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Korean War

The Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953) was a war between the Republic of Korea (supported primarily by the United States of America, with contributions from allied nations under the aegis of the United Nations) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (supported by the People's Republic of China, with military and material aid from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

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I tried this Korean gel pore cleansing thing and it looks like war paint
Beautiful photo. Korean War veterans among the bravest in history.
Our project is well underway! Help us find more WWII and Korean War veterans for an Honor Flight!
a picture of dad i hadn't seen b4,2nd from left. VF-113,Korean War,plane is 1of7 with more than 100 missions over K.
Korean War hero presented with awards more than 65 years after his death
Korean War vet Joseph Nulph gets Ambassador for Peace Medal from Sam Farr and Han Dong-man Consul Gen. of Korea
A capacity crowd of Korean War vets for ceremony at CSUMB with Sam Farr
Medals on display that will be handed out to Korean War vets at a ceremony at CSUMB by Sam Farr
long he served in Korean War. He passed away in 2011 of June and is buried in Riverside National Cemetery.
Black male arrested for attacking and mugging white Korean War veteran. htt…
Wayne Rogers, the actor who played wisecracking U.S. Army surgeon "Trapper" John McIntyre in the acclaimed Korean War tele…
Today on HD 217107 c: Korean War: President Harry Truman relieves General of the Army Douglas MacArthur of overall command in Korea
Breakout from the Chosin Reservoir: "A Christmas Far from Home:...Korean War" Stanley Weintraub. via
Just enjoyed a nice Veterans' appreciation luncheon, two Vets awarded medals. One from the Korean War... Sad it took so long. 🇺🇸
World War II, Korean War vets honored at luncheon:
1st. Allow me to Thank You and Your Family as our Combat Vets! 2nd looks good. Parents pen pals from Korean War
Sixty-five years after he went missing, a Korean War soldier, Sgt. Robert Dakin, was returned home and laid to rest and gi…
Golf courses cover 4% of North America. Golf-great Billy Casper turned pro whilst serving during the Korean War
. The only reason I even pay attention to South and North Korea is b/c my father is a Korean War veteran.
1928 - Dan Blocker, Korean War veteran and *** Cartwright on is born in DeKalb.
Tim Damisch and Alex van Roon just signed up our project's first Korean War veteran for Honor Flight Chicago! Way to go guys!
Former President Fidel V. Ramos fought during the Korean War when he was in his 20s. He's…
On this date in 1945 the first civil certified helicopter was rolled out at Bell Aircraft. Model 47, later served throughout the Korean War.
Tibor Rubin dies at 86; Holocaust survivor received Medal of Honor for Korean War heroism
Ran across this small family WWII and Korean War veterans memorial at Franz Lake swan NWR.
Why do I need to know about the cold war, Korean War and Cuban missile crisis for a film exam
Duane Trowbridge, a Korean War veteran, speaks in support of Veterans Memorial in arena public hearing.
Kevin- the hand grenade was recovered by my dad Jerry Fleischut on Hill 355 in Korean War. More to this story.
My 83 yr old Korean War vet neighbor just reminded me what it meant to 'play like a This is our team,
Hear from this 84-year-old Korean War veteran who found a nasty note left for him on his car NEXT on
Tattoo done by Tony Talbert Hermes 2000 typewriter from the Korean War era. Thanks for making the trip, Zac!
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South Korean government&people usually ask Japan to apologize for the war crime which is doubtful. Instead,Japan&people never ask US for it.
Don't think you get to count Korean War losses as the same. Russians shot down US aircraft too during the Cold War.
The Faces of War -Korean War-Canadiansoldier of PPCLI, helped to behind the lines in early 1951.
NY Times did the expose that the book was Korean War era false confessions.
The UN was created for a situation like Syria. Yet, the UN is sucking tyrannical *** and stealing billions. Where's the Korean War spirit?
