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Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas (also spelled Vishvas or Vishwas) (born 10 February 1970) is a Hindi poet and a professor of Hindi Literature from Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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Just In : Kumar Vishwas comments over rumour about him joining BJP and to contest from Sahibabad.
Senior AAP leader Manish Sissodia takes a dig over the reports of Kumar Vishwas joining BJP.
yes both Kumar and Arvind r great actors but what a pathetic Poet this vishwas is ..
Dr Kumar Vishwas is claiming that General Raheel Shareef has offered him the PM post of Pakistan.
I liked a video from Dr Kumar Vishwas Latest @ AIACTR Delhi ProCon 2015
I am really impressed by graceful conduct by top AAP leaders that is AK,anish and Kumar Vishwas in Varun Gandhi...
I added a video to a playlist Aap Kumar Vishwas
Latham too joined tge party and its the 3rd kumar vishwas for NZ team 😂.
It seems AAP leaders are famous amongst team members too, Guptill just hit another Kumar Vishwas 😂😂😂.
I added a video to a playlist Baua RJ Raunac | in Kumar Vishwas Style
this one is my favourite , must watch. Kumar Vishwas in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Episode)
Sexual harassment case: One witness denied allegations against Kumar Vishwas: Police to HC
Another one from the treasure of Dr. Kumar Vishwas..."Mere Jeene Me Marne Me"
Dr Kumar Vishwas addresses media after AAP's PAC meeting on Surgical Strike: via
I liked a video Kumar Vishwas Vs Manoj Tiwari Holi Program in DELHI
can you please invite Kumar Vishwas in your show .
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I love when Kumar Vishwas wears jackets, can't bear to see his man boobs 😣
I would love to sing one song 4 u Kumar vishwas. " BEGANI SHAADI MAIN ABDULLA DIWANA" since you love singing:-)
Meanwhile Dr Kumar Vishwas said that he got offer to join BJP before Rita Bahuguna Joshi.
Between all these 'intense' debates between Trump and Hillary, waiting for Kumar vishwas to claim POTUS banne ka offer pehle use aaya tha.
Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas move court against summons in provocative speech case.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Admi Party (AAP) leader Kumar Vishwas filed a petition in the Allahabad high court on We...
Brilliant stuff. Watch how Kumar Vishwas shows mirror to Sanghi GD Bakshi .
Teachers are nation builders: Kumar Vishwas at State Teachers Awards -
Manoj Kumar, Somnath Bharti, Kumar Vishwas are accused of violence or molestation, what else they have in common? They are .
No surprise . We know Kumar Vishwas. Also Ex-law min of AAP is famous. Then MLA surfaced. No surprise.
I liked a video Kolkata University : Kumar vishwas latest poetry || New video June 2016
LG a threat to democracy,alleges conspiracy: . We are proud of our leaders r saviours!. - See more at:
.asks LG to Contest Elections to take on AAP. Najeeb Jung a threat to Democracy .
I liked a video AAP leader Dr Kumar Vishwas press conference on Delhi issue
Kumar Vishwas: LG should go for 10-day vipassana to weed out hatred from his mind. Now we know why opts…
LG?? You mean Delhi high court right? Kumar Vishwas is rapidly transforming from a great poet to useless AAP influencer, sad
AAP challenges Narendra Modi & LG Jung for the proposal scrapping the Delhi assembly passed in parliament.
I added a video to a playlist kavi sammelan withDr Kumar Vishwas at *** amp;S Bhiwani part 6
Najeeb Jung a treat to democracy, : ask LG to take on AAP contest election to take on AAP
Najeeb Jung a threat to democracy, says asks LG to contest election to take on A..
Kumar Vishwas seems to be following Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav on his way out.
Women were made to sit on the floor and men got chair. Don't know where Dr. Kumar Vishwas would fit in this. . https:/…
After Digvijay Singh said "Congress needs major surgery", Rahul Gandhi is trying to contact Dr. Kumar Vishwas for this job.
Patiala House Court directs Delhi police to register an FIR against Kumar Vishwas on complaint of ex-AAP worker alleging mole…
big party of the year: NSA Doval, top brass, Ravi Shankar Prasad attend Kumar Vishwas's birthday bash
Guess this reduces the talent pool for Kumar Vishwas to tap into ;-)
BJP is scared of the corruption that is there in DDCA: Kumar Vishwas, AAP
Congress leaders are being saved by BJP leaders and DDA: Kumar Vishwas on
bhai we want to see Dr Kumar Vishwas in your show.
