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Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial Wall at Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Ontario commemorates those Canadians who served in the Korean War.

Lincoln Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Union Station Korean War Veterans Memorial New Jersey Jefferson Memorial White House South Korea Chosin Reservoir Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Paying our respects at the Korean War Memorial.
Visiting the Korean War Memorial on a beautiful day in Washington.
.Humbling, emotional experience at the Korean War Memorial & thanking our military for their service…
Up at dawn, scrubbing the Korean War Memorial.
Uncle Bill was a BAR man at Chosin Reservoir. (@ Korean War Memorial in Leon, FL)
It’s a rewarding experience to observe the Korean War Memorial with a man who helped to defend freedom.…
See this: India's flag at Korean War Memorial in Seoul. Now say "Shame on India for fighting against…
Korean War Memorial lit up at night! Beatiful tribute to "The Forgotten War"!
We'd love to hear your thoughts on our draft concept for the Korean War Memorial at Quarry Park by 20 Oct:…
Reached the Korean War Memorial. Day has gone by super fast
The Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C., an important stop on today's Land of Lincoln
Korean War memorial wall with soldiers in the reflection. All of this has been very humbling. Hog Bless Our Troops
Learn to juggle at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.
Ride on a unicorn at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.
Traveling Korean War Memorial visited Jessup this weekend. More than 150,000 US casualties in conflict. RIP.
Tour guide at the Korean War memorial in DC "And McCarthy was appointed Supreme Commander US Forces in Korea"🙌
Sat by Korean War Memorial in DC. Lady to friend " What's that?" Friend: "Korean Memorial". Lady "So that's Iwo Jima"! That's just a taste!
It's my honor to play Taps at a Korean War veteran's memorial service today.
Passing this Korean War memorial, in made me pause to consider the conflict of the 1950s & potential impac…
Me and some other tourists at Lincoln Memorial. Korean War memorial too. 19 soldiers going through rice paddies. Ni…
"I was raised as an army brat all through school and it's in my blood. It's one thing to say I support my troops...
KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL:. Korean War Vet Charles Foreman of Nevada, Mo. escorted by his grandson Dave seeing the Memorial for…
19 statues appear as 38 soldiers when reflected on wall of Korean War Memorial, represents 38th parallel dividing North…
Korean War Memorial on a foggy night in DC
Interesting memorials at Glasgow Necropolis. Memorial to Korean War is perhaps even more significant in recent time…
Making our way to the Korean War Memorial Museum
This bit of striking architecture at the National Korean War Memorial becomes the perfect…
"Freedom and peace are not free" taken at the Korean War Memorial Stairs in South Korea.
Some powerful words from the Korean War Memorial…
At the Korean War Memorial. Freedom is not free!
Troopers from 8th BEB visited the Korean War Memorial Museum last week in Seoul for greater cultural awa…
Right, so that negates Canada's foreign policy as a member of NATO, particip…
So many were lost... And fought... think about that @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
True Paul. Wonder when they are going after the WWII Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and th…
I remember when I visited Washington DC and visited the Korean War Memorial. These figures…
It's perfect weather to honor those who served at the Korean War Memorial at Graceland Fairlawn.
For Memorial Day, here are photos of the Korean War Memorial along Route 66 near Oatman. It's no longer there...
People visit the Korean War Memorial on to honor those who fought and died during the war
Crowds at the Korean War Memorial this morning.
Crowds at the Korean War Memorial this morning. Visit us at…
Memorial Day Weekend. Remember the Fallen. (The photo is a detail of the Korean War monument.)
This Memorial Day take a moment of silence for our fallen heroes. Like Korean War vet Harold Cox
Remember Memorial Day! Leonard Adreon, BSBA ’50, will never forget. He turned his Korean War memories into a book.
And yet another solider coming home.
Korean War veteran Bernie Samek to be honored during Brimfield Memorial Day ceremony
My dad happy memorial day dad he served at the end of World War 2 he also served and the Korean war good father dam…
Korean War Memorial. Thanks to all vets especially Ray Wellbrock KIA.
