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Kurt Kobain

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) was an American singer-songwriter, musician and artist, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana.

Jim Morrison John Lennon Jimi Hendrix Michael Jackson Layne Staley Janis Joplin Lil Peep Courtney Love Bob Marley Kurt Cobain Freddie Mercury Axl Rose Lauren Hill Justin Bieber River Phoenix Marilyn Manson Jimmi Hendrix Brian Jones

According to my birth certificate, I’m officially 27 now, which means that I’ve got a whole year to decide whether…
Is Dumb where Kurt Kobain sang about relief after accepting death either by suicide or eventual overdose from heroi…
Im wearing leg warmers and a sweater that makes me look like Kurt Kobain. Both the 80s and the 90s called, they wan…
See people on Instagram thinking they’re Kurt Kobain with these balloons🤣
Kurt Kobain looked like a basic white boy
R.I.P Lil Peep but he is not our generation’s Kurt Kobain. Stop it.
I'm just saying he isn't the Kurt Kobain of our generation. Kurt Kobain changed an en…
U actually have autism if u think he's the Kurt kobain
Lil Peep not comparable to Kurt Kobain bro.
I'm not comparing I'm showing the range of people affected by this. I put Kurt Kobain and Amy Winehouse
Like and repost this image and Fave Grohl will reform Nirvana with a holographic Kurt Kobain
People saying Lil Peep the Kurt kobain of our generation
Lil Peep was the 21st century Kurt Kobain don't @ me
He's about to be like Kurt kobain though he's blowing up his music listens and views have pretty much…
NME: Lil Peep: the story of the late 21-year-old dubbed “lo-fi rap’s Kurt Kobain”
Is Lil Peep this generations Kurt kobain?
*** frfr Lil Peep was our Kurt kobain of this generation
Is that Kurt Kobain over your shoulder?
I added a video to a playlist Proof - Kurt Kobain
Kurt Kobain isn't dead, he's in the studio with
Like if u ascend up the spiral u shed addiction. Last time I seen this symbol I was a week sober years ago deciding…
"It's better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you're not..." -Kurt Kobain
Yup you most definitely need to kill yourself rn pro era is a rap group which joey badass is in…
Yup, kurt kobain with an airsoft gun. I'm chill. Just love exposing fake news.
And ask Kurt Kobain why? Cuz I need to know. He stopped when he had such a long way to go
Kurt Kobain by proof better and slippin by X
Kurt kobain music is essential . I wanna play the drums
It's like David was the writer of grunge because Kurt Kobain was the poet and Richard Linklater was the filmmaker.
Eminem, Nas, Biggie, Papoose, Proof (mainly just for his Kurt Kobain track)
Wish Kurt Kobain was alive Bc I'd vote for him.
Im off that white that Kurt Kobain, I cant feel my face
It's like I'm lost & I find only demons, . I wanna quit, it's like I'm tired of breathing. 🎧 {Proof - Kurt Kobain}
Anyone else think looks like a black-haired Kurt Kobain? I like it!!!
But at least one of the 7 year olds knew who the dude on my hoodie was - Kurt Kobain. Was mighty impressed !
I'd have done anything to have been able to get backstage passes to a Nirvana Concert back in the day & kick it with Kurt Kobain..
I've forgot what a masterpiece this song is! ♥ Kurt Kobain by Proof
Okay Butts, DON'T be alarmed, but Kurt Kobain is dead
Even after all these years, the unfortunate suicide of Kurt Kobain still makes me sad.
I strike with more blow than Kurt Kobain's brains
Like imagine how much it kills him that he's not Kurt Kobain lmao
My name is Martin Metamorfed, my stomachs called Kurt Kobain.
Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain, Jim Morrison and the list goes on...
If I could go back in time I would shoot heroin and go see Kurt Kobain MTV unplugged.
Man, Kurt Kobain music is like a shotgun blast to the face! :^)
Hobbies : getting deep into my feelings while watching the Kurt kobain documentary 🌪
I want the same microphone kurt kobain had, a 20 gauge shot gun featured in NBC s Science of Love
I always think of you whenever Kurt Kobain pops up
"I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I am not." -Kurt Kobain
"Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice?". -Kurt Kobain
Putting all conspiracy theories to rest b/c Kurt Kobain definitely killed himself. I have proof
People share kurt kobain quotes and pictures but couldn't make 5 songs from nirvana, makes me laugh!
"Look at this Photograph, I'm the biggest hypocrite of 2015" - Kurt Kobain
God I hope not. I'd pull a Kurt Kobain right now if it were
I was thinking of changing my hairstyle to a 90s grunge style like Kurt Kobain, but then I would look like a school shooter so no thanks...
