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Labaran Maku

Labaran Maku is the current Minister for Information in Nigeria. He is from Nassarawa State.

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Lies claiming that I, Labaran Maku, said President Jonathan is the sponsor of Boko Haram and that I regretted working for…
Book Haram is a product of People's Democratic Party - Labaran Maku
Labaran Maku, former Minister of Information, said he dumped the Peoples Democratic Party
Former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has denied reports saying he accused Pres Jonathan of sponsoring...
Former Minister of Information and APGA Governorship candidate in Nassarawa state, Labaran Maku has released a…
In other words, former minister Labaran Maku at the Akwanga rally said the Federal Government is behind Boko Haram. . Interes…
What if Labaran Maku wins the gubernatorial elections in Nasarawa State in spite of PDP's curses on him?
Senator David Mark has said that Ex-information minister Labaran Maku has betrayed President Goodluck Jonathan
PRESIDENT of the Senate, Senator David Mark, on Saturday, said the immediate past Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, had betrayed the confidence reposed in him by President Goodluck Jonathan by joining the governorship race on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Nasarawa State.
Labaran Maku used to hold an umbrella now he's carrying chicken..these *** really ain't loyal
LOL..pls what did d poor chicken do to him?hope it poos on his kaftan "Labaran Maku, see your life.
I laughed so hard I had to share this, a problem is a always a problem no matter the party they go to!!! Maku created friction between North and Jonathan – Kwande The defection of Mr Labaran Maku to APGA has continued to raise controversy within the ranks of PDP. In this interview with AHMED TUKUR, a former Special Adviser on Traditional Rulers to former governor Aliyu Akwe Doma and PDP stalwart in Nasarawa State, Alhaji Liman Kwande, accuses Maku of betrayal and responsible for the political woos of President Goodluck Jonathan in the North What is your reaction to Maku’s defection to APGA? The action of Labaran Maku is very unfortunate because nobody has benefited from the party in the state and at national levels like Maku. I mean in the entire state and amongst thePeoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) members in Nasarawa since 1999. He was a commissioner, deputy governor and minister for over 5 years, because he served as a minister of state for information under late Dora Akunyili before becoming a sen ...
Labaran Maku: Please we no get Animal Right Groups in Nija, the right of this Zakara is violated.
When can we have politician with impeccable integrity in this country. Imagine the out going governor of Niger state saying on NTA programme that " lying is part of politics" . The most laughable of these disgruntled element in PDP was the report which quoted the former minister of information Labaran Maku during the gubernatorial screening exercise at the PDP secretariat in Abuja that " if you check my DNA,its PDP",I'm sure he must have flush the PDP DNA by now,the result is now APGA DNA,what a shame.
Labaran Maku! Is this your campaign ground or you are given the *** to Mbasa gods for sacrifice? Talk is cheap Maku!
Eggon youths have endorsed Mr Labaran Maku, the gubernatorial candidate of APGA in Nasarawa as its only candidate.
Recently this is what the PDP has been doing: it used and dumped Labaran Maku, Obanikoro, Marwa and ??
PHOTO OF THE HOUR: Former Information Minister, Labaran Maku at an APGA party meeting in Lafia. When Maku failed...
Who's the present Minister of Information? I guess we now know how important and effective Labaran Maku was as Minister of Information.
Former Information Minister Labaran Maku (middle) flanked by the Nasarawa State Chairman of Youth Christian...
Labaran maku so we can't even hear your name. Soon you will be swallowing your lies you make under PDP...
The Eggon Youth Movement (EYM) has endorsed Nasarawa APGA guber candidate Labaran Maku as its only candidate
What if Reuben Abbati, Labaran Maku Asari are part of ur family members...
and wot did GEJ do to rogues like Alameysia,Otedola,Labaran Maku,Allyson Madueke,etc.?Fuel subsidy removed, wrz d money going?
When will we move from denial to stage 2 - Disgraceful interviews by Doyin Okupe and Labaran Maku. Then stage 3?- Inaction.
All the people that served under him Labaran Maku, Doyin Okupe, Dieziani Madukwe, Stella oduah, even Min of Finance r corruption personified
Flashback: Labaran Maku Boasting before he was disowned. “I believe in the party, I believe that people should...
Pls guys i want us to get this right about the aspiration of Labaran Maku to be the governor of Nasarawa State,he is contesting not to win but to spoil the chances of PDP. All nasarawa north gubernatorial aspirant would prefer TAAL to complete another four years than an Agabi who will want an eight year tenure before it will return to nasarawa north. Maku had every chance to pick PDP ticket but blew the chance.
Labaran Maku defects to APGA, becomes Governorship flag bearer for Nasarawa State - Read and Share
Labaran Maku in APGA means has two governorship candidates for in Nasarawa State.
Former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku emerges governorship candidate of APGA for Nasarawa State ahead 2015 poll.
