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Kris Aquino

Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino (born February 14, 1971), commonly known as Kris Aquino, is a Filipino television and movie personality who gained prominence from her talk shows, game shows, and numerous endorsements.

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Imagine the fanwar between Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda 🤣🤣🤣
NO. Aries as a Kris Aquino moment is saying:. "This pretty pendant is katas ng Hacienda Luisita" on The Buzz just…
*kris aquino voice* Grabe i love 1d talaga i watch them everyday
MOCHA stated on her blog last Oct. 27, 2017 that she doesn't want to see Kris Aquino to be in politics.
Dear teammate, can we stop talking about u for a change? Ur level of narcissism is almost at Kris Aquino.. its starting to bug me.. -___-
Why I love my sisters: . We love Kris Aquino
Apparently Kris Aquino is appearing in the movie ver. Of Crazy Rich Asian...🤔
lols. im binge watching Kris Aquino Videos because theres too much Kris Aquino memes on my feed. i just have to. lol
Xander Ford said he doesn't believe that Kris Aquino does not know him 😭😂 Pahingi naman ng confidence, Xander Ford.
I just saw Kris Aquino massleading in Dekada 70 and I was like and she was like and I'm like
Kim Chiu be like the next Kris Aquino
I swear to god if I don't become a Kris Aquino, I want to be a Martha Stewart. (problem: hindi ako marunong magluto :-) )
Do you still remember this commercial when Kris Aquino was the It Girl of Derek Ramsay before she became the excite…
Fan tells Kris Aquino not to steal the limelight from author Kevin Kwan -
Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, refutes netizen's claim that she stole the spotlight from Kevin Kwan in Cebu.…
Kris Aquino said she'd leave the Philippines if NoyNoy won as president...
WATCH: Kris Aquino reveals her luxurious kitchen while cooking -
But also because I can't get Kris Aquino off my mind. Wala akong Mediterranean blend cooking oil, multicolored peppercorns and foie gras.
Kris Aquino clarifies cryptic post to basher - GMA News
"It takes a very intelligent person to accept an intelligent woman." -Kris Aquino
Liza has been bashed and compared to Sarah G and Kris Aquino because of an article saying that she is paid 1M/ hour. Link on my reply
Bimb i cri kasi i want to be like ivy aguas eh ba't why lifeu is so unfair ba? Like u know i can't eh why…
Mothers are not perfect but they have the perfect love
Ok im decided Im going to make gaya kris aquino na *goat sound*
remember the James Yap vs Kris Aquino case 🙄
What? NO. And I am not pregnant nakakaloka (insert Kris Aquino voice). . And why would I cheat on you aber? 😂
Kris Aquino to basher: "I rarely react to negativity but I do react to lack of comprehension."
Kris Aquino clarifies cryptic post to basher! READ:
We are all Kris Aquino for our faves
Kris Aquino honoring racial diversity in the *** community!!!
That Kapunan made Bimby and Josh Aquino poor by taking away so much millions from Kris Aquino. I kennat.
ICYMI: Maine Mendoza surpasses Kris Aquino as top endorser.
I had a dream and Kris Aquino was in it.
INSTA PIC: Kris Aquino and family travel to Hong Kong -
Check out law school recits as told by Kris Aquino
Bimby, the 10 year old son of James Yap and Kris Aquino is bashed on his vlog review of Spiderman. And none of if was about Spiderman.
I read this in kris aquino's voice lol
People who keeps me up at night. 1. Kris Aquino. 2.
lol somebody called me Chrisby today. Parang shipname ni Kris Aquino at Bimby ☹️
Kris Aquino is the tita we all wish we had.
*me talking like kris aquino*: Maybe i should stop talking to u na . It hurts na *cries*
Kris Aquino is me, minus the hacienda. (Celebrity status coming soon)
I can't believe Kris Aquino invented dark matter and gravity.
