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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Andrew Irving (born March 23, 1992) is an Australian-American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Just getting around to watching Kyrie Irving's interview on Uncle Drew would make a tremendous press secretary.
Touchè Uncle Drew. I wanna hate so bad. Just can't help but think Kyrie Irving is only gona get better n he already…
John Calipari was on the set of the new Uncle Drew film with Kyrie Irving, Aaron Gordon, Chris Webber, Reggie Mille…
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward landed in Boston this summer. and also made the top 30 of the
Where did Kyrie Irving, John Wall and Damian Lillard rank? Check out 30-11 of
Cavs face Kyrie Irving's Celtics on new home court in NBA 2K18 -
When someone tell me John Wall isn't better than Kyrie Irving . Me: .
Chris Paul better than John Wall & Kyrie Irving? He's never even seen a conference finals 😂
John Calipari is at the filming for Kyrie Irving's "Uncle Drew" movie. This guy just never stops.
Why John Wall is better than Kyrie Irving thread:
Kyrie Irving still can't break the top 20 in SI's Top 100 Players. . VIEW 30-11:
It's now obvious that the Cleveland Indians were being held back for years by Kyrie Irving.
Cast of the upcoming with Kyrie Irving, Reggie Miller, Shaq, Chris Webber, Lisa Leslie, Nate Robinson &, Lil…
See photo of Shaq, Reggie Miller, Lisa Leslie all dressed up for Kyrie Irving's 'Uncle Drew' movie…
There's a reason Kyrie Irving got the *** out of Cleveland. LBJ won't be a Cav after next season. Dav…
Colin Cowherd on the Lebron James and Kyrie Irving feud. Thoughts? 🤔
Kyrie Irving and Lebron James haven't reportedly spoken prior to the blockbuster trade. (via ESPN)
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford have to be the most handsome Big 3 in professional sports history
Kyrie Irving is in the middle of filming an "Uncle Drew" movie down in Atlanta, according to Danny Ainge.
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics. . Catch their introduction on ESPN2/here:
Gordon Hayward: "I'm excited to get the season started". Kyrie Irving: "It's gonna be crazy, G"
I added a video to a playlist Kyrie Irving 13 Different Crossovers
Miss the Kyrie/Hayward Press Conference? We've got you covered with the most important quotes
Kyrie Irving standing on a box to take the new Big 3 photo with LeBron and Love
Kyrie Irving discusses his relationship with Lebron James... . MORE on - Tonight at 12:30am ET on NBA TV!
Kyrie Irving reportedly is "ecstatic" about coming to Boston and playing for Brad Stevens.
"The guy is the best closer in the league. [Boston] got a superstar performer." — on Kyrie Irving
Celtics will introduce Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward tomorrow morning at the TD Garden at 11 a.m. with Ainge, Stevens and…
Maco lies, Kyrie Irving lies, numbers don't lie
Gordon Hayward & Kyrie Irving looking good in green & white together 👏🏼🍀 pumped for the season
.Kobe influenced Kyrie Irving to leave LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
I liked a video Is Kyrie Irving good enough to lead Celtics to a championship | Undisputed
Kyrie Irving says reported rift with Lebron James “a bunch of noise."
Kyrie Irving says one player can't carry team.
I liked a video The Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward!
Now that Kyrie Irving isn't with the Cavaliers I feel okay with admitting that I think he's so fine
Get the superstar. Win the trade. The Celtics are clear winners in the Kyrie Irving trade
BOSTON – Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward engaged in genial banter Friday morning...
Ainge admitted to he's tried multiple times to trade picks (incl No. 1) for players of Kyrie Irving caliber…
There's no evidence to suggest Kyrie Irving is a superstar. from explains.
Celtics star Kyrie Irving will head straight to Atlanta for Uncle Drew.
