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La Decima

The 10th Victim is a 1965 Italian/French international co-production science fiction film directed by Elio Petri and starring Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress, and featuring Elsa Martinelli in a supporting role.

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They thought he'd leave after winning Liga or after La Decima or after becoming top RM scorer. Yet he's still here hung…
Don't even get me started on the timing of this event when Rafa won his La Decima & the name of the new ambassadors…
Omg Rafa won la décima for my birthday. He's so awesome.
I'm still so emotional about La Decima but nobody around me really cares 😭. I wish we could have a meeting & celebrate 😔.
That would be nice :) I was happy when Rafa obtained La Decima at three tournaments (Monte C…
Tommy can't afford Rafa..specially after La Decima!! xoxoxox
WATCH & his quest for a 10th 🏆 in "La Decima," streaming now on Tennis Channel Plus!…
Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of respect for Fed and he's my after Rafa. But let's let…
No one plays in Halle, it's a 500 event. Please do not use the term La Decima when Rafa is the only person to EVER…
more proud of this than the La Decima
Good!😄😄 La Decima is unforgettable and you experienced it😁. Rafa is swimming and fishing, enjoying himsel…
Getting some rest after your glorious RG La Decima is a very wise decision. Hope temperatures are favo…
just nope. Let Nadal have this one at least . La Decima is a Nadal thing. Just shhh
His own version of La Decima equal nine?
Looks like Federer could be inching towards his own version of La Decima this week in Halle 😉
The good (the bad (almost getting stuck in check it out here.
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My 1st clay court tournament, it was amazing to witness Rafa Nadal's La Dècima and watching him live at practic…
After the final, presented me with a special La Decima Pure Aero racket. To say thank you to all of my fans, I’m…
It was a pleasure to watch you make tennis history. Congratulations on completing La Decima from everyone here at…
La Décima was a week ago? No kidding. This has been one of the longest not-stressful, nothing is going on weeks of my entire life.
A special La Decima I'm giving one away to say thanks to you. Download & follow me to enter:
We are all marking a week since La Decima, I feel like we'll be drunk on it until probably the next RG 🙌
whoa. How about this obvs not authentic La Decima shirt? Or the Decima Federer shoes also listed? :D
.has 'La Decima!'. Wins history-making 10th title. More in today's top story:. https:/…
'La Decima' complete! 🏆 is the champion with a 62 63 61 win over Wawrinka.
La Decima in Photos. See some of the best images from a day to remember at Roland-Garros. 👀:
Nadal completes La Decima with 10th French Open title
And takes it to La Decima on court Philippe Chatrier. An extraordinary feat.
PARIS -- For all the talk of the coronation of Rafael here on Sunday and La Decima …
Hoping for 'La Decima' this time around at the French open
From Boy King to La Decima?. Relieve the incredible story of Rafa Nadal's dominance at French Open.
How would you describe the night you won La Decima ?
Graham Hunter's podcast interview with Paul Clement on his time at Real & La Decima final is gold.
⌛🔟🏆. Today marks the second anniversary of winning La Décima!. 🎥
Carlo Ancelotti: "At Chelsea, I won the league & they sacked me. At Real Madrid, I won La Decima & they sacked me." ht…
I remember the weekend we won la decima I didn't leave my room and watched all the celebrations
I added a video to a playlist Real Madrid - The Story of La Decima
how can you step up when Casemiro is having his Di Maria period from January in that year of la Decima?! impossible.
Ohh mister. ..Mr. la decima..I will never forgive Perez for letting you, Ozil and Di Maria go
Marcelo: "Of course I remember La Decima, Its one of my best memories of life and as a player
chelsea reached a cl final the season after he left, and a league and cup double the yr after. Madrid won la decima
2 Years Ago Today. The Lion heart Rose the highest and the rest is La Decima.😌 . 😎
The Bringer of La Decima . "The way he fights like the legend of Los Blancos - King of All; Ramos, he was called.” https:/…
Two years ago today. La Decima. Four days to go until the rematch...
celebrating goal in La Décima! Send us YOUR best photos and videos before Saturday's final! 🙌⚽ http…
Watching highlights of La DECIMA to get me hyped for Saturday
Marca's Cover: "Ramos the hero of la Décima: First Comes the Belief in Winning"
2014, finally completed 'La Decima', beating 4-1, in the final
ON THIS DAY: Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in the to complete La Decima, their 10th European title.
'Di Maria practically won you La Decima'. yeah, no.
On this day in 2014, Carlo Ancelotti won La Decima. On this day in 2015, Carlo Ancelotti was sacked by Real Madrid https:/…
bros we all know since when Florentino Perez came in, his mission as president was to get La Decima and he did it. Wys?
This is My One Of My Most Favorite Picture of . Fabio with his Princess & La Decima.
Raphael Varane: "La Decima was pure happiness. It is difficult to describe. It's an exceptional emotion."
you predicted La Decima! Rafa has 1 loss there vs active players. Still.too far away. Still got 5 m1000 (and 1/2 a slam!)
4 months before this placed was blessed by La Decima.
"I started watching football and supporting Madrid in 2014 when Madrid won La Decíma! I live in Turkmenistan and support Bayern Munich too!"
Sad Kaká didn't win la decima with us. Deserved it more than some that actually won it.
Jose could not win UCL with Madrid even when they were most equipped to win La Decima
he gave us La Decima and CDR in his 1st season
Find it bizarre that so many Madridistas brag about La Decima when they werent even sperms when they won the first 7
I just look at Carlo man. Won La Decima and got sacked the following season
saying that Bale delivered La Decima is a bit unfair. That whole XI was stacked
OK! Was he not the 'man of the match' when Real Madrid won La Decima? He performed for why not LVG?
Sergio is a DM. Javi played every match in the UCL winning run. Khedira and/or Xabi did so too enroute La Decima
Matri on.. The player that won Juve their La Decima..
Not quite. JM is RM's most successful manager in recent history.Yes, failed in delivering La Decima. Besided that, did well.
like if you want The story of La Decima ft. Casillas and Di Maria and Marcelo
Aghast at what happened today. A la decima at Roland Garros would be a fitting comeback. Vamos.
even in the La Decima approach. Had some excellent games.
Real Madrid didn't seem to miss him too much when they were lifting La Decima.
Seeing videos of La Decima puts me in the best mood ever 😈
That would be Ozil /:. Made us have to wait a year longer to win La Decima.
Raul: "I was lucky to be in Lisbon for La Decima. I suffered a lot up until Sergio Ramos' goal."
he buys too frequently if he let Anceolotti buy his own squad after La Decima would have been so different
Also I remember the La Decima season. He had gaffes a plenty. Including the UCL final they won.
Hala Madrid LA decima and BBC cirstiano bale banzema an all the team also isco fantastic and James Rodriguez
Barca players suppose don't enter studio sing song bout me5si like Madrid ppl in LA decima time
Florentino Perez-"These players won La Decima & 3 others trophies in the same year. Something that has never happened in our history"
And Copa Del Rey We are waiting for La Decima to be won 12 years jose mourihno and manuel pellegrini previous manager didn't make it {Part2}
Fitzgerald bids for 'La Decima' with Corofin: Former All-Star Kieran Fitzgerald is poised to equal the co...
