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Kyle Korver

Kyle Elliot Korver (born March 17, 1981) is an American basketball player, who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.

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Taking out Kyle Korver's first 2 games where he went 2-10 FG and 0-5 3P, he's gone 57/110 (51.8%) from the field and 42/80 (52.5%) from 3
wish you were around when kyle Korver was on the sixers man. He was great to watch!
Wow Kyle Korver is gunna look like a bum when these new shooters grow up
I liked a video from Kyle Korver Full Highlights 2017.02.08 at Pacers - 29 Pts, 8-9 From
NBA Rumor Central: Kyle Korver keen to stay with Cavs
Now No.7 on the all-time 3PM list. Congrats, Kyle Korver!
The last 5 games, Kyle korver has shot 65% from three. That's insane!
Fun Fact. Kyle Korver is 10-11 from three point land in his last two games. 💦💦
but I believe in his game. He just not used well. He should be more offensive than kyle korver
But when I say I hate seeing Kyle Korver play for Cleveland
Kyle Korver came alive in the Cleveland Cavaliers win with 29 PTS, including 8 👌's!
Kyle Korver looks like a guy that can be used as the half way face in teen wolf when he's changing from teen to teen wolf
Remember just kyle korver he used to play with the biggest legendary point guard in the world, Allen Iverson! i'm j…
Kyle Korver was on fire against the Pacers 🔥
Kyle Korver has 4 points in 42 mins with a 0-2 record in Cleveland. I know they can do refunds with Paypal, is it the sa…
Kyle Korver scored 29 points against the Pacers, his most in a game since 2007. He was 6-6 when shooting off a LeBron J…
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NBA - LeBron James played, Kyle Korver scored in Cavs' 132-117 win over Pacers
I liked a video from Kyle Korver 29 Pts off Bench! 8 Threes! 7th All Time 3s Made! Cavs
2 new events cards and 1 new card: Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Kyle Korver
Kyle Korver is my favorite basketball player
Happiness is seeing Kyle Korver doing well. Unhappiness is seeing him doing well for another team
I can't help but to pull for the cavs after they got Kyle Korver on the team :/
Congratulations to Kyle Korver on passing Jason Kidd for 7th on the all-time Three-Pointers Made list! 👏🔥
Kyle Korver had himself a great scoring game as the Cavs beat the Pacers 132-117: . 29 points . 5 rebounds . 10/12 FG . 8-9 Fro…
Cavs opting to keep Love, pickup Kyle Korver and Derrick Williams was a solid move.
Kyle Korver is cashing all the way out
Asha Thomas with a huge 3 to put Cal up by 12 and then Kari Korver, Kyle Korver's cousin, pops a 3 right back. Cal 68 UCLA 59. 5:55 to go.
Kyle Korver is my inner basketball spirit outside of Jason Williams and Steve Nash
Since entering the NBA, super athlete Andrew Wiggins has just 3 more blocks than pasty white Kyle Korver in 760 more minu…
Do the Cavs need a playmaker more than a rim protector? Or stand pat and wait for J.R. Smith's return and Kyle Korver to…
other players who you, maybe, wouldn't think are part of that class & are still playing: Boris Diaw, Leandro Barbosa, Kyle Korver
Kyle Korver regrets missing after fantastic LeBron James pass: ‘That would have been on his lifetime highlight…
Kyle Korver's defense is horrible. *** probably can't even guard Skylar Diggins..
Cavs GM David Griffin said the team isn't done making trades after acquiring Kyle Korver last week.
Kyle Korver has tied Anthony Bennett on the Cavaliers all-time scoring list
Quin Snyder had a bad hip his year with the Hawks and said the best job he had was rebounding for Kyle Korver. "I didn't hav…
LeBron's advice to Kyle Korver:. "If you want to fit in, shoot the ball every time you get it".
