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Labor Day

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September in ) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

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Justine Skye goes to Labor Day on the parkway when you ever see cardi with a Trini flag ? Stfu
When did Lisa Bloom turn into Gloria Allred? Was it over Labor Day? Freaky Friday?
"Only been in business after Labor Day, haven't really seen much pat..." @ Ye's Noodles & Fried Rice
Omg 😲 is Savannah Guthrie is wearing white after Labor Day! I'm offended
🍎 🍎 's at the Labor Day parade on Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, N Y C
wearing white shoes after Labor Day? Remember Patty Hearst in Serial Mom? J/k
It’s basically Halloween now, Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas next week since we past Labor Day
This decision was worse than Pacs loss in Australia. So I guess West Indian fighters should fight on Labor Day to ensure at least a draw!?!
MT Mona Eltahawy It was Labor Day Weekend. Tourists &racists dropped by. Someone left bag of dog doo on doorstep. I did not do love & grace
Around 7 p.m. on Labor Day, the Greenville Police Department was called to the InTown Suites on Arlington Blvd.
He's not at the Labor Day festivals in Milwaukee or Racine either. I'll report back if we find Paul Ryan in Kenosha. Don't…
Olive Garden treats first responders to surprise Labor Day lunch...
"Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx photographed holding hands on the beach on Labor Day!"...
Atlanta has two Labor Day (black pride) and Columbus Day (white pride). White pride is more organized and has the p…
Grah wanted to walk the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day too!. May not be the longest bridge any more, but still most st…
Had a fantastic time running across the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day!
Update your maps at Navteq
Labor Day Weekend was the best at Hershey Park!!!
Thousands take part in Labor Day walk on Mackinac Bridge.
We're hoping your team had as much family fun on Labor Day as we did!
Just about 25,000 people took park in the Labor Day bridge walk, compared to as many as 60,000 in the past
Took my '15 to Hatteras Island for Labor Day.
Mellencamp surprised visitors at the Rock Hall yesterday when he jumped on stage to perform at a Labor Day festival.
Jase Robertson, the second oldest brother from Duck Dynasty, shaved off his beard on Labor Day to honor a promise.
Authorities respond to Mackinac Bridge walkers turned away on Labor Day
Just didn't seem like Labor Day without the Jerry Lewis Telethon. .
We are one of the sponsors of the annual Charles Town Car show that is held the Saturday before Labor Day every...
Tuesday after Labor Day, better get your work hats on, and don't fret, we still have memories of the Jerry Lewis telethon! 😂😂😂😂
I don't care how long it's been, still feels like something's missing on Labor Day without the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon.
Jerry Lewis movie marathon for Labor Day. Wish his MDA telethon was still live on TV.
It's fitting that chose Labor Day for a Jerry Lewis marathon, when he would host the MDA telethon. h…
Mariah Carey is getting animated for the All I Want For Christmas Is You movie and it's all we want for Labor Day:
Glad to revisit Scorsese's tonight Sandra Bernhard's debut is absolutely volcanic. One last Labor Day w
Hope you had a great Labor Day! Really fun day with perfect weather in New York. My first time riding the Staten Is…
Like Chris Fowler, I have one TV on Svitolina-Keys and one on Vols-GT. High-wire Labor Day night of
Enjoying my first adult beverage of this fine Labor Day. This Bulleit Rye has it all!. The Blue Moon Cocoa Brown isn't too shabby either.
Chris and I took the boys to the lake on this Labor Day to enjoy a good swim. . Vinny always loves the water but...
and Mets kick off a three-game set with a Labor Day matinee in NYC. Full lineups below. Coverage is underway on CS…
Green Energy Jobs: Top 7 Pieces of Rare Good News for US Workers on Labor Day -
Prof almost fainted in class today. This is why we shouldn't have school on Labor Day...
This Labor Day, let’s celebrate by recommitting ourselves to respecting and valuing hard work. -SB
Happy Labor Day! How is your love made visible through your work? .
THATS RIGHT ! In the gym on Labor Day! Who really wants it...what you do when no ones watching.
