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Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in northeast Iowa under the name Kwik Star (to avoid confusion with QuikTrip).

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I really hope I get the full time position at the north side kwik trip!
Brady made me go to kwik trip. . It's a sad day
How do I know Im back in the midwest??? Kwik trip.
PC recommended approval of a conditional use request submitted by Kwik Trip for a gas service station at 7880 S. 10th St.
Should I get mcdonalds tomorrow or Kwik trip?! Uhhhmm decisions :/
If someone brought me cough drops, a Smart Water, and a Kwik Trip cookies and cream milkshake I would owe them forever.
What would long drives without kwik trip be?
Ben brought my car to kwik trip, cleaned it out, and vacuumed it while I was in class. I'm so close to tears awhhh :')
Bless Kwik trip for having Arizonans! I may or may not have bought 4
Already there... a Kwik Trip. You can see it back/right of photo. Built in the green space that was there.
Don't care what you think, Kwik Trip has some of the best food around
I guess Kwik trip coffee will have to do
Brb gotta go brainstorm something to riot about to I can steal all the hot Cheetos from the kwik trip by my house
I feel so bad for the kwik trip builders. They're shoveling snow off the roof in order to work on it
Who has the cheddar broccoli soup today ? Kwik trip, festival, copps, or subway ? πŸ‘€πŸ˜‹
Laying in bed, drinking a quart of chocolate milk, eating a kwik trip breakfast sandwich, and watching Frozen.. Life is good
Little confused on the predominance of white folk in this area, looks a LOT different than tv:. Anyways, set fire to a Kwik Trip
definitely man. Late night McDonald's, TBell or Kwik Trip run sounds clutch.
I could really go for a thin pepperoni pizza from kwik trip rn
Went to Kwik Trip for hot chocolate, came home with 3 bags of popcorn and no hot chocolate. What's happening to my brain 😳
Can't wait to go home and eat like I haven't ate in years. Sandwiches and Kwik Trip just isn't cutting it anymore
Buy gift cards and support Big Brothers Big Sisters this holiday season! When you purchase Kwik Trip gift cards at our office, 10%...
at Kwik Trip they always try to sell you food when you check out. "Any corn dogs today?" No! I just want to pay for my gas!
I don't know why but whenever i'm home, there's a least ONE time my parents try to feed me something from Kwik Trip - tonight? Chili...
Can't believe went to Kwik Trip without us on soup day.
Pooch said he'd leave the car running while he went inside kwik trip but he leaves the door open...
Spicy chicken sandwiches from kwik trip are bomb!
yum!!! I just went to kwik trip cuz it's $1 on Mondays but I'll see you tomorrow or wed. 😘
Best drivers in Oshkosh: Just saw a person come out too far from Pick n Save. Drove in wrong lane NB before hitting Kwik Trip curb to stop.
No longer can and I judge for eating Kwik Trip food!
I should probably just route my bank account straight to Kwik Trip seeing as how I spend most, if not all, of my money there. 😐
Electronic Device Insurance
There was a guy pushing a cart around Kwik trip this morning like he was grocery shopping
Some woman asked me to buy some perfume last night at Kwik Trip 😳
Who wants to go get hot chocolate at kwik trip with me rnπŸ™πŸ™ˆπŸ‘…
Kwik trip sells corn bread muffins and I'm in love
Kwik Trip, Inc. just posted a new in Stevens Point, WI.
For some, it's drugs, alcohol or gambling. For others, it's $.99 bags of jumbo puffcorn from Kwik Trip.
Today Brayden walked into kwik trip to get egg rolls and they had none so he stormed out of the store πŸšΌπŸ˜‚
I've lived in my house for almost 10 years and still get lost in my neighborhood on the way to kwik trip
Two adults are out of the hospital after they were found unresponsive at the Kwik Trip in Sparta, Sunday.
Retractable badge holders! Make amazing Christmas presents! I will be in BRF tomorrow and can drop off orders! They are $5 a piece and if Shipping is needed it is a flat fee of $5!! Amazing stocking stuffers! Payment is required before shipping and can be provided by debit, credit, or paypal!! All you Kwik trip, hospital, clinic, and teachers just to name a few can all use one! :) will also clip on lanyard! Please message me if your interested!!
