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Kriss Akabusi

Kriss Kezie Uche Chukwu Duru Akabusi MBE (born 28 November 1958) is a former sprint and hurdling athlete from the United Kingdom.

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Watch discuss the importance of having credibility and reliability in our Golden Nuggets series…
Would he be related to Kriss Akabusi ?
I made a note of what Kriss Akabusi wore on Sky News this morn in case I need to recreate from a monochrome image.…
Scholes was that good, he once hit a tree with a marble from 3000 yards whilst Kriss Akabusi was shouting BOOM in h…
Jose Fonte appears to be football's answer to Kriss Akabusi.
Never knew Nightshade had been up north! Or Kriss Akabusi.
Hey remember when you Kriss Akabusi and Nightshade from Gladiators opened a new ATM at the Thurso bran…
They're not very interesting. They're no Kriss Akabusi and Cheryl Baker.
Such a great night at my charity event raising money for children with disabilities, thank you for all your support. A…
BREAKING: Kriss Akabusi is wearing a short sleeved suit jacket on Sky News.
Ways to improve . Have Frank Bruno & Kriss Akabusi do the commentary.
The writer of Kriss Akabusi Sex Stories is a genius!. " She had a *** so tight it shopped at Poundland."
Have u been waiting for a website that features nothing but sex stories featuring Kriss Akabusi? Then wait no more! .
balls to the shoes conversation, why has nobody picked up on the 'awooga'?! Kriss Akabusi won't be happy
Him and Kriss Akabusi are the happiest sports stars ever.
I've seen Kriss Akabusi, Joey Essex and Gillian Duffy giving their hot takes on the referendum, on actual news programmes.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
At secondary school in my PE kit, short shorts and vest with Kriss Akabusi
I wish we'd just appoint Kriss Akabusi and get all the big laughs over and done with.
I like it but wish it was Kriss Akabusi doing the shrug.
Kriss Akabusi. Martin Wolfie Adams and David Jason. “Who should make final 23-man squad for
me and my brother with Jack's favourite person Kriss Akabusi about 20 years ago
Kriss Akabusi on doping: “Only worry if you’re naughty!”: The post Kriss Akabusi on doping: “Only worry if yo...
Kriss Akabusi is a legend, he cracks me up
Kriss Akabusi saying "I didn't win gold at the Olympics but you can" on that advert makes me a bit sad.
Absolutely hate the ad with Mo Farah and the ad with Kriss Akabusi!! . the TV each time! 😁😁😩 indeed!!!
I voted to ban that Kriss Akabusi advert for eternity
The whole "Boaty McBoatface" thing reminds me of uni when the students voted for the union bar to be named "Kriss Akabusi's Pleasure Lounge"
Send Kriss Akabusi round and give them a medal.
She is only 20/1 to film herself getting spit roasted by Linford Christie and Kriss Akabusi.
better him than Kriss Akabusi. He'd be doing squats AND laughing at your discomfort.
I gotta say, it sure is good to see Kriss Akabusi back on our television screens...
when I was 14 I didn't have the guts to ask Kriss Akabusi for a picture. I didn't want to bother him!
Fact of the day: Kriss Akabusi named his children Shakira and Ashanti.
- Awful advert, have you seen the cringeworthy one Kriss Akabusi has done for Muller? 😄
Someone needs to tell that Kriss Akabusi to jog on, there's only one 💣 BOOM!
There's selling out and then there's Kriss Akabusi in the Muller advert
Kriss Akabusi has seriously sold out to Mullet yogurts, what's the gold leggings all about!
Remember Kriss Akabusi intervened in the Seen that Muller advert?. Mnaye.
Kriss Akabusi MBE has just done himself a massive disservice appearing in the most annoying & offensive ruddy TV advert ever. Not impressed.
Is there anyone on earth more irritating than Kriss Akabusi? . I didn't think so..
Proof that Kriss Akabusi was a member - here he is with Polly Shelby, plotting crimes.
