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Kyle Hendricks

Kyle C. Hendricks (born December 7, 1989) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Booing of Miguel Montero at Wrigley bothers Kyle Hendricks. "He knows how the guys feel about him."
[LISTEN] CubsTalk Podcast: What Jon Lester’s injury means for plus Kyle Hendricks on finding his groove --
Jake Arrieta, Jose Quintana and Jon Lester combined for just 2 ER over 20.2 IP the last three games. Kyle Hendricks rejoins t…
Alex Wood's emergence seems like Kyle Hendricks' of last year's Cubs.
My fantasy DL is now full with Syndergaard, Shields and Keuchel. I've already dropped Jon Gray and Kyle Hendricks. Ugh.
Kyle Hendricks is out after 6 innings, gives up 2 runs -- and continues his mastery of pitching well when winds howl out a…
Kyle Hendricks deprived of yet another win thanks to Hector Rondon.
Joe Madden at it again. Kyle Hendricks 5th starter? What?
Kyle Hendricks is pitching a gem for the Cubs as he's through 6 innings having given up 4 hits and 2 walks...
This isn't a prediction for Kyle Hendricks going forward, but guys like him have little margin for error or decline
Ron Coomer has the voice that I imagine Kyle Hendricks has.
hey this is Joe buck. Hand over your man card Kyle Hendricks
: Szczur keeping it light while playing hard - Kyle Hendricks and Matt Szczur have played together in ...
Cubs: Matt Szczur, Kyle Hendricks strong in 9-6 win over Eloy Jimenez out for three weeks:
Kyle Hendricks with 11 IP this spring so far. 13 K's . 0 BB.
Matt Harvey ($16) went for right around the same price as Kyle Hendricks, Teheran, and Greinke. Yikes.
Kyle Hendricks led baseball, inducing soft contact at 25.1% in '16. Others over 25% since '11:. Keuchel, Liriano, Brett Anderson all in '15
Time for the pitching panel featuring Carl Edwards, Kyle Hendricks, Wade Davis and Mike Montgomery.
Happy birthday to my boy Kyle Hendricks keep doing what you do!!
Getting a Kyle Hendricks and Wilson Contreras jerseys to go along with a Chelsea sweatshirt.
Maybe I'm just being a homer but, I think Kyle Hendricks is a good pitcher and is underrated.
Kyle Hendricks is going to finish top 5 in Cy Young voting. This is unprecedented and I can't wait. Kyle Hendricks fan…
Kyle Hendricks is my favorite Cubs player.
Did I mention how much I love Kyle Hendricks?
And no pressure in playoffs while Kyle Hendricks rocked it. Did you see the World Series
Max Scherzer would trade Cy Young Award for World Series rings will give Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks:
Kyle Hendricks got robbed of the Cy. Max had a great year. But Kyle straight sealed all year. Shout out to Lester too.
sure seems like it lmao 😭😂 and I was lowkey hoping Kyle Hendricks would win it, but it's whatever to me lol
totally agree, Kate. Kyle Hendricks should have won the Cy Young.
hello do you guys not know who Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester are??
Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester got what was important W.S. rings.
Kyle Hendricks: 1st pitcher to lead MLB in ERA since Bill Lee in 1938. . His 1.32 ERA at home was 2nd-lowest home…
I am a little disappointed that Jon Lester or Kyle Hendricks didn't get more votes.
Nationals starter Max Scherzer beats out Cubs pitchers Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester for NL Cy Young Award
Kyle Hendricks was a favorite of mine. Now he is my favorite.
all I see is Kershaw, Verlander, Kyle Hendricks, Noah Syndergaard, and Jon Lester idk.
Kyle Hendricks really deserves to win the NL Cy Young, but by the looks of it he will not. WOW BS. ATLEAST HE HAS…
Kyle Hendricks showing his sportsmanship & showing the person he is. Class act Kyle. Continue the grind next year. A CY i…
I also just want the baseball world to respect what Kyle Hendricks has largely done since arriving in 2014. He's really fr…
at least he wasn't the only pitching help I was able to get...also got Kyle Hendricks from the Cubs with my first pick.
Kyle Hendricks definitely deserved the Cy Young, and if not him then it should have been Jon Lester.
Don't see how Kyle Hendricks didn't win the Cy Young!