Bob Catalano describes Korean War Memorial; it exemplifies diversity of America, but the color of blood is all the…
34 years ago I lost my father. He was a WWII and Korean war vet. We buried him on Memorial day...34 yrs & I think of him every single day
MDVA will be hosting a special Memorial Day Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial in Baltimore (Canton) to...
Korean War soldier's remains to return home in time for Memorial Day burial
Hope to see you at the dedication at the Marine Museum tomorrow at Quantico for dedication of Choisin memoria…
Next time you are at Korean War memorial at Johns Creek memorial park, check out my fave brick.
Memorial day weekend has a double meaning for my family. Today marks the 10th year of my grandfather's death, who s…
Hear what the new Korean War Memorial means to those who attended the opening ceremony:
Soldiers from the civil war, Vietnam war, Korean War, gulf war. All who were prepared to give all for what america stands for! Memorial day
Cudos to for flying our WWII & Korean War Vets to D.C. To visit the WWII & Korean War Memorial
More photos from my annual walk. Korean War Memorial
Rendering a stiff salute to the 37 Staten Islanders killed during the Korean War at the site of a memorial in Sunny…
A Korean War veteran has had his name added to Livonia's veterans memorial:
KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL. This Week, honor those who and send our gratitude to those who at…
A service for U.S. Army Col. John W. Keith Jr., who was taken prisoner and died during the Korean War, is Friday.
I certainly hope not! From the daughter of a Korean War Veteran on the front lines, a blessed Memorial Day & then come back!
Our 8th graders are noting their impressions of the Korean War Memorial.
Coming to a TV near you, Memorial Day ID's with this handsome fella, Korean War veteran Michael Sabol. Thank you fo…
White House Korean War prisoner to be honored in state Memorial Day service | Find more n…
Any of the veterans on today's flight are Korean War vets are and taking in this moving memorial
A Korean War vet who lived in Livonia has his name added to the city memorial at Five Mile/Farmington:
Gone but not forgotten: Injured Korean War vet's name added to Livonia memorial
Wonderful! The Korean War Memorial is Stunning and it's so close to the Lincoln Memorial.
The family of an Army officer who died in the Korean War will hold a special service over Memorial Day weekend.
At the Korean War Memorial, isn't the sponsoring group "The Chosin Few"? Re: the battle of Chosin Reservoir.
I found this Korean War memorial in Branson Mo if you contacted that chamber of commerce you should be able to contact them
Thank you to all who joined us tonight in lighting the Korean War Memorial Bridge and the County Courthouse green for
Yummy dinner at Union Station and now on evening visits to Korean War Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.
If you are planning a visit to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, here is some information for your visit.
Paying his respects, remembers what this weekend is about at the Korean War Memorial during his Media…
The Forgotten War || My father and I went to the Korean War Memorial. Again I did this in black…
Watching people letting their kids walk on the part of the Korean War Memorial that enumerates the lives lost is a good argument for the NPS
8th graders visit Lincoln, Vietnam, & Korean War memorial. Now the the Museum of African Amer History…
If your memory wavers or if you're young, I recommend a winter visit to the Korean War memorial on the…
Learned so many things about the Korean War when we visited the War Memorial of Korea.
Day 2 is in the books. My Vernon, the National Cathedral, the zoo, 9/11 Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln...
The applause for the Korean War veterans returning from the D.C. memorial has gone on so long now that it’s begun to become awkward..
My image Korean War Memorial has received special recognition
"Freedom is not free" ... a reminder from the Korean War Memorial for and
I love the WWII Memorial! I had three uncles serve during the war. Make sure to see the Korean War…
The Korean War memorial close to my house is a sick scourge on the landscape.
The blue team at the Korean War Veterans Memorial
Harold and his son Bruce at the Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visited the Korean War Memorial in London to pay his respects to the British soldiers…
FOUND: A Dachshund on Apr 02, 2017 at Korean war memorial veteran park. Please contact us for more information.