The cycle of violence that gripped Nasarawa State is attributable to bad APC leadership in the State ~Labaran Maku of APGA
By Bunmi Awoyemi PRESIDENT JONTHAN'S PRESIDENCY IS SINKING: DON'T VOTE FOR A SINKING PRESIDENCY Just in the last 1 month alone President Jonathan and the PDP lost the endorsement of the key leadership of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the most populous church in Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka the most respected christian clergy in the Southeast of Nigeria, the apex-Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Pan-Yoruba association, Afenifere Renewal Group, Mama HID Awolowo, wife of the late sage and nationalist, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, his ex-chief Vuvuzela and his Minister of Information in the last 4 years, Labaran Maku, as well as a number of governors in the Niger Delta, the Southeast and in the North who are keeping their cards close to their chest for now. Many of the people President Jonathan thinks are with him are actually against him, but they are waiting for the most auspicious moment to jump off the sinking ship of President Jonathan and the PDP. When all is said and done the PDP an ...
Labaran Maku has been jumping from the pillar of one party to the post of another in unadulterated desperation to be Gov. of Nasarawa State.
Former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku defects to APGA to contest 2015 governorship election via
Committee for the Recovery of Vice President Sambo's Lost Certificate (CRVPSLC) to be headed by Labaran Maku (APGA leader)
Labaran Maku picks Nasarawa APGA gov ticket, dumps PDP Despite his deadline to the Peoples Democratic Party (cont)
Labaran Maku, has declared that he will not give up on his quest to become the next governor of Nasarawa State despite losing PDP ticket.
Ex-Information minister, Labaran Maku, has said his political ambition to become the governor of Nasarawa State come 2015 is still on course
Accord or labour party?"NASARAWA 2015: No going back on my governorship ambition – Labaran Maku http://
I think I should write an article titled :"The Death Of Sycophancy" with Doyin Okupe, Ken Nnamani and Labaran Maku et al in mind.
BREAKING NEWS The Ombatse-Cult-Group, of Nasarawa State (North Central Nigeria), claims responsibility, for Labaran Maku's loss, at the just-concluded PDP Gubernatorial primaries. More details, coming shortly.
Ex-Information minister Labaran Maku, has called on PDP to cancel the guber primary election in Nasarawa State due to alleged irregularities
Doyin Okupe NEEDS TO BE DIAGNOSED. This man called Doyin Okupe needs to be diagnosed, his recent utterances is becoming a mockery, childish and shameful. Why cant somebody remind him to remember that one day he will not be on dat seat and if eventually he is called to defend all this careless utterance how will he defend it? Where is Labaran Maku today who always tell us the opposite side of the reality on ground. Okupe once said if APC survive one year he should be called a *** to mention but few, he said recently dat JONATHAN is LIKE JESUS CHRIST, how on earth can he compare a leader believed to be corrupt and clueless with the messenger of the Almighty God(Jesus christ). I dont know we ve second Jesus christ in Nigeria, he should be remembered that nobody in this world today can be compared with the messenger of God. One day he will tell God how and why the president should be compare with his beloved prophet of God. i ve seen now that atimes money and power intoxicate more than Alcohol. Season of ...
our lord Goodluck Jonathan is being sold now by dr Judas okupe 4 slaughter in the elections. Okupe is like labaran maku
does better than Reno and Abati plus okupe x Labaran maku all together in selling GEJ
If Okupe claims jonathan is Jesus then oKupe is LUCIFA, ask Labaran Maku he will explain better,all of una don de fail
PLs where is mr labaran maku, former information minister ,with all his mouth he can not win primaries in nassarawa pdp,what a performance
okupe and mama p are the ones remaining o finally ruin the fortunes of GEJ. Labaran maku is put of it now. Pathethic okupe
Okupe taking off where Labaran Maku stopped. He should also telll is about having unfeigned faith in the President.
Mr. Labaran Maku is not just a national disgrace but a national calamity. He has shown the world what a paper-weighted politician he is.
Abati noise maker go and contest in your state you will fail like labaran Maku
Only Labaran Maku I knw wd confidently say ds"Number of sardines back to 3.GEJ is working
Hmmm a wonderful land of opportunity Labaran Maku of bless memory in media.
I think GEJ needs to bring LABARAN MAKU BACK...cos his media crew need to do more enlightening of his positv/transformational deeds.
What a shame that Labaran Maku was made to go through primaries &be defeated instead of PDP to install him as a reward for his talkativeness
rino omokri, Doyin Okupe, labaran maku and even rueben abati are one of the reasons i'll hate GEJ for life. they utter nonsense everyday.
Labaran Maku disconnected from his constituency as a Federal Minister and delegates showed him the ONLY red card to drive home a point.
the something told him that Ebola was someone's name. But Labaran Maku sabi lie sha ooo!
Labaran Maku lies has catch up with him. People from his state can attest to it.
Labaran Maku should join Labour Party. That's where he will get a chance to waste his money to run
Hamilton Collection
Labaran Maku has no Labaran Maku to tell us his loss "was not really a loss but a set back. We are on top of the situation"
Labaran Maku's case is just the funniest…until that day, I'd never heard of Alhaji Yusuf Agabi…
So basically Emeka Wogu, Obanikoro, Labaran Maku and Samuel Ortom just dumped their ministerial seats for dust….Lol.
/ have you heard the rumour that LABARAN Maku is now in APC as the deputy governor of nasarrawa state?
Labaran Maku, Gbemi Saraki and Dele Belgore lost their Bid to contest Governorship in deir States . LOL
as a leader, he chose the best hands. Who have gej chosen? Stella oduah, labaran maku, aba moro? Incompetence all around
So labaran maku also lost primaries! What has he then been doing all the years.only media nois…
this transformation of our railway, did Labaran Maku go to Nasarawa from Abuja by train? Awon oniro!
