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Kylo Ren

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If Kylo Ren rules the galaxy with his son by his side, he would have succeeded where Darth Vader failed.
If Kylo Ren wants to be the father he had, he’ll plan to rule the galaxy with the baby.
If Kylo Ren starts to like the baby, he’ll want to be the father he wished he had.
If Kylo Ren keeps holding the baby, he’ll start to like the baby.
If you give Kylo Ren a baby, he’s probably not going to know what to do.
I really really hope that Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) look like this in "The Last Jedi" 🌿
Privileged to have both Karnowski and Kylo Ren as math teachers this year
I liked a video from Kylo Ren's TRUE Identity
Imagine dominant Kylo Ren dominating a submissive version of himself. I'd like that even more than Huxcest.
Free on Star Wars - Kylo Ren piggy bank . Get it here -
At Sapporo Snow Festival, there was a 40 years of Star Wars snow sculpture featuring C-3PO... and Kylo Ren and BB-8
"Fear is the path to the Dark Side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering." - Kylo Ren
Wait does Kylo Ren know Rey's name ,like he never said it .Did he say it and I just miss it ?
📷 kylodaily: Kylo Ren was probably the hardest character to conquer. Throughout the years there have...
If Anakin’s force ghost appears in Episode 8, would you rather see him speak to Luke or Kylo Ren?
and she doesn't take her admiration of Kylo Ren to its logical conclusion
Order Miche Bag Online!
Big Kylo Ren does not believe in the Leia Bug. "She is behind you," says Tiny Kylo Ren. 'Nerd," says Big Kylo Ren. "?" say…
*singing to herself* . Kylo Ren... Kylo Ren... He'll never return. to the light again...
I fully endorse the flag that looks like Kylo Ren.
I'm tired of people saying Kylo Ren isn't a good sigh because he lost to Rey.
Kylo Ren goes and Cute photos and fun included!
I thought Kylo Ren already murked him on that bridge
I don't remember lol I had it this time last year when I first drove to my school
8 news: FIRST LOOK images of Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and Executioner Stormtroopers in .
before i forget this again, concept:. Kylo Ren as Roy Mustang and Armitage Hux as Riza Hawkeye
Adam Driver is going to be in a musical w/ Rihanna. I can only hope this doesn't inspire Kylo Ren to be a cantina club singer on Mos Eisley.
Shoutout to man in his 40s opposite me on metro w/ Pokémon hat, Kylo Ren bag, space invader fingerless gloves, reading Halo - Last Light
c'mon y'all this is easy. it means Paul George and Jimmy Butler are in True Detective S3, Kylo Ren is a Jedi, and Taylor…
Solo (1/?): this is the most obvious and most plausible Adam Driver (dude who plays Kylo Ren) is in his early 30s so
but can't you understand that Adam Driver looks nothing like Kylo Ren?!
Balon and Euron Greyjoy looking like Han Solo and Kylo Ren right now
Need petition for Bob Newhart to play Anakin's ghost in new Star Wars movies so he can tell Kylo Ren to "Stop it!"?
news "Hayden Christensen will return as Force ghost in to save Kylo Ren"…
Happy birthday thanks for looking like Kylo Ren and liking Star Wars as much as me:) have a great…
LEGO Star Wars - Kylo Ren minifigure with light saber
Kylo Ren flanked by two TIE Fighters arrives at the ancient Jedi Temple art by Troy David Mill
Kylo Ren: *high pitched voice* I love you Kylo Ren. You're the best dark Jedi ever. General Hux: *walks in* Stop playi…
Every time I see a Kylo Ren meme I am reminded how horrible Adam Driver was in the role.
Kathleen Kennedy will give us more of Kylo Ren. Donald Trump will give us more of the KKK.
Finn was bored, Poe did some menial task, but Luke and Kylo Ren shared all the load!
Adam Driver has teased what we can expect from Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”
Adam Driver says Kylo Ren will show "humanity" in Episode VIII
Went to Downtown Disney and what did I buy? A Kylo Ren build a bear
Kylo Ren & (Husbando) Hux would have a Restaurant Impossible type show, cuz between them they both like to get angry, shout and smash things
I started 2017 in Kylo Ren pajamas and playing Lego Star Wars. Only downside is that I feel like absolute death. 🤘🏻
Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo). . The template for Kylo Ren, Han and Leia's son in the EU. Prolly the finest Sith Lord o…
This is all Kylo Ren's fault. Killing Han Solo pushed Princess Leia over the edge smh
📷 Kylo Ren!!! I’ve recently been crushing really *** Adam Driver and I just had to draw him c’:
Long story short, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) stabs him with his lightsaber. Well, Harrison Ford has said he didn't regret this,
Paterson is out today. Quite possibly my fave Jim Jarmusch film, & starring Adam Driver as a bus-driving poet (Kylo Ren on his days off?)
