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Kris Letang

Kristopher Allen Letang (born April 24, 1987) is a French Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman currently playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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Can we talk about how my mom has a pic of jagr kissing her on the cheek and I srsly can't even get a wave from Kris Letang??? So messed up
I can't wait for Kris Letang and all the rest of the injured Penguins to get back.
Kris Letang: When I die, then you realise.
Kris Letang and Trevor Daley doing a drill during practice today.
Erik Karlsson is missing a game after playing 324 straight. He's like the complete opposite of Kris Letang.
Thank you Jesus!Love to hear the word progress. Penguins' Kris Letang: Making progress. (via )
If you guys had a bang bang kris Letang shirt I would defiantly buy it
Kris Letang, Ron Hainsey, Olli Maatta and Jake Guentzel are getting some work in before skate. Daley was also out…
Mike Sullivan said he expects Kris Letang to be available for the playoffs. Kind of a big one there, no?
Kris Letang. wya I need you for playoff championship smh
Penguins injury update: Letang expected back for playoffs
Pensburgh: Penguins injury update: Letang expected back for playoffs
Sullivan: Letang will be back for playoffs
911: hello what's your emergency. me: where is kris letang. 911: i'm so-. me: WHERE IS HE. WE NEED HIM. NOW.
I'll be sooo happy if Kris Letang is playoff ready
Penguins' Mike Sullivan expects Kris Letang back before playoffs.
Breast Cancer Awareness
For anyone that ever thought "kris letang is replaceable" or "pens don't need malkin " the penguins would respectively disagree with you
Kris Letang Injury Update from Post Gazette - "Saw Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang today. Neither looks worse for...
Mike Sullivan says in his postgame he's confident Kris Letang will be playing for the Penguins at the start of the playoffs.
Joe Starkey: Yes, Penguins get good news after bad loss
Sullivan says he is confident Kris Letang will be playing at the beginning of the playoffs.
Joe Starkey: Yes, some good news after bad Penguins loss
Let me restate that: One really short answer made this a good night if you follow the Penguins, I would say:
Question to Mike Sullivan after the game...Do you expect Kris Letang back for post season? Answer "Yes"
Mike Sullivan was asked if he expects Kris Letang to be ready for the playoffs: "Yes."
Kris Letang: Did not travel with the team for their current road trip.
Matt Calvert did not lose a tooth when highsticked by Kris Letang on Friday. Lost his mouth guard, but an ice sweeper found it.
From here out, schedule could be Penguins’ friend: GLENDALE, Ariz. — Kris Letang knows the company line well.…
The have recalled Jake Guentzel and Chad Ruhwedel from the Kris Letang has been placed on IR.
(Sports Net):Crosby connect in as Penguins edge Islanders : Kris Letang..
A huge update on Kris Letang after some potential setbacks.
domain names
Dude. Dude. Google PK Subban or Gabe Landeskog. or Roman Josi or Kris Letang. Like I COULD GO ON but it's a pretty sport.
Yesterday's top defensemen: Kris Letang 1G, +2, Brian Dumoulin 1G, +2, Justin Schultz 1A, 0 - see more at
Kris Letang joins Max Talbot, Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson as to score winning goals.
Kris Letang joins club of clinching goal scorers that includes Ulf Samuelsson, Ronnie Francis and Max Talbot. Welcome!
Cup-winning goal-scorers for the Penguins: Ulf Samuelsson, Ron Francis, Max Talbot and Kris Letang.
Kris Letang has been significantly worse tonight than the -4 game previous round everybody made a big deal about. What is he th…
Kris Letang suspended one game for interference on Marcus Johansson
Ian Cole drew a comparison to Kris Letang's hit on Marcus Johansson and the Marleau-Rust hit:
Kris Letang has a game-high 16:51 ice time through 40 minutes
comparatively: the Penguins have Kris Letang, Olli Maatta, Trevor Daley, and Brian Dumoulin under the cap for 15.4M
I just can’t believe that Ryan Callahan won’t face a hearing for his dangerous hit on Kris Letang in ECF Game 1.
Kris Letang is scheduled to have an in person hearing for putting himself in a vulnerable position when he was legally hit by Ryan Callahan.
So Callahan won't be fined or penalized for his hit on Kris Letang, do you agree with the NHL?
"Can’t have players believing...that they will always escape punishment if the victim isn’t severely injured.".
