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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Andrew Irving (born March 23, 1992) is an Australian-American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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.I want it known on record. This Celtics fan does not want to trade you for Kyrie Irving 👊
Kyrie Irving's agent, Jeff Wechsler, tells ESPN that they had meeting w/ Cavs on Irving's future with team and wouldn't commen…
Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James will give Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant problems!
Like Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Austin Rivers, lived up to the hype for Dook!
Gordon Hayward 2K ranking is higher than Kyrie Irving's? El oh El
Kyrie Irving says in "peculiar place," is diplomatic in comments about team's offseason.
"I understand we're in a very peculiar place." . — Kyrie Irving.
Here's footage of Melo, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler in a full-court run in Los Angeles. (via cbrickley603 and harrington1…
NJ has Kyrie Irving . NJ had Whitney Houston . NJ has JR Smith. NJ has Queen Latifah . NJ has SZA. NJ has Shaq O'Neal . NJ has Fetty…
Comin down the lane swervinnn Julius, Kyrie Irving
Reminder: At a camp a couple summers ago Kyrie Irving said Avery Bradley guards him better than anyone else in the NBA. (via
In the 2011-2012 offseason the Cavs added Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. Proceeding to go 21-45.
It's going to be strange when the Eastern Conference's starting backcourt in next year's All-Star Game is Kyrie Irving and…
JJ Redick now makes more than DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol, Kyrie Irving, Kawai Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson and Paul George.
Paul George isn’t worth a Kyrie Irving trade, or is he?
And to think the cavs tried to trade KYRIE IRVING to make space for Paul George... wonder how stupid they feel now that he chose OKC
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Melo Would cause all types of problems for GSW... he would Force Steph Curry To Guard Kyrie Irving 👀
I love how is now allowing Kyrie Irving to be traded. He knows more than Dan Gilbert apparently! SMH
When I heard the Kyrie Irving trade rumors ...
So he decides to come inside and he walks half way and starts laughing.. he goes:. Awww man I thought you were Kyrie Irving
The source behind the Kyrie Irving trade rumor.
Lmaao my man ran up on brandon thinking he was Kyrie Irving
Report: Kyrie Irving could go to Jazz in potential Paul George trade
Celtics have a front office in tact. Who blew it more honestly? We still have Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.
Will have to the Cavaliers change Kyrie Irving for the playmakers they covet in the event ...…
The second best player in the Eastern Conference is now... Kyrie Irving?. John Wall?. Isaiah Thomas?
The Cavs were VERY close to trading Kyrie Irving during the draft 😳.
Let's be clear.. Cavs ARE NOT trading Kyrie Irving just to land Paul George for one season. Those rumours are uglier than…
Not if shorty driving like Kyrie Irving, this a competition.
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Kyrie Irving could work in Milwaukee with Antetokounmpo. They need more scoring options.
If the Cavs trade Kyrie Irving, I will walk to the edge of the Earth and jump off.
You all believing that Kyrie Irving trade rumor? . Next thing you'll be believing is that the world is flat.
Can NBA off-season get crazier? Yup. Kyrie Irving’s name now linked to Jazz with George Hill going to Cavs in sign-and-…
About the same deal as Kyrie Irving 😨
Cavs had a Kyrie Irving trade ready to go, but it didn't fall through because of one reason
😂😐 y’all giving up KYRIE IRVING to Utah for Paul George 😂
I liked a video Kyrie Irving Paul George Trade? D'Angelo Russell Gets the 'L' of the Week -The Huddle
When Steph Curry fans and Kyrie Irving fans are arguing on who's the best PG and then Westbrook fans interrupt https:/…
The Cavs reportedly discussed a 3-team trade that would send Kyrie Irving to Utah for Paul George and George Hill ➡️ https:…
Kyrie Irving crossing up his own dad when he was younger. 👀.
