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Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan (born December 14, 1979) is an NFL offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. Shanahan, at 28 years, 26 days old, became the youngest coordinator in the NFL when he was promoted by the Houston Texans on January 11, 2008. His father, Mike Shanahan, is the current head coach for the Washington Redskins.

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Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch both expected to have six-year contracts.
Kyle Shanahan, 37, will be rookie HC who is NFL's second-youngest; John Lynch, 45, will be only GM with no front-office experience.
49ers were looking to do what Denver did w John Elway and had Lynch meet w Kyle Shanahan this week. (cont)
I'm a week or so the will have Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan and John Lynch in the building in Santa Clara. That's a…
Got to hand it to 49ers. John Lynch-Kyle Shanahan is a major splash. Instantly most exciting GM-Head coach duo in NFL.
NFL Buzz: 49ers plan to offer Kyle Shanahan six-year deal to become team's head coach; would link contract length with John Lynch (ESPN) …
Confirming reports - are meeting today with Kyle Shanahan and George Paton, and will also meet with Terry McDonough on…
Kyle Shanahan: Patriots defense the biggest challenge we've had this year - ESPN
Kyle Shanahan will meet with San Francisco 49ers again Saturday
look at those numbers for Matt Ryan. Imagine what Kyle Shanahan could do with Luck still in his p…
"Cleveland: How would you like a team with Bill Belichick, Thomas Dimitroff, Kyle Shanahan, Scott Pioli, Alex...
Kyle Shanahan has faced Belichick twice:. '09 Texans: 34 Points. '11 Washington: 27 Points. He did this with Matt Schaub and…
Kyle Shanahan led Kirk Cousins to 463 yards against the Patriots. Dan Quinn was a bad throw by Russell Wilson away from winning in 2014.
Would the Bears be smart to back the Brinks truck up for Kyle Shanahan?
So, Kyle Shanahan wins the war with Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine, right?
Jay Glazer's report on Chip Kelly as a potential replacement for Kyle Shanahan is a joke, right?
I'm sorry, did Jay Glazer just say Chip Kelly is a candidate to replace Kyle Shanahan?
Jay Glazer just said Dan Quinn has three candidates to replace Kyle Shanahan. One is Chip Kelly and I'm not even joking.
If I'm Jim Irsay I make 3 more calls. First is to wish Pagano all the best. Second to Peyton Manning. Third to Kyle Shanahan'…
Kyle Shanahan and San Francisco are willing to work out any issues in order to bring in the right GM
Kyle Shanahan should make Jeff Garcia his QB coach.
Does think Kyle Shanahan is a fit w/ the Find out NEXT. Will Torrey Smith benefit from new HC…
if Kyle Shanahan doesn't work, go get Michigan State head coach, Mark Dantonio!!
Not just Kyle Shanahan, win = redemption for his ex-coaches: Bobby Turner, Raheem Morris, Matt LaFl…
Roddy White says advice to Kyle Shanahan would be,. "Don't be so arrogant" on
Roddy White on 680 the fan in Atlanta: Kyle Shanahan is "arrogant."
It's a shame we'll never know how Joe Barry would've done against Kyle Shanahan in the playoffs.
so surprising no team waited the Falcons out for a shot at Kyle Shanahan... strange.
People used to say the same about Kyle Shanahan. Give Scott time.
The Rams will interview Atlanta OC Kyle Shanahan day after Saturday's game against Seahawks, person with knowledge of si…
Broncos 5-man group (Elway, Ellis, Russell, Thewes, Smyth) met 4 hrs w/ Kyle Shanahan in NE Atlanta hotel. The best off cand…
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49ers interview Kyle Shanahan for coach, George Paton for GM
For almost his entire life Kyle Shanahan has for Job - head coach of the
[The Gazette] Woody Paige: Kyle Shanahan is the right choice for Denver Broncos coach
traces the history and connections of Kyle Shanahan to
here's with great info on and Kyle Shanahan -->.
how about Scott Linehan or Brad Childress, . Kyle Shanahan for hc? What about Steve Young /Brent Jones / Ronnie Lott betterthan2wins
If as expected Gary Kubiak resigns, expect ATL offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to be on Broncos radar.
GM would come from scouting staff somewhere. As far as coach, Kyle Shanahan or Josh McDaniels.