VIDEO: Ryan Callahan was assessed a boarding major for his hit on Kris Letang.
I fell in love with a bulldog today. Welcome to the fam Tanger!! (after Kris Letang of course).…
Ryan Callahan escapes suspension for Kris Letang hit in Game 1
Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Kris Letang, and Tom Wilson posing for a photo
This is by far my most debated incident. If someone wants to respond with a real, concrete, step by step...
NHL sends message not acting on Ryan Callahan’s hit on Penguins' Kris Letang
Great News and Kris Letang are ready to roll for game 2. We need all hands on deck.. Can't wait
No hearing for Lightning's Ryan Callahan on Kris Letang hit.. Related Articles:
I bought Matt this bomb *** Kris Letang shirt for his birthday.
Mike Sullivan: 'We're just going to play hockey'
It seems like the NHL is veering away from their strategy of ending hits like this. If a player doesn't play dead...
Scary close-up shows just how devastating this playoff hockey hit is
No hearing for Ryan Callahan on Kris Letang hit.. Related Articles:
Ryan Callahan will face no further discipline for his hit on Kris Letang.
got it wrong by not suspending Ryan Callahan for Kris Letang hit
notebookd: Lightning's Callahan escapes disciplinary hearing for hit on Letang via
sends message not acting on COWARDLY VICIOUS hit on EVIL Kris Letang
Brian Dumoulin and Kris Letang are on the ice for practice
In No supplemental discipline for Ryan Callahan, Johnson okay, leaving options open in goal
Kris Letang and Brian Dumoulin are on the ice for practice at
In wake of no hearing/suspension for Callahan - NHL setting dangerous precedent on hits:
Pittsburgh Penguins USA TODAY Pittsburgh Penguins D-man Kris Letang has matured, but frequent bad penalties provi...
-- And so it has come to this with Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang. On the eve of the
It's official!. Lightning: RW Ryan Callahan won't be suspended for hit on Penguins' Kris Letang from behind in Game 1 of East finals.
Jim Rutherford: “I wouldn't trade Kris Letang for any other defenseman in the league. That's how much I think of h…
Mike Sullivan on winning without Kris Letang: "Tanger's a tough guy to replace. I think the group of them (defensemen) did a tremendous job"
Coach Sullivan on Kris Letang: "I think he's an elite defenseman that doesn't get enough credit. He does so much to help us s…
Tom Wilson will only have to wait one game to punch Kris Letang in the face
Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang will have a hearing today for interference on Washington’s Marcus Johansson.
Don't worry, Pitt. Chris Kunitz can fill in Kris Letang's usual role for the Penguins
Why isn't Kris Letang thought of as Patrick Sharp/Henrik Lundqvist-level handsome?
All purpose parts banner
Is that Kris Letang or Tyler Kennedy? Can't tell because whoever it is, they're shooting from anywhere and everywhere.
Tom Wilson *should* get a one game suspension, but uh, Kris Letang didn't get suspended, so flip a coin.
Kris Letang or Matt Cullen for the Penguins - Justin Williams of for the caps
That Kris Letang goal my mom screamed so loud and rubbed it in my stepdads face as he's a caps fan. I was also 11 but she came up and (1/2)
Kris Letang OT Goal vs. WSH here's this for you all
hey now, be nice to my goalie, not everyone can be MAF 😛
Kris Letang will receive a Milestone card on Monday May 2nd.
Only players still alive to win the Cup for their current teams: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Chris Kunitz, Kris Letang, Marc-Andre Fleury.
Vladdy throwing some subtle shade at Ken Hitchcock 😂
Thats because "Luowngoal" has nothing better to do with his time right now.
Matt Niskanen is a good shooter but he's not Kris Letang. TJ Oshie is a shootout hero, but he's not Phil Kessel.
NHL 16 is so much better than the old NHL games though.
Good ole NHL 16 glitch goal on the rush
current favorite player is probably Kris letang
And the AI of your own dmen is so terrible. They play their position in the D zone like 5 year olds, chasing to the point
Most frustrating game ever. Only way to stop computer opponent from scoring 8 goals is to drop a forward back in the zone.
depends on what you're playing on it. Online versus blows because people can skate right through the defense but you can't😞
another gripe I have is puck battles and board play vs CPU, they win the "battle" 99% of the time. Really frustrating
Looked a lot like the Shane Doan Kris Letang hit from last year
Hold the phone ... PSU with Kris Letang??? What did I miss?!