Silence - The movie where Spiderman and Kylo Ren team up to rescue Ras Al Ghul on the orders of Mance Rayder.
SILENCE. In the 17th century, priests Spider-Man II & Kylo Ren must go to Japan to save their mentor, Ras Al Ghul...
So, Spider-Man, Kylo Ren and Ra's Al Ghul walk into a bar...
Ethan Craft and Kylo Ren are long lost brothers
Eddie Redmayne auditioned for the part of Kylo Ren with a scene from "Pride and Prejudice"—it went poorly.
"Bajrangi Bhaijaan"Eddie Redmayne auditioned for role of Kylo Ren in 'Star Wars' -
Get the details on Kylo Ren's new Episode 8 look
Kylo Ren takes his Vader obsession to the next level
Kylo Ren could be more like Darth Vader in Star Wars 8.
You're killing me Hayden Christiansen! People think Kylo Ren is emo? Anakin is the Fall Out Boy of Star Wars.
When a boy tries to impress me with a Star Wars reference, but they get Captain Phasma mixed up with Kylo Ren.
I bet Kylo Ren is gonna have a Prince Zuko arc
Kylo Ren and Rey posing for a selfie at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Parade of Wonders…
My friend got me thinking. Galactic Empire, Palpatine, Order 66, New Republic, First Order, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is applicable to us now!
ICYMI: According to Adam Driver, the man behind Kylo Ren, you can expect a touch of Empire in Star Wars: Episode 8!
Kylo Ren is a mail carrier who delivers a "You May Have Already Won One Million Dollars in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes" -
So...this is why you don't give me Photoshop. Tom Hiddleson as a Na'vi and Kylo Ren as a...cartoon kid?? Idfk
Adam Driver Discusses the Tone of 'Episode VIII': By: Dominic JonesAdam Driver, the actor who plays Kylo Ren ...
Star Wars AU where everything is the same but Kylo Ren is played by Michael Cera.
Hope Solo disgracing the Solo family name more than Kylo Ren.
Star Wars black series $15 for the figures $25 for the speeder bike, Ver 2 Rey ver 1 Kylo Ren
I highly doubt it but maybe the movie itself will prove me wrong. I was wrong about Finn, Kylo Ren and Star Wars Ep 7.
"Spoiler alert: Kylo Ren is the dad."
Remember that one time Kylo Ren made me a giggly nervous wreck? Same. @ Star Wars Launch Bay
Still so weird to see Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker figurines appearing on television to advertise Disneyland
IMFO, at the moment anyways . Kylo Ren theme > Darth Vader theme
If episode 8 doesn't have Finn and Rey beating up Kylo Ren in the style of Bucky and Steve beating up Tony in civil war what did I pay for??
My dad wore a mask to survive horrific lava burns. Kylo Ren wears a mask to make his voice sound deeper. Some kids ne…
PS Vita Roundup: Star Wars' Kylo Ren, he's not a Jedi, he's a very naughty boy...
Kylo Ren action figure fell & landed like this. Take that, you patricidal naughty boy!
Kylo Ren and Darth Revan look very similar. I heard this was intentional. Maybe a homage or an allusion.
Adam Driver was right about Kylo Ren being a good cook
I'm back, but I am now Darth Revan. Say goodbye to Kylo Ren...
I don't envy Kylo Ren's mind reading powers. Frankly, if everyone could hear my thoughts, I'd be locked away in a mental hospital. Instantly
Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux in The Force Awakens ft. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
I'm sorry. I love Star Trek too, but there is no General Hux and no Kylo!
I think I have a thing for emotionally unstable villains with dark hair. Loki, Kylo Ren, John!Michael, Crowley, Dean
And they based Kylo Ren off of Jaina's twin brother Jacen.
Kylo Ren personally asked me to give these letters to some of the good folk attending anime north.