Labor Day trip down the 120 mile roundtrip on the beach at Padre Island National Seashore.
Happy Labor Day to every American! Thanks for making our economy the best in the world.
From everyone here at Happy Labor Day! Enjoy a safe holiday and kick back with your favorite alternative t…
Maniacs came out and crushed the Labor Day Challenge
average CEO salary has grown 997% since 1978 and we still shame mcdonald's employees when they ask for a livable wage ha…
Happy Labor Day to all hardworking undocumented/documented Mexicans. I love y’all.
Ironic that on Labor Day, a day we're supposed to be honoring American Labor, Dems are fighting for illegal aliens ste…
Trump's Labor Day gift to American workers: taking away pay from 4.2 million people. Here's how many will lose out…
Happy Labor Day to everyone who works (and gets worked) for theirs.
Thinking of Labor on Labor Day! My father was a housepainter and worked his whole life with his hands. APPRECIATE the va…
Today we celebrate America's spirit of hard work and ingenuity. To all the hardworking men and women of America, Happy Labor Day! h…
On Labor Day, pray for all workers, for the underemployed and unemployed, and that the rights and dignity of workers may…
4 dead 26 wounded during the Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. I wonder how many were shot by statues of Robert E. Lee or Sto…
When I was kid, I though "Labor Day" was a holiday in honor of the first woman to ever go into labor. Happy Labor Day!
Labor Day is a time to remember that for hundreds of years unions have led the fight for equal rights and economic and s…
This Labor Day, remember to slave thanklessly at a soulless task you hate for most of your life only to die poor and fo…
For hard working Hispanics there is no such thing as Labor Day.
.is spending Labor Day selling foreign made products. . We're spending Labor Day standing with workers.
This Labor Day, union and nonunion workers are fighting together!
All Black people celebrate Labor Day the same, somebody daddy or uncle barbecuing they *** off, lol.
Hope everyone is having a Happy Labor Day!
if you'll be celebrating Labor Day by working.
Let's celebrate Labor Day by watching the TV show of a company that announced it will make its employees work on Christmas…
We'd like to take an opportunity this Labor Day to acknowledge all the hard work that goes on at the Stratford Festival.
Happy Labor Day friends from FL's Gulf Coast. Odds are this time tomorrow we're all mad at each other again! 🇺🇸😁.
Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! This was taken a bit ago at but a girl can always……
came thru with Labor Day Splash then dropped a WHOLE week for y'all?? You're welcome 💁🏾✨
I want to wish a very Happy Labor Day to the capitalist overlords who depend on worker exploitation to grow their already e…
so excited! best Labor Day gift I've ever received! 😀
For the first time in a while, we have a President that understands the working class in America. Happy Labor Day, frie…
Some of y'all celebrating Labor Day with no jobs...
Everybody knows the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic doesn't start until the fourth quarter on Labor Day.
Need a good one and on comes "King of Comedy." Perfect. (Labor Day homage to Jerry Lewis, I suppose.) By the way, whither Sandra Bernhard?
Some of the walkers crossing the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day in 1964. [picture from 8/29/1965 Battle Creek Enquirer]
Sports Performance Coach Matt Nein getting the Sea Gulls better early in the AM on Labor Day with a beach workout i…
Labor Day sunset and moonrise on Old Cape Cod.
On this Labor Day, we're esp grateful for fire crews that aren’t taking a break from doing their best to protect WA commun…
Terps host Cal Poly for a Labor Day tilt. The Mustangs are 0-3 and Maryland's starting XI looks a lot different than the first 3 games.
Labor Day grilling on the back patio is going to be TOASTY this evening. Be sure to plan for some shade!
American Coco Vandeweghe cruised into quarterfinals winning on Labor Day at 2017 US Open.
Come get your Labor Day pizza at little caesars chicken shack Wayne and warren
BB-8 and I enjoying a Nathan Palmer from on this warm Labor Day. Cold Brew +…
Labor Day 21st Annual Picnic and Car Show. Great event. Wonderful people.
