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Korean Wave

The Korean wave refers to the increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture beginning in the 1990s in Asia, and more recently, in other parts of the world.

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I'm American. No one judges me for watching Korean shows. Hallyu wave is hitting big over here.
'Yomiuri newspaper' which is greatest daily newspaper in Japan mentioned that "TWICE is new main character who sweeps of Ko…
Korean medical service sites and health systems have grown 10% and expanded their business to 20 countries…
Here's a wave of nostalgia with OPM X Koreanovelas: Pinoy OSTs in our favorite Korean dramas!…
Twice and BTS will cover Sorry Sorry at Korean Music Wave Festival. This iconic song has been covered by 20+ idols/gro…
Move over K-Pop, the next Korean culture wave could be K-Lit via
Lee Min *** maintained the No.1 position of Korean Wave Star in China
"Power of Korean Wave Star" Lee Min *** Documentary to be shown in Korean Peninsula
Samsung: "is a rep. of Korean wave star thus we release various smartphone covers for young customers who wants to hv t…
read an abridged version of pointy sharp essay from Whitney Houston, et al >>
Lock for Began year Nancy last won. Endured Annika, Karrie, Lorena, Korean wave. And just beat a
Meet – the rising young artist at the vanguard of Korean R&B's new wave: https:…
Wave hello to this awesome post! 👋 There’s a Way to Stop a North Korean Missile Attack.
Was the headline/line in the piece today a play on the term "riding the Korean Wave"? I like it.
the korean wave literally means the influence of kpop OUTSIDE of korea.
"though Down. to Mars,XLR8, Upgrade, Detour and the like are still a way. to go for them to replace the KPop idols, Korean wave can be. weaken"
Okay, I give up, do I wave an American/ a Russian flag, a North Korean, or a Nazi flag? Because this sure ain't American! FU
YATAHTU but maybe i'll indulge myself further into the hallyu wave and improve on my korean :-)
*while watching a K-drama*. Me: How does the Hallyu (Korean Wave) strengthen South Korea's international...
Want an action-packed Korean historical naval war movie? You want The Admiral: Roaring Currents.…
(which represents the Korean government online) and the KOCIS named 2NE1 as one of the leaders…
In recent years, Korean pop culture (hallyu, aka Korean Wave) has been a big economic driver
[NEWS] "Ha Ji-won and five-member boy band WINNER will help promote the spread of hallyu, or the Korean Wave, in China"
Under the current circumstances in which the so-called Korean Wave is spreading to all parts of…
New Korean Wave: Transnational Cultural Power in the Age of Social Media by Dal Yong Jin via
New show "Catch The Wave 18 March 2016: Hey Korean!" up now at Check it out now!
Is Myanmar on its way towards a Korean Wave bonanza? Check out KEI's Jenna Gibson's take in the Diplomat
Found "Koreaboo" on urban dictionary to make fun of and now I'm down a socio-political hole about "Hallyu" aka the korean wave!
The fact that I can recite everything about Korean Wave but can't even recite something about my Fil subject 😑😳
From barbecues to bibimbaps, the K-wave has taken over the SG food scene by storm:
News] Kim Hyun Joong, absolute leader of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) in Japan. **. ** Very rough translation**. Kim...
Hall of Fame career that inspired a wave of South Korean players who followed her to the LPGA Tour. The 38-year-old
"I'm adding Korean to my keyboard so I can be vapor wave"
Hallyu wave is dead in japan. D E A D!! Please focus on building korean fanbase first
Suddenly there's like a wave of korean celebs in Malaysia. And i love it!
The Power of Hallyu Wave ckckc . Beijing's new worry: A TV drama that's just too hot
Kim Eunjung and Yoon Hyaesin Korean wave of feminist, transnational disability studies questioning
'Korean Wave Goddess' will be in Gangnam on March 19
'Descendants of the Sun' exported to Japan for 2 billion won... re-igniting Korean wave?
[Korean Wave in Vietnam] Jung Yoon Hee, Kim Tae Hee, YoonA chosen as beauty in 3 generations https:/…
'Korean Wave' hits Center City with new restaurant. Is it Korea's turn in the cuisine scene?. BY BRANDON BAKER.