Kyrie Irving on leaving Cleveland:. "Me leaving Cleveland] wasn't about basketball." 👀
Brad Stevens drawing plays up for Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward this coming year
Kyrie-to-Boston felt like a long time coming. Irving himself details when he knew the Celtics were an option. WATCH:
Kyrie Irving cursed when he got call about trade.
According to Kyrie Irving, he and Lebron James haven't spoken since Irving requested a trade. . Opening night can't come s…
Kyrie Irving hands his new Celtics jersey to his dad Drederick, who had the same number retired at BU.
Jayson Tatum is here at the front office walking around with Kyrie Irving.
Kyrie showed love to Cleveland once his trade to Boston was made official. "The journey is always the reward." . 📹: https:/…
Joe Haden vs. the Browns on Sept. 10. Kyrie Irving vs. the Cavs on Oct. 17. I ran into my ex-girlfriend at a Tribe game last…
AD shows off his 🔥 handles and challenges Kyrie Irving to the (via Instagram)
"Kyrie Irving could stand to play a full season, maybe" to "Kyrie Irving could be a premier playmaker and score 28 per game" is beautiful.
"Why the Celtics held onto one of the NBA's most coveted assets until Kyrie Irving became available"
When Kyrie Irving found out Gordon Hayward was going to share the Celtics press conference with him.
Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving go way back. 😂
"I'm about to throw some crazy oops to Jaylen Brown". - Kyrie Irving
BEST SEGMENT OF THE DAY: from explains why Kyrie Irving isn't a superstar
As much as I like the trade with Boston, I still wanna cry bc Kyrie Irving isn't a Cavalier anymore
Kyrie Irving shaves off his beard and simultaneously unveils his newest alter ego: Uncle Drew's great grandson.
Kyrie Irving discusses his relationship with Lebron James. .
Kyrie Irving without the beard foreal looks like an older James Michael McAdoo
So I'm watching the Mexico vs panama game n I see a nicca dat look exactly like Kyrie Irving on panama team 😶
WATCH: In heartfelt video, Kyrie Irving thanks Cleveland fans.
Kyrie Irving thanks Dan Gilbert, his Cavaliers "brotherhood" and ... not a certain someone
On AmicoHoops: Kyrie Irving opens up, admits he's "learning from my mistakes," says trade not about basketball. https:…
Kyrie Irving thanks Cavs fans after trade to Celtics becomes official.
The Marcus Thornton/Tyler Zeller deal became Isaiah Thomas, the Zoran Dragic deal solidified Kyrie Irving (not really,…
Twists, turns and concerns in the Kyrie Irving trade: The Cleveland-Boston…
Report: Bucks have deal ready for Kyrie Irving
On AmicoHoops: What former GM David Griffin has to say about and Kyrie Irving trade with
Sources: Cavs, Celtics agree to deal to swap Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas
BREAKING: Cavs plan to send Lebron James and Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Brian Scalabrine and Paul Revere, sources tel…
The Cavs reportedly will ask for Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown to complete the Kyrie Irving trade. . https:…
Wow / if this is true it will create a nightmare! Cavs may try to void Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving deal: report.
Blockbuster trade between Cavaliers, Celtics in d..
One of the OG's at this Mayweather- McGregor just said Kyrie Irving is better than Lebron James. The Alcohol is in FULL EFFECT!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The real reason why the Isaiah Thomas - Kyrie Irving trade might be voided. 😂
LeBron entering the arena, for his fight against Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving doesn't (and didn't) want to return to Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder feel betrayed by
Report: The want more for Kyrie Irving after Isaiah Thomas' physical. .
Report: Julian Edelman feared to have torn ACL . Report: Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade might be void . Boston:
Julian Edelman done for the year with a torn ACL. The Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade is in danger of being canceled. Me…
Lebron arrives for fight vs kyrie irving
Lebron James arrives for fight vs Kyrie Irving
Lebron James has entered the building. Where's Kyrie Irving?