So Labaran Maku lost PDP primary for governor. What else should he do now but to become the governor-general of Ombatse cult.
Still on Labaran Maku: So it's true. A child who eats a vulture has eaten a terrible meat. Long live our elders!
Labaran Maku fall and host of others
can't imagine GEJ that is surrounded by FFK, Okupe, Metuh saying this. By the way, where is Labaran Maku and Gulak?
Labaran maku though he is popular among nasarawa people, dem clear em doubt!
It first started with Letters, now is 3 Volumes book, can't wait to hear from Reuben Abati, Reno and oooh No Labaran Maku again
what have the young leaders like Mr President,labaran Maku, simwell offered? Absolute nothing
Next time Labaran Maku holds an office, he'll think of his political future and do the right thing
Dnt let Labaran Maku catch u😔 ““Sam didn't pay 27m for nothing. The man has his reason” minister of information?
"The lose of Labaran Maku was d most painful."Seriously tot i ws d only 1 dt felt it
He betrayed labaran maku, bamanga,tinubu, obasanjo,obanikoro,ribadu list goes on. Jona only cares about him.loyalty isn't in his dictionary.
Remember when Gov Tanko Almakura danced SHOKI dance when it got to him Labaran Maku was contesting for his seat
Labaran Maku is the worst minister of information ever, his people of Nassarawa quite agree with me,his broda FCT minister refused to run.
Labaran Maku former minister of information losses in Nasarawa State PDP governorship primaries..
I am so happy for Labaran Maku for his nomination as a gubernatorial onlooker for Nasarawa State
*** it. Labaran Maku has been defeat by Yusuf Agabi at the primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nasarawa State. Uncalled for.!
Former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has lost his bid to pick the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, gover...
Former honourable talkative of the federation (Labaran Maku) defeated in Nasarawa State's PDP governorship primaries
Former Information Minister, Labaran Maku defeated in Nasarawa PDP gov primary: Winner of the Peoples Democrat...
Former Minister of information, Labaran Maku has been Defeated In Nasarawa PDP Gov Primary
Labaran Maku lost in his bid to govern Nasarrawa state.U beta run back to Jona for ur Ministerial post (Information Minister)
Nasarawa why nah? U ve automatically made Labaran Maku jobless since he has aidy resigned as d Minister for Information
Little Giant Ladders
So the loquacious Labaran Maku was beaten to stupor in the guber race!...hehehehe. Well done Nasarawa State delegates.
Live Update: Former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, on Monday lost his bid to fly the flag of the Peoples...
Labaran Maku. Lord, Lord!!! Am I winning already!!! They mess up every other day and he shows up on a Wednesday to justify.…
Labaran Maku, former Minister of Information have been ousted & shamed... What was he thinking with Ombatse?
I look forward to Labaran Maku's press briefing on this. :-P
PDP delegates celebrating victory after kicking OUT Mr. Labaran Maku @ the primary election in Nasarawa State.
Pele o Labaran Maku. Always giving false update about the state of the nation. Nasarawa PDP rejected you
"Labaran Maku the unfortunate son of Nasarawa State lost his pdp primaries too. Thank you God” Wow 😀 Good News" yesss
Former minister of information Labaran Maku lost PDP primary in Nasarawa. Noise making had no voice in politics. I can't stop laughing
PDP Guber Primaries: Ribadu, Takai, Shagari, Shinkafi, others hopeful . Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirants across the country square up for their party’s ticket in their respective states tomorrow, Sunday Trust undertakes a rundown of the profiles of the major contenders and outline factors that may see them to victory. In Kano, the race for the ticket of the PDP has been hot among the frontrunners that include Dr. Umar Musa Mustapha, Dr Akilu Indabawa, Alhaji Sagir Takai, Mohammed Abacha, Abba Risqua, Engineer Bello Sani Gwarzo and Alhaji Mansir Ahmad. Until lately, the pendulum was swinging towards Takai, the preferred candidate of the Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau. But the collapse of a consensus arrangement that was being worked out among the contenders early in the week shifted the swing away from Takai’s favour. Our correspondent gathered that the plan to arrive at a consensus candidate failed because of insistence on going to primaries by three of the aspiran ...
Former Information Minister Mr. Labaran Maku has decried the recent killing of four persons in the APC's primary election into the House of Assembly in Kokona Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. He made the remarks in Akwanga during the House of Representatives primaries of the PDP. Mr. Maku sa…
an open letter to Labaran Maku if u call APC as a blood thirsty party then u have to call ur self n PDP vampires
Former Information Minister Labaran Maku has described the APC as a blood thristy party
Labaran Maku has repeatedly lied to the Nigerian people but he won't lose his job; Abba Moro who got people killed is still a minister
Oga! Labaran Maku, Prof Chukwu, etc did that. And it has nothing to do with being serious.
I've noticed Abuja people don't complain about the government. . Labaran Maku is close by to me here and no one is throwing stones at him.
should we take Labaran Maku or his former boss seriously ? That answers your question.
Maku Advocates Extension Of Distribution Of PVC Former Information Minister Mr. Labaran Maku has appealed to the...
Former Information Minister and governorship aspirant in State Mr. Labaran Maku has appealed to the...