Kriss Akabusi turning up in the new muller yoghurt advert ...LOL
I've just seen Kriss Akabusi in gold tights...bring back the dude painting a fence! 😱
Currently wondering what on earth Kriss Akabusi has spent all his money on?!
Kriss Akabusi is in the new muller advert.
Just seen that Kriss Akabusi Muller Corner advert. I think a sectioning is on the cards.
Good to see Kriss Akabusi on my tv screen earlier. Don't leave it so long next time. X
Why would Kriss Akabusi ever think that was a good idea?
Basking in the glorious sunshine, as happy as Kriss Akabusi unexpectedly finding a packet of chewits in his jacket pocket.
You forget that the media is controlled by the same conspiracy that made Kate Middleton & Kriss Akabusi's love child disappear
I always thought Kriss Akabusi said 'Awooga' why change to BOOM?
I've just invented a really long swear to cheer myself up. Hoping to contact Kriss Akabusi to get it verified as a world record.
stick my name on the list just below Kriss Akabusi's
The American woman on Food Network is talking about "arugula". How *is* Kriss Akabusi these days, anyway?
Great night at the British Diversity awards with Sport England and one of my childhood heroes Kriss Akabusi
I'm going to "Business Builder Forum with Special Guest Speaker Kriss Akabusi". See you there? via
Kriss Akabusi mate, because of... reasons... (Awooga!)
kriss akabusi my mixtape Wednesday 1.00pm on vintage music channel
People must think I'm a proper weirdo on public transport if they see my phone wallpaper of Kriss Akabusi holding a shower head
Dad providing one of the quotes of the holiday: "Hannah - we've all got time for Kriss Akabusi"
Cheryl Baker and Kriss Akabusi doing the draw? - dessication is all you need!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Kriss Akabusi has worked advertising Dairy Milk. Can you confirm no bias is being involved?
The semi-final draw is currently being made by Cheryl Baker and Kriss Akabusi.
If you haven't seen it yet take a look at my podcast with Kriss Akabusi talking all things West Ham
Can't believe kriss akabusi is going to be the new James Bond.
Fantastic guest last time with Kriss Akabusi on our YouTube show . Who would you want to see on the show? .
Thanks for making me laugh so long and so often. But please make peace with Kriss Akabusi.! I really do.
It's still insane to me that something I help make had on a special guest. KRISS AKABUSI!.
I liked a video from West Ham vs Liverpool Preview with Kriss Akabusi - Talk A Good
DO NOT MISS!!. W.Ham v Lpool preview with Kriss Akabusi!! . What a guest, a pleasure to have on the show!.
Kriss Akabusi listens to the Buddy Holly Story soundtrack LP (sung by Gary Busey)
Kriss Akabusi doing the Sky Newspaper review, welcome to your Bank Holiday Monday
I know the answer it's Kriss Akabusi
Jamie Vardy and me (with Kriss Akabusi, Cheryl Baker and Norris McWhirter looking on)
The best is yet to come for Vardy as he'll meet Kriss Akabusi and Cheryl Baker at half time to receive his certificate
hang on there's the phone... 'hello Saucy it's Kriss Akabusi, Cheryl Baker & Norris McWhiter here...'.
Featured business is talking about the upcoming seminar featuring Kriss Akabusi http:/…
Does kriss akabusi make an appearance?
Kriss Akabusi giving a motivational speech at our works away day today. This could be interesting...
Never let your boss read out the Kriss Akabusi sex stories.. The tears of laughter 👀💦
First animal to reach their desired destination wins a caravan. Kriss Akabusi to host.
Foster care fortnight is being celebrated all over the country. Get involved!
Kriss Akabusi joins forces with Milton Keynes Council for Foster Care Fortnight
and who could forget the delicate whisper of "Meet Kriss Akabusi" throughout?
jessica.duncan published Olympic medalist Kriss Akabusi encourages people in Milton Keynes... Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship …
Question 30.errr...its..err.I know the answer...its Kriss Akabusi 😂😂😂
Surprised to see Adam Pearson already bringing Kriss Akabusi on board
I see a new Minister for Sport has been announced. Kriss Akabusi cruelly robbed again.