I watched 8 minutes of a Kurt kobain interview and I was bored.
This Junk Though I'm The Best Baby Have you heard ‘Kurt Cobain’ by Kin-G on
Sometimes I replace the words Purple Rain with Kurt Kobain to spice it up when I sing the hook. Try it.
It's scary how sum ppl just seem to know when their days are numbered, beautiful song tho R.I.P. Proof - Kurt Kobain
Two things in common. Kobain and Both less than weeks
yeah you made that very clear in your columns on Bono, Macklemore, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Kurt Kobain.. Oh wait
Mom said I look like Kurt Kobain. It's been settled, I'm never cutting my hair.
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rockin flannels all summer like Kurt Kobain
Got that Kurt Kobain typa mind frame
Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain and Jim Morrison all died at 27... Aaaa how old is ? lol
Check out what I picked up a kurt kobain neca fig
They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they are all the same. 💪🏻💪🏻. - Kurt Kobain
Kurt kobain was just such a nutcase
Can God please give us Kurt Kobain and Michael Jackson back yet?
I watched a documentary on Kurt Kobain last night
but nah foreal doe kurt kobain an OG.
"So why not channel Kurt Kobain" 😂 I'm officially beefin' with GQ lol
David Kelly. Chase Menard. Kristen Petty. I think Kurt Kobain should be played by Kevin Hart
I remember the beginning of the gulf war, 9/11, death or Kurt Kobain, death of Osama bin laden, much clearer
Should i watch roman holiday or the kurt kobain doc on Netflix
oh thank god I was gunna go Kurt Kobain for a second
Kurt kobain was murdered. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this.
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"The duty of youth is to challenge corruption." - Kurt Kobain
except if it's kourtney love. She killed her husband Kurt kobain.
"i know what Kurt Kobain meant when he sang " i miss the comfort of being sad ". i've felt. so bad. for so long. that…
Soaked in Bleach is a movie about Kurt Kobain's alleged suicide, it taught me how much I take for granted as "true" w/o ?
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain, Amy Winehouse... now curse of 27 strikes again. RIP
Girl, I must be Kurt Kobain, because you blow my mind.
I'm now as old as Kurt Kobain was when he killed himself. I just need a band and a crippling addiction to heroine.
Nicholas noble was dressed up as kurt kobain. Me n Matt were driving around carolina pines.
My mama says my singing voice sounds a lot like Kurt Kobain... She's not wrong lol
I had a dream that nicholas noble was dressed up as kurt kobain and I said "oh nice costume nicholas" and he said "thi…
Watching soaked in bleach. God I'm in love with Kurt kobain.
So sad that the only Kurt kobain reference I ever see is this
So I watched a movie about Kurt Kobain, it confused my head a little. But hey, it was a great movie.
Anyone else catch the Kurt Kobain documentary "Soaked in Bleach"?
Kurt Kobain would be a great biopic. I say the dude who played robin in Dark Knight Rises would be him.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
the song is called Kurt kobain by proof
say you like music docs... Check out Soaked in Bleach... Kurt Kobain ...crazy good
Kurt went by the name 'Kurdt Kobain' in the early days of Nirvana in order to distance himself from his music
One of Sarah's haters got to Harris Whittels & Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Kurt Kobain. Someone who wanted to hurt her & the industry.
happy suicide prevention day, shout out to the AV kid who snuck in all those kurt kobain pictures in the morning announcements like wow.
it's mostly with the band's music and image. Kurt Kobain was praised for being sad and on drugs
most of us were born when kurt kobain died. he cant be THAT important to you. please stfu w the posts and pictures about him, thanks.
Don't miss Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck tomorrow night on our big screen (bar open).
or take me away, like a bullet from Kurt Kobain.
But remember Its better to burn out than to fade away-Kurt Kobain.His letter is unbelievable parallel to my brain thoughts&emotion,its crazy
Take me away from the hood in a casket or a Bentley, take me away, like I overdosed on cocaine, like a bullet from Kurt Kobain
i feel like the kurt kobain of my generation, but people just don't understand me -Justin Bieber
Keep your Savage then. our class is more depressed than Kurt Kobain☺☺
If I eat, i get heartburn. If i don't eat I will get migranes . Now i understand why Kurt Kobain wanted to kill himself..
I think if Kurt Kobain resurrected from the dead he would hate me. My shower thoughts everyone.