Shipping is slower during the holidays so if you need special order cards for Thanksgiving, please place your order by Noon on Nov. 19th. Thank you! Please check the FVL online calendar for changes to Scrip hours during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Golden Corral scrip will be changing to $25 plastic cards when the $5 paper certificates are gone. We will be having $5 Subway cards and $5 Kwik Trip cards in stock for a limited time starting November 10th. Smaller denominations of some cards are available for ORDER for a limited time. Here are a few of the choices: $5 Barnes and Noble, $10 CVS, $10 Outback, $5 Panera, $5 Pizza Hut, $10 Target, $5 Starbucks, $10 Walmart/Sam’s. Please order early as some supplies run out before Christmas.
They're Back!! Glaziers are only 99 cents at Kwik Trip again!
Ok, well I gotta make a run to Kwik Trip and I'll call after that ok? You didn't get hurt did you?
Just to top off my stress level for the week, my keys get locked in my car for three hours at kwik trip. Mhm
Nice Win Badgers! . Don't forget that you can win with Badger Max at participating Kwik Trip stores. See a...
I want pineapple, cookies and cream f'real shake from kwik trip and some soup...any takers while I lay in bed in a ball from this sickness 😷
why go all the way to Kwik Trip when you can do this? Lol
"Awh fo real 2 loafs of bread fo a dolla? Tina you finna get this?? Gurl you know you ain't gonna pass this up." - urban chicks at kwik trip
I went into kwik trip with my sock monkey slippers on and I felt very judged...
Why is the 20 year old Kwik Trip cashier calling me ma'am?
I had a dream that you told Luke you were pregnant and he believed you...Oh and you saw me at kwik trip and I took selfies w/ U
Egg nog is at kwik trip. Let the holidays begin
Woke up cuddling my 64 ounce water jug from Kwik Trip. It was one of THOSE nights.
Nail in tyre so slow trip to kwik fit. Welcome to Sunday morning. Thank goodness for
Bryce trying to start fight number two of the night this time in kwik trip. Get me home...
Kwik trip breadsticks always make me think of
there is peppermint syrup at Kwik Trip and I want some in my face but I also want to be able to sleep tonight.
if I could make a perfect life, it'd be getting fat off of Kwik Trip cheesy breadsticks
Kenzi won't even go into Kwik trip with a mouse nose and whiskers on so she wipes it off 😐
Shoutout to the black guy at Kwik Trip holding his hood open with a stick he found on the ground.
Is there a Kwik Trip near you? It's a perfect site to drop off your for Kids . donations.
The fact that kalli & I can't figure out how to pump gas at kwik trip rn... πŸ˜…
Kwik Trip is by far one of the best gas stations I've ever been too! πŸ‘Œ
Really gotta quit Kwik Trip breakfast, you guys.
Large size coats are hard to come by and always needed. If you have one you can spare, drop it off at Kwik Trip for Coats for Kids, etc.
The Randall Cobb are available tomorrow at Kwik Trip! Collect all seven this season!
Filling up at Kwik Trip today? It's a good time to drop of your Coats for Kids donations.
Free Coffee again thank you Badgers and thank you kwik trip score badgers 37 rutgers 0
The Kwik trip on hwy 29 has gas at $2.99! *** yeah!
Only Madison would have a kwik trip that doesn't sell gas
omfg cheese-filled breadsticks from Kwik Trip, thanks babe you saved me life
Gloves! Especially men's gloves! And mittens for children. Are needed. Drop off what you can at any area Kwik Trip.
If 248 isn't at 248 we're at Kwik Trip or Perkins
Cup featuring wide receiver Randall Cobb goes on sale at Kwik Trip stores statewide on Sunday
So my little obsession this season!! Every time I am in Wisconsin, I have to stop at Kwik Trip to…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Kwik trip sausage egg and cheese croissants are actually super duper tasty. At least this morning lol
A hooded sweatshirt is not enough to last the winter. Coats for Kids and adults are needed! Drop off your extras at Kwik Trip.
Who ever invented the fully automated air at Kwik Trip is a genius!
There's no road trip without a kwik trip muffin and strawberry milk
take a walk to Kwik Trip, that seemed to help last night. πŸ˜‚
Bringing out winter clothes? People in need will appreciate your extra coats, hats, etc. Drop them off at Kwik Trip.
Not many people would drive me to Kwik Trip @ 3am but this girl Kambria did & she's awesome
Anyone up that's sober enough to drive to kwik trip??
Just witnessed a guy in a cowboy costume literally steal a breakfast sand. From Kwik Trip and run out with his toy gun. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Damnit no one will take us yo kwik trip
Can anyone give me and to kwik trip?
