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La Vuelta

The Vuelta a España is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries.

Chris Froome Alberto Contador Le Tour Grand Tour Team Sky Tony Martin Rohan Dennis Fabian Cancellara

Really strong writing in Lachlan Morton rider diary from today’s La Vuelta stage on site
Chris Froome se alza con la Vuelta a España. Chris Froome rises with the Tour of Spain.
What a day for Spanish sport: Alberto Contador rides his last tour on La Vuelta & Rafa Nadal wins US Open. And tomorrow Garbiñe becomes
Froome is the first rider to win the La Vuelta + Tour de France in the same year since 1978! 🏆 Catch a replay of St…
REPORT: “We wanted to walk away from knowing we have given it our best – win, lose or draw.”
A fantastic finish for Team Bahrain Merida rider the legend Vincenzo Nibali to complete La Vuelta 2017 and take...
La Vuelta 2017 should have ended on the Angliru yesterday. It's time to ditch the ceremonial final stage
Thank you Alberto Contador for your wonderful drive and determination throughout this year's La Vuelta! You are a t…
A greater Spanish athlete retired today at La Vuelta !
"I think it’s very difficult to say good bye in a better way than this, in this place, in this event.". 📝 → http…
Maybe because the story of La Vuelta was Alberto Contador? Froome's main achieve is not getting caught (yet…
Due to improper behaviour the day before the last stage of La Vuelta, will not start today.
Perfect as usual coverage now needed in full for la vuelta and le giro
Just finished watching the final stage of La Vuelta on Brilliant race and brilliant coverage!
well done Chris, watches you and the team throughout tour and la vuelta, you and the guys work well together. Deserved win
Obviously at Gary HQ we think St Gary is divine all year round. But perhaps the Tour brings out the best…
4 months ago Chris Froome got rammed off his bike, today he's the 3rd man to win Le Tour and La Vuelta
It's been three great weeks of la vuelta to watch on tv and a great finish today Chris Froome has made…
Chris Froome becomes the third man in history to win the Tour de France and La Vuelta in the same year!
Final classification shows why this is a tough sport, Chris Froome riding for 82 hours+ on tough terrain to be crow…
Tour of Britain over , la vuelta over . Feel like there been a death in the family . Best do a decent job of my last race of 2017 next sat.
Gutted that's La Vuelta over. Really enjoyed the last 3 weeks. Looked bloody hard. Relentless
Congratulations to Chris Froome Winner of la vuelta Espana and the tour de France.
Chris Froome has banished all misconceptions over his ability with…
Vuelta a Espana 2017: Chris Froome creates history by winning La Vuelta and Tour de France in same season.
Congratulations the 2017 LA VUELTA General Classification Champion. He looks good in red!.
Superb quality coverage of La Vuelta. Oh and the Tour. Class act. Better than Phil L
Chris Froome completes La Vuelta double in Spain - and is already targeting historic fifth Tour de France title
Chris Froome wins La Vuelta to clinch fifth Grand Tour title and won Points Jersey too
Chris Froome created history with his La Vuelta win, so why can't we warm to him?
None of the big champs cared & fought so hard for La Vuelta as Froome did. He made this race bigger. I'm glad that Chris…
Froome toasts historic Vuelta title with cava on the road to Madrid  via
Froome completes historic double with La Vuelta victory
cyclingweekly: Video highlights added: Jolien D’Hoore sprints to victory at Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta | …
Ah, the only good thing about La Vuelta ending; no more Watch finder adverts 😒🚲
Awesome race, really enjoyed watching this years La Vuelta, th…
Froome clinches historic Vuelta title - and green jersey - as Trentin wins final stage
Tour de France and La Vuelta in a matter of weeks, surely has wrapped up sports personality of the year?! 🚴🏽
Aqua Blue Sport finish La Vuelta. "It is only the beginning of our story". https…
Best café in the world is from a country with no riders in La Vuelta... Costa Rica!!! Pura Vida Great comments & broadcast
BMC Racing wins stage 1 Team Time Trial of La Vuelta a Espana. Rohan Dennis will be the first to wear the red leader’s jer…
Australia's Rohan Dennis is in the red leader's jersey of La Vuelta, after his team took yesterday's opening team...
