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Kyle Schwarber

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I’m personally offended in a good way by groufit!Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber went from the 2016 to the ‘16 World Series coming off a destroyed knee
A quick guest post on how Schwarber can really help the in 2018.
My wife and I had a great time at the Cubs game yesterday. Loved the grand slam from Kyle Schwarber! Go
I would trade Ian Happ. Kyle Schwarber doesn't have the trade value and they can't…
Amelia, thank you. I recognize you as the real Kyle Schwarber fan.
Kyle Schwarber? They said his name during the 2016 WS broadcast maybe every 45 seconds for a straight w…
Need some hot stove action to warm us up, here's a guest post on the & Schwarber.
Kyle Schwarber is going to be fine, Meg. And I won't hear otherwise.
Kyle Schwarber went from the 2016 AFL to the 2016 World Series.
The Cubs need to rebuild their pen how about Betances for Kyle Schwarber
Rey Ordonez, career wRC+: 54. Kyle Schwarzer, wRC+ vs LHBs: 57. Schwarber is hitting 2nd against a lefty in a win-or-go-home…
I hope the cubs trade Happ or Schwarber (preferably Kyle) for a pitcher like Marcus Stroman, Jacob deGrom or Michael Fulmer
The Next Jay Bruce is actually Jay Bruce. So he's seeking 5 years for $90M. But then th…
Five years, $120 M. I see a fit with the Chicago Cubs, especially after they deal Kyle Schwarber for pitching.
Chicago Cubs are getting Chris Archer ,Alex Cobb,Jackie Bradly JR. and Shohei Otani probably and trading Javier Bae…
Who will be gone? Schwarber? Happ ? Russell ? Baez?. I say at least 1, probly 2. Cant get good…
Ya I probably wouldn't deal Schwarber straight up for him, but I'm higher on K…
Long time baseball writer and commentator Peter Gammons on Kyle Schwarber: he might be better as a DH in the A.L. M…
Cubs will trade Kyle Schwarber this Winter. Maybe they try for Archer or something. AL team for sure
Joe Buck wrote in Kyle Schwarber for president.
Why are fans so obsessed with Kyle Schwarber?
Baseball is in a terrible state. Five to six innings of pitching followed by a HR derby. I'm about to put it down…
Also went on to say that if they miss out on Otani, don’t be surprised if they talk with the Cubs about Kyle Schwarber.
Who should the Cubs trade Kyle Schwarber and/or Ian Happ for
I like the idea. He'd likely cost less in a trade than Kyle Schwarber
This was a disgusting rotation. Also, Kyle Schwarber does look a lot like Joe Blanton here..
Big ups to Kyle Schwarber for pitching in the same rotation as these dudes
never realized how similar Joe Blanton and Kyle Schwarber look
As Mad Dog Russo talked about a few days ago, I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Betances and maybe a low level prosp…
You're missing the, "But, he doesn't warrant being in a trade conversation b/c then we would be stuck…
What is kyle schwarber doing on this cover
I can’t wait for the to show us the true crap fest they really are in 2018. Theo likes the wrong players, the…
How about this, Kyle schwarber and others for Sonny gray
Gold Glove update: Kyle Schwarber did not win the NL Gold Glove in LF...
Wait, Kyle Schwarber was nominated for a Gold Glove in left field?! Why am I watching this at all?!
Very well said. And I love Kyle Schwarber too, but he too would benefit greatly from regular playing time.
How much Kyle Schwarber information can you fit into 280 characters, Amelia?
Kyle Drabek apparently pitched in one game for the Diamondbacks in 2016 (the Schwarber injury game)
Don’t be surprised if kyle schwarber is dealt during the off-season. Guy isn’t a catcher/below average OF..what does that = DH..