Glad to see everyone have such a good time today. — attending Labor Day at the Zoo - 18th Annual Picnic & Car Show
Remember, Navajo County offices are closed today in recognition of Labor Day!. Offices will return to normal busine…
Why do Americans and Canadians celebrate Labor Day? - Kenneth C. Davis
"And Craig Counsell, in the words of the iconic & legendary Lou Piniella, says 'I've seen enough'." Back for Labor Day w/a good old good one
Labor Day is very much a working holiday.
It feels right to be visiting the Piedmont on Labor Day. The Gastonia strike - North Carolina Digital History
The last World War started on Labor Day Weekend. Keep it calm, Nikki Haley.
The Raleigh Alumnae Chapter would like to wish everyone a happy & safe Labor Day!!
Labor Day in Banana boat Rides available! 410-289-FAST or visit to book ONLINE! L…
Hundreds march on Labor Day in Las Vegas. DREAMers joining to protest the end of DACA, citing economic impact of recipient…
In a special Labor Day convo, talks about what it meant growing up in a post worker union household
What's really fun and cool is having classes on Labor Day but the rest of campus is closed! Mail room? Nah. Res life? Nah.
Quoted by the Wash Post!. The extended summer of 2017: In Md., school starts after Labor Day - The Washington Post
Everyone should have a chance to achieve the American Dream. Happy Labor Day!
It may be Labor Day, but tomorrow we're gonna chill the UPC way at Mean Green Cafe @ 11am, in the Union Eagle Emerald Ballroom…
Wishing you a happy and productive Labor Day - from all of us at Brown Harris Stevens
I'm the Executive at the office while all my staff are off today. Labor Day done right.
Smokey Sunset over Big Bear Lake during Labor Day Weekend 2017. Fires in Redlands aided in the…
Sushi Seki will be closed today in honor of Labor Day. We wish you a safe and happy Holiday surrounded by friends a…
Wishing you a happy and safe Labor Day from us here at Gandhi's!! 🎉
Happy Labor Day everybody! It's time for a special Labor Day edition of
We'd like to wish you and your family a very Happy Labor Day!. How did you celebrate over the weekend?
Wishing everyone a happy and safe Labor Day!
Wishing you a Happy Labor Day! We hope it’s filled with smiles and loved ones.
Happy Bring us with you on your day off and blast our Labor Day playlist. 🎧
Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made. Happy Labor Day !
Labor Day is here! Time to say good bye to summer and wish everyone a Happy Labor Day!
From all of us at have a happy and safe Labor Day!
We wish everyone a Happy and holistic Labor Day!
Great start of Labor Day running the Pier House 5k with Shaun and Steve.
A great, engaging lesson for teaching students why we celebrate Labor Day, courtesy of
Have a safe and Happy Labor Day from the Mayfield-Graves County YMCA.
I wonder if Reince Preibus is grilling up a bunch of nothingburgers for Labor Day. . I'm guessing weenies. . Maybe both!
Labor Day is made for playing with our friends White Rock Lake Dog Park
"Labor Day" might as well be April Fool's Day this year.
Labor Day means new listing on the market. Check it out! @ Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Did you know? The first Labor Day parade in the United States was held in 1882 in New York. More than 10,000 New Yo…
Executive Office will be closed today, 9/4 in observance of Labor Day, regular operations will resume on Tuesday, 9/5. 💙💛
ALERT: Admission to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is free on Labor Day starting at 11 am.
-- ON AIR -- It was my work on Ben Maller Show, even though its Labor Day. LIVE RADIO. till 6a ET. LISTEN
A little pre Labor Day feast! Don't mind if I do. This is sure to hit the spot after a good core…
You can spend your Labor Day watching the full collection. Once your done with that you can pop over to the...
Hi if you're coming to my Labor Day party tomorrow I'm putting bubonic plague in all the food 🤧
Another great Labor Day fireworks display in Cincinnati! The Star Wars sequence was a nice touch ⭐️
American 🇺🇸 duo and shine on cloudy Labor Day Weekend at
When your local Labor Day fireworks display plays Metallica back to back w/"Redbone"!
