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Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry (born March 25, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American professional basketball player with the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

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Highlights: Check out these plays from Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, and Goran Dragic! . WATCH --
Kyle Lowry-Toronto Raptors Lowry is likely to play Friday against the Heat despite a laceration under his right eye.
Kyle Lowry would be a sick backup point guard for Kyrie, not gonna lie.
Well it's the left handed shooter, Kyle Lowry the pump
"LeBron is probably one of the best players in the league besides Steph" - Kyle Lowry
This anger from this game make me wanna go on a basketball player by the name of Kyle Lowry
klay & kyle lowry are not more efficient than DG. and idgaf what Stephen A. Smith says i cant put melo in that list anymore
my lil bro kyle got that Kyle Lowry swag can't wait to see him rock out this school year and on the UAA circuit!
fine put in Kyle Lowry, Cp3, or Mike Conley above him too
Same "sources" that told Bucher about the Lowry trade a few years ago...?.
Can't decide where to hang up my Kyle Lowry poster 🤔
John Wall, Kyrie Irving, D Wade, Jimmy Butler, Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker. He's not making it over any of em.
Take it from me and this ain't as easy as you think.
Lowe Post podcast: Kyle Lowry in studio on All-Star plans, losing weight, state of the Raptors, dunks, flops, more: http…
Kind of cool that big shot essay came out a day before mines.. Check this out and let me know how I did.
.star and Olympic 🏅 joins the podcast talking Rio, age, and more: http…
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Still questioning why Isaiah Thomas and Kyle Lowry got more votes than Kyrie
PODCAST: coach Dwane Casey on fast start, Kyle Lowry's plan to opt out, more
Jakob Poeltl is learning fast, and the Raptors have noticed via
Yeah we could ave traded Shump for Kyle Lowry b smh
Kyle Lowry is 5th in MPG, doesn't show up in the top20 usg rate. I'd like to see cojo and norm subbed in for him mo…
Kyrie Irving & Kyle Lowry trade triples in Toronto!
that screams to me more Kyle Lowry and less Kyrie Irving when it comes to the playoffs
ala, Kyle Lowry. IT4 has flaws you can game plan for. Kyrie's flaws are on him.
John Wall ( 33pts) outplayed Kyle Lowry (18pts) last night but the Wizards remain winless at 0-3 to start season under Scott Brooks.
I knew that when the Sixers hired him. He also brought Kyle Lowry to Houston I believe.
The left handed shooter, Kyle Lowry the pump
Kyle Lowry dropping jaws tonight like he did when the Yankees/Canadiens won almost yearly.
Lights Camera Action! Kyle Lowry takes the stage with our latest Dunk insert!
fasho should have beat out at least Kyle Lowry.
Interesting background on Kyle Lowry from his Villanova coach Jay Wright. Lesson? Don't judge people by their 20s: https…
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cp3, John Wall, Kyle Lowry, dragic from the heat it's a couple
Great story about Villanova HC Jay Wright's issues with Kyle Lowry before he matured
Mark this moment. Kyle Lowry just won me over.
Eating trail mix and fruit at night really saved me from those late night food runs. Didn’t wanna be Kyle Lowry or Eddie Lacy.
Sports Illustrated's top 100 players in the NBA:. Kyle Lowry: John Wall: Kyrie Irving:
Pat: "Michael Jordan would be like Kyle Lowry in today's NBA.". *my brain proceeds to melt
I had to rewind Kyle Lowry dropping that dude. Boy looked like the big friendly giant stumbling around
Kyle Lowry really should just be hoopin outside at Davis
my team challenge. Players with funny player cards. Examples being Kyle Lowry, Glen Davis, John Wall, etc.
Friends and teammates Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan looking to cap off special season with gold.
NBA Player I hate: Eric Dampier and Juan Howard . NBA Player I think is overrated: Kyle Lowry . NBA Player that I...