//Well, he's Swedish to start off... he fought in a group of 3 Mercs in the Korean war and against a Venezuelan dictator
Saving my protagonist Haeran's life in manuscript. Listening to The Fray for inspiration. MS flashbacks to Korean War but set in 1999-2000s.
Korean war veteran, Kirk, reads 'The Road not taken' by R Frost to show how easy wrong choices are made
I'm missing zachs broadcast to watch a movie w/ my fam about this guy who is racist against Asians bc he fought in the Korean War.
Veteran USN WWII USNR USN Korean War. My best friend, my hero, my dad 1924-2013 Rest well Master Chief thank you. https:…
1950 – Korean War: Troops from the PR of China launch a massive counterattack in North Korea against South Korean and UN forces
2nd Engineers pay homage to Korean War past via
I didn't help, but I really good at brood war. Not Korean good but Koreans aren't real.
Korean War soldier's remains sent home decades after death |
Why was Korean War fought? To validate UN and strip Congress of its right to declare war: https:/…
"Of Bugs and Bombs" A look at allegations of bacteriological. warfare during the Korean War. .
The Korean who lives in Japan is called Zainichi. Zainichi leads Japanese to a war. Then Zainichi seems a patriot.
Nearly 65 years after he was killed in the Korean War, NC family gets closure as their soldier's remains are returned to his home state.
First time a NATO member has shot down a Russian plane since the Korean War. No mention of it in Helena IR. Probably not a big deal.
84-year-old Korean War veteran finds nasty note on vehicle in parking lot
"Robert F. Williams.a WWII and Korean War veteran, organized and advocated armed defense"
Raymond was mine after my bad *** grandpa. WW2 and Korean War vet. My Drill Instructor gave me a hard time until I told em why
Dale Ford, an F-86 Sabre fighter pilot of the Korean War, waves to spectators during the Tarrant County Veterans...
"Really? Does that include Viet Nam and Korean War vets? We have been long forgotten and the current…" — DavidMac
at the Korean War memorial. Very effective with the reflections in the wall behind.
thanks Jim. My dad was in the Korean War and in Okinawa during WWII. He would be proud to see his photo here.
my grandpa and his brother, Uncle Carl served and died in WWII,grandpa Howe served in Korean War.
My dad, Wayne B. Harris. USAF veteran of the Korean War. Transferred to the Home Office in 1998.
Albany Veterans Day Parade still seeking Korean War vets who want to serve with the grand marshals.
Sen. Yonah Martin upset memorial for Korean War veterans moving from Ottawa City Hall to outdoor park
Korean War vets will be grand marshals of the 2015 Albany Veterans Day Parade.
Chesty Puller is the Marine Corps' most highly decorated Marine. True American Hero of WWll and Korean War.
How the Russians captured an American jet in the Korean War - Business Insider
American movie actress Marilyn Monroe entertains a group of soldiers in Korea during the Korean War.
TAPS for my Uncle Jessie! A 2x Purple Heart veteran of the Korean War. RIP Uncle Jessie
Happy Birthday to my Dad. 84 years old today. 1st Maries, 1st Tank Battalion, First Marine Front - Korean War - my inspiration & toughness
Remains of Southern California soldier missing since Korean War come home
We were proud to witness World War II and Korean War veterans leave for Washington D.C. to visit their war...
Peter is fun. Former Marine in the Korean War. Retired physics professor. Veterans for Peace activist. Bagpiper. Flaming progressive.
Jenks couple, both Korean War veterans, to make Oklahoma Honor Flight trip
This story about the relationship between a black & white Navy pilot during the Korean War made me cry
Korean War veteran surprised to receive his medals 63 years late. Relay Service
30,000+ words into my 12th novel, a historical fiction about the Korean War. I pray for the sake of the veterans I wri…
Korean War veterans mark 70th anniversary of the UN Charter coming into force at King’s Lynn ...
Did you know social assistance is provided to South African veterans of the Korean War?
