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Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas (also spelled Vishvas or Vishwas) (born 10 February 1970) is a Hindi poet and a professor of Hindi Literature from Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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"bjp files complaint with ec against sexist remarks by kumar vishwas" on Rediff iShare
assuming AAP forming govt & Kumar vishwas not given any portfolio, he will be seen as a junior deputy to Shazia Ilmi in BJP yes sure.
A day after exit polls predicted a win,AAP leader watched
Add. Shri ji.. and many more.. Amazing prog. It…
Exclusive: Kumar Vishwas and Sanjay Singh at war room monitoring polls.
If such a hawala scam is happening right under your nose then what kind of a Finance Minister are you?: Kumar Vishwas, AAP
After attending an AAP meeting I feel there is a stiff competition among Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas & Ashutosh as to who is the m…
Just heard Kumar Vishwas's speech.Am no fan of his but he didn't make sexist remarks abt He was talking about …
Kumar Vishwas writes poems for those one-sided lovers who spend all their youth humming Kumar Sanu songs while standing on bus stands.
Kiran Bedi will realize in the next few days that by just removing the Congress, corruption will not end: Kumar Vishwas
SHOCKING! Kumar Vishwas glorifying 9/11 in front of Muslim Audience, calling 9/11 as Laden Ekadashi
BJP banking on one man, AAP can check, balance: Kumar Vishwas
PM should have invited Arvind Kejriwal as a former CM to Republic Day celebrations: Kumar Vishwas, AAP
Kumar Vishwas wanted Kejri to lose election so he is giving provoking statements..
Kiran Bedi urged Team Anna members not to attack Kumar Vishwas
Shanti Bhushan is switching sides. At one time, he also praised BJP: AAP leader Kumar Vishwas
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Please spare few minutes and read it. If you love your country. 2011 was the year of revolution, common men of our country stood up against corruption in India, lakhs of people came on road. People demanded a strong Anti-Corruption law, because root cause of any problem in our country is mainly corruption. We all demanded Janlokpal Bill, the moment was lead by Shri Anna Hazare along with Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia and many others. When that UPA government of that time didn't agree to make such strong law against corruption, nor opposition BJP showed any interest in it. Arvind Kejriwal went on to give people what they demanded, a political alternative, so Aam Aadmi Party was formed to bring the law on its own. All blamed Arvind Kejriwal that he betrayed Anna, he was called selfish and greedy. There were many people who belonged to India Against Corruption(IAC) moment, few such names are: 1. Baba Ramdev - Now supporter and campaigner of BJP. 2. VK Singh - Now MP from BJP. 3. Anupam Kher ...
This is called commitment. 🙏 “Will not leave Amethi: Kumar Vishwas
same goes to Kumar Vishwas, but in India if winning election is credibility we shud do puja of Pappu Yadav and Akbar Owaisi!
Vishwas is unmatchable.Duo of Kumar Vishwas and Bhagwant Mann all set to rock Delhi."
Dont spread rumours...Kumar Vishwas and Prof Anand Kumar are strongly with AAP
AAP is going wrong way that's why Anand Kumar, Shazia and Kumar Vishwas got angry with AAP...
The reason why Kumar Vishwas, Anand Kumar and Shazia are angry is AAP going in wrong direction.
Only person with whom Kumar Vishwas had communication in the last week is Manish Sisodia.
Why this Q. Was AK chosen by SG or By Salim yadav? Who is intelligent Salim or AK? Why did Kumar Vishwas leave, Why Ilmi Quit?
Kumar Vishwas,others sat in Amethi police station pressing for FIR against Priyanka,Rahul Gandhi,Cong workers alleging a threat to his life
Choose the best option among the following . 1) Bhagwant Maan. 2) Kumar Vishwas. 3) Vinod Kumar Binny. 4) None of the above
How can Dr. Kumar Vishwas applaud a guy who has absolutely trounced his party supremo in the electoral battle 3 months back.
Money Back Guarantee/ Sunil Pal/ Amazing Way of Promotion. Kumar Vishwas and Sunil Pal promoting the movie "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" in a funny way. The movie c...
Kumar Vishwas trying to please BJP,But in polt strength is measured in the form of mass,u hv only 6000 votes
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas questions the clean chit to Rahul Gandhi - …
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Not sure if you noticed but a clean shaven Ranveer Singh looks like a muscular Kumar Vishwas.
LOL: Kumar Vishwas gearing up to fight against
ironical as KUMAR VISHWAS is a great MODI fan
Many happy diwali wishes to you & your family Kumar vishwas ji.May you have bright year ahead.
Has Smriti Irani ever been to Amethi after losing the elections? No? Ok. Wat abt Kumar Vishwas btw? Lol
. So good to see Kumar Vishwas & Munawwar Rana together on stage..hope I get a chance to hear them sometime
I know kumar vishwas well his ideology is one among hindutva so it would be better kumar vishwas joins bjp.
What u think Kumar vishwas Arvind are such people? I am not asking for support but why this hatred &false propaganda
Must watch speech of Kumar Vishwas bhai in recent Volunteers Meet. Will give u enough goose bumps
Akar Patel deserves "Kumar Vishwas third class literature award". Intellectual bankruptcy at it's best. Too below the belt attack.
guys. Both him and Kumar Vishwas promised to stay in Varanasi and Amethi. Have they visited these places after elections?
Let remain one man party. For a change bring Vishwas instead of Arvind.
when media stop arvind darshan ?now they are showing even kumar vishwas also ?he is going to Amethi ,reaching ,and .,everything
AAP to pitch Yogendra Yadav as Haryana CM candidate, says Kumar Vishwas
Meanwhile Raj Thackrey gets a friend request on FB from Kumar Vishwas, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dr. Kumar Vishwas Looks like u copied many things from here . If you start then listen with patience ... u...
Kumar Vishwas has proven once again why he's one of the best comedians in the country today. …
lol ...Kumar Vishwas will cry from Delhi BJP is doing horse trading
Now I am not surprised that Kumar Vishwas does Poetry concerts!!! :p
Oh you missed rapist mayank Gandhi and laalchi kumar vishwas
but I wish Kumar Vishwas could be kicked out. He's pretty much scum.
