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Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Laura Kreuk (born December 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress and executive producer, known for her portrayal of Lana Lang in the American television series Smallville.

Tom Welling Lana Lang Catherine Chandler Snow White Michael Rosenbaum Erica Durance Clark Kent Nina Lisandrello Choice Awards

Kristin Kreuk in scene of Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun-Li. via: . h…
Kristin Kreuk’s mother is of Chinese descent, born in Indonesia, and her maternal grandmother was Chinese Jamaican.
My happy-sad moment during the height of Smallville was telling Indos that Kristin Kreuk is half-Indonesian, watching them…
It's throwing to the shooting of the first scenes of Kristin Kreuk in S1 May 2012.❤.
Kristin Kreuk is so hot that even *** guys have a crush on her. I know this for a fact.
Kristin's sister Justine Kreuk is smoking hot as well. WOWZAS!
At the end of "Slow Animals," I swear I hear one of The Strokes say "Kristin Kreuk looks like a lizard?". I joke be…
...shows in animated form. Oh, and for a Smallville one Kristin Kreuk reprising her role as Lana is a must!
Credit to: _eli.garcia IG. With beautiful and talented actress KRISTIN KREUK That was such an amazing day! 🙏On…
tbh this looks like Kristin Kreuk lmao
Some of us here are fans of Kristin Kreuk too! ;)
📷 Star du jour: Star of the day: Kristin Kreuk
Kristin Kreuk talks about in interview for .😉. ✔Check out interview:
📷 dromisbatb: (・・・ I was so happy to meet Kristin kreuk at the...
Michael Rosenbaum: did you enjoy making out with Kristin Kreuk? Because I sure as *** did. . Tom Welling: 🌚 I know 🌚. I LOVE…
Check out Andrew's Interview with & the creative team behind the new game on Steam.
Dear season 8 of Smallville:. I thought we were done with Kristin Kreuk. I thought I was free from this! WHY? NOBODY CARES ABOUT Lana Lang!
Kiersey Clemons, Iris from movie. At the bottom is Lana Lang, p…
I am so much in love with Kristin Kreuk..
Wish they would bring it back. I love Kristin kreuk!
Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan working together on is really special, like magic! Please
Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan working together as leads on is magical, best chemistry ever! Please
This was the body-morphing episode & I do think Kristin Kreuk did a pretty good job of pretending to be someone else pretending to be Lana
I love how when somebody says Kristin Kreuk is beautiful in this group somebody has to chime in with how Chloe or L…
I didn't know they were bringing Kristin Kreuk back as Legend of Chun-Li at some point.
Kristin Kreuk! ❤️. Loving her hair. I hope she keeps it that way for the new tv show.
Have u been 2 Haida Gwaii? Kristin Kreuk from CBC's upcoming wants Canada 2 know it's spectacular!.
rewatching smallville and I forgot how hot kristin kreuk is/was
.Fans worldwide will follow our Beauty Kristin Kreuk to a new home. Pls make your original series
Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan are great at promoting their projects! Let them promote as your original program
would be an asset to you network with leads as Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan . Beauty And The Beast
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New CBC lineup includes dramas with Kreuk, Hawco, Gross
(The Globe and Mail):New lineup includes dramas with Kreuk, Allan Hawco : 17 new series,..
Beauty and the Beast with Kristin Kreuk as Catherine and Jay Ryan as Vincent Together 8 x 10 Inch..
Mrs. Kristin Kreuk is a great actress 😊 Pls more for her! 😊
.tells why she's reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi:
The chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan - the leads of - is from beyond this world!
Kristin Kreuk is a beautiful woman, wow
I love SmallVille w Clark Kent & Lana the highchool gf, first love of Clark . .Tom Welling & Kristin Kreuk .
Kristin Kreuk and the Boom guy... Eric Putzer. Where did you find this pic
Beauty (Kristin Kreuk) is the greatest Beauty of all times! for
I found the painter: artwork by Dieter Mil…
Yes. When she cane along, poor Lana. Kristin Kreuk is so shy, the fans were so vicious to her.