That awkward moment you realize you've been tagging all your pics with the Korean War Memorial and you're actually at World War II Memorial
When the 19 statues in the Korean War Memorial reflect on the granite wall there appears to be 38 soldiers representin…
The Korean War Museum Memorial. Names line all of these black tablets and many many more.…
Look how nice the Korean War Veterans Memorial bridge looks downtown! April 2nd is
Remembering those who gave their lives for us all at the US Korean War Memorial and US WW2 Memorial. A moving reminder o…
The NY Korean War Veterans Memorial in Battery Park is one of NYC's most photogenic spots. We…
A statue part of the Korean War Memorial along Anzac parade in Canberra
15 to 25 kids in Kissena Park right now. These teenagers are by the Korean War Memorial statue. Others are by the lake.
Ms. Wilbanks is at the Korean War Memorial in DC -- very powerful. Note it took artists to convey our national loss.
So many faces, so many lives, so much freedom. Korean War Memorial.
Members of the escorted veterans of the Korean War to the Korean War Memorial on the
Rise and shine, DC travelers! Who's gonna find my face on the Korean War Memorial Wall first?
Korean War Veterans Memorial on The site is near Lincoln Memorial, free for anyone as well. The site is 'sol…
Check out this photo of Korean War Veterans Memorial on
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Governor Steve Bullock will be in Butte on May 4th at 1:30pm at the Korean War Memorial (in Stodden Park). He...
I think this is something we all need to be reminded of. @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
memorial, our kids honoring a Vietnam and Korean War vet.
Today I visited the War Memorial of Korea. An incredible memorial and museum looking at war in Korean history. It w…
'Turtle Boat' at the Korean war museum @ War Memorial of Korea
My favorite picture from the Korean War Memorial.
.any idea when the farmers market will come back in Paulus Hook near the Korean War Memorial???
I saw it outside of the Korean War Memorial & thought of you! There were many other planes too, but this one really caught my eye.
Walked past the UK Korean War memorial today. Britain has essentially forgotten it fought there.
Also went to the Korean War Memorial today. It was very interesting learning about the Korean War...
Vance Funkhouser, an Air Force veteran who served in Korea, at the Korean War memorial
A quick visit to the Korean War Memorial.
The detailed etchings on the Korean War Memorial are downright astounding.
would like to hold a recognition ceremony at NYS Korean War Memorial this year...
Old Glory waves under the shining moon last week in Washington DC @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
go see the Vietnam and Korean War memorial.
$10,000.00 for maintenance services for the Korean War Memorial located in the Charlestown Navy Yard
The crabapple blossoms are in full bloom Friday at the Minnesota Korean War Memorial on the Capitol grounds
A haven of calm and contemplation - the Korean War Memorial in the Bathgate Hills.
First 2 pics- Part of the Korean War Memorial. Third pic- Part of the Vietnam War Memorial
One of the 19 stainless steel statues of the Korean War Veterans Memorial is covered with snow in Washington, D.C.
Korean War Vet Rep Sam Johnson's bill to authorize a Wall of Remembrance at Korean War Veterans Memorial will be debated by House next week.
no prob on sharing! I'll be going to a Korean War Vet luncheon tomorrow to do more work on memorial. Will be glad to share
most moving memorial I've ever touched is the Korean War monument. I love this great country. As do you
Uniforms on display at the Korean War memorial and museum in Seoul, South Korea. 36,000 Americans gave their lives …
Korean War Memorial soldiers in the snow.
Memorial to the soldiers who fought in the Korean War
The in mosaic form at the Korean War Memorial in New York City. 🇨🇦
Korean War Memorial in the snow, point perspective.
we have left the Korean War Memorial and are now visiting FDR.
Hamilton Collection
Next stops will be Vietnam and Korean War Memorials and Lincoln Memorial!
Uploaded new artwork! - 'A Forgotten War Original Painting ForSale' -
Them feels at the Korean War Memorial. Wanna go back after a good snowfall. More feels
Reflection of the Korean War Memorial on the engraved wall of victims. This area of DC is simply…
My Father's photograph is etched on the wall of the Korean War Memorial
Samsung's Nat'l Day of Service-Fri Oct 16. Employees,vets,&volunteers will be clean the Korean War Memorial.
Another in the phantom me series - this one is at the Korean War Memorial at Moore Park
Korean War Memorial last night at dusk. @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
Today I joined to declare the Korean War Memorial in Cascade Gardens a memorial of national significance.
