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Lacey Sturm

Lacey Nicole Sturm (née Mosley, born September 4, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter from Arlington, Texas.

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I wish lacey sturm can go back to Flyleaf...they're not the same without her :( though they are still good :) And she has strong faith in God, which makes me very inspired
Take The Bullets Away (feat. Lacey Sturm) by We as Human on In This Moment Radio ♫
I liked a video Lacey Sturm - Living the Impossible and Live Forever (Festival of Hope Livestream)
No one understands my love for Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm they did and still do so much for me without even knowing
My Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm collection. More to come. ilovejoshsturm
Sometimes I like to think I have the vocal talent of Lacey Sturm but then no
Lacey Sturm - The Reason (Lyric Video) Love her. Love her story. Love her song.
"It is not brave to kill yourself when things are hard and difficult; it is brave to live anyway." -Lacey Sturm
Picked up some reading material tonight. Lacey Sturm's book "The Reason", I can't wait to dive into…
I liked a video Lacey Sturm LIVE at Three Rivers Festival of Hope (Full Concert, Audio Only)
Christian singer : saved me from suicide |
"You and I, we sparkle with reason, a cause, a plan." -Lacey Sturm
Just ordered Lacey Sturm's book. Can't wait for it to come.
all in Brazilian many eager to see lacey sturm in Brazil
''The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her old life ended.''
5 of 5 stars to The Reason by Lacey Sturm
I liked a video Lacey Sturm Interview at Harvest Ministries
I liked a video Lacey Sturm and Matt Gilman - Holy
Lacey Sturm- you won't relent. ilovejoshsturm joshualevisturm
Lacey Sturm - Mercy Tree (lyrics): Officially one year since my first vid was made :)
. Book: The Reason by Lacey Sturm . Song: All of Correspondence by . Favorite Moment: Alter call at summer camp
Amy Lee from Evanescence . Hayley Williams from Paramore. Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf . = FAVES \m/😝\m/
“If you don’t know that God loves you, he does. He loves his creation. And you’re his creation.” . ― Lacey Sturm
Big mover on Amazon Music is Take The Bullets Away by We As Human up 114% in last 24 hours
I’m listening to Set Apart This Dream by Flyleaf via I love Lacey Sturm's voice :)
God sees us different than we are. He doesn't turn away. He is just too excess with love!- Lacey Sturm spared from suicide
I love you just the way you are. I am not shocked by any of this. And if you let Me, I can make you new.- Lacey Sturm
I tear up every time i hear Lacey Sturm's voice like pls
She has truly touched my life. Lacey Sturm is the voice of God that spoke to me and I hope she speaks to you
You are kim kardashian and i'm lacey sturm.
Listen to sorrow by flyleaf — Listened through all of Flyleaf and Memento Mori. Lacey Sturm is amazing. Been tol...
Former lead singer of Flyleaf, now a solo artist, will be performing Sept 13 at ACC!
Singer from "The Cross" talks about participating in this weekend's Festival in Pittsburgh
by thewhosoevers "Grammy nominee, singer, songwriter & Lacey Sturm has some exciting new…
Our friend has been praying some big prayers for Pittsburgh ahead of this weekend's Festival
I added a video to a playlist Apocalyptica feat Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf) - Broken Pieces [Full HD
LACEY STURM doing any vocals on your next album?!
bring lacey sturm on tour to the UK ( live at
Lacey Sturm: Cousin killed from child abuse, she becomes depressed, stops believing in God...healing.
Can someone PLEASE go see Lacey Sturm (and Switchfoot, I guess) with me next month. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.
Lacey Sturm and Amy Lee I'm looking at you
I would travel to Australia in a canoe made of rotten wood just to see Lacey Sturm perform if I had to
Part of "My Hope With Billy Graham" - an urgent new message of Hope from Billy Graham, featuring Lacey Sturm and Lecrae. ...
I added a video to a playlist Lacey Sturm - Mercy Tree
There's a guitar autographed by Lacey Sturm with proof of authenticity on eBay for $500 and I think going to buy it.
Your Decision by Alice In Chains . double Lacey Sturm after Alice In Chains finishes
I know! The new singer is not that great. Lacey Sturm is amazing.
I wish I was Lacey Sturm during the Flyleaf days minus the drug problem
Name something you want to do and I might make it come true. — see flyleaf live with lacey sturm
Take The Bullets Away (feat. Lacey Sturm) - We As Human by Atlantic Records on
Chances are if you don't like listening to Lacey Sturm first thing in the morning we can't be friends.