Is Kris Aquino joining Eat Bulaga and will cover the travel segment.. Just guessing...
Jessica hanging out w Kris Aquino is the thing this 2017. Shes on cloud 9!
But I am Kris Aquino you just have to tanggap it na lang 😊
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Maine Mendoza surpasses Kris Aquino playing the Queen of all media as the queen of endorsement.
I will never love anybody as much as I love Kris Aquino.
I can't stop chillin' out coz Kris Aquino Memes are lit
Kris Aquino won’t run for public office yet, prefers to build ‘food and digital conglomerate’
may notif ako na kris aquino photoshoot as recommended video and now im reevaluating my life D:
Kris Aquino on why she is not eager to go back to TV: via
The yellows are injecting the name of Bong Suntay to make it look that Duterte has hands with this Uber/grab mess. Kris Aquino has taxis 2.
Kris Aquino's 10-year-old son gives Tom Holland a thumbs up for his performance
Kris Aquino return to ABS CBN for New Projects: via
mga Kris Aquino and Tom Rodriguez of the world.
Ms. Kris Aquino is also hooked by La Luna Sangre. 💕 🐥
[TONIGHT WITH Boy Abunda] Kris Aquino and Bimby's Fast Talk with Tito Boy! (and carol)
Kris Aquino asks the toughest question of all
I want to be with Kris Aquino for a day. 😂
Where are all this Kris Aquino memes coming from I mean what do I need to watch, you guys? Does she have a new show or what
One Day I expect Kris Aquino to be walking along Cannes' red carpet just because
U have to admit, Kris Aquino memes are lyf.
My friend is watching kris aquino's videos and what gets me interested was hearing songs in the background.
Kris Aquino, you changed my life. I'm grateful! 💕
Kris Aquino spearheading oh what a woman
I have a new purpose in life: Kris Aquino memes
16. I sort my memes. I have a special section for Wendy Williams and Kris Aquino
I liked a video TWBA: Fast Talk with Kris Aquino and Bimby Yap
Hobbies include: Sending Kris and Bimby Aquino-related memes to people
It'd be cool if si Bimby man dayon ang first NBA player na pure Filipino. Kris Aquino be old and always on the sideline.
Guys tbh I am Kris Aquino. I'm as extra as Kris Aquino I love her haahaaaha
I don't get why Kris Aquino has so many haters. I find her really charming and funny.
Finally u understand my kris aquino 😂😂😂
Kris Aquino based jokes are timeless. But to add extra flavor let's add judy ann and marian aka kween of psychology
Me: Lagi na lang bagsak. Mom: Maybe you should stop making Kris Aquino memes and start aiming for goals properly. https:…
Recently watched Kris Aquino's bragging interview and got us like ☹😑🙄
"Describe yourself in a Kris Aquino quote"
Meanwhile, in paradise. Settings: Turn off ads of [Kris Aquino].
Life Hack: Watch kayo ng Heart to Heart with Kris Aquino for good vibes, tapos thank me later.
TY friends. U actually saved me... I almost finished kris aquino's vlogs lol
I would like to thank the universe for all these kris aquino memes 🌻
Saw kris aquino irl today idk if its a good or bad omen
I am so entertained by Kris Aquino idc 😆
Kris Aquino had the highest talent fee before and yet she had countless endorsements 😏
blessing yall w some of the best kris aquino memes SHE is me rn
Kapamilya Network's Box Office Queens 👑. Claudine Barretto, Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai delas alas should have been...
That’s why we’re starting The Kris List. This is my personal list of new experiences. find out more here:…
Be the Bimby in a world full of Kris Aquino.
From Sharon Cuneta, to Kris Aquino, to Toni Gonzaga..who endorsed CHICKEN McDo solo on,…
Does Kris Aquino know that she's a meme?
