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Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in northeast Iowa under the name Kwik Star (to avoid confusion with QuikTrip).

Kwik Star La Crosse Taco Bell

Kwik trip is one of my fave places to eat yum
At Kwik Trip today a guest asked me to pick a $20 scratch Off ticket for him. He came back 1 hour later found me in…
Are the car wash cards good at any Kwik Trip?
😀 Kwik Trip to add 300 jobs to La Crosse area. Layoffs
This is a lie I don't know this girl I love Kwik Trip with my entire heart & soul
Does anyone else find it weird that lighters cost more than 2 corndogs at kwik trip?
Kwik Trip coffee is better than any coffee house out there👍🏼
If you go to college in Wisconsin you’re most likely not to gain your weight from the cafeteria, but from Kwik Trip
As a former car wash employee, I can attest that we are in peak car wash season. Don’t get me ranting abou…
Kwik trip killa . Three people in line, two bodies on the belt
Hey! Those Kwik Trip sandwiches can be pretty good when you’re hungry!
BIG shoutout to this dude, and Kwik Trip! This really happened to me! -Val on Z-Rock 107.7
Kwik trip is amazing and everything but why are the doors so heavy?
I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life. A coworker just chose going to a mobile over kwik trip
Jealous. Except the chocolate milk. Kwik Trip food is life!
Happy New Year Kwik Trip! This would sure help with my water intake.
Doesn’t get much better than a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant with a chocolate milk from Kwik Trip
I LITERALLY survive off of kwik trip burgers the entire time im there bc caseys parents shouldnt be trusted w child…
We leave for wisconsin in like 3 hrs is it bad that im mostly looking forward to kwik trip burgers and cheese?
Where there is Kwik Trip, there is love
Day 2 of my detox diet: realized McDonald’s has their chicken strips back and made a 10 pm trip there, then proceed…
I wanted to work at kwik trip bc of the candy
You can get any flavor of faugo you want, in can or bottle! Kwik Trip carries them.
Why I cant hit her off that one time at the Kwik Trip?
I get really defensive about Kwik Trip being superior to Kwik Star.
Didn't realize it but i have a personal friendship with every person working at kwik trip across from campus
Stats from the 2pt loss to Chino Hills brought to you by Kwik Trip:
Thanks to your help, the subject in yesterday's photos regarding the Kwik Trip theft has been successfully identifi…
Reality is the WPMCA is a powerful lobbying organization that has lobbied politicians to keep min. markup law on th…
Reality is WI gasoline market in WI is dominated by Kwik Trip and other corporate gas retailers Lobbyists trying to…
The reality is a lot of the gas in WI is sold by large corporate gas retailer Kwik Trip. 9.18% markup on gas prima…
The year is 2060 in Wisconsin. Everyone has a Kwik Trip inside their home. The official state currency is Scoopie Tokens. E…
Lil Kwik Trip. Yeah, that works for me
Literally standing by the door for the past 10 minutes waiting for 12:11 to be first one out of foods so I can walk…
Kwik trip better have good deals today when I go there for lunch, its Wednesday so they always got one day only dea…
eating kwik trip food by myself in the school parking lot during lunch is what I do best
Remember, if you register by Jan 8th you will be entered into a drawing for $25 gift card from Kwik Trip!
Congrats! You were randomly selected as a winner of a Kwik Trip water bottle! Please DM us to claim your prize :)
When I turn 21 I’m going to Kwik Trip immediately and having Justin ring up Crisp Apple Angry Orchard, because he H…
Reminder to myself to bring 4 dollars to Kwik Trip on Wednesday
Shout out to Home Depot and Kwik Trip for helping support our Family Fun Night
I guess me and my bois are gonna take a pit stop on Ismaros. Hope the local Kwik trip has nicer bathrooms than Troy.
Hey Matt! Unfortunately, you were not chosen for the Kwik Trip gift card. Feel f…
The fact that I can leave my home, walk to kwik trip, get an ice cream cone, and be back within 5 minutes is really tempting right now.
*walking up to Kwik Trip and byebyebye is playing so I start singing it* . Roommate: “I can’t walk with you” . Smh these uncultured kids
Kwik trip has to be the best gas station in the game!