Kieran Fitzgerald bids for 'La Decima' - a 10th SFC medal - with
Bale won them la decima and they boo him..
There were "Real Madrid fans" who supported the idea of La Decima. Since they won it, haven't really seen them since
The latest episode of the is now live
Final Lisbon 2014, La decima . Formotion? No. He's make Climacool for this…
Someone wins 6major titles in a year including La Decima and is sacked the next year
New boss Jurgen Klopp ruined AK's hopes of bringing La Decima to -
LA DECIMA IS HERE!! Listen to our tenth podcast: Klopp Banana right here, right now.
La Decima the story so far is brilliant
I thought La Decima was football ? ( I know I've probably spelt it wrong )
Mourinho was going for la decima and some dudes in Black and Yellow stopped him. I wonder who the manager of that team was.
Ancelotti: "Marcelo's goal ended the game. At that moment I thought: La Decima is home."
it's true it is the same reason why we sold Di Maria after he was the best player the season they won la decima
Ancelotti: "La Decima only assured me of one more year. The relationship with Florentino was of respect, as I’ve had wit…
Just like the way Mou was brought in to win La Decima in Madrid ns failed.
Ancelotti: Decima only gave me a year...
Don't think he deserved to be sacked imo. Especially after La Décima.
Vidal wouldn't have succeeded with us in our La Decima team.
Cork's 'La Decima' contingent chasing Allstars and Staunton on the verge of history
Carlo Ancelotti: "La Decima only bought me another year as coach at Real Madrid."
Ancelotti: "La Decima only assured me one year at Madrid."
."La Décima only bought me another year at Real Madrid"
Always new Suarez was a Madrid fan. Dedicating his goal to La Decima
a year ago we lifted la decima and flash forward to this very day and our captain got KICKED out :)
Cant wait to see em in otra camiseta! La decima is everything now u r nothing!
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With a bit of distance, I think the club should have tried to force things out after winning la Decima.
my point stands, they had won La fkn Decima recently, same manager, with new signings should've won the lg
Would love to go back to 2014 when Real Madrid won la decima and Germany won the World Cup.
tell me this. Why would they sell arguably their best player of la decima year? Exactly.
And u always came back at the top. What's more beautiful than remembering your last 3 trophies? UEFA SUPER CUP CWC & LA DECIMA.
please don't sell Di-Maria, he will add up to the squad to make it stronger. Bear in mind, he helped Madrid achieve LA decima.
Thanks you giving us La decima,and you have given all for Real Madrid,good luck
Ancelloti gave dem la decima, going trophyless next, he was fired. Meaning - they want either one every season
captain position XD but then again, he's already won la decima for us so...
We are still nursing La Decima. We good
The same Casillas that nearly cost Ancelotti La Decima praised the board for sacking him. And you want me to shed tears for him? Mbaa!
Yeah !such is life.He should've left after the Winning La Decima.
Thanks for everything! All the trophies! La Decima! But more importantly 25 years of service! Goodbye Iker Casillas! All the best at PORTO!!
If not for Ramos we would not have had La decima because of stupid goalkeeping.his mother too should keep quiet. His time passed since
unreal day, will be more memorable moment than La Decima
same thing. Its really sad he left but, it was the best for him. Like i said before, he shouldve left after la decima was won.
Real Madrid : The Story of La Decima (Vine by chill james)
Please help support La Decima, add a now!
The moment Modric knew La Decima was ours.
Same way you treat Ancelotti agter he gives you La Decima. . I hate what moder day football has turned into.
casillas rejected a ceremony actually. Sad way to go? Yeah but it's his own fault should have left after lifting la decima IMO.
. Yea I think iker should have left after la decima.. People bashing Madrid about the treatment he is getting. He (1/2)
"You either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain". . Casillas should have left Realmadrid after winning La decima.
We waited for la Decima 12 yrs his commercial and financial policy is getting so overdone it's more about than football
grateful I have live to watch you lift La Decima.
perez was the president that gave us la decima. He cant be blamed alone tbh the whole management *** smh
You guyshave la decima,. But you treat you're legend,. It's *** . Didn't have a respect,. karma will come to you
What a feeling this must be for Gareth Bale... went from playing for Tottenham to helping us achieve La Decima. Amazing.
Thank you for make La Decima come true. It's not a dream anymore.
I was wishing you to leave the club,but it was after winning la decíma.But you decided to pursue the adventure...
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18years of Real Madrid, Watching almost all preseason, and season games Cup finals and finally La decima!
Carlo Ancelloti is IMMORTAL because La Decima, Jose had a great term but lacked the UCL trophy. So history will forget.
AS | A World Cup for Spain and La Decima. A hero of Madrid and Spain could leave if his demands aren't met.
Paris championing Rafa to the La Decima. Nole Rafa last eight will possibly he a history maker. I want Rafa to lift the La Decima.
He's won 98.5% of his matches and 9 titles here. . Nadal's hunt for 'La Decima' begins today.
Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked from Real Madrid, a year after winning La Decima, that's how things work there.
Today is La Decima's one year anniversary.
a poor man's val kilmer Happy birthday to the man who delivered La Decima.
Who Will Win the Ballon d'Or Today? Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal & Real Madrid) Cristiano Ronaldo the current holder of the Ballon d'Or and the first Portuguese player to win a second FIFA Ballon d’Or. The top scorer in La Liga 2013/14 with 31 goals in 30 games, Ronaldo played a huge part in Real Madrid’s 10th (La Decima) Champions League triumph, scoring 17 times in the course of their CL campaign, a new record for the competition. Manuel NEUER (Germany & Bayern Munich) Manuel Neuer has been the undisputed No1 in goal both for reigning world champions Germany and record German title holders Bayern Munich for several years now. He made numerous magnificent saves at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil playing a key role in his side’s title success and was deservedly awarded the Golden Glove as the tournament’s best goalkeeper. Neuer also added two further medals to his collection in 2014 after winning the league and DFB Cup double with Bayern. Lionel Messi (Argentina & FC Barcelona) The record four-time FI ...
ESPN: CR7 refused to use his knee as an excuse, making history with Real Madrid with La Decima but it cost him in the World Cup.
Bale and Real share La Decima dream - Play at 77Savan
MARCA: Market research shows La Decima could be worth €200m, thanks to the international expansion policy launched by RM…
"The moment Modric knew La Decima was ours.
Real Madrid, Spain dominate European club scene If, after years of unbridled success, 2014 was brutally disappointing for Spain on the international stage, it was a glorious year for the country at club level. A thrilling title race in La Liga, home to the world's best player Cristiano Ronaldo and his great rival Lionel Messi, made it the envy of the rest of the continent, while Spain took a clean sweep of the European trophies and Real Madrid are in line to cap it all by becoming club world champions. More than anyone else, it was a year to remember for Real, who finally won the European Cup for an unprecedented 10th time, ending a 12-year obsession with 'La Decima'. After years of frustration since Zinedine Zidane's stunning volley in Glasgow secured their ninth European Cup in 2002, and more than a billion euros spent in the transfer market by president Florentino Perez, Carlo Ancelotti's side beat city rivals Atletico 4-1 after extra time in a pulsating final in Lisbon in May. It was so nearly a night ...
