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La Tempestad

La tempestad (The Tempest), originally titled La tormenta, is an upcoming Mexican telenovela to be produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre for Televisa.

William Levy Alejandro Fernandez Ximena Navarrete

El Ascenso de la Tempestad Poderosa, ya have my heart, always and forever🌴💕
Watching my favorite novela la tempestad
now on cable: la tempestad, and En otra piel (i missed many eps XD), but my fave la usurpadora, carita del angel (NO SUBS :(
Next Cuadro La Tempestad show coming up on Sat, Sept 26th. Don't wait til the last min to book! Show always sells out!
Don't forget to make your reservation with for Cuadro La Tempestad's show this Saturday night! $35pp 2 tapas & sangria!
Just Got threw watching La Tempestad with William Levy in it I love this series best one watch it 15 times
OK so people are really upset that William Levy didn't talk about Maite Perroni. Should he be criticized?
throw back thursday , william en la tempestad Y foto2
throw back thursday , william en la tempestad Y foto1
La tempestad Enjoy it sure William can speak For Ximena y Eliza Because it will not happen Problems reverse maite
To the trip to kstate leaving at 5am and coming at 4pm but idm cause its $20 and pyes ya ves la tempestad lol
William in an interview in la tempestad photo 2
William in an interview in la tempestad photo 1
My favourite character of you was Damian in LA TEMPESTAD with !!igreat chemistry!!
wild at heart yes bt hyo githaa ya La tempestad nawatch movie instead!
In Bulgaria,La Tempestad was really hit, you really made ​​a good debut,just a shame that everything was just fine wrapper...
Whoever got me watchin this 'la tempestad" should be shot in the head... i was over this soap operas..
Those men who watch soap like me never cheat!!Now watching La Tempestad
All the time his eyes were on his phone eat sleep with a phone in his hand.during la tempestad he was addicted to his phone
what novela do you watch? The last one I watched was La Tempestad because my dad canceled our cable after that lol
Don't miss a new episode of 'La Tempestad' with & - TOMORROW at 6:25 PM on Croatian DomaTV
How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!. (La Tempestad, W. S.) Aquí el nombre novela Huxley
Have you been keeping on tabs on this whole rumored romance between William Levy and his La Tempestad costar and former Miss Universe, Ximena Navarret...
The reason for this page to be slow in updating you its becoz of too much rain were iam thats why but here is wat we have tomorrow. Tomorrow La Tempestad We begin with Hernan apologizing to Marina for having confessed his feelings in such a savage way. Marina apologies to him. She tells him that it was not her intention to hurt him or offend him. Hernan tells Marina that he is a different man. He has changed thanks to her. Haven't you noticed? he asks. Marina tells Hernan that she still sees him as being the same as before. Oh no she didn't! What do you mean? Do you mean that I am still that stupid boy who had no self-esteem? Marina says that what she meant is that he has become a successful man. Hernan tells Marina that he'll never been sucessful without her love. I don't feel like a complete man if I'm not with you. I am a different man thanks to you. I was able to get out of the dark where I lived because you taught me to not be afraid to feel or love. I am the man that I am because of you. Ok, if this ...
Do not get angry William grateful For Maite Because she refused La Tempestad fell in love with XIm
The intro to Tempestad on is not recommend for single folks. It takes a hard heart to watch it.
I'm from Cyprus.. and I'm 14th!! I was watching "la tempestad" I love it... Can you follow me pleasee ? 💕
La Tempestad a demostration of the very life
Are these critics aware that we are waiting for La Tempestad?
Suzy al volante en medio de la tempestad. (There she goes again, and I just can't contain this feeling that remains...).
and in the la tempestad. I always remember this scene :D
It amuses me that durex ads play during la tempestad, but I find it appropriate considering how hot the novela is.
NEW PHOTO 7: William Levy attends the premiere of 'La Tempestad' at Universal CityWalk 23/7/2013
"a very interesting soap opera 'la Tempestad' began.Ensure you catch it
Thought "La Tempestad" was some shaolin temple Kungu Fu series.
a very interesting soap opera 'la Tempestad' began.Make sure you catch it
"La Tempestad" with in Greek Episode 5 from Channel ANT1Cyprus … … via
Overmatter 21.03.14: I love these front cover designs for La Tempestad. ‘When did magazine covers become so co...
