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Kuils River

Kuils River (Afrikaans: Kuilsrivier) is a town in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

Cape Town Western Cape Standard Bank Marius Fransman

Kuils River Runners Club training 11.00 to 12.00 Mon - Thursday at Erista Prim for school holiday is free to the community.
Is there a water outage in the Highbury Park area,Kuils River ?
Kuils River - please ask who to contact. We would love donations 😀
Zim lady 34 looking for chars on Mon,Tue,Wed & Fri as a domestic worker. have refs. Kuils River 061 2485 929
Traffic lights at Langverwacht Rd / Zevenwacht Link Rd in Kuils River are flashing. The department is currently attending to this.
Hey what happened to the Seattle kuils river? I think elto caltex. Used to stop there & was disapp…
This solar PV system at Soneike Mall, Kuils River is generating savings of around R1.7m annually:…
Morning T2802 is operating 30 min late (departed Bellville at 05:35). T3200 is delayed ay Kuils River due to a defective set
T2300, which departs Bellville at 05:25, is delayed at Kuils River due to a defective set
I tried to log in on free wifi at zevenwacht mall kuils river but it required a password
So this is new. No heavy traffic coming into Kuils River, outbound traffic looking not kak?? Slaap almal nog?
Found this in the Kuils River canal
Eerste River trains will turn around at Kuils River
15:22 Inbound trains will be short turned at Kuils River. Only Strand and Muldersvlei will go through. (2/2)
Kuils River resident backdoor to fame - Channel 45 News
2 Bedroom Townhouse available at Bougainvillea Security Complex on Skyvue drive, Kuils River
Little Giant Ladders
Missing: Kuils River WC Elmarine Monk 13 yrs 23 June 2017. Circumstances: Elmarine left for school from Sarepta...
no water in Vredelust, Kuils River . Please advise?
what are the expected train times for Kuils river station
where is the express from Kuils river to Cape Town?
Two dead in four-car R300 pile up A horror crash along the R300 near Kuils River in Cape Town left two people dead…
Missing: Kuils River WC Mervaline Joslyn Doreg 15 Yrs 30 April 2017. Circumstances: She was last seen at home in...
Kuils River TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Forest Drive - Both Ways
why is there no service between Kuils River and Cape Town? Are there plans to have Kuils River - Cape Town route?
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on Kuils River Freeway - R300 N, Stikland, Cape Town on - Drive So...
when will the exchange problem be resolved in Vredelust, Kuils River, WC? It's been 7 days the area has been down already.
hopefully she finds something! I have seen a few props in the area in gated villages but more outskirts of Kuils River.
Come through. Take me away. Take me to a better place.🍓🍍 @ Kuils River
You boarded T3208?- it passed departed Kuils River at 07h42
Good luck to all our runners taking part in our last 2017 Club Training Run in Kuils River today.
So I wanted one,ready with trade in plus cash,but not anymore. Not after dealing with the manager at Toyota Kuils River.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Family braai — feeling blessed at Highbury, Kuils River
| Thank you for bringing my daughter home - mom of Kuils River teen: A grateful Kuils River…
: Reports of a passenger related incident at Kuils River. Allow for extra travel time.
They made a fool out of a lot of people.
Metrorail beefs up security after fatal stoning incident Metrorail has increased its security between Kuils River …
OPINION:. Kuils River girls made us worry for nothing.
Kuils River girls made us worry for nothing via The media blew this story out of proportion
Kuils River girls made us worry for nothing Naughty children need to know just how much manpower and resources the…
These girls should have to do some community work as punishment. It's just not good enough to fob it's...
Kuils River girls made us worry for nothing | Independent Online
What time will the Express to Cape Town be arriving at Kuils River?
Hi Lisle. The water supply to large parts of Kuils River and the Bellville CBD will be interrupted. Thank you.
and what about the water in Kuils River today? From 7-7
Planned water outage for Kuils River, Bellville. via
Water supply to Kuils River and Bellville in Cape Town will be cut from 7pm this evening until 7am tomorrow morning due to pipeline repairs.
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apparently people at the CoCT has confirmed that Kuils River & Bellville supplies will be cut today from 19:00 - 07:00.
. Thank you for visiting Kuils River this morning! Keep up the good work!
Are you planning maintenance on the water network in Kuils River and Bellville area today or tomorrow?
The first ever Peer Promoter group at Kuils River Technical HS, ready for their first blood donation clinic!
will the water supply be off in Kuils River and Bellville tonight from 7pm till 7am? Apparently heard on
We have found a probably stolen dog in Kuils River - Soneike - it is a black still very young female with 4 white...