CavsHQ Talks Korver Deal Join Mike Snyder and Scott Zurilla, as they break down the Kyle Korver trade,…
Thaddeus Young is shooting better from 3 than Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, CJ McCollum, and Kyle Korver
make it official: acquire Kyle Korver from ATL in exchange for Mike Dunleavy, Mo Williams, cash consideration & protect…
Its official now. send Kyle Korver to for 1st Rd pick and Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams.
Teh officially acquire G Kyle Korver from the in exchange for Mike Dunleavy, Mo Williams, Cash, 1st rd pick (protected)
SLAM Week in Review: Cavs trade for Kyle Korver, Rajon Rondo gets DNP-CDs, Bogut's future in Dallas & more.
Seriously putting Kyle Korver on a team with LeBron James? Dude might never shoot a contested three again.
Breaking: The Atlanta Hawks are finalizing a trade to send Kyle Korver to the Cavs (
The have acquired Kyle Korver from the Hawks in exchange for Mo Williams, Mike Dunleavy, 2019 1st-rd pick. Pe…
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Cavs close to deal for Kyle Korver. Give up Dunleavy, Mo Williams and 2019 1st rd pick. Give up another future pick to win now
Report: The official trade as of now is:. Cavs: Kyle Korver. Hawks: Mo Williams, Mike Dunleavy, 2019 1st-round pick
Bought a Jason Heyward jersey. Braves let him go. Bought a Roddy White jersey. Falcons let him go. Bought a Kyle Korver jersey. Hawks let him go
Cav's got Kyle Korver... just makes it harder for the Warriors
Kyle korver traded to cavs they not losing
RIP Kyle Korver.. you will be in my heart forever❤
What do you do if you're defending Kyle Korver in the corner and then LeBron James starts to rumble down the lane? Wha…
Lebron is 2nd in assists leading to 3pt FGs & Kyle Korver shoots 47.9% on open 3s...🙂
Projected shot chart for Kyle Korver playing with LeBron:
LeBron James ranks 2nd in the NBA in assists on made 3s. Kyle Korver is a 42.9% 3-point shooter in his career.
Cleveland is getting Kyle Korver. There ain't no NBA anymore it's just the Cavs and Warriors now
Sources: Cavs agree to deal for sharpshooter Kyle Korver. and report.
⚡️ “Report: Kyle Korver is headed to the Cavs”.
"Atlanta really gave us Kyle Korver for Mike Dunleavy and some draft picks"
Cavs have traded Mike Dunleavy and a 1st round pick to the Hawks for Kyle Korver. Hawks might still move Dunleavy to thir…
My aunt got me a Kyle korver jersey and words can't describe how happy I am
Warriors fans after seeing the Cavs acquire Kyle Korver
Kyle Korver's gonna show up in Cleveland like
Kyle Korver will reportedly be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers! Atlanta Hawks are currently finalizing the deal! http…
As I have this pieced together at moment, Cavs will get Kyle Korver and actually reduce their payroll. But costs them a…
According to reports from 3-point machine Kyle Korver is joining LeBron and the Cavs.
Kyle Korver walking into the Cavs locker room like this 😂😂😂
If you're telling me the didn't get Kyle korver for a steal, you're on something! They traded a first round pick and 3 fans.
Report: With Korver to Cleveland, Hawks now active in trade talks for Paul Millsap
Too bad the cavs are going to get destroyed by da dubbies> Our defense is on point! Kyle Korver
Starting in about 2008 the Cavs started trying to get both Channing Frye and Kyle Korver to play with LeBron. Better lat…
KG and GP on Kyle Korver heading to LeBron & the Cavs...
Kyle Korver was on the court warming up for Atlanta when he was told he had been traded to Cleveland. He reportedly broke…
THIS JUST IN: The Cavs and Hawks are in deep discussions on a deal that would send Kyle Korver to Cleveland.
Some very, very nice words about Kyle Korver from /u/Raydioactive
Kyle Korver walking into the City of Cleveland soon like.