Fake allegations on kumar vishwas bcoz he doesn't support such negative politics.
stopped at some point. Although noticed few kumar vishwas like character. May be his face resembles many band walas :)
No one from AAP (not even Kumar vishwas) has uttered a word on Gandhi's in the National Herald case... Sir ji kam...
I liked a video Dr Kumar Vishwas In Conversation with JANTA KA CONCLAVE480p
I liked a video from Kumar Vishwas with Rahul Kanwal AAJ TAK in Latest Interview
I added a video to a playlist Dr Kumar Vishwas most inspiring patriotic programme on Independence day
Kumar Vishwas was mocking their colour, I'm not. Would you consider it racist to say "X is a dark-skinned person"?
Arvind Kejriwal Dr Kumar Vishwas and all the national leaders called Gulab Singh and congratulated Gujarat team...
Delhi assembly speaker is non political!!! . I mean what d *** Kumar Vishwas is talking about.. How any MLA of Kejriwal cn be apolitical 😳
Central Govt had better not block AAP's Lokpal. Will come across as protecting corrupt if they do: https:/…
Kejriwal ji will blame Delhi Police on Even day & LT Governor on Odd day ~ Kumar Vishwas.
Cheap poet Kumar Vishwas says Modi and Amit Shah have hijacked BJP. What is going on in AAP ? Kejri Gang has hijacked …
The volunteer meet will be addressed by Dr.Kumar Vishwas & Dilip Pandey.State observer,Vivek Yadav will also be there.
Beni Prasad Verma calls Kumar Vishwas a "joker". If he contests against Rahul in Amethi, the joke could be on Rahul
.Shri Reva Khetrapal??? Living in close quarter with Kumar Vishwas has blurred the gender divide.
I liked a video Dr. Kumar Vishwas: Latest performance in Lucknow
u r follower of Kumar Vishwas nd Manish sisodiya. Stop ur 2019 u vl get ticket frm ur AKKA.
Ban from Mumbai lifted by SC... . Kumar Vishwas spotted heading towards beauty parlor for his evening performance 😜
first Kumar Vishwas will copulate with them
AAP spokesperson Dr. Kumar Vishwas questioned the 'dreadful' silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. .
A police complaint has been lodged against Kumar Vishwas' sexist comments at a recent rally in the presence of their leadership."
It seems like Bandage was done by Dr.Kumar Vishwas :)
Business Standard-Kumar Vishwas ready for debate with Bassi: AAP -
All the Brahmins in AAP are from RSS and Kumar Vishwas leads them on the order from Nagpur..
"The way the Centre is interfering in the functioning of Delhi government is not good” says Kumar Vishwas.
NEW DCW cheif is to protect AAP leaders like SImnath Bharti and Kumar Vishwas.
show me some cio who has? But Kumar Vishwas has & yogi adityanath doesn't. Let's not go overboard trying to prove
Good news for Somnath Bharti and Kumar Vishwas. appoints cousin Swati Maliwal as DCW chief.
With cases pending against Dr Kumar Vishwas and Advocate Bharti, this is good news. AAP - an honest alternative. http:…
New DCW chief in Delhi soon whose immediate agenda will be to save the skin of Kumar Vishwas and AAP MLA Somnath Bharti. Rs 2. Rs. 2.78
Kejriwal wanted a Puppet to Chair Delhi Woman Commission to save people like Somnath Bharti, Kumar Vishwas and other AA…
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I was threatened to take back my complaint against Kumar Vishwas: Volunteer - The Economic Times on Mobile
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas moves Supreme Court, wants it to monitor Vyapam scam.
one recalls Gajendra @ Jantar Mantar & subsequent actions of Kumar Vishwas & Manish Sisodia
Big relief to aap leader Kumar Vishwas. DCW informed high court nothing found against him and proceedings against him has b…
Will Paid Media now dare to organise a live debate for Dignity of Kumar Vishwas? Will they call Shazia Ilmi n Bharkha n Blah Blah again?
has not been able to register a single FIR since MK Meena was appointed new ACB chief: Kumar Vishwas . READ - htt…
Kumar Vishwas is not being targeted by outsiders. He is the next Bhushan/Yadav. But Kejriwal won't have it easy https:/…
Yes. Manish Sisodia is a scientist, Jitendra Tomar is an astronaut, Aashim Ahmed is an engineer, Kumar Vishwas is noble laureate.