If you want to get even with him or *** him off, just badmouth Kris Aquino. Mahal na mahal ni locsi…
Kris Aquino is queen of entertainment
i h8 being the only one that gets kris aquino memes :'D
Renan Morales clarifies issues with Kris Aquino via
awkwafina and kris aquino in one movie? DAAAMNNNDMNDMDN
Crazy Rich Asians crew are shooting at a neighboring hawker place where we're having our lunch. I wonder if Kris Aquino is here. 🤔
Take it from Ms Kris Aquino very good advise
Kris Aquino is a national treasure.
Oh my god. How do I become a Kris Aquino.
Kris Aquino posts photos of her nearly complete house.
I liked a video Heart to Heart with Kris Aquino: Entry Packing Tips Part 2 of 2
Miss ko na KrisTV tbh like my mornings are just not as good without KrisTV and Darla. KRIS AQUINO + BIMB + DARLA = GOOD MORNING SELF
Atty. Bruce Rivera, Galit na galit kay Kris Aquino. Hollywood made mistakes to give her a film, nobody will watch.
I can never be friends with someone who like Kris Aquino.
Kris Aquino reunites with Pokwang, other ABS-CBN stars in Hawaii - Philippine Entertainment Portal
Update your maps at Navteq
.Go back to your roots and do new Kris Aquino dubsmashes. She has new material you could do.
I so love Kris Aquino and her memes
Kris Aquino memes everywhere. Am I missing something? lol
Kris Aquino memes is the meme we deserve but not the meme we need.
Look: Kris Aquino shares some special features of her new home! . Photos:
Packing tips with Kris Aquino. Perfect for my new life soon. ❤
I am so entertained by Kris Aquino's vlogs 😂
Kris Aquino is giving me millennial pink vibes~~~
I bought Crazy Rich Asians for Kris Aquino but omg I'm so into it though
But Kris Aquino is my animal spirit 😂
Ms. Kris Aquino is with her all time favorite K-Palette Real Lasting…
Kris Aquino is slated to star in the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians. Sharing the screen with Constance Wu & Michelle Yeoh
what can you say about Ms. Kris Aquino when you met her?
Thank you so much idol ms.Kris Aquino.
Kris Aquino to sign contract for a Hollywood film project
Is it true that Ms. Kris Aquino is going to Hollywood? I hope she stays there for good. :-D
Yes, Kris "Rubadubango" Aquino. But that will complicate things as there'll be two LP candidates.
Wasted my remaining energy on Kris Aquino's 14 minute video of her arranging a smaller kikay kit out of her OG kit. Worth it.
you should have a duo partner para more chances of winning mas masaya parang raffle commercial ni Kris Aquino
When Kris Aquino's son decided to play pro basketball while owning some condos for rent. AirBimby
"because oiliness is next to joblessness." -Kris aquino 😂😂😂
we are supposed to study the mannerisms of:. angel locsin. kris aquino. babalu. etc. AND WE ARE GOING TO IMITATE THEM TMR goodbye
"oiliness is next to joblessness" lol . someone offer Kris Aquino her own talk show again pls (ultimate guilty pleasure)
Kris Aquino tries to downsize her vanity bag
Will learn lang how to edit, ha? 💙 Thanks for the encouragement hehe 😘 (Love, not Kris Aquino)
whatever my dear. As I've said, I know who I am. I know where I stand. Love love love CTO Kris Aquino 😂
waiting for someone talk to Kris Aquino.
Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda star in a film. That's it. There's no plot. Can we take your money now. Coming Soon. . Title placeholder
why ban fake news when you can ban Kris Aquino's fake nose 😂 ohh Gee ... si tlaga yan.. . 👊
Just listening to Kris Aquino's voice triggers the coquette in me 💃🏻
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And Kim and Boop Yaps are sisters who style all the big stars in the country– Kathryn Bernardo, Kris Aquino & Erich Gonzal…
WATCH: Kris Aquino tries to downsize her vanity bag
*Kris Aquino Voice* : Friendshiiip, you know naman that Benham Rise is ours diba? love love love
Kris Aquino's new house mansion is Coco Martin-inspired pero boring. Take a tour at
Eugene Domingo mocks Kris Aquino and Sharon Cuneta's pabebe tendencies. My gahd she's too funny.