This man has Nerlins Noel, Andre Igoudala, Danny green and Kemba Walker about Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Lmao
Quinn Cook on joining Hawks, being waived by Pelicans, Kyrie Irving trade, growth as a player and more.
San Antonio Spurs: If Kyrie Irving trade is voided, will SAS stand a chance?
PA Announcer: "Introducing the starting lineup for the Boston Celtics. At Guard, Number 2, Kyrie Irving" . JR:
"Kyrie Irving is a killer, a closer, a winner and a champion. He wasn't along for the ride...Kyrie drove the bus." —
John Wall > Kyrie Irving. John Wall faster, got lock up D, & better passer
If you think John freaking no show fourth quarter Wall is better than Kyrie Irving you're out of your…
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum are clearly Boston's big additions, but 25-year-old Daniel Theis could be…
Know way Skip Bayless believes Kyrie Irving going to the Celtics is as historic as Kareem Abdul Jabbar going from the Bucks to the Lakers.
FYI Kyrie Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia while Drederick was playing under current 76ers co…
Kyrie Irving, Michael Irvin, *** they can bring back Steve Erwin... Warriors in Fo
How does Kyrie Irving impact breaks down the new-look roster in Boston:
BREAKING. Kyrie Irving now with Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas moves to Cleveland Cavaliers.
Report: Cavs agree to trade Kyrie Irving to Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and 2018 first-rounder, per
The Celtics gave up more in the Kyrie Irving trade than any NBA team has in years
Kyrie Irving, Michael Irvin, Irvin Fryor, the whole *** city of Irving, don't Matta, I'm going to my 9th final htt…
Report: Golden State Warriors rival Kyrie Irving traded from Cavs to Celtics (VIDEO)
Kyrie Irving was the overall pick in 2011. The last pick of that draft () was Isaiah Thomas.
Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas would mean trading the No. 1 pick for the 60th pick from the 2011 draft.
Breaking: Cavs have agreed on deal to send Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas and others, per
How convinced are that Kyrie Irving signs long-term deal?. "Extremely"
J.R. Smith late to the Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving news.
Bruins winning the Stanley Cup overshadowed an amazing game by Josh Beckett, and Kyrie Irving trade overshadowing a Fister gem.
send Kyrie Irving to Celtics for package that includes Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, first-round pick
Shams: "Boston nearing trade to acquire Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Picks". Warriors:
First game of the NBA season: Kyrie Irving and the Celtics at Cleveland. Oct. 17.
First look at Kyrie Irving in a Boston Celtics jersey 🔥🍀🔥 (📷:
The Ringer is Live with reactions to Kyrie Irving being traded to the Boston C ...
Koby Altman aces his first test, gets exactly what he wanted/needed in Kyrie Irving trade
Celtics get Kyrie from Cavaliers: [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for…
Boston now has Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving. The Celtics were close to the finals last season, they'l…
Celtics fans when Kyrie Irving doesn't pass the ball to Hayward
The deal is done: Cleveland . is trading Kyrie Irving to Boston for Isaiah Thomas
*** Kyrie Irving is on my squad. OH I CANT BELIEVE IT.
Celtics acquire Kyrie Irving in blockbuster deal with Cavaliers (
Report: Kyrie thrilled to join Celtics, likely to re-sign Kyrie Irving is now a member ...
JR Smith walking into camp this season wondering how Kyrie Irving shrunk a couple inches
Disbelief what the Celtics just gave Cleveland for Kyrie. I will miss him but wow did we make out great
My thoughts on the Kyrie Irving to Celtics Trade . Check it out .