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And that was just the rap drama. Kurt kobain killed himself, micheal was touching kids.
adult human in a nirvana shirt that has never existed at the same time as Kurt Kobain
Allow it ... Certain white people's lives are long they love pain you know Kurt Kobain dons
Kurt kobain, straight of out brain cells, literally.
u lookin like Madonna n Kurt kobain secret love child
Just learned that when Kurt Kobain was 19, he was arrested for spray painting "God is ***
Yet somehow Kurt Kobain did three albums of worse material.
listening to the Melvins Hostel Ambient Take Over did you know Kurt Kobain tried out to play bass for them no hard feelings between
"Kurt Kobain" by Proof will always be the realest hip hop song ever made!
Sounds like just had his first joint and now thinks he's kurt kobain!!
don't disrespect Kurt Kobain por favor
Name a few movies you can watch over and over? — Crybaby, Kurt Kobain: Montage of Heck, In Your Eyes, Cujo, Drea...
It's the Nirvana epidemic all over again. Except the only difference with Nirvana was that people knew the name Kurt Kobain. Name 1 Ramone!
u think the photos that girl has of her dad playing w Kurt Kobain r cool wait till u see the pics I found of my dad making out w bill cosby
Ariel pink trying to be Kurt Kobain so bad
and Jim Morrison for that matter. And Kurt Kobain. And and and and .
If you use the word you should Kurt Kobain yourself! 😠😠😠
One of the coolest thing is knowing your dad once played with Kurt Kobain.
The first that affected me was Kurt Kobain. I was 10, the youngest of four. I heard it at school & none of my classmates cared.
Proof - Kurt Kobain "wish my dad was still here with me his birthday became my hurt day, miss him! " rest in plush
A dream dinner party would be having Ernest Hemmingway,Van Gogh & Kurt Kobain over. Something alluring about tortured geniuses.
Currently watching Kurt Kobain montage of heck 📹 lml
same. Same. Same. They are one of the best bands of all time ever. It's a shame what Kurt Kobain did to himself.
worst decision you ever made? Doing a sad version of Smells like Teen Spirit. Kurt Kobain would be ashamed of you.
Mu favourite colour is red, like the blood shed on Kurt Kobain's napkin when he shot himself dead
I'm so happy...because today I found my friends...they're in my head ~Kurt Kobain 😱💉💊🎸
I just saw the reincarnated Kurt kobain and Courtney Love walking together I'm scared I don't know what to do with this information
1994 was the worst year in music. Kurt Kobain dies. is born.
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet? - Kurt kobain
*** missed ol' Rodger from What's Happening pull Kurt Kobain with his 9!
Kurt Kobain used to eat *** you saying you better than Kurt Kobain?!?!
I like Kurt Kobain bekause everyone else does. I wear Nirvana t-shirts to fit in.
Woke up lookin like Kurt Kobain or sum
On the back to represent the age 27 at which he committed suicide. Kurdt Kobain was the way Kurt use to sign his letters sometimes.
I created my Kurdt Kobain graphic because Ima huge Kurt Cobain fan. I print the words "Kurdt Kobain" 2 times on the front & 7 times
Kurt Kobain had such a good voice and i've never really noticed
fact. no matter of race. also, people have made songs about dead white people. ie. Kurt Kobain, Paul McCartney, John Lennon
a great track from Proof of D12 - Kurt Kobain off his album Searching For Jerry Garcia (RIP PROOF)
Was just told I'm more brain dead than Kurt kobain...
Brett kobain, Kurt's younger unloved brother who got high on life
all i caN say is that my life is pretty plane. - Kurt kobain
that moment when someone wears a nirvana shirt and they don't know who Kurt kobain is like no no S T A H P. I will cut you c:
My favorite rapper is Kurt Kobain from ACDC
Did I just hear that Juicy J is playing a show with Kurt Kobain?
just noticed you look a bit like Kurt Kobain
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It's all a lie kurt kobain is Alive we met him he is alive
Kurt Kobain had a pretty good strategy...
Kurt Kobain was so dark but so clever
I can't believe Zoe woke me up to tell me that Wiz put a photo of Kurt Kobain on Instagram.absolute do not care✊😩
"Today I found my friends , they're in my head" kurt kobain dug
do u remember when u spelled Kurt Cobain as Kurt Kobain??
“Curt kobain is and always will be bae 😛” do you mean Kurt Cobain?
BRB just crying at the Simpsons episode about Kurt Kobain
So guy just told me I look like Kurt Kobain except for the brown hair
Crying that Samera just mentioned kurt kobain and me mum referred to him as 'is that the one out of glee'
I'm a feminist. Why is it a negative thing? A dude can says he's one hence Kurt Kobain.