Pido 30 starring Kris Aquino and Rodrigo Duterte with the very ordinary Participation of Ms. Sandra Cam. Directed by Leila De Lima
Kris Aquino finally opened up about the new son of her ex-husband James Yap and his girlfriend Michela Cazzola.
Kris Aquino and Ka Tunying's wife Roselle at the grand opening of Ka Tunying's Cafe Timog Avenue…
What is IYAM? Kindly ask Sir Teddy Boy Locsin an Ma'am Kris Aquino. Luis Manzano also. Am 100% sure they know it...
every time I watch Kris Aquino in that Vizconde massacre film, I cannot help but laugh at her acting. So OVERACTING!
I adore Gerphil, she truly has a strong sense of artistry and depth. So unlike Kris Aquino, na napaka showbiz and so cheap :-(
LOOK: our former president of PH Noynoy drives for Kris Aquino, Bimby, Josh.
Kris Aquino tags former President Noynoy as the "best brother ever"!
Boy Abunda says Kris Aquino, ABS-CBN in talks for possible show and new contract: via
we 're going to ihawan tome at bbq. Also I saw James Yap. Did he give herpes to Kris Aquino?
For realsies, Barbie Forteza does a fantastic impersonation of Kris Aquino
Zurich Graffiti July 2008. Slide 17. Please tell and Kris Aquino, so white, not so filipino.
We Behead Daniel Padilla, Kris Aquino, at Pnoy Aquino! 👍😈 . We want your Head. 😊 yeaah !! 🙌🙋
watching this kris aquino movie which I think is 'So Happy Together' and I can clearly remember the 12 year old me inlove with Cogie Domingo
Aquino wil leave the country along with kris' famly, cuz he will be jailed aftr election. Wat happened to the billion donations of yolanda?
Visayas Ombudsman probes Kris Aquino’s use of presidential chopper for campaign –…
Chill, guys. We endured Kris Aquino for 6 years. I'm sure we can endure Korina Sanchez. You did not die, right?
So i got blocked from Kris Aquino's IG. 😳 Pikon! lol
ABS-CBN is going to side with mar roxas, no matter what. mar's wife works in ABS + kris aquino (PNoy's sister) works there too
When only Kris Aquino could express your emotions for tomorrow
"Grace, mag-usap tayo." That's Mar Roxas, anointed one of Noynoy Aquino, brother of Kris Aquino, friend of Boy Abunda.
. Kris Aquino, Korina Sanchez, and the rest of the Cojuanco clan. and all the injustices. Knew it
Yellow camp laughing now coz no actions taken to cheating allegations. *insert Kris Aquino laugh*
Although, I like Leni. Her interview with Kris Aquino was kinda cringey tho. But that's mostly because it was Kris.
Kris Aquino In politics they’ve said there are no permanent friends, only pe…
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Maraming salamat sa solid mong suporta, Ms. Kris Aquino!. "In politics they've said there are no permanent...
Love Kikay & Pipay the 2 s/he beauties. Pipay sounds like Kris Aquino. Her voice quivers.
Ang continue their corrupt system. So if you won't vote the right president all I would do is do the Kris Aquino laugh.
I see in here the new Kris Aquino, light voice, spontaneous, and masarap pakinggan
I saw this on Inquirer yesterday. I do hope Leni Robredo wins as VP 😄 Kris Aquino just had to be…
[A] Kris Aquino & joined Leni Robredo in Cavite caravan rally today! Thank you!
Celebrity supporters of Roxas: Most of them andun lang because of Kris Aquino 🙄 Returning favors? 👊🏼
I miss Kris Aquino. I think We need her intervention.