Me and are watching La tempestad rn... we can't stop fangirling over William Levysus 
""La Tempestad" with William Levy in Greek Episode 3 from channel ANT1 Cyprus
I don't really watch novelas anymore after la tempestad finished
“Don't miss a new episode of'La Tempestad' with - TOMORROW at 6:25PM on Croatian
"Eres calma despues de la tempestad" I'm voting for for Favorite Artist - Latin, you can too here:
Holy cheetos!!! Catching up with mi novela La good
Nov 15 will be the last air date of La Tempestad on Univison we got everyday theme song Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti a joy!
I Deff need to SEE the End of Dha NoveLa " La Tempestad " ❤️😱 .
The old man on La Tempestad looks like a corpse. So much make up for a dark skinned man..
Im ganna watch la tempestad and Corazon Indomable I missed both.
*** I can't believe La Tempestad is gonna be over already! That was a short novela!
What name would you give to your ship? — La Tempestad ♥
I h8 novelas, but La tempestad is a good *** novela lol 👍
I don't know how people like la tempestad...
“La tempestad is getting me so interested 😩”
Next week la tempestad is gonna be so intense 😩
Wow La tempestad just started like a month ago and novelas usually last over 6 months
wtff i can't believe La Tempestad is gonna finish on friday alreasy :(
La tempestad is getting me so interested 😩
First time watching this novela called la Tempestad & after always arguing that William Levy isn't sexy, today I admit that I was wrong!(;
My mom said when I get a baby girl to name it after her just cause it happened on La Tempestad. Cx
the reason I watch la tempestad is because of you willy.. Te quiero
that novela 'La Tempestad' me choca. i cant watch it for more than 2 minutes.
That Marina girl from la tempestad is pretty & everything but her eyebrows *** me off. Lol
How is La Tempestad already ending next week if it started not too long ago?? tf
Omg that was amazing what just happen on la Tempestad !! ❤️👶
you look like the main chick from La Tempestad shes a full 10 ;)
The lady thats having a baby right now on the novela La Tempestad is hella beautiful uff >>
Where can I watch La Tempestad but the whole thing not what Univision did
Why am I not the fan for la tempestad? 😠😠😠
Gonna catch up on la tempestad just to see 😍😍
My dad said that by the way im dressed I look like marina from the novela la tempestad
can la tempestad just start so I can see bae
So I told my mom I watch La Tempestad, Mexican soap opera, and the first thing she does is ruin the ending for me. Who does that!?
I'm dying to be fan of the week! For La Tempestad or Porque el armor manda!!!
I still laugh at William Levy's weave on La Tempestad.
because it's so dumb idk 😒😂 lol that one Is about to end I think lol I love La Tempestad cus William Levy comes out in that one 😍
she's literally like a princess. Btw do you see la tempestad? Its so fuxkibg confusing
bruhhh i watch them to La Tempestad
How is la tempestad already in its ultimato capitulos 😭
Lol at La Tempestad already being on its final episodes.
La Tempestad literally just started like 3 months ago, how is it already almost done?!
William Levy should of just walk away from this novella. La Tempestad is just so pathetic.
:( next Friday is the gran finale of la tempestad
Niall getting jealous bc your fangirling over William Levi when he comes on la tempestad
La tempestad is so good, why do you have to end next week already😩😔
If Marina accepts to marry Hernan, I'm not watching La Tempestad anymore. -_-
I'm watching La Tempestad 😁 y no, no solo porque William Levy is the protagonist lol
Hola LEvy Familia! (: hope you all have amazing starts to your weeks! (: LA TEMPESTAD tonight (:
Ante la tempestad, go and drink a mojito! We're stuck in
El Vendaval sure is getting good! Still wishing it was in a better time slot! It's better than Porque El Amor Manda & La Tempestad!
Panamenian newspaper talj about xtina and "la tempestad" christina aguilera news
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"La Tempestad" photo album with more than 650 photos of William Levy so far! More to come soon! …
Visit our photo album "Photo galleries of "La Tempestad" with almost 900 photos of William Levy
Need to catch up on my la tempestad
him: who is that hot blonde in that "la tempestad" thing youre always watching?. you: THATS William Levy PENDEJO
“Whenever I watch La Tempestad, I like to pretend that William Levy is talking to me.
Oh my lord. Canelo is making me all flustered. TOO FINE!
Whenever i see a "la tempestad" commercial i think of my Spanish teacher THAT'S ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT
Ve este video de UVideos App can't wait till Monday!
I love the theme song for La Tempestad ((:
A ensayar . La tempestad de . This is the place where it all happens.
