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Kyle Mooney

Kyle James Kozub Mooney (born September 4, 1984) is an American actor, comedian, writer, and co-founder of the sketch comedy group, Good Neighbor.

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so I wash my hands, leave the restaurant, hop in my car, turn on NPR. The host says "I'm so & so, in for so & so, & I'm here w/Kyle Mooney." that SNL has been on break for a while I don't have enough Kyle Mooney in my life. I'm going to go home & look him up on Youtube.
Check out and in this exclusive clip from
I liked a video Kyle Mooney Created Brigsby Bear with His Eighth Grade Buddies
I liked a video MOLTISSIMO: Mario Cooks for Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett
Today I met Kyle Mooney and he was so funny and so wonderful and you should go see Brigsby Bear because it is so funny and so wonderful!
Brigsby Bear but instead of Kyle Mooney and Brigsby Bear its me and The Leftovers
Went to see the Kyle Mooney movie, and then randomly showed up at the end for a talkback. Your move, Christopher Nolan.
Went to school with Beck and Kyle. And know Dave. The funniest, hardest working guys I know.
How two childhood best friends sold their love letter to cinema to Sony Pictures Classics…
this in theaters rn? i know somebody who's a BIG Kyle Mooney fan
I'm geeked for it. Kyle mooney will forever be a legend
“Brigsby Bear” is a love letter to cinema and the power of nostalgia. Here's how Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary did it: https:/…
Kyle Mooney’s Brigsby Bear is much too nice for its own intriguing premise
How has The Hip inspired YOU? This new exhibit in Toronto is all inspired by
NY/LA: See super funny movie "Brigsby Bear," then read my interview with him about its '80s nostalgia.
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"Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were talking and some people would just go up ... but I just don’t have the guts"
If you're a Good Neighbor fan or love Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett shorts you should go see Brigsby Bear immediately. Don't google the plot
Remember told us 80s touchstone influenced — watch chat replay
it’s a Lonely Island-produced movie starring Kyle Mooney and Mark Hamill and an animatronic bear from the 80s. “A triumph” —…
This city theme is killing me. should i start off helping the City singers, "Kyle Walker."
Paul Rust and Kyle Mooney sitting right next…
I'm gonna go watch Kyle Mooney and Sasheer Zamata SNL sketches now.
Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are some funny dudes
Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are the only two people I care about on SNL right now
what was the oxidized looking white wine you served Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett on Maltissimo?
Kyle Mooney & Greg Kinnear in for Opens in July in the U.S.
For a moment, I thought this was a sketch with Kyle Mooney and Kenan Thompson.
could not parody how bad his comedy is. And Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, Kyle Mooney all have bad-comedian cha…
I think Kyle Mooney and Vanessa Bayer are gonna make movies.and Alec Baldwin's gonna become NYC city councilman
i think Kyle Mooney is always doing his best Mark-Linn Baker
Can you tell Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett I say hi
we like a lot of these things. ACLU, John Early, Kyle Mooney, etc.
Wait. Is twenty one pilots a real group or is this another Kyle Mooney / Beck Bennet put-on?
Extreme Skateboarding with Kyle Mooney and Chris Hemsworth might be too extreme. Full vid... (Vine by
Follow for gifs sports, kyle mooney, sport…
are we sure he's NOT a Kyle Mooney character?
Selina Kyle/Harvey Bullock/Fish Mooney. They're all amazing and badass in their own special way.
they shoulda got Kyle Mooney to play me
Me with an amazing Fish Mooney and cute Salina Kyle cosplayers at…
See Kanye West vs. Kyle Mooney in an SNL rap battle
This sounds like a bad snl skit where Kyle Mooney is singing it to a classroom
this guy is my favorite Kyle Mooney character
think Kyle and Naomi Rae & Smith have been nominated as they are close to the cutoff so could sneak in
New on kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports
Room Ideas: sports, kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports
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Check out this new trending ! kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports
New trending GIF on GIPHY! sports, kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports
sports, kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports GIF
LOVE~! sports, kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports
kyle mooney, sporty, i love sports via Giphy
I have a huge crush on Kyle Mooney.
Kyle Mooney is ruining for me. With his one character he always does. 😑
wish Nick Swardson but Kyle Mooney is funny AF.
yes, Kate McKinnon is amazing. Also really love Beck Bennett + Kyle Mooney. OK, they're all great.
I do not care I will marry Martin Starr or Kyle Mooney one day :-/
Why does Kyle Mooney look like Leland Orser's illegitimate son
JoJo (Kyle Mooney) and BoBo (Beck Bennett) struggle to understand what a coworker's (Ariana Grande) March...
Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney conspire to ruin Ariana Grande's party in a cut SNL sketch:
Check out cut "March Madness" sketch starring Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney
Hey, look. SNL's Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney have been making videos online together since…
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Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney are criminally underused though.
Jay Pharaoh's 3 mins of impersonations trumps Kyle Mooney's and Beck Bennett's entire careers at SNL.
I like but I think Kyle Mooney, Kenan Thompson & Aidy Bryant should go. They can't act & aren't funny at all. Skits are awkward w/ them
Watch SNL's Kyle Mooney dress up as Nardwuar and interview Ducktails' Matt Mondanile
Dear SNL: stop with Kyle Mooney. Just stop. I'd be willing to trade being forced to more Colin Jost. I would even watch Fred Armison again.
At least, we still have Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett.
So many new faces on Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney and Kenan Thompson are the only cast members work I'm familar with.
Vanessa Bayer is great. Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett criminally underused
Constantly remembering the Chicken Wings skit on SNL with Andrew Garfield and Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney it was so insane
Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney look so young there.
Kyle Mooney in "Class President" - can't wait for the debate with Donald Trump next month
I need more Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, and Pete Davidson! I'm sick of Taran and Vanessa getting all the airtime every week.
Kyle Mooney now a repertory player for SNL season 41
Kyle Mooney is the greatest human alive
wonder if we'll be able to see Kyle Mooney ???
"Kevin Spacey" and "Kyle Mooney" fight the galactic overlord "Bruno Mars" in: Galaxy Planet Adventure, issue …
I've been wondering this myself. I don't know if I'm in the minority, but I really want Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett back.
Jake Johnson, David Krumholtz and Kyle Mooney walk into a bar.
I had a dream that I met Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett and we became best friends and did SNL in a barn in the middle of the dessert
Has there been a House of Cards skit on SNL? Kyle Mooney could easily do Lucas and Abby Elliot could've been Christina (come back)
Highlight of the night: . Kyle Mooney told us a story about how he tried to make out with a mormon girl.
I'm so obsessed with 3 people : robert, jules & Kyle mooney
James Franco and Kyle Mooney passionately kissing is the best thing to happen to me in a while.
Nowhere else will you find live guitar and keyboard mixed with samples of Chief Keef and Kyle Mooney.
fourth fave after Jimmy Fallon and Kyle Mooney and Rand Paul
I love that you can appreciate the rare combination of Kyle Mooney and Real Estate. Hats off to you!
Hello Ladies movie was a very funny and sweet, if slightly predictable, wrap up to the show. Kyle Mooney stole every scene as usual.
A David Wain or Jorma Taccone directed Kyle Mooney vehicle in the vein of Hot Rod. Make it happen 2k15 know what mean?!?
New friend. His name is Kyle. I'm keepin him.
Why didn't Kyle Mooney do a Rude! parody he looks just like the lead singer
Courtney Love and Kyle Mooney?! Nope, just Taylor Swift and the guy from Magic.
filmin' Kyle Mooney's episode of Urban Radical's "Gettin' Rad on The Regs"..
Here it is! The top 10 vids based on popularity from my 3 channels, with clips including Cimorelli and Kyle Mooney.
Kyle Mooney's adnan is pretty on the money but did you see the Funny or Die sketch?
Does anyone have a picture of as Kyle Mooney?
calling it right now, 2015 is the year Kyle Mooney finally becomes America's Sweetheart
“what abt Nightcrawler but starring Kyle Mooney”
"what abt Nightcrawler but starring Kyle Mooney" ...or American Sniper
what about every possible Oscar contender with Kyle Mooney playing every role?
what abt Nightcrawler but starring Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney is going to be doing a DJ set at the Roosevelt on NYE. Sounds pretty gangster.
Ugh now I'm in love with Kyle Mooney. Forever falling for SNL cast members.
That Pete Davidson dude is cool. Cecily Strong, and Kyle Mooney. "You're wasting your talents, Randy"- Jay-Z
I feel like Chris played by Kyle Mooney
David Looper just won a game against Kyle Mooney in Trivia Crack!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Aidy Bryant, and nah dude ... Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson are god too, but new and finding there footing still.
“chris fight Kyle Mooney is the best dude.
the guys from Ghost Stalkers are actually Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett.
Kyle Mooney and Kate McKinnon are going to be stars
I loved what Kyle Mooney @ Beck Bennett brought. Especially this short that didn't air.
Hopefully next season we see more Beck Bennett/Kyle Mooney sketches. They have great chemistry.
I'm a week late, but this year's SNL MVPs are: Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett.