FPULIS: Kris Aquino to Go on Two-Month Break - wherevr u'r going, pls dont use the chopper LOL :)
Atty. Rivera rebukes Pres. Aquino for defending Kris on use of presidential chopper - Pinoy...
i was expecting inc would support Mar, since it was him they endorsed in 2010... Mas may paninindigan pa pala si Kris Aquino
um so sabi ng Du30 fans what to feel about this but anything that gives Kris Aquino less power I guess.
ABS-CBN best station for what? TELESERYES and Celebrity Worshiping?? Gibberish Kris Aquino? Charlatan Boy Abunda?? That's it? So SHALLOW.
Starbucks. Seated beside who I presume are the Tito's & Tita's of Baguio!😄 Talking about their pamangkin's suitor, Jadine, & Kris Aquino😄
In all fairness to Leni she's always composed and classy when answering questions. I truly admire her. Kris Aquino
Just checked the Annual Report of ABSCBN via website, it's pretty clear that the two of Board of Directors were:. Sonny Belmonte. Kris Aquino
well those are the acceptable little artists but showing them on this shamless ad, tsk! sana si Kris Aquino nalang pwe.
This goes also to kathniel. Kris aquino. Noynoy aquino. I can't fathom what ninoy and cory aquino are thinking right now.
Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Kris Aquino, Carla Abellana, Gary V and etc are the stars that endorses MAR ROXAS. So why do u hate kn?
anyone who mimics Kris Aquino will surely light up your day
I really prefer not to hear Kris Aquino talk about Leni Robredo. She means well, I know. But still.
Ninoy and Cory Aquino are esteemed/admired by the whole world. But their children, Pnoy and Kris Aquino, are the laughing stock of many.
EARLIER. TV host-actress Kris Aquino (right) joins her brother President Benigno Aquino III in San Carlos City...
I added a video to a playlist DUBSMASH COMPILATION (3) KRIS AQUINO VERSION
i think it was kris aquino who put it best? "MORE, MORE!"
Kris Aquino: I will be back! >>> sorry, i couldn't hear you over the sound of how deaf i am.
: Kris TV and Kris Aquino are gone from television and movies FOREVER **Hyena laugh**
Muli nating balikan ang the Best Unforgettable Travel Destinations in the Philippines kasama ang Queen of All Media Kris Aquino
*kris aquino's accent* yahh so inet . You know the weather nmn diba ?
Kris Aquino says she will be back soon. Me: Oh God no! .
My life is more than a kris aquino horror story
Wow, Kris Aquino is back in Hawaii again?! 😂
magazine editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon, Kris Aquino revealed that she decided to take a...
i was like anong connect ni kris aquino then omg kRISSY
Wow this gurl right here talks like kris aquino 😂😂😂😂
Kris Aquino is being pursued by a network from the heart coz she will be an asset to their international mileage.
Kris Aquino promises fans that she will return to TV when she's healthy
Kris Aquino to her fans and Kris TV viewers: “I will miss you and I hope you will miss me”
I liked a video Kris TV: Kris Aquino says goodbye to 'Kris TV'
Sabi ni Ms. Kris Aquino... Baler is the place to be. Batangas is the place to V. chos.
I like what Kris Aquino said in the movie, last rule "Find the courage to leave him while you still can."
I took these photos of death cab in 2012. [kris aquino voice] as a proud mother...
Kris Aquino: The doctor just wants me to rest for at least two months...