I remember as far back as Smallville. Even then, there were savages. I think it is what scared Kristin Kreuk. lol
makes a better Chun Li the Kristin Kreuk.
Participation of Kristin Kreuk in the documentary for CBC, "Canada The Story of Us". Episode 3, aired on Apr 13. -> htt…
Kristin Kreuk is my role model also😊She is a great,very talented Actress!I am Human rights defender,and Her work fo…
@ A very difficult choice for Kristin Kreuk! 🙈 .
Kristin Kreuk is one of the most GORGEOUS women EVER! ❤❤❤
When they ask me what my standard in a woman is in terms of lewk. Syempre si Kristin Kreuk.
To me a half-Asian actress like a Kristin Kreuk would have danced the representation lin…
TW wanted to see Kristin Kreuk come back for S10 so that Loi…
By the way Kristin Kreuk has the most beautiful face on the planet Earth. 😊💖For me S…
Kristin Kreuk is still bae holy mama
Kristin Laura Kreuk would the perfect Mulan! Her soul is strong,proud,humane like the soul o…
Kristin Kreuk is amazing performing emotional scenes. I miss you, ❤️⚘.
Kristin Kreuk will always be a babe
Counting down to our on Apr 9, 2017- SMAG's 2016 n32 Sexiest Woman Alive BIO:
Also Logan Lerman, Chad Michael Murray, Kristin Kreuk, and a bunch of authors, lol.
Jeez, Erica Durance (Lois) has better chemistry with Tom Welling (Clark) immediately than Kristin Kreuk (Lana) ever did.
Kristin Kreuk on the set of Beauty and the Beast in Toronto
Kristin Kreuk a.k.a Lana Lang in Smallville and Catherine Chandler in Beauty & the Beast throws her support behind
Just started Beauty & the Beast because Kristin Kreuk was my first idol, thank you Smallville 🙏🏻 but this soundtrack sold me :)
The heartbroken look in Lana's eyes... Kristin Kreuk is one *** of an actress.
a great evening with Kristin Kreuk and Eric Johnson ☺️
I didn't play video games because my parents didn't allow it. That was...
no not Kristin Kreuk xD, they already played together and well Alana nearly killed her 😈
A badge, gun, investigation board and a partner. Jay Ryan turned tables on Kristin Kreuk lol!
I took piano for many years. I kicked and screamed through all of my l...
I was one of those kids who wanted to do everything, I wanted to be a ...
Yes, Stuart Gillard filmed it in a perfect location & as always Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk were spot…
Kristin Kreuk being adorable at WonderCon 2013 (part 4) ❤☺. via on the h…
Kristin Kreuk being adorable at WonderCon 2013 (part 2) ❤☺. via on the http:…
Would be nice if Tom Welling would be Superman again, and bring Kristin Kreuk's Lana Lang to life.
The Fairest of Them All is based on the fairy tale and stars Kristin Kreuk as Snow White and Miranda Richardson as the Evil Queen Elspeth.
is always insanely gorgeous Kristin Kreuk❤️🌹
| Kristin Kreuk with Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling on the set of Crimson.
The chemistry between Clark Kent and Lana Lang(Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk) in smallville is amazing
Zeusthat's for anyone else as well. No more stalkers though. Well, Kristin Kreuk...
This scene killed me but I was impressed by Kristin Kreuk's acting talent. She made Lana Lang tug @ our heartstrings http…
Kristin Kreuk | behind the scene Street Fighter shooting,
needs to get picked up! It sounds so good!Kristin Kreuk should totally be cast in it! 😃
Kristin Kreuk Net Worth:   Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian performer with an estimated net worth of $5 million dol...
It's great! I love all of the selected scenes of Kristin Kreuk in and by ❤️.
Our beloved lady ♡ Kristin Kreuk ♡ behind the set of Beauty and The Beast ♡ Catherine Chandler
Kristin Kreuk on Live with Kelly and Michael 10/10/2012 ❤️ lady in red ❤️
Kristin Kreuk ~ I get to speechless for so much beauty! 😍😍.