Kris Letang would be a 3rd pair D on the Caps. Carlson & Niskanen are both better all around. His contract is awful too. $…
Really proud of the Kris Letang wallpaper, it came out better than I expected
yeah goalie fatigue should be a factor too. EA argues that that does happen IRL, but not that often and not like that!
I shouldn't be able to out shoot someone by 30 shots and out possess then by 12 minutes on attack and still lose
I have fun, but it's very flawed. Playing goalie in eashl is near impossible. Passing is horrible. ICE TILT is obvious.
. 1. Way too easy to be fun. 2. Almost there. 3. AI makes 150mph passes every 1/2 second, scores at will. 4. Worse
My biggest gripes are the buggy/glitchy menu screens and the horrendous AI, makes the game unplayable in my opinion
Game is atrocious honestly. Paying that much money every year and all they want is you to keep paying for extras. Garbage.
Kris Letang is a hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins known for his scrappy demeanor
at least we'd get the consolation prize of a higher Caps 2nd rounder. But yes, Tom Wilson, meet Kris Letang
Kris Letang = Overrated... Chokes in the playoffs every year. So long ***
Hey Kris Letang fans! Schedule for Round 2! check out the dates and times here: http…
Kris Letang spoke to the media following today's off-day practice. Watch the video here: https:/…
yeah HUT does make money but new designs for a pack every week seems like a waste of money, when they could be improving
That's not me being a homer. Duncan Keith got suspended for swinging his stick at an opponent's face. Kris Letang got nothing.
And you're a liar. The top PIM getter in the NHL is not a Vancouver Canuck. It's a Penguin: Kris Letang
With his 16th-career playoff goal, Kris Letang has now surpassed Larry Murphy for most playoff goals by a defenseman in…
I think Kris Letang is better than Drew Doughty. Am I crazy?.
Drew Doughty 50 points in 79 games this year. Kris Letang has 51 points in his last 45 games
Wrote about Kris Letang, who has been playing out of his mind since he came back from injury and Sullivan took over: http…
Years ago, Kris Letang came out to a practice for a team I coached. Was first on ice/last to leave. Never met anyone who loves hockey more.
Kris Letang is great and if you don't think he should at least be in the conversation for the Norris trophy you're wrong
Kris Letang moves into a tie with Larry Murphy for the second-most goals by a defenceman in history with 78 (Coffey - 108).
Kris Letang sets a career-high with his 12th goal of season. He ties Larry Murphy for 2nd-most goals by a D-man in franc…
My 3 stars (I only watched the 3rd period but). 1. Kris Letang . 2. Scott Wilson . 3. Phil Kessel
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Coach Sullivan also confirms that Matt Cullen and Kris Letang had maintenance days today.
Kris Letang received his 30th and 31st on those two goals (Chris Kunitz and Conor Sheary) in the 1st. What a...
Kris Letang and Sidney Crosby pick up the assists on the Chris Kunitz goal.
Q: The one thing I never mess with in my pre-game routine is ___". Kris Letang: "Sidney Crosby"
New Jersey has as many points as Pittsburgh, does that mean Adam Larsson is as good as Kris Letang?
What happens next for Kris Letang? Paul Coffey tutored Letang in Toronto. 'Main thing is he wants me to shoot more'
And, no, Olli will not be a dynamic player like Kris Letang is. But he’s got a good shot at being Paul Martin. So, yeah. Really good.
DFS NHL. Star of the Night: Kris Letang ($6,300). Sleeper of the Night: Paul Stastny ($5,200)
Five things learned from World Junior semifinals
Kris Letang name third star of the week
Let's hope he can keep it up because with a healthy, not sucky Kris Letang this team is very good.
Kris Letang had 2 goals, 4 assist and 6 points in 3 games this week. Also had back to back 3 point games.
ESPN. Statistically Speaking: Letang lifts Penguins. Letang is the bomb!!!
Also congratulations to Kris Letang on being named the 3rd star of the week.
did Kris Letang just say it was a coincidence that the Pens are better when he’s in the lineup? lmfao
Kris Letang named NHL's third star of the week.
