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Kristin Beck (born Christopher T. Beck; June 21, 1966) is a former United States Navy Seal who gained public attention in 2013 when she came out as a trans woman.

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BOE unchanged as expected...only thing of note is that Kristin Forbes voted for a hike? Sorry??? Forbes???
. Kristin Beck You're My Heroine good luck in Maryland for Congress
Chris Beck otherwise known as Kristin. First Navy Seal to get a sex change. Funny thing is he can still kick your *** €¦
Great to run into our alum, Kristin Beck, editor of Carroll Co. News-Democrat, and her husband!
# Kristin Beck lecture at The first female
Don't miss an amazing speaker tonight: Kristin Beck, the first openly transgender former Navy Seal Team 6 member: Ballroom at 730! Be there!
Lady Valor on Netflicks is a wonderful documentary! Transgender ex-Navy Seal lives in 'gray world'
Kristin Beck in Maryland may actually beat me to it.
Kristin Beck to speak at Brockport on April 6:
Kristin Beck on life as a transgender ex-Navy Seal via
Kristin Beck, the Navy Seal who came out as transgender, tells...
s/o to whose photo of Kristin Beck, a transgender Navy vet and House candidate, was pubbed in Glamour https:…
Kristin Beck - former United States Navy Seal who gained public attention in 2013 when she…
Enter for the chance to win 1 of 3 $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Cards from Congressional Candidate Kristin Beck!
"Kristin Beck is a transgender woman running as an underdog for US Congress, Kurt Mausert is a Hare Krishna...
. ret’d Navy Seal Kristin Beck has served our country for decades. Thank you.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Please support Kristin Beck for Congress and pass on the word to your friends. Thank you
Nothing makes me happier than when people make strides on their fitness journey. Shout out to Kristin Beck and...
someone go jet skiing w me and Kristin tomorrow pls pls pls
Kristin Beck recently joined us as a transaction coordinator for our growing team
Thrilled to have joining us October 12th for our first Spirit Awards an event celebrating youth
Kristin Beck aka is coming to SJU on 9/29! All are welcome to attend!
Kristin Beck, a former US Navy Seal who is challenging Rep. Steny Hoyer in the 5th Congressional District, stands...
VICTORY!: Kristin Beck and Shane Ortega’s statement on the end of the Transgender Military Ban
Kristin Beck, former Navy Seal, advocates for transgender acceptance
Kristin Beck is not an "it", she is a SEAL, she could take you DOWN!!
Glad Kristin Beck is here to help w/the transgender situation by sharing her personal experience
Kristin Beck has some good advice for Steph and is very beautiful as well as smart
Meet Kristin Beck at the 2015 National OUT for Work Career Conference and PRIDE Career Fairat UT Dallas this...
"The ending of this ban gives hope to a more inclusive future. Now, we are living out the true meaning of our...
Dumb comment Steve. please show respect when replying to our Warrior Heroes like Kristin Beck.
UPDATE: The Navy Seal running for Congress, who happens to be transgender
watching CNN now.we can help to manage our .countries money better by voting for KRISTIN BECK FOR CONGRESS! MD05
Me? No upcoming movie, no glamour and no nothing. . Please stop projecting and over thinking. Dang. I give gun...
Kristin Beck, transgender former Navy Seal running for Congress, gives me a shooting lesson in
Kristin Beck had no time for Mike Huckabee's transphobic comments during the Republican debate.
Kristin Beck had some pretty strong words for Mike Huckabee after the GOP debate.
Former Navel Seal and Civil Rights Activist, Kristin Beck, talks about running for Congress
Former Navy Seal, Trans activist Kristin Beck just discussed why she is running for Congress in Maryland.…
I wish the Navy Seal that killed bin Laden had turned out to be Kristin Beck because I want to watch a Fox News correspondent's head explode.
A great review for the Wolfe Video and CNN Doc Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story! Own it now on...
