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Korean War

The Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953) was a war between the Republic of Korea (supported primarily by the United States of America, with contributions from allied nations under the aegis of the United Nations) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (supported by the People's Republic of China, with military and material aid from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Korean War Memorial South Korea Vietnam War Honor Flight Chosin Reservoir North Korea Sam Farr Air Force Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis Honor Flight Chicago South Korean Old Glory Honor Flight Marine Corps War Memorial Wayne Rogers

Fox News. Members of the U.S. Army 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) escorted veterans of the Korean War...
Members of the escorted veterans of the Korean War to the Korean War Memorial on the
Bernie Rogoff was in the Army Air Corps/Air Force in1947 & active duty during the Korean War.
A Marine feeding a kitten during the Korean War in 1952.
­­During the Korean War he volunteered to stay behind in a typhoon and protect the air base at Kunsan.
LT. Edwin E. Aldrin "Buzz" was another famous Astronaut who served in the Korean War!
Thank you from a daughter of Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Guadalupe Flores Jr. who fought in the Korean War. Thank you all. 👍❤
On this day in 1951, U.S. Air Force Captain James Jabara became the first jet air ace in history during the Korean War.
"He died in the Korean War for that flag!" Oh! What a coincidence. Mine was made in Korea. Wow, the world is that big.
'Well, if the Koreas ever decide to finish the Korean War with a dance-off, South Korea will destroy the North. ROK fighting!' niesamowite
COS: The forgotten role of the RAF during the Korean War will be the focus of the next Cold War Lunchtime Lecture:
A Secret Deal to end the Korean War? - Gordon G. Chang, The Daily Beast
US Army during Korean War was the first USG entity to be infected with "sensitivity training" Cultural Marxism.
When I was six, the Korean War broke out, and all the classrooms were destr...
US Marines during the Chosin Reservoir Campaign of the Korean War in November 1950.
Yes thank them for their service-my father a retired marine fought in Korean War at the Chosin Reservoir
Veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War were welcomed home tonight after a flight to...
memorial, our kids honoring a Vietnam and Korean War Vet.
Blue Ridge Honor Flight announces mission to fly Korean War Vets to the Capitol:
Walked past the UK Korean War Memorial today. Britain has essentially forgotten it fought there.
Also went to the Korean War Memorial today. It was very interesting learning about the Korean War...
Vance Funkhouser, an Air Force veteran who served in Korea, at the Korean War Memorial
go see the Vietnam and Korean War Memorial.
HAPPENING NOW: Veterans from World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War are honored as they get ready to leave...
Honored to greet and thank West Michigan WWII and Korean War Veterans at the Marine Corps War Memorial. https:/…
Honoring Those Who Paid the Price : Forgotten Voices from the Korean War by...
Learning about the Korean War makes me crave kbbq even more 😩
That was a funny series even though the Korean War was the backdrop. Wayne Rogers just passed away (Capt. John Trapper)
they also covered up her involvement in the Korean War, Vietnam conflict & the rise of Emperor Palpatine
AD-2 Skyraider (VA-65) on the flight deck of USS Philippine Sea during Korean War operations in May 1951 by US Navy
Watching 11.22.63 and loved Jakes' response that he served in MASH 4077 while serving in the Korean War. Great series
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.Korean to discuss forced sex slavery by Japanese in WWII event Fri. 4-22 https…
Hector Cafferata, Medal of Honor recipient in Korean War, dies at 86
A haven of calm and contemplation - the Korean War Memorial in the Bathgate Hills.
"We can't make separate laws for every incident and there have been so many incidents since the Kor…
An emotional day as I was visited by Korean War Vet & 85yo cousin who I didn't previously know. Feeling very lucky.
I have no doubt in my mind the play will be as accurate as a North Korean Korean War re-enactment.
The Honor Flight for local veterans has made its way to the Korean War Memorial.
Great to catch up with my friends Doug & Bernie - Korean War Veterans from Durham - before Question Period today.
