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Korean Drama

Korean drama refers to televised dramas, in a miniseries format, produced in the Korean language. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu , and also drama fever in some countries.

Prime Minister

I shouldn't have started a Korean drama at like 2 in the morning cause now I want to be up all night watching it πŸ™„
It's very interesting to see a Korean writing Chinese characters in Korean drama. Koreans used to use Chinese chara…
I liked a video Beautiful by Van Mose (cover song with English translation) Korean Drama: Goblin 도
One of the best korean historical drama I've ever watch.
for Top Social Artist V acted in the Korean drama β€œHwarang” (2017-2017).
Aigoo, I look like a misunderstood korean drama villain
yeh I know it's not exclusively korean but everytime I try to watch some new drama sm1 recommends I see "1…
yeah but eps that are over an hour are rare-ish here + I've never watched a korean drama that's 30 mins or leas
This is really like the Korean Drama! same title. Also the scene at the train station. difference is the korean one…
Glad I didn’t watch that BBC drama last night about . No mention of apparently. Only β€œAsian”. . Korean. Chinese. Thai?
i am usually not into watching local shows.. US or KOREAN drama gives me satisfaction whe…
this is like from the Korean Drama i loved!!
When you're watching a drama/reality show and you're learning Korean at the same time πŸ˜‚
Share your favorite Korean drama gif!
What you watched on Korean drama, you think its dramatic. But it's real. ☹️
.Kdrama (will air on in LatAm and US from May 15 & 22
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[Videos] Added trailer and highlight for the upcoming "Circle"
I scored at an advanced level. I know over 7270 drama words. I can lead the Alpha Team with my impeccable Korean!
What upcoming korean drama should i watch?
[Spoiler] Added episodes 7 and 8 captures for the 'Man to Man'
Covered in pillows and watching a 90's Korean drama. Life is good 😌
LSS for te OST's of The Lovely Liar and Goblin. korean drama system is eating me from the inside. kahit hnd ko maintindihan.
Food, Cat, and Korean drama are bae. πŸ˜„
Did you guys get the idea from the Korean drama, "The Good Doctor"? Loved that drama!
VIXX Hongbin and Lee Hyun Woo in a Korean Drama call Moorim School. I love this guys.
I liked a video Two Weeks - Korean Drama - Jun Ki Lee meets his daughter for the first time
I liked a video from Top 5 Korean Drama | Yoon Eun Hye
also the necklace means- The (Guy) star won't ever leave the (Girl) moon. That Guy gave the Girl the necklace in the Korean Drama
Korean drama really teach me somethings.
I didn't know you were in a Korean drama..
Current favourite korean drama. Oh Hae Young Again is a new drama release at 2nd May, so i…
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How the *** did I end up watching a Korean drama??!!
Restraining myself from watching any new korean drama is hurtful
LOL can't believe I'm watching Descendants of Sun somemore it's korean drama πŸ˜‚
Im quitting youtube, korean drama is my life now
To the people that voted "what is it" it's a korean drama and it's like what the running man members dressed up as
[Video] First teaser video released for the 'Beautiful Mind'
[Video] Second teaser video released for the 'Uncontrollably Fond'
Sounds like no korean drama for 2016? But whatever, its okay YoonA, i will always support your decision! 😚😚😚
10th Q was "Do you have any plan doing Korean TV drama? I would love to see you on our TV as well, my stars."
watch Korean drama, I heard quite happening for girls like you
thank you dear sitara πŸ™πŸΌ and omg, I watched this Korean drama series 😍😁 and LOVE it!!! πŸ˜‹β€οΈ
It's Friday night, and what am I doing?. Eating oatmeal and drinking green tea, while watching a Korean drama. . Yep... Cool!
Oh the drama. Cousin lives in hokkaido, flew to haneda last night. Korean plane broken, so she couldn't land and returned. Now she's in the
Ost Desendent Of The Sun Korean Drama: ost desendent of the sun korean drama
The ending...i haven't screamed that much since the last good korean romance drama i finished. I thought this was an art only asians had lol
In this other korean drama i was watching... there was a boy and a girl who grew up together... but she was never his biological sister...
no it's time to pick up a Korean drama
The wife is watching a new Korean drama where all the dialogue apparently has to be either screamed or whispered.