Feminist potluck with Utah NOW, screening of Lady Valor and discussion w/trans* activist Kristin Beck! Don't miss…
The name of the speaker I propose is Kristin Beck Kristin is a top former Navy Seal.She did impossible missions.
military retains a ban on soldiers, would benefit from a sitdown with former seal Kristin Beck
Myrna Executive Producer, Kristin Beck will be back where it all started! In the chair with Anderson Cooper...
OMG I had an amazing day; first I attended the DC Pride March as a spectator and I anxiously waited to see the first military color guard; then I saw a military contingent led by Brigadier General Tammy Smith and in the contingent was my good friends Kristin Beck and Heather Stott. Since I am an honorably discharged for army officer; they invited me to march along and it was amazing. In my day, people did not cheer the military so it felt so good to receive cheers. After the march Kristin Beck, Heather and myself headed for a restaurant for dinner and the weirdest thing happened. So Kristin is popular; but she realized that she had a fan from the most unlikeliest of places. As we walked Kristin was very friendly to everyone and lots of people smiling; but then at the corner of this park in DC, were men who identified as anarchist and black separatists. They had posters saying down with American and America deserved 911; even a poster with President Obama in horns and a devil's tail; apparently burning ...
"You don't have to be a Navy Seal to be a hero; We all become heroes by treating EVERYONE with respect, dignity and compassion."Kristin Beck
A former athletic trainer pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor in court Thursday after having a sexual relationship with a Monacan High School student. Kristin Beck was sentenced to 12 months in jail, with six months suspended.
Kristin Beck- Press release and Personal comments pertaining to the United States Department of Defense and...
Angered by the shrink who preyed upon USA Hero Navy Seal Kristin Beck. **Please Help**!
"Warrior Princess" A Naval Seal's secret. I'm watching Anderson Cooper's interview of Kristin Beck a former retired Navy Seal who has just written a book about coming out as a transgender person. It is fascinating and painful to watch the struggle she has been through.
Kristin Beck served honorably in the military for 20 years as Chris. Now she's retired and living as a transgender woman. Watch what a day in Kristin's life is like in this excerpt from an Anderson Cooper special report.
In every Navy Seal is a memoir, it seems lately. Retired SEAL Kristin Beck's new memoir Warrior Princess, is a bit different, though.
Kristin Beck's story is a fascinating one. A former Navy Seal, Beck was born a male (Chris), but changed genders decades after beginning a celebrated military career. She documents her harrowing -- and surprising -- tale in a new book, "Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy Seal's Journey to Coming...
After years spent fighting in some of the world's worst wars, former U.S. Navy Seal Kristin Beck says she knows what she wants.
Kristin Beck, a former member of Navy Seal Team 6, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she feared being killed if she revealed her gender identity.
Anderson Cooper is interviewing Kristin Beck, the transgender Navy Seal. I so want to see someone criticize this woman. Rick Santorum, maybe. And then I want to see her KICK THEIR *** You want to talk about somebody who is not only among the world's elite of their craft, but had to endure incredible suffering even her comrades didn't.
Tuesday morning, I came across the story of Kristin Beck, the retired Navy Seal who just announced that they were now living and dressing as a woman, and were preparing for a gender reassignment su...
Kristin Beck, Formerly Chris, Pens Book on Journey From Bearded Commando to Life as a Lady
A former member of the elite U.S. Navy Seals has come out to say she's now a woman. Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, served 20 years as a SEAL and fought on some of the most dangerous battlefields in the world, but after she left the service she realized she wasn't living the life she wanted.
Well, she's there and I'm Ok. I actually only cried abti on the way and abit on the way home. She's in great school and got her major changed quite uneventfully. Instead of music ed she changed to graphic design. Much better job market! We found & talked to Kristin Beck. Post secondary classes helpful already. AND a secretary in the Presidents ofiice has 2 kids living in NC close to where Dustin wil be at the end of Sept., & she offered to take Beth to see Dustin ffor a visit when her and her husband go to see their children. Books bought, she's on her way. Pray she adjusts well!
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