Proud to be a Madridista, this is our English translation for La Decima song: Hala Madrid y nada mas (Hala Madrid and nothing more), tichikwapaidza hedu madinga tichingoti Hala The history you've made the history you'll make! Because no one can resist your willingness to win! The stars are now coming out! My old Chamartín... (1) From far away and from nearby you gather us all here! I wear your shirt right next to my heart! The days you play are everything I am! "The Arrow" is running! (2) My Madrid is attacking! I am struggle! I am beauty! The cry I learned: Madrid! Madrid! Madrid! Hala Madrid! (3) And nothing more! And nothing more! Hala Madrid! Comments: (1) The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium was formerly called "Chamartín Stadium", because it is located in Madrid's Chamartín District. (2) Refers specifically to "la saeta rubia" ("the blond arrow"), a nickname given by journalists of the time to Alfredo DiStefano, an Argentinian-born, mythical footbal player who won 5 European Cups with Real Madrid. Prob ...
Alvaro Arbeloa watched from the bench as Real Madrid. won La Decima but admits his toughest moment in. Europe came...
Real Madrid 5-1 Basel Real Madrid opened the defence of their Champions League title with a 5-1 mauling of Basel in Group B at the Santiago Bernabeu. - Corrigan: Madrid's mood swings Nearly four months on from securing La Decima in Lisbon, the record winners showed glimpses of their brilliant best and, after an own-goal from Marek Suchy got the ball rolling, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodrguez all found the target in seven first-half minutes. Derlis Gonzalez grabbed one back for Basel but Karim Benzema completed the scoring with 10 minutes remaining. The inclusion of Fernandez Nacho was the only real surprise for the Spanish giants, while summer signings Toni Kroos and Rodriguez made their Champions League debuts for Real.
Bale in Di María role? Varane in midfield? How Ancelotti can solve Real Madrid's problems COMMENT: The Italian needs to find a solution to his side's problems following the sales of Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso plus three defeats in the team's last four matches A coach's job is seldom safe at Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti delivered La Decima in his first season at the Santiago Bernabeu, but Madrid came within a minute of losing that final and had they done so, the Italian would have been unlikely to remain at the club. Earlier in the campaign, the side's disappointing displays brought plenty of criticism from the Madrid media. Ancelotti spoke of finding "balance" in midfield and he eventually did - with Xabi Alonso and Angel Di Maria. But with those two now long gone following summer moves to Bayern Munich and Manchester United, respectively, Ancelotti must find the balance all over again. And with three defeats in the team's last four fixtures, he had better find it quickly. "Real Madrid are a team of ...
Our very own Issa Hayatou is prolly waiting for Cameroun to win 'La Decima' before he calls it quits.
The attacking midfielder has revealed that he would have already left the Champions League winners last year had it not been for the Portugal star New Manchester United signing Angel Di Maria has revealed that he stayed at Real Madrid last season because of his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentina international was already heavily linked with a move away from Madrid in the summer of 2013, but he eventually stayed at the Santiago Bernabeu side because of the Portugal international's presence. Di Maria did leave Madrid this transfer window, however, as he joined Manchester United in a deal worth €75 million after losing his starting berth to James Rodriguez. "The truth is that I have a great relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and I stayed at Madrid last season thanks to him," the Argentine told ESPN Radio. "I left Madrid in the best possible way, by winning La Decima. In my farewell letter, I said exactly how I felt from the first day at the Bernabeu. "I am grateful to Manchester United for m ...
thanks to Di Maria but the main reason is Ramos.. if he wasn't their for La Decima we would've been losing. his goal got is to ET!
Former Valencia, Barcelona and Spain midfielder Gaizka Mendieta "I think Ronaldo is a worthy winner,If you look at the list, there are a lot of great players on there, but Ronaldo had an excellent season. "He was key, absolutely essential, as Real Madrid won La Decima. He also broke numerous records, including the Champions League goals mark, so I think that's why he has won the award. Unfortunately, his exploits for Madrid meant he ended up injured and that showed in the World Cup - but it didn't stop him winning this award." "It's an important prize and it is becoming more and more well known." Ronaldo and Messi have now won six of the seven awards since Goal 50 began back in 2008.
Which is easier, quit smoking or winning La Decima ? . Carlo: winning La Decima ♡!..
I mean remember when people criticised and questioned Carlo Ancelotti when he brought Gareth Bale to Boom! La Decima.
To all my friends who think Argentina is a one man army, here is a small synopsis to clear your misconception regarding the Albiceleste. • Javier Mascherano; Leader on the pitch, by far the star for Argentina in this worldcup, one of the best if not the best defensive midfielder in the world. Has been part of Barcelona since 2010 and his graph is always going upward. . Has won almost every tournament at club level. • Angel Di Maria, has been part of Real Madrid stardom since 2010, played a vital role in galacticos claiming La Decima this year. Like Mascherano he has won everything at the offing at club level. • Pablo Zabaleta, by far he was the best right back in Premier League last season, won’t provide Germany the space which they enjoyed against Brazil for sure. • Sergio Augero, ask any Manchester United fan who is he and they will curse him. The last second goal against QPR won citizens a league titile in almost after half a century in 2012. One of the top strikers in the recent history. • ...
A champion's work is never done. Real Madrid may have captured their elusive "La Decima," but they can't afford to rest on their laurels if they want to reclaim their spot atop La Liga...
You can say Neymar's better than Bale as much as you want. Bale won us La Decima and Copa Del Rey. Vamos Gareth
CR7 has every right to Go to PSG... he has won everything in the La Liga... BALLON D'OR , UCL *achieved La Decima*, Copa Del Rey,LIGA TITLE
Launch of Enrique Ortego's book "La Decima". Florentino Perez:"The Champions League is in Real's genes"
The Italian coach has enjoyed a superb debut campaign in Spain, but will now be expected to build an era-defining team after Real Madrid claimed La Decima on Saturday COMMENT By Ben Hayward in Lisbon A season to remember. Carlo Ancelotti ends his debut campaign at Real Madrid with two trophies, the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League, vindicating the decision by president Florentino Perez to part company with Jose Mourinho last summer. But for the Italian coach, this must be just the start. Mourinho claimed the Copa in his first campaign in charge, but fell short in La Liga and in the Champions League. The Portuguese asked to be judged on his second season - and that brought a spectacular return in the Primera Division with 100 points to dethrone Barcelona after the Catalans had claimed three titles in a row in the previous years under Pep Guardiola. On the back of that success, Mourinho signed a new long-term contract in the summer of 2012. It was supposed to be the start of something special, an era-d ...