Only 3 of 4 missing Kuils River teens found
I find this terribly scary. How do you go missing in Kuils River CT and end up in Roodepoort GP? Frightening.
Four missing Kuils River girls found via
Did you see that the Kuils River girls were found in Gauteng? They decided to tour the country and ended up in Roodepoort. 😒
The missing Kuils River girls were found in Roodepoort unharmed. They just wanted to tour the country.😒…
These Kuils river girls who went on a walkabout all the way to Roodepoort… I really want to know the story there
When you live in the area it feels more personal .Lord Jesus help us.
Missing Kuils River teens were just 'exploring' the country
fire in sunbird park , kuils river, near Sparrow walk. Can emergency vehicles be dispatched?
Join us for a on Sabbath 21 January 2017 at Kuils River SDA Church for the…
There are so many bottle stores in Kuils River 👌🏾 We are so focused here 😂
People in Kuils River are forever jogging or cycling early morning auj.
The water supply in Kuils River has been restored.
Suspected ivory peddlers arrested in Kuils River -
Suspected ivory peddlers arrested in Kuils River
This guy probably haply he no longer has to keep up with Kuils River traffic ai
'Trio nabbed for rhino horn, ivory in Kuils River' .
There is a water outage in De Kuilen, Kuils River which could also be affecting the surrounds. The department is attending to this.
as far as I'm concerned kuils River is the midrand of cpt lol
Trio nabbed for rhino horn, ivory in Kuils River
Zambian and two Congolese men arrested in Kuils River outside Cape Town after they were found with rhino horn, ivory and a lion's tooth
Central Line: Trains are delayed due to defective track circuits at Kuils River. Delays of 20mins to be expected
07:32 Faulty signals at Blackheath, defective tracks at Kuils River & defective points at Muldersvlei. De…
Congrats to 1stXI Cricket Coach and MiC Golf Etienne Grobler on his first ever Hole-in-One yesterday! 4 iron 180m Par 3 at Kuils River Club
Just had the best dinner with this amazing view at on estate outside my hometown Kuils River!
when is the next train from Cape Town to Kuils River and what platform
Huge demand for new homes in Kuils River in Cape Town sees launch of new development
Conversations is this Sunday, 4th Dec, near Kuils River! Buy tickets at by…
Celebrating talent at the Kuils river primary school Awards ceremony
Give us land, group tells City of Cape Town: A group of Kuils River residents want the City of Cape Town to give…
thank you very much. Train number 3223 just arrived at Kuils River
MISSING. Two Small Mixed Breed Dogs - one white, one brown. KUILS RIVER. Sue Hyman shared Elfreda Geldenhuys's...
Join us at the last Conversations event of 2016 on Sun 4th Dec near Kuils River! RSVP at…
I saw this on SC and I didn't even notice the kuils river filter😩😭
who can I contact regarding the hiring of Van Riebeek hall in Kuils River
Leaving Kuils River was the best decision for him tbh 🙌🏼💪🏼
SON team setting up at PnP River Park, Kuils River. Come join us from 10am for some great entertainment
Me: where do you live?. Person: Cape Town. Me: oh nice, where in CPT?. P: Kuils River. Me: ...
Man in dock for vehicle sale fraud: A Kuils River man has appeared in court for allegedly using a forged paysl...
Merchandise Planner at Retail Logistics wanted, click here to apply
Belhar CRASH at Erica Drive - DELAYS from Kuils River Erica Drive - Westbound
Stability Chemist: Kuils River, Western Cape - Trust Vital with your future...
Driving to Kuils River, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 3:30 PM using - Drive Social.
We launched our first roadshow yesterday at Soneike high in Kuils River, stay…
Kuils River traffic is absolutely ridiculous 😰
What the he'll is going on.. Kuils river 6am
So content with my life and it being in Kuils River on the farm 👋🏾👌🏾
N1 outbound ave speed 25 kph, delays of 36 minutes from Nelson Mandela Blvd to Kuils River Freeway.
The kids love it here (@ Zevenwacht Wine Estate in Kuils River, Western Cape)
Get this dress for New Year's and STAND OUT from the crowd:
I've called the kuils River municipality about water leakage but no feedback. Who can help me seen as we have water shortage?
hi CT trains, what time is next train to Kuils River.
Kuils River TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Sandalwood Street - expect delays - Both Ways
please ensure traffic cops are on duty in Kuils River btw 6.15-8am? Roads blocked due to bad drivers
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Netcare Kuils River Hospital on divert for all Adult P2 pts from 15:10 1/12/2015 till 10:00 2/12/2015.
Kuils river traffic will literally cause people to commit murder.
Kobus, store mngr at river park in Kuils River is awesome! Sourced stock and had it delivered to my closest store. Great service!