6. Kylo Ren & Snoke—supreme leader, ugly monster dude or whatever—just are NOT intimidating. Vader & Palpatine, just too good at being bad.
to win final you need Vader, Kylo Ren & Emperor with you & all 3 need to dance too - full power of the Dark Side!
Hamilton Collection
Hehe xDD "Franky, Satele Shan, Jango Fett, and Ruffy raid Kylo Ren's camp while he is hunting."
Han Solo reuniting with Kylo Ren after all those years changed Han's life forever.
If you stand in front of a mirror and say "Kylo Ren" three times, he'll appear and stab you like you're Han Solo.
Holby City "-the bedside manner of Kylo Ren or Lord Voldemort". I am done.
Kylo Ren would never force you to join the Dark Side, but if you stay on the light side he'll probably kill you.
Kylo Ren commission, drawn for pickup at the Middle East Film and Comic-Con in Dubai next week!
At last night's First Order karaoke night Kylo Ren and General Hux did Opposites Attract. Kylo Ren was Paula Abdul, Hux was MC Skat Kat.
though the Kylo Ren one is kinda like one long red hot chili pepper
My 11yr old's favorite SW character is Kylo Ren. He calls him "the guy who killed his dad." I'm going to start sleeping with one eye open.
KYLO REN.bc cancers are cry babies??...IM NOT A CRY BABY OKAY I do not . LISTEN
What did Kylo do when he got mad at his parents?. He Ren away
How did I miss that McCall's now has patterns for Rey and Kylo Ren? and
> snapshot from a time gone by, when Kylo Ren was Ben Solo, a happy child. The picture was weathered and faded from being carried around >
My semester is over next week. Producers/directors: book me with for some new scenes
Today in work some waine told me he loves Kylo Ren because ''his 'baddyness' is so good he makes Rey sad''
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A new book reveals how turned evil:
"Yes you can, you punched Kylo Ren for Jawa's sake. You can do this. Besides you are being promoted to Lieutenant Commander-
Would you rather Be in a lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren or Be in a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader?
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever, I love you Kylo Ren ❤️
Only my mom would try to hug kylo ren😂
by most I mean all except the Kylo Ren sticker sheet because I ain't no Kylo trash.
When Adam Driver is on an episode of law and order😭😭 Kylo ren what you doin
Kylo Ren is a drama queen villain wanna be and I will fight to the death about that
If you discuss Star Wars with me, you'll meet the 1 woman Kylo Ren defense squad
Happy Mother's Day to my tv mom, Kylo Ren can kiss my toned ***
Celebrate May the 4th at PS Store with steep Star Wars deals & this free LEGO Kylo Ren theme https…
"And an answer to your last thought, your welcome." - Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren screaming to Finn, after KILLING HIS OWN FATHER:. "TRAITOR!" . cc
I drew Kylo Ren and Scarlett Witch and Wonder Woman and The Flash. Bruce Lee and Harry Potter. All for excited children. It made me happy.
Tbh Ezra Miller could prob be a better Kylo Ren than Adam Driver but that's a conversation for another day.
You shut your mouth. Adam Driver was a great Kylo Ren.
Jedi Trials of the Temple is new show for kids at Studios - they face Vader, Kylo Ren & battle their fears
That was it! Kylo Ren's mask reminds me of the Masterchef logo!! .
Kylo Ren was a beast in the new Star Wars. Until he got his *** beat
Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren is seriously creepy in new extended TV ad for Star Wars The Force Awa:
Documentary I've been working for the past month is done - here's how Kylo Ren goes from concept art to videogame... ht…
Mike Golic Sr. in the Kylo Ren mask. Kylo the wanna be Darth Vader
DVR Alert: Garrison Titan's TK, Kylo Ren and Darth Vader will be appearing on KING-5 TV's "New Day Northwest"...
Everytime I read the name of Kylo Ren (Star Wars), I think of O'Ren Ishii (Kill Bill). Brains are awesome. Sorry,
Kylo Ren knows exactly how to get under General Hux's skin.
Kylo Ren was violently angry because he has the same voice as Tom Green.