Breast Cancer Awareness
I dont think I would ever wanna move outta Wisconsin just because I would miss having a Kwik Trip nearby too much
I think my day was busier than Kwik Trip during Oktoberfest
Hello, corporate? My Kwik Trip cashier didn't tell me she would see me next time
I wonder if that girl from Kwik Trip last night remembers that we have a date at red lobster tonight 🤔
That stupid Kwik Trip Vikings ad is giving me cancer.
does kwik trip support those who disrespect flag,anthem service people,military and America?
I'll take a gift card to Holiday or Kwik Trip.
Im at kwik trip hungover and stoned. I cannot be trusted
Kwik Trip listed as Wisconsin's best gas station coffee
Lancaster police responding to Kwik Trip for a female passed out in the bathroom
Kwik trip holds a bigger place in my heart than any man ever will..
*em & I at kwik trip* . “hey u two are my fav colors... I put those colors in my coffee... it’s honey.. because you two are hunnies”
First Oktoberfest I haven't been to kwik trip, and I'm pretty disappointed in myself
Yo swear someone needa get me a chicken patty from kwik trip
I have a club soccer game tomorrow morning so I'm staying in tonight and drinking kwikade from kwik trip. It's terrible featured in NBC s Science of Love
This is my dog it's been like that since I came back from Kwik trip
Honestly Oktoberfest would suck without Kwik trip
Should we get Taco Bell or kwik trip?
I made one of the guys at the kwik trip doors ask a random person, "who do you know here" 😂😂😂
Kwik Trip rated best gas station coffee in Wisconsin:
Don’t tell me you know pain until you’ve met the woman of your dreams at Kwik Trip and find out she’s married
The best part about seeing Slushii last night was he's just some fat anime kid who definitely got his nickname from the clerk at Kwik Trip.
I did say take a right at Kwik Trip but then I clarified it by adding South...
I would gladly appreciate if someone brought me some chicken trips from kwik trip with Cajun fries & an icee😘😭.
Nope I'll get one next time I'm at a kwik trip
.shines in first-ever appearance at LT, seizes opportunity at RB + more from 📝:
Kwik trip might be my favorite restaurant
I voted pence. If there was a 3rd choice for the creepy guy that hangs out at the kwik trip I would have voted for him.
Kwik trip for the chicken sandwiches
I didn't think there was anything better than kwik trip either. But wawa is a life changer
Idk, I feel like kwik trip should have an area to sit down and eat because I treat that place like restaurant.
I eat an unhealthy amount of tornadoes from Kwik Trip
Kwik trip is once again number 1 in my gas station power rankings
Urge Tracks ice cream from Kwik Trip is way underrated
I think UWGB should turn the corner store into a little Kwik Trip. (Or at least have some affordable options)
Tonight at Kwik Trip this guy literally REMOVED MY EAR BUD FROM MY EAR and all he had to say was "hey..." just honestly boys need to stop
Not sure who I would be without Kwik Trip chicken sandwiches
Most of the "benefit" of the min. markup law goes to large corp. Kwik Trip who sells most gas in WI & gets most of…
Trimmin the beard way down = getting carded at kwik trip for the first time in 2 months. But the cute girl working said it looked good. 👌
2/4$ at your local Kwik Trip, stock up & stay hydrated!
Trump stopped in La Crosse 4 the public @ the La Crosse Center and another private fundraiser held by the owners of Kwik Trip.
So my mom went into kwik trip to "get water" but then comes out with a bunch of candy and says "touch my candy and I'll cut your head off"
Kwik Trip is cheating on Wisconsin, they have a side business in Minnesota (More than 1 to clarify)
It sure is true, I currently work at Kwik Trip and that is what I've been told by my store leaders.
things I'm most excited for when I come back to WI:. kwik trip. howies . culvers. kwik trip. beer not costing $10 a glass
I kinda want to move across the country but I honestly don't know how I'll function without Kwik Trip
For real. I thought I'd miss some things, but the trade offs have been better. Sunshine, diversity,…
someone threw a muffin at my car lastnight and I'm more upset that someone wasted a perfectly good kwik trip muffin.
Which gas station is the Kwik trip taking over?
Kwik trip understands me on a level that no one else does
CR 12- Pipe crew will be moving 800' west of Kwik Trip entrance on CR 104. CR 104 will be closed from Kwik Trip Entrance West.
While I was at Kwik Trip I thought I saw in the car next to me... I was like *** !! Then I realized it wasn't​you. Sad night
Most of min. markup benefit goes to large corporation Kwik Trip. The gas station lobby tries to claim it is about small bus. but not true.
