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Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in northeast Iowa under the name Kwik Star (to avoid confusion with QuikTrip).

Fort Dodge West Des Moines Jordy Nelson La Crosse Iowa City New Years Charity Softball Game

about half-a-week away from being on a first name basis with all the employees at the new Kwik-Trip
Holiday, stop trying to be Kwik Trip.
Kwik Trip, Inc. just posted a new in Iowa City, IA.
New position available at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Davenport, IA.
Check out this new opportunity! Kwik Trip, Inc. is now in Fort Dodge, IA.
Search4Jobs2Day: Searching for in Davenport, IA? Send your to Kwik Trip, Inc..
Search4Jobs2Day: Searching for in Mason City, IA? Send your to Kwik Trip, Inc..
Be the first to apply for this in West Des Moines, IA. Kwik Trip, Inc. is
Get a new from Kwik Trip, Inc. in West Des Moines, IA.
Kwik Trip, Inc. would like you to work for them in West Des Moines, IA.
Kwik Trip, Inc. is now looking for qualified applicants in Fort Dodge, IA.
Low on Find a at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Iowa City, IA.
Your is over. Kwik Trip, Inc. wants to you in Fort Dodge, IA.
Hour and a half drive, Kwik Trip cheeseburger and a Red Bull later, I'm back from Mankato. Good time,
You can never go wrong with the Mac n' Cheese from kwik trip
oh my god. I need to go to Duluth asap and stop at the kwik trip on the way there
never! This is new information that kwik trip has it
yes I have the munchies and since Kwik Trip doesn't have chocolate bunnies I'm going out for a bag of Doritos
All Star by Smash Mouth was playing in Kwik trip. So I guess it was a pretty good day
Kwik trip gave me a free coffee bc they realized how cold i was... so nice!
Goes to kwik trip & buys 6 glazer doughnuts. Says I'm gonna save them for this week's breakfasts... Eats 3 of them on bus home. K
Just made myself a blueberry iced coffee at kwik trip and I have to say is better than Dunkin' Donuts I'm so proud of myself and so happy
Currently applying to be a food sampler at Kwik Trip!
Mom and Dad just gave me a Kwik Trip gift card with an unknown amount on it for gas. Sounds fishy? But hey, free gas for once
S/O to the guy that bought $49.00 in food at Kwik trip tonight πŸ‘Œ
maybe it was an emergency. Run to Kwik trip?
Thanks Kwik Trip for our free coffee! β˜•οΈβ˜ΊοΈ
let's get free coffee from kwik trip too oh btw I'm ready!
This Kwik Trip/Hearty Platter combo is without a doubt, the place to be in Glenwood City tonight
Club Record apologizes to Kwik Trip since they were Not one at fault for me not get my free coffee (fox6 left out info)
National Coffee Day, huh? Too bad that's every day for this. Regardless, thanks for the free coffee Kwik Trip!
Kwik Trip freebies are really exciting for me I'm entering level 67 of Mom
Um, so does Kwik Trip. It's better that way.
If a stranger ever offers you a Kwik Trip burrito you should say yes
National coffee day. I love you. But I can't afford you. You filthy Starbucks. ill have to go to kwik trip instead.
Kwik trip never accepts the debit card at the pump. Pisses me off so much because I have to go in and waste time.
Kwik Trip not accepting debit cards? ***
Wouldn't have came to kwik trip rn if I knew it was going to be such a disasterπŸ˜₯
"are you going to stay at Kwik Trip to do your homework?" πŸ˜‚
A guy at kwik trip just shouted at me, "Ooorah, Gung *** and GET SOME MARINE!" Hah made my day
The Juneau Fire Department will be holding a 9/11 Silent Parade on Thursday evening, (tonight) September 11th, 2014 at 8:00pm in the City of Juneau, Wisconsin, in honor of the 13th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 for all those who lost their lives on that day. The Silent Parade will line-up and begin on South Western Avenue in Juneau (along Dodgeland School). The parade will head north and turn right onto West Oak Grove Street (HWY 26 North) and proceed east and then turn right at the four-way stop onto South Main Street (by Kwik Trip), and then head south on South Main street, passing the old Dodgeland School and the Juneau City Cemetary and then taking a left onto Cross Street to the Juneau Public Safety Building to the Juneau Fire Department. City street lights along the Silent Parade route will be turned off at 8:00pm. Citizens are encouraged to line the Parade route with lighted candles and hold American Flags in Honor of all those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. Cake, snacks, & refreshments will be ser ...
Just met the coolest cashier at Kwik Trip.
