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Kris Bryant

Kristopher L. Bryant (born January 4, 1992) is an American college baseball player, who attended San Diego University.

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Sometimes I start to feel bad for thinking that people, on average, are dumb. "That's so elitist." Sad. But then I…
As if Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa playing on 600k deals is OK
Your man didn't know who Kris Bryant was but claims to be the biggest Cubs fan alive
And Kris Bryant had 199 last year. Though of course his MVP and the…
This might be worse than Headley for Kris Bryant or…
I have FINALLY made it to Chicago but it’s just for a layover, it’s the wrong season and Kris Bryant isn’t even here😒
He's obsessed with the Dodgers 🙄 I love (to look at) Kris Bryant, so I'll just stick to the Cubs 😂
Did you know Kris Bryant did something historically good last year in terms of double play avoidance?.
Spending time where it all started. Go to to see my trip back home.
I understand that Rockies fans are disappointed that Nolan Arenado isn't an MVP finalist. . But neither is Kris Bryant…
Your opinion. Kris Bryant is 245 best in avg exit velocity, Votto is behind Yadier Molina. It really is useless
pulled my first ever 1/1 Superfractor out of 2017 Chrome Update! Orlando Arcia. Wanna trade for a 2015 Chrom…
Kris Bryant walk off 2 run homer vs Colorado in 2015. Since getting season tickets in 2009, that was by…
And our biggest pull for the 1/2 Case Five Star.. Kris Bryant Purple Parallel Redemption auto!.
Meaning trading Jason Heyward now is imperative to signing Bryce Harper next year.
I like Griffey, but you snubbed Kris Bryant for '17. Everything was perfect too: MVP, Cubs won the…
Which is why I'm on team "Give Kris Bryant anything he asks for but do it now before he reaches free agency."
The best part about this is found a way to be involved with something dumber than pressing the brakes on Kris Bryant.
One of the best in the game, this Kris Bryant Buyback auto /5 from 2017 Archives Signature Series is amazing…
I just watched a video of Kris Bryant giving Anthony Rizzo piano lessons and if that doesn't prove how goofy my team is th…
2015 bowman chrome Mike Trout/kris bryant red refractor dual auto 4/5 bgs 9 . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
My I introduce you to the real best hitter of all-time and our Lord and savior Kris Bryant
Who s down to go see Kris Bryant today he's having an autograph sesh at Ford county from 3 to 4
Hey, if the Astros drafted Kris Bryant instead of Mark Appel, we’d never see Verlander implode like this.
And they are also supposed to have Kris Bryant. Luhnow wanted to draft him but the owner made a fus…
In 2013 the Astros took Mark Appel overall & Kris Bryant went Astros could of had Bryant, Correa, & Altuve all in the same infield 😳
in 2003 draft Astros picked Mark Appel with No. 1 pick Kris Bryant was NO.2 pick think about that infield
Imagine if the Astros had drafted Kris Bryant over Mark Appel. Or the Brady Aiken pick had worked out differently.
Or if they’d have taken Kris Bryant over Mark Appel.
Also think about this: the Astros could've drafted Kris Bryant over Mark Appel!
Imagine if Kris Bryant was drafted instead of Mark Appel. Scary.
Friendly reminder that the 'Stros drafted Mark Appel over Kris Bryant. Thank you and I'm so sorry
Everyone is talking about how the Astros are gonna win the World Series but don’t forget they drafted Mark Appel instead of Kris Bryant.
Take a second to imagine if the astros drafted Kris Bryant overall instead of Mark Appell. Those are goosebumps you feel
Kris Bryant's swing is a thing of beauty 😍
How good would the Astros be if they hadn’t drafted Mark Appel over Kris Bryant and Jon Gray
Kyle Schwarber has 4 postseason HR at Wrigley Field in his career, the most of any player. Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Báez combined to hit .283 with 22 XBH in 2016 postseason. They’re 9-73 (.123), 4 XBH…
Can we get one of Matt Szczur’s bats delivered to the clubhouse for Kris Bryant?
Granderson flies out to Kris Bryant in foul territory. Culberson stays put at second base. 1 out for Chris Taylor.