Sponsor a WWII or Korean War Vet to some sweet seats at a home game?
when they were kids they were in a world war then jumped into the Korean War 5 years later...I think times are better now
Cell phones are not walkie talkies from the Korean war. Stop yelling into them.
gave back to an 82-year-old Korean War Veteran who’s lived in his Lisle, IL home for 40+ years.
The remains of a soldier who fought in the Korean War were flown back to his family in the San Francisco Bay Area after he…
My father is a former 1st Marine, Korean War. He is prepared and quite frankly unafraid of anyone
we were watching a movie about the korean war in history and this guy WHO IS KOREAN is basically not proud of his own culture? tf ok lol
A BIRTHDAY WISH to the first RUDY: Rudy Senior. Served admirably in the Korean War in the Army and Airforce.
Over 100 strangers gather to honor Korean War who died with no family
US war exercise in South Korean puppet state bring international condemnation as abominable and heinous crimes against DPRK…
wish I could bring this guy to Dega for his first race. Korean War Vet loves NASCAR
Korean War Veterans from Lakeway go on Honor Flight of a lifetime
A Korean War Veteran, homeless and with no family, was given a hero’s memorial service:
Landscapes research, done. Seminar paper on Korean War na lang! English, please cooperate 😂
I've had it suggested that it's because SK was allies with the US during the Korean War, but as said I'm going to have to dig more
i got my 17 page essay on the korean war back from my TA and she said it was so good that i should enter it into a contest
Rochester author writes children's book to commemorate her husband, Korean War Vet
GRANDPA: I served in WWII, the Korean War and built my own house. ME: I find I'm often too tired to text people back.
We are pleased to welcome the F4U-4 Corsair "Korean War Hero" to the 2016 Great Tennessee Air Show performer...
in 1953, battleship New Jersey shells Wonsan, Korea, during the Korean War.
97 yr old veteran of WW2/ Korean War stopped when he saw my yard sign. Trump is the ONLY one he will vote for!
Pete Sebastian, Korean War Vet and St. James Place Retirement Community resident, was recently featured on WVLA's...
TIL the T95 that was sent to fight in the Korean war was actually an April fools joke.
That N/Korean President who lyks war, testin missiles & flexing muscles. We cld out-source B/Haram fight to him oh.
More than 100 strangers gather to honor a Korean War Veteran who died with no family.
Eighty-five World War II and Korean War Veterans boarded an Honor Flight
Iowa community and other vets pack funeral for Korean War Veteran with no family.
Park Ridge man one of first Korean War Vets on Chicago Honor Flight
R-POINT: War and horror should make for an appropriate mix but this 2004 South Korean feature doesn't quite pull it off. Disappointed. :(
Friends from Korean War will visit Washington DC memorials together: Korean War Veterans Bruno Bobrowski and T...
Presentation to Korean War Veterans at opening of new exhibition at Tameside Local Studies & Archive Centre today
Honor Flight Savannah to fly veterans to Washington, D.C.: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam veterans to visit...
black ppl fought in the Korean War so that's why a lot of them don't like blk ppl
Everyone has a story. This is Navy Vet Bruce, who I interviewed on our flight.He served in the Korean War. 🇺🇸
Teaching Korean War in US history today. Always dedicate unit to my father, Robert E. Mark USN, who served in that war.
Marine Pfc. Hector A. Cafferata Jr., who earned the Medal of Honor at the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War,...
As a Korean War Veteran, I know firsthand and understand the sacrifices mad...
Replica of Col. Carne's stone cross made in captivity during Korean War lent to new museum
April 11th : . 1951 – Korean War: President Harry Truman relieves General of the Army Douglas MacArthur of...
wait you really don't know? 21 April; on the Korean War, the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis
"Papers in Panama used to be half a Balboa for the evening edition, but I thought it's digital now," said old Korean War Vet Mr Upyur Canal.