I locked my keys in my car at kwik trip but it's ok Kyle is coming to rescue me 😬
Privileged to meet the owner of Kwik Trip today at the ribbon cutting community ceremony today.…
Kwik Trip, Inc. recently celebrated one of its most profitable years ever, having seen an increase in sales and profits while adding over 550 co-workers to our team in the past year.
I bought the jordy kwik trip cup does that mean i own him now
John and I just went grocery shopping at kwik trip
This guy at kwik trip keeps looking at me like bye.
Only I would go to Kwik Trip for toilet paper and leave with just a corn dog
Car at kwik trip. Someone actually drives this dumpster.
Packers players cups hit Kwik Trip this week
3D animated cups at feature 6 different Green Bay Packers. Jordy Nelson is first.
This Caramel Coffee Cake Cappuccino from Kwik Trip is my new obsession 😊😍❀️
Your FM Home for Packers Football caught our Jordy Nelson player cup from Kwik Trip - catch yours before they're...
Kwik Trip has stepped up their coffee game and it's great. β˜•β˜•
It's finally Thursday-getting in the packer spirit with my Kwik Trip that my lovely sister made!
Kwik Trip is so fast, they don't have time for Q's, U's or the occasional C.
What's this about a Jordy cup? I have easy access to Kwik Trip and will be out and about most of the day.
At Kwik Trip and the guy next to me starts chanting which is then followed by the 10 other people filling up
If it starts hailing I'm taking my car and hauling *** to Kwik Trip and taking shelter in the gas lanes.
I've been eating really healthy at college so far but the kwik trip donuts and late night topperstix craving is back 😟
I want some cheese filled bread sticks from Kwik Trip
I will blame Kwik Trip for my diabetes
seems like a lot of work. I'll just stick to the Kwik Trip Diet
Two boxes of glazed donuts for a dollar at kwik trip? Me likey πŸ©πŸ˜‹
My biggest mistake was getting out of bed from binge watching parks and rec & walk to Kwik trip. I instantly regretted it
Is it bad that I drove out of my way to find a Kwik Trip cuz the 1st gas station I was at scared me and made me not wanna go to any others?
Kwik trip is literally the best thing on earth now
HA ya I hang with my parents at Kwik Trip for nearly hours
Dollar chicken sandwhiches at Kwik trip
I love Kwik Trip and am so glad to see them coming to the Northland!!!
Kwik Trip CNG: now 28 stations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, with 14 more pledged by year-end --
"Jordy Nelson's cup goes on sale tomorrow at KWIK TRIP". Hopefully the Packers bring an extra to Seattle in case of unnecessary roughness
Can we take a quick trip to Kwik trip
Kwik Trip's chocolate milk is possibly the best thing ever
Second i interview at Kwik Trip tomorrow baby
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
In school I worked at the Kwik Trip. They tried having me cook a couple times, set record lows for food sold.
"Kwik Trip is elite. It's in a class of its own." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Jordy Nelson are available tomorrow at Kwik Trip! Collect all seven this season!
At the Kwik Trip grand opening. Busy, busy, busy!
Kwik trip girl smiled at me. Universal signal for "I'm not interested".
Nice man at kwik trip held the door for me when I came in, and again when I left.
I could go for some kwik trip donuts right now πŸ˜‹
Burgers at Kwik Trip with a pretzel bun are the greatest thing ever
New Espresso machine has arrived at Hartford Kwik Trip. Stop in for an awesome cup.
Just talked to the parents of of the raiders at kwik trip a min ago. Weird.
Live your life but don't be the Kwik Trip twinz.
The girls working at kwik trip hashtag rock
Kwik trip is selling cherry cough syrup by the gallon. They call it fruit punch but don't let that confuse you
A Kwik Trip donut would be mint right now.
Grrr one more rep one more rep wooo I go by Kwik Trip after this Glazers wo oh one more water plx β€” at Anytime...
Got a compliment on my bidazzled fitbit! Thank you observant gas station attendant at Kwik Trip!!
Someone tell me why kwik trip pizza is more expensive than pizza hut pizza?
I think I'm the only person who hates kwik trip's chocolate milk
Lady at kwik trip convinced me to buy cookies lol
I wonder how much money I have spent at kwik trip in total
Seriously run Into someone I know every time I go to a Kwik trip
maybe Kwik trip can cater to our dorms this year?
I go to Kwik Trip and take my time. I'm a rebel
Authorities look for man who allegedly stole from employees at a Stewartville Kwik Trip.
Only today and Sunday left at kwik trip, come visit me on my last days! -sincerely your local kwik trip man.
To the 2 guys in the truck next to us at Kwik Trip your welcome lol ;)
I only seem to go to Kwik Trip when I'm going to Green Bay and stop on the way there to get gas lol
The closest Kwik Trip to me is in Jackson, MN and I doubt they would have Packer cups there. Not driving to LaCrosse for a cup.