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The Republic Of Korea is a small country on the far eastern edge of Asia. Although it ranks 109th in the world in terms of land area, the country is a center of economic activity, culture, and arts. Korea was colonized by Japan in the early 20th century and later had to endure the Korean War (1950-53), but it has achieved amazing economic growth in a short period, dubbed "the Miracle on the Han River."Today, Korea is an industrial nation standing tall on the world stage. Its semiconductor, automobile, shipbuilding, steel making, and IT industries are on the leading edge in global markets. It hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 Korea-Japan FIFA World Cup. More recently, Korean dramas, movies, and music are attracting many audiences in Asian countries and beyond, creating what is being called the "Korean Wave." Korea's new standing in the international community was highlighted in 2010 with the nation becoming the first Asian country to chair the G20 and host the G20 Seoul Summit.
Lagos is hosting the "Korean Wave". What? You don't know about the Korean Wave?
Korean Wave shows that its econ status that makes leading singers, actors. It's not some 'innate creativity' as claimed abt British Invasion
😂😂😂😂 they think Korean people are hot now they enthralled with 'Korean culture' that's the new wave I been seeing lol
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the tidal wave has begun, I wish she followed me so that I can sub her back
Still shocks me how everyone is on the Korean Wave now lol team 2008 right ere'
You know about the k-wave (korean music wave) in the last 3 years.. did you like any band or at least a song of it..?!
[140704 SITR] Ahjumma Kyu reporting for work~ he only turned to wave when he's far away and can't see e pimples lmao
she has a rly nice tone and she's rly refreshing from hyorins Korean beyoncé wave
Learn Korean with How do you say 'Wave of Passion’ in your language?
Meet the next generation of Korean photographers - The new wave of Korean photography is wild, fr… vía
What can Dubai learn from Rome and Seoul?
And if you watch (and you should), here are 10 other essential films of the Korean New Wave:
[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk, is he going to be new Korean Wave trend in China.. ‘hot popularity’ - http:/…
The likely future of male cosmetics usage? Given the demands of modern women of South Korea, men have responded accordingly by embracing cosmetics. The main driving force of the Flower boy phenomenon is the Korean Wave. Its ubiquity in South Korea and rise in Asia signals the possible perpetuation of normalcy of male cosmetics usage. In view of the popularity of the Korean Wave, it is unlikely that the Flower boy trend will die down any time soon.
*2014 AIKS CONFERENCE ON KOREAN STUDIES “The Hallyu Mosaic in the Philippines: Framing Perceptions and Praxis” June 21, 2014 / Saturday / 8:30AM-6:00PM Organized by AIKS in partnership with the Ateneo Department of Communication and the World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) Rationale Hallyu or the Korean Wave is “a general term that describes the boom in interest in South Korean pop culture and includes the purchasing and viewing of South Korean cultural products, as well as travelling to South Korea”[1]. The Philippines has been a recipient of the spread of Korean popular culture in Southeast Asia since early 2000s visibly through the showing of Korean dramas over local T.V. networks. Starting with the drama “Bright Girl”, the popularity of the so-called Koreanovelas or Korean telenovelas – a combination of the terms ‘television’ and Spanish word for novels, ‘novela’, first used to describe the popularity of Mexican dramas – began to soar in mid-2000s and whose visibility re ...
Resorting to the age old desperate method of online surveys to make money, my first survey is on Korean Culture and the new "Korean Wave". One of the questions made me very uncomfortable as I felt like Kim Jong Un would come and strike mighty retribution into my face if I answered unfavourably :( xD
17 . Hallyu or the Korean Wave is the term given to the spread of Korean pop culture in various countries in the world
2NE1 represented K-pop idol stars at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France.   Along with Cheil Worldwide South-East Asia, 2NE1 served as public speakers and talked about how the digital wave is helping in spreading K-Pop and the Korean Wave.   2NE1 became MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World in December 2011, and this year it was chosen as the most popular K-Pop star among K-Pop fans in France. Such achievements came without any local promotions, and this was what brought them to Cannes.   When asked whether 2NE1 feels the global popularity as a top K-Pop star, member CL said, “We were surprised at how fans from all over the world would made cover videos on YouTube of our songs. I think digital mediums such as YouTube brought down the boundaries in our music.”   About the question; how 2NE1 became so successful, she said, “I believe fans love us because our Korean passion, energy and our love toward music are contained in 2NE1’s music videos, performances and ...