Me be like. Laptop: watching Variety Show. Phone: watching Korean Drama
I'm watching marmalade boy. Shifting to both anime & korean drama.
Here are the cast of 'Moon Lovers', a Korean remake of Chinese drama 'Scarlet Heart' to be aired on September 2016 https…
Passengers and crew have been evacuated from a Korean Air jet after an apparent engine fire
I finished another Korean drama and now I have nothing to watch
[Spoiler] Added episode 9 captures for the Korean drama &- God of Noodles&(2016/05/27)
Korean Drama flow after a long day πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ“½
I wish my life could be as a Korean Drama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
storyline almost got the formula right. Read on:
Why nobody told me Smeb was playing in a Korean Drama?
Who wants to see part 2 to my "Is It Love?" Korean Drama pilot episode? (Almost done editing it with my friend)
"I kinda disappeared over the weekend because of a Korean drama" . SAME ARDEN CHO SAME
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Korean drama 'Descendants of the Sun' behind-the-scene special
Korean Air Jet Evacuated In Engine Fire Drama Planes all coming of age that's why we are seeing so many incidents!
I cant believe im watching a Korean Drama. Lol
when u really need 2 chill and your friends help you out . (I have no idea what is happening in this korean drama)
Oh Hye-Won cried to one of his songs in the Korean drama, Secret Love Affair.
I WILL BE HERE is playing on the radio πŸŽ§πŸŽ΅πŸ“» I just remembered the Queen and I korean drama.
[Spoiler] Added episode 1 captures for the 'Lucky Romance'
Like this! I want teleserye sched the same scheduling in Korean Drama... hehe 😊😊😊
I also want Song Joong Ki as her male lead for her nxt korean drama. Make this happen!
ha ji won ~Life is Beautiful~ eps 2 part 3 with eng sub. Korean Drama with ...
Ha Ji Won Life is Beautiful ep 1 part 1. Korean Drama with Eng ...
Come on bb girl stop laughing about Kang Ji Hwan κ°•μ§€ν™˜ & let's finish it together ! β€” watching Lie to me (Korean Drama)
my mom is watching a korean drama called docter stranger and the main guy is hEART EYES
Korean drama all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (with Christieven at Kosan Springfield) β€”
Sunday TV and mama is watching recorded Korean soap drama. *sigh*
All purpose parts banner
this simple pressing of the lips to each other's is kind of...underwhelming. gimme more? wait this is a KOREAN drama.
Korean Drama Music Competition. (with Aliya, Lailatus, and sofwa at β€”
Oh My Venus has to be the cutest Korean Drama I have watched in a while. I love lighthearted things like this
Well, I'm going to see what's on Netflix tonight, as well as watch some episodes of Horse Doctor, I want to find a good Korean drama movie.
Started to watch this Korean drama called "syndrome" yeo-wook and sung-joon are my favourites by far πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Highly recommended quick review of 'Splash Splash Love'
What kind of content does Netflix have in Korea? Korean drama/movies? Or just subtitled us movies/series?
I'm currently watching 3 animes and 1 Korean Drama, but I can't make a decision on what to watch. Petty, I know, I know. It's a dilemma for
Found some really brilliant Korean fan-art about Nirvana in fire, wish I could understand the language. The drama is such a hitπŸ”₯
Listen to thousands Kpop songs. Watching hundreds K-drama/shows. Learning Korean. However I still need Subtitles for me …
i just found my first and only fanfic written years ago on harvest moon FOMT and it's basically a korean drama
korean drama is always BITIN aishhh πŸ˜ͺ
Daniel Henney is so cute in this drama. His character is foreign, so he's absolutely adorable trying to learn Korean & understand it. πŸ˜‚
if taek ends up being the husband I won't watch another korean drama for the rest of my life
this looks like a Korean drama cover
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
i just went to read a book and rewatch a korean drama and i already missed Infinite coming to Vancouver
Can we be in a Korean drama right now so that I can throw my water at you?
first time i see sex in a korean drama o___o oh my GOD
If you've never cried in your car while listening to sad Korean drama songs, you are missing out.
Watching a Korean drama and the main girl is wearing the ugly plaid sweater from aerie LOL
My mom and I love to watch Korean drama together
Just why must I have feelings for Korean drama, I think I cry more while watching Korean drama then when I actually cry.