You thought you could fool me, didn't you, Kwik Trip?
Come to the Fountain City Kwik Trip if you need your car or boat washed!
"My hands smell like cottage cheese and a Kwik Trip Bathroom" an autobiography by Molly Petri
CNG rises in the Midwest--Holiday Stationstores, Hutchinson Oil, Kwik Trip announce new alternative fuel sites:
Go to the counter at Kwik Trip with my salad and wrap and the lady goes...want a cookie to make it less healthy?
holiday blows! Kwik Trip would be 10 time better.
You can always find the Dill at Kwik Trip
I can never go to kwik trip w out getting hit on... 😁
WOw lol I want a chocolate milk from kwik trip
Everynight I go to kwik trip to see Donna and Fred to talk about the crazies!! They're the nicest, coolest, most laid back people I've met.
Someone pick me up and take me to Kwik Trip because I need donuts and chocolate milk
I'll believe it. You should have seen the creatures walking around Kwik Trip this morning
Walked in Kwik trip & Laura told me 'dang Allie, you've gained weight' πŸ˜‘
I'm going to at least go to a movie & maybe knock back some popcorn there. I wonder if kwik trip has cake...
don't give grant wings.. Bad things happen to innocent kwik trip bathrooms
You know you work at kwik trip when you can shrug off a burn from your oven at home. I thought to myself, at least it wasn't a turbo oven
Kwik Trip radio has been pretty on point today
Shout out the *** that flipped us off at Kwik Trip, after we let him go in front of us.
After this Sunday I have 14 days off at Kwik Trip.
β€œYou have to leave your town to buy alcohol with your fake ID sketchy kwik trip forever. ✌️
Dear girl picking her acne in her car at Kwik Trip, I can see you... We all can see you.
Thank you woman at kwik trip for making my day so much better. It's not every day it get told I'm gorgeous and should be on the runway. 😳☺️
Like 100% positive these random guys at Kwik trip just tried selling me & and my dad stolen electronics out of their van lmfao πŸ‘€
Currently in the most luxurious Kwik Trip bathroom I've ever seen in my life?ΒΏ
The amount of Kwik trip food I eat on a daily basis is scary
take me to kwik trip so I can buy grapes
Well I went to Kwik Trip for lunch... So that's pretty neat
Who had an interview at the Madison ave Kwik trip and dropped my name?!
Leave it to me to knock the whole stack of doughnuts over at Kwik tripπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
I now own the first Packer Kwik Trip cup out of 6! Mountain Dew Code Red out of the fountain tasted…
have you tried the Karuba Gold machine thing at Kwik Trip?? So god
Just got coffee at the new Kwik trip!!!
Power just went out in Kasson. My house and Kwik Trip are affected. Traffic light at Mantorville Ave and Main still seems to be on.
So SO disappointed that Kwik Trip doesn't have cinnamon coffee anymore... πŸ˜₯
Jordy's helmet camera home run during the Charity Softball Game presented by Kwik Trip!
The Waters Edge Driving Range is now open for business. It is located 1 block east of Kwik Trip on Broadway St. Buckets of balls are available at Waters Edge for $5. Clubs and tees are also available. Todd and I hit a bucket this morning. Look at that follow through from Todd. He also had some very good pointers for me. Thanks Todd and spread the word.
OH MY GOODNESS!! I was at the Kwik Trip gas station tonight while walking in to get bread, bananas and milk I crossed in front a truck that started honking n yelling at me to get out of the way. They speed off brushing my back with his side mirror. I got inside and store clerk came running are you ok etc. She said that was a drive off, the person was speeding out not to pay for his $52.00 in gas. I then went on to get my items and pay them. I walked out the store looking back and here came the clerk walking to me saying miss you had gas didn't you? I said oh lord yes. I just about did the same thing the other guy did and drove off not paying for my gas. The lady said Miss you are still shook up from about being run over. I just came straight home and did not go to my weight watchers meeting. I am so glad I was not injured and I did not drive off without paying for my gas and ended up in jail. Thank the Lord and my angels for watching over me.
Kwik Trip aims to fill grills with fresh meat offerings: La Crosse, Wis. | Kwik Trip decided that it was time to...
RETAIL HELPER at Kwik Trip (Hudson, WI): General duties in the store such as cleaning the park...