BBWA: "Wow Kyle Hendricks had a better ERA, WHIP, ERA+, FIP, Slugging against and OPS against ". "But Scherzer had…
Just saw this but how does Kyle Hendricks not win Cy Young
Someone please explain to me how Kyle Hendricks didn't win the NL Cy Young.unreal
I know how you feel! Kyle Hendricks or Jon Lester should have won the NL Cy Young! I think Justin would rather have a WS Ring!
I do feel like Kyle Hendricks got shorted, but hats off to everyone. My Cubbies won the Series!!!
dont need to be Maddux 2.0...just Kyle. Gonna be even better next year
Kyle Hendricks should have won and Joe Maddon should have won Manager of the Year. I mean, come on! They got us a World Series W!
You can make the case for Kyle Hendricks getting snubbed somewhat compared to Max Scherzer.
According to only 95 (3.29%) of Kyle Hendricks' 2,888 pitches thrown in 2016 were 90.00 MPH or more
Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks go 2-3 in NL Cy Young race, leave their marks in lore, writes
Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester both got screwed 😅
Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks finish second and third respectively in Cy Young voting behind Max Scherzer
But if we're talking who added the most value and exceeded expectations, Kyle Hendricks deserves credit.
Kyle Hendricks isn't the Lmao. Any other year this would be an outrage. We'll let it slide this time.
Kyle Hendricks or Jon Lester should have won Cy Young but at least they have a WS trophy
Kyle Hendricks just needs to give up a lot more HRs, stomp around the mound, wave his arms, & talk to himself for re…
Did Cy Young voters show enough appreciation for Lester and Hendricks? - via App
Not a Cubs fan but Kyle Hendricks got robbed.
The reasoning for Kyle Hendricks not winning the Cy Young is a joke
Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks deserve all our love. Both did brilliant job this year.
Max Scherzer wins Cy Young in landslide, but Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks will get World Series rings from Cubs -
Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks finish 2nd and 3rd in 2016 NL Cy Young Award Voting
That look after Joe Maddon, Jon Lester, and Kyle Hendricks got robbed of their respective awards. .
Jon Lester finished second, Kyle Hendricks third in the voting for the NL Cy Young Award
Congratulations to Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester on being named finalist for Cy Young
CVHS baseball coach Bob Zamora and principal Josh Hill call CVHS grad pitcher Kyle Hendricks to congratulate him on…
Dan Roan fooled by Kyle Hendricks lookalike. I can tell because the guy is smiling.
Joe Maddon takes out Kyle Hendricks who was doing good and on top of that, a dude who hits really good, Wilson Contreras.. Wow!!
This home plate umpire is missing these strikes. It cost Kyle Hendricks staying in the game and changed the feel of the ga…
Kyle Hendricks watches from the Cubs' dugout, having started this game fully rested and having thrown 63 pitches.
remember when Kyle Hendricks and Wilson Contreras were in and it was 5-1
Wilson Contreras and Kyle Hendricks were doing just fine. You literally gave up 2 runs BC of one walk...
And THAT is why you don't take Kyle Hendricks or Wilson Contreras out of the game yet
Kyle Hendricks pitched 190 innings this year and only walked 44 batters. That's one walk almost every fifth inning.
Kyle Hendricks looks like a sad language arts teacher
Someone meme for me Kyle Hendricks on Breakout Kings changed to pickoff king, k thanks.
.in 2017: only owe league minimum to Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, Wilson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber.
Were going back to Cleveland. We got Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks on normal rest and Kyle Schwarber will be back in t…
No amount of wind can get to Kyle Hendricks. Here's why he's the perfect pitcher for Game 3's weather forecast:…
Cubs Game 3 starter Kyle Hendricks should be just fine in windy Wrigley Field
Breathe easy: Kyle Hendricks was built for his World Series moment: Breathe easy…
Gerrit Cole is same level as Kyle Hendricks
Javy and Lester shared NLCS MVP honors, but Kyle Hendricks showed the baseball world why he became a star in 2016. https…
Kyle Hendricks did something Rick Sutcliffe, Mark Prior, or Kerry Wood didn't - win a game (at home) to send the Cubs to the World Series.
Kyle Hendricks' masterful start sends Cubs to World Series: CHICAGO — Rick Sutcliffe didn’t do it. Neither di...
