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Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett (née Weedman, born November 9, 1960) is a broadcaster, journalist, and author. She is best known for creating and hosting the public radio program On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith), distributed and produced by American Public Media.

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“We all have it in us to formulate questions that invite honesty, dignity, and revelation.” — Krista Tippett, host of
Irish author, poet, theologian and philosopher John O'Donohue was interviewed by Krista Tippett shortly before he...
Poet and Activist Nikki Giovanni featured on “On Being with Krista Tippett” Podcast. https…
The podcast with Krista Tippett & Alain De Botton talking about love & relationships is just ❤️
This is one of the most interesting podcasts I've ever listened to.
When several of your interests intersect in one phenomenal conversation 👌 & on Heschel:
Ruby Sales WHERE have you been all my life? Where do it hurt you ask?...everywhere
GetUR🌟On! “Kindness is an everyday byproduct of all the great virtues.” Krista Tippett
"The world right now needs the most vivid, transformative universe of words that you and I can muster." --Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise
Krista Tippett interviews Ruby Sales in important episode of .
Listening again to Krista Tippett's interview with John O'Donohue from a decade ago. So much beauty and depth in...
Poet Layli Long Solider (interviewed by Krista Tippett in March 2017) on the role of prayer at "I...
On Being with Krista Tippett a series of podcasts I've enjoyed
Interview with Arnold Eisen by Krista Tippett, "The Opposite of Good is Indifference." Albert Eisen...
“Anger is what pain looks like when it shows itself in public” — Krista Tippett —
Listen to Krista Tippett's On Being podcast w/ Lisa Randall, theoretical physicist and author of Dark Matter and t…
We just learned that tonight at 7 pm Krista Tippett will be speaking on "The Adventure of Civility" at the Alice...
Don’t miss Weinstein-Rosenthal Forum w/ answering questions about what it means to be human @ 7pm!…
It is a pleasure to wonder. at the mystery we are. and find delight in the. vastness of reality that is . embedded in o…
I want to write down every word that John O'Donohue spoke. No matter who you are, this podcast is for you:
After listening to Krista Tippett interview I say live life whole-heartedly, creatively, and vulnerably.
John O'Donohue on Beauty: music is what language would love to be if it could
“It's strange to be here. The mystery never leaves you.”
I liked a video On Being with Krista Tippett: Bessel van der Kolk — How Trauma Lodges in the Body
Physicist Lisa Randall with Krista Tippett on "On Being" this week:.
"The holocaust did not start with the building of crematoria, but with words and propaganda": On Being
will listen 2 “The Internet of the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly”- (interviewed by
Broadcaster from is Weinstein-Rosenthal speaker on faith communities & conversation 10/2 7pm…
“In a free society, some are guilty, all are responsible.” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel via Krista Tippett On...
Bring a new perspective to meet some of the challenging difficulties of your day...
This entire podcast is nothing but gems. Junot Díaz dropper gem after gem.
You are not going to be perfect every day. It's about turning up the next day and doing it again. -Krista Tippett
Beautiful conversation between Krista Tippett and Junot Diaz on radical hope for survival
...and shape everything we do to protect it. Mary Catherine Bateson; interview with Krista Tippett (On Being)
Keynote speaker Krista Tippett is the Peabody award-winning host of NPR's On Being and NYT Best Seller. Learn more -
Krista Tippett is joining us for an upcoming series of live conversations. Find out more and book tickets here:
"Put a spiritual insight into a story & it will change you in the telling & others in the listening." Krista Tippett
Three mile run and a podcast on being happier. Great Saturday so far!
“Everything that is interesting,” Liz Gilbert reminded Krista Tippett, “is 90% boring.”
Yoga, Krista Tippett interviewing Brene Brown in "on being", Triumph of the Nerds, Steve Jobs graduation speech -- truly harmonious together
Krista Tippett's interview with contemplative sage Richard Rohr is filled with wisdom and insight for our time.
Listened to MPR/ Krista Tippett this AM. Great interview with Father Richard Rohr.
Listen to [Unedited] Richard Rohr with Krista Tippett by On Being Studios on
Glenn Beck recently invited Krista Tippett to appear on his radio program on the conservative digital network, TheBlaze. He opened by askin…
Depression can kill you. It can also be a spiritually enriching ex...
Subscribe to “Conversing” on iTunes today and hear from our latest guests like Krista Tippett:…
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I have boarded the / Krista Tippett train and it is an insightful and provoking ride! 🙏🏻
One more from our interview with Krista Tippett, who spoke of the most important work any of us can do right now. Link in bio.
I always find it interesting when Oklahoma is brought up in these..
My depression is not something very special. A lot of people go throu...
Here’s what we crave. We crave truth tellers. We crave real truth. There is so much baloney all of the time.— Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise
Structure is something that calms our nature; we know this of toddlers...
"Stanford brain surgeon James Doty talks about how the brain and the heart talk to each other.."
We are hosting Krista Tippett on her next tour at the end of February. Come visit us!
The Ethics of Eating - Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett...
"Music is actually the communication of hearts.".
Check out this amazing episode of w Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn:
I'll see your could and raise you a would. ;) The other podcasting "perfect st…
Strong religious identities survive and thrive. But more than ever ...