Thank you to those that donated door prizes and gift bag inserts. Porters Patch gave 100 free corn maze coupons, there are some Culvers icecream coupons, Associated Bank gave gifts. Door prizes are from Mickster's Pub and Grill, Papa Murphys Pizza in Shawano, B&H Footwear, Whistle Inn of Nichols, Clintonville Recreation Center, the Nature Store, and from Ruthann Meirers. Bagels and bananas will come from Charlies County Market, cookies from Kwik Trip in Clintonville, chocolate milk from Reinhardt and water from Langlade Springs. Andrea Wallace of Core Commitment will do exercises and stretching before the race, Darrel Klemp will sing the National Anthem, the Bonduel Boyscouts will do the flag and color guard. Navarino EMS will be here. Alex Strutz is our professional photographer. Tortoise and the Hare Race Management will do the timing/finish and results. There will be assistance from a 4H group and additional scouts. Rick Herzfeldt worked tirelessly to maintain and provided excellent trails for race day ...
Just close lined a poor man at Kwik Trip 😣
Kwik Trip, I've missed you so much. And all you other La Crescent people and things. But mostly Kwik Trip.
at Kwik Trip in La Crosse kicking off his re-election campaign!!
Gov. Walker, 2nd stop today, at Kwik Trip in La Crosse this morning, kicking off his 3rd Election Campaign...
Eggs are 99 cents at Walgreen's til Saturday and Kwik Trip the whole month of April if you are still dying eggs for Easter or just want to buy them to eat.
Went to kwik trip and bought sour patch watermelon and cottage cheese πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
Where was today?? Hmmm...maybe the rapist from Kwik trip got her.. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just buying myself a chicken pot pie at Kwik trip at 9 pm
Oh the irony. Gassin up @ Kwik Trip and The Beach Boys - Kokomo is playing on the sound system while it's snowing. My only hope is for lightning to strike me dead.
To walk to kwik trip or to drive there and lose my stop ?
After ten minutes of hearing the canned music at this Kwik Trip I have decided the worst thing to happen to white America in the past 20 years has been the Dave Matthews Band. So I am sitting here, I can't stop laughing, and feeling horribly depressed.
NCR partnered with Kwik Trip Convenience Stores to eliminate the wait and increase their speed of service. These tablet POS installations are used at one of ...
Solid satire, esp. with increased poor folks RT"Trip) has thousands to give because of Walker's good governance!"
Walker to kick off re-election campaign at Kwik Trip building in LC- whose management has given him thousands of dollars
BLOGGING 44. Dedicated to that stretch of highway, and the folks who drive it, between the city limits of Ripon, and the Kwik Trip by the outlet mall. Palm Sunday Score Card: Cars & Trucks parked at these places about 9:30 this morning: Lutheran Church in Pickett = 36. Jasper's Bar = 17. Church of the Nazarene (a good 25 minutes before church time) = 6. Community Church (the sort of new one between Pickett and Oshkosh) = 70. [I've noticed in the past, these numbers vary wildly if there is a noon Packer game.]
Bad day couldn't get any worse. Start off this morning my car had a dead battery, then I can't get out my driveway, I'm on my way to work and some *** decides to follow to close behind me. I get off work go out to leave I have a low tire so so nice guy at Kwik Trip put air in my tire for me I take the back road to get pass traffic and I swear *** take them because last I checked the speed limit back on ski hill road is 45 not 60. Ug could it get any worse
3 cop cars at Kwik Trip. Wonder y they r all there??
These kwik trip cookies are the bomb right now!!!
Everyone goes to kwik trip anyway so why not help Symone Board raise money for Spain by buying kwik trip cards from Symone and 10% goes to her trip:)
It should be against the law for someone who doesn't live in your house to drop a Deuce in your bathroom! I'm serious... Walk to Kwik Trip!
What was my impulse to buy an apple from kwik trip
Kwik trip cinnamon rolls are one of the best things ever created.
Kwik Trip soup makes everything better
thanks, I've been stuck at kwik trip waiting for the final word from the
Things that make you wonder about the sound of your voice/dialect: Is it distinct, or just odd, or that's just life? Examples that come to mind: 1.) This past weekend I was in my hometown, (yay Chetek, Wisconsin), and I ran into Kwik Trip for a soda. A former co-worker was busy behind the counter unpacking a box. I had spotted her when I walked up, though she hadn't spotted me because her back was turned. As soon as she heard my voice she popped up and said, "Hey, hi Cheryl." I think the only words I had said to the lady at the register were, "Hi" and "Thank you" and probably, "No, thank you" when asked if I wanted to buy glazer donuts. (Tangent rant: If I wanted the *** "whatever it is you're pushing this week" item, it would be sitting with the rest of my items. I'm capable enough of finding plenty of calorie-ridden items on my own, thank you.) 2.) Years ago at the Minnesota State Fair again a former co-worker turned around in a busy, loud exhibition barn and said, "I'd know that voice anywhere! Hi, C . ...