Kyle Hendricks outduels Clayton Kershaw and delivers legendary performance that puts Cubs in World Series -
Kyle Hendricks outduels Kershaw and delivers legendary performance that puts in World Series:…
Kyle Hendricks with 7 1/3 shutout innings for the Retired 21 in a row!
The have a chance to defeat my choices for both Cy Young awards in a single postseason: Rick Porcello and Kyle Hendricks!
I've always admired Kyle Hendricks. Unreal experience to watch him in Game 6. Reppin Ivy League baseball better than anyone
Kyle Hendricks et al for Ryan Dempster ends the stigma of Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio.
Dear Brian Cashman, . Please get Kyle Hendricks on the Yankees in 2017. Sincerely Yankee fans.
Also, I would like to officially apologize on behalf of Jon Daniels to my friends for trading Kyle Hendricks to CHC for Matt Garza.
Dude weighs like 125 lbs...not a doubt in my mind it only takes Kyle Hendricks like 3 beers to be wasted. He's gonna be so trashed tonight
What a performance by Kyle Hendricks. Way to rep the Ivy League!
"Kyle Hendricks really needs to work on his disastrous batting, he's 0-2 tonight." - Mike Greenberg
I remember when told me earlier this year that Kyle Hendricks stinks 😏
Kyle Hendricks has thrown 70 pitches since the last (& only) time he gave up a hit. On the road to one of the great clinching…
Seriously, Kyle Hendricks is throwing the BEST GAME OF HIS LIFE in the BIGGEST GAME IN CUBS HISTORY. . I mean, *** https:/…
Clayton Kershaw's line feels like it matters less than Kyle Hendricks' line at this point, but here it is: 5 IP, 7 H, 5 R,…
Kyle Hendricks straight dealing right now. Offense got to Kershaw early. Loving every second of this
Essay: From Shared Dartmouth Floor, an Ascension for Alexi Pappas and Kyle Hendricks: Pappas competed for the...
LHP Clayton Kershaw faces RHP Kyle Hendricks at Wrigley Field. Cubs need 1 more win for the…
I think 5 highly underrated players are Adam Jones, Odubel Herrera, Kyle Hendricks, Rick Porcello, and J.A. Happ.
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When you realize Kyle Hendricks has as many hits in the postseason as Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell.
Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks was acquired in 2012 for Ryan Dempster, who gave up the James Loney grand slam in 2008 NLDS.
Cy Young contender Kyle Hendricks ready for whatever's next in October: "Good to go."
you mean prospects like Kyle Hendricks, Justin Grimm, and Carl Edwards Jr.?
Jon Garland > Kyle Hendricks, not even close right?
Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester... you get the point
Is there anyone left on the planet who wants the DH in NL after watching Kyle Hendricks & Travis Wood tonight? Seriousl…
Cubs reliever Travis Wood came in as an injury replacement for Kyle Hendricks. Then hit a HR. Because 2016 Cubs.
Kyle Hendricks and Travis Wood did something that hadn't been done since the 1992 NLCS. Details from https…
Kyle Hendricks is on the mound for the Cubs tonight
Hendricks exits after comebacker to forearm: Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks exited his ...
Per MLB Network broadcast, X-Rays on Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks came up negative.
Kyle Hendricks update: x-rays negative. Right forearm contusion. Good news for
Cubs' Kyle Hendricks exits NLDS Game 2 after being hit by line drive: He was replaced by Travis Wood
Kyle Hendricks exits the game in the top of the 4th after being struck in the right arm by a line drive. Travis Wood will take o…
Sending well wishes to Kyle Hendricks. Hope he is ok. We need him.
X-rays negative on Kyle Hendricks' bruised right forearm.
.reports that X-rays are negative on the Kyle Hendricks
Update: X-rays to Kyle Hendricks' forearm were negative.
Kyle Hendricks leaves the game after getting hit by a line drive on his throwing arm... lead 4-2 in the 4th...
LHP Mike Montgomery on the mound from the Cubs' bullpen, who has yet to allow a run since Kyle Hendricks' early exit.
X-rays taken on Kyle Hendricks' right arm were negative.
Cubs pitchers have gotten it done at the plate!. Travis Wood: 1-1, HR, RBI. Kyle Hendricks: 1-1, 2 RBI
Cubs announce that Kyle Hendricks was diagnosed with a right forearm contusion; x-rays negative for fracture.