I miss my story fuelled life. Time to get out and make some more. You know I taught Kriss Akabusi to meditate once right?
Kriss Akabusi was a pointless answer, bet you would have won the jackpot!
Best of luck to all GCSE doers today. Answer 1) is 'Kriss Akabusi' and you can just draw anything for the others.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Dan. Its Neg. Charity Bash and world record event tomo in barcelona. Will cover flight. Come out. Ps kriss akabusi 12
Collaborate for Profit. Check out "Collaborate For Profit - with special Guest Kriss Akabusi MBE MA" via
I GOT AN FA CUP FINAL TICKET! I never win anything. I'd like to thank Hans Gruber and Kriss Akabusi.
"Kriss Akabusi reducing NHS waiting times through the power of laughter" (
5 world record attempts. 5 days. All for Sadly, we don't have Kriss Akabusi, but we've got a lot of pluck.
Kriss Akabusi: it's the 21st century; our voting system simply doesn't work any more.
.was the guest speaker at our most recent Personal and Professional Wealth Development Workshop -
Kriss Akabusi MBE confirmed as special guest speaker at the Synaxon 'Business Success' Conference -
Do you want to Collaborate For Profit? Work your network better? With special Guest Kriss Akabusi MBE Eventbrite
Listened to Matt Dawson commentating on the rugby on the way home. A cross between Kriss Akabusi and Joe Pasquale. Excruciating.
The absolute best idea I had yesterday was unfortunately not to be, but I share it anyway: getting Linford Christie to draw Kriss Akabusi.
Never did I think I would hear the sentence "coming up: Harry Enfield, Max and Ivan, and Kriss Akabusi"
I would like to express my hearty and sincere thanks to you all for your stated concern that myself and my countrymen remain in the United Kingdom. I was just heading back from my job (the job where I earn under eight quid an hour for working with people with learning disabilities) and passing the local food bank when I heard the news, namely, that you were so concerned that we might leave the UK that you had all deigned to write your names on a piece of paper. Dear William Dalrymple, Eddie Izzard, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir *** Jagger, Jenny Agutter, Sir Ben Ainslie, Kriss Akabusi, Roger Allam, Kirstie Allsop, Alexander Armstrong, Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backley, Baroness Joan Bakewell, Frances Barber, Andy Barrow, John Barrowman, Mike Batt, Glen Baxter, David Aaronovitch, Helena Bonham-Carter, Stanley Baxter, Martin Bayfield, Mary Beard, Sarah Beeny, Anthony Beevor, Angelica Bell,Dickie Bird, Cilla Black, Graeme Black, Roger Black, Malorie Blackman, Ranjit Bolt, Alain de Botton, William Boyd, Trace ...
WATCH: discusses his illustrious athletics career with fellow Olympic medalist Kriss Akabusi.
Wow! Mark and I have just returned from an amazing evening at Great Brickhill Cricket Club. Thank you so much to Tracie and all the event organisers for your hospitality and for welcoming us into your community. The event was the grand opening of the most amazing facilities at Great Brickhill Cricket Club and all proceeds to The Henry Allen Trust and Willen Hospice. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to talk about our charity and for the incredible support shown tonight. We was lucky to also talk to Kriss Akabusi about the trust and the aims of the charity - thank you ;-) Mahoosive shout out to Alastair Cook who kindly signed a Henry wristband and also a cricket ball for the Trust - means the world! Thank you for wearing Henry's band ;-) Hope, dream, believe xxx
My perfect man would be a cross between Dave Benson-Phillips, Kriss Akabusi and any guy with a handle bar moustache
Somewhere, at this very moment, Kriss Akabusi is laughin' via X
Looks like Kriss AkaBUSi is driving this bus today
'I think we're running out of things for celebrities to do' says producer as he watches Kriss Akabusi tile a bathroom.
