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Kris Bryant

Kristopher L. Bryant (born January 4, 1992) is an American college baseball player, who attended San Diego University.

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Cubs star Kris Bryant hits batting practice on the Chicago River:
It's not too often you get to see NL MVP Kris Bryant launch balls into the Chicago River.
Watch 3B Kris Bryant hit balls into the river downtown->
Kris Bryant is getting ready to take BP into the Chicago River.
Kris Bryant splashes a few BP balls into the Chicago River.
Let the record show that Tim Tebow hit a HR before Kris Bryant got a hit in 2017.
I just figure out that Jason Heyward has more hits this year than Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist COM…
nah. Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist are done and Heyward is a stud.
If they ever turn the 2016 Cubs season into a musical, I nominate Corey Cott to play Kris Bryant
Was offered EE, pujols, Stroman and Vincent V for my Kris Bryant and Cole hammels. Take deal or keep Bryant side?
As a fan of a team in the AL, I'm so glad they took Mark Appel over Kris Bryant
Are Mark Appel and Kris Bryant the MLB version of Leaf and Manning?
Wanna know how good of a memory I have? I always have to think of Kris Bryant to know if it's Luke Bryan or Bryant
Kris Bryant returns to his high school and reflects on his years at Bonanza in Las Vegas
Bryant, prospects homer in Cubs' big frame: Chesny Young, Kris Bryant and Ian Happ all homered ..
If I remember from the White House pictures, Jason Heyward's girlfriend looks uncannily like Kris Bryant.
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.explained to us his daily batting practice approach, along with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo's approach. Aweso…
Why do Kris Bryant's and Mike Trout's follow-throughs seem so relaxed and soft? Manny Ramirez had this EXACT same "problem"
Kris Bryant evaluates David Ross' chances on "Dancing With the Stars" and breaks down Ross' reper... - via App
Kris Bryant on David Ross being on 'Dancing with the Stars' -- 'He's the early favorite'…
"Hopefully there is enough Tylenol to get him going" — Kris Bryant on David Ross' "Dancing with the Stars" chances…
Matt Szczur immortalizes Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant with painting via
First time with '14 Bowman Chrome personal box. Only got some guy named Kris Bryant.…
or Christopher Walken or Bill Murray or Michael Jordan or Kris Bryant but probably Justin Timberlake
Baseball is back & that means Kris Bryant is to. Everyone deserves a little Kris Bryant in their life.
Kris Bryant is ranked higher than Bryce Harper on the Top 100 players list, but wasn't No. 1 overall. Rankings: https:/…
This is good one. Kris Bryant gets pranked by Greg Maddux.
WATCH: Hall of Famer Greg Maddux pranks Kris Bryant during BP with his arsenal of pitches...
MUST-WATCH: Greg Maddux dons disguise for epic prank on MVP Kris Bryant
VIDEO: Kris Bryant thought he was taking BP from the sound guy on a TV shoot; it was Greg Maddux in disguise.
Greg Maddux pulls off impressive prank on Kris Bryant during workout shoot
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Greg Maddux pranking Kris Bryant is golden. I'll take the bat if Greg doesn't want it though 😅
This is too good! Check out Greg Maddux wearing a disguise to prank reigning MVP Kris Bryant https…
Kris Bryant got pranked by Greg Maddux the other day...
Sorry, but that Greg Maddux/Kris Bryant vid was so fake news. He jusy happened to mention Maddux 😱
Greg Maddux wore a disguise and pulled a great prank on Kris Bryant. Watch the full video here:
Watch: Greg Maddux goes incognito to prank Kris Bryant - via App. Good times with a hall of famer!😆So funny!
Greg Maddux goes undercover as a member of the production team to prank Kris Bryant. 😂.
Kris Bryant’s wonderful life: World Series champion starting his career at the top
Greg Maddux pranks Kris Bryant by dressing in disguise, serving as a sound man
Greg Maddux goes incognito to prank Kris Bryant
This is everywhere now, with good reason. Haven't seen Maddux prank Kris Bryant yet? You're welcome. Fun stuff.