Mom saw a commercial for the Star Wars build a bears & laughed & said I wanted the Kylo Ren one. The thing is. http…
It took me until the season one finale of Girls to realise that Adam was Kylo Ren. But I don't like Star Wars sof like whatever
Me: Who's your favorite in the new Star Wars movie?. 5-year-old: Kylo Ren. I'm suddenly very concerned with where our…
Kylo Ren: I can't read your mind! How are you resisting me?!. Rey: Occlumency lessons from Professor Snape. who is MAx von Sydow. Why/how does he have the map, why IS there a map? How does Kylo Ren's hair fit in that helmet
Kylo Ren chooses to be evil but doesn't seem to relish in it or take any enjoyment from it like, I 'unno, Emperor Palpatine or something.
Can't believe someone hasn't made a gif of Adam Driver from Inside llewyn Davis singing Outer Space in his Kylo Ren outfit.
We're giving away a pair of passes for the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con to a random follower who can answer: What is Kylo Ren's real name?
My son's cast is red; he calls it either Kylo Ren's lightsaber or a Storm Trooper arm canon (a la Mega Man). The Force is strong in this one
Kylo Ren: Please tell me we've got a better plan this time. General Hux: We learned from our mistakes. *starts build…
Kelly Olynk is just Kylo Ren with down syndrome
[Self] WIP Kylo Ren for Phoenix Comicon This post was automatically fetched from Redditt via /r/co
careful Ventress. 'I' am no Kylo Ren. I am ageless. I have always lurked in the shadow. I AM Darkness. Now Go! +
"If you killed Kylo Ren on the floor of Starkiller Base, and the trial was in Starkiller Base, nobody would convict you.” -General Hux
Random Musing of the Day: Voice of Anton Chigurh + Voice of Bane = Voice of Kylo Ren.
Is it just me, or is Kylo Ren's command shuttle functionally stupid in design? That huge wing span is nothing more than a big ole target
Fair, we're only making the comparisons b/c I wrote about Cruz today: he's Kylo Ren :)
good morning I dreamt I was playing Keepings Off with my primary school friends & Allison Argent at the park & Kylo Ren was the mastermind
Someone should bring Boba Fett back and make him hunt down Kylo Ren..
Star Wars spoilers ahead. 1) stop trying to make Death Stars happen. 2) if Kylo Ren is Han's son, shouldn't he be Kylo Solo?
Kylo Ren looks like the love child of Keanu Reeves and Tommy Wiseau.
Rahm Emanuel thinks he's Emperor Palpatine but he's obviously Kylo Ren.
Rumor is Batman has to nuke Gotham or kill his son , who's revealed to be Kylo Ren. John Wilkes Booth kills Han Solo though
And basically me(Rey), Leia and Han Solo got cornered by Kylo Ren and Darth Vadar (which why r u alive) and I almost peed myself
Darth Vadar. whoops ||. song: idk. cc: stellar edits. ; My question for you, Kylo Ren ... (Vine by mad kenobi)
Top tip: ruin Girls by pointing and yelling "Kylo Ren, everyone!" each time you see Adam Driver's *** on screen.
Joel Edgerton was Anakin's stepbrother. Anakin is Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) granddaddy.
Kylo Ren: Join me in the Knights of Ren. Black Knight: None shall pass. Kylo Ren: So be…
I think the fall of Kylo Ren was a trick. Maybe a force ghost of vader appeared to him and got him to join, but it was really Snoke
Notice: St. Patrick's Day has been canceled, and replaced with "Darth Vader's Day" by order of Kylo Ren. Don't wear gree…
Star Wars official site just posted an interview with Tom about the time we got to dress Adam Drive as Kylo Ren... htt…
Han: Will you please try to be a better son?. Kylo Ren: I'll take a stab at it.
1) I /do not/ answer to Kylo Ren, he answers to em. 2) Lets see the force save you when a giant death ray is smashing 1/2
My takeaway from watching the Hey Arnold! movie from 2002 is that Helga was Kylo Ren all this time-- not Ben Solo.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I just went to Five Below and bought myself a blue-bladed Kylo Ren lightsaber for $4... I'm in love w it 😂😂😂
Way to kill all the padawans, Kylo Ren. No one has ever thought of that before. Your only Dark Side power is plagiari…
And at the end of the day, it's still canon to me. Kylo Ren is nothing compared to Jacen Solo
Hey internet! Time to stop posting Kylo Ren pix and start posting the same pic of Spiderman that everyone's already seen f…
Is it bad that I want a Disney Infinity Kylo Ren? I don't even play the game I just want a Kylo Ren on my desk for less than $20.
