year that I didn't understand the hype over:. 1 - Lady Bird. . Igby Goes Down is still a better coming of age movie
Top 25 2017. Call me by Your Name . Blade Runner . The Killing of the Sacred Deer. Get Out . Lady Bird. Phantom Thread . C…
I'm at United Artists Tara Cinemas 4 - for Lady Bird in Atlanta, GA
The best thing about the Johnson administration was Lady Bird's war on billboards.
there's three films I still need to see but so far: . 1. Lady Bird. 2. The Shape of Water. 3. Logan. 4. The Florida Pro…
I'm at AMC Plaza Bonita 14 - for Lady Bird in National City, CA
Not 100% certain, but I believe Lady Bird to be a reverse Juwanna Mann about Larry Bird's sister.
Last week on ECHOES. Bishop Robert Barron: "Lady Bird" and the Breakthrough of Grace
"Lady Bird" and the Breakthrough of Grace by Bishop Robert Barron via
Lady Bird succeeded in every aspect The Edge of Seventeen failed
If Laurie Metcalf is not nominated for an Oscar for 'Lady Bird' I will burn Utica to the ground:
So many good films I need to see. The Florida Project, Lady Bird, Call Me By Your Name, The Last Jedi... And so it begins.
We all need rest. We all need to eat. We may be different as species. Find me on a couch. Little lady…
So how about you come here and hang out with me in a jockstrap while we watch future Best Picture Lady Bird together?
In Lady Bird: there is a performance by an extra, in the background at Jenna's party, who stands entirely still whi…
After giving Wonder Woman and Dunkirk an “F?” Yeah super great taste. A…
There’s still a lot out/coming out I haven’t seen but I know I’ll love like Lady Bird, Shape of Water, T…
The have no problems letting everyone know that Lady Bird is the Word
Just saw Lady Bird. Truly a great film. Hope whoever wrote that Crash song wins an Oscar. Very moving.
I really don’t appreciate the Grove turning every light in the theater on the second LADY BIRD ended so strangers could se…
i saw lady bird 4 entire times hhHhhhHhhhGFfgha
Me: *hasn’t seen call me by your name or lady bird yet*. Also me: wow call me by your name and lady bird are two iconic fi…
Context is everything. I had to consider whether to cast “Lady Bird” as Fresh or Rotten in the context of a perfect score…
Yes but change Lady Bird back to 100%, You know it's the right thing to do.
The scripts for woman directed movies Lady Bird, The Battle of the Sexes, The Beguiled, First They Kille…
Lady bird should have been like 30 minutes longer
Best way I can describe Lady Bird is that it needs a trigger warning and I’m really glad I’m seeing my shrink tomorrow.
Eartha Kitt was an American singer, actress, dancer and activist. In 1968, Lady Bird Johnson asked Kitt about the Vietnam War…
I can’t stop thinking about Lady Bird. I really think Saoirse is the love of my life.
My forever mood is Lady Bird crying in the car listening to Dave Matthews
As of this moment, here are my ten favorite films of 2017:. 10) Nocturama. 9) Our Time Will Come. 8) Brawl in Cell Block 99…
Owner of iconic blue house from 'Lady Bird' talks about new-found fame
Very sneaky good movie year this year with several still on deck including Phantom Thread, I Tonya, Last Jedi, Call…
Also, for people who have screeners, I haven't seen LADY BIRD, THE SHAPE OF WATER or I, TONYA. Will happily give ad…
Saoirse Ronan has been nominated at the for her work in the films "Atonement" (2007), "Brooklyn" (2015)…
Saoirse Ronan attends the 'Lady Bird' screening in Dublin (Dec. 08)
Lady Bird was really really good...I'm not usually a fan of coming of age stories because they all seem too similar but th…
LADY BIRD was as delightful as I hoped it would be.
Zach and I saw Lady Bird tonight. Wow. Just wow. Everyone go see it!
What. A. Scene. 10 deaths from Harry and Marv before Bird Lady saves the day.
