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Kris Boyd

Kris Boyd (born 18 August 1983) is a Scottish professional footballer who is currently playing for Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer.

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Kris Boyd with the ‘Dembélé isn’t all that great’ patter in the Scum. . 0 Champions League goals. . 1 goal v Celtic.…
To be fair though Kris Boyd was better than Larsson.
Remember when Kris Boyd came on in a Champions League final to change the game and win it for Barcelona? Nah... me neith…
you must be very proud Judy. Just like Kris Boyd's mum, her son is the greatest striker ever in Scotland. . 🎾🏆⚽
2009: Goals from Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller and Steven Whittaker earns Rangers a 3-0 home victory against Kilmarnock.
Kris Boyd is a hero 😂😂😂 scored goals for fun anol and was in propaganda every Friday
Kris Boyd has never done this so I think this all but confirms: Kris Boyd > Henrik Larsson😉
Kris Boyd might have liked a Greggs and a packet of Roast Beef Monster Munch,but he isn't a grass.
£30 million for Dembele, I thought Kris Boyd would be good enough to play for Barcelona or the top teams in Europe LOL
Kris Boyd's attack on Dembele & his snide dig at Larsson are the measure of the man; a small-minded petty wee *** https:/…
"Does Kris Boyd know", without reading any further I can guarantee he doesn't.
Kris Boyd's a guy who wants a media career for himself in Scotland, talking down a player Zinedine Zidane talks up highl…
Rangers fan, Kris Boyd couldn't lace Larsson's boots & 9 more goals with 4 extra years is hardly a better record.
once Celtic win the league sign Henrik back up let him run riot in every game left , then who is Kris Boyd
What kind of Scots born looney, puts himself on a par with the King of been snorting the talcum powder Kris Boyd...?
The fact people are even having this Henrik Larsson/Kris Boyd argument is embarrassing.
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Kris Boyd was a big fish in small pond...Dembele will do it at higher level same as Henrik!
Kris Boyd couldn't lace the boots, of the guy who laced Henrik Larsson's boots.
tell kris Boyd to keep his cheap comments to himself
Kris Boyd wins it by a country mile and he did so without the incessant diving
Andy Murray, Kris Boyd, Martyn Waghorn, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Yer Da and more in my new column https:/…
Kris Boyd would outscore Larsson and his son together in any league in the world.
Kris Boyd is a. feel free to make up your own description. You're welcome. 😂😂😂
Interesting. Kris Boyd intercepted that ball in the endzone on Saturday so Texas beat Kansas and Charlie can stay now. ht…
Kris Boyd genuinely suggested he's a better player than Henrik Larsson. Suffice it to say, he's not.
Kris Boyd article is a monument to ignorance . Boyd was useless against Celtic, in Europe & for the National team. Failures…
Killie's only change from the 3-0 defeat at Ibrox is to replace Nathan Tyson with Kris Boyd for today's match against Hamilton Accies.
Team news: Killie make 1 change, with Kris Boyd in for Nathan Tyson.
2014: Kenny Miller, Lee Wallace and Kris Boyd are on target as Rangers beat Dumbarton 3-0. Lee McCulloch also misses a penalty.
Malik Jefferson, D'Onta Freeman,Holton Hill, Devontae Davis, Kris Boyd, Jason Hall, and John Bonney, will all play…
Another defensive stop for Texas. Some personnel changes on last two drives, including Kris Boyd, Jason Hall, Dylan Haines.
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Heart goes out to Kris Boyd today; his conduct in the face of personal tragedy was more special than anything that occurre…
Collin Johnson vs. Kris Boyd. Head fake helps CJ blow past Boyd, great extension for catch. Pass by Swoopes.
Kris Boyd with great coverage on Collin Johnson.
The presenter looks like the love-child of Scott McDonald and Kris Boyd.
Did you know Kris Boyd has only scored against The Celtic once?and the el beach end at aberdeen was tops.
Henrik Larsson has twice the la liga titles as ronaldo 😂. Kris boyd is the best ever though
The machine gun fire just blared out there when Kris Boyd was talking.
but we (Dundee United) wernt good enough for the top league this year. Deserve to be down.
