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Kris Marshall

Kristopher Kris Marshall (born 1 April 1973) is an English actor. He is best known for playing Nick Harper in My Family, Adam in BT Group adverts since 2005 and Dave in Citizen Khan.

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Kris Marshall, from a great show called Death in Paradise & Tilda Swinton, are favourites to play next Doctor. I approve either choice :D
has done it again... from Ben Miller, Kris Marshall and now Ardal O'Hanlon. Perfect casting! ❤
Liked Ben Miller and Kris Marshall - really not so sure about Ardal O'hanlan. Maybe the programme has had its day?
I think that Kris Marshall, Russel Tovey, Ben Whishaw and Richard Ayoade. Either of these would make a great new doctor!
The next could be Kris Marshall (Death In Paradise & My Family). He has quit the show so maybe he has time to join Dr.Who in 2018.
Nothing more than media speculation of course, but Kris Marshall for is gathering momentum:
My top three picks for the next doctor:. 1. Peter Capaldi (God, i hope my theory becomes reality). 2. David Harewood. 3. Kris Marshall
Fans convinced Kris Marshall is the next Doctor Who as he quits Death in Paradise
Kris Marshall would make a good 13th Doctor. It's very strange that he's leaving his own show just after Peter leaves Doctor Who... Hmm...
There's no coincidence between Kris Marshall's and Peter Capaldi's announcements.
My male picks for the new Kris Marshall, Domhnall Gleeson, Marc Waren and Colin Morgan. Who would you pi…
oh no! I loved Ben Miller, but learnt t love Kris Marshall. They missed a chance though- female replacement!
Kris Marshall did a great job taking over from Ben Miller, but I can't see Ardal O'Hanlon doing well in Death in Paradise
Sara Martins & Ben Miller had the sense to bail out, but it's a shame to see Kris Marshall's talents wasted...
The inevitable conversation, and here are my four choices: Richard Coyle, Kris Marshall, John Finnemore and…
Morris-Clarke. My favourite of Hugh Grant and Kris Marshall's love children
naughty question. Favorite Chief. Ben Miller, Kris Marshall or of course Shirley Henderson 😁
So you're saying there is a 1% chance of Kris Marshall being a criminal. Interesting theory, lady. Jay X
Hey, did you see TV Great Kris Marshall today as he filmed a programme about dying in paradise in Cheers for info. Jay X
Allegations that Kris Marshall was involved in a crime may have been exaggerated. Theres a possibility that it may have been for TV. Jay X
Hi Ed, you saw Kris Marshall today. We are trying to confirm if he was involved in a crime. Please follow us . Jay X
Kris Marshall from the BT ads of a few years back
Had a lovely day with my sister in London,saw Kris Marshall from Death in Paradise and another actor filming.
never know who you are going to spot by Tower Bridge (Kris Marshall)
just had to pause leaving my office to wait for someone to film Kris Marshall legging it out of a car
Hello my name is Ed and these are my friends and WE SAW KRIS MARSHALL
Wyong: Kris Lees and Brenton Avdulla combined for a double; Taylor Marshall also had 2 winners
If you use the fx loop on a Marshall Silver Jubilee your doing rock n roll incorrectly.
Still can't believe Kris Marshall was in the mill house yesterday😱 banter that of all the places he could have stopped it was our pub loool
Wyong: Brenton Avdulla and Kris Lees combined for a double while Taylor Marshall also had 2 winners
That time Kris Marshall, Alice Lowe, and Andrew Scott did an awesome TV show together. .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wonderful to see Camilla Parker Bowles guesting as Kris Marshall's aunt on Death in Paradise tonite. No, hang on, cripes, it was
Nice to see Kris Marshall and Wendy Craig reunited in !!
Death in Paradise star Kris Marshall on Humphrey Goodman's search for love via
I can't work out why they didn't just sign up Robert Lindsay, Zoe Wanamaker and Kris Marshall...
for EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS starring Lacey Turner, Sheridan Smith, Kris Marshall and many more.
Brandon Marshall is first Jet with four consecutive 100-yard receiving games in a season since Hall of Famer Don Maynard …
Per FSU nickel back Trey Marshall will miss the remainder of the year after tearing his bicep against Louisville…
Marshall fumbles at least once a game.
I think Brown will be OK, but I think Marshall will go off
never thought I'd ask this but is Antonio a good start this week? I can also play Brandon Marshall vs a bad redskins d
Forsett, Boldin, Smith Sr. and Marshall who's the odd man out for my PPR lineup?
I like both players, but Marshall is on a mission.
who'd be a better flex Greg Olsen or Brandon Marshall?