I like Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta, Todd Haley in Pitt, or Shula in Carolina... Our offense was too dry this season
HC wish list:. 1) Anthony Lynn. 2) Jim Bob *** 3) Kyle Shanahan. 4) Matt Patricia just to make u all mad
Three tight end set with Aldrick Robinson as the lone wide receiver. Kyle Shanahan does what he wants. Beautiful ba…
If Kubiak retires, I want Kyle Shanahan to be the new Head Coach of the
Kyle Shanahan probably the coordinator of the year. Revived Matt Ryan into an MVP candidate and made his offense lethally "multiple."
Doing some digging into Kyle Shanahan: Matt Schaub and RG3 had best years by far under him and Matt Ryan on pace for his 1/2
Bills have interest in coaching candidates Tom Coughlin, Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, and Anthony Lynn; IF Ryan is fired.
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it would be interesting to see what a guy like Kyle Shanahan could do w/ him. Matt Schaub & Ryan had career years w/ Shanahan.
Mike McCarthy! I don't. He's lucky he's got Rogers. If Fox is fired I'd prefer Fangio or Kyle Shanahan. *** perhaps.
My ideal front office. Steve Young as top football executive, as GM and Kyle Shanahan as coach. Get on it,
I'd like to see the Rams go get Kyle Shanahan to free Jared Goff and Todd Gurley. Some had compared Goff to Matt Ryan pre-draft.
Michael Lombardi (explains why Mike and Kyle Shanahan are smiling after Kirk Cousins' performance last night.…
I'd take Kyle Shanahan in a heartbeat & Gus Bradley as our new DC when the Jags fire him at the end of the season
Believe Herm Edwards was the one today that said Kyle Shanahan will find a way to take advantage of a matchup with someone unexpected.
Everyone I've spoken to said Kyle Shanahan is the hot HC name, not Josh McDaniels.
Can the fire John Fox and steal Kyle Shanahan from the Falcons? This offense is scary
The Broncos need to be grateful every time Kyle Shanahan sends in a passing play. Broncos doing fine against the pass, not the run
Kyle Shanahan is showing Kubiak how to run the ball 3 straight times.make that more as I type
The only other time the Gary Kubiak has faced Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan, Kubiak won in overtime.
.Funny to see Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan drinking a sugar-free Red Bull just like me and
Pleasing to find out that Kyle Shanahan might actually NOT be trash as a OC.
Atlanta offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan having a good game so far.
The commentators are just giving Kyle Shanahan all the credit 😂😂😂 lmao
Used to hate the offense but now I love it Kyle shanahan really a good OC
Surprised that Kyle Shanahan isn’t being considered for HC roles….definitely a better choice than McDaniels
I would fire Bowles at seasons end and hire Kyle Shanahan as HC. maybe I'm being unreasonable but I'm tired of watching incompetence
7, 9. I wonder if Kyle Shanahan knows his dad has resorted to ticket-scalping.
how does this sound? Draft Kizer, fire Bowles and his staff and sign Kyle Shanahan?
Man what a great job of the offense cordinator Kyle Shanahan
Kyle Shanahan gaining some country back
Being beaten by this Kyle Shanahan led offense makes this slow defensive start just a bit worse.
That Atlanta drive is what a well coordinated offense looks like. Kyle Shanahan is good at his job.
I'm sorry this isn't the Kyle Shanahan I'm looking for.
Can see Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan wants to put Broncos linebackers in coverage. There were 62...
Haven't heard from those Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan haters in a while. 7-0 ATL.
Well-devised play by Kyle Shanahan, clear out receivers, drop underneath to Tevin Coleman who takes it to DEN 15
The Falcons offense is officially for real. Will we see more of the same today?.
oddly enough (this won't be popular), everywhere Kyle shanahan has been he's had phenomenal offenses.
The Ravens really should've hired Kyle Shanahan over Trestman, Would've kept the Kubiak scheme and run to set up the pass.
Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan would have been nice
This offense makes me miss Kyle Shanahan 😂😂
marcus mariota has all the talent in the world but don't have a coach to make him great please help him kyle Shanahan
Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan's chemistry have made the Falcons the NFL's most surprising team (by
Kyle Shanahan has his work cutout for him today
Outside perspective on offense from gives you great insight as to why it's working.