"Our earth is not a supply house and a sewer. It is our larger body." — Krista Tippett
My local NPR is so nice early in the morning, when BBC is on. Then Krista Tippett comes on, bless her heart, & we're back to the anodyne.
Krista Tippett deconstructs the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and proposes a new, more...
A beautiful conversation with a luminary: Krista Tippett. You will love this. Listen now: T…
On Being with Krista Tippett and Rachel Zucker's Commonplace are some of my favourites. Smart and thoughtful and empathetic.
Intelligence alone does not get us where we need to go or even necess...
I had been a journalist in Europe and then went to divinity school in...
" is the communication of hearts.". When multiple cultures of the banjo in American music.
Tolerance is not really a lived virtue; it's more of a cerebral as...
A powerful and convicting reflection from Krista Tippett. Take the 6 minutes to listen, or you might be able to re…
If God is God, we can't be afraid of what we can learn.
Poets and lovers of poetry: listen! with Krista Tippett: Michael Longley — The Vitality of Ordinary Things
What a liberating thing to realize that our problems are probably our...
“We make idols of things that can be measured in simple ways and numbers.”—Krista Tippett
Be inspired on 'How To Become Wise in the Age of Fear'
[Unedited] Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn with Krista Tippett via On Being
Time for the Ware Lecture with Krista Tippett of (@ Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
you were raised Plymouth Brethren too?!?! so was I. Listening to Krista Tippett's interview with you and gasped very loudly.
"Hope is brokenhearted on the way to becoming wholehearted. Hope is a function of struggle." Krista Tippett with Brené Brown
I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with NPR's Krista Tippett on her show "On Being" about...
Interesting interview on Being, loss & vulnerability: David Whyte with Krista Tippett by On Being via
Interview with the thoughtful and insightful Krista Tippett, on NPR's "On Being."
057, Krista Tippett, OnBeing | A Social Enterprise with a Radio Show at its Heart
"Mystery is as common a human experience as birth, death or falling in love." - Krista Tippett, Convo address.
What happens when ppl don't get vaccinated? The Thread Live: 2016 authors announced | Minnesota Public Radio News
Krista Tippett says mystery is as a common human experience as birth, death or love.
A perfect episode for my first day of — On Being: Paul Muldoon with Krista Tippett
listening to your interview with Krista Tippett, has anyone told you your voice sounds extremely similar to David Foster Wallace?
REX JUNG, Prof Neurosurgery at UNM on Creativity and the Everyday Brain Krista Tippett interview onBeing
Oh please, how do you expect Krista Tippett and Terri Gross to fill up their shows?
This episode of with is excellent. On Being: [Unedited] Martin Sheen with Krista Tippett
"Another word for freedom is responsibility. Looking at a situation, whether it is deeply personal one or family...
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A New Voice for Islam - Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett |...
Words want to find chimes with each other, things want to connect.--Paul Muldoon. Join Krista Tippett for "A...
Photo: The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi - Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett | Philosophy |387564565: The...
Really excited to be attending live session of On Being with Jonathan Haidt & Krista Tippett!
Have you ever listened to the podcasts of Krista Tippett? She interviews some very interesting people - many of...
For those attending Krista Tippett's lecture Monday, remember that and the cafe are closed Mondays; doors open at 4:30pm
I want an alarm clock that wakes me with info about the vastness of space. Voice modes: James Earl Jones, Sigourney, Krista Tippett, Sagan.
The things that go wrong for you have a lot of potential to become part of your gift to the world. -Krista Tippett
Krista Tippett with Roshi Joan Halifax "on rites of passage, rituals and death."
to l: Unedited Louis Newman with Krista Tippett, "The Refreshing Practice of Repentance"
On Being: [Unedited] Ellen Langer with Krista Tippett on the science of mindlessness & mindfulness.
Don't miss Krista Tippett, producer of discuss "The Adventure of Civility" Sep. 28
"Words that Shimmer." Don't miss Elizabeth Alexander's conversation with Krista Tippett of "On Being"
Einstein & the Mind of God - Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett | | Science educat…
Globalization & Rise of Religion - Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett | | Political Scienc… http:…
Happy 80th Birthday to Dalai Lama! Photo by Chris Levine via On Being with Krista Tippett
"The calling is to repair the part of the world that we can see and hear and touch." (Krista Tippett)
"Hope for our Future Selves" Jennifer Michael Hecht on suicide - w/ Krista Tippett
Check out Krista Tippett's radio program "On Being" with Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn
Einstein’s God: Krista Tippett and Theoretical Cosmologist Janna Levin on Free Will, Science, and the Human Spirit http:/…
Mary Oliver in a lovely conversation with Krista Tippett - On Being podcast:
Croatia ZagrebCounty On Being - Krista Tippett Public Productions: On Being with Krista Tippett takes up the b...
"I'm still young," I say, as I crank up On Being with Krista Tippett
Thank you! . Maria Popova with Krista Tippett by On Being via
A moving Krista Tippett interview w/ Jean Vanier of L'Arche, winner of this year's Templeton Prize: …
About to be interviewed by Krista Tippett for On Being, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. - broadcast date soon.