Rohan Dennis takes first red jersey of La Vuelta.
Chris Froome reminds us that Watchfinder had 27 days to refilm their terrible ads on La Vuelta
Funny where Froome had his photo shoot on August 12, 2011 before heading out to La Vuelta.
REPORT:makes it 3 stage wins for OBE at La Vuelta🇪🇸. More:
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🏆 The 2nd leg of the Golden Manager Cup’s Semi-finals is about to kick-off! ⚽ / 🏆 ¡A punto de empezar la vuelta de Semis de la ⚽
Did you know that La Vuelta is considered one of the top 75 cycling events in the world?. - Since 2006 we have...
It was two weeks ago when La Vuelta hit our local roads ☺ .
doesn't it and the miracle we saw in 2012 from an also ran about to be dropped to what he was in La Vuelta
Now that I have watched Le Tour de France i La Vuelta a España on TV, I'm hoping on US TV.
One of Cancellara's 2 spurious TUE's was before a main objective of his, La Vuelta. Or something.
NOTE: if Club America make it to la copa libertadores 2017 and make it to the finals. The vuelta game will be played in el estadio azteca.
De vuelta a la realidad! . Walking With a Ghost by Tegan and Sara
Hey Happy Birthday :-D. Keep rocking that red jacket and keep bringing a little Hollywood class to l…
Still my cycling highlight of the year is at La Vuelta and at Le Tour
Watching la vuelta before I go out for a few drinks have a good night folks
Buch der Balladen para un trayecto de vuelta a casa por la carretera, who would like to join?
Ill at the start of the year and, again at the Giro when he was in perfect position and injured before La Vuelta.
We just liked La Vuelta 2016 by Onesal Check it out at
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I liked a video from LA VUELTA CON SORPRESAS!!
The Team FDJ rider reaches the top of the climb La Vuelta España 2016 in Calpe Spain.
The South African rider warms down on his exercise TT time trial stage in the 2016 La Vuelta España.
Back in the podcast game after La Vuelta absence. This one has a great piece about who are doing ama…
Check out my live stream: 'En directo en clash royale la gran vuelta c/ Diego y Bylolpex' at
Out on the town. Hay que dar la Vuelta por ayy!
Join us for La Vuelta Mayakoba 2016… where the ocean is your finish line!.
A lot of journalists love De Ronde because belgian beer. My favorite race would be La Vuelta a Cuba.
La Cercedilla at La Vuelta. The epic breakaway of Plaza and the final assault of Fabio Aru on the read jersey of Dumoulin
When you're just chilling in the shower and your parents bang on the door for you to get out
I liked a video from La Vuelta 2015 - Stage 15 - [FULL STAGE]
This is in Spanish, great sportsmanship - El bello gesto que ha dado la vuelta al mundo via
Donald, it was a movie! It's not like that, in real life. How would you know...
Nibali for being a cheeky bugger in La Vuelta
Dame la mano y vamos a darle la vuelta al mundo ! ☼ //. Take my hand we will give it around the world ! ☼
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Entrenamiento completado. Hoy vuelta a la rutina co... I just finished running 5.83 km in 31m:25s with
¡Gracias por el apoyo, trabajando ya en la vuelta! /Thanks for your support! Already working hard to come back.
she had said no that one time remember 😂 and le dimos la Vuelta and we just went to my house to eat them 😂😂😂
~I have round that if you life, life will love you back 🌍. ~He encontrado que si te gusta la vida, la vida te amara de vuelta 🌍
Around the World with Type, la vuelta al mundo con las letras del abecedario
Danny Van Poppel wins the 12th stage of Tour of Spain - La Vuelta a Espa... via
so sorry about what happened in La Vuelta. Top class rider in a very low level race. Get better soon!
seems like he's letting Nicolas Roche get the glory of La Vuelta since Froome won Le Tour
So Stage 7 of La Vuelta de España finishes at Capileira, high in La Alpujarra, on 28th August. A road we know...
vuelta a la manzana diferente. I just finished mountain biking 70.17 km in 4h:24m:41s with
Bravo! Many more podiums to come for sure! Bring him to la vuelta!