Just saw Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kyle Mooney, and Bill Hader in commercials like right in a row. Is SNL building an advertising company?
Kyle Mooney is my freaking soulmate.
Kyle Mooney and Patrick Sharp are probably related
We live in a world where Judy Greer and Kyle Mooney make Sprint commercials together I understand nothing about everything.
I have to think that Kyle Mooney wrote it because he has a really weird (see: great) sense of humor. Look at his SNL videos
"You're the closest to heaven I'll ever be"
Kyle Mooney. John Milhiser. To me they look like they are twins. And they play together on SNL. Lorne, you are such a disaster!
The awkward moment when you realize Babe Ruth has as many home runs in 2014 as the Kansas City Royals.
Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions
I haven't really like Kyle Mooney on this season. I like him less in these commercials
I really want to stay up and watch Kyle Mooney YouTube videos all night, but responsibility and adulthood keeps getting in the way.
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything
Madi B is going to marry a guy like Kyle Mooney from SNL... I just know it.
I'm still sad that kyle mooney was downtown on saturday and I didn't meet him
Mooney run scored on error by SS throwing to get Martin, so no 5th RBI for Kyle, though it did put him on second. 8-2, T7,
Ryan Braun is playing straight nasty shutting them boo's up in philly
Ryan Braun hits his 3rd HR of the game vs Phillies. The 3-run homer gives him 7 RBI on the day.
Ryan Braun is not fazed by the boos in Philadelphia. He has two home runs today for Brewers - and it's only the 4th innin…
No better feeling then when someone wants to come all the way to see you even though you only have 10 mins
Don't judge too harshly, for if your weaknesses were to be placed under your footsteps, most likely you would stumble and fall as well.
Did HBO make Silicon Valley based on the Kyle Mooney character on Hello Ladies? Cause I want Hello Ladies back.
Man... Kyle Mooney is the best new SNL cast member in I don't know how long. Makes me laugh every week.
I thought the new season would suck because my fav cast members left, but it’s pretty good. Thank goodness for Kyle Mooney.
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obviously goes out to my love Kyle Mooney. Been doing it for the long run
New sprint commercial with Kyle Mooney is hilarious
thought you might be interested in this, I was at the yankee game today and talked with Beck Bennett and kyle mooney!
I just answered on my here smart telephone. The wise words of Kyle mooney 😂
is it too early to say that Kyle Mooney is our generation's Albert Brooks
Men gonna lie woman gonna lie so when you think about it who can you trust? Nobody
I've seen enough now to predict that Kyle Mooney will be the next breakout star of SNL. A funny baseball vid of his:
Appreciate those who love you. Help those who need you. Forgive those who hurt you, and forget those who leave you.
do you realize there are like 50 Kyle Mooney awkward interview videos???
i feel like i should get to wear that kyle mooney SPORTS jacket for a year as a prize
negative. Kyle mooney is my hero and bobby Moynihan is perfection. It's an inexperienced cast though I'll give ya that
Kyle Mooney already got a Sprint campaign so it doesn't make sense Bill Hader left SNL for some T-Mobile spots.
I don't think anyone gets my feelings toward Kyle Mooney. In my heart we're already engaged.
Kyle Mooney is quickly becoming one of my favs on SNL.
Don't mind me. I'm just youtubing Kyle Mooney stuff.
I think that Kyle Mooney/Vanessa Bayer neighbor sketch from SNL last night is my favorite thing they've done this season.
ICYMI, my trademark blue/grey hoodie (as seen in my avatar) was worn by Kyle Mooney on SNL last night.
The Kyle Mooney short was really his. Almost as good as his non SNL stuff.
Kyle mooney is on SNL now, need I say more?
Kyle Mooney always. Have you seen Hello Ladies? ('Cuz he's in that).
I thought it was awful! I really like Kyle Mooney's stuff. But everything else I thought was just terrible! Delete!
most of the features are uneccessary (except Kyle Mooney and Mike O'Brien)
I love Kyle Mooney and I'm not afraid to admit it.
"I have poop in my underwear." Is the best thing to come from SNL for years. God bless Kyle Mooney.
If Kyle Mooney wanted to marry me I would be like, "YEAH!!! OKAY!"
not even going to @ her on that? Don't be a kyle mooney in that one sketch from last night.
I met Kyle Mooney's mom last night. I think we're getting serious.
I want Kyle Mooney to be my best friend.
The reason I wear shades, you can't see the pain in my eyes
I used to watch Kyle mooney on YouTube and then one day he was just in snl I can't
RIGHT. I hope he, Kyle mooney, and Beck Bennett get picked up as cast members!
he and Kyle mooney are my everything
“Watch and Vanessa Bayer awkwardly flirt in this hilarious short >>
Do you think Kyle Mooney has shown the most promise of the newcomers this year? I feel like he could be next gen. Armisen.