Lorenzo Cain hasn't led off since '14 but I've been his name as leadoff possibility for months. Possible if Kyle Sch…
Solid breakdown, though if those are the SPs the Cubs are looking at in return for Kyle Schwarber, then Kyle Schwar…
Nine hits per set here -- and one of the players this year is Kyle Schwarber >>…
Both. Then trade Schwarber for more B Pen arms. Kyle is a classic DH. I will hang…
i was like *** u talking about Kyle Schwarber isnt on the cov. LMAOOO
I see Kyle Schwarber as the perfect fit at DH for the A’s, but until that happens Eithier would be a perfect placeholder
just ordered my Kyle Schwarber & Willson Contreras World Series jersey;s with the gold numbers & names on the back
Kyle Schwarber on Dodger Stadium vs. Wrigley Field: "I think our fans are more in tune to the baseball game.".
Kyle Schwarber has 4 postseason HR at Wrigley Field in his career, the most of any player. Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo
“I believe in walks on the beach, slow back rubs from Kyle Schwarber and Brett Gardner’s jawline,” said Joe Buck wistfully.
Sounds like he was sitting on that one. Maybe Verducci & Judge and Joe Buck & Kyle Schwarber can all go on a double date sometime.
I'm going to root for the Cubs for Leonys Martin & Kyle Schwarber.
Kyle Schwarber on reaching 30 home runs in Cubs 9-0 win over Reds
Kyle Schwarber drove in four runs, including a pair on his 30th homer, and Rene Rivera added three ...…
Kyle Schwarber spent almost 3 weeks in the minors, has barely eclipsed 400 AB and Ks 31% of the time, but he's now in t…
Who said in June/July that the Schwarb would start hitting again? DOM, do you remember? via
ICYMI: WATCH: Kyle Schwarber dancing to YMCA in dugout:
Got a feeling Kyle Schwarber is going to go off in the playoffs again
It's hard to see things going much worse than this year for Kyle Schwarber and he still has 30 homers and a .785 OPS.
Congratulations, to Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber the first left handed Cubs sluggers to both hit 30hr's in the same season.
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Congratulations, to Kyle "the Sultan of swat" Schwarber on hitting 30hr's this season.
WATCH: Kyle Schwarber dancing to YMCA in dugout:
If anyone plays in Fantasy baseball playoffs leagues, Kyle Schwarber will be a big part of winning them.
Kyle heats up just in time for playoff run | Chicago Sun-Times
Recap: Kyle Schwarber, Jon Lester lead Cubs to 9-0 victory over Reds by
Kyle Schwarber heats up just in time for Cubs' playoff ..
With 30 homers and counting, slugger Kyle Schwarber has earned the right to dance in the dugout. via
Kyle Schwarber proves at least one part of his game is postseason ready
Anthony Rizzo & Kyle Schwarber:. first time in history they had multiple 30-HR lefties in a season
Kyle Schwarber heats up just in time for Cubs’ playoff run
Kyle Schwarber, Jon Lester lead way as Cubs stars come back out to play - Chicago Tribune
Kyle Schwarber getting the Cubs' bullpen dancing early
Schwarber heating up at right time.
Kyle Schwarber out for season with torn ACL/LCL in left knee; Hurt Thursday night colliding with Dexter Fowler. https:…
Kyle Schwarber, as you may remember, played in the AFL last year just days before playing in the World Series for the Chicago Cubs.
"For my partners Kyle Schwarber, Mike Montgomery and the rest of the crew, this is Javy Baez. Once again Cubs win 9-3. S…
As Kyle Schwarber finds his groove, could he settle in at No. 2 spot in Cubs lineup?
Cubs' on long-running offensive slump: 'I'm over it'
Cubs' Kyle Schwarber on long-running offensive slump: 'I'm over it'
KYLE SCHWARBER! Leads off the 5th inning with a HR. 9-7, Cubs trail. That's 6 HR's today.
Sarcasm bruh...Kyle Schwarber is batting .198 and he's the next Babe Ruth 😎
Kyle Schwarber homers to pull to within 9-7 of Reds in the bottom of the fifth. Cubs have belted six home runs.
Hey stop picking on Cub's fans man they have Low IQ's. They still think Kyle Schwarber is…
I just bunted into a fly out to RF with Kyle Schwarber 😂
Cubs lose, but Kyle Schwarber finally moves to the good side of the Mendoza line.
he's not going to be hitting .256 when he has Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, and maybe even Kyle Schwa…
With a three-hit day, Kyle Schwarber has his average at .204. First time since May 9 he's been at or above the Mendoza line.
