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Kyle Petty

Kyle Eugene Petty (born June 2, 1960) is a former American NASCAR driver and is currently a co-host for NASCAR RaceDay and panel member for NASCAR Smarts which are both on SPEED.

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Sports Fix: Nascar with the great Kyle Petty; sup with SU lax?; and on Rangers/Sens. Tune in at 3 pm on Fox Sports Radio 1410
Oh the boys we lost back then... Davey Allison. Dale Earnhardt. Neil Bonnet. Alan Kuhlwicki. Kyle Petty's son. .
To do list for this weekend. 1. Kyle of Petty Thief. 2. Kyle of Matter of Trust. 3. Kyle of History Repeats. 4. Kyle of Tomball
My son,(named Kyle,of course! Lol!) a lifelong Petty fan like me.Thanks for being such a great role model…
Have you bought a ticket for our Kyle Petty Charity Ride motorcycle raffle yet? We're getting closer to our goal!...
The Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America is coming to Maryhill Museum on May 13th!!! We'll be there to provide...
The Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America is less than a month away!. Kyle Petty, former NASCAR superstar, is...
I get way to petty once you let me do the extras
Goodness, Kyle Singler really is the Tom Petty kid from "This is 40," all grown up
When I don't text Kyle back right away, he gets petty af and carries the conversation on with himself😒😂
Bruh this a whole new level of petty 💀
Rev up for the cause on May 13 as we hang out with the Petty Charity Ride Across America! Come meet...
Dale Earnhardt trying to get around Kyle Petty during the 1982 Holly Farms 400 @ North Wilkesboro.
Great discussion on on concussions. A lot of very moving opinions from Dale Jarrett and Kyle Petty.
It just got real on NASCAR. Kyle Petty--just mentioned losing his son. Dale Jarrett and the co-host just got uncomfortable. Safety first.
Southern 500 throwback paint schemes make me so happy. Kyle Larson's Mello Yellow scheme was great last year. Huge Kyle Petty fan as a kid.
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Former Kyle Petty gets one thrown at...sort of. Ejections abound.
I'm still upset they never made diecasts of the Larson/Kyle Petty car! It was properly eye-popping!
The Kyle Petty/Cole Trickle car last year and now this has nailed the throwback paint jobs!
blast from the past. Nwo hood from Kyle petty's race car!
Today wold be the 40th birthday of Chief Petty Officer Christopher Scott Kyle. Rest in ... (Vine by
But what a stark contrast between Kenny and Kyle Petty. Sweet and kind. We've discussed that before
Last year I posted a pic of Kyle for national dog day... I will try not to be petty this year lol
If you're gonna be childish and petty, don't expect me to like you! 🤔
Hackenberg to Kyle Williams...not Petty. Bad eyes by me.
Kyle Williams with a leaping grab from Petty in traffic.
Pontiac grand prix This is Kyle Pettys number 42 Mellow Yellow Nascar up for
I will be messy this week, I will be petty this week, I will lie this week, I will steal this week.
Kyle Petty HBP after Baron's HR & the SP is ejected. Biscuits manager also ejected & is throwing bats & balls on the field.
NASCAR\'s King speaks: Richard Petty on Danica, Donald Trump, Brian France and more(topix)
Kyle Petty predicted he would win with about 40 laps to go.
Kyle Petty is a terrible booth commentator
Why do you dishonor Chris Kyle, an American hero, with your petty politicking?
When you retire is there any chance you can take over for Kyle Petty? Tired of hearing him talk too much...
we ended it Kyle and mem0 owned them they are still being petty also we have dupes so we cant talk about no dupes
Eddie talking about fighters going with Al Haymon same way the guest on Jeremy Kyle talk about theirs kids wanting to see their daddy. Petty
Kyle called me petty but im sure it was a typo and he meant to call me pretty cause let's be honest.
This "Last Chance U" is a great documentary but these athletes are thee absolute dumbest most petty little cry babies I've ever seen
disrespect me, that's fine idgaf w ur petty *** anyways smh 😅 but disrespect my best friend, that's a whole other ball field mí amigo 😂
Totally forgot Al Unser Jr was in the Daytona 500 that year, and triggered shunt that took out Kyle Petty in the Mello Yellow/Tom Cruise car
Kyle Petty RBI double scoring Marcus Littlewood. 12-4 Generals in the 6th.
Don't understand why people have to be so petty
Kyle petty in 1992 won 2 races finished with 9 top 5 17 top 10
Kyle Petty RBI single scoring Ryan Casteel. 5-0 Generals with only 1 out in the 1st.
People put too much effort in to being petty.