Directors I hope win this awards season:. Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird. Danny Boyle for T2 Trainspotting…
Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture:. - Lady Bird, by Greta Gerwig. - The Shape of Water, by Guillermo del Toro & V…
Timothée Chalamet ain't famous yet - this is his first leading role in Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird
I thought Lady Bird would make Juno money but looks like it will get to $50 million top, and inly if it gets a Golden Globes/ Oscar boost
Saw a very good coming of age movie last night that I'd recommend called Lady Bird. Good couples movie.
I liked Lady Bird a lot more after finishing it than I did during it. It sometimes felt like a less affected Diablo…
Lady Bird was pretty great. Also, enjoyed The Big Sick and Get Out, and Logan remains surprisingly high on the list.…
Watch Saoirse Ronan talking about Lady Bird at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Dec. 5): ht…
all you folks who has Lady Bird, Three Billboards, The Florida Project, The Disaster Artist, The Shape of Water and will…
Back from lunch, is now voting on Best Screenplay. Should be a really contested race. Get Out, Lady Bird, CM…
"Lady Bird" wasn't perfect, but came awfully close. In a film of exquisite performances, Laurie Metcalf is first am…
Atl Business Chronicle: Movie Review: 'Lady Bird' is one you don't want to miss
Saoirse Ronan is already racking up wins for her performance in Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird." This week she was named best ac…
The actress who plays Lady Bird (the movie, not Hank Hill's dog) is as Irish as a potato. Accents are cool.
I have no idea what Lady Bird is about... but if it’s not about Hank Hill’s dog I’m going to be greatly disappointed.
Lady Bird is my favorite film of 2017. All hail Greta Gerwig. Forever may she reign.
Greta Gerwig spoke to Script magazine about creating the compelling mother-daughter tale, 'Lady Bird.'...
An antidote to Trump culture: no wonder Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird is the best reviewed film ever
Lady Bird becomes Rotten Tomatoes' best reviewed film of all time
Greta Gerwig's lovely film Lady Bird, about a high school senior and her complicated relationship with her mother, achieved so…
So, this Lady Bird movie has nothing to do with Hank Hill's dog?
Greta Gerwig wins Best Director from Lady Bird listed as one of their top 10 of 2017 and Laurie Metcalf wins su…
Heard Greta Gerwig's interview on ~ she's very relatable > Nobody ruin this: 'Lady Bird' has the best…
In the last week I saw Coco, Lady Bird, Three Billboards, and Murder on the Orient Express. . First three are amazing. A…
Current state of being: Lady Bird inspired and switching between listening to John Denver and the Carpenters.
God there's something so cathartic about films like 20th Century Women, Lady Bird, The Edge Of Seventeen, and Frances Ha...…
neil gorsuch couldn't pull off leading Lady Bird but Saoirse Ronan could easily serve as all nine Supreme Court Justices at th…
Prom sequence in 'Lady Bird.'. Moonee at the country club buffet in 'Florida Project.'. Gala dinner gone to *** in…
I thought Lady Bird was a biopic about Lady Bird Johnson until just now.
Wait. The movie Lady Bird is not about Lady Bird Johnson? I genuinely thought it was until today. I’m kind of disap…
Did you cry at Lady Bird? I don't care. Lady Bird has nothing to do with Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Johnson and THAT'S disingenuous.
President Johnson with Lady Bird, after departing Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, tonight 1963: “I ask for your…
Shoutout to the multiple other people in this theater who have also come to see Lady Bird alone. We are kindred spi…
.and talk Dear Evan Hansen, Lady Bird, and a whole lot more
Listen to Lady Bird with Greta Gerwig and Spike Jonze (Ep. 111) by The Director's Cut on
Spike Jonze and Greta Gerwig talk 'Lady Bird' on The Director's Cut. Good stuff. Great stuff. I love this movie.