The Falcons' offense is on fire ahead of today's road test in Denver. on the QB-coordinator pair behind it…
Falcons' offense now soaring with Ryan, Shanahan
A Mcdonalds Fanta is what im needing👌🏼
If Cadwell loses to PHI the coaching candidates that are on the top of my list are: Matt Patricia,Kyle Shanahan, and Kris Richard
Kyle Shanahan should be considered as the longhorns new HC.
Sometimes Babcock shouldn't get everything he wants *stares at Lou and Kyle and Shanahan*
Tevin Coleman thought Kyle Shanahan was just playing a video game all day on Sunday... "Kyle is up top, controlling Ju…
OC Kyle Shanahan returns to Denver with the NFL’s No. 1 offense
Shanahan & Kubiak: Pupil vs. Master: Kyle Shanahan returns to Denver to take on one of his o...
Anyone else remember when the Ravens interviewed Kyle Shanahan and hired Marc Trestman 😩
and that is Kyle Shanahan s problem refuses to coach to talent. Ryan haters want Watson whines better…
Bob Petrino is the equivalent of Paul Brown compared to Kyle Shanahan.
Nick Williams, Tom Compton, Aldrick Robinson all on the field for the Falcons. Kyle Shanahan is getting the band together again!
VIDEO: LOL! Matt Ryan was picked off during practice by offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. https:/…
ICYMI: and discuss if Mike Shanahan would ever be a coordinator for Kyle Shanahan
Didn't Kyle Shanahan pick up Jordan Reed? I'm lowkey excited about the TE pick
GM Thomas Dimitroff believes Matt Ryan and OC Kyle Shanahan will continue to grow together.
Spoke with Jacob Tamme about Matt Ryan's passing camp, Kyle Shanahan's offense and more:
If it means anything, Travis Benjamin had his best year the year after Kyle Shanahan left. Not while he was there.
Falcons Showing Interest in WR Travis Benjamin, According to ESPN; 978 Yds in 2015, Played for OC Kyle Shanahan in 2014
Do we still dislike Kyle Shanahan if he's the main reason we land Alex Mack and/or Travis Benjamin?
Ironically, RG III grew up a Broncos fan, and Kubes would get the full 411 from Mike and Kyle Shanahan
>> Dan Quinn: Matt Ryan is comfortable with Kyle Shanahan's scheme, believes he can
fans should thank Mike & Kyle Shanahan for introducing read-option into the NFL to stay. Split-second makes a difference
In addition to coaching WRs, Raheem Morris will also assume a role alongside OC Kyle Shanahan as the Falcons passing game …
Kyle Shanahan's future in Atlanta might change soon and Falcon fans are cool with it.
those Shanahan plays were gold during Atlanta's 7 game slide. Maybe he had Kyle fax over what'd he run lol
I think after Kyle Shanahan, teams will want more of a track record.
Holmgren HC, Shanahan OC, Seifert DC. We'll promo it as "Oldies but Goodies"
I honestly think the fall back guy in this whole coaching search is Mike Shanahan. I can't see Coughlin coming to west cst.
will he call Kyle Shanahan for tips on Power Point presentations if he wants out?
the M. Shanahan to K. Shanahan makes some sense but why not just hire K. Shanahan and bring in a Mike as an advisor to Kyle
Kyle Shanahan is blowing chunks in ATL too. My coworker rants about him daily. Lets continue to dodge the Shanahans plz.
How about hiring Coughlin to set it up to Mike Shanahan to set it up for Kyle Shanahan to set it up for three other guys? 30-year plan!
>Kalisto becoming Rey Mysterio surrogate. this is fine
Every community thing I do ends up being filled with nothing but old people
How do Thomas Dimitroff and Kyle Shanahan still have jobs?
He was so self righteous that I had to ask him if he is Kyle Shanahan, LOL
This *** !! If we are going for an old guy why not homegrown are Shanahan?
That guy eluded to Shanahan being good OC? Ask Matt Ryan what he thinks about that. (A lot of ATL peeps blame Kyle for his fall)
This chick lashed out and she aint even know Kyle Shanahan was her OC for the entire season... That includes the Win streak
you are such an *** When we were undefeated Kyle Shanahan was not our OC, like he is this year.
Rob and Rex together? I'm sorry, Buffalo. You didn't deserve this. All you're missing is Kyle Shanahan now.
- Are you listening Kyle Shanahan who is ruining my QB.