Kumar Vishwas called him Chanakya of but we all know, he failed. In Reality, Today's Chanakya is none other than …
Kumar vishwas is offered CM post of Maharastra by BJP: Sources
Kumar Vishwas and two women activists targeted in Amethi. Two women activists injured. Vishwas is at the Kamrauli police station now.
NCP,Shiv Shena,Congress and MNS are asking me for Maharashtra CM Post : Kumar Vishwas
After the Yogendra Yadav, Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal walked into a bar. And they got really drunk
IAC Press Release says unidentified people today tried to threaten and gate crash into houses of Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas
Formal launch of AAP Youth Wing in presence of all senior leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas...
Was offered Delhi CM chair by BJP: Kumar Vishwas to Economic Times
"AAP is breaking now" Only this statement is true.. Go n abuse Shazia Ilmi n Kumar Vishwas too.
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Dear mr kumar vishwas, when you cannot do anything, you don't have even the right to say something for MODI
: Dear Kumar Vishwas, we will be happy if you dedicate one beautiful birth day song to Mr.Modi. Today is his birth day.
Kumar Vishwas must have lost as he was supporter right Mr LOL.
And now ladies and gentlemen DrKumarVishwas is now exposed …
AAPtard Alert:Auto response-So now you accept Kumar Vishwas,because he is convenient for u?When he spoke against u he is Bad?
Kumar Vishwas says that he was offered China's Vice Prez's Post by Chinese Prez Xi!
Hello Mr Manu Kumar. I am Vishwas from Murata Electronics. Need to discuss with you. Can you share your mail id/contact no?.
Dear AAP, don't be so happy, these are small by-polls results; Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh are still with your party
Awesome! You are really awesome dude. Kumar Vishwas ban sakte *** bhai. Very nice keep it up. :)
Kumar Vishwas is integral part of AAP leadership and will remain. Sorry saw interview, but no news though Times Now tried …
Are you sure that isn't Dr. Kumar Vishwas?.
Kumar vishwas, psycho swamy, Adityanath gawar and now Sakshi Maharaj... Number of high profile jokers is...
Plz Kumar Vishwas ka Show dobara Telecast kar do...
I am Kumar Vishwas. I get offers for all the posts in the World ??
Someone I know just won some competition at AAP and his prize is. Meal with Kumar Vishwas!!! :)
Kumar Vishwas and Honey Singh must be thankful to engineers
VK singh, Kejriwal, kumar vishwas and others also said the same thing. Only time will tell!
you have to send Kejriwal and Kumar vishwas to talk with Terrorist
Deepika: I have breasts n cleavage. U got any problem?. Kejriwal: I hav Ashutosh, Kumar Vishwas and Yogendra Yadav in AAP. U got any problem?
R u on ur job to corect r timing fr Modi in any way.. Jst by using kumar vishwas to dwnplay bjp embarasment?
voice of decent is part of democracy; helps reduce weaknesses in D party? can others have it?
AAP Conference - Dr. Kumar Vishwas: One of more motivating talk by . Must watch n…
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas speaking exclusively to TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami slams decision by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to give up power in Delhi,...
Other day Arnab Goswami asked Kumar Vishwas "Why go to Kavi Sammelan organized to celebrate Modi's birthday". Kumar replied "Modi is PM" 1/n
Despite best effort --> "Kumar Vishwas meets at latter's residence, denies differences in AAP.
Kumar Vishwas says he may perform at PM Narendra Modi's birthday event and "Will quit AAP if there's an opposition." Vishwas admits that his party has behaved like a typical political party & has openly criticised the decision to quit Delhi government. The biggest challenge before AAP is to decide what to call Kumar Vishwas: a fascist bigot or an Ambani stooge or a communal force
BJP :-) Which party Kumar Vishwas is representing??
just like Manoj Tiwari offered CM post to Kumar Vishwas?all bunkum plz leave school level politics grow up Kejriwal
Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas to be in ...
: Insurance company insuring Bang Bang has reportedly refused to bear losses of 20-30Cr incurred due to film’s extended shooting schedule 2 : Contrary to reports Shamita Shetty denies signing a film with her sister Shilpa Shetty’s production house :o 3 : gets A Certificate. All set for worldwide release on 12th September. 4 : Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas has demanded Rs 21 crore to enter the house. 5 : The shooting of starring Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez has been started from today in Malaysia. 6 : Ashutosh Gowariker ropes in Hollywood stunt coordinator Glenn Boswell for ‘Mohenjo Daro’ 7 : Katrina missed Salman’s Ganpati celebrations this year as she was busy shooting a song sequence for ‘Phantom’ 8 : Priyanka Chopra: "I don't look like Mary Kom, but I represent her spirit and personality in the film." 9 : Abhishek Bachchan apparently recommended Aishwarya Rai for Sanjay Gupta's 'Jazbaa' 10 : Contrary to reports Hrithik Roshan denies signing a Hollywood project..! 11 : Arj ...
that on a scale of original Adnan Sami I am just Kumar Vishwas
Kumar Vishwas: Australian Cricket Board offered me the post of Captain if i bring along our AAP MLAs. See, they lost t…
1) India and Japan sign an MoU to develop Varanasi into a smart city; On the first day of Japan visit Prime Minister Modi and his counterpart express strong desire for accelerating economic partnership. 2) Left parties rule out joining hands with Trinamool Congress to counter BJP in West Bengal. 3) Finance Minister says country's economy is turning around; Inflation moderating and Investors confidence improving because of recent decisions of the government. 4) Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas claims that a BJP leader offered him Delhi Chief Minister's post; BJP rubbishes the claim. 5) Arun Jaitley terms repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan extremely serious and provocative. 6) Political crisis in Pakistan deepens as Tahir-ul-Qadri issues 24 hour deadline to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. 7) BJP says it will react to government formation in Delhi only after Lieutenant Governor takes a final call. 8) US calls for global coalition to counter growing menace of jihadist miltants from Islamic S ...
Before CM, Kumar Vishwas ws offered the post of Chief of Army,Chief Justice and many other posts of public importance
Kumar Vishwas: BCCI offered me the Director post of Team India if i bring them all our MLAs..
Now After Great Joke of Kumar Vishwas & CM Post offering ,I heard Bhagwant Mann want to Quit & Said :-2Comedian in …
ok..then why ur fellow AAPi Sanjay Singh giving out statements based on Kumar Vishwas's claim??