ICYMI: defenseman Kris Letang has been named the 3rd Star of the Week:
Kris Letang Supermans thru air and bails out Fleury 10/17/11
Kris Letang / Since Mike Sullivan took over as the Penguins' head coach, Kris
Kris Letang / Kris Letang has been awarded with the third star of the week.
my dads college friend is neighbors with Kris Letang
L.A.'s Jonathan Quick, Phoenix's Shane Doan, and Pittsburgh's Kris Letang are the NHL Three Stars of the week:
D Kris Letang has been named the NHL's 3rd 'Star of the Week'.
G Jonathan Quick, RW Shane Doan and D Kris Letang have been named as the Three Stars of the Week. 🏒
Kris Letang...3rd star of the week 😎😎😎
Late on this, but Kris Letang named NHL third star of the week. His 2-4--6 in three games led all defensemen on the we…
Kris Letang was named 3rd star of the week, wow! Pretty deserving, I'd say.
Marc-Andre Fleury and Kris Letang are here participating in practice in front of a full audience of fans at
Olli Maatta will play today after missing 6 games but bad news is that Kris Letang won't play today due to an undisclosed injury.
Olli Maatta returns, but Kris Letang is out today -
Kris Letang is out today and Olli Maatta is back because we can never see a fully healthy roster
Olli Maatta is back in the lineup today! Kris Letang is out (didn't practice yesterday). Warsofsky on the top PP unit.
Per Coach Johnston, Kris Letang is out, and Olli Maatta is in. D pairs may fluctuate.
Assistant coach Gary Agnew about to drop a puck for a faceoff between defensemen Adam Clendening and Kris Letang:
T2 Strokes can happen to young people like NHLer Kris Letang (26) & actor Frankie Muniz (27). Important to know signs/symptoms.
This family at Winghart's thought I was Kris Letang
"If he scores more than four goals this season, I will buy an authentic Kris Letang jersey and let him board me." - On Zac Rinaldo
Kris Letang played 26:07 tonight. Felt like he never left the ice. No defenceman on the Penguins even played 20 minutes.
If your team employs Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Phil Kessel & Kris Letang & you can't score on a 6-on-3, you have a few problems.
How could the Pens be so bad moving the puck out of their zone with such an elite defenseman in Kris Letang
I would have loved to see your live reaction if it was the actual kris letang
Please share pics of Kris Letang from the calendar when you get a chance. ;)
Pittsburgh Penguins' Kris Letang and his wife are the first to get into the mood th
Kris Letang / Zac Rinaldo gets game misconduct for high hit on Sean Couturier (Video)
*** why didn't anyone tell me how hot Kris Letang is with short hair??
leave me alone I'm just obsessed with kris letang
Rinaldo was mostly recently suspended 8 games last season for his hit on Kris Letang. Multiple repeat offender. Just Torres him already.
Rinaldo got suspended 8 games last January for charging Kris Letang. He's a repeat offender according to the NHL. Suspend him for 41 games
I promise you kris letang is trying to ruin my life 😭😭😭
Hi Kris Letang fans, Kris and his team took photos with some lovely pets for the 2016 Pens and Paws Calendar -...
Thank god for Kris Letang and his beauty (and hockey, and personality... His everything really.)
I need someone to talk to me about Sidney Crosby's face in Kris Letang's insta pic.
listen I don't know what would happen if I met malkin or beau considering how I reacted over kris letang
Kris Letang ties it up for the Penguins with a knuckler that fools Price
."Don't get my bad side," Kris Letang says to the photographer, and everyone laughs. They all know he doesn't have one.
I literally told kris letang last night he had the perfect family so
The Pens beat the Panthers 3-2, in OT. Kris had 2 assists and got 2 points during this game. The assists came...
New DobberHockey - Letang has more fantasy value than Hedman – and it's surprisingly decisive. Rick Roos expla...
Crosby, Penguins end power-play drought, get past Panthers in OT: No one would have blamed Kris Letang and the…
Ian Cole / Cole has yet to collect a point despite playing with Kris Letang
Kris Letang: the missing piece for the Penguins
ur telling me one direction released a music video and I met kris letang and they released a new song all in one day this is so LIT
Kris letang is Canadian? Heard him talk for first time. Sounds kinda European or is that just me,
Kris Letang helping is kid skate is beyond adorable. Totes adorable. All of the adorbs and ables. .
"kris letang you have the most perfect family" KRIS LETANG LAUGHED AND SAID THANKS LIKE WHAT
Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang earn the assists on the Sidney Crosby tally.
Kris Letang's son going ham on the ice!! So funny!