Former Information Minister Labaran Maku has appealed to INEC)to extend the distribution of PVCs in Nasarawa State
Mr. Labaran Maku is the most OUTSTANDING candidate among all the PDP Aspirants and we pledge to give him our bloc...
The former minister of information, Mr Labaran maku says 2015 shall mark the end of APC violence in Nasarawa State,according to maku, the APC administration in Nasarawa State was an accident enthroned the gubern seat. By God grace such tragedy shall not repeat itself again and that shall end the violent in the state. Maku who further say, every concern citizen should go to he/her pulling unit and collect the permanent voter card from 8AM to 2PM. Your vote is your right.
Labaran Maku is no longer a Minister of the Federal Republic and Massager-in-Chief to the Commander-in-Chief. Do...
And the PDP lead by Labaran Maku want to put the state in big mess
Arsene Wenger. Jose Mourinho. Labaran Maku. 3 people you'd like to slap the most?
"Someone said he is sure that Doyin Okupe and Marilyn ogar went to the same secondary school..." lol labaran Maku?
A PDP screening panel has cleared ex-Information Minister Labaran Maku to contest for primaries for the 2015 Nasarawa guber election
Labaran Maku & Gemisola Saraki are among notable names among others cleared for PDP primaries today in Abuja.
see how labaran maku tribe are killing us like Rat and u want us to vote for u, wallahi we will make that mistake.
okkk we are waiting for him labaran maku. Useless tribe Eggon.
Ex-Minister Labaran Maku has promised to restore peace and tranquility to Nasarawa if elected governor come 2015…
Labaran Maku is the God's choice for the Nasarawa State...Voting for someone else is like voting against the will of God.
It will be so interesting to watch Labaran Maku's governorship rally.
You begin to wonder wether Labaran Maku ever passed through college at all.
"Labaran Maku will surely give Taal fine fight and defeat him aquarely."
Nasarawa governoship aspirant Chris Mamman kidnapped after 'peace' meeting with Labaran Maku and others
"Did Nassarawa youths really buy governorship ticket for Labaran Maku
PDP might be making a mistake fielding Labaran Maku the parrot as against gentleman Solomon Ewuga 2015
Mr Labaran Maku is Such a Funny Man, He will develop his State if Elected Because President Jona gave him CON.
You know elections are not won on values if Labaran Maku can make such statement to be a gov in Nasarawa come 2015.
Only monkeys will put Labaran Maku in power. His mouth contests only with Usain Bolt
hehe.. Labaran Maku too, Nassarawa National youth council. they even went to the PDP secretariat on his behalf to pick up the form.
what else if not “...padi padi business. They sabi the ghosts and the ghosts sabi them”.
Ghosts are called Akudaaya in Yoruba. Funny piece "Labaran Maku and the Akudaayas" from last year on subjec
People will come and go but government policies must remain stable- Labaran Maku
Jonathan grew up without shoes while Labaran Maku trekked the earth circumference to attain education.
How did he became minister without D.O.B? Nawa o! ""I don't know my birthday" ~ Labaran Maku"
Like GEJ, Labaran Maku also told us he walked 14 kilometers to school every day. Another version of I had no shoes...
If it worked for Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, it will work for Labaran Maku in 2015. Nigerians are eternally gullible
How Labaran Maku became and remains the Minister of Information is beyond any logical explanation, That ma
Many politicians - David Mark, Labaran Maku et al claim that some people bought forms for them to contest in '15.How generous can people be?
Lol...bloddy comedians Labaran Maku walked 14km to school?! LOL! I thought he'd start from "I had no cap".
Labaran Maku's amazing story: They were peasant farmers; and when I was born, there was no modern facility in ...
Labaran Maku claiming PDP yoots in Nassarawa state bought guber ticket for him! If true, the yoots should be hanged!
I see special adviser, commissioner, deputy governor, minister. Without mentioning name, I already know the person must be Labaran Maku.
After the exit of Labaran Maku as minister of information, Nasarawa State look forward to Mr. Mike Omeri as the...
Nasarawa PDP chirman Yunana Iliya has been tipped to succeed Labaran Maku in the ministerial slot for the State
BREAKING: Maku, Wike, Obanikoro, others resign as Ministers by Talatu Usman Seven ministers in President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet have resigned their positions. Those who resigned are Ministers of Information, Labaran Maku; Trade and Industry, Samuel Ortom; State for Education, Nyesom Wike; and State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro. Others are Ministers of Labour, Emeka Wogu; Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu; State for Niger Delta, Dairus Ishaku. The ministers quit their posts to pursue their political ambitions, the government said. The ministers, whose departure had long been expected, will contest gubernatorial elections in their respective states. More details coming. Talatu Usman | October 15, 2014 at 1:42 pm | Tags: maku, ministers, obanikoro, Wike | Categories: Top News | URL: Comment See all comments Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Premium Times Nigeria. Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions. Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser:
Labaran Maku quits Jonathan's administration, to run for governorship in Nasarawa State.