Sidenote: the feds, uh, forgot to acquire the rights Korean War Memorial's sculptures. Lawsuits ensued.
I found a new lunch spot to chill out at. @ Korean War Memorial of Tennessee
Korean War Memorial sculptor wins for stamp infringements.
at Korean War Memorial in New Jersey and I will NEVER forget the price of FREEDOM.
Such a humbling time at the Korean War Memorial.
Went on a field trip today to the USMC Korean War Memorial. 🇺🇸
Akanksha with some other American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation senators at the Korean War Memorial
Camden reflecting at the Korean War Memorial. Love this shot! @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
My favorite War Memorial in DC is the Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial was also vandalized in Forest Park; veterans had to raise money to fix it.
Honored to speak tonight at the Rochester Korean War Memorial on the 65th anniversary of the start of the war.
65th anniversary of start of the Korean War today. I-5 now named Korean War Veterans Memorial Hwy - we will never forget CS
Photo: Really amazing Korean War memorial in central park, burnaby (at Central Park)
On this day 65 years ago the began. nationalmall @ Korean War Memorial…
catching our breath near the Korean War Memorial
Is it because of the Korean war memorial? If they have a memorial day for it. I need to check if they do.
Veterans observe the 65th anniversary of Korean War at the war's memorial in Philadelphia
About to start the 65th Anniversary Korean War Memorial Ceremony at Penn's Landing on this beautiful day.
Union workers upset about the downtown project make a presence at the Korean War memorial ceremony
65th Korean War Memorial ceremony just by the Lincoln Memorial.
Memorial to the Korean War, pictured here, is one kf the most interesting in DC!
Today is a memorial day of Korean war. It began on June 25, 65 years ago. Thank you for war veterans, heroes.
65 years ago today, the Korean War broke out.
Remembering the memorial day for korean hoping that we all no longer have to see another war and suffering
**Korean War Memorial Day**. "Thank you for your service". The Korean War veterans were invited to to learn...
when you're Korean and your family living down the streets lived through that civil war and 6.25 is a national memorial date
The incredibly moving memorial to the Korean War
Love that my dad's branch of the British Korean War Veterans Association got a response from Boris Johnson about viewing a war memorial.
Our Korean War veterans are so moved by their memorial on their !
Please join me tmrw as I co-host the 2015 Korean War Memorial Ceremony, marking the 65th anniv. of the war.
Photo of the day: Korean War Memorial in Battery Park
Councilman David Oh invites all Korean War Veterans to a special Memorial Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial at...
War Veterans visiting Korean War Memorial as ECMS 8-1 team arrives
Ending the day at the Korean War Memorial
Zoo, capital, Korean War Memorial, Marine Corp Memorial, Changing of the guard (whoa), and lots of…
Korean War Memorial is haunting at night; every face has a different expression: fear, determination, resignation.
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Walking up on the Korean War Memorial early yesterday was very powerful..look of alert surprise on last statue's face http:/…
A child at the Korean War Memorial in DC: "Why do we keep making wars and building these big things when we could save money and not fight?"
Just visited the Korean War Memorial in Seoul. Very emotional, all those young lives.
If you've never seen Korean War Memorial you should see it at sundown
We were picked up from Union Station by our tour guide Brian with Bi-Partisan Tour Company. We had a five hour private tour that was so awesome. He told great stories and we saw so much. He took picture of us at each stop. I can't wait to see them. We stopped at the US Capitol, Ford's Theater, US Treasury, White House, Air Force Memorial. Marine Memorial, FDR Memorial. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWI Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial and Einstein Statue. Claire asked so many questions that I said I hope you are not charging by the question.
Some of our veterans attending the unveiling of the new Korean War Memorial in London
Mark shooting some video by the NJ Korean War Memorial...rain seems lighter but wind still strong.