I feel so out of tune with "the kids these days" because everybody loves Kyle Mooney and I think he's one-note, bland, and awful
Man, I let mind the store one week and all of a sudden Kyle Mooney sneaks into the top 3:
Also: Kyle Mooney and Vanessa Bayer's "Flirty" sketch was wonderful.
Beck Bennett does AT&T, Bill Hader does T-Mobile. To top it off, just saw Kyle Mooney in a Sprint ad. Verizon, who you gonna call?
Weirdly unevenly episode BUT Kyle Mooney's video and Louis CK's monologue!
T Mobile had Bill Hader. Sprint has Kyle Mooney. Sprint has Beck Bennett . Time to step up your game Verizon
Just saw ad with Kyle Mooney. Adds to Beck Bennett for AT&T & Bill Hader for T-Mobile. Which SNLer should Verizon hire now?
Nasim Pedrad is the most underused SNL cast member next to Kyle Mooney.
Beck Bennett is safe. Kyle Mooney, you may be up for elimination.
That 12:55 Kyle Mooney sketch wasn't anything new he did it on the Norm MacDonald show
For those of you who have heard, Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show in a few weeks, in which the returns to New York City, and Seth Meyers will be taking over Late Night by the end of February, his final time on SNL will be on Feb. 1st when Melissa McCarthy hosts and the musical guest is Imagine Dragons. I just found today that SNL has just named the newest anchor for Weekend Update who will join current anchor Cecily Strong. His name is Colin Jost who is one of the head writers of SNL. He will make his first appearance on March 1st! With him joining with the 6 six new performers that were introduced at the beginning of the season (Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O'Brien, Noel Wells and Brooks Wheelan) and the most recent hire of a new female African American performer (Sasheer Zamata) there will now be 8 new cast members! This is now the biggest hiring of cast members in SNL history!
Beck Bennett "secretly" filming Kyle Mooney with the giant 90's video camera in the Dancing sketch gets me every time
Na but Kenan is truly atrocious. Kyle Mooney is gonna be huge... I miss Andy Samberg. Lady Gaga is the 2nd best host next to JT.
Kyle Mooney on "Hello Ladies" is the best thing ever. He better start getting more SNL screen time.
Some entertainment news tidbits: - Anyone a 'Breaking Bad' fan? AMC has confirmed a spin off featuring Saul Goodman in a one-hour prequel tentatively titled "Better Call Saul." Bob Odenkirk plays Goodman in the series "Breaking Bad," a sleazy New Mexico lawyer whose clients include Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The series will focus on his life prior to White and Pinkman. - WGN has confirmed it will develop a new series to be filmed in New Mexico that will center around the lives of the scientists during the secret project that developed the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, N.M. The series is call "Manhattan." - Emily Blunt & John Krasinski are expecting their first child. - "Insidious Chapter 2" and "The Family" are in theaters this week. - Clint Eastwood’s wife, Dina, files for legal separation from the actor/director. - "Star Trek Into Darkness" is out on DVD. - Five new cast members are joining "Saturday Night Live:" Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O'Brien and Noël Wells.
LA FRIENDS: A new sketch I wrote/produced/act in, alongside my best bud Peter Hinz is premiering at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics this Friday at 9PM. If you can make it out, we'd love to have you, and enjoy some comedy from other talented guys like Moses Storm and Kyle Mooney. Message me for detes!
look up Chris by Kyle Mooney on YouTube
Farnsworth is the man. So is Billy Currington, Sufjan Stevens, Chris Martin and Kyle Mooney.
Leaderboard Radio FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 4, 2012 Orlando, FL – Now in its fifth season, The Leaderboard, one of the nation’s most popular golf radio shows, has signed an agreement to broadcast Monday evenings on 740 The Game. Beginning on June 11, 2012, The Leaderboard can be heard live from 7 – 8 pm on Orlando’s premier sports radio station. Hosted by J.P. Marks, Bill Bona and Kenny Nairn, the show brings a fresh, new approach to coverage of the PGA TOUR. The show’s three co-hosts are joined each week by news anchor Kyle Mooney and the always informative “Stat Cat.” The show also features a variety of guests, including touring professionals, Golf Channel personalities and other celebrities from the world of golf. The Leaderboard’s first show on 740 The Game will be a special US Open preview edition, with guests currently scheduled to include 2010 US Open Champion Graeme McDowell, Golf Channel Reporter Steve Sands and USGA Member Ron Read. 740 The Game is a Clear Channel radio property ...
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