Hi Miss Kristin Kreuk from Colombia in South America, we speak spanish ^^
Watching "Stree Fighter" with Kristin Kreuk. The girl doesn't age! I would like what she's having please.
Kristin Kreuk,The beauty of all beauties❤️. Check out more pics: via
Kristin Kreuk deserves better than that dude.
There isn't a specific person in my mind that I'd want to play. Yet.
That ep of smallville where its in the 50's Tom Welling and Kristin kreuk are 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I'm supposed to do something while drooling over Kristin Kreuk don't I?
"Winning" the poll is Kristin Kreuk. and "Losing" AJ with the least votes...I can't with this stupid poll..why would you even have it posted?
If I still secretly in love with Kristin Kreuk
she was my fave Kristin Kreuk on the other hand couldn't act wooden spoon that one
this is smallville Kristin Kreuk you liked my orange jacket on the bus in 1995. i'm glad you're not too proud to...
Kristin Kreuk scoliosis (present alternatives to surgery) - Paleo Diet: Raw According to one study it only takes...
Yeah I didn't think of that, got my answer (Kristin Kreuk)
'Kristin Kreuk' many reactions of beauty and talent! ❤️.
Kristin Kreuk ~ The most beautiful laugh of the world ❤️.
What if I told you kristin kreuk could be urs if you let me have this one?? ;)
In honor to Sundance Film Festival, a memorable moment of Kristin Kreuk captured by Larry Busacca in the 2011 event.
XD Okey dokey. Tbh, when Arrow started, Beauty and the Beast started too and I chose that(because of Kristin Kreuk) lol
Kristin Kreuk is forever my first love.
Saya suka video Kristin Kreuk LIVE interview talking Beauty and the Beast
hi , guys! just a reminder, you forgot to congratulate Kristin Kreuk ;)
Kristin Kreuk won previous years... we doubt it'd have been different this year had she been automatically put up for nomination...
would be perfect for Ruth Ashley in cracked porcelain
Kristin Kreuk I love her. She's beautiful and such an emotional actor
So Kristin Laura Kreuk from Vancouver BC...See what this trash from OHIO has brought "US" both too???
Kristin Kreuk - Beauty and the Beast TV Show Set Photos - Toronto, April 2015
Haven't seen Sandra since 2007. Then she gets my number and starts sending me photos of herself looking like Kristin Kreuk. Ah well..
I’m watching Snow White: Fairest of Them All (the one with Kristin Kreuk) and the huntsman is played by the teacher in twilight!
Jurassic Park is on, but ITV always hack it up, and there's a rubbish-looking Snow White on, but it stars Kristin Kreuk. Internal conflict.
THIS KRISTIN KREUK REALNESS. So done with you, birthday girl. 😭😂
When she took off the mask I thought it was Kristin Kreuk. More Malese though. 👍
I sacrifice this burger for Kristin Kreuk's presence in my home tonight.
I added a video to a playlist Kristin Kreuk Smallville
Do we know if we are in it? I,m ready to vote for the Show, Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk for PCA.
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I used to have a huge crush on Kristin Kreuk back in the day.
Photo: Kristin Kreuk with a fan in Toronto (from (via: on ) ❤️
Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk and Nina Lisandrello with a fan Oct 27 Credit:
*** Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang was so beautiful back then 😲👀😍 .
Just wondering if the cast of CW Beauty and the Beast were invited as guests(Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk, Austin Basis)?
Penultimate day off. Think I'll spend it with Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack & Erica Durance
Lana Lang(Kristin Kreuk) was definitely one of my first true crushes, she's a whole new level of gorgeous
Kristin Kreuk & Nina Lisandrello looking lovely in leather on the set of Beauty and the Beast!
I used to have the biggest crush on Kristin Kreuk because of Smallville. 😂😩
tyler_milne says... *** OF_EGYPTis KRISTIN_KREUK) people involved in these sinister_occult activities therefore we must delineate the ...
Photoset: What are you wearing? Jensen Ackles x Kristin Kreuk crackship
No, my extreme hatred for Kristin Kreuk got in the way!