Out in the woods at Mississippi View Park north of our house. The ski trails are pretty much non existent but they have become a good place to run, pray, and yes, even to scream. The pain is still deep. But, today, there is some joy, some light. Today we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the work of other leaders in the civil rights movement. One of those leaders is congressman, John Lewis. He was the first person to be beaten on "bloody Sunday," that day of march in Selma, Alabama. I heard this "remix" interview again on Krista Tippett's "On Being" radio show. To hear him say, "Hate is too heavy a burden to bear," to say what it took to be forgiving and loving in that time of pain, is powerful. As I listened to him I watched the sunrise on Sunday morning, a new day. And as I did John Lewis talked about not carrying hate and other negative emotions. I heard him talk about loving as Jesus would love. I found it rather ironic, or maybe a sign of the Spirit, that at the moment that the sun was rising .. ...
Speaking the World Into Being (tonight's drash) A few weeks ago, I was listening to one of my favorite NPR shows, called OnBeing. Every few weeks on OnBeing, the show's host, Krista Tippett, interviews theologians and religious leaders, physicists and poets, yogis and monastics, about meaning, faith, ethics and ideas. And about a month ago, Tippet interviewed a poet named Marie Howe. Howe, who comes from a very traditional Irish Catholic background is an acclaimed poet who often writes about spirituality, and faith. And in their conversation, Howe explained why, poetry, for her, is magical. This is what she said: “Well, poetry holds...what can't be said…It has the quality of a spell...” And Krista Tippett said, “Yes, it’s making magic with words.” And then Marie Howe said something surprising, and, I thought stunning: “For many of us, language is almost all we have left of action in the modern world. I mean unless we're in Syria, you know, or we're in Iraq. But for many of us, action has bec ...
.In the reference should be to author/blogger Kara Tippetts, not broadcaster Krista Tippett
A well deserved Medal for Krista Tippett. The National Humanities Medal. Presented by the President of the United...
Alchemy of Anger by Parker J. Palmer via On Being with Krista Tippett
Imo, On Being with Krista Tippett is the best radio program. Have you heard the episode with Walter Bruggemann?
please bring Nadia Bolz-Weber to interfaith series. She is a rock star! Krista Tippett can vouch for her!
Spend some time with someone you look to as an elder.
Being a religion reporter is killer convo fodder. But can it kill your faith? Hear from (and me)
I liked a video The Embodied Self: Evan Thompson in Discussion with Krista Tippett
Congrats to religion reporter who has long covered outside the box via
Listening to archived "'On Being' with Krista Tippett" broadcasts as I edit today. What radio or television...
Iren's first Chautauqua Lecture: Krista Tippett! (with AUDREY, Katie, and Rea at Hall of Philosophy) [pic] —
A reverence for mystery with Krista Tippett from On Being
For all of our wonderful friends who came to hear Krista Tippett at Christ Church Cathedral enjoy this wonderful...
Krista Tippett and Roberto M. Unger to have conversations on the American consciousness. Story by
tell Krista Tippett I said hello- LOVE HER! Enjoy your remaining time in the best place on earth!
Listen to an enlightening conversation with Seane and Krista Tippett on NPR.
Congratulations to who receives the 2013 National Humanities Medal today!
Wondering if we will ever hear Krista Tippett interview on
I love and this is a terrific interview with
Thrilled to receive National Humanities Medal. Grateful to all the listeners and friends who gave my work liife.
Congrats Public Radio Hosts & for receiving the National Humanities Medal!
"We are so animated by things we can’t pin down and understand." -
Krista Tippett: ‘My work is my prayer.’ Yes, it feels like a vocation, a calling. It’s enriching.
Congrats keep up the great work! Krista Tippett, Awarded National Humanities Medal.
A really great discussion. MT On being a religion reporter. Hear from (and me):
"The institutions they grew up with, they are going to have to recreate: education, politics, church." htt…
Krista Tippett and Sean Corn talk deeply challenging and inspiring. Beautiful perspective.
Congrats to of fir a well deserved National Humanities Medal.
Congratulations goes out to Krista Tippett for receiving the 2013 National Humanities Medal.
I listen to Krista Tippett 's show ON BEING as a podcast every week. Enlightening and inspiring. Thank you,...
Wonderful interview btwn & on mysteries of writing about God. h/t
Lovely interview w Krista Tippett on the occasion of her winning National Humanities Medal: by
First Krista Tippett appears on Nomad Podcast, then she gets awarded the National Humanities Medal by Obama!
Seeing the Underside and Seeing God: Nadia Bolz-Weber with Krista Tippett at the Wild Goose Festival on Vimeo
Krista Tippett’s ‘On Being’ honored by White House for engaging listeners on what it means to be human via
constantly amazes us. Congrats to the On Being crew for winning the National Humanities Medal!!
Becoming great not in spite of hardships but because of them with Krista Tippett from On Being
2/2 Homebrewed, WoodlandHills, MeetingHouse,etc.All presented by men,exc.MickeyJones/HBC occ,and Krista Tippett. +so what ...
‘On Being’ host on the spiritual life of a religion reporter via
Thank you. I recently did this interview about listening, interviewing: All best to you!
"The best religious voices and lives are the last to throw themselves in front of microphones" --Public Radio religion journo Krista Tippett
Two wonderful women talk the spiritual lives of religion reporters: Great insights from
This week's episode of On Being with Krista Tippett is truly enlightening: "Jonathan Haidt -- The Psychology...