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Korean Wave festival “KCON 2013″ will hit L.A. this summer at Los Angeles [130824-25]
2013 Summer Abroad Coverage 06.26~07.01 Chonnam Tribune visited King Sejong Institute in Tashkent, Tashkent State Institute Oriental and Toshkent Koreys o'quz markaz. We met lots of friends and talked about what Korea and Korean Wave really mean in Uzbekistan. We were really amazed at their great command of Korean, especially Nodi Xurshidogli, Victoria Park. Really appreciated for their hospitality. Let's see more news in the next Chonnam Tribune.
The current structure of fan culture in South Korea is completely inconsistent with the purported aims of the Korean Wave, which ostensibly
[INQUIRY ON THE 1st PKSS PROCEEDING] The 1st Philippine Korean Studies Symposium was organized by the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines-Diliman in February 24, 2012. The proceeding is available at the UP Main Library, Department of Linguistics, Asian Center, as well as the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. Please feel free to contact those institutions for borrowing/room-use. Check out the contents of the proceeding below. [Contents] Introduction Message - UPD President - UPD Chancellor - KF President - The Embassy of Republic of Korea Minister - Department of Linguistics Chairperson Program Plenary Keynote Speech "The Advantages of Comparative Approaches in Korean Studies" Hong-key Yoon Session 1: Overview on Korean Studies Paper "Korean Development Model and the Entailment to the Philippines" Seok-choon Lew "Hallyu, Hype and the Humanities: The Impact of the Korean Wave on Korean Studies" Roald Maliangkay "Effective Liaison of Korean Language Education and Korean Studies ...
From our friends at The Korea Society (thanks Yuni Yoonjung Cho!) The Korea Society presents Panel Discussion: ‘All About K-Pop’ Korean entertainment is no longer just consumed by Koreans in the Korea peninsula. Korean pop culture is gaining prominence in other Asian countries and other parts of the world. Korean movie stars and singers are becoming their heartthrobs and idols as well. Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ generated nearly four hundred million views on Youtube and ranked 5th on the Billboard charts, ‘Girls Generation’ performed in Madison Square Garden and ‘2NE1’ was voted as the Best New Band in the world by MTV Iggy in 2011. ‘Hallyu’ aka the Korean Wave refers to the syndrome of rising popularity of Korean entertainment. Hallyu seems to have arrived in USA now. Could it be temporal or is it the beginning of an invasion? The Korea Society examines and analyzes the current phenomenon of the Kpop boom nationwide and the prospects of Hallyu’s future with distinguished guest speakers. .. ...
accurately explains the Korean Wave, Jump shots and Surfing in La Union. I am totally sold!...
From : ‘Shukan Josei (Weekly Women)’ 2005.9.13 issue translated & posted by Myonne in Quilt Freeboard Exclusive article : Talk by Ms. Kim Tei who was MC in BYJ fan meetings for three times * At that moment Bae Yongjoon ssi couldn’t move.* “I received a large number of voices which said ‘thank you’ from many people. On BYJ’s Japanese official site, there were more than 800 messages expressing their gratitude to me from his family. I read them all in tears.” Ms. Kim Tei thus said joyfully with her cheeks blushed. She is a familiar face to BYJ fans in Japan. She acted as a MC in BYJ’s fan meetings, uncluding the event ‘April Snow---Reunion’ held in Saitama Super Arena on August 31, 2005. Appearing on various stages as an actress, she plays an active part on TV and radio as a Korean language teacher. Moreover, she takes charge of a number of Hanryu (Korean Wave) star events. She met BYJ for the first time when 1,000 BYJ ‘family’ gathered in Seoul in the ‘Hotelier & WLS tour’ ...
What does the viral success of Psy's Gangnam Style horse dance say about globalism, the Korean Wave, and the idea of soft power? This week on Addressing Alaskans, Juneau-native and professor of International Studies at Pai Chai University in S. Korea, Dr. Jocelyn Clark explores the issues of nationa...
Hope to see you in Korean Wave Music in Thailand!!! I miss you~~♥♥
did you go to the korean music wave in Google
What was the last concert you went to? — 2 years ago. Korean Wave
FNC Ent. CEO Han Seongho: Carving out niche with pop rock bands The four lanky, good-looking guys of the rock band CNBLUE are everywhere these days, on music charts, shows and in TV dramas. Their most recent single “I’m Sorry” topped the charts after its release Jan. 14. In addition, bassist Lee Jung-shin, 21, is starring in a popular network drama; while guitarist Lee Jong-hyun, 22, and drummer Kang Min-hyuk, 21, have recently wrapped up popular television dramas of their own. Front man Jung Yong-hwa, 23, in the meantime, wrote much of the music for the group’ s recent album “Re: Blue.” But it is when they are performing live together that the four assume a new identity. Happier and more confident to do their own stuff four years after their debut, the members exude a raw edge and sexiness. It is a quality that carves out a niche for them in the K-pop landscape dominated by cute sexy girl groups and androgynous boy-groups featuring danceable electro pop music. The ability to jump to a new dim ...
