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Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal (born January 24, 1978) is an American actress, writer and comedian, best known for her roles as Hazel Whassername in the NBC series 30 Rock, Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, as Louise in Bob's Burgers and as a contributor on The Daily Show.

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Kristen Schaal is a horse. Apparently so is Alicia Vikander.
"A kiss is like a fight, with mouths." ~ Kristen Schaal
Really tho, Kristen Schaal should have won for She was perfect & heartbreaking in 'That's too much, man'
Whoa, little respect for Kristen Schaal (and NU alum). I feel the same, but also find that I…
not watching any awards but just saw a photo of Kristen Schaal accepting something and yes she is still fiiine
Let's make a Kristen Schaal drug, 'cause you know, having a drug named by our name is better than winning an award :'(
This goron's shop reminds me that we haven't met a gem named Amber yet. I hope she's wacky and voiced by Kristen Sc…
There's a lady getting her shot for a ct scan, and she sounds like Kristen Schaal
I can't believe Kristen Schaal lost the Emmy, man.
if anyone is interested in the literal past week of my life, my obsession with kristen schaal has SKYROCKETED!
Dammit it's too early for me to be fighting Kristen Schaal, but oh well... Fite Me!! Churros are gifts from the heavens!!
It weirds me the *** out that Kristen Schaal uses the exact same voice for Sarah Lynn that she does for Mabel. You can't unhear it.
Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore - Extended and Uncensored (DVD, 2013)
Was just reminded that "Kristen Schaal is a Horse" exists & the world got a little brighter for a second.
I feel like the narrator to my life would be Kristen Schaal.
I hate Hazel on 30 Rock and I find Kristen Schaal annoying in everything but Bobs Burgers and I'm not sorry.
I don't enjoy a lot of Bob's Burgers because Louise gets away with so much horrible crap. Love Kristen Schaal but hate Louise SO *** MUCH.
tbh i got interested when i found out kristen schaal voices someone there and im like YES ALWAYS WATCH KRISTEN'S SHOWS
The not-so-hidden irony of Bojack Horseman is that Kristen Schaal is in it and she's not a horse
Kristen Schaal - who plays Louise on bob's burger - must be getting in so much money. She appears in so many shows
Do you think there's in animation? This talk has some interesting insights from the film2future event.…
Kristen Schaal is the voice actor of our generation
Finished season 4 of , jebus it got really dark and depressing. This is what happens when you kill…
Wasn't that Kristen schaal that said that
How great would be if it was still just Kristen Schaal and Will Forte?
oh hay look what I wrote about the . can't decide if I was more starstruck seeing Chef Joachim Splic…
Like laughs and helping people? Join us for Beef Relief, a comedy event with your host Kristen Schaal and many more…
Same with me for Mabel Pines and Louise Belc…
New post (Article: Sexiest Halloween Costumes Revealed by Jon Stewart and Kristen ...) has been published on D ...…
Bob's Burgers: Beef Relief tix on sale now! Kristen Schaal, Zach Galifianakis, Will Forte & more. Proceeds go to refuge…
Completely agree. Kristen Schaal better win one this year too
Hamilton Collection
i just found out that kristen schaal voices louise AND mabel
Random thought. Why has no one made a Gracie Allen biopic starring Kristen Schaal yet?
every time i hear Kristen Schaal's voice without looking at the screen i hear louise and i'm like what is louise doing on 30 rock?
(( Kristen Schaal as female goblin voice talent. Make it happen, :))
Is it just me or Kristen Schaal looks like
Ol' not kristen schaal walked in like she ain't never sent a titty snap on her lunch break
So I looked it up and despite both being voice actors for FOX cartoons, Wendy and Kristen Schaal are actually not related.
There's a girl at my job that sounds exactly like Kristen Schaal😂
You're not. I have watched Last Man On Earth since the beginning for a few funny moments from Kristen Schaa…
but like of any Kristen Schaal character I get major Louise Belcher vibes
I'm not sure if people have told you this before but.i saw u on snap & your voice really reminded me of Kristen Schaal❤️😃
Kristen Schaal is such a good voice actor
I just showed my coworkers the Kristen Schaal is a horse video and they will never look at me the same way
At first, I was like, wait didn't Kristen Schaal die, and then I was like, no that was just her character on Bojack Horseman
New post (Kristen Schaal Reveals Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever ...) has been published on DIY ... -…
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Has anyone taken Kristen Schaal's voice from Bob's Burgers and put it over Mabel's from GF because I would die
our fingers are crossed that finally reward you this year for LINK:…
Hey, I was wrong - Webby isn't played by Kristen Schaal (Gravity Falls, Bob's Burgers), she's played by Kate Micucci.