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Warrior Flight veterans visit the Korean War memorial in DC.
of Stg. Reckless the from the Korean War. An incredible
We've officially, and successfully, flown over 4,000 World War II and Korean War veterans from…
Welcoming Grandpa home from his Honor Flight for his service in the Korean War ❤️🇺🇸 such a stubborn,…
A half-mile stretch of U.S. flags leading up to the MAPS Air Museum, for Vietnam and Korean War
A great day of honoring Vietnam and Korean War veterans today at MAPS Air Museum in North Canton.
Gave a tour to an amazing group of Korean War veterans today. Thanks for your service guys!
Frank fought in the Korean War. He speaks about what sacrifice means to him.See it in The Veterans Project Nov 11th.
hosted 36 veterans from World War II &Korean War and I had the honor of riding w/ them on my flight. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
The day Wooyoung leaves JYP, North Korea and South Korea are gonna sign the Korean War peace treaty.
Korean War to be honored at Day parade
An estimated 86,300 Korean War veterans are women making up 7% of the estimated number of female veterans
Korean War veterans wall. This was an awesome first time Washington DC experience. @ Korean War Monument
found my deceased grandmother's Veterans of foreign wars metal lifetime membership card. It's METAL! Uncle disappeared in Korean War. ;-;
ReStore volunteer and Korean War veteran Clint enjoyed his turn on an Old Glory Honor Flight yesterday. We're...
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Korean War vets to be honored at Veterans Day parade: Veterans Voice: The parade is in honor of those who served…
UN Korean War Veterans Visit S. Korea: [Politics] : Former UN soldiers who were injured in the Korean War have...
Fifth Honor Flight Touches Down in Washington, D.C.: 75 veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and Vietna...
Packers will escort WWII and Korean War veterans to Washington aboard Old Glory Honor Flight
WWII, Vietnam and Korean War vets receive an ovation after their return from
I give what they need; my time! I hold WWII and Korean War vets hands while they r stage 4 and dying. Listen to
Night tour of Iwo Jima, Korean War, and Lincoln Memorials coming up! Nice way to end an eventful day :-)
Special Old Glory Honor Flight Wednesday will include from the Super Bowl I team as escorts. 90 WWII and Korean War vets on flight.
The true story of a of Mauthausen survivor and Korean War hero denied the Medal of Honor for five decades:
Special moment when Alaska Air staff announced people deplaning at DCA were WWII/Korean War vets. Entire terminal burst into applause.
Watching They Chose China, a doc about Korean War vets who stayed in the PRC. Utterly fascinating.
Throng of well-wishers welcome home Korean War vets from Honor Flight to Washington DC. Read more in Kris Capps column Monday.
The Annunciation, part of series by Catholic Korean artist, Woonbo Kim Ki-Chang, painted during the Korean War.
TIL after he was KIA during the Korean War, Sgt. John Rice, a Native American, was...
Remains of American soldier who fought in Korean War identified
Remains of American soldier killed in Korean War are identified, will be buried in Mississippi via
More than 900 American POWs were alive at the end of the Korean War but were never released by the North Koreans.
Mississippi Burial Set for US Soldier Killed in Korean War: Remains of American soldier killed in Korean War a...
Mississippi burial set for US soldier killed in Korean War: The remains of an American soldier who fought in t...
The most touching thing I have ever seen- a reunion of navy vets who fought in WW2 or the Korean War @ the memorial
I can't stand the ethereal anthemic sound of practically every newish band, which I'm pretty sure makes me a Korean War vet.
Korean War vet TJ Wanta talked to this week about the power of Honor Flight
A Korean War vet w/terminal cancer waited for almost 4 hours at the VA Hospital ER. Are things improving? What VA officials have to say
"The country is not taking care of their veterans. I am appalled.."-daughter of Korean War vet now dying from cancer. More
honoring our WWII and Korean War vets.