You need to come to THAILAND !! No matter what! We're waiting for you at Korean Music Wave
Just got home from my boo's house!(: had probably the best night I've had in a long time. Hmm all I can say is Im really lovin life(:
[lotte world] " Perfect Place for Thrilling Entertainment Fun and Rides " Located in the heart of the city, Lotte World is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more. About 6,000,000 visitors are welcomed every year, and about 10% of the visitors are foreigners. The structure inside makes use of the natural sunlight, and it is open for visitors all year round, regardless of the weather. Lotte World is divided into a '’Adventure’ theme once you are inside the building, and outside is a ‘Magic Island’ theme next to Seokchonhosu Lake. Lotte World Adventure has certain districts representing different countries with various kinds of facilities and souvenir shops. You can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and a variety of international cuisines even during the holidays. Magic Island is situated outdoors, where the dazzling Magic Castle is lo ...
And then my friend would say ur not korean so stopRT nowadays when i say hi to people i will either wave or bow AUTOMATICALLY omg
What is your FAVORITE DREAM HIGH Performance ??? - ShocCo locco -
Terms and conditions of “Fanta present MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013” Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at...
Doramas nankyoku tairiku (antartida) in time with you hikari to tomo ni..jiheishou-ji wo kakaete kaiseifu no mita hot blood i love lee tae ri vampire prosecutor 2 fondant garden missing you dating on earth don't worry it's a ghost crime squad office girl Musicales show only for you japan edition cnblue pop star world-just cnblue brown eyed girls (this is my style) live concert risingsun 2006 T-ara japan tour 2012(jewelry box) kara best clips expo 2012 yeosu korea(this year's world's fair) KBS music festival 2012 korea-china 20th anniversary friendship concert k-pop world festival(people around the world will enjoy) k-pop nature concert in jeju 2012 2012 melon music awards best hits 2012 392 cnblue 2nd album release live yokohama arena the color of k-pop 2012 k-pop festival music bank july 2012 incheon korean music wave 2010 fantastic happy music 2012 T-ara beautiful concert
my parents let me go to the Korean music wave in google last year by myself but back then I didn't really like kpop
I've been to korean music wave in Google with a lot of groups
T-ara will take flight to Japan and start "Banisuta" Promotion after they attend "Korean Music Wave in Thailand on 16th March 2013.
Suvarnabhumi Airport   All After School members arrived safely in Bangkok ^·^ - Yeah~ Every member looks so nice and Lizzy maybe feel lonely without Nana by her side lol~ and Eyoung smile and wave to me for several times. - lol i'm too focused to KaYoung moment especially Eyoung because she waved to me while i shouted her name from the first time. - All AS members were in brunette. . - That Kaeun smiles 24/7. All her pictures looked the same - Lizzy cherishes her fans a lot. There's one thing she mentioned abt long time ago, I can't recall bt it's touching   The tickets of fanmeeting     Events before show   - Yeay they signed After School Indonesia shirt!     - I love jungah very much!!! she saved me when the security almost take the shirt!!! love u so much - Every member so *** friendly and all of them signed asid shirt so i will keep that shirt in ASID museum ;)) - Juyeon smile to me, Nana too Kaeun Eyoung and every member are so kind!!! - I'm too excited when i ask After School signed ...
Suzy,I can't wait the Korean Music Wave~I can not wait to see what dress you will wear~Maybe a read 1~[Lady in red]
Experts from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) chose the 16 sites across the country for their resistance to military airstrikes and earthquakes, among other factors, Tehran's State TV said Saturday.
"Winter love song" and a story about Korean wave in my English book
If I knew the state of Ct. was going to label me a felon on Oct. 1st, I would have followed in my maternal Grandfather's footsteps and be the REAL thing, instead of wasting the last 38 years being a working stiff.
I want y'all's opinion, you know I just want everyone to get a job well last week around 2 or 3 ppl told me they couldn't find a job. I said well Braums, Taco Casa, McDonald's are always hiring! (Also they have signs up) The ppl all said heck no I would never work at fast food? See this is the problem!