As the US faces the coming storm of public opinion about what our response should be to the disturbing violence and threat of civil war in Iraq, how will we navigate the polarities of policy approach? Jonathan Haidt offers illumination for understanding our attractions to liberalism and conservatism. You can listen to the Krista Tippett interview with Haidt in this week's On Being presentation.
"We burn out not because we stop caring but because our hearts are too full of grief." (Krista Tippett) Care for others but also yourself.
"The way we deal with the losses of our lives..may be what determines our capacity to be present to the whole of our lives."(Krista Tippett)
Took Krista Tippett's unedited interview with for a long drive -- such an infusion of light! | On Being
Civility as adventure! There's a new perspective. Great tips and encouragement for good conversation. …
religion comes from the same place in us that art comes from. The language of the human heart is poetry ― Krista Tippett
I think I'll listening this show this week. On Being with Krista Tippett interviews Rosanne Cash.
"We are re-imagining authority, institution, and community...I like to think we are in the midst of a new reformation." Krista Tippett
“Deepak Chopra On Being” Are you gonna be on with Krista Tippett?
"Religious assertion misrepresented and abused can be far more amoral than the absence of religion." - Krista Tippett
The Last Quiet Places: Gordon Hempton says that silence is an endangered species. He's an acoustic ecologist...
“Tolerance is not really a lived virtue; it’s more of a cerebral ascent.” — Krista Tippett
After listening to today's On Being with Krista Tippett which is a sweet interview with Vincent Harding, the main question that left me struck and thinking was "What kind of human signpost do I want to be?" What do you say friends? Have a great day
The On Being with Krista Tippett interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber recorded at Wild Goose Festival 2013 is now available! You can download the audio of the edited interview that’s airing on NPR stations around the country this weekend or the full, unedited audio of the interview.
When the cold returns, I encourage you to take an hour or so to listen to the outstanding true & personal story segments I heard this afternoon on The Moth Radio Hour on WOSU FM radio (89.7), including Adam Savage (one half of TV's Mythbusters duo), radio show host Krista Tippett, and Hector Black. The one I most want you to hear is Hector's story, on forgiveness. But I would encourage you to listen to the segments in the order they were served to me, because the experience deepens in each segment, and you really need a lead-in for Hector's story. After you listen, let me know what you think.
Physicist Brian Greene on science and the nature of life and being on Krista Tippett's On Being.
On Being with Krista Tippett will be releasing a new podcast this week with JTF grantee Dr. Brian Greene, the...
Albert Einstein’s quip that “God does not play dice with the universe,” was about quantum physics, not a statement of faith. But he did ponder the relationship between science and religion and his sense of “the order deeply hidden behind everything.” Freeman Dyson and Paul Davies, both theoretical physicists, join Krista Tippett to explore Einstein’s wisdom on mystery, eternity and the mind of God.
I'm recording podcast intros, and I realize I have no personal style. So far I've done Krista Tippett, Ira Glass, and Jad Abumrad.
Update your maps at Navteq
Journalist Krista Tippett pointed to images captured by NASA's Hubble space craft as an example of scientists "showing, not telling" — a strategy that helps to convey the "drama" of science to a broader public. | NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
Transcript for Walter Brueggemann on The Prophetic Imagination December 22, 2011 Krista Tippett, Host: Walter Brueggemann is a distinctive and very special voice, a kind of rock star in his universe of knowledge. He is one of the world's great living teachers about the prophets who both anchor the Hebrew Bible and have transcended it in many places across history — a figure like Isaiah, whose words also echo throughout the New Testament as it's read at Christmastime. Sitting with Walter Brueggemann's passion and poetry is to experience both the fearless truth-telling and the fierce hope of the prophets he knows so well. And he seems to embody the quality he finds most astonishing in them — an ability to be transformative in a chaotic moment of history — to open up new ways of addressing what is at stake socially, politically, and religiously. Walter Brueggemann: It's so hard to do, but the task is reframing so that we can re-experience the social realities that are right in front of us. We exercise ...
Listen to westminsterforum / Spiritual Genius: Lessons for Living - Krista Tippett 06/24/11 | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podc...
Listened to Krista Tippett's complete and unedited conversation... from On Being
The Logic of the Incarnation on Christmas Day by On Being with Krista Tippett
Krista Tippett (née Weedman, born November 9, 1960) is a broadcaster, journalist, and author. She is best known for creating and hosting the public radio program On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith), distributed and produced by American Public Media. The program is currently broadcast on more than…
Just downloaded lots of This American Life, The Splendid Table, & On Being with Krista Tippett to accompany this week's holiday driving :)
This quote by journalist Krista Tippett is from Tippett’s 2010 TED Talk about compassion, and how we can recon...
As the media firestorm around Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson reaches its peak this Christmas season, I feel like I have to state publicly that his Christianity bears very little resemblance to my Christianity. Jesus, or the Bible in general for that matter, has very little to say about sexual immorality and for Robertson to state that "sexual immorality is number one on the list" of sins seems a perversion all its own. The only ranking Jesus makes of this sort that I can think of, off the top of my head, is when he's asked what the greatest commandment is. His response: "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.” If all Christians did was follow those two commandments I think we'd see a lot less people turning away from the Church, and kicked off the A&E channel for that . ...