Having serious withdrawals. Saw a girl at Kwik Trip and I was convinced it was you from wasn't :(
If someone ran and got me coffee from Kwik Trip next hour I'll pay you back tomorrow
Making a kwik trip stop for coffee is probably going to have to happen today...
Our One Year Anniversary Celebration Cookout was a huge success!! All thanks to you!! We still have some water bottles and can koozies left. We had some great prizes given away during our drawings last week: Monday: Mike Appleyard (Starbucks gift card) Tuesday: Dan Flees (Biggby Coffee gift card) Wednesday: Jerry Borth (Kwik Trip gift card) Thursday: Josh Alioto (Walmart gift card) Friday: Andrew Lepak (Townline Market gift certificate) Saturday: Dan White (Schulz's Recycling Grab Bag) Congratulations Winners!! And thank you again to everyone that has made this last year possible!!! Please continue to feel free to stop in during business hours to drop off any scrap (metal, alum cans, copper, etc) you may have.
Kwik trip and McDonald's don't have power... Why do we have school?
Kwik Trip/Kwik Star convenience stores offer superior products at low prices in addition to consumer and commercial Credit Cards with no annual or monthly fees.
Had to do a mad run to the Kwik Trip (our local convenient store) for my lady for lady stuff. Blizzard outside! The *** Blowing, snowing - *** . I'm cold, she's going to snuggle with me, I don't care it's that time of the month.
Kwik trip is open 24/7 man!! Hahha and I'm appauled that you let yourself run out?!
Only Brittney Roach would get us stuck in mud at kwik trip out side of Madison. Sooo embarrassing.
Bout to use an IOU to kwik trip for beer
Sudden craving for red bull at 12:30. Kwik trip, be open
To the girl that I called Morgan by Kwik trip last night around 12, we should kick it because you seem cool. From the guy that was at the stoplight with friends in the car.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Stopped at Kwik Trip for gas.. and the rain/wind upsold me some hot cocoa... S'mores Cocoa to be exact.
Something told me I needed to pick up coffee at kwik trip ...but I ignored it. Well that came back to bite me.
Just seen at Kwik Trip. He obviously had the munchies for some chips πŸ˜‚
Does anyone know where they sell readydebit reload packs, can't find any in town. Kwik trip doesn't have them anymore, need it to put money on my prepaid debt card
Really just walked to Kwik trip for a f'real & glazed donuts .
you don't have to bring me Evan is. I gotta go to kwik trip
LMAO! I'm expecting to see Buffalo Bill someday at Wal-Mart, Kwik Trip or any poker room in the USA :-)
Hi. I'm Ryan Suter. Minnesota winters can be pretty tough. Win lunch at Kwik Trip. You and a friend can have roller dogs and split nachos
idk, sign in front of kwik trip says they only require shirt and shoes.. Nothing about undies or pants?!...
I'm headed to Brillion, WI this Thursday the 17th. Leaving Point at 3:15 can drop people off at the Oneida Street exit or at Kwik Trip in Brillion. Gas money appreciated. Inbox me if interested.
Many times in our fast paced world, we tend to focus so much on getting ahead, or on our own agenda, that we don't stop long enough to be kind, or to make someone feel better, or to "pay it forward" - I want to tell you about a real life story that I just witnessed about an hour ago here in Caledonia: I was into Kwik Trip and there were some young people in front of me waiting to make their purchases. In front of them, was a young man who bought a bunch of groceries, but didn't have enough on his card to pay for them. Just as I was about to ask if I could help, the young lady in front of me looked at the clerk and asked her to put it on her card. She then called her brother over to see if they could give this young man, who they never met before, a ride home as it was raining. Without hesitation (Amanda Lager) and her brother (Derrick Lager) and (some unknown young man) paid his bill, and convinced him that it was not trouble to give him a ride to where he needed to go. It just struck me as a great w ...
Really really foggy this morning!!! Then the wind started to blow, it cleared up and then at 10 it started to rain and hasn't stopped! Dan & Brenda Kirchmann were over this morning for a little while, made lunch and then we went to Delbert Oltrogge's to visit with him. What a fun time and conversation! Stopped at Kwik Trip for milk on the way home. I put Clay in the barn for the evening, so he would be nice and dry! Scarlett was in the house, but went out with me to do chores. She is so wet, but she came in the house anyway!!! She might be dry to tomorrow!!! It's still raining and the wind is still blowing! If this doesn't get the frost out, I don't know what will! We really do need this rain to gently soak in the subsoil!
Dipped my cheese sticks from Kwik Trip into my Bloody Mary, idk.