I added a video to a playlist We as human (feat Lacey Sturm) Take the bullets away
I will never get over Lacey Sturm's screams from when she was in Flyleaf
The line-up for is getting better and better! Lecrae, We As Human, Michael W. Smith, Lacey Sturm, City Harmonic and more! FREE!
Lacey Sturm is beautiful. Not only on the outside, but also on the inner spiritual part. Watching her worship God in the song Mercy Tree is just amazing after hearing about what she went through in her life. I really want to pastor and minister to the broken and needy all for the glory of God and see what He can do with people's lives!
There's a special place in heaven reserved for Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Lacey Sturm, and Lzzy Hale
Flyleaf without Lacey Sturm is not the same.. Why I am just now finding out she left? :(
Does anybody know about the meeting that is supposed to be held in washington about the biggest church meeting?
Mercy Tree Lyrics-by Lacey Sturm: On a hill called Calvary Stands an endless mercy tree Every broken weary soul Find your rest and be made whole Stripes of blood that stain its frame Shed to wash away our shame From the scars pure love released Salvation by the mercy tree Verse 2 In the spot between two thieves Hung the blameless Prince of Peace Beaten, battered, scarred, and scorned Sacred head pierced by our thorns It is finished was his cry The perfect lamb was crucified His sacrifice, our victory Our Savior chose the mercy tree Verse 3 Hope went dark that violent day The whole earth quaked at love's display Three days silent in the ground This body born for heaven's crown On that bright and glorious day When heaven opened up the grave He's alive and risen indeed! Praise him for the mercy tree! Chorus Death has died, love has won Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Jesus Christ has overcome He has risen from the dead Verse 4 One day soon, we'll see his face And every tear, he'll wipe away No more pain or suffering ...
in a genre that is often utilized to express rage or despair, but I remember Lacey Sturm, former lead singer of Flyleaf, said, "Our --->
Check out just a few of the photos from the Rock the Lakes Erie launch event with special speaker , Will Graham, and performances by local worship teams and Lacey Sturm! Please continue to pray as God moves in this community.
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Lacey Sturm will always be the greatest rock singer in the world 👍 she is amazing
I want to go tp sleep and make out with Lacey Sturm again.
Lacey Sturm: Questions about screaming: via oh how I miss you lacey ):
Lacey Sturm's Story gives me chills. Everyone should take a second to watch this. God works in amazing ways
Official music video of "Mercy Tree" by Lacey Sturm, as seen in the film "The Cross" airing Nov. 7-10 nationwide. For showtimes visit
My is, amd forever will be, Lacey Sturm. I've listened to her sing for years and…
Chec this out. Beautiful. Couldn't help but cry. Lacey Sturm's Story via
he looked familiar! Yeah her name is Lacey Sturm. Really good singer. Recorded a song called "the mercy tree"
I’m listening to The Reason by Lacey Sturm via
"You have it in you to inspire people" - Lacey Sturm
I can't stop listening to this brand new song from Lacey Sturm that was a part of the My Hope broadcast from Billy Graham. The lyrics are a POWERFUL reminder of the undeserved mercy available throu...
Mercy Tree by Lacey Sturm is one of the most beautiful worship songs I've ever heard
Lacey Sturm's from Flyleaf testimony is very crazy and so good !
Lacey Sturm can serenade me tonight as the snow falls down. Sounds perfect to me.
I really enjoy the song "mercy tree" by Lacey sturm. She's pretty much my favorite. That's all :)
Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica ft Lacey Sturm is my favourite song in the whole world ever
Lacey Sturm! :) A phenomenal female Singer and she scream amazingly well :)
Crying right now this is why I love Lacey Sturm she's just amazing.
"How did we come to thinking this was funny? Cheering and laughing at the dying; while we're riding the Light in You." -Lacey Sturm
Lacey Sturm is going to be putting out new music as a solo artist! 2014 IS a magical year!
Take the Bullets Away by We As Human ft. Lacey Sturm. One of the best songs ever.
Old flyleaf is my cleaning music. Basically anything lacey sturm.
Flyleaf was The best i wish lacey sturm never left the band :(
One of the greatest voices of all time: Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf
We only had the discussion BC we're playing The Reason by Lacey Sturm at my request
Everybody go listen to The Reason by Lacey Sturm... Oh my goodness so perfect.
How do I get as pretty as Lacey Sturm
Someone love me while I listen to this Lacey Sturm song for the next seventy hours
Tomorrow Morning at Glyndale ... Sunday School Assembly at 9:15 AM ... then Sunday School at 9:30AM ... then WORSHIP at 10:30AM ... TOMORROW's SERMON Billy Graham's "THE CROSS" with testimony by Lecrae Moore and Lacey Sturm
Lacey Sturm Feat. Geno Lenardo - Heavy Prey (Lyrics) Betrayed by your kiss Hurry finish You wasted your chance, I'm provoked So I bleed till it is finished A...