Should I start Smith Sr. or Kendall Wright? I also have B. Marshall and A.J. Green. HELP?!
which two to start this week?: Cobb, Edelman, Maclin, or Marshall?
Jarvis Landry or Brandon Marshall at flex in a PPR league?
Hopkins and Marshall look good to me. I'm inclined to avoid Brown until Vick goes away
Should I start obj or Antonio brown? I'm thinking of starting deandre Hopkins and Brandon Marshall (this is a small league I'm in
R.I.P. Tyler Scott Marshall you may be gone but you will never be forgotten... 😔
To confirm: South Medford sophomore QB did tie Boomer Marshall's school record with 6 passing TDs last week at Roseburg
NFL star Brandon Marshall: "The way people talk about mental health is crazy" via http:…
Kris Marshall looks and acts like Keith Lemon, the early years
all got a bit weird looking up Kris Marshall's career to check he's not the new science teach…
Death at a Funeral (with Kris Marshall and Jane Asher). Laughed so hard I cried. Or A Hard Day's Night. Or watch BBC 3 Uncle
Another stunner in Conference USA!. Marshall 87 . W. Kentucky 82. Marshall has a current RPI of 300!!
Epilepsy Charity auction,Doodle by Kris Marshall--current bid less than the price of a Cosmo in Manhattan!
You think Felicity will appreciate the comparison? On the other hand, Kris Marshall has more dimples.
- Anyone told you before that you look like a young Kris Marshall !?
"Death in Paradise preview: Joe Absolom co-stars alongside Kris Marshall in tonight's episode (video)"
I think Kris Marshall would make a good Doctor (as in Doctor Who).
Did not bother trying to guess who did it as I was too busy laughing Most entertaining with the brilliant Kris Marshall !
star Kris Marshall visited to see our work. He explains that life there is very tough:
Kris Marshall's whodunnit monologues in death in paradise are immense
Sort of think Kris Marshall is using this as an extended, long-term, audition to be the next Doctor.
Kris Marshall was one of my first tv crushes. I have to admit, it hasn't left me yet.
Love . Is Kris Marshall the new Sherlock/Poirot? Brilliant tropical detective drama
Lov Human Target - Salvage & Reclamation, With the ever funny Kris Marshall heightened by the brilliance of Mark Valley :)
A rare moment out of drag for myself and the delightful Kris Marshall
Listen again to Loose Ends with Kris Marshall, & Clive n me
If we get brandon Marshall the ravens gon have the best wr trio
Kris Marshall is just brilliant though.
"Brandon Marshall has been recently talking to John Harbaugh about playing for the Ravens"
is so much better since Kris Marshall took over from Ben Miller.
Kris Marshall is just a poor man's Hugh Grant. Either way, I'm sure Richard Curtis has him on speed dial.
I liked Ben Miller a lot but I've loved Kris Marshall since he was in My Family, really glad he got the part after Ben left.
It's amazing. I preferred Ben Miller, but this Kris Marshall isn't too bad.
Just listening to on iPlayer.Diary of Samuel Pepys with Kris Marshall. Really well done. This week - 1666 & Great Fire of London
Kris Marshall makes a fine newbie as Humphrey, though.
Bumped into Kris Marshall at temple meads for the second time this week. I think it's meant to be
I'm sad because of Richard, but I really genuinley like Humphrey. *** you Kris Marshall for being so likable and sweet
Kris Marshall is is great, but the worst thing ever to happen on TV was D.I. Richard Poole's murder
Spot on. I love Kris Marshall to bits but for me the show was always about the burgeoning love affair between Richard and Camille.
Now time to say goodbye to Richard Poole I really did adore you and I can't wait to see what Kris Marshall does!
sad to see Richard go but at least he didn't just go back home. Kris Marshall seems promising.
Difficult to replace a lead but you did it. A complete contrast to Richard and Kris Marshall works.
Nice to have and enjoyed Kris Marshall as the new inspector but sad to see Ben Millers Richard go.
Almost time. So conflicted because Richard is a fab character but I love Kris Marshall. And poor Camille...