Kris Letang with the set-up, Evgeni Malkin with the game winning goal in overtime. GO PENS! Great win tonight for the
Kris Letang, Pascal Dupuis discuss returning from their injuries
My story on Pascal Dupuis and Kris Letang, healthy again and ready to rejoin the new look
Would the even consider trading Kris Letang? If Rutherford wants to compete for a Stanley Cup, he should.
I had a dream that Kris Letang was traded to Rangers and I was so freaking happy! But no way would Rangers ever have enough cap space.
Kris Letang is scaring me down for taking a picture with the flash on
The Penguins will need this drink next season!. "58: The Drink of Kris Letang"
The Official Energy Drink of Kris Letang: 58. The Pens will need this next year!
Hi Kris Letang fans! Not sure of this source of this photo, it looks like it's Instagram so I'm not claiming to...
Remember when Kris Letang crosschecked a linesman in the series against us and nothing happened?
hey Kris how is your concussion. I've been there buddy. Hope you're healthy soon.
My niece just got Kris Letang for her birthday 😆
And felt the burden of competing against the Rangers with defensemen Kris Letang, Christian Ehrhoff and Olli Maatta.
This is about 2014 but it’s an excellent reminder of how injuries can (& did) limit a season & how important PMD are.
All one games. Can't help but think that even Kris Letang could have been the difference.
I think a lot depends on Letang and Maatta health. I wonder if Kris will consider retire, with stroke and cuss's
happy birthday Kris. Missed you out there tonight tough loss. Pls take care and get well listen to your doctors!
Thought the real Kris Letang followed me but it was a fan account 😅
get well, Kris Letang and Pascal Dupuis. as humans and fathers before hockey players
We would still be playing hockey if Kris Letang Olli Maatta & Pascal Dupuis were healthy
Happy Birthday Kris Letang! My kids still talk about when they met you!
When Kris Letang was done for the rest of the season that's when the Penguins' season was over.
Best part of 2014/2015 season was Kris Letang remembering me, 2nd best part was $20 behind glass seats to see James Neal :3
My hockey favorite is Kris Letang, but my hockey bae is James Neal, and hockey boo is Patrick Kane. It’s been that way for 5 years now :v
I'm still crying because kris letang got hurt
Next year 🐧. But more importantly, I just want kris letang to get 100%...
This never would've happened if Kris Letang and Olli Maatta were still alive.
Are these kris letang rumors of trade true or is that just one of the stupid thing to get people riled up
Got a bunch of follows by celebrities!. Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins followed me!. Sincerely, . Enrique, The Steward
It was a great season Kris Letang fans! Thanks for being apart of it. Season wrap-up to follow this weekend - T
why did Evgeni Malkin go through this horrible slump of letting kris letang, Christian Ehrhoff, and Olli Maatta be on LTIR…
I cant wait for next season to hopefully see Kris Letang and Pascal Dupuis completely healthy. Love ya 9 & 58💛
The sad thing is that if Kris Letang would have played, they would have lost in 4 games.
did you see Kris Letang's goal tonight?
point can be made that Kris Letang is the MVP of this team.
Also see:. Subban, PK. Letang, Kris. But the BS narrative usually wins
Tomorrow is Kris Letang's birthday. what do you think he'd want ? Chiefs key ring?
if this series showed us anything... Fleury is at the very top of his game. Kris Letang is the MVP in abstentia.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I would love to stroke Kris Letang's hair
A healthy Kris Letang would have gotten the 2 games in this series.
My one takeaway. I really miss Kris Letang
It's an easy system to defend. They don't have six Kris Letang's
Boy does this team miss Kris Letang
the Rangers don't have Kris Letang or Christian Erhoff or Pascal Dupuis. How are they winning?
Probably the most composed playoffs I've seen out of kris Letang.
no other team is missing Kris letang Olli Maatta, Ehrhoff, Pouliot or Dupuis either. They were cooked when they got in
haven't won a home playoff game in overtime since Kris Letang vs. Washington in 2009.
Somewhere in the press box, kris Letang is stroking his beard
Kris Letang in 2009.which was 6 years ago meaning the are due
will Kris Letang be returning to the ice in the playoffs
I'd do unearthly things to have Kris Letang and/or Christian Ehrhoff back in this lineup.
Why hasn't anybody told me Letang is married!? My heart just got ripped out! Well there's still Sid :)
I would like to thank Shane Doan for that awful hit on Kris Letang!