Vertical Sources with Atlanta is finalizing a deal to send guard Kyle Korver to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
After the Cavs acquire Kyle Korver, who is the favorite to win the NBA Finals?
Channing Frye is the second best spot up shooter in the league. 1.53 PPP. . Kyle Korver is 1st, at 1.55.
Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly receiving Kyle Korver in trade .
A by-the-numbers look at Kyle Korver’s 3-point shooting this year in Atlanta
Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver's closest friend on the Hawks, told him he was being traded. Both broke down crying and hugged.…
Kyle korver on his way to Lebron and the cavs
Kyle Korver has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They now have JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Mike Dunleavy, McRae & Kor…
BREAKING: The Atlanta Hawks are finalizing a deal with Cleveland that sends SG Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers (via
So the Cavs about to pick up Kyle Korver, lol, bout to be a *** of a season
Breaking: Hawks finalizing deal to send Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers, per
It's official: Kyle Korver is now a Cleveland Cavalier!
Kyle Korver has just been traded to the Cavs. (Y!)
The Cavs have reportedly acquired Kyle Korver. Imagine the looks from 3 Korver will get with LeBron.
Hawks Video: Trading Kyle Korver to Cavaliers a sign that some big roster moves coming for Atlanta - Brian Windhorst (ESPN) …
Report: Kyle Korver to be traded to patriots for future 2nd round pick. Report brought by Brian Windhorst.
David Griffin is the best gm in the NBA! He turned Dion and Andy into Shump, JR, Frye, Kyle Korver and they still have a trade exception
NBA Headline is going to be: Male Models Chandler Parsons & Kyle Korver help lead their team to playoff victories.
JR Smith gonna corrupt poor ol lil Kyle Korver smh gonna have him switching up his pre game drink from Aquafina to Hennessy w…
Kyle Korver has shot better than 40 percent from three in 10 different NBA seasons. Only Steve Nash (14) and Steve Kerr (11…
So did the Grizzlies make any attempt to get Kyle Korver? Could trade with ATL for Chandler Parsons & a box of rocks.
76ers rookie Kyle Korver catches fire in the 3 point contest, and teammate Allen Iverson goes crazy! 🔥
No lie. Russell Westbrook was called for a foul on this. Kyle Korver did it to himself...
Ppl also play mycareer to be the next MJ Kobe LeBron Durant or Curry not to be the next Kyle Korver, Kris Humphries or Courtney Lee
Kyle Korver is back, and Jrue Holiday comes back next week! Yes!
26 is my Kyle Korver year, so know I'm shooting my shot all year long!
I went to Atlanta and talked to Kyle Korver, Kent Bazemore, and Paul Millsap about the Hawks’ changed defense:
Just finished AM pick up at the Y. Had 3 different guys different times call me Kyle Korver, Mike Miller & Chandler Parsons lol. Thanks. ✊
I liked a video from Rookie Kyle Korver Catches Fire in 3-Point Shootout (Hits Last 9
Doug McBuckets looks like Kyle Korver and Wally Szczerbiak had a baby together
well no offense but corky white people that can shoot can't play defense we've seen it in Kyle Korver
I see a more athletic Kyle Korver in McDougie every game it's crazy how much he plays like him
and Also Kyle Korver ... Next in the NBA ->
Pull up trail blazer like I'm in Portland. White boy shoot better than Kyle Korver.
Taj on Howard vs. Horford Hawks: "They still got Kyle Korver. He doesn’t miss a shot. They’re still one of the top teams in Ea…
Kyle Korver's soundbite in ATL after a made 3 should be John Witherspoon from Next Friday.
Kyle Korver can shoot the basketball. (Yeah, that's all I got.)
The Hawks have Kyle Korver hitting 3s like usual again, Sir Foster is doing his thing ... & they just played Danzo Kuduro during a timeout.