Kristin Kreuk has made it to the 3rd Round! Vote and spread the word!
Happy day! Remember when showed us how she can clap with one hand?
Kristin Kreuk talks 'Beauty and the Beast' -- and confesses about her 'Star Trek' addiction via
Kristin Kreuk is always so endearing w/her facial expressions.
Kristin kreuk looked stunning in tonights episode
Tonights episode of belonged to Kristin kreuk
Just found out that Rachael Leigh Cook, Kristin Kreuk, and Aoi Yu were in a movie together~
Tribute to w/ KStew, the most beautiful woman in the world Kristin Kreuk
and I found Kristin Kreuk and made her my bestfrannn 💕 @ Whiskey Dix Saloon
Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Kristin Kreuk Previews New Threats - SUB ITA: via
Catherine Chandler/Kristin Kreuk is the total package, badass, sexy
nice! Yeah I've met Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum from SV I get to meet Laura Vandervoort & Stephen Amell in September
My nominee for is Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan
My nominee for is Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
3rd season of Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan begins on the CW
Space Milkshake with Billy Boyd, Robin Dunne, Amanda Tapping, Kristin Kreuk and George Takei on Space Channel Sunday April 12 at 4:00am PST
I'm watching The Beauty and the Beast series with Kristin Kreuk. I like it. It's a bit overdramatic and girly but cool. 😂😊
Started watching on Netflix about 2 mos ago Had just watched Smallville on DVD and became a fan of Kristin Kreuk
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Intolerable "reveals a far more complicated and rich reality."
Can't wait to see champion Intolerable in …
Can't wait to see champion Intolerable in
Kristin Kreuk's acting-like-a-cop schtick in Beauty and the Beast seems to consist entirely of her putting her hands on her hips. That's it.
tyler_says...kristin_kreuk SIONaRA i hope we never meet with the attitude and actions you portrayed..
Lol I need someone to laugh like this with. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan - JayKris Moments:
How to get to Kristin? Mark hildreht is in the profession. So uhh... Thats how to get to Krsitin Kreuk.
The acting profession has chosen me also.. I meet Kristin Kreuk face to face nothing to be afraid of..
Sorry for my temper Kristin Kreuk.. When my mother had "passed".. I`m sorry Kristin if I seem "closed minded"
I`m not trying to follow her i`m trying to FOLLOW you. Ow to get to Kristin kreuk...
I DON`T RETALIATE kreuk she`s not going away... NOW what!... I put my FIATH FIRST Kristin... (there is a PROBLEM here)!
3 PCAs for 2 for Kristin Kreuk please invite the cast
you know how this works kristin kreuk.. Like some opf your friends said "peeps"?
If Kristin Kreuk was a flower, she would be the most beautiful http…
Counting down one day at a time to 03-23-2015: 2014's Sexiest Woman Alive - Kristin Kreuk -...
& in the promos u cannot say Kristin Kreuk's name; that's sad.
Kristin Kreuk chats about 'Beauty and the Beast' Season 2 - twi-batb: (c) wishvincat or like this post
Kristin Kreuk is 1/2 Chinese?? Wow I TGHT they white washed her casting of Chun-Li. (Yes I saw the movie, I own up to it)
I nominate Kristin Kreuk from to be 's cuz she's smart, talented & beautiful just like
Beautiful, talented I nominate Kristin Kreuk 👸 from for the campaign 😊😊 http…
My nomination for goes to Kristin Kreuk from
We love her n her carachter I vote our Beauty Kristin Kreuk for
She's the top!I nominate Kristin Kreuk for . Campaign
Kristin Kreuk the world knew, now the world knows Jay Ryan!!!
"Kristin Kreuk is easily the most attractive woman on this earth." -I agree! 😉
Very exciting indeed. Kristin Kreuk is a delight to see on my small screen :)
See how Beauty and the Beast's Kristin Kreuk reacted to her big People's Choice Awards victory on CW Seed!...