I liked a video from Kris Aquino captivated by Ryzza Mae Dizon and Bimby Aquino's onscreen
Kris Aquino, her son and Zia Quizon brave the ... -
My whole family will miss Kris Aquino & Kris TV. Good luck Miss Kris, you're the only one, never will be forgotten 🤗
Get the look of the country's hottest celebrities such as Kris Aquino, Bea Alonzo and Angelica…
Vice Ganda needs to shut up with Kris Aquino. Much better if we just let Alma Moreno talk
I added a video to a playlist Kris Aquino talks about Derek Ramsay
totoo naman talaga, if watch her show, bully. Joseph Estrada daughter calls Kris Aquino a bully via
An unexpected person will Win the Presidency. Si Kris Aquino
happy new year Ms . Kris Aquino. God bless you and ur Family
Super aliw with this girl, like kris aquino, super taklesa =))
Kris Aquino This needed to be posted- I had Kuya check if the aircon…
I liked a video from Sen. Bong Bong Marcos Interview by Kris Aquino at RPN 9
Take a look at Kris Aquino's resolutions this 2016!
How did Kris Aquino spend the first day of 2016?. READ HERE:
Kris Aquino An awesome experience, the boys were good in Church, so I…
Kris Aquino We’re home after a really relaxing Saturday. We had…
pls do not include kris aquino to be a judge. No credibility to say the leasy.
Kris, family spend holidays in Hawaii: TV host and actress Kris Aquino welcomed the new year with her family i...
If you are really happy you dont need to say it. They will see it on you😊. -Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino’s Hawaiian vacation with Josh and Bimby
Kris Aquino's Hawaiian vacation with Josh and Bimby | via PUSH©
the best stories of 2015 on 31dDec ep, surprisingly Kris Aquino is not listed?
with one of Kris Aquino's Dubsmasher Maine Mendoza!!! She's super pretty in person! 😁
A once in a lifetime photo op with Ms. Kris Aquino. Thank you, LBC and Movent!
Blogged: What Kris Aquino tells critics of 'sunburn joke'
Late night lol with Maine's Kris Aquino dubsmash compilation
I liked a video from MyCHOS presents Nadine Lustre (Nadine meets Kris Aquino)
But Kris Aquino is so full of herself...???
Id rather watch Kris Aquino than your social climbing session. 🐣
Kris Aquino! Shut up! You're not the one to talk when it comes to love!
Anyare kay Kris Aquino, her last 2 movies are not commercially successful. :(
12 showbiz controversies of 2015 A look at a few issues that had people buzzing this year https:…
I liked a video from Kris Aquino on Pia Wurtzbach win
Kris Aquino and the loves of her life Josh and Bimby welcomed the new year in Hawaii. . Repost…
Kris Aquino My 2016 goal is to have a new blog post every Friday.…
JUST IN: Princess of Phil Movie & TV Kim Chiu & Queen of All Media Kris Aquino in one movie. SOO…
Kris Aquino and sons ended the year with a much-needed vacation in beautiful Honoluou, Hawaii!…
I was thinking of watching Feng Shui 2 for the thrills but the thought of Kris Aquino acting is stopping me.
Haunted Mansion turned out to be better than most local mainstream horror movies from 2015. Still not on the Kris Aquino level though.
Lea Salonga could buy Kris Aquino and still have $16 million dollars left.
I liked a video from Kris Aquino and Shaina Magdayao experience giant swing
Muzzles please on Kris Aquino's filthy mouth. AlDub is the paradigm shift of Philippine Entertainment.
NEWS - Manny Pacquiao, Kris Aquino top list of celebrity taxpayers in 2014 - Sun.Star: Manny Pacquiao, Kris Aq...
So Kris Aquino 'Whored' herself to the Mexican Pres. She just cant get enough, but she surely is has a taste.
List | What will the spouses of leaders visit in Intramuros?
Say what you will about Kris Aquino but the bish is powerful af. When she speaks, everyone listens.
I was about to ship Enrique Peña Nieto and Ms. Kris Aquino but when I googled if he has a wife, my heart broke a little.
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I think Kris Aquino is getting too much from netizens. After all, she's the Presidential sister and she's doing her best…
"Kris Aquino" shows up as trending topic in Philippines at rank 10.