Wake Island Documentary reminds us to look for this Wake Island monument in Veterans Memorial Park: "Veterans Memorial Park has a Memorial Plaza that contains a number of different monuments and memorials that have been erected in honor of our veterans. These include a Combat Wounded Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial, POW/MIA Memorial, as well as others. It is a wonderful place to visit to reflect on the sacrifice so many have made for our freedom." (Description from the Boise Parks & Recreation website; for more see
After the WWII Memorial, the group walks along the reflecting pool to the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial. For some veterans, visiting these memorials is a lighthearted experience. For others, it is an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and remember lost friends or family members. Sometimes we can squeeze in a stop at the FDR Memorial, as well.
How one South province comes to help a Korean War Memorial in after it was vandalized.
While living in DC, we took Dad to visit the Korean War Memorial. These men came over to thank Dad for…
Thank You For Honor Flight: … Cemetery, the Vietnam Wall and Korean War Memorial. It will r...
Korean War Memorial. I love the say this was designed.
The Duke of Gloucester will unveil the Korean War Memorial at Victoria Embankment Gardens, London on 3rd December.
10-08-2014. I went to the Korean War Memorial. i was emotional seeing all those images of war and…
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Our group at the Korean War Memorial and at Arlington National Cemetery. Photos courtesy Eric Hanson KCCI.
The 23rd Infantry Regiment Korean War Branch invites you to join in a Veterans Memorial Service at this Fri (9/26) 11am.
A stone soldier stands watch as part of the Korean War Memorial
The only place I got off the bus was to go to the US area of the UN Memorial Cemetery for the Korean War
They have a Vietnam and Korean War Memorial here. Blessed to see each of our fathers service honored in the same...
Majority of today's trip goers are Korean War vets, making that war's memorial a meaningful stop
Stumbled upon this, but was pleasantly surprised. @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
Fr. Kapaun: via - great story of and view of Korean War Memorial in WashDC. for our vets
Korean war memorial and American Institute of pharmacy
Korean War Memorial. One of my favorites to visit.
These statues, resembling soldiers, are part of the Korean War Memorial.
Too bad you missed the Korean War memorial. It is very powerful.
Korean War Memorial at night. A must see
this is for you from RI. Korean War Memorial in Providence
"Freedom is not free." - humbled and honored to be in the presence of veterans at the Korean War Memorial.
Marty said he lost Ritt for a time. He found him at the Korean War Memorial.
Vietnam, Nurses, Lincoln but my veterans spent time @ Korean War Memorial. Jim's reflection in mural of women in war
Local veterans march Thursday from DC's Korean War Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
81-year-old Veteran to Swim from Alcatraz to Raise Money for Korean War Memorial
Inspired by Top 10 war memorials here's some of mine - 1st up the Korean War Memorial, Washington DC. htt…
Walk - Meet at the Korean War Memorial at 29600 SW Park Pl Wilsonville, prior to noon TODAY for a 20 min group walk
Area veterans make a stop at the Korean War Memorial as part of the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight to Washington
is DC this weekend & noticed Korean War Memorial statues are all white men...
Come join us during your lunch break for the Chamber sponsored Walk Smart at the Korean War Memorial!
My Veteran Mr. Franklin Wallace was overwhelmed to find his photo etched in the Korean War Memorial..,
Our great visit to DC. We started at the National Gallery of Art, then went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We finished off our day in Crystal City at a great Italian restaurant. Love my family
Korean War Memorial on the boardwalk in Atlantic City!
The president and secretary pay a visit to the war memorial for Irish soldiers who fought in the Korean war.
Simple reminder (with and Brielle at Korean War Veterans Memorial) [pic] —
Really powerful sculptures war memorial DC lots more images to share from my trip pls
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Saw this at the Korean War Memorial in Washington🙏
Coming to you live from a rainy DC. @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
New print available on - 'Korean War Veterans Memorial' by Judy Vincent - via
I didn't get the chance to.visit the Korean war memorial last time I was here. I just wanted to say…
Quickie. Drawing of the Korean War memorial. In memory of my Opa.
Marion County Korean War Veterans Memorial 08/20/2014. Please go visit, more to see.
Hey Friends, when I was out at the Marion County Korean War Veterans Memorial taking pictures of the memorial. I...
Marion County Korean War Veterans Memorial plaques will be available for purchase. They are open to all Combat...
New Korean War Memorial dedicated in Dover. Black granite in the shape of Delaware.