Doug Middleton appears again, intercepting a Petty pass over the middle. After Hack gets away with one, the rook goes long to Kyle Williams.
Kyle Petty one step closer to busting out a saxophone mid-telecast.
If you watched the Countdown to Green on NBCSN you heard Kyle Petty state he wanted to start a petition to get...
When are they going to fire Kyle Petty he was a lousy driver and he is a worse announcer
. Free kelans go cart. Per kyle petty on countdown
"dances better than anyone I've seen," says Kyle Petty about if Gordon will drive the 88 at The Glen.
I'm not getting people involved in your petty *** argument for no reason
Super-Duper Utility Sardinas, O'Neill, Kyle Petty and Nuno. Please Jerry. Love these guys, but pull the trigger.
The Greg Kerr show from noon to one on 1230AM 98.1FM BHS product Tyrone Wallace on the day before he nba draft & Blaze all star Kyle Petty
breaks down Kyle Petty of the M's and LAA prospect Taylor Ward
Richard Petty, Fittipaldi, Al Unser Jr.,Arie, Mears, Kyle Petty, Davey, Irvan were my first round of SPORTS heroes.
I remember Kyle Petty's Mello Yello scheme. It was based off of Cole Trickle's car from Days of Thunder.
For those of you complaining about Bestwick's in-booth colleagues, at least it's not Darrell Waltrip or Kyle Petty.
The people are speaking! They will not let Bobby Peterson steal the Kyle Petty hugs!...
Harvick, Rutledge Wood, Kyle Petty and Marion Collins talk about Mesa Marin on the original site. http…
Kyle Petty, NASCAR driver, mashup of Kellen Clemens & Bryce Petty in my NFL offseason mind (re your Matt Reynolds fixation).
Im so petty that I would deadass act like I don't see you just to avoid saying hi.
The Kyle Petty has acquired the coveted spot of being at my table for of I...
I always stalk Kyle's birthday wishes cause I'm petty and like to get annoyed sometimes
Kyle Petty since it says it in the car. Do I win or not eligible as an employee?
Kyle Petty wishes you could win a NASCAR race by entering 200 times based on a computer algorithm.
Kyle/Jason & - I HOPE my daughter is strong enough to not back down from petty, condescending bullies like you.
Actually knew Kyle Petty without looking at the door, but oops!
'I was mad at ISIS': Man pleads guilty in spraying of racist graffiti at LRT station
Kyle Petty 1/24 "Narnia/Brawney Dodge 2005 mint with box see pics
Refusing to get Ralph's until the port one opens because I'm petty like that 🙄
I'd rather have Kyle Petty than Geno as QB.
Want to ride with You can and raise money for a great cause.
Plus being that his name is earnhardt. Kyle Petty, Kyle Busch probably even had help from his brother (who knows). Joey Logano
Maybe Kyle should research what was in the email instead of trying to drag out an apology. The women are so *** petty this season!
Bill Elliott, Ricky Rudd, Kyle Petty, & Ken Schrader, drivers of this in 86, would be a fun lineup for the 50+ team
I added a video to a playlist Kyle Petty and Michael Waltrip Debate
Kyle Petty was my fave driver back in his Nascar racing days. Super nice guy.
you childish af if you just ignore someone & make them constantly wonder. Tell them how you feel & leave if it isn't right…
😂 Like Tom Petty said the waiting is the hardest part.
u didn't mention which Petty & Kyle Petty's last race was Phoenix in 08 so the nxt race had no Petty
Jeff Burton and Kyle Petty said the same thing. Call it next year and from now on. That whip you had last night had them covered!
Win Homestead, Matt! (but make sure Kyle comes in second). After you win, why not pass on the interview with K. Petty. He's trashed you.
So glad Dale Jr. WON!! KYLE PETTY you are an AWSOME announcer!!! Love listening to you!
from TP HD to Zelda U. Gotta be more than just something petty. Wonder if Zelda U is a continuation of TP in some way?
i won't be opening it, more petty pointless functionality no doubt. But as a figure collector, awesome figure I never imagined
I normally agree with Kyle Petty but you're wrong about the rain out.
If Kyle Busch is champion, he would be first champion since Richard Petty in 1971 to not run every race(Petty missed 2)
Done ranting on Kyle Petty & Dale Jarrett speaking some truth at me right now. It's over, it happened. On to Homestead for Rowdy!
I agree with Kyle Petty for once. They all had the same amount of laps to make it happen.
Kyle petty looks like a homeless man
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Greatest testimony to You all watched Kyle Petty's ponytail flop from side to side for like ten hours.