Get well soon... I want to see you on stage in Korean Music Wave in Bangkok ^.^ Love Love Love Love you...
ahhh~B1A4 have back go from japan come thailand in morning for play MBC korean wave concert at thailand.
I hear the has a penchant for 7. Rumours are J Dickinson adopted this barnet during the Korean export wave of the 70s.
Watching korean movie entitled Tidal Wave, jeez this one's kinda nerve breaking. Looks for real.
Without people like BoA and DBSK leading the korean wave at first, nobody outside of Korea would have known of Kpop.
SM artists who will attending 2013 Korean Music Wave Bangkok: Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and EXO-K
I think the Korean Wave hit least not that much XD
"It is an honor to to be able to contribute to the Korean wave and I feel that it’s my responsibility to do so." - TOP
Preview and download 네가 없다 Without You - EP on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
  With a recent wave of high-quality dramas, variety shows, and general programming, Korean broadcast station SBS is celebrating their recent successes compared with their competition.   According to AGB Nielsen Korea, SBS’s weekly dramas are putting up a strong showing versus their often more-hyped competitors. Both of their weekday dramas have pushed out their competition to take the spot in the living room, with the Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition‘ (19.7%) triumphing over MBC‘s ‘The Horse Healer‘ (18.1%) and KBS‘s ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘ (3.9%).   Perhaps most surprisingly of all, the station’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘, has pushed aside the incredibly hyped ‘Iris 2‘ and ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ to take first place with recent ratings of 13.4%, versus 10.8% for ‘Iris 2′ and 12.5% for ’7th Grade Civil Servant’.   The news is even better on the variety front, where SBS is continuing their strong showing. On Monda ...
Culture have change me , rambut nerd aku hilang , korean wave suda baaa
B.A.P and EXO-K will be performing at 2013 MBC Korean Music Wave Bangkok on the 16th of March.
Idk how many times i watch this movie, it brings tears to eyes. Wave (Korean Version)
"Even in countries where the U.S. and its entertainment exports are generally popular, many still voice reservations about the reach of American culture," writes Richard Wike on GPS. "Japan was the only nation among the 20 polled where a majority (58 percent) said it is good that American customs and ideas are spreading to their country. In contrast, less than a third in Britain, France, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Greece described the spread of U.S. ideas and customs as a good thing." "The reality is that resistance to American culture often goes hand in hand with a strong attraction to it. French sheep farmer José Bové may have become a hero to the anti-globalization movement by famously helping ransack a McDonald’s in 1999, but it hasn’t stopped the proliferation of golden arches in Europe or elsewhere."
Today in Gulf War History – February 22nd [C+199 – D+37]: After consultations with coalition partners, President Bush rejects Iraqi peace plan, declares ground campaign will not be initiated if, before 1200 (EST) on 23 February, Iraq publicly agrees to: begin large-scale immediate withdrawal; complete withdrawal within one week; within 48 hours, leave Kuwait City and allow prompt return of the legitimate government of Kuwait; withdraw from all prepared defenses along the Saudi-Kuwait and Saudi-Iraq borders, from Bublyan and Warbah Islands, and from Kuwait's Rumaila oil fields; return troops to Iraqi positions of 1 August 1990; cooperate with International Red Cross and release all POWs and 3rd country civilian prisoners and remains of servicemen within 48 hours; remove all explosives or booby traps and provide data on location and nature of any land or sea mines; cease all combat air fire, aircraft flights over Iraq and Kuwait except for transport aircraft carrying troops out of Kuwait; cease all dest ...
Iran has expanded its Natanz nuclear site, but slowed uranium stockpiling, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Jumong (Korean: 주몽, Hanja: 朱蒙) is a historical drama which aired on South Korea's MBC television network as a 45th Anniversary Special Drama. Originally set to be 60 episodes long, MBC decided to extend it to 81 due to its popularity. It portrays the life of Jumong Taewang, (founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo). Few details have been found in the actual historical records on Jumong, so many artistic details have been thought up. The fantastic elements surrounding the original legend of Jumong have been replaced with events more grounded in reality, such as that concerning his birth. It is also considered a major part of the "Korean wave" ("Hallyu"), with viewer ratings in Iran reaching more than 80 percent.
ditengah korean wave, I think boleh juga sdkit keluar jalur watch Thai film... the theme so simple but their act totally natural eventough Titanic.. that's my opinion of course!