The pitcher! Kyle Hendricks helped get the off to an early lead. Visit for channel info. htt…
...Anthony Rizzo. Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, Addison Russell & more prospects. That's why you pay Epstein & Co big bu…
Kyle Hendricks doesn’t have the elite velocity of other pitching aces, but his command is unmatched.
Maddon is confident either Jon Lester or Kyle Hendricks will win the NL Cy Young Award
How many other Phillies fans don't think Kyle Hendricks deserves the Cy Young because of how close his name is to Kyle Kendrick?
Kyle Hendricks could become the first qualified SP to have a sub-2 ERA and relief app. in the same season since Luis Tiant for 1972
Kyle Hendricks' ERA just dropped to 1.99. If he keeps it under 2.00 for the , he should win the Cy Young Award
I really wanted to see Kyle Hendricks get the NL Cy Young Award but Jon Lester has proven he should be the favorite ⚾️
Who will win the nl Cy Young award this year Jon Lester or Kyle Hendricks?
Cubs' Jon Lester was blunt in endorsing teammate Kyle Hendricks as his choice for the Cy Young Award.…
Jon Lester vs. Kyle Hendricks. Who would you award the Cy Young to?
Jon Lester said Kyle Hendricks is his guy and choice for Cy Young award!
Jon Lester on teammate Kyle Hendricks and the Cy Young award, "If I had a vote, he'd be my guy."
34 is telling Kyle Hendricks not so fast with that Cy Young award. Lol
Tanner Roark Has Been Washington’s Kyle Hendricks: The way Roark puts batters away is by getting them no...
Let's try this again...Kyle Hendricks and the Temple of Cheese- Brewers 3, Cubs 1
Kyle Hendricks and the Temple of Cheese - ChicagoNow (blog)
The recap is up on Kyle Hendricks and the Temple of Cheese.
Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester allowed a combined 1 run on 4 hits in 16+ innings in series with
Cy Young duo: The duo of Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks gave up just 4 hits and 1 run in 16 innings against the
Kyle Hendricks' 2nd half looks a lot like Jake Arrieta's last season:
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ICYMI: Furious at Joe West, Joe Maddon loses it after Kyle Hendricks loses no-hitter for Cubs
What we learned: Kyle Hendricks is great, and Rougned Odor is clutch - ESPN (blog) -
I don't know what bothers me more, Kyle Hendricks not getting a no-hitter or my dad saying he likes David Kaplan.
Kyle Hendricks is incredible. For my money, Chris Bosio is the best pitching coach in MLB hands down.
Back to the if he's not part of the Cy Young discussion, he should. Kyle Hendricks was $ again in CHC/MIL 2day.
hilites & Kyle Hendricks, Ryan Pace & John Fox on why they cut Nascar truck drivers get into a fight 9:46pm
Late night reminders to why Kyle Hendricks is legit Cy Young worthy
Kyle Hendricks continues his knack for winning after extra-inning games, by
Cubs' Kyle Hendricks on his ERA, scoring a run, and Cy Young talk
Hey Buster, I know that his numbers isn't Kershawlisque or his teammates Jake Arrieta! But could Kyle Hendricks win Cy Young?
Kyle Hendricks for the Cy Young? From a persistent whisper to near-unanimous thunder. Poetically said Mr. Theriault!
Hendricks: Cy Young talk ‘humbling’ but not focus of final weeks: Kyle Hendricks officially… htt…
Could this year's Cy Young winners be Rick Porcello and Kyle Hendricks?!
Don't be deceived by the latest Cubs candidate for Cy Young, Kyle Hendricks, whose new formula is fooling hitters.
No, Kyle Hendricks (13-7, 2.09 ERA) didn't see himself being a part of this year's Cy Young race: "I had my sights set a lit…
After holding Pirates scoreless through 7 innings, Kyle Hendricks' ERA is now 2.09, the best ERA in baseball.
Thank you Kyle Hendricks for helping me with changing the tire for our Home Depot customer!!!. @
*for pitchers not named Kyle Hendricks, Mike Montgomery, or Trevor Cahill.
Kyle Hendricks, Jose Quintana, and Tanner Roark are the most underrated pitchers in baseball
Kyle Hendricks is underrated for sure, but Jose Quintana is even more so. He's been amazing for YEARS and people still don't know him.
Kyle Hendricks preserves Cubs bullpen with 5-0 shutout of Marlins: The Cubs added Joe Smith to...