MISSING. Black and white pitbull puppy. Myra Blom (posted on Kuils River Lost & Found Pets):. Hi. My dog came out...
2 Bedroom townhouse available in Bougainvillea complex, Kuils River
I must say I'm deeply unhappy with your services particularly your store at Sewenwaght Mall in Kuils River.
Load shedding in Kuils River but my radio has batteries so I'm not missing out on your show
Police on Monday said no arrests have yet been made in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old boy in Kuils River.
Extract from email received from Netcare Kuils River PR Officer. "On behalf of Netcare Kuils River Hospital...
Cops investigate after teen (14) raped in Kuils River: The teenage boy was allegedly approached by a man who l...
Kuils River TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working correctly at Gladioli Road Gladioli Road - Both Ways
how do one read/ decipher the code.train 2313 Kuils River 7:58was supposed to be 7 minutes late and be at Kuils River 8:05?
Any load shedding in Kuils River today
Mitsubishi Kuils River Branch excellent service: Thanks Llwellyn and Andre for the excellent service I receive...
Not a good day for Kuils River Open. Soaking wet golf is not nice
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Kuils River TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Langverwacht Road Langverwacht Road - Both Ways
Look out for our ad on . Special promo in Kuils River this weekend! visit
Cape Town - The body of a woman found dumped in a field in Kuils River three years ago is yet to be identified.
All Kuils River residents check out our ad on page 9 of We're at the Library only for this weekend!
Planned electricity maintenance in Kuils River from 08:00 - 16:00. Contact 0860 103 089 or powerfor info.
the one I am traveling in is a death trap! Come to kuils river route asb
Ipid to investigate deadly shootout between police and suspects following high-speed car chase
Hi Jon, Kuils River is not currently scheduled for load-shedding. Thank you.
"Kuils River Saxenburg engen was bombed this morning
thank city of Cape Town for the amazing Kuils River law enforcement team with Mr Joseph for giving our community 1st class service
Kuils River. Saxenburg engen was bombed this morning
Morning, T3403 is currently running 34mins late and it is at Kuils River --->
This nai comes once and brings smokes now that's good vibes. What the ma se poes about everytime I've came? From Kuils River.
We lost today against Belhar Spurs 2-1 Kuils River FC, but got lots of positive things out of the game.
Kuils River ROADWORKS - left lane closed after the Van Riebeeck Road exit STELLENBOSCH ARTERIAL ROAD - Southbound
Nice gallery by photographer Dillon Marsh of the Kuils River, Cape Town from source to ocean.
Kuils River ROADWORKS - left lane closed after the Stellenbosch Arterial Road exit SAREPTA FOOTBRIDGE - Northbound
Suzie coffee shop freshly made oven bread can now be bought at Fresh stop . Kuils river for R15 .
We have joined forces with the Rock a Bye Baby House (local Kuils River NGO) as part of our "Community Outreach"...
This is why I love Kuils River. Its says we are currently loadshedding but. :D
come say hi in Kuils River. Its safer here.
Guys come visit me in Kuils River I've NEVER had visitors "If it doesn't rain friday (: "
This is the Vodacom speed in Kuils River.
Look what's on Gumtree! Neat Upmarket House to share with professional medical practitioner
kuils river was pouring when I left.I'm in Maitland now. .its just drizzling
Kuils River Stellenbosch Arterial Road CRASH in the left lane before Nooiensfontein Road - Eastbound
had a fantastic day of golf at Kuils River sponsored by and # Voltex, Thank you!
when will the 3410 train arrive at Kuils River station?
Massive accident on R310 Baden Powell and turn off to R102 Somerset West / Kuils River direction N2 all resources...
Apparently Kuils River Superspar also stocks sriracha :D Gonna go there after work!
Kuils river needs a sushi place ,that has English speaking staff and does free delivery
Marketing Intern. Kuils River, Market Related. Internship position in the Advertising sector posted by Power...
Expect delays both ways from Kuils River due to faulty traffic lights on Strand Road at Peter Barlow Road - Stikland (Via
Stikland Strand Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working correctly at Peter Barlow Road - DELAYS from Kuils River - Both Ways
Police confirm an ATM bombing at Access Park in Kuils River this afternoon. MK
traffic lights NOT out at van riebeek and langverwaght in kuils river anymore.
Faulty traffic lights at intersection of Van Riebeeck & Langverwacht Roads, Kuils River.
I'm in Kuils River... Watching it here,but we should defo hook up for a game👍
"what petition?" To do something about the traffic is kuils river
Congratulations to Trevor Steyn from Kuils River who won our R500 Bata voucher. We will have new competition on...