Reds broadcasters gushing about how good Kyle Schwarber has looked lately. Well, yeah, he's facing the Reds.
Schwarber on long-running offensive slump: 'I'm over it.' This week's 1 Through 9: via
Two more things about Slegers: His mom played volleyball at And his catcher at Indiana was Kyle Schwarber.
Welcome back to the .200 club, Kyle Schwarber.
After striking out in 8 straight plate appearances, Kyle Schwarber has how reached base in 8 straight plate appear…
3 multi-HR games within first 78 career MLB games. (history). Kyle Schwarber. Ian Happ (78th career game today)
No. 348: Kyle Schwarber singles with one out in the first for the Cubs. . The Toddler Streak lives!
Kyle Schwarber raised his average to above. .200 for the first time since May 9.
If I were Kyle Schwarber, I would take care when playing the OF to not be mistaken for a statue.
For everyone who continues to give up on Kyle Schwarber:
Earlier: Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo EACH Threw Out a Runner at Home in the First Two Innings
A. Kyle Schwarber has a dog named Blu. 2. He climbed a ladder and sat in a fire truck today. Photos by ht…
Am I the only person on 🌏 who thinks Theo should've sold high on Kyle Schwarber after the WS? He's Mark Trumbo, not Ernie Banks.
Happenin' in baseball: Fantasy MLB: Stream Nick Pivetta, avoid Jake Odorizzi and pick up Kyle Schwarber among tips in Friday's Daily Notes …
My thoughts on Kyle Schwarber's return and recent contributors Sam Dyson, Raimel Tapia in today's Waiver Wire:
Joe Maddon essentially ruled out Kyle Schwarber for series, but it's possible he returns to Wrigley before All-Star br…
Ian Happ led the team in June with eight homers, and is now tied with Kyle Schwarber for third on the with 12.
with 2 multi-HR games through first 45 career MLB games. Ian Happ . Kyle Schwarber . Jorge Soler . Mandy Brooks
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Kyle Schwarber" does his best Roy Hobbs impersonation
Three up, three down inning for David Rollins in the sixth. 4-1 NO | Due up:. 2. Jacob Hannemann. 3. Kyle Schwarber. 4. Chris Dominguez
Shakeup: Cubs planning to demote Kyle Schwarber to Triple-A Iowa and put Jason Heyward on DL
There's no timetable on Kyle Schwarber's return to the Cubs from the minors via
Thoughts and prayers to Joe Buck and his family. I just heard the bad news. Kyle Schwarber got sent down to the min…
Excuse me? Did the Mets broadcast just say Kyle Schwarber got sent down? ???
Interview: examines the moving Kyle Schwarber to the minors. on
Chicago Sun-Times takes hilarious shot at Kyle Schwarber with headline
Kyle Schwarber sent to AAA? Joe Buck must be on suicide watch.
Where did all the people who were relentlessly arguing with me that Kyle Schwarber should be the Cubs' leadoff hitter go to?
Cubs send Kyle Schwarber, who is hitting .171 this season, down to Triple-A, per htt…
Kyle Schwarber is struggling this season after playing a key role in the Cubs' World Series campaign.
So.. i have a Jimmy Butler jersey, and a Kyle Schwarber.. where does this leave me in terms of relevancy
Chicago Cubs Kyle Schwarber back to the minors, impact on card value?
Cubs are sending Kyle Schwarber down to the minors
Anthony Rizzo's rookie struggles serve as learning tool for Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber's demotion to Triple-A Iowa will help him — and the Cubs, writes http…
Kyle Schwarber is being sent down by the cubs. Rough start caught up to him.
Sources: planning to send Kyle Schwarber to Triple-A Iowa, put Jason Heyward on DL and add Mark Zagunis and Dylan Flor…
MLB: Kyle Schwarber sent to the minors by Cubs
Kyle returns to the minors where in 147 games across all levels he has a .333/.429/.613 with 34 HR and 102 RBIs
The only things in Chicago sports that are plummeting faster than Jose Quintana's ERA and FIP are Kyle Schwarber and the Chicago Bulls.