Kylo Ren: I don't understand what's wrong with my computer. [computer is covered in lightsaber burns]. IT guy: Did yo…
So looking forward to Shaq as Chewbacca's dad and Verne Troyer as mini-Kylo Ren. Excellent casting.
Kylo Ren looks happy with his Star Wars print. I think.
People I would rather have for prez than Trump: Jerry Seinfeld, Danny Devito, a bookbag, Solid Snake, a cheese puff, Kylo Ren, Bruce Willis.
For someone who claims they want to "be like Darth Vader;" Kylo Ren has some serious Snape hair action going on...
Still not sure who the worst version of a Solo son is: Kylo Ren or Jacen
Kylo Ren once killed a Wookiee with nothing but his hands. Later that night he held a barbeque. It was ok. The meat …
Kylo Ren. Currently doing requests on at
Lor San Tekka: I know where you come from, before you called yourself "Kylo Ren".
I think I have a thing for Kylo Ren.
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Best Waffle House memory: didn't finish her waffle. So I lean in and say "let me be the Kylo Ren to your Darth Vader"
Why did Kylo Ren cross the road. wait for it. To get to the Dark Side!! . I know it's comedy gold, I'm here all week.
LIVE on Painting my 3D printed Kylo Ren lightsaber: Day 2
Mom. "Adam did you get a kylo ren tattoo?". Me. "Yeah i love it.". Mom. "He isn't even one of the coolest characters.". 😑
Remember Kylo Ren found and questioned him and him only before killing everyone.
Hi I recently made this cool looking Kylo Ren picture, feel free to share it with everyone else! :)
I need it to be Wednesday already so I can hav my kylo ren figure,,,
Theres rlly cool kylo ren and yoda lightsabers in the disney shop but they didn't fold down and they won't fit in my suitcase
Found my new best friend: this woman confronted with a live rendition of emo Kylo Ren
A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Kylo Ren had an eight pack, that Kylo Ren was shredded
*gets up wary of General.* No one could put up with that. And don't get me started on Kylo...
Kylo Ren: I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?. Han: Kill your…
I can relate to Kylo Ren sm bc we are both emotionally unstable, have anger issues and we both love Anakin Skywalker
& follow for a chance to win a exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren Pop!
The first flight of the SS Kylo Ren was a rousing success.
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not to worry Kylo this is my pleasure...
"W..what Rey?!" . He would say angrily. The pain still throbbing in his chest.
Tumblr imagines what it was like raising Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens via
"I can show you the ways of the Force" - Kylo Ren
I once again have a 5yo!!! . 🎉5️⃣🎉 (apparently a villainous 5yo though, lol)(pic is 5yo dressed as Kylo Ren)
I liked a photo on When you realise your dog is Kylo Ren... By
He would slowly turn, slowly stopping his force choking.
Kylo Ren once had to embark on a long journey with General Hux to destroy the one ring. Kylo Ren saved middle earth. Then Hux blew it up.
The Kaz Hirai parody account may be the best parody account of all time alongside the Kylo Ren one.
Next time Kylo Ren sees his apprentice, I'll be even more Dark Lady of the Sith appealing…
Or Star Wars fans who ship Rey with Kylo Ren. We should consider these things when wondering why like, 50 Shades of Grey was successful.
//Who should I rp as next? Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Albert Wesker, Ansem (2nd Time) or The Joker (Heath Ledger or Animated).
Han and Leia said they divorced because Kylo Ren went to the Dark Side. But really they got into a huge fight assembli…
While watching Girls I pretend Elijah is Elder Price after the mission & Adam plays himself and is gonna land that role of Kylo Ren any day.
Kylo Ren red bean fish ice cream is the best red bean fish ice cream. (It says: "Conquering the universe of taste!")
I mean, Kylo Ren is Jacen, and Rey is a softer Jaina. But we lose the fantastic Mara Jade, and that ***
Love Rey, but that Kylo Ren is so weak
4. My best friend. Their name is Susy and they LOVE CATS and Kylo Ren and Scott Hartnell and the Philadelphia Flyers. ilthem
Dream Last Night:. Obtained the master sword and fought and killed Kylo Ren. 😅 . Definitely top 5 dreams ever.