Mark Kerr had had one assist in his whole career and it was that pass to Kris Boyd, wanker
Difficult to decide if I want them to win because of the final&to enjoy the Boyd to score next week?
I'm also hearing the 76ers are really high on Providence guard Kris Dunn.
aye but is he better than Kris Boyd
couldn't agree more, anyone who didn't want to claim a vintage Kris Boyd Rangers strip deserved to be nonced
Mind that time Portsmouth had a wee friendly with Rangers and it was Kris Boyd v muntari and boateng LOL
also, I see you're a Timbers fan. As a Boro fan, I'm sorry you had to endure Kris Boyd. I know how it feels.
I think he is a skinny, racist Kris Boyd
that 7 weeks was enough for Kris Boyd & the Timbers. 😂😂
The only way to get back in this match is to send long balls to Kris Boyd.
Kris Boyd coming on: Killie's way of taking the ***
that's unfair. There's no shame in being the second best striker in SPL history behind Kris Boyd.
4 were broken and one was lazier than Kris Boyd.
Kris Boyd should have played all season.
Rangers down to 9 men Kris Boyd made a beeline for the pie stall!!
nah, my sarcasm upped the moment this season started. Might drop in 5 years when we come back up, who knows 😅
if I was to take things serious, I Wouldni support United. 😂
lmao. Pity ICT was afterwards or coulda really wound up some
Don't forget the masks and coffins also 😂
That's the clearest penalty not given since the one Kris Boyd didn't get on Saturday!
Imagining Kenny McIntyre in studio saying 'So what?! Now what's you're favourite Kris Boyd moment'
Larsson taking a tanking here as Old Firm fans come together to display their affection for Kris Boyd.
fully expect more to join the cavalry Stephen smith kris Boyd , Jorge albertz. Claudio canniggia ,
Jon Daly and Kris Boyd up front together for 45 minutes 😮
It used to be hard to win a header against Kris Boyd, now it's hard to lose one
That City 3rd goal reminded me of the Kris Boyd goal vs Aberdeen set up by Alan Hutton many years ago, a 1-2 down the right, think 3-0
he's still slimmer than what kris Boyd is
ally mccoist, Kris Boyd, Kenny dalglish and jimmy johnstone
Conrad Balatoni backs Kris Boyd to continue on goal trail...
quite. was suggesting him for Celtic. Reminds me of Guidi two years back saying we should for Kris Boyd...
That Charlie Strong and Kris Boyd interaction was hilarious. "You're mic'd up aren't you?!"
That exchange between Strong and Kris Boyd gives a glimpse into why Strong is able to recruit like he does.
and you were always the Kris Boyd, always poaching but never finishing.
Kris Boyd from Gwenydd Mercy Lax giving his to MaxOut!.
Tattoo Tyler Boyd drew for great friend Lyssa Lindsey a few years ago. She wears it well.
Kris Boyd has done his time. Jordan has a statue in Chicago, Rocky has a staue in Philly & Boydy should have a statue @ Ibrox
& you didn't sell all your players like Viduka, Yakubu, mendieta & sign Kris Boyd and you went straight up
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Kris Boyd scored more SPL goals than Henrik Larsson.
I saw you Kris and DeMarco Boyd! You did a nice job at the Longhorn Spring Game Saturday.
Throwback to when I was a Boro fan for the night away at Burnley. They were 3-0 down at HT. Kris Boyd was Terrible
And keep a side eye on So. DB Kris Boyd, he's on the way...
I've been viewing it from when it happened, this is where the sportsbag in the Tully was good
Lee Clark not inclined to talk expansively about gap over Dundee Utd, but felt like a hugely significant day for Kilmarnock - and Kris Boyd.
Just look at the way he lost Kris Boyd and gave him a 1 on 1 with Gordon. Hes no appreciation of the position
Kris Boyd will be asking for his 15 grand back.
Springtime in Maryhill. The sun is out but Kris Boyd's immobile fat *** has obscured it!
I hope Kris Boyd lies in bed tonight and has nightmares about that stick on chance he missed. He's finished, has been for a while.