Alaska Guardsmen escort WWII and Korean War vets to Honor Flight - DVIDS (press release): Alaska...
Marine changed way Korean War vets were treated: It could not be done, said authorities, because under the law...
Sitting here talking to and old Vietnam Vet. his dad was a welder/engineer in WWII and the Korean War and built the first atomic submarine
Active 80 y/o Korean War vet found murdered in his Cumberland home. spoke w/man who saw him hrs before he died. News at 11
Korean War vets join WWII vets on Honor Flight: Five veterans from Green Valley and one from Tubac will be par...
Memorial planned for Friday in for Korean War vet.
Some detective work by Det. Sweitzer led to a WW2/ Korean War vet's lost medals being reunited with his family.
Roper speaking w/Lima, JG or's all the same & just recreates speaking w/a Korean War vet as he greets folks @ Walmart.
Article about local Korean War vets enjoying their
Special honour for 43 Korean War vets: A tribute for the 43 service men who were never found, following the Ko...
Vet Dale Crouse, Korean War, excited to head to Air Force Memorial.
Then the 80 year old Korean War vet dudes with his CIB and 2ID patch.. Smiling. Shaking hands. Love this place.
Gazzara as psycho Korean War vet crime lord who can beat up his own henchmen is a role model
From the look of this picture. Looks like their are using Vets from the first Korean War.
A Korean War vet protects a family from the gangs that foul their neighborhood. Tune in to Gran Torino NOW!
Just want to share that my Grandpa passed away today. Korean War vet, funny old man. He will be missed.
Great organization. I went on the with my grandpa (a Korean War vet) 2 years ago. Amazing experience.
helps make a Korean War vet's dream come true. Take a look at his story here:
Flying Cheetahs - the South African Air Force participating in the Korean War
The Times Union - Promoting peace, step by step - Above, participants gather around the Korean War veterans war me...
Korean War veterans found new life in South America
BCM is seeking Korean War veterans to share their experiences in a new exhibit. Contact BCM (859) 491-4003 to sign up.
A horse-drawn hearse took a Korean War vet to his final resting place.
There are 27 WW2 and Korean War veterans headed on a to DC from this morning.
Horse-draw hearses takes Korean War veteran from New Cumberland to final resting place
Veterans from Korean War and 9/11 enjoying their lunch as they wait to be addressed by the secretary of the VA.
This is the first all-women veterans Honor Flight event. 70 women from WWII & Korean War, 70 from Iraq/Afghanistan era. Touring DC together
(Stars and Stripes) Korean War veterans from LST 883 gather in Tupelo. Miss.: In the past years, ove...
, ,This is a great thing for the veterans of WWII and Korean War
Lively bunch of excited Korean War veterans anxiously waiting to board the last Inland NW Honor Flight of the year
We are following this am. 90 veterans with large Korean War group. Join us w/ from
We owe our Korean War a debt of gratitude.
So many Korean War veterans tell us it is "exactly right" through their tears. 🇺🇸
I am 62, I know about Korean War, Vietnam Conflict, many others. I love my Country. Politicians are different, Evil.
THE COLDEST WINTER America and the Korean War 2007 David Halberstam 1st ed HC
Hawkeye and Pierce escape Korean War duty floating away in a tent buoyed by balloons in:. MASH Up.
Great morning with sonny boy at flag football and now we're watching my daughter march in parade for veterans of Korean War and Vietnam War.
Was great to meet Korean War veteran Perry Denham at the Attleboro Life Care center
1st/1st - The Coldest Winter : America and the Korean War by David Halberstam
Remains of man killed in Korean War return to Massachusetts - Bennington Banner (subscription)
Today would have been my father's 84th Birthday. He was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army during the Korean War
Korean War veteran returns home 65 years after he went missing in North Korea: The remains of Army Sergeant…
Korean War veteran kicks off Monday festivities for Sheldon, Iowa's Celebration Days.