If there's a better telly moment this year than Kriss Akabusi's date on the undateables cheering for the wrong team at the match then.
LOL 'come dine with me'. 4 Olympians Fatima Whitbread, Zola Budd, Dalton Grant n Kriss Akabusi. Battle to throw the best dinner party. Caught it late but its made me laugh. Oh my the ladies have changed
Kriss Akabusi on come dine with me ! Could life get better.
ah, did you never read the sexual adventures of Kriss Akabusi? Internet gold!
Love how Kriss Akabusi is wearing a personalised lab coat to cook in
Ive returned from a long day at work to find Kriss Akabusi on Come Dine With Me. Chuffed to bits to be honest.
Three times Olympic medalist and TV personality Kriss Akabusi MBE is set to embark on the Ashridge Business School Executive MBA degree in September ...
have a great line up for the Sally Gunnell, Roger Black, Kriss Akabusi, and Colin Jackson in the 4 man
as Kriss Akabusi would say, penalties are about positive mental attitude. Concern that so many English players lack it
About to listen to motivational evening presented by Kriss Akabusi at Beals hotel, Hatfield
I am looking forward to going to Pizza Express with girlies from work&meeting Kriss Akabusi at a CIPD motivational talk afterwards!!
Looking forward to this weekend catching up with great Ex Army friends, Paddy Murphy, Calvin Lambert and some lad called Kriss Akabusi.
Just spoken with the charming he's inspirational & a superb motivational speaker.Check out his profile:
Is the answer to Bubba's question Kriss Akabusi
dog has an obsession with Kriss Akabusi and tv show Gladiators. Got posters up in his pen
I really want to see on mastermind - special subject : Kriss akabusi.
Having a very important discussion with HHD as to whether Kriss Akabusi ever had a beard. Not really.
Absolutely! But it must be washed down with the urine of Kriss Akabusi whilst watching Record Breakers!
Idea for a TV Show. Fash! Minor celebs have to spend a day with John Fashanu without ripping their own ears off. Judged by Kriss Akabusi.
"I don't care what he thinks he's worth, if he won't do it Kriss Akabusi will. And that app...
My new Kriss Akabusi background is class though
Kriss Akabusi is just a stretched Carlton Banks.
Little brother just asked if trevor nelson was Kriss Akabusi 😭
So, I'm nearly over this poxy flu but in my fevered state I've been having some bizarre dreams. The weirdest, by far, was one where I was being pursued through the night by a supernatural killer in the style of Freddy Krueger, Jason et al. The killer's supernatural power was that he could travel via books. The details of this are a little fuzzy but he could appear from the pages of an open book and everywhere I went people were getting slaughtered. Friends, strangers, anyone who tried to help me... Bodies and blood everywhere. So what human form did this emotionless, cold blooded mass murderer take, I hear you ask? Err... Kriss Akabusi...
Congratulations to Sarah Earl for being our 500th 'going' clicker. As promised (for every 100) here's your Kriss Akabusi photo!! Look how happy he is now we're at 500!!! AWOOGA!
Ladies und Gentlemen, 2014 is upon us. 2013 was a great year for us - in fact, we played more shows in 2013 than in all other years combined, despite us only playing in Cambridge and London. More on that later. First of all, as some of you may know, we parted ways with our drummer, Will at the end of the year. We've found his successor. It's not Kriss Akabusi, as was rumoured. You may also notice that our online presence is growing and people are saying nice things about our music, specifically our single "Dead Stars (Make Head Starts)". Keep your eyes peeled, folks. This year, we're going to be making new music, playing in places that we've neglected for a while, and generally kicking *** Sound good? Good. More soon. Such news. Many developments. Wow. -Aidy CM
NEW: Find out Mark Webber, Ralf Little & Kriss Akabusi's opinions on the ever changing manager roundabout in football:
Dear Mike Robson. Congratulations! You are our 400th 'Going' clicker on this event. Hayley Smallshaw I'm not sure if u saw yesterday but u were our 300th. Please accept these photos of Kriss Akabusi as our way of saying 'thankyou'. Hayley's photo was signed personally by me on 'Paint' on his behalf. Help us get to 500 and you're in for a TREAT.