Check out this interview of Marie Howe with our friend Krista Tippett.
I love this time of year. But I also really love this essay. Krista Tippett on not playing the Christmas game of...
Walter Brueggemann's book The Prophetic Imagination has been informally required reading for change-makers for a long time. Here he discusses prophets, poets, and preachers with On Being's Krista Tippett. (There's a link to a transcript on the left sidebar if you're not interested in audio!) A teaser: Ms. Tippett: "I think also — I've thought about this a lot because I've done a lot of conversations across the years about some historic figures. I mean, people who changed the world usually were not — they often started in their 20s and, before everyone realized they'd changed the world, they drove everyone around them crazy, right?" Mr. Brueggemann: "That's right, that's right. [...] I think there are a lot of people who are not broadly famous who, in their own local circumstance, do transformative things..." Ms. Tippett: "...Are those good life-giving disruptive forces." Mr. Brueggemann: "That's exactly right."
Krista Tippett and her sanctioned prophets lay hand to brow over politically correct people who are being...
Walter Brueggemann with Krista Tippett on The Prophetic Imagination: On Being - Ms. Tippett: You know,...
I am wondering if any one on FB shares my enjoyment of Krista Tippetts radio broadcast of " ON BEING "if so I would love to talk about it with any one.
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I too love Krista Tippett and find this article a very effective reminder of what I promised myself years ago I would do but keep drifting away from.
I like the way Krista Tippett expresses herself. This is the first I've seen of her own opinions, outside of interviewing other people, and I find I also like the way she thinks!! I've been doing essentially this for a number of years, giving to charities in my gift recipient's names instead of shopping for obligatory gifts.
Krista Tippett articulates so well what I've been feeling for years.
I strongly concur with Krista Tippett's views on what Christmas, the secular holiday, has become and is trying to strip from the authentic religious feastday celebrating the birth of the God-man.
A quiet morning, just Billy and me, listening to Walter Brueggemann and On Being with Krista Tippett.
I listen to Krista Tippett every week. She has a mature faith for which I have tremendous respect. If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to read her short piece on Christmas in America. I'd also encourage you to consider as a last minute gift-giving option.
Krista Tippett: "Here’s what I take seriously. There is something audacious and mysterious and reality-affirming."
Walter Brueggemann on On Being with Krista Tippett: Food for the soul!
What a way to begin Sunday morning! I'm listening to Walter Buueggemann talking with Krista Tippett in "On Being"
A great interview with Walter Brueggemann about the prophetic tradition: On Being with Krista Tippett.
Now this... will truly be an amazing listen! Krista Tippett conversing with the UCC's own scholar and theologian Walter Brueggemann on her show 'On Being.' Click the link and just listen or podcast for later! But don't miss it...
This is why the UCC is non-doctrinal and why we wish everyone was reading the Bible regular. (pm) “What the church does with its creeds and its doctrinal tradition, it flattens out all the images and metaphors to make it fit into a nice little formulation and then it’s deathly. So we have to communicate to people, if you want a God that is healthier than that, you’re going to have to take time to sit with these images and relish them and let them become a part of your prayer life and your vocabulary and your conceptual frame. Which, again, is why the poetry is so important because the poetry just keeps opening and opening and opening whereas the doctrinal practice of the church is always to close and close and close until you’re left with nothing that has any transformative power.” — ~Walter Brueggeman, His entire conversation with Krista Tippett is riveting. "The Prophetic Imagination," a good episode to listen to this time of year.
So, I am admittedly sharing this without having listened to it. However, it is On Being with Krista Tippett and Walter Brueggemann talking about The Prophetic Imagination; it has to be good.
Yes, that's Krista Tippett interviewing Amitav Ghosh on Tagore in our new studios! @ On Being on…
Change can be scary. Telling stories about moments of discovery is fascinating and establishes a bond.
Drama and beauty help sell to a broader audience, said On Being host at
"We come to our understand of God, our sense of the sacred, through the stories of our lives. As you grapples with the raw materials of your days, be a theologian."- Krista Tippett
On 11 December 2013, DoSER hosted "Conversations: Science, Scientists, and the Human Spirit," a holiday lecture and reception featuring broadcast journalist and author Krista Tippett in dialogue with DoSER director Dr. Jennifer Wiseman. Ms. Tippett is the Peabody Award-winning host of “On Being,” a…
AMAZING interview (the unedited one) by krista Tippett of Phil Donahue (On Being).. Wowzers!! (Podcast)
Krista Tippett, host of public radio's "Speaking of Faith," notes that talking about religion in our culture is "fraught"--and that scientists are increasing...
Remember Phil Donahue? "Being" radio show featured him, Krista Tippett talking with Phil for an hour re his most impressive, pioneering and often controversial shows so ahead of what TV was about in that time. I was really impressed and will say I fell in love with Phil for what he accomplished and grateful to Being radio for bringing him to my attn. Online (Being radio / Phil Donahue )
On Being with Krista Tippett New Episode! "Phil Donahue on Transformation, On-Screen and Off" pioneering talk show host and journalist Phil Donahue had a front row seat on the world so many of us are now reliving through shows like Mad Men. He offers a substantive lens on an entire era of social, personal and political transformation in the U.S. — on who we were then, and who we are now.