Harrison Barnes and Kyle Lowry are. Klay Thompson is signed with Anta
"Kyle Lowry finds Klay Thompson in transition for the deep triple at USA Basketball Practice!" : via
Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson kicks obscured since they are not Nike athletes. smh
Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, Derrick Rose & many more are free agents next summer. They'll love…
Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, CP3, Kyle Lowry, Derrick Rose & more are all free agents next summer. They'll love Mike Co…
Kyle Lowry's IG post after DeRozan signed that max deal😂
Its likely snag Kyle Lowry (Raptors/Team USA) who went to Nova for Hence DeRozen leak
Report: Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry have announced they will play for Team USA during the Rio 2016 Olympics…
Kris Dunn getting called the "bigger version of Kyle Lowry" should get the Timberwolves excited.
Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague, possibly Isaiah, rondo, and Mike Conley and possibly tony Parker
Kyle Lowry reportedly accepts invitation to play for Team USA at Olympics:
"Biz talks too much ...Lucas speaks too much ...JV's English isn't too good and (jokes) neither is Demar's" -- Kyle Lowry.
DYING at Kyle Lowry's confused "what the *** " as Lucas walks by in summertime best before interrupting presser:
Congrats to Cleveland for finally defeating Kyle Lowry and the Recreational League Veterans.
Congrats to the philly native Kyle Lowry going out with a fight
Man.. that Kyle Lowry video way too funny to me
James Harden should have had Kyle Lowry's spot on the 3rd team and Anthony Davis should have had LaMarcus Aldridge's spot. C'mon man
Kyle Lowry made it on and Harden didn't🤔
Watch Matthew Dellavedova’s ball denial of Kyle Lowry. He is as relentless as it gets.
Wire: Toronto's Kyle Lowry was stunned by the box score after blowout loss
VIDEO: Matthew Dellavedova is stuck to Kyle Lowry like glue.
" Lori y De La Rosa son imparable" . **( old men at Shulas talking about Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan)**
Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan combined for 67 points, their most combined as teammates (regular season or playoffs).
Kyle Lowry seasoned the get it?. Lowry /Lawry's?.
Toronto Raptors really impressed me last night. They played their hearts out. Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan have earned my respect.
Huge Game 5 coming for Kyle Lowry, Demar Derozan. Toronto has all the momentum. Now it needs its backcourt to come up bi…
Kyle Lowry, Demar Derozan lead Raptors to 105-99 win over Cavaliers:
30+ point games in the Playoffs -. Demar Derozan: 5. Kyle Lowry: 4. LeBron James: 0
Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan walk off with a combined 67 PTs in the 105-99 victory over the (Series tied 2-2)
NBA: LeBron James Credits Raptors' Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry for Game 4 Win — 'They've carried this team all season'
67 Pts are the most Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan have combined for in a game as teammates.
Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry had another sensational shooting game for the 2nd straight time in this series.
Final thought for tonight: I'm on board with Kyle Lowry as the best Raptor ever.
Kyle Lowry top 5 pg in the nba. Curry/Westbrook. Lowry/Lillard/John Wall
Update: Kyle Lowry is good at basketball. .
Lebron having Kyle Lowry on him reminded me of when he had John Lucas III, who was 5'11, on him & Lebron couldn't buy a bucket, lmao.
Raptors tie the series! Kyle Lowry drops 35 Pts as Toronto wins both games at home to go back to Cleveland tied 2-2. http…
Kyle Lowry was traded to the Knicks. Dolan backed out because of terrible trade like the Melo deal.
Kyle Lowry slowly becoming one of my fav guards in the league. He's nice af.
Kyle Lowry showing us that he's still one of the best point guards in the league
If Kyrie can't check Kyle Lowry then what is he going to do with Westbrook or Curry?
Been saying it all year.. Kyle Lowry is one of the top PGs in the league...
Love watching Kyle Lowry, DeMarre Carroll, and James Johnson play for the Raptors..especially considering the Grizzlies could've kept all 3!
Finals in both conferences are getting exciting as the least expected happens. Kyle Lowry is on fire just like KD and RW are in the East.