Labaran Maku will surely take the internet to Nasarawa State.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Labaran Maku quits ministerial position to contest governorship in Nasarawa State
Minister of Information, Labaran Maku may step down as minister to contest governorship
Labaran Maku should just step down as Minister of information for Femi Fani-Kayode.The guy mouth sweet sha.
please ask Mr. Labaran Maku... He especially represented the FG on the "Good Governance Tour" in Abia
Nigeria Begins 54th Independence Anniversary Celebration The Federal Republic of Nigeria will in 7 days time complete 54 years as a sovereign nation. The Federal Government has therefore lined up series of activities to mark the anniversary in a big way. Activities for the week-long ceremony are set to begin on Friday with a special jum’at prayer at National Mosque, Abuja. Briefing State House Correspondents after today’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku said the Council, chaired by Vice President, Namadi Sambo, deliberated over the celebration activities brought to its notice by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen Anyim Pius Anyim, According to Maku, the Muslim prayer will be followed by an inter-denominational service at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja on Sunday. On Monday, he said that President Goodluck Jonathan will give out national honors to deserving Nigerians at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. According to ...
That’s Right!!! Boko Haram SURRENDER MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHEKAU’S DEATH -FG Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, said on Wednesday that the Federal Government was more interested in members of the insurgent group, Boko Haram, laying down their arms than in the death of its leader , Abubakar Shekau. Maku addressed State House correspondents at the end of the weekly meeting of the Federal Executive Council presided over by Vice President Namadi Sambo, on Wednesday. President Goodluck Jonathan is currently the head of Nigerian delegation attending the UN General Assembly. He was expected to present Nigeria’s position to the Assembly on Wednesday and return to the country on Thursday. When asked to comment on the reported killing of Shekau by the Nigerian military, Maku said the Nigerian government was not interested in celebrating the death of the terrorist. “Nigerian government would be happier if the Boko Haram leader and his group laid down their weapons and embraced peace,” he said. He also r ...
Niger Gov’s Wife, Others Injured at Pro-Jonathan Rally 14 Sep 2014 By Aisha Wakaso in Minna Scores of President Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters were yesterday injured at the North-central Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) rally held in Minna, Niger State capital, as the stand which hosted dignitaries gave way, leading to the injuries’ incident. Those injured include the wife of the Niger State Governor, Hajiya Jumai Babangida Aliyu; her chief detail, the Governor’s Director of Protocol, Captain Baro, Director-general, public affairs, Tanko Dada, and Senator Nuhu Shem Zagbayi. Others are protocol and security details to the dignitaries at the event. As at the time of filing this report, the number of those injured could not be ascertained. The rally, which took place at the Trade Fair complex in Minna, was slated to commence at 10am but started a little after the scheduled time. At 11.53am when the state chairman of the Nigeria Association of the Blind was reading his speech, the steel sta ...
Nigerians have every reason to support Jonathan in 2015 – Maku - The Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran...
Great time spent with the Minister for Information, Labaran Maku
In other news, Labaran Maku- Minister of info, in a political rally today thanked Jonathan for maintaining four years of peace in the North.
you want to be the next Labaran Maku abi?
I Like Labaran Maku's style mehn, he tell lies with full confidence!
They even use EBOLA to campaign now...labaran maku says it was jonathan that defeated ebola and so should be reelected..
Both Babangida Aliu and Labaran Maku who are advocating for re-election of Jonathan are enemies of the masses.
Labaran Maku shld just speek for himslf,stop decieving GEJ & PDP shld stop sayin destin of Nigerian is in political party pls
"President Goodluck Jonathan Administration has established 10 Universities in Northern Nigeria in 4 years"-Labaran Maku
Mr Labaran Maku on speaking, after podium shows concern. Another 1 Million signatures allegedly collected again.
So Labaran Maku. Wants to be governor of Nassarawa, his poster is all over Lafia
Meanwhile the VIP stand just collapsed on Sen.Pius Anyim, Labaran Maku and First Lady of Niger State in the course of the TAN rally in minna
Mr Labaran Maku said today dt power wld return to d north in 2019 after Jonathan had completed four-year tenure. Igbos, forget 2019. Chai!!!
Labaran Maku God will never 4giv u.makaryacin banza
I wish Labaran Maku was on that
People see what happing in minna PDP breaking news, labaran maku and gov babangida aliyu talban minna an he's wife acedent
Pls follow 's TL for a false impression of events unfolding at the Labaran Maku will be proud.
I never thought the day would come I'd say Labaran Maku looks good in anything but he's sure rocking that PDP bowler hat!
People like Labaran Maku are tragedies for the youths of Nigeria.he is young and full of absurdities
Labaran Maku said GEJ's govt has crushed Ebola in less than 2 months in Nigeria, how long would he take to crush BH?
Jonathan's commitment is one reason Ebola is over in Nigeria,Labaran Maku said this at minna but I fail to acquiesce.He's bluntly wrong!
SMH: Just heard mister of information Labaran Maku, saying end Of GEJ 2nd tenure by 2019. Power will return back 2 D North wat A man..
Labaran Maku said Jonathan's govt has defeated Ebola less than 2 months after it came into Nigeria and calls it Transformati…
Minister of Information, Labaran Maku recounts astonishing achievements of President Jonathan and receives a...
Labaran Maku describes Prof Jerry Gana as the best information minister ever in the history of Nigeria. Is he saying he is b…
Then (in my opinion) it seems to me that Messrs Reuben Abati, Doyin Okupe & Labaran Maku are doing almost if not d same …
I think Labaran Maku and Godswill Akpabio have something in common
General Ibrahim Babangida had chief Tony Momoh as minister of information, President Goodluck has Labaran Maku in his ship.