Doug McDermott is a very solid role player. Plays like Kyle Korver. Huge deep threat, but can slash and score too
Doug McDermott averaged like 40 ppg in college! He is going to be the better version of Kyle Korver for sure.
I just dunked with this boy Kyle Korver I'm quitting 2K 😂😂😂
Sam Dekker the Houston Kyle Korver for that shot
Is this a bigger deal than when Kyle Korver liked my photo??
I love Kyle Korver. Part of that love is understanding his limitations. He is not an elite defender. He is a shooter. Thats it. Soo.
they clearly need to resign Kyle korver, the GOAT
Can Kyle korver play more whiter tonight?
Tim Hardaway needs to start smh bring Kyle Korver off the bench
Dennis wasn't good tonight. But there is no place to hide Kyle Korver on this team.
Kyle korver continues to get absolutely pounded on defense.
Thabo Sefolosha (7 of 7) and Kyle Korver (4 of 4) haven't missed. Each has made two 3-pointers.
The knicks should trade joakim noah 4 kyle korver and a player or danilo galinari
You go under a screen on Kyle Korver , he's gonna knock it down!
I wish we could get kyle korver back on the bulls 😫
Kyle Korver needs to be bench forever!
Kyle Korver just keeps shooting the basketball well. Like almost all the time.
Kyle Korver is throwing it back to 2012 tonight
Kyle Korver has 8 points on 3 FGA and no one cares because Thabo.
8 games in and Kyle Korver is just now getting to the FT line.
That was Kyle Korver's first foul shot of the SEASON
If we're talking about the ultimate basketball player, we're talking about Kyle Korver
Newsflash: Kyle Korver is still lethal from 3-point range. .
Kyle Korver is one handsome devil. He will forever have a piece of my heart. 💔
Shoot jumpshot like Brent Barry, Kyle Korver, Jason Terry. and if a *** try to take my cash, No Pastor Troy but we ready !
try the Kyle Korver release in park. It gets so many greens.
Kyle Korver screaming AND ONE is the most white-dude-in-the-park thing ever.
I legit thought Kyle Korver was Aston Kutcher for a sec
Kyle Korver told Evan Turner on Thursday that Al Horford would "ultimately" re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks. (Via Boston G…
Evan Turner believes something "might have shifted" when Al Horford texted Kyle Korver to call him. (Via Boston Globe)
dawg. I've missed 3 perfect releases today. 2 from tony kukoc and 1 free throw w Kyle Korver.
They runnin him off the ball too much like he is Kyle Korver. Gotta let him cook Kyrie or the big they switch on him
Terrance Ross and the 9 for Kyle Korver or Milsap?
I'll never call Klay a glorified Kyle Korver ever again
I hear Kyle Korver coached Ernie Johnson for this competition.
list of people who deserve a max deal before Bradley. Steph. Derozen. cj mccollum. JR. Smith. Kyle Korver. Karl towns. David blatt
I miss the with Nate Robinson, Belinelli , CJ Watson, Omer Asik, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer. are you guys mad?
They have no Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, Klay Thompson, etc, on their team.
7 years later, and J.R. Smith still loves picking on Kyle Korver
Davis: need Kyle Korver to step up Video - via App
✪ Davis: Hawks need Kyle Korver to step up: Antonio Davis breaks down why the Hawks need… |
Davis: Hawks need Kyle Korver to step up
just hire Mark Jackson, extend Rondo and Boogie, and trade Rudy *** for Kyle Korver
If OKC got Jeff green back and Kyle Korver they'd get a ring
And the Heat lowkey choking, Deng was Kyle Korver until now. Dwade and Joe J letting Courtney Lee/ Marvin Williams lock them up in 2nd half
tru and I'm Kyle korver on the perimeter
True, but the Utah Jazz may be even worse. Throw in Kyle Korver.
Give him an inch of space.Kyle Korver for thre
They ain't on here but Steve Nash or Kyle Korver.