Kris Boyd is not the answer to our scoring problems . Yes he done a job for us in the past but we need a hungry goal scorer NOW
Killie boss Lee Clark on Boyd's missed chance:. "Kris said it was a little bit behind him. Wouldn't have wanted it to fall to anyone else."
Really enjoyed the Kris Boyd show today
Kenny Miller's fitness compared to Kris Boyd's is actually shocking on Boyds behalf
The creative ways Kris Boyd crumples to the floor every time he sets himself for a header is a wonder to behold, and a free kick each time!
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Also pretty sure that I saw Kris Boyd running, although it might've been wind-assisted.
Couple of times in the last five minutes the game’s looked just a wee bit too quick for Kris Boyd.
ON THIS DAY 2006: Kris Boyd bagged a hat-trick in a 4-1 win over at Tannadice
Just saw Kris Boyd driving the 46 tae Cumnock
😏 no a patch on the all time top scorer of the SPL Kris Boyd
Andy Cole was the black English version of Kris Boyd, He was absolutely pish but somehow managed to score hunners of goals
27/6/14: Rangers complete the signings of defenders Darren McGregor & Marius Zaliukas along with striker Kris Boyd
BBQ again today, Rain or shine! Get it by the pound for the weekend!
Breaking news we can confirm that Kilmarnock forward Kris Boyd has agreed a pre contract with celtic football club more to follow
online's different. [I wish I could tell you this person was wearing a Kris Boyd jersey, but alas, it wasn't so.]
Kris Boyd for me, but that's just because I hate the Timbers
What do you think of Kris Boyd thinking of joining the WWE brother HH
Tim Greer, Dana Holden join me for lunch at Annie Mae's Home Cooking in Duncan!
Rain or shine, we have your favorite BBQ at Annie Mae's Home Cooking!
I preferred his goal at Easter Road, but that one is funny as he has as many derby goals as greatest SPL striker ever Kris Boyd 😂
"It's alright for kris Boyd he has everything"
Why Gordon Strachan doesn't call up Kris Boyd to the Scotland squad is beyond me, canny say he doesn't deserve it
Kris Boyd admits lack of fitness during second Ibrox spell was due to frequent swimming pool bans
Back when Kris Boyd played football, christ.
How many votes did Kris Boyd of Kilmarnock FC submit??? 😂😂🍀🍀
Kris Boyd was actually such a good player. I'm a bit sad that he returned to Rangers because it tarnished his reputation
Kris Boyd has scored 1 goal in 24 games against Celtic. Henrik Larsson has scored 1 goal in 28 minutes against Celtic.
Did Kris Boyd just compare Leicester to Rangers? 😂😂😂 That's like comparing Henrik Larsson to.erm.Kris Boyd 😂😂😂
McDonald, Boyd expect close tie: Former Celtic and Rangers strikers Scott McDonald and Kris Boyd have differin...
Kris Boyd: There's no reason why Rangers can't beat Celtic. . Ex-Celtic hero Scott McDonald says the return of the...
seeing Kris Boyd and Scott McDonald on sky sports is making me feel a bit ill, 2011-12 flashbacks ew
WATCH: Reaction to the semi-final draw from ex Kris Boyd and former Scott McDonald
Kris Boyd & Scott McDonald react to v Scottish Cup semi-final draw. Hear from them on SSNHQ today.
Scott McDonald says Old Firm fixture puts Scottish football back on the map. Kris Boyd predicts Rangers win.
Kris Boyd & Scott McDonald have their say on v Hear from the tonight
not a "one club guy" like Kris Boyd apparently? MP paid him $1.5m for 7 goals. He's played on almost as many teams as Oba.
Tyler Boyd is not out of the woods but is better than yesterday. We are specifically praying for supernatural...
just spent 20 min looking for my "Kris Boyd, Sounders Killer" post from just before 2012 season.
Kris Boyd is a goal machine! Leading scorer in the Scottish Premier League four times. I say go for it,
Kris Boyd waiting tae get aff the binch.
"Should have kept Kris Boyd." Aye because he's doing well at Killie.
It's a bit like the 'Kris Boyd in Europe' theory. Play him and we score more goals, apparently.
Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd tells me Gov. Kasich is the best for Ohio, South Carolina and the rest of the country.
I am agonizing about what to write regarding Tyler Boyd's condition because it is so very serious. He has...
Tyler Boyd was involved in a terrible accident this morning. Please, please pray for my beautiful son. Hunter...
2007: Kris Boyd nets a hat-trick as Rangers beat Kilmarnock 3-1 at Rugby Park. Steven Naismith pulled a goal back for the Ayrshire side.
Has this guy been watching Kris Boyd?
what's tomorrow's whose better Lionel messi victor moses or Kris Boyd ?
always trying to get the shiney kris Boyd 😂😂😂
Futsal win tonight. We were down 5 to 2 at half and ended up winning 7 to 6. I played like Kris Boyd. Awful.
Hamilton Collection
King of Kings.What's a kris boyd?Is it a fat,talentless nobody who played for coin and
2010: Kris Boyd scores on the 80th minute as Rangers draw 1-1 with Motherwell at Fir Park.
very nice. Wouldn't be the same with Stevie Smith, Kris Boyd & Josh Magennis though 👀
Mind kris boyd stuck his tongue out like the king after scoring more against all the Diddy teams 😂
Just sittin here thinking.. Imagine how many goals a 2010 Kris Boyd would score in this Rangers team
2008: Goals from Kris Boyd and Steven Naismith hands Rangers a 2-0 home win over Falkirk.
Just asked ma brother who he thinks is the best 3 players in the world n he went ronaldo benzema and kris boyd 😂😂😂
Hey Friends.Kris here and this is my Thrive Experience! . In June 2013, my friend Dana called me up with...
Boyd upsets top-ranked Dean at Cornell as picks up two bit wins this weekend:.
184: Nolan Boyd knocks off No. 1 Gabe Dean with a 14-9 decision! Talk about a match!
or even Kris Boyd. His weave is no bad 🤔
The new owners of Annie Mae's Home Cooking. I love you boys and I am so proud of you!
2 HUGE wins for the Lady Raiders in 2 nights. 65-60 winners over Boyd Co Lady Lions.
Three controversies in, Premier Brad Wall sticks by Bill Boyd
what will be a fantastic memory is when kris Boyd hits a skitterry shot and slides in, in the 90th min 😂😂
Rangers surely looking to keep a clean sheet here, they should throw on Kris Boyd .
Kris Boyd gonna score a last minute winner
Just realised Metaphysics FC are playing just now, Kris Boyd off the bench for a winner??
Stevie Smith is Killie captain, Elbows manager & Kris Boyd on the bench. 😂😂😂
Odds on Kris Boyd scores a hattrick today
Jig is a legend but let's not forgot kris Boyd who was a fantastic servant..big reception today for him also..
If I click this and it says Kris Boyd and Lee Miller I'm not going to be very happy.
he lost that ability when he said that he stands behind Boyd 100%. Boyd goes he goes.
How long till Brad Wall distances himself from Bill Boyd ya figure? I put the over under @ 39 days
It's that Rangers - Kilmarnock that has me worried... Kris Boyd has been so unpredictable as of late 🤔
A future Texas secondary with Brandon Jones, Kris Boyd, Holton Hill, DeShon Elliot, and anyone else would rival the amazing 05 and 09 groups
2007: Goals from Charlie Adam, Chris Burke, Kris Boyd (2) and Barry Ferguson gets Walter Smith’s 2nd spell at Rangers off to a winning start
We should bring back John Spencer and Kris Boyd while we're at it! Maybe Lovel Palmer?
Caleb Porter’s introductory press conference (and the hilarious Kris Boyd question) was three years ago today. Doesn’t it seem like longer?
agree. I love Kris Boyd but shouldn't be moved to accommodate him. Change needed now. 11th not good enough
I was there, it was about -10, Kris Boyd missed an open goal and Jason Steele threw one in, last minute. It was grim
Kris Boyd set to overtake Hearts legend John Robertson's top flight goal record as Jim Jefferies com...