I think u might like lacey sturm, she used to sing for flyleaf
No matter who you are, what you believe, what you do or what you have done... God loves you - Lacey Sturm (Singer, Songwriter, Author, Wife, Mother) and I would like to add (WHOSOEVER)
No way did Lacey Sturm really die in 2012!?!?!?!?
Lacey Sturm - Ransom Note. Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.
Doing homework and jamming to Lacey Sturm :)
Normally don't share, but here's my Lacey Sturm formerly of flyleaf
Mercy Tree by Lacey Sturm. You need to listen to this.
My singing voice is still like a mix of Lacey Sturm and Hayley Williams... Oh...
Lacey Sturm - The Reason (Lyric Video) Shared this once, I'll share it again. So powerful it has me shaking.
If you haven't heard Lacey Sturm's testimony, you're missing out.
“i always thought of amara as the black avril lavinge” ehh I'm more of a combo of Hayley Williams and Lacey Sturm
"Who is your favorite Christian/ Gospel artist?" That's a hard one...Lacey Sturm or Jamie Grace or Cece Winans I can't
I always write about Lacey Sturm when I have to do stuff like that.
I encourage everyone to listen to "Mercy Tree" by Lacey Sturm. I promise you will get goosebumps.
iTunes best selling song: Mercy Tree - Lacey Sturm
Lacey Sturm has the most powerful voice I've ever heard
I didn't know lacey sturm wanted to commit a suicide. such a beautiful human being with a special voice. so glad she's still here
I'm not a big apocalyptica fan, but that song they did with Lacey Sturm was amazing.
What do Billy Graham, LeCrae, Lacey Sturm, and the message of the Cross all have in common? They are all part of our services at West Ridge.
Welcome back! Here's a new video for you guys of me covering Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica ft. Lacey Sturm, former lead vocalist of Flyleaf. Check it out and...
...Christian/Gospel tab on my iPod is Lacey Sturm [she used to be Flyleaf's lead singer] and Fireflight.
Lacey Sturm. Is Pure perfection. You tell me other wise and I won't hesitate to beat the crap out of you. Literally.
Lacey Sturm's Story: the most wonderful 6 minutes of my weekend so far...
The Reason by Lacey Sturm is a beautiful song.
Off to bed love ones. Remember! When you in the words of Lacey Mosley/Sturm, 'ARISE and BE all that you dreamed!'
I'm guessing you don't know who Lacey Sturm is...or Imogen Heap...what about Lorde? Am I the only one on Earth? :'(
Our tattoo is on Lacey Sturm's website!.
You are not a burden, an accident, or a mistake. You are meant for amazing things that you can't even imagine for yourself.”. ― Lacey Sturm
Singer Lacey Sturm, who was once suicidal, shares how she found purpose in her life. Watch and share. If this story of hope has touched your heart visit: htt...
sad that Lacey Sturm left the band.
Lacey Sturm is easily one of the best vocalists about!
It's for real: we have three guest appearances for Saturday--LaCrea, Lacey Sturm, and Billy--they are sharing their stories about life and about the Cross. It'll be excellent. Starts at 5:00pm in the Church. Hope to see you there! (PS that's Billy Graham.)
"Outwardly, we are wasting away, but inwardly, we are being renewed day by day." - Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf)
Actually in love with Lacey Sturm. Her voice is epic :)
Get In Our Pants: Go behind the scenes with Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf on her LOVEsick denim photo shoot.
Lacey Sturm is such an amazing person... What an inspiration. She blesses me so much!
Here's a story to bring in the new year... A little break from Enigma... Treasure: The Lacey Sturm Story The room was cold and dark. It was as if a winter night had appeared in her room. The air began to grow thinner, as she gasped for air too fill her lungs. The wind blew through a shattered window, but yet the air was still tainted. She began to record in her diary, how the day went. It didn't take her long to decide that today was a definite disappointment. She knew that her life had become a pointless existence in the world. She knew her only other option was the razor blades in the old shed by the lake. She had to concoct a way to retrieve them. She remembered her parents would be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow, she thought, it will be the end. The end of all the suffering she has gone through. The end of all the pain she has felt. The end of those nights where tears stopped her from dreaming. The end of being useless. And she was right, but not in her own way. The next day was a Sunday. The very day she ha ...
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Flyleaf have announced that longtime vocalist Lacey Sturm has left the group. In a statement posted on their official
I cant stop thinking how real this is for Lacey Sturm
Sometimes your heart will lie to you :) - Lacey Sturm
I have discovered that it IS possible to be both a fan of Lacey Sturm AND Kari Jobe!! Woo hoo, yay me!!!