Is it bad that I'm upset no teams are requesting to interview Kyle's Shanahan?. (seriously, take him).
there were rumors of Vic wanting Kyle Shanahan as OC. It was a pretty good idea but well... Jed
Should never have left youtube in the first place
One of you gooners had faith in the redskins. who was it
>associating rap with Alexander Hamilton. Is nothing sacred
Kyle Shanahan left Kirk now look at him. Kyle came messing with Matt Ryan now look at him smh
. Pretty much don't care but. Washington has actually been doing well since they got rid of O.C. Kyle Shanahan, so there's that..
Let's get Kyle Shanahan and Cousins here in Denver
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As well as Cousins has been playing it looks like Kyle Shanahan is a qb killer.
The Redskins got rid of Kyle Shanahan, they make the playoffs. We hire Kyle Shanahan, we don't make playoffs. There's a theme here...
>most diversity-obsessed comic creators. >almost all white people. This company is a joke
Dad's home burning down didn't even make the local news
You're a little late to the party there Kyle. Shanahan is not in charge of player safety.
I've seen this all year with the Falcons, people kept blaming Kyle Shanahan for things such as fumbles and INTs
>> Will Kyle Shanahan be considered for a head coaching job?
I know it's early days still, but please pick up Kyle Shanahan!
That two point attempt was a Kyle Shanahan play!
Last coach to get flagged during a game wasn't Kyle Shanahan... it was Keith Burns @ Dallas in 2013
Bengals win via pick six. you read it here first
I'm talking about our OC, KYLE Shanahan (genius). You're interviewing the coach our team fired lmao.
why don't look at Kyle Shanahan as a head coach?
yeah I like him too. He'll be better next year. Add another WR and TE so Kyle Shanahan can run his offense
Can Kyle Shanahan get dropped from the eagles so the Ravens can pick him up as OC?
I'd kill to have Kyle Shanahan back.
So basically, Adam Gase is the polar opposite of that product of nepotism, Kyle Shanahan, who ruins QBs and sows discord
"Look at Kyle Shanahan past record" ok look at the QBs and players he had as well. "Adam Gase did terrible with Chicago" not necessarily
any word on Kyle Shanahan? Thought he would make a good coach soon?
I feel like Kyle Shanahan and Adam Gase receive a lot of hate for no reason.
if they can't get Hue, who would be next? Shanahan? Possible Mike and Kyle duo?
Kyle Shanahan isn't going anywhere now. If you hate Dimitroff/Shanahan, it has been a rough couple of mornings for you.
I have learned over the last few years how the game works. Adam Gase is the new Kyle Shanahan.
yes I thought he'd be good too. Although had a fancy for Kyle Shanahan too. That Omar Kelly fella is on a downer already !
Reunite Kyle Shanahan and and let the magic happen.
All his agent had to do was get Demetrius one year on the Falcons as the TE1 for Kyle Shanahan's O with QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio, RB DFreeman.
Kyle Shanahan is the reason our offense sucked
Buccaneers can fire Lovie Smith yet we're still stuck with Kyle Shanahan and Thomas Dimitroff. Smh.
The Falcons re-signed Matt Simms, a near-official indication that Simms-tattooed Kyle Shanahan will return in 2016
Would be a godsend to land Hue Jackson or Kyle Shanahan. Please not Mike Nolan again.
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Matt Ryan and our horrible offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.
Kyle Shanahan is ruining Matt Ryan he ain't getting no HC job
AJ Green over Julio? Hopkins over Julio? Julio just don't run deep routes anymore cause of Kyle Shanahan but y'all forget so quickly
Ben McAdoo, Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, Hue Jackson…Nick Saban. Any, but they need to call the plays from day 1.
I won't say fire Dan Quinn but Kyle Shanahan has to go Oh and can we get Matt Ryan a good offensive line.
To review: Matt Ryan overcame a Mike Mularkey offense to win games and not INT all over himself. That's how assy Kyle Shanahan might be.
And there's the rub. Either Matt Ryan is the football Steve Sax, or Kyle Shanahan is who we know he is. I go with what I know.
But Hue Jackson and ESPECIALLY Kyle Shanahan would want to come here FOR Ryan Tannehill.
Kyle Shanahan, Hue Jackson, Sean Payton are names to watch. If I could dream I'd want Urban Meyer. He has a history of building dynasties.
Evan Christopher with 4 yd TD for Irish, Brandon Peters 2-yard run for Avon. Kyle Shanahan w/ 21 yd FG accounts for the scoring.