When Kris Letang has better things to do than playoff hockey
I think the Penguins put Kris Letang into Brian Dumoulin's uniform.
don't give it to one of the next best players just because Kris Letang got injured.
Josh, would it be fair to say that Kris Letang is the Penguins most important player, but not more valuable than 87 & 71?
Kris Letang definitely deserves this one
Pens' Letang out of hospital, has concussion
NO Just because Kris Letang missed the last couple of weeks doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it. Had a great year!
Kris Letang deserves it more than anybody.
Its a shame Kris Letang is going to miss the rest of the season with The Bends
a parody kris letang account followed me and i got super excited thinking "Kris Letang" followed me smfh
The news about Kris Letang further emphasizes the need for the being consistent in their discipline. Finishing a check? Come on.
Kris Letang wanna be Lord Farquaad so bad
It would be ideal if kris Letang can come back for the playoffs
The Penguins are going to have a hard time in the playoffs without Kris Letang
Get better soon, We miss you Kris, don't stay away forever!
Good morning Kris Letang fans! Even though Kris is not playing in the playoffs, I will still cover the playoff...
Along the BoardsAnalytics: Penguins are a much weaker team without Kris LetangAlong the BoardsIt to...
If the Penguins weren't in enough trouble already, losing Kris Letang topped it off.
Tyrus I realized the other day that you actually look a lot like Kris Letang
I don't know how you guys can call Crosby a whiner when this is a roster with Kris Letang on it.
Kris Letang, who experienced a rebound season after suffering a stroke and other injuries last season.
re:Thank you and absolutely agree. Take care of yourself first Kris.
Report: Kris Letang is done for the season
Ok honestly kris letang needs to stop playing hockey. He's going to have half a brain by the time he's 40. I'm not even trying to joke.
I got told I look like kris letang, it's gunna be a good day
I've said this many times before, but Kris Letang might be the Penguins most important player -- more so than 87 or 71. He stirs the drink
the are headed into the playoffs, but it might not matter without Kris Letang. .has the story
Analytics: Penguins are a much weaker team without Kris Letang (via
It looks like I'm laughing at Kris Letang.
Kris Letang done for the season Kris is done for the season and will not play in the playoffs. This is good news as I and
Kris Letang still finished third on the Penguins in points despite missing 12 games, and finished 8th in goals. He is a defenceman.
This Kris Letang thing is a game-changer in NYR/PIT series. I would've taken the Penguins w/ a healthy KL in RD1. Now, not sure.
Brisbane: Penguins alive without Kris Letang, but only t... via
Notebook: Kris Letang's long-term outlook optimistic, Scuderi and Spaling the ironmen: via
Penguins' Kris Letang, who has history of is out for rest of season, reports
I'd be more inclined to pick the Penguins over the Rangers if they had Kris Letang. Tough call without.
New Orleans loses D Kris Letang for four days with a sore knee
Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang likely out for year:
AOL | Penguins alive without Kris Letang, but only technically
Penguins alive without Kris Letang, but only technically:
Penguins alive without Kris Letang, but only technically
Kris Letang injury update: Light exercise on bike; possibly ready for playoffs
No update was provided on defenseman Kris Letang, who has not skated since sustaining a concussion against Arizona.
Olli Maatta, Pascal Dupuis, Kris Letang, Kimmo Timonen, and Rich Peverley all deserve the Masterton. Insane what they've gone through.
If we are to believe Kerry Fraser, someone needs to tell Kris Letang to put the shovel down. Officiating purgatory ain't a good place to be.
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8 games for repeat offender Zac Rinaldo. Really dumb hit on Kris Letang.
David Perron and Kris Letang pick up the assists on the Sidney Crosby game-tying goal.
ICYMI: Ovechkin's running amok again, plus more in 5 Things We Learned Last Night in the NHL.
Alex Ovechkin and the art of Zen badassery
KMC Kris Letang & TOTW Kunitz Giveaway. You have a chance to win one, both, or neither lol.
It's a running joke in the world now that I look like kris letang I swear.
Proof that I'm the real George & is a fake account. That's me with Kris Letang
Just told a coworker he's trash. His response: "no, Kris Letang is trash." What. A. Moron.
[Injury] Kris Letang; checked from behind by Zac Rinaldo
Will anything be done to Alex Ovechkin for the brutal slash on Kris Letang? it is it is absurd that he got away with that!!
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