Kyle Lowry is afraid to shoot. Had a wide open three faked the shot and passed it to Patrick Peterson who missed a three. No reason.
.says Kyle Lowry is trying to put the team on his back .
Kyle Lowry?? Woo buddy he left his D back in March...Uncle Drew taking him to school
Kyle Lowry is lockdown defensively then single-handedly get them the W on the other end.
Kyle Lowry is bringing the Raptors back to life when the series heads to Jurassic Park
Little Giant Ladders
Kyle Lowry open his mouth about King James and now he actin like a lil bihh ... Leavin his team hangin
Kyrie might ruin Kyle Lowry. This might turn into an MJ/Mugsy Bogues situation in Toronto.
Kyle Lowry is your all star point guard leader.. and the last place he wanted to be was in the arena lol
Hi, I’m EC semis Kyle Lowry and I have Direct TV. Hi I’m EC finals Kyle Lowry and I have cable.
Kyle Lowry was just like Jim Lahey rubbing lotion on Randy's nipples, out there rubbing Patterson's chest like what the *** is he doing?
Kyle Lowry out there looking more like Mike Lowry.
John Boyega and Kyle Lowry share a resemblance
Kyle Lowry says he wasn't throwing shade at LeBron by saying he's one of the best in the NBA “besides Steph."
Kyle Lowry. DeRozan. Dwight Howard. Evan Turner. Hibbert. Lin. Kemba. I couldn't name 15, but here are some to name a few
Justise Winslow face-guarding Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan and boxing out Bismack Biyombo all in the same Game 7 as a roo…
Kyle Lowry warming up before tonight's huge Game 1 against Iman Shumpert and the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers
Justise Winslow is the Miami Heat starting center tonight and is currently guarding Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry
"The Raptors are on the map, and the city we play for is getting some respect.". - point guard Kyle Lowry . ht…
Kyle Lowry goes for a game-high, 35 points to help lead the Toronto Raptors to their first Eastern Conference Final…
Kyle Lowry celebrates with his son following their Game 7 victory
When you realize Kyle Lowry made the conference finals before CP3
At the end of the 3rd quarter, Raptors lead Heat, 86-78. Kyle Lowry: 28 Pts, 7 Ast
Big ball Justise Winslow I like that, but *** Kyle Lowry, can't you just go back to sucking *** again?
If there's a Rocky Balboa-Apollo Creed matchup in Game 7, it's definitely Goran Dragic vs. Kyle Lowry. Long time coming.
Now that Kobe's retired my 3 favorite players in the NBA:. 1) Kemba Walker. 2) Kyle Lowry. 3) Isaiah Thomas. Not coincidentally, all short PG's
How did Kyle Lowry get more votes than Paul George.
Shocking Paul George didn't get a single vote and Kyle Lowry did.
why doesn't Kyle Lowry go Bobby Valentine and put some kind of wig on
Kyle Lowry is the biggest flopper on the team too
Kyle Lowry is the first player to score 29+ second-half points in a road playoff game since Steve Nash (35 PTS) on Ma…
Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan combine for 52 points in Game 3, their largest combined total this postseason.
A tale of 2 halves for Kyle Lowry. 33 Pts is the 2nd most he's scored in his playoff career.
Kyle Lowry took his talents to South Beach.
Didn't get to watch but happy for Kyle Lowry
One time to the GOD Kyle Lowry. . 33 points . 5 threes. 11-19 FG. 29 in the second half. He's back!
Kyle Lowry just took his talents to South Beach
Kyle Lowry doin' it live in South Beach
Kyle Lowry took his talents to South Beach!
I guess you can say.Kyle Lowry took his talents to South Beach.
Kyle Lowry is no Russell Westbrook when it comes to fast-break dunks in the NBA 📝
Kyle Lowry leaves security guy hanging, Jalen Rose is not amused
Kyle Lowry or Russell Westbrook last second 3pt attempt. Which was worse?