Greg Maddux got fellow Cubs star Kris Bryant in an offseason batting practice prank. 😂
You have to see this prank by former Atlanta Braves pitcher Greg Maddux on NL MVP Kris Bryant: . htt…
Greg Maddux pulls off impressive prank on during workout shoot . . via
Kris Bryant gets pranked by Cubs great Greg Maddux
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Greg Maddux helps Red Bull pull off epic prank on Kris Bryant -
Every Cubs fan is going to love this Greg Maddux prank of Kris Bryant.
I see "prank video" and it's usually a big ol' "NAH", but that Kris Bryant/Greg Maddux video is actually pretty decent.
ahhh, the Cubs are back. Great video
Watch: Greg Maddux dresses up as a sound guy and punks Kris Bryant
Greg Maddux pranked Kris Bryant, and it's as great as you think it is.
Spring training is good for lots of things, including great pranks. Like this one Greg Maddux pulled on Kris Bryant.
Video: Greg Maddux dresses in disguise and pranks Kris Bryant during batting practice 😂
I liked a video Baseball Star Kris Bryant Gets Pranked by Hall of Famer Greg Maddux
Kris Bryant gets pranked by Greg Maddux in disguise: “This sound guy’s got a good curveball…” h…
Greg Maddux pranking Kris Bryant is today's welcomed distraction. Full video -->
Last year, did the pranking; this year, he's a victim of Greg Maddux and friends.
Greg Maddux goes incognito to prank Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant gets pranked by an undercover Greg Maddux in this fun stunt by
WATCH: Greg Maddux wore a disguise and pulled off a perfect prank on Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant gets EPICLY pranked by Hall of Famer Greg Maddux. 😂😂.
Greg Maddux pranking Kris Bryant is quite delightful. . "You still want my bat?". "No.".
Last spring, Kris Bryant pranked a college team. This spring, Bryant got pranked by Hall of Famer Greg Maddux.
Maybe the sound guy has some eligibility, let's get him into some classes!
Greg Maddux pitched BP to Kris Bryant in disguise and it was pretty *** cool
Avoiding complacency is a focus of Kris Bryant, now, writes
If he had a bat like Kris Bryant's he'd be MVP every year
only if you have a GOAT on your team, aka Kris Bryant, LeBron, Tom Brady, James Harden, Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, etc
Kris Bryant holds nothing to Josh Vitters and his .121/.193/.202 career slash in 36 games.
Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, DJ Dozier and Paul Goldschmidt is the Mets infield.
Click to see Kris Bryant on top of yet another leaderboard, stay to see David Ross' impressive base running stats.
Find someone that will look at you how Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant
A fan just said he'd rather have Matt Carpenter than Kris Bryant. This is why everyone hates us.
Laura honestly thinks Matt Carpenter is better looking that Kris Bryant.. she's wrong. No ***
[Chicago Tribune] - Kris Bryant and Jessica Delp get married in Las Vegas
Kris Bryant got married and his Cubs teammates had a blast at the wedding
Kris Bryant turns 25 today. 13.6 WAR in first 2 seasons. Most by any position player. 2nd: Frank Robinson 13.4. 3rd: Ted…
Kyle Seager or Kris Bryant would make a nice baby daddy 😍⚾️
Just hit 4 home runs in a row on MLB 16 The Show with Kris Bryant, Robinson Cano, Brian McCann, and Bryce Harper.
Jessica Mendoza talks about Kris Bryant's swing and the influence of his dad and Ted Williams had on not hitting do…
Kris Bryant's on hoodies, cases, mugs, decor & more!
Kris Bryant debuts new national ad with Red Bull -
So it's either Bryce Harper or Kris Bryant for Wade Davis?