Rules: List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and and don't think too hard - they don't have to be the "right" or great" works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag at least 10 friends, including me so I'll see your list. 1. Coming to our Senses - Jon Kabat Zinn 2. Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransom 3. Ahab's Wife - Sara Jeter Naslund (?) 4. The Salt House - Cynthia Huntington 5. Care of the Soul - Thomas Moore 6. The Island - Elin Hildebrand 7. My Bright Abyss - Christian Wiman 8. Speaking of Faith - Krista Tippett 9. Dakota - Kathleen Norris 10. The Venetian's Wife - Nick Bantock
Krista Tippett is interviewing Phil Donahue on NPR for On Being ... what a neat guy.
I just turned on the radio in the middle of a Krista Tippett interview with Phil Donahue and thought it was Terry Gross. I got pretty excited thinking she had a new show on Sunday.
love this man.. interview with his several generations forward grandson.Krista TIppett On Being real courage these people... not perfect either just real belief in creation as being where we are .standing tall for honor integrity... live free or die and truth will set you free practiced by first and true so many stories to unwind still and so much more to experience always with paitence and more love.
Waking to ON BEING's Krista Tippett interviewing Phil Donahue is so truly illuminating. Thank you, WXXI and NPR for opening my eyes so often by opening my ears and my mind.
Phil Donohue interviewed by the great radio host Krista Tippett. Good stuff.
Can't wait to go see NPR's On Being with Krista Tippett live tonight!!
A lovely bit of writing that tickled my brain… "Words matter. Tolerance = allowing, indulging and enduring Tolerance = testing the limits of thriving in an unfavorable environment. Tolerance = out-dated - we have come as far as we could with tolerance as our only guiding virtue: - Compassion is our guiding virtue now. Compassion = kindness, cultivating, practicing curiosity without assumptions, empathy, forgiveness and presence, generosity, hospitality, just showing up, just being there, a willingness to see beauty not just what we see in another that needs fixing. Compassion can change us if we truly let it sink in to the standards by which we hold ourselves and others both in our private and in our civic spaces. Compassion is visible, when we see it we recognize it. It seeks physicality. Exudes tenderness. Compassion is a sign of deeper human possibilities. Compassion is released never by statistics and strategies. Tikkun-olam = (repair the world) a key moral longing ( each of us, frail and flawed as ...
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Please join Melissa Studdard and Tiferet Journal on 1/09/14, from 7-7:30 PM EST, for a conversation with author, journalist, producer, and talk show host Krista Tippett about her non-fiction works Speaking of Faith and Einstein's God, and her radio program, On Being. Speaking of Faith is a memoir of...
NPR's Krista Tippett is sitting right in front of me, wow
Also referenced in Jane Ann's sermon: _The Courage to Be Vulnerable_, last Sunday's installation of Krista Tippett's NPR radio show_On Being_:
If I had time Thursday I would do this in a heart beat...but I don't Event Details On Being with Krista Tippett As a year of civil rights milestones draws to a close, the Civil Conversation Project will explore the movement's relevance for our time - including the competing philosophies it carried about how social change happens. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons was an original Black Power feminist and a leader of the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964. Now a professor at the University of Florida and a Sufi Muslim, her perspective has evolved over 50 years. Rev. Lucas Johnson is a young, 21st Century embodiment of non-violent resistance. He is a leader within the historic Fellowship of Reconciliation, working with young African-Americans, and with people from Congo to Palestine, to apply this mode of social change to hard, contemporary realities. On Being host Krista Tippett will lead them in a cross-generational conversation, mining their wisdom for our time. Doors open at 6:30pm A free reserved ticket is requ ...
I found this TED talk by Krista Tippett to be very inspirational. In fact, it was a profound impetus for this project.
I came across Brené Brown a few years ago on On Being with Krista Tippett and on a TED talk. This photo captures the essence of her incredibly positive work on shame and growing into our new identity as a "child of God" in this "already/not yet" world. A blessed Advent day to you!
Hey Sarah, Taylor, and Michelle, I have been obsessed with this on being podcast. It talks about the taboo of vulnerability and relates it to gendered experiences of shame. A must-listen-to if you like Krista Tippett.
I am a huge fan of Krista Tippett's "On Being" (on NPR Sunday nights). Tonight, as I listened to Brene Brown talk about the courage to be vulnerable (an awesome episode, by the way), I was reminded of one of my favorite episodes, an interview with yoga teacher Seane Corn. I'm not into yoga, but there is so much wisdom in this episode . . .
Krista Tippett fascinating interview with Brene Brown on WGBH radio this Sunday a.m.
Wow... I woke up this morning listening to Krista Tippett and her guest Brene Brown . and was just blown away by the conversation. Very moving and powerful. Now I'm listening to Brene Brown's TED talk...
Many of you have read or are reading Brené Brown's work right now. Let's listen to this episode of On Being with Krista Tippett (which airs this week and will be available as a podcast shortly thereafter), and discuss it in an upcoming Parent Talk.
This is going to be so good, something you will not want to miss. With - Melissa Studdard and On Being with Krista Tippett.
Public Track Vincent Harding and Phyllis Tickle with Krista Tippett [Unedited Interview] shared to you: Hey, ...