We all agree that the Raptors player that Chang told Simmons is obsessed with Milk Bar *has* to be Kyle Lowry, right?
Kyle Lowry on his shot: "Next game, they'll for sure going to fall"
Enjoyed this David Chang pod with Simmons. My guess is Kyle Lowry is the Milk Bar enthusiast.
Heather Cox and Kyle Lowry the same height...I wonder how tall she is.
Kyle Lowry from 28-feet for the win while he fades away... That'd be stupid even if it were Steve Kerr drawing it up for Curry.
Steve Sax knows what Kyle Lowry is going through right now
Kyle Lowry playing so scared since he off
All the security guard wanted was a 👊🏻.Kyle Lowry wants none of that.
Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan are not the best backcourt in the NBA. Their playoff stats prove it.
Again, I wrote about Kyle Lowry for with appearances by Canadian Tire and the Dexter finale:
Before you mock Kyle Lowry's dreadful playoff shooting, just look at his elbow
Kyle Lowry stayed extra late working on his shot at 1am after losing to the Heat in last nights game
Hold on, *** was Taylor Twellman doing talking about Kyle Lowry and D Wade?
Two big plays took over Toronto! Kyle Lowry sends Game 1 to OT a minute before Justin Smoak walks it off. WATCH:
Kyle Lowry is not having a good postseason thus far (via
Kyle Lowry stays behind after falling to the Heat in OT in Game 1.
Imagine if Kyrie was doing what Kyle Lowry was in the playoffs. Simmons and Haralabos would dedicate 3 hr podcasts towards ripping him.
Kyle Lowry stayed after the game for some late night much needed shooting (Via )
Down three, time expiring, half court shot–no problem for Kyle Lowry 🏀
Kyle Lowry went 3-13 (1-7 from 3) @ home Game & loss game 1,after everyone left he went back out (via
Kyle Lowry was in the arena all alone putting up shots hours after the game 1 loss. .
Kyle Lowry putting up shots all by himself after going 3-13 (1-7 from 3) in Raptors' Game 1 loss (via ht…
Kyle Lowry during the season vs Kyle Lowry during the playoffs
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Kyle Lowry is currently shooting by himself at the Air Canada Center, game ended about two hours ago. (via
Kyle Lowry tried to draw a foul on the ball.
Prior to that shot, Kyle Lowry was 7-48 from the 3-point line in the postseason (14.5%).
Kyle Lowry making shots when it counts!
Kyle Lowry with some Canadian ice water for the Heat. Biggest shot in Raptors history.
You've gotta be kidding me. Kyle Lowry with the heave from half court at the buzzer. Toronto goes to overtime!
S/O to for not letting me watch any of the Kyle Lowry vines
Astonishing half-courter to tie by Kyle Lowry ... but just shameful that Wade's team blew late lead.
Kyle Lowry buries the half-court buzzer beater to tie Miami and force OT
Kyle Lowry was irrelevant that whole game until that shot...Courtney Lee 2.0
omfg I cannot believe I just saw that. take back all my crappy Kyle Lowry memes pls
Kyle Lowry nvm bro just hit a half court shot to force overtime!
Ian Eagle being on the call for this one makes it so much better. What an incredible shot by Kyle Lowry!
Kyle Lowry looking like Ray Felton out there
Kyle Lowry may in fact be the Heat MVP.
Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan are playing like straight doo doo this playoffs. Definitely don't look like all stars.
If your'e gonna kill Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry for their lacklustre playoff showing, make sure to equally commend Joseph/Ross/Patman.
Whoever wants to help support me, buy a raffle ticket off me for $5. You can win Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan signed s…
lucky to up at the half. Demar Derozan is 3/6 with 1 Reb. Even worse Kyle Lowry is 0/4 with 1 Reb & 1 Ast.
Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan have 2 of the 5 worst playoff FG% since 2012
you watching Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan vs the Miami Heat??