My big Labor Day plans are to get lunch at Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill with friends. Whoah look out we got a party animal over here
In case you are wondering... Yes, we will be open on Labor Day!! Stop by to get everything you need for a holiday feast!
American women continued to shine on a grey Labor Day Weekend as the resurgent Venus Williams and Sloane Stephens fought their way into the…
"Reunited and it feels so good..." Join myself and Alisyn Camerota back together tomorrow 6-9 ET for Labor Day
Hot, windy, dry weather leads to red flag warnings ahead of Labor Day
We are collecting items to send to this Labor Day Weekend. Drop location: 227 SW 103 Ave. Miami, FL 33174.
The annual Labor Day fireworks display on Lake Hamilton will begin at dark tonight from the middle of the lake on…
Don’t miss the Labor Day fireworks display at any cost
A beautiful morning on the Gulf of Mexico in Tarpon Springs. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
No, YOU spent Labor Day Weekend putting Michael Meyers into the background of Activia commercials.
14AAA kick off their Labor Day tournament with a 1-0 and 6-1 win. Third game tonight!
The best part of Labor Day Weekend is about a Georgia Bulldogs wins! Always love being in Athe……
Hot, Dry, and Breezy means Red Flag Warnings. Do you have an early Labor Day picnic planned? Watch at 10.
Come visit us this weekend and take advantage of our incredible Labor Day savings!! . 📍4401 W Sample Rd. Coconut Cre…
School will be closed for Labor Day. Monday, September 4th. At Gracie Barra San Clemente, we wanted to personally...
Looking for family fun Labor Day Weekend? NE Alabama State Fair is in Huntsville at Joe Davis. Details on FB at Northeast Alabama State Fair
All Simmons Bank locations will be closed Monday, Sept. 4 in observance of Labor Day. Have a safe and happy holiday!
A Mexican feast began the Labor Day Weekend at the cabin! @ Vermillion County, Indiana
Start your Labor Day Weekend with our Drink of the Month, Labor Day Lemonade featuring Skyy Vodka!
Fire up this mix of rock, funk, disco and electronic to make your Labor Day guaranteed better. 100%.
The library will be closed on Monday 9/4 for Labor Day. Learn about LD from our Encyclopedia Britannica database…
Reminder - In observance of Labor Day, City Hall and all municipal offices will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4. Info…
Labor Day Weekend fun in Memphis at the Front Porch Restaurant in Beale Street Landing
Anytime Fitness Olivette's awesome staff will enjoy the Labor Day holiday with the day off and…
The storm is over and we are open daily from 9-5 through the Labor Day Weekend. A portion of your admission goes to Hu…
Headed to the Cape? Bridges jammed with traffic ahead of Labor Day Weekend
Have a great Labor Day Weekend, Pulaski County office!
Labor Day Free Access @ - - Search Ancestry job records for free this Labor Day
City of Blue Springs, Mo., offices, Municipal Court and Vesper Hall will be closed in observance of the Labor Day holiday on Sept. 4.
There's one more concert at Treasure Island in Head out on Labor Day for a full day of fun in the sun. h…
Samuel Adams Brewhouse on JBLM Lewis Main will be closed on Labor Day, Sept. 4.
Maiden vs. Bunker Hill has been postponed until @ Monday 6:00 PM. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
Wishing you a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. Check here Tuesday for details of our upcoming Member Appreciati…
Our special education department kicked off Labor Day Weekend with team building activity
Headed back down to San Diego for Labor Day! Catch me this Saturday at one of my hands down favorite spots to play
″Work is no disgrace; the disgrace is idleness.” – Greek Proverb. Staff America wishes all of our field staff a safe & enjoyable Labor Day.
SHOW YOUR PRIDE: to celebrate community pride with fun, food and fireworks on Labor Day Weekend
Planning to take the boat out over Labor Day Weekend? Be aware of the dangers of electric shock drowning:…
Pulaski County offices will be closed Monday, September 4th in observance of Labor Day.