Kriss akabusi sex stories lol I'm dead
As an incentive... For every 100 who click 'Going' on this event I'll post a free digital photograph of former sprint and hurdling athlete gold medalist: Kriss Akabusi. He will look a little bit happier every time. Here are the first 2. He wasn't too happy at first but as u can see he's quickly cheering up!
After moving from Everton in the summer, there was naturally a lot of pressure on David Moyes to follow the record breaking career of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. But after only six months in the job,‘The Chosen One’ is actually exceeding the job that Sir Alex done by allowing Newcastle, Everton, Swansea and West Brom all record wins at the Theatre of Dreams. As well as this his Manchester United side are going through their worst home league form in over a decade. And if Moyes’ Kriss Akabusi-style record breaking continues, who knows where Manchester United could end up
My role model for 2014 will mostly be Kriss Akabusi of running and 'Record Breakers' fame. His PMA is making me sick already. It doesn't sit well with my sourness.
Had Formula 1's Mark Webber, former athlete Kriss Akabusi and former rower James Cracknell in our office tonight
Jack Whitehall is just amazing on A League of Their Own when Kriss Akabusi is on I love it
I once met Kriss Akabusi. I think that qualifies me to go on Celeb Big Brother.
A League of Their Own with Kriss Akabusi gets better every time I watch it. Boom. Boom. Boom!
I don't know, some people go for one measly jog and turn up the next day like they're kriss akabusi. Boom boom boom
You had the stamina of a young Japp Stamp and the sprint speed of Kriss Akabusi
all about Kriss Akabusi in the 1st for me!Top day,thanks all!
Getting Kriss Akabusi in Manchester for new years
It's time to get Kriss Akabusi with greenzy boy
My ultimate New Years line up would be - Kriss Akabusi, Lizo Mzimba and Dave Benson-Phillips.
Just got a ticket for whp tomorrow. Get up. New Year's Eve going kriss akabusi.
If a fight occurs in 2014, the Queen would like back-up from Ken Bruce, Clare Balding & Kriss Akabusi. That's the New Years Hauners List
Cheryl Baker and Kriss Akabusi should get you on Record Breakers! ;-)
It may have been a draw, but me and Alex were sat less than 10 feet away from Kriss Akabusi so we call that a win! Boom boom boom!
Jim'll Paint It shared the following link and had this to say about it: Dear Jim, Please paint me Kriss Akabusi dressed as Santa with Kris Akabusi sitting on his knee receiving a signed picture of Kriss Akabusi as a present. Cheers, Andrew Belshaw
I thought I was a Christmas enthusiast, but next to Charlee Marley I make Kriss Akabusi look like Victor Meldrew.
Phil Whelans is joined by Kriss Akabusi and Jim Grant to reflect on the goalless draw with Sunderland and the upcoming clashes with Man Utd and Ars...
I think I hate Kriss Akabusi more than terrorism and thrush
Its Rusty Lee... off the telly. Along with Kriss Akabusi. & Gary coleman... Just need another one for our new Back 4. any ideas?
Top Tom Moment I once met Kriss Akabusi in the Imperial War Museum. It was the mid 90s. He was moderately famous at the time. That was a good day.
Don't under any circumstance forget to tune in to Backchat this evening on BBC 3 - Jack and Michael Whitehall welcome Baroness Trumpington, Nigel Havers, Christine Bleakley, Lee Mack and Kriss Akabusi to the Backchat Studio.
bordem + nightshift = The Kriss Akabusi New Year Sex Lounge 2009 video. Oh yeah watch and enjoy. P.s Sorry for using Tenac D doig, it was supposed to be ...