Kris Marshall was great as Samuel Pepys on Radio4. S
Let's have a cheeky go through what we're up to on Sunday. We are joined by Kris Marshall, Danny John-Jules, Natalie Cassidy, Dr Michael Mosley, and Bombay Bicycle Club will be performing 'Luna' with Rae Morris. We're cooking dolmades, cajun-rubbed salmon Jambalaya, Frito pie, and pina colada frangipan tart, plus Shelina Permaloo is back with us as this week's guest chef. She'll be making grilled grey mullet with fattoush and quinoa salsa. Adventurer Colin Pyle is in, talking about his motorbike ride around China, we'll be pigeon fancying, and Lily Simpson from the Detox Kitchen will be in. Plus Rebecca has English wines for us, even with a non alcoholic version for Dry January. Sunday, 9:30am, Channel 4. xx
Wouldn't start with Death in Paradise now. Ben Miller gets murdered in ep.1 & is being replaced by Kris Marshall. It's all over.
the South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity Store has free bbq (while supplies last). Kris Marshall and The Roxy Road Show are there til 2.
The UK version of Breaking Bad will feature Robert Lindsay and Kris Marshall as a GCSE science teacher and his hapless former student.
Alan Davies, Kris Marshall and Daniel Rigby should get together and do a BT ad. It would be like the Expendables of BT ads.
iNews Ben Miller to be replaced by Kris Marshall on Death in Paradise
We can confirm that Kris Marshall will be joining the cast for Series 3, and that this will be Ben Mi…
I'm putting out top 3 for 12th Doctor are 1.Daniel Rigby 2.Hugh Laurie 3.Kris Marshall
Pretty sure Jacqueline Wilson is on the same tube as me. As well as a Kris Marshall from Love Actually!!
That's dreadful, but I thought it was going to be pictures of Robert Lindsay and Kris Marshall, which would be much, much worse.
Kim Kardashian never undressed Kris Humphries the way Nate Robinson just did.
It's a Getaway Giveaway Thursday! gives you a chance to win this afternoon between 4 & 5. I hope you got the code word...
Death of Kris Kross rapper investigated as possible drug overdose, police say.
BREAKING: Chris Kelly, one-half of the 1990s rap duo Kris Kross, died Wednesday at an Atlanta hospital after being found unresponsive at his Atlanta home, the Fulton County medical examiner's office told CNN. He was 34. Details:
Gotta say, what my dad did to the Kris Kross guy was wiggity wiggity wiggity wack.
The BT Students manage to be even more odious and annoying than the Kris Marshall/woman from Walking The Dead storyline.
Just heard Ben Miller leaving Death In Paradise. Nno. Wont be the same without him. Probs wont watch with Kris Marshall.
It was a bit of a dumb move on their part. Maybe Kris Marshall only told them he was leaving after they finished shooting? :P
Happy May Day! promises not to break any windows today. He's on till 6:00...
In London I saw Sam from LOTR lookalike Ginny Weasley (from the side) lookalike, Kris Marshall and an unidentified person I have seen on tv
Bumped into Kris Marshall (Steve) at the traffic lights and fangirled over it..Shame and weren't as overwhelmed.
Kris Marshall is on Pretty sure he's got more series wins this season than the Mariners...
just nearly wet herself because Kris Marshall from My Family stood next to her at the traffic lights. She also punched Demi.
Why did I cry when Marshall's dad died on
Kris Marshall survived the Dragon Boat Festival and is on now.
I HAVE to go to this year's Hughes graduation.. Some of the people closest to me are graduating :( Marshall, Joslyn, Kris, Maury.. 😟😔😢😫
no it's not. This guys voice is so not Marshall's
Had a fantastic time at comic con today! Thank you for talking to me and have you googled Kris Marshall yet? :p xx
Opening ceremonies for SMU Dragon Boat Festival at 9 at Port Plaza on Budd Inlet in Oly. Kris Marshall and Roxy Road Show there at 10.
Kris Marshall is on now. He's at the SMU Dragon Boat Festival with the Roxy Road Show starting at 10 this morning.
Omg, watching HIMYM and just realized i’m the Ted to Kris and Dave’s Lily and Marshall. So…who’s the “father” in this scenario?
Kris Marshall has a beard. Guess he's not Tarzan. Loin cloth seems like a mistake now doesn't it Mr. Marshall? Kris is on
Matthew Macfadyen, Kris Marshall, Peter Dinklage and Rupert Graves in a still from Death at a Funeral (2007)
Oh no! I've just read that Ben Miller is quitting Death in Paradise! I like Kris Marshall, but DiP is all about Poole and co!
Kris boyd should never have started and gordon marshall should have retired ten year ago. How's gary mcallistar not even made the bench
Marshall doesn't like me and Ashlie anymore :(
It's Monday afternoon & is on your radio. coming up at 12:30 with a chance to win $25 for
All I want to do is watch Marshall Henderson lose his mind.
He's easy like Sunday mornin'. Kris Marshall at your service now on 94.5 Roxy!
