Kuala Lumpur & George Bush

Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. George Bush Intercontinental Airport, is a Class B international airport in Houston, Texas--the United States fourth largest populated city, and serving the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. 3.3/5

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Tony Blair & George Bush have been convicted as War Criminals at a War Crimes trial in Kuala Lumpur hearing of torture and abuse.
Friday, the panel of Judges in the Kuala Lumpur war crimes tribunal passed a unanimous guilty verdict against George Bush and 7 of his administration...
Since the conviction of Condi Rice and the rest of the bushies in Kuala Lumpur of crimes against humanity in the leading up to and during the war in Iraq, do any of you parents want this woman in front of a class room teaching your children anything? And you people in Texas with your George Bush library. you must really be proud to be honoring a convicted war criminal, sort of like building a library to honor Sadam at a college in Iraq. George Bush, do you think your mother is proud of your legacy now. being the only President of the United States in the history of the nation to be convicted of war crimes? And make no mistake, Carl Rove, we will never forget your involvement in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. Of course the same people who were leading the republican party when these crimes took place are the same people running the party now. Republicans, are you proud of these leaders and their legacy? If so, we the people, can only think that you are just like them and should be ...
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