Pls how true is it that labaran maku wants to contest 2015 governorship election? What was his federal contribution to the development of the state. The lawmakers that always threaten impeachment were monthly given 10 million for constituency development. What have they done with the money? They deserve disciplinary panel, i think 4 inquiry.
"Renewed plan to impeach Al-Makura, latest chapter in culture of impunity under Jonathan - APC" - August 16, 2014 The All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the renewed plan by the Nasarawa House of Assembly to impeach Gov. Tanko Al-Makura, saying the state lawmakers are bent on thumbing their nose at the Constitution in their desperation to remove the Governor, who has been cleared of the charges against him by a duly constituted impeachment panel. In a statement issued in Ilorin on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said it would amount to an illegality for the lawmakers to draft a pliant Vacation Judge, as it has been reported, to set up another panel to probe the same 16 allegations over which the Governor has been absolved of any wrongdoing. It said the Constitution is clear that only the Chief Judge of the state can set up such a panel, upon receiving a request from the Speaker of the House of Assembly, hence any attempt to draft a Vacation Judge to set ...
APC YOUTH FORUM STATEMENT - "SHERIFF'S DEFECTION TO PDP: APC PLANS NATIONWIDE THANKS GIVING" - by: Barrister Ismail Ahmed - August 15, 2014 The All Progressives Youth Forum is planning to organize a nationwide thanks giving with special Sunday church service and umma'at prayers over the planned defection of former Governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff from the APC to PDP according to Barrister Ismail Ahmed the Forum's chairman Sheriff had on Friday confirmed his planned defection to PDP when he told State House correspondents after a closed door meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan that his movement to PDP was in Nigeria’s best interest. Barrister Ismaila Ahmed said the Forum received the news with so much joy as it considers his exit as the best thing that would ever happen to the life of the party due to what it calls 'strategic blackmail of the APC by the PDD using Sheriff's alleged links with the Boko Haram, regardless whether Sheriff was guilty or not". The Forum said "it has conducted ver ...
to Northern elders: you don’t have mandate to speak for North. Information Minister Mr Labaran Maku has hit back at Northern Elders who asked President Goodluck Jonathan to bring back the Chibok girls as a precondition for his re- election. The over 200 government secondary school girls have been with the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram for over one hundred days now. Maku who spoke during a reception in his honor in Panda, Nasarawa State according to his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Joseph Mutah cautioned some politicians in the north against capitalizing on the insecurity in the region to further their personal political ambitions. He explained that as the 2015 elections approached, some politicians often make personal political proclamations claiming to be speaking on behalf of the north, whereas it was a common knowledge that they lacked the mandate to represent the views of the region on any national issue. Maku, while responding to the political and community leaders of Panda Development Area, wh ...
Femi Fani-Kayode on ChannelsTV. I think this guy should have Labaran Maku's job. He will do much better.
After insulting the fulanis now he's pretending to be.. for them. *** “Labaran Maku.
“Labaran Maku. Some people r shameless to a fault. It'll soon be Fani-Kayode's turn to dress like this
“Labaran Maku. After calling Fulanis unprintable names, now he's one of them bcos he wants their vote
Maku advises Northern elite to desist from politicising insecurity: The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Ma...
Nigeria is ready...including getting the vaccines & medicines in case there was any (Ebola) incident in Nigeria - Labaran Maku…
Honorable minister of MIS-information, Labaran Maku, forming grass roots by fire, by force
North has enjoyed Jonathan, than some northern rulers – Maku . The Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, claims...
Call it cynicism, but i equate The Health Minister's news about discharged Ebola patients with Labaran Maku's vaccine press statement.
I think Labaran Maku & need to be cautioned at this point. They've been spreading rumours. Listen to the Health Minister
The major challenges of the MDGs is local ownership and leadership. States and Local Governments must drive ownership. - Labaran Maku.
Hon. Minister of Information, Labaran Maku is moderating the first high level panel discussion.
Say No To The Spread Of Ebola Virus in Nigeria. AFTER the minister of information in Nigeria, Mr. Labaran Maku...
Labaran maku brought EBOLA to Nig; he once said Nigeria has vaccine for ebola...& Sawyer came in for treatment. he's serial LIAR!
Only Shekau has cost Nigeria more lives than ministers Abba Moro and Labaran Maku this year. Ministerial terrorism"
"Know that Labaran Maku has brought Ebola to Nigeria…"
no man. That was labaran maku. Maku made that statement in April I think
Labaran Maku started his show in Nasarawa State by deceiving fulani community to go for GEJ in 2015
i know one man with Mouth Ebola, his name is Labaran Maku, when you see him, run from him, otherwise you are in trouble. Be warned
As Labaran Maku Brings Ebola To Nigeria: Are All Jonathan’s Ministers Evil? Decontee Sawyer, the widow of Patrick Sawyer – the Liberian who brought Ebola to Nigeria on July 20 th this year –explained that her husband came to Nigeria with his Ebola infection because he believed he will get better healthcare and a cure for his ailment in Nigeria. A quick google search for“Ebola vaccine” at the time Patrick got infected will tell you why anyone with Ebola would have booked the next flight to Nigeria: our minister of information, Labaran Maku had on April 2 nd , two months earlier publicized that Nigeria was ready for Ebola and the Ministry had procured vaccines for Ebola. Of course, Nigeria could and should have vaccines for Ebola. We can afford to have sponsored local and even chartered foreign research companies and paid them to develop these vaccines for Africa 10 years ago, had it been we had our heads on right and thought about people over private jets. Quoting Mr. Maku in the media:“Nigeria ...