I'm so ready for my ice cream that Travis Marshall and Kris are bringing me
Time to get this Saturday morning going. is up next at 6am. Is 32oz of coffee going to be enough?
Oka! Film with Kris Marshall, worth a peek at. Better than the blinking snow outside!!
I am sure the guy behind the bench is going to spoil the UNC win for Kendall Marshall tonight, but at least it will be a win this time
This game not even fun to watch like we killin kris nd them!
superstar is in this weekend. He'll tell why at 5:30 this afternoon on
2013 Capital Food & Wine Festival tomorrow noon-9 @ St. Martin's in Lacey. Kris Marshall has another pair of VIP Tix up for grabs at 12:30.
THANK YOU, Kris Rollison, for volunteering to be a Course Marshall at the Geist Half/5K on May 18. FMI:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I don't know a lot of people uglier than Marshall Henderson
oh my he probably likes Marshall Henderson too then.
Dr. Kris Matyjaszewski receiving the Madison Marshall award at UAHuntsville April 5th
Kris Marshall as a New Jersey Leper in an African jungle. Who thought that would make a good film? (it's, ok
Kris Marshall is ready for a Thursday afternoon. He's next at noon.
First time at Cowboys. It was ghetto as *** but still had fun with my boo's PurpleKing Kris Marshall & Jasmine Fuller!
I don't think Kris Aquino needs protection order pa considering all the PSG & Marshall following her. Hope maayos agad for Bimby's sake.
what about Kris Marshall or rhodri meilir
I hope Lucy gets Kris Marshall and Pips son just to stop their lousy acting! Really good otherwise!
Kris Marshall has totally wandered in from a different programme
Has Kris Marshall a mucky face or is it the start of a beard? I must get to Specsavers!
Can't get used to Kris Marshall playing this part. He's always Nick Harper in my mind.
Kris Marshall has more of the South Sound's Best Mix of Music starting in a few minutes. He's on starting at noon.
OH! and how could I forget Rupert Graves, Kris Marshall, Stephanie Cole and Katherine Parkinson?
Interesting how Daniel Rigby proves that doing BT ads needn't be the kiss of death (take note, Kris Marshall)
Star of BT adverts Kris Marshall slams the broadband and phone company - 'It's okay, I'm with Sky now': Actor Kr...
First trailer for new ITV supernatural drama Lightfields starring Dakota Blue Richards and Kris Marshall
It will be interesting to see the leash Marshall has tonight as the back-up and the ratio of Marshall minutes to Garrett minutes.
As confirmed, Goran Dragic is out today and Bassy will start. Kendall Marshall will get some court time.
Kris Marshall is by far one of the most underrated actors in the UK and i don't understand why Is it cause his breakthrough was a funny man?
We need your help...we have a 5 yr old boy joining us tomorrow from the stray kennels, he was found just before Christmas and hasnt been reclaimed :( We would like to give him a Christmas themed name but we just cant think of one.can you help?
cried like a baby at Kris Marshall's dying scene in the four feathers
Sparks and Embers The Movie In High Quality Sparks and Embers movie download Actors: Kris Marshall Joann
Any Xavier Samuel fans (Riley in Twilight Saga:Eclipse) - go get 'A Few Best Men on DVD. Out now - very funny. Also stars Kris Marshall :)
Saw Kris Marshall aka Nick Harper at skating last night with Wish I got a pic now! Love My Family
If Dragic is inactive then Garrett will suit up & Marshall will be the back-up... Practice Report:
Do you think they are going to activate Garrett, or is Marshall going to get his first legitimate burn? Bassy's not going 48.
Marshall and Kris are participating in Band Swap tonight at The Exchange in Regina. Proceeds go towards Carmichael Outreach. Check it.
Marshall:You guys like me ducky tie? Barney:Duck duck gross..
I like the Laura Linney story but not sure it fits. The Kris Marshall story is hideous and jars horribly.
Kris Marshall and the old dude from flog it, absolute A-Listers
This My Family must be ancient - Michael has a girlfriend. And Kris Marshall's only in his early forties.
My Family is only funny when Kris Marshall is in it
Get out!! Kris Marshall/Colin Frissel/Nick from My Family?! Literally my favourite story in the film. Do you know him well?
Christmas Eve in Woodstock is one of our favorite times of the year! We are open until 9PM tonight! Come see our windows before you see Santa! Give the gift of a new book by one of of Woodstock's many local authors. This fall, TONY FLETCHER, KRIS CARR, MARSHALL KARP, BARBARA BASH all have new books. Also "Under The North Lights" about Woodstock illustrators' Maude and Miska Petersham is a must for your collection of books about Woodstock.