Report: Kyrie Irving may force a trade out of Cleveland if LeBron leaves Cavs in 2018
Kyrie Irving will reportedly ask for a trade if Lebron James gives any indication he's leaving in 2018 FA. (H/t
Report: Several teams reached out to the Cavaliers about Kyrie Irving. David Griffin did not want to move Kyrie, but tha…
Actually Jimmy Butler said his favorite player is Kyrie Irving and he would want to play with him...
How quick is De'Aaron Fox? He dribbled from the three-point line to the hoop in 1.28 seconds. Kyrie Irving did it in 1.50. Per
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Paul George and Kyrie Irving spotting up for Lebron on drive and kicks wo boy that's dangerous wooo lord I need a fan
CP3 as point guard and Kyrie Irving as shooting guard! Kyrie was alway…
Andre Iguadola is a +17 and guarding Kyrie Irving...what year are we in
He's more like if you used Marcus Smart x Kyrie Irving x Isaiah Thomas' DNA to create a 6'5" combo guard Serpentor…
Jeff Van Gundy did a better job defending Khloe Kardashian than Kyrie Irving has done defending Steph Curry
untucked jersey Kyrie Irving up there with the all time greats such as flash sticker D.Wade, gang sign John Wall, and jers…
According to SportVu, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving combined for roughly 850 dribbles in Game 3. Kevin Durant and Stephe…
Draymond Green said he was looking forward to celebrating on Cleveland's home court. Kyrie Irving was not a fan.
Kyrie Irving averaged 27 PPG in the finals at age 24 and is averaging 27 PPG in the finals at 25 and u guys wanna call him…
The starting lineup for the would be: Kyrie Irving, Kyle Korver, Iman Shumpert, Lebron James, and Anthony Davis 😥😥
could we start . Kyrie Irving, Kyle Korver, Lebron James, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.
While Cavs focus on individual battles with Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, Warriors are winnin..
So you're telling me that Lebron is the only player on that team? Kyrie Irving, jr smith,Kevin Love, Kyle krover…
Lebron, Kyrie Irving, the Cavs all got that curse thanks to Tristan Thompson. The Kardashian curse is REAL!!!
"A dazzling display from Kyrie Irving!" - Mike Breen.
I know it may be a piping hot but Kyrie Irving is the best layer upper in the national basketball association.
Untucked jersey Kyrie Irving is scarier than gang sign John Wall
Kyrie Irving reminds me so much of Allen Iverson this boy can score the ball all kinds of ways through traffic PG Body 2 guard mentality
Kyrie Irving is the best point guard in the National Basketball Association.
Let's see if they can't stop Lebron James, Kyrie Irving & the Cavs at their home!!
This just in... Michael Jordan to come out of retirement again and join Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin...
Kyrie Irving played like Daniel Gibson tonight no bs 😂😂
Kyrie Irving is Ian Clark with a Nike deal
Before Bron left he had Kyrie Irving! And you say he had Daniel Gibson?!?! Gtfoh.
Cavaliers are 0-of-7 shooting against Klay Thompson so far tonight. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are each 0-for-3
Kyrie Irving is just a glorified Jimmer Fredette who went to Duke if we're being honest
No joke, Kyrie Irving's layup package is insane...
Don't do what I did -- Kyrie Irving talked to Kobe Bryant about avoiding a Shaq-like feud with Lebron James
Kyrie Irving announced as NBA 2K18 cover athlete
"Kyrie Irving is better and more valuable than Draymond Green." —
I didnt know Kyrie Irving went to St Pats in Elizabeth, NJ 😛
Ahead of Game 1, Kyrie Irving looks back on his time spent with coach Mike Brown, who will be on ... - via App
Kyrie Irving out of NBA Finals for Cavaliers with fractured left kneecap by
Really crazy how a majority of NBA fans and NBA mediabelieve Kyrie Irving is better than Stephen Curry at basketball
Kyrie Irving did Steve Blake dirty with this spin move: .