Ray Allen fan forever but gotta give it to Kyle korver
FU it's gotta be between Ray Allen and Kyle Korver
Somehow trading for Kyle Korver would be fun.
Kyle Korver has some broads in Atlanta
Kyle Korver for the random 3s not the clutch ones
Since ray doesn't play I'll take the Ashton Kutcher look alike my boy, Kyle Korver
Steals leader last night:. Kyle Korver | 5 steals.
Kyle Korver.. He'll light it up with ease.
"You need some triples, what veteran shooter gone knock em down for you? Kyle Korver
Korver drives and Scores - Off the Celtics turnover Kyle Korver drives in for the easy layup.
Why kyle korver face be lookin like he do UFC in the off season lol
Video: Kyle Korver on the home crowd, passing the ball and Harry the Hawk.
Kyle Korver was almost my choice foreal
Former CU standout dished on his trash talk with Kyle Korver, the ’96 Bulls vs. the ’16 Warriors and more
Kyle Korver & the were feeding off the fans' energy in Game 5 - and now they own a 3-2 series lead.
Coach Bud asking Kyle Korver how many threes he's gonna hit:
So I just noticed Kyle Korver is not in this picture 😭😭 It's Moose
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Kyle Korver is someone you should definitely study in the off season too RJ. I'm sure Coach Stevens would agree.
Cs fans, I can't take back the monster thrashing, but at least I can give you Kyle Korver losing track of the ball:
...Kyle Korver with 13 points, Paul Millsap with 10 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.
That was a second quarter All-Star game lob and my guy Manny was Kyle Korver right outside the restricted area smh
you Trippin Kyle Korver got a flame thrower
Maybe a flop...or maybe Kyle Korver has supernatural powers?
Kyle Korver definitely has broads in Atlanta. He never misses.
Since his 0-7 3FG night in Game 1, Kyle Korver is shooting 55% from three (16-29). Even with Game 1 included, he's still 4…
Not just Kyle Korver anymore, I hate the Hawks
Same dude said "if Kyle Korver went to the Warriors he would take Klay Thompson's spot" 😂😂😂😂
Yo Kevin Love shoots 36% from three just thought I'd remind you he's not Kyle Korver.
Thibs doesn't frown upon players if they can't play defense , as long as they try. Example: Kyle Korver
.take a 43-28 lead over into the half of Game 2 of Kyle Korver w/ a game-high 15.
Kyle Korver with 4 3's in the first quarter. Hawks up 21. Yes 21
Kyle Korver will soon fall 2nd to Kawhi and Dennis Schroder
my interest in Thabo just went up w/ Alan Anderson ruled out. I also like Kyle Korver as a sneaky play. might regret that
I can only imagine how oracle is after a curry made 3, because Phillips Arena erupts after Kyle Korver makes one
I'm listening to the JJ Redick podcast with Kyle Korver. They rank underrated shooters and mention Glen Rice and Dell Curry.
lol Kyle Korver and Steve Novak can shoot he can shoot pass and dribble better than anybody that's what makes him who he is
hey for NBA 2k16 you should add Kyle Korver's shoes Nike Zoom Run the one
I love Kyle Korver but he needs to come off the bench. THJ needs some of his minutes
Jerry had Deron, Wes Matthews, Kyle Korver, Millsap and Memo and the Jazz didn't shoot 3's. This was in 2010. Yikes.
Lmao the Hawks are trying to move Kyle Korver to the bench ASAP! If you're a 2/3 who can play defense & average 10+/game you're our SG
yeah you're right I'll be the next Kyle Korver
On the cusp of history: Watch Steph Curry tie the record for consecutive games with a three .
HISTORY!. Steph Curry moves past Kyle Korver and now has the most consecutive regular-season games with a 3-pointer.