Ex-lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm has released her debut music video for 'Mercy Tree', released from the compilation album My Hope: Songs Inspired By The
In this video, Lacey Sturm explains her techniques about how to scream and when you should scream.
Lacey Sturm, former lead singer of Flyleaf, shares how Jesus saved her from atheism and her attempt to commit suicide. For more videos visit us online at htt...
Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf Performing Acoustic at Rock The Range in Colorado on August 27, 2011.
I'm So Sick - Flyleaf Dont you just love how Lacey Sturm screams!!Kinda reminds me of A Murfy's Flaw performance back in the day!!
If you have about a half hour you should see this video! Lead singer Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf with Dr. Billy Graham. It's really good.
Third Day Feat. Lacey Sturm - Run To You (Lyrics) I was tired of waiting Playing all the games and Living in a place that was not for me So I thought it was ...
Billy Graham spent decades leading thousands of people to Christ. On November 7, he shared this special with former Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm and Christian hip hop artist and speaker Lecrae with a message of hope for America, which brings all to the cross.
Tonight at CLA we will preview the testimonies of Jim Munroe, David Tyree, and Lacey Sturm from the Billy Graham...
Here is the song from the end of My Hope America last night. Beautiful lyrics! Lacey Sturm - Mercy Tree
Watch online and share with others - "The Cross" feat. Billy Graham, Lecrae & Lacey Sturm.
Music inspired by the mission and message of Billy Graham. Includes new music from Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, TobyMac, Lacey Sturm, Kari Jobe, Matthew West, Amy Grant, Israel Houghton, Darlene Zschech, Nichole Nordeman & the Tommy Coomes Band.
Lacey Sturm's screams are just perfect
Great time tonight worshiping with Lacey Sturm, Rend Collective Experiment, Propaganda, Matt Gilman, and many...
Always & forever, I will listen to her stories .
“There's a lot of things in life that aren't really functional, they're just beautiful. And it's crazy that life is primarily beautiful instead of functional. Like why do we see colors and what is the deal with music, why do we have it and why do we laugh? It's not really functional except that it's just beautiful. And to me the reason why flowers smell and are extra beautiful is just 'cause God loves us. And there's no reason other than that for it.” ― Lacey Sturm
The fact that I just met Lacey Sturm and prayed with me has completely changed my life forever💕😭
The fact that we just met Lacey Sturm! 💕😭
Rend Collective, Propaganda, Matt Gilman, Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and more - TONIGHT at 7pm at The Gathering Place!
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Love seeing Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and in Billy Graham's last message!!
Just made it to Orlando. Pumped for the Reset Show be in my new home town.Come out to see Rend Collective, Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf, myself and Propaganda! Looking forward to see friends and family! Address and time is below! 1721 South Orange Boulevard, Sanford, FL 7pm.
Made It to Orlando! Stoked about the Reset Tour tonight at 7pm. If any friends would like to come and get some free tickets, message me! There are some awesome artist! Rend Collective, Propaganda, Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and Matt Gilman! 1721 South Orange Boulevard, Sanford, FL
“I tried everything that I could get my hands on to try and make life make sense. The only thing that saved my life when I was going to take my life was Jesus. I am talking about the real Jesus – not the religious, churchy Jesus but a personal Jesus that you can relate to you and go through your life with you.” — Lacey Sturm
I have Broken Pieces by and Lacey Sturm stuck in my head and I'm not even sorry
I liked a video Lacey Sturm about her ex-girlfriend
In ORLANDO Sunday night - REND COLLECTIVE, Matt Gilman, Lacey Sturm and MORE at The Gathering Place in Sanford.
the only people i want to meet more than anything is Lacey Sturm and Lemmy Kilmister.
Billy Graham, Lacey Sturm and Lecrae share about the power of the cross tomorrow. Don't miss it and bring someone with you!
It's gong down TONIGHT in the Lacey Sturm, Rend Collective Experiment, Nick Hall & more! You don't want to miss it!
Lacey Sturm (formerly of FLYLEAF) leading worship for the RESET Conference.
I can feel YOU all around me. Lacey Sturm @ First Baptist Church
I can feel You all around me. . Lacey Sturm
Happening now in Charlotte. ResetMovement with Nick Hall and Graham Saber, Lacey Sturm Joshua Sturm
I got the new Billy Graham my CD (music inspired by Billy Graham's my hope America). My new fave song is Mercy Tree by Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf)! It's featured on Billy Graham's message to be shown in Nov. It is AMAZING! the lyrics are so powerful, I cried. Here is only a 'snippet' that I could find on youtube... and it so does not do justice to the entire song. Lacey S has an amazing testimony how God moved in her life as she was planning to commit suicide. She tells her story during the Billy Graham message. Amazing Amazing!