Kyrie Irving is better than Steph Curry, especially under Finals pressure. In neither Final has Steph lived up to eith…
Remember when Nate said the Wizards were better than the cavs and John Wall a better pg than Kyrie Irving
Playoffs:. Kyrie Irving tonight: 39 points. Michael Jordan last 19 years: 0 points. Just something to think about.
Kyrie Irving's 42 points was the most ever by a Lebron James teammate in the . ranked the Top 5 perfo…
Great nugget from Jim Boeheim told him that Pearl Washington and Kyrie Irving were the 2 most talented players he saw in high school
Kyrie Irving reminding NBA how important he is to the Cavs’ title chances
Kyrie Irving, Lebron James rally Cavaliers to win Game 4. Read more:
Tonight was the Lebron James and Kyrie Irving from the 2016 NBA Finals.
Kyrie Irving's 9 field goals in Q3 are the most in a single quarter in Playoffs history. Punctuation step back 3 caps…
Cavaliers expect Kyrie Irving will play in Game 5, but his left ankle will be sore
NBA playoffs 2017: Kyrie Irving picks self, Cavaliers back up in m..
The King is so fortunate to have Kyrie Irving on his team. Sometimes I wonder who the real King is.
Kyrie Irving leads the Cavs to a 3-1 series lead over the Celtics after a massive 42 point game.
“Adversity has a way of really bringing out the best of people. Or it could bring out the worst.”- Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving is the best PG in the league. Don't @ me
"When you have Kyrie Irving and Lebron James ... there's nothing you can do". recaps Game 4, previews Game 5…
Kyrie Irving's 42 points are the most in a playoff game by a former Duke player
Cavs shot 76% in third quarter, Kyrie Irving was 9-of-10.
Kyrie Irving put on a show in Game 4:. 42 PTS (Playoff career-high). 21 PTS in Q3 (playoff high in a qrtr). 9 FGs in Q3 (playo…
Quavo is a Aries. Big Sean is a Aries. Chance the Rapper is a Aries. Kyrie Irving is a Aries. Pharrell is a Aries. Mariah C…
Kyrie Irving rallies with a 42-point performance in victory over Celtics
Kyrie Irving put up 21 PTS in the 3rd quarter, scoring a playoff high, 9 field goals.
Kyrie Irving drops 42 points as the take a commanding 3-1 lead over the h…
Since LeBron's fourth foul, Kyrie Irving has 33 points on 13-for-16 shooting.
"It was one of those games we had to fight through, and we had to earn it.” -Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving dominated the 3rd quarter for the Cavaliers. 21 points ties Cavaliers postseason record for points in quar…
Kyrie Irving embarrassed Jae Crowder with sick behind-the-back fake and score Lebron James turned…
Needless to say, people noticed Kyrie's incredible performance.
No tonight kyrie saved them and lbj closed it out...but with out irving showing his behind in the 3rd they lose
Kyrie Irving with the nasty ball fake! 😷🔥.
Even Heisman winners were giving it up for Kyrie. .
LeBron hugs Kyrie Irving on his way to the podium
Kyrie Irving finishes with an career-high 42 points to lead the past the in Game 4!
Kyrie Irving dominates third quarter even after injuring ankle
Kyrie Irving LIVE on at the Postgame presser: take 3-1 series lead w/ 112-99 win.
How would Brad Stevens explain the difference in two halves?. “Kyrie Irving and Lebron James would be the two answers."
Kyrie Irving is good at basketball.
Kyrie Irving had a 105 true shooting percentage in the third quarter (21 points on 10 shooting possessions).
I'm very upset with Kyrie Irving right now.
I love Kyrie Irving. So much. Best guard in the East.
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Imagine loving anything as much as Kyrie Irving loves dribbling.
Kyrie Irving puts in the first bucket of the Eastern Conference Finals! . WATCH:
Coach K told a young Kyrie Irving, "You'll be one of the best of your generation." ➡️ 
The Warriors are the luckiest team ever. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the 2015 Finals, and Kawhi Leonard now.
Y'all dont want the Wizards to win. Bron fouled out and that garbage player Kyrie Irving got us the W in OT in Washington.