Krista Tippett made me cry again this morning.Franz Kafka and Mary Oliver poems & storycorps plus eve ensler. Dying is not a medical process
Biologist David Sloan Wilson interviewed by Krista Tippett on what evolutionary biology teaches …
Krista Tippett joins us at 9 on RADIO IQ's On Being, and her guests today are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers - better...
Stay tuned for an incredible Encounter event this March: On Being with Krista Tippett and Jonathan Haidt.
Krista Tippett, NPR radio personality and journalist, will be visiting campus this September 24th for the annual...
June 13 Tip: On Finding the Poetry in Conversation Blog from TRENT GILLISS: ON FINDING THE POETRY IN CONVERSATION (the June 13 Compassionate Living Tip from Interfaith Paths to Peace) night when I couldn't sleep, I decided to listen to the latest On Being podcast, which was a really arresting conversation between Krista Tippett and a poet I'd never heard of, Marie Howe. There were so many words, lines, thoughts that stood out to me as I listened, and I kept thinking, I should write these down. But then they were more than just thoughts; it all sounded like a poem to me. When I was about 19 or so, I found a book of poems in the library by the amazing Annie Dillard, who'd written a book that had recently blown me away (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, of course). Annie handled words like a cross between an athlete who performs stunning feats without a second thought [apparently] and an astronaut who sits on a thin ledge between life and death and fixes some billion dollar spaceship part with a jerryrigged toothbrus ...
The poet Christian Wiman is giving voice to the hunger for faith — and the challenges of faith — for people living now. After a Texas upbringing soaked in a history of violence and a charismatic Christian culture, he was agnostic until he became actively
I trust Krista Tippett who said this is one of her all time favorites, that this must be a phenomenal interview.
A Call to Doubt and Faith: Christian Wiman on Remembering God - Krista Tippett on Being -
Guys, I'm running out of podcasts to listen to. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST? Any length, any type. What would make me cooler just by listening to it?
A Shift to Humility: Andrew Zolli on Resilience and Expanding the Edge of Change (On-Being Krista Tippett)
Angels, in the wake of yesterday's celebration of Ray's life, today I'm weeping through every episode of On Being. Krista Tippett wrecks me!
A few weeks ago, Rev. Linda and I discussed how someone could respond to her sermons, whether we agree or disagree or just had something to add. We talked about having some cards on the First Sunday Lunch tables with the prior four week’s themes of sermons and letting people reflect on their view of the subject. We also talked about having a column in the newsletter. So I chose this route this month. On 5/19/13, Rev. Linda spoke on “being afraid, very afraid”…..she spoke of someone who was debating whether to “come out” in a world that could and would treat that person differently. So differently, that they could lose their job, family, friends, etc. and it reminded me of the podcast I had just heard from “On Being” by Krista Tippett of NPR. The link is here: Krista was interviewing John Lewis, Civil Rights leader and Congressman from Georgia. She asked how the young African Americans in the 1960s prepared for the sit in’s, marches and civil disobedience stances they took. Mr. Lewis e .. ...
The civil rights movement John Lewis helped animate was -- as he tells it -- love in action. He opens up the art and the discipline that made nonviolence work then -- and that he offers up for our common life even today.
Andrew Zolli ("Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back") said something this morning to Krista Tippett ("On Being") that speaks to several places in my life: (my paraphrase) We are not in Kansas any more. We are also not in Oz. We are in the whirlwind. There will be those who urge that we go on, that it is foolish to hang onto a world that no longer exists, or maybe never did. There will also be those who urge that we go back, that we are in danger of losing what gave us meaning, what defined our lives.
Can resilience thinking be a successor to solutions-based strategies and even sustainability, both of which assume that balance can be achieved? Andrew Zolli is helping reframe our approach to everything from economic development to urban planning.
Andrew Zolli is curator and executive director of PopTech and the author of
I LOVE NPRs show, On Being, hosted by Krista Tippett. Great interview today with Andrew Zolli about resilience.
en: via Krista Tippett is someone you should know about
Krista Tippett talks about the beauty and mystery in science and religion and how they go hand-in-hand, not...
Overwhelmed by all of the kind words. I'm slowly working my way through it all, and my heart is full. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and good wishes here. Feels like a true community.
Which of these three titles for an upcoming show grabs your attention? 1) "The Hunger and Challenge of Faith" 2) "The Inseparability of Doubt and Faith" 3) "Remembering God"
You should stop being so cruel to other people. As you sow, so shall you reap. Fred built an immense fortune by swindling others, but lost it all when someone swindled him. As a man sows, so shall he reap.
Check out On Being with Krista Tippett and you will not be spiritually disappointed...
this looks great... I don't know Zolli but I love Krista Tippett
A big, tough samurai once went to see a little monk. “ “Monk!” ” He barked, in a voice accustomed to instant obedience. “ “Teach me about heaven and *** ” ” The monk looked up at the mighty warrior...
An enchanting hour of poetry drawing on the ways family and religion shape our lives. Marie Howe works and plays with her Catholic upbringing, the universal drama of family, and the ordinary time that sustains us.
For Mother's Day, a delightful conversation with Sylvia Boorstein. The Jewish-Buddhist teacher, mother, and grandmother speaks about loving and teaching children in a complex world.