Kris Boyd's prolific goal rate comes as no surprise to former boss Jim Jefferies
Kris Boyd & Stevie Smith are about to start sawing logs in Lee McCulloch's livin'room
Kris Boyd's goal today was his 191st in the Scottish top flight. He is 6th highest post-war scorer, just 1 behind John Robertson.
We're live on 1 & Ultra HD with the build-up to v with Kris Boyd, Kenny McLean
my fault I thought Kris was talking to me
Harry Donnelly up top this season? Kris Boyd would have a better chance of scoring.
I really thought he'd be so good here...even bought a *** Kris Boyd shirt from England
Follow great passer of the ball and is an inspiration to any young footballer out there looking to be the next kris Boyd
Kris Boyd promoted Parklane Mattresses when he was in Portland
Kris Martinez took over Tom Boyd's position as public works director, seriously?
spitting image of an (even more) overweight Kris Boyd too. I bet Boydy calls it Spect-ruh too.
I had a dream I was a one of my female followers;with a hairy *** and winching Kris boyd. 😢😢😢😢 ***
Great pics from promotion with Willie Miller, Pat Bonner, Kris Boyd & Murdo MacLeod
.promotion with Willie Miller, Kris Boyd, Murdo MacLeod and Pat Bonner -
howlin at the fact that Marvelous Marvin Andrews got over a £100k more than Kris 'slim pickens' Boyd 😂😂😂😂
whit is kris boyd daen in the currys pc world advert we jeff goldblum ,ehh WTFL
2008: 2 goals in the first 10 minutes from Kris Boyd and Steve Davis gives Rangers a 2-1 win over St Mirren at Ibrox.
will be pleased that Kris Boyd has won the Scottish Premiership Player of the Month award.
ON THIS DAY 2008: Kris Boyd & Steven Davis scored for Rangers in a 2-1 at Ibrox
Scattershooting: Red zone defense, changing uniforms, more
For my hunting friends...this is funny!
just keep balling out Kris Boyd. You will prove all the doubters next year when you young guys take over. 🐂🐂
I agree! He is trolling Kris Boyd hard today!
Unsure if I was more surprised to see Jeff Goldblum or Kris Boyd in the new Curry's advert.
. More alive than the texas defense, amirite Kris Boyd?. LMAO!
. Hey Kris Boyd, nice fumble costing your team the game. LMAO.
Texas DB Kris Boyd sends message to smelly teammate
Injury bug biting Texas in a big way. RBs Foreman and Gray out, OG Vahe, CB Kris Boyd, too.
now that I can work with, I'm talking about Kris Boyd, but he's just a freshman so he's got some time to grow.
i still think Kris Boyd best position is free safety or nickle he is not the corner Hill and Davis are
The two 'attack groups' would include weak side Davante Davis and Jason Hall, read side Holton Hill, Kris Boyd, and Deshon Elliott, I think.
Kris Boyd: I'm glad Kilmarnock stuck by Gary Locke, he's proving them right
Kris Boyd will praise Kilmarnock striker Josh Magennis, even if he won't do it himself: KRIS BOYD could have b...
Kris Boyd urges to sign new deal and continue to develop Video
Kris Boyd: I'm happy to help Josh Magennis fire his way to Euro 2016: Kilmarnock forward wants to help his tea...
Kris Boyd happy to help fire his way to Euro 2016. Video
Stay tuned as we go through the story of the match with Kris Boyd, Kenny McLean & Stephen Craigan, next.
HT: 0-1 Stay tuned to 1 HD / Ultra HD for analysis with Kris Boyd, Kenny McLean and Stephen Craigan.
We lost a big one in Kris Boyd too. Maybe we'll text these guys mid game next year too.
Cool stuff! How are Kris Boyd's xG looking this year?
I mean sure but if you come I don't need kris. 😂🙈
I still love Kris Boyd. He's the one that got away
Kris Boyd didn`t play any on defense that i saw but he played all the special teams.Hill and Davante need to get all CB reps
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I bet if Kris Boyd was a Mack recruit you would have packed his bags and driven him to College Station.
No. Ultimately he failed. He also failed to give any new players a chance. Same old players. Surprised he didnt recall Kris Boyd.