Teaching Japanese Internment WWII or the Korean War? Register your class for this free webinar | Primary Sources:
He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for actions in the Korean War. There aren't many of these guys left. Thank u Lyle.
Cigar Fact: Avo Uvezian was drafted during the Korean War and sent to Fort Dix in New Jersey where he completed infantry training.
The Wilson Center: China’s False Allegations on Use of Biological Weapons by the United States during the Korean War
Jamie Farr, who played Klinger on M*A*S*H was the only member of the cast that was a soldier in the Korean War.
Honoring British Royal Commandos of the Korean War. There was a very special group of highly trained British...
On the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Korean War,we should not look back in hatred or anger, but rather work f…
Eom Jeonghaeng / Bimok(Wooden tombstones in the war field during. Korean war). ♬ ▶
G.I.comforting a grieving infantryman after friend is killed during Korean War
I liked a video Korean War in Colour (Documentary)
What are North Korean troops doing in Whose side are they on?
Korean War era M1949 Sleeping Bag with Cover in great shape
Now Hillary is going to get a bird, but it will swoop down and peck out the eyes of a Korean War Vet.
They should do one set in the Korean War.
my grandfather was in the Navy during both WW2 & the Korean War & he came home with everything still attached
Yes, Douglas MacArthur wanted to Nuke the chinese I believe during the Korean war.
"Are you interested in going to the Korean War Memorial?" w h a t
The TV series MASH ran for longer than the Korean War.
Eisenhower was also asked by advisers to nuke communist China following the Korean War.
A closer look at how ingenuity and Tootsie Rolls saved countless lives during the Korean War.
is he neither Korean nor Italian or one of the two?. Either way it seems like you'll lose and start a civil war of your own 😓
Tacoma family keeps up search for downed Korean War pilot - Washington Times
Sergeant First Class Raymond McMillian's family always wanted a proper tribute. 65 years later, they got it.
A Wyandotte family has closure after the remains of a soldier who died in the Korean War were presented to them.
Yesterday was the Korean War of my drinking career:. Not sure what happened, may have been fun(?), but would prefer to never go there again.
Turns out my grandpa intercepted Russian intelligence info in morse code in Japan after the Korean War. So that's pretty cool.
Update your maps at Navteq
A US Marine feeds an orphan kitten during the Korean War, 1953
North Korean Propaganda Video Depicts Nuclear Strike on Washington Blah blah so you want another WAR..No
Remains of Korean War Veteran missing for 65 years are finally coming home via
Coming Thursday: Exclusive - US soldiers’ remains in North Korea from Korean War may be lost forever
Wyden to VA: Expand Agent Orange assist to more Korean War Veterans
96 year old WWII and Korean War Veteran with the Navy: Frank Lowe. . Thank you for your service.
we have to annotate the paper mrs s have us and then I was gonna do my Korean War thingy
The North Korean government is just flexing its muscles. But they know that they'd never win a full-scale war.
As Korean War Vet I hope we can de-escalate tensions & establish peace and stability on the Peninsula.
We should have smacked them down during the Korean war It's only harder now
Her: Wish I lived back in the 1950s. Me: AH YES. THE KOREAN WAR AND RACISM. GOOD STUFF.
The Faces of War-2nd Bttn, PPCLI Regiment in Korea. Smiley Douglas served with the battalion during the Korean War.
Canadian troops take cover during an attack on a Chinese-held hill during the Korean War, Oct.15, 1952.
Black-and-white photo of two Canadian snipers aiming at an unknown target-Korean War
wow there's literally a weeaboo in this episode of M*A*S*H (set in the Korean War--1952--and aired in 1984.)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The body of a Korean War soldier to return home to Martinsville after 65 years
."The only thing that's going to make any difference is conducting war against ISIS."
my dad was in the Korean war too! Then he became a cop until he retired.