Eating a pb sandwich and an apple in a lawn chair in the back room of Kwik Trip
People don't join businesses for products and services, they join people. In the Midwest, we have a few different gas stations. We have Casey's, Holiday, Kwik Trips, etc. People will drive all the way across town to go to a Kwik Trip over any other gas station, no matter if the gas is more expensive or not because they BRAND themselves better. They promise to always have the "low prices" and they are in business for the people. No matter if they have more expensive products and services, people still will drive across town because the business has built trust with the people and branded themselves!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I β™₯ Kwik Trip and their everyday low prices!
Since no one would go on an adventure with me to LAX, Katie and I went on an adventure to kwik trip...I mean that's pretty much the same
I love that my mom works at kwik trip cause she always brings us home supper πŸ‘Œ
Heel clicking in a kwik trip parking lot at 4 30 am cuz the cashier told us were in Arkansas not Louisiana anymore.
Lets work together on keeping Pickwick clean people!! Take responsibility for yourselves and stop throwing trash out your car windows onto our streets. I can't walk up Little Trout without taking a trash bag to pick up your beer cans and KWIK TRIP garbage. Get with the program and take pride in where you live :)
I know there is someone out there reading this that wants to go and get me a Green Machine Naked from Kwik Trip. So go for it! Don't be shy!
Kwik trip employees always hand me the swisher display as soon as I get to the counter
I stopped at the new kwik trip and as I'm getting out of the car an old man "where'd you steal that car from?" Just wow at the racism lol
I don't know if it's true! 😰 Kwik Trip bought their old building but I don't know what they're going to do with it...
Cost savings idea for Kwik Trip...don't pay to have the parking lot striped. Either people don't know what the lines mean or they can't read. Money making idea for Kwik Trip...create a towing company and park a tow truck at each store. The truck will pay for itself in about a week.
Seriously? You just were taking hits right in front of me in the kwik trip parking lot!? You aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? Lol some people
Placing another Kwik Trip order. Jack is raising money for his trip to Omaha with his baseball team. Cards are good for pay at the pump, car washes and in store. Cards come in $25, $50 and $100. 10% of sales go towards the trip!! Thanks for your help!!
Kwik Trip coffee is going to get me through this day
I seen this Chevy pick up truck pulling a Kwik Trip big rig into the parking lot lol
While sitting in the Kwik Trip parking lot putting duck tape on car, Jump For Our Love comes on.. πŸ™ˆ
Cried thru yoga then gobbled up a donut before I even paid for it at Kwik Trip. Sure sign that this girl has over done it. I see a nap and a day on the couch for this loser. 😴
Trash Compactor at Kwik Trip lasted 20 amazing years
Is it weird to actually miss Kwik Trip?
Mmm Kwik Trip donuts would be soo good right now πŸ‘Œ
The Kwik Trip ad is available online, with new specials every other week. New printable Kwik Trip coupons are available every month. Also watch your local mail the first week of every month for store-specific coupon mailings, and check for an in-store… [ 509 more words. ]
Coffee, naked smoothie and a Kwik trip muffin
We get done with church and patrick says i was a good boy..i get ice cream...i am like umm it is 9:15 am...but okay off to kwik trip we go
Sunday morning. Pulled slow cooked honey ham going in the oven. Cate's spaghetti sauce goin ' on the stove top. Meatballs later. Cream of potato soup and Hamburger Rolls later. I'll package and freeze tomorrow for future fishing trips. You just can't fish good unless you eat good. No fast food except maybe some good Kwik trip pizza.
I'm not ready for this day to start. Waiting for my ride for church. I'm thinking we need to stop at Kwik Trip for a cup of coffee.
Found this at a Kwik trip on the way home from Dayton.
no I'm in Chicago. I have been working in green bay during the week so that is actually where I was at kwik trip the other day!
Just witnessed a middle aged man hit on his buddies wife at Kwik trip. He was like: eff bill, he's my friend and all but I like you more. I'll take you out whenever you want.
5 deer walk down middle of road from Kwik trip think they had the after the bar Munich
Pretty sure my lungs are bleeding. Pneumonia is sweet, thanks Kwik trip freezer. What a *** of a weekend job.
Gotta love kwik trips biscuits and gravy!!
It's 3am…Why are people partying at Kwik Trip…
If you're hungry hop on over to the ranch for all you can eat Kwik Trip
darn tootin it was!!! Now someone get me kwik trip's cheese sticks and marinara.
I just witnessed a robbery at kwik trip, come out with an ice cream and they are like did you pay for it? Dang it!
too far away for me dude. Kwik trip's my back up
Trying to get some kwik trip breadsticks
We get home.. *eat left over olive garden, put pizza in the oven and the guys make a run to kwik trip for food..*
I saw a kid in a tux at kwik trip earlier and sure enough it's my high school's prom night what up
Didn't have to worry about getting pulled over on the way home. Every officer in the state was at Kwik trip
Dude to bad kwik trip doesn't have a drive thru.