Korean War veterans may qualify for Ambassador Peace Medal
Not one bit. My dad was in Korean War. Recipient of bronze star for bravery. He never hurt a sole.
Next week, remains of Korean War veteran will be headed home, more than 6 decades after he was declared MIA. --
Remains of Korean War veteran to return home
Remains of Korean War veteran to return home: Next week, the remains of a Korean War veter...
RIP Charlie Waters, Korean War vet & champion for the veteran's home. All around good guy. I'll miss seeing you at Starbucks, Sir.
2) Mr. Bedrossian is a Turkish citizen in Canada and a Korean War veteran who fought in the 2nd Turkish Brigade
Korean War era veteran says goodbye to his church
Dean Jones was a committed Christian, Korean War veteran, and actor. Dead at 84, RIP.
2/4 US reliance on airpower is tricky. Reminds me of Korean War veteran and historian T.R. Fehrenbach on limits of airpower, atomic bomb.
Do you know somebody that is a veteran of World War 2 or the Korean War? Invite them to join us tomorrow as we...
Taking his on 9/12 is Korean War veteran Sgt 1C Dewey *** an ambulance driver. Thank you, sir!
Funeral services are set for the Navy veteran of the Korean War.
Korean War veteran, Robert Wada. A brave and kind man who is sharing his story with us today.
Highlights of interview w SD veteran Victor Freudenberger about his service in WWII and the Korean War. WATCH:
A 33-year-old white male who is a veteran of the Korean War, attended 9-12 years of school, and is right-handed.
Korean War veteran shares a woman's perspective of the 'Forgotten War' in Delta College documentary via
Korean War veteran, 82, shares poetry about his experiences; says Travis Mills is a 'courageous soldier' via
10 yr old son of a Korean War vet in South Buffalo - Born To Run hit me right btwn the ears!
A WW2 and Korean War veteran watches the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington VA.
The most decorated Aboriginal war veteran in Canada Tommy Prince served in and the Korean War
John Rhein is a World War II and Korean War veteran. His guardian Gary Blackmore is a Vietnam vet.
Today, Kerry Wood is exactly as old as Kim Il Sung was the day the Korean War began: 13,950 days.
A reminder, during Korean War of early 1950's, McArthur called for nuking of China when it sent troops across Yalu River to fight with North
Today we honor brothers James, Joseph, Thomas, Bernard and John Stakem. All served in World War II & the Korean War.
As the son of a Korean War veteran who suffered terribly from at that time they called it shell shock I...
Attack from the Sky: Naval Air Operations in the Korean War by Knott PB 2004 W2
I believe Uncle Bill stayed in the Army. He in fact served in the Korean War as well. There is another thing.
In 2013 Kim Bok-dong "(My dignity) was offended by Japanese Army during Korean War." Sue your own government
Korean War veteran served in CIA, Air Force: via
Korean War veteran served in CIA, Air Force -
Veterans at Bangor event mark 70th anniversary of WWII’s end: … .S. Air Force during the Korean War,...
what about the United Fruit Company? The Bay of Pigs? The war on terror? Korean War, Vietnam, etc. All proxy wars we created.
Korean War vet honoured with medal | Sarnia Observer
in 1950 journalist Ian Morrison was killed when his car struck a mine while covering the Korean War.
North Korea threatens the U.S. with a "second Korean War" and wants to create its own time zone. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
Proud to visit Gloster Hill Memorial Park near the Imjin River. Laid wreath for all British dead of the Korean War
Bronze statue in front of the Korean War memorial
Reflection off of the Korean War memorial.
⚠ 70 Years of Korean War: After marking the destruction of Nagasaki and the police-murder of M...
Holy cow...The U.S. killed 20% of the population of North Korea in the Korean War?
The new expanded war memorials remember those who served and lost their lives during World War I, the Korean War,...