📷 shortstaks: My Grandma sent a photo of herself to my Grandpa during the Korean War. He sent this...
the US has been linked directly with South Korea since the Korean War…anything pops off, they're calling us FIRST lol
Clara is reunited with her husband's body after more than 60yrs. Sergeant Joseph went missing during the Korean war https:…
One month from today we fly 140 heroes of WWII & Korean War on their "best day ever"! We can't wait. https…
He disappeared next day Charles Jenkins who missed in Korean war went home.
The Korean war has always been an unpopular war among the American people.
The Japanese forbade it in the Constitution.1952 Treaty Alliance encouraged by US (& Korean War) changed that. JSDF in name only
What a backwards country we have. Just on news that you had to be in WW1, WW2, or Korean War to be considered a veteran in Canada.
Honoured to spend some time with members of the PPCLI on their regimental day. There's a Korean War Vet here.
US Navy Carrier Planes in Action in the Korean War - 1954
War at last! Come by Booth for YI SOON SHIN at this weekend and get your books signed in Korean! 승리를 위하여!
Most interesting thing to me in reporting Coach Lyle Smith life story was that he left mid-season during Korean War
Rare color film shows what it was like for Marines during WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War
mrs.b : tomorrow i have to teach the korean war; how am i supposed to compete with ESPN?!?
Soldiers swear loyalty to Mao during the Korean War
why did the american potato get fired from the South Korean war hosiptal? because he got too MASHed
Democrat been playing this political dirty blame games since World War 1,2, Korean War, and Vietnam War. They even created KKK
Democrat been playing this kind of dirty political blame game since World War !, 2, Vietnam War and Korean War.
The next Flight to Honor is April 7. If you know of any WWII or Korean War Veterans who would like to visit...
I served in the Korean War. I got married in 1957. I used to be on active duty. I have multiple ancestries. I have a bachelor's degree.
In the Korean War, a group of troops were saved by... Here's the scoop: http…
1951: Korean War: For the second time, United Nations troops recapture Seoul.
Inside Joplin Obituaries: Steve Kraly, 86, played for New York Yankees in 1953, served with U. S. Army in Korean War
Who has been to the Korean War museum?. What are your thoughts?
8th Grade HST visited several memorials in DC last night...Vietnam War, Korean War, and Lincoln Memorial.
Korean War reflect on their service at their memorial.
have been through Korean War, Cold War, Desegregation, end of apartheid + genocide in Rwanda, Cambodia
I got called back into the Navy during the Korean War.
Marine Veteran David Douglas Duncan – The most famous photographer of the Korean War: David found himself figh...
most moving memorial I've ever touched is the Korean War monument. I love this great country. As do you
Uniforms on display at the Korean War Memorial and museum in Seoul, South Korea. 36,000 Americans gave their lives …
Memorial to the soldiers who fought in the Korean War
On January 29, 2016, the Pennsylvania Army National Guard Honor Guard received the remains of Korean War-era...
Dwight Eisenhower is seen here eating with soldiers. He traveled to the region of the Korean War in 1952.
...bloody conflict in Korea. Between the Korean War and the Red Scare on one end and Little Rock, the...
I added a video to a playlist What if South Korea 'Won' the Korean War?
C-119s drop soldiers of the 187th Regimental Combat Team during the Korean War [1800 x 1440] -
PA Honor Guards participate in return of Korean War-era casualty CPL Stuck...
2. Starship Troopers sorta feels like a SF version of the 'true gritty reality of war!' novels that were big around WW2 & the Korean War.
A Veteran of the Korean War who served three tours in the 5th Regimental Combat team needs to increase income to...
Nebraska WWII and Korean War Vets have visited DC monuments on Honor Flights. Now Vietnam Vets will get their turn:
Korean War Vets to visit schools they established
Operation Desert Storm was the largest mobilization of the since the Korean War. Learn more:
I liked a video If North Korea starts war, would be Korean peninsula...
as 1st generation American with a South Korean mom, she said it's unnecessary. She felt it was due to post war food shortages
That was the Korean War of 1962-1964. The one that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis.