Establishment in total war with AAP, no holds barred..."Police registers 2 cases against Kumar Vishwas http:/…
“My friend in Aaj Tak has sent this note in Hindi about the whole Kumar Vishwas affair:
Kumar Vishwas row has Delhi govt-DCW in bitter face-off: Delhi High Court refused to stay DCW summons for Kumar Vishwas issued on a v...
My answer to Why BJP always throw muck at AAP, latest at Kumar Vishwas and what does it plan to achieve?
Whether it’s Kumar Vishwas or any other person, if a girl’s dignity has been violated to such an extent, it must be probed:BJ…
Kumar Vishwas fails to appear before DCW: Panel writes to Rajnath Singh, Najeeb Jung and Bassi via
Delhi Commission for Women writes to Rajnath, BS Bassi on AAP leader Kumar Vishwas: The DCW had first issued s...
Kejriwal could say that he doesn't know the complainant who has accused Kumar Vishwas of misconduct.
>Amount of time spent by to defend Kumar Vishwas could have been spent on Knowing where is Jar…
Lutyens media loves everyone in AAP except Kumar Vishwas. While Vishwas is an *** attacks on him is mostly to keep…
Ashutosh,Kumar Vishwas,Sanjay Singh, dilip pandey,ashish Talwar,Durgesh Pathak, ashish Khetan are present in the crucial PA…
DCW member Juhi Khan defends Kumar Vishwas and RESIGNS during a live press conference!
A member f DCW, who ws sitting beside Barkha Singh said Kumar Vishwas is honest n is being framed by political ill moti…
In case you're wondering why Kumar Vishwas trending yesterday, ask about it. One more comes out. …
Kumar Vishwas sends a legal notice to Zee for calling him a murderer. reports:
Kumar Vishwas threatened me, says AAP volunteer
Hindu. Kumar Vishwas threatened me, says AAP volunteer
Kumar Vishwas threatened me, says AAP volunteer - The Hindu
The Hindu - India - Kumar Vishwas in midst of controversy yet again -
Truth about Kumar Vishwas - Watch this video and decide yourself...
Kumar Vishwas threatened the woman. . But one thing is clear now: AAP had killed Koli. .
Kumar Vishwas in midst of controversy yet again - The Hindu
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Hindu. Kumar Vishwas in midst of controversy yet again
Women definitely don't need a ' bhaiya' like AAP's Kumar Vishwas.
I appeal to to give order to arrest Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas,Sanjay Singh to plan …
Zee bans Sonu Nigam for supporting Kumar Vishwas! Can we expect "journalism" from such media?
Exclusive video of Manish Sisodia Making Similar gestures like Kumar Vishwas did on stage. . Please Share and Spread
It was not Kumar Vishwas alone. Manish Sisodia had made the "latak gaya" gesture, too.
Sonu Nigam allegedly banned by Zee Music for 'supporting' AAP's Kumar Vishwas . (shocking news)
Banning Sonu Nigam for supporting Kumar Vishwas , if it is true then it's dangerous and fascist.
I am far from politics but I feel this truth should come out for the sake of my poet friend Kumar Vishwas.
Even VIEWING it second time is worth it. Kumar Vishwas attacks Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan at via
See this video - Kumar Vishwas asking "Latak Gaya" - he knew fm beginning what will happen http…
PM Modi was on a foreign trip, maybe he is too busy to look after our farmers: Aam Aadmi Party's Kumar Vishwas
AAP leaders Pankaj Gupta, Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh to address a press conference today at 12 noon.
AAP is hijacked by opportunists like Sanjay Singh Khaitan,Ashutosh,Kumar Vishwas & honest Yogendra expelled.
Seems that Rahul Gandhi is searching for new adventure after his vacations: Kumar Vishwas, AAP on Rahul Gandhi speech
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas send legal notice to DNA news paper, criminal defamation also to be filed claims close sources to K…
Opinion: Kumar Vishwas' Crass Comment Exposes AAP Predicament: The future of the movement which led to the rise of the Aam Aadmi Part...