Why Cubs waited so long to demote Kyle Schwarber and wh..
The will send outfielder Kyle Schwarber down to Triple A Iowa.
S/O to all the Schwarber haters. The Theo haters. Cubs haters. DOM haters. Congrats on the news. Kyle will be back & mas…
I guess my daily struggle on whether to bench Kyle Schwarber on my fantasy team has been solved for me.
Fantasy owners need to come to grips with who Kyle Schwarber is - New York Post
Theo Epstein's message for Kyle Schwarber in informing him of his demotion to Triple-A https…
Cubs option slumping Kyle Schwarber to minors
Don't worry rest of MLB, Mr. Kyle Schwarber will be back to putting baseballs in your outfield seats in no time 😉👌🏼
Cubs are sending Kyle Schwarber to Class AAA Iowa. Not expected to be gone long but it is an opportunity to clear his head.
Somewhere Joe Buck is crying into his pillow because of the Kyle "The Babe" Schwarber demotion.
Kyle Schwarber's swing has been long & lost for quite sometime. I think he's going to be at Iowa for longer than people think.
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Cubs just sent Kyle Schwarber to the minors
Remember when Kyle Schwarber wasn't worth Chris Sale? That was cute, Now he's getting sent to AAA
Joe Maddon expects short demotion for scuffling Kyle Schwarber.
AAA pitchers when they hear they have to face Kyle Schwarber:
Kyle Schwarber, but in the majors where he belongs
Cubs fans are shocked to learn the role of "Kyle Schwarber" has been played by the older brother from Home Alone all this…
I was on my way to work when I learned of the demoting Kyle Schwarber to Triple "A" Iowa. It's the right move.
We would like to thank Kyle Schwarber for his participation this 2017 MLB season.
It's not that White Sox fans hate Kyle Schwarber. We hate how Cubs fans prematurely put him and everyone of their players…
ICYMI: WATCH: Rizzo discusses the demotion of Kyle Schwarber:
.reportedly will option OF Kyle Schwarber (.171/.295/.378) to Triple-A Iowa. Club has not confirmed:
Kyle Schwarber we still believe in you! See you in a couple of weeks!
Did Cubs start the tailspin by making Kyle Schwarber their leadoff guy?
No one is more happy about the Jimmy Butler trade than Kyle Schwarber.
Kyle Schwarber from World Series legend to AAA. Your players will likely experience the same from HS to college. Learn to persevere / work.
Cubs decide Kyle Schwarber can return to form better with stint in minors, send him to Triple-A Iowa…
Kyle Schwarber feels like such a big part of (recent) Cubs history but he only has 95 career hits. That's crazy.
Kyle Schwarber is the new Yasiel Puig lol
Kyle Schwarber? Johnny Cueto?. There may be some shocking names available at this year’s trade deadline
How it all sped up on Kyle Schwarber and why bet on him over Michael Conforto.
Kyle Schwarber pitch hit for John Lackey. Lackey has a higher batting average than Schwarber by 25 points.
Kyle Schwarber: first player with 3 extra-base hits out of the 9-spot in the order since Grover Cleveland Alexander 6/20/1925
Mike Breen talking about klay's defense is the MLB equivalent of Joe Buck talking about Kyle Schwarber
This fan after after Kyle Schwarber grand slam. Pointed out by
Question for the fans who saw the seventh inning: should Mike Leake have pitched to Kyle Schwarber? Why not Lyons t…
Mike Matheny had a lefty in the bullpen too late and couldn't get his matchup on Kyle Schwarber. I'm not sure what he was thi…
Michael Martinez has a higher batting average than Kyle Schwarber.
Michael Martinez has a higher batting Average than Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber's first career grand slam couldn't have came at a better time.
Cubs (25-26) fall bellow .500 for the first time since May 14. Eddie Butler is chased after a tough fifth inning. Kyle Schwarber homers.
Why the Cubs' Kyle Schwarber is the Babe Ruth of our time
Kyle Schwarber will start at LF and bat 2nd vs San Francisco Giants on Thursday.
Kyle Schwarber goes to sleep at night wishing he could be > Avisail Garcia.