Two really creepy were watching me when I pulled up at kwik trip 😳
Almost getting raped tonight was kinda scary. Never going to Kwik trip at night again.
Just saw again and the twins. Nice to see you at Kwik Trip! πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ
Let's be honest I'm probably at Kwik trip more than some of their employees
Jacked a hot dog and aspirin from kwik trip
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
My day is always better when comes into Kwik Trip!
Good morning, everyone! It's time to bring back TRIVIA WEDNESDAYS! Here's the question for today. "About how much of the world's oxygen does the Amazon Rain Forest produce?" The answer can be in a percentage OR a fraction! The winner will be drawn at random from all correct answers submitted and announced tomorrow morning by 9am. Winner will receive a $10 gift card to Kwik Trip!
Don't forget about our meeting today at 4:30 in 3301 Centennial! There will be trivia with a winning prize of a Kwik Trip gift card. More importantly we're being joined by guest speaker and former Eagle Jared Ellerson, Media Relations Assistant for the Chicago Bears. See you there!
Highlight of my trip back to UWW??? Randomly running into Ben Schwartz at a Kwik Trip in Johnson Creek. Always a pleasure to randomly see your best bud from freshman year!
This is part of the reasons why Heather likes working Kwik Trip . You get a chance get to Kwik Trip and be part of this. Watch the video that's attached and help the Freedom Honor Flight.
Today till the 27th of Feb, ALL Kwik Trip Stores in WI, MN & Iowa, are doing their 5th annual & LAST Icon fund raiser for the Honor Flight Programs in those states.stop by your area's Kwik Trip for a gas fill-up or bananas & donate a few dollars to help send a Veteran on a "Trip of a Lifetime"!!!
Alrighty plungers. Just a recap for last years jumpers and so the new jumpers know. -The Polar Plunge will take place at Man Made Lake on February 22nd at please be there before 9:50. Plunging is at 10:00. - If you register online please make sure you say that you are through Kwik Trip. We will get the team name to you some time today. - Each of you MUST raise at least $75 dollars to jump. So start raising now! :) - there are prizes with how much you raise. Here they are. $75-Polar Plunge Long Sleeve Shirt $175-Polar Plunge Beach Towel& T-Shirt $350- Polar Plunge Sweater& T-Shirt $600- Polar Plunge Soft Shell Jacket& T-Shirt $1,000- ALL OF THE ABOVE $1,500-$100 gift card& all of the above. -Please note that if you raise $350 you only get the Sweater and t Shirt. You do not get the beach towel. And that goes for everything. - YOU MUST WEAR SHOES. There is no exception. They will NOT let you jump if you have flip flops or no shoes. They MUST be close toed shoes. -Have fun everyone!
I cut a couple of loads of wood Saturday and my good friend Leon stopped by to check on me so I was not an outside walker. I cut about $500 worth of wood if you go by Kwik Trip bundle prices. Anyway, propane is expensive now and Wisconsin winter is still strong, 15 below this morning. If a person had propane filled and 400 gallons of a 500 gallon tank at $5.50 per gallon. Ouch .. $2,000 and that is not the whole winter bill. My wood furnace and chainsaw are in their 2nd year and have paid for themselves in savings. That is a good return, plus I get the free exercise membership and no club dues for cutting, loading and unloading wood. Stay warm out there.
Today, I stopped in Kwik Trip to get gas and pick up a Bacon cheeseburger. The clerk remarked, "you must really like those"' as I have been getting more lately. I wonder want she would think if she knew they were for Gracie, my Australian shepard/blue healer mix.
Are the rumors true that Kim sold Pine Ridge to Kwik Trip? Is Kim building/buying a new restaurant? Is the current KT closing? On a related note, to all of you who say Pine Ridge is aweful: Have you been there since Kim bought the place? Pine Ridge WAS terrible and disgusting. Kim is an awesome guy, runs a good restaurant with great food, but picked a location with a horrible reputation. Give his place a shot, before it's gone.
The nearest kwik trip is going to get their chicken sandwiches dominated
Kwik Trip is probably one of the best things about Wisconsin.
Are my boobs still small enough to successfully no-bra it to kwik trip?
When you're sitting in the truck making up songs with your son at Kwik Trip and the spouse comes out wondering why the two of you are laughing so hard. Jake Smith
Just an fyi - if anyone is looking for a job in the pdc area, Kwik Trip south (store 307) is hiring... starting wage is 9 an hour.. part time - great job! ... apply online
Kwik Trip plays some of the worst music
Kwik Trip, why you no have headphones πŸ˜‘
Just walked into kwik trip with my coconut bra on... 😳
Walk into kwik trip to get a drink. I gave up pop.