Some one go get me like 4 chili cheese hotdogs and 2 dps at kwik trip and a bag of cheddar and sour cream chips..
"Hey Chris remember that one time we went to Kwik trip and my *** fell out of my pajama pants?"
Two drunk guys were just at kwik trip going on about how they bought $10 in fast food cool
Jim Hagedorn Meet & Greet Sat in Albert Lea 12:45 at Freeborn Co GOP Ofc by Kwik Trip on East Main
Kwik Trip slushies and a little liquid courage
They have a salted Carmel mocha cappuccino at kwik trip. I'm in heaven. πŸ™Œ
if you lose all sense of time in Kwik Trip
A half hour break is such a sad break. I sat in my car in the back of Kwik trip eating carrots while listening to Chris browns new CD
Cummings just bought me ice at Kwik Trip
Ah, after a busy day, got home, took a shower, washed work clothes, now veggin' on FB sipping an iced mocha from Kwik Trip.
There are legitimate Yelp reviews for Kwik Trip and other gas stations. Why.
one can only dream. That location is perfect too for a Kwik Trip.
mannn they're gonna lose a lot of business once Kwik Trip is there
I love Kwik Trip so much, I want them to build a million stores in menasha
they're adding another Kwik Trip to Menasha
1 year ago today was the Grand Opening of Kwik Trip
with a new at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Oshkosh, WI.
New start here at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Green Bay, WI.
- Customer Service - Retail Cashier at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Appleton, WI.
Would you like to work at Kwik Trip, Inc.? A new opportunity is now available in Appleton, WI.
Don't miss this opportunity! Kwik Trip, Inc. is now in Green Bay, WI.
I just got a free sample of pizza at kwik trip and a tutorial on how to use their espresso machine?
this guy at kwik trip was handing out free samples & as I was leaving he goes "thanks for trying the samples" and all I said was "yay" πŸ˜‘πŸ˜…
Kids are looking skeptical, the guys are now asking directions at kwik trip.
S/O to the random kid that gave me his number on a receipt at kwik trip. Ill pass.
Everybody go visit your favorite Kwik Trip worker today until 3:30
"Woohoo, nobody won the powerball!!! Steve, can we go to Kwik Trip and get a... Redbull?!" -my wife. This is my life.
The more kwik trip sunglasses u own, the cooler u are
My last three meals have been Kwik Trip. Yikes
I just got the Kwik Trip lady to bust out the Tramon Williams cups 11 minutes early.
Buy me a mega buddy from kwik trip so I know it's real
Rylee almost breaks the door doing opens at kwik trip... Smh she has no chill
But I stopped at Kwik Trip and got some candy so now I can watch some more hockey.
Ever since I started working at Kwik Trip, I've purchased only Kwik Trip brand food and drinks, no name brands needed, our stuffs better!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
not if it's Kwik Trip because their pizza is heaven
Reporter: Why are you planning on changing the gas tax? Walker: I feel like Kwik Trip gives me the best value for my m…
Seriously, kwik trip is the best gas station ..they have everything
I forgot. I just got one from Kwik Trip.
Lost a doobie at kwik trip last night. Smh
for our 3 year anniversary, and I went to Kwik Trip. β€οΈπŸ˜‚
Lmao when we used to go to kwik trip πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ran into Mrs last at KWIK trip and it honestly made my day
Kwik trip was the real mvp last night
Kwik Trip is a proud sponsor of today's triangular!
S/o to my mom for buying me muffins from Kwik Trip πŸ˜‹
I'm always afraid to go into Kwik Trip in Lake City because of seeing someone I know there.. πŸ™…
On a heat scale of one to ten this Kwik Trip coffee is a lava.
Heard a song at kwik trip jus now..i wanna b with u forever and ever!! Wanna spend as much time w/u as i can!! β™‘β™‘
Maybe I will go to kwik trip for breakfast
This Kwik Trip coffee is like drinking syrup
Emily calls me at 3:30 am and tells me to come to KWIK trip. I love my best friend so much😍😍😍
Why does kwik trip have the best cheese filled bread sticks at 3:00 am ? Oh well
Jenny from the block playing at kwik trip right now
Love being locked in a car at kwik trip with em
Some guy in a fedora came into kwik trip tonight and after I rang up his stuff literally tipped his hat and said "good evening m'lady"
Next up in Kwik Trip's series of collector cups: Eddie Lacy. On sale Sunday.
