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DONALD TRUMP [witnessing in a dream god's creation of the cosmos]: we've done a fantastic job, very special, very classy, really great work
Why doesn't the media remember the murders of Kriss Donald and Charlene Downes? Indirectly caused by Lab…
Google Kriss Donald. If you can say that isn't racist then that is…
15 year old Kriss Donald,muslims terrorised him just for bein white, reports say his eyes w…
Because Stephen Lawrence's case was a turning point for crimes ag…
we knew a story built by Democrats to discredit Donald J.Trump to destroy the administration, (anti-trump propaganda
Did the families of Kriss Donald, Mark Cummings or those killed by Harry Clarke get the same treatment by the Crown? Nope
Wonder what murdered Scottish teenager Kriss Donald would have made of that racist ad?
Stephen McLaughlin, Kriss Donald, Christina Edkins and so many others.
THE leader of a racist gang who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald has...
Racist murderer of Kriss Donald cleared of prison attack
Racist murderer of schoolboy Kriss Donald cleared of attacking fellow prisoner in jail
Feeling the urn... 😆. Woman’s obituary says she died rather than vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump via
today is the anniversary of Kriss donald.He was tortured & murdered by Muslims in Scotland because he was white h…
Kriss Donald, 15 years old, abducted by pakistani muslims then tortured and murdered
When do Kriss Donald's parents get a chance to air their view?. Or Lee Rigby's?
you'll be asking Lee Rigby's and Kriss Donald's opinions next, right?
BBC News - Kriss Donald killer Imran Shahid sentenced for jail attack this man should never be…
e.g. You're well aware of Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker. Ross Parker? Kriss Donald? Gavin Hopley?
if it ws a political show, woldnt have bothered. Celebs didnt ignore Stephen Lawrence but happily ignored Kriss Donald & MRG's
You ALL know Stephen Lawrence so who is Kriss Donald? Remember Kriss Donald...Lest we Forg…
Kriss Donald was a Scottish fifteen-year-old "WHITE" male who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by a gang of Pakistani men, some of whom fled to Pakistan after the crime. Daanish Zahid, Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid, and Mohammed Faisal Mustaq were later found guilty of racially motivated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment A fifth participant in the crime was convicted of racially motivated violence and jailed for five years. The case, which featured the first ever conviction for racially motivated murder in Scotland, is cited as an example of the lack of attention the media and society give to "WHITE" sufferers of racist attacks compared to that given to ethnic minorities, with organisations such as the BBC later admitting failing to cover the case sufficiently It is also suggested the crime demonstrates how society has been forced to redefine racism so as to no longer exclude "WHITE" victims. Now that you have all read this, did you see his mother in the house of Lords, afte ...
. Perhaps every time he gets a mention we flood the web with Lee Rigby/Charlene Downs/Kriss Donald .
Can I ask anyone who is indiawho follows me. Have you heard of Lee Rigby, Charlene Downes, Kriss Donald, Piage Chivers, Laura Wislon Thanx
National Front in Bathgate On Sat 29th March 2014 a meeting was held as planned in the lovely location of Bathgate. The local newspapers, councillors, and the invisible left wing tried to get us banned but they failed. In fact not one single opponent was in Bathgate to confront us. We said months ago that it would be a private meeting and it would pass as always without any issues. Well it did apart from the nightmare traffic congestion which held many of us up for quite some time. The meeting was opened by the chairman for the day Dave MacDonald. Dave started the proceedings by asking those in attendance to hold a minute silence for Kriss Donald and other White victims of racist attacks. After a short speech from Dave we then had our first invited speaker of the day Malky who spoke passionately about our fight to keep control of our country. Next up was Biggsy from the North East of England who gave us updates from his area including the horrific cases of child grooming in the North East which he added w ...
We've all heard of St. Skittles and St. Lawrence. Who's heard of Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Kriss Donald & now Jeffrey Babbitt?
On 15 March 2004, fifteen year old schoolboy Kriss Donald, was walking down a Glasgow street. When he was attacked kicking and screaming begging to not be hurt. He was forcibly bundled into a car by five Muslim men, led by Imran Shahid. Kriss was taken on a 200 mile journey to Dundee and back by his Muslim attackers. During the journey the Muslim gang subjected him to shocking torture. His eyes were poked out and his genitals were cut off. The Muslim gang, finally took Kriss to Celtic's football training ground. Where they held him down by his arms, and stabbed him thirteen times. At this stage Kriss was still alive. The Muslim gang then doused Kriss in petrol and set him on fire and left him to die. Kriss is believed to have crawled a few yards after the Muslim gang had gone, before dying. The Muslims then fled to Pakistan, flying from Manchester airport, believed to have been helped by members of Glasgow's Muslim community. They were returned to the UK from Pakistan, despite that government figures were ...
So there's a Stephen Lawrence Memorial Concert taking place in September. Will there be one for Kriss Donald, Ross Parker or Gavin Hopley?
After some consideration and observation, and looking at some statistics from the 'tell mama hotline' I am of the opinion the 'anti muslim backlash' is just hot air and another example of absurdly biased reporting from the BBC etc. It is nearly all a bit of name calling. Who does the rest of the UK call when dealing with child sex groomers, intimidation, extortion, tax dodging, violent beatings, horrific beheadings in broad daylight, kidnap (RIP Kriss Donald - we will not forget) rapes and the rest of it, at the hands of the Islamic community, certainly not the police they are too busy guarding ANDY (not Anjem he is a middle class Pakistani boy not an Imam or anything of the sort) Choudary. - TT
Will Lee Rigby get a memorial like Stephen Lawrence? I only ask because there's none for Kriss Donald, Gavin Hopley, Charlene Downes...
The media keep talking about Stephen Lawrence. But they're not so vocal about Kriss Donald, Ross Parker, Chris Yates or Richard Everitt.
MONSTER Imran 'Baldy' Shahid, who kidnapped, tortured and murdered 15-year-old Kriss Donald, flouted prison rules by using a smuggled mobile to call us from his cell and warned that inmates who battered him in jail will 'feel my wrath'.
Kriss Donald, 15, was tortured and killed by moslem gang/men for no other reason than the young lad was white.
Saturday 16th March 2013: Memorial taking place in Glasgow in honour of Kriss Donald who was murdered by Asians
Justice for Stephen Lawrence? What about for Charlene Downes or for Kriss Donald? « Britain Awake, Britain Arise
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