"Guy who flew B-52s in Korea" wait in the West Wing universe did the Korean War take place in the late 1950s?
The M26 Pershing heavy tank (USA) entered service in 1945 and featured in the Korean War
Correction: he was THE top fighter ace over Europe in and an ace in Korean War. A true hero!
in 1951 the 3RAR, drives towards 'The Hinge' on Hill 317 & fends off counter-attacks in the Korean War. htt…
in 1950 the Chinese enter the Korean War. Pic: CHN soldiers burying their dead in Korea.
Such an honour to be w/Korean War Vet & St. James resident Dan Lafreniere at MB Korean Society dinner for vets.
Another 'dead-set rippa' of an Aussie Digger legend. Although he's passed on some time back, what an amazing...
The aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney serves her last day in action during the Korean War, 1952.
The Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., captured by our friends at the
I have a migraine but I need to finish taking notes on The Korean War
aah! I knew it looked familiar. (I recall them from the Korean War era)
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Korean War Vet missing for 65 years laid to rest in Hummelstown via
Remains of Korean War Veteran returned to Pennsylvania via
S. Korea to repatriate remains of Chinese soldiers killed in Korean War
"The Korean War is over my little friend. Throw strikes, for you are on Fantasy Island!"
23 years of living and I finally find out that M*A*S*H is in the Korean War and not the Vietnam War 😅
Let us determinedly thwart the military provocations and schemes of war games by the US and South Korean warmongers!
Korean War casualty, missing 65 years, returns home for burial in Pa. hometown,
Australian Len Opie fought in WW2, Korean war and Vietnam War
James Garner developed his character from his own personal experiences in the military during the Korean War.
Set of 4 KOREAN WAR "Soldiers of the World" Action Figures, new, original boxes!
I tried this Korean gel pore cleansing thing and it looks like war paint
Beautiful photo. Korean War Veterans among the bravest in history.
Our project is well underway! Help us find more WWII and Korean War Veterans for an Honor Flight!
a picture of dad i hadn't seen b4,2nd from left. VF-113,Korean War,plane is 1of7 with more than 100 missions over K.
Korean War hero presented with awards more than 65 years after his death
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Never forgetten: South Korea honored 40 vets at the NY State Veterans Home in for their Korean War service
Spartanburg Korean War Vets honored by South Korea: A group of Korean War Veterans was honored Thursday mornin...
: what is a REAL VET ? Many in my family, even Korean War Vet dad & his legion for Trump,, so who are REAL VETS
Wish the Honor Flight included Korean War Vets when my Dad was still alive. He was so proud to serve and would have loved it.
Honor Flight Chicago to start offering whirlwind D.C. trips for Korean War Veterans
A brand new opportunity is available for Chicago's 35,000 Korean War Vets. ck to learn how to apply for So cool!
Group to start offering Honor Flights to D.C. for Korean War Veterans so proud of my grandpa Lou!
Exciting news for IL veterans: starting in April, will open 2016 flights to Korean War Veterans
Korean War Vet Joseph Nulph gets Ambassador for Peace Medal from Sam Farr and Han Dong-man Consul Gen. of Korea
A capacity crowd of Korean War Vets for ceremony at CSUMB with Sam Farr
Medals on display that will be handed out to Korean War Vets at a ceremony at CSUMB by Sam Farr
long he served in Korean War. He passed away in 2011 of June and is buried in Riverside National Cemetery.
Black male arrested for attacking and mugging white Korean War Veteran. htt…
Wayne Rogers, the actor who played wisecracking U.S. Army surgeon "Trapper" John McIntyre in the acclaimed Korean War tele…
Breakout from the Chosin Reservoir: "A Christmas Far from Home:...Korean War" Stanley Weintraub. via
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Just enjoyed a nice Veterans' appreciation luncheon, two Vets awarded medals. One from the Korean War... Sad it took so long. 🇺🇸
World War II, Korean War Vets honored at luncheon:
1st. Allow me to Thank You and Your Family as our Combat Vets! 2nd looks good. Parents pen pals from Korean War
Sixty-five years after he went missing, a Korean War soldier, Sgt. Robert Dakin, was returned home and laid to rest and gi…
Golf courses cover 4% of North America. Golf-great Billy Casper turned pro whilst serving during the Korean War
. The only reason I even pay attention to South and North Korea is b/c my father is a Korean War Veteran.