The fall decorations at the lake city Kwik Trip make me really happy πŸ‚πŸ
There were two spicy chicken sandwiches at Kwik Trip!
Dude at Kwik Trip just told me I look sexy when I pump my gas.
where's I'm trying to go to kwik trip πŸ’πŸ˜‚
In this day and age I had thought there wasn't too many good hearted people that would help a stranger on the side of the road..I was wrong today. I cut it too short on going to the gas station and it landed me on the side of the road! (Kwik Trip was just in sight of course) Thank you to the dude in the white jeep, with the 2 awesome american bulldogs, who pushed the car to Kwik Trip with his jeep!!! The scratched bumper and cracked tail light was well worth it!
I always said if I won the lottery Id be a greeter at Walmart, but now I rather greet at kwik trip. Quiet more entertaining.
It's so awesome that there is a Kwik trip in downtown Madison.
about half-a-week away from being on a first name basis with all the employees at the new Kwik-Trip
Holiday, stop trying to be Kwik Trip.
Kwik Trip, Inc. just posted a new in Iowa City, IA.
New position available at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Fort Dodge, IA.
New position available at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Davenport, IA.
Check out this new opportunity! Kwik Trip, Inc. is now in Fort Dodge, IA.
Search4Jobs2Day: Searching for in Davenport, IA? Send your to Kwik Trip, Inc..
Search4Jobs2Day: Searching for in Mason City, IA? Send your to Kwik Trip, Inc..
Be the first to apply for this in West Des Moines, IA. Kwik Trip, Inc. is
Get a new from Kwik Trip, Inc. in West Des Moines, IA.
Kwik Trip, Inc. would like you to work for them in West Des Moines, IA.
Kwik Trip, Inc. is now looking for qualified applicants in Fort Dodge, IA.
Low on Find a at Kwik Trip, Inc. in Iowa City, IA.
Your is over. Kwik Trip, Inc. wants to you in Fort Dodge, IA.
Hour and a half drive, Kwik Trip cheeseburger and a Red Bull later, I'm back from Mankato. Good time,
You can never go wrong with the Mac n' Cheese from kwik trip featured in NBC s Science of Love
oh my god. I need to go to Duluth asap and stop at the kwik trip on the way there
never! This is new information that kwik trip has it
yes I have the munchies and since Kwik Trip doesn't have chocolate bunnies I'm going out for a bag of Doritos
All Star by Smash Mouth was playing in Kwik trip. So I guess it was a pretty good day
Kwik trip gave me a free coffee bc they realized how cold i was... so nice!
Goes to kwik trip & buys 6 glazer doughnuts. Says I'm gonna save them for this week's breakfasts... Eats 3 of them on bus home. K
Just made myself a blueberry iced coffee at kwik trip and I have to say is better than Dunkin' Donuts I'm so proud of myself and so happy
Currently applying to be a food sampler at Kwik Trip!
Mom and Dad just gave me a Kwik Trip gift card with an unknown amount on it for gas. Sounds fishy? But hey, free gas for once
S/O to the guy that bought $49.00 in food at Kwik trip tonight πŸ‘Œ
maybe it was an emergency. Run to Kwik trip?
Thanks Kwik Trip for our free coffee! β˜•οΈβ˜ΊοΈ
let's get free coffee from kwik trip too oh btw I'm ready!
This Kwik Trip/Hearty Platter combo is without a doubt, the place to be in Glenwood City tonight
Club Record apologizes to Kwik Trip since they were Not one at fault for me not get my free coffee (fox6 left out info)
National Coffee Day, huh? Too bad that's every day for this. Regardless, thanks for the free coffee Kwik Trip!
Kwik Trip freebies are really exciting for me I'm entering level 67 of Mom
Um, so does Kwik Trip. It's better that way.
If a stranger ever offers you a Kwik Trip burrito you should say yes
National coffee day. I love you. But I can't afford you. You filthy Starbucks. ill have to go to kwik trip instead.
Kwik trip never accepts the debit card at the pump. Pisses me off so much because I have to go in and waste time.