I have a weird crush over Kristen schaal
my boyfriend fell in love with Kristen Schaal tonight and i could not be more proud 💘
Kristen Schaal is a literal blessing
This story should have Kristen Schaal instead of her.
should watch Gravity Falls because he's Mabel, who's Kristen Schaal, so I can just watch out for this guy
Kristen Schaal was at the Common today?😳
Do skirts fart when Kristen Schaal diarrheas on them? Can you eat spam? Where can I buy vegetable insurance?
Kristen Schaal & Puddles doing Space Oddity. How has this escaped my attention until now?!
Whatever you do, don't tell she lights up a room.
Thanks for the shout out Watch the full episode of on Conan here on
I just liked this song "Weekend at Mort's" by Bob's Burgers, Kristen Schaal, John Roberts, H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene……
I just liked this song "We're Coming for Ya" by Bob's Burgers, H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Joh……
Order Miche Bag Online!
We saw them live last year; you can stalk their tour schedule just like Kristen Schaal.
Might have to switch to after this brilliant commercial Kristen Schaal TV Spot
Bradley Cooper and Kristen Schaal being paired together, huh.
ICYMI: "I'll put anything in my mouth for a laugh." - ate crickets with
If Lylla (talking otter) shows up in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3, I feel like Kristen Schaal would be one of the…
when I'm famous I want kristen schaal to narrate my biopic
Read that, at first glance, as Kristen Schaal. I agreed then more than i do now
I liked a video Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler - What's in My Bag?
let me know when Larry WIlmore, Aasif Mandvi, Wyatt Cenac, Al Madrigal, Jessica Williams, or Kristen Schaal make an appearance
I'm a Runner: says her running would help in a post-apocalyptic world.
Why is Kristen Schaal smelling my farts? Who sniffed Liam Payne? Why is my toilet brush yelling at a dog poo?
And now…*video* of the Runner’s World interview with Kristen Schaal!
And Jason Ritter, who needs to be voicing more teen sleuths solving mysteries with his twin sis (Kristen Schaal).
My new fantasy is watching Kristen Schaal fire OlD DT over and over again.
I have a song in this move that came out today. It starts JK Simmons and Emile Hirsch & i think Kristen Schaal.
i think i remember Kristen schaal saying in her spontaneanation interview that she encouraged them to include more women in the film
Mabel is voiced by Kristen Schaal!? I can't unhear Louise from Bob's Burgers!
I dunno, are you watching in english? (Kristen Schaal is just so cute xD she voices also Mabel from Gravity Falls)
Kristen Schaal is definitely one of my fave comedians. Like when she's in something I get excited.
We're on the right track with Bob's Burgers and Last Man on Earth but I won't be happy until Fox Sunday is entirely Kristen Schaal vehicles.
Kristen Schaal/Kurt Braunohler have some great acts. Eugene Mirman is another one of my favorites to listen to.
(To be clear, "Kristen Schaal is a Horse" is one of my favorite jokes of all time)
Her voice sounds so much like Kristen Schaal's, doesn't it?!
Kristen Schaal is my new celebrity crush. I swear she's always smiling.
I have a huge crush on Kristen Schaal she's just amazing at everything she does
Is Gravity Falls the only project to heavily feature Kristen Schaal and never once feature Eugene Mirman? Asking for a trivia addiction.
I read the whole planel in Kristen Schaal's voice lol
Everything this job you can pay the concept of kristen schaal is.
OMG I JUST realized is the voice of WOW!
I told earlier today in Dublin that she looks like Kristen Schaal.
Atlanta's choking so hard you'd think they were part of the Kristen Schaal Verizon commercial
[SERIOUS] Why is Kristen Schaal not the sex symbol that we all know she should be?
If you haven't yet, binge Gravity Falls. It has pigs AND Kristen Schaal!