In 2016 alone, I have met/got autographs from Patrick Kane, Panarin, Duncan Keith, Kris Bryant, Rizzo, Baez, Russell, McGregor and J Butler
Dan Jennings and Tommy Kahnle for Kris Bryant would be nice.
Budding superstar Kris Bryant overwhelmed by response from fans since winning World Series --
We're thankful for the MVP Kris Bryant & for this shiny new toy he helped bring to Chicago. htt…
Randal Grichuk will be a bigger star than Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant is the 2016 DTBL Rookie of the Year.
In honor of Kris Bryant's MVP Award, his sponsor adidas is distributing this "Kurse Breaker" shirt in Chicago
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Kris Bryant after MVP: 'Good guys finish first' via
Congrats to Kris Bryant on winning the NL MVP!
Kris Bryant headed back to work even before winning NL MVP in inspiring new commercial
In the past 367 days, Kris Bryant has won Rookie of the Year, the World Series, and an MVP http…
Kris Bryant wins Cubs' first MVP since Sammy Sosa in 1998 - Chicago Sun-Times
in these dark times, it’s comforting to know Kris Bryant exists
Mike Trout in 6 years:2 MVPS a ROY award and 5 time all star . Kris Bryant in 2 years:1 MVP ROY award 2 time all star and World Series champ
We promise this is not Kris Bryant did, in fact, win the NL MVP today with 29-of-30 first place votes:.
Kris Bryant really could not be having a better career. . He is the 2016 NL MVP.
Kris Bryant wins first MVP since Sammy Sosa in 1998 via
How MVP Kris Bryant conquered the baseball world before his 25th birthday:
In just two seasons, Kris Bryant has won Rookie of the Year, a World Series and now NL MVP.
HISTORIC... LEGENDARY... 🔥🔥🔥. Kris Bryant adds the NL MVP to his trophy case! 🏆
The last two NL MVPs (Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant) were both born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992.
Congrats to Kris Bryant Hard Work Pays Off✌️️well deserve it 😎
Kris Bryant is the 15th player in history to win a Rookie Of the Year, MVP & World Series in his career. He just completed his 2…
Curse-breaker. World Series champ. Most Valuable Player. Kris Bryant is the NL MVP after smashing 39 HRs, with 102 RBIs, for the…
Thought Scherzer over Hendricks was an interesting call by MLB for Cy Young but like Kris Bryant for MVP. A true team player.
Kris Bryant is just getting started as he takes home MVP honors - via App
Surprise! Kris Bryant wins the NL MVP award, becoming the youngest MVP in Cubs history ✨
Kris Bryant. . 2013 - Collegiate Player of the Year. 2014 - Minor League Player of the Year. 2015 - Rookie of the Year. 20…
Kris Bryant was ONE VOTE shy of a sweep! So close. Oh well, he still won by a LOT!
Cubs' Kris Bryant nearly unanimous choice as National League MVP by
Kris Bryant near-unanimous selection for NL MVP. 29 of 30 first-place votes.
BREAKING: Kris Bryant is named NL MVP. He's the youngest to win a World Series and MVP in the same season since Cal Ripken Jr. i…
Kris Bryant is pretty good, winning an MVP in his second season. Also, Mike Trout is 5 months older than Bryant & has 5 top-2 MVP finishes
Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, and Mike Trout have all won MVP's the last 2 years, and are all 25 or younger. Take advantage…
Boston trends now: Bannon, Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, Mitt Romney, mapoli and funny.
BBWAA: "Kris Bryant clearly had the best season and deserves MVP". Mike Puma: "Deny unanimity. Vote for Daniel Murp…
Well deserved MVP for Kris Bryant. No brainer. But what a great year from Daniel Murphy.
Cubs' Kris Bryant wins NL award over Daniel Murphy, who finished 2nd in voting
NL Rookie of the year, champ 2x all star Kris Bryant off 2 record start 2 his career Kids are all right
In his 2 years in baseball Kris Bryant has won:. ✅Rookie of the Year. ✅World Series championship. ✅National League MVP
OK, so Kris Bryant is not only a presumptive MVP, he's also a time traveller. (h/t for the photo)
Kris Bryant's on hoodies, shirts, cases, stickers & more!