I DID try and offer Mark hildreth some Kristin Kreuk. He has not accepted it.
GERARD FROM OHIO is still on your page Kristin Laura Kreuk..He contributed to my mother`s death...
Comment on Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk Voted Hottest TV Stars Of 2013 by nina: They are are amazin... ff
Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are back in BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Season 2, starting next Friday in THE ZONE.
yo Chris! Are you a fan of Kristin Kreuk? Check out Beauty and the Beast S1 on please? Season 3 this summer!
Kristin Kreuk is as good as Catherine Chandler
. Who knows what film actress played it? Give...
I didn't know Kristin Kreuk had her own TV show 😱
Good evening beasties, here new Kristin Kreuk's look, pic from video-interview on CBC Books for Canada Reads 2015...
NEW pic of Kristin Kreuk with the team of Canada reads 2015. Looking gorgeous!
is one of the panellists for She defends the book
Watch Kristin Kreuk defend her book "Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes" by Kamal Al-Solaylee for
Canada Reads 2015: Kristin Kreuk defends Intolerable | Watch the video - via …
Thanks for the quick response! OMG the opportunity to see our Kristin Kreuk all week! Ahh! She's so eloquent too!
Tom Welling's biggest memory of his audition. --->with Kristin Kreuk
Love talking about her love of books & being an introvert! Watch Video = …
is all about books that can break barriers. Learn more about this year's battle of the books here:
Kristin Kreuk & Erica Durance, what are friends for.
Can't say I had much love for Lana Lang but oh my word Kristin Kreuk was and still is a beauty.
I can travel anywhere in the world and I can pretty much fit in.-Kristin Kreuk
I wanna like Kristin Kreuk, I do. We go way back. But this dialogue is so cheesy and forced I'm
do I put Adelaide or Kristin kreuk or Eliza as my icon hm
The cast of specially Jay Ryan and Kristin kreuk
Can someone please explain to me, why, when surfing eBay for Kristin Kreuk (not the lady herself you realise,...
It was great to see with my oun eyes that my show WON an OUR BEAUTY won to Miss Kristin Kreuk.The best show on the CW.
Kristin Kreuk at USA Network Celebrates the Opening of the 2004 US Open
Photoset: kktwluver: Kristin Kreuk could not be more adorably weird! Gotta love the woman!
"Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. Somebodyyy savee me. Turn off sbb Eurotrip. Lol
Next time I would like to see Kristin kreuk and Chris Evans Rocking the Red Carpet
I'll be the happiest if Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling will end up like this. Consolation for Clana's Smallville end. http:…
Y'a ta femme sur W9 Kristin Kreuk dans Beauty and the Beast
When Kristin Kreuk moves on from I will be right behind her
"Kristin Kreuk is so so so beautiful. 💋 " True!!!
Would be nice if kristin Kreuk could be as catwoman if she joins the arrow serie 😍 what you guys think?
EUROTRIP is randomly on. Matt Damon is lip-syncing and full-on making out with Kristin Kreuk and I don't know what's real anymore.
I would love to see Tom Welling & Kristin Kreuk working together again!
"Just because I don't do bad things doesn't mean I don't have bad thoughts." ~ Kristin Kreuk born December 30, 1982
December 30, 1982 - Kristin Kreuk an actress, known for her role as Lana Lang in 'Smallville' is born in Vancouver http…
I just voted for Kristin Kreuk . Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015!
Voting is fun so having lots and lots of fun voting for & Kristin Kreuk
You can buy famous actor Kreuk and the Beast Stylish Jacket.
Take Lana Lang for the Justice League movie! Lana Lang by Kristin Kreuk, of course!