Toronto Raptors’ celebration will be short if Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry don’t find game
like MIA doesn't have Winslow, Deng, Whiteside, Richardson,.you can even throw Tyler Johnson at Kyle Lowry
Going to be so fun to watch Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow guard Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan
I already said Reggie Jackson was better than Kyle Lowry but nuggas didn't wanna hear bcus they hate to agree with the kid
Kyle Lowry is just a rich man's Ray Felton.
Kyle Lowry most overrated pg in the league. Hope he enjoyed the all star game this year
B.Davis ain't got no love for T.Dot!?!? No love for Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan!?
Kyle Lowry thought the same thing after last night
There's an argument for Kyle Lowry, Paul George or Blake griffin over him
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Take bron and wade out add Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul
whats your thoughts on the dirty play that Kyle Lowry did on Paul George in last nights Game 5? 🤔
Paul George wasn't happy with Kyle Lowry locking his arm up
OKC has more superstars than your team. Westbrook would expose Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry only makes three buckets in win over Pacers via
Kemba Walker just did his best Kyle Lowry imitation. Should have been a no-call.
Hey guys just here to say that I hate Kyle Lowry
*KYLE LOWRY. Lowry playing like he got John Q son heart.
Kyle Lowry says it's time for Raptors to make 2nd round: 'We have to do this.'
Asked about moving past the first round, Kyle Lowry tells "We have to get that monkey off our back"
I want Kyle Lowry to sit on my face
Kyle Lowry on advancing past first round: "We have to do this." .
Kyle Lowry on Raptors advancing past first round: 'We have to do this'
After 15 seasons, Toronto's on the cusp of winning a series. Kyle Lowry tells "We have to do this." https…
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Questions for you hoop heads: with Kyle Lowry struggling w/his shot (31%) again in the playoffs, is DeMar really the R…
In 3 games in this series, Kyle Lowry has more fouls than field goals made. That's concerning.
Demar Derozan with a Playoff career-high 34 points to lead Toronto, Kyle Lowry with 14 points, Jonas Valanciunas with 11 points,...
So the Kyle Lowry *** in the playoffs narrative is alive. Less than 35% from the field in 29 career games. 27% from 3. 2-1 AS-TO ratio.
That's soo Busch league. Kyle Lowry can't handle the fact he's playing like doo doo so he has to resort to crap like that
Kyle Lowry gets into the lane and finds Jonas Valanciunas for the
Kyle Lowry w/ a 1st half stinker 1 for 6 on the field and -9 on the floor
TBH I don't even watch sports. I just keep up with stats on players and Kyle Lowry and Kevin Durant are my faves
Toronto takes Game 3. Kyle Lowry has a team-high 21 points as Raptors cruise over Pacers, 101-85.
Kyle Lowry playing defence like he's Kevin Pillar!!
Kyle Lowry pulled off the triple Sow-Cow in the Ice Skating portion of the olympics with help from his trainer Kevin Bacon.
The day after last season ended Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry made promises to each other. Time for it to pay off: https:/…
Not with team for tonight's game at Brooklyn: DeMarre Carroll, Demar Derozan, James Johnson, Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciuna…
Kyle Lowry dives out of bounds and throws the ball off Cody Zeller.
Nova needed one too! Since Randy Foye, Allan Ray and Kyle Lowry days
That was for Allan Ray, Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye, Will Sheridan & Mike Nardi. That was one of my favorite teams of my childho…
I've liked Villanova and been a fan of theirs since the Randy Foye, Allan Ray, and Kyle Lowry teams.
Was Allan Ray and Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry and Scottie Reynolds and Curtis Sumpter at the game?
Kyle Lowry just looked like a sad puppy
Nobody trying to see Villanova in the championship game but Allen Ray, Kyle Lowry & Randy Foye. Come on Oklahoma.
I really thought Nova would never go to a title game after seeing the Allen Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, Dante Cunningham team not make it
Allen Ray, Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye, Mike Nardi are proud right now.