Girls entertaining them kris Boyd type *** when they have a bf!
more like the Kris Boyd of the international scene. 100+ career goals, 1 against Celtic for Krissy :)
People that rate Henrik Larsson over Kris Boyd exist
destiny just walked in talking about "I seen Kris Boyd on TV" 😂😂😂😂
Read the full article at Find out more at
McFadden is another Kris Boyd, Shaun Maloney, Barry Robson, average Scottish player on the wrong side of 30 that no longer …
Good thing Kris Boyd apology from heart & not prepared by tu "...extend my sincerest apology..."
Maybe Charlie Strong should take away Kris Boyd's cellphone for a week. Now THAT would be punishment.
Kris Boyd proves that is in fact, a true media insider.
BREAKING: Texas DB Kris Boyd has parachuted out of team plane in airspace over College Station. The D.B. Cooper of our time.
What freshman CB Kris Boyd was doing during halftime.
Kris Boyd and our special teams coach came here this year from the same high school... 'bout time to get rid of both of them.
Beautiful 54-yd punt by Dickson and great coverage by Kris Boyd pins OSU back at its 2.
Kris Boyd and Holton Hill are CBs this drive. Duke Thomas is in at the nickle.
Kris Boyd joined Brian Deane as a forward who did score more than five for but never more than one in a single game.
He would be good to see at Rugby Park. Would be good to see him run onto the pitch and spear Kris Boyd. 😂
Another rollicking weekend of action. Join us for Sportscene 10:30 BBC One. In the studio tonight - Kris Boyd and Pat N…
A side featuring Stevie Smith, Lee McCulloch and Kris Boyd. Relegation material? Who'd have guessed it?*. *Everyone. Everyone guessed it.
Kilmarnock are awful. Certainty for relegation. Adding Stevie Smith, Jig & Kris Boyd to their team probs didn't help anyone except us 😂.
Anyone who signs Kris Boyd, Lee McCulloch and Stevie Smith deserves the sack.
Jig, Stevie Smith and Kris Boyd all start for Kilmarnock. Is Gary Locke Ally McCoist in disguise?
Kris Boyd's stunning free kick vs Queen of the South in the Scottish Cup Final 2008
Well done to who was quickest to work out that Esteban Cambiasso, Ross McCormack, Kris Boyd & Bryan Ruiz are the birthday boys.
Kris Boyd with a nice rep against John Burt.
69' Chris Johnston's shot is parried by keeper Maxwell, only to fall at the feet of number 9 Kris Boyd! Boomer makes it…
So have Kris Boyd, Stevie Smith and now Lee McCulloch. Did they not watch last season?
McCulloch 'a great addition' - Boyd: Kilmarnock striker Kris Boyd believes player-coach Lee McCulloch can have...
Fancying goals from Dale Carrick today and hopefully Scott Robinson and I wouldn't be surprised if Kris Boyd found his scoring boots again
Take me back to meeting Paul Weller and Kris Boyd man
11 first team players have been released by including Kris Boyd, Jon Daly, Lee McCulloch, Richard Foster & Ian Black.
you could have Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller and Jon Daly at Rangers...
Rangers fortunes are a wee bit like Labour. Stuart McCall is Ed Miliband, Kris Boyd is Jim Murphy, and Lee McCulloch can be Gordon Brown.
VIDEO: Kris Boyd wanted to let the packed Ibrox crowd know what the score was at after Nicky Clark grabbed his goal: https:/…
I didn't mind Paul smith actually didn't he come here as part of the Kris Boyd to forest deal
look at the legends such as Lee dong *** and Joseph Job, they have what it takes, unlike Kris Boyd
Looks like the Portland Timbers aren't missing Kris Boyd or Stevie Smith one little bit
Virgin Medias internet is not anywhere near as fast as Usain Bolt it's more along the lines of Kris Boyd
How is Kris Boyd still a footballer
Light Blues striker Kris Boyd called in to the Soccer School course at Newton Mearns:
aye all that gumbo and supersized burgers isnt the meal of champions? Unless you're Kris Boyd that is??
Per Kris Bryant's father was Oil Can Boyd's minor league roommate. This is one reason why Peter is the best.