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Lisbon glory and Landon’s riposte ( Wednesday 28 May 2014 LD are the dominant initials in’s latest stats review, with La Decima and Landon Donovanfeaturing alongside trophy-winning teams in Colombia, Ghana, Germany and Serbia. 136 regular season goals was the new Major League Soccer record set by Landon Donovan at the end of a traumatic week for the LA Galaxy star. The 32-year-old struck twice in Sunday’s 4-1 win over Philadelphia Union to move beyond the mark he had shared with Jeff Cunningham, this in his first game since being dropped from USA’s FIFA World Cup™ pool. The decision to axe Donovan, who has played more World Cup matches (12), minutes (1,095) and scored more goals (5) at the competition than any other American player, has been arguably the sensation of the various squad announcements. With 156 caps, the US icon had more international appearances than anyone else in those squads, with Iker Casillas now leading that particular list on 153. Donovan has, however, end ...
Thabo Matlaba is that you bro? "Lol, Noko and I talk about La Decima"
Luka Modric celebrates Real Madrid's 'La Decima' by chopping off his long hair.
Madridistas, Socios and Madridismos, hope you guys are celebrating our La Decima. Meanwhile I have been busy collecting some attention-grabbing and heart-stopping facts, to spice up the celebration. So, guys I'm back with yet another hard working post. Hope, you'll appreciate it. 1. Ángel Di María: Created more clear-cut chances (7) than any other player in the CL this season; Gareth Bale second (6). 2. Casillas ✅ La LigaCopa Del Rey ✅ SuperCopa ✅ UCL ✅ Supercup ✅ Intercontinental Cup He's won it all. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50+ goals for Real Madrid in a season for the fourth consecutive time, thus becoming the first player to score 50+ goals in four consecutive European football seasons. 4. Cristiano won his 2nd Champions League trophy. In addition to this, he has won the competition Golden boot thrice: 2007-08 (top scorer), 2012-2013 (top scorer) and 2013-14 (top scorer). 5. Di Maria received the Man of the Match award from Sir Alex Ferguson. 6. Managers with most Champions League ...
PLAY LIKE Real Madrid In soccer it appears that whatgoes around comes around. The domination of the well-drilled tiki taka possession teams has been so expertly picked apart in recent times that counterattacking football has made a major comeback. Possession, we now know, isn’t everything.Jose Mourinho gave a master class with Inter Milan back in 2010, taking apart Louis van Gaal’s Bayern Munich side, but nowhere has the countering technique been better executed than at Real Madrid in the past few months.First there was the resoundingwin over Barcelona in the final of the Copa Del Rey, with a galloping Balegoal that has seen him nicknamed the Road Runner. Then there was the 4-0 demolition of Bayern, the heaviest defeat their coach, Pep Guardiola, has ever endured in European football. It seems Real’s quest for a 10th European Cup trophy, La Decima, is within their grasp.would make them even more vulnerable. With the pace of Ronaldo, Di Maria andBale, Real possess a counterattacking mechanism that tr ...
Ok... La Decima has been won... Here's to hoping Perez doesn't get carried away... Another CB is needed... Nacho is good but needs regular playing time... I think he could be loaned out for some more experience... Another wing back is also needed... Illaramendi is one for the future but he should be loaned out as well, especially if the rumours are true that Carlo has made Vidal his top priority... Di Maria needs a lifetime contract we cannot afford to lose that player... Bayern seems to not know what to do with Toni 'Doh let him shoot' Kroos he can be a welcome addition to the midfield as cover for Modric... Jese is coming back... That's almost a new signing... Morata needs regular playing time as well, he should also be loaned out. Most interesting decision is what are Madrid going to do with Iker Casillas ?
One day, I'll say to my grandchildren, "I was alive when Real Madrid won La Decima!"
La Decima. Miami Heat. Gatas Republik. Nole. Lots of positive vibes over a two-day stretch. All that's missing is the Ateneo Blue Eagles. :)
It has been a decade since the Spanish giants Real Madrid lifted the most prestigious title in club football, the Champions League. "La Decima" has been a dream for over 10 years now for the team that spent millions in attempts to bring European glory back home, and it has all finally paid off on the 24th of May, 2014!
Bravo Real Madrid for putting an end to "La Decima". Bravo CR7 for registering yet another record, being the only footballer to score in two UEFA Champions League finals with two different teams. Many congrats for the newly crowned Champions of Europe for your colourful victory against arch-rivals Athletico Madrid. What a comeback?! Your 4-1 thrashing of the team believed to be one of the world's best is a clear sign that you are now on top of the world. We, your fans, are now walking above the moon, absolutely overjoyed and flattered. The twelve year period without European silverware has ended with a crushing defeat of your opponent! Thanks to Sergio Ramos' goal in the very dying minute of the match! The goal was crucially important as it denied AM being crowned new champs. It surely separated them with the trophy for just seconds. What a bad luck! Diego Simeone's team played well and tactically and showed determined resistance. They attacked with vigor and managed to score a goal as the game went ahead ...
That moment when football fans around the globe irrespective of their clubs they love but notably Real Madrid fans start branding Jose Mourinho a flop in football management because Carlo Ancelloti succeeded in delivering the Tenth Holy Grail (La Decima) for the Los Merengues where Jose Mourinho failed to in his three year quest at Santiago Bernabeu. But what many have failed to notice or must have remained ignorant of is Jose Mourinho also did a little to help Real Madrid lift the La Decima last night... 1. He stopped Pep Guardiola's Barcelona dominance. 2. He took them to three consecutive semi-finals when they always fail in the early knockout stages prior to Mourinho's appointment. 3. He made Cristiano Ronaldo better 4. He instilled that winning mentality they lacked for some few years back. **You can attest to the fact that this Dortmund and Bayern Munich team they eliminated on their route to the finals were not that strong to the ones Mourinho met during his reign...**
Athletico only made it this season cause Barca had Moyes as a manager and Madrid were chasing La Decima.. Don't @ me
It's only befitting that I post the results. UEFA Champions League 2014, Lisbon. Los Merengues take La Decima home, their 10th.
Live streaming. La Decima being presented at the Bernabeu.
Arsenal's 9 years of 'trophyless-ness' ended this year, Real Madrid's 12 years of waiting for a tenth UCL trophy (La Decima) also terminated this year. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray Stanislaw Wawrinka et al have all won Tennis Grand Slam titles but not the French Open Whose waiting is about to end? Or will Rafael Nadal consolidate his domination of the French Clay court?
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Real Madrid 4 vs 1 Atlético de Madrid - Played … - Congratulations to Real Madrid, and we'll leave them to their celebrations, which are sure to get more and more debaucherous as the night continues. That's about my cue for an exit as well, so from me, Keeghann Sinanan, it's been a pleasure. Thanks for tuning in. … - Casillas lifts the trophy! Madrid seal their 10th Champions League crown, putting the end to a 12 year obsession! La Decima is complete, and Madrid end the season with two trophies. … - Now up come the winners, crowned by Uefa president Michel Platini, and they're lapping up every second of this! The trophy is about to be raised soon... … - Up come Atletico to receive their runners- up medals,and they look like they want to get this over as quickly as possible. Heads are drooping but despite the stomach-punch stuff for them in this game, they have done themselves, their fans and indeed football proud this season. Rarely has there been an underdog story so absorbing. … - However, Ba ...