Countdown & fingers crossed for another nomination Kristin Kreuk for the People 's Choice Awards
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Video: Beauty and the Beast's Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk Celebrate "Surprise" Win at PCAs
Kristin Kreuk that's the song that drove Tom Welling mad. ♫ 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite ♫ as we ascend into the...
wish max brown comes back to him and Kristin kreuk were amazing together
looking forward to seeing Kristin kreuk and Nina lisadrello again
Can't wait for season 3 of and see the lovely & attractive faces of Vincent Keller(Jay Ryan) & Catherine Chandler(Kristin Kreuk) again
Kristin Kreuk will always be my favourite
shout out to Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
Shes like no other..She is Kristin Kreuk. The real beauty
So I asked Kristin Kreuk's hairstylist if she is gonna be at And I got a reply.. ht…
If you're a real Kristin Kreuk fan you'll remember this place I visited from a very old interview ;)
I miss the way Kristin Kreuk crinkels her nose when she laughs in a scene with Jay.
This mixed asian beauty is our favorite!
So I was thinking Tracy Lorance would be as Kristin Kreuk 😁
How did you know I was looking 4Disney version 4 daughter & found ..Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk - Jaystin (3):
Scary yet true: we live in a world where Rachel Bilson plays a doctor, Kristin Kreuk plays a cop & JLH plays an FBI agent on TV.
Foto: kristinlovesme: Kristin Kreuk - ‘Vampire’ Premiere at the Egyptian Theatre during the 2011 Sundance...
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Jay Ryan&Kristin Kreuk Have Special Message for Beauty and the Beast Fans-HD 720p
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The Kingdom of Langkawaii was once a prosperous land united under the high king, Agong Megat (Ian Hughes). However, his reign ended when his treacherous younger sister, Princess Mawar Duri (Charlize Theron), seized the throne from him. As a result, the land descended into chaos and the kingdom had once again become divided. It will only be a matter of time that warriors Demang (Jamie Bell), Kesuma (Max Minghella), Delima (Kristen Bell) and Merah (Kristin Kreuk) will restore order and bring unity amongst their people.
Kristin Kreuk you'll forever be Lana Lang in my heart.
Sino po nanonood ng Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk, the one who also played the role of Lana Lang sa...
Kristin Kreuk &Tom Welling Chemistry was totally off the charts She's never it it with anyone else
Happier times w/ Kristin Kreuk & Tom Welling. Now she's wasting her time saving the Beast's butt.
I don't get how people can like Louis & Clark together, didn't they see the chemistry between Kristin Kreuk & Tom Welling? ;)
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Kristin Kreuk got my vote, shady Jay Ryan Fans don't got time for her
ROUND 4: Lana Parrilla VS Kristin Kreuk!! Let´s win this round too (Round ends on Sunday at 5pm PST)
I gained +25000 real followers with this site. GO ►
Kristin Kreuk : More than a love story 480p Kristin Kreuk says people will be drawn into the new mythology as well as the love story of Beauty and the Beast. From: helenponyTaipei Views: 0 0 ratingsTime: 04:47 More in People & Blogs
🎀vote please for our Kristin Kreuk! Girl on Top 2014: Vote in the Elite 8 Now! via
: Beauty and the Beast: loving the darkness. ◘ Stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan discuss season two, on-set antics and the darker side of Vincent. [ Credit : Brisbanetimes ]
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Imagine my surprise to find Smallville on at 4am. Season 8 episode "Legion" when Kristin Kreuk just guest starred. So many Clana scenes in this episode. I forgot how much I loved Clark and Lana. I feel like I'm 18 again, watching them on my tv again
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Fab KK beautiful,humble,talented,time 2 b recognised have a gem
Fan of Check out and filming in Toronto.
She a very wonderful person on screen and off
Look at Kristin Kreuk in this video while holding a 3-month-baby.. She's dancing so she can't make the baby cry..
I'm adding Kim Hyuna to my list of celebrity crushes. The list now reads: Kim Hyuna Sarah Kay Holly Marie Combs The young Mariah Carey This does not include the temporary loves I have or have had for: Natasha Leggero Kristin Kreuk Lira Jung So-min Jennifer Love Hewwit (who I have just decided that I don't crush on anymore).
Les apparitions de KRISTIN KREUK dans le film ECSTASY Musique : LMFAO, One day & Reminds me of you
kristin kreuk totally gets my vote in FHM's 100 Sexiest. Who'd you pick?
Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan were in downtown Toronto filming scenes for an upcoming episode of 'Beauty and the Beast.'
she's active last night.. Kristin Kreuk Priv was her name. But someone told me it's not her.Only Austin has fb accnt.
N u probably already know hu Kristin Kreuk is from Smallville as Lana Lang RYT!? she's playing d role of Catherine Chandler aka 'Beauty' :D
I really enjoyed drawing this gal. Boy, there's a shock. Kristin Kreuk of 'Smallville'.
Kristin Kreuk - we have almost the same eye colour! | See more about kristin kreuk, natural beauty and beauty.
Career After modelling on and off since the age of 4, Ackles began to concentrate on an acting career in 1996. He appeared in several guest roles on Mr. Rhodes, Sweet Valley High, and Cybill before joining the cast of the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives as Eric Brady in 1997. He won a 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer and went on to be nominated three times (in 1998, 1999, and 2000) for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Days of our Lives. Ackles departed Days of our Lives in 2000 and went on to appear in the mini-series Blonde, about the life of Marilyn Monroe. He also auditioned for the role of the young Clark Kent on Smallville, a role offered to actor Tom Welling instead.[5] Next he appeared in a guest role on the James Cameron television series Dark Angel on Fox in 2001 as serial killer Ben/X5-493, the brother of main character Max/X5-452 (played by Jessica Alba). His character died in the episode, but Ackles returned to the show as ...
History behind the picture: Kristin Kreuk was ready to shoot scenes for the episode, but her boots weren't ready yet, so Jay Ryan gently give her his boots just to keep her warm for the cold day. How sweet this two are!!! Source: Rachel Crawford (Pinterest)
I just want to take this moment to apologize to the world on behalf of Canada. Justin Bieber and Chad Kroeger are just a couple of Canada's mistakes.well I still blame Bieber on Usher! I'm also sorry for the confusion of Canadian bacon...I don't even know why it's called Canadian bacon! When I order breakfast I tend to end up with three strips of bacon not a round slice of ham! But Canada has also brought a few good things to the world. Ryan Gosling, Kristin Kreuk, Ryan Reynolds! The late Leslie Nelson and John Candy! We also brought to the world poutine! Don't know what that is? Well throw some cheese curds on some fries smother it all in gravy! It's great for adding extra insulation for winter ;) Oh and unless you've driven in a place like New York City, stay away from Edmonton!
Kristin Kreuk is amazing!! Loved her in Smallville and now in Beauty and the Beast!!!
I've seen so many shows but nobody kisses like Kristin Kreuk and Jay ryan
RENEW S3 Kristin Kreuk and Jay ryan is all I need each week
Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan got the most sizzling chemistry EVER RENEW S3
RENEW S3 My love for Kristin Kreuk like nothing else
there is no greater love and chemistry than Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk's portrayal of Vincat. The show needs a S3
why have we not seen any photos of the Ms. Kristin Kreuk posted
Photo: § This has GOT to be one of the BEST faces of Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk)! XD § I nearly died...
my vote goes to Kristin Kreuk and her dimples for
my ideal date on rooftop with Kristin kreuk or on her patio in Vancouver
Lol there'd never be a Kristin Kreuk photo again, all headlines read KK and TM .
Kristin Kreuk got to much Talent to be stuck in a show like this
We want another season of can't live without Kristin Kreuk
Dear Kristin Kreuk I your Husband Husband Ron Ross am telling you that for all of Eternity I will be getting you pregnant with my babies.
Smallville is one of my favorite TV show... You know why? There's only two words, Kristin Kreuk :)
Watching the first episode of Am referring to Kristin Kreuk as Fake!Beckett.
Kristin Kreuk is so incredible beautiful. Like one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.
Okay Hats off to Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan..They are brilliant together. Best team .. So much chemistry.
I love this woman kristin kreuk can't explain it
is Kristin Kreuk. 😊 check her out on the show beauty and the beast.
The Mentalist, obvi. Why is Beauty and the Beast still on? I'm sorry Kristin Kreuk, but your show ***
Still of Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast (2012) -
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