At 87, is hitting the Oscar campaign trail for Marjorie Prime AND stealing scenes in Lady Bird. For Talk…
When I saw the premiere of Lady Bird, I thought it was great, but it didn't quite burrow into my soul. On…
Wandering around a King Soopers unable to stop crying over Lady Bird, made worse b/c I can't stop thinking about my…
Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird. Zoe Kazan in The Big Sick. Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen in Ingrid Goes West. Kathry…
I just saw Lady Bird because I decided at about 7:30 that I wanted to go to a 7:45 showing in Coolidge Corner, and…
I am Sacramento adjacent but cannot find a theater showing Lady Bird. How dare they? Greta Gerwig and I deserve better.
Lady Bird boss Greta Gerwig on her star, the scandals and ‘grown-up’ movie love.
apparently the Greta Gerwig/ Saoirse Ronan movie Lady Bird is not about the dog from King Of The Hill
Scott Menzel talks with Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan about Lady Bird.
What 'Lady Bird' gets right about being a teenager
You would be contracted to attend the following films (amongst others):. Battle of the Sexes. Lady Bird. Film Stars Do…
Lady Bird seems like an excellent way to start my weekend. @ Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
This weekend go see Lady Bird and watch Tiffany Haddish become the first black female comedian to host SNL and if you’re in New…
I can't wait to see Lady Bird and I am SO READY for the return of Aunt Jackie.
So good to see the brilliant Laurie Metcalf in Lady Bird. She's a great actress, and deserves better than Big Bang Theory imo
Laurie Metcalf's performance in "Lady Bird" is pegged to garner the actress her first Oscar nomination
Shed more than a few tears during the movie Lady Bird written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Even though it takes...
best believe that when I watch Lady Bird (2017) dir. Greta Gerwig in the cinema my internal monologue will be smth like “Barnard alumnA”
Saoirse Ronan so spectacular in Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird," it feels like witchcraft. My review:
'Lady Bird' Film Review: Greta Gerwig Crafts a Lovely Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman…
Killing of a Sacred Deer, Lady Bird and Three Billboards. Already seen the likes of Call Me By Your Name and Thor:…
Review: Director Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird": Lady Bird is obsessed with place. Her place in the world,……
Here’s what reviews are saying about Greta Gerwig’s ‘Lady Bird’
It's really weird that movies called "LBJ" and "Lady Bird" are releasing on the same day. Also that Can…
"Lady Bird." "I, Tonya." "The Florida Project." Mother-daughter movies are taking Oscar season by storm this year:
I'd drop the money instantly for Lady Bird but it doesn't come to Phoenix until I think next week
Lady Gaga allegedly sacrificing an innocent bird to Satan
LADY BIRD features high school versions of both Aaron and Me
I haven't seen Lady Bird yet - other than that - great minds look forward alike. Gimme some Frances Mc…
A Muslim should have two qualities which act like the wings of a bird. . 1. Hope for Allah's mercy &. 2. Fear of Allah's pu…
People should study this Greta Gerwig profile. I can't wait to see 'Lady Bird': “What is ‘Boyhood' for a girl?"
Honestly in awe of a critical rave of this magnitude
is LADY BIRD one of the best films of the year, or *the* best film of the year? guess i’m gonna have to see it 5 more tim…
Greta Gerwig is the force of sheer kindness Hollywood desperately needs
“Gerwig now physically cringes at the mere mention of the word mumblecore.” Same!
I hope to catch Lady Bird in theaters
LADY BIRD: "They're the same. Attention and love." Hits the tiny rhythms of teenage angst so well that I can forgive mushy platitudes
its midnight so i think its safe to say LADY BIRD is WAY overrated.
Still got heaps of films to go. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, THE SHAPE OF WATER, LADY BIRD, THE KI…
Lady Bird:you had me at Soarise Ronan.Brilliantly written and directed by Greta Gerwig.Oscar NOW:please and thank y…
Love this article about Greta Gerwig. Her film Lady Bird is out in limited theaters this w.e & it’s truly WONDERFUL! http…
My top "Indie" movies to see this fall. Lady Bird. Three Billboards. The killing of a Sacred Deer. The Florida project
HUGE film weekend arrives early: LADY BIRD opens Thurs at Gerwig’s directing debut is among 2017’s best.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
so I just rechecked the showtimes for lady bird and they don’t have any in tx which probably means they won’t have…
Looks like we haven't seen the last of that Blonded World Tour footage 👀 . Cinematographer Sam Levy talks about his exp…
In the second row for LADY BIRD but I’m sitting next to someone who asked, “who is Gretchen Gerwig?”