Kwik Trip not accepting debit cards? ***
Wouldn't have came to kwik trip rn if I knew it was going to be such a disasterπŸ˜₯
"are you going to stay at Kwik Trip to do your homework?" πŸ˜‚
A guy at kwik trip just shouted at me, "Ooorah, Gung *** and GET SOME MARINE!" Hah made my day
The Juneau Fire Department will be holding a 9/11 Silent Parade on Thursday evening, (tonight) September 11th, 2014 at 8:00pm in the City of Juneau, Wisconsin, in honor of the 13th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 for all those who lost their lives on that day. The Silent Parade will line-up and begin on South Western Avenue in Juneau (along Dodgeland School). The parade will head north and turn right onto West Oak Grove Street (HWY 26 North) and proceed east and then turn right at the four-way stop onto South Main Street (by Kwik Trip), and then head south on South Main street, passing the old Dodgeland School and the Juneau City Cemetary and then taking a left onto Cross Street to the Juneau Public Safety Building to the Juneau Fire Department. City street lights along the Silent Parade route will be turned off at 8:00pm. Citizens are encouraged to line the Parade route with lighted candles and hold American Flags in Honor of all those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. Cake, snacks, & refreshments will be ser ...
Just met the coolest cashier at Kwik Trip.
I locked my keys in my car at kwik trip but it's ok Kyle is coming to rescue me 😬
Privileged to meet the owner of Kwik Trip today at the ribbon cutting community ceremony today.…
Kwik Trip, Inc. recently celebrated one of its most profitable years ever, having seen an increase in sales and profits while adding over 550 co-workers to our team in the past year.
I bought the jordy kwik trip cup does that mean i own him now
John and I just went grocery shopping at kwik trip
This guy at kwik trip keeps looking at me like bye.
Only I would go to Kwik Trip for toilet paper and leave with just a corn dog
Car at kwik trip. Someone actually drives this dumpster.
Packers players cups hit Kwik Trip this week
3D animated cups at feature 6 different Green Bay Packers. Jordy Nelson is first.
This Caramel Coffee Cake Cappuccino from Kwik Trip is my new obsession 😊😍❀️
Your FM Home for Packers Football caught our Jordy Nelson player cup from Kwik Trip - catch yours before they're...
Kwik Trip has stepped up their coffee game and it's great. β˜•β˜•
It's finally Thursday-getting in the packer spirit with my Kwik Trip that my lovely sister made!
Kwik Trip is so fast, they don't have time for Q's, U's or the occasional C.
What's this about a Jordy cup? I have easy access to Kwik Trip and will be out and about most of the day.
At Kwik Trip and the guy next to me starts chanting which is then followed by the 10 other people filling up
If it starts hailing I'm taking my car and hauling *** to Kwik Trip and taking shelter in the gas lanes.
I've been eating really healthy at college so far but the kwik trip donuts and late night topperstix craving is back 😟
I want some cheese filled bread sticks from Kwik Trip
I will blame Kwik Trip for my diabetes
seems like a lot of work. I'll just stick to the Kwik Trip Diet
Two boxes of glazed donuts for a dollar at kwik trip? Me likey πŸ©πŸ˜‹
My biggest mistake was getting out of bed from binge watching parks and rec & walk to Kwik trip. I instantly regretted it
Is it bad that I drove out of my way to find a Kwik Trip cuz the 1st gas station I was at scared me and made me not wanna go to any others?
Kwik trip is literally the best thing on earth now
HA ya I hang with my parents at Kwik Trip for nearly hours
Dollar chicken sandwhiches at Kwik trip
I love Kwik Trip and am so glad to see them coming to the Northland!!!
Kwik Trip CNG: now 28 stations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, with 14 more pledged by year-end --
"Jordy Nelson's cup goes on sale tomorrow at KWIK TRIP". Hopefully the Packers bring an extra to Seattle in case of unnecessary roughness
Can we take a quick trip to Kwik trip
Kwik Trip's chocolate milk is possibly the best thing ever
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Second i interview at Kwik Trip tomorrow baby
In school I worked at the Kwik Trip. They tried having me cook a couple times, set record lows for food sold.
"Kwik Trip is elite. It's in a class of its own." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
At the Kwik Trip grand opening. Busy, busy, busy!
Kwik trip girl smiled at me. Universal signal for "I'm not interested".
Nice man at kwik trip held the door for me when I came in, and again when I left.
I could go for some kwik trip donuts right now πŸ˜‹
Burgers at Kwik Trip with a pretzel bun are the greatest thing ever
New Espresso machine has arrived at Hartford Kwik Trip. Stop in for an awesome cup.
Just talked to the parents of of the raiders at kwik trip a min ago. Weird.
Live your life but don't be the Kwik Trip twinz.
The girls working at kwik trip hashtag rock
Kwik trip is selling cherry cough syrup by the gallon. They call it fruit punch but don't let that confuse you
A Kwik Trip donut would be mint right now.