Universal Studios to co-produce their first Korean drama: 'Moon Lovers' and is making a huge investment in the show http…
That 1.47min mino x pretty girl make-out scene was hotter than majority of the korean drama/mv kissing scenes ive ever seen t…
Want to visit Korea someday? Learn these 5 Korean greeting manners first!
a Korean drama, not much romance is very interesting and has good performances , it is a melodrama with politics and intrigues
Like I finished Oh my Venus in one day and I had a dream that was like a Korean Drama
ya I also found a New drama called cheese in a trap. It just started to air on Korean tv only . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
this is literally my life when i watched my first korean drama. THEY ARE CRACK
If Siwon and Pia end up together. Their love story is fit for a korean drama! Fangirl who got famous, noticed by bias and m…
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OMG. this episode of Family Guy is about Quagmire being in a Korean drama. All the guys binge watch it and become obsessed
Nah I actually stayed up all night watching Korean drama πŸ˜‚
Does anyone have any Korean drama recommendations?
please watch μ‘λ‹΅ν•˜λΌ 1988. It's a new korean drama and most of the episodes are out already. You'll love it trust
*searches for korean bf so my life will be like a K drama*
Korean drama reply 1988, got me hooked on the first episode heheh 😁😁
The post Jang Youngsil The Greatest Scientist of Joseon Episode 3 appeared first on Korean Drama | Drama Korea...
It looks like Korean love the drama they got the highest rating. Congrats Remember team for being on top.πŸ‘ ht…
[Spoiler] Added episode 8 captures for the 'Remember'
Been watching a new Korean drama every week. That's 20-24 hrs a week. I deserve to rot in my bed.
I have 65 korean drama to watch and by far, i only have finish watching 21 kdrama so it makes another 44 kdramas to watch.
I liked a video from Issues with the Korean Drama Industry
I usually use dramanice or myasiantv!! dramanice is mostly good for general dramas and myasiantv is good for watching korean drama
Check out for EPISODE 1 of AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW a korean drama inspired story.
or do u mean living through Korean drama and kissing attractive guys through the actresses??? bc that's what I do LOL
domain names
ohhh don't get me started on Korean I was watching this Korean drama got 2 like 80 episodes even started singing the theme song
I miss korean drama. I didn't watch korean drama since she was pretty. I am not found a good drama now...
Mama Nguyen giving me advice on how to find the perfect husband while wayching Korean drama eating pumpkin seeds thanks mom
He's beautiful another addition to my fav korean drama 😍❀
Why isn't my life like a korean drama
Do you watch korean drama ? If not you might wanna give it a chance ^^ β€” Not my thing πŸ˜…
Korean drama really make me go cray cray micheoseo cinca 😩😩😩
Park Chanyeol// Korean Drama Awards 2015 'best new actor'. Main Rapper that can beat other's Main Vocalist & Visual. https:/…
it's a japanese drama. Itazura na kiss, same as the korean one- playful kiss. But I think it's more stupid and funnier πŸ˜‚
Yul and his mom is such a set of parasites,this korean drama is making me frustated at 2 in the morning
he hehehehe this is like Korean drama
I started watching this one korean drama called Remember and i just watched episode 1 and i cant stop crying because it is so good ugh
So many tears drops for korean drama, but how many tears drops for your own sins dear self?
Sites where you can watch with English Sub πŸ˜‰. 1. 2.
"I don't want to let you go..but I think I have to..". That I've always said to a Korean Drama will end.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Saw 3 out of the top 5! 😸 And I really think I should watch Kill Me, Heal Me... β–Ά Top 10 Best Korean Drama '15:
What makes korean movie and drama look great? The cinematography & visual art. Movie & photography are quite similar; filters & colours
You can be a part in determining the winner of best Korean drama,please vote!!
Korean drama ...with my classmate pound_mattima by Nat
watch korean drama almost everyday after get back from office and I'm not even surprised why my crush rejected my sincere love smh
Korean Drama Vampire Presecutor is one of kdramas that the plot is more like Japanese Drama. I like it. Really. Interesting one.
A glass of milk, some Fita and a Korean drama. Leggo!