...well now Kyle Petty can go eat some more. Won't have to hear him say he's hungry.
btw I wore my Kyle Petty GP Tshirt to this year so I still got mad respect man!
the tickets and the souvenirs if it weren't for us there would be no NASCAR, so Kyle Petty take notice, we really could
opportunity from them, now onto Joey Logano, here is another driver that gets high praise from announcers like Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty and let me tell you why, I hope you listen and tke me very seriously, I don't hate anyone in the sport, I just dont
Come on let's go to Dale Jarrett & Kyle Petty breakdown what is on the line in today's race
I'm surprised I'm still awake listening to Kyle Petty t a lk for 6 hours
I can respect Dale Jarrett he's gonna championship *** is Kyle Petty doing on here
Kyle petty and Dale Jarrett want some cookies.
needs to take Kyle Petty some more food. Apparently he's still hungry.
Kyle Petty does not like iRacing, lol. That man is hilarious to listen to but very wise words indeed. 👌🏾
If thou gaze upon Kyle Petty from the side, he resembleth Geddy Lee.
I could watch these discussions with Letarte, Evernham, Dale Jarrett, and Kyle Petty all day.
I'm sick of listening to Kyle Petty!
Am I the only one who finds it odd that Kyle Petty addresses his father and grandfather by their first names when speaking abouth them?
Does anyone agree that Kyle Petty is the Cris Collinsworth of NASCAR broadcasts?
"We come to win trophies, not to get participation ribbons" - Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty on track for Helms award at this rate. Leading HR/TB/SLG, 2nd RBI/OPS, 3rd SB. Jeremy Barnes right up there too
Why is Kyle Petty on NBCSN??? That guy couldn't drive a tricycle across the street! Get him off the air!
Looks like we had a sell out of Spray tan in a Can! Kyle Petty bought it all again! *round of applause*
well, at least they don't let Kyle Petty in the booth lol
Rain Delay Musings - never mind Kyle Busch being better then Petty . ERIK THE GREAT is GREATER then Chase Elliott !
Tell Kyle Petty its time to get rid of that pony tail of his. Clean it up Kyle you are to old for the pony tail!
what are the chances of you growing a Kyle Petty style pony tail? . Big Fan!! Thanks for the great work 👍🏻👍🏻
"Toy Box" is a b-side and is Awesome. And Heretic is Awesome, kyle petty, fell on black days Demo, bleed together
Kyle Petty says drivers should use the golden rule. I have been saying that since August. .
Kyle Petty is the John Madden of Nascar. With his career and he criticizes other racers. Get him off the air
i don't know how much longer i can listen to Kyle petty and them
Kyle petty is an *** you don't I courage drivers to fight it out for potential lawsuits
Hey Joey, I hope you're watching and listening to Jeff Burton and Kyle Petty as they teach you how to grow up right now on NBC
.We all know Bill is a huge Kyle Petty fan!
Did you all see Burton bullying Kyle Petty there that is BS😂😉😆
I swear I don't know who I dislike more, Kyle Petty or Joey Logano
I'm pretty sure nobody can tell whether or not Kyle Petty is saying won't or want.
Dear Kyle Petty: We know, you love Joey Logano. Shut up about it already.
My dad thinks Kyle Petty and Steve Letarte are the same person
that is awesome. If I have to listen to Kyle Petty one more minute I m going to scream.
no,no,no.. Kyle Petty won races.. .
Ugh they are bringing the countdown crew back on which means more Kyle Petty. No.
Oh my. I agree so much. Kyle Petty drives me nuts.
Well, the race is over. The winner is Kyle Petty in the CITGO Ford Fusion. Matt Crafton finishes second for Coach "Joe" Gibbs.
First thought of a picture posted with Kyle Larson: "Is that a Mexican?" Then I remembered it was Larson pulling a Kyle Petty. :P
Edwards won the race but Kyle Larson, his son, and that Kyle Petty wig won the night.
Kyle Larson comes out for driver intros wearing the Kyle Petty wig. LOL
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Kyle Petty gets around Geoff Bodine now sets his sights on Ernie Irvan
All the good nascar reporter out there and hires Kyle Petty and Rutledge Wood! And some girl I cant understand in the pits! ?
I liked a video NASCAR on NBC Commercial Outtakes with Kyle Petty and Rutledge Wood
cause on original car, his name near the roof only said "KYLE" not "Kyle Petty"
Psyched. I cheered on Kyle Petty as a member of the Petty family. My mom even read the kids book he had out.
Kyle Petty's Mello Yello chevy its gonna make a comeback on labor day in Darlington
disappointed Kyle Petty's hot wheels scheme and Ken Shrader 36 M&Ms weren't on the list.