In Seedhi Baat with Rahul Kanwal,Kumar Vishwas replied so nicely that he (Rahul) will never forget it.Over exited foolish.
AAP SENT him for election campaigning. Dr.Kumar Vishwas did Erection Campaigning. .
Watch with Kumar Vishwas,is asking him about 'Amethi'
LOL ;-) Listen to Sanjay Singh on TV and Kumar Vishwas on Seedhi Baat.
ISBPL: Kejriwal, Yogendra do not want to work together: Kumar Vishwas: In an interview, Aam Aadmi...
"Do you have to sleep in his bedroom". Kumar Vishwas directing this to Kiran Bedi as she took on mufflerman. . New politic…
When a 3rd rate comedian Kumar Vishwas tries to spit on Kiran Bedi, actually attempts it at d noon Sun. As it is the spi…
See the repeat telecast of the so called expose by bhakts being torn by Kumar Vishwas in 2 pieces on Aajtak Seedhi Baat 2day
...Bjp bjp bjp that was all Kumar Vishwas said on Seedhi Baat.
Kumar Vishwas is really Aaj Tak 'Seedhi Baat'
. Hear this speech of Kumar Vishwas at NE Meeting and lot of things will get clear. …
My opinion ... Pls Don't Circulate pics of Volunteer who was involved with Kumar Vishwas ..
Arnab Goswami: Did you sleep with a volunteer in Amethi & your wife caught you?. Kumar Vishwas: We weren't sleeping.😝.
Kumar Vishwas was taking salary from school where he was working without teaching ! …
Kumar Vishwas is Abhishek Manu Singhvi and of AAP and is Rahul Gandhi
Today it is Kumar Vishwas, then there was Rahul Gandhi, & ofcourse Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandh have beeni on receiving end too.
Kumar Vishwas accused of sleeping with a AAP volunteer during Amethi campaign. .
Don't miss the politics behind sacking of and Prashant, it paves way for Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh' nominati…
Kumar Vishwas slept with student volunteer, got caught by wife. Lol. Real joker! .
Shazia Ilmii says she found AAP autocratic but there under Amit Shah's leadership.(unclear) : Kumar Vishwas
Prashant Bhushan refuses to meet ashish Khetan Sanjay Singh ashutosh and Kumar Vishwas... will meet ak soon
I believe that AAP will further strengthen after the National Council meeting : Kumar Vishwas, AAP
If I am feeling low someday,why would I discuss my internal problems with you?: Kumar Vishwas on AAP’s internal rift
Sources says Kumar Vishwas peed in his pants after he was questioned by Arnab Goswami
Asutosh replaces Kumar Vishwas on Times Now is like Munaf Patel replacing Ashish Nehra in the team
AAP ki Holi: Kumar Vishwas sings Amitabh Bachchan's Rang Barse: When asked about the rift in AAP, Yogendra Yadav said, "It's the day ...
AAP believes in Kumar Vishwas n we AAP supporters believe in AAP in the end everyone trust you KV..
People like Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas will bring Kejriwal's downfall if he is not willing to hear out other voices in the party
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What is Kumar Vishwas doing with Manish Tiwari n those overweight ladies?
Who voted for & who voted against in the Aam Aadmi Party eviction drama. Against YY & PB:. Manish Sisodia . Kumar Vishwas . Gopal rai
At first, Kumar Vishwas offered to resign.
Kumar Vishwas n Manish Sisodia this duo along with Ashish n Ashutosh r surely going to bring down
AAP rift Kumar Vishwas has the maturity, image and credibility to mediate and resolve differences Manish tends to lose c…
Kumar Vishwas and AAP volunteers attacked in Jagdishpur, Amethi leaving many injured. Manish Sisodia rushing to Amethi.
It is important day for Swaraj,extend my good wishes to Arvind Kejriwal and the entire cabinet : Dr.Kumar Vishwas,AAP
On Times Now with Kumar Vishwas in a pleasant poetic encounter on an unpleasant day of Delhi Defeat
We want to stop corruption, not Modi: AAP’s Kumar Vishwas to NDTV
Modi forgot he is India's Prime Minister, not BJP's: Kumar Vishwas to NDTV. Highlights:
I say this retard fatso who sells his hypothyroidism for a living will be the next AAP leader to fight for FoE. Next Kumar Vishwas in making
Truly Said,,, This will be overwhelming pleasure for us and Bhai Kumar Vishwas
Wishing u many many happy returns of the day happy birthday Kumar vishwas sir
Kumar vishwas cupboard me bhi belt lagake bethte hain
Imagine listening to the likes of Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal for the next five years. I want to cry 😯
So AAPian was asked: . Do U think tht Kumar Vishwas of will wear a kurta with AK's name allover it?. . AAPian: Yes & I'm honest.