Chris Taylor is the Dollar Store version of Kris Bryant
Oct 14, AB 3: Kris Bryant flies out to center fielder Chris Taylor.
Kris Bryant flies out to Chris Taylor in center go down 1-2-3 in the top of the 5th leading the Dodgers 2-0
...into a force out, 3B Anthony Rendon to 2B Daniel Murphy. Kyle Schwarber scores. Jon Jay out at 2nd. Kris Bryant to 1st [2/2]
Anthony Rizzo has the highest batting average in the v NLDS at .333 . (Kris Bryant is second w .273 .
"Kris Bryant is pretty much automatic over there isn't he?"- Ernie Johnson. *Bryant commited the 2nd most E's at 3B this season*
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Of course there are exceptions (Kris Bryant was much better at 2nd overall than Mark Appel at 1st). But on the whole, 1st picks far superior
Arenado is 6'1/205. Kris Bryant, Ryan Minor, Archi Cianfrocco, and Troy Glaus are the tallest men to play 3B
Nah, you look more like Kris Bryant sans facial hair.
Allen Craig is at AAA bc baseball is really hard. Had a magical 2013. But RiSP lovers would have taken him over Kris Bryant…
In his first three major-league seasons, Derek Jeter played in 33 playoff games. If the Cubs win the NLDS, Kris Bryant wi…
Someone set off fireworks in Busch Stadium after Kris Bryant’s homer 🤣
Back on the Cubs bandwagon this postseason. Mostly because Kris Bryant's face, but also because Mike Montgomery's face. And Leonys Martin.
That 7-43 stretch helped the Astros to the number one pick, where they took Mark Appel over some guy named Kris Bry…
Get someone to love you the way Anthony Rizzo loves Kris Bryant.
Find you a man who holds you like Anthony Rizzo holds Kris Bryant
Couple Kris Bryant notes for you...his K rate has gone from 30.6%-22%-19.2% in 1st 3 yrs. That 19.2% is BELOW league avg (co…
Kris Bryant has a good chance to become the youngest hitter with a .400 on-base percentage since Mark Grace,…
When things get tough just remember the Astros drafted Mark Appel instead of Kris Bryant
If you’re a Rockies fan who is mad at Wade Davis, it’s important to have perspective and remember Kris Bryant is better th…
KB has a WAR of 6.4, Baez is 2.1, Davis is 1.2. It is insane how much Cubs fans underrate Kris Bryant.
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Kris Bryant walks, Anthony Rizzo singles, and the have runners at the corners with nobody out...
6 days until I get to see Kris Bryant and 7 days until I get to see Thomas Rhett😍
[Chicago Tribune] - Kris Bryant on ejections of Willson Contreras, John Lackey: 'It ultimately helped us'
Alex Avila drives in Kris Bryant with a single the & Cardinals are tied @ 2 bottom 6 no outs runners on the corn…
Saturday the Cubs gave up 12 runs. Jon Lester + Justin Wilson allowed 7, Kris Bryant + Ben Zobrist went 0-8 and the Cubs still won the game!
Kris Bryant is the first player in franchise history with at least 25 homers in each of his first three seasons.…
Customized cleats of Kris Bryant for Players Weekend have meaning near and dear to his heart…
Cubs: X-rays negative on Kris Bryant's left hand; unlikely to play Wednesday, says Joe Maddon (ESPN)
Anthony Rizzo, Javey Bear, Kris Bryant celebrate a win over the
Anthony Rizzo; Javier Baez and Kris Bryant celebrate after Baez scored the winning run on a wild...
You forgot to also leave stats for Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester and Aroldis Champman...
Kris Bryant has a 4.2 fWAR on the season. Ranking him 12th amongst all qualified players.
Kris Bryant on a Hypothetical Bryce Harper Addition to the Cubs: “We’ll Definitely Welcome Him Here”
Joey Votto had a very Joey Votto night against the Cubs at Wrigley Field,Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo lead Cubs to route over reds 15-5.
Why do you look like a Walmart Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant was in the high 30s last week. He is now 12th
Kris Bryant is bad was not a hot take I expected today.