The truth about Kwik Trip. They are a greedy company that employs an army of lobbyists to keep 9.18% min. gas marku…
I never realized how picky I was for gas stations until Kwik Trip came around...
Some little kid came into kwik trip, whipped out this fake gun, pointed it at me and said, "don't worry it's fake!" . I thought I was dead
Kwik trip is like the target of gas stations
Honestly no one has seen me at my worst more than Kwik Trip employees
I've had to have Kwik Trip as a meal more often than I care to admit this month...
Kwik trip should install some parking meters for everyone who just sits there
Next time I go to the nearest kwik trip imma get bagged milk
I had one at a kwik trip on the way back from IFC that was really good. The only other place I've seen it is at Toppers.
I said "Thanks for stoppin in, see ya next time" to the kwik trip guy before he could say it to me and Ive never seen anyone…
I didn't get carded buying beer at Kwik Trip ***
T-minus 10 days till I move back 2 lax ...u know what that means. late night kwik trip runs and naps whenever I want
We're a drinking town with a kwik trip problem
Bit disappointing really, rather watch a RR video. Thats about it. everyones heading to kwik trip for snacks. 👍😆
I discovered a Denny's connected to a Kwik Trip today. Who is responsible for this and why aren't they famous/the presiden…
Kwik trip has some excellent executive bathrooms that's for true
why does the Kwik trip on Shawano make me feel like I'm in an unsafe part of the city
So are potato pancakes only a Kwik Trip thing? I've not seen them in Iowa Kwik Stars...
Think about how SAD a life without Culver's and Kwik Trip is. Absolutely tragic.
If you use a shopping cart at Kwik Trip you may want yo rethink your grocery shopping strategy
I would give Jesus Aguilar like $250 in comped Kwik Trip and Cousins cards if he runs into Garza again. How we lookin'.
The kid with the skateboard that hangs out at Kwik Trip about to enter the game for Craig Counsell
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
If you live in Baraboo and you get your gas anywhere but Kwik Trip I probably don't trust you.
Does kwik trip have quality bakery donuts?
Alright... the new Kwik trip is prime time
Like he said, if Kwik Trip isn't your favorite gas station you're wrong
Remember to use the hashtag to save 20% on your next trip to Kwik N' Clean car wash with a qualifying gas fill up.
Went to Kwik Trip to find some Gatorade and they didn't have orange flavored. This is an absolute outrage.
Not true, unless your family owns a corporation. Republicans care more about corporate gas retailers…
I ride my bike into minocqua for some kwik trip and I think I got recruited into a bike gang...
The kyles and I found the love our lives in a kwik trip. And then watched her jump in a convertible with her boyfriend.
What did people use to do before Kwik Trip's Gas Station TV?
Thank you to Park Tavern, Day Block Brewing, and KWIK Trip for your donations to this year golf tournament!
This one time at Kwik Trip I accidentally filled a cup 3/4 of the way with chilled cream instead of coffee
Thank you Kent Street Kwik Trip for the banana donation to We loved the healthy snack!
Me: so what's your favorite gas station? . Her: *says anything besides kwik trip* Me: have a nice life.
The year 2041, the Arsenal board wait for Wenger to announce his team for a tough trip to Colchester from beyond the g…
Might just be a wisco thing but hopefully. Bubbler > Culver's and Kwik Trip all day
Dude idk about Culvers but Kwik Trip is only here and Michigan I think
I went to Kwik Trip to get food and all of the hot food was gone and honestly I've never been more rattled in my life
I'm at Kwik Trip daily. I have high standards for my gas station needs 😂
My new kwik trip shares the parking lot with an Indian Burial Ground and apparently there's ghosts so that's cool
What the *** Kwik Trip?! National doughnut day and you don't even have doughnuts!!
Told mom to text DONUT to 77887. She typed in the number and Kwik Trip was already in her recent messages... 🍩💁🏻
I'm bummed that I didn't stop at Kwik Trip today for my free doughnut.
after seeing news re: "cease and desist" letter in Massachusetts, I indulged in many donuts.from Kwik Trip.
Our town doesn't have Kwik Trip and I think we survived, what do you think, ?
This is the 1st time I've seen that. I will always think of Prince when I eat a donut now. Just got a…
Thanks McFarland kwik trip gal for blessing me with this fresh, beautiful, best donut I have ever consumed…
Don't worry. You can still get coffee and donuts there.