State Fair bus service from Maple Grove Transit Station (12350 Main Street) on Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day.…
Here’s everything you need to know for the perfect Labor Day Weekend barbecue in your Bob Ward home!
Verlander last pitched Wednesday, so he could start on Labor Day in Seattle. Randy Johnson's 1st start for HOU also on…
FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers in Isabella and Midland counties will be closed on Labor Day.
During this long Labor Day Weekend please be safe, don’t drink and drive & always wear your seat belt. Have fun but…
Congrats to Annette Broskie, winner of our Labor Day contest! Tix to see Alton Brown live 11/9 at…
It's gonna be a great Labor Day Weekend at The Aquarium.
Members of the Quaker City Drum and Bugle Corps in Philadelphia’s Labor Day parade, 1941.
Chef talks 'Homegrown' and health - and shares two perfect Labor Day recipes…
Teaming up with for this weekends Labor Day Invitational. Official Merchandise available all weeke…
DEALS! DEALS! Go See At in Castleton on Saturday from 4-6 for their LABOR DAY SAVINGS EVENT https:…
But it's not even close to Christmas while Labor Day is in just a few days.
At the AFL-CIO booth standing up for labor with Labor Day just around the corner!
Microsoft's Labor Day sale includes big savings on PCs, movies, and more
RBOBrad: Sound advice on 👂 Labor Day marketing ideas, like focusing on meaning. 🔨💭 by bradfriedma…
let's all take a moment this labor day to remember The Troops
Sisterhood + Joy + Adventure - DRAMA = this Labor Day Weekend in Estes Park, CO
Ride before the season ends: Milwaukee Rally takes place Labor Day Weekend
FLOTUS only appears with him now bc she knows you can't be seen in White Supremacist after Labor Day.
Road trip, anyone? 😎. Last-minute Labor Day Weekend trips and activities that won’t break the bank:
This teach your students about union history & social justice, with help from
ALERT: Tonight at 8:15, fireworks will go off over Boston Harbor to kick off Labor Day Weekend in Boston. . ❤
Wishing all my fellow Americans a fun and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend! Hopefully, some of you…
Say farewell to summer with the party of the year.
Trash and recycling will be delayed one day on Monday 09/04 due to the Labor Day holiday.
Labor Day Weekend is a great time to get out and enjoy the many parks in Hennepin County.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
IT'S THE SHULTS FORD LABOR DAY SPECTACULAR!!. Join us this Saturday and Monday for cookouts celebrating the long holiday wee…
Need I say more my guy got you Labor Day Monday on WBLS 107.5 9pm-10pm Listen in…
Labor Day Weekend! Don't miss from the comfort of your own home!
Reading is fun so relax with the Dog Detective this Labor Day!
Gas prices rise ahead of Labor Day after Harvey shutters largest refinery in US
The Round Barn will be closed 9/4, Labor Day, to allow our market staff to rest and enjoy. We love and appreciate t…
So...I took Thur-Mon off. What will I do for Labor Day vacation? ..Watch my fave films expiring on
of Fri Getting you in the mood 4 Labor Day Weekend.
“TRUMP defends KKK fashion choice of wearing white after Labor Day.” by Steven Rouach
"Labor Day" is US holiday on which abused workers are allowed to drink cheap beer until vomiting, on beaches otherwise reser…
Today starts off my Labor Day Weekend 5 day sale!!! I'm offering 15% off across my shop.
For our second post in celebration of Labor Day, we are highlighting industry in Camden and on its waterfront.…
Labor Day Weekend is approaching, all schools will soon be back in session, and we're enjoying the last days of...
See fans surprised with new ride in See Cars 3 in theatres this Labor Day Weekend in 3D. Get
Labor Day Weekend Before classes start on Tuesday, the three-day Labor Day Weekend is a great ch...