Chris Paul . Isaiah Thomas . John Wall. Damien Lillard. Kyrie Irving . My favorites point guards(not in this order)
John Wall is the best point guard is the NBA!!! Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving are a weakness on defense!
High praise from Hubie Brown on Kyrie Irving - “No one” uses the glass better. Reminds me of Tommy Parker on 79th St & Kennedy Blvd courts
Can't believe Kyrie Irving had a worse TS% than Russell Westbrook in round one. Woof.
We're seeing so many superstars in 1 day:. Russell Westbrook . James Harden. Gerald Green. Jimmy Butler. LeBron. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. Crazy
Kobe didn't have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. He had Smush Parker and Kwame Brown facing a tougher Suns squad.
The Cavs pull off the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the bench in the 4th quarter…
New story: Kyrie Irving on LeBron's role in the comeback - "He still amazes me"
This is the first time that Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving & Lebron James have all scored 25+ points in the same playoff game.…
Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will not play in Cleveland's regular-season finale.
Lebron James, Kyrie Irving ruled out for Cavs vs. Heat.
Lebron James will not play in Wednesday's season finale against the Raptors, per a team source. Kyrie Irving is a possib…
Did Mark Jackson just compare Kyrie Irving to Rod Strickland? Not even close to being similar.
[Akron Beacon Journal] Marla Ridenour: After ‘terrible’ Thursday for Kyrie Irving and his knee, Cavaliers
I know for a fact. Kyrie Irving and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist gave alot of money to The Patrick School. They helped save them.
they join St. Patricks, where Kyrie Irving and Michael Kidd-Gilchrest played, as NJ powerhouses that could no longer operate.
After today, I will have seen Damian Lillard, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook (and Michael Phelps) in…
Kyrie Irving yells "You're down by 27, bruh!" to Shawn Long after Long's dunk and scream.
Cavs' Kyrie Irving gets first flagrant foul of his career defending Lebron James.
This dude I work with said John Wall was not a better assist man than Kyrie Irving. He done lost mine...
I stamp Kyrie Irving a better point guard than John Wall
🗣 Kyrie Irving don't want that issue with John Wall.
Cavs are 8-11 since Kyrie Irving said the Earth is flat. Warriors are undefeated since Klay Thompson signed a toaster.…
Malcolm Brogdon has a better 3PT% and assist to turnover ratio than Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas or John Wall.
"Kyrie Irving is still better than John Wall"
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Wait a minute, Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler, Dray Green and Shaq think the earth is flat? Ever been in a tall building?
Kyrie Irving already here at United Center, putting in on-court work with Phil Handy, before team shootaround.
Kobe Bryant's favorite players to watch in the NBA are James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. 👀🐍 h…
Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will play tonight.
Dylan Ennis is older than Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis.
Mine are "Harrison Barnes is friends with Kyrie Irving" and "Bobby Porter imagines people slapping his mom and gets mad".
Just a few years ago, Lakers head coach Luke Walton was playing with Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson as teammates on t…
"Mr. Fourth Quarter"... Kyrie Irving? I believe that nickname belongs to
A 'Big Bang Theory' spinoff is coming. I'd like to suggest 'Flat Earth Theory' starring Sherri Shepherd and Kyrie Irving.
Get yourself teammates like Lebron James and Kyrie Irving 😂
When Steph Curry sees he has to guard John Wall or Kyrie Irving
The Cavs have three of the top four picks in the 2011 NBA Draft. 1. Kyrie Irving. 2. Derrick Williams. 4. Tristan Thompson. (3. Enes Kanter)
Kyrie Irving & Isaiah Thomas duel to the finish in Boston!
ICYMI: is turning its Kyrie Irving "Uncle Drew" ads into a feature film
Marcellus Wiley on SportsNation, usually good fun, but then he had to entertain Kyrie Irving's ridiculous flat earth conspiracy theory...🙄
NBA star Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. Honestly, I prefer that level of skepticism to thinking Bernie Sanders has solutions.