*** my Matt Ryan-Kyle Shanahan piece has sparked up some actual good debate. Not too many Ryan hot takes.
Yes Matt Ryan has been poor but Kyle Shanahan has been a lot worse. Something needs to change with that stupid play calling.
Yes we got the W, but I was not impressed with Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan today. The game was also horribly officiated
They literally started running Kyle Shanahan's playbook in the second quarter. Nothing we've seen from Jay. All Rob strengths
They're LITERALLY running plays that Rob was succeeding with under Kyle Shanahan >__>
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While Julio Jones and Kyle Shanahan talk to Matt Ryan about the offense, I am sure has a few choice words for him as well.
I think I might have spotted some Warlock MC bikers on the road today. We were going opposite directions so I couldn't confirm
Is Kyle Shanahan willing to be a college coordinator?
Canes could use a bad boy coach like Kiff or McDaniels. But better choice would be Kyle Shanahan. Would he ?
. Kyle Shanahan should be holding out for an NFL job.
Honestly if you hire Kyle Shanahan, there's an argument for keeping Kap and fixing rest of team, but let Shanahan make that decision.
Agree with this. But then fire the coaching staff and hire Kyle Shanahan :)
As well as Vic Fangio who arranged to have either Kyle Shanahan or Adam Gase as OC and Ed Donatell as DC.
If york does decide to fire Tomsula, Who do you think will the 9ers go for in the offseason? Kyle Shanahan ?
Click the link in our bio to read more of what offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said about - via ESPN App
He pimped for Kyle shanahan and Jim Haslett when they were in DC. He's a good ***
Kyle Shanahan took a lot more deep shots and risks. McVay seems to play safe.
nearly identical system to Kyle Shanahan and McCarthy.
u think Kyle Shanahan is ready to be a HC? Or Josh McDaniels be given another shot at HC?
Remember when they were trying to blame Kyle Shanahan. Meanwhile in Atlanta...
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From this morning - Kyle Shanahan Discusses RBs, Hardy and more:
future Atlanta Falcons RB...if Kyle Shanahan is still OC
Kyle Shanahan has plenty of praise for MORE HERE:
would think Kyle Shanahan would be an option again
If Redskins owner Daniel Snyder should go in a different direction with now coach Jay Gruden, he should take a hard look at Kyle Shanahan.
This week's chat with Kyle Shanahan includes info on Julio Jones' health, an update on Justin Hardy and more:
love that Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan are 3-0!
Dan Quinn & Kyle Shanahan really have these Falcons feeling like a new squad!
Kyle Shanahan had Jabar freaking Gafney and Fred Davis beasting,..but yeah, we got rid of him lol
Crazy seeing Leonard Hankerson kill it with the Falcons. with Kyle Shanahan. Man. Our team is such a toxic organization.
I agree Nathan & lay equal blame for his lost year on Kyle Shanahan, Dowell Loggains & Johnny.
I'd hope for guys like Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, Gary Patterson. Always hear Mangini is the favorite too
Kyle Shanahan should stop calling the penalty-on-Leonard-Hankerson play
Kyle Shanahan, who bailed on Cleveland after last year, went from Hoyer/McCown/Manziel and Andrew Hawkins to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones
interesting that Kyle Shanahan was on Jon Gruden's staff for a year.
He could have easily been successful here but yall want to blame everything on Gruden just like how u blamed Mike Shanahan and even Kyle lol
ATL new offense under Kyle Shanahan is on point and Dan Quinn's defense is as good as advertised 🏆
That Florida sky. Probably is casting a spell
Physical's done, TWIC info is off to TSA and all I have left is this mariner's document to go to the Coast Guard
Better than RGIII. I know 2 people who believe he can be a “great" starter:.
finally, We got rid of the biggest cancer & most overrated person in NFL Kyle (Nepotism) Shanahan
Kyle Shanahan, Kubiak, greg Roman would b good oc for him..
ask him if he and Kyle Shanahan are different persons.
it worked for RG3, too. His name was Kyle Shanahan. But that didn't turn out so well
I wanna feel that Cubs magic someday
sounds like a line from a Beck song
"Just looking at the job market makes me feel sick"
Not enough ibuprofen in the world for this job
Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and not cough up a nice wad of mucus for a change
This year, as the OC of the the Falcons, Kyle Shanahan will have his best option in a while: Julio Jones.