Kyle Petty wins at in a Dodge magnum!
I loved this paint scheme when Kyle Petty but man this looks way more badass
Always did love the ol Kyle Petty Mello Yello Pontiac
that's actually Kyle Petty's scheme! Great one!
Doesn't work, Kyle Larson wears hair to short!!
Aaand wins the throwback contest going away with the old Felix Sebates/ Kyle Petty Mello Yellow car...
Also Lol at everyone thinking Larson's throw back is days of Thunder, totally omitting Kyle petty from the picture
Oh. My. NASCAR throwback paint schemes for Darlington. That Kyle Larson 42 tho. I was a big fan of Kyle Petty as a kid.
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From release "Even though I was too young to watch Kyle Petty driving the Mello Yello car" Ouch.
I can't find the Kyle Petty die-cast, but I do have some Steve Park Coke bottles
I watched the real 42 Petty scheme on track, got nothing but love for Kyle, Richard, and Level Cross
Kyle Petty missed 11 races in 1991 with a broken leg and wasn't Chase eligible :(
I'm pretty sure we still have a die-cast of the original Kyle Petty Mello Yello car.
Listen, it's not a Kyle Petty throwback. It's Bobby Hillin Jr. Proof:
LRT: It's Kyle Petty's old ride and not Cole Trickle's, but the point stands.
Cole Whitt Trickle should be driving it then and not Kyle Larson Petty. I am mad.
YES!! Kyle Petty's best car and the best new driver out there, coming together! Lets go!
Kyle petty drove that car in real life
I bet Kyle Petty is feeling really good about the fact that so many are calling Larson's livery a "Days of Thunder" throwback.
yeah, but the 42 Kyle Petty drove is, essentially, this same 42 (Felix Sabates-owned). Direct history that goes farther back.
yeah but Kyle petty sucked. Cole Trickle was the man
need Dat die-cast plz, (big kyle petty fan in my younger days)
Well YEAH cuz it's gotta be dapper like Kyle Petty's!
Nor did President Obama find it important to attend the funeral service of the most accomplished sniper Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle.
Kyle Larson is running a Kyle Petty Mello Yello scheme isn't he? 😯
thinking Mello Yellow 42... Sabates owned Kyle Petty's car and still owns part of CGR
well he is holding a Mello Yellow can. ..and does drive the 42 car. Hmmm. THROWBACK KYLE PETTY
Danica Patrick was just Nascar's way of replacing Kyle Petty.
I don't want to conversate over petty things. Let's be intellectual adults and tell me something useful.
It is very eerie how similiar Steve Letarte and Kyle Petty sound alike...
For as good as NBC's NASCAR coverage has been... They dropped the ball on Kyle Petty. HE belongs doing spoofs with Rutledge Wood.
I really don't understand NBC, no job for Larry Mac, or Rusty or Nicole, but we get Rutledge Wood and Kyle Petty? Rutledge is useless!
Kyle Petty called Jeb Burton, Jeb Busch 2x in a row Monday. has a new favorite NASCAR analyst.
Jeff Burton & Steve Letarte are the only thing saving this broadcast. No one wants to hear from Kyle Petty (often wrong, proven 30 sec ago)
Lol idk what to say about Rutledge Wood & Kyle Petty's Sonic commercials...
Please, NBC, get rid of Dave Burns. And Kyle Petty. And Rutledge Wood. And your pit reporters.
San Jose ties the game but Kyle Petty throws out Juan Perez at the plate to keep it 2-2. Extra innings here we go
I got a 1:24 scale diecast of Kyle Petty at Goodwill in Willow Street today.
Paul Fry throws a scoreless 9th. Jay Baum, Austin Wilson, Kyle Petty coming up for the Blaze with game tied at 1.
or even Geoff Bodine or Terry Labonte or Irvan or Martin or Elliot or Jarrett or Kyle Petty
ICYMI: Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty both told me to expect less fluff and more hard-hitting analysis on their pre-race -> ht…
I'm giving away: Coke Nascar window clings of Kyle Petty and Dale Jarrett. Check it out -
Can't stand Kyle Petty. Brad had a hole and took it. Cry Gordon
I voted for Tim Richmond in the Dash for the Stache bracket. Cast your vote now! via
What's your favorite race? My grandparents are the one's who got me into racing. Their favorites are you and Kyle Petty!
Also I think cause of Cook returning that Hundley sneaks into 1st on desperate team and Petty goes in 3rd
That's pretty risky tho. Chances are even slimmer that Hundley/Petty make it happen
when has Kyle Petty ever said he took Davey out on purpose? Plus Kyle never acted/drove like Brad does.
one year they had in car camera w/ Kyle Petty who dropped the F bomb. Nothing. Tony said BS and got fined. Go figure.