Josh Gorges (on BUF) looks like me, 8 beers deep, wearing clown shoes, trying to guard Kyrie Irving in this clip.
What's crazier? Kyrie Irving's flat-earth theory, or Lonzo Ball's dad saying his kid's better than Stephen Curry right n…
It’s over! . Eric Gordon defeats Kyrie Irving in OT of the
A NEW will be crowed today as Klay Thompson falls short!. Final 3 are Eric Gordon, Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving's belief reminds me of congressman Hank Johnson who thought Guam would tip over!
Kyrie Irving is the Rust Cohle of the National Basketball Association
Uncle Drew needs to talk some sense into Kyrie Irving
If kyrie Irving thinks the earth is flat shiddd I do too.
Kyrie Irving clearly has a future in geology.
On behalf of the flat earth society I'd like to welcome brother kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving has the best handles of any flat-Earth truther.
Trump will name Kyrie Irving as head of NASA
Not a great advertisement for a education - .
Kyrie Irving doubles down, says he wants people to do their own research and decide for themselves . 🎥
Kyrie Irving saying the world is flat. cept that all NASA *** riders will argue 😂😂😂
Apparently Kyrie Irving is the first victim of Betsy DeVos and her new direction in education...
From champion to champion. Kyrie Irving chats with UConn women's basketball!.
Kyrie Irving is dumb because he realizes the earth is flat? The indoctrination is so real.
Yes, Kyrie Irving actually believes the earth is flat
Kyrie Irving not only believes the Earth is flat but that the jury is still out on what dinosaurs actually looked like. h…
The Warriors might have blew a 3-1 lead but at least they don't think the earth is flat. 😂😂😂 cmon Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving might be right bc water does not continue to flow on a sphere. it always runs off on the bottom .
Honestly Kyrie Irving believing in a flat earth is a blessing we're going to be roasting him for this for years to come
Kyrie Irving should be suspended by the CAVS for saying the earth is flat for Conduct Detrimental to the Team.
It's pouring rain in LA, the streets in Studio City are swallowing cars, and Kyrie Irving thinks the earth is flat. Too…
Trusting Kyrie Irving on planetary physics is like trusting a misogynistic reality tv host with the nuclear codes
On a totally different note: Kyrie Irving went to Duke University but doesn't believe that the Earth is round. That's special right there.
Kyrie Irving reveals he believes the Earth is flat.
Kyrie Irving believes that planet 🌎 is flat. . Let that sink in for a hot minute. .
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Really confused how someone like Kyrie Irving can be a multimillionaire athlete, go to Duke, and still legitimately think…
Kyrie Irving thinks the world looks like a Fathead...dummy
📈 Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat. It is not.
Cavs' Kyrie Irving: The Earth is flat, and 'they' are lying to us
Kyrie Irving went to Duke University and genuinely believes that our planet is flat. If you're paying tuition to Duke, pull yo…
Does Kyrie Irving think he's a professional frisbee player?
BREAKING : Donald Trump confirms Kyrie Irving as head of NASA.
Reminder: Kyrie Irving got admitted to Duke. Yeah, THAT Duke. Can we remember that next time Coach K mounts his san…
World-renowned geologist and former head of science at Duke University, Prof. Kyrie Irving, has confirmed that the earth is u…
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. (it's not)
Kyrie Irving of the believes that the Earth is flat. He either has a concussion or spoke with the Secretary of Educat…
I found the source of Kyrie Irving's confusion on this subject.
Jimmy Butler just said if he could play with one player in the NBA, he would play with Kyrie Irving.
If Val Kilmer and Kyrie Irving had a baby, would they name it Valkyrie?
Somebody introduce Kyrie Irving to Eratosthenes. Also Galileo & Johannes Kepler while we're at it.
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So we just gonna forget about Kyrie Irving , Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye,…
Kyrie Irving speaks on not resting and playing against Russell Westbrook
A full-length "Uncle Drew" movie starring Kyrie Irving is coming soon.