Iker Casillas believes that La Decima is more important than winning the World Cup this summer after Real Madrid lifted the Champions League.
Fantaboulous finish of 2014/14 club football season with a 120 minutes of high profile all Spanish affair. Ultimately, well deserving Real Madrid C.F. crowned the Champion of Europe. Good to see most expensive player and most talented player scoring in the extra time, credit goes to Ramos whose injury time sensational header rescued Real Madrid from a lost battle to eventually getting La Decima..
I realized I am friends with quite a number of Barcelona fans here. Hakuna your ta-tas guys. The best team did win the cup. Yes, Athletico Madrid did put up a great fight and yes, Diego Simeone is one of the finest managers at the moment in the football world. But only one team made it to the top. That is Carlo Ancelloti's Real Madrid. It was a well deserved victory. What is La Decima without a little drama?
Dis is the time of the champions.!!!WE ARE NOW CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!! Dream of La Decima has finaly come true...thanx Carlo Ancelloti.and hi-5s 2 all Real Madrid fans!!
Real Madrid win 10th European Cup after beating Atletico Madrid 4-1 On their 200th appearance in the Champions League, Real Madrid finally secured their 10th European crown thanks to a spirited extra-time display which saw them beat Atletico Madrid 4-1. Having led early in the first half, Atletico Madrid were pegged back in second half stoppage time by a Sergio Ramos header. And a final 10-minute blitz by Real meant that they secured their 10th European crown (La Decima) in typical attacking fashion. A tight, tense, tactical game was decided by 10 minutes of absolute magic by Bale, Ronaldo and Di Maria. In the end, the score line flattered Real Madrid who knew that they were in a fight from the very first minute, as Bale was fouled within seconds from the kick off. From then on, it was all about Real Madrid dominating possession and trying to break down a dogged Atletico defence. Although the half ended well for Atletico, it didn’t go according to plan at the start as Diego Costa came off within nine mi ...
Great Comeback, just like United and Liverpool did before. Congratulations Madrid, Enjoy your "La Decima" ..
congratulations to on achieving the La Décima ! What a match !
Please kindly relay my congratulatory message to Arbeloa, and the rest of the team La Decima!
Real Madrid come from behind to win thrilling la décima (Reuters)
If you cried when seeing winning La Decima, you're a true Madridista! I did cried!!
La Decima. I'd prefer Athletico to win but yeah, Real Madrid did a great job in term of laying out attacks.
They will be drinking to ‘La. Decima’ for some time to come. History is theirs.
I'm going to miss our hunt to La Decima. It was good while it lasted.
From barcelonist congrat for La decima madjid
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Real Madrid is your 2014 Champion of Europe. La Decima has been accomplished.
Usually today is a school day for me, but I have an exam later on the day so I have to come in then and not now. La Dec…
Cristiano: La Decima is finally here. We broke some records. It was worth risking everything.
Isco: "La Décima is a title that Madrid has been looking for for a long time and we have to celebrate accordingly."
theres only one Madrid, theres only one La Decima, that is The Real Madrid
Real Madrid's tenth win in Europe's elite competition is marked by Casillas lifting the trophy. La Decima.
Still can't believe La Decima is coming back home.
“We won La Décima, Copa Del Rey. I won the Ballon d’Or, the Pichichi and the top scorer of the UCL. I can’t believe this.” —…
Winning La Decima was a great early birthday present😊👍
How is everyone just going on with their lives as if Real didn't just win La Décima?
It's la decima let them climb the fountain!!
"No, nothing special. We just won La Décima."
Eurosport : Bale delivers as Real outlast Atletico to win La Decima -
You thought you were gonna win your first Champions against the king? You thought you could prevent us from winning La De…
Atletico come within seconds again and why the parallels with '74 are amazing
Is bigger than the .Casillas thinks so.
waited 12 years for La Décima. waited another 12 years for the bus to get to Cibeles
Congratulations Los Blancos for winning your 10th La Decima
At almost 6am local time, Real Madrid are finally at Plaza de Cibeles to celebrate La Décima with the Madridistas.
Congratulations to Real Madrid C.F.! La decima has been achieved. What a night it must be for all the RealMadrid fans and players! Great Game. Great spirit. Great Comeback. Great Goals. Great Atmosphere. Great teamplay from BOTH teams. I wish that scene from Simeone didn't happen, but passion is always great. Just tone it down a little next time. Real Madrid : 2013/14 UCL Campeónes! give credit where credit is due: 10 Champions League Trophies. UCL Highest Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo - 17Goals Personal ManOfTheMatch: DiMaria/SergioRamos -ws
Sergio Ramos . One of the best defender ever . La Decima !!
Ramos roars under the Lisbon lights as Casillas lifts La Decima - Champions League final in pictures
As Carlo Ancelotti tried to put into words how Real Madrid had won La Decima, he was interrupted by the Los Blancos players
Late surge sees Real win La Decima (AFP) Saturday 24 May 2014 Share Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League for the tenth time thanks to extra time goals from Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo as they came from behind in dramatic circumstances to beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in Lisbon. Atletico seemed set for their first ever European crown as they led deep into stoppage time thanks to Diego Godin's first-half header, but Sergio Ramos took the game into extra time with a towering header in the 93rd minute. And for the second time this season having already scored the winner to hand Real the Copa Del Rey against Barcelona last month, Bale scored the crucial goal when he headed into an empty net after Thibaut Courtois had parried Angel Di Maria's effort. With Atletico committed to finding an equaliser, Real were able to counter-attack at will and Marcelo killed the game off when his low shot had too much power for Courtois before Ronaldo sealed his return to Lisbon with a fourth from the penalty spot ...
La decima loading complete Bhaka fell, Chelsea fell But we have no mountain before us We are Madrid, Champion of Champions And there is Only one Madrid, Real Madrid Haters go eat free humble pies ku carnival uko or go to the caves with lyo tails firmly tucked in btwn yo legs! Rega tirongedze hedu mkombe wedu wemazhewe tichiita kakufinhura like! Up up Madrid
Real Madrid are Kings of Europe once again, with Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo helping Los Blancos to come from behind against a desperately unlucky Atletico Madrid, and achieve their tenth Champions League triumph, La Decima, in a fully packed Estádio da Luz. Atletico Madrid, who had already pi…
Wasn't a great Champions League final but the drama at the end of 90 and then Simeone having a meltdown after Varane passed the ball toward him and he launched the ball back at Varane was hilarious. Simeone has been amazing for Athletico this year but he seems like he's a right *** Real win La Decima with Bale and Ronaldo both getting on the scoresheet, it's ridiculous how much money and talent and managers it took to get them over the line. The real question is, will Carlo Ancelloti keep his job or be shown the revolving door of Madrid.
Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid: Gareth Bale nets crucial goal as Real seal Champions League success Atletico looked to have sealed a sensational double but Carlo Ancelotti's side secured 'La Decima' after Sergio Ramos' injury-time leveller Just five years after being Tottenham’s reserve ­left-back, Gareth Bale has achieved legendary status among the Galacticos. The Welshman headed the ­decisive goal as Real Madrid won their long-awaited 10th European Cup in dramatic fashion. And the shy kid, who once had his lugs pinned back during his Spurs days, was lifting Old Big Ears in Benfica’s Stadium of Light. Real had trailed until the 94th minute, when Sergio Ramos nodded an injury-time equaliser to break the hearts of the Spanish champions. But the most ­expensive footballer on the planet struck from close range after Atletico’s Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois could only push an Angel Di Maria effort up towards him. And Real gave the scoreline the unfairest of looks when a Marcelo strike and a Cristi ...
Before I start... To every Madrid hater... And every Madrid fan who disagreed with or mocked me when I said I was glad Ancelotti rested players and gave up on the league... I say... 4q... Reasons are self explanatory... That said... Hats off to Athletico Madrid for an OUTSTANDING display of tactical football... Your positioning was unbelievable and it was unfortunate to have the trophy taken away in so cruel a fashion... To those who fighting Christina for tonight's performance... The man was clearly not 100% but however a poor showing tonight in no way diminishes the fact that he scored 16 goals before this game... Allyuh coasting because the man celebrate he penalty ? Gtfoh... Di Maria... Luka Modric... Carvahal... Outstanding games... Varane... Great game... Isco when he came on played well... Bale... Horrible showing... Congrats to Carlo... Congrats to the team... Congrats to the club... We have won our tenth European Title ! La Decima ! Hala Madrid !!!
We are Europes reigning team once again! La Decima ! We are the el galacticos,we are Los Blancos, we are Real Madrid
I won't pretend to be thrilled with Real Madrid's 10th UCL triumph, but I will grudgingly congratulate Los Blancos for their great achievement. Carlo Ancelloti has once again proven his mettle as one of the best coaches in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo has also had a fantastic tournament. I doff my hat to them and the entire Madrid team. They have been worthy ambassadors of La Liga. To all true Madritistas, I say congratulations. To the numerous band wagoners who claim to support Real Madrid, I say you can only revel in La Decima for a while.
A historic Champions League season is over. Records after records kept on breaking. From Napoli being the first ever team to not qualify with 12 points, to Zenit becoming the first ever team to do so with only 1 win, to Cristiano Ronaldo becoming the player with the most goals in a single campaign and now only 3 goals away from becoming the all time top scorer in the tournament. Carlo Ancelotti makes another history by winning the Champions League a record 3 times now and his record put him up there with the greatest of all time. Real Madrid finally win their La Decima, and confirm their status as the world's greatest club as there won't be any teams catching up on them anytime soon. They are deserved champions and won it fair and square. They swept aside top teams all the way, from champions of Italy, to three top German clubs in the knockout stages, and the battering of Bayern Munich, the then strongest club in Europe will be in memories for a long time to come. They scored the most goals ever by a winn ...
We have done it:) Madrid is white. Tears of joy. La Decima is ours.
La Decima !! Congrats for The Title to Les Merenguese ! For Los Rojiblancos You are a remarkable Team :)
120′ Penalty Goal C. Ronaldo 120′ Yellow Card Diego Godín 120′ NO MISTAKE! He smacks it to Courtois' left, who dives the wrong way! Madrid celebrate, and La Decima is only moments away now! 4-1 to Real Madrid! 120′ MADRID HAVE A PENALTY! Ronaldo earns the spot kick after he was tripped by Godin inside the area! He's booked, and it's falling apart for Atletico, as salt and alcohol are being thrown mercilessly into their gaping wounds. Only one man stepping up to take this as Courtois steadies himself... 118′ Yellow Card Marcelo 118′ Goal Marcelo 118′ Atletico have finally run out of gas, stopping right in the middle of the highway. Marcelo advances from a position deep on the left, and meets no resistance from the Rojiblancos. He strides right into the box and lashes a finish home, despite a touch from Courtois! 117′ YOU BET! MADRID HAVE SURELY WON IT NOW! 116′ Suddenly all kinds of gaps are appearing in the Atletico half. They don't have the energy to chase both an equaliser and defend ...
yesSSs !!! the celebration begins ! la decima! ah !!! finnaly... Yes ! I'm a Madridista & We have won the Champions League (ALHAMDULILLAH) & We have won it more than any other Clubs. Now Happy ? On Your Face Haterss. Madridista and Proud .. . .
And at last! La Decima is here! Congrats to all d Los Merengues family, d galactico family!!! Hala Madrid!
Gareth Bale finally helped Real Madrid fulfil the dream of 'La Decima', securing a memorable 10th Champions League triumph with an extra-time win against neighbours Atletico Madrid. Born in Wales, raised in Southampton and honed at Tottenham, the 24-year-old continued to make light of his wo…
They equalise in the third minute of injury time before winning 4-1 in extra time to secure La Decima
La Decima for Real Madrid at last ! Very Happy for Florentino Pérez .. The man did spend a fortune to achieve this .. Real Madrid are the deserving winners but really feeling very sad for Athletico Madrid .. They were just a minute away from a historic double !! Football can really be cruel !!!
Real Madrid WIN THE 10th CL TITLE - LA DECIMA! Heart-breaking for Atletico, feel for them, they didn't deserve to lose by 3. Your thoughts?
La Decima, huh (tips cap). See you in a couple of months, Los Merengues. I smell grilled hot dogs, so it may be time to crash a barbeque.
D best team won, irrespective of d scoreline. Finally its La Decima for Los Rojiblancos. Congrats to Athletico...worthy finalists. Better luck next time.
"after spending more than 1 billion on transfers, Real finally wins UCL. Madridistas call it La Decima, I call it one UCL trophy in 12 years."
Congratulations to Real Madrid on la decima. There's gonna be a lot of sore heads over the next couple of days.
La Decima !!! What a game and what a way to sign off the season. Joga Bonito. - The best player of this season Cristiano Ronaldo had to finish it off !! - Athletico Madrid didn't deserve such a harsh scoreline - Di Maria the man of the match for me. - Sami Khedira is no Xabi Alonso !! - Filipe Luis, Gabi, Raul Garcia , David Villa were class. Sheer Class - Diego Simeone is the manager of the season for me - Perseverance pays off. Modric, Isco, Carvajal and Marcelo. Hats off. - Whatever Varane said in the end to spark off the war of words could have and should have been avoided. - Don Carlo - 5 th one right ?? phew !!!
"Aaron Ramsey had a lot of wayward shots yet scored the winning goal in London. Can his fellow Welshman Gareth Bale do the same in Lisbon?" - Martin Tyler Well, He did. La Decima finally achieved. Coldplay's Viva La Vida in the background. Real Madrid. Champions of Europe.
It's finished 4-1 AET to Real Madrid! Bale, Marcelo and a Ronaldo penalty in extra time! La Decima curse is over
Congrats to Real Madrid for finally getting La Decima, but its not well deserved. Sad way for Atletico Madrid to lose a perfect game.