Pretty tired of what Kurt Kobain wrote on his suicide letter so if you can shut the *** up now that'd be great.
Matched with a guy called nacho who is trying so hard to be kurt kobain so when I replied hey kurt he was like that's not my ,name
Kurt Kobain was so attractive it hurts me a little
CONFIRMED: cole sprouse is the new kurt kobain
//You shouldn´t lose motivation or muse because of it. Kurt Kobain said once: thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art.
Paddy did this amazing Kurt Kobain today on a very special birthday client :) . Em xx
Kurt Kobain's daughter is very attractive B)
Fun fact: Kurt Kobain died on the exact same day I was born
Best screamer Mitch Lucker - best scream/singer Shane Told - best rapper Marshall Mathers - best rapper who died Big L - best underrated rapper Asher Rother - best up coming rappers Ces Cru - best guitarist/singer who died Bradley Knowell, Jerry Garcia - best alive guitarist/singer Celeb Followill - best poetS/songwriters/lyricist whose dead Kurt Kobain, Tupac, Biggie, and more gotta think - best theatrical bands - Queen, Pink Floyd, Beatles - the forever 27 enough said - best all around albums by bands - SOAD, Sublime,Kings of Leon, Floyd, Silverstein
~ to my son Hayden... I was to weak to fight for u, I tried... I'm so sorry I won't ever forgive myself... Kurt Kobain~ Feminists killed Kurt Cobain Men my age are all the same They hate themselves & feel ashamed For what they are & cannot change Little heads filled up with lies Raised only to apologize For thousand-year conspiracies In gender-studies histories Put down at home, drugged up at school Helped to sit still & follow rules Help follow what their teachers say Look, see how well the girls behave Men chastised, demonized, Healthy males pathologized A man is just a dirty ape Longing, lust, desire: all rape Your body is a loaded gun And all that it has done is wrong Girls demands are sacrosanct Boys complaints beneath contempt A ‘good’ man knows his sex is bad The life of ease that he has had A good man turns his back on men Puts women first in everything White knights, on their hobbled steeds Still cling to laws of chivalry Passed over by the queens they save A joke to all the other slaves Asha ...
How is it news that Courtney Love is the reason Kurt Kobain is dead?
WHAT ABOUT Jim Morrison OR RORY GALLAGHER? KEITH MOON, JOHN BONHAM, the list goes on of all the people better than Kurt Kobain.
Oh how the world would be if Kurt Kobain, Jimmi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Dave Bonham were still here.
Kurt Kobain, Ian Curtis, Bob Marley. They should stay longer. Just should laaa :'(
As we all know 20 years ago today news broke of Kurt Kobains death but we are also forgetting another great musician that passed away on this same day in 2002. RIP Layne Staley of Alice in Chains RIP Kurt Kobain of Nirvana
Warning mini rant then I will go back to peace loving semi hippy status . I am shocked and saddened by the negative outbursts following the Actor Paul Walkers death. Seriously when did any death become trivial?? I don't follow celebrities but I'm pretty sure his work and charity touched people and those people should be allowed to react and morn someone who from what I've seen was a pretty decent guy. Comparing him to military heroes and acting like his passing is an affront to them is a tad bit over the top. He wasn't in the military he didn't claim to be a hero so how is this relevant? I am however pretty darn sure his 15 year old daughter and his friends and family think his life meant something. He was famous of course its all over the news his fan base is huge. These people live and die in the spot light .. Dale Earnhardt, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Kobain, River Phoenix, John Lennon, Elvis, Buddy Holly, James Dean these are just examples.. people loved them and were touched by them and they were mourned i ...
I think I'm Jimi Hendrix, I think I'm Kurt Kobain, I think I'm John Lennon, gone insane. Someone take this gun before I blow out my brains🔫
...Now, I would Love to see VH1 do a Movie about Aaliyah, Natina of the Group Blaque, Pimp C., Big Pun, O.D.B., Kriss Kross, Kurt Kobain, James Brown, Luther Vandross, Fallen Members of Parliament Funkadelic, still haven't done 1 on Tupac, George Duke, Heavy D., The last few years of The King of Pop, & Jam Master Jay!!
Sorry wrong pic! Great picture of Mark Arm and Kurt Kobain.