Ebola: GEJ sets up a committee. Me: But, 'Dr.'Labaran Maku has a 'cure' already! Unserious people.
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Attention Mr. President. Please ask Reuben Abati, Doyin Okupe and Labaran Maku to remove Benin-Ore Road from your...
"Govt has taken steps to avoid the possible spread of the Ebola virus & we are increasing media awareness on the disease". - Labaran Maku
Labaran Maku will soon follow u on Instagram 😂😂😂 ok bye 🏃
I believe Labaran Maku when he said the Nigerian govt can finish Boko Haram in 30mins. The govt is just simply not bothered to do anything
May Ebola and Labaran Maku rest in one house.
The youth remain those who can lead this nation and indeed the world forward-- Labaran Maku on Gowon
All the world leaders that changed the universe are youths because of their idealism and vigour-- Labaran Maku on Gowon
There is no need for Nigerians to panic about EBOLA virus because has vaccine to resist its outbreak" ~ Labaran Maku, 2014
Do U still remember Labaran Maku once told us the FG have procured vaccines for Ebola? Naija with fake news carriers
Anyone from Nasarawa here, how popular is Labaran Maku at home, can he win the gubernatorial elections?
Dunno whether to laugh or cry.. why?! "Labaran Maku at work? "This is the height of it.
Labaran maku God punish you if you can't do anything to benefit the North.
Labaran Maku is resting and doesn't speak much anymore, now the national orientation boss is the new govt mouth piece
yu know dem all I guess. Yu deserve the Job of labaran Maku.he sure doesn't know who the current IG is
FEC Approves Of Terrorism Victims Support Fund The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, speaks on the need...
The Liberian Minister of Information speaks with such elegance, Labaran Maku is a nursery school boy next to him!
3 April 2014 Labaran Maku said we had vacancies for Ebola virus or I didn't understand him?
Can i kindly ask you Labaran Maku to please roll out the Ebola vaccines you claim to have?
Relax guys, no cause 4 alarm. Nig. already have stockpiles of Ebola Vaccines - in D words of Hon. Labaran Maku, r'mber?
Labaran Maku said FG got stock of vaccines for ebola
Labaran Maku says we have stocks of Ebola Vaccines
Mr Labaran Maku this your mouth ehh! Na real western talking drum!..His mouth can resurrect a dead body! .
Hey people I get information MAKU like LABARAN
last time, after d FEC meeting, Labaran Maku said dt FG has acquired vaccine 4 d Ebola! Which vaccine? Where are they? Why d deceit?
The biggest olodo information minister in the whole world is Labaran Maku of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Kano under bomb attack again!? Shame, really a shame. Yet Labaran Maku can still find the face to talk.
Labaran Maku hasn't talked yet o...thought he had it covered.
Labaran Maku was quick to state how capable & prepared our Min. of Health were/are prior to the ebola outbreak. His silence now is deafening
Morning Bukola & Sly, Labaran Maku says Govt has procured Ebola Vaccine,I hope it will be distributed now to all hospital
IMPEACHMENT: PDP Impeaching Al-Makura Because They Want Labaran Maku As Governor A source close to the situation said that the PDP have plans of putting Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku and Senator Solomon Ewuga, representing Nasarawa North at the Senate there and the deputy might spoil the alleged plan, if he seeks re-election. Not just contempt with the arrangement but PDP also want their man, Speaker, Musa Ahmed, to be promoted to the Deputy governor while deputy speaker, Elisha Agwadu takes over as the new speaker of the house. Read More:
PDP tInza... 1.Stealing is not corruption-Pres. Gej 2.I never said Boko Haram are in my govt, I said dy are around my govt-GEJ 3.F u vote for PDP, I will transform Ekiti n f u did not??? 4.F President Good luck is not allowed to contest in 2015, I will destroy Nigeria-Higher Killrr Asari Dokubo (Thug of d year). 5.All d blood dat we sharin in Borno...-Dame Patience Jonathan. 6. Princpal U only U waka *** Chaii dere iz God o-Dr. Dame Patience Jonathan. 7.APC is a janjaweed party-Olisah Metuh 8.PDP will win all d lg and councillorship post in Nassarawa (were as dy lose all)-Labaran Maku 9.All university should resume now or never-Imperial Criminal Neysom Wike. 10. Nobody is allowed to protest in F.C.T-Inspector General of Police 11. I regret not beating Sen. Isiaka Adeleke, bt anytym I leave ma office, I will still make sure I beat him-Jelili Adesiyan (Minister of Police Affairs) 12.Nigeria is out of fund -Ngozie Okonjo Iweala (Finance Minister) 13. The Govt shutdown in the U.S will affect Nigeria (Finance ...
Thought labaran maku said evrytn is in place to stop d virus from getting into Nigeria? Can our govt be proactive this time?
According to ,a man has been tested for the deadly virus in Lagos, Labaran Maku. Over to u, Sir.
Mike Omeri and Labaran Maku; the greatest lying machines in Nigeria; regretably; they are both from my state; Nasarawa. Shame!