K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop)[1] (Korean: 가요 kayo)[1] is a musical genre and subculture originating in South Korea which comprises a wide spectrum of musical and visual elements. Although in a bigger scope K-pop may include any genre of South Korean popular music, outside of the country the term is more commonly used for songs sung by systematically trained K-Pop idols signed with management agencies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.[2] In 1992, dance and rap music was brought into the genre by Seo Taiji & Boys, whose experimentation with a different variety of musical sounds had ushered in the beginning of modern K-pop.[2] Since the mid-2000s, the Korean Wave has driven a visible spread of K-pop across the Pacific Rim, before subsequently reaching out to the Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa. According to the news agency Reuters, the success of PSY's single "Gangnam Style" has led to other K-pop artists positioning themselves for a similar break ...
H1 (Host 1), H2 (Host 2), H3 (actress Han HyeJin) - Translated by Middy at translated the first 11 minutes of the totally 73 min 'Healing Camp' interview     H1: We 'Healing Camp' meet you all in the fishing ground during   2013 new year. H2: Today temp is minus 10 degree, isnt fishing out at this temperature   a bit . H1: For me fishing is cooking!! I like to eat raw fish ( sashimi) H2: Are you an artiste? How sounds like a businessman?   H3: He just likes to talk. Speaking of this guest today .. is being   called the ladykiller (ajuhma killer) of TV theater! H1: can catch women's heart? is he a player? H3: more than this, he is also Hallyu (Korean Wave) popular figure!   National representative! ( subtitle: national rep -- JiangTaGong ( an   ancient historical chinese figure who fishes without bait & said that fish   would be willingly be caught )     H2: See there yet? looking at his back... if I just sit there, absolutely   there is no such beauty. (subtitle: h ...
‘You look like my father’, Suu Kyi tells Korean soap star Ahn Jae-Wook 01 February 2013 Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi had a special dinner Thursday night with a host of South Korean soap opera stars, one of whom was invited because of his resemblance to her assassinated father.Taking some time out of a hectic four-day visit schedule, the Nobel Peace Prize winner dined with four well-known faces of the "Hallyu", or Korean Wave, of TV dramas that have captivated audiences across Asia -- including Myanmar.
South Korean actor Lee Hyun Woo attended the '2013 iQiyi Awards Night' held in Beijing on January 4th, where he was awarded the Youth Energy Award, becoming the newest Korean Wave star of this generation.The '2013 iQiyi Awards Night' was organized by China's biggest streaming video portal, Qiyi, and...
Korean Wave shared the following link and had this to say about it: INFINITE H releases music video for 'Special Girl' *ryubi* H 1st Unit Album "Fly High" Special Girl(feat. Bumkey) MV Lyrics Beenzino, Bumkey / Composed Primary / Arranged Primary
KARASIA Dome Review KARA drowns the TokyoDome in tears at its first TokyoDome concert As the leader of the Korean Wave,KARA became the first korean girl group to hold a concert at the tokyo dome on January 6. Tears fell in this historical moment at the Karasia 2013 Happy New Year in TokyoDome,as the members rejoiced in their achievement,were surprised again at the 45,000 member crowd cheering for them and thought back at the difficulties they had been through in their carrier.As the members broke down,the audience followed suit,drowning the TokyoDome in a flood of tears. Pandora was the song that fanfared the start of KARA's first TokyoDome concert. The 45,000 people in the audience immediately got to their feet when Pandora rang out,and stayed standing during the full 180minutes of the concert.The rave continued with the songs Speed Up,Jumpin and Dreaming Girl. The solo performances were new,shocking and sincere. Goo Hara suddenly appeared onstage as a drummer in the midst of a band accompaniment,then tr ...
☆aboutSJ Super Junior Introduction Korean pop culture’s fever that started in the end of 1990s in Southeast Asia has now gone beyond Asia and is spreading through the world. Top Korean artists have held concerts in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, as well as various part of Asia—including China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and more! Many news media including newspaper and internet news articles are reporting about Hallyu (the Korean Wave), announcing the enhanced status of Korea. Super Junior, a star of the Hallyu Wave, was recently called a moving enterprise and is setting records at every moment. Since before the debut, Super Junior received a lot of attention for being the largest musical group in the world. With 12 members and perfect choreography, they captivated the public’s eye with their debut song “Twins (Knock Out)”, the title song of their first album SuperJunior05. In 2006, Super Junior added a 13th member and released the single “U” which was an instant hit in So ...