Working late tonight processing photos and very thankful for This American Life podcasts !!!
I've always been a fan of Derek Wollcut's plays: heart this poem which I just heard for the first time in an "ON BEING" podcast. Compassion begins at home. LOVE AFTER LOVE The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your self. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.
How do we prime our brains to take the meandering mental paths necessary for creativity? New techniques of brain imaging, Rex Jung says, are helping us gain a whole new view on the differences between intelligence, creativity, and personality. He unsettle
A powerful Zen parable teaching us about compassion and gratitude in the face of death. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community.
Okay...some random thoughts and possible suggestions from others. I'm a nerd, and I do nerdy things as a result. If I list some podcasts I listen to, some online classes I do from i-tunes U (again, for fun), would I perhaps be able to get feedback from others who listen to said podcasts or who would also have blog ideas to read about. I'm a little "all over the place," so don't expect a whole lot of consistency from my list. I would especially appreciate the input of Casey Sugden, Chris Brademeyer, Christopher McGarvey, Matthew Durance, LA Green, Benjamin Shank, Eric Bodenstab Elise Wied, Travis Berg, Michael Miller, Matthew Moss, and Chantelle Siltman...especially from those of you who read good blogs, what are you reading and how do you like it? Why would you or would you not recommend what you are reading/listening to? Podcasts: -Becoming a Healing Presence - Ancient Faith Radio -The Dividing Line - Alpha and Omega Ministries -Homebrewed Christianity/Theology Nerd Throwdown -The Christian Humanist ...
Inspiration for Your Day: "Grieve in places that world does not forgive. Rejoice in places the world does not notice. Live with a patience that culture cannot sustain, and with a hope that the world cannot imagine." ~Krista Tippett
Product featured on public radio: Happiness is an Inside Job by Sylvia Boorstein ... Your purchase supports public radio.
Live from the stage of The Community House in suburban Detroit, we bring you the visual of Krista's interview with Ms. Boorstein as it happened.
An article by John Taylor Gatto about simpler, green living in the country.
On this Mother's Day, in some odd way, I can think of no more fitting tribute than to listen to Ms. Boorstein reciting these lovely lines from Pablo Neruda.
On the next "On Being": "What We Nurture" with Sylvia Boorstein. The teacher and psychotherapist shares her warmth and wisdom on nurturing children's inner lives by taking care of our own. Join Krista Tippett this morning at 9 on RADIO IQ!
"Pondering the relationship between remembering and invention..." ~ Krista Tippett, On Being
BESTSELLING AUTHOR TO SPEAK AT PCW! New York Times bestselling author Kate Braestrup, will be speaking at the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, 140 Mountain Avenue on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00 p.m. Braestrup’s memoir, chronicled in “Here if You Need Me” charts her journey from the death of her state trooper husband, leaving her a widow with four young children, to her life as the first chaplain in the Maine Forest Service. In her chaplaincy she accompanies wardens as they search for individuals lost in the woods and waterways and comforts family members during the search and rescue missions. In addition, Kate Braestrup is a source of support to her colleagues out in the wild. Her most recent memoir, “Marriage and Other Acts of Charity” is about relationships: romantic, familial, friendships. She shares her insights and humor and where God can be found in each of these. Rev. Braestrup has also appeared on the NPR show “On Being with Krista Tippett”. Following her talk, Rev. Braestrup will be s ...
Maybe this is a gun control measure we can all agree on: "Nothing stops a bullet like a job." -- Father Greg Boyle Listen to his interview with Krista Tippett:
the match of inspiration lit under my *** is starting to feel like a blowtorch. creativity! excitement! humans! MAMACITA!
"Curiosity is the antidote to fear," says composer Meredith Monk interviewed by Krista Tippett for
“...'fundamentalism' and 'liberalism' and terrorism.' These labels only tell us partial truths. We must use them humbly, guardedly, Niebuhr would say, aware of the limitations of our own vision and of our own capacity for misunderstanding and self-deception.” ― Krista Tippett, Speaking of Faith
Today's mission: find 3000 square feet of stellar office space in Minneapolis for On Being's new new nonprofit org, Krista Tippett Public Productions. Looking in the Warehouse + Mill Districts, North Loop and Northeast. All suggestions welcome!
she lies. Really awake to listen to On Being with Krista Tippett.
Krista Tippett with Father Greg Boyle on turning inspiration into action: via Truly inspirational!
Unexpected perk of having kids: Up early to hear On Being with Krista Tippett. Today's show on gangs, service, kinship & joy was a treat & a half.
Fr. Greg Boyle on his work with gangs in L.A., connections between kinship and delight, and of finding delight in one another.
"God is just plain too busy loving us to be disappointed in us." - Fr. Greg Boyle on On Being with Krista Tippett
Just listened to Greg Boyle on the radio (On Being with Krista Tippett). He's a Jesuit priest working with gangs in LA. "This is not work of helping, he says, but of finding kinship. The point of Christian service, as he lives it, is about 'our common calling to delight in one another.'" Isn't that amazing? Just ordered his latest book "Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion." Can't wait to read it.
The Rev. Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman is the senior pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Fresno,CA. He is the father of two young adult sons, and three adult step-daughters.
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