Grrr one more rep one more rep wooo I go by Kwik Trip after this Glazers wo oh one more water plx β€” at Anytime...
Got a compliment on my bidazzled fitbit! Thank you observant gas station attendant at Kwik Trip!!
Someone tell me why kwik trip pizza is more expensive than pizza hut pizza?
I think I'm the only person who hates kwik trip's chocolate milk
Lady at kwik trip convinced me to buy cookies lol
I wonder how much money I have spent at kwik trip in total
Seriously run Into someone I know every time I go to a Kwik trip
maybe Kwik trip can cater to our dorms this year?
I go to Kwik Trip and take my time. I'm a rebel
Authorities look for man who allegedly stole from employees at a Stewartville Kwik Trip.
Only today and Sunday left at kwik trip, come visit me on my last days! -sincerely your local kwik trip man.
To the 2 guys in the truck next to us at Kwik Trip your welcome lol ;)
I only seem to go to Kwik Trip when I'm going to Green Bay and stop on the way there to get gas lol
The closest Kwik Trip to me is in Jackson, MN and I doubt they would have Packer cups there. Not driving to LaCrosse for a cup.
You thought you could fool me, didn't you, Kwik Trip?
Come to the Fountain City Kwik Trip if you need your car or boat washed!
Hamilton Collection
"My hands smell like cottage cheese and a Kwik Trip Bathroom" an autobiography by Molly Petri
CNG rises in the Midwest--Holiday Stationstores, Hutchinson Oil, Kwik Trip announce new alternative fuel sites:
Go to the counter at Kwik Trip with my salad and wrap and the lady goes...want a cookie to make it less healthy?
holiday blows! Kwik Trip would be 10 time better.
You can always find the Dill at Kwik Trip
I can never go to kwik trip w out getting hit on... 😁
WOw lol I want a chocolate milk from kwik trip
Everynight I go to kwik trip to see Donna and Fred to talk about the crazies!! They're the nicest, coolest, most laid back people I've met.
Someone pick me up and take me to Kwik Trip because I need donuts and chocolate milk
I'll believe it. You should have seen the creatures walking around Kwik Trip this morning
Walked in Kwik trip & Laura told me 'dang Allie, you've gained weight' πŸ˜‘
I'm going to at least go to a movie & maybe knock back some popcorn there. I wonder if kwik trip has cake...
don't give grant wings.. Bad things happen to innocent kwik trip bathrooms
You know you work at kwik trip when you can shrug off a burn from your oven at home. I thought to myself, at least it wasn't a turbo oven
Kwik Trip radio has been pretty on point today
Shout out the *** that flipped us off at Kwik Trip, after we let him go in front of us.
After this Sunday I have 14 days off at Kwik Trip.
β€œYou have to leave your town to buy alcohol with your fake ID sketchy kwik trip forever. ✌️
Dear girl picking her acne in her car at Kwik Trip, I can see you... We all can see you.
Thank you woman at kwik trip for making my day so much better. It's not every day it get told I'm gorgeous and should be on the runway. 😳☺️
Like 100% positive these random guys at Kwik trip just tried selling me & and my dad stolen electronics out of their van lmfao πŸ‘€
Currently in the most luxurious Kwik Trip bathroom I've ever seen in my life?ΒΏ
The amount of Kwik trip food I eat on a daily basis is scary
take me to kwik trip so I can buy grapes
Well I went to Kwik Trip for lunch... So that's pretty neat
Who had an interview at the Madison ave Kwik trip and dropped my name?!
Leave it to me to knock the whole stack of doughnuts over at Kwik tripπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
I now own the first Packer Kwik Trip cup out of 6! Mountain Dew Code Red out of the fountain tasted…
have you tried the Karuba Gold machine thing at Kwik Trip?? So god
Just got coffee at the new Kwik trip!!!
Power just went out in Kasson. My house and Kwik Trip are affected. Traffic light at Mantorville Ave and Main still seems to be on.
So SO disappointed that Kwik Trip doesn't have cinnamon coffee anymore... πŸ˜₯
Jordy's helmet camera home run during the Charity Softball Game presented by Kwik Trip!
The Waters Edge Driving Range is now open for business. It is located 1 block east of Kwik Trip on Broadway St. Buckets of balls are available at Waters Edge for $5. Clubs and tees are also available. Todd and I hit a bucket this morning. Look at that follow through from Todd. He also had some very good pointers for me. Thanks Todd and spread the word.
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