Just got this in Kuils River traffic
Stop the Kuils River Gridlocked Petition via If you a resident in Kuils River, please read and sign!!!
From Cape Town to Kuils River to Stellenbosch. The wind is absolutely cray-cray today!
07:32 NorthernLine : Operations confirmed that the PA System at Kuils River is now working
FFS for the love of fast internet speeds PLEASE sort out the connectivity in Kuils River!!! connection
Gunmen rob Cape Town bank: Staff at a Kuils River bank are still in shock after gunmen robbed the branch just ...
08:41 : T2314 is at Kuils River and currently operating 5mins late
Cc Kuils River Standard Bank targeted in armed robbery
A bank in Kuils River has been latest target of criminals. Police say a Standard Bank branch was robbed in which...
Kuils River Standard Bank targeted in armed robbery
Kuils river?do these things happen there?"Standard Bank branch in Kuils River robbed
Standard Bank branch in Kuils River robbed: The police's Andre Traut says three men forced their way into the ...
Kuils River Standard Bank Robbed: A Standard Bank branch in Kuils River, Cape Town, was robbed by three men on...
07:12 : T2380 the 06:30 train from Kuils River to Cape Town has been cancelled due to sets out of service
T23781 the 16:15 train to Kuils River and T2382 the 17:17 to Cape Town have been cancelled due to defective set
Accident at intersection of Belrail & Willie Hofmeyer Roads, Bellville. One lane obstructed on Belrail Road in Kuils River direction
Kuils River Stellenbosch Arterial Road ACCIDENT in the right lane at Nooiensfontein Road - expect DELAYS - Eastbound
German shepherd urgently needs home
Kuils River , and I would like to know how much a deck costs ?
Black Footworx heels size7 & Black Foschini heels with black suede roses size6. Both with extra heels. R300 for both or make an offer. Stellenbosch,Kuils River,Brackenfell area
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Pandor stood 2 hours in a line to vote and Mantashe.Fransman rocks up in Kuils River and goes directly to the front.
New Instagram photo tagged at Netcare - Kuils River Hospital -
Greeting the comrades outside the voting pol in Kuils River. We walk in victory!
Although the doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia last night, I defied his orders to remain in bed and went to cast my vote for the ANC IN KUILS RIVER A FEW MOMENTS AGO. There are a few hours left to vote before 9 0'clock. I'm urging all those who have not vote yet to do so.
ANC will definitely take Cape - Fransman May 7 2014 at 02:01pm By Richard Davies Cape Town - A confident Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman says his party will “definitely” take the province in Wednesday's election. “I can safely say now, we will, in this election, be trashing the Democratic Alliance in the rural communities... we will (push up) our vote in the black communities, and you're going to have a big split vote in the coloured community,” he said. “And we believe, with that, we will definitely take the Western Cape this time around.” Casting his vote in a hall adjacent to the Dutch Reformed Church in Kuils River, he, nevertheless, admitted his party was in a “real fight” with the DA to wrest control of the Western Cape. “Look, I think it's always a daunting task... The ANC has never outright won the Western Cape, however, in 2004 we came in at 46 percent.” Fransman arrived at the voting station in a big black Mercedes Benz, wearing a gold-coloured Madiba shirt. He said h ...
Marius Fransman jumped the queue voting in Kuils River today.
Poignant ending to this news story on Marius Fransman voting in Kuils River today.
Kuils River long lines but high turn out nevertheless
voting line at Alta Du Toit in Kuils River. Kids are excited
We are being entertained by a band at Kuils River.., members all dressed in ANC t-shirts..enjoying the music
Time to place the all important mark (@ Kuils River Rugby Club)
"Kuils River is a predominately DA area - its quiet, ppl may not have had their 1st coffee yet" Raeesa Isaacs -
Live to the Western Cape - with reporter in Kuils River, 25 km east of C. Town. "Biting chill, abt 250-300 ppl"
Long lines in Kuils River voting station. Glad I got something to eat before I arrived
Kuils River on the R102 at Nooiensfontein Road there’s an accident in the left lane on the R102 direction Eerste River
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Ryan, it's even colder this morning in Kuils River...
Please share this page amongst your friends staying within Kuils River :-)
Oh my hat. Kuils River having one EPIC traffic jam since 5pm. Grid-locked.
they targeted MTN in Tableview and Kuils River a few months ago.
Kuils River Van Riebeeck towards R300 is a disaster. Taken me an hour to move less than 1km.
Can I get a slow clap for the team?! Now available in the Kuils River area!
FOUND: Kuils River WC Mellissa Cecilia Fick 28 yrs 28 March 2014. Circumstances: She was last seen by her mother...