1928 - Dan Blocker, Korean War Veteran and *** Cartwright on is born in DeKalb.
Tim Damisch and Alex van Roon just signed up our project's first Korean War Veteran for Honor Flight Chicago! Way to go guys!
Former President Fidel V. Ramos fought during the Korean War when he was in his 20s. He's…
On this date in 1945 the first civil certified helicopter was rolled out at Bell Aircraft. Model 47, later served throughout the Korean War.
Tibor Rubin dies at 86; Holocaust survivor received Medal of Honor for Korean War heroism
Ran across this small family WWII and Korean War Veterans memorial at Franz Lake swan NWR.
Why do I need to know about the Cold War, Korean War and Cuban Missile Crisis for a film exam
Duane Trowbridge, a Korean War Veteran, speaks in support of Veterans Memorial in arena public hearing.
Kevin- the hand grenade was recovered by my dad Jerry Fleischut on Hill 355 in Korean War. More to this story.
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My 83 yr old Korean War Vet neighbor just reminded me what it meant to 'play like a This is our team,
Hear from this 84-year-old Korean War Veteran who found a nasty note left for him on his car NEXT on
Tattoo done by Tony Talbert Hermes 2000 typewriter from the Korean War era. Thanks for making the trip, Zac!
South Korean government&people usually ask Japan to apologize for the war crime which is doubtful. Instead,Japan&people never ask US for it.
Don't think you get to count Korean War losses as the same. Russians shot down US aircraft too during the Cold War.
The Faces of War -Korean War-Canadiansoldier of PPCLI, helped to behind the lines in early 1951.
NY Times did the expose that the book was Korean War era false confessions.
The UN was created for a situation like Syria. Yet, the UN is sucking tyrannical *** and stealing billions. Where's the Korean War spirit?
//Well, he's Swedish to start off... he fought in a group of 3 Mercs in the Korean war and against a Venezuelan dictator
Saving my protagonist Haeran's life in manuscript. Listening to The Fray for inspiration. MS flashbacks to Korean War but set in 1999-2000s.
Korean War Veteran, Kirk, reads 'The Road not taken' by R Frost to show how easy wrong choices are made
I'm missing zachs broadcast to watch a movie w/ my fam about this guy who is racist against Asians bc he fought in the Korean War.
Veteran USN WWII USNR USN Korean War. My best friend, my hero, my dad 1924-2013 Rest well Master Chief thank you. https:…
1950 – Korean War: Troops from the PR of China launch a massive counterattack in North Korea against South Korean and UN forces
2nd Engineers pay homage to Korean War past via
I didn't help, but I really good at brood war. Not Korean good but Koreans aren't real.
Korean War soldier's remains sent home decades after death |
Why was Korean War fought? To validate UN and strip Congress of its right to declare war: https:/…
"Of Bugs and Bombs" A look at allegations of bacteriological. warfare during the Korean War. .
The Korean who lives in Japan is called Zainichi. Zainichi leads Japanese to a war. Then Zainichi seems a patriot.
Nearly 65 years after he was killed in the Korean War, NC family gets closure as their soldier's remains are returned to his home state.
First time a NATO member has shot down a Russian plane since the Korean War. No mention of it in Helena IR. Probably not a big deal.
84-year-old Korean War Veteran finds nasty note on vehicle in parking lot
"Robert F. Williams.a WWII and Korean War Veteran, organized and advocated armed defense"
Raymond was mine after my bad *** grandpa. WW2 and Korean War Vet. My Drill Instructor gave me a hard time until I told em why
Dale Ford, an F-86 Sabre fighter pilot of the Korean War, waves to spectators during the Tarrant County Veterans...