Talking about kirko bangz n my brother n law said I was lying because he thought I said Kurt Kobain
Hi guys hope you're all doing great. Once again I'm here to talk to you guys about 1D and their little directioners. I'm kind of sad while making this post. Why? Because we have so called "musicians" like One Direction are taking over the music industry and are taking it apart piece by piece. What happened to days when bands played their own instruments and wrote their own songs? Why have they been replaced with this trash? Music was suppose to be meaningful people like Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews, and Kurt Kobain wrote music that was just awesome. And they were respected for it but unfortunately Kurt and Michael are dead. And now Dave Matthews is really the only person who writing meaningful songs like "Mercy" and "Crush" What sickens me the most is that these stupid fans don't respect the legends that paved the way for their stupid boy band. They have no idea who they are and could care less. It's unfortunate that *** like One Direction are considered musicians. I honestly hope that's it's not t ...
Everyone's posting about super dads today, I thought a fun game might be: Bad Dads. Right off the top of my head, I think of: Darth Vader Robert Baratheon ANY of the Lannisters OJ Simpson Lindsay Lohan's dad Kurt Kobain (sorry but come ON) Drew Peterson Who else comes to mind?
Music today would be better if Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, and Kurt Kobain hadn't died. -OT
One thing I realize with today's society is that even more than my generation, today's generation believes in the illuminati. Aka evil people who want the voices of those who love and care for humanity to be silenced. Do I believe it? Well it's a fact that the "illuminati" existed from 1776 til 1798. Here's a long list of those supposedly "silenced" by the illuminati: tupac Shakur, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, bill cooper (predicted 9/11), mohandas ghandi, yhitzak Rabin, Peter tosh, Indira Ghandi, Rajiv Ghandi, Diana princess of wales, JFK Jr, John f. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Huey P Newton (Black Panthers), benazir Bhutto (said Osama bin laden was murdered in 2006), pope john Paul 1st, James Garfield, Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Lincoln, jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Kobain, Aaliyah, Dean Martin, Eartha Kidd, Lisa "left eye" Lopez, James brown, Farrah fawcett, static major, sky Saxon, Brandon Lee, Heath Ledger, Bob Marley, Che Guevara, Bruce ...
The curse of the 27's if anyone I know is making it big and is 27 I suggest you wait just one year before making your move. Amy Winehouse died age 27 drug overdose. Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) died age 27 drowned in a swimming pool. Jimi Hendrix died age 27 asphyxiated by vomit due to mixing sleeping pills and wine. Janice Joplin died age 27 drug overdose. Jim Morrison died age 27 heart failure. Kurt Kobain died age 27 suicide by gun shot. Alan "Blind wl" Wilson died age 27 Barbiturate overdose and possible suicide. Ron "Pigpen" McKernan died age 27 Gastrointestinal hemorhage associated with alcoholism. Les Harvey age 27 died by Electrocution by live microphone.
lonely lonely days quickly turn into lonely nights sleepwalker i am just tryna do what i think its right stress keeps me up at night so i cant sleep my pain's deep sugar cain mixed with honey bitter sweet bitter sweet so i inject the beat like heroin into my veins it feels like i am going insane no direction like a bullet through my brain Kurt Kobain can anybody hear me feels like i am talking to myself is there anyone out there? it seems like i am talking to myself my father was an alcoholic he would get sober by rippin blood from my skin with his belt the son of a mother who inject heroin into her veins to try to escape from herself/
1. How does the world see me? Chiron -All That Remains chi·ron  /ˈkīrən/ A learned centaur who acted as teacher to Jason, Achilles, and many other heroes. so not the worst possible answer  2. Will I have a happy life? *** like that - Eminem unsure of how i feel about this... 3. What do my friends really think of me? Danger Wildman - The Devil Wears Prada again not really sure how to feel about that 4. Do people secretly lust after me? I Don't Wanna Die -Holywood Undead Little scary but what're you gonna do? 5. How can I make myself happy? Blessing With A Curse - Miss May I don't really have anything to say about this one. 6. What should I do with my life? Path of a Traitor - Conducting From the Grave well that just makes me out to be an *** 7. Will I ever have children? Six Degrees of Kurt Kobain - Mc Lars So i'm either going to marry a crazy chick and then kill myself, or have sick kids all named Kurt... 8. What is some good advice for me? Herbert The Pervert - Infected Mushroom not sure if ...
I said Mom Kirko Bangz was bumpin last night, her white *** said Kurt Kobain? I thought he was dead lmfao..I said no KIRKO BANGZ lmao
i will not rest until my dad either turns into James Blake, Kurt Kobain, Alex Turner or Miles Kane
Meeting new people with a same thinking as we have awesome memory made!!! are just a reflection wat we are !! :)
A skater boy with kurt kobain's hair is welcome to be my lover
Being someone else is a waste of the person you are ~Kurt Kobain
Best night with my Jess... rocking out to 'Queens of the stone age' 'fall out boy' and 'nirvana' almost cried cos Kurt Kobain is dead demolished a massive Indian... bring on the rugby then a night in with my Eden xxx
I think about Kurt Kobain when I hear know why, I presume? Are you ready for something new for you? xxx   10% Off
She's wearing the nirvana shirt, but hasn't got a clue who Kurt Kobain is. That's the text
Like what's people's deal with Kurt Kobain...