Im watching la tempestad from like weeks ago ._.
At least I have William Levy and endless episodes of La Tempestad to help me get over Adam. ¡Bien!
William Levy needs to not have that nasty long hair on La Tempestad. Fuh real.
La Tempestad is actually pretty good
lets be honest the only reason I watch la tempestad is bc William Levy
Good Night to all Friends who enjoyed watching LA Tempestad. Have you all great weekend. Till Mon.
I missed a lot of La tempestad already
A convo on the song in La Tempestad.
my big sister is fan of the week for univision's novela la tempestad omg she just came out on TV she's dying rn
This actor on La Tempestad looks like a Latino Brad Pitt!
Half the Time in Spanish class me and talk about la tempestad😂
I need to watch la tempestad like asap I haven't watched it in like 1 week or some
On our web page U can see episode of "La Tempestad" w/William Levy as Thanks to
USA Don't forget you can see all of the episodes of in La Tempestad here
Catching up on La Tempestad...way too behind! I miss watching it with my mommy 😢
love this scena RTLa Tempestad collage 3) cap.89 con y
i didnt see it last night!! ni corazon indomable ni la de la siete no la tempestad and then honey booboo!! Lmfao cX
awww it finished already. But she's from the novela la tempestad
La Tempestad is just a novela that is similiar to another one except it just takes place mostly by the sea lol
La tempestad is an interesting novela. Omg!
omg I haven't watched la tempestad in so lonnng!
William levi is so hot omg. Specially in La Tempestad 😍🙌
"La Tempestad makes me wants to have a boyfriend so lemme change the channel real quick lol" I'm saying lmao
If you had a boat, what would you name it? — La Tempestad
Here. Warmest Greetings from Toronto. Please sing some more on LA Tempestad
The best romantic, love scenes in La Tempestad are those with William Levy aka Capitan Damian Fabre and Ximena Navarrete aka Marina Reverte, and this beautiful storybook love is the one that has captured our hearts, and draws us to return each night to watch La Tempestad.
“I love watching Univision. Aye que bueno” You need to watch La Tempestad. William Levy... Ay que rico. 😍
That girl that's married to William Levy en La Tempestad gets on my everlasting nerve !!!
I actually don't watch La Tempestad cause of William Levy I only watch it cause of Ivan Sanchez. I don't care how bad he is, he's gorgeous!
William Levy looks better when he gets out of jail in La Tempestad
I'm bouta watch La Tempestad then probably a movie.
Large cheese pizza ,bread sticks , la tempestad and my bf perfect 👌👍
I said I wasn't gonna like the new novela " La Tempestad " bur i ended up Liking it (;
Waking up to my mom watching La Tempestad >>> William Levy makes my days with his gorgeous face 😍
Can't wait to see La Tempestad tonight 😊😍😱
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I know you're not busy with la tempestad. That novela is pretty much done in Mexico.
what days does la Tempestad come on? The websites are in Spanish lol
I just unlocked La Tempestad Superfan Stickers , Stickers: 19606 on GetGlue via
This particular one is La Tempestad that has your boo William Levy in it with horrible hair.
This is my favorite song right now. Because of La Tempestad of course!
just wanted to let u know that I love ur novela La Tempestad no me la pierdo por nada en el mundo. Capitan Fabre :)
really? I try to watch it but couldn't really get into it. I love La Tempestad. You should give it a chance.
I hear La Tempestad is good but I'm only watching Corazón Indomable
my favorite is la Tempestad but I also like que bonito amor.
I am watching La tempestad everyday and I like your acting so much
New Romanian article on . Behind the scenes of Capitan Fabre & Marina's Wedding.
I seriously spent 4hours on watching 4 episodes of la tempestad 😧
Loving la tempestad, but really what is a telenovela without ?
Only reason why i watch la tempestad is cause of ♥
"i don't watch PLL. i watch La Tempestad. this is me & my mom. /.\
I'm bouto eat some toreadas with texas pete and watch la tempestad 😊
William Levy looks hideous in la tempestad.
I watch la tempestad bc William Levy but dassit! It's so cute 😭
I only watch La Tempestad because of Ximena Navarette. 😍😍😍
- Ximena Navarrete the girl from that one novela del William Levy - La Tempestad. She's hot.