I'm earning for checking in at Kwik Trip.
$1 cheeseburgers from Kwik Trip in St. Pete really brought me back
Lol @ the lady at Kwik Trip who will probably have a walk of shame.
Is it acceptable to go to Kwik Trip in my footy pajamas?
Me and family are going to head out today selling raffle tickets $10, prizes are a 2014 Polaris Sportman 570, $1000 cash, 60" smart TV, iPad, $500 cash, $300 cash $150 to Family Fresh and Kwik Trip and more! Let me know if I should swing by! Willing to drive just about anywhere at this point! Drawing is this Sat!
alright I'll take it to the Kwik trip now
can you tell I found his phone and I'm gonna leave it at Kwik Trip on 169 in Mankato! I found it last night
Im gonna drop it off at the Kwik Trip on 160 in Mankato by dutlers later today
mike you're wrong you offered to go to Kwik trip!! And everyone said they were tired!
What a night so first I worked from 1800-0400 and that was a blast as always, got stuck being posted then ran my butt off to make up for lost time, then I am finally on my way home when I stop at Kwik trip to get some brake fluid for my car and just as I'm leaving wouldn't ya know my car decides to go ka putt so as I'm checking over my engine to see if I blew a serpitine belt and realizing I didn't so kinda fusturated I ended up locking my doors since I was gonna walk back across the street to kt and I realized I locked my keys in my car, well lucky me being all handy and such and thanks to the wonderful kt staff for providing me some nessarsary tools I was able to unlock my car doors but of course not with out freezing my butt off first lol. Now I wait for my dad to come rescue me so we can try to figure out what is going on with my wonderful car
going to Kwik trip in the valley here not to long from now I'll be out soon and for sure man miss u bro
She said I'm walking to kwik trip to get a smart water 2014
Don't know if the highlight of my New Years was Brittany's dance recital or going to kwik trip
Pretty sure I just witnessed someone robbing the Kwik Trip on 5th street
Dropped my roomies off at the bar, then purposefully went to Kwik trip to fill my tank & see but she wasn't there πŸ˜₯ all bad
To visit Kwik Trip more and also to be friendlier.
cookies n cream cappuccino from Kwik Trip >
Grandbaby Hannah Jane and I had a whirlwind overnight. We started with nachos and Bug Juice at Kwik Trip, followed by some serious snuggling during a Hallmark movie. Then there was more snuggling and bedtime prayers. Breakfast was a quick one, so we could get to my job at church, where Hannah played Bananagrams while I did the bulletin. After lunch and a visit with Great Grandma Leona, we were on the road again, with a stop at Goodwill to get HJ some sturdy new gloves. Got lots of hugs and kisses from "the fam" when I brought Hannah home but then hurried back to mine before dark for a nap and a drink...(see previous post.) Kennedy will be next...but not for awhile... :-)
Montello Kwik Trip, pedestrian hit in the roadway.
Some middle aged man in Kwik Trip just threw shade at my sparkly New Years hair bow and he can actually take a flying leap.
Buyin red solo cups with the chief of police I'm kwik trip too.
What's going on? Kwik Trip likely buying Watts Cookin' - Austin Herald
Was at Kwik Trip and greenwoods famous Tom told me he liked my hair 😊
I saw terry at kwik trip and I am scared
These drunk old people in Kwik trip are so annoying
Kwik Trip likely buying Watts Cookin’: A Kwik Trip official confirmed this week that the company will likely b...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just saw my boss at kwik trip. in a mini dress
Today: 1. Woke up late 2. Stopped at Kwik Trip and locked my keys in my running car 3. Freaked out had cops break into my car 4. Late for work 5. Made Brian so worried that he took off of work for the entire day for nothing 6. Made my dad worried and he had to leave work to bring me a spare key that didn't even unlock my car doors 7. Cut my thumb somehow 8. Aiden just pooped his pants Anything else gonna happen? On the bight side I had a good day at work, got to see Brian and have lunch with him, and I remembered to bring Sarah my moms homemade salsa :)
I was sitting at KFC talking to my sister and a little boy comes up to me and hand me a kwik trip gift card and says happy new year
If anyone wants to play some puck come to the rink by kwik trip!
Tobacco Outlet Guest Services Co-worker (Now Hiring) - new. Kwik Trip, Inc. - New Berlin, WI. and up to 40 lbs...
lol. the asian at kwik trip checked my ID and thought my first name was Fabel. . "Fabel, wow that's a very pretty name."
Walking to Kwik Trip in subzero temperatures to get doughnuts
Like only I would go to bp to fill up with gas using a kwik trip gas card.😐
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