Ah yes, the good old days “offered me Delhi CM post: Kumar Vishwas -
I guess Some one gave Ice Bucket Challenge to Kumar Vishwas & as Big Drama Queen he is He start saying :--- BJP Offered …
BJP offering Delhi CM post to Kumar Vishwas is like Raj Thakeray offering Maharashtra CM post to a Bihari
Kumar Vishwas was offered the chief ministership of Delhi by the BJP? One thought the Modi sultanate might be looking for a court jester.
: What happened to Anna Hazare, binny, Shazia, Kumar Vishwas, Shanti Bhushan and other founding members of AAP ??
Dr. Kumar Vishwas was in Canada recently and he highlighted how AAP has changed the discourse of Indian politics and why it is important for AAP to keep working.
Full video of Dr. kumar vishwas latest video 2014 , making fun and nom stop comedy.
"Koi DEEWANA kehta hai, koi PAGAL samjhta hai..." | And you know who i'm referring to. (with apologies to Dr. Kumar Vishwas, of course!)
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They have a Kumar Vishwas fan club on Youtube. SMH.
It was a busy weekend: Independence Day celebrations, a Store Opening and introducing Dr. Kumar Vishwas on stage.
expression of Love was always forbidden for women or men too I guess. as Kumar vishwas said yahn bas theory
Kumar vishwas is also d same bird frm the same family but in a diff nest.
Haven't seen on platform recently.. Has he given up on politics?.
Glad to have witnessed Dr Kumar Vishwas show in Brampton on 16 Aug
Kumar Vishwas is such a big bloody clown. What made him assume that he can be a leader. Just another street smart conniving manipulator. ..
I requested Kumar Vishwas to they could not rule and deliver.
Baby - meant for Kumar Vishwas...He is critisising PM speech and want immediate result.
Today i watch , kumar vishwas new poet show in "LONDON" . REALY THIS Show is so nice.
My reaction when Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal lost Badly.
I added a video to a playlist Dr Kumar Vishwas in Vancouver, May 2013 kavi sammelan
Swag Entertainment presents. MADE IN INDIA. An evening with Kumar Vishwas. A show of Laughter, poetry and...
The impatient Youth!!! Expects that it just takes a day to upgrade all the facilities in a nation. People should understand that by paying extra you can get extra cheese with your burger immediately, but similarly you cannot get better facilities after paying extra for your train journeys. Some time needs to be given to the govt. Its particularly disturbing when people click some random clicks , and say "janta maaf nahi karegi MODIJI" and I am like *** ? , they think that Modi himself is responsible because of this. ps:- I am not extremely thrilled with Modi's performance !! pps:- But has anyone noticed what padamshree KEJRI is doing, he is doing protest to support GAZA, yaar yaha INDIA ki watt lagi hui hai, tumhe gaza ki padi hai ? ppps:- And what Kumar vishwas? If his intentions were true and he seriously wanted to do something, where is he now? why has he shifted his focus back to doing shows in USA and all? , farzi DESH Bhakhat !!!
After humiliating defeat in Amethi, Kumar Vishwas smartly gone for Vitamin 'M '- frm US, Bollywood, BigBoss etc, its time fr Kejriwal too
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Watch the video «Kumar Vishwas offered 5 Crore for Bigg Boss?» uploaded by NSTV on Dailymotion.
Kumar Vishwas latest best performance in HD - Newest hindi poetry song - Must share
there is a rumor that Kumar Vishwas is participating lol
. Kumar Vishwas is going Big boss it is heard.
A Lot was said about me not wearing TOPI. Today what I suspected is happening, Kumar Vishwas Bhai, I am doing what u said.
What happened to Kumar Vishwas? Why is he not active so much as he in gen election or in Delhi election? Any idea.
Kumar Vishwas as Amitabh Bachchan in fancy dress competition. By
Just lyk Kumar vishwas used to drew in Amethi.
AAP should promote Balli SIngh Cheemaji more , he will be a good speaker for AAP like Kumar Vishwas & Bhagwant Mann
Kumar vishwas is receiving some award in Canada, shld celebrate it with a dharna outside Canadian Hi commis
Kumar Vishwas mesmerizing the Houston's audience with his wit, humor, and simplicity.
Watching kumar vishwas live was a total bliss... He is simply a rock star!
India should become like Isreal kumar vishwas
CC "India should become like Israel. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas:
Any Candle march for peace in UP .Where is Kumar Vishwas Amethi Candidate.
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best comedian in comic role goes to Kumar vishwas :-)
Breaking! to be titled as 49 days of Dharna. This was suggested by Dr. Kumar Vishwas.
its a ghazal from dr vishwas kumar, 'ke koi deewana kehta hay'. Check his other works too. :)
An Evening of Laughter, Poetry and Melody with one and only Dr. Kumar Vishwas . Friday, August 1at 7:30pm -...
In an undated video floated on a few days back, Kumar Vishwas of Aam Aadmi Party wants India to become cracks anti-Muslim joke. Will Arvind Kejriwal clean his party?
Kumar Vishwas invited for Bigg Boss. They wanted to invite Kejriwal for better drama but realised that he will NEVER vacate the house once he enters it.
Kumar Vishwas is going to deliver a lecture to Google employees at Stanford, and has been offered Rs 5 cr to be in Bigg Bos…
After poll defeat, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas turns into a much in demand celebrity - The Economic Times
Then read link below. Not everything is a conspiracy. Embrace criticism, esp from your sympathisers!.
A great chance for AAP to lose many supporters. Will the tacky waistcoated garrulous plagiarist-poet oblige?.
Dr.Kumar Vishwas,AAP : They may lose or win but BJP should fight polls in Delhi,why are they scared of it?
Bigg Boss has offered AAP candidate Kumar Vishwas Rs.5 cr for participation, but he refused the offer
Kumar Vishwas has been offered 5 crore to enter the Big Boss house because you might as well make money if you're going to be …
heyy, I guess you have contacts, so can you help us with a reddit ama with Kumar Vishwas. It will really help and great PR.
Wow! From 'Bigg Boss' to 'Bollywood', offers pouring in for AAP leader Kumar ... - indiatvne
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Columnist Indrajit Hazra explains why we don't LIKE poet making money. .