"Really? Does that include Viet Nam and Korean War Vets? We have been long forgotten and the current…" — DavidMac
at the Korean War Memorial. Very effective with the reflections in the wall behind.
thanks Jim. My dad was in the Korean War and in Okinawa during WWII. He would be proud to see his photo here.
my grandpa and his brother, Uncle Carl served and died in WWII,grandpa Howe served in Korean War.
My dad, Wayne B. Harris. USAF veteran of the Korean War. Transferred to the Home Office in 1998.
Albany Veterans Day Parade still seeking Korean War Vets who want to serve with the grand marshals.
Sen. Yonah Martin upset memorial for Korean War Veterans moving from Ottawa City Hall to outdoor park
Korean War Vets will be grand marshals of the 2015 Albany Veterans Day Parade.
Chesty Puller is the Marine Corps' most highly decorated Marine. True American Hero of WWll and Korean War.
How the Russians captured an American jet in the Korean War - Business Insider
American movie actress Marilyn Monroe entertains a group of soldiers in Korea during the Korean War.
TAPS for my Uncle Jessie! A 2x Purple Heart veteran of the Korean War. RIP Uncle Jessie
Happy Birthday to my Dad. 84 years old today. 1st Maries, 1st Tank Battalion, First Marine Front - Korean War - my inspiration & toughness
Remains of Southern California soldier missing since Korean War come home
We were proud to witness World War II and Korean War Veterans leave for Washington D.C. to visit their war...
Peter is fun. Former Marine in the Korean War. Retired physics professor. Veterans for Peace activist. Bagpiper. Flaming progressive.
Jenks couple, both Korean War Veterans, to make Oklahoma Honor Flight trip
This story about the relationship between a black & white Navy pilot during the Korean War made me cry
Korean War Veteran surprised to receive his medals 63 years late. Relay Service
30,000+ words into my 12th novel, a historical fiction about the Korean War. I pray for the sake of the veterans I wri…
Korean War Veterans mark 70th anniversary of the UN Charter coming into force at King’s Lynn ...
Did you know social assistance is provided to South African veterans of the Korean War?
Warrior Flight veterans visit the Korean War Memorial in DC.
of Stg. Reckless the from the Korean War. An incredible
We've officially, and successfully, flown over 4,000 World War II and Korean War Veterans from…
Welcoming Grandpa home from his Honor Flight for his service in the Korean War ❤️🇺🇸 such a stubborn,…
A half-mile stretch of U.S. flags leading up to the MAPS Air Museum, for Vietnam and Korean War
A great day of honoring Vietnam and Korean War Veterans today at MAPS Air Museum in North Canton.
Gave a tour to an amazing group of Korean War Veterans today. Thanks for your service guys!
Frank fought in the Korean War. He speaks about what sacrifice means to him.See it in The Veterans Project Nov 11th.
hosted 36 veterans from World War II &Korean War and I had the honor of riding w/ them on my flight. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
The day Wooyoung leaves JYP, North Korea and South Korea are gonna sign the Korean War peace treaty.
Korean War to be honored at Day parade
An estimated 86,300 Korean War Veterans are women making up 7% of the estimated number of female veterans
Korean War Veterans wall. This was an awesome first time Washington DC experience. @ Korean War Monument
found my deceased grandmother's Veterans of foreign wars metal lifetime membership card. It's METAL! Uncle disappeared in Korean War. ;-;
ReStore volunteer and Korean War Veteran Clint enjoyed his turn on an Old Glory Honor Flight yesterday. We're...
Korean War Vets to be honored at Veterans Day parade: Veterans Voice: The parade is in honor of those who served…
UN Korean War Veterans Visit S. Korea: [Politics] : Former UN soldiers who were injured in the Korean War have...
Packers will escort WWII and Korean War Veterans to Washington aboard Old Glory Honor Flight
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