OMG! Estan dando la vuelta. Awww how I miss that
Babe me busca la vuelta como los gatitos, rubbing his head on my body lol
- on 22 I would add an amazing dish called "vuelta a la vida" with fish and seafood. It works! :)
It's important to know when it's time to turn the page. Es importante saber la hora de dar vuelta a la página. 😮sahBEHR
What's the address?. What's the email address?. Would you like me to turn around?. Dar la vuelta, behind me. To turn over. Dar vuelta tortilla
Colombia's Vuelta de la Juventud (Jr Tour of Colomiba) is 20-26 April. The team that produced Nairo and many others is
De vuelta a la rutina... (@ Auxis Consulting and Outsourcing in Heredia)
We can training in the same stages of La Vuelta:
preparando la vuelta. I just finished running 12.25 km in 1h:16m:58s with
It's just that time for salsa music! Love it!
[VIDEO]Flip the omelet.. El Hormiguero 3.0 program returns to Antena 3 TV and to start with good energies bring ...
OMG I found it on Internet . Greetings from México :)
"La mano arriba, cintura sola, da media vuelta, danza kurudo" via Snapchat! You really make my day with that 😘😘😘
La Vuelta at Pasanca has started. Go to to watch the game live.
U can't be my friend if u don't know who se avecina a la vuelta de la esquina and rumbeando.
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Unipublic have reached an agreement to broadcast La Vuelta up to 2020
Robert Gesink leaves La Vuelta hope all goes well
La Vuelta today's TT: Fabian Cancellara with an excellent 2nd place! Only T. Martin 11' faster than Spartacus.
Last Grand Tour of the year: La Vuelta d'España! Fabian Cancellara and his TFR Team are ready to rumble! What...   10% Off
Hi Julie, please let know you want to watch La Vuelta on Universal Sports!
Watching the Tour without or Wiggo is like watching La Vuelta or the Giro. Great but no passion. Come on
Just had to go on wikipedia / google to get the answers to these Questions that myself & Ste Candlish could not remember the answers to owing to brain cells erosion over the years or simply just puzzled us during hike around the hills of Arcos today. Why are there so many Greyhounds in Cadiz? Is there a track? What is the Welsh Town called in Prisoner? What is the name of Brian Potters nemesis that runs the Banana Grove? Have the Seville Clubs ever won La Liga? Which South American Countries did Simon Bolivar liberate (Big statue of him in Cadiz) Whats Rodneys Father in Law called in Only Fools? Last time La Vuelta visited Arcos? What is the booze inside Babysham called (Knew it was Perry but answered Parry)
Christian Horner leading La Vuelta at 42 is an inspiration
Tony Martin. So close at La Vuelta, all building up to the ITT next week
Just seen Tony Martin's performance in La Vuelta yesterday and that was incredible! 175km in the lead on his own and loses 20m from the line
Just caught up stage 6 of La Vuelta what an amazing effort from Tony Martin 177km on his Todd.
Just watched the highlights of yesterdays La Vuelta, what a beast Tony Martin is.
And now watching La Vuelta thinking about steak. The Eurosport app looks amazing now in HD. Although they still have Bet Victor ads on it.
Looking forward for the start of la vuelta tomorrow 👊🚴
The La Vuelta España has started, and we already filmed the first stage. 20 stages left!…
La Vuelta is not very far from where I am right now ;-)
I liked a video from La vuelta al cole, Material Escolar
Said himself he is peaking for the third week of La Vuelta and the World Champs. So they shall have to indeed.