In the postgame press conference yesterday, Bryce Petty answered every question with "Ready for OU"
U said this last year for this year 😕RT I won't be petty or shady in the great year of ...
Tony Romo has small cracks in transverse process in back. Bryce Petty played through his, but Romo should rest through…
Coaches that try to artificially create rivalries end up looking foolish. Kyle Flood and now Randy Edsel now just look petty, not cunning
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True but Kyle's fans & some media talk about win totals all of a sudden across the series'. Petty & Pearson don't have to
Don't flash ya stack if it's petty I learn that young y'all still don't get it 😴
I sent that one to Kyle Petty that's when he blocked me
Black and White Photo Challenge Day 4: Kyle Petty confronts the "blind boy in the 90 car" (Boby Hillin) after a...
Been wearing a hat signed by Kyle Petty all day and kind of forgot about that fact. Shout out to NASCAR fans.
Can Kyle come home so we can be petty like old times?
I was there and have the program with Kyle and Richard Petty's autographs in ink pen in it.
Kyle & Adam Petty chat on pit road at Texas in 2000.
I think Kyle Petty and Clint Bowyer son still hang out together drooling and pooping with each other
You know your a mark when you still have a burning hatred for Kyle Petty.
depends on what tracks you already have. "Kyle Petty", "Blind Dogs", and "Waiting for the Sun" are some of the best SG songs
Dont sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things
Fell on Black Days > Single by Soundgarden. from the album Superunknown. B-side "Kyle Petty, Son of Richard" / "Fell on Black Days"
I don't have patience for petty, whiny children.
Its after 230am just arrived in Oneonta ! And I am GLAD that Kyle Petty and I are on the
Jeremy Kyle covering petty theft now.
Kyle Petty drove in 79, Terry Labonte had the
I miss the "Crank it up" segments, more experienced commentators, and most especially, better sound quality with the Nascar broadcasts on Fox network. Can't stand the muffled sounds, limited cameras that don't cover the entire track, and especially Kyle Petty's ridiculously stupid commentary on TNT. I can't wait for coverage to switch to ESPN, and then TNT can focus more on stupid shows they advertise during every commercial break that I'll never watch. Next year, the mid-season coverage will be broadcast on NBC Sports Network, and at least they have good audio quality from what I have experienced from Formula One broadcasts
Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach are the Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson version of HORRIBLE!
I think Wally Dallenbach was tolerable when Benny Parsons was in the booth. Kyle Petty and Adam Alexander aren't the best.
TNT's coverage of NASCAR is comprised of Adam Alexander disagreeing with Kyle Petty and repeated audio.
As Adam Alexander and Kyle Petty note, track temps have increased so much, fastest car is 4 mph slower than in morning practice.
TNT Revs Up for NASCAR Coverage: TNT's presentation of the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will feature all-access coverage throughout the six-week NASCAR Summer Series. TNT's coverage will start Sunday, June 8, at Pocono, continuing throughout the summer with behind-the-scenes content featuring a select driver and their team, along with special "off the track" segments and more. The Toyota Camry Test Car, a new addition for this year's race coverage, will take viewers inside the car and bring them closer to the action. TNT analysts Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach will use the car for pre-race driving segments on the track, taking viewers into the turns and down the straightaways before the green flag drops each week. Additionally, the car will be a resource for analyst Larry McReynolds during the race as the former crew chief will outline key performance features and mechanical challenges during the race. TNT will once again follow a driver and their team over the course of the entire week as they travel a ...
This Day in History 05-12-2000 NASCAR racer Adam Petty dies in crash 19-year-old Adam Petty, son of Winston Cup driver Kyle Petty and grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Petty, is killed after crashing into a wall during practice for a Grand National race at Loudon, New Hampshire. The young Petty was the first fourth-generation driver in NASCAR history. His great-grandfather, Lee Petty, a pioneer of NASCAR racing, died in April 2000; Adam Petty competed in his first Winston Cup three days before his great-grandfather´s death, finishing 40th. The young Petty was in his second season in the Busch Series and was planning to move to the Winston Cup circuit full time the following year. In his 29 starts during 1999, he posted three top-five and four top-10 finishes; his best was fourth place in the AutoClub 300 at California Speedway (which in 2008 was renamed the Auto Club Speedway of Southern California). According to an NBC News report, his car crashed head-on into a wall while traveling at 130 miles per hou ...