So the AAPian was asked: . Do you think that Kumar Vishwas of will start wearing clothes like Modi does?. . AAPian: Yes & I'm honest.
An *** is interviewing Dr. Kumar Vishwas...still stuck on dharnas etc.
Dr. Kumar Vishwas BABY sir Anupam Kher brillant as usual, Akshy-great acting, Taapsee Pannu -good work Niraj has been good too. Keep it up!
Mr. Kumar vishwas. did u thank all of them? Kashmir de doge aap to ab unko..
look at Kumar vishwas after AAP win in Delhi.
Even super Rashtravadi comedian Kumar Vishwas made fun of Gods and religions in his acts.
Punjab bhi to focus mein hai. Was it Kumar Vishwas who said that.
I liked a video from Seedhi Baat: Interview with AAP leader Kumar Vishw…
"bjp files complaint with ec against sexist remarks by kumar vishwas" on Rediff iShare
assuming AAP forming govt & Kumar vishwas not given any portfolio, he will be seen as a junior deputy to Shazia Ilmi in BJP yes sure.
A day after exit polls predicted a win,AAP leader watched
Add. Shri ji.. and many more.. Amazing prog. It…
I quoted verbatim from an interview with Kumar Vishwas. This is also exactly what Anand Kumar said yesterday.
Exclusive: Kumar Vishwas and Sanjay Singh at war room monitoring polls.
Heading back home from Sarojini Nagar Jan Sabha of Arvind & Kumar Vishwas. AAP. 3E of energy, emotion & enthusiasm trul…
If such a hawala scam is happening right under your nose then what kind of a Finance Minister are you?: Kumar Vishwas, AAP
After attending an AAP meeting I feel there is a stiff competition among Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas & Ashutosh as to who is the m…
Just heard Kumar Vishwas's speech.Am no fan of his but he didn't make sexist remarks abt He was talking about …
Kumar Vishwas writes poems for those one-sided lovers who spend all their youth humming Kumar Sanu songs while standing on bus stands.
Kiran Bedi will realize in the next few days that by just removing the Congress, corruption will not end: Kumar Vishwas
SHOCKING! Kumar Vishwas glorifying 9/11 in front of Muslim Audience, calling 9/11 as Laden Ekadashi
BJP banking on one man, AAP can check, balance: Kumar Vishwas
PM should have invited Arvind Kejriwal as a former CM to Republic Day celebrations: Kumar Vishwas, AAP
Kumar Vishwas wanted Kejri to lose election so he is giving provoking statements..
Kiran Bedi urged Team Anna members not to attack Kumar Vishwas
Shanti Bhushan is switching sides. At one time, he also praised BJP: AAP leader Kumar Vishwas
Please spare few minutes and read it. If you love your country. 2011 was the year of revolution, common men of our country stood up against corruption in India, lakhs of people came on road. People demanded a strong Anti-Corruption law, because root cause of any problem in our country is mainly corruption. We all demanded Janlokpal Bill, the moment was lead by Shri Anna Hazare along with Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia and many others. When that UPA government of that time didn't agree to make such strong law against corruption, nor opposition BJP showed any interest in it. Arvind Kejriwal went on to give people what they demanded, a political alternative, so Aam Aadmi Party was formed to bring the law on its own. All blamed Arvind Kejriwal that he betrayed Anna, he was called selfish and greedy. There were many people who belonged to India Against Corruption(IAC) moment, few such names are: 1. Baba Ramdev - Now supporter and campaigner of BJP. 2. VK Singh - Now MP from BJP. 3. Anupam Kher ...
This is called commitment. 🙏 “Will not leave Amethi: Kumar Vishwas
same goes to Kumar Vishwas, but in India if winning election is credibility we shud do puja of Pappu Yadav and Akbar Owaisi!