Lacey Sturm the reason... Flyleaf Cassie acoustic red already over accousric ..breath in to me acoustic
My Hope America is presenting what is perhaps Billy Graham’s final message to our nation. His message is entitled, “The Cross.” It is a very powerful gospel presentation and interspersed throughout the message are testimonies from rapper, LeCrae and singer, Lacey Sturm. “The Cross” lasts 30 minutes and will be shown on Thursday, Nov. 7that 8:00pm on WTBN and on Friday, Nov. 8th at 7:30pm on ABC. You can also get a DVD on our back table with the video message as well. This is a great opportunity to invite non-Christian friends and family members to watch with you so they can hear the awesome gospel of Jesus Christ. Please be praying for this event to greatly impact our nation for Christ and for God to bring to mind people you could invite to watch with you.
Today is gonna be awesome! I don't even care that I'll see Lacey sturm later tonight, I get to see my brother Zachary Evan Harrell for the weekend!
Blessed by Lacey Sturm song Mercy Tree. Hers is a life redeemed & Nick Hall sharing on the reset movement.
I've always had the biggest hard-on for Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and I don't know why.
I miss flyleaf with lacey sturm, i just cant listen to their new stuff, it doesnt sound right to me :/
Tomorrow Travis and I will be heading to South Carolina for the RESET movement! I am so excited for the Spirit of G-d to pour out. Ready for some awesome worship and to hear Lacey Lacey Sturm talk about Jesus, King of Kings. Let the Spirit reset our hearts!
Lacey Sturm's testimony is so powerful. I've heard stories like hers before.
*Within the next two weeks I will have met Lacey Sturm and Maria Brink*
What did you think of Lacey Sturm song "Mercy Tree?" Let us know!
Don't miss this in Charlotte on Friday night! Our friends, Nic Hall and Lacey Sturm (formerly with Flyleaf) with be well worth your time. FUN!
Looking forward to the tomorrow night! If you're in join me. It's going to be awesome! Dae Lee, Lacey Sturm, Rend Collective Experiment, Nick Hall, Morgan Harper Nichols & more will be there - but most importantly...
Lacey Sturm love her as the vocalist of my fave Christian band Flyleaf
We're unloading for Rend Collective, Lacey Sturm and the RESET Movement with Nick Hall this morning at 9am til noon. We could use some more able-bodied volunteers. Come by KnoxCalvary and lend a hand!
So my friend told meh I should share one of my dreams with you cause there so funny lol so here we goo theere kinda long though Frolicing threw a bright green field on a pink unicorn with andy biersack when my alarm went off and Mitch lucker appered on a cloud screaming "WAKE UP WAKE UP" then my ex came in "still dreaming about your ex Dori that's kinda sad" she quickly melted away my big dog eating what was left of her then my best friend who called me StrawCherry came and dumped a bucket of red fruits on my head I walked out of my room picking cherrys out of my hair and I look over by the fridge and my sister and her bf where flirting with one of my biggest crushes I plopped on the couch and kellin quinn crawled up next to me stroking my hair asking me to make him some braclets my gf and her best friend came in and sat on my lap and told me what they wanted for antichristmas week when my sis and the other two left the door still opend Jeff the killer ran in telling my gf to go to sleep searching his poc ...
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RESET TOUR - Columbus Lacey Sturm, Propaganda, Matt Gilman with Lacey & husband, and Dave Lubben
When you forgive somebody, it's not so much for them as it is for you. You need to be free from that & rise above that. -Lacey Sturm
After that Billy Graham video at church tonight, I have so much respect for Lecrae Moore and Lacey Sturm. If you love God, you'll love this.
This is from Indi Palmer, otherwise known as Naomi Pontiac (last name spelled as it sounds, not as it's spelled),one my granddaughter age friends. Dana told us about it at Homeschool Choir on Monday morning, 10-21-13. Then Naomi posted this: For those wanting details about Flyleaf coming to play in Mena, here's the story. The Reset Movement tour had a show in Little Rock that got cancelled, and the youth pastor over at First Baptist has convinced them all (other bands included) to come to Mena to play that night (Halloween night). Bands and artists included in this are Rend Collective, Nick Hall, Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf (only her name is on the poster, so it is possible it may not be the whole band but just her, although I would imagine she will still sing Flyleaf songs), Morgan Harper Nichols, DJ Efechto, Matt Gilman, and Dave Lubben. Admission is basically whatever you can pay, as it's donation based, but just because it's free doesn't mean you shouldn't pay. The show is from 7pm to 10pm as I recall. Can ...