Kris Bryant has a higher wOBA in 2017 than he did during his 2016 MVP campaign
Aaron Judge of Yankees has signed an exclusive memorabilia deal with Fanatics also has Kris Bryant, Anthony Ri…
Bryant contract is a non-issue they are likely to buyout his arbitration years, not eligible for UFA for…
It was kinda weird watching Kris Bryant play while sitting next to him @ Wrigley Field
“He’s just looking more like KB” Kris Bryant brings the heat from Arizona desert to Wrigley.…
Since my mom came home Kris Bryant has been on an absolute tear
Fans in left field, trying to catch the home run ball hit by Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.
Kris Bryant has been on base 16 times out of his 19 plate appearances.
Just from the last 4 games, Kris Bryant has gone from . .279/.390/509 to . .296/.407/.541
A Kris Bryant homerun is the best homerun.
Kris Bryant brings his hot bat from Arizona desert to Wrigley — and it's still sizzling: vi…
Hard to believe first time Kris Bryant has homered in consecutive games since August 2016...
Kris Bryant just received the 2016 Oscar Charleston Award from the *** League Museum for 2016 MVP. Cool!
Last 2 with 3 or more hits & at least 1 walk in 3 straight games:. Kris Bryant Aug 11-13, 2017. Hack Wilson Aug 18-19,…
Willson Contreras: "I have carried this team on my back but now I am injured.". Kris Bryant: "Hold my beer."
Kris Bryant over the last 7 games: . 16 H. 2 HR. .593 BA. .667 OBP. 1.000 SLG . Safe to say the "slump" is over.
Very good base running by Kris Bryant a big fast guy with go instincts. Kept his eye on the ball with a secondary in motio…
Chris Iannetta grounds out to Kris Bryant @ 3rd for the final out beat the Diamondbacks 8-3
Aug 11, AB 2: Kris Bryant singles on a line drive to left fielder David Peralta. Jon Jay scores. Kris Bryant out at 2nd on the throw, left
I say this as a die hard Cubs fan...Yoan Moncada is better looking than Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo
There's audio of Stone defending Kris Bryant last season, after Hawk said Todd Frazier…
Another first for Kris Bryant: getting ejected.
Kris Bryant isn't clutch, they said. Jon Lester is a bum, they said. Fly the *** flag and play the *** song, I said.
The same day Moncada comes up, Kris Bryant gets hurt 🤔
Kris Bryant always seems to avoid longterm injury. He only has a sprained pinky.😅👌🏻
Good night to kris bryant's butt and to kris bryant's butt only
csnchicago​.com >> Cue the freakout: Kris Bryant pulled from Wednesday's game with hand injury
nbcsports​.com >> Kris Bryant leaves game after apparently injuring his finger on a head first slide
Hamilton Collection
Kris Bryant leaves game with apparent injury to left hand.
Bryant: "I'm fine and it's good. I dodged a bullet" via
Kris Bryant had 199 K's in 2015 and hit .275
My nephew's first published article! Please share! .
I still don't know how this is not a serious injury, but I'm thrilled that the news, so far, is good on Kris Bryant. ht…
You & Kris Bryant doing a public signing in downtown Chicago & charging $699 for 1 autograph. Seriously man, this is ridiculous
folk's have u heard this before?. Kris Bryant is better than Nolan Arenado at the position of Third Base in the National League of Baseball
Joe Maddon on Cubs sixth consecutive win and Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant doing well after hurting left pinkie against My story👇👇
How are you gonna say kris bryant isn't on their level, he won the 2016 NL mv…
Hey Bruce, tell us about Kris Bryant's pinky. Something Chicago sports fans actually care about
Rockets passed on draymond, astros passed on kris bryant
Kris Bryant's hurt you might wanna change your mind. 😂
Check the line on Kris Bryant's on his pro debut in 2013
Freddie Freeman's Canadian so he probably left today's game out of politeness since Kris Bryant had to leave the game.
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Kris Bryant left Wednesday's game with a left pinkie sprain after sliding into third base in the first inning in...
Watch Kris Bryant discuss the injury to his pinkie finger after a slide into third base on Wednesday in Atlanta.