Wise words at the Korean War memorial
Korean War Memorial. It's crazy to see how many lives were lost.
Commemorate the Battle of Paulus Hook this evening at 6:30 starting at the Korean War Memorial on Washington St in JC.
Day 8 (1): morning at Memorial Log expo at the Korean war museum -
Some Korean War veterans feel disrespected and want their memorial moved from Bronson Park to Portage's central park.
WWII & Korean War vets will be interviewed Saturday to prepare for 5th anniversary of the Anthem Veterans Memorial.
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Added a public domain photo of KNR 2-8-2 No. 244 displayed at the Native Korean War Memorial Museum in Imjin,...
Better rainbow tonight, Korean War Memorial in center, Union Station in Worcester.
This Marine had the honor and privilege to witness his first Army promotion ceremony today. Robert Reed's promotion to LTC at the Korean War Memorial was truly an awesome experience. Congrats brother!
Tuesday, July 22nd @ 6:30pm is our last regular season Softball game vs. Michigan. Please, let's make this a big turn out. We nearly got a strike last week and were saved by a family visiting from Texas. If we get a strike, those who have put in a lot of time and effort this season, can not play in the tournament. We will be on Field 8, same location as last week. Independence Ave, SW, just south of the Korean War Memorial. Boiler Up!!
Korean War Memorial. I think it's my favorite of all the memorials. @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
July 4, 2014 Independence Day Do you recall the fireworks display that summer overlooking the lake on that crystal clear night when the rockets red glare was so real? Do you recall that Independence Day, at the city park, after the day's festivities faded into the warm night and the band played in front of a white, red and blue lit up sky? Do you remember July 4, 2002, within the immediate and vivid memory of the 2001 terrorist attacks, which jolted our nation into a new reality? These national holidays are about stories... making them and telling them. They are about recalling our connection to the past, each other, and to the greater virtues and principles of life and living, as shared through our stories. This holiday is a reminder of the story that is behind the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC which says, "Freedom is Not Free." This holiday is a reminder that individual and collective freedom is the desire of the world and most especially this nation. This holiday reminds us that the U.S.A. has e ...
the one with statues of soldiers is Korean War Memorial
My favorite memorial is the Korean War Memorial.
Fr. Kapaun statue & Korean War memorial in Pilsen, KS. Herb Miller at right - b/c of Fr. Kapaun, he lived.
Yesterday and the Korean War memorial, in the CROWN of the Statue of Liberty
National War Memorial in Confederation Sq. Ottawa to commemorate WWI, II, Korean War & tomb of...
30 years after the Korean war ended it became a "war memorial" & only after the large Christian cross was
Remembering Alexander Rowbotham: A name had been missing from the WWI, WWII and Korean War memorial, in St. An...
thank you for proving my point that it's a memorial for Korean war vets
So there are protests on the Korean War Veteran memorial on Mt. Soledad in San Diego? Holy Smokes!!
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Biking at night was the best idea ever! @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
Children are reflected on a memorial tablet at the Korean War Memorial Museum in Seoul Los conflictos también se heredan.
This place is so beautiful and serene it's too bad it is so remote and more people could visit. Includes Korean War Memorial
Who likes playing in the dirt with her brother? @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
Reflections of the soldiers makes this one of the coolest ... @ Korean War Veterans Memorial
Medal of Honor stamp event at Korean War Memorial July 26 - :
America! You and your Big Gulp cups I can't finish before reaching the Korean War Memorial.
Korean War Memorial in DC. Tbh i loved my day trip to DC more than NY
There were so many people taking selfies at the Korean War memorial. New Jersey is weird.
You have to visit the Korean War Memorial after dark.
Wanted to stop to see the Korean War memorial on the 5 but no
Thinking of my dad when I saw this airmen collage at the Korean War Memorial.
Korean War Memorial. First time I've ever seen it at night. If you haven't seen it at night, go... it's powerful.
Visited memorial for Ethio Veterans in z Korean War,1200 dispatched, 121 killed, 536 wounded; but no defeat & capture http:/…
It’s one of my favorites. I listened to it on repeat while walking through the Korean War Memorial in Seoul.