Lee Byung Hoon my Korean historical drama director bae. Directed all my favs from Dae Jang Geum to Dong Yi 😍. Really enjoyed Horse Doctor too
You had your Korean Drama moment.. Where's mine 😫
BRUH ITS KOREAN THE jinjia(?) like idk how to say like u know korean drama WHAT GINGER BRUU
My brain got no more space for other stuff
Yu hee the witch fav korean drama all the time until now 😍
[!!] played as background in Korean Drama "Imaginary Cat" Ep.3.
YES YESYESYES YESBES i figured out she is a korean drama geek after i followed her ig LOL
SO, this Korean Drama is my new fave
Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum" has been aired in more than 90 countries: are there any drama from any country wh...
Anonymous said: hey, do you watch D-Day korean drama where young kwang act in it? And do you fangirl over...
Man. I'm watching this korean drama atm called 'You are beautiful.' They have really weird clothes but they look so good..
Woke up like a zombie. Whho korean drama pa more!
I'm obsessed with korean drama with no reason 😩😧
[Video] First teaser video released of Yoo Seung *** for the 'Imaginary Cat'
OMG! Jonghyun's song with End of a Day was playing in Korean Drama D-Day and I though Sungyeol smile
The human drama of Korean family reunions - BBC News
prepping for interviews today. I'm in Korea for an American/Korean comedy/drama mash-up show. Will premiere early next …
Face timed Alejandra randomly & she's over here looking for a good Korean drama movie πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
[Spoiler] Added episodes 8 and 9 captures for the
When you know starting another Korean Drama will not only take over your Sunday night but the WHOLE week... but the tempt…
My dad is really into this korean drama that he forgot 2 make dinner so theres that
Gwen begging me to watch a Korean drama. This is weird guise...
Upcoming Korean drama β€˜Puck!’ | Oh! Kpop stars celebrity news and gossip!
My mom screamed at me because I talked to her while she was watching her Korean drama
[PHOTO] 150929 Apink with Drama Support from Korean Fansite '남주닷컴' (*1 ---
Korean drama OSTs always get stuck in my head.
[Spoiler] Added episodes 1 and 2 captures for the Korean drama 'My Beautiful Bride' (2015/06/23)
Finally started a Korean Drama. Started on OITNB. Ugh...I'm like playing catch up.
So thanks to my sister and cousin I've been stuck to the couch hooked on Korean Drama OMG! New fan!
[Spoiler] Added episodes 37 and 38 captures for the 'Jing Bi-rok'
[Spoiler] Added episodes 19 and 20 captures for the 'Let the Girl Cry'
I now see the appeal of korean boys thanks to who are you 2015 k-drama
I recommend everyone on my TL watch a Korean drama at least once. It will change your life.
Best soundtrack of Rooftop Prince Korean Drama, my favourite song ^^ β™« After Long Time by Baek Ji Young β€”
[Spoiler] Added episodes 35 and 36 captures for the 'Blue Bird Nest'
Madonna is a 2015 South Korean mystery-drama film written and directed by Shin Suwon.
What good korean drama to watch? Suggest some please, even if it's an old one.
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I am starting to get addicted to korean drama😭
Love Again is totes cure slay me with these Korean drama songs Carly.
After I finish a Korean drama I get sad. Like no it's so good, but they always end them perfectly. Like, with no unanswered questions.
i thought more ov drama tv 3. But korean also can laa.
So, I just caught the Korean drama bug. *** it. πŸ’€
I will miss you my fav Korean drama 😭
never thought I would be so into a Korean drama but now that I've finished it, it's like someone ripped my heart out lmao h e l p
she was the only person I ever watched Korean drama with I miss it
Movie, 'Guest' actor Lee Joon shows off his wild muscles @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database
All i ever watched was korean drama growing up in mongolia lol
I just cried so much πŸ˜“πŸ˜‚ im such a fanatic for korean drama 😩😩
[Spoiler] Added episodes 29 and 30 captures for the 'The Queen's Flower'
I think you must be prepared for a korean drama
I'm so bored at work like it's crazy slow I just wanna go home and watch my korean drama
Omg its totally clear now that deputy Choi is playing with her T T
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I dont understand girls who always watching korean and japan drama. adore it until they havent sleep yet -_-
God *** 😭😭 i just got sucked into korean drama al over again 😫😫
Korean drama with indonesian subtitle. Yes.