Vishwas is unmatchable.Duo of Kumar Vishwas and Bhagwant Mann all set to rock Delhi."
Dont spread rumours...Kumar Vishwas and Prof Anand Kumar are strongly with AAP
AAP is going wrong way that's why Anand Kumar, Shazia and Kumar Vishwas got angry with AAP...
The reason why Kumar Vishwas, Anand Kumar and Shazia are angry is AAP going in wrong direction.
Only person with whom Kumar Vishwas had communication in the last week is Manish Sisodia.
Why this Q. Was AK chosen by SG or By Salim yadav? Who is intelligent Salim or AK? Why did Kumar Vishwas leave, Why Ilmi Quit?
Kumar Vishwas,others sat in Amethi police station pressing for FIR against Priyanka,Rahul Gandhi,Cong workers alleging a threat to his life
Choose the best option among the following . 1) Bhagwant Maan. 2) Kumar Vishwas. 3) Vinod Kumar Binny. 4) None of the above
How can Dr. Kumar Vishwas applaud a guy who has absolutely trounced his party supremo in the electoral battle 3 months back.
Money Back Guarantee/ Sunil Pal/ Amazing Way of Promotion. Kumar Vishwas and Sunil Pal promoting the movie "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" in a funny way. The movie c...
Kumar Vishwas trying to please BJP,But in polt strength is measured in the form of mass,u hv only 6000 votes
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas questions the clean chit to Rahul Gandhi - …
Not sure if you noticed but a clean shaven Ranveer Singh looks like a muscular Kumar Vishwas.
LOL: Kumar Vishwas gearing up to fight against
ironical as KUMAR VISHWAS is a great MODI fan
Many happy diwali wishes to you & your family Kumar vishwas ji.May you have bright year ahead.
Has Smriti irani ever been to Amethi after losing the elections? No? Ok. Wat abt Kumar Vishwas btw? Lol
. So good to see Kumar Vishwas & Munawwar Rana together on stage..hope I get a chance to hear them sometime
I know kumar vishwas well his ideology is one among hindutva so it would be better kumar vishwas joins bjp.
What u think Kumar vishwas Arvind are such people? I am not asking for support but why this hatred &false propaganda
Must watch speech of Kumar Vishwas bhai in recent Volunteers Meet. Will give u enough goose bumps
Akar Patel deserves "Kumar Vishwas third class literature award". Intellectual bankruptcy at it's best. Too below the belt attack.
guys. Both him and Kumar Vishwas promised to stay in Varanasi and Amethi. Have they visited these places after elections?
Let remain one man party. For a change bring Vishwas instead of Arvind.
when media stop arvind darshan ?now they are showing even kumar vishwas also ?he is going to Amethi ,reaching ,and .,everything
AAP to pitch Yogendra Yadav as Haryana CM candidate, says Kumar Vishwas
Meanwhile Raj Thackrey gets a friend request on FB from Kumar Vishwas, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal
Dr. Kumar Vishwas Looks like u copied many things from here . If you start then listen with patience ... u...
Kumar Vishwas has proven once again why he's one of the best comedians in the country today. …
lol ...Kumar Vishwas will cry from Delhi BJP is doing horse trading   10% Off
Now I am not surprised that Kumar Vishwas does Poetry concerts!!! :p
Oh you missed rapist mayank Gandhi and laalchi kumar vishwas
but I wish Kumar Vishwas could be kicked out. He's pretty much scum.
Kumar Vishwas called him Chanakya of but we all know, he failed. In Reality, Today's Chanakya is none other than …
Kumar vishwas is offered CM post of Maharastra by BJP: Sources
Kumar Vishwas and two women activists targeted in Amethi. Two women activists injured. Vishwas is at the Kamrauli police station now.
NCP,Shiv Shena,Congress and MNS are asking me for Maharashtra CM Post : Kumar Vishwas
After the Yogendra Yadav, Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal walked into a bar. And they got really drunk
IAC Press Release says unidentified people today tried to threaten and gate crash into houses of Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas
Formal launch of AAP Youth Wing in presence of all senior leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas...
Was offered Delhi CM chair by BJP: Kumar Vishwas to Economic Times
"AAP is breaking now" Only this statement is true.. Go n abuse Shazia Ilmi n Kumar Vishwas too.