. Kumar Vishwas got an offer to host KBC-9 but he made a condition that he won't host it w/o "Main Bhi AAPiya" cap - Sources
AAP's Kumar Vishwas rolling in money; Lok Sabha poll face-off with Rahul Gandhi helped: Production company...
was kumar vishwas sir offered for BB ??
Edemol offers Kumar Vishwas 5cr to enter Bigg Boss
Kumar Vishwas to deliver lecture at Google headquarters, gets R 5-cr offer to star in Big Boss:
In other news officials have asked Kumar vishwas to come to IIT Powai and sing his songs to chase out the leapord.
Come to think of it this is the right career option for AAPis..They have done so many reality shows in last one year.h…
Kumar Vishwas should not go to Big Boss.It is Ambani owned channel.It is a trap for him.
Kumar Vishwas is a self-made man and Rakhi Sawant is a self-made woman.
Kejriwal has sarkari luxury bungalow and Kumar Vishwas has Big Boss house. The revolution has succeeded.
Bigg Boss woos AAP's Kumar Vishwas: Here is why he'd be perfect - Firstpost
Vishwas gets Rs 5-cr offer to participate in Bigg Boss.
Bigg Boss woos AAP’s Kumar Vishwas: Here is why he’d be perfect: Considering that the AAP will have a tough ti...
India should become like Israel, says Kumar Vishwas.
Kumar Vishwas was made head of Hindi academy in 49 days govt..after removing Ashok Chakradhar..kiske ache din
Arvind Kejriwal is Rahul Gandhi of AAP! Considering that Kumar Vishwas is Digvijay Singh of AAP!
Kejriwal and Vishwas spent Rs 1 cr in polls: They had set out with a message that they are the aam aadmi (common man), but a look at their expense chart in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election points otherwise. Aam Aadmi Party leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas splurged more than Rs one crore between them during the polls. From the very beginning I was telling that kejrivaal is not as honest as he pose himself in public. He never do what he speaks
Right after BJP ticketed, Smriti Irani becomes focus on of mockery by Kumar Vishwas me2. do/FxIbEta0
What do you throw Kejriwal when he is drowning? . Ans: Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh
Dainik bhaskar is spreading rumuor that Kumar Vishwas and Shazia Ilmi have left AK's side ! how low these newspapers can stoop low ? Suckers
In next election Rakhi Sawant can give tough fight to Kumar Vishwas.
Rakhi Sawant finished at with 2006 votes,Kumar Vishwas at with 25000
Rahul Gandhi, Congress- Won from Amethi (Uttar Pradesh), defeated Smriti Irani and Kumar Vishwas. For latest election news, log on to
Running past established parties like AIADMK, CPM, SP, BSP, TMC, JDU, etc. with millions of followers each, AAP got more than 10% of all media coverage (especially TV), next only to BJP and Congress. Kejriwal hogged most of it, followed by Kumar Vishwas at Amethi. Vishwas got full primetime interviews with Barkha Dutt and others. In the end Kejriwal lost by nearly 3.5 lakh votes. Vishwas got just about 4000 votes. Unless AAP comes to proper analysis of this phenomenon, it is doomed to insigficance when the media loses interest.
I feel sorry for Kumar Vishwas... I never wished he wins... but after rubbing his heals on ground zero for more than 4 months, he could only get 25527 votes and came fourth... he desreved a bit better i think...
. When life gives you kumar . Make it gaurav not. Vishwas. Kumar gaurav. Kumar Vishwas
IndiaTV & Exit Poll on Amethi predicts Rahul to get 48% followed by Smriti Irani with 34% and Kumar Vishwas to …
"BJP can accept Rahul Gandhi in Parliament, but not an 'aam aadmi': Kumar Vishwas !Always :)
Voting of Election 2014 has been over. Exit results have predicted NDA govt; with Narinder Modi as PM with absolute majority by electronic media.But one thing I want to share that money power and marketing by electronic media has played a big role in this election. In south TV channels are owned by political bosses of different parties and their role has a big impact on results there. National channels in north are owned by big corporate houses and TV channels had shown what they wanted and advertised a face to whom they wanted as a next prime minister. That face was marketed in such a way that people had only one face in their mind and that face is of Mr. Modi. Congress party has been marginalized because it failed badly in marketing its work what was done by them. A new party AAP had also emerged in Dec. 2013 but can fail to do much as no money power or big corporate house is with them. Its top leaders Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Kumar Vishwas may be third in the race of contested seats. I wish best for ...
Kumar Vishwas on India TV, he worked without any organisation support from AAP and Kejriwal. Fought election on his own. Big…
Now Dollar at Rs 59.50. It's falling so fast that soon it'll reach the levels of Arvind Kejriwal's dignity & Kumar Vishwas's p…
Whenever the chapter of "Downfall of Gandhi Dynasty" would be written, Kumar Vishwas would be mentioned o…
Aah !! I'm thrilled and impatient !! Finally we are so close to May The 16th !! Indian General Election's Counting day will hit the biggest/greatest viewership in the history of humankind. I personally wish all the best to below 5 persons to win this election in India because I want to hear them in Parliament. Syed Shahnawaz Hussain (BJP) from my home constituency "Bhagalpur" Kumar Vishwas (AAP) from Amethi in UP. Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta) from Malkajgiri in Andhra Pradesh. Mani Shankar Aiyar (Congress) from Mayiladuthurai in Chennai. Arun Jaitley (BJP) from Amritsar in Punjab. Also eagerly waiting to hear the political analysis and public statements from below interesting people on the eve of May 15th (as per my Pacific Standard Time). Swapan Dasgupta (Independent) Shekhar Gupta (The Indian Express) Prannoy Roy (NDTV) Arnab Goswami (Timesnow) Mani Shankar Aiyar (Congress) Sankarshan Thakur (The Telegraph) Arun Jaitley (BJP) Sushma Swaraj (BJP) L K Advani (BJP) KCR (Telangana/TRS) Amma (Tamilnadu/AI ...