How NBA players reacted to the Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas trade
The first game of the upcoming NBA season suddenly one of the best of the year: Kyrie Irving and the Celtics vs. LeBron Jam…
"I just wish they had traded Kyrie Irving to the Browns..." -Commish
Did the Cavaliers get the better of the Kyrie Irving trade?. NBA players weigh in ➡️
VIDEO: Cedric Maxwell: I love Isaiah Thomas, but Kyrie Irving is better player
Celtics fans when Kyrie Irving misses an open Gordon Hayward to take a contested 360 layup
Breaking: The Cavs have agreed to deal Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Žižić and 2018 Nets 1st-rounder.…
Full story on the Cavaliers-Celtics blockbuster trade of Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder package:
Kyrie Irving is headed to Boston in a blockbuster trade for Isaiah Thomas & more. ☘️ (via
Celtics are sending Thomas, Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn's 2018 first-round pick for Kyrie Irving, league sources te…
Sources: The Cavs and Celtics are nearing a deal on a trade for Kyrie Irving that could involve Isaiah Thomas.
Cleveland and Boston engaged in active trade discussions centered on Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas, league sources tell…
This is going to be a confusing day for Kyrie Irving
How Cleveland's uncertainty over Lebron James' future is impacting the Kyrie Irving trade talks. Column on ESPN.
Why trading Kyrie Irving to the Atlanta Hawks is the best move the Cleveland Cavaliers could make - King James Gos…
The best trade offer the San Antonio Spurs can make for Kyrie Irving - King James Gospel
The best point guard in the East and Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving and Lebron James reportedly met in Miami and no punches were thrown
The Cavaliers have to prepare for a future that might not include Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, writes https:/…
Did Lebron James and Kyrie Irving get together and talk in Miami? By https:/…
Someone turned Lebron James and Kyrie Irving's trade drama into a parody of Eminem's "Stan":
[Larry Brown Sports] Report: Kyrie Irving willing to sign extension with Spurs if traded there
[Larry Brown Sports] David Robinson thinks Kyrie Irving would be great fit on Spurs
A world in which the Celtics trade for Kyrie Irving and KEEP Isaiah Thomas
Messed it up, it's KD, lebron, kawhi, Russ, Harden, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, butler, then curry
Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant collaborated on a new Nike shoe. 👀🔥.
Dion Waiters has legendary quote about Kyrie Irving to Heat rumors - Larry Brown Sports
I liked a video Meet the pastor mentoring Justin Bieber, Kyrie Irving
Bleacher Report really said Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving would be the biggest busts in the 2011 NBA Draft. 😂
On AmicoHoops: Latest on Kyrie Irving, as remain determined in quest to trade him.
Jay Bruce traded to from for Kyrie Irving
Charles Barkley says Kyrie Irving is “stupid" for wanting a trade from Cavaliers
Report: Suns willing to part ways with Eric Bledsoe, Dragan Bender and first-rounder for Kyrie Irving
David Griffin thinks the Cavs will trade Kyrie Irving.
Ron Harper weighed in on Kyrie Irving's trade request...
John Wall gives his opinion on the Kyrie Irving situation.
Could the Cleveland Cavaliers acquire Ben Simmons in a trade package for Kyrie Irving? - King James……
Did you know the Suns & Cleveland Cavaliers are exploring a deal for Kyrie Irving? Seriously, I wouldn’t lie to you.
On AmicoHoops: Add to official list of Kyrie Irving suitors.
The Cavs are only interested in one Knicks player if they send Kyrie Irving to New York
Cleveland Cavaliers 5 vs. 5: Taking stock of the Kyrie Irving saga
Neymar and Kyrie Irving demand the spotlight and usher in the era of the impatient sporting - Asian Correspondent
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Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns are pushing for a Kyrie Irving trade. Both are said to be okay w/ giving up Wiggins.…
It's International Clown Week, and 4 people have celebrated by clowning Lebron James:. Steph Curry. Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving. M…
Jimmy Butler when asked if Kyrie Irving will come to Minnesota:. "I don't know who that is." 😂😂
Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving were among the NBA stars who attended Harrison Barnes' wedding on Saturday:
Reggie Jackson,Stanley Johnson and a first rounder to the for Kyrie Irving.