Kristen Schaal is on my flight right now and I am fangirling and frozen lol
On this week's on writing her stand-up and being vulnerable without being personal
Hi Kristen Schaal! Just wanted to say I love your humor - you are awesome! Have a great International Woman's Day!
.| with Kristen Schaal, god you have to have her do more commercials, I still watch those
I do hope that would get Kristen Schaal(Mabel of to voice Carrot in the English dub of…
We have a MIGHTY lineup tonight with Rich Fulcher, Noel Fielding, & Kristen Schaal! 11:30 on Comedy Central!
If it weren't for Winston Churchill and Kristen Schaal, Sarah Paulson would have my favorite celebrity lisp.
What ever Kristen Schaal is selling, I'm buying! She makes every project better. Unfortunate, "Last Man on Earth"...
From most favorite to least its Tig notaro, Maria bamford, Kristen Schaal, and Chelsea Peretti.
It was hit or miss after that. But "Bible Fruit" is just...I mean, Kristen Schaal, H Jon Benjamin and David Cross do guest voices.
I love that Kristen Schaal spoke out against luxury taxes on tampons during her visit to PDX.
Watching Kate and Leopoldo. Hugh Jackman almost married Kristen Schaal and Viola Davis gave him a ticket for not picking up dog poo!
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Kristen Schaal is on Modern Family this is what I'm alive for
I didn't want to unfollow Kristen Schaal, I really didn't! She voiced my favorite Gravity Falls character. But she's TOO political for me!!!
I try to avoid all people connected with the daily show. Only exception is Kristen Schaal and only because shes everywhere.
When you combine the awesome that is Kristen Schaal and H. Jon Benjamin you get greatness.
I haven't heard from Kristen Schaal in a while, not since she blocked me that is
I just really like people, and being a freelancer can be lonely during the day, when you'
Ok, BB S7 Premier review: . New songs weren't great. IMO, actually, worst they've done in series. Kristen schaal was awesome, as usual.
Started watching Gravity Falls. Female lead voiced by Kristen Schaal. That's too much, man.
My style can't be held within a pixel medium. Like, it needs to be performed in a living, br
Outstanding work from Kristen Schaal and the cast of tonight w/ guests Dave Herman and I love a musical episode.
I once went on a date with a guy because he looked like Kristen Schaal.
I'm visualizing Kristen Schaal in Flight of the Conchords
Kristen Schaal is my favorite person on television. 💗💗💗
Between Chenowith and Schaal, it's easy to believe that naming your daughter "Kristen" means she'll have an odd speaking voice.
Bad improv happens with people who are inexperienced with each other and don't know the cr
.turns the tables on Kristen in the final installment of The Kristen Schaal Show.
You go from nobody looking at you to people taking second looks. I remember really loving it
I never really saw myself as a standup comedian. I always just thought of myself as someo
That settles it, writing in Kristen Schaal when I vote.
Who wants to Vine? ? "Will Forte's chemistry with Kristen Schaal is COMEDIC GOLD!"...
I'm seeing Kristen Schaal today at a Hillary event!
Kristen Schaal will be at the Mission Theater in Northwest today from 3-4pm for a Clinton campaign event.
Kristen asks all of the tough questions in part two of The Kristen Schaal Show.
Excited for new this Sunday & Here is also the Kristen Schaal Show part 2 http…
The Last Man On Earth S02 Kristen Schaal you're the best thing in the show.
If you ever get sad remember John Slattery pretended to be in love with Kristen Schaal in The National's music video
Just walked a block out of my way following a woman I thought was Kristen Schaal. It was not. And now I'm a creeper.
This came on the TV without the sound on and I honestly thought Kristen Schaal was doing ads for bathtubs
It took less than one day for me to see a famous person in LA. In other words I'm vicariously having coffee with Kristen Schaal. 😍
I made Kristen Schaal's drink yesterday. When I realized it was her I got really nervous and kindof just
Sarcasm doesn't read sarcastic in print.
Please dear god don't let Kristen Schaal go crazy like Victoria Jackson
If anything I would have gone with a few different comedians like Kristen Schaal and Sarah Silverman
Love this! Cast:. Natasha Leggero. Kristen Schaal. Rebel Wilson. Chelsea Peretti. and Jane Lynch as the drill sergeant
Snapchat should call this one the Kristen Schaal filter
Ok fine, it's going back on my "if I get bored" list. They don't recast Kristen Schaal tho do they? lol
What's your opinion on Toby Kebbell, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, and Jackie Earle Haley? They're some of my favorite actors.