Morning! T3208 passed Kuils River, on it’s way to Bellville. 9mins late due to speed restrictions
Four Cape Town policemen arrested on charges of corruption and misuse of state vehicles after they allegedly accepted a bribe…
FOR THEM THE LAST POST HAS SOUNDED When the Roll was called on 02 March 2014, the following young men from our Generation stepped forward and answered to their names. Brothers and Sisters, during the course of the day, I ask you to pause for a minute and remember these young men who are no longer here to share this day with us. 02 Mar 1982: 76905355SP Rifleman Lewis Francesco from 201 Battalion SWATF Died of Wounds accidentally sustained in an explosion inside an ammunition bunker at Omega. He was 22. 02 Mar 1984: 74268624KT Rifleman Hendrik Francois van der Merwe from the Van der Byl Park Commando apparently drowned in circumstances as yet unknown. Although officially declared dead by the State President, he remains unaccounted for. He was 25. 02 Mar 1985: 84076033CK Rifleman Hilton Isaac Jacobs from the South African Cape Corps was killed in a Military Vehicle Accident at Kuils River. He was 20. 02 Mar 1986: 80433949BT Sapper Daniel Wilhelmus van Schalkwyk from 11 Field Engineer Regiment was kill ...
All the staff at Kuils River Hospital's so friendly.
When paying with a card at a garage plz check the amount signed for.I was cheated with a R50 yesterday at Elto Motors in Kuils River
Rental Agents Rawson Properties Kuils River - Kuilsrivier, Western Cape We are looking for hard working reliable agents to do property rentals in Eersteriver, Blackheath, Highbury, Kuils River areas. Must have your own reliable transport, cellphone and laptop or table...
"Loving it", Kuils River OptiFit,is the answer.
You guys, what's the best time to take a train to town from kuils river in the morning?
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CITY OF Cape Town 17 FEBRUARY 2014 MEDIA RELEASE Metro Police nab 44 suspects during high visibility patrols and operations During patrols this past week, Metro Police officers arrested a high-ranking gang member as well as numerous suspects on charges of drunk driving, possession of illegal narcotics, and murder. Read more below: The Metro Police Tactical Response Unit conducted operations focusing on outstanding warrants of arrest in Manenberg over the weekend. On Sunday 16 February 2014, four suspects were arrested on drug-related charges dating back to 2012. On Friday 14 February, three more suspects were arrested, including a high-ranking member of the Hard Livings gang who had an outstanding warrant of arrest for assault dating back to 2013. Also last week, officers doing patrols in Manenberg received a tip-off from the public about illegal activities at a house in Seiner road. Officers searched the premises and arrested eight suspects after recovering 23 dagga ‘stoppe’. Other successes included ...
The world goes that way --) and kuils River high goes that way (-- we runing against 8 schools in 7 days all the schools have 80 and more athlets and they have been training since jan Kuils River on the other had has 20 athlets and they all trained 2 days 4 30minutes JUST A KUILA THING
Kuils River OptiFit came out in big numbers tonight. Looking good in the 12min motion test
17:34 : Trains are delayed due to an earlier maintenance between Bellville and Kuils River.
Guys Championship shows coming up - a must see if you haven't showed or want to try something really fun come watch and learn (Entries already closed for these shows) - 1 + 2 March 2014 at Jagtershof Sports Complex, Kuils River for the Kennel Union and Liesbeek Kennel Club check out
Shew! The Cape is having a heat wave of NOTE! It was 39 degrees here in Kuils River yesterday, without even a hint of a breeze. It was a few degrees hotter than that in our dear little metal container "church". Next time you feel like complaining about anything at chuch, please take a moment to think of the precious people less fortunate than yourselves who WALK distances to church on Sundays and sit drenched in perspiration (or soaked by rain, or cold in Winter) whilst they worship our Lord and listen to the teaching of His Word. We take so much for granted.
Traveling between schools in Kuils River today. :) Welcome to CEFA! :D
League results from Saturday afternoon. The 3rd challenge side beat Clovelly 6-2 and are now 1 win away from winning the league. They have a final match this coming Saturday against Kuils River. The Mid Amateur team were handed a heavy defeat by defending champions Milnerton. Martin Hill was the only winner on the day in a 1-7 loss. The season ends this coming Saturday against Rondebosch.
Photo: Sweet and Savoury Sundays at the Freeman’s (at Kuils River / Kuilsrivier)
City Police setting up RB on Van Riebeeck Rd, Kuils River. Close to Police station, direction Bellville
At Angelo and Samantha in Kuils River - celebrating her 40th and their 16th wedding anniversary - enjoying a nice swim
You didn't mayn,she's moving to Kuils River gonna b working Century City side,Veja will keep her company
Does anyone know where that LG factory shop moved to that was at Access City in Kuils River?