Nice chat here with Chris Mannix and Kyle Lowry. We're really watching Lowry grow and mature before our very eyes:
PODCAST: Kyle Lowry (on Toronto's season, confidence against Cleveland and a possible future with USAB https:/…
team with Mike Nordy , Randy Foye, Allen ray, and of course Kyle Lowry!
nah they been ballin this year..last year they was really nice was with Kyle Lowry and Randy Foye and Allen ray
boy stop. Randy Foye Allen ray. Scottie. Kyle Lowry all my peoples
Lets not forget that BC signed Landry fields in order to bring in Nash. Since it flopped, BC flipped Gary Forbes for Kyle Lowry. God Bless
why has Kyle Lowry got his hand on the kids head like that 😂😂
😂😂😂😂 Kyle lowry holding the kid and John Wall derozan curry and draymond
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Kyle Lowry traumatized this water boy...
Kyle Lowry wins Eastern Conference player of week award
Kyle Lowry looks a lot like John Boyega 😂
Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry leads the NBA statistics when it comes to steals with 2.16 per game.
Re: Morning Coffee - Tue, Mar 22: MARCH 12: Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors gestures to teammates during ...
LOL at this Kyle Lowry moment from he got the dude with the water shook
Lakers get: Kyle Lowry and DaMarre Carroll. Raptors get: D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Lakers '16 1st Round pick.
Kyle Lowry just traumatized this water boy 😂😂
Kyle Lowry traumatized this water boy
Kyle Lowry and DeMarre Carroll end up in Toronto together, and the Grizzlies immediately die a fiery death. This is Lionel's fault.
Kyle Lowry fine after leaving for locker room in 2nd quarter - Raptors Republic
John Wall, Paul George, wade, Melo, Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, they good players too 🤔
Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry having solid games. Wish the Rockets had some solid players like them.
Phil Kessel, Kyle Lowry, Eddie Lacy you should all thank Nate Diaz for making slightly overweight athletes a force to be reckoned with
I thought Randy Foye would be doing what Kyle Lowry is doing coming out of Villanova
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LT maybe even Kyle Lowry as well with the way he's been playing
Agree. How about that rainbow splash 💦 3 by Kyle Lowry. 16 points! Most Improved Player.
Kyle Lowry and Steph Curry named the west and east conference players of the week.
Steph Curry and Kyle Lowry both named Conference players of the week .( WEST & EAST )
NBA names Kyle Lowry and Stephen Curry its Players of the Week for East & West. How on Earth do they choose these guys?
The NBA announces Stephen Curry (West) and Kyle Lowry (East) have been named the players of the week.
It's amazing. If he continues like this, Stephen Curry will become like the Kyle Lowry of the Western conference.
y’all didn’t tell me Kyle Lowry almost got attacked by a raptor!
Cool,Shady00018 made one for when Kyle Lowry made the game winning shot against Cleveland.
Brothers 💯 Kyle Lowry goes off for 43, 9, 5 and 4...hits game-winner on Cavs! 🔥 (WATCH):
How is Kyle Lowry not an amethyst? That's crazy man. Had to be one of the worst roster updates
if we are going off since the new year started maybe I'll give u dame. But honestly Kyle Lowry is a better overall easy
In crunch time you have 2 choices. 1 be lyk Kyle Lowry with the GW step back jumper or 2 be lyk Prince James with the off the screen airball
Watch drop 43 points in the adidas Crazylight Boost 2.5.
Kyle Lowry is a top five of right now
Wheres the Kyle Lowry moment card... That needs to be a thing after last nights game
Glad Kyle Lowry had his 15 minutes the night before.
Kyle Lowry's game winner from courtside view!