Little Giant Ladders
Correction: Casitas Water Adventure is open through Labor Day Weekend as well as the Sat 9/9 and 9/16
Rockabilly Riot heats up Labor Day Weekend - what's up
..ATL not the move for Labor Day Weekend so imma just work my *** off the weekend why not
. Hope u all have a great and blessed & stress free Labor Day Weekend
and I are excited for our Labor Day Weekend in Vegas! Ready to see Calvin and David Guetta 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Harkins Theatres celebrates birthday with $5 movies over Labor Day Weekend
The fact that my Labor Day Weekend starts tomorrow >>>> 😍
Well the Summer is almost over ...Labor Day Weekend is here and I will be playing Friday night September...
What's the moves for Labor Day Weekend? I'm trying to be on some boat, somewhere😅
I didn't even know it was Labor Day this weekend
I need to see over Labor Day Weekend. 😞💕
I forgot it was Labor Day Weekend coming up no wonder my boss asking me to work Sunday 🤔
Some DFW stations may run out of gas this Labor Day Weekend
A dried-out McGrath State Beach campground will reopen for Labor Day Weekend after spending much of the past three years underw…
Stations like QT have already said they're not selling gas during Labor Day Weekend so it's gonna be ***
Everyone's trying to go home for Labor Day Weekend except me lmao I'm LIVING
All movies $5 at Harkins Theatres on Labor Day Weekend via
What's going on for the Labor Day Weekend? Anyone know of any happenings?
Hand us the booze & watch us get fabulous this Sunday for the biggest Labor Day rooftop party in San Antonio!! 🍸…
That's right...they will be at altcc 2017 Labor Day Weekend at Texarkana Hilton Garden Inn and Convention ctr
MI: Disaster Recovery Centers will be closed Labor Day. Residents can still apply for assistance using the ap…
French Onion Soup Burgers are perfect entree for Labor Day ... - Northwest Herald
I start my new job on Labor Day and begin my program at Flowers Hospital the day after. Big things coming soon 🙌🏼🤞🏼
Looking for something to do over Labor Day Weekend? Come spend an afternoon at National Civil War Naval Museum. We…
Hey, Yoties! The SRWC and Aquatics Center will be CLOSED on Monday 9/4 in honor of Labor Day.
Tennessee football: last game on Labor Day ruined a season, eventually resulted in Phillip Fulmer's firing.
will mark Labor Day with a Comedy Central marathon ahead of the show's Season Four premiere
Comedy Central will air every episode of ‘Broad City’ on Labor Day
Looking for some fun activities for Labor Day Weekend? Join the Chickasaw Cultural Center's celebration!
Labor Day is only one week away! Celebrate a little early on Saturday and Sunday at the
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
The Elko County Fair Parade is set for Friday although it’s not too late for entries leading into Labor Day...
Seriously - I'll take a white suit after Labor Day with Obama -- ANYDAY -- compared to an orange insane man
The Knox County Family Y will be open 7:00a.m.-11:00a.m. on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 4th. The Knoxville Y will be...
. Get ENEMY OF THE STATE, new thriller, the day after Labor Day! . http…
The Nevada Public Safety Department will be stepping up enforcement over the next couple of weeks. Labor Day is... http…
Get your tickets now for the Bite of Oregon in Portland to help benefit the Special Olympics for Labor Day Weekend:…
Don't wear white after Labor Day. (That was actually my mom who easily could have been a drill sergeant.)
I already miss the Jersey Shore so much that I'm coming back for all of Labor Day Weekend. See you soon dirty jerz💁🏻
Mark your calendars! Labor Day Weekend is a little over a week away! Lots of activities at French Lick Resort:…
Planning a Labor Day picnic or holiday for your 5 tips to play it safe at events:…
Secretary of State offices to close for Labor Day
You've worked hard - now it's time to play hard. Kick back this Labor Day Weekend with two craft brews on us.
Fitness camp this weekend, beach for Labor Day Weekend,then the first LSU home game the next :)
Not as important as his films but the Labor Day telethon always marked end of summer in the '70s. Who'd show up? ***
RIP Mr. Lewis. Loved your Labor Day telethon when I was a kid in the '70's & '80's. "We can't smile without you."
legend. My parents tv would stay on all night during the Labor Day telethon.