Tyler Flowers picks off Kris Bryant - who appears to have injured his left finger in the slide & had to be remo…
Kris Bryant had a bigger injury scare today, but he should be okay. Read about it here.
The prospects that the called up weren't overhyped. A lot of them such as Kris Bryant were highly regarded.
Kris Bryant was like a beautiful baby baseball Jesus for the Cubs fans. I get it.
Both overrated, kris bryant is better. Also, kris bryant has a ws ring, these two have no idea what a ws ring looks like.
Best part about this is in Kris Bryant's three-homer game he totaled 16 total bases. Arenado totaled 14. Kris > Nol…
Cubs win 6th straight; Kris Bryant leaves game with left pinkie sprain
Kris Bryant on his pinkie sprain: I wont be playing any video games
Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant leaves game in first with left hand injury
Kris Bryant has exited today's game in the 1st inning. Tommy La Stella takes over at 3B. We'll update when we have more informat…
The Cubs' Kris Bryant appears to injure his left finger on a head-first slide; exits game vs. Braves
X-ray exhale for Cubs: Kris Bryant escapes serious injury to finger
Kris Bryant left today's game with an injured hand. Good news fans, he should be ok.
Kris Bryant left the game with a sprained left pinky. X-rays were negative. He is day-to-day.
Tommy La Stella doing his best Kris Bryant impression
Jul 17, AB 3: Kris Bryant grounds into a force out, pitcher Julio Teheran to second baseman Brandon Phillips. Ben Zobrist out at 2nd. Kris
Must he tough knowing that Kris Bryant is now the second best hitting third baseman in this game
Theo Epstein once inquired about Chris Sale. Rick Hahn responded by asking for Kris Bryant
The have traded 3B Kris Bryant and UTL Marwin Gonzalez to for SP James Paxton, OF Mark Trumbo and Steven Souza Jr.
Daniel Norris (hottest player of all time), Cole Hamels, Matt Kemp, Kris Bryant, Kevin…
Its a tie between the Kris Bryant with the WWE belt and the David Ortiz pic.
I am biased towards the crew, BUT just would of liked Travis Shaw in the final vote for ASG instead of Kris Bryant...
Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Freddie Freeman, Cody has the stars, they just need a marketing team
Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Francisco Lindor, Corey Seager and now Aaron Judge. Anyone worried about the future of baseball?
July 10, 2016 - Kris Bryant's RBI single in the top of the 8th lifts the Cubs to a 6-5 victory at Pittsburgh. Pedro Strop winning pitcher.
Justin Turner, Nolan Arenado, Jake Lamb and Kris Bryant play his position. 3B is an amazing position in 2017.
It's been a good day for Kris Bryant and a good day for Thomas Bryant.
But you're saying Kris Bryant should be in the reserves. Jake Lamb is having a better year. That's all I'm saying.
Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo definitely deserved it, and some of their qualifications are not from…
Speaking of Kris Bryant, why the *** are managers not aloud to pick all stars. (3/14)
As Kris Bryant said all real baseball fans have no problem with the time of the game. (2/14)
Kris Bryant is an all star. Can't believe he didn't get it😩
Don't think it's possible to love an athlete more than I love Kris Bryant. 😂
Fans urged to for Kris Bryant as he trails in Final Vote via
Is everybody excited to see DJ LeMahieu in the over reigning NL MVP Kris Bryant?!
did you ever ask Kris if I could have a signed baseball??
this by 3 p.m. for a chance to win a 2016 Book. It has pictures of Kris Bryant inside!
I just voted to send Kris Bryant to the 2017 Help him win the Final Vote!
Kris Bryant is not an All-Star, so the Cubs are the 1st World Series champ ever with 0 All-Stars that made it previous y…
Shout out Justin Turner. Kris Bryant can lick a ginger sack... ya I said it
Yoan Moncada is hotter and better than Kris Bryant
Not only is Kris Bryant not as good at baseball as Justin Turner, he's also not nearly as hot as Chris Taylor
Justin Turner is having a much better year than Kris Bryant. Don't let those cubs fans over take JT
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Kris Bryant won’t play in All-Star game, Justin Turner will. Turner leads the NL with a .384 batting average
Justin Turner is hitting .386. If you voted for Kris Bryant over him you know nothing about baseball you hacks
Just as we all predicted before the season, Avi Garcia is an all star and Kris Bryant isn't.