Side note: I've been seeing a lot of similarities between Zuko and Kylo Ren. The main difference is Zuko had Uncle Iroh to guide him.
that Prized Possession is my Luke Skywalker Lightsaber and my backpack that came with a Kylo Ren sleeping bag
What if Kylo Ren's dad had been Malcolm Reynolds instead.. Mal wouldn't have gone on the catwalk
Rey: "You seem very sad and depressed. I know that the new Jedi Order got killed by Kylo Ren, but that wasn't your fault."
A kid with superpowers is on the run from Kylo Ren in the trailer for sci-fi movie ‘Midnight Special.'
Adam Driver? Interesting choice. He can certainly do dark natured! Not that Valentine's quite as bad as Kylo Ren!
Alright but Adam Driver is like so hot as Kylo Ren . He's hot all the time but something about Kylo just really rustles my jimmies
Vader was modelled after samurai and Kylo Ren was modelled after the templar knights
Pak Boris: "Ah yes katanya the new US ambassador to Serbia just arrive today namanya Mr. Kyle Randolph Scott". Me: "Kylo Ren what??"
I liked a video from Kylo Ren meet-and-greet debuts at Disney's Hollywood Studios,
I liked a video from Kylo Ren vs Luke Skywalker (Canon)
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mary-sues: I decided to torture myself and read that self insert Kylo Ren fan fiction and, first and...
psst one time I tried to draw Kylo Ren as a Tarot card (it failed but still kinda worked??)
Allen Americans hockey with William, Vader and Kylo Ren (at in Allen, TX)
w/out comment:. Jim Stark, to parents, Rebel Without a Cause: "You're tearing me apart!". Kylo Ren, to his dad, SW:TFA: "I'm being torn apart"
Walk with confidence as if you're General Hux/Kylo Ren. Command the room. Force choke people out of your w-wait no don't do that.
David Schwimmer’s Kylo Ren hair could turn us to the Dark Side.
Star Wars branding has gone too far - Kylo Ren rides BB-8 and plays flaming bagpipes in the rain
The first order is an equal opportunity employer. You have an equal chance of dying on the front line, dying by Kylo Ren, or dying from dumb
Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, and Adam Driver in the same movie = Spider-Man, Qui Gon Jinn, and Kylo Ren together ??
mood: Kylo Ren becoming increasingly frustrated trying to untangle his skull candy earbuds
Still find it weird that Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron guested on a Justin Timberlake record
I have done some maths and determined that Rey is 19, Finn is 23, Kylo Ren is 29 and Poe Dameron is 32.
I had a dream that there was a Jedi prom, and nobody invited Kylo Ren to go with them to the prom, and that's why he went to the Dark Side.
Kylo Ren: grandpa when I grow up I wanna be just like you. Ghost Anakin: you're just copying me to get power you copy cat lit…
went to books-a-million while you were sleeping, they had a Kylo Ren light saber.
Really liked Frances Ha, made all the better by bonus Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren its a shame to the Star Wars saga.. Ridiculous emo..
Ben Solo in the streets, Kylo Ren in the Sheets
Anakin Skywalker & Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side because of Babri Masjid Demolition.
Azor Ahai has a sword of flame. Jon Snow is Kylo Ren confirmed.
Kylo Ren: Hey, why is my paycheck so low?. General Hux: Damages. Maybe you should stop throwing temper tantrums with y…
Raiden, King Scrawl, Falco, Ryu, Kylo Ren, Ian Malcolm, and Owen Grady all have an orgy in the middle of the Gobi Desert
How are we meant to defeat ISIS when Kylo Ren goes all Jihadi John on that old guy within the first 15 minutes of Force A…
Kylo Ren goes on Undercover Boss in SNL’s requisite Star Wars sketch
pitched a Kylo Ren tantrum with this news: Episode VIII date postponed 7 months
Kylo Ren cause when he starts to loose, he will loose his temper and go beast mode on darth maul, after he uses...
I'm pretty sure Kylo Ren goes to my yoga studio...
The Undercover boss Kylo Ren skit made me lose my mind lmfao
I'm sorry but I talked about the SNL Kylo Ren video on my show long before Chris Moyles on radio X
"Congrats to Lane Kiffin!" - Nickelback, Golden Corral, Axe Body Spray, Crocs, Kylo Ren and Guys with designs on the ba…
I am shocked that we haven't seen the TOTALLY OBVIOUS mashup of Tiny Toons and The Force Awakens. Where's my Buster/Kylo Ren?