Wait... Why did Nolan Arenado win the Silver Slugger over Kris Bryant, and definitely plays better defense, but still i…
I am so exited to say I am the wedding planner for a World Series champion! Congratulations to Kris Bryant and the Chicago…
Ellen awards Kris Bryant with a Cubs tuxedo and David Ross with a Cubs walker
Kris Bryant and David Ross stopped by Ellen and left with a customized tuxedo and a walker
Got told on the street I look like Kris Bryant just now. So things are going really well in Chicago.
Competing Cubs tonight: Kris Bryant and David Ross on Kimmel while Fowler, Zobrist and Rizzo are on Fallon.
Kris Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. . Zobrist, Rizzo, and Fowler on Jimmy Fallon tonight. . David Ross and Bryant on Ellen tmrw. ThankMeLater
On Flag Day, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant sang the national anthem during an interview via
Kris Bryant smiling the whole time on the final play 🙌
Kris Bryant smiling ear-to-ear as he throws for the last out is probably one of the best moments in WS history. https:/…
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The final out of both the Sox and Cubs World Series victories came on grounders fielded in the infield grass, to Juan Uribe and Kris Bryant.
WWE sent Kris Bryant this custom Cubs title belt for the World Series parade.
Kris Bryant.. Pretty sure Matt or Joey showed me him last year.
The nation saw Kris Bryant of the flash a smile. Those with the used to see that grin daily.
What was more emotional: Kris Bryant's beautiful smile or Bill Murray crying
Find yourself someone who smiles at you the way Kris Bryant smiles at an easy out at first to win game 7 of the World Series
Kris Bryant smiling while he's making the final out is the best thing ever
Kris Bryant is so drop dead gorgeous😍
Kris Bryant smiling before he fielded the final out is everything
using this time to google if Kris Bryant is married
Kris Bryant was smiling before he even fielded the final out.
Kris Bryant smiling as he fields and throws for the final out is the greatest.
Kris Bryant is smiling the entire time. It is amazing and baseball perfection.
David Ross hits a home run in his last at bat; Kris Bryant smiling like a little leaguer on the last out; history made. I love baseball.
Lol but remember when Kris Bryant used to play for the Boise Hawks because I do.💁🏼
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Kris Bryant smiling like a little leaguer as he made the final out is probably my favorite thing about this whole series.
"That's one of the best games anybody will ever see" -Kris Bryant
ANOTHER ONE. Anthony Rizzo knocks in Kris Bryant giving the the 5-1 lead in the 5th.
Another one!. Kris Bryant scores all the way from first on Anthony Rizzo's single. Cubs lead Game 7, 5-1.
Kris Bryant looked a lot like Lorenzo Cain just now, eh??
Lorenzo Cain after Kris Bryant scored from 1st...
Kris Bryant scoring from first on a single in a playoff game is legit Lorenzo Cain stuff.
Kris Bryant thinkin he's Lorenzo Cain out here
Kris Bryant just did a pretty nifty Lorenzo Cain impression.
I want to go to the Brookfield Zoo with Kris Bryant dot com
Kris Bryant just did his best Lorenzo Cain impression. Wow. This is happening.
I don't understand how Kris Bryant's long swing is so successful, but I bet it drives Richie Sexson nuts.
.in 2017: only owe league minimum to Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, Wilson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber.
Wil Myers has a lot of Kris Bryant in his swing. Look what Bryant's doing for the Cubs right now...The Future is…
Kris Bryant and Addison Russell will bring a title to the North side 🅿️
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Kris Bryant shakes off struggles to keep in World Series via
Kris Bryant shakes off struggles to keep Cubs in World Series via
negative. I'm talking about the Cubs showing a great will to persevere and pull out a win at home. Thank you Kris Bryant! 🙌🏼🐐
Kris Bryant was named SLeagueBaseball Player of the Week three times between 5/12-6/9/14 with smokiesbaseball.…
Kris Bryant is the hottest baseball player to ever exist. Thank you Jesus. 😍
But HOLY moly kris Bryant is really really... I might start watching the cubs now.