Fond memories, never missed the Labor Day telethon and the closing song You'll Never Walk Alone
So so sad!!! Jerry Lewis was Labor Day growing up with the MDA telethon.
Labor Day Weekend will never be the same again.
Spent many Labor Day Weekends at my grandparents watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon - RIP JL
Awww... I grew up watching him every year on the Muscular Dystrophy telethon on Labor Day Weekend and my parents...
RIP Jerry Lewis. I grew up watching him host the Labor Day telethon for Muscular Dystrophy, and watching his hilarious movies.
Wow, I remember watching him on his Labor Day telethon yearly. His show would ring the end of summer break.…
We lost a kind and beautiful soul. I remember growing up and looking forward to the MDA telethon every Labor Day weeken…
This. From my earliest childhood, Labor Day meant the Jerry Lewis telethon. Farewell, funny man.
The highlight of my summer as a kid was staying up all night on Labor Day Weekend watching Jerry h…
Telethon founder & host has died at age 91, just two weeks shy of Labor Day
I always looked forward to Labor Day. As a kid, I watched the MDA telethon with my parents. We donated to the…
Our family used to hold fairs on Labor Day Weekend to raise $$ for the MDA Telethon because we loved RIP. htt…
Growing up, I used to love watching him on the MD telethon over Labor Day Weekend. That was must-see tv back then.
life and career in photos: From the to his Labor Day telethon https:…
Join us on Mondays at 6pm in the Kane Center Chapel for We won't meet on 8/21, carpet cleaning & 9/4, Labor Day
Take a rare opportunity to tour the Port Sanilac lighthouse on Friday's through Labor Day Weekend.
Rarely open to the public, you can tour the Port Sanilac on Friday's through Labor Day Weekend.…
Rock Springs Run would be a great weekend trip for Labor Day! Cool, clear water and low entry fees make for a...
Endless Summer Nights and Weekends continues through Labor Day with weekday hours at the indoor aquatic center!...
Another awesome weekend! See you Labor Day for the Grand Prix at the Glen!
It's a good deal as it is when you think about it. We raise prices dramatically around Labor Day.
Reserved our camping spot @ South Toledo Bend State Park for Labor Day Weekend and I'm so pumped to have another getaway with Marcus 😁
They have them up by Labor Day in Disney world!!! We're doing magic kingdom on Sept 7 cause it's mickeys Halloween party 😭😭😭😭
Lots going on Labor Day Weekend. Don't let summer slip away without that last trip to Panama City Beach, Fl
There's no telling if Lou Gramm will be at Foreigner's gig at Red Rocks on Labor Day, but he did sing the other...
Said I will never go to Brooklyn on Labor Day and that the next time I see Machel will be in Trinidad. About to break all my rules.
UAW to launch 'Buy American' campaign for Labor Day via
Kenner announces acts for new 'Freedom Fest at the Lake' for Labor Day Weekend
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
RSVP for a free daytime Labor Day show at Brighton Music Hall here:
Showcase your latest project at the Des Moines Mini Maker Faire on Labor Day at SCI! Apply today -->…
South plainfield should have fire works for the 4th I understand we got Labor Day but still!
Memorial Day is always last Monday in May. Labor Day always the first Monday in September. Independence Day should be first Friday in July
Memorial Day: remembering the troops. Veteran's Day: obvious. Labor Day: the troops are workers. Valentine's Day: guess who are great lovers
You don't want to miss this FUN Labor Day Weekend event w/ headliners: &
fare FREE through Labor Day courtesy of
Strange because Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is set to testify Sept 5th, the day after Labor Day
Dayton city officials tell me they expect an early fall ('Labor Day-ish') opening for the Webster St Bridge. Deadli…
Don't suffer from FOMO Labor Day Weekend! Buy your tickets today! . Click the link for discounted tickets:
Active duty personnel and their families receive free admission to CU South Denver now through Labor Day.…
Why are so many people born in June? Do people get too drunk on Labor Day Weekend or something?
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