This cat is taking over the internet because it looks exactly like Kylo Ren from Star Wars.. https…
thought. This was perfect. Kylo Ren would lead him straight to power once again. "Tell me what you know about Luke +
I like how Kylo Ren has immediately become a cultural punch line.
Kylo Ren is totally Darth Bae amirite? And Greg Grunberg is Porkins 2.0.
This is the Kylo Ren undercover boss video and its so funny I'm dead
If Adam Driver is anything think Kylo Ren he's destroying the green room now that SNL will be starting even later
How/Where do you think Kylo Ren met Snoak? Thanks for your time.
So last time I was at Disneyland, I was waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with my new Kylo Ren saber. A kid with the (1/2)
imagine Kylo Ren taking off the helmet and he's Ross from Friends
I saw Kylo Ren birthday card: "I've waited a long time for this. Wishing you a happy birthday is the First…
Captain American in training. No fear taking on Kylo Ren!
I'm hoping Kylo Ren to pull a Vegeta in the next Star Wars movie. That would be unexpected.
Real talk, if Kylo Ren was Micheal Cera when he took of the mask, I woulda stood up and clapped for five minutes
*Kylo Ren and Darth Vader go to lunch*. Darth: "I am stuffed, I can't eat another bite.". Kylo: "I will finish what you…
(And now, SNL will do a Dermot Mulroney/Dylan McDermott follow-up: Riley Keough, Kylo Ren, or Rilo Kiley)
Isn't it weird that we have never seen Kylo Ren and JP from Grandmas Boy in the same room?
Kylo Ren is not a Sith Lord. My god, do you know how hard is it for me to get that title? I have to kill several knights and Jedi Masters
Honestly who came up with the name Kylo Ren why couldn't they just stick with Darth Caedus
ep 8 spoiler Kylo Ren returns to Hogwarts where he falls in love with Lily Evans
*came home from Jedi school* . My name's not Ben, it's Kylo Ren, and I'm the dark knight leader of the Knights of Ren now.
Listen up, I dueled with Darth Vader. I knew Darth Vader. Darth Vader was a friend of mine. Kylo Ren, you…
Pretty sure Kylo Ren got his first big break in Grandmas Boy
*answers phone*. me: "Hello". Kylo Ren: "Tell me again about the time you cut uncle Luke's hand off". me: "Kylo, it's 3…
Kylo Ren, what's up with the cape?. It serves no purpose. If you're cold, stop being pretentious and put on a coat.
The dude they picked to play Kylo Ren for Star Wars reminds me of the nerdy dude from grandmas boy lmao
Kylo Ren was an awful Jedi student. He said he didn't need to learn all that Light Side stuff. His real passion was i…
Now I want to see the equivalent of Kylo Ren to Dark Helmet. Maybe an attractive woman not taken seriously as being geeky?
THIS SEASON ON GIRLS: "Hannah, I hear Adam goes by Kylo Ren now." Shoshanna believes he'll see the light. Marnie dates a …
I think Kylo Ren is a Double Agent (but not for the Jedi)
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
When you share a car with Kylo Ren.
Looking forward to Star Wars standalone films like Rogue One and Tom Tykwer's Ren, Kylo Ren.
Hasn't anyone realized that Kylo Ren and Dark Helmet wear helmets for the same reason Cuz it looked cool on Darth Vader
» advocate of the Empire, avenger and heir of Lord Vader. As far as he's concerned, Ben Solo is dead. He is Kylo Ren. [ End of solo ]
Kylo Ren is the Dark Side's equivalent of a sexually frustrated nerd who puts on a Guy Fawkes mask and harasses girl gamers online.
The Dark Force Kin a mission on Mon Calamari forces Kylo Ren to confront his body image issues
The one day I leave my phone home is the day they have a huge Kylo Ren statue in the theater lobby.
Kylo Ren must still have some good in him. Remember when he got George and Lorraine McFly back together?
Also who in their right mind would replace an awesome name like Darth Caedus with Kylo Ren, he's not even a Darth!
To everyone who thinks Adam Driver was not the perfect human to play Kylo Ren, you're wrong.
The last time I sent my nephew Kylo Ren a birthday card, I didn't put any money in it. Now he is a Sith Lord. It is n…
"Kylo Ren" is what would happen if the All-American Rejects built a Sith Lord.
Real original, Kylo Ren. Like you're the first kid to become a Sith Lord because your parents divorced.
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