That one time last fall when I got to share an elevator with Kris Bryant
I am not saying DJ deserved to make it over Kris Bryant, but you can tell Keith Law hasn't watched DJ play in # of…
How the *** is Mark Reynolds on the "final all-star" list? Especially with Kris Bryant? Reynolds having stellar year, Bryant not.
I agree at Lunhow's greatness Jayson, but he has one huge misstep on his Astros resume: Mark Appel over Kris Bryant # 1 pick
Kris Bryant will win even though Mark Reynolds deserves it way more.
Keith said Kris Bryant should be in over DJ. Do you think DJ is a better player than Kris Bryant?
Just a reminder that Kris Bryant is hitting .263 with 32 RBIs (16 HRs) and Mark Reynolds is hitting .286 with 62 RBIs (19 HRs).
Like obv Kris Bryant's gonna win the last spot.but what if Mark Reynolds comes out of nowhere and wins it lmao
Wade Davis only Cubs player selected to the All-Star rosters. Kris Bryant on Final Vote grouping.
Closer Wade Davis was named as the only All-Star selection; Kris Bryant is up for the final vote.
New post for Insiders - thoughts on the All-Star rosters & how ridiculous it is that Kris Bryant isn't on them:
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo not named to MLB All-Star Game roster
So no starters or reserves for the Cubs. Jake Lamb beat out Kris Bryant. Wade Davis makes it as the lone Cub.
No Starters for either the or Avisaíl Garcia & Wade Davis named lone Chicago all-stars. Kris Bryant up for
Anthony Rendon didn't make the all-star team. He's 1 of 5 players in the final vote w/Kris Bryant, Justin Bour, Justin Turner, Mark Reynolds
Anthony Rendon is in the Final Vote against Kris Bryant, Justin Bour, Mark Reynolds and Justin Turner.
Kris Bryant returns to Cubs' lineup - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Cubs 3B Kris Bryant (ankle) is probable today versus Cincinnati.
With ankle better, Bryant back in Cubs' lineup: Kris Bryant was back in the Cubs' lineup on Sat..
Wishing I lived close to Chicago to get the Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant bobblehead 😫
Jed Hoyer gave an update on Kris Bryant's injury status this AM:.
Jed Hoyer said of Kris Bryant's ankle injury: "Naturally, I think he's frustrated by the way it happened."
"He was in a lot of pain, and certainly it didn't look good." Jed Hoyer on Kris Bryant
Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said Kris Bryant's status is being evaluated but initial word from Wednesday night presented encouraging news.
Cubs GM Jed Hoyer says it's "too early to tell" if Kris Bryant will require a DL stint for his ankle injury.
"Watch: Kris Bryant exits game after rolling ankle on third base" {by Chris Chavez} via
Let's just pretend the 45 is that Kris Bryant is 4 5 seconds from wildin.
Bryce Harper hints at playing alongside Kris Bryant via
please help Ray. Just had trade in 5x5 obp league. Team way out of it gave Kris Bryant for Strasburg and Gyorko. Thoughts?
Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper played on the same team in Las Vegas growing up too.
The fact Kris Bryant and Jason Heyward are leading for All Star Game votes shows how much Cubs fans have ruined the voting…
Should the Cubs trade Kris Bryant with Jason Heyward so they can dump Heyward's contract and sign Harper & Machado in 2018
Jhoulys Chacin (whether intentional or not) hit Kris Bryant with an 80.1 mph slider in the bottom of the fourth. Then he stole 2nd.
Jhoulys Chacin just hit Kris Bryant with an 80 mph slider in which Bryant appeared more than happy to ease his padded elbow into the pitch.
2013 was a horrible year for the NBA, MLB, and NFL drafts. Except just Kris Bryant
I like my selfie with kris Bryant better 😉
@ me if you say Kris Bryant I'm throwing hands
Kris Bryant said it wasn't intentional. Isn't he a Cub too?