Looking good for Kriss Akabusi , he's not responded yet. Kriss can you see if John Fashanu is interested and get him to get some of the Gladiators on board as well. Thanks in advance. Awooga xxx
Still waiting for Kriss Akabusi to accept my linkedin request.
I would love to see Kriss Akabusi as part of the broadcast team for Rio 2016.
In the words one of the idols, Kriss Akabusi... Boom, Boom, Boom!
Love that it says hi 5 too and it's not :) Bro how much would you love to hi 5 Brozza and Kriss Akabusi at the same time?
in the words of Kriss Akabusi... Boom boom boom!! 😝
Kriss Akabusi is possibly one of the happiest people I've ever seen on tv
Didn't realise was so obsessed with Kriss Akabusi 😭
Jack Whitehall and Kriss Akabusi, my new favourite bromance.
Imagine being in a 5-a-side team with Kriss Akabusi, Dave Benson-Phillips, Tony Stamp, Harold Bishop & Neil from the Inbetweeners
with Kriss Akabusi was the best episode EVER! Bloody hilarious
Kriss Akabusi - Titties In My Face via - This is probably the best thing you'll see today!
A League of Their Own - man like Kriss Akabusi remember him 😂
watching a League of Their Own, you and kriss akabusi are hilarious. Boom boom boom!
November 28th (I share a birthday with Kriss Akabusi).
I'd like to find out who comes directly above and below Kriss Akabusi and Anthea Turner on the shortlist for
Kriss Akabusi seems to be appearing on many things I watch at the moment
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Scraping the bottom of the barrel today with Anthea Turner and Kriss Akabusi. Hope the earplugs are in
This guy is the best person in the world behind Kriss Akabusi and Trevor McDonald
's reaction to Kriss Akabusi is definitely the best things I've seen on TV xx
A little bit late for this one but is brilliant! and Kriss Akabusi are hilarious!
Seeing Kriss akabusi on the telly and shouting AWOOGA, and then realising that's not even him... Shame
's obsession with Kriss Akabusi is worse than my obsession with Ryan Gosling...
Just caught up with , is literally swooning over kriss akabusi! Hilarious. looks well jel!
Kriss Akabusi is the biggest legend ever
Watching the sheer glee and excitement that has when Kriss Akabusi walks onto A League of Their Own is a sight to behold!
Jack Whitehall knows a scary amount about Kriss Akabusi..
Jack Whitehall's face when Kriss Akabusi came on, aw aw it was so cute
Show me a person who doesn't love Kriss Akabusi and I'll show you the devil.
Can't believe how mad is about Kriss Akabusi
Jack Whitehall's love of Kriss Akabusi is hilarious but worrying
Crying at how excited was to meet Kriss Akabusi on
Think and Kriss akabusi would make the funniest double act
Jack Whitehall seemed genuinely delighted about Kriss Akabusi being on ALOTO. It was brilliant.
Kriss Akabusi on A League of Their Own was absolutely hilarious.
Watching a league if their own and face when he meets Kriss Akabusi is just brilliant
Absolutely love crying laughing at him with Kriss Akabusi on League of Their Own😂😂
Just caught up on A League of Their Own!! absolutely buzzing over Kriss Akabusi is brilliant! Boom Boom Boom Boom!
I love Kriss akabusi on doesn't know what he's talking about!
League of Their Own is one of my new favourite shows, reaction to Kriss Akabusi was the best!
Can't get over and his love for kriss akabusi
and Kriss Akabusi together are so funny, boom boom boom boom boom
Just watched fridays league of there own with and safe to say Kriss Akabusi is a ***
They say you should never meet your heroes. Unless it's Kriss Akabusi. He'll never disappoint you.
Just watched Kriss Akabusi on a League of Their Own...What a legend!