Kris Boyd has arrived,decided not to ask about last nights drubbing.He looks grumpy😆
Me and deacjr are meeting kris Boyd later
What chance has Kris Boyd got coming on in 77th min when 3-0 down? He's had bad season but wasn't responsible for last night's defeat.
After last nights match, Kris Boyd returned to Auchenhowie to train himself for an hour. Fantastic dedication.
Me and just had my dad convinced that Kenny Miller punched kris boyd in the face after the game tonight
Kris Boyd looks like he is running in treacle while towing a caravan. And eating a family size pack of monster munch. An…
Kris Boyd (Rangers) header from the left side of the six yard box is saved in the top centre of the goal.
Gettin pumped 3-0 and finding out you don't own any of the'club' TMs is like signing a new player. Unfortunately that player is Kris Boyd
you can have Kris Boyd as well if it helps !!
A don't know what's worse Kris Boyd's swagger or his finishing.
God created everybody equal. Kris Boyd is equal to Ray Winstone
Mike Ashley never managed to get all the badges off Rangers, Kris Boyd still has this one on his ***
Why does this pic remind me of Kris Boyd in that red Rangers strip?? Lol
Tell ye, if Kris Boyd scores another goal for rangers this season I'll wax my back!
Think wee Jay has still got more goals than Kris Boyd this season.
Kris Boyd still gives me hope that I can be a professional athlete.
Kris Boyd has some attitude like! Should be leading by example to the younger players
PMSL ...milk turns quicker than kris Boyd . Better get the lawn mower out mcall ...
Good to see Stuart McCall bringing on Kris Boyd just for the comedy value 😄
Kris Boyd needs to call it a day on his football career
Kris Boyd probably the worst singing in Rangers history lolz
Ronny Deila says Celtic squad has lost 60 kilos this season...Kris Boyd & Jon Daly have found it.
'68 - SUB: Kris Boyd comes off and is replaced by Jon Daly for the closing stages of the match. The Gers currently one down to Alloa.
for Kris Boyd, Nicky Clark, Jon Daly and Kenny Miller to not register another goal between them in the rest of the season.
Kris Boyd: "Rangers wouldn't do much better with Jose Mourinho". Jose Mourinho: "Rangers would do much better without Kr…
McCall: We need to feed our strikers more. Mourinho: You need to feed Kris Boyd and Jon Daly LESS
I'm trying to remember what other Scottish players have played in the MLS. Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller and now Shaun Maloney.
Going to be a bit of a scramble for Kris Boyd in the summer. If he does end up in the Championship with Rangers he'll get 40…
Kris Boyd was a great finisher, but Larsson was the complete package. Proved it at Barca and United. Stuck with SPL stigma sadly.
Kenny McDowall insists Kris Boyd can still be the man who fires Rangers to promotion despite the former Scotland striker admitting last
'55 - GOAL: double the lead at Stark's Park as Kris Boyd scores from close range beyond David McGurn in goal. 0:2
On this day in 2010, Rangers beat Hibs 3-0 courtesy of goals from Steven Whittaker, Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd.   10% Off
Lewis Stevenson had scored the same amount of goals as Kris Boyd this season.
All those years of leaving Henrik Larsson in the shade have clearly taken their toll on Kris Boyd.
And people say that Kris Boyd was better than Henrik Larsson? HA HA OKAY
A remember they would try and compare Kris Boyd to Henrik Larsson anaw 😂😂😂😂
Gilmer's Kris Boyd in front of photo of Curtis Brown and a whole lot of former Buckeyes on to the next level.
Lee McCulloch and Kris Boyd practice their "Trooping off disconsolately" walk.
Training at Murray Park tomorrow will be taken by Kris Boyd. 9am : fried breakfast. 10am : fried breakfast. 11am - 4pm : …
Chief Chavis in Maroon with Kris Boyd and Josh Walker of Gilmer, TX Paul
Pukki, Ambrose, Miller, Kris Boyd, Steve Simonsen, Ian Black, and that's just the Old Firm lmao
At LB, watch Arthur McGinnis and Leo Lewis. corner, Hilton hill and Kris Boyd.
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