Update on walking, walk abt 8.4km in 1hr10 min , *** Kuils river bridge over the railway lines, rerig geen speletjies.
LMBI, bra there are lekka spots in here by us, next to the river... The KUILS RIVER.
Pooch Porsche by Wagworld - doggy carry bag. Hardly used. Size M so suitable for any small breed up to about 2kg. R100. Collection in Kuils River or Parow
Glass vase 50cm high, 11cm diameter. 8 available in boxes still. R40 each. Collection in Kuils River or Parow.
~ Very proud of this page's members for showing so much support: I am posting this one account separately so that you can understand what it feels like to live in fear of the rioters. Please share it far & wide. These people want free houses, water & electricity but can afford petrol to make bombs. Maybe the petrol is stolen - Government: This is what you get when you make false promises to people. 23:50: Wanda Mae: I live in vanguard villas and NOBODY is helping us! 10111 says they can't help, the police in mitchells plain is getting irritated with us and they are saying its not their jurisdiction, so who can help us??? Its three hours now, the fires are increasing and we are now being threatened by the protesters!! PLEASE help!!! They keep on telling me to stay calm..the police can't help due to the we must just suffer. 00:20: It just went very silent now..after the rubber bullets and they were shooting back at the cops with live ammunition! The situation is out of control, it needs to be sto ...
Cleaner with Driver's License Needed Kuilsrivier, Western Cape An efficient and energetic Cleaner is required for a New Cleaning Company in Kuils River. Applicant must be well groomed and neat. Fluency in English and Afrikaans is required. The successful applicants mus...
In the next 6 Hours a Historical Event will take place; a Baseball Bash between the "Mighty Teachers and Staff" and the "EACT Brave and Adorable Kiddies" will take place today at Kuils River Rugbyfield.
They are two brothers of about 16 weeks of age. They are super affectionate and loves to cuddle and make you feel special. Mogwai and Gizmo were surrendered with their mother Rosalie as they were unwanted by their previous owners. They could not cope with the daily stresses of the shelter environment and had fallen ill. Gizmo hardly ate and a decision had to be taken to immediately place them into foster care to give them an opportunity to survive their current circumstances. Gizmo and Mogwai can never go back into a shelter environment and need a permanent home where they can flourish and shower their furever parents with love. It would be pawsome if they can go together but they can go separately as they have shown that they are not dependent on one another. They need a relaxed and loving environment where they can become the amazing boys that they have shown to be. Both boys are currently in foster care in Kuils River and you can email Patrys at catteryfor an appointment to meet them. They are bo ...
17:17 : Trains are delayed due to faulty track circuits between Bellville and Kuils River
LUCY LUCY FOUNDATION-The two kittens are Angelina and Shiloh and their story is: Shiloh was adopted by a family during December 2013 after she and her siblings were found to be unwanted by their owners. The same family also found Angelina in the streets of Kenwyn, during December 2013, were she was wandering around the neighborhood looking for food and a warm place to sleep. They then decided to also rescue her and provided her with a place that she could call home. During February 2014 one of the family members showed an allergic reaction to cat hair and both kittens found themselves unwanted again. How is it possible that you could twice find yourself unwanted in such a short period of time. We are absolutely heartbroken to look into their eyes as we do not have all the answers for them. We try convincing them that they did absolutely nothing wrong but after so many disappointments in life already will they ever believe us? Shiloh and Angelina urgently needs a family who is committed to them and who can ...
A few pics of the boot campers in action. Feel free to join in for a complimentary session if you've never been to 1 our classes. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7pm at the Kuils River rugby club (Jagtershof). It's never going to be easy, but always going to be worth it! The first 5 people to invite 5 of their friends to like our page gets 1 FREE WEEK at BOOT CAMP!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!
why is only 1 gate open at kuils river station? That many commuters should not be forced to use 1 gate to reach the bridge!
but they have de-registered me athough I've lived in Kuils river for 18 years! :-(
I'm so sick and tired of the Kuils river Station. Always closing one access point, leaving us with one. Gr
Please stop crime!! A Catholic priest who arrived in Cape Town a week ago had to undergo reconstructive surgery to his hand after he was stabbed and assaulted in Mfuleni on Saturday night. Fr Bafana Ndlovu, from the Oblates of Mary Immaculate congregation had stopped his car at a four-way stop when he was attacked. He had to undergo surgery at the Kuils River Hospital as tendons in his right hand had been damaged.
Come join us at OOSTENBERG OASIS for a wonderful worship experience. Every Sunday from 9am and the evening from 18:00. ℅ Walnut and Church street, Kuils River.