📷 thedailyshow: Kristen Schaal explores healthy body images for women, from a diverse new line of...
Mabel can be hit or miss, but I like Kristen Schaal, so it's cool. Dipper is me when I was 12. It hurts.
There only 4 female actresses I'm convinced are real people and actually funny. . Kristen Schaal, Sara Silverman, Miss Piggy, Kaitlin Olsen.
While I'm up; no love for Kristen Schaal or Mary Steenburgen for Shame...
I had a dream that instead of Pence, Trump picked Kristen Schaal to be his VP, and I wish so so much that it was real
yeah! that show was the best wasn't it? Kristen Schaal running around while Eugene dumped buckets of water on her - unforgettable
I don't enjoy reality television at all. I have to say that I get it, though. I watch som...
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Going from Gravity Falls to Bob's Burgers w/ Kristen Schaal voicing both of the main characters but Mabel and Louise are so different.
Ok I loved the opening credits and didn't know Kristen Schaal was in this! I think I'm sold :)
I've been lucky. The projects I've gotten to work on are projects I'd want to watch mysel...
In the wake of the Nice terrorist attack, the indie community is sharing their prayers
Sometimes I try to sell shows with a female lead to networks, and that isn't something th...
Kristen Schaal more like my favorite characters are voiced by her
Tend to agree. Kristen Schaal has some great moments, but R&M is all killer, no filler.
"When you think about it, every fart is sad." The
I don't have any issues with the except for that Kristen Schaal was not nominated for
Also Kristen Schaal is the reason to watch Last Man on Earth, kind of bummed Will Forte got a nod and she didn’t.
Kristen Schaal not being nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series is an outrage tho.
I'm all for it tbh. Which Kristen Schaal character is that?
I knew it! Kristen Schaal is the voice of Mabel Pines in Gravity Pines! ❤❤❤❤
Riki Lindhome played his girlfriend, and now he's hanging out with Kristen Schaal. Can you say "One Lucky Bear"?
The 100th ep of Bob’s Burgers was a treat for the VERY specific viewer that always wanted to hear an H.Jon Benjamin & Kristen Schaal duet.
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Mouthguard Talk w/ Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Schaal via I laughed so hard! Cleared my sinuses, y'all!!
Is it just me, or does she look like Kristen Schaal?
Doesn't anyone want to see Will Forte and Kristen Schaal with me on Sunday??
I'm sitting in a restaurant about 30 feet from Kristen Schaal and I'm only sort of kind of freaking out a little bit of a lot.
ok I looked it up & idk man, I have problems with Kristen Schaal too.
Kristen Schaal is a god damned treasure.
Boylen Ground always makes me think of Kristen Schaal's Ann Boylen impression idk why THAT is wha comes to mind instead of like Ann Boylen
I thought I would either be an epidemiologist or a 'Price Is Right' model.
I would love for people to know that the label 'feminist' is something that...
Do you think that Squirrel Girl could work in the MCU? Maybe cast Kristen Schaal as the character?
I like Bobs Burgers but I hate Kristen Schaal. Not her character in the show, just her.
Kicking the show off right with Kristen Schaal!
Booo, Louise is da bomb. She's my spirit animal and she's voiced by the wonderful Kristen Schaal.
Actresses who would be great as Squirrel Girl:. - Kristen Schaal. - Charlyne Yi. - Ellie Kemper. - Stephanie Beatriz. - Maisie Williams
Though Louise is probably more fun to watch—she's a savage and Kristen Schaal was perfectly cast to play her.
You have to watch this clip of the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Schaal wearing cheek retractors!...
"How would you describe 'Kristen Schaal is a horse!' in exactly twenty words? One of which must be 'torpefy'."
with comedian & actress Kristen Schaal last month in Westwood CA
Kristen Schaal is leagues funnier than Amy Schumer will ever be
kristen schaal voicing louise from bob's burgers and mabel from Gravity Falls COOL
I think that honor belongs to Gilbert Gottfried. AT LEAST Kristen Schaal.
ok she probs not young enough and politics/ideals aside I'd like Kristen Schaal as Squirrel Girl.