" I swear if you wear that Kris Bryant jersey out again I'm going to kick your *** - Lindsay
Checked off another field with Paige! Kris Bryant didn't hit a…
I'm at the school kris Bryant went too wow cute
Kris Bryant should be on this list.
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Pretty pumped to get this Kris Bryant Mohawk on Wednesday
Thank you so much!! You're 100% right!! He deserves an All Star Game starting spot over Kris Bryant!!
You must've not seen Kris Bryant bat
Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your ears. Self doubt kills dreams. You are more capable than you thin…
Now is in love with Kris Bryant too!😭
But remember Bill, Rizzo is one of the Golden Boys on the Cubs. The MLB loves him and Kris Bryant. They'll do nothing.
BASEBALL BY THE NUMBERS: Bryant should be the All-Star starter.
We also hit a cool Kris Bryant card.still FS on eBay, make offer
" look like a walmart version of Kris Bryant" - 🙁😓
Willson Contreras is to June 19th as Kris Bryant is to July 4th.
Wright breaks the bonus record for the bonus-pool era, which had been $6,708,400 by Kris Bryant in 2013.
Epic when your R.A. Dickey share is paying off but guys like Kris Bryant and Francisco Lindor can't get it together
The State of Bryzzo: Cubs superstars trending in opposite directions right now
Devastating that Kris Bryant will probably start the All Star game at 3rd base. Nolan is 10x better, and it's not that…
Who are you fooling kris Bryant cmon now
Hey silvy. Jonny. Bryant has contracted shwarber disease.. *** is up w kris?? I am…
You can make persuasive case for Kris Bryant to start ..
A look at Bryant's dad with Kris in the cage after the game.
Kris Bryant was a little distracted tonight because of this one.
I can officially say I played guitar hero and ping pong against a guy who struck out Kris Bryant
What has happened to the mighty Kris Bryant?
Jun 19, AB 4: Kris Bryant called out on strikes.
Oh! You know how Kris Bryant, Bryce Harper, and Joey Gallo all played together as amateurs? Cubs just signed a kid who played with Bellinger
Ian Happ is literally the new Kris Bryant-- He either homers or strikes out
Kris Bryant is an actual, real life person. wow
Seriously Kris Bryant is a beautiful person. If only.
Here it is, Final Bowman Inception. 4 box, 20 autos, triple team tiered. Monsters shall RISE
Kris Bryant and or Anthony Rizzo?? I do agree that the majority of MLB Stars wouldn't be recognized in a public setting
Gorgeous! *closes tab full of Kris Bryant pictures* This is nice too.
Yes load the bases for Kris Bryant lol   10% Off
But Kris Bryant is the best, right? All Star voting by fans is ridiculous... Give it to players and coaches!!
You know why baseball is the greatest? Because no one could've predicted that Matt Davidson would be as good as Kris Bry…
Daniel Murphy, Jason Heyward,and Kris Bryant are the only good ones on this list
Decent day. Started of at the hotel and got CJ Edwards and Kris Bryant. Then it was off to obtain Antonio Bro…
Did Greg Amsinger really just say the Yankees won a draft in which another team drafted Kris Bryant?
Greg Maddux wore a disguise and pulled a great prank on Kris Bryant 😂
Nice take by Kris Bryant. 2 on, 1 out, Greg Holland in 9th with 2-run lead
Kris Bryant on joining forces with Bryce Harper, long-term contract ideas and how are building a super-team.
Go compare Kris Bryant and Travis Shaw's numbers and tell me he's a "throw in"
Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are both taken now but i'm available
Get someone who looks at you like Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant.
Brett Gardner has a .262 iso now. That puts him ahead of:. Kris Bryant (.260). Paul Goldschmidt (.254). Nelson Cruz (.246). Wil Myers (.235)
To weigh in on today's hot topic: Andrew Knapp w/ and w/o a mustache is like Kris Bryant w/ and w/o a hat
Also, good luck getting guys like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell to want to play for you long term if youre giving…
Addison Russell's average also went up from 2015-2016. Kris Bryant and Rizzo be…
Kris Bryant homers (10) to left off Chase Anderson. . MIL 1 @ CHC 6; Bottom 5
Kris Bryant just hit his 2nd HOME RUN off Chase Anderson!.