Y'all nicknamed him Babe. Kyle Schwarber is not Babe Ruth reincarnated. Even drunk, he never hit .182.
Ian Happ staying helps nudge Kyle Schwarber out of leadoff spot, by
Joe Maddon finally listened to the fans and moved down Kyle Schwarber. What reason did he give? Read
Cubs aren't committed to keeping Kyle Schwarber at the leadoff spot in their batting order, writes
Willson Conreras is a good young catcher & Kyle Schwarber is a + MLB power hitter
Kyle Schwarber tries to make the catch on a short fly ball, but drops it and adds on to the probl... - via App
Ian Happ is staying with the and that helped nudge Kyle Schwarber out of the leadoff spot.
This might be my favorite gif of all time.
And that's exactly why Kyle Schwarber is our leadoff hitter
Average fan: Kyle Schwarber is not a left fielder. Kyle Schwarber: Hold my beer.
A rainout can't ruin sunny news on Kyle Schwarber's spo..
Joe Maddon explains decision to move Kyle Schwarber out of leadoff spot for Cubs -
Ian Happ isn’t going anywhere. one of the reasons why Kyle Schwarber’s stay atop the Cubs lineup might be ove
Kyle Schwarber making two errors on one play set to the tune of Yakety Sax
This one probably isn't going to make the "Kyle Schwarber Highlight Reel"
Drunk Kyle Schwarber coming in all the way to SS from LF
Kyle Schwarber looks like Jack Cust and Joe Blanton had a baby.
ICYMI: Kyle Schwarber laid out for this grab yesterday. 👌
Wow! He's Iowa version of Kyle Schwarber, but with even better statistics. Enjoy him while you can.
Kyle Schwarber put a dent in the Cubs’ Budweiser sign out in right. That's some serious power
The left side of the Budweiser sign at Wrigley won't light up because Kyle Schwarber hit it with a BP homer today. Lol.…
WATCH: Kyle Schwarber is at it again, this time damaging the Budweiser sign in right field with a BP home run:
Kyle Schwarber knocks out sign at Wrigley - via
WATCH: Kyle Schwarber broke the Budweiser sign in batting practice
Watch: Kyle Schwarber hit a batting practice home run so hard he broke the Budweiser sign at Wrigley Field.
Opponents are still pitching Kyle Schwarber like he is an MVP candidate, not a .203 hitter ( they should)
The way pitchers attack Kyle Schwarber is very different than the way they do Addison Russell. Me
Haters: Kyle Schwarber is not an outfielder, he belongs in the American League as a DH. Schwarber:
Interesting tale of scouting Kyle Schwarber with a Babe Ruth twist. (
Dan Vogelbach looks like he was made out of the stuff left over after they made Kyle Schwarber.
Madison Bumgarner for Javier Baez, Kyle Schwarber and a minor league pitcher
WLS-TV Cubs' wacky 'day off': Kris Bryant hits into river, Kyle Schwarber poses as a store…
Kyle Schwarber's new Gatorade commercial gives me chills 😳🔥.
Today is exactly a year when Kyle Schwarber collided with Dexter Fowler in Arizona. Tonight, Baez and center fielder Heyward go head on. Wow
Kyle Schwarber and Yasiel Puig have both admired their rocket dingers today. (Actually, young players pimping dingers…
Kyle Schwarber with a three-run HR Thursday versus St Louis via
Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber hits first home run of the season
Kyle Schwarber can hit a pitch from Jesus Christ himself I'm pretty sure
The last pitcher that gave up a home run to Kyle Schwarber before today was Jacob deGrom in Game 3 of the 2015 NLCS
Amid postgame celebration in clubhouse, Kyle Schwarber heard someone yell out: "You made it past Game 3!"
In case you missed the Cubs game earlier, allow me to recap. Kyle Schwarber: Real One.