SotD: As Off. Coord. of the Texans in 08-09 and OC of the Redskins in 10-13, Kyle Shanahan led WRs to career years during his tenure.
Did you see Kyle Shanahan got Rex Grossman a job again?
You're not seeing any growth of RGIII because he's made out of China, and the O- line *** and because Kyle Shanahan.
Remember when we petrified of losing ray Horton and kyle shanahan to head coach jobs?
Coworker just came over discussing her disdain with the Redskins offensive play calling. Said good luck with Kyle Shanahan as Falcons OC
The 35-year-old veteran QB played under coordinator Kyle Shanahan for both the Redskins and Browns... - via App
remember when Kyle Shanahan ruined RG3's career? Say hello to your new OC!
Kyle Shanahan. Offensive coordinator of the decade. Later.
Kyle Shanahan and Teryl Austin are two of my favorites
alf Morris reunites with Kyle shanahan next year? Esp if Matt jones looks as good as I think he is...
"The Browns under Kyle Shanahan had one of the most quarterback-friendly systems in the league..."
ICYMI: Who will replace Pierce as a stretch-4? How about Otto Porter?
ICYMI: Kyle Shanahan and Rex Grossman are reuniting in Atlanta
The good thing about having Rex Grossman is that he knows Kyle Shanahan's offense he played for him with the Texans and Redskins
Kyle Shanahan always looks out for Sexy Rexy.
As long as Kyle Shanahan is a coach in the NFL, Rex Grossman will have a job as a QB in the league.
The signed Rex Grossman ... Bo ! this must be a Kyle Shanahan move.
I guess Kyle Shanahan stood on the table for Rex
Jim, has anyone mentioned my family? And I'm not talking about me and my son Kyle. Regards, Mike Shanahan.
*Kyle Shanahan nibbles on Rex Grossman's ear after a presser* . KYLE: "Never leave me again." .
Dan Quinn said Keith Armstrong and Kyle Shanahan are instrumental from the sideline with clock management.
No Rex Grossman to Jets. Apparently they never talked to him. Instead Rex reunited w/ Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta according to …
Kyle Shanahan is nothing if not loyal. Rex Grossman will always have a job as long as he does.
Here's what Rex Grossman told me back in June about Kyle Shanahan's scheme and moving Matt Ryan around in it.
Rex Grossman and Kyle Shanahan are super close even tattooed each others initials.
Anyone else notice that Grossman goes everywhere Kyle Shanahan goes? Grossman is in the solely because of Kyle Shanahan.
Rex has now signed with teams with Kyle Shanahan as the offensive coordinator in Houston, Washington, Cleveland, and A…
While in Washington, Grossman was coached by 2 members of the current Falcons coaching staff, OC Kyle Shanahan and QB’s coach, Matt LaFleur.
Falcons: QB Rex Grossman to sign 1-year contract - Adam Schefter; played for OC Kyle Shanahan with Redskins in 2011
Falcons just want to be Redskins so bad. Kyle Shanahan, Tyler Polumbus, Chris Chester, and now Rex
Kyle Shanahan and Grossman are def hooking up right? Only reason he could possibly want him on the team
Grossman has been the number 1 choice for OC Kyle Shanahan who has been worried about his backup QB all spring and summer
So far Kyle Shanahan has signed Chris Chester, Leonard Hankerson, Tyler Polumbus, Evan Royster and Nick Williams, now working out Grossman.
It won't be lack a lack of knowledge that holds Kyle Shanahan back. It'll be allowing personal relationships to dictate personnel decisions
OC Kyle Shanahan's father and longtime NFL head coach, Mike Shanahan, is also at the practice today.
Kyle Shanahan said he wants the group of receivers to be the Golden State Warriors of football
Can't wait til Kyle Shanahan or Brian Schottenheimer gets hired to coach the offense.
Kyle Shanahan reportedly so excited about new logo he just texted Ray Farmer and Jimmy and asked to come back.
Falcons OL coach Chris Morgan reunites with and OC Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta.
"I think he has a chance to have a good future" - Kyle Shanahan, on
Kyle Shanahan: Johnny Manziel is a "great guy"
Kyle Shanahan: Johnny Manziel's 'a great guy' - Despite his rocky departure from Cleveland, new Falcons OC Kyle...