Need SP.Would trading Justin Turner for Kyle Hendricks be a good trade?I know Turner has been red hot but hendricks is solid.
Kyle Hendricks (8) has quietly overtaken both John Lackey (7) and Jason Hammel (7) in wins for
rotation for the series vs the Friday: RHP Kyle Hendricks. Saturday: RHP Jason Hammel. Sunday: RHP John Lackey
line up rotation for first series after All-Star break vs. Texas at Wrigley: Kyle Hendricks, Jason Hammel, John Lackey.
The Cubs have announced their rotation for the start of the second half as Kyle Hendricks, Jason Hammel and John...
Cubs announce rotation for first series after the break. Kyle Hendricks, Jason Hammel and John Lackey will face the Rangers
Fittingly, Kyle Hendricks gave up a home run two pitches after Aaron Boone actually compared him to Greg Maddux. Seriously. *** it, Boone.
get Dartmouth RHP Duncan Robinson. They've seen a Dartmouth performer succeed in the past; Kyle Hendricks having another good season.
Mike Leake is basically Kyle Hendricks, but without a strikeout pitch. Have fun with that.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My favorite part is gushing about Mike Leake like he isn't an expensive Kyle Hendricks.
John Lester had a complete game yesterday and now Kyle Hendricks with the chance of a complete game!
Kyle Hendricks playing a lot of Jimi Hendrix music this morning. Distant relatives?
Jimmy Nelson and Kyle Hendricks have been sneaky late rounders. Not available I'll bet :/
Hi Al, advice? Same QS roto league I mentioned before. Give up K. Davis for Kyle Hendricks? I have 8 good OF. Thanks! Dave
Ryan Braun (wrist) back in the Brewers lineup versus Kyle Hendricks, a pitcher Braun has struggled with in the past.
rich hill, Stroman, Kyle Hendricks, and Tyler Duffey. Need 2 for this week!!
drop Kyle Hendricks or Josh Odorizzi for Wei-Yin Chen?. or drop neither guy and forget about picking up Chen?
May of 2014 I went to see and it was Jimmy Nelson vs Kyle Hendricks matchup in Nashville. Pretty cool that's the matchup tonight
But anyway! Play ball! Tune in to and WSCR Kyle Hendricks vs. Jimmy Nelson.
First time in awhile that il be able to enjoy the game tonight with you guys! Starting pitchers are Jimmy Nelson and Kyle Hendricks
Kyle Hendricks tonight makes his seventh career regular season start against Milwaukee and his fourth at Wrigley Field.
I think it's going to be a long day for Kyle Hendricks.
Mike Leake vs John Lackey, Jaime Garcia vs Jason Hammel, Carlos Martinez vs Kyle Hendricks. This'll be good
would you rather own Jimmy Nelson or Kyle Hendricks? 10 tm, standard, roto.
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finishing up with Kyle Hendricks and Luke Gregerson (in case he's named closer)
Kyle Hendricks walked a batter in 4th, no hits or runs, struck out Khris Davis swinging to end inning … 2, 0 T5
Liam Hendriks in the game for the A's with Kyle Hendricks in the game for the Cubs.
Yes in game yesterday vs.Kershaw and Schwarber were impressive BUT did anyone checkout Kyle Hendricks day? 3 scoreless
Kyle Hendricks is the second best pitcher on the Cubs 🔥
Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks threw three shutout innings against Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers on Tuesday.
Kyle Hendricks tossed 3 scoreless innings in his first spring training start!!.
Really enjoyed this article on Kyle Hendricks
he has plenty of problems, but he's not to be dismissed. Like Kyle Hendricks.
It's amazing how many times this off-season we can argue about Kyle Hendricks despite no new data either way
I will defend Kyle Hendricks as a solid 4/5 until my dying breath.
Kris Bryant and David Ross homered and the pitching by Kyle Hendricks and Travis Wood were okay. Javier Baez needs to field
Yeah, Kyle Hendricks doesn't need to worry about a rotation spot, he's got it locked down.
Hendricks was leagues better than Hammel last year. And I want Hammel to succeed, but Kyle has the adv. on 2015 numbers.
Kyle Hendricks is a good pitcher and a VERY good in the Cubs rotation. Fact.
For what he is, Kyle Hendricks is perfectly fine.