And if you really think that man is the best shooter ever, over Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and even Kyle Korver, stop watching basketball
Kyle Korver giving tips on how to be a good 3 point shooter (Inside Stuff) via
New video we made for Kyle Korver of the atlhawks | | and poncecitymarket | check…
Andrew Bogut had more points than Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver combined tonight because the NBA's a helluva drug
is not distracted by you Kyle Korver, not at all.
>> Kyle Korver: Hawks have no need for moral victories
Honestly T-Wolves don't need Kevin Martin he doesn't even play anymore we could get like flipping Kyle Korver or like
teague and scrotum are studs! Kyle korver ain't a starter in this league ! We need a solid SG that can play some SF
Kyle Korver reminds me of the teen wolf still
I wish the Hawks cut Kyle korver. They don't use him at all. And he would be perfect on the Spurs.
Kyle Korver had 11 points (3-6 3FG), 7 rebounds, 3 steals, and one assist in a 109-105 OT loss at Golden State.
Kyle Korver should've shot the last shot🤔
Someone please explain why Kyle Korver didn't shoot one shot in overtime
It's not meant to be with this Hawks team. Jeff Teague is doing a terrible Jeff Teague impersonation and Kyle Korver's bumb ankles.
Kyle Korver runs like he has to find a bathroom.
& Kyle korver looks like he belongs in twilight
Coach Bud gets pretty stubborn sometimes…Tim Hardaway Jr and Mike Scott are more productive than Millsap and Kyle Korver
HB has Kyle Korver guarding him and he can't get more touches?
How tf is HB letting Kyle Korver defend him on the post like that smh
domain names
can’t back down Kyle Korver in the post…….
Alright, Kyle Korver I need you to go off.
There is no way Klay Thompson is a top 3 SG in the league. Glorified Kyle Korver. Harden, DeRozan and Butler all better.
Kyle Korver 2.0 couldn't hit the gamewinner
Yea Steph Curry is raw and stuff but I will take Kyle Korver over him anyday.
Kyle Korver can only get those buckets when ain't playing.
Kyle Korver is to basketball what Jason Witten is to football
melo is turning into a Kyle Korver type player now
Is Kyle Korver a top 10 shooter of all time?
Why is Kyle Korver still on a non title contending team. Guy should be out west.
Kyle Korver looks like the cruise line employee who runs the games by the pool.
Kyle Korver or Wesley Matthews ROS in an 8 cat league?
its Ray Allen, Rick Barry, Kobe, Kyle Korver dam near all in one in their prime when he's on
Doug McDermott just blew by Kyle Korver and absolutely obliterated Paul Millsap.
lmao *** ..the Nets really did trade Kyle Korver for $125K back in 2003
Mavs 1st (top 7 protected), Celtics 2018 1st, David Lee, and James Young to ATL for Al Horford & Kyle Korver. Who says no?
If the cavs cop Kyle Korver that would my dream scenario! Favorite player on my favorite team!
George Hill and Monta Ellis for Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver. Anyone say no?
tell me that Kyle Korver has made these plays in his career...
you can't compare Larry bird is this generations Kyle Korver
I'm floored at the realization that Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer played over Kyle Korver.
These are the only 7 players ahead of Kyle Korver alltime in 3pointers:. R. Allen. R. Miller. J. Terry. P. Pierce. J. Kidd. V. Carter. J. Crawford
Kyle Korver looks like a grizzled US Senator in HD... Young John Kerry
Curry a hyped up version of Kyle Korver
that *** think Kyle Korver can beat Tim Hardaway 1 v 1 , he ***
Kyle Korver is the 🐑. Eastern Conference finals last year biotch
In all seriousness though Allen Iverson is the greatest basketball player of all time lol and Kyle Korver is a very close second
Would you rather see a Kyle Korver or Mike Dunleavy Jr. career out of Doug McDermott? (Question via
Ray Allen Steve Kerr & Kyle Korver r better shooters than Curry period
Monte Ellis is better than Kyle Korver period
Kyle Korver struggles from floor versus Knicks via
Kyle Korver made an all star game, Jahlil will make at least a couple
I watched Kyle Korver pull up on a 4 on 1 fast break, step on the line and miss a three. It was the worst smart shot in NBA history.