Korean Wave Hits Global Catwalks: The Korean Wave seems to have lapped over onto the global catwalk, where models from the peninsula,...
Impact Main articles: Korean Wave and List of awards and nominations received by Girls' Generation Following their debut in 2007, Girls' Generation has become a prominent figure in both South Korean culture and music, with music critics noting the group as being a representative figure of South Korean culture.[204] The group is credited as playing a major role in the Hallyu Movement,[205] and have been compared to fellow K-Pop singer Seo Taiji due to their contributions to Korean culture.[206] Their immense popularity has lead the group to earn the titles "The Nation's Singers" (Korean: 국민가수) and "The Nation's Girl Group"[8] Following the disbandment of the original Korean idol girl groups S.E.S. and Fin.K.L in 2002, the Korean music industry experienced an influx of male idol groups such as TVXQ! and Super Junior, however upon the group's debut with songs such as "Into the New World" and "Kissing You", they were credited for shifting focus back to female groups.[207] In 2011, the group was chosen ...
News (UK & Ireland): "What is K-pop?" When even the President of the United States is re-enacting your dance moves, you've made it big, and that is exactly what happened to PSY this summer when ‘Gangnam Style’ became a global phenomenon. This year the world stood up and took notice of the South Korean artist and the style of music he represented, and opened people's eyes to K-pop. What is K-pop? K-pop, or Korean Pop, is a fusion of dance, electronica, electropop, hip-hop and R&B that originated in South Korea but has spread across Asia (and now the rest of the world). Exponents of the genre have attracted a fanatical following in recent years, though western audiences could be forgiven for not being entirely au fait with K-pop until this year. The movement has largely been driven by the internet with every wannabe artist in the world having a platform to showcase their abilities. Though instant stardom is not guaranteed, the internet has played a major role in the spread of the Korean Wave (which desc ...
Say hello to the class that was made with me in mind: Gender, Global Pop Culture & the Politcs of Gangnam Style COURSE DESCRIPTION: "Recently, South Korean rapper Psy’s viral hit, “Oppa Gangnam Style,” set a Guinness Book world record for “Most Liked Youtube Video” and has had everyone from congressmen to Britney Spears doing the horsey dance. While discourses on global popular culture tend to center U.S. cultural hegemony, this class asks how and why major political and economic shifts have occurred to make the above possible. Yet, global popular culture is more than mere entertainment. By linking popular culture to the industries that produce them as well as the industries they support, this class connects films, pop songs, and television serials to nation-building and branding projects, diasporic identity formation, and transnational capital and labor. Using the Korean Wave (South Korean popular culture) as the major case study but focusing also on culture industries such as Bollywood, th ...
this expresses my love for the Korean Wave
Marketing’s next wave is the Korean Wave: Korean pop culture is starting to make waves in the West, causing mark...
4 Remarks of Kim Tae-hee Popular in Japan from the Korean Wave means too low level of Japanese actors. I want to show them the real acting
What is the 'Korean Wave'?? Know it in my blog about East Asia (in Spanish)
Wow .. Anna Wintour hits by Korean Wave. Shin Min-ah will have 2 pages spread on May issue of American VOGUE ... bwahahha.. DAEBAK
Riding the Korean Wave: Latest cultural trend driving Kanadians krazy for music, dance moves When Simon and Martina Stawski landed in South Korea in 2008, they immediately took out a video camera and began to document their new life in a foreign land. The married couple from North York wanted to keep their families up-to-date on their lives, but the impact has grown far beyond that. Four years and almost 40 million YouTube video views later, they have long since abandoned their teaching careers to blog full time about Korean culture and music. Yet only about 10% of their readers live in Korea. The rest have been caught up in the cultural movement dubbed the “Korean Wave,” they said via Skype from their home in Bucheon, near Seoul. Also known as Hallyu and initially exclusive to Asia, the Korean Wave has recently washed across North America, bringing a love for Korean popular culture to a generation of Torontonians. Like most fans, the members of the local dance cover group 6K.G. discovered Korean dram ...
Preview in CHINA 2012, Which Will Lead the Korean Wave in Fashion, is Held Together With CHIC 2012 on March 26 in ...
[K-ULTURE] United States President, Obama seems to have caught to the "Korean Wave" On his third visit to South...
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