Why do people want Kyle Hendricks to be something he's not? He's a back of the rotation guy. You hope he can go 6 each time.
Kyle Hendricks proved everything he needed to last season far as I'm concerned. Should be a lock.
>> Cubs' Kyle Hendricks on opposing Clayton Kershaw
Top 4th. *Pitching Change-Travis Wood replaces Kyle Hendricks on the mound. . Chase Utley lines out to left field.
Ya Kyle Hendricks is in this rotation
Kyle Hendricks' performance today is very encouraging.
Solid 3 innings for Kyle Hendricks against the Dodgers, which is a great, great sign.
What Was Kyle Hendricks’ Big Adjustment Last Year?: Last year seems so long ago, but if you remember back...
So Kyle Hendricks is getting along fine and Clayton Kershaw won't be no-hitting the It's a good day so far.
Exh. A on why I'm skeptical that WAR is a useful statistic for pitchers: Carlos Martinez & Kyle Hendricks had the same WAR in '15 (3.4). 😮
Is this the best starting 5 in rotation: Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jason Hammel, Kyle Hendricks about Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks to Tampa for Alex Cobb or Matt Moore, and Jake McGee. -Thoughts from my MLB couch meetings.
if there was ever a team Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel could beat, It's the god *** mets.
"Maybe the crack of the bat on Matt Carpenter's HR jolted Kyle Hendricks back to the here and now." . --Pat Hughes.…
Kyle Hendricks: 1st P with 7+ K, 3 HR allowed in fewer than 5 IP in a postseason game. 2 did so in 5 IP - Greinke ('11), Rick Reed ('02)
If you miss Jamie Moyer flip on TBS and watch Kyle Hendricks.
Kyle Hendricks knocks in the first run. Fun fact: Kerry Wood had 5 RBI in 4 games in 2003.
No chance with Kyle Hendricks on the mound. I'm expecting a HUGE blowout for the Cards.
hitters are slashing just .219/.265/.229 against starter Kyle Hendricks.
Kyle Hendricks is 1-1 with a 1.96 ERA in 3 starts vs has a 0.73 ERA in 2 starts in
Kyle Hendricks will be the starting pitcher vs Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday.
Please join us this evening at 6:10 CT (CSN and WBBM Radio) for game two of the series. Kyle Hendricks will...
Cubs-Brewers Preview: Chicago's Kyle Hendricks is hitting his stride at the perfect time and although it has y...
Well Hendricks cost me 800 bucks but I'm okay with that..
Kyle Hendricks, when he misses, he misses down
Let's see if Jason Hammel can mimic Kyle Hendricks & Dan Haren to prove he belongs on the playoff roster. PLAY BALL!
Raise your hand if you had Kyle Hendricks finishing the season with a higher WAR than Jordan Zimmerman and Michael Wacha. . Liar.
For all the new follows: a few pieces I wrote recently for First, an interview with Kyle Hendricks:.
I didn't realize Kyle Hendricks had only pitched against St. Louis once this season.
All purpose parts banner
Dan Haren and Kyle Hendricks with back to back fantastic starts. Hopefully a trend that continues!
He’s gotta perform well for the Kyle Hendricks Racing Team.
I regard Kyle Hendricks as the third starter on the Cubs.
Pitching probables for the Royals visit to Chicago: Yordano/Kyle Hendricks / Cueto/Samardzija, Volquez/Quintana, Medlen/Cy D…
Just a misunderstanding. Kyle Hendricks was my last cut, not Schwarber.
Kyle Hendricks? Nah, we got a rental of Dumpster for him. Was totally worth it too.
Hendricks First Ivy Leaguer in Years to Produce Three Wins: The last pitch of Kyle Hendricks’ nine-strike...
Kyle Hendricks tied season high in strikeouts in no-decision
The beat the 1-0 (F/11); Kyle Hendricks went 6.0 innings and allowed only two hits in the win for Chicago at home.
Kyle Hendricks is quickly earning his spot as the third postseason pitcher
All 30 teams would kill for a guy like Kyle Hendricks, who finds success even with middling stuff. A guy whose command is exquisite.
Kyle Hendricks is a second-year starter whose peripherals are all trending in the right direction. Also, he's been good in actuality.
>> Statistically, the search for a third Cubs starter ends with Kyle Hendricks
. and I sounding the same note: Kyle Hendricks is way better than you think:
Agree. I think Hendricks needs 1 more year. I feel like it's a crap shoot if he will be good Kyle or bad Kyle each start.