My family thinks just cuz I like Korean stuff then I can't watch anything but k-drama or kpop like that…
Confession: i dont like the korean boys over flowers drama
Cant believe i started watching korean drama again.
Another quite interesting korean drama series that should not be missed.First five episodes..
Anyway this is my first korean drama after 9273782 years. Paling akhir full house bi rain
I need a new drama with most fabulous korean actor zo in sung 😒
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chang is so funny she literally gets and orange and has a phone and starts watching Korean drama TV
[Spoiler] Added final episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama β€œProducers”
if you can't put up with my Korean drama addiction then we can't be together
Me watching a korean drama and the ost comes up along with the dramatic scene
Sitting alone, watching korean drama. Smiling whenever a romantic scenes came out. What a manliest thing to do ever! πŸ˜‚
Watching Korean drama Who are you . KBSWorld channel
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Quality time watching Korean drama Blood. [pic] β€”
It will definitely go down as one of my favorite Korean Drama.
Funny Korean TV show ! a guy trying to learn how to buy clothes in English.
I liked a video from Top 10 Korean Drama Kisses 2014
Do you watch Korean Drama/Movies ? β€” yeah, i do. only if my fav actor is in it, otherwise no ☺️
I love the rooftop scenes in every korean drama.
[Video] Added Korean drama β€œDivorce Lawyer in Love” episodes 7 and 8: Added episodes 7 and 8 for the Korean dr...
Really though. The doctors aside from the North Korean protagonist in this drama have no ethical standards. At all.
Ive never been this excited to watch Korean Drama lol Sungjae, this is all your fault.
[Video] Added Korean drama 'Divorce Lawyer in Love' episodes 7 and 8
Spreading the love for Korean Drama – to Europe
Apan Star Awards, *kind of Korean Drama Awards, in Daejeon! Do you like watching Korean Drama? There will be Apan Star Awards in Daejeon, Today, 2014-11-15. There are not only awards but also congratulation concert too. In concert, Ailee, Chen(Exo), Red Velvet and other singers are coming. *Though if you can't go or miss it, you can see it through Korean TV channel, TvN!
'You are beautiful' Korean Drama is awesomeπŸ˜„ would love to watch it over and over again. Park Shin Hye😘
Pure Love: Pinoy adaptation of the well-loved Korean Drama "49 Days" as Dave
Since I'm watching Inspiring Generation - Korean Drama, my love for Kim Hyun Joong seems to be at a high. So, I do hope you'll understand any large amounts of related videos and pictures ^_^
Korea's Superstar Lee min *** upcoming Korean Drama for 2011 City Hunter!. Cast: LEE MIN *** AS KANG JIN Lee Minho has been selected to play a leading role in the upcoming drama, "City Hunter". But as it turns out, the role he will be playing is that of a playboy! On the 13th, his compan
My wish for 2day, u read my mention but no need to follow XD and think what i'll write "comeback for 'KOREAN DRAMA' please!"
I've got plenty of lists of korean drama to download hekhokhekhokk
he is not in japan he is in korean in Busan filming his drama
My Love From Another Star Season 1 Episode 11 I bet anyone can relate on this...
I just cant close my eyes. and no mood to watch korean drama either
I prefer this kind of twist in romance drama~ besides it's WAY better than those typical korean dramas~~
Jackson self situated drama is so cute and funny and stupid yet i can't at all their korean speech i -
Teresa needs to go to bed oops got into korean drama!
this korean drama la... Very touching the hati y'know. Make u want to cry cry liddat. Hmmm... ;((
Prime Minister and I omg finally the time to watch Korean drama kekekekeke
Man from another star.. lalu three days.. gosh !! Korean drama really really.. RUIN me..
and watch heirs please. It's a Korean drama. Watch it on . Awesome *** dramaβœ‹swear
Watching:. You're the best (korean drama) eng sub full.. Starring:IU with 50 episos.. Every episodes ay 1hour.
unnie! My dvd player cannot be switched on!!! how do i watch korean drama ohtuhke unnie.
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New korean drama about students phluexeze
β€œI copied this idea in a Korean drama since I know how you love watching korean dramaa, i want you to experience it in reality :)β€œ
I am also watching the Korean drama about falling in love with an alien.