If he said Kyle Korver is killing the game it would mean nothing, shock value matters. Curry isn't bad or a problem.
Harden, KD, Anthony Davis, Kyle Korver, and Jimmy Butler... This is another tough question lol
dead mindset of Steph Curry and Kyle Korver
John Wall, Dirk, Michael Finley, Sim Buhullar is a good with great dunk animations, kyrie, Kyle Korver and ROTY Grant Hill
Tonight the role of Kyle Korver will be played by JJ Redick. And Joe Ingles!
The Eagles were more disappointing than Wesley Matthews and Kyle Korver this season.
Literally had a staring contest with Kyle Korver in the car.
Knicks Robin Lopez gets 6 stitches after head on collision with Kyle Korver
I'm selling '2013-14 Panini Kyle Korver Atlanta Hawks (5178)' on Check it out at
Per Hawks PR, Kyle Korver has passed Rashard Lewis for ninth in NBA/ABA history with 1788 made 3-pointers.
Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Kyle Korver has passed Rashard Lewis for ninth place in 3-pointers made in NBA history with 1,788 and counting.
Kyle Korver moves into 9th all time in 3pointers made!!! 👌
Congratulations to Kyle Korver for now standing alone at ninth in the NBA/ABA all-time 3PFGM's list
if you would have told me Kyle Korver would have had three points going into the fourth. i would say the knicks would be up big. :(
Kyle Korver now in 9th place alone on NBA/ABA all-time 3-point list.
Luke Walton, Kyle Korver, and Kris Humphries RTFor Any hoopers on the TL, who did you model your game after?
Who is the modern day Reggie Miller? Klay Thompson, J.J. Redick, or Kyle Korver? Wesley Matthews or Bradley Beal?.
Jerry Sloan, John Stockton and Kyle Korver: three December "gifts" from Jazz history. For SCH:
As Coach Bud reminded us last night during his postgame presser, Kyle Korver didn't have his "normal summer" like before. 2-3 months lost.
go get Kyle Korver and rotate with Barnes at 3. Could be remedy till they find a permanent fix.
Just saying it: even I knew the Warriors had Antawn Jamison, Jason Richardson, Matt Barnes, & Kyle Korver at one point.
Who would you rather have as your PG if your team has Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver, Draymond Green and...
Don't forget Kyle Korver! Stacey King gets paid to make that comparison!
You know, I was thinking along the lines of a Jon Barry, Kyle Korver kind of player, but to each their own.
his Kyle Korver tayshaun prince looking *** only beat me by one
They showed Danny Green coming off a screen in the same sequence as Kyle Korver. Patty Mills taking a charge. Ginobili getting hype. Jesus.
Not sure if yall saw that AD teaser 2K dropped but you will notice Kyle Korver aint got sox lol
Kyle Korver to miss remainder of playoffs - (blog)
but Kyle Korver's birthday is about 7 months away?
Bruh my shooting game so strong I swear I'm Kyle Korver
Excellent chance for to develope his he learns from the best, he learns from Kyle Korver
Now Luka Doncic is working out with Kyle Korver?? Jesus, man.
Uhh if kyle korver can make it the future is bright for my youngest boy
I'm out here running those Bradley beal, Kyle korver cuts with the bro.
Tell me why on NBA2K15 Kyle Korver makes little to no points in mycareer but he's one of the best shooters in the nba
ICYMI, sat down with SI's to discuss his offseason so far:
Al Horford Q&A: Hawks' future, Mike Scott and more
Al Horford on his contract situation: 'For me, I'm very happy in Atlanta.' (by
If a white guy is good at threes he is automatically called Kyle Korver 😂😂😂
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