Watching you with Kriss Akabusi tonight on LotO made me laugh until I cried! 😄
Can't stop thinking and laughing about obession with Kriss Akabusi. Comedy gold. BOOM BOOM BOOM.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
and Kriss Akabusi on a League of Their Own was the funniest bit of telly I've seen in ages!
Watching A League of Their Own with Kriss Akabusi on it, what a lad BOOM BOOM BOOM
All these chumps on X factor, got nothing on Kriss Akabusi...boom boom boom!
The one thing funnier than watching League of Their Own with Kriss Akabusi on is when Claire Faulkner keeps shouting 'AWOOGA'. Love it!
This week's A League of Their Own is possibly the funniest ever. Kriss Akabusi is a bit of a legend.
Well after that Kriss Akabusi is my new hero
Watching Kriss Akabusi ride around a studio on a mini moto is potentially the funniest thing I have ever seen. Amazing TV.
Kriss Akabusi on a League of Their Own. Absolute class. Corden doesn't know what's hit him.
Love seeing soo excited about Kriss Akabusi!
is the funniest on a League of Their Own! Couldn't stop laughing when Kriss akabusi came on!
It's making me die how content Jack Whitehall looks with his life on the episode with kriss akabusi😂
face when he got to meet Kriss Akabusi he was soo exited !
I forgot to check my dream team and make any necessary substitutions last night, what with my Kriss Akabusi induced headache.
Jack Whitehall's Kriss Akabusi knowledge is something else
little face when Kriss Akabusi walked out last night was fantastic.
Order Miche Bag Online!
your knowledge of Kriss Akabusi is incredible
Kriss Akabusi is my new best friend
pmsl at u been Kriss Akabusi stalker
I remember when Kriss Akabusi unfollowed me
Stop it have A League of Their Own got Kriss Akabusi on!!! Well done &
don't know if its the Gin talking, but for some reason I feel like looks like a white Kriss Akabusi.
Best read going online these. Kriss Akabusi Sex Stories.
i could boom boom boom Kriss Akabusi right in the kisser, so aggravating
Kriss Akabusi on League of Their Own is comedy gold...BOOM BOO BOOM.(ARM MOVEMENTS)
Kriss Akabusi on a League of Their Own. Boom boom boom :)
Just been embarrassed and had my photo done with kriss akabusi really funny guy x
Come dine with me Olympic special with Kriss Akabusi, Dalton Grant and Fatima Whitbread (who looks like Prince). Yes please.
Kriss Akabusi bowled up outside my work earlier... What a guy.
Who is the happiest person out of these three- Desmond Tutu, Pope Francis or Kriss Akabusi?
Did you know that Japan doesn't really exist and is actually just a rumour started by Kriss Akabusi for a laugh?
Congratulations , double champion once again, and a bigger smile than Kriss Akabusi.
Alex is getting all positive today with Kriss Akabusi. plus lots more from 2pm!
Question 30 is, erm... Oh, is, erm... Is erm... Oh! I know the answer. Kriss Akabusi!
Have it on good authority that the is a boy and will be called Kriss after his father, sprinter Kriss Akabusi.
It's not often I say this, but mango moon landing Kriss Akabusi mechanically recovered shoes
... The best thing these kids could achieve in the world of sport is a high-five from Kriss Akabusi.
"Check out and Kriss Akabusi talking about foster care with Churches - get involved :)
Mark Foster, Sir Matthew Pinsent and Kriss Akabusi head to Wokingham this morning for the Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust Celebrity Golf Day.
Then Kriss Akabusi patted her on the fanny and said, "awooga" 😭
It's hard not to have a Kriss Akabusi-style smile when things have been going like they have been. Awooga!
Amazing week at the One National User Group with Kriss Akabusi! : )
What an inspirational,motivating and loud chap Kriss Akabusi is! Conference photography by Alan Bennett
Kriss Akabusi has just finished a marathon talk! Very funny & inspirational.