FAKING NEWS II Kumar Vishwas arrested for violating sec 144 after policemen assemble to listen to his poems Amethi. Last night Amethi police arrested AAP Lok Sabha candidate and poet Kumar Vishwas on charge of inciting violation of section 144 after dozens of policemen assembled outside his house to listen to his poem. Clarifying charges on Kumar Vishwas, District Magistrate of Amethi said, “It was indeed an unlawful assembly as section 144 is currently applicable to Amethi. And considering poem recitation of Mr Vishwas, armed policemen could have gone mad in a few minutes.” Reportedly, around 30 policemen wearing banyan-lungi and carrying their arms reached Kumar’s place after they heard melodious voice coming out from his house. But as per Kumar Vishwas, he was just practicing his poems on terrace and he didn’t even invite the policemen. “They are calling it violation of sec 144 because policemen were in civil dress, it’s a big conspiracy,” Vishwas said in his defense, “Those policemen w ...
Huh I feel Kumar Vishwas was in a battle field for months being in Amethi .. Hats Off to Fearless Undying Spirit !!
If nothing else, Smriti Irani and Kumar Vishwas have made the Congress sweat even for Amethi. From now on no 'safe seat' …
Wherever I go, I see a smile on people's face. The broom will sweep Amethi: Kumar Vishwas .
Dr. Kumar Vishwas has done Post graduation in Hindi and P.H.D in Same subject.
'I live here, where is Rahul': Kumar Vishwas in Amethi with (Must watch) . .
Kumar Vishwas could've achieved much more had he stayed apolitical like me and VK Singh. Such ग़…
"Kumar Vishwas - Aam Aadmi Party's best bet for Amethi
I was listening to 'Public Meeting' program in India TV. What a terrific answers given by Dr. Kumar Vishwas, to fiery questions from public. If he wins from Amethi, which is now confirmed from recent happenings , he is going to a leader of very high stature in India. This man was was enjoying life 5 years back, doing shows in US , Europe and India, earning well, but he took the decision of jumping into Anna Movement and then into politics, challenging Gandhi bastion. Critics can argue that there are many celebs like Smriti Irani etc. who left good carrier for politics, but I would say, none of them were present at places like Nirbhaya rape movemement, Anna movement, or police station for Gudiya rape attrocity. There is difference in taking risk for social cause , and taking risk for political carrier. Dr. Vishwas has been putting himself for right cause and not for mere carrier, else he would have not chosen Amethi. His victory will be second defeat of Gandhi family, after memorable Indira's defeat in 19 ...
Kumar Vishwas says his family told to leave Amethi: via
Why are the cops threatening Kumar Vishwas?: via
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Smriti herself reeks of arrogance when she speaks about AAP and Kumar Vishwas. Another politician who needs to learn a les…
Kumar Vishwas says his family asked to leave
Jagya in Balika vadhu will get more votes than Arvind Kejriwal nd Kumar Vishwas put together..
Dr. Kumar Vishwas and Aam Aadmi Party- Political Ambitions and Delhi Elections. This is the latest interview of Dr Kumar Vishvas with MH1. All issues covered, including why the social aandolan converted into political one, how AAP is different, How Arvind and AAP has changed the political scenario and public sentiments, and why AAP needs to win the election etc... Following is the link: 1 of 3. of 3 of 3
Kumar Vishwas's latest interview from Amethi. Subscribe for more videos !
Kejriwal: "BJP should withdraw Smriti and Congress should withdraw Ajay Rai. They are cutting Kumar Vishwas' and my votes"…
KEJRIWAL SAYS, "VISHWAS WILL WIN, VOTERS TAKE MONEY! (NOW, WHAT ELSE?) Arvind Kejriwal’s tongue has wagged once again. According to some opinion polls (he says, I don’t know which ones), Kumar Vishwas who is best known for speaking in Sankritised Hindi on English language channels – even Arnab Goswami has stammered while trying to frame questions for him – will win in Amethi. It won’t be just any other win. Vishwas, according to AK, will get 47 percent votes! Rahul Gandhi will be trounced etc etc. Amethi has been the stronghold of the Gandhi family. Sanjay Gandhi was the first one to contest from there; Rajiv Gandhi won from the constituency as many as four times; Sonia won once, while Rahul who has won twice already is contesting for the third time. The last time anyone else had won was Sanjay Singh who, after contesting from the BJP, had defeated Captain Satish Sharma in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections. That exception apart, Amethi has been virtually owned by the Gandhis since Sanjay came into t ...
Here is the video from Dr. Kumar Vishwas & Arvind Kejriwal's 3-day roadshow in Amethi. Amethi is all set to end... http…
Not long ago I mentioned in my writings that Mr. Narender Modi is a divisive factor... and if he becomes the ruler of the nation then the outcome will not be very soothing.or in other words will not be a smooth sail. practically it was clearly evident in his lecture a few days ago in SERAMPORE . If he at all becomes the head of the nation .. then God help him so that right senses prevails in him. To him the maxim must be whether Bengalis, Muslims, Biharis or Gujaratees or any other citizens/inhabitants, living in India should be treated in the highest esteem of equality. In the second scenerio it may be narrated that Priyanka Gandhi continues her election campaign in Amethi, where her brother and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is pitted against AAP's Kumar Vishwas and actor-turned-BJP candidate Smriti Irani. Though to me I have a strong feeling that Ms. Smriti Irani will come out winning in flying colours.
OK.. BJP will buy Kumar Vishwas too soon. He will join party before Delhi elections.. watch now
I feel pity for Kumar Vishwas .a victim of betrayal of traiter Arvind Kejriwal and co.
" As told by earlier, Kumar Vishwas can be in touch with BJP.
Kumar Vishwas upset wth as hes not gettng proper support frm AAP party & its leaders in poll campgn http…
whereas Kumar Vishwas is the only one I find credible. Also, people in my area are fond of Mayank Gandhi too. Others are 👎
Some of the most prominent leaders of AAP have the following ideologies - 1. Prashant Bhushan - Referendum for Kashmir. 2. Shazia Illmi - Muslims should be communal. 3. Arvind Kejriwal- I am an Anarchist . 4. Somnath Bharti - Since I am a Law Minister , Laws will be be in my hand. 5. Kumar Vishwas - I will humiliate anybody and everybody... 6. Manish Sisodia - Kejriwal is correct. 7. All others - Manish Sisodia is correct. Common Ideology if some one criticizes them - 1. Chor hai. 2. Paise khaya hai. 3. Bika hua hai. 4. Satta me aayenge to jail me daal denge.