Enter for your chance to be the next Kwik Trip Canterbury Family of the Week!
You haven't witnessed chaos until you've attempted to get out of Platteville's Kwik Trip parking lot at 3:49 p.m.
Got my free donut from Kwik Trip today!! ❤ 🍩
Assuming you'll be called to the Kwik Trip in Stacy, there's plenty left here!
PSA text 77887 for a free cake, dunker, or glazer donut from kwik trip 😳😏
Puncture repair. another trip to kwik fit tomorrow 🙈
Idk why but if I get gas any where other than Kwik Trip I feel like I'm cheating.
I'm in the bathroom @ kwik trip & this little girl is singing Adele 😩💛
It's and I ate a donut from Kwik Trip, here in They're pretty good, those
Kwik trip is giving away free doughnuts so like yeah
Kwik trip should get a drive through
"Wait - we could just drive from Kwik Trip to Kwik Trip, using the free donut coupon over & over? HOW DID THAT NEVER OCCUR TO ME?!?"
If kwik trip isn't your favorite gas station then you're wrong
Kwik Trip is more than just a gas station, it's a family.
The doughnuts at Kwik Trip the glazers👌
🍩 Kwik Trip 🍩 TODAY is . Text DONUT to 77887 for a FREE Kwikery Bake Shop Cake Donut, Dunker...
What do I miss about rochester I miss Quik Trip being called Kwik Trip
Good news trip to Kwik Fit relatively quick & apparently no puncture. Bad news tyre pressure warning still showing in the car.
Just walked to kwik trip and idk why I'm still awake honestly
I learned some kwik trip pro tips over the weekend from always go with the chicken sandwich w/ chipotle ranch.
I haven't been out this late in awhile! Where am I going? Kwik trip and county market! 😁😁😁
I feel nothing but sorrow for people who haven't had Kwik Trip's breadsticks
Kwik trip lowkey is the worlds leading fast food vendor
Watched the people asking for money at stoplights walk into kwik trip w their cash & buy cigs & a case a beer... but their sign said hungry?
what are you buying skoal for at kwik trip, I thought you had the rookie allotment?
Zach Ertz got two brats, an apple, and strawberry milk from kwik trip for breakfast. What's wrong with him?
Ders: "It isn't that expensive to charter a private jet". Matt: "It is when you buy your meals at Kwik Trip"
you guys someone rearranged the church sign by kwik trip to say Harambe 😂
I just ran straight diagonally through the west ave and La Crosse intersection by Kwik trip so you tell me who the winner is
Some guy came into kwik trip so cross faded he tried to pay with 7 pieces of gum
Yo, are you still going to be in LAX in November? I've got training at Kwik Trip HQ and they're putting me up.
Stranded at Kwik Trip in Waupaca with .should be a fun time
Kwik Trip is arguably the best gas station chain out there
I hate the word "lit" but I don't how else to describe the new Kwik Trip
Kwik Site see thru Scope mount for Remington 600/660/700
Pit stop in Albert Lea to hit up Kwik Trip and Caribou cause this Minnesconsin girl isn't gonna…
Kwik Trip now has mac n cheese pizza. Game Changer
I just added Kwik Trip on Snapchat so I guess you could call today a success
I've had Kwik Trip for lunch 3 days in a row and have zero shame
Kwik trip is my favorite part of the day
sorry I was working 9pm-5am today at kwik trip, wasn't on my "A" game
Big Kwik Trip, Mauston, subject in and out of consciousness at the gas pumps.
Going into my 3rd interview for kwik trip today because apparently they have 18 million questions to ask ***
You know you're up early when they don't even have breakfast ready at kwik trip
To the dunk couple making out in kwik trip at 2 am, go home
"Support the ole Kwik Trip they do great things"- C Beau
Bradley just called & made me get out of bed cuz he brought me kwik trip cheesy breadsticks, since they're my fav. I think I'll keep him 😋💗
There is now a CAT Scale at Kwik Trip, I-94 & Exit 293, Waukesha, WI.
Happiness is a mega Kwik Trip opening next to Big Jims work
Thank you to all our guests and co-workers for making Kwik Trip the top spot! ➡️
Just saw 4 Kwik trip trucks in about 30 seconds lol
When you call kwik trip to make sure they have chicken sandwiches
I seriously don't work all next week I feel like kwik trip knew I had school thanks guys. You're the real mvp
Necedah Kwik Trip, a male in his 20s tried to buy $1000 worth of gift cards with fake $100 bills. They refused...