Transfer rumours and paper review with Kriss Akabusi – Tuesday, April 23
want to tie up Atletico Madrid star? defender to reject summer move? It's Tuesday's rumour round-up
Ha! I was too disappointed to give Kriss Akabusi a heads up for that record...
I liked a video from Kriss Akabusi - Positive Mental Attitude
Akabusi's most famous quote "Get in there, get the fcuking job done and fcuk off."
Fabric consumption and costings on a sunny Saturday. As Kriss Akabusi always said, dedication's what you need! A x
in the words of Kriss Akabusi.AWOOGA!!!
Me, Pennie and Kriss Akabusi who doesn't say Awoogaa!
I added a video to a playlist Kriss Akabusi Alright!
you will be greater then great lad " stay strong like Kriss Akabusi *Tokyo 9T1 .. x
One of the most annoying people in the world I give you. Kriss Akabusi
Just seen Kriss Akabusi in the snacks & *** aisle of Asdas with
is it true there is a picture of you with Kriss Akabusi
More of a Kriss Akabusi man myself.
i know the answer... Its kriss akabusi
with Kriss Akabusi at - a great day of guest speakers covering marketing sales, dispute resolution, motivation and inspiration
at the Kriss Akabusi - a fantastic day of speakers, a mix of sales, motivation, dispute resolution and marketing. Fab!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In Milton keynes today for Kriss Akabusi's 'Make It Happen' event!
Dumped. I've not had Kriss Akabusi over since he drilled a bag of hefty speed and frantically dismantled my massive spice rack. Tearaway.
I would rather be stuck in a lift with Kriss Akabusi off his *** on Sunny Delight than suffer a hangover like this again.
Keryna: I've seen the Queen, she came to colchester. Me: ah right, I've met kriss akabusi. I win...
If you give me a blue tick I think Kriss Akabusi should get one too.
Why doesn't Kriss Akabusi have a blue tick?
Reminded of these Kriss Akabusi sex stories from years gone by. Still the best thing on the internet today.
Feel slightly violated after read out a plethora of kriss akabusi sex stories
Unbelievable its a year since Kriss Akabusi started the Liverpool Half Marathon tomorrow. What a fantastic day...
It's bad when your girlfriend says you look like Kriss Akabusi
I think you will find I am the of kriss akabusi he runs when he wants akabusi he runs when he wants x
"Kriss Akabusi. With a C? No, with a K! Why? Because he's Kriss Akabusi and he doesn't care about linguistic conventions!"
I just commented: Dare to be you, too true in the Kriss Akabusi App
I liked 'Quote of the Month: MARCH 2013' in the Kriss Akabusi App this hair is mad as a hatter
Black, Redmond, Regis and Akabusi! Kriss on that final bend destroying Pettigrew! Good times
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Somebody give Kriss Akabusi his own TV show
Kriss Akabusi on Sky News forcing me to watch BBC...
I often ask myself what Kriss Akabusi would think of the day's news. And luckily provides the answer.
just seen Kriss Akabusi mention you on Sunrise >his comment made me laugh..Have a Good Day..
yes I think one of the loveliest things about Arthur is that he looks nothing like Kriss Akabusi.
Thank you Janina for showing us around your beautiful venue this morning. We even got to see Kriss Akabusi!
Watching Kriss Akabusi giving an after-dinner speech supporting great @ Victory Services Club
Dod cool or uncool . Flav a flav ? Was it decided Kriss Akabusi was number 1 ?
One born every minute? That Kriss Akabusi has right let himself go.
Kriss Akabusi:"I carry my olympic silver medal everywhere with me,it tells me something" Narrator:"That you came second!"LOL
Wouldn't mind a pint with kriss akabusi
Sunderland Fan Mark Laws is holding a charity gala dinner this Thursday with Kriss Akabusi as the after dinner...
Home , , The Stephen Laws Memorial Year Thank you for viewing this website for The Stephen Laws Memorial London Gala Dinner. , It’s shaping up to be an amazing night already. I
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