If Cleveland chooses to trade with the Milwaukee Bucks Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe for Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving
"If the Timberwolves need to trade Andrew Wiggins to get Kyrie Irving, they have to do it." -
Kyrie Irving is on video with Steph Curry mocking his teammate, Lebron James. This situation is embarrassing. Get him out…
Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving while dancing at Harrison Barnes' wedding.
Steph Curry mocks Lebron James workout videos as Kyrie Irving laughs hysterically. Things are fine in Cleveland https:/…
Stephen Curry mocking Lebron James' workout video and Kyrie Irving laughing to it. 👀.
Joe Vardon of the Cleveland Plain Dealer said the Cavaliers have named their price for Kyrie Irving. #
Kyrie Irving's decision to request trade was reportedly influenced by Justin Bieber's pastor
About 20 teams have talked to the Cavaliers about a trade for Kyrie Irving
The Front Office has to fix the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Stephen A Smith feud. Whats next?.
All purpose parts banner
At least 20 teams have contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers regarding Kyrie Irving. (via ESPN)
Scottie Pippen says it's "perfect timing" for Kyrie Irving to leave Cleveland
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith may have just revealed to San Antonio Spurs fans the real problem that Kyrie Irving has...
From ESPN: Joe Ingles, Dante Exum, Donovan Mitchell and a future first round pick for Kyrie Irving and Edy Tavares. What sa…
Knicks get Kyrie Irving, Marquese Chriss, Tristan Thompson, Warren, and 2 First rounders in 2018…
.joined for EP 32 of The Lach Podcast talking Kyrie Irving, Blame Game in Cleveland and much more!
Eric Bledsoe, Jared Dudley and Tj Warren to the , Iman Shumpert and Kyrie Irving to the . done deal per sources
Kyrie reportedly wants to Join Knicks 'very badly'
Will Kyrie Irving be better or worse without Lebron James? -
Per Jason Lloyd, the Cavs can no longer even get Kyrie Irving on the phone
Who needs kyrie Irving at the 2 when you got 71 MILLION DOLLAR MAN TIM HARDAWAY JR there anyway.
Steelers LB arrives to camp rocking David Robinson jersey, says team needs Kyrie Irving
"Kyrie Irving very badly wants to be a New York Knick. Kyrie Irving wants to come home." -citing source ht…
Lebron James has been communicative with Cavs but is not inquiring about any players in possible Kyrie Irving trades, so…
Apparently the cavaliers are unable to get ahold Kyrie Irving on the phone. I wonder what can be the cause of this? - CV
My look at the top Kyrie Irving trade options... Top Kyrie Irving trade options via
Kyrie Irving going to have to follow Lebron James back if they at camp together 😯😯
Kyrie Irving is Doing his Thing in Taiwan, You can't Guard Uncle Drew -
The NBA champion just let Houston Rockets fans know what Lebron James should do about Kyrie Irving.
The bottom line is, the Cavs wont find a better player than Irving, so whats next?.
Chris Bosh has advice for LeBron and Kyrie: “Work it out,” per
LeBron asked behind the scenes if Suns rookie Josh Jackson would be available for Kyrie, per
Me: Kyrie Irving is gorgeous. You: You know he only dates white girls. Me: I sound white on the phone, do that coun…
LeBron's spirit with the chase down block on Kyrie Irving's wide-open layup in Taiwan.
The brings us a secret conversation between Lebron James and Kyrie Irving as they scheme against Dan Gil…
Kyrie is not talking to anyone in the Cavs organization right now, per
Cavs have been unsuccessful in attempts to contact Kyrie Irving, via The Athletic.
Kyrie Irving reportedly will not speak to anyone in the Cavs organization, via
From a Andrew Wiggins-for-Kyrie Irving trade might make a ton of sense for the Wolves:
Before he had even played an NBA game, Kyrie Irving was proving why he was the number 1 pick and future NBA champion https…
Kyrie Irving wants out from under LeBron’s shadow, similar to how Kobe Bryant wanted to be the leading man after several…
Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert have been traded to the nuggets for Jamal Murray Will Barton Kenneth Farried and a 2018 first round pick.