You told us what you wanted to ask Kyle Petty during the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. We received many great Kyle gave us some great answers. Thanks to all who participated! Watch Kyle talk all things Charity Ride and Chicken Fried and join the conversation using the hashtag more post.I have been on a cross country trip, Mt. Rushmore, Sturgis a NASCAR race in MIchigan, been to a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau field.met Kyle Petty, seen Garth and George several times, been to the vegas race a zillion times...BUT tonight my goal in life has been make a difference in someones life.GOD...thank you for making this new journey possible
NASCAR's Kyle Petty will lead more than 200 participants on their first ever coast-to-coast motorcycle tour to raise funds and awareness for Victory Junction - a camp created to enrich the lives of children with chronic illnesses. Petty will join us to talk about this charitable event. You don't wan…
me, Ellington, petty, Stivers, ibe, Luke, and Bindel
Driver I got: Kyle Petty Do I like him: Eh there is better Do I own Merchandise: I have a couple of his Hot Wheels diecasts cars Favorite Moment: "That's incredible! I don't care."
Just heard an announcement that Luke Kuechly will be making a guest appearance at The Mall of the South - Walmart of Thomasville Nc. Brad Hoover, Wil Myers, Terry and Bobby Labonte, Kyle Petty, Brian Vickers, Charlotte Mayor Clodfelter, its been a fun ride but time to make way for Luke!!! Maybe the city will even let him sit on the Big thats an honor.
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Driver I Got: Kyle Petty Do I Like Him: He was actually my favorite for a brief period when I was first getting into the sport...then I found out who Jeff Gordon was. I was kind of neutral about him after that. Do I own Merch: No Favorite Moment: His 3rd-place finish at the 2007 Coke 600. Like for a driver.
Who are you really Kyle Petty?? The past is the past get over it & move on instead of lamenting what was in the past
The 20th Anniversary Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America begins Saturday, May 3rd. Over 175 motorcyclists will be traveling from Carlsbad, California to Daytona Beach, Florida in order to raise... (PRWeb April 29, 2014) Read the full story at
Help us welcome the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America to Beaumont! Founded by former NASCAR driver and...
I actually have lots of muscle left. How do you think I carried Kyle petty all those years? And besides you live there
Allen West to participate in the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America via
~ Here are six things on my bucket list, and the one I'm crossing off next week:
Work completed, luggage packed, in a couple hours insurance world will be behind me and bike world in front of me. Looking forward to arriving in Carlsbad, California and hopefully seeing sunny skies and fellow riders as we prepare for the Kick Off of the 20th Anniversary Kyle Petty Charity Ride. Just hours away will be dinner with friends as they send me off and on my way. Look out California here I come!
Dale Earnhardt leads Kyle Petty and Jeff Gordon. Back in the day.
I feel like I'm watching a NASCAR race with Kyle Petty on Fox6. If hear JP Dice say "that's incredible" one more time, I'm gonna burst out into laughter.
Why do you enjoy running Kyle Petty's and Dave Blaney's # so much? Driving heroes of yours?
NASCAR legend Kyle Petty has traded in his racecar for a motorcycle as he bikes across the country.
Cool video in amazing platform! Check it out. Want one for yourself? Call 855.755.6696 and get started. VERY...
This year, Kyle Petty will lead approximately 200 riders coast to coast for the first time, traveling from Carlsbad, Calif. to Daytona Beach, Fla., May 3 -10.
I shot these two pics of Kyle Petty and the Wood Brothers Citgo Ford Thunderbird at the Miller High Life 400, Michigan International Speedway, June 6, 1988.
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Watch for news about Kyle Petty joining us once again to discuss the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America LIVE from Daytona Beach at the host hotel upon the conclusion of the ride in the late afternoon/early evening time slot on Saturday May 10th from Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau! We will have 5 or 6 major players from the motorsports community joining us along with Kyle Petty and Harry Gant! Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone will be LIVE on May 10th for this special show!
Fun fact: there are more important, bigger things outside of high school and that petty drama
Promo card I have from Adam Petty when he raced ASA for Spree. Signed by Adam, Kyle a...
Florida fans miss Trackside now I can't get my Kyle Petty fill, miss seeing him weekly.
Every time I listen to Tom Petty I just picture kyle and cole going 120 on the highway right by a cop
Kyle Petty says The King adjusting to life alone - Lynda Petty died last month after battling cancer for several...