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Aaj Tak's investigative team interrogates AAP leader and poet Kumar Vishwas, who has been campaigning for the party in Amethi. For more news subscribe to Aaj...
Similar to indo-pak cricket match bus yeh match jeet jaayein world cup jeetein ya nahi...Is only winning varanasi or amethi is the aim of Aam Aadmi Party.kejriwal have settled in varanasi for 15 days and so Kumar Vishwas in amethi from date he had filed nomination,while the oppostion Rahul Gandhi and modi had taken the all india tour,rallies all over india ...Modi,Sonia have even come to aligarh..why two best spokeperson of AAP have settled themselves to one place,dis is the biggest loss of sochiyega
Kumar Vishwas will come 3rd after bjp
Arvind Kejriwal's roadshow with kaviraj Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Aam Aadmi Party Amethi. police dont want to happen it.. try to stop.. but AAM AADMI jaag chuka h. :)
Kejriwal, who is campaigning for AAP's Amethi candidate Kumar Vishwas, questioned the series of attacks against both of them. "How is that I am attacked by the BJP and Kumar has been attacked by the Congress? You never hear of Congress attacking Modi or BJP people attacking the Gandhi family. They are in cahoots," he said.
Kumar vishwas is trying his best .. aap volunteers are working very hard .. ultimately people of amethi decide
he has made secret deal with congress to help create hung assembly. I beleive Kumar vishwas is d only honest leader in AAP
Et tu Brute. In front of Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas an AAP worker on AAP platform said that NaMo will form the next govt. Unprecedented
All the best of wishes to Dr Kumar Vishwas.Aap bhi jeetenge aur AAP bhi jeetegi
No Bhagoda Pic on New AAP topi. Kumar Vishwas is new AAP hero
Rahul Gandhi rally expense 2500 crore Arvind Kejriwal rally expense 400 crore Sonia Gandhi rally expense 2000 crore Advani rally expense 1000 crore Kumar vishwas rally expense 200 crore Modi rally INCOME 379 crore Modi is been awarded the only politician in India and world's political history who earned money from his rally. The first ever politician for whome people pay 10 to 50 rupees to listen him. Now you think the person who can make money out of his speeches, what will he do if we elected him as P.M Saari duniya jhuk Gayi ek shaks ko jhukane me Khuda bhi sochta hoga mene kis mitti ka istimaal kiya Tha is modi ko banane mein...!! Ab ki bar MODI sarkar...☝️😎
A must watch Amethi 's eye opening reality video. Plz share and support Dr. Kumar Vishwas
true, that is reality. Will be surprised if Smriti Irani & Kumar Vishwas can together get as many votes as Rahul Gandhi.
I liked a video from Latest Interview of Kumar Vishwas in Amethi on News Nation Part 2
AK IN AMETHI TODAY ALONG WITH KUMAR VISHWAS n there is popular support on the ground . This is the beginning of the end of dynastic politics in India!
Who is the headless person between Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal?
Case filed against AAP Kumar Vishwas in Bareilly for hurting
Dear Kumar Vishwas you dont even have stand up shayari mehfils to go back to after elections, stop worrying about
TOi land HT report registering of an FIR in Amethi against Booze for complicity with a Congress worker in an intent to murder …
Also Kumar Vishwas Says tht after Elections will go back to her saas bahu operas .. hmm .. and Where will you go ??
BJP Says AAP is Agent of congress because kejriwal contesting against Modi and talking about BJP Corruption... Congress says AAP is Agent of BJP Because Kumar vishwas contesting against Rahul Gandhi and talking about congress corruption and they says we are cutting Muslim votes from congress to help BJP... In reality... Both (Congress & BJP) are the agents of AMBANI & ADANI
"Referring to us as 'urban naxals' is like calling the Sangh communal. It is the work of dissatisfied Congressmen," Kumar Vishwas said.
abbé chutiye agar wo serious hota to amethi me prachar kyo itna late?? Idea was to sideline Kumar vishwas and leave him to lose
Do you endorse anti-india statements of Prasant Bhushan ? Anti Women statements of Kumar Vishwas ?
� There was high drama in Amethi when Aam Aadmi Party candidate Kumar Vishwas on Friday staged a sit-in at a police station demanding an FIR against his Congress rival Rahul Gandhi, his sister Priyanka and some of their party workers alleging threat to his life.
people hate Kumar Vishwas jokes too..
I was listening to Kumar Vishwas . If I were an AAP acolyte, I would feel elated at his play of words. Fortunately, having experienced " tremendous let down " starting with Charan Singh to V P Singh to Nitish kumar, I am convinced that like all things 21st century , these AAP fellows are also no different. Only this time, we have all woken up faster. Or else, why would they have to play the communal card like all the others .From Corruption, the agenda now is Modi, modi, modi to the exception of every thing else. and fhe language is plunging the depths of pedestrian gibberesh by the day. Are these the fellows who will decide our future. What happened when the Pakistanis gave the Bhuttos a resounding welcome? What has happened after they welcomed nawaz. Kumar Vishwas and Co , offer such an alternative . Is this what we want ? Weep, my country men if this is our fate .
Dr kumar Vishwas seems to be the only decent candidate in
Kejriwal hmslf resposible 4 worst political situation thnx 2 his Coterie. Kumar Vishwas is more credible thn all of u. He took alone
Star of AAP (Kumar Vishwas) fielded against Rahul Gandhi, says Arvind Kejriwal as he campaigns for party's LS candidate in Amethi. For latest breaking news, ...
ouch - that must've hurt Kumar vishwas more than Laali ever could.
Kumar vishwas is the only nationalist in the most corrupt,aam admi party.So vote for vishwas to throw out kejriwal,as he is envy of vishwas.
Rahul-Priyanka close aide threatens to KILL Kumar Vishwas. Priyanka invites him to guest house to discuss!
The condition of Amethi hasn't changed much since the Independence of India. Rahul Gandhi who is Amethi's present MP is hardly bothered about Amethi much like they are not bothered about the country. Watch this video where Dr. Kumar Vishwas tells why Rahul Gandhi needs to be defeated in these elections. Support Kumar Vishwas's campaign against dynastic politics of Gandhi family by donating here: Aam Aadmi Party Amethi for regular updates. Video Courtesy - P7 News:
Pandey ji ,kahan pad gayo AAP me saath ,come back home ,we need you ,kumar vishwas .,Namo is only option to steer India out
Full episode: GhoshanaPatra with Kumar Vishwas For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: &
Police is telling me that they will register FIR only if I am found injured--Dr Kumar Vishwas . http:…
Thanks to Kumar Vishwas for awakening people of Amethi their basic needs and real issues.