"It's been nearly 62 years since the end of the Korean War and many veterans in the Wichita community are coming... ht…
Honoured to join RCN Korean War veterans and families in honouring the fallen, at Spencer Smith Park
P/T from Bruce Cumings' preface to 1988 ed. of IF Stone's "Hidden History of the Korean War"
Semiha ES (1912-2012). Turkiye’s first woman travel and war photographer. A snap shot from the Korean War, 1952.
I thought, that can't be right, Rangers became a team 20 years after the Korean War. So I googled, he was a fan of the Toledo Mud Hens
This Kind of War: The Classic Military History of the Korean War by T. R. Fehrenbach (Open Road Media) is...
Kim Jong-Un visits museum to mark atrocities by U.S. during Korean War
Kim Jong-un vows revenge on US for crimes during Korean War
Join us Sat 4:00 at Coal Dock Pk in Port Washington 2 cheer 23 & Korean War vets back from a day of honor!
vets want to commemorate "forgotten" Korean War with Walnut Park memorial.
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In honour of my green beret dad, of 4 1 Independent Commando UK Royal Marines, served in Korean War.
My Daddy's boot camp was at Camp Atterbury before he left for the Korean War. I sure would like to attend.
Good day to build a ramp!! Day one of ramp for Kay and Glenn. Glenn earned a Purple Heart in the Korean War but...
BIRD CANNON EXPLODES: 87-year-old Korean War vet Paul Lier blew off most of his hand when an old bird cannon exploded
TIL: South African Air Force played a part in the Korean War.
A town pays homage to veterans of Vietnam War: … II and in 2014, the Korean War. But Thursd...
A professor of Hansung University said that Sex Slaves of Korean War had been called "the 5th supplies".
He wasn't old enough to vote. He wasn't old enough to walk into a pub. “And I thought girls were for throwing...
Many people who volunteered or who conscripted to fight in the Korean War were diverted to British Nuclear Tests conducted in Australia.
Lai Daihan as a result of Korean soldiers' rapes during the Vietnam War. Women were treated as Sex Slaves.
I interviewed him once, for story recognizing mother of Korean War soldier killed by friendly fire. Seemed friendly.
So many references to the Korean War and more broadly, to Mao's China in A2 History Coursework on China is coming back to me.
Banner ceremony for Navy vet from Korean War.
I have a soft spot for the Army. My grandpa served with them in the Korean War. I have so much respect for all of you that serve!
Come on in for open mic and check out this sweet Army Jeep from the Korean War era.
Video: Greensboro Doctor talks life lessons during the Korean War
Korean War Veterans in did a great job as emcee. Watch story on today. http…
Woodbridge Township honors our Korean War Veterans at this year's Independence Day Celebration.
Self-proclaimed Korean "I was brutally raped by Japanese soldiers during Korean war, 5 yrs after WWII https:…
1950 - 1st time US & North Korean forces clash in Korean War
i would but im stuck at home😞. p.s. send help my grandfather is making us watch some show about a Korean war😑
Past life regression therapy...ptsd not from Iraq War, but from Korean War.
53 I think the Korean war ends and a line of inherent bias is formed protecting the seoul...
Has been any dogfight since Korean War?
Valley Korea War Veterans Awarded Medals From South Korea: The Korean War is often referred to as the forgotte...
My father was an immigrant when he served our country and fought in the Korean War. He said, "when your fighting in…
and Hawkeye was in the Korean War! But you my dear Faye are way too young to remember M*A*S*H!
Thank you, Grandpa Choszczyk... and thank you to all our Korean War veterans. You are NOT forgotten!
you guys should make a ruse 2 and it should be the Vietnam or Korean War
can you please share this? Trying to match Korean War vets with pictures.
Maybe Obama will pull all 29K troops out of the DMZ and end the Korean War next?.
65 years since the start of the Korean War
We challenge you to look at this picture of a Korean War veteran on his June 6 and not smile.
Tired of snoring, become a pilot in the Korean War.