Behind the scenes footage of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. 😂
Suns have reportedly told Cavs that No.4 pick Josh Jackson is unavailable in any trade for Kyrie Irving.
"This is going to be a career-defining mistake by Kyrie Irving. It will have virtually no impact on Lebron James' image." —
Theon Grayjoy pulled a Kyrie Irving, jumped ship and paddled away from his familia.
Audio of Stephen A. Smith's report that Lebron James would be tempted to fight Kyrie Irving if he saw him. 👀.
Koby Altman's first job isn't trading Kyrie Irving. It's getting Kyrie Irving and Lebron James in the same room to clear th…
Kyrie Irving traded to the San Antonio Spurs for Lamurcus Aldrige and Danny Green, Sources tell ESPN
In 61 postseason minutes with Kyrie Irving on the floor and LeBron off of it, the Cavaliers were outscored by 30 points. h…
Cavs are expected to trade Kyrie Irving. Just saying
Kyrie Irving requested trade because he wants to be focal point of the team... . Sound familiar?
Here's my Kyrie Irving trade idea for the Celtics. No. Just no.
Celtics have expressed interest in Kyrie Irving, per
BREAKING NEWS: Lebron James has claimed he would beat Kyrie Irving's ***
this guy said Kyrie Irving is more of a 6th man type of player.. .
.on free agency, leaving Clippers, joining Wolves over Cavs/Wiz/Lakers, the Kyrie Irving news and more: htt…
Don't get it twisted.. Derrick Rose still a good player... but he's not Kyrie Irving
This post started as a very smart assessment of the Kyrie situation, then devolved into a mess of fake trades:
The Bucks would be considerably worse if they traded Khris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon for Kyrie Irving.
Big reason why I mentioned Saturday morning on why I can't see Kyrie Irving in a Cavaliers uniform come ope…
Kyrie Irving was reportedly upset he was included in trade talks for Paul George and Jimmy Butler. (via ESPN)
ICYMI: Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cavs, and has listed the Miami Heat as a preferred destination: https:…
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver 'feels bad' for Cleveland in the wake of Kyrie Irving's reported trade request
LeBron would be tempted to "beat Kyrie Irving's *** if they met in person, according to Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A. Smith went bananas on the radio claiming Lebron James wants to fight Kyrie Irving https:…
Kyrie Irving is breaking up with Lebron James before LeBron can break up with him .
If Kyrie Irving gets traded to the another team I'll buy everyone who RTs this a jersey of their choice. It's not happening
Some extra details on Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder in here from
Kyrie Irving complaining about playing with LeBron is the definition of
Report: Kings not interested in trading De’Aaron Fox in Kyrie Irving deal
The Suns would consider trading Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, and a pick for Kyrie Irving. (via
The Cavs have found their Kyrie Irving replacement. (Video via
Explain to me why not getting Kyrie Irving is good? Anyone.
Report: When Derrick Rose met with the Cavs, he discussed replacing Kyrie Irving and potentially starting for CLE. http…
WE ARE NOT TRADING KYRIE IRVING...all those rumors are fake news !
Bball is already past the point, call it the Premiership pivot, where idea of parity & competition is even relevant
None of the Cleveland Cavaliers have "liked" a Kyrie Irving IG post since July 10th, per
Will Kyrie Irving take out a full page ad to thank his teammates and the fans?
Damian Lillard​ on Kyrie Irving​ wanting out: 'Who wouldn't want to go to the Finals every year?'
The Cavs and Derrick Rose discussed how to reach the NBA Finals without Kyrie Irving, per
I mean, if after three Finals, Kyrie Irving is jealous of John Wall and Damian Lillard, I'm not sure what the Cavs are supp…
Trading in Kyrie Irving for Derrick Rose?? 🤔 who's trying to make this deal... Lionel Hutz?