I think kumar vishwas is reacting naturally. But kejri is doing what he read on the internet.
I see secular atheist Kejriwal, but is he with Kumar Vishwas? Can somebody confirm his identity?
Just like Vajapayee Ji was spoken as the right person in the wrong party, must say I feel the same for Kumar Vishwas.
See the difference between Kumar Vishwas and Andha Vishwas.
first fb status after years and hence d reason is big;- Owing to d rare courage reflected by d 2 men 'Arvind Kejriwal and Dr. Kumar Vishwas', please like 'AAP' offficial page to enhance their confidence.and since it's merely a part of d political campaign which congress n bjp do by spending trillions on frequent advert., huge hoardings,etc., d cheaper n effective way for AAP is connecting through social media.and one more thing that "If there are 100 reasons to reject kejriwal then there r 1000 to select him"
This is why I say KV is only good leader in Difference between Kumar Vishwas and Andha Vishwas.
A special interview with AAP leader Kumar Vishwas. For more news subscribe to Aajtak:
People accusing Kumar Vishwas of being sexist are the same who defend Yo Yo Honey Singh's lyrics and video claiming that to be his artistic freedom. This Election Be The Logical Indian!
Kumar Vishwas is good man but in very bad party. if he does not leave that party then goodness will leave him. it's sure. Kumar ! why are going very far from the youth of whole country.
Aam Aadmi Party chief Arwind Kejriwal reached Congress bastion Amethi on Sunday to campaign for the AAP’s Lok Sabha candidate Kumar Vishwas, and said both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi must be “defeated” in the country’s interest.
If Kumar Vishwas doesn't win from Amethi, it'll be a major disappointment. He has put so much time and effort compared to Rahul Gandhi, who rarely visits Amethi and Smriti Irani, about whom Amethi has rarely seen or heard of. He surely is the best man to win.
The plan was to vote for AAP in Delhi, and for BJP at the centre. We voted for AAP in Delhi, at least those admins who are from Delhi did. AAP formed the government too. Next round was to vote for the BJP at the centre. But something happened. We saw animosity between AAP and BJP supporters. Animosity of the worst kind. Naturally someone like me, a neutral unbiased observer, found it all cheap and appalling. I saw social media get divided into groups. The most vocal group comprises of the strong supporters of BJP to the extent of behaving like a fanatic. These people resort to name calling and name distortion. Kejriwal is called Khujliwal. Kumar Vishwas is called Kumar Bakwas or badhawas. Shazia Ilmi is called Chilmi (whatever that means) Social activists like Medha Patkar are mocked. AAP supporters are called AAPtards. Fake documents and accusations are floated on social media. A suggestion that the army presence in civilian areas in Kashmir should be done after a referendum is wrongly presented as a ref ...
MY QUESTION TO AAP TODAY PLEASE ALL ASK THIS QUESTION.? Hi Arvind Kejriwal Ji and other representatives of AAP I have a question for you, which was in my mind before but after watching Kumar vishwas interview in on a news channel today, in which he said that he admired from Indira Gandhi because of her decision taking power. My question to you is that would you accept the separate identity of Sikhs in India if you come in power ( which was promised at the time of independence ) or you would keep on pouring salt on our wounds like Kumar Vishwas did today ? Or do you also admire Indira Gandhi as Durga after Operation Blue Star? Are you going to finish article 25 of Indian constitution ? Now please don't give me the excuse of SIT in Delhi because there were 9 independent commissions gave there verdict before, but nothing happened ..! Please give me my answers because I really want you guys to win but I am worried because of your so called nationalism could be a future Hindu nationalism... Good luck and waiti ...
Ask Kumar Vishwas ka tent aandhi mein ukhad gaya. some ppl are going to claim "Modi ki lehar thi".
Salute to Arvind Kejriwal & Dr. Kumar Vishwas!! They have took the most difficult challenge.. and they will win too!!
The sight of an activist Medha Patkar and a corporate Meera Sanyal on the same forum ( when AAP released its city manifesto), Mr. Kumar Vishwas and Ms. Soni Sori contesting on the AAP ticket may have been something quite unimaginable a few months ago. The point here is that disparate elements make up AAP and it is this internal make-up which could lead to a churn in Indian politics.and hope good days for Indian politics soon.
Really Inspired By Dr. Kumar Vishwas . and in my Opinion People of AMETHI should VOTE 4 Him as Rahul Gandhi has done Nothing 4 Amethi . Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are Emotionally Blackmailing the People of Amethi by the name of Their family . Good Going Kumar and I hope thar U will be The Next MP of Amethi .
Today i watch interview of Kumar Vishwas on News nation channel. Interview taken in the light of various vehical. Because No electricity available in Amethi. Thats the work done by the Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. One thing right said by Modi who not able to control Amethi how control the whole nation. Same things in Raebareli villages. some time light come for a week in day time and some time in night..Now you see how the congress dong work in their constituency.
ab agar isbar kumar vishwas jeet gaya fir to rahul ki re-entry mushkil he nahi , namumkin hai ... =D =D n i really want atleast this in Amethi Lok Sabha !! (Y)
I support Aam Aadmi Party only for AMETHI. . Because dr. Kumar vishwas is my favrt poet. . And he is a best person.
Dear Citizens of India and Amethi, Amethi is driving the nation's mood for change! The AAP candidate is taking on the Congress "crown prince", and is driving a change for accountability, for a clean and corruption free future. With its support for Kumar Vishwas, the constituency is ready to shake off decades of dynastic misrule. Join Arvind Kejriwal and other leaders of AAP as they arrive in Amethi to support Kumar Vishwas. Take part in AAP rallies and Jan Sabhas. Participate in a door-to-door campaign. You could also volunteer on election day as a polling booth agent. Reach out to the local AAP team to know how you can help! Kumar Vishwas also needs your financial support. Unlike other parties, he does not have the 'money power' to fight the elections. To support Kumar Vishwas, click here to donate to the Amethi campaign! Even a small contribution from you will help to save the nation from the grip of dynastic and power hungry politicans. This election YOU will make a difference! Jai Hind Aam Aadmi Party
Kejriwal heckled by women in UP (for more details click below link) women protesters, shouting slogan "Rahul Gandhi zindabad, Delhi ka bhagoda wapas jao (escapist of Delhi go back), showed black flag to Kejriwal, who was in Congress bastion Amethi to campaign for AAP's Lok Sabha candidate Kumar Vishwas.