Going to RESET in Columbus tonight...anyone want to join us? Rend Collective, Lacey Sturm and others will be there
“God writes the most amazing stories with our messes.” ― Lacey Sturm
Got tickets!Can hardly wait! Lacey Sturm, Matt Gilman, Rend Collective Experiment, and at my home church.
I hope Lacey Sturm comes back to music in some way after she feels her child is old enough or something. I loved her's Lacey yea
If you have young people in your life who need to know Jesus, there are some great testimonies from LaCrae & Lacey Sturm (former lead singer of Flyleaf). Why not share a reason for hope with someone?
The Reason God says to the human race, “I made you, and you are Mine. I have redeemed you. Return to Me” (Isaiah 43:1 and Joel 2:12, author’s paraphrase). God’s gift of redemption says, “I will buy you back with My blood because I love you. I will free you from the chains of sin. I will settle the conflict within and give peace to your soul. But you must come to Me with a repentant heart. You must be willing to be redeemed. You must exchange your sin-blackened heart for a new heart that is cleansed by My blood.” Redemption is the Bible’s greatest theme. God’s redemption plan is what turned a sordid story into a great story. His rescue mission was executed through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He completed His mission more than two thousand years ago, when He hung on the cross and shed His blood in ransom for the souls of mankind. He died for your sin and my sin. When He conquered death and was raised from the grave that could not hold Him in bondage, He reached o ...
“You’re trying to carry everything in your life by yourself. And you are falling under the weight of it but that was never God’s intention. He doesn’t want you to carry it yourself. You can’t do it, only God can do that. And that’s what he says, He says: "I never meant for you to go through this by yourself. I wanna go through it with you. I wanna carry it for you.” ― Lacey Sturm
Who's buying Lacey Sturm book in fall of 2014?
Twin Cities RESET launches tonight with Rend Collective, Propaganda, Lacey Sturm, Matt Gilman, Dave Lubben and more - Revival is at hand. Come and join the movement.
Buying 3 copies of Lacey Sturm book in fall of 2014 *** yeah!!!
SERIOUSLY...EVERYONE!! Come to Reset Movement tonight in KC!!! Forerunner Christian Fellowship 12444 Grandview Rd Grandview, MO 64030 It's gonna be an awesome night with awesome people! Dave Lubben, Morgan Harper, Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf), Propaganda, Rend Collective Experiment, and yours truly. Starts at 6:45pm! Spread the word and bring your friends! SEE YOU THERE!
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You formed my Heart with Your hands and now I finally understand and I give You my life and I'm healed by your grace. I was made for Your love that no one can replace. This is it, I won't miss everything I am made for, to be Your, All Your. -Lacey Sturm
My really good friend Lacey Sturm ex member of Flyleaf just released her first solo lyric video for her song The Reason she killed it its such an amazing song brought me to years because I can relate to the song so well
See how “Defining Moments” changed the lives of illusionist Jim Munroe, NFL player David Tyree and singer Lacey Sturm in this first in a series of special programs for My Hope with Billy Graham.
Billy Graham - My Hope Project shared the following link and had this to say about it: Just released, the official trailer for "The Cross," the My Hope program featuring Lecrae, Lacey Sturm and Billy Graham's new message. Watch, share and pray in advance for what God is going to do in a few weeks! Cross Trailer For more visit:
It's too late now to stop the process This was your choice - you let it in This double life you lead is eating you up from within A thousand shards of glass you pushed beneath my skin And left me lying there to bleed And as you showed me your scars I only held you closer But as the light in you went dark I saw you turn over I wanted always to be there for you and close to you But I'm losing this And I'm losing you Oh I've gotta turn and run From faces that you never see Oh I've gotta save my blood From all that you've broken And pack up these pieces of .. love it. ..apocolyptica and lacey sturm..
Want to give a "Shout Out" to the Sexy "Bad *** Women of Rock.Lizzy Hale, Maria Brink, Lacey Sturm, Cristina Scabbia, Amy Lee.God this world is such a better place because of you's also a lil' Louder!! :)
Lacey Sturm and Jesse Lacey are the best vocalists in the entire world.
- Monday July 1 at 5pm guest on The Frank Sontag Show on KKLA 99.5 FM, is Ryan Ries of The Whosoevers, a movement that's "A THREAT TO FORMALIZED RELIGION" - Other members of the Whosoevers include Sonny Sandoval of POD-Payable On Death, Brian "Head" Welch from Korn, Lacey Sturm formerly of Flyleaf and pro-FMX rider Ronnie Faisst. - Tuesday July 2, Frank Sontag's guest will be an actor from the Windy City who I first saw in the 1986 Judge Reinhold comedy "Off Beat" and several months later in his unforgettable cameo in the Tom Hanks/Shelley Long comedy "The Money Pit". He's been starring in the hit crime drama "Criminal Minds" on CBS for six years.