The back of my truck is slowly becoming a Kristen Schaal shrine.
Idea: Replace with... Kristen Schaal is a horse! . Kristen Schaal is a horse! .
Haven't seen much of the Bob's Burgers cartoon but I like Louise's outfit and she's voiced by Kristen Schaal.Nice!
Starting Bob’s Burgers. I love anything with Kristen Schaal, she’s super great. Also, it’s Archer!
I think I've always had a disconnect from what I'm supposed to be like.
I think growing up on a farm in a certain amount of isolation, with not a l...
Kristen Schaal is supposed to be undesirable, I guess? We're not given a bad personality to work with. Just that she's sort of shy.
her act is a slap in the face to pioneers such as Kathleen Madigan, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, etc
I probably shouldn't say this about all animals, but at least the farm anim...
before I look, my pick for Squirrel Girl is Kristen Schaal
nice and you cute like Kristen Schaal, U know Trixy. # FredMeyersBaby
I would never bring a kid to a comedy show myself, but I have noticed that ...
Did anyone tell you look like kristen schaal
Kristen Schaal's Boomin' Booty Beltane (pagan again, no apologies, she wrote the yummy sex book)
I started sketching an older Mabel Pines only to realize that I was just drawing her as Kristen Schaal
Fact-checked on IMdb. Yup. Jake, Jr. is Kristen Schaal, all right. Hehe.
Can't be the one about the voice, either. Everyone knows Kristen Schaal is a horse.
If it's voiced by Kristen Schaal I don't know how I'm gonna feel
Seem like he stopped watching in 04 too. Jessica Williams, Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones, Kristen Schaal
'Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels was fun. He's a lovable guy.
I dreamed there was a Homestuck movie that completely changed the plot. Also it had Kristen Schaal and John DeLancie in it.
Most of the people I know in comedy are not weird or messed up.
anything Kristen Schaal does is amazing.
Season 5 of premieres on IFC June 3rd
I'm trying to remember a time when all cartoon characters weren't voiced by Patton Oswalt and Kristen Schaal...
I don't hear Kristen Schaal, I hear Louise Belcher. Ok, you get the drift. Lol
This needs to have its own show.but with karaoke.
Woah, Kristen Schaal pops up in one scene as a switchboard operator. 2007 feels like another world!
Happy Friday!!Have you ever tried talking with a in? Watch this FUNNY video featuring Melissa McCarthy
Here's a little something to start off your Friday morning with a laugh!
According to H Jon Benjamin everyone in *** sounds like Kristen Schaal and the Devil himself sounds like Aziz Ansari
I liked a video Kristen Schaal Proposes to Audience Members
Another laugh for you today. The gal on the left looks like Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Concords Kate!...
There's a woman in my office whose voice sounds exactly like Kristen Schaal's and I don't hate it.
Who knew cheek retractors could be this much fun!?
Are you needing a good laugh today? Who am I kidding, we could all use a good laugh! . Click on the link below to...
Here's a good laugh for Thursday! And don't worry, we won't make you try blowing bubbles ;-)
So. you're saying I /shouldn't/ get Kristen Schaal's face tattooed on me?
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18th floor. Kristen Schaal throws a moron at Amy Tan. Fred Flintstone scoops ketchup in the corner.
I added a video to a playlist Kristen Schaal Stand Up on Funny as ***
Kristen Schaal is pretty great in whatever she does so yes.
Kristen Schaal would be a great Batgirl, Y/N?
One of our featured comedians this week,
It's not hard to be a woman in comedy as long as you're also a writer. You ...
Anyone who had any dental treatment using retractors will love this 󾌴
We particularly appreciated this bit on James Corden the other night! Did you catch it? :)
Basically Ex Machina but with Kristen Schaal as the lead. She could play the dude in Deus Ex too I supposed if there's a film adaptation.
Random thought about Gravity Falls: Kristen Schaal was amazing in it
I'm not really a control person, and I'm a big believer in collaboration. I...
*watches the Kristen Schaal is a Horse video again*
I recently got to watch the Gravity Falls series finale. The feels! I believe Kristen Schaal...
Everyone is suggesting celebrities and I'm just like GET ZACH CALLISON (voice of Steven universe). OR KRISTEN SCHAAL (Mabel Pines)
Kristen Schaal is far my favorite voice actor
I started watching the Last Man on earth because I love kristen schaal and im weirdly obsessed with things set in arizona
Just sayin', Kristen Schaal is a wise woman.