Arvind Kejriwal to campaign for Kumar Vishwas in Amethi today
Congress Leaders Threaten to Kill but Police will file Case against Kumar Vishwas. Wah Wah Wah.
Kejriwal to meet Kumar Vishwas after police register complaint against latter
Complaint lodged against AAP candidate Kumar Vishwas in Amethi
Arvind Kejriwal will campaign for Kumar Vishwas, the party’s candidate from Amethi Lok Sabha constituency from April 20-…
Donate for Amethi: Dr. Kumar Vishwas recently filed his nomination in Amethi...
3 attacks on AAP in 24hrs. 1. AK in Varanashi. . 2. Kumar Vishwas life thread. 3. Ashish Khetan Gujrat.
Kumar Vishwas threatened in Amethi. Dar gaye he Cong waale!!!
Kumar Vishwas says he feels a 'threat to his life' from the Congress
Kumar Vishwas from Amethi exclusive with Barkha Dutt awesome conversation must watch
My token donation for Dr. Kumar Vishwas fighting elections against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. I wish him good luck...
AAP candidate Dr. Kumar Vishwas files nomination from Amethi
I wish to see Dr. Kumar Vishwas as our PM becoz he has every quality of being PM & Manish Sisodia as our education Minister
Who is Varun Gandhi? If he didn't have Gandhi in his name he wont even get a medical representative's job: Kumar Vishwas
Smriti Irani and Kumar Vishwas are targeted for being outsider in Amethi... Rahul Baba is registered voter in Delhi, then how come he is home candidate? Media house any comment?
Rahul Gandhi files nomination from Amethi AMETHI: Rahul Gandhi today filed his nomination papers from Amethi constituency which he has represented in Lok Sabha twice and expressed confidence about retaining it for the third straight time. The Congress vice-president was accompanied by his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi, sister Priyanka and her husband Robert Vadra when he filed nomination papers before the returning officer here. Later, interacting with media he expressed confidence about victory from the constituency in Uttar Pradesh, the Nehru-Gandhi family pocketborough where BJP has fielded Smriti Irani and AAP has Kumar Vishwas. He said he has family relations with Amethi and "We will have a good victory." Rahul said he had focussed on three things for development of Amethi -- working with women bodies, connecting the area with national highways and railways and developing food park. He will focus on these issues in the future also to generate more employment for youths, he said. Rahul along ...
My faithness in humanity will be restored if NOTA scores above Rahul Gandhi,Kumar Vishwas and Smriti Irani in Amethi..All the candidates are absolute nutshells and the winner among them will be best among the pack of fools...
The language used in Delhi's election rhetoric hit a new low on Saturday with singer and composer Vishal Dadlani using the word "k*" to describe the Aam Aadmi Party's opponents during a concert organised by the party in Jantar Mantar. This comes two weeks after television anchor Rajeev Laxman had used another abusive word "h*" to describe Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde while campaigning for AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi in R K Puram constituency. If on that occasion, Shazia was seen standing next to him, laughing, on Saturday, Dadlani used the word in the presence of senior leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas and Manish Sisodia. Dadlani was one of the several musicians and singers who had come to perform in a concert "Jeet Ki Goonj" organised by AAP. On stage, Dadlani changed the lyrics of Kishore Kumar classic "Bachna Ae Haseeno", to "Bachna Ae K*, lo AAP aa gaya". The other participants in the concert included the band Agni, Ranvir Shorey and Rabbi Shergill, among others. At a rally in Shazia Il ...
Dear Smriti Irani/Kumar Vishwas, If you are currently watching the news channel. And if u understand mathematics of votes...Picture should be clear!! Pls packup...
Rahul Gandhi to file his nomination from Amethi today, against Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Smriti Irani and Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) Kumar Vishwas... All the very best Mr. Gandhi...
Kumar Vishwas n Smriti Irani.both have assumed to be ultra fool to fight against Shahjade Rahul Gandhi.
CONGRATS KEJRIWAL Our friend admits that quitting as Delhi CM was a mistake. The whys are funny. But never mind. Good boy. An admission at least. For him winning from Varanasi and Amethi are most important. Okay dude. For the sake of sanity on this page, I agree that you will trounce Modi in Varanasi. Everyone will vote for you, including BJP activists. But, Amethi? AMETHI? Kumar Vishwas against Smriti Irani and Rahul Gandhi? As it is, you have put poor Kumar in trouble. Now, THIS?
Dear Friend, I am writing this mail to you to share few things related to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). As some talks are going on related to few issues. I have explained them one by one below: Q.1 Why Aam Aadmi Party against BJP or Modi? Is AAP is B team of Congress? Ans: AAP is neither B team of Congress or BJP. It is an alternative to present politics. AAP is nor against Congress or BJP but against corrupt, communal, dynastic politics, etc. AAP is raising its voice against both of them, as both of the parties are corrupt. Both are giving tickets to criminals, if criminals go to Lok Sabha will they ever make strong laws against criminals? In delhi elections they said AAP would help congress, but the fact is that 3 term CM Shiela Dixit was defeated by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. And now Dr. Kumar Vishwas is fighting against Rahul Gandhi of Congress in Amethi. And Archana Srivastav is fighting against Sonia Gandhi. Some say that Arvind Kejriwal should fight against Sonia Gandhi not against Modi, if they fight against . ...
AAP why you are so confuse ;Kejri supporting Congress,Kumar Vishwas prefers BJP over Congress,Yogendra Yadav supports Naxal,Prashant Bhushan advocates JKLF militant (Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front),Sanjay Singh's love is known for SP(Samajvadi party) all are confused but we are not..this time no place for absconder..Delhite are smarter than you guys and Indian too.
Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Aamne Saamne on News24. . He talks of his strenuous fight w...: Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Aamn...
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