Was told I look like a combo of kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo at the bars tonight.
Kris Bryant gets things started offensively for Cubs with a solo HR in the bottom of the 4th.
When you look Kris Bryant straight in his big, beautiful eyes
Kris Bryant is the Cubs first 3rd baseman to HR in a World Series game
espn​.com >> Kris Bryant shows up just in time for the Cubs
KRIS BRYANT TIES IT UP!. Bryant takes Trevor Bauer deep to center to tie Game 5 at 1.
find someone who looks at you the way Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant ❤
This solo shot from Kris Bryant got Wrigley rockin' in the 4th:
Cubs 3B Kris Bryant: "We're all about writing our own history. This team is a special one."
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World Series 2016: Francona doesn't go for the jugular, so Cleveland goes home to play Game 6: Terry Francona...
Kris Bryant has 12 career XBH. Most in franchise history.
Wire: Bryant's jack could be Cubs' latest jolt
Bryant's jack could be Cubs' latest jolt
Kris Bryant salvaged the Cubs’ first World Series appearance in 71 years with just his second hit in six games:
If Kris Bryant really is back like he showed in World Series Game 5, so are the Cubs
Cubs MVP Bryant shakes off struggles, saves season
World Series: Here’s How the Chicago Cubs Won Game 5: The Cubs got an offensive boost from Kris Bryant and An...
Kris Bryant rounds first on a home run for the Boise Hawks, August 11, 2013.
Gonna be honest...I thought that Kris Bryant home run was too high...
Kris Bryant mural painted on Wrigleyville pizza bar by his sponsor Red Bull
Jon Lester must have taught Kris Bryant how to throw to 1st!
John Lackey and Kris Bryant picked a bad year to dress up as infielding Jon Lester for Halloween.
and while we're at it, Kris Bryant doesn't hold Jayson Nix's jock strap. He was amazing with the Sox back in the day.
Congratulations to Kris Bryant, the NL winner of the 2016 Hank Aaron award!
Congrats to Legion alum Kris Bryant for being named the NL's top hitter and winner of the 2016 Hank Aaron Award! https:…
Kris Bryant the first Chicago baseball player to score a World Series run since Willie Harris in 2005.
David Brinkley says: "Kris Bryant thought it was ball four. It wasn't. So, he was out."
I hope is not Kris Bryant. Nolan Arenado or Jose Fernandez Myb Mike Trout also
I just wanna hug Rajai Davis and Kris Bryant then I'll be good to go.
Cubs need to just go ahead and send Baez to STL, that dude is a beast! Other than Kris Bryant he's their best young prospect by a long shot
Cubs hitters do not like Dodger Stadium, their team average is woeful there. 1 guy who likes it is Kris Bryant .318 average
Do you seriously think Kris Bryant is being pitched differently because Anthony Rizzo is in a slump?
Dexter fowler gets a lead off double. Kris Bryant hits a 2 run walk off to end off game two at
Bottom 4th. Dexter Fowler grounds out to third base. 1 out. Kris Bryant hits a comebacker to pitcher Clayton...
I hope Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta give Rizzo a hug right now. He's had a rough night
Did anyone else see the dab immediately before Kris Bryant's home run?
I'm supposed to be up in 3 hours to catch a flight back to ATL ... *** you Kris Bryant
Solid pick by the Astros to get Mark Appel in front of Kris Bryant. C'mon, Cubbies
The Cubs aren't done yet!. Kris Bryant's 2-run HR in the top of the 9th ties it in San Francisco. What a game.