Spanish food and wine to celebrate the start of la Vuelta...? :-))
David Harmon often commented on the melancholy character of La Vuelta as the peloton streaked thru hot & empty village streets.
iPad app is pretty awesome. Flicking between ligue 1, Serie A & watching la vuelta on the TV. I love technology.
Team Sky go second fastest at La Vuelta TTT, six seconds behind leaders OPQS. The final team, Astana, are starting now.
Having manchego and chorizo for dinner in honour of la vuelta. And also in honour of dinner 🇪🇸🚵😍
Pretty underwhelmed with La Vuelta line up. Wondered where the sprinters were, but just seen the tour profile! Brutal race
Four weeks today I leave to cycle up some French Alps. Sitting watching La Vuelta while planning some routes.
in La Vuelta TTT, 5 riders need to cross the line, so time is counted on 5th rider..
Doc about Cav, followed by first stage of La Vuelta on ITV4 tonight from 8pm.
Don't forget, highlights from the 1st stage of La tonight on at 10pm GMT
La Vuelta is underway! It's the team time trial up first.
3rd Grand Tour of the year starting today. With no summer/fall holiday, I get the rare pleasure of watching La Vuelta in full this year.
Streaming LFC match and La Vuelta on Sky Go, and WCS Europe StarCraft II finals via TwitchTV. Video's a bit choppy.
la Vuelta a espana, third cycling Grand Tour of the year!
Another three weeks of mtn adverts... La vuelta .
I like the idea of the ferry to the start of the TTT in La Vuelta.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
For my stage 1 preview,go to . The best analysis you'll find.
They have to get a boat to the start of La Vuelta! Of course if Quintana was there he'd have just rode across the water :-)
Off to celebrate the start of La Vuelta with Tapas. I wanted to stay in and watch the footie with a pie.
It's nice to see NetAppp-Endura doing La Vuelta. Shame they didn't get a wildcard at the Tour.
Viva la Vuelta is being republished in early September, the history of the ordered mine on Amazon today :-)
Tony Martin riding 58/11 in la vuelta TTT. Imagine that on the chainy?
La vuelta has begun. Omega pharma for the win tonight I think.
Havin a glass of vino tinto whilst watching la vuelta, looks like a nice part of Spain for the TTT
Shut up!! La vuelta sin Peto ni Mark no me tiene chiste!
La Vuelta is go go go! Big thank you to for the daily coverage. Epic 3 weeks ahead . . .
La Vuelta a Espana for 3 weeks, my favourite Grand Tour. Going for a Rodriguez win after his late form in the Tour.
Bloody *** it's a good job it's not raining at the start of La That start ramp looks slippery in the dry!
Freaky start ramp for the TTT in La Vuelta.
And La Vuelta 2013 is under way as Net App Endura roll down the start ramp in Vilanova de Arousa.
Let's start la Vuelta on glass shall we - sounds like a good idea
Excited for la vuelta, interesting platform to start it on though!
Great pole for at MotoGP Brno. Now it's time for La Vuelta 2013 !!!. Team time trial time !
less than 20secs of la vuelta on an turned off. why? because of Carlton Kirby. internet Spanish feed for me | Cycling | Watch live and free Stage 1 of the La Vuelta a Espana 2013. Streams @
Nearly La Vuelta time. I feel it would be appropiate for an evening of Tapas.
dinner prep then settling in for la Vuelta TTT ooOOh I hope Sky/OPQ/Bel don't lose too much time
The USA Pro Challenge show I have recorded is the TT stage & La Vuelta opens with a TTT stage today
Watching snooker prior of la vuelta
If the rain is disturbing your riding schedule you can always enjoy both the sun and cycling vicariously through La Vuelta tonight!