Right now I am listening to The Nevermind Cd!! Man I wished I could have remember when Nirvana and Kurt Kobain was around.
Kurt kobain though...wish this man was still alive!
Freddie Mercury, kurt kobain, Michael Jackson. if only they're still alive, bieber & korean boyband wont be as famous as now
On the same junkie train as a hipster kurt kobain with unexplained stomach pain
Happy birthday Kurt Kobain.. We all miss u.. Let ur soul rest in peace in heaven..
When Kurt Kobain was little. His mother told him to never play with guns. But it went through one ear and out the other.
Js, I heard Kurt Kobain was going solo this year.
That awkward moment when Kurt Kobain calls shotgun and Ryan Dunn is driving.
I hate myself more than kurt kobain did rite now..RT Loving yourself comes first above everything else.
I want to go back to when music was showcased with emotion and talent. Im not trying to put anyone specific down here... but now'a days music is fashion and auto tune and thats not okay with me. I would rather hear an amazing new song rather than look at a artists new hair cut, dress, shoes, sports car, sex life. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!
someone should have never signed Kurt Kobain.
If I could bring two people back from the dead it would definitely be Kurt Kobain and Charles Dickens.
I wish people would stop worshipping kurt kobain.
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seeing at Carriageworks fri about infamous 27 club humid Hendrix kurt kobain etc
Hate people that think they're Kurt Kobain because they've taken one eccie
Kurt kobain's birthday always puts me on a huge nirvana kick for the next week
Suddenly in love with Kurt Kobain's screams.
I know you all love Kurt Kobain and today is his birthday, but I have no respect for someone who killed them self.
I have this weird obsession with Kurt Kobain's suicide note.
Take ur time hurry up don't b late -Kurt kobain-come as u are
I let yesterday happen with out making one kurt kobain joke. I don't know what happened. I must have lost my mind.
X was hailed as "the spokesman of a generation".X,however, was often uncomfortable and frustrated, believing his message and artistic vision to have been misinterpreted by the public, with his personal issues often subject to media attention. During the last years of his life, X struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression.When he was young,on his birthday,his uncle offered him either a bike or a used guitar. He chose the guitar.Id X.
"If its illegal to rock and roll, throw my *** in jail!" - Kurt Kobain
Happy birthday Kurt kobain we miss you
And still smells Like teen spirit, Kurt Kobain we still Remember you
Happy birthday Kurt the legend kobain
is curt cobain's birthday? i always like the story about weird al yankovic calling to ask permission to spoof a song, and kobain saying "sure, is it gonna be about food?" RIP Kurt, you shouldn't have married Courtney Love.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite musicians kirt kobain I think i spelled his last name wrong!
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I love how girls idolize marylin Monroe today...saying she is so pretty and has such good quotes.but wait...wasn't she a *** who died from a drug overdose.role model? I think not
Last song of the evening juju lo maximo de temas
Come on raise your glasses for Kurt Kobain.
Shout out to Kurt kobain happy bday rip
Happy birthday kurt kobain you rocked the world
Happy birthday Mr Kurt Kobain. May you find wherever you are what you couldn't find on this planet.
Just because you've had a puff on a joint dosent mean your Kurt Cobain
Happy birthday Kurt Kobain, you were and continue to be inspiration to rock every where.
So, I have the same birthday as Kurt Kobain (Cobain, Idk how to spell it.) And my brother used to call me Kurt Kobain. Coincidence?
Happy b-day Kurt Kobain I admire ur music from nirvana RIP
Happy day of birth to Mr Kurt Kobain r.i.p.
Happy birthday to the grt kurt kobain... R.I.P
RIP Kurt kobain.he was a bad *** he would have been 46 today.another useless fact by urs
Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect, so why practice?? - Kurt Kobain , happy bday dude.
They lead a lifetime that is comfortable They travel far to keep their stomachs full They make their living off of arts and crafts The kind with seashells, d...
Happy birthday kurt kobain.. Father of grunge, he is gone but not forgotten.. It's better to burn than to fade away..
Actual overheard conversation: "Why is everyone talking about Kirk Kobain? We really shouldn't be celebrating the birthday of a school-shooter."
not sure how your connected other than that you did something different and have both since died, but happy birthday Ansel Adams and Kurt Kobain
Nirvana tribute on VH1 ... been so long since I heard Kurt Kobain... !