Wow, La Tempestad is actually a pretty good novela
A picture from last night episode of La Tempestad. She gave his behind a little love bite. I was in shock when that happened. lol
Wow I need to catch up on La Tempestad 😔
My bae is on tv. La tempestad :x dont judge meh
I said I was gonna stay watching la tempestad but nah lmao
no I'm not obsessed with la tempestad
La tempestad is starting to get good now
"I almost have as much wood as you do" -(on La Tempestad tv show clip). OMG that's great!
La tempestad gets better and better every day 😁👌
I swear Marina from la tempestad gets me mad she's such a bad actress!
Everybody tells me I look like the girl from La Tempestad when I'm all dolled up
Are you watching La Tempestad? Bad guy in tele novela is
Are you watching la telenovela La Tempestad... bad guy in the novela is named Fulgencio. Lol
La Tempestad is actually a good novela lol
Gotta say it. The La Tempestad clip screams Jeff Winger without the violin. McHale made me do it.
La tempestad willaim levy and marina i can relate .
FACT: My mom had been waiting eagerly for to pick up on "La tempestad" and start making fun of it.
HOW WONDERFUL Nice to see HIM La Tempestad collage 2) cap.67 con
I'm completely sucked into "La Tempestad" with So dramatic, so much emotion in his eyes but the hair is distracting.
I only watch La Tempestad cause William Levy is in it ;)(; 😏
I really only watch La Tempestad because of William Levy ☺😉😍
So i guess Thalia was supposed to play Ximena's role in La Tempestad but the casting lady said she wanted Ximena even though she can't act??
I don't know why I'm so obsessed with novelas LOL but this new one "la tempestad" looks so good!
La Tempestad looks like a really good Novela.
Watch the video «Avance 1 capitulo 26 La Tempestad con uploaded by Teresa Fernandez Zarza on Dailymotion.
Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. With Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland, Oaklee Pendergast. The story of a tourist family in Thailand caught in the destruction and chaotic aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
Animo prima no todo esta perdido la esperanza y la fe mueve montañas
Omg.. im so ready for the novela called LA TEMPESTAD.. july hurry! Lol
All about =>La tempestad From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ==>> … …
Univision will be in my agend once again. La Tempestad with William Levy :)
Soap opera star and Dancing With the Stars runner-up William Levy discusses his new series, La Tempestad; his upbringing in Cuba +
Please help support La Tempestad , add a now!
Cancion de Chico Che y la Crisis. *Disclaimer* I do not own any rights to this song!
Hola -when will La Tempestad air in the US? Early/mid/or late July? Gracias!
William Levy & Laura Carmine La Tempestad on the set:)
I can't wait for La Tempestad to start I'm ready to see my baby William Levy on tv again
May your passion become your legacy! COME ABOARD "LA TEMPESTAD"! Smooth sailin' Capitan! Besos&AbrazosK♥
usually I think guys with long hair are unattractive but William Levy in La Tempestad made me change my mind
Can't wait for La Tempestad to come out in July. Willam Levy ;)
La Tempestad looks like a Good Novela tbh
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ha exploto!!! Thanks ///just e joooid the weekend!!! and be happy like me when I see LA TEMPESTAD jajaja
just Amores Verdaderos & Cuidado Con El Angel. Sometimes, La Fea Mas Bella. 😏 La Tempestad is my next one ;)
Can't get over how good the preview for La Tempestad looks! I'm so excited!!! July can't come any faster!
The novela that William Levy is gonna come out "La Tempestad" he looks so ugly.
can't wait for the new novela with William Levy, La Tempestad ♥.♥ !!!
holy wkdnskxn just saw the commercial for la tempestad anzksn I CAN'T WAIT!
La Tempestad looks good omg can't wait!
William Levy & Ivan Sanchez La Tempestad on the set :)
I legit just shrieked because I finally saw the commercial for La Tempestad!
I'm totally gonna watch la tempestad!
WoW La Tempestad is getting me addicted!!! A lot fun to watch. Specially when Marina is saying No. And you're grabbing her.🔥🔥🔥
Enjoying my Friday with La Tempestad - Capitulo 24 COMPLETO (13/06/2013): via
Ir a ver La Tempestad hasta que me quedo dormido. See y'all in d bright a.m. Goodnight lovelies. I promise I'm going to bed. Last one :)
la tempestad. I'm obsessed ok I can't stop watching it the main characters are too attractive 😭😂
Univision airing promos for LA TEMPESTAD with HOY TENGO GANAS DE TI playing in the background. It'll start airing in July. maybe vid too.
l ' m /// enjoying this episode I love LA tempestad
William Levy looks so handsome, confident, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous in the Captain white uniform in La Tempestad. a
I said it once that along the way Captain Damian Fabre would be transforming and transitioning physically. William Levy has a unique way of enticing and captivating you with another new irresistible look to portray Captain Fabre in "La Tempestad". I am loving William; I am loving this telenovela.