Dear mr kumar vishwas, when you cannot do anything, you don't have even the right to say something for MODI
: Dear Kumar Vishwas, we will be happy if you dedicate one beautiful birth day song to Mr.Modi. Today is his birth day.
Kumar Vishwas must have lost as he was supporter right Mr LOL.
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And now ladies and gentlemen DrKumarVishwas is now exposed …
AAPtard Alert:Auto response-So now you accept Kumar Vishwas,because he is convenient for u?When he spoke against u he is Bad?
Kumar Vishwas says that he was offered China's Vice Prez's Post by Chinese Prez Xi!
Hello Mr Manu Kumar. I am Vishwas from Murata Electronics. Need to discuss with you. Can you share your mail id/contact no?.
Dear AAP, don't be so happy, these are small by-polls results; Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh are still with your party
Awesome! You are really awesome dude. Kumar Vishwas ban sakte *** bhai. Very nice keep it up. :)
Kumar Vishwas is integral part of AAP leadership and will remain. Sorry saw interview, but no news though Times Now tried …
Are you sure that isn't Dr. Kumar Vishwas?.
Kumar vishwas, psycho swamy, Adityanath gawar and now Sakshi Maharaj... Number of high profile jokers is...
Plz Kumar Vishwas ka Show dobara Telecast kar do...
I am Kumar Vishwas. I get offers for all the posts in the World ??
Someone I know just won some competition at AAP and his prize is. Meal with Kumar Vishwas!!! :)
Kumar Vishwas and Honey Singh must be thankful to engineers
VK singh, Kejriwal, kumar vishwas and others also said the same thing. Only time will tell!
you have to send Kejriwal and Kumar vishwas to talk with Terrorist
Deepika: I have breasts n cleavage. U got any problem?. Kejriwal: I hav Ashutosh, Kumar Vishwas and Yogendra Yadav in AAP. U got any problem?
R u on ur job to corect r timing fr Modi in any way.. Jst by using kumar vishwas to dwnplay bjp embarasment?
voice of decent is part of democracy; helps reduce weaknesses in D party? can others have it?
AAP Conference - Dr. Kumar Vishwas: One of more motivating talk by . Must watch n…
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas speaking exclusively to TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami slams decision by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to give up power in Delhi,...
Other day Arnab Goswami asked Kumar Vishwas "Why go to Kavi Sammelan organized to celebrate Modi's birthday". Kumar replied "Modi is PM" 1/n
Despite best effort --> "Kumar Vishwas meets at latter's residence, denies differences in AAP.
Kumar Vishwas says he may perform at PM Narendra Modi's birthday event and "Will quit AAP if there's an opposition." Vishwas admits that his party has behaved like a typical political party & has openly criticised the decision to quit Delhi government. The biggest challenge before AAP is to decide what to call Kumar Vishwas: a fascist bigot or an Ambani stooge or a communal force
BJP :-) Which party Kumar Vishwas is representing??
just like Manoj Tiwari offered CM post to Kumar Vishwas?all bunkum plz leave school level politics grow up Kejriwal
Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas to be in ...
: Insurance company insuring Bang Bang has reportedly refused to bear losses of 20-30Cr incurred due to film’s extended shooting schedule 2 : Contrary to reports Shamita Shetty denies signing a film with her sister Shilpa Shetty’s production house :o 3 : gets A Certificate. All set for worldwide release on 12th September. 4 : Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas has demanded Rs 21 crore to enter the house. 5 : The shooting of starring Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez has been started from today in Malaysia. 6 : Ashutosh Gowariker ropes in Hollywood stunt coordinator Glenn Boswell for ‘Mohenjo Daro’ 7 : Katrina missed Salman’s Ganpati celebrations this year as she was busy shooting a song sequence for ‘Phantom’ 8 : Priyanka Chopra: "I don't look like Mary Kom, but I represent her spirit and personality in the film." 9 : Abhishek Bachchan apparently recommended Aishwarya Rai for Sanjay Gupta's 'Jazbaa' 10 : Contrary to reports Hrithik Roshan denies signing a Hollywood project..! 11 : Arj ...