Congratulations Real Madrid for winning 'La Decima'. A long wait of 1 decade but very well earned in the end. But my man of the moment is Diego Simione! He's made it against all the Russian & Mid East money, high profile coaches, superstar footballers and God knows how many more odds! Taking his team to two finals (& winning one) with a shoe string budget requires willpower and who better than him could show that! Take a bow Mr. Someone (Simione), what a great season you and your boys had!
Tears everywhere.La Decima dream coming night of football for Los Blancos!! Hala Madrid
Congrats Los Merengues, Los Blancos, Los Galaticos its time for celebrate your La Decima! *beer*
I was a kid in 2002, when I saw the greatness of this team for the first time, and now I am a proud Madridista and the KING of EUROPE! La Decima is ours!!! Halaa madrriiidd!!! VIVA RONALDO!
Goal to Cristiano Ronaldo as he scores from the penalty spot. 4 - 1 to Real Madrid. La Decima is finally home.
So proud, Hala Madrid! What a game, what a comeback, what character. Viva Los Merengues!! La Decima is ours.
Benzema, Khedira and Coentrao are up on their feet tensed but ready to celebrate La Decima and we are only 5 minutes away
Goal Finally Bale scores the biggest goal of his career La Decima is coming home MD
Would be nice for Los Merengues to get hashtag La Decima but it would be nice for Los Rojiblancos to get their first Champs League
The dream of La Decima is back! Anti-football got punished. Let's finish the job! Hala Madrid LOS GALACTICOS Los Merengues
It finished 1-1 at the end of 90 minutes so we're headed to extra time - a dramatic late equaliser by Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos saves their dreams of La Decima.
… - Madrid may look to Isco's creativity or Morata's clinical and physical touch if they really need to shake things up in the attacking third in the latter stages. How much would they pay for a Higuain to bring off the bench though? Atletico have a few tasty attacking options of their own in reserve, with the likes of Diego and Rodriguez offering varying threats. … - The BBC attack hasn't really been at the races, while Madrid are missing Alonso's influence in the middle. Khedira has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar on a few occasions and looks rusty. Ancelotti has his work cut out for him at the break as his side chase La Decima. … - The 36-goal Brazilian-turned- Spaniard has departed, but it is Madrid who look in more trouble. Bale fluffed his lines from Los Blancos' best - and only - chance of the first half, but other than that, like so many sides before then in Europe, they've found the defensive ranks of Atletico hard to breach. … - It's the red half of the Spanish capital on top ...
HALF TIME - Real Madrid 0 - 1 Atletico Madrid Dreams of La Decima are getting further away for Real Madrid - they're a goal down and look frustrated. Will that Gareth Bale miss prove to be the difference? What do they need to do in the 2nd half?
Champions League FINAL! Will it be a double for Atletico or La Decima for Real? Let us know your predictions!
Stay tune on final Champions League..Derby Madrid..hopely Los Blancos can get La Decima..Hala Madrid..
PREDICTION! PREDICTION!! PREDICTION!!! The first ever derby Champions League Final kicks off at 7.45pm today. Real Madrid go into the match with La Decima (10th Trophy) on their minds. However, their City rivals, Atletico stand in their way. Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Who do you think will win? First correct prediction will win N1,000 airtime, while second correct prediction will receive N500 airtime. Prediction ends 15 minutes after kick-off.
Congrats to Johnny in his final appearance for Toulon as they retain their Heineken Cup trophy! Next up, Real try and achieve 'la decima' while their city rivals Atletico chase an unlikely La Liga and Champions League double!
'La Decima' can wait, Real Madrid can wait. Its time to embrace Diego SOMEONE (Simione) and his fighter boys now. Go Atletico go! Win your first ever Champions League trophy and create history!
Before you root for this 'La Decima' to be fulfilled: 1 £100 million rated Gareth Bale could buy you the entire Atletico …
La Decima or La primera? I am Supporting the best madrid. Go athletico 8) ;) Which team are you supporting??
Finally , the most awaited Final of the season has come. It's Champions League Final :D I know Los Blancos are gonna do their LEVEL BEST to bring La Decima home and there is no Number 10 given to players coz Number 10 is saved for La Decima :D Today is the day where our heart will be beating fast like *** The day we waited for so long has finally arrived. I seriously can't wait.12:30 am , y u no come fast? :3 Be scared Atletico , Be very scared , coz BBC is back again :D
To all the Madrid Fans based in London, quite a few madrid fans are going to Walkabout bar next to temple station to watch "LA FINAL" it would be great if you come to try and get the best atmosphere possible, and hopefully celebrate LA DECIMA all together Mucha gente del Madrid va a ir a Walkabout, ENTRADA GRATIS, a ver el partido, hay pantalla gigante, en la final de copa contra el barsa fue muy divertido con ambientazo y mucha celebracion despues! Los que querais venir, cuantos mas mejor, mejor ambiente!! HASTA EL FINAL, VAMOS REAL
ROAD TO LISBON IS NOT A EASY ONE. Real have made it to the final of Europe's premier club competition for the first time since 2002 and are aiming to end a long wait for La Decima - a 10th European crown. Here is a game-by-game guide of how Carlo Ancelotti's men reached Saturday's showdown in Lisbon. Galatasaray 1-6 Real Madrid - September 17, 2013 In their opening Group B encounter, Madrid laid down a marker of their intent with a thumping win at the home of the Turkish champions. Cristiano Ronaldo netted a second- half treble, with Karim Benzema claiming a brace and Isco also on target in Real's most emphatic Champions League away win. Real Madrid 4-0 Copenhagen - October 2, 2013 Madrid's blistering goalscoring form continued in their next match. Ronaldo grabbed another two goals, while there was also a double for Angel Di Maria in a comfortable victory. Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus - October 23, 2013 That man Ronaldo was the star again, scoring yet another brace - either side of Fernando Llorente's equalis ...
Hello ladies and gentleman, children of all ages we have it here for you today ALL DAY!! Yes it's Saturday here at The Wheel and we have a wonderful selection for you today. Kicking off at 3pm we will show Derby County and QPR battle it out for a Premier League spot next season, It's a battle of wits between Shteve McClaren and 'Arry Redknapp. We have great drinks prices and a relaxed atmosphere in the public bar or lounge and we cater for all ages so make a night of it this bank holiday weekend! At 7:45pm we have the Champions League finale being shown with Real Madrid chasing "la decima" (their tenth European trophy) We will be doing a free draw for first goal scorer which could bag you a free pint and also if you select the Man of the Match you get to take home a case of beer!! (bums must be on seats by kick off to qualify) Have a great Saturday folks see you soon x
Champions League final - Money Back on losing bets if Cristiano Ronaldo scores at anytime. Read more here: the Portuguese superstar lead Real Madrid to La Decima?
'La Decima' the next title for Real Madrid. ¡APorLaDecima! *feeling excited*
Real Madrid are potentially 90 minutes away from finally ending their 12-year wait to win “La Decima”. The tenth European Cup, which would also be a record, is within their grasp if they can beat their City rivals in the Champions League tonight.
Heart Says Real Madrid C.F.Mind Says Atlético de Madrid.!!! Will this year be our year?? Will this be our La Decima?? Will our 12 years of wait and billions of euros spent finally bear fruit? Will Los Galaticos 2.0 under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti complete our dreams??