When Lebron James found out Kyrie Irving wanted to be traded. 😂.
Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, the league sources tell The Vertical.
Would this scenario work... Cavs receive: Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. Grizzlies get: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Lo…
John Wall and Kyrie Irving had distinctively different days on social media. This is just savage.
The thought of Kyrie Irving playing with the Spurs is crazy. Greg Pop is going to elevate his game so crazy
Stephen A. Smith just referred to Kyrie Irving as Kyrie "Irvin" at least 5 times in that phone interview on ESPN just now.
If ur the Knicks & u WONT trade KRISTAPS PORZINGIS for Kyrie Irving...I have no words. People talk about that kid like he's God. He's white!
Stephen A. Smith says Kyrie Irving has to defer to Lebron James
Stephen A Smith and Lebron James on Kyrie Irving trade request MARCH 1 2016 !!!
Yes, this IS young Porzingis "liking" the idea of Kyrie Irving in New York. .
Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Clippers, would be amazing. They have the players to trade but not the Draft Picks.…
Clippers Rumors: Two trades that can land Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles
hey Steve, Riley Manquen here, just reaching out to see if you've considered a potential trade for Kyrie Irving
and are two teams that intend to contact about Kyrie Irving, AmicoHoops has learned.
The New York Knicks have acquired Kyrie Irving for Carmelo Anthony and two first round picks, league sources are telling
What's the real reason on why kyrie Irving don't ever want to play with Lebum James ever again
If Kyrie Irving leaves Cleveland, who’s the best team in the Eastern Conference?
Just gonna leave this here ... Cavs with Kyrie Irving ON, Lebron James OFF last season: -120 in 635 minutes.
I can't stop laughing at this Kyrie Irving meme
If I was the Cavaliers I would not trade Kyrie Irving. They will probably not get an even trade for such a great NBA player.
Knicks' pursuit of Kyrie Irving meets with Kristaps Porzingis's approval
Kyrie Irving has asked to be traded, reports ESPN. Kyrie informed Cavs officials in a meeting last week. WOW
Why does Kyrie Irving want a trade? Because Lebron hogs all the glory when they win and gives Kyrie all the blame wh…
Kyrie Irving reportedly wants out of Cleveland, and says that he no longer wants to play alongside Lebron James. https:…
Kyrie Irving goes to JR Smith for some advice on his current situation. 😂
Behind the scenes video of when LeBron found out Kyrie Irving wanted to leave Cleveland. (Video via ht…
Purple & Blues - Kyrie Irving to the Utah Jazz still a pipe dream, but team could help facilitate a
Kyrie Irving reportedly prefers to join the Spurs
Kyrie Irving asked Cavs for a trade, no longer wants to play with LeBron, per . Where will he land? htt…
Kyrie Irving to the Spurs would be 🔥🔥
Kyrie Irving reportedly asked the Cavs for a trade, and the team suddenly seems to be falling apart
Source: Cavs expected to trade Kyrie Irving to absolutely no where & tell him to quit acting like a sissy & play out his…
Kyrie Irving really asked the Cavs to be traded. Was not expecting that 😳
Kyrie Irving requests a trade from Cavs, sources told ESPN. Lebron James was blindsided and is disappointed:
It's so hot I'm seeing things. I thought I just read Kyrie Irving wants Cleveland to trade him.✋
LeBron said this about Kyrie on June 1. Under 2 months ago. Man.
Source: and in serious talks centered around Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving+possible 3rd team (maybe
The moment when Kyrie Irving wanted to be traded. 😂.
Yes Ronald a 90 overall rating in a virtual game caused Kyrie Irving to want to be traded to a team without Lebron so h…
REPORT: Pair of Surprise Teams Ready to Make a Run at Landing Kyrie Irving
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