En fin, I, Tonya, Lady Bird, Call me by yor name son mis caballos.
What exactly is a "lady bird deed," and what is its purpose in the Estate Planning process? Click to learn more! . https:/…
Greta Gerwig talks the making of and her love for Chantal Akerman on this week's The Close-Up:
It’s racist and homophobic that Lady Bird, a movie that was filmed in Sacramento, won’t be playing anywhere within the sac metro area.
What are the odds LBJ and Lady Bird are coming out the same weekend and have nothing to do with each other?…
You might think you've seen the likes of "Lady Bird" before. You probably have, but never quite like this.
"I wish I could convey to you just how thrilling this movie is." Movie Review Perfection from A.O. Scott.
That shtty Snowman movie is still playing in every theater by me this weekend, but Lady Bird isn't.
"Lady Bird is perfect," declares A.O. Scott 100% 🍅 Fresh and opening this weekend in NY&LA! htt…
I relate to lady bird in a sense that I too am applying to colleges and I would also let timothée chalamet *** me
I'm going to see tomorrow night and yes I'm sure I'll like it but I'm most excited to see LADY BIRD this…
Thor: Ragnarock, Lady Bird and Last Flag Flying all in one Movie Minute! Listen up!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I can't stop thinking about Lucas Hedges in "Lady Bird" & how he might be the love of my life.
Greta Gerwig greets Lois Smith, a highlight of her film, Lady Bird: .
I havent watch Lady Bird but just based on trailers and reviews, i knew that Greta Gerwic & Saoirse Ronan must get…
Darkest Hour, Current War, Lady Bird lead strong line-up at Mill… ad:
Saoirse Ronan in a comedy movie? Unheard of. . (until Lady Bird which omg the trailer is freaking hilarious)
Watch the trailer for Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan:
Lady Bird was the nickname of the wife of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. They were both from Texas.
LADY BIRD will open the Special Presentations at 👏
Last night a lady bird flew in and started pooing in my open diary. Well I guess that's what I get for trying to be organised.
Good morning all, day two today of the for . Hope that the day treats you well & http…
Paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake on a 🔥 hot afternoon in Austin. Out here for hours normally!…
Is aviatrix just fancy talk for bird lady?
She was a petite judgmental little bird of a lady. I think she was dissing Irish Catholic girls? Lik…
I cannot believe that the Bird Lady is an Oscar winning actress and that out of all the toys Kevin pi…
Pigeons are gross but I'm gonna make friends with the Bird Lady from Home Alone 2
I guess but she's also very polarising, the only thing I liked her in was Maggie's Plan. I don't think…
So wait the protag of Magonia is actually a bird lady and is OP. Do note I'm just half way through the book. And I have a copy if Aerie
. I'm saddened by the news of losing your parakeet. I am a bird lady myself & just lost my beloved bird of 10 years yesterday
After 108 miles and most of it in driving rain we have arrived at our hotel well and truly drenched!!! 💦💦
The Home Alone 2: Lost in New York "Bird lady" look is good on you.
A little old lady just flipped me the bird. I ain't even mad about it. I just hope I'm still that feisty when I'm 90.
Alright, first assignment: Daisy's avatar lady, with a tiny bird on her finger. Clothing: Tiny Bird G…
Great show last night! Loved shout out to Lady Bird and Symphony.
"The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share." —Lady Bird Johnson
4 things to know about a Lady Bird Deed
ah Jin and the bird... n hoseok asking the check in lady about things to practice English
Am sure that lady in blue is called Michelle and not Pip?
Just had beautiful meal at trying out new Early Bird menu. Can thoroughly recommend! 4 of us ate di…
Decent few days, day out with wor bird breaking into castles 😂 then buying a dwarf hamster today called lady ❤️❤️
Hope you get well lady!! Did you get sick from walking into too many chickens? 😮 It's not bird flu is it?!