Crazy to think the Cavs could have drafted Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving.
Kyrie Irving doesn't care about you.
Kyrie Irving will be the best player in the league in 3-5 years. 👨🏽‍💻.
Kyrie irving the clutchest player ever drafted in the 2000's
Kyrie Irving is the most clutch player in the NBA hands down!
Kyrie Irving's clutch 3 tonight looked just like his NBA Finals game-winner.
Kyrie Irving is the BEST scoring guard in Not Not but That is al…
Kyrie Irving making it look way too easy! .
Looks like Kyrie Irving has a knack for abusing anyone with the last name Curry.
Kyrie Irving was off all game, LeBron goes down in OT, he takes the game over. That's what great players do! Kyrie Irv…
There's no other point guard in the NBA that's more clutch than Kyrie Irving. I don't know how he does it smh.
Kyrie Irving nails the dagger three. Look familiar? Same move he's used on the Warriors twice! 🔥. (📽: YT/Ximo Pierto) https…
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Carmelo Anthony isn't a good fit with the Cavaliers because he will take the ball out of Kyrie Irving's hands.
If you ask me Kyrie Irving the best pg in the last decade don't @ me
Kyrie Irving added 11 in OT to help the Cavs get the W.
Kyrie Irving takes over in OT as LeBron sits out with 6 fouls.
Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, Jason Williams, Shaq and Dennis Scott are involved in this
dang Chris. You look like an ugly version of Kyrie Irving
Just wondering, where are Kyrie Irving and Kyle Lowry? . Aren't they better than John Wall? 😏😼
Kyrie Irving shows off his handles as he crosses Pablo Prigioni
You are a fool of a NBA fan if you think Kyrie Irving deserved the all star starting PG position over
Hey Shaq, Kenny & Chuck, stats wise Kemba Walker & Kyrie Irving have had almost identical seasons, do u think Kemba is a reserve?
Isaiah Thomas and Russell Westbrook should be starters in the All-Star game. They deserve it more than Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry.
Kyrie Irving is just a glorified Aaron Brooks TBH
Think about this lineup Kyrie Irving, Jr Smith, Korver, Lebron James ,Kevin Love/Frye. Yikes!!
Damien Lillard and Kyrie Irving gave me a combined 11 fantasy points. That's real great
According to Bleacher report Kemba Walker is better than Kyrie Irving, Damien Lillard, and Isaiah Thomas
NEWS: Lebron James and Kyrie Irving are first and second in overall All-Star votes, thus far.
Lebron James, Love, and Kyrie Irving are going to turn Korver into a flamethrower
There are five East PG's who have All-Star cases: Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Isaiah Thomas and Kemba Walker. All…
Kyrie Irving has been studying Dwyane Wade to help him become a better team-mate for LeBron - Believe The Hype
if you see your favorite player. Lebron James. Kyrie Irving. Russel Westbrook. Harrison Barnes. Kevin Durant. John Wall.
Kyrie Irving vowed to pay Richard Jefferson's fine for winking at Kevin Durant after dunking on him
Warriors undone by Kyrie Irving jumper on Christmas - SF Gate Kyrie means, Lord (as in God in heaven) in Greek!
I hope he is paying Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving's kid's college tuition. They made him the…
I think Kyrie Irving likes playing against the
I want to see Kyrie Irving play in the NBA All- Star game 2017 and watch him break ankles and cross people😀
Lebron James on Kyrie Irving after the Cavs' win over Warriors: "The kid is special. It was never in doubt.". WATCH:
Kyrie Irving and the Cavs gave a very Merry Christmas 🎄
Before yall forget. Kyrie Irving is unguardable
How good is Kyrie Irving. I just love that guy.