“Gary Imlach will present highlights from the first stage of La Vuelta on at 10pm on Saturday
last three week tour fix before the end of the season. La Vuelta kicks of this evening. It'll have to go some to...
i'm quite confident that will initially lead La Vuelta tonight :-)
All the best to the 2 GT debutants at La Vuelta &
La Vuelta highlights on ITV4 everyday for 3 weeks. Ohhh don't mind if I do
La Vuelta a Espana starts from today! So excited!
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thanks for the heads up on that double chin thing. Betancur now jettisoned from la vuelta fantasy team
Really sorry to hear that not start in La Vuelta this year. You gonna be missed inat least 5 stages. Take care and get well soon.
Too late to fly anyone else in. I'm actually going to be starting la Vuelta. Hey Spain, I'm going to see you. Every bit. ***
La Vuelta rolls out this evening with a short time trial - we can’t wait!
I haven't tried on my none fruit based mobile devices, but subbed 2 La Vuelta, & it won't let me go into that bit. Will 4 TdF
Day 1, our first sunrise of La Vuelta, 20 more to come
Tomorrow on ITV4 at 20.10 Mark Cavendish: Born to Race and highlights of La Vuelta a Espana follows.
"" Looking forward to La Vuelta starting this weekend! Lots of details on the Cycling Weekly website.
Top 5 Must See Sports Events in Spain. 5- La Vuelta Now that cycling is clean from drugs again, La Vuelta takes its place alongside the Giro and Tour de France as the most watched cycling events in the world. In 2012 a stage of La Vuelta (the tour) actually ended on the Orihuela Costa and passed through La Zenia on the way! Unfortunately it takes a mini second to pass by but still it made it onto our list partly due to the buzz it brings with it. Highlights- The helicopters, Eurosport commentators and the team´s entourages. 4.Formula 1- International motor racing has quite the history in Spain and in 2012 the country held two F1 races. Barcelona is the home of the Catalan Grand Prix while Valencia city hosts the fantastic street grand prix. From 2013 the Spanish Grand prix will alternate between the two cities every 2nd year. Of course more political instability and social unrest in places like Bahrain could see a return to two Spanish races per year very soon. Highlights- The noise of the Ferrari's arri ...
I'm listening to La Media Vuelta by on Pandora
I added a video to a playlist Calle 13-La Vuelta Al Mundo.
how I'm an *** o.O I didn't do la vuelta I didn't 🔫(pum) you :s
In exactly a month I'm going to be hechandome la vuelta en la plaza :') so excited!
Vuelta a la normalidad Powerman 5000 - Top of the World.
if the liguilla starts right away I'm guessing la ida would be the 14th/15th and vuelta 17/18 but I'm not sure cause
Parece mentira, d vuelta a la rutina y a la realidad ='( NoO! Pero Life continues and I will visit somewhere else...B! I will get there!
looked at her and than walked into her room y la miro de vuelta pero she couldn't see a face ni nada dude .. That was like
when my mom calling my tia when she heard that Obama is winning now: VISTE! YA SE DIO VUELTA LA TORTILLA!
Froome was way better in the Tour than in la Vuelta
Da La Vuelta - Marc Anthony Judge me... I grew up in a diverse household
La vuelta al mundo by Calle 13, via
I uploaded a video Homes for Sale - 989 La Vuelta Place, Santa Paula, CA
A la vuelta de la esquina, Beyond the corner...: Muslim Pilgrims return from Haj in Mecca.
Oh just kidding, right now I wouldn't be at no house. It's Sunday. I'd be dando la vuelta!
La pc me trajo de vuelta mi vida. Tumblr i'm in love with u okay.
Oleg Tinkov and Alberto Contador (Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank) after the victory on 67th Tour of Spain 2012 (La Vuelta).
He won!!! He Won!!! Alberto Contador won the La Vuelta a Espana! 3 weeks of grueling bike racing, just like the TdF but less publicized here in the U.S. Contador is the Man!
Congratulations to Alberto Contador on winning La Vuelta a España ! Great day for Specialized Bicycles!!! *** yeah!!! Felicidades Alberto!