Shoutout to Brady at kwik trip who made me feel better when I was ready to start crying again.
Shoutout to for almost hitting someone in the kwik trip parking lot
I like to hide my money so it doesn't get stolen... From kwik trip
Alright so imagine if Kwik Trip made milkshakes and toasted subs and that's what a Wawa is. And it is fantastic👌
Today at Kwik trip a lady came up to me and told me that my butt matches my belly. Not sure if that's a compliment 🙃
Male, female and juvenile arguing at pump 3, little Kwik Trip, Mauston.
Legit crying cause my online job search so far has resulted in being a truck unloader at kwik trip or "team member" at Taco Bell 😰🌮🚛
Female dancing around and acting strange, Montello Kwik Trip.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The blueberry pineapple scones that kwik trip got in are amazing and they taste like fruity pebbles
In today’s read about how the new Kwik Trip on Golf Rd. impacts Dave’s Mobil. There’s now 3 KT’s within 3.5 miles of it.
It's so hard saying no to Kwik Trip donuts
The Kwik Trip cashier said "thanks for stopping, come back soon" and I said "thanks you too" so I'm in a pit of self-hatred & shame
"Oh my god are those women's jeans?? How do you put those on". - well, one leg at a time normally. (Actual conversation from in kwik trip) 🙄😑😒
So who wants to bring me cheese filled bread sticks from Kwik Trip? Pretty please? Don't forget the marinara sauce 😊
KWIK TRIP IS OFFICIALLY IN TOWN! For all you holiday *** riders, time to see what the hype is all about.
when I was a baby, I'd take a kwik trip to moms milk bags. Have you ever seen a take so fresh?? 🔥🔥🔥🚀
. Jeremy, have you purchased bag milk @ Kwik Trip? I have. Gave me a free pitcher for it too.
Being ambushed by and in Kwik trip's parking lot made the 7 hour drive home worth it🙌🏻
Just saw 2 twin little girls dabbing in the kwik trip parking lot... They must have been 10 years old maximum...
kwik trip glazers. 12/10. Would stalk and get restraining order.
Kwik Trip in St. Cloud opened up and man, it's amazing.
Can you believe that we have Kwik Trip in our building? It's even open 24 hours a day!
I could live off of kwik trip and McDonald's I don't know if my arteries can but I can
I just used Punchcard at Kwik Trip, and won 35 Points! WOO HOO!!
I was just told there's a car by kwik trip they're suspecting and that there's a bomb squad coming 😶
Chatted with a man named Bullet about meth labs at Kwik Trip while trying to decide what candy to buy. Can't say my life's not exciting.
You can search all Kwik Trip locations here: Thanks!
Kwik Trip's potato salad is the bomb.💣
In MN they have Kwik Trip gas stations w/machine that grinds beans and makes a good espresso
For those of you that live in Menom and don't get Kwik trip texts you're not really LIVING
I'm taking a number 2 at kwik trip minding my own business when some 8 year old jabroni asks if I lick my scrotum and runs out
UPDATE: Man injured in SE Rochester shooting: A man was taken to the hospital after a shooting in southeast R...
So hungover right now and heading to court as a witness for a theft at kwik trip lol. This will be fun!
Police respond to incident at Marion Road Kwik Trip early Friday morning
Try telling me Kwik Trip isn't the best gas station. You can't. It's the best.
PSA: Kwik Trip often has king size Charleston Chews for only a dollar
Kwik Trip's cheese stuffed breadsticks have a special place in my heart
Can I just say that I love Kwik Trip. My store favorites would have to be white cheddar popcorn, Royal Kona coffee, and…
Electronic Device Insurance
yes. Buccees and Kwik trip need to be all over!!
Kwik Trip hot food is SCARY underrated.