Kris Aquino was appointed voluntarily by the mexican president to welcome and tour him and not Kris to volunteer herself. …
Actually everyone's being jealous how Kris Aquino got the opportunity to welcome Mexico's Mexican papi
Here we go again. People are just envy of Miss Kris Aquino to be honest. Mygod! Love love love folks.
Kris Aquino Scenes from the start of the Mexican State Visit. While… https:/…
From 0 to Kris Aquino, how attractive is the Mexican president - Enrique Peña Nieto - for you?
Pres. Nieto requested Kris Aquino for his state visit. He has met her last year when he took a stopover in PH. Crab mentality…
Netizens are just being jealous of Kris Aquino to be honest. 🙃🙃🙃
I have no idea why Kris Aquino is trending.
Wow seriously? Bashing Kris Aquino? Do some of you even know that she is very formal pag meeting events? Very diff. from he…
Netizens are extremely envious of Kris Aquino because she stood & walked next to the scorching hot President of Mexico.
Kris Aquino welcomes the Mexican President for APEC Summit; Netizens react.
To Miss Kris Aquino, . Just shake it off po! .
Kris Aquino announces performers, co-host at luncheon for leaders' spouses
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
regrann from - Kris Aquino chats with heartthrobs Enchong Dee and Sam Milby about…
JUST IN: Sofia Andres & Inigo Pascual will be a part of MMFF entry with Ms. Kris Aquino & Mayor Herbert Bautista. Hooray ! …
Finally confirmed! KimXi will be joining Kris Aquino, Derek Ramsay, Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion in We're excited!
Mayor Herbert Bautista backs out of MMFF movie with Kris Aquino: Mayor Herbert says he will be busy for the up...
Kris Aquino hits back at netizen who commented about Mayor Herbert Bautista: “He's the only male in the world? Duh. Get real.” …
Kris Aquino gives an update about her MMFF movie with Herbert Bautista
Kris Aquino: It's useless to be friendly with James Yap
Kris Aquino admits watching AlDub and finds Alden nice
Boy Abunda's segment is more interesting, rather than when Kris Aquino was with him.
Kris TV: Shamcey and Lloyd's reward for themselves: Kris Aquino asks Shamcey…
Kris Aquino says Kim Chiu, Xian Lim will be part of her MMFF movie
Kris Aquino admits watching AlDub, but still loves Vice Ganda.
Kris Aquino Thank you for the kindness & generosity
Kris Aquino I had a full day of work, thank you Gerbel,
KRIS AQUINO admits watching GMA and Eat Bulaga but still loves Vice Ganda.
Kris Aquino on ex-husband James Yap: "He doesn't make an effort for Bimb, so parang useless to be friendly."
Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsey go on a movie date! See their photos here:...
are u related to James Yap? — No and thank God for because that'd mean I was once related to Kris Aquino by law
Check out these stylish kitchens owned by Kris Aquino, Bianca King, Manny Pacquiao, Bea Alonzo and Pauleen Luna.
With the cast of Etiquette for Mistresses. Kris Aquino. Claudine Barretto. Kim Chui. Iza Calzado. Cheena Crab.
While waiting for tonight's episode, check out singing "Peng You" w/Ogie Alcasid and Kris Aquino :) https:/…
I just searched for the Sana Maulit Muli trailer on YouTube 2 hours ago. Look at me now, watching Kris Aquino's Pinoy Henyo on Eat Bulaga.
Jejomar Binay, president for life: Aquino sisters created a dictator. Kris Aquino where are you? Cory's disgusted.
Kris Aquino and John Lloyd Cruz video scandal a hoax - Social Trends PH - via
UPDATE: Kris Aquino, Claudine Barretto, Kim Chui and Iza Calzado in one movie!!
Happening now: Story conference of Etiquette for Mistresses w/ Kris Aquino, Kim Chiu, Iza Calzado & Claudine Barretto
Update: Kim Chiu joins Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto in The Etiquette for Mistresses
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