Kyle Schwarber tunes up for playoffs as Cubs beat Cards 6-4
Kyle Schwarber 2017 Topps 30th Anniversary Future Stars Red / Pink Wood 22/25 . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
Kyle Schwarber on staying healthy through three games: 'We celebrated'
I know my role now, and I'm going to embrace it. – Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber on why had raucous celebration today."I made it past the third game today.'' He blew out his knee in…
Well considering Kyle Schwarber hit the hardest ball ever off of a LHP in the stat cast era t…
I'm publicly apologizing to Mike Matheny after criticizing him for not bringing in Brett Cecil to face Kyle Schwarber o…
Kyle Schwarber is the player Mike Matheny thinks Matt Adams is.
Matt Adams in left field is what people wrongly think Kyle Schwarber is in left field
*** Just what the NL Central needs, Kyle Schwarber getting stronger...
The thought of a full season with Kyle Schwarber in the lineup...
Including postseason, this is what Kyle Schwarber has done in his MLB career - only 88 Games:. .262/.373/.524, 61 Runs, 22 HR, 5…
I could see Kyle Schwarber as a legitimate MVP candidate.
Including playoffs Kyle Schwarber now has hit 22 HR. Todays HR was his 2nd hardest at 112.1 MPH 💪 His hardest 112.5, landed on…
Kyle Schwarber absolutely crushes a HR to give the the lead.
Kyle Schwarber is better than your favorite baseball player
Update: Kyle Schwarber still looks like a guy drinking beer on a couch on the roof of a U. of Nebraska party who goes by…
New leadoff man shows some pop in comeback win. Recap:
By your school of thinking, Ender Inciarte is more valuable than Kyle Schwarber
Solely speaking in terms of outfield defense, Kyle Schwarber > Yasmany Tomás
Not really. That's like saying you'd take Matt Holiday over Kyle Schwarber
Derek Holland learned Kyle Schwarber's name after serving up homer to him
White Sox pitcher Derek Holland, innocently, on Kyle Schwarber home run: "Hats off to Schreiber. I guess how that’s how you say it."
After retiring the first seven Cubs, Derek Holland walked 2, then gave up a monster home run to Kyle Schwarber.
SEA> Mike Zunino doubles (3) on a fly ball to left fielder Kyle Schwarber. Danny Valencia scores.
When asked if Kyle Schwarber would be a candidate to back up Anthony Rizzo at first base, Cubs manager Joe…
Top Cubs players slated to participate in split-squad game at Scottsdale vs. Giants: Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez and Miguel Montero.
The real world equivalent of Wyld Stallyns bringing about world peace is Kyle Schwarber crushing dongs. We will prevail.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kyle Schwarber is not the quarterback of the Patriots.
Ryne Sandberg and David Ross, flanking Kyle Schwarber, going opposite ways on managing careers:…
Honored to have sung the National Anthem for Ryan Sandberg, Kyle Schwarber and David Ross yesterday!
I think that Chris Collinsworth loves Aaron Rodgers almost as much as Joe Buck loves Kyle Schwarber.
BREAKING: Nationals acquire Kyle Schwarber and Cole Hamels from the TX Rangers for Joe Ross, Revere, Severino, Hoffman, and 4 other prospect
Jed Hoyer saying he'd loves the idea of Kyle Schwarber as a leadoff hitter should scare the *** out of the rest of the MLB.
While Kyle Schwarber held his unit. And, he held Kyle Schwarber's unit as well.
Huge ovation, followed by the singing of "Go Cubs, Go," for honorary game captain Kyle Schwarber.
Why the Chicago would be crazy to trade Kyle Schwarber.
Why the Chicago Cubs would be crazy to trade Kyle Schwarber
Should the Cubs trade Kyle Schwarber and a AA shortstop for Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons? I say YES.
Mike Montgomery (from left), Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, and David Ross brought the Commissioner's Trophy to Sun…
The celebration continues. . Join us at Nike Chicago on Monday at 6:30pm for a Q&A with player Kyle Schwarber. https…
Can we just take a second to appreciate Kyle Schwarber. Blew out his knee at the start of the year and DOMINATES the World S…
You may notice some familiar faces while watching Game 7, such as and Kyle Schwarber.
Kyle Schwarber is the John Daly of the MLB
.in 2017: only owe league minimum to Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, Wilson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber.