I should have known! Kristen Schaal is brilliant on and the wardrobe definitely accentuates that fact.
Also, Kristen Schaal is the best in almost everything she's in but it's hard not to think of Louise every time Mable speaks.
If you have young kids, Kristen Schaal's voice work is the soundtrack to your life.
Oh no. There are GIFs featuring Tina Fey, Kristen Schaal and Steve Martin. I'm tempted.
*** you can't get Kristen Schaal on a horse out of my head! CC:
Looking at old photos, thinking "yup, we'd book that". And "it's not JUST Kristen Schaal who's a horse".
I just realized: Kristen Schaal was in Kate and Leopold (she played the chick Hugh Jackman was supposed to marry).
Kristen Schaal voices the greatest cartoon characyer of all time Sarah Lynn on Bojack so you can go frick yourself
Why does Kristen Schaal voice every single one of my favorite cartoon characters I want to shake her hand
Good night from weezy and her foster sister Kristen Schaal…
that girl looks like kristen schaal. Is it???
Why does like every Android app seem to be Kristen Schaal.
is he the "Kristen schaal is a horse" guy because that bit made me laugh out loud at work
Hi Kristen Schaal. I want you to know I enjoyed Gravity Falls. I'm going to miss it very much. Thank you for all the joy.
My parents are pretty religious, devout, but did they force it on me? No, I...
Yeah, Alex said it would "break our hearts" because of the ending. Kristen Schaal's meltdown of her saying "WHY WOULD YOU END MABEL?" was
At first I thought this was you and Kristen Schaal and I was jealous.
It has taken me years for me to remember Kristen Schaal's name and I feel so terrible about it.
📷 killerfrostbite: To Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, and the whole cast and crew of Gravity...
Just realized that Kristen Schaal voices Mabel from and Louise from
Kristen Schaal's stand up is wonderful I'm literally in tears
I feel like Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal are actually Dipper and Mabel
Being a correspondent on 'The Daily Show' is some combination of doing a ch...
No one knows who the real me is, so I can be a hundred different kinds of m...
In the Marvel Netflix piece I said Kristen Schaal should be the animated voice for SG, and a commented said "She's too old...
"Watch it ! Be sad ! It's over !"-Kristen Schaal. "Be sad and then be happy and then buy Journal number 3"-Alex Hirsch
Kristen Schaal as Sarah Lynn on Bojack Horseman is so many things that are awesome.
you know my thing about Kristen Schaal
This is Kristen Schaal. I've been a fan of her's since Flight of the Condors and then there was that one episode...
Space Oddity - Varietopia with Paul F. Tompkins, Kristen Schaal and...wait for it, Puddles Pity Party!:
Review of profs/instructors so far. Tests+measure.: adorable, m.a. grad. Social psych: adorable, ageless fairy? Reminds me of Kristen Schaal
I definitely do weird things every show.
I hear that the Deschanel sisters and Kristen Schaal will be the flower girls at the Rupert Murdoch-Jerry Hall wedding.
I heard and will testify that Kristen Schaal molested her X boyfriend's little brother when she was 19 and he was 5.
I heard your SENIOR correspondent Kristen Schaal apparently molested a little boy when she was 19 & he was 5.
I highkey have a big crush on Kristen Schaal
I added a video to a playlist Kingdom Hearts Part 09 | KRISTEN SCHAAL
kristen schaal is from colorado BLESS
I've never seen Kristen Schaal or Maggie Gyllenhaal in the same room together.
Oddly enough, when you apply the Zoe Kazan filter to Kristen Schaal you end up with Lauren Lapkus.
I feel like Kristen Schaal is what would happen if you could apply a Shirley Temple filter to Zoe Kazan.
Kristen Schaal is perfect in everything she does. Definitely one of my favorite actresses ever.
My flight attendant sounds like Kristen Schaal and her voice makes me want to gouge my eyes out so we'll see how this goes
Can I just say how much I love Kristen Schaal and she is everything I aspire to be
Kristen Schaal is my favorite human can we discuss
THIS IS LITERALLY ME (no it's not, it's literally kristen schaal, but it's too real)
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