After the Korean War, the Soviet Union emerged as the main trading partner and sponsor of North Korea.
02 JUL 1967: Date of action for Air Force Cross presented to Korean War Vet (then) Major Richard Mehr
Big win for Mongolia’s ex-Communist rulers: … clash for first time in Korean War. 1971 - In...
The most famous representation of the Korean War was in the television series "M*A*S*H."
50 WWII and Korean War veterans from Utah recently toured war memorials in D.C. Which is your favorite?
Veterans return to to mark 2nd Infantry, Korean War anniversary - Pacific - Stripes
WATCH | How the Vietnam wall paved the way for Korean War, WWII memorials:
The Korean War began this day in 1950. Thank you, Korean War for your service. We will always remember.
Minister remembers it was 65yrs ago today Korean War started Thnx all Veterans
Korean War laid to rest in Ohio; family celebrates closure after 64 years: h…
Veterans and Families look through photos from the Korean War
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Korean War memorial. Thanking God for my daddy who served in this war.
Petaluma, Calif. monument to honor veterans of Korean War.
Korean War veterans mark 65th anniversary with remembrance ceremony
11 Korean War veterans awarded medals in Fayetteville ceremony
Veterans gather to observe Korean War anniversary
Veterans commemorate 65th Anniversary of Korean War -
65th anniversary of start of the Korean War today. I-5 now named Korean War Veterans Memorial Hwy - we will never forget CS
What does Beijing's support for Pyongyang during the Korean War tell us about its support for Kim Jong Un today? http:/…
China's support for Pyongyang during the Korean War explains why it still backs Kim today. http:/…
in 1950, North Korea invades South Korea, beginning the Korean War.
Photo: Really amazing Korean War memorial in central park, burnaby (at Central Park)
in 1950 the Korean War begins as North Korean forces attack S. Korea.
Today in 1950, the Korean War begins with the invasion of South Korea by North Korea. 'It was bound to happen. Natural …
Today in History was the start of the Korean War when the North invaded the South.
North Korea wants a second Korean War, and said that "the U.S. is just like a paper tiger: easy to crush and set on fire" ... 😅
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North Korea invaded South Korea June 25,1950, setting off 3 yrs of fighting in Korean War h…
Today in History: North Korea sends armed forces into South Korea, triggering the Korean War. ht…
Veterans observe the 65th anniversary of Korean War at the war's memorial in Philadelphia
Union workers upset about the downtown project make a presence at the Korean War memorial ceremony
Memorial to the Korean War, pictured here, is one kf the most interesting in DC!
I got to spend the 65th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War at the War Memorial of Korea.
65 years ago today, the Korean War broke out.
My dad served in the 16th Field Regiment - today NZ marks 65th anniversary of Korean War
The incredibly moving memorial to the Korean War
Today at 11am: a service to mark 65th anniversary of the start of the Korean War at National War Memorial in Wellington
The man who led the US D-Day invasion, managed Cold-War era tensions w/ Russia, & ended the Korean War told us to be wary …
"June 25 is 65th Anniversary of Korean War, what war vet remembers
My granddad's was rough. He fought in the Korean War and they did a whole 21 gun salute.
Government of Canada to honour Canadian Veterans who served in the Korean War:
.gathered for Korean War vets coming into
Note the lack of mention of;. Korean War. Great Smog 1952. Hungarian Revolution . U2 Incident . Cuban Missile Crisis
Pa. twins served side-by-side in tanks during Korean War by via Stars and Stripes
Earlier today, Joe met with Korean War veterans in Carroll County
This afternoon we had the privilege of performing for a room full of Korean War veterans from Honor Flight DFW!
I met with real-life heroes today. WWII and Korean War veterans from Texas came to the Word War II Memorial.
Even our youngest ones are fans of our amazing Korean War veterans.
Shilo pays homage to Korean War veterans
Greeting SF Bay Area WWII and Korean War veterans as they arrive at Dulles on their
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