Kris Bryant pranks Mesa Community College baseball team "what year you?...Sophomore...oh okay"
I can't believe I'm a Kris Bryant fan now.
Bryant, Chicago Cubs have bookmakers cornered ... via
Better than advertised: How Kris Bryant transformed franchise.
Watch Kris Bryant discuss facing the Giants in the NLDS. Video by Jesse Rogers Video - via App
Wait I just realized why does Kris Bryant sound like he's 15? LMAO NOOO
Kris Bryant is the most beautiful human being to ever walk this planet 🙌😻
Fittingly, flawless Kris Bryant is the face of the franchise: RICK TELANDER: Though only 24, Bryant has done things…
Kris Bryant . I thought Kris didn't take his toe off the ground?
Acc to Kris Bryant had highest wGDP (avoiding GDPs) in MLB (by far). Mike Trout Thx Eye test was c…
I'm for them because Kris Bryant is so dreamy
not really i think we can all agree on kershaw. I forgot about trout though or id say kris bryant
it truly does. Kris Bryant in a cuddly cardigan does things to my brain.
Kris Bryant has been named the finalist for 2016 Hank Aaron Award. It's presented to the most outstanding offensive pe…
let's ruin the giants even year luck. In Kris Bryant we trust
Kris Bryant hit 10 home runs against the Reds this year. That's crazy.
All I really need is someone who looks at me the way Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant
I wish that kris Bryant didn't turn into a washout...but the key is the bologna is top notch
Anyone have some kris Bryant RCs that they're willing to trade? Maybe sell? Graded or non-graded
Defensively Javier Baez and Offensively Kris Bryant!! KB will dominate with the bat! And JB will have some ridiculous plays on D!
This is literally the dumbest article ever. Of course the Cubs will take position be position. Conor Gillaspie or K…
I have no idea! Im literally obsessed with kris Bryant! We're getting married.
Kris Bryant is like if Instagram had a filter called "handsome" and a mortal was allowed to crank it up to 150 every time
I'm skeptical of the Kris Bryant draft pick today. I would have gone with J Gray. But, as a Cubs fan,
Stories you didn't know about Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and other Chicago Cubs stars via
Who needs a Kris Bryant shirt to wear during the World Series? And it supports a bit fighting leukemia
Bryant, a Bonanza High grad, is close to being named NL MVP, a year after his friend Bryce Harper won the award.
5 behind the scenes stories of former I-Cubs while they were in Iowa. My story at
Get someone that looks at you the same way Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant
Every time I pass by Express and see an add with Kris Bryant I literally stop and admire him for a good 2 minutes.
ehhh idk Kris Bryant and Nolan Arenado are pretty good lol
Kris Bryant has been nominated for another prestigious MLB award. .
5 behind the scenes stories on 5 star Chicago players from their time in Iowa. My story at
Is there any question who should win the Hank Aaron award? Go Kris Bryant!
Is that a Kris Bryant signature on the boy's hat?
Kris Bryant says he's a "way" different player this year than last. "The anxiety isn't as much there as it was last ye…
I'm voting for Kris Bryant to win the Hank Aaron Award!
Relatively quiet last October, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant could carry the this time.
Cubs unstoppable if Bryant, Rizzo heat up: Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant will more than likely need to delive...
The last player with 40 HR in a season was Derrek Lee in 2005 (46). Kris Bryant enters tonight with 39.
As of this afternoon, Tim Tebow's jersey was the MLB's 3rd-highest seller, behind only David Ortiz and Kris Bryant. https…
According to the MLB app, Joe West threw Joe Maddon out of the stadium like he was a baseball off Kris Bryant's bat:. h…
How Cubs star Kris Bryant got even better and became the NL MVP favorite -
Check out Anthony Rizzo's & Kris Bryant's thoughts on a long over due World Series for the Cubs & the fans:
Kris Bryant= College Player of the year, Minor league player of the year, rookie player of the year, and maybe MVP this year🤐👀
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Kris Bryant could become the youngest player with a .400 on-base percentage since Bill Madlock, 41 years ago:
Miggy wins it in the 13th for Da Cubbies with a bases-loaded walk-off RBI single, scoring Kris Bryant!
erroneous. Kris Bryant plays a lot of our field. Greg not in same league. But Polanco is pretty special.