The Korean War Memorial is one of the most haunting and powerful memorials I've ever seen.
I visited the deeply moving "Universal Soldier" at the Korean War Veteran's Memorial, in
The understated but striking Korean War Veterans Memorial. Thank you for your service, Gra...
Korean War Memorial to be dedicated on Wednesday, June 25 at Veterans Park - Lynnwood Today
Korean War Memorial in Seoul, Korea: Why do people call the Korean War the…
Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC 2003 = 1. Memorial Day 2014 = Today marks another day for friends, family and current day service men and women to pause in Remembrance. The sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price are always to be respected. Those who continue to wear the physical and mental scars of war whether veteran or family need to be thanked for their contribution as well. Those who became POW - Prisoner of War and suffered deprivation at the hands of their captors deserve a special Remembrance today. Close to 13,000 UN troops were held over time. For US Forces, just under 4700 men came home after Operation Little and Big Switch. Others who managed to escape, never given POW status, deserve to be recognized for the hardship endured. The casualty rate among UN Forces held captive was staggering. The call to service in the Korean Peninsula was answered by an international force of arms. Medical units, aviation, naval and/or infantry units arrived to assist in stemming the tide of aggress . ...
Yes, the Korean War Memorial is so life like, it's my favorite, They should add something like that to the Vietnam Memorial, IMO
Memorial Drive also has a Korean War Memorial built in 2005 and Vietnam War Memorial built in 1986
Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, Air and Space Museum, Museum of American History, the Metro, Union Station, Dave and Busters...over twleve miles of walking according to the pedometer and absolutely no complaining from the kiddos.
STUDENTS TO DC - Another GREAT DAY! We visited so many sites, including the White House, Capitol, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, and SO MUCH MORE. The kids are having a great time and learning LOTS. It is a pleasure to be here with them. A special thank you to all who made this trip possible, including parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. This trip is something our kids will NEVER forget. Good night, Bolsa Knolls.
Has he been spotted anywhere near either the Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the Korean War Memorial recently?
Veterans waiting to board one of three honor flights today to visit the Korean War Memorial.
Had a wonderful day sightseeing in DC with good friends! In spite of the snow storm this morning, we headed off around 10 AM. We went to Iwo jima Memorial (first time for 3 of us), Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial. Then we had lunch at Johnny Rockets in Union Station. Spent a couple hours in the Spy Museum. Then home for dinner at Longhorn and desert at Sweet Frog!. I forget how much I enjoy sightseeing and going into DC. Maybe I should do this on my free weekends. :)
Here's my DC checklist of places to see: 1. Arlington 2. Vietnam memorial 3. WWI memorial 4. WWII memorial 5. Korean War memorial 6. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier After those then something else, but they come first.
Arthur at the Korean War Memorial in downtown Phoenix
Minister Fitzgerald lays wreath at Memorial to Irish who died in Korean War: Frances Fitzgerald T.D. Minister of...
All of us at Ruddingtons WW1, WW2 and Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial at the Clask-Common Park. Established in 2003 it is one of the city's handsomest memorials.
with Minister Park at the Memorial to the Irish who died in the Korean War
We have the X-Files! Over 900 files of information on the unknown servicemen from the Korean War buried in the National Memorial - 1956.
Cascades Park WALK Update Park in the DOT lot and meet at 8:30 am Saturday at the Korean War Memorial Wayne Tedder will give us an intro and tour of the park. After his intro, Good Friends Group Fitness ( a Lafayette St business) will lead the group on a fun, quick opening stretch then we will be off! Given the success of our past walks, the predicted good weather and the community excitement about this park we expect 100+ participants (children and dogs included). Below are links to the park map and the 360 view of the Korean Memorial. Check it out…
But like honestly my souvenirs from DC were the excessive photographs I took of the Korean War Veterans Memorial because that was raw
The Korean War memorial was pretty amazing.
agree! Korean War Memorial is amazing also...haunting and thought provoking.
Read about veterans' efforts to bring a Korean War memorial to
The Korean War Memorial is very haunting. The statues, but especially the faces on the granite wall. Pictures online do not do it justice.
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