Is it feasible to be a cat lady AND a bird lady simultaneously?? Asking for myself 🤔
Chick-fil-A service is just too great, lady in the back was clapping for him.
Any one in Odessa know where the parakeet bird lady is today?
Only essex county people know who bird lady is
You posted a pic yesterday at Lady Bird Lake!
Thanks to for helping us cool off after a boat ride on Lady Bird Lake! Bringing these 3 definitely h…
Interestingly, Greta Gerwig’s movie Lady Bird is one of those movies different media outlet are talking...
Greta Gerwig's directorial debut 'Lady Bird' is coming to ahead of an release: https…
Remember "Lady Bird's Bill" in 1967?. Lady Bird Johnson studied the ideal design of in summer of 1967, 50 Y…
Reported wrecks on MoPac SB at Lady Bird and on the I-35 NB svc rd at Leander Rd in Georgetown
Bryan Cranston reprises LBJ role. Lady Bird played by Melissa Leo and Martin Luther King is portrayed by Anthony MacKie.
I read that as Lady Bird, aka Pres. Lyndon Johnson's wife, so I was really confused by a man in an Indy car
In 'The Princess Diarist' says she went to the Green Door spa in Arlington w/ Lady Bird & Ann Landers But she didn'…
I'm about to leave to get my haircut, but Lady Bird is making it tough since she started hitting me with those Bett…
Crushed 3.4 miles on Lady Bird Lake trail! Thanks for being the best…
That's what it's all about. Summer Wine, Lady Bird, and Some Velvet Morning are exquisite! ❤️ x
who did it better Lyndon B Johnson and Lady Bird or my mom and dad 😊
How much water do leaky pipes lose? In Austin. it could fill the local lake 2.5 times:
Waterway ban continues on Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake and downstream of Longhorn Dam until noon on Wednesday.
"If you don't prioritize yourself, you constantly fall lower and lower on your own list." —The First Lady on finding balance.
It's a bird🐦- it's a plane🛩- it's a robot lady with a fashionable robot purse who's name is…
Can they open up Lady Bird Lake so I can go kayaking?
Dude there's literally a lady on some form of drug who's sitting in my front yard stroking a dead bird and screaming about something
"Mariah should be the bird lady in Lion King"- 🍉Melon. .
Have a home soap party. All natural, made by our local lady Denise Frizzell, NO CHEMICALS and no shipping and...
Three cheers for boss, the bird lady, and the best.
NEW A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains (1879) (Illustrated) by Isabella Bird b
"The work always continues - we are never done." —The First Lady on the next generation of women.
Waterway recreation ban continues for at least another day on Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake, river…
NEW PRICE: Downtown living overlooking Lady Bird Lake and the hike and bike trail. Located on…
I don't need a weather app, I know it's gonna rain tomorrow because my joints are hurting also I am an old lady pls send help
Running in Austin has its risks! @ Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail
Beautiful bird, the key to your cage is tucked under your very own wing.
I stopped here on my trip I knew I saw something about Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson ~Dedication to the Beautification of America [Act of Congress]
In the new I celebrate Lady Bird Johnson and the 50th anniversary of the Highway Beautification Act:
Clifton: Lady Bird Johnson wanted to double the amount spent on picking up litter in Texas. Someone said: why not stop littering…
Thank you for pointing out to people that this is not ok. I remember Lady Bird Johnson's anti-litter campaign.
What do Lady Bird Johnson & litter have in common? has the answer, adding some historical context to our cause http:/…
I didn't know Lady Bird Johnson's role in getting litter off US highways. Read
Lady Bird Johnson's 1961 "Keep America Beautiful" campaign changed our attitudes about litter. Remember the jingle?
Bitsy, Hope that wasn't Lady Bird Johnson shade. *** do need to not litter.
Lady Bird Johnson shakes hands with Lassie at the White House in 1967 as part of an anti-litter campaign:
I don't litter or wear shorts. It's my contribution to Ms. Lady Bird Johnson's "Keep America Bea…
In the spirit of the late great Lady Bird Johnson, let's pick up litter in Ferguson on July 27.