Casey felt plenty like the time he got assraped by Kyle Petty. It was Kyles turn 2 be pitcher n his time 2 catch
I think that jobs reserved for Kyle petty
Kyle Petty has 5 more wins than these 2 nobodies. 'Nuff said.
he beat James James Yeley & Kyle Petty & the rest of the field once. Just once
Kyle has a petty theft so they pulled us over and are checking if his car and/or engine is stolen lol wth
Does BZF know that you make the rules? Admit it your greatest accomplishment was being Kyle Petty's CC, Mr. "VP"
Richard Petty leads with 13 Richmond wins. Kyle Busch with 4 tops the active drivers.
thats awesome.I've never got response from guys like that I have from dw, mikeyw, Kyle petty, Kelly earnhardt people like that b4
that one sounds like you're referring to Kyle Petty
Check out this great video about The Kyle Petty Ride Across America Presented by Manheim!
Only 8 more days left until the 20th Annual Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America!
Tomorrow 4/24, marks 20 years ago, that I lost a bet! I bet Joey that our daughter wouldn't be born until after the Nascar Race started, he bet me that she would be born before the race, so that she could watch Kyle Petty race. The race started at 12:00 pm.sure 11:40 am, 20 minutes BEFORE the race she was born...this marked the moment we knew forsure that she was going to be a "daddy's girl".and she was and still is. She gave us some scares throughout her first 3 years of her life, but she is a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful baby boy Corbin "Chunky Monkey". Who we hope turns out to be a great kid as well. Lacey, we love you and we hope you continue to grow with your son and succeed in school and through life Know that we are here for you!
Dr. William Pinsky is the Chief Academic Officer of Ochsner Health System... and he is also a race car driver who will compete among the likes of Kyle Petty and Al Unser, Jr. in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach/Celebrity Race today. Though he may sound a bit like Jekyll and Hyde, Pinsky is equally at home on the race track or in the C-suite. For the past 25 years, Dr. Pinsky has spent his weekends traveling to race courses across the country with Racing For Kids, the charity he founded in 1989. Racing for Kids uses the popularity of motorsports to focus public attention and fundraising on the healthcare needs of children and children’s hospitals.
nascar week at Martinsville continues with flashback Saturday as we go back to 2002 when Dennis Setzer began the weekend by winning the camping world truck series race as he led 43 of 250 laps and defeated mike bliss by four tenths of a second. and bobby Labonte ended the weekend by winning the sprint cup series race by leading 61 of 500 laps as he defeated matt Kenseth under caution due to a late race wreck by Kyle Petty.
This was shared by Kyle Petty early Friday night. Very nice.
OK Kenny. Did I miss something? Left last year with the race season really looking forward to Daytona and speedweeks and my favorite pre-race program: Nascar Raceday fueled by Sunoco with John Roberts, Larry Mac, DW, Kyle Petty, you and Wendy Venturini, Matt Clark and Rutledge Wood in the pits. I leave the season reluctantly behind for the winter months and when the new race season starts, guess what? No more Nascar Raceday. Instead, here in Michigan, we get a 1 hr program with Chris Meyers, Mikey Waltrip and DW. What happened to my program? Did it get cancelled? Is it coming back? I watch the race and no more pre-race coverage. I miss you guys, what happened? Will you be at MIS in June or august? I would really like to meet you there! Thanks, kenny, miss you on TV.
Taking in consideration some of these gentleman have left us, but if they where still here who do you feel would make the top 6 with 2 alternates. Benny Parsons, Dave DeSpain, Buddy Baker, Winston Kelley, Joe Moore, Barney Hall , Dale Jarrett, Chris Economaki, Larry McReynolds, *** Berggren, Ned Jarrett, Bob Jenkins, Mike Joy, Ken Squier, Allen Bestwick, Kyle Petty, Jack Arute, Chris Berman, Jeff Hammond, Dr. Jerry Punch,
Here is something to think about: If you suddenly had the money to start your won network that had the total rights to all Nascar programing, RRN ( Redneck Racing Network) or whatever name you wanted to give it. Whom would you hire as the commentators for the show. Myself, I think i would go with Jeff Hammond, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and still hang with DW. I really like Kyle cause he pretty much says what he thinks.
Long day Dale. Wtg Mr. Earnhardt. on your win down in Florida. Seven or eight years ago while doing a perimeter at the airport on the private sector side, I see 4 guys standing outside twin engine cessna just shooting the breeze. As i get a little closer i realize it's Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty ( with trademark ponytail), Kenny Schrader, and Lil E. I though about stopping and joining thier little gabbfest lol, but figured this was prob a rare moment for them. wtg 'on the Dale.