I'm gonna melt FACES with this cover letter. Kwik Trip is gonna hire the eff out of me
Was doing good with my salad for lunch until I went to kwik trip and ate 2 donuts a pop and potato chips for dinner FML
Ran into a dude at kwik trip who was headed back to Iowa state. We bonded over the Cyclones for a quick second
*Erin with a f'real milkshake from Kwik Trip*. Erin: "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
Kwik Trip needs to expand towards Fargo and God's country.. Random but genius thought for the day!
had an interview with kwik trip and they asked her why she liked kwik trip and she said, "because I like the smell of gas"
The employees at Kwik Trip and Subway probably wonder why I go there so often, I just really like food 🙄
🤔 Looks like the Kwik Trip summer Sunday sickness has set it. Hope you all are feeling great. 🖕🏼 have one for me 🍺
If I go back in the fall to Whitewater still not having a Kwik Trip I will consider transferring
An old guy that looked like Santa asked me for my number at kwik trip tonight so I got that going for me
Last time I was in Wisco I'd demolish two Kwik Trip Bacon&Eggs and chocolate milk most mornings for 2 weeks 😂
Worst part about leaving La Crosse is definitely not having a Kwik Trip on every corner
*at Kwik Trip filling my tank after work*. Random person: "Excuse me, you work at the zoo?". Me:
"If you ask Brandon, kwik trip is a restaurant!!"
Demolition underway to make room for Two Harbors Kwik Trip
7 Years is now playing at Kwik trip so that won't get old
enjoy it, buttheads. And C, breakfast is the reason we have Kwik Trip ;-)
On a scale of 1 to still drunk how shameless do I feel after just changing in my car @ kwik trip...with the door open?
Debating on going back to Kwik Trip just to see the cashier again 😍
Hands down the worst part about Colorado is that there's no kwik trip
wait no I meant donuts from kwik trip
I forgot how good Kwik trip food is
All I want right now is a freal smoothie from Kwik trip
Maddie swipes her license to pay at kwik trip 😂😂
I swear kwik trip has the best deals, you guys miss out on everything
I just experienced Kwik trip Mac n cheese for the first time and my biggest regret in life is not getting it sooner
Kwik Trip has bomb food all around 🔥
Kwik Trip has some low key fire *** chicken tenders McDonald's needs to quit slacking that's all I got to say
Driving from kwik trip to the high schoool drove over the kurb not once. But twice..😂 with
Sit in the car at kwik trip... 4 people walk out, 3 of them have 30 packs
I'm waiting at Kwik trip because I REALLY have to pee but this lady has been in there for over 5 minutes and I'm scared & still have to pee
I've been to like every kwik trip in wisconsin, twice
To the red neck woman in Spooner's Kwik trip try not to hit my car next time👍🏻 ps the Honda pulled through
the BP across from Kwik Trip is literally 12¢ more than Kwik trip. umm bye you goin outta business lmao
. Your Plain White Tees song is on at Kwik Trip in Oshkosh
Litterally get more texts from WKBT and Kwik Trip then anything else.. litterally like 50 a day.. it's rediculous.
Milk in a bag. Gotta love Kwik Trip.
Tyler is so obsessed with Kwik Trip it's so funny and cute lol
Local: YMCA relocation could make way for new Winona Kwik Trip: WINONA, Minn. — The Winona YMCA on Thursday o...
I really wish the gas station next to me was a Kwik Trip and not a Speedway.
I thank God for the kwik trip on every corner world we live in
Road trip? Check the 23 best, worst places to fill up
Kwik Trip: Kitchen Cravings Ground Chuck is on sale for $2.99/lb. Price good through 6/9/16 80% Lean Ground...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I went to Kwik trip 3 times tonight & I'm sober
Food Service Leader Kwik Trip - Kwik Trip Inc - Oregon, WI: Our teams are loaded with fun, ambitious and...
Kwik Trip has the best chicken sandwiches. 😍 😘
Winona YMCA announces plans for move: Kwik Trip would develop spot, with YMCA moving behind…
Apparently I can't be at Kwik Trip by myself after 9pm because sleazy men stare at me. Creeps need to *** off.
Quote of the night "that district is losing teachers to Kwik Trip!"
We are very proud to announce our partnership with Kwik Trip to present the Kwik Trip Classic on Dec. 17!
The brownie cookies from kwik trip tho
When some1 in new Jordans & a nicer car than you, asks for money for gas at kwik trip... How about we talk about a trade? Huh 👀👌🏽
Kwik Trip in Chippewa Falls has multiple openings along with Aldis.
It's Tootsie Roll weekend in Cottage Grove! . Stop by the Kwik Trip or Piggly Wiggly to get yours! .
Kwik Star's a gas station... in WI they're Kwik Trip. Quick, yummy shakes. And the Burg does PIE SHAKES. Best thing.
Kaily said she thought it was best to leave Kwik Trip because of how Dixon and Ware were behaving. She said they went to Weed St and parked
Star Wars light saber fighting on the Kwik Trip car wash.
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