Still have a massive crush on Lacey Sturm nee Mosley
Lacey sturm in a dress, no shoes , acting goofy, goth look, and those lyrics on stage... HOT♥
Lacey Sturm needs to stop playing GOD
2011, i think. It features Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf. Go listen to it.
Lacey Sturm has such a powerful voice
Photo: Lacey sturm from a couple years ago, so good.
I recorded this video of Lacey from Flyleaf (at the Rock The Lakes event in Milwaukee, WI), giving her testimony of how God/Jesus Christ saved her & delivere...
When you're angry and can't scream about it. Listen to Lacey Sturm "I'm so sick" all the screaming makes you feel so much better... :/
I used to message lacey sturm alot... but then she left flyleaf. kristen just has to get used to my stalking.
“The people that seem to be the most fully alive are the people who seem to have faced death every day.” — Lacey Sturm
Still don't like that Lacey Sturm won't be singing anymore but.
I really hope I can meet Lacey Sturm someday and get a hug and picture
The fringe is back, all is right in the world! Is it just me or do I look a lot like Lacey Sturm in…
Flyleaf is good. It's kinda sad that it is Lacey Sturm's last album with the band. Gonna miss her voice.
I need some songs by Lacey Sturm in Flyleaf to describe what I'm feeling
please be sure to take it easy on your voice, did you see that Lacey Sturm video on screaming?
My god..Lacey Sturm's Story is so touching and inspirational...Honestly, I cried a little …
Lacey Sturm. She's such a great soul.
When you find out Lacey Sturm is a year and two days exactly younger then you AND a Virgo. I knew I loved her for a reason :P *LOL*
I'm in love with Lacey Sturm's voice
is having a free concert at 6pm tonight featuring The Arrows & Lacey & Josh Sturm. Lacey was vocalist for Flyleaf for 10 yrs.
I liked a video Orianthi Feat. Lacey Sturm - Courage
Am I the only one still crying over Lacey Sturm leaving Flyleaf?
I wish Lacey Sturm still sang in Flyleaf.
i forgot how much i loved lisening to flyleaf... Lacey Sturm's voice is just perfect
I had a dream that Lacey Sturm was my teacher! :'D
You can love us more in a moment, than other lovers can in a lifetime. - Lacey Sturm
please let Lacey Sturm be back on Flyleaf.. :\
"just got done rehearsing with Josh & Lacey Sturm - such an honor! come tonight at 7pm
Why can't I be Janis Joplin or Lacey Sturm or Stevie Nicks or Chrissie Hynde or Debbie Harry or Ann Wilson..
One of the ladies singing at church sounded like Lacey Sturm for one song.
if I find a woman who can sing like lacey sturm...oh man.
The fact that I have Lacey Sturm in my contacts.
Please, don't tell me anymore, there's a weight on ur eyes & its weight in my heart...
“You don’t have to kill yourself ‘cause you’ve made mistakes, you just need to keep going.” ― Lacey Sturm
I only have faith in 3 gods. Lacey Sturm, Pippin Took and Freddie Mercury.
I favorited a video Lacey Sturm: Questions about screaming
Flyleaf isn't flyleaf without Lacey Sturm. Like they need to either get her back or just not make music under the name flyleaf anymore
Flyleaf is not flyleaf without Lacey Sturm. :(
My brother got to see Lacey Mosley-Sturm from Flyleaf while in basic... I knew I should have joined the army.
Lacey Mosley/Sturm has the prettiest voice ever.
Nearly every day somebody comes to my blog by Googling "lacey sturm tattoos" or something of that sort. =)
Lacey Sturm and Hayley Williams are my two favorite female singers 😍🎶
Flyleaf has a new lead singer that isn't Lacey Sturm? 😐
Lacey Sturm. Seriously one of the most beautiful and most talented performers ever.
Lacey and Josh Sturm - All Around Me and The Reason Live: via
Sometimes, I wish I could sing like Lacey Sturm. Then I remember I'm a guy, And that would be Sqwawkward.
*** flyleaf got a new lead singer, *** no that band is nothing without Lacey Sturm, beyond upset. Im all late.
Can Lacey Sturm just get back with Flyleaf already?
just listen to broken pieces by apocalyptica ft lacey sturm. I love its lyrics
yes :D you listen to apocalyptica? Yar broken pieces by apocalyptica is so awesome. It has lacey sturm
I love this song, Flyleaf is not the same without Lacey Sturm...