FG receives $82m loan from Japan to fight polio: Minister of Information, Labaran Maku The…
just remembered Labaran Maku's interview with Isha Sesay on CNN. I couldn't help but wonder how he became minister of Information
Labaran Maku be using grant and loan interchangeably..
Poverty rate us now at 31.1percent - Labaran Maku, minister of information
Inflation is below 8percent - Labaran Maku, minister of information
Its a too-good morning to waste ma Tea-Break listening to Labaran Maku speak; More of a politician than an Info-Minister.
Marilyn Ogar pls let the others talk na! You are beginning to compete with Labaran Maku and Abati combined o!
Lai mohammed, Doyin Okupe and Labaran Maku all share dumbness as a common characteristic.
so proud of u!! u speak as a nigerian and have a heart of a real mother shame on labaran Maku!!
shame on labaran Maku for saying BBOG campaigners r all APC members
I need Labaran Maku on this programme abeg..
So Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has eaten politically belleful that he now engineers the impeachment of Nasarawa State Governor?
Labaran Maku used to do "good governance tours" with a flourish - apparently he's run out of ideas. Don't what he's up to today.
If a nation ever has a Labaran Maku and Doyin Okupe as representatives in any sort/advisers to the government, then someone's head is dull
Communication practitioners have differed with Labaran Maku, minister of information -
“Gov. Shettima is finally exonerated” If there is a politician I revere most in this our country today, is the Kanuri born Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State, whom I also refer to as the Generalissimo of the Civilian JTF. He has put in a gallant fight in mitigating the menace of the Boko Haram insurgents on his people. The civilian JTF is his brain child using the meager available resources, local intelligence, encouraging and challenging the youths to come out and defend themselves and their communities or else nobody will do it for them. It was a clarion call that was massively responded to immediately. When the activities of the insurgence were getting out of hand and started taking a more deadly dimension, with daily loss of lives and property, Governor Shettima cried out telling the government that the insurgents are better equipped than the Nigerian military and therefore the need for urgent and more strategic intervention. Before you say Jack Robinson the noisy hornbills of the Aso Villa . ...
The major grounds for serving impeachment notice to the Nasarawa Governor include Sure p and Ubec funds.if a cursory and unbiased View is cast on the 36 states and abuja most of these Govetnors would be found wanting.from every indication Nasarawa State is working with model pilot primary schools in every local govt area and good roads,infrastructure and opening up of local govts and area dev councils.the greatest gift he gave to the civil servants in nasarawa is full implementation of the national minimum wage with leave bonuses and placing teachers on the same doubt workers there are ready to put their lives down to protect this governor.this is one governor that has direct links with the talakawas in his state and refused to stay at the Govt house but in his private residence.i luv the spirit of the nasarawa people in defending their gov against the selfish hawks in the Nass house of assembly who are out to please labaran maku and his boss.
CONSOLIDATION 2015. The greatest reason why I'm in race for Governor of Nasarawa State is not just to hold an office, but to gather with you to transform a our beloved State. - for justice and opportunity for all, - for better schools, -for health care for all, - for robust agricultural system and for security, - for security of lives and properties of all, - for Good governance and corrupt free society, I want us to take up the unfinished business of perfecting our union as Nasarawa State in respective of tribes and difference and building a better Nasarawa State for all and sundry. And if you will join me in this improbable quest come 2015, if you feel destiny calling, and see as I see, a future of endless possibility stretching before us; if you sense, as I sense, that the time is now to shake off our slumber, and slough off our fear, and make good on the debt we owe past and future generations, then I'm ready to take up the cause, and march with you, and work with you. Support me to be the flag bearer ...
, Chai lies and pure black mail, this is PDP speaking this is Labaran Maku speaking.
I'm sure if u make this statement in the presence of Labaran Maku he will never forgive u
This is just the beginning go and hire more Youths and Elders Labaran Maku is there to curtail ur Excesses. God bless Nigeria.
Paving way for his Number one fan called Labaran Maku
If Governor Al Makura is successfully impeached, Mr Labaran Maku or Senator Solomon Ewuga may be elected later.
I agree he's surely better than Labaran Maku & Reno
Paving the way for PDP and for Labaran Maku."Al-Makura might not escape this. He will get his notice in papers tomorrow.
Is their a correlation behind the series of terrorist attacks in the and the various landmarks recorded by President Jonathan administration. Because the highly cerebral minister of information Labaran Maku said Jonathan administration had cause to celebrate an achievement amidst bad situation the country is .
More Nigerian cities to go digital by October 31: Labaran Maku
People like Labaran Maku should be sentenced to death.
Who is the CBN governor. Ans: Labaran Maku. At this point I excused myself. Smh.
Some say this life is a big bowl of beans, I think otherwise then I remember Labaran Maku, Doyin Okupe, stinks
RT4RT is the best way of getting followers- labaran maku 2014
almakura s impeachment is sponsored by labaran maku...!! he want to be d next governor of Nassarawa state
“There are bomb blasts every time the FG achieves something” – So says (Detective) Labaran Maku
[TODAY] Every achievement recorded by Jonathan is accompanied by bomb blast – Labaran Maku
Information Minister, Mr. Labaran Maku has described the late human rights lawyer and political activist Mr.
Nigerians Have To Pay To Watch Television In 2015. Over the weekend, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku,...
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