that on a scale of original Adnan Sami I am just Kumar Vishwas
Kumar Vishwas: Australian Cricket Board offered me the post of Captain if i bring along our AAP MLAs. See, they lost t…
1) India and Japan sign an MoU to develop Varanasi into a smart city; On the first day of Japan visit Prime Minister Modi and his counterpart express strong desire for accelerating economic partnership. 2) Left parties rule out joining hands with Trinamool Congress to counter BJP in West Bengal. 3) Finance Minister says country's economy is turning around; Inflation moderating and Investors confidence improving because of recent decisions of the government. 4) Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas claims that a BJP leader offered him Delhi Chief Minister's post; BJP rubbishes the claim. 5) Arun Jaitley terms repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan extremely serious and provocative. 6) Political crisis in Pakistan deepens as Tahir-ul-Qadri issues 24 hour deadline to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. 7) BJP says it will react to government formation in Delhi only after Lieutenant Governor takes a final call. 8) US calls for global coalition to counter growing menace of jihadist miltants from Islamic S ...
Before CM, Kumar Vishwas ws offered the post of Chief of Army,Chief Justice and many other posts of public importance
Kumar Vishwas: BCCI offered me the Director post of Team India if i bring them all our MLAs..
Now After Great Joke of Kumar Vishwas & CM Post offering ,I heard Bhagwant Mann want to Quit & Said :-2Comedian in …
ok..then why ur fellow AAPi Sanjay Singh giving out statements based on Kumar Vishwas's claim??
Ah yes, the good old days “offered me Delhi CM post: Kumar Vishwas -
I guess Some one gave Ice Bucket Challenge to Kumar Vishwas & as Big Drama Queen he is He start saying :--- BJP Offered …
BJP offering Delhi CM post to Kumar Vishwas is like Raj Thakeray offering Maharashtra CM post to a Bihari
Kumar Vishwas was offered the chief ministership of Delhi by the BJP? One thought the Modi sultanate might be looking for a court jester.
: What happened to Anna Hazare, binny, Shazia, Kumar Vishwas, Shanti Bhushan and other founding members of AAP ??
Dr. Kumar Vishwas was in Canada recently and he highlighted how AAP has changed the discourse of Indian politics and why it is important for AAP to keep working.
Full video of Dr. kumar vishwas latest video 2014 , making fun and nom stop comedy.
"Koi DEEWANA kehta hai, koi PAGAL samjhta hai..." | And you know who i'm referring to. (with apologies to Dr. Kumar Vishwas, of course!)
They have a Kumar Vishwas fan club on Youtube. SMH.
It was a busy weekend: Independence Day celebrations, a Store Opening and introducing Dr. Kumar Vishwas on stage.
expression of Love was always forbidden for women or men too I guess. as Kumar vishwas said yahn bas theory
Kumar vishwas is also d same bird frm the same family but in a diff nest.
Haven't seen on platform recently.. Has he given up on politics?.
Glad to have witnessed Dr Kumar Vishwas show in Brampton on 16 Aug
Kumar Vishwas is such a big bloody clown. What made him assume that he can be a leader. Just another street smart conniving manipulator. ..
I requested Kumar Vishwas to they could not rule and deliver.
Baby - meant for Kumar Vishwas...He is critisising PM speech and want immediate result.
Today i watch , kumar vishwas new poet show in "LONDON" . REALY THIS Show is so nice.
My reaction when Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal lost Badly.
Swag Entertainment presents. MADE IN INDIA. An evening with Kumar Vishwas. A show of Laughter, poetry and...
The impatient Youth!!! Expects that it just takes a day to upgrade all the facilities in a nation. People should understand that by paying extra you can get extra cheese with your burger immediately, but similarly you cannot get better facilities after paying extra for your train journeys. Some time needs to be given to the govt. Its particularly disturbing when people click some random clicks , and say "janta maaf nahi karegi MODIJI" and I am like *** ? , they think that Modi himself is responsible because of this. ps:- I am not extremely thrilled with Modi's performance !! pps:- But has anyone noticed what padamshree KEJRI is doing, he is doing protest to support GAZA, yaar yaha INDIA ki watt lagi hui hai, tumhe gaza ki padi hai ? ppps:- And what Kumar vishwas? If his intentions were true and he seriously wanted to do something, where is he now? why has he shifted his focus back to doing shows in USA and all? , farzi DESH Bhakhat !!!
After humiliating defeat in Amethi, Kumar Vishwas smartly gone for Vitamin 'M '- frm US, Bollywood, BigBoss etc, its time fr Kejriwal too
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