Braxton Miller is selling a t-shirt that jokes he made Kyle Schwarber choose baseball over football
Just saw Kyle Schwarber at Assembly Hall . or at least the Kyle Schwarber big head. Right below George Washington
Texans' Braxton Miller trolls Cubs' Kyle Schwarber with this awesome throwback shirt.
Is the reason Kyle Schwarber chose ⚾️ over 🏈?. According to this shirt the Texans WR is selling, yes ht…
The Cubs will have Kyle Schwarber batting second tonight.
Were going back to Cleveland. We got Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks on normal rest and Kyle Schwarber will be back in t…
ICYMI: Albert Almora Jr., Willson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber at one time wore Kane County Cougars uniforms.
In an alternate world multiple parents just called Joe Maddon to complain that Kyle Schwarber is playing and not their so…
Don't know if you guys heard but Joe Maddon has Kyle Schwarber on his bench.
Pretty clear plan for Joe Maddon here on out: Kyle Schwarber pinch hits for everyone
Kyle Schwarber is watching movies on Joe Maddon's iPad.
Indians fans create wedding registry for Joe Buck and Cubs' Kyle Schwarber
tried to carve a Kyle Schwarber pumpkin but it just looks like Brandon Lee in a Cubs hat
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Here's Cubs' player Kyle Schwarber trying to tackle Braxton Miller in high school:
5 ways Cleveland Indians fans can survive the Joe Buck-Kyle Schwarber love fest -
2 hours ago it was made official that Albert Almora and Kyle Schwarber did not make the cut for the 2015 Chicago
The Cubs roasted Kyle Schwarber for his high school choir dance moves
A hero's hero: Kyle Schwarber moved by plight of 10-year-old via
World Series or not, outfield too risky for Kyle Schwarber
Photo of Kyle Schwarber in high school trying to tackle Braxton Miller. I caption it "The day he chose baseball". ht…
"Who does this? The Legend of Kyle Schwarber is who does this." - Cubs catcher David Ross
Kyle Schwarber looks like he could fill in for David Draiman in
Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist and Kyle Schwarber have already seen 34 pitches against Trevor Bauer. Incredible to watch them gri…
When I was 13, I was convinced I would marry Mark Grace. Now, I'm sure I'll marry Kyle Schwarber. Nothing changes.
Kyle Schwarber look's like a bassist in a band that only played radio festivals
Kyle Schwarber's RBI hit is only the second in postseason history to come on a 3-0 count . (Mark Grace, Game 4 1989 NLCS).
Kyle Schwarber looks a little like a young Joba Chamberlain. Let's hope he doesn't age like Joba the Rut.
Andrew Miller walked Kyle Schwarber yesterday. Before that, the last left handed DH he had walked was Adam Dunn in 2014.
Kyle Schwarber had one of my favorite batting lines last night: 1-3, 2B, BB. One of my favorite players, Bobby Abreu, had 46 such games, the
I liked a video from Kyle Schwarber's World Series Game 1 return, 10-25-16, after
Still can't decide who was the more surprising World Series roster addition: Kyle Schwarber in 2016 or Jayson Nix in 2014.
Kyle Schwarber's double is all the proof I need that they should just cut spring training in god-damned half
In before "can't believe the Astros passed on Kyle Schwarber to take Brady Aiken"
After six months of not seeing professional pitching, Kyle Schwarber can still hammer one of the best in the world. What a…
Kyle Schwarber history alert! He's the first position player ever to get no hits all season but then get one in a World Serie…
I was at Angels Stadium Tuesday April 5 v Angels. Kyle Schwarber was injured Thursday April 7 in Phoenix. That was a long time ago.
Here comes Kyle Schwarber for the first time on a major league diamond in six months. With Ben Zobrist on second base.
Kyle Schwarber has plans to crash Cleveland’s (and LeBron’s) party tonight. by via
Kyle Schwarber hopes to add to this list of unforgettable injury comebacks that includes Kirk Gibson, Willis Reed. https:…
Last Indians-Cubs game at Wrigley was June 16, 2015. Blackhawks paraded Stanley Cup that night & Kyle Schwarber made his ML…
If the Cubs get to the World Series, they're hopeful Kyle Schwarber could DH. He's been out since the third game.
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