Let's make America beautiful like Lady Bird Johnson did in the 60's. Stop dropping trash on the ground wherever you hap…
MALLORY: We need more flowers, less trash: In the 1960s, first lady "Lady Bird" Johnson began a national program...
There is trash flying all over I-205! Lady Bird Johnson would be appalled!
I was reminded this morning as state workers picked up trash along the road of Lady Bird Johnson who created the beautify…
Lady Bird Johnson: "Some may wonder why I chose wildflowers when there are hunger and unemployment and."
"Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them." - Lady Bird Johnson @ http…
So my professors last name is Reynolds and she looks like a bird lady. Lol *** Only sunny in Philadelphia fansvwill get it 😂😂
Larry Bird looks like an old Ukrainian lady after she takes her head scarf off.
I'll run you over in your lady bird car
Photo: Man and his dog rescued from Lady Bird Lake.
Watched 'Mistress America' - Greta Gerwig is such a good writer. Looking forward to seeing 'Lady Bird'
Applying this 'logic' to recent history-Eleanor, Mamie, Jackie, & Lady Bird were enablers.
LBJ, President Nixon & Lady Bird at dedication of LBJ Presidential Library 45 years ago today:
does anyone else remember that episode of King of the Hill where Hank wargs into Lady Bird and attacks a repairman
Hank Hill named his dog Lady Bird after President Lyndon Johnsons wife
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This week in 1961: Lady Bird and then VP Johnson traveled to Vietnam on a goodwill trip.
I fail to grasp the significance of elegance. Roslyn Carter was not elegant; does/did that matter? Lady Bird?
Remembering Here, she speaks with girls from TX + Alabama at a Lady Bird hosted event in DC, Dec 1962.
It's true what says about her dog. Lady Bird cd work for Consumer Affairs disproving "indestructible" chew toy claims.
You want to aim at a Democrat Woman in texas history, go Lady Bird, or B. Jordan. Not BLOODY ANN.
Bryan Cranston as Pres. Johnson, Anthony MacKie as MLK & Melissa Leo as Lady Bird (!) in HBO's "All The Way"
Lady Bird's Peter and Jane series ? Everyday I've to read that books given by teachers at the kindergarten 😊❤️ and Q&A session
"The change in Lyndon Johnson's treatment of Lady Bird did not extend to sexual fidelity."
Candid: LBJ + Lady Bird watch grandson Patrick play with the telephone aboard Air Force One, Dec. 15, 1968.
3:11am Lady Bird by Nancy Sinatra from The Very Best of Nacy Sinatra
good tape of Lady Bird discussing her time as first lady
Lady Bird book sounds v. good. She was V. instrumental. the Johnson audio tapes are very revealing!
Listening to Lady Bird by Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood - Lee’s voice is best ever.
The Unknown Lady Bird Johnson: This hour, we’ll talk with Betty Boyd Caroli about her new book, “Lady Bird and…
Names for our new bright tank down to the final 8: Audie-Red Adair-Ryan-Bum Philips-Possum (George Jones)-AJ Foyt-Lady Bird
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A post from me, mentioning Stalin, Woody Allen, Bill Buckley, Lady Bird, Brian Lamb, and others: (Quite a group.)
"The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid." - Lady Bird Johns…
yeah some lady did that to me during the day once so I followed her around giving her the bird😅😂😂 I'm just glad you're ok
Yes, I'm the lady in line at Save On with 5 bags of frozen corn in my basket, because it's $2 off a bag and my bird is all out of food.
If fast food restaurants opened in the wild
Whomever it is--I am almost positive they will probably feel just like Lady Bird Johnson did after succeeding Jackie O.
Badass old lady N her bird play destiny, :
Going from the Flotus Flower Bomb to this next first lady must be how people felt when they went from Jackie O to Lady Bird Johnson
*** lady friend acted surprised that I'm not going to a Hip-Hop or EDM show. That bird is trying to me😤
Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake with latín tunes on the water and the super moon above
Somewhere Lady Bird & Mamie are nodding approvingly. Jackie would be jealous, Rosalynn serene.