Congrats to Jr. and his car winning the Daytona 500 under extreme circumstances between racing and the weather. Now let's look at some other things. Tony are a moron and a bully. NEVER disrespect a legend because he was probably one of the reasons you are actually in racing. Stick to racing and not commentary/critique of others who have done WAY MORE than you will do in NASCAR Richard Petty's analysis (as well as Kyle Petty's) about Danica Patrick has proven to be spot on. I will agree that she is terrific for NASCAR in a marketing sense, but she does not have the skill or the ability to be an elite driver in NASCAR. I will root for Ms. Patrick, but she could become the next *** Trickle (no pun intended). A rather auspicious beginning for Austin Dillon and the revival of the Chevy. Won the pole, slipped to 18th within 3 laps at the start of the race, and was the cause of AT LEAST 2 major accidents in this race. NASCAR may want to relegate him back to the minor league, or only allow h ...
Let me try this again ...LOL . The FOX NETWORK (Chris Meyers, Jeff Hammond, Larry Mac, DW) will do The Raceday and Victory Lane TV show for the first 13 NASCAR races of the year ... We will not have the stage outside the NASCAR tracks anymore "SORRY" ... Raceday and Victory Lane will be done from INSIDE The "Hollywood Hotel" for the first 13 races ... The last NASCAR race FOX TV covers is June 1st at Dover ... ON June 8th John Roberts and Kyle Petty and Myself will GO INSIDE Studio from Charlotte North Carolina and finish the last 23 NASCAR races for the Raceday and Victory Lane TV show. I hope i explained it clearly? . In the meanwhile i will still be on TV a lot doing NASCAR Nationwide practice and qualifying and NASCAR LIVE TV shows.
More on Danica Patrick/Richard Petty. I just discovered that Kyle Petty (Richard's son) drove in Nascar for 6 years before he won a race. Kyle (like his famous dad) voiced negative comments about Danica last year. There is an old saying: People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks.
Man Richard and Kyle Petty are such haters n live up to their last name. That's all they are is petty. That team *** hope it shuts down.
Was at the World of Wheels this weekend in Indianapolis,In. Got to meet some great people. Meet Richard and Kyle Petty and Chris Jericho. Had a great time.
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Marty Robbins This is spring Dega of 1978, when Marty returned in July with his Magnum, he ran He turned over to rookie Kyle Petty who was to make his debut Cup start at Dega. B|
We'll. it took about 50 times to realize that the nascar comical was a guy walking past Kyle Petty and Dale Earnhardt.
Check out this great item: 2001 Hot Wheel 1/24 Kyle Petty 45 Charity Ride
I still say FS1 should give you and Kyle Petty your own show to talk about NASCAR with the fans. Weeknights.
OMG.Nascar.Kyle Petty. Was a Kyle Petty fan.I still use it because I can actually REMEMBER IT.
(Jim Utter) Kyle Petty: 'If the door is open ... it is easier to get here'
Kyle Petty on Darrell Wallace Jr.'s win: "If the door is open ... it's easier to get here"
i think your both wrong,its the state where Kyle Petty lives,do you know the state?,the state of Happiness!
my Christmas wish is for Kyle Petty to get fired and won't be able to do NASCAR commentary anymore
you a joke..get mad cause yiy getting called out. Yoh and kyle petty need to go
Kyle Petty's car was the first one, his daughter drew the pumpkin on the hood.
As Kyle Petty said Danica Patrick is a marketing device not a qualified race car driver. She seldom is on the lead lap.
by the way... you made my day with that tough question... I remember bein a kid playn Kyle Petty Racing on Nintendo! U rock dude
“Kyle Petty and I say cool 4doing this
The all-around happiest NASCAR vine ever: “Kyle Petty and I say is cool for doing this
P'burg's Kyle Petty has strong start to professional baseball career.
Want to hear about Danica Patrick & Kyle Petty? Tune in to FOX19 tonight. And check my story
Who was the host that asked about Kyle Petty and Stenhouse?
Danica Patrick was on Fox News this morning. What does the host do? Ask about the Kyle Petty drama and wrecking Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
There's a reason Kyle Petty is no longer a "race car driver"! You go Danica!
I hate Kyle Petty and all of Nascar.
Kyle Petty forced himself into retirement. Blows. (
- I'm am huge fan of you . Kyle petty ( go NASCAR go) let race . See you in Daytona Beach FL .
good deal.. Are you going to stay out of trouble and ignore kyle petty... Lol
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Kyle petty.
Kyle Petty and urs truly,lol.Ty Les for an Awesome time.More pics to come
2013 VIR Heacock Gold Cup Classic Day 2 Kyle Petty wishes he had something this fast to drive!.
L to r: Kenny Wallace, Larry McReynolds, Kyle Petty and John Roberts during the live broadcast of…
Did any of the JJ haters hear give a shout out to his teammates while talking to John Roberts and Kyle Petty? Good teammate!!
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