I liked a video from Marshall Lee y Fionna [Speed Paint]
Love..."Love Actually" from the first time I saw it at cinema, Keira Kneightly, Bill Nighy and Kris Marshall (Colin) particularly.
Cutler to Marshall touchdown. Repeat as needed.
Kris Marshall looks strangely like my brother
TIL learned Kris Marshall (Colin in Love Actually) returned his pay check for the scene whe...
Heh...for the scene where Colin gets undressed by the 3 American girls, Kris Marshall (Colin) gave the studio his paycheck back that day.
This guy should be added to Max and I's family. His name would be Marshall. (I name my cat kids like Kris Jenner.Lol)
Yes, it's a little late, but if you missed Curia this month, here's what's happening: Web Minister - working on the Baronial OP Chatelaine - We have a few new people! Next October there will be a Newcomers Symposium in Iowa for people who are new, chatelaines, demo coordinators and anyone interested. Think about attending, and taking someone new with you! Gold Key (loaner garb) needs to be sorted and beefed up in some sizes. Chronicler - There will be a Clarion published in January so get your articles or letters in. Our current chronicler's warrant expires in April, so that will be her last issue, but we need a replacement. The Clarion is published entirely on-line, and the minimum requirements for the document itself are very simple. More information to follow soon. You could do this! Exchequer - The final numbers are not in yet, but it appears that Kris Kinder earned over $4000 - that is more than enough to cover fighter practice site for the upcoming year. Knights Marshall - There have been no i ...
Should be getting a Kris Kindle present tomorrow, certainly giving one anyways
I took my time about it, but ended up watching Citizen Khan finally - and couldnt stop laughing. Wonder why Muslims in general and *** in particular take themselves so seriously and cant stop to laugh at themselves? Good to see Kris Marshall (the idiotic Nick Harper) again too too, just as idiotic as ever :D
Great film directed by the great Frank Oz 'Death at a funeral' with a great UK/US cast: Rupert Graves, Kris Marshall, Peter Vaughan et al.
For Halloween I came up with a list of "the best supernatural horror movies, that I've seen." If I didn't get a chance to see it I can't put it on my list. I have 13! I judge on originality, plot, acting, and special effects. is: Deathwatch (2002) starring Jamie Bell, Laurence Fox, Matthew Rhys, and Kris Marshall. Set during WWI trench warfare. A company of British soldiers discover vacated German trenches. Something begins hunting them and it's not the Germans. This film is so disturbing because it portrays some of the real things soldiers had to deal with during trench warfare.
Well first we had Janice Battersby from Coronation Street at the Star a few months ago, now tonight Kris Marshall from the film Love Actually and series My familly here tonight !!!
Guess Who: Robert Stevenson Clue One: Was in the 3rd series of Who do you think you are? Researching his family history. Clue Two: His debut was in a tv programme called love story in 1973 Clue Three: Appeared in the well-known British Comedy "My Family" alongside Zoe Wanamaker and Kris Marshall. What is this person better known as?
Does anyone else find Citizen Khan funny? It feels like we are having the pee took out of us, never mind the muslims. Think it's a shocking piece of garbage and Kris Marshall is too good a comedy actor to be in this abysmal pile of bovine effluent. Replace it with Citizen Smith :-)
Got some very exciting news to announce on the show today about a KGT guest that'll be on my show in 2 weeks! Also joining me today will be Kris Marshall who plays Dave the Mosque Manager from Citizen Khan!
Kris Marshall & Xavier Samuel, that has got to be one of the best pairings ever.
I still have a random Human Target recorded. The one with Kris Marshall and Kim Coates.
I love Andrew Lincoln and Kris Marshall, but its weird hearing Alan Rickman and not seeing Snape, It freaks me out a little.:')
Kris Marshall??? My oh my... what WILL the BT lady say ;-P Kris Smith... Now that I would understand heh heh
Kris Marshall and star Xavier Samuel team up in the British comedy, A Few Best Men - Watch the trailer here:
Meet the cast of Citizen Khan - Shobu Kapoor , Kris Marshall, ,Bhavna Limbachia , Nish Nathwani
Kris Marshall and Shobu Kapoor, are to join Adil Ray in BBC One’s new comedy 'Citizen Khan' as filming begins."
BBC Press: Kris Marshall and Shobu Kapoor join Adil Ray in cast of BBC One comedy Citizen Khan as filming begins
Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino, Joseph Fiennes, Kris Marshall and Mackenzie Crook... Could it get any better?
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