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That was a great victory last night. Kyle Hendricks may have pitched his way on the LDS Roster.
Give Kyle Hendricks a chance to take games, & focus on limiting the times through the order penalty for the non-Arrieta/Lester starters.
Kyle Hendricks is good, and maybe even getting better.
Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks states his case for the postseason
[GIF] Kyle Hendricks strikes out Salvador Perez with a nasty Sinker (more GIFs in comments)
But Maddon does have praise for right-hander Kyle Hendricks.
GIFs - The 5 Best Pitches from Monday's games including this nasty Kyle Hendricks Sinker:
Kyle Hendricks threw 30 changeups last night, the second time this year he's thrown at least that many.
Contreras & Williams are the 1st Smokies duo to win Player/Pitcher of the Year honors since Javy Baez & Kyle Hendricks in 2013.
Cubs lead is now 7-3 as Bogusevic has an RBI single. Kyle Hendricks night is done as Pedro Strop will pitch
The "make you drink team", Ketel Marte, Brad Hennessey, Nyjer Morgan, Andrew Miller, and Kyle Hendricks with Jon Daniels at GM.
Giants get to Kyle Hendricks as fall by the Bay: (
Giants get to Kyle Hendricks as Cubs fall by the Bay -
Ok, give us Shelby Miller and you can have Kyle Hendricks. Seems fair.
. so you'd rather have Kyle Hendricks than Shelby Miller?
Know anyone in the Braves organization? I'll trade you Kyle Hendricks(6-5) and Jason Motte(8-1) for Shelby Miller
Shelby Miller has been real good lately, hopefully Kyle Hendricks is on today.
vs in Game 2 of a 4 game series today at 4:05 ET. Kyle Hendricks (6-5, 3.97) will go up against Shelby Miller (5-9, 2.43).
The Chris Sale for Starlin Castro, Kyle Hendricks, Arismendy Alcantara, and Mike Olt trade is going to be one for the ages.
Kyle Hendricks retires the White Sox in order in the Top of the 1st as Jose Abreu grounds out to Castro @ SS
From reliever Jason Motte has more wins (6) than Cubs starters Jon Lester (4) Jason Hammel (5) and Kyle Hendricks (3).
Kyle Kendrick, Liam Hendriks and Kyle Hendricks are all the same pitcher ... Right?
Kyle Hendricks strikes out Tyler Moore to end the 6th with the score 6 Nationals 3
"Kyle Hendricks, making the MLB minimum, picked off a base runner in the 1st. Meanwhile, $155 million Jon Lester allowed 12 SB on Opening Ni
Men of Steal trades SP Cole Hamels, 3rd/7th-round picks to Swing for the Pences for SP Kyle Hendricks, 2nd/15th-round picks
can't seem to get any Chicago Beat writers to let me know when Kyle Hendricks is pitching next. Coming to see him this weekend
I love watching Kyle Hendricks throw. I learn so much each time. I'd like to say our approach and arsenal are very similar on the mound.
Silence is golden for Kyle Hendricks: MESA, Ariz. - Pitcher Kyle Hendricks is one of the sharpest Chicago Cubs...
CHC mlb .com: Hendricks impresses Montero in 'B' game
. writes Cubs' Kyle Hendricks is gearing up for an April 10 start ...
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Kyle Hendricks just ripped a double to straight-away center over CF's head in the B-game. His mom cheers wildly.
Recommendation by :Kyle Hendricks has pitched in two g...
Recommendation by :Kyle Hendricks will be the Cubs No.
3/19 Cubs lineup B Game: Kyle Hendricks will start in a B game Thursday at Sloan Park in Mesa, star...
The "b" game has Addison Russell, Kris Bryant, Alcantara, Miggy Montero and Kyle Hendricks to name a few. It's free! Come watch
I offered you Matt Holliday, Martin Prado, Julio Teheran and Kyle Hendricks for Donaldson, Harvery and Lynn, what do you say?
Juan Hendricks a out by Jesus montero
Kyle Hendricks is really talented. 7-2 as a rookie with a 2.46 ERA is pretty *** good
It's in the Kyle Hendricks article from last night
Currently reading the funniest argument on Kyle Hendricks I've ever seen in the comments
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