This PSA/DNA GU 10, 2016 Kris Bryant signed bat (used to get his first World Series hit fot the sold for $25,320…
I just walked past Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant in Denver...
May 7, AB 3: Kris Bryant grounds out, shortstop Didi Gregorius to first baseman Matt Holliday.
From 2015 until now, Matt Szczur had as many walk-offs as Kris Bryant. . Godspeed, Matt.
Michael Kay: it will be nearly impossible to hit a HR out of Wrigley today . Kris Bryant:
May 4, AB 4: Kris Bryant grounds out, second baseman Cesar Hernandez to first baseman Tommy Joseph.
The last NL player to homer in his first AB at Fenway Park before Kris Bryant? Mike Olt in 2014, who also appeared for the Cubs
Kris Bryant's homer tonight is the 3rd ever by a 3rd baseman against the Red Sox. Others: Luis Valbuena in 2012 & Mike Olt in 2014.
Cubs choose Kris Bryant with No. 2 pick of MLB draft .
Cubs (12-9) see their rally fall short. Jon Lester is hit around for five runs, but Anthony Rizzo homers, and Kris Bryant gets three hits.
Kris Bryant gives the best explanation possible for why he doesn't bat flip
Kris Bryant on why he won't do bat flip on a no-doubter: "It's enough of a disgrace to the pitcher when it's halfway up th…
Only 4 Major Leaguers have been HBP more since the start of 2016 than Turner (14) — Brandon Guyer, Kris Bryant, Starling Marte, Jose Abreu
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Apr 18, AB 3: Kris Bryant grounds out, third baseman Travis Shaw to first baseman Eric Thames.
all the ladies who think Kris Bryant is hot? sorry Matt Davidson is 100% hotter than him Davidson>Bryant
**IF** it ever reaches that point, could the Cubs retire for a few all-time Cubs greats? Kris Bryant, Bobby Hill, Mark Grace
Kris Bryant takes batting practice into the Chicago River via
If Kris is the Tom Brady of MLB, you are Giselle. over
At age 25, who had a better start to their pro career: Kris Bryant or Tiger Woods?
that Cespedes game, Kris Bryant had three homers and two doubles in one game at Cincy; he would not have been the 1st one w 5xbh
"Mom would rather have Kris Bryant or the president of Mexico?"
We all just need to take a moment and shake Kris Bryant's parents hands for creating something so *** beautiful.
On this road trip Dave Roberts has brought Ross Stripling in to face Nolan Arenado & Kris Bryant with 2 Outs. Both times h…
Kris Bryant went to dental school so that's basically another reason why we're meant to be 💓
Kris Bryant slugged dozens of baseballs into the Chicago River while taking some batting practice downtown
Kris Bryant crushed some baseballs into the Chicago River today.
WLS-TV Cubs' wacky 'day off': Kris Bryant hits into river, Kyle Schwarber poses as a store…
Cubs star Kris Bryant hits batting practice on the Chicago River:
It's not too often you get to see NL MVP Kris Bryant launch balls into the Chicago River.
Watch 3B Kris Bryant hit balls into the river downtown->
Kris Bryant is getting ready to take BP into the Chicago River.
Kris Bryant splashes a few BP balls into the Chicago River.
Let the record show that Tim Tebow hit a HR before Kris Bryant got a hit in 2017.
I just figure out that Jason Heyward has more hits this year than Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist COM…
nah. Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist are done and Heyward is a stud.
If they ever turn the 2016 Cubs season into a musical, I nominate Corey Cott to play Kris Bryant
Was offered EE, pujols, Stroman and Vincent V for my Kris Bryant and Cole hammels. Take deal or keep Bryant side?
As a fan of a team in the AL, I'm so glad they took Mark Appel over Kris Bryant
Are Mark Appel and Kris Bryant the MLB version of Leaf and Manning?
Wanna know how good of a memory I have? I always have to think of Kris Bryant to know if it's Luke Bryan or Bryant
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