Big Happy Birthday to the music legend and Washington grown Mr. Kurt Kobain
Happy Birthday Mr. Kurt Kobain , happy release of playstation4, and too all my Chicagoins going to SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA... While you rage... Think of me. Ill be studying the U.S Healthcare System.
Kurt Cobain would have been 46 today.
So I share a birthday with Kurt Kobain apparently! :D and Rihanna... :L
“one of those days when I wish Kurt Kobain was still alive if he's such a hero you should learn his name
A black and white motion picture. Two children in yesteryear rural bengal setting. An elder sister and her younger brother running towards a railways track cucooned on both sides by paddy fields. They listen to the vibrations of an incoming train on the ground. They part the tall harvet-ready paddy to catch a glimpse of the giant metal monster steaming by, shrilling a high pitched squeal. Simple actions leading to unpresidented joy. Thank you Satyajit Ray. U belong to a group of people such as Kurt Kobain, Jimmi Hendrix and Jim Morrison i.e the world wudve been a better place with u around
I feel like Kurt Kobain, Mac Dre, and Johnny Cash all together.
Maynard James Keenan, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Kurt Kobain, Thom Yorke, and Trent Reznor are the musical gods of the 90's
After working a shovel all day, I kicked off my steelies for a pair of worn out Nike's, and decided I'd head out for a couple $1 PBRs at a bar just down the road. When I stepped through the door, my mood turned a bit sour, as I saw a band consisting of three stained wife-beaters preparing to play a set. As I nursed the beer in my hand, I looked around the room and saw but a handful of people. I guess you could call it pity, but I decided to stick around and at least give the boys a chance. I called for "one more," and just as that cool Milwaukee brew hit my hand, the front man of the "tank top trio" let out a low, soulful growl as he strummed a dirty chord on his beat up old Telecaster. I took the goosebumps on my forearms as a clear indication that I better sit tight. I wasn't even three years old when Kurt Kobain died, but let's face it- the man's music is immortal. In my head, I can still hear the muffled beauty of "All Apologies" coming through the walls of my brother's bedroom, as a six year old me s ...
Skin the sun, fall asleep, wish away, the soul is cheap, lesson learned, wish me luck,sooth the burn,wake me up! I'm not like them,but I can pretend, the sun is gone, but I have a light, the day is done, but I'm havin fun,I think I'm dumb? Or maby I'm happy! Kurt Kobain
Ill put a hole in your brain like Kurt Kobain, ill make it rain from your vein and no my name ain't Wayne...
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Listening to Alice in Chains "Unplugged" God I miss Layne Staley. Why do some of the best musicians have to be heroin addicted *** (Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Kurt Kobain, etc) Just sad for people that like good music.
When you hear "most shocking rock and roll deaths", maybe you're thinking: Hendrix...choked on vomit. Stevie Ray... helicopter crash. Kurt Kobain...Suicide. But those are just the obvious. Stranger things have happened... Like Cliff Burton of Metallica, who fell out a bus window, Sonny Bono who crashed into a tree while skiing, or Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones who was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. (His death is still a mystery). So why am I telling you all this? Am I saying that playing music is a hazard to your health? Nah... I guess the bottom line is that anyone can go at anytime. That's why its so important to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. So, play yer guitar, enjoy life... AND... why not pick up a copy of instructional guitar DVDs. They'll certainly make your time on earth a lot more fun. You can get 5 courses for the price of 2 and a ton of cool bonuses: on, Claude Johnson
Youre buried in with Kurt Kobain somewhere in the past The future slapped you with raw disdain in the face so fast Still drinking wine coolers Still watching Ferris Beuller Still ordering Dominoes ding dong still feeling like King Kong Im no spider man Im no super man Im just a man Trying to give a *** Encore Give me four more Elect me to presidential office Ill find and blow up every orfice Somewhere you lost your self esteem Turned into complete jell-o I dont want to redeem Just a *** like steve-o
I hope everyone knows what a great show Boardwalk Empire is. Scorsese, Buscemi, and Micheal Pitt~ (who has always been so hot in The Dreamers and he played Kurt Kobain in Last Days) Must watch if you aren't already. season just started on HBO. Catching up on 2nd today. Its so good! :)
Kurt Kobain he tried to comb his hair with a shotgun, Kurt Kobain, he thought fame and money was not fun, Kurt Kobain. (sung to the tune of "You're so vain)
Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrex Janis Joplin and Kurt Kobain were all left handed and died at the age of 27 with white lighters in their pockets
Short list of people that doesn't work for: Ricky Williams, Kurt Kobain, Whitney Houston, Eddie Murphy.