Toronto was inactive at the deadline, but General Manager Masai Ujiri’s off-season moves and Kyle Lowry’s improvement have put the team in
"Kyle Lowry’s signature performance was more than ‘just one game’ for Toronto Raptors | National Post" ( )
TOR: Kyle Lowry put up 40 this month. LA: Kobe put up 38 a few weeks ago. DET: Reggie Jackson put up 40 this month
Toronto Raptors could be a worry to the Cavs in the east.Kyle Lowry was very impressive in their last match up
I liked a video from NBA 2K16 - Kyle Lowry Game Winning Shot vs Cleveland
This My Team mode on NBA 2K16 is sikk just getting the hang of it my team is starting 5 PG. Kyle Lowry SG. DeMar...
Kyle Lowry's career-high 43 points are the most by a Cavs opponent since LeBron James dropped 43 for Heat in 2014.
Kyle Lowry coming out the first round. Cavs gonna have a couple struggle games and Boston is gonna be 10 times better next season
No one can question Kyle Lowry's desire, ability to win after career night
NBA trends: Raptors only two games behind Cavaliers in East: Toronto guard Kyle Lowry had 43 points in the Rap...
/Zach Lowe voice. Just finished CLE/TOR. Kyle Lowry has improved so much since last year. Raptors seem like a real threat to CLE in playoffs.
Kyle Lowry is the 1st player to score 43 points against the Cavaliers since LeBron James did it in 2014.
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Kyle Lowry was once a Houston Rocket. He did absolutely nothing. Seeing him balling in Toronto is crazy.
Kyle Lowry's 37 points are the most the Cavaliers have allowed to any player this season.
Kyle Lowry, making up for Myles Turner & Evan Fournier. Still not going to win in my GPPs though.
Kyle Lowry reminds me of like Eddie Lacy or collegiate Trent Richardson for some reason. Just a beast of a dude.
Villanova started the small ball trend all the way back with Kyle Lowry, Allan Ray, Mike Nardi & Randy Foye. in nation w/same philosophy
fym Kyle Lowry is so much better than John Wall
How ppl think Kyle Lowry is better than John Wall still perplexes me man, like come on ppl, the man is a machine with the speed of a bullet
John Wall is second tier with Kyle Lowry and Damian Lillard. But he could definitely be top tier in the future.
Kyle Lowry now has more career triple doubles than Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and just as many career triple doubles as J…
Kyle Lowry notches his 1st triple-double of the season, his 8th career triple-double.
John Wall, Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Kyle Lowry& Mike Conley all immediately come to mind as PGs I would rather have then Kyrie.
"We just have to finish quarters better." - Kyle Lowry on protecting a lead. WATCH:
Steph Curry's defence is overrated, he's given up 40+ points to Kyle Lowry, John Wall & Damian Lillard 2x! Chris Paul
you might remember him from Villanova with Kyle Lowry, Mike Nardi, Allan Ray. Their guard play was amazing.
Kevin Hart went toe-to-toe with Draymond Green, & he blocked Kyle Lowry. Someone sign him to a 10-day contract. 👀😂.
This *** Kyle Lowry a mark for taking them last 2 shots
Demar Derozan with the lob from Kyle Lowry.
Throwback to the time Kevin Hart blocked Kyle Lowry 😂😂😂
Who is most likely to steal the AllStar stage tonight?. Zach LaVine, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Aaron Gordon, or Kyle Lowry? .
Kyle Lowry is winning the 3 point contest, mark my words
them but also parsons, Isaiah Canaan, Ish smith, Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic idk man he's too into analytics
Special mentions for Kyle Lowry & Terrence Ross in Game Rap. . READ:
Kyle Lowry set to become the third player to start multiple All-Star Games (Vince Carter, Chris Bosh)
Kyle Lowry scores 25 and Terrence Ross adds 18 as the beat the 103-89.
6' tall Kyle Lowry just hit a skyhook over 7 forged Aron Baynes..
Still can't believe the Raptors gave up Steven Adams' hair and mustache for Kyle Lowry. Tough trade, true win-win.
The top 5 NBA players of all time: . 1. Morris Peterson. 2. Vince Carter. 3. Demar Derozan . 4. Kyle Lowry. 5. Every Dino in the nba "Hmm"
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