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Favorite female singer? — Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and Amy Lee
Lacey Sturm will always be my favorite since 2006 and their first single was bornt on my birthday month 😍👍.
Lacey Sturm is not the flyleaf lead singer no more
I searched lacey sturm and nicki minaj come up,.
Its depressing that anyone thinks there could be a replacement for Lacey Sturm. That is a sound and emotion that will never be duplicated.
But there's something about having a God to cling to when we don't understand. Just trusting that he's good. ― Lacey Sturm
Sometimes we don't understand why those things happen. And there's nothing you can say to make it better. (To be continued) ― Lacey Sturm
What is the actual point in seems like the only thing I'm waiting for is meeting Grace and Lacey. After that I'll have nothing.
I just love Lacey Sturm's voice so much
I would like to hear Lacey Sturm or Lzzy Hale join you on a track or two.
So i find out Adam Gontier quits Three Days Grace and now im finding out that Lacey Sturm quits Flyleaf. Why do my favorite vocalists always quit??
Top Listened To Albums of 2012! These are also my favorite albums of 2012 and not in any particular order! This Is The End Of Control by Cherri Bomb! Amazing album from a new all girl band on the rise! Afterman: Ascension by Coheed and Cambria. Soon to be followed by Afterman: Decension, i am sure it will be just as good! New Horizons by Flyleaf. I loved this album. Sadly, it’s the last album with vocals by Lacey Sturm. Some Nights by Fun. Great album that is a little flash back to that Queen era. A little overplayed on the radio that made this album seem like such a pop album, but it is still really good! The trilogy of albums, !Uno! !Dos! and !Tre! by Green Day. GD is my favorite band, but this wasn’t my favorite album they have put out. Still a very fun trio that i blasted from my car on many drives! Conventional Weapons series by My Chemical Romance. A collection of songs that were made before their last album but put out now. Some super fun songs that i am glad got to see the light of day! Andrew ...
(Lacey Sturm just sent me a direct message after I congratulated her when I found out she wa
Lacey Sturm actually has the most beautiful voice
i know im late on this but Lacey Sturm is no longer a part of Flyleaf :'c
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I'm crying cus I found out that Lacey Sturm is leaving flyleaf
Photo: Lacey Sturm’s legacy and a bettersweet album for the fans. In a phrase is this Flyleaf’s new album...
Skillet, Fireflight, The Afters, and Lacey Sturm are on the telly.
Put alot of thought into it and decided that Lacey Sturm is my favorite female vocalist. Was neck and neck with her and Lzzy Hale
Ask the fans 8! Who is your role model? It sounds awful, but mine isn't my parents, despite me growing up in a good family. Nope, I have four, and in order: Rebecca Barlow, Lacey Sturm, Alyssa Barlow, and Lauren Barlow. They all come from Christian rock bands, but I love Becca's story especially, so I'll tell you that and a couple other things (you don't have to read this, you can just answer the question. XD) Becca is the oldest BarlowGirl, and she grew up in a good home, and she was homeschooled for most of her life. But when she was eighteen, all of a sudden she started hating herself. And she didn't eat for a long time. But she overcame it. She said she prayed and it was like a veil was lifted. She could finally talk to her parents and they helped her through it. Only a couple years after that, they started the band. But the BarlowGirls also have a stand on life that I really admire. They're all in their upper 20s/low 30s and they've never dated a boy once in their life. They dress modestly, and they ...
I understand! I understand everything that Lacey Sturm was trying to say! I UNDERSTAND NOW
Lacey Sturm should seriously start her own metal band. Her screams are just. Wow 😳
Would happily swing the other way for lacey sturm, taylor momsen or Lzzy Hale, seriously
Lacey Sturm left, and replaced by a Kristen May. Da faq?
I want to look like Hayley Williams or Lacey Sturm so bad :/
thats the song i usually play so as to *** off my non-Rock neighbas due to how Lacey Sturm screams
Lacey Sturm's voice gives me goose bumps, it's so perfect
Lacey Sturm is beautiful. She is not a "sexy *** woman, Id bang her so hard" like he said. I was just like, OH *** NO. WHY WOULD U SAY THAT
Lacey Sturm will forever have the most amazing voice.
wow Lacey! That's sooo exciting! I hope your feeling well :) can't wait to meet the next lovely Sturm!
Thats great :D Another little piece of Lacey Sturm to grace the world~
"Heavy Prey" Video- Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf feat. Geno Lenardo from Und...: via
loll, first listen to, "broken pieces" by Apocalyptica feat. Lacey sturm. (:
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