Jim Morrison is a member of the famous "27 Club." Singers who died in their 27th year. These include Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain, and Morrison.
I shouldn't be surprised that high schoolers don't recognize Jackie Kennedy when Kurt Kobain has been dead their entire lives.
Watchin the Hunger Games and I'm having trouble figuring out if thats Woody Harrelson or Kurt Kobain!!
Whenever I overapologize, I get accused of Kurt Kobain'ing everything.
Dear god.. Give the world back Kurt Kobain and River Phoenix.. You can most certainly have Justin Bieber and Zac Efron.. And heck we will even throw in every single member of one direction!! Hazzar!!
Who the *** is Brittany Spears to judge somebody as an artist? Even if Kurt Kobain himself auditioned for the "X Factor" he would be eliminated first round... Just goes to show you what music has been whittled down to these days.
I swear to God if music continues to suck ANY more I'm going to perform a satanic ritual in my basement to bring Kurt Kobain back to life, offering Justin Beiber as a sacrifice. ~from user: liquidzen56; 1 hour ago comment post in Nirvana: Lake of Fire!!
Courtney Love is giving Lindsey Lohan help with her sobriety...two words lindsey...Kurt Kobain. Think about it...i'm j.s.
Lol @ my mom getting Kurt Kobain and Kirko Bangz confused right now.
Jeff Ross to Courtney Love "How do you now look worse than Kurt Kobain?" Classic
in a previous life, I was Chloe Moretz, Dave Grohl, Kurt Kobain, and Condoleeza Rice all at once.
Dave Grohl is a sexy man.But Eilish , Kurt Kobain is dead and that would be necrophilia and thats illegal
All that Justin Beiber has done is sell records, he is not influential in anyway and comparing him to Kurt Kobain or Freddie Mercury is-
Why do people continue to say "this persons weird" or "this person is paranoid and crazy" Low and behold some of the most GENIUS of minds have been ridiculed and called out for being these things when absolutely no one can say they lived that persons life to know what they went through Albert Einstein , Marilyn Manson, 2pac, Lauren Hill, Michael Jackson , Eminem, Kurt Kobain, Johnny Depp, Michael Moore, Dave Chappelle, Seth Macfarlane . (short version of this list) DO NOT FOCUS ON THEIR FAULTS . FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE NEVER STOP THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX
I'm as rebelious as Dash Snow with a bag of blow and a glass of Merlot. As heartfelt as Lauren Hill unplugged, with a guitar, a mic, and a song about love. As determined as Bob Marley with a bullet lodged in hi rib cage, only to return with peace and love to the stage. As bold as Cashius Clay, with fists of thunder and a whole lot to say, as creative as Kurt Kobain before the revoultionary, as righteous, as talented, as ME
Osama Bin Laden from Earth. Michael Jackson from Earth. Adolph Hitler from Earth. Kurt Kobain from Earth. RISE.
Two quotes by two of my favorite singers- sometimes your friends are your lovers, or at least have been at one time- Axl Rose if it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my a** in jail- Kurt Kobain
dear god, if you give us back Jimmy Hendrik , John Lennon and Kurt Kobain we'll send you back Justin Bieber !
Happy Birthday to my one & only twin.Maile Lehua Chow--- Mai, no worries, I'll jus have to take double shots! :) much love to her...i bet she's throwing a giant party in that great gig in the sky. I imagine her invite list would include such people as: Kurt Kobain, Frank Sinatra, Jack Kerouac, Nancy Spungen, Shannon Hoon...and of course our beloved family; Dud (aka dad), Kevo (brother Kevin), and Gim (grandma)..she never did know how to throw a small party!
I don't mind going to *** couse there will be some awesome people, like Kurt Kobain, Freddie Mercury, Elvis and.
My favorite bands will never be reunited Axl Rose is a *** Layne Staley and Kurt Kobain are both gone
R1P Kurt Kobain u wear such a inspuration to mi anal me m4tes we miss u so so mutch sleep tight angle xoxXxXx0x
Mark Knopfler -- as good as George Gershwin? Giovanni Gabrielli's "Pian e Forte" from 1597 -- where Kurt Kobain got everything he knew? The answer to both questions is yes!
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Saw your Monday show,and I hear ya.But anyway,onto ideas who to face Mr.Mercury.Gene Simmons(make Lloyd do it!) or Kurt Kobain!
Kurt Kobain's death was tragic, but if you think about it, if he didn't do what he did, we might not have the Foo Fighters! :O
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