Security Manager Kuilsrivier, Western Cape Our Company requires an experienced PSIRA Grade A Contract Security Manager in the Kuils River area. The ideal candidate excels in the following requirements: Strong character and able to make decisions with minimum input from management Valid drivers’ license ( Code EB with PDP ) and owner of own transport Excellent communicator (verbal , correspondence, report writing, client liaison ) 5 Years’ experience of safety and security management and also have background knowledge of the ISO system and also a broad knowledge of the Operational Area. Experience in personnel, systems, administration and logistics management. Maintains knowledge of complex industry trends, current security issues and security technology and update management on risk and threat that could impact company business. Educational Requirements: Grade 12 graduate PSIRA Grade A Computer Literacy: Microsoft Office, Outlook, Information Management Systems etc. Drivers license, Code 8 (EB) with P ...
Can you all believe this? No sooner had we parked our caravan in Kuils River when a couple approached us to chat about our van. They were attending an AGS church seminar in the caravan park (no coincidence here)! Turns out they pastor a little church for the homeless out of 3 converted metal containers near the station. When we told them what God had placed on our hearts to do with our lives, they jumped up and down for joy and asked if we would like to help them out! They have no musician etc, so yesterday I facilitated the worship on my keyboard, Rob and I did puppetry which brought huge grins to otherwise very sad, hardened faces and after the service we helped feed them the stew we had prepared the day before. This is SUCH confirmation that God sees the desires of our hearts and if they align with His will for our lives, HE opens the doors and we don't have to strive to make things happen. Rob and I want to weep with gratitude to Him and the joy of what we're doing. Thank You Jesus!
Zevenwacht Wine Estate in Kuils River is looking for a person to manage the tasting room and call on trade customers. The person should be passionate about wine, very presentable, friendly, take initiative and have good organisational skills. Wine and wine industry knowledge, good sales skills are essential. The responsibilities include: Managing the tasting room & staff. Stock & financial control. Wine tastings and sales. Organising festivals & events. Calling on trade customers. Must be willing to work on weekends and holidays. Own transport essential, To apply e-mail infowith your CV, references and a short explanation why you think you will be suitable for this position. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.
Electronic rb at graveyard kuils river. Direction belville *Road block at Macassar robots!!*- Heavy traffic on spine rd strandfontein due to protest action..- Traffic officers pulling off random cars at 35th corner Lavis drive robots going to Elsies* - Protest at the robots of highlands and vangaurd - Cops pullin cars off randomlly in Kensington corner of 1st str and 5th Ave & caltex garage - MT on R102 just before firgrove - Road block direction kuilsriver @ the cemetery,checking everything - Traffic cops pulling off before Van der stel robot enroute to Somerset West opp 7Eleven.
Just back from promoting the products at the Cape Town Kennel Club Show at Kuils River. Lots of interest. Lots of fun.
Sup peeps , can all ladies residing in kuils river pls inbox me ur pins or post on my wall. Thnx xoxo
This is it! Just 3 more weeks to go!!! Which house is going to win . Kleinvlei District - RED house ??? Kuils River District - YELLOW house??? Malibu District - GREEN house??? Silversands District - BLUE house??? Come see for yourself while experiencing the FUN & FELLOWSHIP ... And wait don't forget the INTERNATIONAL FOOD all at one venue! So come hungry! :)
"they doing something right in Kuils River main road today, took me ten minutes to get to work"
RB on off ramp of R300 from N2 towards Kuils River traffic cops.
KUILS RIVER TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL 1 WCED TEMPORARY POSITION The following post is available immediately: Qualified Educators are invited to apply. Afrikaans HT for Gr. 8 to Gr. 10 If there is no feedback by 8 February 2014, please deem application as unsuccessful. Email...
Good Afternoon my dear friend A member just passed , Ernest Andrews from kuils River let us please pray and I believe through prayers the family will find comfort,Thanx! god bless you all!
Personally I think the real embarrassment was Robin Thicke's Kuils River matriekafskeid stripey suit
When MJ's Off The Wall plays I always sing "So tonight gotta leave another 5 bop on the shelf" You can take the girl out of Kuils River...
I think Kuils River is experiencing a storm:|
Aaand it has arrived!! ALPHA 2013 starting tonight!! @ 18h30 for 19h00 at Kuils River Methodist Church!! :D Thank...
LIPCO was in Kuils River on Saturday, 10 August to present a workshop on Debt Matters:
Any explanation why the trains are delayed on the northern line from kuils river
Nxt up! Indoor cricket tournament on Sat, 24 Aug river indoor arena! U wanna enter a team?
there should definately be 1 in Kuils River☹
Another big week for us: Wednesday Vs Primrose & Saturday Vs Kuils River both games away.