Enhorabuena a Alberto Contador por esta vuelta tan trabajada y merecida!! Un abrazo campeón! to Alberto Contador for the great work and well deserved victory in La Vuelta! Enjoy this great moment!
What a magic day in La Vuelta just like it hasn't been in Le Tour (apart from Wiggo) and never is in GP.
Just watched La Vuelta, but thinking about Le Tour 2013. Wiggins and Froome will have to start working on...
Not as pretty as Le Tour but for racing excitement you can't beat La Vuelta. Incredible from Contador (and Valverde). Who saw that coming?
congrats on the TV coverage of "La Vuelta". Great history and cultural lesson Asturias! O felicitare!
big crash in La Vuelta a Espania today! Come on Team Sky and Froome Dog!
Be well worth watching La Vuelta a Espana on ITV4 tonight. Not because of the racing but the Lance Armstrong storey. If Armstrong is guilty it will be the biggest drugs storey in sport ever. It will put Ben Johnson and Flo-Jo into the deep shade. It will also bring into question the UCIs ability to control their support. Armstrong was subject to inexcess of 500 dope tests during his career, all of which he passed. I'm going to put neck on the block here and say LANCE ARMSTRONG you are innocent until proved otherwise.
La Vuelta st 3. Chris Froome and 3 Spanish riders in first four places. Could be his chance for a win. Think Cav may have to move teams to get the sprints he wants...Shame
La Vuelta a Espana rolled on today (sorry for not posting after stage1) with stage 4 underway, a 99 mile race won by Simon Clark (Orica-Green Edge). With temperatures soaring to 100 F the race will test all contenders. Joaquim Rodriquez (Team Katusha) has the red jersey for now following a Alejandro Valverde crash that left the Spaniard Movistar racer 36 sec. in back of his rival . Chris Froome (Team Sky) 2nd pl. 1 sec. off followed by Alberto Contador (SaxoBank) 5 sec. back.
My problem with Contador back in La Vuelta isn't his drugs ban, but when he dropped Andy Schleck in the 2010 Tour when Schleck's chain broke
If you liked watching Wiggo in the Tour de France turn to ITV4 now and cheer in Chris Froome in La Vuelta de Espania.
Muslims from around the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr, journalists react to press release of Gu Kailai's suspended death sentence, a heat wave hits France, and the Tour of Spain "La Vuelta" cycling race enters its second stage. These, and more from around the world.
For those of you new to pro-cycling - yes, all of those of you who, for the first time, got very exited about the TdF and also who cheered on the man with the whiskers to the Olympic time trial gold. Well, there's more to the season . and its going to be interesting. La Vuelta got underway yesterday with a TTT. Chris Froome was 2nd last year and plans to better that this year as the leader of Team Sky. But watch out - Contador is back from his ban (Do I hear you booing and hissing? I hope so!) and last year's winner, Cobo, is also looking for more glory. Let's see what Froome is made of! Then, if that isn't enough, the Tour of Britain starts 9/9. A lower key affair usually but Wiggo has confirmed he is riding it - his lap of honour - just 8 stages but well worth going out to cheer them on!
Delighted ITV4 has highlights of La Vuelta. Hoping Chris Froome can get his Grand Tour victory in Spain. He is fully deserving of a win here
La Vuelta 2012; the toughest Grand Tour of them all.
Pamplona, the end of the first stage today of La Vuelta a Espana, one of the three races that make up "Grand Tour", the most famous being Le Tour de France.
Good luck Chris Froome and Team Sky in La Vuelta ..pity it's not being shown live tho !
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Well done Cavendish & Wiggo a bit of history was made today: George Hincapie riding his 17th tour, 1st Yellow Jersey to lead out the sprint in Paris, 1st person to win in Paris 4 times and in succession, the first British winner & lastly a British 1- 2. Froome's going to win La Vuelta, even though Contador will be back!!!
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