Kris Bryant. Although I just spoke to Brian Kenny and he's suggesting Jason Heyward.
I respect greatness. Kris Bryant is pretty great.
I'm on vacation so pardon me for not making this assertion in a more timely manner, but:. Kris Bryant is the greatest base…
In his column, explains why Kris Bryant is a talent for the ages.
Cubs: With a start to his career that trumps Hall of Fame 3Bs, Kris Bryant is on a Cooperstown path - Jesse Rogers…
Addison Russell & Kris Bryant homer as Cubs become first MLB team to reach 80 wins this season. - Arrieta: 8 IP, 0 R
Um, just said Kris Bryant and Addison Russell are both heading to the Hall of Fame. I'm done.
It has been a while for the periodic thanking of Jeff Luhnow and the Astros for not taking Kris Bryant.
Players with multiple 5 hit, 2 HR games in a single season. 2016 Kris Bryant. 1986 Joe Carter. via
Kris Bryant admits Cubs' best defense with Javier Baez at third base
John Lackey has a strong outing and Kris Bryant goes deep as the Cubs win their 8th straight game.
The difference in OPS+ between LaStella & Heyward is the same as the difference between Kris Bryant & Gordon Beckham. Maybe dude has a point
Kris Bryant: “It's crazy how we’ve completely flipped the script since the all-star break.”
Traded Mike Trout for Kris Bryant and Jason Heyward and made the ALCS the next season. I'm your GM now
I heard Kris Bryant was looking for Jesse Custer.
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo are in MVP battle, writes
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo are in an MVP battle, writes
Chris Sale's B3 starts off with a HBP of Dexter Fowler and a walk of Kris Bryant. No outs. Tied at 1.
Kris Bryant doubles to center field off Chris Sale Dexter Fowler scores frtom 1st the & Whitwe Sox are tied @ 1 bottom 1
Kris Bryant gunned at 2B, but tying run gets to third on the single. It's 4-3, one out, T9 and Anthony Rizzo will face Dan Jennings.
Michelle & Elizabeth Warren back-to-back is like a pitcher having to face Mike Trout and Kris Bryant in the 3/4 spots. The pitcher is Trump.
Jose Altuve is the best player in baseball. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball.Kris Bryant is the best…
there has been a theft at U.S. Cellular field Kris Bryant has been robbed of a homerun by Melky
So, Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran for Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta, right?. Who says no?
sell Chris Davis and do you have tickets for Kris Bryant?
Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant could be neck-and-neck for MVP!
While we are talking about young players and strikeouts, let's all marvel at Kris Bryant and Javy Baez dropping their K% by 7.5% this year
or Mike Trout. I like Harper so that's okay. Oh, Kris Bryant bough Mentos today. Give me a break. So annoying. Fire producers.
"Vote for the one candidate who does not need this job.". I do in fact plan to vote for Kris Bryant so this speech resonates with me.
AL and NL MVP odds 2016: Kris Bryant and Mike Trout are pegged as... Via News Break:
Chicago Cubs stars Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have two of the top-selling jerseys in Major League Baseball this season, but
What was Kris Bryant looking at? He should've put that in left field
Kris Bryant's earning the kind of attention he could do without:
Kris Bryant go long ball with neon spikes...then Ks after changing to red spikes
Trivia-Who hit the 1st home run in the 2016 ? Kris Bryant off of Chris Sale. h…
Hello, Kris Bryant! Bryant hits a home run off Chris Sale right away to put the N.L. up early, 1-0.
Bryce Harper & Kris Bryant back-to-back. . Terry Collins introduces the NL starting lineup.
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