Hope Joshua had a nice weekend lik I did wanna go again to Kuils River Althea love Joshua
Yoh had a mal weekend in the Kuils River want to go again
ALPHA COURSE 2013!! Starts Tuesday 13 August 2013 @ 18h30 for 19h00 at the Kuils River Methodist Church!! :D...
We in CT love to support our Cape teams and also them to Kuils River mall.
We're immensely shocked and saddened by the senseless murder of Aunty Gerty, acclaimed caterer of Kuils River (Die Pan), in her home last night. Aunty Gerty added so much value to our lives at MEED/WCED not only for her exceptional culinary skills, but also for her humility, reliability, artistic touch and great sense of work ethic in every project she took on. She'll be sorely missed indeed. Our hearts go out to her husband and family, may you experience God's divine comfort in this difficult time. Rest in peace Aunty Gerty, may those responsible for this senseless act face the full wrath of the law.
Loretta George: 00:05: MVA R300, white BMW just before Kuils River turn off. Direction Brackenfell. Driver ok. We stopped but a couple of people on scene. No police and Ems on scene. 12:05
Join us at The Western Province Mini Rugby Day festival on Saturday, May 11 (2013) at De Kuilen High School in Kuils River, Cape Town. The fun will kick-off at 8am. For more go to:
It was victory No 6 this year, and a rare hat-trick of titles, for No 1-ranked amateur Haydn Porteous when he won the Boland Open at Devonvale Golf Club in the Cape Winelands. Porteous has won the 54-hole Boland title three years running, having first won the title at Arabella in 2011, then again at Worcester last year. Winning the same title three years in a row is a rareachievement in South African amateur golf, only accomplished by a handful of players over the last 50 years. The 19-year-old from Modderfontein posted a 14-under-par total of 202 at Devonvale, although that was still two shots higher than Leon Knoll’s record score of 200 at Kuils River in 2009. This year Porteous has already won six strokeplaytitles – Prince’s Grant Invitational, SA Strokeplay, Proudfoot Trophy, NorthernOpen, Cape Province Open and Boland Open. He has accumulated 1472 points thisyear alone on the Golf Digest Amateur Rankings, for an overall total of 2120points. Zander Lombard (Woodhill) had another runner-up finish ...
A Matter of Course by Dillon Marsh, Greater Cape Town area "The path of the Kuils River transects the eastern…
Kuils River- Sunbird Park-Mossel Bay- Kleinmond- Eerste River- Sunbird Park. Finally back at Kuils River...back at home, yeah...One hectic day, loads of driving! Need a massage, food and a deep sleep
Good mrning every1 be careful on the main road 2 bellville from Kuils River there's 2 golden Arrow busses with no indicators,they indicates with their hands the registration number of the one is CA247. Watch out and have a safe day.
R102 Somerset West just past wieghbridge officer with camera in grey Qauntum direction Kuils River
People in Jersey shore would watch Kuils River shores lol-we just pimpin' like that-deserve our own reality show
lol eva smylng does sound lyk m always high or smethng. At kuils river
"Any roadblocks from Cape Town to kuils river?" Too far out don't know
Any roadblocks from Cape Town to kuils river?
Any roadblocks from monte vista to kuils river?
Missing: Kuils River WC Sharonda Simons 16 yrs 11 Dec 2012. Circumstances. Sharonda was last seen on the 11 Dec...
Mobile camera on van Riebeeck road direction Kuils River just pass Zevenwacht mall, van parked on left pavement.
Lekker! So disappointed I had to miss it; hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can do Kuils River...
there's a shop in Zevenwacht Mall, Kuils River selling nucho HH items.
Top Plan Property Development and Home designs: Master builders and construction managers in Cape Town and Herma...
Kuils River- TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working correctly at Digtebij
get poker and come to kuils river... Si busy nge pholas apha
Guys I'm looking to make another history in kuils river today... If you wana be part of it just drop me a mention.
I'm still in kuils river but I can get to the city pretty easily, just let me know except for wednesday
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In this short day, I've been between Kenilworth, Mandalay, Kuils River and now headed to Century. Rest in our lifetimes! A blessed day tho..
Apparently Canal Walk is so full that you have to park in Kuils River hehe
still stnding Traffic on Main rd headng out Kuils River 2ward Access Park/Stikland. Advise 2use alt route
still standing Traffic on V-trekker Main rd heading out of Kuils River toward Access Park/Stikland. Advise 2 use alt route
Kuils River main road is NOT serious! This traffic is from ***
Leadership workshops at R'bosch, Claremont and Kuils River library for entrepreneurs tomorrow.
Friday 9 November we are ministering at AFM Kuils River and Friday 16 November we are ministering at AFM...
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