Champions League: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Can Atletico give the football world just one more 'performance?' here I provide the lowdown on tonight's Champions League Final! tonight, Madrid takes over Lisbon in what should be an intense and action filled final. no doubt or envy for the locals as they will surely be backing home boy Cristiano Ronaldo to help his team clinch La Decima from the 'hood' but Atletico are no pushovers- they clinched the Liga in Barcelona's own yard and after many times of being written off or being expected to choke in the run in, they haven't todate and surely one more heist at an unfancied hunting ground a week later isn't much to ask! anyone? Team Selection: both teams pretty much pick themselves save for a few selection dilemmas. no doubt both Diego Simeone and Carlo Ancelloti are very intelligent managers but I wouldn't stake a 'fiver' on suprise selections from the two men! Real are without the suspended Xabi Alonso so Ancelloti might have lost some sleep on whether t ...
At first when it was announced that the Champions League final will be played in Lisbon, I told a few friends of mine that the stage is set for Ronaldo this year !! If Real Madrid make it to the final, then he would be keen to score in his home and win La Decima for the Los Blancos !! I hope he does it !! The only worries are, we don't have Xabi Alonso who is one of the two most vital players of Madrid alongside Modic. Ahead of Ronaldo, Bale or Di Maria !! In addition, if the match heads towards penalties, Real are likely to be the runners up. Only because of a few idiotic things. I am quite sure that Ramos is going to take one and Pepe would want as well !! However, they won't allow Luka to have a go. He will score if he is given the chance. But I think he won't get his shot. On the other hand, the so called one of the best defeders, Serigo "yellow card" Ramos is known for his "great" shooting ability from dead ball situations !! Too much speculations going in my mind. Personally, I like the Champions Le ...
Calm Ancelotti perfect to lead La Decima charge / good article on Carlo
Carlo Ancelotti's calm could bring La Decima to Real Madrid, but Diego Simeone stands in his way. By
:UEFA Champions League Final Preview: Real Madrid vs Athletico Madrid Venue: Estádio (da Luz) — Lisbon Referee: B. Kuipers .They are playing in the bowl tomorrow, Spain should be very proud. The Madrid fans are always loyal..but also very loud. The players, like the football itself are waiting anxiously to get a feel.of a match that should be as tough as steel. Its time for the final duel of this season's edition of the Champions League. The prestigious trophy fought for by most European clubs will now be surely headed for a city: Madrid. But which part of the city? Which Madrid? Will it be Number one or will it be La Decima? The pure whites? or the red stained whites? These are questions that football fans around the globe would want to see answered today at 7.45pm. Expect a tantalizing clash of maybe two different styles but it should be a thrilling spectacle. But what can we expect from both teams? What are their strengths to counter each other? Right now, take a glass of cold water, relax and r ...
Real Madrid may win the 10th Champions League title tomorrow if they beat city-rivals Atletico Madrid. La Decima has been on the mind of every manager who has coached the Merengues since 2002, the last year they won the European trophy.
UEFA Champions League FINAL: Real Madrid: How Will They Line Up in Champions League Final Against Atletico? It may have been 40 years since Atletico Madrid last showed their face in a Champions League final—when it was still known as the European Cup—but the 12 years Real Madrid have been forced to wait since their last appearance at this stage feels like a lifetime given their cravings to lift the trophy for the 10th time. At last, on Saturday evening in Lisbon, Los Blancos now have the chance to win La Decima, and it will be all the more sweeter if they can do it against their city rivals. According to Spanish publication AS, "15,000 cars and 600 buses (around 90,000 people)" split between the two clubs will make the trip from Madrid to Portugal Before Carlo Ancelotti even assesses the fitness of his patched-up squad, he already knows he will be without Xabi Alonso. The Spanish international midfielder was booked in the semifinal second leg against Bayern Munich and will miss the match suspended. Ma ...
50-50 Challenge: Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid Real Madrid face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday and we'll either witness an incredible Atleti double or Real's agonising wait for La Decima end in glory. It's a fascinating battle with sub-plots aplenty in the build up to the showdown in Lisbon. Diego Costa and Cristiano Ronaldo are injury doubts for their respective sides, while the latter could win his second European Cup in the town where he started his career. Carlo Ancelotti, meanwhile, is hoping for a third Champions League medal having won it twice at AC Milan.
The world of football will be focused on Lisbon come tomorrow evening as Madrid's two top clubs, Real and Atletico, go head-to-head in the 2014 Champions League final. Do not miss a LIVE screening at Century Cinemax, powered by Saturday Monitor and SCORE magazine. Who will prevail? Will Atletico cap an already remarkable season? Can Real finally claim "La Decima"? We give you a chance to make some early predictions.
Rivals clash in Uefa CL final! Who do you wanna support tomorow as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid clash in Lisbon? Carlo Ancelotti who is desperate to win the 10th La Decima title for the Los Blancos will have to face the man of the moment Diego Simeone who is also looking forward to a double season as Atletico Madrid coach. Also, CR7 who is returning home to play the final in his country aiming to win his second Uefa CL title right in front of his fans and his soil to boost his Ballon D'or hope. While, majority awaits the drama in Lisbon. Who is your favourite and why? Lets go! Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid!
In the latest episode of MasterCard's Priceless Memories Paulo Sousa talks about how he made UEFA Champions League history by winning the competition in consecutive years: Real Madrid C.F. make history this weekend by winning La Decima?
New blog from Real Madrid's obsession with La Decima
For -- Presidents, European Cups and Real Madrid's obsession with La Decima:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gareth Bale "It will be a tough final, La Decima is a dream not only for our fans, but also the club. It's a dream for all of us, but it will be a difficult game." Luka Modric "We are just thinking about beating Atletico. We are focused on the game, and then we'll see how we celebrate it," Marcelo "There is a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility attached with playing in a European Cup final, but we are remaining calm and focused in order to enjoy ourselves and try to win the 10th title." Isco "We'll do everything possible to win the Champions League,We all know that the Champions League is the most important competition in the world. For that reason it is an honour to play in the final and we will do everything we can to win it." Carvajal "I'll do everything I can in order to make it. Now I'm trying to make the most of the moment. I'm delighted to be part of the provisional list for the World Cup and will do everything I can to make it into the definitive list, but the most important thing right no ...
La Novena: the quest for the ninth european championship of our basketball team. La Decima - 10th European Cup for the foo…
Florentino Perez: We'll fight to the death for La Decima. We are sweating every drop to win it. We own it to the fans.
Florentino Perez: "We will fight until the death to win La Decima".
La Decima is gone with the wind for big wigs Los Blancos,focus now to big ears glory cc
man.we already have two draw matches in a row..we can't afford more draw or lose now. Should Atletico Madrid win the La Liga title, then Real Madrid C.F. must win La Decima title at least.
Woke up disappointed with Real's draw, oh well, congrats Atletico though 20th we get Europe, La Decima here we come.
Diego Costa or or New kings or La Decima? Bring on Lisbon!
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