Suddenly OBSESSING over the korean drama 'The Heirs' LOL XD L0V31NG IT!!
When you'd rather watch korean drama and fangirl than go out with your friends.
CNBLUE releases movie in Japan @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database
So excited watch korean drama hohohohohoho
I love watching korean drama the heirs
Korean drama OSTs to keep me at bay here inside the MRT :)
Watching-korean drama marry him if you dare:).. Pampa antok
start watching Korean drama Arang and Magistrate :D
Do you love Korean dramas and just wish that you understand them word by word? Would you like to sing along with K-Pop songs confidently or even want to compose your own? Then you will feel very much
Watching korean drama for doctors...
Watching korean drama sambil mkn mlm with my lovely mum.saranghae
Korean Drama is good friend when u r sick and feeling sad
you heard of this song” Love Hurts” by Lee Min *** It’s one of the soundtrack of the hit Korean Drama β€œ The Heirs”. β€œLike” the post if you like the drama and share with us your favourite soundtrack from the drama.
OMG this Korean drama is soo amazing
Nw watching korean drama Prime Minister...nice ^ ^
Why the heck should go home at 4 ... Another school came home at 1/10 1 hour passable continue to watch the return of Korean drama -,-
abdyufgdyud. Really loving the OST for Faith, the Korean drama. It's so pretty, omg. Ali's voice is just captivating.
Another korean dish made by myself... Learn it from a Korean Drama :)
Why can't my life be a Korean drama show??? Specifically Boys over Flowers ...
The saddest part when you watch korean drama is that you dont even hv a boyfriend.
the snow outside makes my backyard look like a scene from a Korean drama :D
All I did all day was watch Korean drama & sleep! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Time to watch more God's Quiz because they make sense. A medical korean drama makes more sense than real life.
My entire day was consumed by making applesauce and watching a Korean drama... ^-^
Acting and the lack of love for individuals in Korean drama. 101 (Class 3)
I am going to write a Korean drama based on the life of my two friends because they r da cutest couple ok
I was so sure I was going to bed at like 1AM or 2AM max cause I was dead tired. But then I couldn't stop watching my korean drama. Hehehehe.
Watching this Korean drama makes me not want to cut my hair
Hooked on my first Korean drama. What's happening.
Why am I actually watching this Korean drama rn lol
I really didn't ATTEMPT to learn Korean. I learned more so how to WRITE in it. However, if I'm not watching a drama, I can pick up on words.
yas! I must tell you my recent Korean drama watch! Lol
I never did this before but my LOL Lee Jong Suk 😍😘😏πŸ”₯ Korean drama is life.
Getting addicted, able to control but resist to. Korean Drama Fever.
Gonna take a shower then watch korean drama again and then go back to sleep.. So.. GoodNight! x
[Rumour/News] Apinks Chorong will on Parody Drama "Suckseed" as Ern korean version (next info can wait) via: dear-17 ht…
Planning to Watch You Who Came from the Stars via
If I find a girl that enjoys Korean drama one day, imma wife her
Thats what i have learnt through Korean drama, NOT BAD eih
Idk man my mom is watching Korean drama
somanybias: The very first korean drama I watched is β€œMissing You”. It gives me a really good impression on k…
I love that this drama gives me Korean ads I just saw Kim WooBin in some Yakult ad, Made my day
I love the story line of this korean drama...and this is my fav.scene...just so sweet :)
It's getting late. Still with this Korean drama. Try on some pandan confection. A great company. The best night.
My family loves korean drama! My mom,daddy,my grandma, my uncle,my aunty xD my mom loves korean song,too!!
omg i was sad too...Go n watch some korean drama trust me u will feel Better!!!
Sexy new Korean drama starring me and ;)
. Coffee prince and playfull . old korean drama :(
I'm addicted to the Korean television drama "Let's Eat" and I ain't even mad about it.
it all depends on individual taste i think =) so Korean drama or Japanese dorama both of them are good =)
I told you. Rather say yes to korean drama. lol.
Watching korean drama is torturing. It makes me miss you more. Ya Allah.. Can't the feeling just go away..
I will never find a someone (guy or man) like my own father. He watches korean drama with me, only to make me feel happy. β™‘
I am addicted to Korean drama, I need to find a fangirl buddy !
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