La Tempestad has begun and it is definitely proving to be a must see telenovela starring William Levy and Ximena Navarette. This Beautiful pair will certainly bring to life the story revolving around a passionate love and hate developing between Captain Damian Fabre and Marina Reverte. This telenovela promises to deliver action, drama, and romance for all of William's loyal fans. La Tempestad series has an excellent cast of Laura Carmine, Ivan Sanchez, Daniela Romo, and Cesar Evora.
La tempestad means the rain or the storm.
Check out 's long hair in the poster for "La Tempestad"
you do have a beautiful soul. Happy Friday and many blessings for the launch of La Tempestad.
so handsome, and I'm looking forward to watch your new series La Tempestad, good luck ;)xx
The main theme music and lyrics of "Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti" for La Tempestad" is exactly the music I perceived for this telenovela. I'm very pleased with the collaboration and lyrical voices of Alejandro Fernandez and Christina Aguilera. I Love It!
& version of "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" will be used as the theme song for the upcoming televonela "La Tempestad"
I just uploaded "HD Promo 9: La Tempestad con to Vimeo:
"La Tempestad" is rumored to be a single off Alejandro Fernandez's new album, which means there might be a music video.
Sail La Tempestad of World 362pages-09Mayo Thanks everyone for your help!
I liked a video from William Levy as Captain Fabre in "La Tempestad"
I liked a video from Presentacion de "La Tempestad" con William Levy || 1N
Christina Aguilera's new spanish song La Tempestad with Mexican superstar Alejandro Fernandez will premiere May 8th! :)
The recent release of promotional photographs, videos, and official poster for the La Tempestad" telenovela with William Levy, Ximena Navarette, and Ivan Sanchez offer a first glance into the romantic, love triangle, and action packed story. "La Tempestad" is one highly anticipated telenovela. A must see!!!
it's called La Tempestad,i believe it starts May 13,starring William Levy and Ximena Navarrete :D after Amores Verdaderos
William Levy and Ximena Navarette in "La Tempestad" to air May 13, 2013. The waiting for this telenovela is just too excruciating.
"28 more days until the begining of "La Tempestad" & until meeting William Levy as
28 more days until the beggining of "La Tempestad" and until meeting William Levy as
I just heard did a song with Mexican hottie for the new telenovela "La Tempestad". COMING FOR THAT LATIN GRAMMY! Love it
William Levy has something very special, unique, and magnetic about him. With his new irresistible look to portray Captain Damian Fabre in "La Tempestad", William has already began his unique way of alluring and captivating you. Oh, our much beloved "El Papi Chulo" William Levy has done it again by enticing you with his new look: the hair (yes, just right), the face (most beautiful, most loved), the body (Oh my, to touch), the tattoos (where is the second tattoo one located), the rush, the rush, be still my heart.
"William Levy and the part of the cast of novella "La Tempestad" via Jessica Coch Instagram
William Levy and Ximena Navarette are the Perfect couple to star in the new telenovela "La Tempestad. "
Rumors are spreading fast that Mexican star Thalia and Cuban actor William Levy will star in Televisa's upcoming novela La Tempestad together. Levy has confirmed his participation in 'The Tempest', which will begin filming in 2013 but has yet to cast ...
William Levy filming a new telenovela in Mexico titled, La Tempestad. More news on Selena Gomez and Marc Anthony.
Hi Mr. Mejia we want maite perroni to be william partner in your new novela La Tempestad? they are the best forever
William Levy & Ivan Sanchez in La Tempestad - This is almost too much!! William Levy and Ivan Sanchez are going to be acting in the same novela! It's called La Tempestad and apparently the two will be rivals! So much visual stimulation! Who to look at??!
By Wendy Barba William Levy is set to make a big return to Mexico, starring in the new telenovela "La Tempestad." The novela's producer, Salvador Mejía, told El Universal that William is excited ...
we want to see maite perroni as a Partner for William Levy in ur new novela La Tempestad, they are the best couple forever
Teddy Roosevelt’s “splendid little war” led to his eventual presidency. A century later, his hunting lodge on La Tempestad island is the scene of a “splendid little murder” that threatens the political career of Representative Alonso B. Duncan–the victim is his lovely executive assistant.
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