1920s Packard at Motostalgia auction at Long Center on Lady Bird Lake.
Not only would I be tutoring at Lady Bird Johnson, but I'm going to be a mentor. ☺️
"Look bird lady, if ya want pictures of people on the toilet ya gotta stalk 'em like I do. No silver platter."
My chrome lady and glass bird from my rendering class :)   10% Off
Wreck near Lady Bird Lake still adding to Nb Mo-Pac delays from Barton Skyway. Traffic continues north to 2
Lady bird a.k.a. my little sister zoe made and had dinner ready for me when I got home 😍😍😍
Some lady walked into circle k with a bird on a leash.
With all due respect to quarashi and Björk the lady who dresses like a bird
The gorgeous flowers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center in Austin are the perfect backdrop for your wedding!
Best way to get to know an author at Texas Book Festival? Paddling on Lady Bird Lake!
Ohio Amish lady and a Lancaster County Amish carriage. Bird in Hand
Martin MS Green Teens had a fun lesson on fishing & aquatic life at Lady Bird Lake thx to & Caleb Harris.
"I'm not a bird." She giggled softly as she laid down.
Candids from 50 years ago today: Lady Bird and President Johnson share a quiet moment at the White House.
how much was this guy feeding them!? "Industrial quantities" ... I'm picturing the bird lady in Home Alone 2 for some reason
Spider pretending to be a lady bird? Mimicry for defence? Camouflage because it eats them?
Hi Why do you flirt with the bird lady in Home Alone 2? "Follow the star in your own heart" what is that line😷😷😷
Me & bird lady staying together you know 😂
Doesn’t get much more Austin than this. Reppin’ on Lady Bird Lake with Stevie loo…
I feel welcomed at the Board Walk on Lady Bird Lake
Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson were married November 1934 in San Antonio
welcome to Austin! Check out Town Lake aka Lady Bird and of course 4th & 6th Street!
I don't love Lady Bird of the Johnson Crime Family
Flashback to June 15, 1968: President Johnson and Lady Bird walk their dog, Yuki, at the
at Lady Bird yes... I've kayaked at the green belt once before, lost creek area.
I just passed a car && I thought it was you ,, I was flashing my lights && shooting a bird at a old white lady
my mom will not be the crazy cat lady but I can't confirm she won't be a crazy bird lady
LBJ used to fondle the titties of girls/secretaries while he was sitting in same car with Lady Bird.
this lady had a bird and wind chimes and my head phones broke! I wanted to shoot myself.
Kayaking the colorado river with my watermelon juice ♡ @ Town Lake aka Lady Bird Lake
You seek affection from Lady Liberty that you couldn't get from that bird in Japan
Photoset: April 24, 1964, President Johnson and Lady Bird embarked on a War On Poverty tour and made...
Remembering Jack Robinson. Austin's pioneer for the beautification of Townlake (Lady Bird Lake).
The amazing and wondeful delivers a perfect Bird Lady.
A whole set of the interchangeable lady lawyers!! This is way too fun to think of.
Vintage photo of Lady Bird Johnson smiling. -
God, and are such an LB and Lady Bird Johnson
lady and gentleman, are you about for brunch/lunch at BIRD next Monday? Tis bornday (1/2)
I've become an old lady... I enjoy bird watching 🐥
6 Steps to Becoming a Crazy Bird Lady: The sun is shining on a chilly spring day. A breeze cuts through tall g...
watched a lady feeding a hummingbird by hand the other day on parascope now getting tons of bird feeder spam emails. Creepy.
And all because he got some bird poo on his hands while moving aside a thorny branch for the lady. Truly, there is no justice.
dad is fancasting lady ty from rivers of London, asked me for names, i suggested nikki amuka bird. >
To the lady that just gave me the bird while cutting me off, yes I will marry you.
This white lady really got me threatening her *** over a *** check smh c'mon now
Loci ride in the Blue Plains Tunnel, part of 's DC Clean Rivers Project. "Lady Bird" the tunnel bo...
A mother bush stone & chick make for a shot for this week's reader shot.
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