Kyle Shanahan: Johnny Manziel is 'a great guy'
In two years the have gone from Norv Turner to Kyle Shanahan to DeFilippo running their offense.
The RBs just got better. Bobby Turner was hired as position coach. Perfect fit to teach OC Kyle Shanahan's…
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Some of the storylines about Johnny Manziel's rookie season in Cleveland are starting to surface, and Johnny Football was more "Johnny Joke" according to about 20 Browns teammate. The missed treatment session, Kyle Shanahan's resignation, and bitter teammates all had one thing common. Manziel. The article from Jeremy Fowler and Patrick McManamon paints Manziel as the spoiled brat some thought he always was. [ 248 more words. ]
if not Kyle Shanahan maybe Greg Knapp or Kevin Gilbride.
not crazy about Kyle Shanahan but at the same time we’ve endured Dirk Koetter so it can’t be worse
John Fox as your head coach, Kyle Shanahan as OC, and Dennis Allen as your DC is a pretty solid staff assuming that's who he brings over.
My dream scenario for the Bears is John Fox at head coach, Kyle Shanahan at OC, and Jim Schwartz as DC.
rumors are Kyle Shanahan and Dennis Allen. I'm hoping the DC will be Gym Shorts er Jim Schwartz
John Fox, Kyle Shanahan and who? I'm OK with 2/3 of that. If the final piece was Wade Phillips or Jim Schwartz then I say gid…
49ers should consider a read-option offense: Kyle Shanahan was in Cleveland last year. (Andrew Weber- U...
Peyton back for one more season. Broncos fire John Fox. Hire Mike and Kyle Shanahan. Also back are Terrell Davis and
AN INSIDE LOOK IN CLEVELAND: WE THOUGHT CINCINNATI HAD ISSUES... Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland Plain Dealer, reports that former Browns's OC Kyle Shanahan wanted out of Cleveland because of the friction between some coaches and a few members of the team’s front office. According to Cabot, Shanahan wanted to signa veteran quarterback like Matt Schaub this past season to add some depth, and then target a receiver in the draft after Josh Gordon was suspended. Cabot mentions that Shanahan and other offensive coaches were “dismayed” when they waived WR Charles Johnson, who would go on to have a solid season with the Vikings. Previous reports had mentioned that the front office’s preference for them to play rookie QB Johnny Manziel caused some friction, but according to Cabot, coaching Manziel was not a deciding factor for Shanahan leaving.
Former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan just couldn't find harmony with Johnny Manziel. That's the impression emerging from several reports, especially's Pat McManamon's, which addresses why Shanahan requested—and received—a release from his contract with the Browns.…
ESPN: Sources say Kyle Shanahan left Browns because of widening rift over whether Johnny Manziel
Kyle Shanahan really liked Johnny Manziel and his departure was not because of the QB.
Man if can get Quinn for HC & Kyle Shanahan as the OC, that'd be a *** of a start to building the coaching staff
So if the Jets hire Dan Quinn, and he hires Kyle Shanahan as his OC, do the Jets try to get RG III?
Browns release Kyle Shanahan . . . as for Raiders, keep in mind the Shanahans swear by zone blocking Raider Gs Jackson, Howar…
CLE AB Journal: Nate Ulrich: Browns would be wise to ensure relationship with Kyle Shanahan doesn’t end after ...
Kyle Shanahan would be a very good hire for the Bills. Brian Hoyer with those weapons on offense would put them in the wild card mix.
49ers ask for permission to talk to Kyle Shanahan
I see your Kyle Shanahan and raise you Eric Mangini.
I think they go young. Gase, Kyle Shanahan, McDaniels, Jay Gruden. generation or close to it.
Kyle Shanahan helped RG4 cook his rookie year so yah..
OC Kyle Shanahan on rookie RBs Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell: It's their show now. Think they'll rise to the occasion.
Kyle Shanahan can't wait to get Josh Gordon back
Telling you , fire Trestman and hire Kyle Shanahan .
I'm all for hiring Kyle Shanahan for coaching the bears next year and getting Rex Ryan as a coord.
hey tony do you see Kyle shanahan staying next year or getting a head coaching opportunity
Browns' Kyle Shanahan 'as excited as anyone' to get Josh Gordon back woohoo
Browns OC Kyle Shanahan said he "can't wait" until Josh Gordon is back from suspension next week.
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