With another collapse against the Cavaliers, the Warriors found themselves in an all-too-familiar position
Rain drop. Drop Top. Kyrie Irving beat the warriors again with another jump shot
LeBron; Kyrie Irving debut new signature sneakers on Christmas Day
Steph Curry was having flashbacks to what Kyrie Irving did to him in the playoffs 😂😭😂
Kyrie Irving is the mayor of San Fran
Kyrie Irving playing in the Nike Kyrie 3 Christmas Day PE for the first time vs. Golden State
Kyrie Irving had a very happy Christmas. It looked a lot like Game 7 of the 2016 Finals.
KYRIE IRVING! 🔥🔥🔥. Kyrie hits the game-winner as the rally to beat the 109-108.
Rain drop . Drop top. Warriors lost again due to a Kyrie Irving jump shot
Groundhog Day on Christmas Day: Kevin Durant's big night can't prevent another Warriors collapse vs. Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving has been unstoppable ever since Kehlani cheated on him, proving once again that heartbreak is the greatest motivat…
Wonder where Kyrie Irving got that fadeaway from? 😴🔥🐐🐍
Kyrie Irving on meeting the Bucks in the postseason: "It would be great to go 4 games against them" 💀😭.
Pretty sure its GSW who decided to let Richard Jefferson cook them in the 4th and Kyrie Irving who made a ridiculous shot to win
Kyrie Irving's incredible over-the-shoulder pass to Tristan Thompson is the Right Combination.
Remember that time Kyrie Irving hit the game winning shot against Golden State? There's too many I'm not sure which one your talking about
Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew in the Pepsi max commercial is hilarious 10/10 recommend
I hope my son has a pair of golden balls like Kyrie Irving.
Kyrie Irving had a career-high 13 assists last night, in his 334th NBA game. John Wall had 13 assists in his...3rd NBA game…
And as soon as I type that, the Bucks go on a mini-spurt and Ty Lue calls for Kyrie Irving in a 13-point game.
Best point guard in the east?. I go back-and-forth between Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas.
Lebron James and Kyrie Irving shine as the Cavaliers once again outlast Kyle Lowry and the feisty Raptors:
Assist of the Night: Kyrie Irving dazzles on the dribble then drops it off over his shoulder to Tristan Thompson for the flush…
De'Aaron Fox has a heck of a list of comps: Derrick Rose, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Dejounte Murray, and Nigel Williams-Goss
I'm not going to lie.. I'd take Gordon Heyward on my team before Kyrie Irving too. He's super underrated
Jayson Tatum with the fadeaway. Kyrie Irving is loving it.
r to l: Harrison Barnes, Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger, Kyrie Irving, Perry Jones. Jones is the only one I'm not…
Perry jones, Kyrie Irving, jared Sullinger, brandon Knight, Harrison Barnes. I remember this from
John Wall never perform like Kyrie Irving in the Playoffs
Kyrie Irving: Kevin Love could break a crazy all time scoring record if I give him the ball. Also Kyrie: I can get up a…
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Players in the bottom 30 in DRPM so far this season: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Andrew Wi…
ESPN and their NBA rank is a joke. Theres actually people that think Damien Lillard is better than Kyrie Irving.
Joakim Noah is averaging more assists than Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Kemba Walker, D'Angelo Russell, Kyle Lowry, and Er…
John Wall, Kyrie Irving, D Wade, Jimmy Butler, Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker. He's not making it over any of em.
Kyrie Irving & Kyle Lowry trade triples in Toronto!
A high school Kyrie Irving with Lebron James back in 2009 at one of LeBron's camps. Who would have thought they would win a…
NBA A to Z diary: Kyrie Irving poised for best season yet: It's just a small sample size, but Irvi...
Lebron James and Kyrie Irving were both on 🔥🔥🔥 @ Quicken Loans Arena
Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving & Russell Westbrook all worked out with Kobe during the offseason: . Kawhi: 35-5-3-5. Kyrie: 29-…
Kawai Leonard and Kyrie Irving both went off tonight.After shadowing Kobe all summer with them 6a.m. Workouts. 🐐…
Kyrie Irving is a bad man. Will make a run at MVP. Cavs' closer.
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